Road House Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Road House script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Patrick Swayze movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Road House. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Road House Script

           (man)  She's run out of money 

             She's run out of love 

             One more chance, she said 

             lf you love me, baby, pay the rent 

             Don't throw stones You don't know 

             lt's not what you say lt's what you do 

             Don't throw stones 

            Go ahead.

             Twice as bad a break 

             If you Iove me, buy me a big TV 

             You good-for-nothing, Iazy chiId 

             Don't throw stones You don't know 

             It's not what you say It's what you do 

             Don't throw stones 

             Don't throw stones You don't know 

            How about some goId pIastic?

            (glass smashes)

            "(woman)" You asshoIe! What do you take me for?

            Hey, get the fuck away from him.

            Let go, dammit! Let fucking go!

            It's time for you gentIemen to Ieave.

            It's all right. We were just having a IittIe fun.

            It's OK. I'm sorry.

            (shocked gasps)

            OK, DaIton, I've aIways wanted to try you.

            I think I can take you.


            OK. So here we are, Iet's go.

            - Come on, hotshot. - Come on! Come on, Iet's do it.

            - Dirtball, where you going? - Moose-Iips, get back here!

            - Dickhead! - What are you, the Seven Dwarfs?

             Don't throw stones You don't know 

             It's not what you say It's what you do 

             Don't throw your stones 

             Don't throw stones You don't know 

            Can I taIk to you for a minute?

            Name's DaIton, right?

            I don't know you.

            My name is TiIghman.

            Frank TiIghman.

            I have a IittIe cIub outside Kansas City called the DoubIe Deuce.

            It used to be a sweet deaI.

            Now it's the kind of pIace that they sweep up the eyeballs after cIosing.

            Anyway, I've come into a IittIe bit of money.

            I'd Iike to make a better Iife for myseIf.

            I need somebody to heIp me cIean the pIace up.

            I need the best.

            - Wade Garrett's the best. - Wade Garrett's getting oId.

            - He's still the best. - I want you.

            $     up front. $    a night, cash. You pay all medicaI expenses.

            I can Iive with that.

            I run the show... compIeteIy.

            - When the job's done, I waIk. - I've got your pIane ticket right here.

            I don't fIy.

            Too dangerous.

            - Well, when do I expect you... - Don't. I'll get there.

            - DaIton, you all right? - It's just a scratch.

            By the way, Oscar, Bandstand's all yours.

            - What's that supposed to mean? - I'm outta here.


            You know, I thought you'd be...



            - What do I Iook Iike, a vaIet? - Keep it. It's yours.


              ( ''On the Road Again'' by The Jeff Healey Band )

               Well, l'm so tired of cryin' But l'm out on the road again 

               l'm on the road again 

               l said l'm so tired of cryin' But l'm out on the road again 

               l'm on the road again... 

              Oh, a Mercedes!


              Hey, hotshot,...

              ..what's wrong with Detroit cars?

              Don't come back, peckerhead.

              (rowdy shouting)

              "(man)" Bring on the reaI band!

               Take a tip from me, baby, pIease 

               Don't you cry no more 

               Don't you cry no more 

               But I ain't goin' down that Iong, oId Ionesome road 

               All by myseIf 

              Son of a bitch! 

              Yo, Steve. 

              Fuck 'em. They're brothers.

              You're ripping my best fuckin' shirt.

              You know, I get off at two,...

              ..and I'd just Iove to get you off about a haIf an hour after that.

              By God, you're a put-together woman.

              Ladies first, asshoIe.

              Hey! Hey, baby, come and have fun with us a IittIe whiIe.

              Damn it. MongreI!

              Oh, Jesus, not here. Follow me to the bathroom.

              I need a drink.

                ,      .

              - Vodka rocks. - You got it, baby.

              Hey, vodka rocks.

              What do you say you and me get nippIe to nippIe?

              I can do that without you.


              Get him out of here - now.

              Come on, man. Get your hands off me.

              You're not drinking. You're outta here.

              Hey! Don't Iet him bother you.

              Morgan was born an asshoIe and just grew bigger.

              I'm Carrie Ann.

              If you need anything - anything - you just Iet me know.

              You got a name?


              Well? What is it?


              Oh, my God.

              Shit. I heard of you.

              "(bangs bar)" Carrie Ann! What are you waiting for? Christmas?

              - Move! - Oh, shut up. I'm goin'.

              Jesus Christ.

              - Get him out of here. - Let's go, SIeeping Beauty.

              Come on, move it.

              Come on. What do you think this is, a rest home?

              All right, y'all, we'll be back in ten. We gotta drain the main vein. Stick around.

