Return To Neverland Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Return To Neverland script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Peter Pan sequel movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Return To Neverland. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Return To Neverland Script



The story always ends the same.



Peter Pan shouts:



Good-bye, Wendy!



And then Wendy

shouts back to him:



I'll always believe in you,

Peter Pan!



And Wendy

did believe always...



even as she left

childhood behind...



and came to have

children ofher own.



There it is,Jane.



Second star to the right

and straight on to morning.



Never Land!



Thesecondstarto theright



Shines in thenightforyou



To tellyou

that the dreamyouplan



Really can come true



Thesecondstarto theright



Shines withalight that´s rare



Andifit´s NeverLandyouneed



Its light willleadyou there



Our story begins in difficult times.



England is threatened with war...



and many men have been asked

to leave their families...



to protect their country.



to protect their country.



I'll be home

beforeyou know it. I promise.



- Now, now. What's all this?

- I want to go with you.



I need you here to take

care ofyour mom and Danny.



Can you do that for me?



- Mm-hmm.

- That's my big girl.



- Be safe, Edward.

- Look after each other, now.



Good-bye, Daddy!

I loveyou!



- I loveyou all.

- Drive off!.



But the war lasted much longer

than anyone could have imagined.



Bombs fell from the sky

and tore at the very heart of London.



- Don't cry, son.

- All aboard!



In an effort to protect

its children...



the government decreed that

they all be sent to the countryside...



for safekeeping.



- Good-bye!

- Bye-bye!



- I loveyou!

- Good luck, sweetie!



In times such as these...



it is no wonder

some discard childish things...



like Peter Pan

and Never Land.



What is it, Nanatwo?



We don't have time,

you silly dog.



We have to get this home

to Danny.



Oh, no!

Quick, Nanatwo!



Mommy, where'sJane?



Don'tyou worry, Danny.

She'll be along.



All right, now.

Here we go.



Into the bomb shelter.



Bring the lights up!



What is it, girl?



Oh, my gosh!



Nanatwo, we're not out ofthe woods yet.

We have to get back out there!



Look, who's in charge here?



Don't be silly. I am!



Now, come on!



Mommy, I'm scared!



I don't like

planes and bombs.



Is that what it is?



For a moment, it sounded

like cannons...



on a pirate ship.



You're right!



It's Captain Hook!



I hear him!

He's coming!







Oh,Jane! Where haveyou been?

Why didn'tyou--



- Mother, I'm fine!

-Jane, you made it past the pirates!



- Daniel, careful!

- What's that? What's that?



Whoa! Hey!



It's for me, isn't it?

Let me see! Let me see!



All right!

Happy birthday, Daniel.






Socks. Two of'em.



Jane, dear,

how very practical.



Got them a size large

so he can grow into them.



Look, Danny.

Pan and Hook, see?



- Curseyou, Peter Pan!

- Oh, Mother.



I want to hear

a Peter Pan story!



Shh! Nanatwo!



All right, then.



How about the time

Peter and the Lost Boys...



captured Hook's ship

right from under his nose?



Ooh! That's a good one!



It was late one misty evening...



and Hookwas sure once again

that he'd found Peter's hideout.



Hook and his bloodthirsty crew

went ashore...




the JollyRoger unguarded.



That's when

Peter Pan arrived!



He and the boys

slipped aboard...



and there they found it--



Hook's remarkable treasure!






Peter told the Lost Boys

they'd hide it...



and Hookwould have to

hunt them down to get it back.



It was all a great game for Peter.



And then, from out ofthe mist,

he was there--



the evil Captain Hook!



A fierce and ferocious sword fight

was fast underway.



- Give up, boy!

- Never!



And at that moment,

a shimmering magic covered the ship.



Tinker Bell!



Yes! And the JollyRoger

lifted into the sky...



as Peter and the boys

escaped with the treasure.



You've not seen

the end ofme, Peter Pan!



I'll getyou for this

ifit's the last thing I do!



Soyou see, Danny,

Hookwill neverwin...



as long as there's faith, trust

and pixie dust.






Ha! Slow down,

you old codfish!



Oh, my notebook!









Come on,Jane!

We'll beat old Captain Hook together!



Daniel, please!

I've no time for fun and games.



You used to. You got to be

the very first Lost Girl ever.



That was a long time ago.



Yeah. Backwhen you were fun.



Honestly, Mother.



I don't know whyyou fill his head

with those silly stories.



But they're not silly,Jane.




Take care of Danny,

will you?



Go on.

I'll be right there.



