Ring 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ring 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ring Two movie directed by Hideo Nakata.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ring 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ring 2 Script



I wanna show you something.






Have you ever seen

something so scary



that you had to show

to someone else?



I mean, like, you know,

a movie or something.






I've got the scariest

freakin' movie you'll ever see.



Now... A buddy of mine

actually turned me on to it.



And he made me a copy.



So... I did one for you.



You brought me here

to watch a video?



Well, two minutes. OK?

Two minutes and it'll all be over.



It's totally underground stuff.



- I thought we were gonna just...

- No, we will. We will.



You just gotta see this.

I'm telling you, it's...



- How about after we?

- No, you need to watch it now.



What's so scary about it?



You'll see.



Play it. Just play the thing.



Come on,

I got two minutes here, please.



Emily, play the goddamn tape!



- Hello?

- Hey, man, you made it. 



I knew you'd come through. 

You got somebody to watch it



Some stupid chick

from my school.



Good. I was afraid

you didn't believe me, man. 



Now it's her problem. She doesn't

get someone else to watch it in a week,



I swear she's dead. 



So, did you tell her what happens



or you just gonna let her

find out for herself?






Come on, it's over, dude. 



 Jake. This isn't funny, man. 






- Emily, what the hell did you do?

- I played it, I just didn't look.



Come on, Aidan, let's go home.



It was the right choice.

No question.



Aidan, dinner's ready.






OK, now, before you say anything,

I followed the recipe this time.



Just 'cause it doesn't look

like the one in the magazine,



doesn't mean to say

it won't taste good.



Those are great, honey.

Got a really good eye.



He'd be proud of you.



Thanks, Rachel.



You know, it wouldn't kill you

to call me "mom" now and again.



"Ma. " "Mommy. "



Something besides "Rachel".



Yeah, I like "Rachel".



Well, "mom" has its charms too,

you know.



But "Rachel"

is more your personality.






Well, Rachel declares dinnertime.



It's working out great,

don't you think?



All of this space and fresh air.



We have a yard.

It's really great.



Listen, honey...



...we didn't do anything wrong.



We did what anyone would do.



We started over.



You know how they can tell

you used to work at a real newspaper?



You're the only one

who closes your door.






I wanted to talk

to you about my editorial.



Those changes OK?



Well, I asked you to copy edit it

and you rewrote it.



Just the part

about the bond measure.



That was the whole thing.



The bridge would get

the money, not the riverfront.



You know,

a big news day in Astoria



is a school board meeting, a car wreck

and a cat in a tree. That's big news.



You sure this is the job

you're looking for?



Well, I'm around for my son more.



In Seattle, I wasn't.



Good a reason as any.



I'm glad to see you're

settling in. I like the...



Max, while you're here,



have you given any thought

to that piece for tomorrow?



You know what?

Don't worry about it.



It's     Ridgecrest. 



Repeat that. 

It's what?



Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest!



I've talked to the medical

examiner. They're on their way. 



Squad    to respond. 



Can we keep

this channel clear?



- The police found a body.

- Possible homicide.



- Please, we should be so lucky.

- What are they saying?



"High school student, male,   .

Address,     Ridgecrest.



Found the house flooded,

a girlfriend hiding in the basement. "



- Suspect or witness, they don't know.

- The guy was dead in front of the TV.



They keep on talking

about his face.



What about his face?



All emergency units,

area Astoria, switch to Tack Five. 






Detective, you have a minute?

Was it homicide or wasn't it?



You know how he died.



I just have

a few last questions.



If you could walk me

through it again.



It's just horrible.

So young.






No, please, not here.



I found you.



We only made one copy.



Oh, God.



- Excuse me, sir.

- Hold on.



- Rachel Keller from the Daily Astorian.

- We'll make a statement.



- I need to know about the girl.

- We'll make a statement.



She hasn't said a word, has she?



You're welcome to wait.

Excuse me.



Watch your step.

Have a seat here, OK?



Have a seat.

I just want you to relax for me.



You can't keep her.



- Focus on the walls.

- We wanna take her.



- She'll talk to us.

- I understand.



I'm just gonna ask

a few questions. Please.



- Be right back, Emily.

- Thank you. Thank you.



All right. Give me his number.

Yeah. All right.



Emily, listen to me.

I know what happened.



I know.



Now, you have to tell me.

The tape.



Did you watch it?



Do you know who else

has watched it?



Has anyone else watched it?



Then where is it?



Hey, you.

Get away from her. Ray.



Emily, talk to me.



I want her out of here.




