Robocop Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Robocop script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Peter Weller movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Robocop. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Robocop Script



This is Media-Break.



You give us three minutes

and we'll give you the world.



Good morning, I'm Casey Wong

with Jess Perkins.



Top story, Pretoria.



The threat of nuclear confrontation

in South Africa escalated today...



...when the military government

of that besieged city-state...



...unveiled a French-made

neutron bomb...



...and affirmed that it would use

it as the city's last line of defense.



The president's first press conference

from the Star Wars Peace Platform...


            off to a shaky start

when power failed...



...causing a period of weightlessness

for the president and his staff.



We'll be back in a moment.



Is it time for that operation?



This may be the most important

decision of your life.



So come down and talk to one of our

qualified surgeons...


            the Family Heart Center.



We feature the complete line

of hearts by Jensen and Yamaha.



You pick the heart.



Extended warranties. Financing.



Qualifies for health tax credit.



And remember, we care.



Three dead police officers,

one critically injured.



Police leaders blame

Omni Consumer Products, OCP...



...the firm which recently agreed

with the city to fund and run...



...the Detroit Metro

Police Department.



Dick Jones, president of OCP.



Every policeman knows

there are inherent risks in his job.



If you can't stand the heat,

you better stay out of the kitchen.



Although wounded, Officer Frederickson

escaped and identified this man.



Clarence Boddicker, unofficial

crime boss of Old Detroit...



...sought in connection with

the deaths of    officers.



Today he is free while doctors

at Henry Ford Hospital...



...fight to save

Officer Frank Frederickson.



Good luck, Frank.



Attempted murder?

It's not like he killed someone.



This violates

my client's civil rights.



Make it assault and I can make

bail in cash, now.



Listen, your client's a scumbag,

you're a scumbag...



...and scumbags see the judge.



Now get out of my police station

and take Laughing Boy with you.






Murphy, transferring in

from Metro South.



Nice precinct.



Yeah, pretty good.



You work for a living down here.



Get your armor and suit up.



- No, you can't get a cup of coffee.

- Oh, sarge.



- Stark, any word on Frederickson?

- Still listed as critical.



His wife must be going crazy.



- Murphy?

- Yeah, that's me.



- Manson.

- Hi.



What brings you to paradise?



I think the OCP's moving

a lot of new guys here.



Omni Consumer Products.

What a bunch of morons.



They're gonna manage this department

right into the ground.



- Where you from?

- Metro South.



Welcome to hell.



- Murphy?

- Yo.



- Cut    guys loose on the east side.

- Try to get up when you're in a jam.



Try to get a Medevac

after you been jammed.



I'll tell you what we should do.

We should strike.



The funeral is tomorrow.



Department requests all officers

not on duty to attend.



Any donations for the family

may be given to Cecil as usual.



I don't want to hear any more

talk about strike.



We're not plumbers,

we're police officers.



And police officers don't strike.



Murphy. Front and center.



Ooh, tiger!



Lewis, come here when you're finished

fucking around with your suspect.



This guy's gonna be your new partner.



Murphy, meet Lewis.

Show him the neighborhood.



Glad to know you, Murphy.



Pretty neat.



I better drive

until you know your way around.



I usually drive

when I'm breaking in a new partner.



You really think

the old man will be there?



Why invite us?



All the division heads are bringing

their support teams. It's big.



They're green lighting Delta City.



No way. They never

move ahead of schedule.



Jones has the     series ready

and wants to show off.



- Tough break, Bob.

- What?



When ED     ran into serious delays...



...the old man ordered a backup plan.



  th floor, have a nice day.



Probably to light a fire

under Jones' ass.



- Yeah.

- Old Bob here gets the assignment.



Nobody in Security Concepts

takes it seriously.



Fucking Jones, I'd go

straight to the old man if I could.



Don't mess with Jones.



Be careful, man.

I hear Jones is a real shark.



- Who asked you, twerp?

- Bob.



What's the problem with the police?



Their union's been bitching ever since

we took over. The usual stuff.



But we'll turn things around.



Good. Very good.

Let's get started.



My friends.



