Riding In Cars With Boys Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Riding In Cars With Boys script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Drew Barrymore movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Riding In Cars With Boys. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Riding In Cars With Boys Script



There on a windswept bluff, he stands

waiting. The man of your dreams.



The man who"II love you more

than anything the rest of your life.



You run to each other.

Your bodies, your lips...



...they"re coming closer and closer

together. Until, finally...



...you kiss.



Okay, go.



Janet, like this.



I feel weird, Bev.



Weird? Wait till he shoves

his tongue in your mouth.



Ann, did you get the lights

for the dining room?



l"m looking for them, Teresa.



Now this is Christmas, huh?



Yes, it"s beautif ul.



Have Lou look for them.



She wants it up

before Leo and Bev get back.



I gotta go.



Okay, Leo.



Beverly Ann Donof rio, your father"s

waiting to go buy the tree!



l"m coming, Mom!



Okay, so is Christmas.



-This song"s giving me a headache.

-Wait. Before you go with Pop.



Why would a guy

put his tongue in my mouth?






A boy does that because

he wants you to bite it off.






Bye, Mom.






-You ready?




Let"s go.



-Pop, everyone"s decorating the house.




Janet wanted to come.



When you"re in college,

it"II be her turn.



Dreaming of {y:i}w{y}armth?

Dream {y:i}w{y}ith the Everly Brothers.



-Good, that"s our song!

-Great! Ready? One, two:



Pop, this is it! Pull over.



The big one, there. See?



l"II buy that for you when l"m rich.



-I bet you will.

-Mom and sis would like it.



You know what you want for Christmas?



You want the bike, right?



It"s the bike. But you think

it"s too expensive.



See, I know how you think.



Speak up. If you don"t ask for

anything, it"s what you get, nothing.






There"s this guy, Billy Schnar,

he"s really cute.



Billy Schnar?



We"re the smartest in class.

You know who he likes? Guess!




-Melissa Thomas, you know her?



The one with braces and ugly red hair.



She thought Israel was in Europe.

You know why he likes her? Guess!



-Because she"s stupid.

-No, because she"s got boobs!



Or it looks like she does,

but she doesn"t. She wears a bra...



...which s{y:i}q{y}uishes her fat together...



...and makes her look like

she has big boobs.



Pop, l"m gonna die

if I don"t marry Billy Schnar.



l"m gonna die all because

Melissa has boobs?



That"s just way too tragic,

even for Shakespeare.



Okay, Pop, so that"s why for

Christmas, l"d like a bra.



To enhance what I got,

which is more than Melissa.



-You"re too young.

-Pop, you can"t negotiate my boobs.



Too young or not, l"ve got them.

l"m a woman.



-It"s hard to see through my clothes.




The answer is no.



Keep your mind on books, not boys.



{y:i}T{y}his is {y:i}w{y}hy therapists are {y:i}w{y}ealthy.:

moments like this.



{y:i}W{y}hy didn{y:i}'{y}t he just get her the bra?

/t{y:i}'{y}s certainly cheaper than a bicycle.



{y:i}P{y}arents and the damage they can do.



Sometimes, it{y:i}'{y}s endless.



But she survived.

{y:i}y{y} ou kno{y:i}w w{y}hat they say.:



{y:i}"T{y}hat {y:i}w{y}hich doesn{y:i}'{y}t kill you,

makes you {y:i}w{y}ant to die. {y:i}"{y}



/f she {y:i}w{y}as Southern,

she{y:i}'{y}d have turned life into a song.



Since she{y:i}'{y}s from Connecticut,

she turned it into a memoir.



Someone {y:i}w{y}ants to publish it,

if she clears one hurdle.



So she called me for help.



{y:i}T{y}hat{y:i}'{y}s {y:i}w{y}hy this is a tough day

to tell her /{y:i}'{y}m leaving her.



/ can al{y:i}w{y}ays tell {y:i}w{y}hen she{y:i}'{y}s nervous.

She {y:i}w{y}ears a lot of makeup.



And today, she{y:i}'{y}s packed on

an e{y:i}x{y}tra layer of nervous.



Forty minutes late.

l"m not complaining.



-It"s just so unlike you.




{y:i}W{y}e {y:i}w{y}ent off to solve the problem.

Her problem. Mine {y:i}w{y}ould have to {y:i}w{y}ait.



-What happened?

-You"re cold, lean into the vent.






-Thanks for driving me to Wallingford.

-Just make it fast.



If Ray doesn"t sign,

they won"t publish it.



He will.



-I know seeing Ray is hard for you.

-Seeing Ray doesn"t bother me.



It should. And I understand.



I won"t make myself nuts.

l"II stay calm and be positive.






Did I show you the galleys?



It"s starting to look

like a real book.



-Did you just put spit in my hair?

-Yeah, l"m fixing it. Sorry.



Just a little--






I have a surprise for you.

I finished the dedication.



"Of the many men who have come into my

life, there is finally one I trust.



Jason, this book is for you."



Don"t take this the wrong way...



...but don"t dedicate the book to me.



Let"s just leave it at that.

Just don"t.



Fine. Fine. Great.



l"m sorry, it is possible I have

my own stuff going on today.



What? What is it?



No. It"s nothing.



l"II get over it. Look, don"t worry.



l"m having a bad day.

What"s one bad day, right?



One day? Are you kidding?

Let me {y:i}q{y}uote myself.



"One day can make your life.

One day can ruin your life.



All life is, is four or five big days

that change everything."



Sky Barrister is my dreamboat!



Sit down, you"II hurt yourself.

Be caref ul.



-Tina, you need a little more rouge.

-I have some right here.



Hey, Bev! Tina!



-Where you going?

-We"re going to a party!



-Can we come?




She wouldn"t let us come

to some party.



Are we invited to this party?



-They"re Fay"s f riends.

-They"re not.



My parents are f riends

with their parents.



What"s important is

Sky Barrister will be there.



Sky has had his hands

in everything you got.



And has a ton of your poems.

And does he call you once?



No. Bev, you are truly a great person.



But someone as conceited

as Sky won"t see that.



Because all he can see is himself.



-You know l"m right.

-It"s true, Bev.



-Let me wear that dress.




If I look half as beautif ul

as you in that dress...



...Sky will have to notice me.



-You can wear my dress.




No, Bev. It won"t fit.



-You got to let me wear that dress.




Because I love you.



-Please, please, please.

-All right.



Put the top up!



Look at all these new cars.

Tina, park in the street.



Come on!



-Did you take my scarf?

-I got it. You"re sitting on my purse.



Bobby will crash with his f riend.

This dress is swimming on me.



And don"t blame me

if this party"s boring and no f un.



Fun? Fun?



Fun is what you bring with you.



-Do I have something in my braces?