You can tell me, Emily.






Not here, Samara.



Not here.



Honey, what is it?



What's wrong?



Look at me.



- OK? What is it?

- I had a nightmare.



That's all right.

We all have them.



Oh, God, you're soaked.

And you're freezing.



Let's get you out of

these clothes. Come on.






What happened in your nightmare?



I woke up and you weren't here.

You weren't here.



I'm here now, honey.

I'm right here, OK?






All you have to do is call my

name and I'll follow your voice.






Even if I have to come right down

into that nightmare with you.



So tell me what happened.



I don't remember.



You don't remember?



I don't remember.



Honey. You heard me?



I've been calling your name.



I'm... sorry.



You ready to go?






So we'll just swing by

and see what they have, OK?



And you can keep a watch on

the backyard stuff. How's that?



Look at all this stuff.

Who do you think buys this crap?









What's wrong, honey?

You all right?



I'm just a little cold, Rachel.



- I'm gonna take a look around.

- All right.



Stay close.



Would you like a marble, ma'am?



You gotta wait

for the whistle.



Here I go!



Are you in there?



Why didn't you answer me, honey?

What are you?



Jesus, you're freezing, honey.

What's going on? Are you sick?



Talk to me, honey.



Talk to me. What's going on?



- What is it?

- I'm cold.



It's OK. It's OK.



Honey, when did this start?



Was it last night,



or this morning?



I don't remember.



I know you don't like me prying,

but this is important.



Was it your nightmare?



I really don't remember, Rachel.



I need you to try.



You're sick, all right? And we

need to know what started it.



Was she in your nightmare?



Don't stop.



- Go! Drive! Drive!

- What's the matter, honey?



Just don't stop the car!



Get down!



"Don't stop. "



You said, "Don't stop. "



OK. Let's see.



That's impossible.






...what's happening?



Yeah, hi...



My son is very sick



and I'd like to

talk to someone who...



Well, it's his temperature.

It's... it's five degrees low.



Yeah. Well, then,

I'll hold for the on-call nurse.






Honey, the power just went out.

Are you OK up there?



Honey, this shouldn't be open.






Aidan, let's go. Get out of bed.



Aidan, what are you

doing over there?



Get back in bed right now.



I saw something.



Move! Get away.

Get away from there.



Honey, let's go. Come on.



I saw it.



- I saw it in my head.

- Let's go.



Oh, Miss Keller...



- About my story. I...

- Not now.



Now, listen, sweetie.

Last night I found a tape.



It was one of hers.



And I made it so we'd never

have to see it again.



But if she knows that,



what I did might

make her wanna hurt us.



Am I right?

Do you know something, honey?



Look, if you know why she's here,

you have to tell me.






...is she here to hurt you?






She can hear us.



She hears everything.



Except when we sleep.



She can't hear us

when we sleep?



What does that mean?



We have to sleep.




may I come in, please?



What happened to your car?



Your car. Apparently it's wrecked.



- Are you guys OK?

- Yeah. We got hit.



And no one's hurt?



That's good.



Aidan, right? Hi, I'm Max.



- Is he all right?

- He's sick.



How sick?






I need your help.






I'll get some more blankets.



The house is yours if there's

anything you need at all.



OK. Thanks.



- Here.

- Thank you.



- Shouldn't he be at a hospital?

- No, he's fine.



The bath?



Just down the hall.

I'll get it started.






I'm gonna go home

and get some of our things.



Then we'll leave here

and never come back, OK?



Let's get you warmed up.



Not the best water pressure,

but it works.



It's good, thanks.

I don't know why we lost power.



The block seemed fine.



I have plenty of candles

in case the problem spreads.



Go ahead and get in.

Get you warmed up.



Max, I just need

to go back to my house,



get a few things,

some medicine.



Do you mind if you could?



- I'll watch him. Of course.

- OK, thanks.



Honey, go ahead and get in.

Let's go. Let's go.



We need to raise your temperature.

Now, let's get in.



Aidan, what's wrong?

It's just water.



- We need to raise your temperature...

- I don't want to, Rachel.



Do you want me

to get in with you?



Let's go then.

Aidan. Come on, let's go.



That's it.



Come on, honey.

Let's go. Let's go.



That's it. That's it.



That's better, right?



See? It's nice and warm.



It's OK. Just relax.






Officer Ray. How you doing?



Yeah, good, good. All right,

what do you got for me?






Yeah, well, that all

sounds like page   .



You don't have any headlines?






Well, business is business.



Yeah. No, no, I'm good.

Real good.