I've had this dream

for more than a decade now.



A dream which I've invited

you all to share with me.



In six months

we begin construction...



...of Delta City.



Where Old Detroit now stands.



Old Detroit has a cancer.



The cancer is crime.



It must be cut out before we

employ the   million...



...workers to breathe life

back into the city.






Shifts in tax structure have made the

economy ideal for corporate growth.



But community services,

in this case law enforcement...



...have suffered.



I think it's time

we gave something back.



Take a close look

at the track record of this company.



You'll see that we've gambled...


            markets usually regarded

as nonprofit.



Hospitals. Prisons.

Space exploration.



I say, good business

is where you find it.



As you know, we now have a contract

to run local law enforcement.



But at Security Concepts...



...we believe an efficient police

force is only part of the solution.



No, we need something more.



We need a   -hour-a-day

police officer.



A cop who doesn't need

to eat or sleep.



A cop with superior firepower

and the reflexes to use it.



Fellow executives...


           's a pleasure to introduce you

to the future of law enforcement.



ED    .



The Enforcement Droid series    ...


            a self-sufficient

law enforcement robot.



    is programmed for urban

pacification, but that's just a start.



After a successful

tour in Old Detroit...



...we can expect     to become the hot

military product for the next decade.



- Dr. McNamara.

- We'll need a subject.



- Mr. Kinney.

- Yes, sir.



- Will you give us a hand?

- Yes, sir.



Mr. Kinney will help us simulate a

typical arrest and disarming procedure.



Mr. Kinney, use your gun

in a threatening manner.



- Point it at ED    .

- Yes, sir.



Please put down your weapon.



You have    seconds to comply.



I think you better

do what he says.



You now have    seconds to comply.



You are in direct violation

of penal code     section  .



- You have five seconds to comply.

- Help me!



- Four, three, two, one.

- Help me! Help!



I am now authorized

to use physical force.



Somebody want to call a paramedic?



- Let's go, Johnson.

- You pull the plug on this thing?



All right, don't touch him.



- Don't touch him!

- He didn't hear the gun drop.



He didn't hear it?!



Dick, I'm very disappointed.



It's only a glitch.

A temporary setback.



You call this a glitch?



We're to begin

construction in six months.



This setback could cost us

millions in interest costs alone.



Not necessarily, sir.



There's a Robocop program...



...I developed as a contingency

against just this sort of thing.



Thank you for your concern.



- This is something we could...

- Wait a minute. Dick!



Maybe what we need here

is a fresh perspective.



Tell me about your plan.

How long will it take?



We've restructured the police

department with some good candidates.



We can go to prototype

within    days.



Very good.



Get your staff together. I'll expect

a presentation in    minutes.



Thank you, sir.



That's how it is in the big leagues.

You see an opening, you go for it.



Watch your back,

Jones will be looking for you.



Fuck Jones. He fumbled the ball

and I was there to pick it up.



Too bad about Kinney, huh?



That's life in the big city.



When do we start?



As soon as some schmuck volunteers.



Pretty fancy moves, Murphy.



My son watches this cop show,

TJ Lazer.



Lazer does this whenever

he kills a bad guy.



- My kid thinks every good cop...

- You don't want to disappoint him.



Yeah, well, role models can be

very important to a boy.



Okay, I get a kick out of it.



All units, sector nine...



Well, that's...



Why don't you drive?






- I don't believe it!

- What?



You burnt the fucking money!



I had to blow the door!



It's as good as marked, asshole.



You stupid, stupid asshole!



- Clarence!

- What do you want?!



We got a cop on our tail.



- Come on, speed it up.

- Move it!



- We ain't gonna outrun a cop.

- Slow down.



- Are you crazy?

- Shut the fuck up and do it!



Just do it!



This is    . We're in pursuit

of suspect. Request backup.



- Roger,    . Backup unavailable.

- Give me your piece.



Backup ETA,    minutes.



Bobby, get the door!



- Everybody load up!

- Let's go, come on.



- Okay.

- All right, here we go.



- What the fuck?

- Where'd he go?






He's up here!



Get him!



Shit, Clarence, my leg.



