The River Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The River script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The River. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The River Script

            Heavy rain continues to batter the tristate area.

            Severe thunderstorm shave dumped 12 inches of rain...

            in the last    hours.

            Flooding is reportedin Fulton, Rolling Fork and Osborne.

            Watch out, Tom!

            Beth, get in the truck.

            Tom! Are you hurt?

             I'm all right.

              - My leg's caught. - Which one?

              The left one.

              I'll tell you what.

              Both of you hold me under the shoulders and pull like hell.

              It should come out.

              Dad, it's going!

              Lewis, grab his leg! Pull!

              Try again.


              - Tom, you okay? - I'm fine.

              - I'll get Beth. - We'll get the animals.

              Come on, honey.

              - I have to save Ernie. - We'll get him.

              Hang on to me.

              Tight. Okay.

              You get behind Jessica.

              Come on, get out!

              Take this quilt upstairs, Beth. Put it in my room.

              Get out!

              Stay close to me.

              Oh, Lord.

              Be careful.

              - Welcome back, Senator. - Thankyou, son.

              Hop in, Senator.

              - Morning,Joe. - Morning.

              Where's your regular pilot?

              He's not feeling too good, Ed.

              But don't worry. I'm sure I can figure out how this thing works.

              All this bottom land used to be duck marsh back     years ago.

              Natural springs all over it. Real fine water.

              How many farms flooded,Joe?

              What do you figure, Harve?

              Maybe eight, nine all told.

              It's the same as always.

              They'll all be at my bank this week in their Sunday best...

              asking for money.

              Those are the Garveys down there.

              Hard-working guy, Tom Garvey.

              Stubborn son ofa bitch.

              That'sJoe Wade.

              The flying farmer.

              What's he doing here?

              Showing off.

              Why did you show me that,Joe?

              I'm sitting on       acres of good, productive farmland...

              and I'm running out ofwater.

              My aquifer's going dry. I'm too far from the river to irrigate.

              We've got to build us a dam.

              Wait a minute.

              You flood that valley...

              what happens to the farmers?

              They'll get a fair price for their land.

              It's notjust irrigation for myself.

              I'm talking about enough hydroelectric power for the county.

              I'm talking aboutjobs.

              Could mean a lot to everybody.

              Including yourself.

              I'll look into it.

              You're a smart man,Joe.

              So are you, Senator.

              That's why we put you in the state house.

              No loafing in front of the bank.

              Move on. Won't get no work sitting here.

              - Can I have some ice cream? - Soon as Daddy's finished, honey.

              - When will he be finished? - When he's done.

              He'll be finished soon.

              Good morning, Mae.

              -Joe. - Hi, kids.

              - Saw you took some water. - Could have been worse.

              Anything I can do?

              We'll manage.

              You need $    ?

              I got to plant a new crop and fix the 'dozer.

              It's all there on the list.


              Borrowed       in      a second for       in '  .

              $       worth offarm equipment...

              on which you have paid...

              only      .


              You owe us a lot of money, Tom.

              I'd like to help you...

              but ifwe give you another loan, how will you make the payments?

              I'm a good customer, Howard.

              I've made the payments first ofevery month for    years.

              - That's not the point. - Yes, that's the point.

              Ten years ago, you begged me to borrow the money.

              It's different now. Land values are down.

              You owe us more than your place is worth.

              - You turning me down? - Take it easy.

              - You're putting me out of business. - Loweryour voice.

              I need that loan. I earned it.

              Leutz Corp. might give you a good price foryour land.

              Talk toJoe Wade.

              I'm not looking to sell. I'm looking to stay.

              I don't know what we can do.

              We can roll your notes over.

              Just talk to Wade.

              - What did you come in for? - Wanted him to see us up close.

              - Don't guess it did any good. - It sure didn't. Neither did this.

              - Can I have my ice cream now? - No, honey.

              She said when Dad was finished.

              - Aren't you finished, Dad? - No, Beth, I'm not finished!

