Return To Sender Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Return To Sender script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Billie August movie with Connie Nielsen and Kelly Preston.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Return To Sender. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Return To Sender Script



I run out of stamps.



Congratulations you won

the lottery, you are patriots.



200 bucks a piece

for throwing a switch.



Blocks out

the smell reporter.









Poor Johnny.



- Aren't you going to read it?

- Do I have to?



I wake but there

ain't any birds singing.



And then I look up

in my minds eye...



and I know they are

saving their song...



for when I join them.

After this pain and noise...



it will be beautiful music.









How Much?



   grand... tops.



Charlotte Cory.



You kept that one quite.



Biggest female execution

in Oklahoma history.



All American sport star

in there...



a baby killer,

the papers love that.



Its worth more than the last

  or   put together...



maybe worth

half a million dollars.



Half a million?






So... how did you get

through to her?



Her father was killed in Somalia.

I checked the army papers.



Told her I was

in his platoon.



Now I am a school teacher in

New Mexico teaching    year olds.



Says here she wants you

to visit her.



Jesus isn't going to break his

own rule and meet this one?



I tell you

what I think Frank.



A shut at a half a million dollars

is worth one prison visit.



- Hallo?

- Charlotte?



Hi, it's Frank Walsh.









I can't believe it.



How are you doing?



So that's what you

sound like.



That's what I sound like.



I can't believe you

called me.



You get my last letter?



I did and I am real sorry

to hear that news.



It was always in the cards.



Listen I put you on

my visitors list.



And I was wondering

can you come? Can you come?



That's going

to be difficult.



You see I am real sorry

Charlotte I've got a prior.



I mean

I may be able to but...



That's okay Frank...

I don't know...



I got to go...



What? Charlotte?




Oh shit.



Shit... shit...












You haven't been answering

my calls, Frank.



She stopped writing.



Two letters a week for six

months and suddenly nothing.



We need the last letter,




We've got a real circulation

builder here...



but we need the whole set.



Charlotte is our big star,




and anything you can do to hype

it up is only gonna make it bigger.



We need that last letter.



A convoy of armed vehicles

left at Mabel Bassett...



transferring Thanksgiving

killer Charlotte Cory...



to the all male maximum security

facility at McAllister.



where execution is scheduled

in six days.



Cory was convicted of

the kidnapping of Kirstie Hammond...



daughter of major league

star hitter Joe Hammond...



who after a decade

with the LA dodgers...



retired to Oklahoma to head

a construction company.



The ransom money was

reportedly handed over...



but the child's body

was never found.



Having failed to get the supreme

court to hear her argument...



against the death penalty

handed to her   years ago...



only one level

of review remains.



They have seen her Pontiac

near the Hammonds place...



right around

the kidnapping, right?



Didn't they arrest her

trying to leave town...



finding a     dollar bill

from the ransom in the car...



and the bloodstain matching

the blood on accused pajamas...



they found

in that ditch.



Next Charlotte Cory

never denying her guilt.



Bob, this woman was so

cold hearted the cops says...



she stopped and ditched her

fan-belt with a stocking...



with that poor girl bleeding

in the car and she was a nurse.



Howdy I'm Frank Walsh. I'm here

to see Charlotte Cory.



I should be

on the list there.



Excuse me

are you Frank Walsh?



I'm Susan Kennan

Charlottes attorney.



How do you do,

very nice to meet you.



You knew her father

in the army?



Oh yes mam.

Yes mam I did.



I am sorry its just

you look familiar somehow.



I don't believe we've met.



It's gonna make her day to meet you.

She talks about you a lot.



Your letters have really

helped  keep her going.



So it's a fait accompli.

They are going to do this thing?



There's an election

coming up.



And there's the view that

the public want her dead.



- Got a visitor for that girl.

- Very nice to meet you.



You too.



Thank you.



So we meet at last.



Sorry I didn't get the time

to put my face on.



I work out every time

I see the shrink.



Gets rid of the tension.



I wanna stay off

the psychotropic drugs...



and the paper dress.

Which I do.



I have to talk to him,

see him and talk to him.



But I do masturbate...



and don't eat roaches.



That pisses him off.



You are not like

I thought you were.



Your hair, I never had

a schoolteacher look like you.



I don't know...



It's your face...



You don't look like the guy

who wrote those letters...



