Rising Sun Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rising Sun script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rising Sun. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rising Sun Script



(crows cawing)



(bell tolls)



Give me land, lots of land

under starry skies above...



Let me be by myself in the evening breeze



Listen to the murmur

of the cottonwood trees



Send me off forever



But I ask you please



Don't fence me in



Just turn me loose



Let me straddle my own saddle



Underneath the western skies






On my cayuse



Let me wander over yonder



Till I see the mountains rise






I want to ride to the ridge

where the West commences



Gaze at the moon until I lose my senses



Can't look at hobbles

and I can't stand fences



Don't fence me in



Just turn me loose



Let me straddle my own saddle



Underneath the western skies















Come back here.









I hate that when you do that!



I was bored to death.



Well, lwas having fun.



Well, good for you.



- Get in!

- No, I'm grabbing a cab.



Get in!



Stop it!



Leave me alone, Eddie.



Don't evertry that again...



..or else!



Or else what?



(Eddie speaks Japanese)



(man replies)



(engine starts)






Mr Yoshida says,

"We regret we can go no further."



"This is our final proposal."



"Your company will benefit greatly

from this new relationship."



"Now you must decide the fate of MicroCon."



(man whispers) We should close at this price.



Let's see if we can hold out

till Congress votes.



We can't pull back just now.



Deal's too far gone.



We can't pull back just now.

Deal's too far gone.



- (on monitor) They'll suspect if we stall.

- They'll suspect if we stall.



Listen, I'm the last guy

who wants to screwthis up.



Deal's too good,

but we have to have some strategy.



That's what I'm saying.



They're going to stall.



Hey, guys.



- How's it going?

- Good.



If there's anything you don't understand...



Oh, no. We're uh...



- We're fine.

- Great. That's good to hear.



You're gonna be part of a great team.



(whispers) Once these guys draw

a line in the sand, that's pretty much it.



You want that research and development

money, don'tyou?



Nakamoto Group can do a lot for you.



- Yeah, right.

- Great.



That guy is an asshole.



That guy is an asshole.



The deal will put vital elements of our

military weaponry under Japanese control.



Come on, Senator Morton.

That's really a scare tactic.



During the Gulf War, the Japanese suggested

they could deny us that weaponry. In fact...



- You're oversimplifying a complex issue.

- No...



He's trying to say America is looking for

a new enemy nowthe Cold War is over.



Talk about simplifying!




You're doing the simplifying, Senator.



(discussion continues on TV)



Hold on.



Let's let... Eleanor, let the Senator in, please.



I came here to Los Angeles because...



Before we hear that, I couldn't detect

exactly how you're going to vote.



- You know, they warned me aboutyou.

- Well, they should!



They should!



- How are you going to vote?

- Against the sale of MicroCon.



Thank youfor saying that flat out.



Let me ask you guys on this side.



You sometimes make it sound as if

Japan's prosperity is badfor America.



Is that whatyou mean?



The real issue is that this technology

is paidfor by American taxpayers...



(TV discussion continues)



(TV) This discussion is degenerating

into the kind of argument we don't need.



This is already a very tense situation.



There will soon be a vote

in Congress and we will decide...



..whether the MicroCon sale goes through.






I don't getyou, Eddie.



So what?



Oh, ladies, one thing.



Do remember that the custom here

is bow when you're bowed to.



Oh, wow!

They really rolled out the red carpet.



- What floor are we going to?

-   th.



- After you, Greg.

- Thank you, Rick.



Yokasai lrasshaimase.



(both) Bow when you're bowed to.



- Oh, wow! Look at this. Everybody's here.

- This is amazing!



There's Barry Hirsch. The Mayor.



- We're in the fast lane now.

- Oh, we sure are.



- Look, here's Yoshida-san and the boys.

- Get ready to bow.






(drummer yells)



(drumming continues)



- Taiko drums!

- Huh?



Taiko drums. Long ago

they were used to drive away evil spirits.



(woman) Come here.



No, here.



(drumming continues)









Yes... (moans)



Yes... More...



Ah, yes...



- (phone rings)

- Yo, what's up?



Web. Tom Graham. You're on the chart

tonight, Special Services liaison.



- Yeah, yeah.

- Better get over here.



The new Nakamoto building.      Figueroa.



- I can't believe they're pulling this shit.

- What stuff?



Demanding to see

the fuckin' Special Services liaison.



They say the police can't proceed

until you get here.



(man) And what time

was that phone callfrom Lieutenant Graham?



(Web) What time?



Yes. What time was it?



 .  pm.



February  th.



Four nights ago?



Was that a yes, Lieutenant Smith?



Yeah. It's a yeah.



Lieutenant Smith,

we appreciate your cooperation.



You waived your right

to be represented here by an attorney.



So... Lieutenant Graham called for

the Special Services liaison.



(Web) He said he had a homicide.



Yeah, a homicide. Apparent    .



Caucasian female, I'd say   .



Lying flat on her back on the boardroom table

like a piece of sushi.



Quite a sight. Better get down here.



(car horn)



(tape) Hello. I'm a police offięcer.

Can I be of assistance?



Konnichiwa. Watashi wa keisatsu kan desu.



Konnichiwa. Watashi wa keisatsu kan desu.



May I see your passport?

Pasuporto misete kudosai.



Pasuporto, misha shugas...

mish shuga...nasai.



(phone rings)



- What's up?

- This is Watch Commander Hoffman.



Yes, sir.



You're on your way to Nakamoto Towers.

I wantyou to pick someone up.



- Certainly, sir.

- A guy named Connor.



- Connor?

- Yeah, John Connor.



But I thought... he was long gone.



No, he's very much alive.

They put in a request for him.



- They? Who's they?

- You go. I'll phone him.



- He lives by Little Tokyo.     Rose Street.

- Yes, sir.



    Rose Street.






(Web) Connor?



(man) And you did not know

Captain Connor prior to this night?



(Web) No, I did not.



- I'd only heard about him.

- (man # ) What had you heard?



I heard that he had long ago

put himself on indefięnite leave.



That he had lived in Japan.

Some people thought they got to him.



Some people said that...



(man # ) Said what?



The man couldn't be trusted.



You're late.



Yeah, sorry.



- The directions were...

- No.



Be on time.



(woman coughs)






Is it normal procedure nowfor the Japanese

to demand a liaison officer?



No. It's usually an assignment.



What time were you called?



Lieutenant Graham called at nine.

Hoffman called in the car.



You were called twice?






I wish I'd known that sooner.




Have you negotiated with the Japanese?






Mm. Perhaps I can suggest the strategy.



Well, this is hardly a negotiation.



Oh? What is it, then?



What is it?



It's a homicide.



When we arrive,

you take charge of the negotiations.



Don't introduce me or refer to me.



Don't even look in my direction.



Keep your jacket buttoned at all times.

If they bow, you bow back.



Believe it or not, I have done this before.



You know, I do knowthese things.



Do keep your hands atyour sides.



The Japanese find

big arm movements threatening.



Keep your voice calm and even.



You'll probably find them irritating tonight.



But whatever happens,

don't lose your temper.



I don't lose my temper.



That's good to know.



When you start to get into trouble...



I won't get into trouble.



When you start to get into trouble,...



..l will say, "Perhaps I can be of assistance?"



From then on, I do the talking.



You stand behind me.

And don't appear distracted.



We may come from a fragmented,

MTV, rap-video culture, but they do not.



Every aspect of your appearance

and behaviour will reflect on you,...



..the Department, and me as your sempai.



- My sempai?

- Mm.



That wouldn't be massa, would it?



