The Ring Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Ring script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Gore Verbinski movie starring Naomi Watts and Daveigh Chase as Samara.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Ring. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Ring Script


I hate television.


Gives me headaches.


...makes your


color-treated hair...


You know, I heard there's


so many magnetic waves traveling
through the air because of TV and telephones,
that we're losing, like ten times as many brain cells
as we're supposed to. Like, all the molecules
in our heads are all unstable. All the companies know
about it but they're not
doing anything about it. It's, like, a big conspiracy. You can pick something. I don't care. Say hello to luscious,
full bod... You have any idea
how many electro-rays are traveling
through our head every second? I got a better one. Have you heard about
this videotape that kills you
when you watch it? What kind of tape? A tape, a regular tape. People rent it, I don't know. You start to play it and it's, like,
somebody's nightmare. Then suddenly,
this woman comes on smiling at you, right? Seeing you through the screen... and as soon as
it's over... your phone rings. Someone knows
you've watched it and what they say is... ''You will die
in seven days'' and exactly seven
days later... Who told you that? Somebody from Revere.
I don't... Who told you? What's your problem? I've watched it. It's a story, Katie. No, me and Josh,
we saw it last weekend. I thought you were
with your parents. I wanted to tell you. You were with
Josh all weekend? Some of his friends
got this-this place up in the mountains. They were trying
to record a football game. I guess the reception
was so bad... What are you talking about? Listen to me! When we played the tape,
the game wasn't there. It was... What? Wh-What was it? It was something else. We thought it was
some kind of sick joke... and then the phone rang. It was a week ago... one week ago tonight. You're just trying to scare me. Oh, my God, Katie! Are you okay? Katie... oh, my... You freak! You totally fell for it! No. So... did you guys,
you know, do anything? Like what? Oh, my God, you totally did! You ho! Tell me now! There really is a tape? This is so lame. Wait, don't! Embrey residence. Hello. Hi, Mom. Yeah, that was Becca. My mom says hi. She's glad you're here. Ask her where she keeps
the Vicodin. Yeah, we're about
to go to sleep. Okay. Yeah, I will. Okay! Okay, yeah, yeah, I will. No, I won't. Bye, Mom. Becca, quit being a bitch. Where's the remote? Becca, quit it! Becca, can you hear me? Don't tell me what to write! That asshole's screaming
for my attention and I'm not going
to give it to him. I am being objective! Listen, Harvey,
you punctilious prick you touch my column and I'm coming down there
and poking your eye out with that little red pencil
you like so much! Harvey? Shit! Hey... Hey. Sorry I'm late. No worries. I'll wait in the car. Have you got a moment,
Ms. Keller? Um, sure. Call me Rachel. Please, sit down. He certainly is
very independent, isn't he? Oh, yeah, he sure is. I never have to tell him
to do anything. Well, if that's a problem you'd be the first teacher
in history to say so. Ms. Keller... Rachel. I know that Aidan recently lost his cousin... Yes, and I'm doing what I can to find him some good
daycare. It's just... Oh, no,
that's not what I meant. By all means, take your time. I know they were very close,
Aidan and his cousin. Yeah. They spent a few
nights a week together. Did he talk to you
about her death? Well, like you said, he's
not the talkative type. That doesn't mean
he has nothing to say. He knows I'm there. Yes, I'm sure he does but he may be expressing himself
in... other ways. I'd like to show you something. That's his cousin. That's Katie. Ms. Keller...