Could you do me a little favour

while I've got you?



Could you look into

your accident reports



and see if there was an accident

with a woman and her son?



"K" for Keller.



No, no, I'm just trying

to get a story straight.






Ray, let me call you right back. OK.



Everything OK in there?



Aidan, could you,

unlock the door, please?



Aidan, can you hear me?



Aidan, please, unlock the door!



Aidan, open the door!



He's in the bath.

It was open a second ago.



- Aidan, open the door!

- I'll get something to break it.



Aidan, open up the door.

I'm right here.



Honey, can you hear me? Please.



You need to open up the door.



Oh, my God.



Please, honey, open the...



Look at me. Aidan, look at me.

Look at me.






Rachel, no!



Baby. Oh.



Oh, my God.

Baby, I'm sorry.



It wasn't him. It wasn't him.



I was just trying to help.



OK, Rachel, let's just

get him out of there.



Why is she doing this to me?



I'm here now, baby.



- Why is she doing this to me?

- It's OK, Aidan.



- We're gonna get you to a hospital.

- No!



They can't do anything.



You asked for help,

you're gonna get help.



He gets to a hospital. Now.



We're working to raise

his core temperature.



He was at    degrees

when he came in.



- He wasn't outside overnight?

- No. He was at home with me.



A body doesn't develop

severe hypothermia on its own.



Whatever the cause, he's fighting it.

Seems like he's stabilizing.



- And he's just sleeping now?

- Right.



And having some kind of dream.



What's the story, Rachel?



They stabilized his temperature.



I mean the story

with you and Aidan.



You seem awfully hard on him.



Look, I know

it's a stressful time for you.



Moving. It's a whole new life.



Maybe you should tell me.



All I ever tried to do for him

was the right thing,



and it only ever

made things worse.



Then it wasn't

the right thing, was it?



What do you see?



Well, it's Aidan.



- Is that a girl there?

- Why is she in the picture?



- Why? How would I know?

- Why is she in all of them?



Her name's Samara.



She was murdered by her mother.

Left to die at the bottom of a well.



- Wait, she's... she's who?

- She didn't die.



At least, not her ghost.

I kept it alive for Aidan.



I let it out,

it spread and then we ran.



- What are you talking about?

- I know this sounds crazy,



but she's here now.

She's found us.



And I thought it was

just to hurt Aidan,



but it's more than that.

She wants to be him.



And she wants to live

for real this time.



You tell me, who can help me?



- Who?

- I'm sure there's a rational...



You take his picture

and tell me why she's in it.



- Rachel.

- You take his picture.



It's proof that he's what?

He's got a ghost inside him?



No. The proof

is what will happen.






you said Samara

couldn't hear us when we sleep.



Well, you're sleeping now.



Tell me how to stop her, honey.



Tell me how to help you.



Just tell me,

I'll do anything, I swear.



- Aidan?

- Miss Keller?



Hello, I'm Dr Emma Temple.



I'm a consulting physician

at County Child Services.



Well, I was hoping to speak

with Aidan when he wakes up.



Is everything all right in here?



Yeah. It's fine. Thank you.



I was hoping

to speak with you as well.



It's Rachel, isn't it?

Yeah, about his situation.



Sorry, what kind

of doctor did you say you were again?



I'm a psychiatrist.



Yeah. I spoke with a Dr...



...Koji in Seattle. Aidan's doctor.



Look, if we could

maybe talk later.



Right. Dr Koji mentioned

that you dealt with some PPD



when Aidan was born.



Postpartum depression.



That was the first month.

That's all.



I understand. It's very common.



I mean, a lot of women have trouble

adapting to the stresses of motherhood.



What does this have to do with

what's going on with my son right now?



Have you been

under stress lately?



Have you ever found that you were...



...unable to experience love for Aidan?



- What?

- Have you hurt him,



however unintentionally?



Have you left him alone?

Abandoned him?



I'd like to be with my son,

please, if you don't mind.



Yeah, of course.



I'm sorry, Rachel.



Until we can talk further,



I cannot let you be alone with him.



I'm his mother.



There are bruises on his body.



He was hypothermic

and very near death.



That is not because of me.



He's gonna

be all right. He will.



But you need to leave.



Now, please.



You can't have him,




You're going back

to where you came from.



All I wanna know is what her

history was before the Morgans.



I'm sorry, but the

privacy laws still apply.



Well, was she really adopted?

Can you at least tell me that much?



- Was their story true?

- Samara Morgan was adopted, yes.



But you won't tell me from who?



- I'd lose my job if I did.