No. The sempaiis the senior man

who guides the junior man, the kohai.



In Japan, the sempai-kohai relationship

is presumed to exist...



..when the younger man and the older man

work together.



Hopefully, they will presume that of us.



So what does it mean

that I was called twice?



It means they're ahead of us.



For all they know,

I could have been five minutes away.



They know who was on call tonight,

how long it would take you to get here.



They know all aboutyou.



- All about me?

- Mm.



- It took you long enough.

- Tom.



What the fuck's he doing here?



Fred Hoffman told me to bring him.



The guy is trouble. Watch out.



The Department put him on leave

because he's too close to Japan.



- He's not a team player.

- Where is everybody?



They made us put our cars around back.



They keep saying

nothing must disrupt the grand opening.



Finding that blonde piece of sushi

drove them nuts.



Don't want their guests or the press to know.



Step aside, pal.



- You come down already.

- Yeah?



Well, now I go back up.



Maybe come down, go up    times more. OK?



We're still the fuckin' police

in our own country.



(Graham) Built this building in six months.



Prefab units from Japan, slapped 'em

together here. Not one American worker.



City gave 'em an eight-year break

on property taxes.



Shit! We're giving this country away.



Nobody forced us to do it.



(announcement in Japanese)






If an elevator's gonna talk, it should

speak in American. What did it say?



We're arriving at the   th floor.



No, no. Wait a second.



The Japanese provide jobs here,

but US companies are moving jobs offshore.



Ground floor, please.



- They must...

- Going up, Senator.



- No, no. I wish to go down.

- Get the next one, Senator.



Come on.



(Senator) No, no, no. You don't understand!



Senator Morton.



Real nice to find him partying here,...



..considering he's on the committee

which sets all import regulations.






Coming through!



I have your liaison for you.



Konbanwa. Hajimemashite.






Watashi wa Sumisu desu. Dozo.



Watashi wa lshihara desu. Dozo.



Is this your home phone, Detective?



Yes. Right there at the bottom.



Detective, let's dispense with the formalities.



We'd like to cooperate,

but you can't start without a warrant.



- Bullshit. We don't need one.

- We can get one in    minutes.



- But we do have a reported homicide here.

- More likely a drug overdose.



We can't knowthat until we investigate.






But I'm concerned about the attempt

to linkthis death to our reception downstairs.



I don't know, sir.

Looks like she's wearing a party dress.



She is, I agree.



Lieutenant, you have to appreciate

the position of the Nakamoto Corporation.



- Sir, l...

- This is an important evening for us.



A very public evening.



We don't want it marred by the death

of a woman of no importance.



- Of no importance?

- You have some nerve!



- I can't imagine how she came to be in here.

- You have some nerve!



Your Lieutenant Graham intends

to interrogate everybody,...



..the Mayor, the Senators, and Congressmen.



Graham said that?



Oh, Christ! What is this?



Do you mind turning around?



- Who is he?

- Mr Tanaka works for Nakamoto Security.



- Get him outta here!

- We have authorised him to be here.



I'm authorising him out!

He's contaminating the area. And get his film!



- We must undertake our own private inquiry.

- I'll getyou a warrant and a restraining order!



Do that! Be my guest!



Excuse me.

Perhaps uh... I can be of assistance.



Hajimemashite. John Connor desu.






John Connor-san.



Watashi wa lshihara.



Ishihara-san, I'm sure none of your guests

are involved in this unfortunate incident.



They are free to go as they wish.






I am grateful for your assistance.



But before they leave, give me

the names of those gentlemen, please.



I'm sorry.



The names of those gentlemen.



May I ask why?






- Ritchie! Mugshots! All of them!

- (lshihara) You cannot do this!






No! You are to blame here!



You will assist my detectives!



And I want to know who discovered the body!






And don'tyou fuck with me!



But of course,... Captain.



(Graham) Yeah, don't fuck with us.



Mount up, boys. Let's get it done

before she starts to smell.



- Isn't it bad form to lose your temper?

- It is. But I had to, to assist lshihara.



Assist lshihara?



Now why would you wanna do that?



He wasn't the most important man

in the room.



- Oh, he wasn't?

- No. It was the older man.



His juyaku, his superior.



But I wanted to get the investigation going

so I played the out-of-control gaijin.



So lshihara wouldn't lose face.



So now, lshihara owes me a favour.



Deep, isn't it?






Whoa, whoa, whoa!



The executive fuck chamber.



Oh, man, I like this! I like this!



That's nice. That's nice.



These guys sure know howto do business.



Hold that.



Her nostrils look like

a margarita glass rim.



- Think she OD'd on coke?

- I don't think so.



We'll get lab values on all fluids.

Some seminal fluid down here.



External genitals are pretty raw.



It looks like forced intercourse,

but I'm not sure she was murdered.



Not sure she was murdered?

Come on, you gotta be kidding me.



The make-up on the neck

covers signs of prior throat injuries.



That suggests a pattern

of repeated cervical trauma.



Could be a case of sexual asphyxia.



She's a gasper.



Which is what?



Individuals sexually aroused by

the hypoxia of near-strangulation.



They asktheir partners to strangle them

or suffocate them during sex.



It's easy to make a mistake and go too far.




This looks like death from inhibition to me.



- Instantaneous physiological death.

- Meaning what?



The person just... dies.



Happens with neck or chest injuries.



Had a kid got hit with a baseball.

Fell down dead in the schoolyard.



Yeah. Maybe she got hit with a baseball.



Odds are she was strangled.



But since having sex isn't a felony,

it wouldn't be murder.



Anyway, file in the back of your mind

that maybe she just popped off.



Cheryl Lynn Austin. Age   .

This says she has a Westwood address,...



..but she hasn't changed

her Kentucky licence yet.



Japanese cigarettes and credit cards.



Nice tight roll of $    bills.

Miss Austin's well taken care of.



These little guys eat shit in Tokyo.



Crammed into subways,

working for big companies.



They come here and they're rich and free.



They all want to fuck a Rose Bowl queen.



And then kill the Rose Bowl queen

on the Nakamoto boardroom table?



Call the police and create a scandal?



Is thatyour theory?



- My theory?

- Mm.



My theory is that these guys

are known perversion freaks.



I got a nose for these things.



I'm sure.



(Graham) Hey, Spider-san.



Tell your pal they got a contest.



Whoever kisses the most asses

wins a Toyota.



Hey, Graham! Want some sushi?



Nah. If I get a craving for mercury,

I'll eat a thermometer.



In Japan, criminals expect to be caught.



Convictions run about   %%.



Here, it's closer to   %%.



They think we're stupid.



They think we're corrupt.



And they're not often wrong.



(announcement in Japanese)






What the hell are you doing?



(PA) Good evening, offięcers. Can I help you?



Yes, you can. Where are you located?



- Lobby level. Across from the elevators.

- Thank you.



(Web) How long

have you been on duty tonight?



About half an hour.



Mr Tanaka was here when I got here.



Mr Tanaka? Who's Mr Tanaka?



He's the head of security.



Mr Phillips, the   th floor, the cameras?



I know in Japan

they like to observe their workers...



..to help them improve their efficiency.



I saw at least four up there. Why so many?



You didn't hear this from me.



I guarantee we didn't hear it from you.



Maybe they put in a couple of new cameras

to observe those negotiations.



What negotiations were those?



The ones that go on up there during the day...



..with a company called MicroCon.



MicroCon. The computer chip company?



There's a vote coming up

in Congress on that deal.



Put up the   th floor.



(Connor) Can the camera get in closer?



- You have to use the gizmo.

- The gizmo? Show me.