Well, I don't want

to sound cockey...



but I had a feeling it would

come right back to me.



I had a lot of letters

from real sickos so...



just people who wanted

to save me, marry me...



curse me, damn me.



There was one woman...



had her kids draw

pictures of me dead.



I had colleague professors

wanting to teach courses on me.



Specialists trying

to analyse me...



figure out what

made me so screwed up.



Trying to unlock

the secret on me.



Just closed down.



Everybody wanted something

that's what made you different.



Your letters were so...






They spoke to me...



your' truthful...



with all their bitterness

and humour.



I felt like we were

on the same wavelength.



I felt that too.



One thing you said,

I think about a lot.



One moment of madness

is within all of us.



The unlucky ones pay for it.



The rest of us live without

ever knowing its within us...



and never learn

to understand ourselves.



Their from experience.



Maybe your moment of madness

is coming here to see me.



The anonymous caller

alerted us...



to visit Charlotte Corys empty house.

He called the police.



At Corys bedside

a strange twisted tableau...



a doll representing Charlotte Cory

with the words around its neck:



The innocence die

the guilty live.



Charlotte Cory

is a blood sacrifice.



But the most sinister detail

was a baby's shoe.



The question everyone

is asking now: Is it real?



Did it really belong

to little Kirstie.






Saw that thing on the news.



About grannys house.



The fuckers.



Just remind me

what they are all about.



The vandals.



Just ain't right, she left it

to me, you know.



And it wasn't much...



but I fixed it up

best I could.



Guess what,

just what people do.



And that whole shoe business.



Its all bullshit.



Just some sick puppy

looking for attention.



I am sorry you have to have

this all going on around you.



What are you

sorry for, Frank?



I don't want you

to feel sorry for me, Frank.



Its not what

you are here for.



It was hell.



We were pinned down

in the "mogue", Mogadisio.



Its night time,

fire fight, may ham.



And the skinnies are firing

upon us from their roof top...



and we start taking fire

from the rear...



from where

our own troops are.



Now our radio

had been knocked out.



So this is friendly fire.



PFC private Sachs volunteered

to get a message through...



he got halfway across the square

and then he just got torn up.



We all figured he was dead.



But you know your old man,

stubborn bastard.



Never leave a man behind.



So he sat off and he got

hold of the kid...



and he was dragging him back

to us when it happened.



I want you to know

he didn't suffer.



He died instantly.



He's a hero.



Thank you.



What the army told us

was so un personal.



Your old man always put

his men first.



He saved a lot of lives that day.

You don't forget a man like that.



I'll be together

with him soon.



I'll see them all soon.



You don't believe there is

anything after all this, do you?



I don't know.



I sure hope there is but...



I don't know.



I don't think you do.



You don't seem like it.



Your letters are beautiful...



but you are so cut off,

lost maybe...



get your ideals

beaten out of you, did you?



Did you kind of cynical...



You sure are one perceptive

woman, aren't you?



I'd like to ask you to do

something for me?



Sure, what?



I'd like you to find

my sister.



I'd like Stella

to have this.



It's a beautiful name,

isn't it?



Will you please

get it over with.



I always hoped she'd

come back and live with me...



in Grannys.



I want her to have it now.



Their mother died

when Charlotte was eighteen.



Charlotte became her sisters

legal guardian.



I think they were

pretty wild, you know.



There was a car crash

a couple of years later.



Stella was blinded,

ended up hating Charlotte.



So you have any idea

where I could find her?



She met someone,

changed her name...



started a new life.



So, any idea

where I could find her



You can't.



My uncle hired a private

detective to try to locate her.



They never did.



Your uncle?

Who is your uncle?



Henry Mayer,

Charlottes original lawyer.



Died last year.

He was very old.



Maybe Charlotte didn't

get the best defense.



So you are saying

it's a dead end?



If there was a car crash

and Stella ended up blind...



did she ever claim

any kind of compensation?



To tell you the truth I have had

other things to worry about.



I understand.



But you did say that

Charlotte was at the wheel?



I want you to check

with her insurance company.



See if there is any claims

against her policy...



what ever the name.



That's a good idea.



Well, it might be.



Do you have a number

I can reach you at?



Here, let me punch it in.



A few more of them

every day.



The circus is coming to town.



I spoke to someone at

Charlotte's insurance company.