              Hey, you're paid to pIay. PIay.


              ( ''Runaround Sue'' plays on jukebox )

              - Thanks, man. - You pIay good for a bIind, white boy.

              Yeah, and I thought you'd be bigger.

              - DaIton, how ya doin'? It's good to see ya. - Same here, man.

              The boys and I heard you were coming into town.

              Man, this toiIet is worse than the one we worked in Dayton.


              Oh, man! It's a mean scene around here, man.

              There's bIood on the fIoor every night.

              - Hank, you know who that is? - Who?


               Gonna tell Aunt Mary about UncIe John 

               He says he's got the bIues, but he has a Iotta fun 

               Oh, baby 

               Ye-e-eah, baby 

               Woo-oo-ooh, baby... 

              That guy at the end of the bar is fucking DaIton, man.

              He killed a guy once.

              Ripped his throat right out.


              - What ya need, buddy? - Coffee, bIack.

              Ever seen a better pair of attitudes?

              Fine, ain't they?

              I'll tell you what, for    bucks,...

              - can kiss 'em. - Are you kidding?

              Ten a kiss. Here and now.

              Go ahead. Do it, go on.

              - Go on. - Come on. Come on.

              Ten a kiss. Go ahead.


              Hey, buddy, what are you doin'? Are you gonna kiss 'em or not?

              - I can't. - What do you mean, you can't?

              I ain't got    bucks.

              What? You...!

              - Oh, shit. - Fight!

              Break it up!

              (glass shattering)

              You son of a bitch!



               Havin' us some fun tonight 

              Fuck. Anybody got a mirror?

              Aw, shit.

              Hey, how'd you Iike to tell us what the fuck's goin' on?

              - You gonna heIp us out or not? - I'll Iet you know.

              I heard you had balls big enough to come in a dump truck, but...

     don't Iook Iike much to me.

              Opinions vary.

              Cody. Later.

              - All right, man. You take care. - See you guys.

              This DaIton, what's his story?

              The story is you fuck with him and he'll seaI your fate.

              Yeah? So far he hasn't shown me shit.

              She's a runner.

              (woman on tannoy) You have a customer on line two.

              - These work? - Sure do.

              Jimmy, you have a customer waiting for you on the lot.

              Jimmy, you have a customer on the lot.

              I'll take it.


              You the one who's got a room to rent?

              Hm. Come on.

              - You honest? - Yes, sir.

              You expect me to beIieve that?

              No, sir.

              (helicopter engine)


              I swear he does that just to piss me off.

              - Who does? - Brad WesIey.

              - Hello, bay. - Like horses, do you?

              - If they Iike me. - You wouIdn't steaI 'em, wouId you?

              No, sir.

              Calling me sir is Iike putting an eIevator in an outhouse - don't beIong.

              - I'm Emmet. - I'm DaIton.

              So what do you think?

              Well, I'll take it.

              Must've been    peopIe Iook at that room this past year.

              No phone, no teIevision, no conditioned air,...

     toIerance for the fragrance of nature.

              Nobody wanted it. How come you do?

              You're just too persuasive for me, I guess.

              It ain't the money, but if I don't charge you,...

              ..the Presbyterians are IikeIy to pray for my ruination.

              How does $    a month strike you?

              - Fine. - You can afford that much?

              If it keeps you in the Church's good graces.

              Ain't it pecuIiar how money seems to do that very thing?

              Now, this. This is the new DoubIe Deuce.

              I've put a Iot of money and time into this.

              And to protect my investment, I've hired the best damn cooIer in the business.

              From now on he's in charge of all the bar business. What he says goes.


              - Morgan, you're out of here. - What the fuck you taIking about?

              You don't have the right temperament.

              - You asshoIe! What am I supposed to do? - There's aIways barber college.

              (derisive laughter)

              You're a dead man.

              You're out, too. We're selling booze here, not drugs.

              Thank you.

              Anybody eIse here deaIing?

              I'm telling you straight.

              It's my way or the highway.

              So anybody wants to waIk, do it now.

              All right.

              PeopIe who really wanna have a good time won't come to a sIaughterhouse.

              And we've got entireIy too many troubIemakers here.

              Too many   -year-oId adoIescents, feIons, power drinkers...

              ..and trustees of modern chemistry.

              It's going to change.

              Man, that sure sounds good.

              But a Iot of the guys who come in here, we can't handIe one-on-one.

              - Even two-on-one. - Don't worry about it.

              All you have to do is follow three simpIe ruIes.

              One: never underestimate your opponent.

              Expect the unexpected.

              Two: take it outside.

              Never start anything inside the bar unIess it's absoIuteIy necessary.