Leon, pick him up.



- Ready?

- Nope, hang on.






- Can you fly, Bobby?

- Clarence, no!



Hit it!



This is    . We've located that van

in sector  D. Where's backup?



Backup unavailable. Estimate   

minutes before units can arrive.



Well, you call it.



- Let's's do it.

- Okay.






Stay in touch.






Okay, let's see those hands.



Nice and easy.






Mind if I zip this up?



We rob banks, but never

get to keep the money.



We steal money to buy coke,

then sell the coke to make more money.



- Capital investment, man.

- Why bother? We could just steal it.



No better way to steal

than free enterprise.






No, those things will kill you.



You want to live forever?



Don't move.



Go ahead and do it.



Dead or alive, you're coming with me.









I got a situation in here.



Okay, tough guy, get up. Get up!



Turn around and spread your legs.

That's right.



Lewis, where are you?

You all right?



Hands on your head.






Let us take over from here, Emil.



Your ass is mine.






Not yet, it ain't.



Well, what have we here?



You a good cop, hotshot?



Sure you are.



You gotta be some kind of great cop.



Come in here all by yourself.



Where's your partner?



Where's your partner?



Guys, the other one was upstairs.



She was sweet.



I took her out.



I bet that really pisses you off.



You probably don't think

I'm a very nice guy.



Do you?



I think you're slime.



See, I got this problem.



Cops don't like me.



So I don't like cops.



Well, give the man a hand.



He's all yours.



- Look out.

- Turn around, man.



Hey, pretty boy. Hey, over here.



I'm out of ammo.



Me too.



Does it hurt? Does it hurt?



Okay, fun's over.



Okay, let's get out of here.



Good night, sweet prince.



Hey, wait up. Wait up.






- Get him over.

- Clear.



Ventilate him. Get the mask.



Okay, hit the door.



- Let me get pressure.

- Mask him.



Got a pressure of    pel.



We're gonna have to

intubate this guy.



All right, I got it in.

Breath sounds?



- You're in.

- Other side.



- Let's get the mask trousers up.

- Get the clothes off.



Clothes off. Prep him

for a central line.



Let's get some blood drawn.

Type and crossing, six units.



Pressure's dropping.



Central line's in, getting

pressure back. Normal saline.



Can you do that, Dad?



- I really have to tell you something.

- Blood pressure?



- I've got    pel.

- All right.



Coarse D-fib.

Okay, we gotta shock him.



Put the Foley in.

Let's blow the mask trousers.



- Okay.

- Stand clear.



Coarse D-fib.

Let's shock him again.






Flat line. Let's go,

intracardiac epinephrine.



- All right, it's in.

- No pulse.



Let's go ahead and shock

a flat line and then quit.



- Okay, everybody stand clear.

- Clear.



All right, that's all we can do.

Let's call it.



What's the time?



 :  .






It's starting to roll.






Bring in the L.E.D.



Lock it down.



- He's on.

- What's the story?



- We saved the left arm.

- What?



We agreed on total body prosthesis.

Now lose the arm.



Jesus, Morton.



- Can he understand?

- We'll blank his memory, anyway.



We should lose the arm.

What do you think?



He signed a release when he joined

the force. And he's dead.



We can do pretty much what we want.



Lose the arm.



Shut him down. Prep him for surgery.



The outer skin will be like this.



It's titanium, laminated with Kevlar.



Go ahead, shake his hand.



Come here often? How you doing?



Got a hell of a grip.



It's     foot-pounds.



He could crush

every bone in your hand.



All right, attach it to his shoulder.



I like that.



You're gonna be a bad motherfucker!



Hey, hey. Look, he's watching us!



This is for you.



Happy New Year.



We get the best of both worlds.



The fastest reflexes possible today...





...and a lifetime of on-the-street

officer programming.



It is my great pleasure

to present to you...






Come on, come on.



That's for you.



- That's for you.

- Go, Robo.



I'm what you call a repeat offender.



I will offend again.



I get my orders from a higher source.



Shut up, asshole.



- Go through the side.

- A cell is set for observation.



What's this all about?