              Come on out.

              Go get yourselfan ice cream.

              Hold her hand, Lewis.

              You look real handsome.

              I gave you a great haircut.

              It itches.

              It's time to eat.

              That's great, honey.

              Put it up on the rolling pin.

              Like this. That's great.

              That's a beautiful crust.

              Cut the edges off.

              Wade didn't waste any time, did he?

              Howard must have called him as soon as I left the bank.

              We'd come away clean with about $     .

              It's more like   .

              How many times did you read this thing?

              Sometimes I think we'd do better someplace else.

              Away from the river.

              I'm not interested.

              Because the offer came from him?

              This is our home place, Mae.

              My people are buried here.

              Beth, what do you got there?

              Take that back inside.

              - It's only a quilt. - It's not for sale.

              - What do you got? - Pears, applesauce, blackberryjam.

              Lewis, come here.

              Put thejam back in the kitchen.

              - You like myjam, huh? - Yeah.

              There's more of them every day.

              Where are they coming from?

              A lot of them look like farmers.

              I got three, now four, four.

              Anybody got four, now, five, six?

              Looking for seven, seven?

              - Over here! - Seven and a half.


              Anybody go eight and a half?

              Anybody go nine, nine, nine, nine?

              Did you tie this one?

              It's a tough one.

              Morning, Tom.

              Morning, Dave. How are you?

              Need a hand?

              No, thanks. We can handle it.

              Don't mind Tom. You know how he is.

              Just like his daddy.


              I hate being a farmer's wife.

              Your attention, please.

              The next item for auction...

              is theJohn Deere model      four-row corn planter.

              It's owned by the Garveys.

              What am I bid? Who started the bidding?

              Who'll give me a six?

              A $     bid. Going to five.

              Anybody got four, four?

              Five hundred.

              Five hundred dollars.

              Gentlemen, we have a $     piece offarm machinery here.

              We only have $    bid on it.

              We got $    now six...

              six, go seven.

              - Fifty. - I got $    now $   .

              Go seven, go seven?

              $   !

              Who'll go seven?


              Eight, eight, nine?

              Bid ten, ten, ten?

              $    . Bid    and a quarter?

              Who'll bid    and a quarter?

              I sold an $     bid. Number   .

              I'm sorry, son.

              That's all right.

              Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.

              Could I have your attention, please?

              Move on down. Form a circle.

              We're going to have an auction sale.

              You people in the rear...

              come over on this side.

              You people, come on around.

              Farmers, come in. We're having an auction.

              I'd like to present to you...

              Dan Gaumer and his family.

              The merchandise we're selling this afternoon belongs to them.

              We're going to be selling the personal property...

              farm equipment, machinery, and livestock.

              If you want to know about this equipment, livestock or machinery...

              step up and ask Dan.

              He's worked it, he knows it. You all just ask him.

              Everything is to be sold.

              They're going to sell his farm.

              He's five miles down the river.

              - His land must be gone too. - Looks that way.

              The first item we'll be selling--

              We won't stand for this shit!

              - You ain't selling him out. - You tell him!

              No sale, no sale!

              Hold on just a minute, please.

              No sale!

              I agree with Smoot. No sale.

              We're conducting a professional auction here.

              - No sale! - Hold on just a minute.

              - Are we gonna let him sell? - Stop this sale!

              No sale!

              Ain't gonna be no farm selling.

              No sale! No sale! No sale!

              Hold it, everybody. Hold it!

              Everybody hold it! Please!

              Hold it, everybody, please! Will you listen to me, please?

              It's too late.

              They already took it.

              Do you understand?

              My farm's gone.

              - They already foreclosed on me. - See there?

              We aren't selling his farm.

              We'rejust selling personal property, machinery and livestock.

              Sojust move back.

              Earl, Charlie, everybody, I appreciate what you're doing.

              I really do, and I understand, but...

              my place is already gone.

              This stuff here is all that's left.