              And three: be nice.

              Come on.

              If somebody gets in your face and calls you a cocksucker, I want you to be nice.


              Ask him to waIk, be nice.

              If he won't waIk, waIk him. But be nice.

              If you can't waIk him, one of the others will heIp you.

              And you'll both be nice.

              I want you to remember that it's a job.

              - It's nothing personaI. - Uh-huh.

              Being called a cocksucker isn't personaI?

              No. It's two nouns combined to eIicit a prescribed response.

              What if somebody calls my mama a whore?

              Is she?


              I want you to be nice...

              ..untiI it's time to not be nice.

              Well, how're we supposed to know when that is?

              You won't. I'll Iet you know.

              You are the bouncers. I am the cooIer.

              All you have to do is watch my back and each others'.

              Take out the trash.

              One, two, three      comin' outta the sky 

               Won't you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride? 

               I wanna move 

               PIay in a travellin' band 

               Well, I'm fIyin' across the Iand Tryin' to get a hand 

               PIayin' in a travellin' band 

              - This is a Sears credit card. - BeverIy, Agnes.

              - Hi, Steve. - It's OK. They're friends of mine.

              - But DaIton said... - Trust me. This way, girIs.

              - Leaded or unIeaded? - Leaded.

              - "(glass smashes)" - "(woman)" Hey!


              Hank. Hank!

              - Come on, darIin'! - Hey, paI, get her down. What d'you say?

              I say Iet her dance.


              Wa-hoo! Come on, baby!

              Hey, Iook, paI, we don't...

              - Come on, motherfucker. - Stay back!

              Come on, motherfucker.

              Escort this gentIeman to the door.

              - Did you see that shit? - Yeah.

              "(woman)" Who is that guy?

              He is good. He is reaI good.

              The name is DaIton.

              (applause and cheering)

              Oh, yeah! You're gonna be my reguIar Saturday-night thing, baby.

              Oh, yeah. I've been thinkin' about you.


              Yo, Steve.

              You're history.

              But I'm on my break.

              Stay on it.


              You got quite a IittIe enterprise going here.


              You go through a bottIe every    minutes, you skim the till for six shots a bottIe.

              On drafts, one every ten.

              I figure he's costing you about $    a night.


              So consider it severance pay. Take the train.

              I didn't hear you say that.

              Well, I'm sayin' it now.

              You sure?

              Get out.

              Well, it was a good night. Nobody died.

              It'll get worse before it gets better.

              ( ''Blue Monday'' by Bob Seger )

              I Iove this guy. Isn't he cute?



              Hey, DaIton.


              Morning. I... brought you some breakfast.

              Oh, shit.

              So, how'd you find me?

              Oh, I... It wasn't too hard. I mean... You know what I... mean.

              What did you do there Iast night?

              - What do you mean? - Well, you fired the bartender, Pat.

              - He was skimming. - You shouId not have done that, DaIton.

              - Yeah? Why's that? - You just shouIdn't have, that's all.

              Here you go.


              Oh, thank you.

              "(giggles)" Oh, my God!

              - What is the joke? - Well, there's no joke.

              I just think I'm Iookin' at a dead man, though.

              It seems everywhere I go I hear that same joke.

              Yeah? Well, something tells me you bring it on yourseIf.

              ( ''Sh-Boom'' by The Crew Cuts on radio )

              "(sings along) " Oh, Iife couId be a dream 

               If I couId take you up in paradise up above 

               If you wouId tell me I'm the onIy one that you Iove 

               Life couId be a dream, sweetheart 

               Every time I Iook at you 

               Something is on my mind 

               If you do what I want you to 

               Baby, we'd be so fine 

               Sh-boom, sh-boom 

               Sh-boom, sh-boom 

               Ya-da-da, da-da-da, sh-boom! 

              A new windshieId will cost you more than that oId beater's worth.

              My advice wouId be scrap her.

              Well, I Iike her, so order me one, wouId you?

              It'll take a few days. AeriaI I can get you now.


              - You the boy from the DoubIe Deuce? - Yes, sir.

              Yeah... Well, I kinda figured you'd be by.

              You wanna put in a standing order now?

              No, I'll pay as I go.

              - DaIton. - Red Webster.

              - How Iong you gonna be in town? - Not very Iong.

              That's what I said    years ago.

              - Really? What happened? - I got married, to an ugIy woman.

              Don't ever do that. It just takes the energy right out of you.

              She Ieft me, though.

              Found somebody even ugIier than she was.

              That's Iife. Who can expIain it?

              Oh, that's $ .

              - So, why'd you stay on? - Oh, I fell for the pIace.

              (bell rings)

              - Hello, Brad. - Red.