- Yes?

- Evacuation, mum.



Your children are scheduled

on the morning train.



So soon?

But I haven't even told them.



The sooner the better, ifyou ask me.

Good night, mum.



Yes. Uh, good night.



Jane, dear.



Will you promise me




Promiseyou'll watch over Danny,

whatever might happen.






You and your brother

are going away for a while.



Away? Wh-Where?



All the children are being

evacuated to the country.



It's so dangerous here.

Butyou'll be safe there, both ofyou.



- I'm not going! I'm staying here!

- But, dear, an order has been issued.



Every child must go.



But Daddy said

that I'm supposed to--



I know, dear, butyou

can take care of Danny.



Tell him Peter Pan stories.



He needs them,Jane,

and so doyou.



Please, dear.

Promise me.



No! I will not promise!




We'll be together again.



- You must have faith.

- Faith? Trust? Pixie dust?



Mother, those arejust

words from your stories.



They don't mean anything.



Yes, they do.



Peter Pan says

they'll makeyou fly.



Daniel, story time is over!



Look! It's a war.



Peter Pan isn't real

and people don't fly!



They do too!



- Oh, come on, Daniel! Grow up!




It'sjust a lot of

childish nonsense!



You're lying!



Jane, how could you treat

your brother that way?



You thinkyou're

very grown-up...



butyou have

a great deal to learn.



Iam nota childnow



Ican take care ofmyself



Mustn´tlet them downnow



Mustn´tlet themseeme cry



I´m fine



I´m fine



I´m too tiredtolisten



I´m too oldtobelieve



All these childishstories



There isnosuch thing as faith






Andpixie dust



´Cause I try






I try



ButIcan´tsee whatyousee



I try



I try



I try



I don't know ifit's going!

Is that water pressure up?



Peter Pan.



Pixie dust.



Childish nonsense.



Hello, Wendy.



My apologies, miss.



Curses! Bring her down!



Hurry, Smee!



Oh, come on, now.

Don't fuss.



Cast off, ya mangy dogs!



Hoist anchor!



Oh, my gosh!



I'll getyou, Peter Pan,

ifit's the last thing I do.



I've got a little surprise

foryou, Peter Pan.



Drop the mainsails!



Prepare to drop anchor!



This is simply perfect!



Yes, Mr. Smee,

with Wendy as bait...



we shall lure Peter Pan

to his doom!



Summon the beast!



Yes, sir, Captain.

Right away!






Yohoho, anotherplan



To tryto capture PeterPan



Captain Hook´sabrilliantman



Who else could think





every time



- Smee!

- Whoa!



Set the bait!



Make no doubt, Smee.



That wretched boywill be

but a notch in me scabbard.



- Only in your dreams, Hook!

- Pan!



I didn't know

a codfish could talk.



Did you, Tinker Bell?



- Blast him!

- Takeyour best shot, Captain.



Come on! You're gonna have

to do better than that, boy!







Three strikes

and you're out!



Come down here, boy.

I've a little something foryou.



A present for me?

Aw, you really shouldn't have.



Call it a token

ofme affection.



You see, it is a certain

friend ofyours.












Let her go, Hook,

you blackhearted scoundrel!



You want her? Ha!

Well, go and get her!



I did it. I did it!



I-I-I can't believe it.

I-- I'm free!



Free of Peter Pan forever!



Mr. Smee, who is

the most brazen, bold...



and brilliant buccaneer

who ever sailed the briny blue?



Um, Blackbeard?






Hook! Hook! Hook!



Thankyou, thankyou.

I was good, wasn't I?



- Did you miss me, Captain?

- How did you escape the beast?



Aah! Help...









Now, now, stay away!

No! No, no, no!



No, no! No!



Oh, Smee!



Hang on, Captain.



Here I come!






Mr. Smee, be a good fellow

and fix the plank...



so I can makeyou walk it!



Aye-aye, Captain!



Easy does it, Wendy.



You should have seen

Hook's face when I--






Ow! Ow! Ow, ow, ow!



- Whoa!

- Oh!



Peter Pan?



Well, you're sure not Wendy!



Tinker Bell?



Oh, I get it.

I'm dreaming.



You're not real.






Look out!



Pan, you double-crossing




- Come back here and fight like a man!

- Come and get me, you old codfish!



Come on.

We gotta fly out ofhere.




What areyou doing?



Ifyou're not Wendy,

who areyou?



I'm her daughterJane!



Huh! Well, ifyou're Wendy's daughter,

you're gonna love it here!