- Who's this?

- Sergeant John Reed.



It's official OCP business,

so please, get lost.



- We got four or five days...

- Hey, this is bullshit!



I take my orders from...



What is this shit?



When at rest, you'll sit in a chair.



Yes, I understand.



What about tracking?



We check his exact location

with one of these.



How does he eat?



His digestive system is simple.



This processor dispenses a paste

that sustains his organic systems.



It tastes like baby food.



Knock yourself out.



- Let's start with tracking.

- Give me a grid.



- Got it?

- Clear.



- Target.

- Check.



- Target.

- Check.



Now follow.






Voice stress analyzer.



- It's up.

- One, two...






- Check.

- Record.



- Now playback.

- Bring it up   %.



Full frame.



I think he's ready.



- We got it.

- All right, clear out.



What are your prime directives?



Serve the public trust.



Protect the innocent. Uphold the law.



That's good.



That's very good.



I fucking love that guy.



- It's Supercop.

- Look at that fucking gun.






- This guy is good.

- He's not a guy, he's a machine.



What are they gonna do?

Replace us?



Come on.



- Reed.

- Yeah.



He needs a car.



Thank you.









Oh, yeah. Go get 'em, boy.



I'd buy that for a dollar.



And guess what I'm going to do now?



Happy birthday, Bixby.



Is there anything else, sir?



Empty the register

and put the money in the bag.



Excuse me?



I said, give me your money, all of it,

and don't fuck with me!



Now move!



Open the safe, pops.



Open the goddamn safe!



- We don't have a safe.

- Shit.



There's your goddamned safe!

Now open the son of a bitch.



Quit stalling.

You better open that son of a bitch!



Come on!



I'm gonna blow her brains out.



- I'll open the safe.

- Good boy.



You better open that on the count

of three. One, two...



Fuck me.



Drop the gun. You are under arrest.



Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!



Thank you for your cooperation.

Good night.



I'll buy that for a dollar!



No, please!



Don't touch me!



- Get away! Get away!

- We don't want your money!



Take it easy.

We don't want to hurt you.



Too much hair.



I know! We'll give her a haircut.



- Hey, hey!

- What?



There's more hair down there!



No! Don't!






Let the woman go.

You are under arrest.






You better back up, pal,

because he's gonna do her!



He's gonna kill her!



He's gonna kill her!



Your move, creep.



No problem. It's okay.



Thank God.



I was so scared. Thank you.



Thank you.



Madam, you have suffered

an emotional shock.



I will notify a rape crisis center.



All units, sector six.

Please close intersections...



I don't care.

Get those men by the stairs, now.



Terrorism has never been a factor

in city politics before.



That changed today

when former councilman...



...Ron Miller entered

City Hall with a gun.



He's on the second floor...



...holding Mayor Gibson

and his staff hostage.



We do believe that Miller

has killed one of the hostages.



- Lieutenant, what's next?

- We wait. Terrorism is very tricky.



Massive and immediate retaliation

is the best policy. Unfortunately...



- Excuse us.

- Wait, where you going?



Statement, please.



Hey, let's have some crowd control.

Come on, get these people back!



- Where the hell are you going?

- Keep him talking.



One quick question here!



Who made you?



Are you invincible?



Okay, Miller. Don't hurt the mayor.



We'll give you whatever you want.



First, don't fuck with me.



I'm a desperate man.



And second, I want some fresh coffee.



And third, I want a recount.



No matter how it turns out,

I want my old job back.



- Okay.

- And I want a bigger office.



And I want a new car!

And I want the city to pay for it all!



- What kind of car, Miller?

- One with reclining leather seats...



...that goes really fast

and gets really shitty gas mileage.



How about the      SUX?






Okay, sure.



What about cruise control?

Does it have cruise control?



No problem, Miller.



Let the mayor go,

we'll even throw in a Blaupunkt.



Lieutenant, don't jerk me off!



When people jerk me off, I kill them!



You want to see?



Get up, Your Honor. Get up!



Get up. Your public wants to see you.



Nobody ever takes me seriously!



We'll get serious now...



...and kiss the mayor's ass goodbye!