I'm bothered by these drawings. Listen, I appreciate
your concern but my son lost his best
friend three nights ago. He's just trying
to deal with it. Yes, I understand,
but these pictures... Are Aidan's way
of working it out... of expressing himself,
like you said. He'll be okay. You say she died
three nights ago? Yeah, that's right. Aidan drew these last week. What? Nothing. Shall we read something? I'm kind of tired. Okay. Sweet dreams. We don't have enough time. Oh, honey,
I know I've been working a lot and I'm sorry but I promise you,
I'm going to make it up to you. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about
time before we die. You have lots of time. So, you know when I'm going
to die? No. No one does but I know you don't have
to worry about it. Katie knew. She told me. Katie told you she was going
to die? She said she didn't
have enough time. Good night, Rachel. Oh, shit! Aidan... Goddamn it! Honey?! Have you seen my black dress? Aidan? Have you seen my black... dress? It's a little wrinkled. It's fine. Yeah. Thank you. Kids don't have strokes... unless they're on drugs. So, then,
why the closed coffin? Oh, Ruthie. I'm so sorry. You all right, Dave? Yeah, I'm fine. How are you? He sleeps all day. He doesn't move. It's too much for him. It doesn't make
any sense, Rachel. I spent four hours
on the Internet and I couldn't find
one single case of a -year-old girl's
heart just stopping. I spoke to three different
doctors and not one of them could tell me exactly what
happened to my daughter. She was close... with you. And Aidan. But she confided in you. Yeah, but she never
said anything... nothing that would explain
what happened. But you could find out. It's what you do, isn't it-- ask questions? Rachel, please. I saw her face. I knew Becca. I mean, she was a little
intense, but she wasn't crazy. They don't put you in booties
and a straightjacket if you're just freaked out. Something scared the shit
out of her. Hi. So, who's
in the mental hospital? Becca... Katie's friend. Oh, right.
She was the one who was... There when it happened. So, what do you think
they were doing up there? Oh, thanks. I remember I was that age. Me and my girlfriend used to sneak up to my room, get high. Do you think maybe
she was into...? It's not about that. It's about the tape. Kellen, don't even. What tape? The one that kills you
when you watch it. Oh, please. What was on the tape? I haven't seen it, obviously. But Katie told you she saw this tape? Not Katie. I heard it from her boyf... You heard it from who? She was dating
this guy Josh. He goes to Revere. It was kind
of a secret. Kind of? Where is he-- Josh?
Is-Is he here? Josh is dead. What? What happened? Supposedly, he killed himself... the same night that Katie died. Aidan... what are
you doing in here? Come on. We shouldn't be in her room. It's not her room anymore. : p.m. : p.m. Time of death, Wade that's all I want to know. The name's Katie Embrey. Pull the report
and read the time. No, that's okay. I'll hold. ''Punctilious prick''? Nice alliteration, huh? You're fired. No, I'm not. Yes, you are. No, I'm not. I'm cooking too good a story. What is it? Yeah, I'm still here. Shh! Okay, so what's
the time of death? Hi. I was wondering... Pick a card, any card. Go ahead. Okay, put it back. Don't let me see it. That your card? No. Damn. I was wondering
if you'd remember someone from a week ago. Was there a problem? It's my niece. She sort of ran out on her parents. No. I have some photos here. That's her and her friends. I think they stayed
here a night or so. Yeah, they were in Cabin . They didn't pay. Had a number of complaints,
about the TV, mainly. Uh, reception's never good here. That's why we bought tape players for videos. Quite a selection. Mostly they're hand-me-downs left by other guests. Anyway, they didn't pay. And kids like that
sometimes don't. Miss? You know, I'm kind of tired. I'm thinking I might take a nap
before I drive back. I'll take Cabin . Hey. This is your card, right? That's it. Seven days. I'm going to school. Hold up. What do you think? Well, it's a pretty cool effect. What does this have to do
with the tape? Take my picture. Are you going to look at me at least? This the same camera? No. Scan the rest. So, what do you think? Well, look, I thought you said
this was about a tape. I'm thinking maybe
you shouldn't see it. No, I should know
more about it first. Well, isn't that why I'm here? So you can benefit
from my wisdom? Four kids are dead, Noah. Not from watching a videotape. Come on, show it to me. Roll credits. That was very student film. I'm sure it's a lot...
scarier at night. You going to get that? So, you been working a lot? I'm not tired, Noah. Okay. That tape didn't scare you? No, not really. Sorry. Four people are dead. Yeah, but like I said,
not from watching... Four people who watched it. Come on, we watched it. We're hanging. It... takes a week. Right. Yeah, I'm just
going to go downtown. I got to pick up some
cameras from this guy and then I got
to prep this thing that I may end up
doing next week. --Noah...
--Hmm? Would you say that I'm gullible? No. Easily rattled? Definitely not. I mean, you're a little highly strung maybe. And you ain't much
of a dresser. Who made it? Where'd it come from? All right. Make me a copy.