              - Brad WesIey. - DaIton.

              He's working at the DoubIe Deuce.

              Oh, terrific. Hope you're gonna cIean that pIace up. Bad eIement over there.

              Well, anything I can do for you...

              Thanks, Red.

              Well, Red.

              BeautifuI day, isn't it?


               PeopIe preach to me about Iove... 

              - ProbIem? - There's no probIem.

              Just a IittIe mistake, that's all.

              What's that?

              My job.

              - You don't get it, do you? - Why don't you expIain it to me?

              - I'll expIain it to you! - Hey, shut up, shithead.

              Mr TiIghman has changed his mind. And that's all you need to know, son.

              No, I'm gonna have to know a IittIe bit more than that.

              Mr TiIghman may own this bar,...

              ..but the Iiquor he serves is suppIied to him by Brad WesIey.

              Now, Pat McGurn is in the empIoy of Mr WesIey - his uncIe - not Mr TiIghman.

              You see, I'm stayin' and you're goin'!

              - Oh, really? - That's right.

              - Sit down! - Come on, DaIton. You and me right now.

              Right now!

              What's the matter, you chicken dick? What are you afraid of? Me?

              Is that it, DaIton? You scared to fight me?

              Big, bad DaIton.

              What, you wanna kiss and make up?


              Jesus Christ!


              - Stand him up, stand him up. - Get up, you fuck! Get up!

              Get up! Hey, get up!

              Get up! Motherfucker!

              You're outta here, paI.

              Hi. I'm Dr CIay.


              - How'd this happen? - NaturaI causes.

              - Looks Iike a knife wound. - Like I said.

              - You're a bouncer. - Mm-hm. DoubIe Deuce.

              Nice pIace. They send a Iot of business my way.

              - I'm hoping to change that. - All by yourseIf?

              Well, Mr DaIton, you may add nine stapIes to your dossier of    broken bones,...

              ..two bullet wounds, nine puncture wounds and four steeI screws.

              That's an estimate, of course.

              - I'll give you a IocaI. - No, thank you.

              - Do you enjoy pain? - Pain don't hurt.

              Most of my patients wouId disagree with you.


              D'you aIways carry your medicaI records with you?

              Saves time.

              Your fiIe says you've got a degree from NYU. What in?


              - Any particuIar discipIine? - No, not really.

              Um, man's search for faith. That sort of shit.

              - Come up with any answers? - "(chuckles)" Not too many.

              How's a guy Iike you end up a bouncer?

              Just Iucky, I guess.

              Nice work. Good, cIean stitches.

              Thank you.

              Do you ever win a fight?

              Nobody ever wins a fight.

              - There you go. - Thanks.

              Listen, uh...

              If you'd Iike to stop by the DoubIe Deuce sometime, I can buy you a coffee if you...

              Happen to be in the neighbourhood, huh?


              You know, for that Iine of work, I thought you'd be bigger.

              Gee, I've never heard that before.

              Did I expIain it wrong?

              - Is that it? - No, boss, you didn't.

              Pat's got a weak constitution.

              You boys know that. That's why he's working as a bartender.

              He's my onIy sister's son, and if he doesn't have me, who's he got?

              And if I'm not there, you're there.

              I shouId have Iet you go, Jimmy.

              Well, one of you boys owes me an apoIogy.

              Now I Ieave it up to you to decide which one of you wants to say ''I'm sorry.''

              - I'm sorry, boss. - I'm sorry, boss.

              I beIieve you, Tinker.

              But you, O'Connor, somehow I don't beIieve you.

              Now try it again. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a man who's untruthfuI.

              - I'm sorry, boss. - I hate a man who can't admit he's wrong.

              - I swear to God, boss, I'm sorry. - You disgust me. Wanna know why?

              No, why, boss?

              Cos you're a bIeeder. You bIeed too much.

              - You are a messy bIeeder. - Argh!

              You're weak. You got no endurance for pain.

              Now, come on. Get up.

              Hey, you'll be fine. Come on.

              Well, heIp him up!

              You're gonna be fine.

              And you know why? Because I Iike you.

              Get this piece-of-shit coward out of here.

              - Work ain't work when you're havin' fun. - Life is good.



              - Red! - Yeah?

              What happened? Did you get robbed?

              Every week.

              So what does he take?

              - Who? - Brad WesIey.

              Ten per cent - to start.

              Oh, it's all IegaI Iike. He formed the Jasper Improvement Society.

              All the businesses in town beIong to it.

              Everybody pay?

              Does a hobbyhorse have a wooden dick?


              ( ''Mustang Sally'' )

              "(man screams)" Charge!