Robocop. Who is he? What is he?



Where does he come from?



He is OCP's newest soldier...


            their revolutionary

crime management program.



OCP spokesmen claim

the fearless machine...



...has crooks on the run

in Old Detroit.



Today, kids at Lee lacocca Elementary

got to meet in person...



...what their parents only

read about in comic books.



Excuse me, Robo...



...any special message for all

the kids watching at home?



Stay out of trouble.



More fighting in the Mexican crisis...



...when American troops joined

in a raid with Mexican Nationals...



...against rebel rocket

positions in Acapulco.



Now this.



Red alert. Red alert.



You crossed my line of death.



You haven't dismantled

your MX stockpile.



Pakistan is threatening my border!



That's it, buster.

No more military aid.






Get them before they get you.



Another quality home game

from Butler Brothers.



Today labor leaders agreed to sanction

construction of OCP's Delta City...



...thereby creating one million

much-needed new jobs...



...despite questions about worker

safety in dangerous Old Detroit.



Robert Morton, vice president,

Security Concepts, OCP.



I can't comment on Delta City.

But I will tell you this:



Security Concepts projects the end of

crime in Old Detroit within    days.



There's a new guy in town.

His name's Robocop.



Hey, hey, hey, Bobby-boy.

Vice president. Congratulations.



- Handball Tuesday night?

- I would, Bill...



...but I've got some models

coming to my place.



I'd buy that for a dollar.



Welcome to the club, Bob.



You're making a name for yourself

in Security Concepts with Robocop.



I try.



Let me in on the bottom line, pal.



I hear Jones was plenty pissed.



You know, he's got this killer rep,

but it's a smoke screen.



He's lost his teeth.

The guy's a pussy.



Are we talking about

the same Dick Jones?



He's old, we're young. That's life.



I gotta go. I got a meeting.



Congratulations, Bob.






I remember when I was

a young executive at this company.



We used to call

the old man funny names.



"Iron Butt."






Once I even called him...






But there was always respect.



I always knew

where the line was drawn.



And you just stepped over it,




You've insulted me.



And you've insulted this company

with your bastard creation.



I had a guaranteed

military sale with ED    .



Renovation program.



Spare parts for    years.



Who cares if it worked or not?



The old man thought

it was pretty important, Dick.



You know...



...he's a sweet old man.



And he means well.



But he's not gonna live forever.



And I'm number two around here.



Pretty simple math, huh, Bob?



You just...



...fucked with the wrong guy.



You're out of your fucking mind.



You better pray...



...that that unholy monster

of yours doesn't screw up.



You hungry?



No, thanks.



Oh, no.



Damn rebels blew up

the airport in Acapulco.



Great, we were going there next week.

Hey, what was that?



Hey, look.



Bucket-boy's online.



Hey. Hey!



Halt. Stop!



Wait a minute!



- What's going on?

- I don't know. He just left.



He just left?






We got a problem.



Out of the way.



Take a look at this.



Shit! Call Bob Morton.



Jerry, book him.

I'll catch up with you later.






I haven't really had a chance

to introduce myself.



I'm Anne Lewis.



Do you have a name?



How can I help you, Officer Lewis?



That's not really what I meant.



Don't you have a name?



Hold it. Sign right here.



You don't understand. I'm OCP.






It's you.



You really don't remember me?



Excuse me.



I have to go.



Somewhere, there is a crime happening.






- What did you talk to him about?

- Nothing.



- Shit.

- Shit.






Hey, you there! Stop!



You're in a lot of trouble, officer.



Come on.



I was assured full cooperation

by this precinct.



One of your grunts screws it up,

I'll have your job!



- What's the update?

- Hard to know.



- We have a glitch or what?

- He wasn't designed for somatic rest.



He had a dream. A dream.



This cop questioned him.



I didn't question him.

I asked his name. He didn't know.



Oh, great.



Let me make it clear. He doesn't

have a name, he has a program.



He's product.



- Is that clear?

- Sure.



Pull him in.

Run a systems check, the works.



Take him offline

because he had a dream?



What, are you kidding?