There was a claim,

from a Julie Smith.



By God,

that's fast work.



I should have thought

of it my self.



A friend of mine

was a broker.



He's going to send over

the whole file.



Do we have an address

on this Julie Smith?



The guy said Dakota but

in the last five years...



she's been up at the Oklahoma

school for the blind.



It's about

an hour away Muskogee.






Give our team a great begin.



- Can I help you?

- I am looking for a Julie Smith.



In connection to?



Just a friend.



Gubby, there's a man here.

He'd like to see Julie.



Gub MacCredy.



- What's your name stranger?

- Frank Walsh. How do you do?



Welcome to you. You say

you are a friend of Julie?



The truth is I have a letter

for her from an old friend.









This is Martin North's




Julies guy.



They spend lunch

inhere usually.



Wait here, they are properly

over at the administration.



I'll send her down to you.



Well, is there

a light up there?






I couldn't find

the light switch.



Mr. Walsh,

I'm Martin North.



How do you do.



I am afraid that you workshop here

just got a little redecorated.



Some of us forget

to put the light on.



Can save a lot

of power though.



So what did you

wanna see her about?



I've got...



a letter here from

her sister Charlotte.



I thought so...



You didn't tell nobody about

them being sisters did you?



No Sir, I did not.



I look out for her.



You know what the papers would be if

they found out who her sister was.



I'm not from the papers.



Anyway, her and Charlotte

ain't sisters anymore.



Are you a friend of hers,

a husband or...



We have been together

since she lost her sight.



I guess some good

did come out of it.



She won't have nothing to do

with Charlotte after that.



I understand but

I did promise Charlotte...



that I'd try and deliver

this letter personally...



so that's what

I am trying to do.



- Hi Mary.

- Hi, Mr. North.



Only about thirty percent

are totally blind.



Mary has some shadowed vision,

she can see shadows, some light.



I saw that game that

they are playing outside.



Beeper ball,

we are local champions.



Wrestling too.



We play soccer with a ball

that has a bell in it.



We just try to do things

like anyone else.



You, just wait here

for a minute.



Come on in.



Thank you.






this is Mr. Walsh.



How do you do?






I hear you got

something for me.



From my sister.



Yes mam, I've got

a letter for you from her.



So you are a friend of hers?






She doesn't have many.



She don't have any.

Including you.



How much money

have you given her?



I haven't given

her any money.



Then she must want something

else out of you.



She's out of my life.



I don't want her letter.



You tell her that.






But you should know that

she does care about you.



Mister, that's not for

a stranger to decide.



Julie has faced her all she can.

Her sister stole her sight from her.



Her sister

is also about to die, Sir.



You feel pain.



You be with her at the end.



You hold her hand.



It's too late

for her and me.



It's just the way

things are.



That's enough, Mr. Walsh.



If you do change your mind I'm gonna

leave my number on the counter...



I am real sorry for

upsetting you.



I should have known it would

be a waste of time.



But I am glad

she is alright.



Thanks a lot for doing that.



I do wish there were some way

I could reward you though.



What did she say about me?



I know she hates me.



You don't have

to pretend she doesn't.



Stop pretending when

we are in the same room.



I don't think she hates you.



I think she's confused.



I fucked up.



My mum died.



My dad had passed away

the year before.



And I couldn't handle

the responsibility...



taking care of Stella.



Lost in drugs, drinking...



and anything bad.



And I had this boyfriend,

an older guy.



We were in the car.



We were high.



Stella was in the back.



She was seventeen

she was beautiful and smart.



She was gonna

teach kinder garden.



Me and this guy

we were making out.



The car was going

way too fast.



Stella was freaking out.



I remember her screaming.



But we were too fare gone.



We didn't care...



we crashed.



Stella was in

the hospital for months.



She lost her sight.



Her face was ruined.



And a lot of other stuff.



She'll never forgive me.



That's the one shrinks

like to hear.



- Hallo?

- Frank?



About fucking time man.



Only four days to go.



- Listen I've been busy.

- I guess.



Do you have anything to do

with that baby shoe stunt?



I don't know what you are talking

about. It has nothing to do with me.



At least you don't mind I upped

the prize by another fifty grand.



I think we could push this thing

all the way to six hundred.



Listen, I got to go.



I'm trying to keep

a low profile here, you know.