I'll see what I can do. Thanks. Yeah. You sure this is a copy? Yeah, why? The numbers are all screwed up. The same problem
got copied, I guess. That's impossible. The numbers of
the control track they put on the tape
whenever it's recorded which means theoretically,
there shouldn't be any images. Hey, Noah, can you pretend
for one minute that I don't read
Video Geek Magazine? Okay, when you record a tape the makeup of the tracks
is like a signature for whatever did the recording like a camcorder,
VCR, whatever. So the control track could
tell us where it came from. But to not have one... I mean, that's like being born
without fingerprints. Then, how did this get recorded? I don't know. But I'm going to find out. All right, take a look. You should be able
to see the camera here in the reflection. The angle's straight
on, but you don't. Hmm. What's that? It looks like she's walking away whoever she is. No, I mean up there at the top. Oh, no, that's
just the tracking. I can fix that. Whup, sorry. Wait, go back. There's something there. Yeah, you're right. --There's more picture.
--Hold on. I'm going to stretch
the alignment. Yeah, it's working. Yeah, it won't go any further. Okay, keep going. No, no, no, no, let me do it. Wait, it won't go any further. It won't go any further!
Get... --Let me do it.
--Shit! Oh... Hey, Noah I picked up the cameras. They're in really good shape. Did you see the reprints I did of that Guatemala stuff? 'Cause they came out kind of... overexposed. You working? This is a friend, Rachel Keller. She writes for the ''P.I.'' Rachel, this is Beth,
my assistant. Well, I prefer
''partner in crime.'' She's a journalism student
at Kirkland, actually. Well, I'll stay
out of your way. I'm not even here. Rachel is researching a story.
It's this video hoax. It's sort of interesting.
So you know video. Why don't you come take a look
at this thing with the tracking. You know, I'm late. I really should go. Yeah, but why are you taking...? I got to go. It's good to meet you. So you're taking the tape? I don't want her to see it. Whoa. You don't
want her to see it? What about me
seeing it? You had no problem
showing it to me. I did have a problem. You're angry. I'm not angry. Oh, no? What
are you then? In a hurry. Look, I'm sorry, but I'm
not going to get all worked up over some high school rumor. What are you thinking? I'm thinking this is
the part where I say ''You're a flake,
never finishes anything.'' Then you say
I'm ''an obsessive bitch. Needs to lighten up.'' Then I storm out all pissed off, kicking myself
for ever thinking that you could just... grow up. So, why don't we just
cut to that part right now and save ourselves
a lot of grief? All right. Bye. Watch out, missy. Bad luck.
You don't need that. Becca? Becca. We're almost there. Summer, actually. So circle gets that square. We take a break,
while you check this out. This is how you can be part... Do you remember anything about that night... that night with Katie? Do you remember... how she died? Becca? She told you about a videotape,
didn't she? She was afraid, wasn't she? Something was happening to her. Becca... how did she die? Please. I need to know. And you will. She'll show you. Who? Who will show me? Not now. Four days. Yeah, well, your home VCRs will give you a tracking window but they won't
let you stretch it. There's no point, really, unless
you're talking restoration. Archives will come in here with these crummy old tapes
sometimes. Tracks totally shot--
servos can't line them up. But the big box here's
a warhorse. Totally analog. She'll read to the very edge
of your tape. Just don't force her or
she'll get pissy with you. Your tracking, your monitor,
your printer, if you need it. So, uh... what are we watching,
home movies or something? I'd really
rather watch it alone. Really. Whatever. Come on... Come on. Lighthouse. Shit. Hello? Somebody? Damn. Something you needed help with? Hey, you... you got a... ya... Well, that seems to be
the lot of it. Thank you. ''Moesko Island.'' ''Anna Morgan.'' Oh, my God. ''Mysterious Sickness
Strikes Morgan Ranch Horses. ''Investigators
search for answers after second horse drowning.'' ''Anna Morgan.'' ''Horses Recovering
After Breeder's Suicide.'' ''...suffered from
hallucinations.'' ''Eola... County Psychiatric.'' What happened to you, Anna? Pack of Double Lights.