              We'll need the money to clear on out.

              I just want to thank you.

              God bless you.

              Mr Richardson, just go on.

              Thank you, Dan. The first item to be auctioned will be...

              the Farm-All model     tractor.

              Who'll give me $    ?

              - Billy, where are you going? - To say good-bye to Lewis.

              Don't take too long.

              My dad says they got Little League in the city.

              Uniforms and everything.

              That's great.


              Billy, Daddy says we got to hurry.

              Bye, Lewis.

              Got to go.

              Joe, they're all here. You ready?

              Yeah, let's go.

              Okay, everybody listen up!

              Who's first?


              Say, Tom, did you get the water off your land?

              It's going.

              How come you didn't answer my letter?

              Didn't know I had to.

              You want to contract?

              - One more crop, huh? - Gets to be a habit.

                  acres? How many bushels?

                   an acre.

              That many, huh?

              That's $ .  .

              It says $ .   up there.

              Them's morning prices. It's gone down since.

              - Who sets the darned price anyway? - The free market.

              I thought it was you. You set everything else in this county.

              You don't like the price, haul your crop to the city.

              You're a free man with options.

              Well, I need the seed.

              I haven't got the cash, so I haven't got any options.

              - Load him up. - Load him up! Garvey!

              Next, Youngdall.


              - How many acres? -    .

              - How many bushels? -    .

              Mama, she don't look too good.

              Don't worry, honey. This medicine will make her better.

              - It's real strong. - Hear that,Jessica?

              You just rest now. I'll come see you before bedtime.

              Keep it steady.

              Keep them feathers just off the cutting edge.

              Don't be afraid of it.

              Go ahead.

              I'm going to take a little nap.

              Dad, don't go to sleep. Maybe you better do it.

              You're doing fine. Go on.

              Hi, Eldridge.

              That's not fair,Joe.

              I got Gaumer to sell out.

              One out ofeight.

              Tessley has a big payment he can't meet.

              Youngdall is about ready to fold.

              You could've put Garvey out of business. Instead, you rolled his notes over.

              He's been a good customer,Joe.

              What about me? Haven't I been a good customer?

              I'd hate to move the Leutz Corp. account to another bank.

              No, sir,Joe, I wouldn't want you to do that.

              Then you start squeezing, Howard, just like you said you would.

              Thanks for coming by, Howard.

              Are those Oreos?


              You got pretty hair, just like your mama's.

              - Thankyou. - Look at that face.

              Let's get rid of that moustache.

              Turn your head.

              You know, Oreos arejust about my favourite cookie in the whole world.

              Yours, too?

              Mama said I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

              Your mama's right, but I'm no stranger.

              There's no answer, Beth. I guess we'll have to wait.

              - Hi,Joe. - Hello, Mae. Let me take this.

              I wasjust talking your daughter out ofa cookie.

              - How'd you do? - No luckyet.

              Look, if you're in a bind, I can give you a lift.

              I'm going right by your place.


              If Tom's on his way in, he'll have to pass us.

              - I guess it'll be all right. - Great.

              Give me that bag.

              Come on, sport. Let's get in the Jeep.

              - How many cookies did you eat? - I don't know.

              You want a soda or anything...

              reach in that fridge behind you.

              Now you're corrupting my daughter.

              Well, ifshe's your daughter, she can handle it.

              We got your letter.

              Tom's not interested in selling.

              How do you feel about it?

              It must be hard trying to hang on.

              Not for Tom Garvey.

              - Thanks for the ride. - It was a pleasure.

              Hi, Tom.

              Thanks, sweetie.

              - We thought you forgot us. - Sorry.

              That roof took longer than I thought.

              What's wrong with it?

              Old age, I guess.

              Beth, honey, go feed the chickens.

              I fed them this morning.

              Well, feed them again.

              It's the middle of the afternoon.

              My favourite time ofday.

              Okay, try it, Dad.

              Be careful, Lewis.

              Son ofa bitch. I just bought this hose.