Hello there.



- Got a problem?

- Yeah, this piece of maneuver.



Hop in,

I'll get you back to town.



No, I better stay

with the car here.



I'll call my friend Tony.



If its not too serious he'll

fix it and get it back to you.



Just leave the keys

on top of the tire.



That's how

we do things around here.






She won't help herself. She kept

her mouth shut from the start.



Never blamed it on voices

in her head.



Never tried to make herself

look better to the jury.



Guess she hasn't opened up

to you about the crime?






Maybe her silence is her only

way of dealing with the guilt.




She's protecting someone.



The guy who helped her do it who

got away with the ransom money.



All I know is women don't

kidnap kids for money.



They do it to have a child of

their own. That's statistical.



Then maybe you are right

maybe there was a man.



Comes down to love.

Some guy is out there...



sitting on that money,

doing nothing to help her.



But she goes on protecting

the bastard.



And you think she is capable

of that kind of loyalty?



Under that surface,

yes, I do.



I thought we were heading

into town?



I'm sorry, I'm late.

I can't be late for this.



- For what, where are we?

- The Hammonds.



The Hammonds? What the hell

are we doing here?



That baby shoe

at Charlottes place.



The cops weren't going

to show it to Hammonds.



I insisted that they do,

just in case.



I need to be here

when they do it.



Come on, this is ridiculous.

That story was just a hooks.



I mean,

don't you think?



But what if the shoe

is for real?



Maybe we get

the sentence commuted to life.



I've got to take every chance.

At least get her to stay.



Keep her alive a couple

of more weeks.



You are late.

Who is this?



An associate of mine.



Come on in then,

let's get it over with.



You better come.



- District Attorney.

- Did your client insist on this...



to give Joe more heartache?



Who are you?



My associate.



- Joe Hammond.

- Frank Walsh, nice to meet you.



If we could just

get on with this I...






I'm not sure.



Could you get Mary please.



It's alright son, I'll be

with you in just a bit.



Could you go now please?



This has been fare too hard.

Please, go.



Thanks for the ride.



I can't believe

I did that to them.



Was I wrong?



No. Hang on a second here now.

You had to give it a try.



I can't take

much more of this.



It's alright.



I am sorry.



I almost forgot.



There's some stuff

in the back for you.



Charlottes impounded

by the police.



It's backed and tacked.



She wanted you to have it.



She's not even dead yet.



You are a big part

of her life.



It's her wish, Frank.



You are a good guy.



This thing is hard

for all of us.






Stella, maybe one day

you will forgive me.



I can't ever

forgive my self.



But I dream

what could have been.



I see the two of us living

in our house, Grannys house.



I see you coming home

from work teaching little kids.



Us eating together,

we could have had a good life.



But I made us

take a different course.



I had this lovely girl

to take care of...



but I ruined her,

she's blind.



Her womanhood is gone,

and we are both in prison.



You in your blindness

and me in here.



I'll be free soon...



but no one can ever

free you of your prison.



These are my thoughts.

I want you to know...



I love you and I always will.



I don't expect you to visit me,

so this is goodbye.



What the fuck happened

to you?



I don't know...

I didn't see them.



It was dark.



Maybe one of Hammond clan or one of

those pro dithers out there.



I shouldn't have asked you

to come.



No, it was just a blanket

party, I'll live.



That's a prison term, Frank.



Blanket party.



School kids use it too.



There's something

I never asked you, Frank.



I know you are divorced.



Are you sleeping

with anyone right now?



- You are not sleeping with Kennan?

- Kennan?






I save this hickey for you,




I'd like you

to think of me tonight.



At midnight.



I'll be thinking about you.



Do you dream about me?






In what way?



In that way.



I know it's hard for you,




I mean people are scared

of so many things.



You are scared of not

making your way in.



Getting mugged.



Getting old.



I don't have to be scared

of any of those things.



I think you

are afraid of something.



I'm not scared of getting

involved with you, Frank.



That's what

I'm talking about.






Is something going on?



Are you Frank Walsh?



Yes, Sir.



Officer Charbonic.



- I am babysitting you.

- Babysitting me?



I shouldn't be.

I am detailed of Miss Kennan.



She took off to the State Capital,

will be gone for a couple of days...



Asked me to keep

an eye on you.



After what happened.



That's good of you.