-I don"t know.






-It"s out.




Who invited her to my party?

Who? Did you? Did you?



I invited Fay.



The noseguard points to me,

like he"s gonna hurt me.



-{y:i}Q{y}uick, give me that!

-They"re stuffing themselves.



-Guess it"s what Bobby likes.

-Wonder what that feels like.



-Are they even?

-I think so.



-You could be with any girl here.

-Of course, I know that.



l"m just a placekicker.



Bobby, wait. Where are we going?



-Come here.




Mind if I sit?






-Who"s that sitting on Kevin?

-Some townie.



-Who"d you come with?

-Ray Hasek.



-Him? Where is he?

-In the bathroom.



Stay here.



Hello, Sky.



Tommy, why do you gotta

sneak up on people?



You idiot. Shoot!



Sorry, Bev. I didn"t mean

to scare you.



l"m sorry. l"m just completely

distracted at the moment.



Don"t talk right now.




-Oh, sure.



-You want some salt?




I checked out F. Scott

Fitzgerald"s stories--



l"m doing something daring right now,

and l"m working up some optimism.



-What are you doing?




-l"m just a big chicken.

-No, Bev.



Someone once said a coward and a hero

have one thing in common: fear.



You may be scared,

but you"re no coward.



I come off the field,

following me are scouts...



...f rom Notre Dame, Penn State,

Ohio State, all talking to me.



So l"m like, "Alphabetical order."

So the guy f rom Penn State is first--



Sky, wouldn"t Notre Dame be first

if it"s alphabetical order?



-Hi, Sky.







Don"t open it now.



-Read it later when you can.

-Later when I can.



Read it.



"Silver buttons of night"s

velvet dress unbuttoned...



...to reveal my simple universe

and our heavenly touch."



The last one was about her legs

trembling and heaving bosom.



-She loves you.




I like the poem, Bev! Bev!



-Don"t open that door!




Is everything all right?



Can I have a cigarette?



You"re blowing it out.



You"re blowing it out.

Don"t breathe out. You do it.



I know you. You were in the play

at the high school.



You"re Fay"s f riend.

You"re the smart one.



l"m Ray Hasek.



Bobby"s f riend.



Fay made us go because she painted

all the background stuff. Remember?



-You were the girl.







You were beautif ul.



I told Bobby, "You watch,

that girl"s gonna be something."



-That"s what I said.

-I write my own stuff too.



-And l"m probably gonna go to NYU.

-l"m sorry.



But no, that"s good. Wow.



Look, I know it"s none of my business,

but why are you crying?



Because of this guy.



He said very personal stuff about me

in f ront of everyone.



But the poem was good.

I think it"II hit him on the way home.



Wait. Who is this guy?



Sky Barrister.



Oh, yeah. I know that asshole.



l"II go tell him not

to say stuff about you.



He"s very handsome,

so don"t hit him in the face.



What is she still doing here?



She"s blond,   .



And who"s that? I didn"t invite him.



-Hey, Sky.

-What"s going on?



Hit me. Right here.



No, man! Hit me right here!



No! Come on, hit me!



-My hand!




-See? He came in, I went down.

-It"s broken!



-There goes the season!

-Come on. Come on!



Let"s get him!



-Thanks, Tommy.

-See you Monday, Bev.



-Out of the way, Tommy!

-Go, go, go!



Get in the car!



-Let"s go!

-Get in the car!



-I go down and--

-Get in the car!



-We forgot Tina!

-She"s got her own car.



Tommy"s car"s blocking the way.

Go, Bobby!



-Bev, can you hop in f ront, please?

-All right.



This is Bobby"s and my favorite spot.



Ray, take her. Come here, you.



-Bev, get in f ront with Ray.

-l"m going.



Come here, sweetie.



Come on, babe. You know

l"m heading out to basic. Please!



God, l"m gonna miss you so much.






Thanks for doing that

for me back there.



-Does your head hurt?




My father always said

that my head was like a rock.



He broke his hand twice on it.



What"s in your chest?

What is this?



-It"s Bev"s dress. It"s too big.

-Oh, sweetie.



It didn"t look right on me.



-How come I never see you in school?

-I don"t go.



-Don"t your parents care?

-There"s a lot of it!






...pop, he got drunk and died fishing.



And Ma, she doesn"t want me

hanging around my sister.



She thinks l"m bad like my brother.



So you"re all alone.

You don"t have anybody.



Well, there"s Lizzard, he"s a f riend.



And I got Bobby. He"s like family.



-What you doing?

-Spelling my name in hickies.



Just your first name.



-Let"s get you home.




-Oh, my knee!

-Are you okay?



I don"t wanna go home yet.



But, I....



Listen. Don"t.



Beverly, listen. You shouldn"t get

mix ed up with me. l"m no good.



You were good to me.



Open your eyes.

Don"t take them off of me.






Don"t. What are you doing?



-You better stop laughing.

-Leave me alone, Fay.



God bless you.



What is that?



What the heck is this?



-Bev, stop laughing. Give me my shoes.

-Ray. Ray!



-It"s her father.

-l"m looking. I found one.



It"s your father!



-Pete, we"re taking them in.




Sorry, Daddy.



What happened to your dress?



-You won"t see that girl again.

-You can"t be trusted.



What? Are you chewing?

Say it again.



l"II call you back.



Look at you. For God"s sake,

button your blouse.



-What happened to you?

-Nothing. l"m still the same.



You know that guy"s brother got

sent up for robbery?



Yes, but he"s doing well in prison.

He"s learning a trade.



All we were doing was making out.



I just met him.

l"d never go past second base.



Which means nothing below the waist.

My waist, not his.



You"re home. Get out.



Pop, I swear, nothing happened.



Look at that guy. He"s so hot!







/ had to run out. Jason, if it{y:i}'{y}s you,

say something great.



It"s me.



The last two weeks

have changed my life.



l"m not involved with her.

I had to do this just one day.



l"m gonna tell her

about us this morning.



This afternoon, tops. I swear l"II

be back by  :   tonight...



...and you and I are on that plane.



And, okay, here goes. Amelia...



...I love you.



That girlf riend of yours

sure likes that horn.



She"s not my girlf riend.



-She"s my mother.

-Your mother?



Kill me, Fay,

because I want to die!



I want to be dead!

That"s not too much to ask for.



How will I tell my parents?

We can"t talk about anything.



How am I supposed to tell them

I committed a mortal sin?!



Okay! I know, I understand.



Calm down. We"II practice.



Pretend l"m your parents. Say what

you"II say. You"II get through it.



Tell me like you would tell them.



-Mom. Pop.




-I don"t know how to tell you this.




-l"m pregnant.

-My daughter"s a tramp.



My daughter is a tramp!

My daughter"s a tramp!