              Who's desperate? You got it.

              - Tom, where were you? We needed you. - You seen Harley?

              Around the back.

              Tom, your buddies could have used you.

              - Seen Harley? - He's down there.

              Excuse me, Dave.

              Harley, I need a new hose. Look at this thing you gave me.

              It's Sunday. I ain't open.

              I'm not asking you to open.

              Just get me a new one.

              No way I'm opening on Sunday.

              I'm a Christian. There'sjust no way I'm opening.

              If I don't have a new hose in my hands in five minutes...

              you're gonna have a Christian burial.

              Got your attention, didn't he?

              Let's go.

              Bye, Harley!

              Nobody stocks parts on that old hunk of junk you drive.

              I'll sell you a new tractor.

              Just get the hose, Harley.

              Harley, as long as you're open on Sunday, I'll pump myself some gas.

              Got the keys?

              Than kyou.

              "Just get the hose, Harley."

              - Nice machine, huh? - It's okay.

              All right, here it is.

              That will be $ .  .

              Forget it. I don't do business on Sunday.

              Thank you, Harley.

              You can plough and listen to your favourite cassette...

              while the air conditioner keeps you cool.

              Why don't you play ball any more?

              - Haven't got time. - There's a game next Sunday.

              Nobody in the valley can touch my fastball.

              Hit a homer!

              Hit a homer, Daddy!

              Ball one.

              Foul! You cheater!

              Come on, Harve.

              Do it again,Joe!

              Ball two!

              I'll talk to him.

              No, I'll talk to him.

              Go get him, Dad!

              You having a little control problem?

              I guess so.

              Relax and get ahold on yourself.

              Try putting one there and see what happens.

              Let's play ball.

              Way to tell him, Dad! All right!

              Come on, Tom!

              Bring it home!

              You're out!


              Daddy hit a homer!

              It stinks in here.

              Mom's not home.

              Is Jessica dead?

              Yes, she is.

              I'm sorry, Beth.

              I tried.

              I should have called the vet...

              but we owe him so much.

              I just couldn't face him.

              I'm sorry.

              Lewis, take her into the house.

              Wait. I have to say good-bye to her.

              I don't know what to do about Sears.

              I sold the quilt.

              I paid the FHA.

              Power company sent a final notice.

              I've got a money order for that.

              I found an old pair of Lewis' sneakers.

              I can give those to Beth.

              But I don't know what to do about Sears.

              Corn will be ready to pick in about    days.

              Can you hold on till then?

              I don't know. We got nothing else to sell...

              but the land.

              Spring. You'd think it would warm up.

              The city seems to get colder and colder every year.

              I guess you noticed it's not so good between Ida and me, huh?

              Now I'm working, I hope things will get better.

              There's the guy- Swick.

              He's the boss. Take your hat off.

              - Next two. - What do you say, Swick?

              Shut up!

              How's it going?

              How's your sister?

              She's fine, just fine.

              This is the fellow I told you about- my cousin Tom.

              - Hi. How are you? - He really needs the work.

              - What can you handle? - Whateveryou got.

              Cut and weld, both oxy and arc.

              I can do layout, I can template, I can braze.

              He's my cousin, and he's good.

              All right. He's on.

              But you fucking better be good.

              You get  .   an hour and a   -hour week.

              Then you get a flop.

              Shut up!

              - Get him on the truck. - Appreciate it.

              - What's a flop? - It's an on-sitejob. Didn't I tell you?

              It's all shut down. It's all gone to hell.

              Stay away from the edge! Get back from the edge!

              What is this?

              It's a strike. We're scabs.

              Okay, boys, party's over.

              Everybody off. Come on. Get off there.

              Come on.

              Come on, boys.

              Let's go. Keep moving.

              Watch where you're going, you asshole!

              - We're taking theirjobs. - It's the onlyjobs there are.

              Everybody, listen up! I'm only gonna say this once.

              The tool shed is down there.

