Rocky 3 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rocky 3 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sylvester Stallone And Mr. T .  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rocky 3. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rocky 3 Script

          It's blind instinct.

          But now it is Creed coming back with the left hand!

          What's keeping these two guys up? A tremendous closing moment!

          Here comes Balboa back, but the champion's back with another left.

          A right hand! It's Creed. Now it's Balboa! Now it's Creed.

          A tremendous left by Rocky. They're dead in the centre, toe to toe!



            Creed will retain the title. If neither gets up, Creed will win the title.

            - Four! - Get up, my man.



            Each fighter is trying to beat the count!

            Get up there!


            - Nine! - The champ is down.


            He's done it at the last second!

            He made it! Rocky Balboa has shocked the world!

            He is the new heavyweight champion of the world!

            Ladies and gentlemen,

            in a stunning upset, scoring a win by knockout,

            the new heavyweight champion of the world,

            Rocky Balboa!

            Excuse me. Excuse me.

            I just wanna say one thing - to my wife, who's home.

            Yo, Adrian. I did it!

            I love you. I love you.

             Risin' up, back on the street

             Did my time, took my chances

             Went the distance Now I'm back on my feet

             Just a man and his will to survive

             So many times, it happens too fast

             You change your passion for glory

             Don't lose your grip On the dreams of the past

             You must fightjust to keep them alive

             It's the eye of the tiger It's the thrill of the fight

             Risin' up to the challenge ofour rival

             And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

             And he's watching us all with the eye

             Of the tiger

             Face to face, out in the heat

             Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry

             They stack the odds Still we take to the street

             For the kill, with the skill to survive

             It's the eye of the tiger It's the thrill of the fight

             Risin' up to the challenge ofour rival

             And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

             And he's watching us all with the eye

             Of the tiger

             Risin' up, straight to the top

             Had the guts, got the glory

             Went the distance Now I'm not gonna stop

             Just a man and his will to survive

             It's the eye of the tiger It's the thrill of the fight

             Risin' up to the challenge ofour rival

             And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

             And he's watching us all with the eye

             Of the tiger

             The eye of the tiger

             The eye of the tiger

            I want Balboa. I want Balboa.

            You hear that, old man? You tell Balboa. Nobody can beat me. Tell him what I said.

            And he's next. I'm gonna kill him. Nobody can stop me.

            You tell Balboa that. I'm comin' after him.

            I want a shot at the title ifBalboa's got the guts to meet me in the ring.

            My whole life's been directed towards this title.

            I live alone. I train alone. I'll win the title alone. I want him.

            He can't duck me forever. He can run, but he can't hide.

            Another southpaw, champion Rocky Balboa,

            isn't worried about much these days.

            He's defended his title for the tenth time

            and will face the world heavyweight wrestling champion in a charity benefit,

            with all the proceeds to go to a local youth foundation.

            I'll have to give him credit. Mr Balboa stays busy. He's a true sportsman.

            It looks like the no.   contender, Clubber Lang, will have to play the waiting game.

            But that should be a great match-up.

             Paulie, take it easy, OK?

              Hey, you goin'?

              Hey, don't forget to give Rocky my best, huh?

              You know, I've been comin' here years.

              How 'bout you give me, Paulie, your best once?

              Take it easy, Paulie.

              Hey, Paulie, you heard me?

              When you see the Rock, tell him the boys all said "Hey"!


              You wanna hear I owe ya? You, I owe nothin'.

              Nah, you don't owe me nothin'.

              So, what do ya want I should do?

              - My sister ain't here? - She's home.

              Me and her were tight until you come in.

              I raised her. She don't come down.

              She don't know about this.

              You and her can go to hell, you know that?

              Watch your mouth, Paulie.

              You gonna whack me? I don't sweat you. Come on.

              Come on, Paul. Screw your head on right.

              Nah, your freakin' head is the one on wrong.

              - Yeah? What did I do? - What'd ya do? Nothin'.

              For yourself? Oh, nice! You fixed your face up handsome. Nice clothes.