I'm doing it for me, she'll owe me

a little favour after this.



She's got nice legs that girl.



Are you making a report on me

at the same time?



A crime novel.

I'll make that a best seller.



Blackmail, murder, bad guys end

up in prison that kind of thing.



You don't need prison if you

got violent retribution.



Blow the fuckers away,

that's what I say.



Who needs happy endings?



That is a happy ending.






Joe Hammond.



Things are just different here

than I thought they would be.



Hold on, partner.



Rounding fourth, you are almost

home. Only    hours to go.




I don't know about this one.



I always pick cases

that are slammed dunks.



Well this ain't feeling like

a slammed dunk anymore.



I am starting to have

my doubts here.



Every layer in the face of the

fight says he has an instinct.



And it's bullshit.



You are believing

your own propaganda.



No, it takes a certain

kind of person...



to kill a kid.

That's what I'm saying.



No face is too pretty not

to end up as a mug shot.



You are going to turn around and

try make a guilty person innocence...



for all those clients you lost.



That is not what this is about.



What is going on

between you two?



There is nothing going on.



Listen Frank, you are the guy

who said emotion is fatal.



The rest of the world is moving

on and you are standing still.



We are talking    .    bucks.



How much?



   .    grand.



Frank she probably minced

that kid...



into tiny little pieces.



This is Susan Kennan.



Could you pull up everything

you have on one Frank Nitzche...



Texas, defense attorney?



I'll be right down.



If the Governor ever

gets down to see me...



I'll be down

in the law library.



I'm sorry, Miss Kennan, his mind

is made up on this one.



Look, no shackles.



I told my shrink that the bruises

was cruller than usual.



Guess what, it's time.



It's time to trust me.



I know you don't want

to tell me.



And I need to know the truth.



You want to know

where the ransom money is?



Please, I don't give

a fuck about that.



I just want you

to be yourself.



Otherwise it makes all

of this all bullshit.



All guards, report.



I read you.



We have a situation

in block   .



I am trying

to thrust you, Frank.



I am, but we can't help

what this is.



Roger to that,

we are on our way.



I'm trying to be strong here.



And I don't want you

to stop me from being strong.



I am not trying to stop you

from being strong.



I'm just trying to help you.



- Unburden yourself.

- I've got to luck you in.



It won't be for long,




Don't forget

you are being watched.



And she will be stripped

searched afterwards.



This is like being married.



Just the two of us.



I don't think anyone will be

watching the monitors...



with all that stuff going on.



I don't care

if they are watching.






So close.



Come here.



Let me kiss it better.



Frank, I forgot how good

it can be.



You are not a killer.

You never killed that baby.



Yes, I am.



No, you are not.



- I killed that baby.

- You are lying through your teeth.



I killed that baby.

Don't you understand.



I killed that baby.



Now fuck me.



Can I have the bill please.

I'm leaving.



- Hallo?

- Kennan?



Do you remember that make shift

fan belt on the kidnap car...



that was really a stocking?






When I was with Stella Cory she

was wearing the same stocking.



- And?

- That's her style, not Charlottes.



I have seen pictures of hem

when they were younger.



I am saying Stella is the one

Charlotte is protecting.



How are you planning on making

money of off that, Mr. Neitzche?



- What are you talking about?

- I know about your dirty game.



Selling death row letters

and I am on my way to tell her.



No, Kennan, listen, I am not

going to sell her letters.



Kennan, please don't do that.

Don't do that to her.



To her or to you?



What you do is the lowest

thing I can think of.



Listen, believe it or not

I can explain it.



I don't doubt it.



I read what a persuasive

talker you were in court.



You know I was

a death row lawyer, too.



I want to help.



Thanks for all

your calls this morning.



- Now please be patient our.

- Get out of my way.



We are staying on the air non

stop the next    hours...



until the execution.



Susan? Susan, don't...



Been running, Frank?



This might be a meeting

you wanting to miss.



The night is gone.



Dreaming is over.



Witching hour.



Did we do it, Frank?



We did it, didn't we?



Was it good for you?



Scary good.



You two had a fight.

Didn't you?



I hope it isn't about me.



Well figure it out

when I am gone.









There's something

I like to ask you.







This is real now, ok?



I want to be cremated.



But the state

won't pay for it.



And I ain't got no money left.



Will you take care of it?