You"re    years old!

How could you do this?



You make me sick to my stomach!

Just take my gun!



Take my gun and shoot me in the head,

tramp! I wish you were never born!



Okay, go.



You can do it.



-Maybe you should tell Ray first.




In Puerto Rico you can get rid of it,

but I don"t have any money.



-Do you have any money?




That"s it, then.



I have to throw myself

at my parents" mercy.



If they help me take care of the baby,

I can get a job and save money.



That"d be good.



Then I could move to New York,

get a job at a newspaper.



-Nothing big, something small.

-I can"t. Wait! New York?






-...what about me?

-What about you?






...I love you. A lot.



What, Bev?



What are you talking about?!






-Why is this happening to me?

-Bev, l"m sorry. Come on.



My life is over! I might as well jump!



What are you doing? Come on.



We"ve been going out. I mean...



...do you love me?



-It was summer.

-Yeah, but do--?



You"re not the guy

l"m supposed to end up with.



It would derail my life.



Bev, look at me. Bev!



Okay, look. Maybe...



...you"re not supposed to end up with

me. But l"II make you happy. I swear.



If you married me,

I would cherish you...



...for all the time, till death.

Till I die.



Till death. For the--



I may not be the perfect guy

in a lot of ways...



...but l"m the right guy

because nobody will love you like me.



Please marry me.

Because l"m shit without you.



How romantic.



A marriage proposal

that contains the word "shit."






Okay, just hold on, Fay.

Janet, door.



Can you believe he did that?



I swear, I would rather die than marry

Ray. I don"t care what my father says.






...I know this sounds horrible...



...but my aunt fell down the stairs

when she was preg-- You know.



And she...



...you know.



And I thought maybe you could--

You know?



Good night, Fay.






l"II give you five bucks

if you throw me down the stairs.






Janet? You"d better be asleep!



What was that?



What are they doing?



I don"t know.



-What are you doing?




Dear Mom and {y:i}P{y}op.:



{y:i}T{y}he prospect of you reading this

so shatters me that...



.../{y:i}'{y}m a stranger to myself.



{y:i}y{y} our fears over my behavior,

{y:i}w{y}hich / thought unreasonable...



...seem no{y:i}w{y} the stuff of {y:i}w{y}isdom.



/ have terrible ne{y:i}w{y}s

/{y:i}'{y}ve been {y:i}w{y}ithholding from you.



"But, like poison

f rom an adder"s tongue...



...I have to spit it out.



I am pregnant."



Wow. That"s really good writing.







{y:i}T{y}here{y:i}'{y}s more.



{y:i}P{y}erhaps after the anger,

{y:i}w{y}hich you have every right to feel...



...you {y:i}w{y}ill remember

/ am the daughter you loved.






This is what we"II do. She"II go

to school until she starts to show.



Then she"II get

her e{y:i}q{y}uivalency.



Then she"II get

a job as a secretary.



After they"re married,

they"II move into the rec room. Right?



That"s not the plan

I have in mind.



l"ve decided what"s best

for my f uture...



...is not getting married.



As you can see f rom my letter,

I have a flair for writing.



-So my plan is--




You have a plan?



You have a plan.



Well, I had a plan too.



I was gonna work hard,

raise a good family...



...hold my head up proud.



That plan"s dead.



Know what I thought?



No. No, I better not.



Go ahead.

Say whatever you want.



You were special.



And you ruined your life.



And you broke my heart.



I just....



Say something.



Leo, it"II be okay.



Don"t cry, Pop. Please.



Mom"s right.

Everything will be okay.



We"re gonna get married...



...because we"re in love...



...and we"re gonna get married.



Ex cuse me!



-You"re late.

-You know my parents.



I had to sneak out.



-Are you okay?




-What"s the shoe polish for?

-Decorating the car, silly.



I got her some Green Stamps.

I hope it"s okay.



Please, stand still.




-Stop it.



Stop hitting her.



-Come on. I can"t get it.




-Stop moving around. You ready?




All right? Do I got it?



-Take the picture!

-Don"t yell in f ront of the church!



Take the picture, will you?!



-Everybody stand still.

-My baby.



That was a good one.



-Can I have some more?




-Can we get some more wine, please?







Okay, this is for Bobby.



-Say something.

-I got it.



-This is a wedding.

-Let her finish!



Thank you. l"m sorry.



Save it for the Vietnamese.



-I love you, Bobby.

-I love you too.



When I get back,

we"re starting our own garage.



Cars, bikes,

l"m thinking maybe even trucks.







That"s great!

Because between you and me...



...I had no idea

how I was gonna make a living.



-Lovely affair.

-Thanks. They need it.



No, give it to Teresa.



-She can"t hear.

-To Teresa! l"II keep it.




-Give me that!



Thank you.

I really like the macaroni salad.



Watch this. Go!



Bev, look at Tina.



And Kevin.



She loves to dance.



Beautif ul.



Janet, you were great.



-Thank you.

-Thank you, Tony.



Thank you. We"re going to take

an intermission to eat.



We"II be back. Thank you very much.



You should have danced.



What"s the matter?






My father never asked me to dance.



He"s embarrassed to be seen with me.



You"re crazy.



Nobody"s ashamed

to be seen with you.



How come no one"s come to say hi?



l"m the bride. The only person

to even look at me...



...is crazy Aunt Mildy, who"s

calling me Agnes, my dead cousin.




-Hi, Mildy.



-Know what?

-I love you!



Who cares about them? Right?



No, I know what"s gonna happen.



When you graduate, you"II get sent

to a fancy school. l"II be alone.



With a kid.



-Let"s hear a speech.

-Good idea!



-Speech! Speech!

-Tony, drum roll.



All right!



There are times in a man"s life

when there is cause to celebrate.




-And finding f riends is easy.



But then there are times like this.



And if people are still there,

those are his real f riends.



His real family.



We all know what brought us here.



And the fact you still

saw it in your hearts to come....



Well, you"re in my...



...my heart forever.







Now you can go back and eat.

And finish eating.



-Wasn"t that nice?

-Beautif ul!



-Beautif ul!

-Thanks. Sit down.



She"s not gonna sing again, is she?






My name is Fay.



And l"m Bev"s best f riend.



I just wanted to say...



...how beautif ul Bev looks tonight.



And to wish her

all the happiness in the world.



Now that l"ve said it,

maybe one of you could say it too.



Sitting over there is a girl who

has a light around her.



It"s the chair.



When you"re near her,

something ex citing will happen.



If you think you deserve a medal

for being here...



...due to the circumstances--



-That"s enough--

-No. Wait, l"m not finished yet.



If you"re so great for being here,

don"t talk to me, either.






Because l"m pregnant too.



She"s what?







-Did you know?




It"s an epidemic.



Go back to eating now.