              What'd ya do for Paulie? Three years - did ya get me a job?

              Look at this! You gave me a lousy stinkin' Ex-Lax watch. This!

              - Paulie... - What? What?

              That's right. No, leave it down!

              It never kept good time anyway.

              You forget when you were a punk and those guys used to laugh at you.

              - Who used to whack them bums out? - They laughed at both of us.

              No-one laughed at me.

              Tell me. Who fixed you up with your first woman? Me, Paulie!

              - She was pregnant. - So what? You was no prize either.

              You know, I always give ya. I give ya.

              What do you do? You buy a new house. You move Mick in.

              Did you ask me? ls there somethin' the matter with me?

              I got feelings. This ain't cardboard.

              Everybody's got 'em, Paulie.

              - The hell with everybody. - Maybe it's the hell with you.

              - I don't wanna listen to this crap. - You talk like everyone owes you a living.

              Nobody owes nobody nothin'. You owe yourself.

              - You're wrong! Friends owe. - No! Friends do because they wanna do.

              Shut your freakin' mouth. You keep me down.

              Down? You're like a crazy brother to me. You really are.

              So I wanna tell you somethin'. This is comin' straight from the heart.

              You ain't down. And you ain't a loser.

              You're just a jealous, lazy bum.

              OK. I'm gonna break your mouth.

              I'm gonna bust your mouth up!

              Can I have a job?

              All you had to do was ask.

              - You punch pretty good. - Think so?

              Oh, superb!

              - It cost a lot, huh? - Yeah, a few bucks.

              Got an extra one?

              - Any trouble with Paulie tonight? - Nah, nothin' unusual.

              Are you really gonna fight that wrestler?

              That's all right. It'll be fun.

              Mind if I serenade you awhile?

               Doo doo doo-doo... Come on, it's your part.

              - What are you doing? - Come on, you can do it.

               Doo doo doo-doo

              - Come on. You're gonna wake the baby. - Adrian, let's do a duet.

               Doo doo doo-doo

              -  Doe doe doe-doe... - No, no.

              That's good, but it's not "doe doe". It's  doo doo doo-doo.

              -  Doo doo doe-doo... - That's good, darlin'.

              -  I been told -  Doo doo doo-doo...

              -  By people, and they all -  Doo doo doo-doo...

               They said to take you back Take you back like before

              What's the matter?

              I don't know any more of the composition.

              - Maybe we're lucky. - Yeah, maybe we're very lucky.

              -  Doo doo doo-doo... -  Hm hm mm-mm

              Howdy, sports fans. This is Dennis James with Jim Healy down here at ringside.

              Tonight we have a most unlikely match, the boxer against the wrestler,

              with all the proceeds going to charity.

              What do you think about a boxer against a wrestler?

              You know the theory. Once the wrestler grabs the boxer, that's all she wrote.

              What the hell goes on inside your head? Anything normal functions?

              - Yeah, there's a few. - I don't think so.

              To fight a creature like this, you gotta have    lb of brain damage.

              I seen wrestlers that was bigger than dinosaurs. You ever fight a dinosaur?

              - No, not lately. - They can cause a variety of damage.

              The wrestling champion of the world is here,

              and he is quite a sight, all decked out in red.

              - Why are they carryin' him? - He's walkin'.

              I'm comin' after you, Balboa.

              - Let's call it off. - Aw, come on. It's for charity.

              You're wearin' your anatomy out. Nobody else does this much for charity.

              - Bob Hope would. - That's true.

              Rocky, you better call Bob Hope.

              To all my love slaves out there,

              Thunderlips is here in the flesh, baby.

              Oh, my God.

              The Ultimate Male, versus the ultimate meatball.

              Boy, he is a monster! How much would you take

              - even to get in the ring with him? - Would you like to start at Fort Knox?

              In the white corner, an incredible sight.

              Standing nearly seven feet,

              weighing    lb,...

              - Large, ain't he? - ..the undisputed wrestling champion...