              - Come back here. - Take it easy, Rambo.

              I know you wanna save the worId from commies, but do it from down here, man.

              - Squirt him. - Hose him down.

              CooI him off.

              - Garrett! - Yo!

              Some guy name of DaIton.

              - What's going on, "mijo?" - Hey, hey. How you doin', buddy?

              Shit! Hell, kid, I'm in hog heaven.

              If I was doin' any better I couIdn't Iive with myseIf. And you?

              - I'm all right. - "You oughta be, all that money you make."

              - What's going on down in Jasper? - Oh, you know. New town, same story.

              Um, Iisten.

              You ever heard of a guy named Brad WesIey?

              No, can't say that I have. You having troubIe?

              Oh, you know. Nothing I'm not used to.

              But it's amazing what you can get used to, huh?

              Yeah, tell me about it.

              This pIace has a sign over the urinaI that says ''Don't eat the big, white mint.''

              - Stay cooI, kid. - Right.

              Gotta go. I'll see ya.


              ( ''Knock on Wood'' )

               Ooh! I don't wanna Iose the good thing 

               That I got 

               Cos if I did, I wouId sureIy 

               SureIy Iose a Iot 

               For your Iove is better... 

              Why won't you Iook me in the eye?

              I'm shy.

              WouId you be shocked if I said ''Let's go to my pIace and fuck''?

              Ain't gonna kill you.

              You know, you might even Iike it.

              Say good night, Denise.

              Bastard! Let go!



               The way you Iove me is frightening 

               I think I better knock on wood... 

              - I didn't know she couId sing. - "(door opens, footsteps)"

              Right boot.

              Got it.

              - Sorry, we're cIosed. - Then what are these peopIe doin' here?

              Drinking and having a good time.

              That's why we're here.

              You're too stupid to have a good time.

              (groans in pain)

              Go on, DaIton. Kick his ass!

              "(Carrie)" All right! Yeah!

              Son of a bitch!

              Give me the biggest guy in the worId, you smash his knee, he'll drop Iike a stone.

              - "(man)" Damn good fight. - "(engine revs, tyres screech)"

              - Hi. - Hi.

              - So, you Iooking for somebody? - You.

              Are you aIways better than they are?

              - Pretty much. - Never been put down?

              No. Not really.

              How do you expIain that?

              Those Iooking for troubIe are not much of a probIem to someone ready for them.

              - I suspect it's aIways been that way. - "(creaking)"

              Somebody has to do it.

              Somebody's gotta pay somebody to do it.

              Might as well be you.

              I'd better take you home.

              If I keep taIking, you're gonna go off thinking I'm a nice guy.

              I know you're not a nice guy.

              Pretty soon I'm gonna have to start charging that bum rent.

              Tonight's rent.

              (man burps)

              - Your fan cIub? - They are devoted.

              You Iive some kind of Iife, DaIton.

              Too ugIy for you.

              I didn't say that.

              - See ya. - Bye.

              We've been Iooking all over for you.

              Mr WesIey wants to see you.

              Let's go.

              After you.

              ( pop music )

              Hey, DaIton. Have a BIoody Mary?

              - Some breakfast? - No, thank you.

              Suit yourseIf.

              Will you shut that shit off?!

              - "(music stops)" - I can't Iisten to that crap. It has no heart.

              - My grandfather. - Looks Iike an important man.

              He was an asshoIe.

              But you, you're a smart boy, aren't you, DaIton?

              You're just not too reaIistic.

              Christ, I'm just Iike you. I came up the hard way, from the streets of Chicago.

              When I came to this town after Korea there was nothing.

              I brought the mall here. I got the  -EIeven. I got the Photomat here.

              Christ, JC Penney is coming here because of me. You ask anybody, they'll tell you.

              You've gotten rich off the peopIe in this town.

              You bet your ass I have. And I'm gonna get richer.

              I beIieve we all have a purpose on this earth.

              A destiny. I have a faith in that destiny.

              It tells me to gather unto me what is mine.

              But, Christ, you get paid for beating peopIe up. Tell me you don't Iove it.

              Of course you do. You wouIdn't be human if you didn't.


              I have a cousin in Memphis. Tells me you killed a man down there.

              Tells me you said it was seIf-defence at the triaI.

              But you and I know that isn't so, don't we?

              ReIax. ReIax.

              Tell me,...

              ..if I owned a bar and wanted to cIean it up,...

     much wouId it take to get you to come work for me?

              There's no amount of money.

              (Cody)  Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel 

              All right, we're here!

               Back at the roadhouse They got some bungaIows 

               Said back at the roadhouse They got some bungaIows... 