              You get number tags. Don't lose them.

              If you break a tool, you pay for it.

              You ruin the work, you pay for it.

              You get a ten-minute piss break every two hours.

              We'll give you a cot with bedding.

              You eat what's in the canteen.

              No booze and no dope.

              Anybody that wants to leave here...

              you're crossing that picket line on your fucking own.

              Get it? Good.

              Let's go, boys.

              Move it out! You look like a bunch of goddam girls!

              Make sure the cut is real clean, okay?

              Make it real clean. If not, it's my ass.

              - And your ass, too,Jim. - Tom.

              - Nice to meet you,Jim. - What are we making?

              Hell, I don't know. Pipes.

              Boilers for ships. Power plants.

              Sewers to wash away shit.

              All I know is it's work. Get to it.

              Go like that and squeeze.

              Get it up and slide down.

              Go up, slide down, and then squeeze.

              - Good! - Thank you.

              Earth that gave us all this food...

              sun that made it ripe and good...

              dearest earth, dearest sun...

              we'll not forget what you have done.

              Amen. Beth.

              Come on, Beth.



              Come on, Beth.

              Oh, damn.

              Mrs Garvey!

              Help me!


              Help me!

              Mrs Garvey.


              Move this thing.

              Help me move it.

              Move this.

              Move this thing, Bram.

              Damn it! Hit it!

              Hit me!

              Hit me, Bram.

              Be home,Judy.

                Let Tom do the cooking for a few days. You should be off your feet.

                - These should help. - I'll be okay.

                Thanks, Doc.

                Easy. Take it easy.


                - I'm gonna say it. - I don't want to hear it.

                I can't stop thinking about you.

                I try. I try, but I can't help myself.

                It's too late.

                You chose Emily.

                I chose Tom.

                It's too late.

                Lives can change.

                Lives can change. I can make them change, easy.

                This kind of life is over. Can't you see that?

                Old Man Leutz isn't going to be around forever.

                Think about what that could mean to your kids.

                Life doesn't have to be so hard.

                That's my kids.

                Go home,Joe.

                Please, go home.

                Did you get her?

                Yeah. I just talked to her.

                She don't sound good.

                This your first one?

                What month is she in?


                I don't like her working the farm alone.

                Don't worry, kid. It'll all go smooth as silk.

                - Can we get music out of this box? - Keep your hands off that.

                - I'm waiting on the weather. - You going on a picnic?

                He's a farmer.

                Working in this shithole, he can't be doing so good.


                It smells like something crawled up in you and died!

                Maybe it's your mama.

                I gotta get me some air.

                Hey, farmer, you into air, ain't you?

                Come on, Baines.

                How come you all grow all that food and people are still hungry?

                I don't know. There's something wrong somewhere.

                You're a farmer, ain't you?

                I got no answers.

                I don't get it,Jim.

                Look at this!

                - How much you weigh,Jim? - I don't know.


                - What about you? How much you weigh? -     .

                You mothers are staring at...

                    pounds of USDA prime nigger.

                How about you, kid?

                How much you weigh?

                I don't know.

                Hey, where you going?

                I'm going home.

                Dumb bastard.

                - Get back here. - Hey! Baines!

                Get back over here!

                Scab son ofa bitch!

                Get him, Rick!

                Stinking scab!

                Take myjob!

                - I'll kill you! - Take myjob!

                Roy, come on. Let's get out of here.

                I'll kill you!

                Don't, Truck!

                Stop! Stop it!

                Stop! You'll kill him!


                Let's go.

                Come on, mothers! Get up!

                - You okay? - Terrific.

                Crazy friggin' farmers.

                You all right, kid?




                Mommy, Daddy's on the telephone!


                Daddy's on the phone!



                - How is he? - We are.

                How is he?

                He's fine.

                I got it into my head that...

                maybe you and the kids could come up here next weekend.

                I'll send the bus tickets to you.

                Mom, what is it?

                We're going to the city to see your daddy.