You, uh, use the gizmo... to zoom in.



This is all next-generation. There is

nothing like this in this country... yet.



You record by disk?



Record? What do you mean, record?



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



The disks are all backthere.



It's all there on next-generation laser disk.



I'd like to see tonight's disk for the   th floor.






You'd have to talk with my supervisor.

You got a warrant?



(Connor) These disks record for    hours.



Why does the one on the   th floor

only showtwo hours?



Excuse me?



The original disk isn't even here,

anyway, is it?



Because it's been replaced.






I wouldn't know about that.



That's Mr Tanaka's department.



Someone at this very moment is watching us.



Under the circumstances,

you've been more than helpful.



I'd like to tell you officers something.



This is a good job.



Around here, if something doesn't work,

I got a problem,...



..l tell somebody, they fix it!



It's not like when I was working

at GM out there in Van Nuys.



- This is different here.

- You're part of a team.



What, a team? What are they doing for you?



They spotting for you?

Sending you in plays, huh?



Maybe they got instant replay...



Hey, brother, come on!

These people have been good to me.



Kohai, I'm gonna call in a favour.

Stay here with Mr Phillips.



Come on, kohai.



- Lieutenant Smith.

- Oh.



Don't fuck with these guys.



Hey, the honeys are out tonight.



Oh, here's a nice one. Let's use the gizmo.



Oh, yeah, she's nice.



Not so nice.



She's my ex-wife.



Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know.



Don't be. She's a lawyer.



It must be nice to fuck a lawyer...



..instead of always being fucked by one.



(Phillips) I've seen your friend

around here quite a bit.



- Really?

- Yeah.



Real friendly with Mr Yoshida there.



And who's Mr Yoshida?



Mr Yoshida's the man!



(Phillips) Let's listen in.



(Japanese on monitor)



I know nothing of this.



Any recordings we have

are yours to examine.



I will look into it immediately.



What does that mean?



Massa wants me to get the car.



Senator Morton, you said

if the sale of MicroCon is approved,...



..they will control the market

and use the technology...



..to compete against our own companies.



You knowthat there is a time and a place

for business,...



..and tonight I just want to say

that our hosts threw one heck of a gala.



But, Senator, you've said,

"Look what happened to our TV industry."



- Is there such a thing as off-duty?

- Let's wrap it up.



Hey, you! Quit loafing!



Get the Senator's car! We're waiting.



No! You get the Senator's car.



Wrong guy. Wrong fuckin' century.



Penguin-lookin' motherfucker!






Let me smackthis asshole.



(laughs) Captain Connor!

Remember me? Bob Richmond.



Myers, Lawson and Richmond.



I understand my Nakamoto guys

got a little frazzled tonight.



If I can be of any help to you,...



..l'm available.



That's comforting.






I knew him when he was a government

trade negotiator dealing with the Japanese.



Now he's working for them.



Like I said,... asshole.



Help you?



Cheryl Lynn Austin.



- She not in.

- Yeah, I know.






- Room two.

- (Web) Arigato.



The doorman's Yakuza.



I noticed his tattoo. I didn't know

there were so many Yakuza in America.



This isn'tAmerica.

This is that shadow world.



They have bars, clubs and... bettaku.



Bettaku. Love residence

where mistresses are kept.



- This is one, huh?

- Correct.



Here we are.



What time did it start raining tonight?



After nine.



(Web) Someone was here after nine.






Look at this.



(Connor) She's with Eddie.



You know him?



Mm. Eddie Sakamura.



What's this?



Girlfriend was into some different shit.









What is with this guy? There's a lot

of pictures of her with your friend Sakamutu.



- Sakamura.

- Whatever.



Somebody's taken photos from here recently.



(knock at door)



Oh... I thought I heard Eddie's voice.



Say, um...



- Why is everybody in Cheryl's room tonight?

- Everybody?



Well, you and...



Aren't you just a little bit off limits here?



And who are you?






Well, I'm Julia.



I'm just a little neighbour girl

who lives down the hall.



Are you Cheryl's back-door man?



And what if I am?



Well... (giggles)



If you are,...



..mm, I heard of you.



You better watch out

cos Eddie, he's the real jealous type.



They don't call him Crazy Eddie for nothing.



Really? Well, I'm kinda tough.



Mm, well,...



..tough as you may be,...



..Eddie finds out,

then you're gonna be crying.






Um, say,...



..is Cheryl all right?



No, she isn't.



Lieutenant Web Smith. LAPD.



I knew he was gonna do something to her.



I heard him screaming at Cheryl.



Shouting things like, "I'll kill you",

before he took her to that party tonight.



Many thanks, miss.

Someone from my office will contactyou.



I knew he was gonna do something to her.






You know, Web...



Eddie's father is a, um...

big industrialist over there at Daimatsu.



He has a, um... a friend he sees.






Right up here on the second floor.



You know how Eddie met Cheryl?






..she was working in that Toyota plant

back there in Kentucky.



Then one day,...



..who should show up

in that small, little town...



..but Eddie.






She was about to give up the murderer,

and you just walk away.



Maybe I've been bought off by the Japanese.



Sempai, apple pie, whatever I have

to call you,... we have a murder here.



I want to solve it,

not listen to true confessions.



You know what's true?



When something looks too good

to be true, then it's not true.



Everything she said about Eddie

might have been true.



The real question is

why was she saying it?



OK! Why was she saying it?



I'm not sure.



Because she thought

Eddie killed the girl!



This Julia accidentally walked in...



Nothing is happening accidentally.

She's a messenger.



- Oh, you think someone sent her?

- Mm.



OK. Who?



The bad guys.



And I suppose they sent her in

to find out what we know.



Or to tell us what they wanted us to know.



Or maybe to slow us down.



She certainly slowed you down.







Never underestimate your opponent.



Never take what he offers you.



You want to solve this crime?



- Yes.

- Well, so do l.



Now let's move.



("Chattanooga Choo-choo" on piano)






Come on, Eddie!



Darling, those days are gone from your life.



I could dance like that. I'm an old

song-and-dance man from way back.



Oh, yeah? Wanna teach me some steps?



- It's by invitation only, gentlemen.

- Mr Sakamura.



- Mr Sakamura is not here.

- That's him. The bad tap-dancer.



Mr Sakamura is not available.



Mr Sakamura is a good friend of mine.

I'm sure he's available for me.



Gentlemen, you're trespassing.



Now, unless you have a search warrant,

you'll have to leave.



You should know I'm a black belt.



- But of course you are, dear.

- Need help, Perry?



So is Jeff.



OK, fellas. You're leaving.



That's assault.



I don't wanna hurtyou.






They say if you must resort

to violence, you've already lost.



What do you think, Jeff?



I think I'll go get Mr Sakamura.



- Ah, Captain Connor!

- Eddie.



My father will be happy to hear

you're still up to your same old tricks.



We're here to talk, Eddie.



So talk. It's a free country.



It's about the murder at Nakamoto tonight.



Well, let's talk outside.






Yeah. I heard about that. Some poor girl.



You know her, Eddie.



Cheryl Austin.



Oh, yeah, Cheryl. Mm. That girl.



Too bad.



I hear she was a real hentai onna.



You knew her better than that.



You're putting her up at the lmperial Arms.



(chuckles) Oh, that Cheryl.

Oh, I know her real well.



- She was all over me, Connor-san.

- You're irresistible.



That's true, but, uh...



Connor-san, she had a big problem.



She was a sick girl. She liked pain.



Put a plastic bag over her head,

always saying, "Squeeze harder."



Squeeze the neck? You like that, do you?



Me? No!