               And that's for the peopIe who Iike to get down sIow 

               Let it roll, baby, roll 

               Let it roll, baby, roll 

              -  Let it roll, baby, roll - Thanks. 

               Let it roll 

               All night Iong 

              Good to see you.

              Ernie, what's the story?

              Whisky's running Iow.

              I finally get this pIace just the way I want it, and now we're running out of booze.

              I've called every suppIier I know.

              Why won't they deIiver?

              WesIey. Ernie, give me the phone.

              I'll take care of it.


              - I hear you're the new marshaI in town. - You heard wrong.


              Dig a hoIe.

              This is your pIace?

              Up there.

              It's quiet and the horses Iet me know if anybody comes around.

              I Iove it.

              ( rock music )

              (Otis Ridding)  These arms of 


               They are lonely 

               Lonely and feeling blue... 

              I saw your picture in Red Webster's pIace.

              He's my uncIe.

              Nice oId guy.

              Yeah. He raised me after my parents died. That's why I came back here.

              Now we take care of each other.

              So how come you never got married?

              I did.

              - What happened? - It didn't work.


              Guess I picked the wrong guy.

               These arms of mine 

               They are burning 

               Yearning from wanting you 

               And if you 

               Would let them hold you 

               Oh, l'll breathe, oh, l will be 

               These arms of mine 

               They are burning 

               Burning from wanting you 

               These arms of mine 

               They are wanting 

               Wanting to hold you 

               And if you 

               Would let them hold you 

               Oh, l'll breathe, oh, l will be 

               Come on, come on, baby 

               Just be my little woman  

               Just be my lover 

               Oh, l need me somebody 

               Somebody to treat me right 

               l need your arms 

               Lovin' arms to hold me tight 

               And l, l, l need 

               l need your 

               l need your tender lips 


              LittIe Rock.

              You're gonna have a Iot of pain when you get oIder.

              You couId be crippIed if you don't sIow down.

              Yeah, that's what they say.

              - You aIready know that? - No. I just said ''That's what they say.''

              Where are you gonna go from here?

              I don't know.

              You couId stay, DaIton. If you wanted to.

              I don't think so.

              Hang on.

              - You got a woman up there with you? - That's right.

              Don't give me no Iip, Lord.

              - Where did she get to? - She'll be back.

              If you're smart, you'd pitch your tent.

              "(laughs)" Sometimes I'm not as smart as I'd Iike to be.

              You never know, son. Maybe she'll be smart enough for both of you.

              Thanks, Ernie.

              - Hiya, DaI. - Hi, honey.

              - Hey, there he is. - Hey. What's up?

              - Hey, Cody. - Hey, bro. What's going down?

              Not too much.

              That's not what I hear.

              The word is that you've been spending time with EIizabeth CIay.

              - So? - Know who had a thing for EIizabeth?

              Brad WesIey.

              Now, as I hear it, she Ieft town and he went nuts.

              It's a small town, DaIton.


              The truck's here.


              Of course, that's just the word.

              - Thanks. - No probIem.

              The DoubIe Deuce.

              Hey, hey!

              Put 'em back. This bar is cIosed for business.

              It's OK, Jim. Take a break.

              Can I buy you guys a drink?

              Guess not.

              You got a skinny IittIe runt named DaIton working here?

              Yeah. He's out the back.

               I know you.

                Pour me a beer, will you? I'll be back.

                How d'you Iike that, Kung Fu?

                How's it going, "mijo?"

                Mind your own business, Dad.

                Do you wanna fight, dickIess?

                I sure ain't gonna show you my dick.

                Oh, shit!

                Goddamn, that hurts, doesn't it?

                Hey, there's a fight out back!


                - Hey, I had it under controI. - Yeah, I knew that.

                - GIad to see you. - Good to see you.

                - Who is that guy? - GentIemen, Wade Garrett.

                - HoIy shit. - ExactIy right.

                Morgan, nice to see ya.

                Where in the fuck are we going now?

                I got somebody I want you to meet.


                - I thought you said you were all right. - I'm fine.

                I fucking knew it.




                Got bIindsided by a bottIe of Jack DanieI's.

                Fucking around somewhere I shouIdn't have been at the time. I was very drunk.

                Kid here got his head cracked.

                You got the scar.

                Oh, I'll show you a scar. I'll show you one I'm reaI sentimentaI about, Doc.

                - A woman? - Boy, was she!

                - I feeI Iike dancing. Like to dance, Doc? - Yeah.

                - What time is it? - Daytime.

                Good. Then some other pIace has gotta be open. Let's go.

                Take this Iady somepIace where it's a IittIe more romantic. Let's go.

                - He's serious. - Come on.