Thanks, Lani. $ . . You're gonna die. My cousin was two packs a day. Used the patch...
never looked back. All right, well,
I'll keep that in mind. Have a nice day. You, too. Hi. Sorry I'm late. Uh... mmm... no. No problem. Everything okay? Oh, yeah. He was an angel. I-I... went in to tell him
that it was bedtime and he was already
under the covers. And then he read me
a bedtime story. Um... he learned the word ''conundrum.'' Really? Yeah. And then...
he drew my picture. Well, here you go. Thanks. Sure. Hey, Ruthie, it's me. I'm sorry to call so late,
but I need a favor. I have to go upstate
to do this story and I need you
to watch Aidan for me. Oh, Rachel, I don't know. How long will you be gone? It's just for two days,
I promise. This isn't the best time for me. Rachel? Rachel, are you there? Hold on a sec...
Sorry. Rachel? Is this about Katie? Ruthie... Aidan? No! Why, baby, why? Why?! I couldn't sleep. Who is she, Rachel? Leave him alone! Rachel? Noah... L-Listen to me. R-Rachel... I need to talk to you, okay? I... I believe you. Rachel, you there? He... He watched the tape. Who? Who watched it? Our son. You took my picture. I've seen you. When I'm in the yard at school. You're there. You wish I was around more? No. Do you want to be around more? Rachel and I were... Young. Mom's told me that story. The thing is, I... I don't think
I'd make a good father. Maybe it was because
my own was... such a... disappointment. Thing is, I don't want
anyone else to do it, either. Be your father. It's a conundrum. Yeah, it is. Time to go, mister. I'm not finished. Noah said to make one for you. You could almost draw a line through her life. On one side,
there's this happy woman who spends her time with her
husband, riding horses everything sheltered,
protected and comfortable. Her face, there's... light,
there's pride. And then, one day,
something happens and she takes
this hard corner and the light... goes out and then she ends up
at Eola County Psychiatric all alone. What happened to her?. l don't know yet but l think it has something
to do with the horses. lt think we should go
to the island together. lt's Tuesday, Noah. l only have one day left. l need you to go to the
hospital and find out as much
as you can about Anna. The images on the tape
are leading us somewhere. Katie saw them all, too. I think... before you die you see the ring. Shit! Hey, Rach! Wait! A daughter? Hey, you. Ooh. It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. Yeah. Easy, boy. That's it. Hey, boy. I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay. Calm down. Somebody! Jesus Christ! Somebody help! Daddy, my horse! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! He's going out! Over here! Whoa! Whoa! Easy! Come on. No, down! No! I need to see the records for a patient named Anna Morgan. Are you a relative? Well, no. I'm sorry, sir. We're a mental health facility. Our records are private. Well, she's been dead years. I don't think she'll mind. I'm sorry. It's impossible. Look... I've seen them before. I've been up there. Nice try. The record rooms
are downstairs, guy. You win. Jerk off! Are you in here, Anna? Hello? Excuse me, Mr. Morgan. I was wondering if you'd have
a moment to speak with me. My name's Rachel Keller. I'm a writer with
the ''Seattle P.I.'' You want to know
about the horses. I didn't mean to... It's just I wasn't able to
find a number to reach you. Every now and then,
a writer comes along... heard about what happened. What's left to write about,
though, I don't know. I was hoping you had
just a few minutes. Well, work never ends
around here, really... but I guess I got a few. So, what is it
you're writing, miss? About horses in general or just those that go strange? I read you had
to put so many down. Most put themselves down. They drowned. How'd they get out? They just broke through the fences
and ran to the shore. So, they went crazy? It would seem so, yes... or maybe they just sense things
before we do. So, where are your horses now? I don't breed anymore. I guess you wouldn't... not after what happened. That must've been hard...