I'm a straight meat-and-potatoes man.



Don't let 'em see you like this. Get up!



- (Connor) Did you see her tonight?

- (Eddie) Tonight? Me?



Maybe for two minutes at the party.

Just to say hello.



Mr Sakamura,

I think you'd better come with us.



Yeah, I saw her tonight.



I brought her to the party.



But I have nothing to do with it.



Look, I can prove it to you.

Just let me call you later.



I will bring you something.



- I thinkthat's a bad idea.

- (Eddie whispers) Captain.



Nakamoto is keiretsu.



My father is Daimatsu keiretsu.



If his son is arrested here,

there will be repercussions.



Business is war. I know you understand.






Do you have your passport?



Yeah, sure.



(Connor) Give him your card.



And you call him, Eddie.









- I sure hope you know whatyou're doing.

- Me, too.



He's guilty as hell.



Well, my dairokkan says he's not.



I hope your intuition is right.



Look, sempai,...



..my dairokkantells me your dairokkan

wasn't why you let Eddie go.



In Japan, his father saved my life.



And Eddie reminded you of that?



He would never remind me.



It's my responsibility to remember.



So what is all this bullshit

about his father's keiretsu?



Bullshit? There's a keiretsuwar going on.



A Japanese corporation never stands alone.



A keiretsu is a united front

of hundreds of powerful companies,...



..all acting in partnership to win.



To win what?



Whatever's there.



You ever hear "business is war"?



(Connor) The war is never over.



Maybe you heard

"All's fair in love and war"?






- So where does that leave us?

- Us?



We're in the war zone.



So, based on the lab results,

the guy who fucked her was Japanese.



Semen analysis is blood type AB.



Diego factor positive.

Negative for ethanol dehydrogenase.



Asian pattern.

Male pubic hair also Asian in origin.



Evidence points to a Japanese perpetrator.



It's a Jap perp all right.



Sumimasen... Sumimasen.



What the hell's this?



Looks like your guy confessed.



No. It's just Sumimasen.



If they're caught doing something wrong, to

get leniency, they must perform an apology.



- You mean it's an act?

- Not exactly.



He's genuinely scared

you'll create a scandal.



Yoshida-san insisted that he find

the missing disk and deliver it to us.



Yeah, good luck.



That disk is probably

in a Tokyo landfill by now.



(Graham) What the hell's this?



(Connor) Daytime.   th floor.



Negotiations for MicroCon.




Hey, can we skip the cartoons?



Hold on. We're just starting.



Richmond-san. Busy, busy.



(Graham) Hey, let's go. Get to it!



Ah. Night-time. Same place.



Looks different then.



Jesus! It's her.



(Graham) Hello.



Come on in.



He looks Japanese.



Maybe he's Polish.



He's checking to see

if she's carrying a gun.



(Web) Someone's using the gizmo.



Gizmo. He's sure using it on her.



There go the hands to the neck.



Just the way she likes it.



Hey, Mr Nice Guy. Turn around.



Oh, no! Don't tell me

he's gonna walk out in the dark.



No! Step into...



There! Back it up!






That's right, I knew it all along.



- I was right about this.

- Eddie.



You knowthis fucker?



Eddie Sakamura.



We had him tonight.



- What do you mean, you had him?

- We had him. We let him go.



- I kept his passport.

- His fuckin' passport? Jesus!



Get his ass, not his passport!



What are you waiting for? You want banzai

carved on her ass with a samurai sword?



Let's go get this Eddie Sock-lt-To-Me.



I'm gonna break your arms, my friend.

I'm gonna love breaking them.



(Graham) Come on, Web!



The old guy sucker punched me.



If I see him again, he's dead meat.



Oh, forget it.






Good evening, Jeff. Mr Sakamura in?






(cocks gun)



Easy, big fella.



Just like old times, Web.



Do you miss it? A night out with the boys?



- Sure beats all that diplomacy shit.

- I thought no violence.



Last thing we want.



The guy's a murderer, Spider-san.



LAPD takes no chances.



Yeah, but we do take prisoners. Right?



Why did Connor let this guy walk?



I can't say.



What is he about?



He's always careful not to offend their...



What is it we're not supposed to offend?



Fuck 'em, they breakthe law.



If that brands me as a reactionary...



- (radio) We're in position. Stand by.

- Moving in.



(whispers) ls reactionary a dirty word?



Like racist, or something like that?



All this talk of race.

Whatever happened to good and evil?



A guy did it, you catch him.






Plundering our natural resources.



Fuckin' guys are into everything!



What time you got, Web?



 .  .



(Graham) Make a note.

At  .   suspect was apprehended.



Eddie Sakamura calling. It's urgent.

I must speak about missing disk.









Police! Get down!






Stay where you are! Get down!



Don't move! Get down!



- You guys, out the back!

- You son of a bitch!



What the hell? Get off of me!



There he goes!



Ow, shit!



What the hell is wrong with you? Get off!



You're nuts! Get off of me!



Get that son of a bitch!



- I'm a police officer!

- You're a piece of shit!



(police radio)  -Adam-  .



Am in pursuit of     suspect,

eastbound, Sunset.



All units, stand by.

 -Adam-   in pursuit eastbound...



 -Adam-   what is your location?



(Web) Stay back, I want him alive.



Holy shit!



Damn! Damn, damn, damn!



Coroner's officials have taken possession...



..of the charred remains

identified as Mr Edward Sakamura.



The crash took place after...



We tried to take him, but he ran, Chief.



Burnt beyond recognition. The guy's a cinder.



You got proof that Sakamura

committed the murder?



- Absolutely. Got it all recorded. Right?

- Absolutely.



You did everything by the book?



By the book. Absolutely, Chief.






But everything was not

absolutely by the book.



Absolutely not.



And when did you discover this?



(phone rings)



(phone rings)






- Lieutenant Smith?

- Yeah.



This is division dispatcher.

Uncleared messages.



- All right, go ahead.

-  .  am, Captain Connor.



Oh, Connor.



He said to give you a wake-up call at seven...



..and to meet him at the golf club at  .  am.



All right, all right. Anything else?



Let's see... Nope.



What about last night?



You got all your messages last night.



No, I didn't call in last night.



Yeah, you did.



(dispatcher) Let's see, uh... yep.



 .  . Your clearance number was given

and messages were transmitted.



Um... Look, I forgot.



Can you give those messages to me again?



All right,just a sec.



What were you doing last night?!






- Sort of helping my career.

- Is that good?



Yeah. It's always good.



Cos you gotta look out

for yourself in life.



Grandma says you gotta look out

for other people.



Yeah. Well, you gotta do that, too.



That's why everybody's so busy all the time.



So, is that what business is?






No, business... Business is uh...



Business is... is...



I can't explain it to you right now.



Is that why Mommy says

you've no head for business?



- Lieutenant Smith? Here we go.

- Yeah.



Daddy? Why does Mommy call you a loser?






Ken Shubik, please call. Message reads,

"The Weasel's checking up on you."



- The Weasel?

- Yeah.



Then  .   this morning,

Mr Eddie Sakamura...



- Eddie Sakamura?

- Correct.



 .  am. Message reads,

"Urgent. Must speak about missing disk."



Nice shot!



Hey! I gotta talkto you!



We gotta have a conversation.



Ooh! Shit! Whoa, whoa!



Yoshida-san. I'm embarrassed

by this crude interruption.



You must play your stroke again.



No penalty.



- Ken Shubik.

- Hey, Ken! Web Smith.



- Did you get my message?

- Yeah, about the Weasel.



Last night, I'm working late at the paper...



I see the Weasel arrive, dressed in his tux.