Susan, thank you.



Why didn't you tell her?



She likes you.



Why should she loose that just

because you happen to be a shit.



I guess things didn't work out

at the Capital.



That fuck of a Governors just

signed the death warrant.



You walk into that court and

the prosecution is against you...



The police are against you,

the judge, the jury...



Hell, even the law

is against you.



If you don't believe

in yourself no one else will.



I had some early success.



Maybe I started believing

my own bullshit.



You know that, are you doing

it for your client...



or are you doing it for

your self thing.



All it takes

is one victory, Frank.



That's what my uncle said.



Always held out for.



Did he get ahead?



He may have been defeated...



but he did not end up

running a scam.



In a scam there is a victim

in this nobody gets hurt.



I do my research, I know which

ones are going to go all the way.



How many people

are you writing to Frank?



I don't know.



- How many?

I don't know,   ...



Why don't you get off your moral

high horse here for a second.



You think I don't

suffer with them?



You are suffering

all the way to the bank.



It's all about money.



If you only knew...






You planted that baby shoe

there, didn't you?



To up the prize.



And then you watched while

I made the Hammonds look at it...



- You son of a bitch.

- No, hang on...



I didn't mean

for that to happen.



I am sorry about that.

I really am but listen...



I need you to get me

your uncles file papers.



- Cause I want to help you.

You want to help now.



The big shut lawyer

to the rescue.



Did you know that Hammond was

having an affair with Charlotte.



What are you talking about?



It is right there on one

of them home movies.



No, I watched those movies.

He is not on the film.



Its tacked on right there at

the end where you would not see it.



- It is him.

- Are you sure?



I am positive.



- You are sure it is Hammond?

- It is him, clear as day.



How long have you been sitting

on that little bombshell?



Hello, I need to speak

to the district attorney.



It is Susan Kennan.






Who is this?






So the bitch was fucking

Joe Hammond. So what?



Now you listen and listen hard

Kennan, I am not putting...



Joe Hammond and his family

through any more shit.



Now the only thing you got is

the reason why she did it.



And if you think I am letting

Mary Hammond know...



that her husband was screwing around

with the woman who murdered her child...



you really have lost it.



The torso was severed

just below the waist...



with a serrated knife.



Jagged lumps of flesh hanging

just below the navel.



The other body half

lay only a few yards away.



The strangest damn thing...



both halves had been

drained of blood...



and both halves...



were from different bodies...



of different sexes.






That is everything.



I have been through it all

about twenty times.



Each one of these tabs

is something I figured...



my uncle overlooked

at the original trial.



I put it all in a motion of

ineffective assistance of council.



You did?



That must have been hard, him

being your uncle and all.



Tell me about it.



Tell my aunt.



And then the supreme court

would not even look at it.



Even if they had it would

not have been enough.



Charlotte needs a miracle.



What was that videotape?



It came this morning.



This is from the insurance

files from the accident.



You know when you were

trying to find Stella.



Julie Smith surveillance tape,




Stella is finding herself

in the back yard.



She reaches for the radio and

turns up the volume without looking.



It is half an hour later and

she falls flat on her face.



Poor girl.



I guess we still have time

for one last look.



I see your friend Tony here

fixed Charlottes car once.



No wonder her fan belt broke.









Thanks for keeping me

warm last night.



Did you find anything?



Only that you don't have

the prerequisite...



for a death row lawyer.









You remember Stella used her

stocking for the fan-belt?



They were in contact. But they both

are saying that they were not.



And Stella used

to live in Dakota.



Now Charlotte was arrested

somewhere between Oklahoma City...



and the road to Dakota.



- Hello?

- Yes hello, is Julie Smith there?



One moment, please.






Can you hang on one second.

That is her cell phone?



Go ahead.






Well, now we played

goose outside.



- And then what?

- And then we heard...



this phone coming off...



and then we walked over

to the dead body and...



You are not welcome here,




- What happened?

- You happened.



I do not know who you are...



but you are the one who

pushed Julie over the edge.



What are you talking about?



She was alright.



She is dead now.

She killed herself.



She started sinking as soon

as you started coming around.



Now, you get the fuck out of

this school and out of this state.



And do not come near

Martin again.



Sorry, Mister.



Come on.

I need to see her.



She is on her way, won't be

for a couple of hours.