                Well, we'd better go.

                There you are.

                ( ''All My Ex's Live in Texas'' by George Strait plays on jukebox )

                - " All my..." -  My ex's Iive in Texas 


                God, he's great coming out of the gate, but not much for stamina.

                 All my ex's live in Texas 

                 And that's why l hang my hat in Tennessee... 

                This the part where you say how great your friend is?


                This is the part where I tell you I want you for myseIf.

                Uh, yo! Whatever he's saying, you can be fairIy sure it's a Iie.

                 But l'm alive and well in Tennessee 

                Don't bet on it.

                Thanks, Doc.

                Excuse me, gentIemen.

                That gaI's got entireIy too many brains to have an ass Iike that.

                You got your hands full, kid.

                What's the matter?

                Still Iiving in the past, aren't you?

                We're a Iong way from Memphis.

                - Memphis has nothing to do with it. - Bullshit!

                That dog won't hunt.

                I can't beIieve you're still dragging that shit around with you.

                It seems to me you'd be a IittIe more... phiIosophicaI about it.

                And cut it the fuck Ioose.

                You know that fucking cu...

                That "girl..."

                ..never toId you she was married.

                Did she?

                And when a man sticks a gun in your face you got two choices.

                You can die or you can kill the motherfucker.

                Don't mean to bust up the party, but my shift starts in a coupIe of hours.

                - Oh, yeah. - Thought I'd go home, get some sIeep.

                - Aren't you guys tired? - I'll get all the sIeep I need when I die.

                Thanks for the dance.



                DaIton, Red's pIace is on fire!


                Well, with a fire Iike that, nothing they couId do. Nothing. Jack DanieI's.

                Thank you.

                It's Iike a morgue in here. PIay something, EIvis.

                Get those firemen in here. I wanna buy them a drink.

                They risked their Iives to save a no-good draft dodger Iike Red Webster.

                Ask for a IittIe contribution to improve the town, everybody digs deep, except him.

                Of course you can dance, honey.

                EIvis, pIay something with balls.

                ( band starts playing ''Hoochie Coochie Man'' )

                (men whistling and whooping)

                If you're gonna have a pet, keep it on a Ieash.

                You're right. Jimmy!

                Can somebody get a drink around here?


                Come on, oId man.

                (gunshot, screams)

                All right, that's enough.

                This isn't working out, DaIton.

                Let's go, boys.

                Your ass is mine, boy.

                Same town, new story, huh, paI?

                Let's get a beer.

                - "(Red)" I've taIked till I'm bIue in the face. - We couId saIvage the pIace, Red.

                We couId buiId it back up. I'll heIp.

                - Nope. - But you got insurance, don't you?

                For    years I've watched WesIey get richer whiIe everybody eIse got poorer.

                - Can you prove he started the fire? - Who you gonna prove it to?

                He's got the sheriff and the whoIe poIice force in his pocket!

                I can call a friend in SpringfieId who works with the FBI.

                Are you gonna take the stand against him?

                There's onIy one person here you gotta prove anything to. That's WesIey himseIf.

                You scared him Iast night.

                Brad WesIey, he's not afraid of anything, right?

                Well, Iast night that son of a bitch was afraid.

                No, he wasn't.

                DaIton, check this out. WesIey wants to put a IittIe something down on a new car.

                You Iost your faith, Strodenmire.

                That's what it is. It's made you an abuser.

                Well, what are you waiting for, Gary? Drive through there!

                No! No! No!

                HoId it, hoId it, hoId it.


                Oh, my God!


                What the hell is wrong with you, Brad? Have you Iost your mind?

                He's a drifter, you know. To see you wind up with someone Iike that, it's a shame.

                This has nothing to do with him.

                Well, you get him out of here, EIizabeth,...

                ..cos if you don't,...

                ..he's going down.

                And I'm not gonna Iose a second's sIeep about it.


                I never thought you'd turn on me, too.

                This is my town.

                Don't you forget it.

                Let's go, Jimmy.

                You got insurance, don't you?

                Well, amigo.

                You're all fucked up, aren't you?

                Let's crank that thing up and head down the road.

                We can be gone by dawn, never see this pIace again.

                You can Ieave any time you want to.

                Oh, shit, kid.

                Oh, fuck.

                - You don't need this. - Don't tell me what I need!

                If you want to go, go. Get the fuck out of here and Ieave me aIone.

                Yeah, you're right.

                I ought to stop telling you what to do.

                Maybe I ought to kick your ass.

                No, we don't wanna do this.

                I wanna tell you something eIse.

                You taught me as much as I ever taught you.

                I Iove you, "mijo."

                I'll see you.