-Come on, put the food down.



Zippy, ask your cousin to dance.

Janet, dance with Zippy.



I don"t know what to say.



-Swear you"re not joking.

-I swear.



I found out two days ago.



I had to tell Bobby first.




-It"s okay.

-It"s not. There"s no ceremony.



We"re getting married

before he ships out.



My father wanted me

to live with my brother...



...and put the baby up for adoption,

but Mom said no.



That"s what"s going on.



We"re gonna be pregnant together!



And we"re both gonna have girls!



And they"re gonna be just like us!



She"s crazy.



-Keep them closed!

-All right.



-Where are we? Fay?

-No peeking.



-l"m right here.

-You coming?



You want to come in? Bobby!



Fay Forrester!



l"II write f rom Vietnam!



They had to leave.

Keep going.



Keep them closed.



-Keep them closed.

-What are you doing?



Bend the knee.



-My God. All right.




Keep them closed.

All right.



-l"m caught.

-It"s all right.



-Where are we going?

-Don"t open them until I say.






Okay, open your eyes!



Open your eyes, come on.



-What is it?

-What is it?



This is our place!

This is where we"re gonna live!



-How"d you do this?

-I talked to your father.



He got us public housing.



He helped you?



Us. I think he was glad

that I came to him.



I figured you didn"t want

to be under their rules anymore.



Look. This is a great stove. Really.



It goes all the way to    .

That"s like lava. Hot.



Close your eyes.






Very few people in my life

have treated me as good as you do.



That has to mean

something good, right?



I don"t know.



Tonight I have an amazing feeling,

like everything"s gonna be okay.






...l"m done.



Our own home.



-Ray, this is going to be so much f un!

-It"s good, huh?



My God! I can"t believe it!

No parents! Our own house!



Last night, I fought Ray

for the last piece of chicken.



I said, "If you don"t let go,

l"II kill you!"



l"m starting to scare myself, Fay.



It"s good Bobby"s away

because I get all the food.



No fights. It"s a better marriage

because of it. You okay?



She"s kicking.



Mine too.



Let"s let them play together.



Beverly! Fay!



-Hi, Tina.




We"re on our way to junior prom.



l"II tell you all about it.



-Bye, girls!

-You got really big.



That was genuinely insensitive!



It"s hot, I know.

l"m doing the floor.



Where is he? He was supposed to

be here three hours ago.



-I missed my appointment.

-What"II they say that"s new?



l"m two weeks late.

Why won"t this thing come out?!



That "thing" is very smart.



It"s not coming out

until you"re ready.



What are you doing?

You"re making a mess.



Pull. Pull.



l"II clean it up.



-You"re three hours late!

-l"m sorry.



-You"re drunk.




-You were with Lizzard!

-No! My boss.



Bev, come on.






What are you doing?



l"m locking him out!



Come on!

Open up or else l"Il--



What? Break it down?

You"II break your neck.



Enough of this.



-Where are you going?

-l"m not staying.



I didn"t break my neck.

Hi, Ma.



-Hi, Raymond.

-You idiot!



We can"t afford a crib,

and you broke the window!



What am I supposed to do?

Tell my boss that--



Oh, Raymond.



You"re bleeding.



l"m bleeding!



You"re getting it on the floor.

And on the wall!



-Stop bleeding!

-l"m trying!



-Stop bleeding!

-Shut up.



Start moving.

Come on!



Get some peroxide and toilet paper.

Hurry up!



-Is there glass in there?




Waddle {y:i}q{y}uicker!

He"s bleeding to death!



Hold it tight.



It was my boss.

I had to go.




Look at me.



You"re the man of this house.



Bring home the bacon.

If you say you"II be here, be here!



-No lying, no drinking!








Help! Come on!






What"s happening?



Oh, Bev.



-Your water broke.




Is that supposed to happen?



-l"m so ex cited.

-This is so gross.



Hello, beautif ul.

Hello, beautif ul baby.



Is this the most

beautif ul baby you"ve ever seen?



l"m serious. Is this the most

beautif ul baby you"ve seen?



Well, to be honest, yeah.



Let"s go see Bev.

She wants to see you.



Come on, it"II be f un.



Mommy"s    Daddy"s a moron,

and they want us to celebrate.



We know better.



l"II be back later.

Come on, Leo.



For the record,

l"m on your side.



Mr. and Mrs. Hasek,

I have your baby.



Hey, can you wait one second?



Hey, Bev.



l"m sorry I broke your water.



Nothing like that

will ever happen again.



No more drinking.

No more forgetting.



l"m gonna be good, okay?



I love you so much.



This is one of the most beautif ul

baby boys l"ve ever seen.



I didn"t have a boy,

I had a girl.



No, we had a boy.

Don"t you remember?



I told Fay we"d both have girls...



...and they"d be just like us.



No, we had a boy.



He"s going to grow up

and be just like me.



Try feeding him for a little while.



l"II be back in    minutes.



l"II try.



It"s a boy.



-It sure is.

-It"s a boy.






Hydrogen, helium,

lithium, beryllium....



We"re gonna get a good one.




Hold that! Ready?




Jason and Amelia,

sitting in a tree...



...while Bev is getting

her high school degree.



l"m trying to study.



Ten more minutes.

Be {y:i}q{y}uiet for a minute.



Jason, God!



Can"t he hit the bowl?



You"re distracting me.







-Jason won"t leave me alone!



You"re his mother.



I got four weeks to study

for the SAT, for the scholarship.



I know you"re smart,

and you have dreams.



But you need a job.



This one pays for living expenses.



I told you to change his diaper

an hour ago.



He loves when you do it.



-I have to iron now.




Change it!



Mommy has to study.



l"m doing everything I can

to get us out of here.



Mr. Stinky Pants.



What happened?






What happened?



He peed in my mouth!



Come here, Jason.



Come on, big boy.



Jason, God bless you.



You make your grandma so happy.

Mommy pee-pee mouth.



-l"II get this one.

-What do I do?



Let"s throw some more.



Check it out.



-I don"t have any rocks.

-You don"t need rocks after this.



Yeah! All right!



You okay?

How long you been sick?



About ten--



Hey, Al, l"m done for the day.



All right, man.



-See you tomorrow.

-On time, okay?



-I see it.

-That"s because we screwed up.



I said to him:






...if you re-enlist,

I want a D-l-V-O-R-C-E."



I got the guts to say it.



Know what he said?



He wanted one too.



Sorry to bother you with this.



Mom, we"re stuck.



He"s met some girl named Monsoon.



l"m here, taking care of our kid...



...he"s on some beach,

falling in love with Monsoon.



What kind of name is Monsoon?




-That"s good?



We know Bobby"s not coming back.



-What"re you gonna do with your life?

-I don"t know.