Hey, this is great.

You can stay here forever.






- She did that on purpose.

- Aw, she'sjustjealous.



- All girls get like that around me.

- Oh, really? How very nice foryou--



That was fun, huh?

Lost Boys, fall in!



Oh, careful!

You're going to fall!



Sound off!.



- Slightly!

- Nibs!



The twins!






- Cubby.

- And that's Toodles!






- Eww.

- Boys, this isJane.



She's gonna stay here

and be our new mother...



- and tell us stories.

- I'm not-- What doyou mean by--



Yea! Stories!



Tell stories!

Come on!



Um, actually, I'm afraid I'm not

very good at telling stories.



Ah, that's okay.



We're not very good

at listening to stories.






I know. Let's play

a game instead.



Red rover! Red rover!



Nah. Something else.



Let's play the ''no more hitting

Cubby on the head'' game.



- Hey, how about a treasure hunt?

- Good idea!



- Yeah! A treasure hunt!

- I hid it really good this time.



- You guys will never find it.

- Sure we will!



- Rubies!

- Treasure! Treasure!



- Diamonds!

- Yeah, come on!



- Let's go! Let's go!

- No!



No, no, no, and no!



You remind me

ofsomeone I know.






I have to go home.



What's the matterwith her?



I don't know.

She acts kinda like a...









I've got to get out ofhere.






Coming, Captain!



Oh, my back!



Oh, dear, dear, dear, Captain.



A nice massage

isjust the ticket foryou.



Now, youjust forget

about old Peter Pan.



Perhaps you're right.



All in the past, I say.

All in the past.



Ah, the past.



Likes when he stole

your treasure.



My treasure?



And then laughed

in your face.



Laughed in my face.



Or today, for example,

tricking that there sea monster...



into pulling down

your pants.



Right in front ofthe crew too.



Right in front ofthe crew!



We've got to find him!






Smee, listen!



Great scott!



No sooner do I rid meself

ofthat cursed crocodile...



and now this!



Oh, there, there.



He'sjust a playful

little sea urchin is all.



I swear, Smee,

this is propelling me to delirium.



I detest cephalopods.






Smee! Save me!



Oh, you big brute, you!

Offwith you.



Go on, now. Shoo, shoo.

And takeyour arms with you.



You ought to be

ashamed ofyourself.



At least the crocodile

had manners.



Blast that scurvy boy!



This is all his fault.



Mr. Smee, pipe up the crew.



We're going ashore

to find Peter Pan!



Tink, what is she doing?



It looks like she's leaving.






Half-dozen bananas.




Ten coconuts.




- Two oars--

- Hey,Jane.



How comeyou want

to go home so bad?



I have to get back

to my family.






Well, um, I don't want

to talk about it.



Why not?



- Ifyou must know, we had a fight.

- Why?






I told my little brother

you weren't real.



What? Why?



Well, oh, I don't know.



But I have to get back

and set things right.









That's why!



Well, you know,

you can't get home that way.



I-- I've got to try.









It was nice

meeting you, Peter Pan.



Duty calls.






Oh, dear! Oh, no!



You okay?



I just want to go home.



Well, you know, the onlyway

out ofhere is to fly.



Come on, I'll showyou how.



Step softly,

you worthless dogs!



Setyour sights

for Peter Pan!



Oh, goodness.



Haven't we searched the island

a thousand times before?



I beg your pardon, Mr. Smee?



Uh, I said that, uh...



searching for Pan is,

um, uh...



fun galore.



There'll be no rest until

we have that boy in irons.



- Hey!

- Watch it, Cubby!



- Hey!

- Watch it, Cubby!



Oh, no, Peter.

I really don't think this will wo--



This is ridiculous.

I can't fly!



Well, ofcourseyou can't,

but I can!



I guess I'm just

smarter than you.



I highly doubt that.



- Braver.

- Right.






- Oh, yeah, that's it.

- Well, then it must be my good looks.



Or maybe

you're full ofhot air.



Hey! Look, anybody can do it.






Yeah! All it takes is faith--






And, uh, something else.



Pixie dust?



That's it!



Okay, Tink, let her have it.






Gosh, Tink, ifshe can't fly home,

I guess she'll have to move in with us.



Now, that's enough!



Odds fish, what's that?



- Okay,Jane.

- Don't even think about it.



Ready or not--



- I got her!

- I got her!



- I got her!

- I got her! I got her!



I thoughtyou said

you got her.



Oh, how will I ever

get back home?



So, the girl can't fly,

yet she wants to go home.