Let's get out of here.



Listen, Reed.



Try to keep one thing in mind:



This project doesn't concern cops.

It's classified.



It's OCP. You got it, mister?



Yeah, I got it.






Sorry, sarge.



I fucked up.



Forget it, kid.

This guy's a serious asshole.



Give me all your money, bookworm,

or I blow your brains out.



Now fill it up on number seven.



Don't do nothing stupid, man.



I'm a good shot.



I can hit you from here.



Hey, man...



...what you reading in there?



You a college boy or something?



I'll bet you think you're smart.

Think you could outsmart a bullet?



What do you say we find out, huh?



I'm talking to you!

What do you say, huh?



I'm talking to you!



Drop it.



Dead or alive, you are coming with me.



I know you.



You're dead.



We killed you.



We killed you.



We killed you!



We killed you.



Who are you?



Who are you?



Can I help you, sir?






What is it exactly that you want?






You can't enter here.



Wait a second. Hey, just a minute.



This is a restricted area.



He's in.



Murphy, it's you.



Murphy, it's you.



Welcome, shopper. Let's take

a stroll through your new home.



This is a one-family house

built by ZM Industries.



Situated near schools and shops...



...this progressive development

has a growth factor of seven.






Can you do that, Dad?



Say, it doesn't matter

who cooks in your family...



...because this kitchen

by Food Concepts...



...makes everything a snap.






Come on, get your hat on.

Isn't he cute?



Come on, Dad. Come on, Dad.



I really have to tell you something.



I love you.



The master bedroom.



Functional space

with a touch of elegance.



Hey, have you thought it all over?

Why not make me an offer?



Where is Clarence Boddicker?






- Shit.

- Let's talk.



Son of a bitch!



There's just something

about the way it sounds:



"Vice president."



It just turns me on.



God, you girls are so great.



I love to be with intelligent women.



Smart is so sexy.



I know.



Sometimes, I could just

think of something...



...and it could just get me so horny.



Yeah, well, a mind is

a terrible thing to waste.



I get bored so easily.



And you need lots

of stimulation, Bobby.



Yes, I do.



- Don't move.

- I won't.



Bob, save some for me.



Don't worry.



Must be the champagne. Stay here.



How you doing?



Bitches, leave.



Gee, Bobby. Bye.



You gonna call me?



The fuck are you doing?



Do you know who I am?



If you think you'll get away

with this, you got...



Goddamn it!






I'll give you anything you want.

Just, please, don't kill me.



Hello, buddy-boy.



Dick Jones here.



I guess you're on

your knees about now...



...begging for your life.






You don't feel so cocky now, do you?



Whatever he's paying you,

I'll double it right now.



You know what the tragedy is here?



We could have been friends.



But you wouldn't go

through proper channels.



You went over my head.



That hurt.



But life goes on. It's an old story,

the fight for love and glory.



It helps if you think of it as a game.



Every game has a winner...



...and a loser.



I'm cashing you out, Bob.



I don't think I want to pay that, Sal.



I don't give a shit what you want.

I set the prices here.



Listen, Sal, maybe you haven't heard.

I'm the guy who owns Detroit.



You want space in my marketplace...


           'll have to give me

a volume discount.



Not into discounts.



Joe, show the man what we brought him

for Christmas.



Think about it, chum.

Good business is where you find it.



Okay, let me try

to put this in perspective.



You've killed a bunch of cops.



Word around is that you've got a lot

of heavy connections downtown.



You make a lot of my friends nervous.



A lot of people...



...want to see a guy like me...



...put a guy like you out of business.



I don't know.



I don't know.



Maybe I'm just not

making myself clear.



I don't want to fuck with you, Sal.



But I got the connections.



I got the sales organization.



I got the muscle

to shove enough of this factory...


            far up your stupid wop ass...



...that you'll shit snow for a year.




blow this cocksucker's head off.



Guns, guns, guns!



Come on, Sal!



The Tigers are playing tonight.



I never miss a game.



Just kidding.






Come quietly,

or there will be trouble.



Fuck you!



Oh, shit!



Clarence Boddicker...


            are under arrest.