Fay has bigger problems right now.

Be considerate.



What am I gonna do?



You"re a great artist.

Do something with that.



-Like what?

-Like me and my scholarship.



-l"m not as smart as you.

-l"II help you.



-Just you and me.

-It"s always you and me.






I can wear it and return it.



Can you finish me up?



Perf ume.



Ready, go.



Okay, put it down.



Come on.



-How do I look?

-You look beautif ul, Mommy.



No, say that I look smart.



You look smart, Mommy.

You do.



Thank you.



l"m going to drop you off

with Daddy.



And then Mommy...



...is gonna do something to change

the rest of our lives!



Let"s go!



Stay with Daddy.

Later, we"II have a celebration.



-Al, where"s Ray?

-You tell me.



He didn"t show up for work.



He comes and goes as he pleases.



I can"t believe this!



-I want to stay with Daddy.

-He"s not here.



You have to come with me.

Get in the cab.



-I want to play.

-You"II play later.



-I want to play.

-It won"t take long.



Ex cuse me, where is

the interview room?






I called you for two reasons.



One is to meet the girl

who wrote such a tremendous essay.



The other is to compliment you

on your strong effort.



It"s down to seven girls.

You should be proud.



Thank you.



If you pick me,

I will not let you down.



l"II be everything you"re looking for.



What l"m getting at...



...is we want to be very sure

that the person we give this to...



...will not only graduate,

but go to grad school...



...and not be someone who"II be....







-Not me.



If you give me the scholarship,

it"s like giving me my master"s.



Nothing gets in my way.



You probably need to get going.



We"II call when we know.



When will you know?



Two weeks.



Nice meeting you, Mrs. Hasek.



Don"t make me go crazy for two weeks.

This means so much to me.



Mr. Price...



...l"m not gonna get this, am I?



l"m sorry, no.



N-O. No.






-Hey, big guy.

-Come say hello to Uncle Lizzard.



Look at you. Magazine.



Why do I look like this today?



Why do I look nice today?



The most important day of my life?






Bev, l"m sorry.



No, not sorry.

Where were you?



-I was, I was at--

-No. Where were you?



-I had--




Where were you?



-Say something.

-You can"t hide behind Jason.



-Yes, he can.

-I am invisible.



-Help me out, boy.

-Hiding behind Jason won"t work.



Answer me.



I forgot.



You forgot?



You forgot?

You forgot?!



Haven"t you had a dream?




-Shut up, Lizzard!



I woke up this morning,

truly believing...



...that by this afternoon,

my life would be different.



Not only because it was my dream,

but because l"d earned it.



And now look at me.



It"s  :   in the afternoon,

and l"m just another housewife...



...yelling at her husband

in f ront of the neighbors.



Yeah, that"s me!



Wonderf ul!

Thank you, Ray!



You look smart, Mom.



You do.

You look really smart.



Come on, Bev.



The whole college thing,

it"II work out.



No, it won"t.



And l"II adjust.



Should I have left?



I can"t do anything right!



You better clean that up!



/t{y:i}'{y}s family legend

and a huge deal in her book...



... the day she didn{y:i}'{y}t get

her scholarship.



{y:i}T{y}o me it{y:i}'{y}s not about {y:i}R{y}ay{y:i}'{y}s mistake.



/t{y:i}'{y}s about ho{y:i}w{y} my mere presence...



...forever crushed

all my mother{y:i}'{y}s dreams.



Is this a comfortable silence for you?






Are we gonna do this all day?

You not telling me what"s wrong.



Okay, l"II tell you.



But promise not to go crazy.



I won"t go crazy.



I think I should transfer schools.



Instead of NYU,

I think Indiana might be nice.




-Let me finish! l"ve--



I don"t want to hear it.

The answer is no.



Two years and you"re finished.



You"II be a college graduate.

You"II have the life I dreamed of.



Vic, these are for Mimi.



Hi, Bev.



We"d like    delux e

Delite burgers, please.



No, make that twenty Delite f ries.



And    Delite cones.



Eleven dollars.

Twenty f ries.



Looks like Bev finally found

a job that suits her.



They"re ready.



Ready? Here you go.



Hit it right there.

Hit the chief.



Right here.



Please, thank you.

No yelling.



And smile, okay?

Even if she is a real bitch.



Mrs. Forrester.

Nice to see you.



Is Fay home?



I swear, I haven"t smiled in a month.



Your mom taking the kids

to the movies is great.



Shut the door.



Play nice, kids.



-What are these?

-Ray gave me two of them.



What are they?

I don"t want to see my skull.



Ray always wants me

to take them with him.



He says they"re great to take

with someone you love and trust.







-Do you love Amelia?

-Oh, man, don"t get heavy on me now.



It"s a real {y:i}q{y}uestion.



-We didn"t pick this.

-Because we got knocked up?



-Romance took a strange turn for us.

-Yeah, we got knocked up.



I want to thank your mom.

Mrs. Forrester....



l"d love to forgive each other for

whatever keeps us f rom being close.



You"ve probably said

awf ul things about me.



And you probably heard me

call you "ice crotch."



-I thought you hated me.




-l"m taking Amelia to the movies.

-What about Jason?



His mommy is leaving soon.



I wouldn"t want her to leave

without him. Let"s go.



Bye, sweetie.



-She loved hearing that.

-It just fell out of my mouth.



-Go inside and watch TV.

-I want to stay here with you.



l"m having a hard time with you here,

and I need to talk to Fay.




-I don"t have anything to do.



Well, use your imagination!









So? What was the {y:i}q{y}uestion?



Do you love Amelia?



Yes, I love her.

And you love Jason.




-Yeah, I love him, but....



You love him but what?



I don"t know if I really love him

or I have to love him.



And it scares me to death.



Good people don"t think this way.



-What"s wrong with me?




Take my word on this.



You really do love him.



Sometimes we love people so much,

we have to be numb to it.



If we actually felt how much,

it would kill us.



That doesn"t make you a bad person.

It means your heart"s too big.



Good way to look at it.



Mom, help!



Stay calm, stay calm.

Don"t panic.



-Get over here.

-Got him?



Don"t pull him out yet.

He"II f reeze.



-l"m sorry.

-l"II get towels.



This shouldn"t have happened.

From now on, l"II be more attentive.



-Do you know what that means?





You know what responsible means?






I should have read to you more!



No! Come here!



l"m so sorry!



-l"m a terrible mother.










I love you.






They"re playing kickball.



Go play with them.



Adults inside, kids outside.



That"s $  ! You know how

much you can buy with that?



My parents always

bought stuff I hated.



The card is the real present.



I got carried away,

but it"s a plan for your life.



Here, l"II read it to you.



-"Dearest Jason--"




We"II catch up later.

Are you ready to go have f un?