              That's the biggest arm in the world!

              A man who calls himself the ultimate object of desire,

              the mountain of molten lust,

              the one, the only - Thunderlips!

              You're all trash! You're all trash! You're all trash!

              The slugger from Philadelphia...

              You better shut up.

              I'll break him in half!

              - How much do you think he eats? - About    lb.

              Weighing    lb,

              the reigning heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky Balboa.

              - Come to the centre of the ring. - OK, come on, Mick.

              All right, you guys. This is for fun, so take it easy and give 'em a good show.

              Listen, after the match, how about we get a Polaroid together, OK?

              You're in trouble, buster.

              He got me mad! I'm gonna break him in half like this!

              Lately, everybody wants to beat me up.

              This is entertainment. Fun and games.

              Stay awake, make faces. Move around the ring.

              He is the ring.

              I get nervous every time he does that.

              Whoa! You move fast for a big guy.

              Why don't we just move around? Give 'em a good show first.

              I'll chase you, and you chase me. How's that? All right?

              I'll go easy. Here you go. Is that OK?

              Does that hurt? All right?

              How's that? OK? Not bad, huh?

              Come on, meatball.

              Think it's all fake, meatball?

              Thunderlips has gone absolutely berserk.

              - Run for your life. - Life's tough, meatball!

              Get up, boy. Come on, meatball. Get some of this right here.

              Rocko, remember the neighbourhood!

              Get out of his way!

              No, no. I'm not yet - not for the meatball. I'm not throwing in yet, boy!

              If I can't break your spirit, I sure enough can break your back.

              - Is Daddy having fun? - Of course.

              Somebody get me a hatchet.

              - Holy smoke. - Here we go, baby! Nice drop, meatball.

              Oh, my God. Balboa is really in pain.

              No one can believe the superhuman strength of Thunderlips. I am the man!

              - Stop him, will ya? - You want this punching bag?

              - Adrian! - Rocky!

              Catch me!

              Incredible! Balboa wasjust heaved into the fifth row!

              Now the fans are outraged too!

              He's got me mad! I'm gonna drag him down like a dirty rag!

              You weakling, Balboa.

              Take it easy, take it easy.

              - Mickey, you OK? - It's my heart.

              The security guards are rushing in, trying to stop this slaughter.

              - Teeth are flying all around. - Cut my gloves off.

              Cut my gloves off!

              The place is a zoo. This place has turned into a zoo!

              You want me to get a doctor? You're sure?

              The girls have gotten into it now. They're getting beat up.

              - I'll be right back. - You're a maniac! Come back here!

              - What are you doing? - Come back here!

              - Come on! - Out of the way, worms! I'm comin' up.

              Come on, come on!

              All right, Thunderlips. Break it up!

              No choking. No choking.

              Paulie, don't!

              I don't sweat you.

              Hang on there, kid.

              How d'you like it?

              I don't need this.

              Rocky hanging on like a bull terrier. Now he's going for the stranglehold.

              Rocky! Rocky!

              The body!

              Knock his block off!


              It's unbelievable! Rocky actually did it!

              The human skyscraper is out of the ring!

              Right. That's it! Time is up.

              Ladies and gentlemen, we have a draw.

              Thank you for attending the annual charity match

              between the ltalian Stallion, Rocky Balboa,

              and Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male.

              See you next year. Thank God.

              - Are you all right? - Yeah, pretty good.

              Good match.

              - Why'd you get so crazy on me out there? - That's the name of the game.

              While you're still calm, can we get that Polaroid together?

              - Yeah, sure. - Adrian, come on over here.

              - My wife Adrian, my kid... Thunderlips. - Ow! That hurt!

              That's all right.

              You know, sometimes charity really hurts.

              And Pinocchio told a lie, you see, and his nose started growing real big.

              - Why didn't his ears grow? - I don't know. I didn't write the story.

              - Are you fighting again? - No, I don't plan on fighting today.

              - Promise? - Promise. Definitely. I promise.