- Look, ma'am,



my son has a medical condition

that his doctors don't even understand.



This little girl

had the same condition.



Now, if I knew what caused that,

it could save his life.



All I can say is you

should speak to the Morgans.



They're dead.

They both killed themselves.



Look out. Early birds.



Marty Savide,

Stevens Northwest Realty.



- Hi.

- Come in.



I thought I put   .   on the ad.

For the open house.



- How'd you get around the gate?

- Well, I just...



Ah! Who cares? Come on.



Make me an offer

over asking and it's yours.



OK, then, don't mind me.



My first try with these things,

took off flying.



There we go.



What do you think?



A little colour will really

turn the place around.



It's got a wonderful history.



Working horse ranch.

How about that?



And there's even this cute little

tree house thing way up in the barn.



Is the place being

sold unfurnished or?



The previous owners

didn't leave anything behind?



Well, there were some things

that were left, after they...






We're storing all that

in the basement.



There's a basement?



Well, you betcha.

No extra charge.



Right this way.



If you don't mind,

I'm the welcome wagon.



Gotta open up the gate for everyone.



So please,

just make yourself at home.



Do you know what happened

to them? The previous owners?



I believe they bought

a condo in Phoenix.






Her mother.



I'll take it from here.



Hello, Aidan, I'm Dr Temple.



How are you feeling?






You know,

I'd really like to help you.



Can you tell me

how you're feeling?



Where's my mommy?



Well, she'll be here soon.

She's on her way.



I want Mommy.



Yeah, I know you do.



Your mommy

wants to be with you too.



So where is she?



She went home.



She didn't think that you

were gonna wake up so soon.



I wanna go home too.



Well, you will.



We just have to...

We just have to get you...



You're freezing.



I wanna go home to Mommy.



Well, we need to talk about her.



Can you tell me

about Mommy a little bit?



She loves me.



I know that she does.



She went looking for me.

She tried to find me.



It means she loves me.



I don't understand.



Can I go home now?



No, honey,

you're not well enough.



Can I go home?






I'm sorry.



Then I have

to show you something.



It won't stop.



I'm gonna walk you

just around the corner here.



Her name was Evelyn.



She came to us

eight months pregnant.



- Did she have her baby here?

- Yes.



And you arranged

for the adoption?



That's right.



- And the father?

- There was none.



Half the mothers

that come to us say that.



So, what did she think

got her pregnant?



Evelyn wasn't well.



She had been having problems

during the pregnancy:



Hallucinations, visions.



She believed some thing

had come for her baby



from the waters of the world

beyond this one.



I'm sorry. Did you say water?



Well, we all envision

the afterlife differently.



For Evelyn,

it's just what she believed.



As you might imagine, she suffered

severe postpartum depression.



She blamed her troubles

on her child.



So she tried to kill it.



All babies are a challenge.



But Samara, she never cried.






Except when her mother

would try to bathe her.



Then she'd scream like it

was the end of the world.



It was the screaming that woke us.



Evelyn, don't!






Evelyn, stop!



She was trying

to drown the baby.



The baby was taken from her,

of course.



Evelyn was institutionalized.



And all those pictures

she'd been collecting,



they finally made sense.



Did she say why she did it?



She felt she had to kill

her baby to save it.



I'm here to see a patient.

Her name's Evelyn.



- I don't know her last name.

- Evelyn?



That's right.



Evelyn's expecting you.



Every few years, one of you

comes to see Evelyn.



She's like a freakin'

patron saint or something.



Got a problem with your kid,

don't you?



Something wrong?



That song. I know it.



Yeah. They all do.



Hey, Evelyn.



You were right as rain.

You got a visitor today.



Hope she's some help

to your troubles.



Ten minutes.



My name's Rachel.



But you know that.



Some days I

sort of have a feeling.



A feeling?



This is about your child.






It's about yours.






They don't dream, you know.



The dead don't dream.



Look, something's happened

to my son.



- You have to sleep to dream.

- It has to do with your daughter.



And the dead never sleep.



They wait...



...and watch for a way back.



But they never sleep.



- That's why dreams are safe.

- I'm sorry, I just...



I don't have a lot of time.

Please, I need your help.



I have to know.

Can you tell me?



Why did you try

to kill your baby?






Because my baby told me to.



Just like yours will tell you.



And you have to do it.



- You have to send it back.

- What?



They stopped me.



- Don't let them stop you.

- What?



Listen to the voices.



What are you talking about?



Because it's our fault. We did it.



Yes. We did it. Yes.



It was you.