                All right, everybody, listen up.

                You meet this truck Sunday at midnight.

                Now, if you don't show, you don't get back in.

                Take them out through the dump.


                They've been in there all summer. Everybody's hungry.


                Whitetail are getting pushed out.

                When's hunting season start?

                Two adults.

                Four adults and two child--

                five adults and one child.

                Two adults.


                Me and Roy's going deer hunting. We'd like you to come with us.

                I can? Really?

                I said yes.

                Beth, did you hear?

                Dad and Roy's taking me hunting.


                After the show, the kids can stay with Ida and Roy.

                I'm sorry.

                I can't.

                Maybe I want you too bad.

                I know. Me too.

                The snore that ate Birmingham.

                You should hear the barracks at  :   in the morning.

                Sounds like a damn sawmill.

                - The crops okay? - They're fine.

                Can you do all of it?

                I can handle it.

                Nothing wrong?

                Wade been around?


                You don't always tell me everything.

                You want me to make something up?

                We've got weevils in the corn.

                You don't always tell me everything either.

                The plant is...

                noisy- the noise.

                It's hot.

                It's hard to breathe.

                When I go out for air, I see the strikers.

                Even if you can't see them, you know that they're there.

                I can't sleep.

                If you sleep, you dream.

                I dreamt about the river last night.

                Only it wasn't a river.

                It was a big snake.

                I couldn't find the head or the tail of it.

                It had me wrapped up so tight...

                I just couldn't breathe.

                What's this?

                The machinery's hot.

                And this?

                People aren't so neighbourly in there.

                I know what this is. I gave it to you.

                Some nights I miss you so bad.

                I ache for you so bad.

                Look at that deer.

                Hey! Look at that!

                It's a deer!

                - What the hell? - Hey, it's a goddam deer.


                - Get him in! - Lock it up!

                All right, everybody, listen up.

                Pick up your money at the window.

                I want you all out of here in one hour.

                All of you.

                The strike is over.

                It's settled. The strike is over.

                All right. Move it out.

                Come on, boys. The party's over.

                Keep moving. Keep walking.

                Come on. Speed it up.

                Come on. Don't start bunching up.

                Damn it, didn't you hear what I said? I said keep moving!

                - Where are the trucks? - There's no trucks.

                As part of their deal, you've got to walk out of here.

                Hold it down, goddam it! I said there's no trucks.

                You heard me. There are no trucks. It's part of their deal.

                - You no-good pimp! - You've got to walk out of here.

                Open the gate!

                Goddam scabs, get out of here.


                Go home, scabs!

                - Go home where you belong! - Get out of here!

                You dirty scabs! Go home!

                Go home, scabs! Go home!

                You scum.


                Mom! Beth! Dad's home!

                Hey, boy!


                - Look at this. - Come see it.

                That's a good crop.

                I'm proud of you. All of you. Come here.

                They're finished kissing now.

                Now they'rejust talking.

                Daddy said a lady spit on him.

                Are daddies allowed to cry?

                - Want to sleep with me? - Yeah.

                Lie down.

                It's still pretty wet, Tom. It ain't ready.

                - What are you talking about? - It ain't ready.

                - Feel it. It's dry. - I don't want to argue.

                You should have planted it sooner.

                The flood held us up, but it's dry.

                - Lord, I hear fiddle music. - We got a contract.

                If the corn's no good, neither is the contract.

                It'll cost us to dry this out.

                I'll give you  .  .

                Take it or leave it.

                It cost more than that to grow it!

                Next time you got a crop to raise...

                don't leave it to a pretty little thing.

                - Where's Wade? - He ought to be inside.

                You seen Wade? Where is he?

                - Excuse me. - Where's Wade?

                - You have to see Mr Stanley. - I already saw him. It's Wade's turn.

                Come to my desk. We'll make an appointment.

                You can't go in there.

                Wade, tell me that corn's no good.

                We're in a meeting.