              - Good, I like you here. - Yeah? I like being here.

              Are you gettin' hungry? You want some breakfast?

              - Some Wheaties? What are Wheaties? - Champions.

              Breakfast of what? Champions!

              The father bear says "Somebody's been sleepin' in my bed. "

              The little bear said "Somebody's been sleepin' in my bed, and there she is."

              He pulls back the covers, exposing her to the, you know, public. See?

              Eat your cereal before it sinks.

              - What happened to Goldilocks? - I'm not exactly sure.

              - Busted for trespassing and got    days. - That's real nice, Paulie.

              Rocky. Rocky, the car is waiting.

              - Go ahead. You guys better go. - Be a good boy now.

              We'll have a fun time, me and the kid.

              Mrs Stallion, you almost look pretty good.

              Oh. Thank you, Paulie.

              Don't give the kid any beer. And, Paulie, don't take him to the track.

              - How you doin', Mick? - Pretty good.

              Now we got a problem in the seventh.

              Whatever happened to them quiet, tender moments?

              Thank you. Thank you, one and all.

              Every once in a while, a person comes along who defies the odds,

              who defies logic and fulfils an incredible dream.

              On behalf of all the citizens of Philadelphia

              and those touched by your accomplishments

              and your untiring participation in this city's many charity functions,

              it is with great honour that we present this memorial,

              which will stand always as a celebration to the indomitable spirit of man.

              Philadelphia salutes its favourite son, Rocky Balboa!

              - It's beautiful. - Definitely a thing of beauty.

              Rocky! Rocky!

              Thank you.

              Thank you very much.

              I don't know, what... what do you say to something like this?

              About three years ago,

              this city really took me inside, you know?

              And I wanna thank you very much for that. I really do.

              And I been thinking... I wasn't gonna bring this up, but I might as well now.

              I would never do anything to hurt this sport

              that has been so really good to me.

              I been talkin' it over with my wife and my manager.

              We think that...

              It's really hard to do this. I feel like...

              I'm thinkin' maybe it's time that I should

              step down maybe and retire.

              Gettin' out while you can? Don't give this sucker no statue. Give him guts!

              I told you I wasn't goin' away. You got your shot. Now gimme mine.

              - Why don't you get the hell outta there? - Shut up, old man!

              Tell these folks why you've ducked me.

              Politics, man! This country wants to keep me down.

              They don't want a man like me to have the title because I'm not a puppet like you.

              - You know, you've got a big mouth. - Why don't you close it, Balboa?

              - Any time. - The guy's crazy. Don't listen to him.

              The little man don't wanna come to me, so I'll lay out the truth.

              I am ranked number one. One! That means I'm the best.

              But this bum takes the easy matches, fights other bums.

              I'm tellin' you and everybody here. I'll fight him anywhere, any time, for nothin'.

              But you people ain't gonna see that, cos he's gonna retire.

              You see, he don't fight no real man. He fight them set-ups.

              - What? - You're a disgrace to this sport.

              Shut up, old man! You don't know where I came from.

              Balboa, your family doin' real nice. You call yourself a fighter, prove it.

              Give me the same chance. The way you been duckin' is a disgrace.

              If he ain't no coward, why don't he fight me?

              - I can't listen to this... - I don't care what you're ranked.

              - You don't get no shot, and I mean that! - What are you doin'? I wanna fight him.

              Well, you got him. But you fight him without me.

              - What are you sayin'? - It's finished. I don't want no more of this.

              I don't want no more of it. You understand? None of it!

              It's over with!

              Hey, woman! Hey, woman. Listen here.

              Since your old man ain't got no heart, maybe you wanna see a real man?

              I bet you stay up every night dreaming you had a real man, huh?

              Bring your pretty little self over to my apartment and I'll show you a real man.

              You want it, you got it! You got it, man!

              I'll see you in the ring! You got it!

              Rocky, don't! Come on. Rocky, please. Let's go talk.

              OK, Adrian.

              Rocky! Let's talk.