Smee, doyou know

what this means?



Six more weeks ofwinter?



No, you imbecile.



We'll get me treasure

and the boy.



Hey, what's this?



Hey, what's this?



Oh, give that back.

It's my list!



Things to do, places to be.

Important things!



Huh? That stuff´s no fun.



- No wonderyou can't fly.

- Give it back, Peter.



Slightly, catch!



- Keep away fromJane!

- I got it!



- I got it!

- You boys are horrid!



- Come on, come on, over here!

- You're ripping it!



Come on! Why don'tyou guys

ever throw to me?



No, stop it!

This isn't funny!



Whoo hoo!



I've got it!



This isjust a game toyou, isn't it?

Well, I'm tired ofplaying.



Gosh,Jane, we didn't mean

to makeyou mad.



Oh, grow up. You did so.



You'rejust a bunch ofsilly,

ridiculous children.



No, no, leave me alone!

Oh, I don't believe in any ofthis!



And I especially

don't believe in fairies!






Oh, yeah?

Well, good riddance!






Uh, Peter?



I think there's something wrong

with Tinker Bell.



I need you here to take care

ofyour mom and Danny.



Can you do that for me?



- Mm-hmm.

- That's my big girl.



I loveyou!






Looks kinda bad.



Kinda bad? Kinda?



Oh, it's hopeless!



Poor little Tinker Bell!



Hey, put a cork in it!



- Shh!

- Shh!









- What?

- What did she say, Peter?



Ifwe don't getJane

to believe in fairies...



Tink's light's gonna go out.



Well, let'sjust go

and make her believe!



- Hang on a minute.

- Ow!



You can'tjust make somebody

believe in fairies.



- But we believe.

- Yeah, it ain't hard for us.



That's it!

We gotta makeJane one ofus!



But she's a girl!



- You want to help Tink, don'tya?

- Uh-huh.



We gotta do it!



Don't worry, Tink.

We'll saveyou.






- Staywhereyou are!

- Please, go right ahead.



Run me through.

You'll be doing me a favor.



All right. I give up.



What's your problem?



All I've everwanted was to get away

from this dreadful place...



and home to my dear,

sweet mother.



But blast it all!

Peter stole my treasure...



and my men would mutiny ifI so much

as tried to leave without it.



So here I am...



stuck in this absurd place.



My sources tell me...



you wish

to return home as well.



Huh. You got that right.



- I guess we're in the same boat.

- The same boat!



- That's it!

- Wh-What's it?



I'll giveyou

passage home on my ship...



and you can help me

recover my treasure.



Uh, don'tyou see?

The treasure's useless to Peter.



He's not sensible

likeyou and I.



He'sjust a boy

who'll never grow up.



Hmm. Tell me about it.



And, really,

what other choice doyou have?



It's not as though

you could fly home.



Hmm, well, I suppose.



Ifit is rightfullyyours.



And ifit's really

no use to Peter--



Splendid, splendid!



Wait! You must swear

not to harm Peter.



Me? Actually harm Peter Pan?

Perish the thought!



It's all a game, you see.



I shan't harm him.

You have myword.



''I, CaptainJames Hook,

do hereby swear...



not to harm a single hair

on Peter Pan's head.''



You see?

Ironclad, unbreakable.



Leave the light on, Mommy.

Your baby boy's coming home.



Now, when you've

located the treasure...



just give this a wee toot.



You're doing the right thing,

my dear.



I'm your onlyway home.









Jane, come on back!
























- Peter!

- Hmm?



Peter Pan!



Peter Pan!



- Ohh! Thereyou are!

- Thereyou are!



- I've been looking all over for--

- I've been looking all over for--



- I, uh--

- I, uh-- No, no, no.



- You.

- You.



I'm awful sorry

forwrecking your book.



Me and the Lost Boys, we want to

do something to make it up toyou.



We wantyou to feel like--

well, likeyou're one ofus.



We'll do anything foryou.









Anything at all!

Youjust name it.



Well, um,

why don't we play a game...



like maybe treasure hunt!



Treasure hunt?

That's a great idea!



Butyou'll have to think

like a Lost Boy.



- Uh--

- And have fun like a Lost Boy!



Tell me what to do.



Well, to be one ofus...






- There are some things to know.

- What's that?



We like to dream all day



Andthenatnight weplay



Weswingonlimbs oftrees



Till we wake up thebees



Theseare the things

we LostBoys do



Weswing from rope torope



Wehaveno use forsoap



With openmouths we chomp



Onmudpies from theswamp



Andthen we topitoff



Withpudding from a trough



Theseare the things

we LostBoys do



We´re rolling in dirt



Andwe won´tchange ourshirt






Tosee whatmakesasound






- Dareyou to throw that rock!