                Don't send some flunky to do me in. Have the guts to do it yourself.

                I want to hear it from you.

                Gentlemen, I'll be right back.

                Okay, bonehead, you want it, you got it.

                Go on. Take a look at the future.

                You're going to flood the valley?

                That's right.

                My people are buried there. So are yours.

                Yeah, but I need that water, everybody needs work...

                and you're in the way.

                What are you hanging on for, Tom?

                Your kids? Mae?

                She deserves a lot better.

                I don't buy it.

                And I ain't leaving, except in a box.

                Mommy, will you dry my hair?

                This towel's wet. Get me a dry one.

                Another cold front building in the plains.

                lt looks to bestrong, asit spreads thunderstorms, hail...

                and high winds through the high plains.

                This moisture, with the already soggy ground...

                will increase chances of flooding in local areas.

                Mom, we're going to get rocks for the levee.

                Wait, honey. I'm fixing sandwiches.

                - There's no time. - Lewis, you missed lunch.

                You got to eat, and so does your father.

                Hurry. I'll get in trouble.

                Put them under your coat!

                Damn it!

                Lewis, get me the other ratchet set.

                Beth, come and hold the light.

                I have to stay here with Alice. She's sad.

                Beth. Bring the stool with you.

                Hold it there, will you?

                What are you doing? Hold it, and don't move a damn muscle, all right?

                Just hold it there. Don't move.

                You hold it there.

                Don't move a damn muscle.

                - I need to talk to you, Tom. - Lewis! Wake Lewis up.

                - I need to talk to you, Tom. - Not now. Lewis, get up!

                He'sjust a kid. You're pushing him too hard.

                He'sjust a kid. What's the matter with you?

                What's the matter with you? Get in the cab.

                - I'm not letting you do this. - Ifwe don't stop the river...

                - it will finish us. - Let it end.

                Let it finish us before you do.

                I can't live like this any more.

                Then clear the hell out and go live in a fancy house with Joe Wade then!

                Go outside.

                I don't want to live with Joe Wade.

                I want to live with you, but you can't hold back the river.

                Why won't you get any help?

                I don't need any help.

                You don't need anybody, do you?

                Nobody needs anybody else.

                You stupid, goddam farmer!

                Fill me a pile of them. Make them lighter.

                It's only getting worse.

                See the flood line?

                - They ain't going to make it. - Well, they might.

                They just might.

                Come on over here a minute! Listen up!

                Come on over and listen up!

                Come on over! Listen up!

                I got some work.

                Listen up here!

                I know you're cold, wet, and hungry...

                and your unemployment and welfare's run out...

                and you're looking for something to happen!

                I need a lot of good men who can handle a pick and shovel...

                who ain't afraid to work outside in this weather.

                Who wants to work for $    a day?

                It stopped!

                We did it!

                Lewis, go and get my shotgun.

                Get off my land.

                I'll give you all one last chance!

                      more to each of you!

                You can harvest your crops.

                I'll give you what we contracted for.

                But then you got to clear out.

                I want your answers now.

                Okay, boys. Tear it down.


                Get off the levee!

                Hold on! You don't get paid if you run.

                He won't shoot anybody.

                Get down!


                What the hell are you doing up there? I damn near killed you.

                They took my farm.

                I don't want to shoot you, but I'll do it.

                You're on the wrong side.

                We've been on the wrong side before.

                Tell them.

                What are you doing his dirty work for?

                I'm hungry.

                We're all hungry.

                Come on, goddam it!

                Do what I'm paying you for!

                Don't tear me down.

                All I got is what's growing in these fields.

                Look out!

                My God! We did it!

                Sooner or later, there's going to be too much rain...

                or too much drought...

                or too much corn.

                I can wait.

                Lewis, are we going to get rich now?

                - Don't be dumb. - Who are you calling dumb?

                I bet we get a million dollars for all this corn.

                Dad! Beth says we're going to get...

                a million dollars for all this corn.



Special help by SergeiK