                - It's a IittIe Iate for a house call. - I came to taIk to you.


                You came to tell me to Ieave.

                I care about you, DaIton. You don't know him.


                I know exactIy who Brad WesIey is. I have seen his kind many times.

                He keeps taking and taking untiI somebody takes him.

                It's obvious nobody here can stand up to him.

                - But you can stop him(?) - Brad WesIey picked me.

                And when he did he fucked up.

                I am onIy good at one thing, Doc. I never Iose.

                But what are you gonna win? Who's this for anyway? Are you doing it for them?

                I don't think so.

                You think you're gonna save these peopIe from WesIey?

                Well, who's gonna save 'em from you?



                Emmet, taIk to me. Are you all right?

                I'd be fine if you'd get off of me.

                (engine roars)

                - Prepare to die. - You are such an asshoIe.

                I used to fuck guys Iike you in prison.

                Damn, boy... I thought you were good.

                Go fuck yourseIf.


                - "(crack)" - Argh! Argh!

                I'm gonna kill you the oId-fashioned way.






                Fuck you!

                (phone ringing)

                - Hello. - "(Wesley) Top of the morning to you."

                Well, here's what's on for today.

                Wade... or EIizabeth?


                One of 'em dies.

                Now, who will it be? Hm?

                You are a sick man.

                Well, I just have to fIip a coin.

                HoId on a second.



                ..I'd sure Iike to tell you how it turned out.


                Garrett. Oh, my God.


                Over here.

                - Are you all right? - Mm-hm.

                There was onIy three of 'em.

                They said I was Iucky.

                I gotta find Doc.

                Let's go.

                Sit the fuck down. Have a beer. I'll be back.


                WesIey wins, man. We're out of here.

                Attaboy, "mijo."

                - Where's Dr CIay? - She's in X-ray.

                (door opens)

                - Get your things. We're out of here. - I'm not going anywhere with you.

                Oh, yes, you are. Let's go. Now!

                Forget it.


                ..the man is crazy.

                And you're not?

                Now, get out of here.

                Yo. Wake the fuck up.

                We're out of here.

                I said one beer, "senor."

                Remember that bIonde? Whew! She couId suck-start a HarIey.

                There he is.

                Get outta here!

                Find that prick.



                TaiIs again.

                I hate this pIace.

                Mr WesIey!

                - You're made for each other. - (creaking)

                I see you found my trophy room, DaIton.

                The onIy thing that's missing... is your ass.

                What's this all about anyway?

                Your friend Wade?

                One oId man?

                That's what I call a mercy killing. I took him out of his misery.

                Now, you're not mad at me about that, are you?

                Hell, you took Jimmy.

                He was in better shape.

                Hell, you took all my boys.

                Now, come on out, DaIton.

                This town is big enough for both of us.

                Let's taIk about this.


                I thought it wouId be fun to fight you, DaIton. I really did.

                But now I just don't have the time.

                (door opens)


                It's over!


                This is "our" town, and don't "you" forget it.

                (distant siren)

                (sirens get closer, tyres screech to a halt)

                - Brad, where are you? - They're in here, Sheriff.

                All right. Who's gonna tell me what the hell happened here?

                I didn't see nothing.

                - You see anything, Pete? - No, I didn't see anything.

                You see anything, Red?

                I didn't see nothing. Not a thing.

                You see anything, Tinker?

                A poIar bear fell on me.

                Ripped By Dvd:  Dino

                 Look out across the fieIds 

                 See me returning 

                 Smoke is in your eyes 

                 You draw a smiIe 

                 From the firepIace 

                 Where my Ietters to you are burning 

                 You've had time to think about it 

                 For a whiIe 

                 Well, I've waIked two hundred miIes 

                 Look me over 

                 It's the end of the chase 

                 And the moon is high 

                 It won't matter who Ioves who 

                 You'll Iove me and I'll Iove you 

                 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 From the sky 

                 I can see through your walls 

                 I can tell that you're hurting 

                 Sorrow covers you up Iike a cape 

                 OnIy yesterday I know that you were fIirting 

                 With disaster 

                 You somehow managed to escape 

                 Well, I can't provide for you no easy answers 

                 Who are you that I shouId have to Iie? 

                 You'll know all about it, Iove 

                 It will fit you Iike a gIove 

                 Hey, hey! 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 From the sky 

                 Hey, yeah, yeah 

                 For all eternity 

                 I think I will remember 

                 That icy wind 

                 That's howIing in your eye 

                 You will see me in good time 

                 In the wasteIand of your mind 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 From the sky 

                 Whoa, yeah!  

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 When the night comes falling 

                 From the sky 





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