He goes right to the library.



I could tell the ambitious turd

had the scent of blood.



He's still here.



I ask the librarian what he's checking out.



She says, "A cop named Web Smith."



- What?

- Yep. The guy's a scumbagfor hire.



He used to do jobs

for the studios and realtors.



The little turd just got

a new Mercedes    SL.



Pretty good on a reporter's salary.



Wonder who he's working for now?



You get on the wrong side

of somebody last night?



- Maybe.

- Somebody's got the Weasel tracking you.



Something about

a charge brought againstyou.



- A charge brought against me?

- You and a Lieutenant Tom Graham.



At the hearing I was cleared. It was bullshit!



Maybe so,

but I thoughtyou'd better know.



Smells like something heavy coming down.



What happened to the disk? We left it

with you when we went to get Eddie.



And you got Eddie.

Oh, yes. It was all over the paper.



There was no mention of the murdered girl

on the boardroom table, right?



You had the disk.

It is against the rules to take evidence.



The rules? (laughs)



Whose rules?



The rules!



The chief says we fucked up...



The Japanese have a saying.

"Fix the problem, not the blame."



Find out what's fucked up and fix it.



Nobody gets blamed.

We're always after who fucked up.



Their way's better.






Their way is better?

You wake me up to tell me that?



Wake you up? That'll be the day.



Keep it, sport.

Next time, try a parking meter.



- Captain Connor?

- Yes.



A gift from Mr Hanada.



Oh! Thank you. I appreciate it.



Most welcome. Most welcome.



You must have really

took those guys this morning.



No. I lost.



Lost? Guys didn't look all that good.



Oh, they're not.



It's difficult to lose

without making it too obvious.



- That way they don't lose face.

- Saving face.



Sounds more to me

like you were kissing ass.



Not exactly.

I've done services for those men in the past.



And we've shared information.



They said that Eddie's death

will have repercussions.



Yeah, right!



I'm sorry. The guy was a fugitive.

He killed the girl.



- I doubt it.

- You doubt it?



Well, I saw it on the disk.



Did you?



(door opens)



It's the only space available to us.



We analyse commercials and network news

to see howthe public's being tricked.



Problem is, most students want to learn

the tricks so they can use them to get ahead.



OK, everybody!



Class is over.



Ice-skating rink upstairs.

The ice melts down here.



Speaking of ice, Captain, she's been at it

since you gave her the disk at  am.



Jingo Asakuma,...

meet Lieutenant Web Smith.



You're late.



(Connor) What have we got?



Something there.



In the edge colours.



Look at shadow lines.

They added some shadows.



Look at the light source.



We can see her face, but we can't see his.



- Perfect job, though.

- And what else?



The reflection.



- Of Eddie.

- It's fishy.



Wait a minute. What's going on here?



(Jingo) Oh. Here we are.



Let's look at the colour shift in the pixels.



Yeah. Let's look at those pixels.



(Jingo) Pixels have been doctored.



See the blue edge?



- This disk's a copy.

- A copy? Wait a minute.



You're saying somebody put Eddie's face

there and it's not his reflection?



Come on, that's bullshit!



Bullshit? Where have you been, Lieutenant?

You don't think video can be altered?



I wantyou to watch what I've been recording

on that camera.



(Jingo) This is quick and crude, but imagine

the effect with more sophisticated equipment.



Watch this.



You're saying somebody put Eddie's face

there and it's not his reflection?



Come on, that's bullshit!






- (professor) They'd need photos of this man.

- They have photos of Eddie.



From the dead girl's apartment.

Off the mirror.



- Do you believe in ghosts, Lieutenant Smith?

- What do you mean, do I believe in ghosts?



In Japan, when I was growing up,

we believed in many ghosts.



I wantyou to watch this.



Tell me whatyou see.



See it?



- See what?

- (Connor) Yeah.



Play it again,... but slowly.



The way to see it is to move slightly faster.



(Web) It's a ghost!



- Look at that! It's a ghost!

- A third person.



- (professor) It's been systematically erased.

- Erased?



Just like airbrushing someone out of a still,

only much harder.



It pisses me off, though.



They expect us to be sloppy Americans.



They think we will not be thorough,

not be intelligent.



In Japan, I guess they'd have done it right.



Right. The ghost would have stayed hidden.



To do this, they would need

high-res video stills,...



..close-ups of the table, anything in the area.



They'd have to duplicate

the ghost's walk.



Like someone walking through the room,

shooting photographs?



- The security guy.

- Tanaka.



He was walking backwards

through the room taking pictures.



Wait. Here's something.



Look, there in the glass.



Our ghost has left a reflection.



I'm adjusting image resolution

and sharpening.



If I apply an edge detection operation,

I should be able to isolate the reflection...



..and pull out its shape.



Let's... adjust resolution and...



..magnitude of each of the colour channels.



Let's filter out all the noise

we picked up along the way.



Holy shit.



Eddie Sakamura.



Then he witnessed the murder.



How many hours

did they have to work on these?



- I got my call at...

- The murder took place  .  pm.



- Ishihara delivered the diskto us...  .  am.

- Five hours.



I doubt it could be done.



If it could be done,...



..where would it be done?



- It's quiet.

- Hardly anyone's in yet.



They were working late

last night on a rush project.



I'm sure Nakamoto

appreciates the hard work.



Yes. I heard it went real well for them.



(woman) Mr Donaldson is expecting you.



(Connor) Yes. We did some worktogether

when this was the Donaldson Corporation.



- Jim, how are you?

- Captain Connor.



- Web Smith.

- Hello.



- What can I do for you?

- Well, we need your help, Jim.






You worked on some disks last night

for Nakamoto.



Some disks? Oh, I doubt that.



You did. And I need their names.



Our clients are confidential.



I know, but er... we do need your help.



Captain, we wouldn't have done

any work for Nakamoto here.



You know damn well Nakamoto

and Hamaguri are competing keiretsu.



Yes, but I've been told

by reliable sources...



..that only you have the next generation

of technology to do this kind of work.



Your reliable sources are wrong.



Besides, we're way beyond

the next generation here.



And I really don't know anything.



- You still run this place, don'tyou?

- Run it? Sure.



I'm still the chief executive here... sort of.



Actually, my role is a little different now.



You mean you don't run it?



Look, we sold it. They own it.



People who own things are entitled

to do whatever they want with them.



That's the way it works.



But, hey, you know...

There's a bright side to everything.



I'm getting out

to a lot more Dodger games lately.



Having some fun. You know what I'm saying.



Yes, I do, Jim.






Best regards to Mrs Donaldson.



How's uh... whatshername?



(Connor) She's fine.



- (Jim) Give her my best!

- (Connor) I will.



- So... what do we know now?

- Well, we knowthe disk was doctored here.




And we knowthat they knowthat we know.



We're beating the grass to startle the snakes.



What? Look, where are you from, sempai?



- Scotland Yard?

- No. Scotland back yard.



So how did you become

the special liaison officer for Los Angeles?



And uh... who is whatshername?



What you should be asking is

why you and I were put together last night.



- I was on duty. Nakamoto requested you.

- No, they didn't.



Nakamoto is formally protesting

the fact that I'm on the case.



You're saying someone else called you in.



- Someone who...

- Has been manipulating things.



We're playing that mostAmerican of games.



Which is what?



Catch up.






My golfer friends also said

that Eddie's people might retaliate.



Eddie's people might retaliate? Against who?



Whoever they feel

was responsible for his death.



What do mean when you say retaliate?



- I shouldn't say any more.

- Butyou've been talking all morning!



I just realised

they may have bugged your car.