on both of you... you and your wife. I'm sorry, miss,
what's your name again? Rachel. Well, Rachel... you want to tell me what's
really on your mind? Do you know what this is? I think it's a message... from your wife. Anna's on this tape. She's right there in that room. You can see the lighthouse,
the horses... Where'd you get that? Shelter Mountain Inn. Is that the only one? I made a copy. I've got a lot of work
to do today... a lot of acres out there. Minute I think I'm done
with one thing... ...another thing needs fixing. You don't want to see this tape? You're not even curious? Curious? No. I don't think so. Mr. Morgan... I can't help you. Where's your daughter? Maybe she couId help... I don't have a daughter. Excuse me? What is it with reporters? You take one person's tragedy and force the world
to experience it... spread it like sickness. Mr. Morgan... Tell me, miss... what is it you think you know? Then leave it alone. Anna. ''Anna Morgan's... ...Hallucinations''? What's wrong with you? ''' conceived.'' ''' miscarriage.'' ''' conceived.'' ''' miscarriage.'' Christ, she wouldn't give up. ''Sessions terminated...
at father's request. See Video Record S-M- - - .'' Aidan? Aidan, it's your mom. Hi, Mom. Honey, the house you drew
for me... Uh-huh? ...where did you see it? Did you see it in your head? Is that why you drew it? In my head? Aidan... why did you draw
that house? Because she told me to. Who? Who told you to? The little girl. She talks to you? No. She shows me things. Did she show you the horses? She doesn't like it in the barn. The horses keep her up at night. So, she still lives there? No. She lives in a dark place now. You're getting a little old to be crabbing out there, Cal. Your body's about outlived
its warranty, you know. You ain't exactly
the catch of the day. Oh... let's see you
catch one better! Yeah... Good afternoon. I'm Dr. Grasnik. I think he was here before me. Darby? Darby's always here. Aren't you, Darby? He's my son's boy. Come over on the ferry, did you? Yes. Um... have you lived here long? Born and raised. Only doctor on the island. Then you know the Morgans
and their daughter. Do you know
their daughter? Do you know their daughter? What's this about? Look, I'm sorry. I-I don't know how to say this but I'm seeing things
in my head-- images-- and so is my son. My son, that...
that's why I'm here and somehow,
I don't know how, but... it's because of that girl. Haven't heard anybody say that
in a long time. She wanted a child
more than anything. Poor Anna. They tried hard for years but sometimes
it's just not meant to be. Then one winter, they went away. When they came back it was with Samara. Adopted, they said. Never did say from where. Said the mother had died
of complications. But they had their baby,
they had their horses-- everything was fine... till Anna started coming
to see me. Said she was
suffering visions... seeing things... horrible things... like they'd been burned
inside her... and it only happened around Samara... that the girl put them there. Were you Samara's
doctor, too? Was there anything wrong
with her? You mean medically? I mean whatever you mean. When Darby, there, was born... we knew something wasn't right
with him... but we loved him anyway. Takes work, you know. Some people have limits. So, what happened to her? I referred them
to Eola Psychiatric on the mainland. I assume she's still there. You don't know? How can you not know? We've been through... a lot of hard years out here... mean winters... small hauls, no fish... and that was long
before the horses. See, when you live on an island you catch a cold,
it's everybody's cold. No offense, ma'am but what the hell
does that mean? It means ever since
that girl's been gone things have been better. . Man, we're really going
back in time, here. Yeah, the lady at reception said
it should still be here. Should be. You say you're
the patient's father, right? Yep. Richard Morgan, that's me. What is your secret? Diet and exercise, man. No shit! Yeah, that's all it takes. You know, I'm
not an idiot. You try and walk out
of here with my file and I'll be on you
like white on rice. You understand? No, man. I just want to watch it. I'm responsible
for every file tape in here. I have a system...