I need to talk to someone now!



I have something

to say.



Come on.



Dr. Sharkey I got something

to tell you.



I heard about your sister.



You have to listen to me.



It is very important.



Get out of the way.



- Did she hear?

- Sent her into a panic.



She spoke to the psychiatrist.

Said she was innocent.



By the time I got here she had

come down, withdrawn her story.






Wait a minute,

what was her story?



Frank you have

been through this before.



Last minute pleas of innocence

are normal, isn't that right?



Yes, that's right,

but what was her story?



She won't say.



She won't let

the shrink tell anyone.



I guess she think

it's just too late.



It's never too late.



It was nothing.

It was just a lie, I panicked.



I've gone all this time in here. I

never thought it would get to this.



- I'm fine.

- You know something?



I think you

are bullshitting me.



I don't think you are

capable of killing a baby.



It was screaming

when I got it.



It knew what was happening.



I thought stick a pacifier in

it's mouth and it's gonna shut up.



I didn't mean to kill it...



- but it happened.




Why take a child?

Why take this child?



For Stella.

The ransom was for her.



She had lost everything.



She couldn't even have

a kid cause of that crash.



I had destroyed her life.



The ransom money

was compensation.



You know what I think?

You picked Joe Hammond...



because Joe was just as responsible

for that crash as you were.



He was the one you were

fooling around with.



How did you know about Joe?



Just you never mind how I know.

I know. Now stop the bullshit.



Tell me what really happened.



I woke up in the hospital.



And he had disappeared.



I asked the doctor

where he was.



He said I was delirious.



No one believed me.

I didn't know what to do.



I guess that gives you

a motive.



You are damn right it does.



What did you do with the body?



I got rid of it.



Look, I killed that baby.



You know something?

I don't believe you.



And if you think that turning

yourself into some psycho...



is going to make me feel

better about you dying...



you are wrong.



Now I am sorry...



but your sister is dead.

Stop covering for her.



I know you loved her.



I know you felt guilty

about her being blind...



and I know she is dead now.

God rest her soul...



but stop lying.



There is no reason

to lie anymore.



I want you to live.



And I think somewhere

in there you want to live too.



- It's too late.

- No.



I've got to know what happened.



- It's too late.

- Not for me, ok?



I have to wake up tomorrow.



Just tell me

the fucking truth, will you?



Your not going to like it.



Try me.



I was sick that whole

Thanksgiving weekend.



I never even got out of bed.



I saw the news about

the kidnapping on TV.



The ransom being paid.



I didn't think about it.

I felt bad for Joe.



But then out of the blue

I get a call from Stella.



First time in two years.



She sounded weird.



She was telling me to get

rid of the car fast.



My car.



That's when I knew

she was involved.



So I got into the car

to go find her.



And you headed

for where she lived?



I thought if the baby

was still alive.



I could get Stella

to let it go.



Give her back.



But I never made it there.



She was impressionable.



Maybe she had gotten

into some bad people.



But then she must have found out

that they had used my car.



So she called to warn me.



She called me.



I told you she wanted

to teach kinder garden.



She would never have killed

a child on her own.



It was all my fault.



I didn't take care of her

like I should.



I was on the wrong path.



Drugs, drinking.



Fooling around

with a married man.



I thought about Joe

and his family.



- They had lost a daughter.

- You didn't do it.



For Christ sake.



Why didn't you tell the truth?



I owed it to her.



She was my sister...



and I took everything

away from her.



But I loved her.



And that call

meant she loved me.



I did the right thing.



The right thing is tell

everyone the truth right now...



and maybe we can stop

all of this now.



Don't be naive.



What judge is going

to believe you.



We have no proof.



I can't.



I think about the moon.



When it's pink

early in the morning.



And the sun is rising.



And they are both

low in the sky.



That's the only thing

I'm going to miss.



I want you to go now.



You don't want me to stay?






Promise me you are not going to go

there and trying to stir things up.



Promise me.



I want to do this.



I'm fine with it.



Goodbye, Frank.



Thank you for everything.



You have been so good to me.



I'll write.



What did she say?



She said she made it all up.



She's at peace with dying.



We said goodbye.



Even if she had

proof of being innocent...



it's not grounds

for stay this late.



I know.



You don't want to go to that motel.

There are reporters hanging around.



You can stay

at my place if you want.