Okay, good.



Go have f un.



Everybody, come in.



Hi, Amelia.



Davy, I got your stuff.

Get it later.



-The card was the present?

-It"s a plan for my life.



-She"s crazy!

-You guys be caref ul.






Minimum wage is what,

one-sixty an hour?



l"II pay $   

just to use your oven.



I don"t think my parents will let you

use their oven to dry weed.



-Oh, Bev.

-I made it for him.



You did a great job.



You stayed up all night?

It looks delicious.



You hog!



Get me another beer.



-l"m way ahead of you.

-Make it two.






Don"t tell me you don"t remember me.



Braces, short curly hair, pimples.









-So I graduated f rom Berkeley.




Spent the year driving around,

seeing everything.



In a few days l"m heading back

to California to get my master"s.



But I wanted to see you first.



-You wanted to see me?




Just to say hi.







-Bev! Hey, Bev!

-Ex cuse me.







You actually came!



-l"m so glad.

-Of course I came.



-This is f rom Joey.




Joe got you something?



Thanks, Joe.



-That"s outside. Outside toy.




-Come in and say hi.

-I can"t. Kevin"s waiting by the car.



This is fiberglass.



I just came to say goodbye.



-What do you mean?

-Kevin and I are engaged.



-You"re pregnant.




Kevin"s been in school in New York.

He can"t stand being away f rom me.



I wanted to tell you before

you heard it. l"m going to college.



Kevin"s father got me into

that real good college in New York.







-You"re going to NYU?




Holy shit. It"s Jackie O.

Come here!



Fay, the divorcée!



This is the only thing

my father ever gave me.



It"s supposed to be lucky,

but it wasn"t for him.



And it hasn"t been for me.

Maybe it"II be lucky for you.



Maybe it"s stupid.



I couldn"t wrap it.



They"re not stupid. They"re great!

I love your guts, Dad!



I love your guts too, buddy.



Bye! I love you guys!

l"II call, okay? I swear!



-Bye, girls!




Come visit me in New York, okay?









Did I scare you?






What are you doing here?



I wanted to see if you were okay.



You okay?



Wanna go for a walk?



-Maybe just around the....

-Good. Come on.



Tell me what you"re thinking

right now.



l"m    years old.

That"s almost   .



I still haven"t accepted

that this is my life.



I wish I could be dumb

and then I wouldn"t know better.



And I could be happy

and stop hoping.



And l"m telling you this like

you"re interested in my boring life.



Come to California with me.

l"ve got room.



I could take all of you.



If you want to change your life,

you can.



If money"s tight,

it doesn"t matter.



You"ve always been smart.

It"s easy.



-You want to go to college?




The state pays.



The state pays, Bev.



-Ray won"t go for it.

-lf Ray loves you, he"II do it.






Just do whatever it takes to get

out of here. You don"t belong here.



You don"t.



Thank you for saying

the things you said tonight.



It"s just good to see you smile.







I woke up and you were gone!



She"s not supposed

to leave a kid alone!



It"s dangerous!

I could have choked!



l"II talk to Ray.



Just let me know.

My classes start up.



Good night, Bev.

Good night, Jason.



What do you think

about California?



/ told you to stop it.



Well, I just....



Wanna go to California?



I wanna go if you wanna go.



-All right. Let"s go to California.

-Yes, Ray!



-Thank you, Ray! Thank you!




Don"t forget to get

baby aspirin for Jason.



Baby aspirin, okay.



-l"II finish packing.

-Yeah, baby aspirin.



-You guys seen Lizzard?

-No, sorry.




{y:i}-y{y} ou better get over here. /t{y:i}'{y}s {y:i}R{y}ay.



Okay, up the stairs. Up.



-Where"s Ray?

-l"m sorry about California.




-He"s downstairs with your father.



-What"s going on?

-Don"t know.



Why don"t you sit here?

Come on.



Get your jacket off.



-Say it.

-All right.






-Jason, how"s it going over there?




Your husband has come to me

with a problem.



And he wants my help.






Hey, Bev, how"s it going?






I got a....



I can"t do it without a....



"Dear Beverly.



Please don"t go crazy

when you hear this.



But I regret to inform you

that I am...



...a junkie.



I spent all our money on heroin.

I spent everything.



I even spent the money...



...for Jason"s aspirin on a fix."



It was just a tiny fix.



-But I spent that too.




I knew you drank a lot,

but heroin?



Jesus, Ray!



For how long?



-I don"t know.




-How long?

-Two years, October    .



Halloween night.



Remember when Jason

was a monkey?



-Stop listening!

-You"ve been sick.



-l"m clearing up.

-I feel so stupid for not knowing!



Bev, l"m really sorry.



Shut up. Don"t say sorry.

Sorry doesn"t mean anything.




-No! This is the last time.



You"re not helping.

You don"t pay attention!



Listen. Everything l"m doing

right now is for that boy.



He needs a father.

This is his father.



I didn"t pick him.

He"II be sick for a while.



Your mother and I will take Jason

while you help him. Got it?



I don"t want your help.

I can take care of my own kid.



Okay, Ray, I cleaned you a new one.




You feel better?



You going to throw up again?

Here, Ray.



Here, Ray. Here.

Oh, no!



This is so gross.



Oh, my God!

Please kill me!



Fine! Stop screaming.

You"re gonna scare Jason.



Oh, my God. Bev!



-l"II get more sheets.

-Bev, please! Help me!



Is Dad okay?



-What"s your favorite song?

-"Cincinnati Dancing Pig."



Scoot over.



I need to rest between rounds.



Sorry you didn"t get to

go to California.



Please turn off the pig song!

It"s not helping much.



Turn off that song!



-What are you doing?

-Making you breakfast.



Thank you.



-Why are you whispering?

-I don"t wanna wake your dad.



He"s not here.

He left.









Bev? Let me just....



Jason"s in his room.

He can hear us.



All right, Bev. Look....



Look at me.






Don"t say you"re sorry.



-Just go.




I know what you"re thinking.

l"ve got it figured out.



All right? Look.



I just can"t {y:i}q{y}uit, okay?



You can"t hold it against me

if it"s impossible.



It"s just who I am.

All right?



All I need is a little, to keep me

straight. Not enough to get me high.



Just enough to keep me straight.

Just like this.



So, what if we keep it at that?



You want permission to use

a small amount of heroin forever?






I am gonna get a good job.



-And, one, look--










Bev, come on.



This plan works!






-You need to think like a grown-up now.

-All right.



Like a   -year-old businessman

who takes a train to work every day...



...and makes responsible decisions.



-Can you do that?

-Yeah. l"II try.



You say it"s impossible to {y:i}q{y}uit.



I believe you.

I won"t even hold it against you.



But if you stay

and you ruin our lives...