It was you! You did it!



What did I do?



Evelyn, that's enough.



I love my son.



Come on. It's all right.



I'm sorry, ma'am,

that's enough for today.



Let's go.



What did I do?



You let the dead get in.



Let's go.



What should I do?



Be a good mother.



Listen to your baby.






Shouldn't you be at the hospital?



No. I'm here

waiting for my mommy.






Well, you can't really leave

till the hospital says it's OK.



You were very, very sick.



You're all right now?



The cable setup at my house,



the TV needs to be

on channel three.



She loves me. 

She loves me not. 



- Thank you, Max.

- Sure.



She loves me!



Look, Mandy!



I think I'm gonna puke. 



Why don't you do something

productive with your life?



Say, Billy,

if you like fish so much... 



Your mom loves you, you know.



She loves you a lot.



You'd tell someone if you

weren't sure about that?



Like, if she'd been

hurting you somehow.



Did she ever treat you

like you're someone else?



I'm not somebody else.

I'm Aidan.



- I know.

- We don't need anyone else.



That's right.



We don't need you,

that doctor or anyone else.



What are you doing?



I was just gonna

take a picture of you.






- It'll be for your mom.

- No.



Why not? What's wrong

with taking your picture?



I'll tell you what's wrong

if you promise not to take it.



But that's only if you promise.



Fine. I promise.



So, Aidan, what's the story?



 We're happy when we're sad



 We're always feeling sad






- How are you?

- Terrible. 



 That's why we're happy

when we're sad 






Are you here?



- You're home!

- God.



What are you doing?

I thought you were at the hospital.



No. I'm here, Mommy.



- What did you say?

- I said I'm here.



Is Max here?






But his coat...



He went away.

You wanna watch some TV with me?



I just have to get

something from the car. OK?



I love you, Mommy.






Goldfish must have water

in order to exist. 



But goldfish hate cats. 



While on the other hand,

cats hate water. 



Are you sleeping, Rachel?



I am. She makes me sleep

all the time now.



Just keep sleeping, Rachel.



So she can't hear us.

It's the only way.



You have to show her, Rachel.



Show her she can't stay.



In you.



How? How do I do that?



Take me to where she's afraid of.



You know where she's afraid of.



Take me there...



...and kill me.

- Aidan, no.



Rachel, keep sleeping.



She won't stay if she knows

you'll kill me.



- It's the only way.

- I can't do it. I can't.



Then she stays.



She's heard us.






I thought you were sleeping,




I was, but I had a bad dream.



You must've had a nightmare.



It's all right.

We all have them.



Will you stay with me now?



- Stay?

- Stay for always.



Yeah. Yeah.




Let's watch some TV together.



It's kind of late, honey.



Don't you think

you should sleep?



I never sleep.



Then let Mommy

make you something.



Something wrong?

You seem sad.



No, honey, I'm not sad.



I'm just tired, that's all.



Well, now you have me

to protect you.



 You ain't the biggest catfish

in the deep blue sea 



Take me to where

she's afraid of.



You know where she's afraid of.



You have to show her, Rachel.



Show her she can't stay.



Listen to the voices.



You have to listen to the voices.



Be a good mother.

Be a good mother.



Listen to your baby.



I'm sorry.



I'm so sorry.



But you can't stay.



What are you doing? Rachel!



What are you doing?



It's me.



- It's not her, Rachel.

- I know, baby.



It's me.



I love you. Mommy, I love you.



I know, baby.



I love you too.



But you're not my son.









Breathe. Baby, breathe.



Please. I know it's you, honey.



Aidan, please.



I'm right here.



You're OK.



Everything's all right, honey.



You were sleeping.



You were just sleeping.






She wants me again.






Rachel, what are you doing?



All she wants is a mother.

That's all she wants.



And she'll keep coming

till she finds one.



Come on!

Come back!



Get away from her! Rachel!



Get away from her!



You can't have my son.



So take me.



Rachel! No!






Here I am, Samara.



Just like you wanted.



But you leave him alone!



You hear me?



Help me.



It's always open.



Her only way out

is always open.






- Mommy!

- I'm not your fucking mommy.



- Can you hear me?

- I can hear you.



I'm right here.



You're here.



- You're here, Rachel.

- Of course I'm here.



I followed your voice.



What happened?



It's over, honey.



She's not coming back.



How do you know, Rachel?



I know.



I promise.



I love you, Mommy.



Promise me something?



Yeah. Anything, Mom. Anything.



Just call me Rachel.



At least for a while.



Special help by SergeiK