I got to be here for the end.




Thank you.



You can get the key

from the guard.



I'll see you later.



Gees the whole

press club is here.



- Can I buy you a drink?

- Yeah, okay.



Ten hours to go. It looks like

it's the real thing this time.



- Did you ever sit in on one?

- Yeah.



Electrocution down in Texas,

Johnny Decker.



Had to soak

my suit for three days...



to get rid of the smell

of burning flesh.



Give me a lethal injection




I'll have a cold one.

What are you having?



Make that two.



Are you watching

an empty house?



Tell me about it.



Ain't you going to the prison

to hold Cory's hand?



You can you know.

It's not the electric chair.



It's the mercy seat.



The week before the kidnapping.



What are you saying, Frank?



That a blind woman and a half

blind man pulled off a kidnapping?



I checked this guys file.



He's done some serious time.

He is no saint.



Charlotte was sick in bed

over that Thanksgiving.



They could have taken her car

without her knowing maybe.



Maybe to get revenge on her

and Hammond for what happened.



What am I supposed to do

with this? There is no time.



I want you to call Charbonic

and tell him to do what I say...



because he'll listen to you.



He's got the hots for you.




Just trust me on this.



That's bullshit.

I know my job.



This could make a difference.



You can catch yourself

a murderer here. Come on.



Violent retribution.







The final night of Charlotte

Cory's life we can expect.



The witnesses to the execution

to begin arriving around five am.



Thirty people

in all will watch...



Charlotte Cory's final moments

through the glass screen.



And around four thirty am...



we can expect to see

the three.



Three civilians who have

applied for the     dollar job.



of operating those syringes.



Sizing this crowd there must have

been a lot of applicants for the job.






Mr. North...



I was told I could find

you here.



And you are?



Officer Charbonic.



I'm just returning your

wife's clothes and stuff.



I am real sorry about

your wife.



Well, if you need

anything call us.



I've got to move now.



They think they have discovered

the body of the Hammond kid...



and all hell's breaking

loose at the station.






Your fucking fool.



That poor guy is not

hiding nothing.



He didn't give a shit

about that body laying.



You're a flick mister,

I'm going.



Hi, baby girl.



Dad, I feel so bad.



Come here, sweetheart.



It's okay.



Are you lost or something?



I never knew you

had a daughter.



I thought Stella

couldn't have children.



Who was that?



How old are you?



Nine in two months.



You look a lot like

your little brother Kirstie.



What are you doing?

This is our home.



You get the hell out of here.



The power is gone,

my radio won't work.






Shut up, I say.



Did a man come in here?



I don't think so.



No one came in here.



I know you are in here.



You've come to take my child.



What father

would let you do that?



Now look where we got to.



I never killed anyone before.



Oh yeah?

What happened to Stella?



Things went wrong,

because of you.



You brought

her sister back to her.



It was her and Joe Hammonds fault

Stella couldn't have kids.



All we ever wanted was

the things everyone else had.



A normal life,

a family.



That ain't at all bad.



What's happening?

Where's my dad?



You got to come with me.



Listen I'm a policeman,

it's not safe here.



Where's my dad?



Stay right here,

I'll be right back.



Tonight of all nights

you show up.



What the hell are you

trying to do?



I've got someone in my car

that you have to meet.



Let me out.



What's going on?



Mister Hammond, I don't know

how to say this to you...






- Could you come with me.

- Don't follow...



Let me out of here.



Just come with me.



Take a look at this girl here.

Just take a look at her.



What are you doing

with that girl? What is this?



This is your daughter.



The kidnappers

didn't kill her.



They took her as her own.



This is way too...



Take a look at her

and you tell me.



We need a blood test.



And we need it right now.



They have postponed, some kind of new

evidence, the governor just called.






But it can still happen.



I don't think so.



There's a new material witness.



You are safe now.



You are not going to die.






Your attention please.



It's been cancelled.



I don't know the governor called

just now. It's off.



I think we just got us

a miracle.



Hi there.



You did it, Frank.



All it takes is one victory

and you got it.



Did you tell her about me?




the bad and the good.



I hope you made a strong case

for me, counselor.



I defended you brilliantly.



Forget about me,

what she needs to know...



is that her sister tried

to save her in the end.



Make sure she knows that.



I see you in court sometime,





Special help by SergeiK