- I'll get a triple skip!



Dareyou to explore that cave!



I'll have an overnight trip!



Andifyou´re feelingscared



I´llhave my friends right there



Theseare the things

we LostBoys do



The treasure!



I found--



Now, when you reach the treasure,

just give this a wee toot.



Hey,Jane, you did it!



Lost Boys!



Jane found the treasure

in Dead Man's Cave!



- Yahoo!

- The treasure!






Fall in!



In honor ofyour downright unbelievable

skill at finding hidden treasures...



I now proclaim you,Jane,

a Lost Boy!



Uh, I mean a Lost Girl.






The very first Lost Girl?



What's the matter?

Don'tyou want to be?



Oh, yes.



I'd like that very much, Peter.



- Let's hear it forJane!

- Yippee!



Nowthatyou´re one ofus

feelfree tosingalong




thatyoucan dono wrong



Andwe don´teven care

ifyoupullon ourhair



Theseare the things




Theseare the things

thatLost Girls--



Theseare the things

we love to--



- No, wait! No!

- Whoa!



The treasure is ours!



- Oh! Hey!

- Let me go!



It's time foryou

to meetyour maker, Peter Pan!



- Stop it! Please!

- Sorry. No can do.



And thankyou, milady.

I couldn't have done it withoutyou.




- I never meant--



Oh, my. Have we

let the kitty out ofthe bag?



No, wait!



You said no one would get hurt.

You gaveyourword!



And Captain Hook is

a man ofhis word.



I promised I wouldn't harm

a single hair on his head.



- And...

- Ow!



this is the one

I won't harm!



Here. You keep it.



The rest ofhim is mine!



I didn't do it, Peter!

I never agreed to this.



You're a traitor,Jane.

You lied to me!



And becauseyou don't believe

in fairies, Tink's light is going out!



Tinker Bell?



No. Peter, I--



I'll saveyou, Peter!

I will!



My dear,

no one can save him now!



Tinker Bell!



Tinker Bell!



Tink! Tink!



Tinker Bell.



It's true.



Ican finallyseeit



NowIhave tobelieve



Oh. Oh, no.



This is all my fault.



All thosepreciousstories



Howthe worldismade offaith






I'm so sorry.



Andpixie dust



So I´ll try



´Cause Ifinallybelieve



I´ll try



´Cause Icansee whatyousee



I´ll try



I´ll try



To fly



Tinker Bell?



Oh, this is wonderful!

Wait until Peter--



Oh, my gosh. Peter.



- Aye. Keel haul the brats!

- He's fish food now!



Hey, he's like a piñata!



Look at him, Smee.

He's nothing but a child.



And I loathe children.

Uh, cut him down.



Any last words, boy?



- Let the Lost Boys go.

- Oh, they'll go...



right afteryou, one by one,

offthe end ofthe plank!



Be brave, lads.

Don't let 'em seeyou cry.



Sayyour prayers, Peter Pan.



Not so fast, you old codfish,

oryou'll have to answer to me.



- Yippee!

- Yea!






Good heavens! Run!

Run foryour lives! It's...



a little girl.



Tinker Bell!

You're alive!



Oh, and look, Captain,

a fairy too.






Don'tjust stand there,

you fools.



Get the girl! Oh!



Destroy them young tykes!






I got her, Captain.

I got her.



- Oh, watch your head.

- Waah!






I've gotyou now--

Oh! Ohh!



Huh? Yea!



Gimme! Mine! Mine!

Big shiny! Mi--



Get her off!.

Get her offme!









I've hadjust about enough

ofyour childish games!



Jane, look out!



Give up, girl.






Don'tyou see, Hook?

You'll neverwin.



Not as long as there is

faith, trust...



and pixie dust.



Odd bodkins!






Mere child's play.






Ha! Looks like I've got

the upper hook now.



Game's over, Hook.

I win! Ha!



Hey, Captain,

you forgotyour anchor.



Abandon ship!






Help me, please!



You know the rules, Hook.



A good captain always

goes down with his ship.



I don't want to be

a good captain!












The codfish!

The codfish!



The codfish!

The codfish!






- All right!

- Whoo-hoo! Yea!






Let's hear it forJane!



The one and only...



Lost Girl!







What's wrong, Peter?



Aw, you can fly now.

You can go home.