You have the right to remain silent.



Fuck you!



Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute!



I'm protected, man.

I've got protection!



- You have the right to an attorney.

- What is this shit?!



Goddamn it.



Goddamn it! Listen to me!

Listen to me, you fuck!



It's another guy! He's OCP.

He's the senior president.



Anything you say

may be used against you.



It's Dick Jones!



Don't you care, you cocksucker?



I work for Dick Jones!



Dick Jones!



He's the number two guy at OCP!

OCP runs the cops!



You're a cop!






Yes, I am a cop.



I don't like it either, but listen!



You listen to me, asshole!



You're talking about shutting down

a major metropolitan police force!



Without cops,

this city would tear itself apart!



The union voted for a strike

last night!



We lost five guys last week!



We're getting creamed out there.



Book him.



What's the charge?



He's a cop killer.






Just give me my fucking phone call.



I understand. The lawyers

will have you out in    hours.



Just don't say anything else.



Jesus, you really screwed up.



Don't you care?



I work for Dick Jones! Dick Jones!



I work for Dick Jones!



He runs OCP! OCP runs the cops!



Come in, officer.



I don't usually see anyone

without an appointment...



...but in your case,

I'll make an exception.



You are under arrest.



On what charge?



Aiding and abetting a known felon.



Sounds like I'm in a lot of trouble.



Better take me in.



I will.



What's the matter, officer?



I'll tell you what's the matter.



It's a little insurance policy

called "Directive  ."



My little contribution

to your psychological profile.



Any attempt to arrest a senior officer

of OCP results in shutdown.



What did you think?



That you were

an ordinary police officer?



You're our product...



...and we can't have our products

turning against us.



Still a little fight left in you.



Maybe you'd like to meet

a friend of mine.



I had to kill Bob Morton

because he made a mistake.



Now it's time to erase that mistake.



Get me Hedgecock!

There's trouble in the tower!



Prepare to fire.



- Wait a second!

- He's a cop, for God's sake!



- You can't do that!

- We have orders to destroy it!



- Oh, shit!

- You're maniacs!



Fire at will!



Move in!



Murphy, it's me.






Level three! He's on level three!



Over here, over here!



Open fire!



It's back.



Big is back.

Because bigger is better.




an American tradition.



Good evening.

I'm Jess Perkins with Casey Wong.



Top story: Santa Barbara.



Ten thousand acres

of wooded residential land...



...were scorched in an instant

when a laser canon...



...aboard the Strategic Defense

Peace Platform...



...misfired today

during routine tests.



It was a day of mourning

for the families...



...of     people known dead

at this hour.



Among them, two former

U.S. presidents...



...who had retired

in the Santa Barbara area.



A day of mourning for a country.



Police union representatives and OCP

continued negotiations today...


            hopes of averting

a citywide strike by police...



...scheduled to begin

tomorrow at midnight.



Justin Ballard-Watkins has more.



They're still on duty.

But what about tomorrow?



That's the question we put to people

in the crime-plagued Lexington area.



They're public servants.

They got job security.



They're not supposed to strike.



It's a free society.



Except there ain't nothing free,

because there's no guarantees.



You're on your own.

That's the law of the jungle.



- Be very careful.

- Excuse me, please.






Hi, Barbara.



Listen, I'm here to see Dick Jones.



But when I'm done,

I've got some free time.



Maybe you could fit me in.



He's expecting you, Mr. Boddicker.



You can keep the gum.



Hey, Dickie-boy. How's tricks?



That thing is still alive.



What are you talking about?



The police officer who arrested you,

the one you spilled your guts to.



Take a look at my face, Dick.

He was trying to kill me.



He's a cyborg, you idiot!



He recorded every word you said.



His memory's admissible as evidence!



You involved me!



You'll have to kill it.



Well, listen, chief.



Your company built the fucking thing.



Now I gotta deal with it?



I don't have time for this bullshit!



Suit yourself. But Delta City

begins construction in two months.



That's   million workers

living in trailers.



That means drugs,

gambling, prostitution.



Virgin territory for the man

who knows how to open up new markets.