They? Who's they?



(Connor) Let's move!



- We're the cops! Why are we running?

- We're not running. We're eluding.






(truck horn)






(car horn)



(Web) We're safe around here.



You call this safe?



Rough neighbourhoods

may be America's last advantage.



(Web) Perhaps I may suggest a strategy.



Don't stare at these guys.

Keep your hands down.



These guys don't like big arm movements.



They might shootyou.



Keep your voice calm...

Better still, don't say shit.



If you hear me say

"Can I be of any assistance?"...



..it's too late.

You can kiss your little ass goodbye.



Hey, yo! What's up?



Spider? Spider Web Smith

scored    against Crenshaw.






- Yo, motherfucker. Whatyear was that?

- '  .



- Was that before Columbus or after?

- Very funny.






- Armani?

- Yeah.






You be doin' just fine, brother!



Look, I'm escorting this old geezer

back to the loony farm.



He stole sushi from some Japanese cats.



Now they chasin' us.

So I need you guys to get behind us.



Think you can help us out?



We gotyour back.












(hip-hop on car radio)



Hey! You guys lookin' for something?






- Do your window, sir?

- Yeah, OK.



You gotyour pink slip?



Why pink slip?



Because I was led to believe

this car would be for sale...









- Senator Morton's campaign offięce.

- Senator Morton, please.



- Who's calling?

- Captain Connor returning his call.



And there he goes.



What's wrong with this picture?



(Web sighs)



- The clock isn't moving.

- Exactly.



After the guy leaves, time stands still.



What they probably did here

was rock and roll.



Print the same scene over and over

to keep the pixels - the grain - alive.



They removed what came after this guy's exit

and that made the disks the standard length.



So no-one would suspect

anything was missing after that. But...



Something happened after that.



If we only had the original disk,

we could see what happened after that.






You catch on fast, Lieutenant Smith.






Yeah, I do.



I should go and make

a copy of the disk for you.



Miss Asakuma...



- Jingo.

- Jingo.



How do you feel about working with us?



I mean the police.



- Especially since you're...

- You mean... because I'm Japanese.






Here I'm Japanese.



But in Japan, I was ainoku.



My father was a kokujin.



You knowthat word, kokujin?



- Negro?

- Negro.



Oh, yes. I knowthat word.



Yes, a Black man.



He was with the American Air Force.



My mother worked in a noodle shop.



Do you knowthe term...



.."he's a bit burakumin"?



It's like uh...






I was even lower than burakumin...



..because I was deformed.



To the Japanese, deformity is shameful.



It means you've done something wrong.



And then on top of all that...



..l really did something wrong.



And what was that?



I fell in love with a gaijin.



A Caucasian who was living there.



We were both ostracised.



Made his work over there difficult

and my life impossible.



He had to leave Japan.



He leftyou?



- Maybe we left each other.

- No.



He ran out.



He couldn't take it.






No, he could take anything.



My friend is a very strange man.



You know what he says?



Always leave the cage door open...



..so the bird can return.



Your friend sounds like an idiot.



Let's go, kohai. We're late.



And bring the disk.



Thank you.



(Graham) Your pal tookthe disk.



- Anyway, we got the right guy.

- Maybe we got the wrong guy.



What are you talking about?

The case is closed.



Just relax. Go home, get some sleep.

Slow down.



Fuck you, slow down.



- They're squeezing me.

- Who?



- Who?

- Yeah, who's squeezing you?



Come on, now. Wake up.



These aren't the old days.

Just get me that disk...



..and the case is closed,

just how everybody wants it to be.



There's your disk.

Go make everybody happy.



You close the case.



What are you gonna do?



I'm opening it up.






Oh, what am l?

Endangering my chances for advancement?



Baby, if you only knew.



Five Japanese nationals inspecting

the remains of last night's car wreck.



The guys from Nakamoto.

What are they looking for?



An interesting question.



Do you recognise the pick-up truck?



(Web) Yeah.



It was outside Eddie's last night,

by the Cadillac.



It looked suspicious,

so we had it brought in.



There's the ownership of the Toyota.









Head of Nakamoto security.



(Web) Now, what was Tanaka doing

at Eddie's last night?



Hey, Lieutenant Smith!



Willy Wilhelm, LA Times. How's it going?



- Pretty busy right now.

- I understand.



We're preparing a story on you

about the Martino case.



The accusation of accepting a bribe

brought againstyou by Mr Martino?



- Any comment?

- No comment.



Lieutenant Graham made some

interesting comments. Wanna hear them?



- No.

- The DA's office is about to reopen the case.



- No comment?

- No!



Captain Connor, what about the charge

of Japan-bashing in tonight's paper?






Hey? Hay is for horses.



What is Japan-bashing? What does it mean?



All animals are created equal

except the Japanese?



You stupid little shit! Fuck off!



Can I quote you on that, sir?



Japan-bashing? You?



- What'll they think of next?

- Next?



Next they'll call you a racist.



Look. I've told you.



I have no idea where Mr Tanaka is.



I haven't seen him.



- But did he come in today?

- I don't know.



And even if I did know,

the answer is "I don't know."



Well, someone knows.



(Phillips) You guys'll never beat 'em.

They're too good.



(Connor) I've told you this in order

to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.



I am surprised to hear this, Connor-san.



Because, personally,

I welcome your involvement.



I knowthatyou're always...






- Discreet.

- Ah, yes.



You ask me about MicroCon.



We were approached in Tokyo lastyear

by Richmond-san.



And I'll tell you,

MicroCon needed a shot in the arm.



So I thought that Nakamoto

would be just what the doctor ordered.



Excuse me.



Go on, sir.



Frankly, we were surprised

it would be offered.



We were cautious

to enter into negotiations.



We received assurances that there would be

no objection to the sale from Washington.



We have been criticised for trying

to help a company in financial difficulty.



We feel very...






- Wounded. Yes.

- Yes.



- That's bullshit, but...

- Life goes on.



I remember when computers were fun.



Hey, guys!



See you back up there.

Let's get this deal closed.



So, anyway...



- Not much team spirit.

- They'll get into it.



Especially now since they know

Senator Morton is changing his vote.



He's been convinced his stand is racist.



- Racist?

- (lshihara) What else could it be?



Remember when Fujitsu tried

to buy Fairchild Semiconductor?



The US government blocked the sale

saying it was against national security...



..to sell it to a foreign company.



Then later Fairchild is sold

to a French company.



This time there's not a peep from

Congress, Senator Morton, or anyone.



Apparently, it was OK

to sell to a foreign company.



Just not a Japanese company.



I'd say that's racist policy,

pure and simple.



Captain Connor.



Nakamoto is an honourable company.



We have no part in any...

complications that have occurred.



But if they don't want Japan to buy it,

don't sell it.



- I will assistyou in whatever way I can.

- I'm very grateful.



Tomorrow at noon for golf?



Tomorrow at noon.



I will try to make it harder

for you to let me win.



(TV) Senator. Are you comfortable

with this new position?




Because I don'tview it as a new position.



I view it as a modifięcation...



That's exactly what it is. A modification.



The response has been ten to one

in favour of the way I've...



..modified my position.



Modified? It's a total reversal.



Oh, no. Not at all.



It's simply a...

refinement of my earlier views.



Foreign trade invigorates America.



I've always been a proponent of fair trade...



But you were against the sale

because it put our advanced weaponry...



..in the control of the Japanese.



Now, that's... really vastly simplified.






Ah! More affirmations.



Oh, Senator Shanley.

It must have killed him to write this!



All the polls have been positive.