...and you know that you will...



...then it"s my fault.



Do you want me to live with that?






Hey, Dad.



-Guess what?




I lost my tooth.









-I just came in to say good night.

-Good night, Dad.



-I love your guts, buddy.

-I love you.



Dad, are you going somewhere?



Can I come?



Why can"t I come?



Because your mom...



...doesn"t think it"s a good idea

if we"re around each other any more.



l"m not supposed to say that.



You"re gonna hear

a lot of bad things about me.






But only two out of the three things

are gonna be right.



So when you hear something

that"s really, really bad...



...you try to think that"s

the one time they"re wrong, okay?






All right?



-I love you, Dad.

-I love you too.



All right, buddy?



Okay, I gotta go.



I gotta go!



Dad! Wait!



Dad, wait!



Dad, wait!



Jason, what are you doing?



Jason, you cannot go with him!



Dad, wait!



Dad! I wanna go with you!




-Wait! Dad!




-Take me with you!



You"re mad, but we wouldn"t

have had a chance unless I did this.



Leave me alone.



Leave me alone!



If you get out of the street,

l"II leave you alone.



But remember,

I am your mother.



That means you"re not allowed

to stay mad at me!



-Can I get two coffees, black?




-Where"s the bathroom?

-Two coffees, to go.







Jason. l"m so glad it"s you.

Have you seen your father?



-No, we"re not there yet. l--

-/ got your message.



-You did?




I love you too.



This is the greatest conversation

of my life!



This is the greatest conversation

of my life.






So, l"m all packed.

l"ve almost got you all packed.



And we"re leaving tonight.



-How did your mom take it?

-There was a discussion.



And she had some {y:i}q{y}uestions.



But / think...



...I figured a way for it

to be okay with everyone.



-You did?

-You transfer here.



-What are you talking about?

-I don"t know. l"m just....




-l"m screwing us up.



No. No.



You are not allowed

to feel bad about us. Okay?



Listen to me. I am not

another woman you have to handle.



/f you don{y:i}'{y}t go {y:i}w{y}ith me, {y:i}w{y}e{y:i}'{y}ll

see each other every chance {y:i}w{y}e get.



-You are amazing.

-No, l"m not.



{y:i}-y{y} ou are.

-l"m not.



l"m f urious at her!






...I can"t give up on you.



Someday you"II stop raising her.

You"ve been doing it your whole life.



You"re young. You deserve to be young.

We deserve to be young together.



{y:i}R{y}ight no{y:i}w{y},

/ can{y:i}'{y}t make you happy, so...



-...I gotta go.

-Amelia, wait.



l"II call you when my flight gets in.



I love you so much.






Jason, are you coming?



Do my grocery shopping,

and l"II pay you.



-Every station"s in color.

-Who"d you steal it f rom?



I bought it.



I was wondering

if we could be alone for a minute.



Alone is an unknown dimension to me.




I know l"m not

your favorite person in the world.



But l"d like to help.

Ray was a good f riend.



l"d like to offer you a job.

$    an hour to use your stove.



Goodbye, Lizzard.

Take the TV.



No. It"s a gift for me.

Isn"t it?



Yes, it is.



It"s a gift. For him.



-We need to have a family talk.

-It"s not your fault.



You handle a kid by

taking things away.



But he doesn"t have anything

to take away. Now he does.



l"II just wait here.



It"s not fair, Ma!



l"m the only kid

without a color TV.



Well, l"m the only mother

who wears ripped pantyhose.



l"m the only kid I know

who wears ripped socks!



l"m the only mother

whose shoes talk to people!



And I do everything here!



I have to shop, cook, clean

and do the laundry!



I never get to play!



Yeah? Neither do I!

I go to night school.



When you work a double shift, I use

the spare time to sleep and bathe.



-We"re a team, right?




You"re supposed to be the mother!

l"m supposed to be the kid!






-Let us in! Amelia"s f reezing!

-l"m not cold.



My father wrote me again.



He put in another picture

of his wife.



He wants me

to call her Mother Monsoon.



I wrote back saying, "She"s not my

mother. Only my mother"s my mother."



I hate him.



Come on, Amelia.

Don"t cry.



At least your father writes.



He thinks about you.

l"II tell you this much.



Wherever my dad is,

l"d rather be there than out here.



We"ve got to focus.



This will get all of us out of here.



And I won"t have to ask

my parents for money. Okay?



When we move to New York,

l"II find the richest guy.



We"II live in a penthouse.



You"II be a famous author,

and we"II have book-signing parties.




-Hey, Grandpa.



Your grandma wanted me to bring this.

You need it. Give me a kiss.



You"re so big.



Your mom care you"re throwing snow

at the house?



Our mothers went to the store.

They won"t be back for a long time.



Is that so?



Don"t break any windows.



It"s your turn to pick a night

to stay over, huh? Button up.






Mom"s inside drying weed.



Oh, boy.

These kids got small voices, huh?



-What do you think of that?

-I didn"t hear a thing. Let"s go.



Leo, come on.



Hasek. You made bail.



The kid"s out,

they"re in business in a day.



Go to Main Street. You know the old

brick building? He"s chopping cars.



-Can you fix this?




How did they know?



I won"t ever tell you told.



If there"s anyone in the world

you can trust, it"s me.




-You"re welcome.



They took it all. All the money

I was saving to get to New York. Gone.



They didn"t take it.

I used it to bail you out.



Why didn"t you borrow it

f rom your parents?



My parents wouldn"t bail me out!

Did you want me to leave you there?



-No. Who bailed you out?




-I thought he wasn"t talking to you.

-Yeah, well...



...he rode into town on his big

white horse to save the family name.



But I had to make him a deal.



What kind of deal?



Since my parents

are kicking me out...



...he wants to bring me and Amelia

to Arizona with him.



He said he"II cover my rent

and food and anything I want.



-lf I don"t....

-lf you don"t what?



If I don"t see you anymore.



But l"m gonna tell him

no way tomorrow.






They like to hug a lot.



They"II never keep us apart.



l"II call you as soon as I get there.



I love you.



Come on, Amelia.

We got to go now.






Bye, Jason.



Jason, get in the car.



-Would you go, Dennis?

-All right.



Dennis, drive caref ully.



If I told you something important,

you promise not to get mad?



Tell me. What?



You got to swear not to get mad,

or else l"m not going to tell you.



Fine. I swear.



I told Grandpa.



You told Grandpa what?



I told him you were inside

drying weed.



You what?



-Why would you do that? Why?

-I don"t know.



You don"t destroy everybody"s life

and then say, "I don"t know." Why?



I was gonna use that money

to get us out of here.



Do you understand?

You just ruined our lives!



That"s not what you say

when someone tells the truth.