              Why'd you leave? Why'd you walk away like that?

              Life's too short, kid.

              - Where you goin'? - I'm goin' on a permanent vacation.

              What do you mean? We got one more fight.

              No, no. Not "we". You.

              Why are you doin' this?

              - I said, why you doin' this? - Because you can't win, Rock.

              This guy'll kill you to death inside of three rounds.

              - You're crazy. - What else is new?

              - He's just another fighter. - No, he ain't.

              This guy is a wreckin' machine.

              And he's hungry. You ain't been hungry since you won that belt.

              - What? I had ten title defences. - That was easy.

              - What do you mean, easy? - They was hand-picked!

              - Set-ups? - No, they weren't set-ups!

              They was good fighters. But they wasn't killers, like this guy.

              He'll knock ya into tomorrow, Rock.

              Jeez, Mick.

              Why'd you do it?

              Because the beating that you got from Apollo shoulda killed you, kid. It didn't.

              It was my job to keep you winning, and to keep you healthy.

              You really don't think I got nothin' left, do you?

              Well, Rock, let's... Iet's put it this way.

              Now, three years ago, you was supernatural.

              You was... You was hard, and you was nasty

              and you had this cast-iron jaw.

              But then, the worst thing happened to you that could happen to any fighter.

              You got civilised.

              But don't worry, kid.

              You know, presidents retire, generals retire, horses retire.

              Man o' War retired. They put him out to stud.

              That's what you shoulda done - retire.

              I can't retire knowin' all this, Mick.

              - Aw, don't push it. - You been carrying me.

              - We don't need it. - You been carrying me, though.

              I haven't been carryin' you, I've been protectin' ya.

              No, I want this fight. Just one more.

              - No, we don't need it. - I'll live in the gym.

              - We don't need it. - Mick, I do.

              - I'm askin' you to train me one last time. - No, no. I can't.

              If you don't,

              I'm gonna tell everybody you ain't bought new underwear in ten years.

              - You would, wouldn't ya? - Yeah. Absolutely.

              No, no.

              Come on.

              One more time - it's over. It's a deal?

              - Go on, go on. - It's your head, kid. It's your head.

              Yeah, it is. Thanks, man.

               Pushin', gettin' ready for the fight

               Pushin', every day and night

               Pushin', gettin' ready for the fight

               Pushin', every day and night

               Pushin', gettin' ready for the fight...

              Rocky robes here! Get your Rocky robes here!

              Rocky robes, hot off the truck! Clean stuff. Get your robes!

               On the night of the fight

               I will survive

               There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide

               On the night of the fight

               It's just you and I

               There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide...

              Collectors' item! Get your buttons here!

              You can't stand toe to toe with this guy or he'll deposit you up on Mars.

              He's too tough. He's too strong.

              Listen, how the hell can we train in this creep joint here?

              This is kind of a house of ill repute, or somethin', is it?

              - Why did you rent this joint? - Aw, come on. Let's go out in style.

              You wanna go out in style, go out in one piece.

              Now, come on, let's get outta here, back to the old gym.

              Let's get some blood and sweat and tears around here.

              - Can we do that? - Hey, will you just relax and enjoy it, OK?

              They love it, Mick.

              Go on, fight. Fight now, go ahead. Fight it, fight it.

              Get rough. Get tough. Get brutal. That's it.

              Excuse me. Can I get a kiss?

              - Yeah, sure. - Get outta here, will ya?

              This is like fightin' in a zoo.

              Is that the way you train for Clubber? He ain't gonna kiss ya. He's gonna kill ya.

              Get outta here!

              - Hey, Rock. How about a picture? - Yeah, sure.

              This'll tell us a story. That's it, side to side.

              Side to side, Rock.

              Shut up back there, can't you? Change your tune.

              That's it. Pull front punches. That's it, kid. You're a deadly weapon.

              Time! Time, time, time. Quit it.

              You're OK. Come on.

              Put this on before you catch pneumonia. I'll give you a rubdown too.