Ah! But I didn't bring you here

to discuss politics and economics.



I know howthat must bore men like you.



I just wanted your input, gentlemen.



I know you're investigating events

that took place at the Nakamoto party.



I wondered if you felt there was any linkage

between those unfortunate events...



..and the proposed sale of MicroCon.



We're not aware of any linkage.



Has Nakamoto done anything unfair

or improper in promoting this sale?



Not that we're aware of, no.



(Senator) Good.



Your investigation is concluded, then?






(Senator) Good!



That's it, then, gentlemen. Thank you.



There's one for you.



Thank you.



And one for you. Thank you very much.



- John, here's some more faxes.

- Ah, more support! Always welcome.



Mind if I give you some advice?






If a battle can't be won,...



..don't fight it.



If a battle can't be won, don't fight it?



Mm. The Art Of War. Sun Su, China.

Fifth century BC.



- An educated guy, huh?

- Oh, yeah.



He read a fortune cookie once.



Keep this number between us.



Lieutenant Smith?

I have Lauren Smith for you.



(Web) Ah, just what I needed.



Webster, I'm calling to inform you

I'm taking Zelda.



- When? This weekend?

- Today at   o'clock.



What are you talking about?



I'm talking about charges being brought

against you concerning bribery.



Come on, Lauren.

You know everything about that charge.



It was thrown out. Remember?



- Come off it! We both know what happened.

- Stop it, Lauren.



- Plus the fact thatyou've become a racist.

- A what?



And you associate with known racists.



The courts willfięnd thatyou're providing

an improper atmosphere for our daughter.



- They wantyou to back off.

- You're not taking Zelly.



Are you denying me my right? I'm with

my attorney. We're recording this call.



Record this. Fuck you! And fuck

your lawyer too, if you already haven't!



You're not coming near Zelly...



- That's enough.

- (tyres screech)



What the fuck are you doing?

You wanna take me on? Step out of this car!



I've had enough of you!

You wanna take me on?



Get out! Come on!



I'm tired of your shit! I'm tired of her shit!



Come on! I'll pimp-slap you

up and down this fuckin' street!



Tell me about the bribery charge, kohai.



- The what?

- The bribery charge.



Look. The woman who filed the charge

was a chronic psychiatric case.



The review board dismissed it.

You got that?



(Web) All right. Now I gotta go getZelly.



I can't help you if you won't tell me.



Tell you what?! It was dismissed.



You know cops are always being accused...



..of assault, molestation, taking bribes.

All kinds of shit!



Jesus Christ!



I'm a good cop!



It was a domestic violence call.



The kid is in the crib screaming his head off.



I pull backthe covers

and next to the kid is a kilo of white brick.



Graham says we can't make the arrest,...



..that the search is invalid,

the wife can't testify against her husband,...



..and that any decent lawyer will beat this.



The woman is screaming,

the kid is screaming.



I'm losing my mind here.



Suddenly the husband walks in

with an envelope thisthick...



..with $    bills.



He says to me,

"Thank you, officer, for all your help."



"Thank you very much."



Graham turns to me and gives me the nod.



And you tookthe money.



What was I supposed to do, man?



I mean, my wife...

My wife was pregnant.



Health insurance didn't cover it.

We had bills up to here.



Yes! Yes! I tookthe money.



Me and Graham split it.



Now you're the only one that knows about it.



Graham knows and now,...



..who else?



Yeah. Graham knows.



Wanna know why I told you?



- Why?

- I figure you're on the take, too.



- What are you talking about?

- That fuckin' fat envelope in your pocket.



The one the guy gave you

back at the golf club.



This is a golf membership.



Oh! So how much

is a membership worth these days?



A hundred thousand.



A hundred thousand.



Boy, they sure make it easy

to take a        bucks, don't they?



Golf is howthey do business.



This is very important for what I do.



Well, I guess that makes everything

all white now, doesn't it?



Make sure she hasn't taken Zelly.



Damn! lf it's not one thing, it's another.






Zelly! Hey, babe, you here?



(man speaking in Japanese)



Somebody's here.



I was wondering where he would show up.



Oh, my God!



Put that phone down!



- I'm just calling my guys.

- Put the phone down.



- So who was killed in the car crash?

- Tanaka.



- (Web) The security guy.

- Yes,...






He worked for Nakamoto,

but he had a special relationship with me.



My father's keiretsu could offer

a better future to him, understand?



Tanaka... He liked women.



And drugs too. And for that,

give me good information.



- He tried to setyou up as the murderer.

- Well, he was playing both sides.



Look, I'm still alive. He's still dead.



He double-crossed me,

but I double-crossed him better.



He's afraid to get caught with me

so he uses my car... and kill himself.



Ah, I didn't like the colour anyway.



You reported the murder.



Then you called me in, hm?



My father always said,

if you need help, call Connor-san.



Those Japanese guys,

what were they looking for in the car?



What Tanaka brought Eddie...

and what Eddie was going to give to us.



That's right, Connor-san.



- The original disk.

- Connor-san,...



..you smart cookie for a gaijin.



But you're gonna be surprised

when you see this.



Uh-uh. First, give me back my passport.



- I think I'm gonna need it.

- (knocking)



(Connor) Careful, kohai.



- Who is it?

- Me, Web. Let me in.



(whispers) It's Graham.



Hide a sword with a smile.



Hey, Tom! How you doing?

What are you doing here? What's wrong?



- Wrong?

- Yeah.



What the fuck's wrong with you?



What are you talking about?



(Graham) The squeeze is on, baby.



Your ex is talking.



The chief is shitting

and the Weasel's snooping.



- Opening up newthings.

- Newthings?



What newthings?



Look, are you on the take?



- Fuck you, the take.

- Are you on the fuckin' take?!



Who the fuck are you to ask me about that?



You started me off. You remember that?



Now, play ball.



You get to keep your kid, your job,

and your buddies. We're a team, Web.



A team? What team are we on, huh?



We know who you've got in there.



You're harbouring a murderer in there.



How did you know Eddie was still alive?



He's not! He's dead.



(Graham) He just forgot to lay down.



- (Web) He didn't do it.

- Who did it?



We don't know who did it!



Send him out, Spider-san, with the disktoo.



I'll protect the guy.



And what if I don't?



If you don't?!



If you don't, you're obstructing justice.



You're harbouring, baby.



If you don't, we're coming in after a murderer.



What are you doing to your life?



You know me, Web. I get my man.



Yeah. Even if he's the wrong man.



Who the fuck are you? The Supreme Court?



You're putting a lot of guys

in the line of fire to protect one dead Nip.



You risk your life and your child for me.



Kariga dekimashita.



We're like sitting ducks up here.



Time to be among them.



Don't let anyone in.



Put this on.



And don't try to go out.






(Zelly) Daddy!






Baby, not right now, OK?



You and Grandma want to stay in the room.







Don't do anything.

We'll take care of everything.



They want us to wait.



This Eddie guy's alive.

They want a shot at him.



I gotta figure this.



The first rule is to protectyour ass.



Maybe we ought to get some backup.

What do you say?



(phone rings)






(caller hangs up)















(shouting in Japanese)






(phone rings)



- (knocking)

- Kohai, it's me.



Come on, let's go.

I've cleared the back staircase. Go!



Come, come, come.



I'll stay with Eddie.



(Zelly) Daddy!






(Eddie shouts in Japanese)









- Eddie!

- (screaming)









(engine starts)



- Hey!

- (gunshots)












And that's all I remember.



Luckily, you were wearing the proper gear.



Yeah. Luckily.



You've read this morning's paper.



You were caught

in the middle of gang warfare.