And the worst thing of all is

Fay is gone. Because of you.



I have no one.



Some things never change.



Like me being confused about

everything e{y:i}x{y} cept {y:i}w{y}hat she{y:i}'{y}s feeling.



We must be getting close.



This is where he lives.



She {y:i}w{y}on{y:i}'{y}t admit it,

but she{y:i}'{y}s scared about seeing {y:i}R{y}ay.



Are you sure you"II be okay

seeing him?






You can wait in the car if you want.

I completely understand.



l"m fine.



Coming! Just a second!



l"II get my robe on!



-Does Raymond Hasek live here?

-And you are?






-It"s for you. Get up!

-Hold on, l"m coming.



Come on in. He"s indisposed.

You might as well come in.



Thank you.



Sorry, we weren"t expecting company.



-You"ve got cool stuff.

-I collect things.



Is it hunting season?



That"s the firing range.

You into that?



Some people....




Just a sec.



Ray, it"s me.






Bev! Hey!



Hey, Bev. It"s me, Ray.



I never thought of you as being older.



Beverly, this is Shirley.



Shirley, this is my first wife.









Hey, man.



Ray, this is your son, Jason.



I wouldn"t have known you.



Hey, thanks.



Hey, you wanna sit down?

Come on.



Clear off the thing.

Have a seat.



Right there is good.

Something to drink?



-Something to drink?

-We don"t have anything.



Get them an orange thing.



A moment alone, Ray?




-You want to--



-l"m not going anywhere.

-Yeah. Thanks.






Let me lay this out.



l"ve been making my living working

at a small newspaper in New York.



But at night, for   years...



-...l"ve been writing a book.

-Four years.



You started the book

when I turned   .



It was my birthday present.

That was four years ago.



-Fine, four years. Happy?

-Just give it to him right.









-I finished the book.

-Really? That"s great.



And they want to publish it.



You know this is huge for me.



It"s what l"ve wanted

for as long as I can remember.



But it"s a small publishing house.



Since you"re in so much of it,

they wanna be caref ul about lawsuits.



There"s a lot about you and drugs and

illegal acts. It"s not flattering.






...what l"m getting at is...



...they need you

to sign this release...



...or they can"t risk publishing it.



I get it.



Ex cuse me.



Ex cuse me, Ray.

Honey, stop.



-Give me that.

-She has to pay you.



-You"re in her book. She"II get rich.

-What are you talking about?



-l"m asking how much we get.

-I don"t--



-Why are you starting?

-$       .






-Did I ever ask for child support?

-Get out.



-Hey, come on.

-Come back when you got money.



-Calm down.

-l"m not leaving.



-Just get up.

-We can"t leave.



l"m the one busting my ass

to get us out of here!



If you think about moving,

l"m gone.



-I will never forgive you!

-We"II get over it, trust me.



We should"ve given you more time

to talk. l"m sorry.



Thank you very much. Bye-bye.



-What are you doing?

-You were gonna sign your life away.



What were you thinking?

God, I can"t stand her!



-Give me the keys.




You don"t care. l"m not getting

published, and you don"t even care.



I just saw a guy

who hasn"t showered in a month.



Whose teeth are rotting,

who"s living in shit.



-And he"s my dad.

-Don"t do this.



Don"t turn this into your problem.



Do me a favor. Just pretend

to be a good mother for two minutes.



Just two minutes

out of your whole life.






Where are you going?



You"II have to remember what you

just said as long as you live.



-l"m not coming after you!




She hasn"t changed.



Everything always happens to her,

no one else.



Hey, come here.



Come here.



I signed that thing, okay?



I can"t give it to you,

she"s watching. Don"t look.



I said I came out to take out the

garbage and say goodbye.



-Right, right, right.




Wow, this is probably the last time

l"II ever talk to you.



I just want to say that....



I used to feel real bad

about leaving you and all.



Then, a couple of years ago,

your ma sent me a letter, saying...



...what a nice kid you were.



What a good man

you turned out to be.



l"d like to think

I had a lot to do with that.



-Yeah, okay.

-Even if all I did was stay away...



...it"s still the best thing

I ever did in my life.



I can"t give you the paper.

She"s watching us like a hawk.



Don"t look, don"t look, don"t look.



So l"m gonna come in

like l"m hugging you.



l"II slip it in your pocket.



l"m gonna come in now.

Lift up your arm.



-It"s in.

-All right.



-Finished throwing out the garbage?




-You sure about this?

-What, Shirley?



She"II get over it.

Women want to forgive.



Even a total screw-up, they"II help.

It"s in their nature.



You just gotta remember, you gotta

tell them you need their help.



Or else they won"t do it.



Lord knows, I need

all the help I can get.



Don"t we all?



Goodbye, son.



I was a good mother.

No, I was a great mother...



...for what I went through

to keep you together.



l"m not asking for thanks,

but don"t do this to me, you ingrate.



Who says l"m in one piece?



-You"re the most normal person I know.







Amelia was in New York two weeks ago.

She wants me to transfer.



She wants me to enroll in her school.



But I can"t go.



I can"t leave you.

If something bad happens to you...



...it"s my fault.



l"m what went wrong with your life.

You know, you wrote a book about it.



I swore I wouldn"t--



Did you know I love Amelia?

Don"t worry, she left already.



Here"s the f unny thing.



She thinks I can"t love her

because she can"t make me happy...



...and damn it, she"s the only

good thing in my life.



l"m just incredibly screwed up.



Just so we"re real clear about this,

I blame you.



When does this job ever end?



You call it a job?



Well, what do you think it is?

A calling?



I screwed up.



I screwed up.



Come on, don"t cry.

l"m sorry.



l"m sorry.

Look, Ray signed.



I don"t care. Just go.



Just leave me here.






...I need your help.



With what?



Mom, wait.

What about clothes?



-They sell them in Indiana.

-My apartment?



l"II take care of it.



l"II take care of everything.

Just go.



How will you get home?



l"II drop you off

and leave tomorrow.



If you don"t go now,

you"II never go.



l"II be fine here.



There"s a pay phone.

l"II call someone.



Just go.






Stay there.



I wanna make something clear.



I don"t think I would"ve been

better off without you.



You are not what went wrong

with anything.



You were what saved me.



I want to thank you for that.






You"re welcome?



Now hug me,

or l"II take it all back.



I love you.



I love you too.



Not that it matters, but does Fay

know about you and Amelia?



She thinks it"s great.



I can"t believe that.

I can"t believe that. Fay!



We talked two nights ago.

She didn"t say anything.



-Bye, Mom.

-l"m supposed to be her best f riend!



l"II call you f rom Indiana.






Sure is.



-It"s okay if I spend the night?




Jason blames me for everything

that"s happened in his life.



Can you imagine?




Special help by SergeiK