and I don't want anyone disarranging it. I'd never... disarrange... Long as we understand
each other. Okay, now I'm mad. Does it say who was
the last person to watch it? Yeah. It was you. Come on, come on! The mobile unit you've called is not responding
or is outside the coverage area. You piece of shit! Come on, Rachel. Hello? Mr. Morgan? Mr. Morgan? This is SM Samara Morgan, hour . Good. Very good. So, what is it
that's keeping you awake? You must sleep sometime. Do you dream about something? Samara? Let's talk about the pictures. How did you make them? Samara? How did you make these pictures? I don't... make them. I see them... and then... they just... are. Samara... I need you to start
telling me the truth, okay? Can I see my mommy? No, Samara. Not until we understand
what's wrong with you. I love my mommy. Yes, you do. But you don't want to hurt her
anymore, now, do you? You don't want to hurt anyone. But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Well, that's why you're here. So that I can help you
to make it stop. He's going to leave me here. Who? Daddy. They just want to help you. Not Daddy. Your daddy loves you. Daddy loves the horses. He wants me to go away. No, he doesn't. But he doesn't know... He doesn't know what? Samara? She's never gonna whisper
in my fucking ear ever again! What did you do to her? She was your daughter! You killed Samara,
didn't you? You killed her,
and when your wife-- My wife was not supposed
to have a child! Mr. Morgan... What are you doing? The whispers... you could
hear them all the time. At night. In your sleep. Even the damn horses. Mr. Morgan, come out of there. And those pictures. Oh, Good Christ. The things she'd show you. She's still showing them. And she'll never stop. You coming here proves that. Where is she? Please. I have to stop her. If I don't, my son will die! Oh, yes. He will. She never sleeps. Wait. No... No! No! No! Rachel! Shh! Shh! It's all right! Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It's okay. It's okay. You're okay. Shh, shh, shh! You're okay. You're okay. You okay? Oh, Jesus. She doesn't like the barn. The horses keep her up
at night. She doesn't like the barn. What? The horses keep her awake. Samara... He kept her here. Her mother was going crazy. Morgan blamed the child. So he kept her here. Alone. Not alone. Rachel... There's something under here. It looks like
it's etched into the wood. Or burned. I've seen this tree before. Yeah, it was on the tape. No. I've been there. Shelter Mountain. The sun came through the leaves, lit them up like it was on fire. Right at sunset. Right when I watched the tape. That was a week ago. We're back to where
we started from. Something led us here. The tree,
the drawing on the wall-- It doesn't matter. We're too late. You have to help him. What are you talking about? Aidan. It's up to you now. Just use the time you have
and figure something out. We'll figure this out
together, right now! It's too late, Noah! Stop it, okay? There's a reason
that we're here! -What?!
-I don't know, okay? There's something in this room! I mean, it's in this phone! It's in this television! Come on! Tell us now, why don't you?! Noah... look. Aw, Jesus. How far down
do you think it goes? I can't see anything. We should drop something. Do you think
she's down there? Shh... Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! I'm here! I'm all right! I think. I'll go find something
to get you out! Hurry! Noah? Noah? Noah! Oh! Here we go The world is spinning When it stops,
it's just beginning. Isn't it beautiful here, Samara? So peaceful. I know things will get better. All I ever wanted was you. She was still alive. Where did you go? It's okay now. It's okay. Rachel! Rachel, the sun's set! The sun has set! It's past sunset. Do you hear me? It's past sunset! Rachel? Rachel? Rachel, are you there? I'm here. They're going to bury her
next week. It's over. You okay? She wanted that child
more than anything in the world. How could she have done that? She just wanted to be heard. Sometimes children... yell or cry or draw pictures. I want to go home. I can't imagine being stuck
down a well all alone like that. How long could you survive? Seven days. You could survive
for seven days. Come on. Hey. Why don't you just
call me sometime? Unless you're renting a movie. Call me tomorrow... ...and the day after that. Rachel? Hmm? What time is it? It's either really late
or really early... depending on how you look at it. Don't you have to be at work? Not today. What happened to the girl? Samara? Is that her name? Mm-hmm. Is she still in the dark place? No. We set her free. You helped her? Yeah. Why did you do that? What's wrong, honey? You weren't supposed
to help her. It's okay now. She's not going to hurt you. She... Don't you understand, Rachel? She never sleeps. Pick up the phone, Noah. Come on, pick up. Come on, Noah! Pick up the goddamn phone! Come on! Go to your room! Now! What do you want? What do you want?! What do you want from me? Why not me? What did I do that he didn't? She just wanted to be heard. He wants me to go away. My wife was not supposed
to have a child! All I ever wanted was you. Don't you understand, Rachel? But he doesn't know. She never sleeps. You take one person's tragedy and force the world
to experience it. You spread it like sickness. You don't want to hurt anyone. But I do. And I'm sorry. It won't stop. I made a copy. Push it in. ''Play.'' Push. It's going to keep killing,
isn't it? She'll never stop. Don't worry, sweetie. You're going to be okay. What about the person
we show it to? What happens to them?
Special help by SergeiK