Man, I was caught

in the middle of a business negotiation.



No, Lieutenant.



You can read.



You were the target

of a drive-by shooting by a street gang.



It was a grudge attack.



None of the suspects has been apprehended.



One gang member was found murdered

by ritual strangulation.



So Eddie's dead now.



(Web) Officially.



(chief) Officially, the case is closed.



Under the circumstances,...



..we're recommending thatyou take

a voluntary leave of absence.



And, Lieutenant,...



..would you be able to tell us

the whereabouts of Captain Connor?






I have no idea where he is.



They shut us down.



Put a padlock on the front door,

just like that.



Know how it works?



A phone call to the university president

from major endowers.



The fuckers can't stop us that easily.



- They're still ahead of us, kohai.

- Got here as fast as I could.



They're looking for you.



We've been piecing it together.



Earlier in the evening,

Eddie and Cheryl made love.



But at the party she met another man,

her secret lover.



Her back-door man.



Someone at Nakamoto

must have suggested...



..that they use the executive bedroom

on the   th floor.



But they never got

beyond the boardroom table.



Here comes your ghost.



Eddie. Before they erased him.



- (Web) He's letting her get killed.

- (Connor) He's seen this before.



(Web) The gasper routine.



Funny old world, eh?




I thought Eddie was the jealous lover.



(Connor) A stronger passion overtook him.



His loyalty to his father's keiretsu.



They also wanted to purchase MicroCon.



Don't forget there's a keiretsuwar going on.



(Web) Who is it?



Who is it?



Senator Morton.



(Connor) Eddie probably offered her

to the Senator as form of hospitality.



(Web) So, Senator Morton killed her?



Wait till you see the rest of the disk.



We knowthey used this situation

to blackmail Senator Morton.



They pinned the murder on Eddie

by doctoring the disk.



- (Web) Why was Eddie protecting him?

- The Senator was voting in his favour.



This is about who would control MicroCon.



Whoever controlled the Senator

would control the fate of MicroCon.



This is the part of the disk

we never saw before.



There. You see that?



Yeah, the clock. It's moving.



No. The girl.



She's moving.



(Web) Holy shit.



She's alive.



She was alive, until...



(Web) Now, who the hell is this?



(Connor) Someone who's been observing...



..and knows the exact location

of the hidden cameras.






(Web) Please go on.



What? That's it?



That's all we got?!



- We can't let 'em get away with this shit.

- Get away with this?



They won't get away with this.



I am very, very okotta!



- Pissed off.

- Yes! Pissed off.



Good. So what do we do now?



Yes. What do we do now?



- You're asking me?

- Yes.



We beat the grass to startle the snakes.






(whispers) Oh, my God.






(phone rings)






Hai. Moshi-moshi.



(Senator) We had an agreement.



You said nothing would happen.



- We had a deal!

- Yes, sir.



Did you see what I just got by fax?!



I understand. Thank you.

Very kind of you to call.



..the fucking technology would protect me!



Oh, my God. Look at this.



(Senator on TV) We will decide

whether the MicroCon sale goes through.



I will be basing my vote

on my country's needs.



(panellist) You have aspirations

perhaps for the highest offięce in the land.






Excuse me just a second.



Hey uh... Can I help you with something?



- Hey! What's going on? You can't barge in...

- You, shut up.



(Connor) Yoshida-san.



Forgive this interruption.



But there is something I must show you.



This is the original disk from your security

cameras that filmed this conference room.



And recorded the murder... and the murderer.



We are grateful to you, Yoshida-san,

for insisting that lshihara deliver this to us.



But instead... he replaced it

with this doctored version.






Please. Show us the original disk.






I will deal with this.



- Get out!

- Dete itte kudasai!



Otoko ni mukatte nanda!



(shouts in Japanese)



They are distancing themselves.



- Holy shit.

- Senator Morton.



At this moment,...



..she's not dead.



And now we shall find out

who actually killed her.






(Yoshida-san) Why was I not told this?!



What has been happening here?






I was protecting the situation, Yoshida-san.



(Yoshida) He has been too long in America.



He has adopted many bad habits.









It was not me.



It was him!






Hey, there's no running... Hey! Slow down!



Hey, there's no running here!






(Connor) Keep eye contact at all times.



And at all costs, don't lose your temper.



I don't lose my temper.



How are you doing, guys?

How are you doing?



Konbanwa. Watashi wa...



We're cops, man.



Step aside, we'll have no trouble.

This is police business.



It seems like nobody's listening.



Come on, come on!



It's me.



I could have taken 'em.



Their objective was not to win,

but to delay us.



And they've succeeded.









(Web) Eddie's friends.



Looks like they've got their revenge.






We gotta stop this!

We gotta do something!



(Connor) Do what?



He's finished.



That cement dries fast.



And there's no way

they're gonna rip open that foundation.



Everyone wants this case closed.






..they put us on leave of absence.



So, what will MicroCon do now?



- Struggle on.

- We'll find a way.



Or a way will find you.

I hope we can continue our friendship.



- Uh, sure. Let's... Let's do lunch sometime.

- Let's do lunch.



What's going to happen to him?



They are retiring him.



Ishihara will be given a window seat.



He will spend the rest of his life in Japan,

staring out an office window.



Too bad. He seemed like a heck of a guy.



Personally, I got along great with him.



If you sit by the river long enough,...



..you will see the body

of your enemy floating by.






I wanna thank you.

I feel I should repay you with something.



Repay me? For what?



- Well...

- The key.



Ah, yes. The key.



The key is... don't talk about it. Just do it.



The kohaitalks.



The sempaiknows.



- If I wanna be a sempai...

- No.



The key.



- What?

- The key to your car.



Oh! Yeah.



I knewthat.



Today at golf, we'll be discussing...



..how I can help Nakamoto

pull out of the MicroCon deal...



..without losing face.



- Keiretsu interruptus.

- Exactly.



Very nice working with you, kohai.



See you.



See you.



- Yoshida-san.

- (Japanese)



(Connor) A perfect day for golf.



Well, thanks to your help,

we were able to find out who did it.



- Did you?

- Did we what?



Find out?



Find out? You mean who did it?



Come on!



You know in Japan,

the one who confesses to the murder...



..doesn't have to be the one that did it.



It's an old tradition that, out of loyalty,...



..an innocent man

will take the rap for his boss.



It's his duty.



That's not what happened here.



That Richmond guy would have done

anything to make that deal go through.



He was working with lshihara.



A yuppie facilitator,

a hustling business samurai.



Wave of the future.



If you say so.



If I say so?



Look, I'm a cop.

It's my business to knowthese things.



Besides,... what about Connor?



- What about him?

- The guy's always right.



If you say so.



Did I say something to anger you?



- No, nothing you said.

- Then, what is it?



- Golf.

- Golf?



I don't get it.



There it is up there.



You live here.



    Rose Street.



Well, well, well.



When I came to pick him up

that first time,...



..behind the sliding panel,...



..that was you?



The gaijinthatyou lived with in Japan,...



..that was Connor.



Thanks for giving me a lift.



Wait a minute.



There's some things here I don't understand.






Goodbye, kohai.



No, no!



Now, look.

I mean, the guy, he's playing golf now.



You and me, we're alone.






(sighs) I know.



They say loyalty is important.

It all comes down to who you trust.



Wait a minute.



When he said that line about uh...



.."Always leave the cage door open

so the bird can return",...



..what the hell does that mean anyway?



Who knows?



When you figure it out, Web,...



..let me know.



(Web whispers) Damn!






(Connor's voice) Kohai!



(Web chuckles)





Special help by SergeiK