- I can go home.

- But...






- But...

- But...






- We'll miss you.

- Yeah. A lot.



And I'll miss you.

All ofyou.



But there's someone back home

who needs me.



And besides, now I've got

great stories to tell him...



and they'll all be about

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.



Yeah! All right!



Hey, in that case...




it would be my pleasure...



to escortyou back to London.



The pleasure

will be all mine, good sir.









Well, it's a long way home.



Give meyour best shot, Tink.






Whoa. Whoa.



Oh, my gosh!



Mother. Mother!



Darling, what's wrong?



- Mommy!

- What is it? Oh!



Oh, you were right.

He is most remarkable.



- Who, dear?

- Oh, Mother, I'm so sorry.



Oh, ifonly I'd listened toyou.



I had a bad dream.



Did you now?

Was it Hook again?



Were those pirates up

to their old tricks again?



Whoa! Hey!

What's going on?



I know how to take care

ofthat old codfish.



- We can do it together, Danny.

- We can?



- The two ofus.

- Really?

- I saw him, you know.



Captain Hook kidnapped me.



Stuffed me into

an old dirty bag, he did.



He took me offto Never Land and

tried to feed me to a giant octopus.



- Wow!

- There were pirates everywhere.



And, oh, Tinker Bell

was so beautiful.



And, oh, Tinker Bell

was so beautiful.



You saw Tinker Bell?



Uh-huh, but her light

almost went out.



You see, you have

to be very careful.



- Shh!

- Huh?






Hello, Peter.



You changed.



Not really.



Not ever.



Hello, Tinker Bell.



Oh, Tink.






Good-bye, Wendy.



Good-bye, Peter.



Wow, look at him!

It's Peter Pan!



I'll always believe in you,

Peter Pan.



- Here we go, then.

- Thanks, mate. I appreciate it.






- Daddy!

- Edward!



Daddy's home!



Come on, Tink.

Let's go home.



Doyoubelieve inmagic




Howthemusic can freeher







Ifthemusic canmoveyou



Andholdyouso tight




Your feetstart tappin´

andyoucan´tseem to find



Ifit´s reallyreal

orjustastate ofmind



Ifyoubelieve inmagic



Justclose thosebig eyes



Andthinkall the wonderful

thoughts thatarise




ifyoudream itjustright



Yourtoes willbe over

the treetops tonight



Andyou´llbe flyin´

andfrom thereyoucansee



Howthemagic´s inyou



That themagic´s inme



Ifyoubelieve inmagic



Comealong withme



We´ll dance untilmorning





ifthemusic is right



I´llmeetyou tomorrow




Andwe´llgo dancin´, baby




Howthemagic´s inmusic

andthemusic´s inme



Believe in themagic




Believe in themagic




Believe in themagic







Dream on, dream on, dream on



- Talkin´aboutmagic

- Dream on, everybody



- Doyoubelieve inmagic

- Dream on, dream on, dream on



- Doyoubelieve, believer

- Dream on, everybody



- Oh, talkin´aboutmagic

- Dream on, dream on, dream on



- Doyoubelieve inmagic

- Dream on, everybody



- Doyoubelieve, believer

- Dream on, dream on, dream on



- Talkin´aboutmagic

- Dream on, everybody



- Doyoubelieve inmagic

- Dream on, dream on, dream on



- Doyoubelieve, believer

- Dream on, everybody



- Talkin´aboutmagic

- Dream on, dream on, dream on



- Doyoubelieve, believer

- Dream on, everybody



Iam nota childnow



Ican take care ofmyself



Imustn´tlet them downnow



Mustn´tlet themseeme cry



I´m fine



I´m fine



I´m too tiredtolisten



I´m too oldtobelieve



All these childishstories



There isnosuch thing as faith






Andpixie dust



I try






I try



ButIcan´tsee whatyousee



I try



I try



I try



My whole worldis changing



Idon´tknow where to turn



Ican´tleaveyou waiting




andwatch the cityburn



Mmm, watchitburn



´Cause I try






I try



ButIcan´tsee whatyousee



I try



I try



I tryandtryto understand



The distanceinbetween



Thelove Ifeel

andthe things Ifear



Andeverysingle dream



Ican finallyseeit



NowIhave tobelieve



All thosepreciousstories



Howthe worldismade offaith






Andpixie dust



So I´ll try



´Cause Ifinallybelieve



I´ll try



´Cause Icansee whatyousee



I´ll try



I´ll try



I will try



I´ll try



To fly



Special help by SergeiK