One man could control it all...






Well, I guess we're gonna

be friends after all.






Destroy it.



Gonna need some major firepower.



You got access to military weaponry?



We practically are the military.



Did you bring the gun?



The precinct was deserted. Half the

force didn't show up for work today.



Everyone else walks out at midnight.

I guess we're on strike.



I wasn't sure what you needed.



I sort of grabbed things.



Your gun.



You asked for this?



I brought you some food.



No, thank you.



I'm not hungry.



You may not like

what you're going to see.



It's really good

to see you again, Murphy.



Murphy had a wife and son.

Where are they?



Well, after the funeral...



...she moved away.

- Where did they go?



She thought you were dead.



She started over again.



I can feel them.



But I can't remember them.



Leave me alone.



Happy birthday, Dave. She's from me.



Well, hey, can I have you both?






We've had our shots.



I'd buy that for a dollar.



Hey, Emil. How's the Gray Bar Hotel?



Not bad. They let me keep the shirt.

And nobody popped my cherry.



Emil, how you doing, man?

Good to see you.



I get out of jail for free, then

I find this in the prison parking lot.



A brand-new      SUX.

Still got the factory sticker on it!



Hey, Clarence!



Joey's got a car just like yours, man!



Clarence, what do you think, buddy?



What do you got there, Clarence, huh?



Whoa, a new toy. Can I play?



Watch this.



Wait a minute. Wait a minute!



Aw, shit!



- Fuck!

- Nice car, Joe.



- Fuck you, Clarence.

- Let me try that.



Cobra assault canon.

State-of-the-art. Bang, bang.



I like it!



- Give it up, faggot little man.

- Get your own!



Come on!



Do it, Emil!



Check this out!

Heads up, you guys!



He's in the steel mill. Let's go.



All right, cut the horseshit!

We're moving out.



Come on, Emil!

Get your ass in the van.



Come on, lard-ass! Let's move it!



Forget you, faggot!



What are you doing?



My targeting system

is a little messed up.



Can I help you?



Aim for me.



- Are you locked in now?

- Yes.



A little more to the left.






- I figure that's dead-on.

- Thank you.



Come on, man, let's smoke him!



The wrecking crew is here!

Where is that mother...?



Give that up, man!



Nothing fancy. Just kill him. Emil!



- What?

- In the van.



- You should get out of here now.

- Hey, we're partners.



Get the car.



Damn it. Shit!



Looking for me?



Cut him off!



Come on! Go on! Cut him off! Go, go!



Okay! Now I got you!



Help me.



Don't touch me, man!



Help me.






- Bye-bye, baby.

- Clarence!






I give up.



I'm not arresting you anymore.



Hey. Now, wait a second.



Wait a minute. You're taking

this kind of personal.



Come on, man.



You're making me nervous.

Come on, you can't do this.



Come on now! Don't mess around!

Hey. Hey!



Now, don't get cute!



Die, you bastard!



Yeah! Yeah!



All right! All right!



I got him, Clarence! I got him!



Sayonara, Robocop!









Murphy, I'm a mess.



They'll fix you.



They fix everything.



The police strike could work for us.



We can have ED    s

in place all over the city...



...and expect immediate

public support.



I've got one downstairs

guarding the building now.



You're illegally parked

on private property.



You have    seconds

to move your vehicle.



Whatever happens...



...this corporation will live up

to its guiding principles:



Courage, strength, conviction.



We will meet each new challenge

with the same aggressive attitude.



How can we help you, officer?



Dick Jones is wanted for murder.



This is absurd! That thing is

a violent mechanical psychopath!



My program will not allow me to act

against an officer of this company.



These are serious charges.

What is your evidence?



I had to kill Bob Morton

because he made a mistake.



Now it's time to erase that mistake.



I had to kill Bob Morton

because he made a mistake.



Now it's time to erase that mistake.



I want a chopper! Now!



We will walk to the roof very calmly.



I will board the chopper

with my hostage.



Anybody tries to stop me...



...the old geezer gets it.



Dick, you're fired!



Thank you.



Nice shooting, son. What's your name?






Special help by SergeiK