              Listen, I don't like to hear much of what comes out of people's mouths,

              and I don't like soft-talkin' moments.

              - That's for sure. - But I just wanna tell ya one thing.

              - That I'm proud of ya. - Well, thanks a lot.

              That's all right, kid. Let's get outta here.

              Hey, Mick. What do you think we're gonna do when it's all over?

              I don't know. Maybe join up with a circus.

              Yeah, maybe.

              All right, let's get out.

              Good evening. With Bill Baldwin, I'm Stu Nahan.

              Welcome to this heavyweight title fight, which may be the most memorable of all.

              Tonight is the champion's final and perhaps most difficult defence.

              - Rocky, are you in your best shape? - Absolutely. I feel real good.

              He's a deadly weapon. He's one of a kind and he's gonna do it.

              - Clubber, are you as fast as Balboa? - No talkin'. I do my talkin' in the ring.

              I told you, you better get outta here. I wanna be alone.

              - Will you retire after this fight? - Yeah. This is the last one for sure.

              This is definitely the last one.

              You're parasites and leeches. Get outta here.

              What will you do after tonight?

              I'm not sure.

              - Maybe join the circus. Huh, Mick? - Yeah, have some fun.

              - Come on, take your robe off. - Take off your robe!

              I told you to get outta my face!

              With us is the former heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed.

              Do you have any predictions on this fight? How do you see it going?

              Strength would have to go to the challenger,

              while experience and the world's hardest head would have to go to Balboa.

              Remember, Rock, don't trade with this guy. Take your time. Wear him down.

              But don't stand toe to toe. This punk's never been     rounds before.

              - Take him good. - OK. I will.

              - I predict the champ's gonna take it. - Do you really think he can hit that hard?

              Why do you think I'm here with you?

              Hey, sucker! You're finished! You're through! You're washed up!

              - I'm the baddest in the world! - Not to me.

              What you say, paper champion? I'm gonna beat you like a dog.

              Get that ape back in the ring.

              - You made me wait too long! You'll pay! - Come on, mouth.

              Get him outta there!

              Do you know who I am? I'm the man!

              - I'll get you, sucker! You're dead meat! - Let me go!

              Rocky! Rocky!

              - What's wrong? - It's his heart.

              Get a doctor! Somebody get a doctor! Come on!

              Get 'em outta here!

              - Mick, will you sit on the table? - I'm all right.

              Take a deep breath. Get those guys outta here! Move!

              Paulie, tell 'em the fight's off. Go on. Go on!

              The fight's not off. Are you outta your mind? The fight's on.

              - Mick, we can't tonight. I ain't fightin'. - We're gonna fight.

              Just let me get my breath. Is that against the rules?

              - Will you please get a doctor? - He's on his way.

              Mick, I can't go out and fight like this.

              Get outta there. Get goin', will ya? Take him. Take him good - get it over with.

              Adrian, what am I supposed to do?

              What do ya mean? After all these years together, you don't know what to do?

              You oughta be ashamed of yourself. Now get out there and do it.

              Do it.

              Do it.

              - You're the best. - OK. OK.

              Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

              Oh, my God.

              Adrian, take care of him. Take care of him.

              Ladies and gentlemen,

              welcome to the heavyweight championship of the world.

              And fans, with us tonight, truly one of the fistic greats.

              He's coming up from ringside, the Master of Disaster, the King of Sting,

              the one and only Apollo Creed.

              There's the former heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed.

              He looks like $  million.

              Get outta my face! I don't need no has-been messin' in my corner.

              Get that bad look off your face before I knock it off!

              Come on. Wanna jump me? Jump! Come on. Come on, Creed.

              Come on. Yeah, come on.

              Yeah. Just like a chicken. You better run.

              Give everybody a present and drop this chump, all right? Good luck to you, man.

              All right, fans, here we go. On my left, out of the blue corner,

              hailing from Chicago, weighing in at an even    lb,

              the world's no.  challenger,...

              - Wonder how Mick's doin'. - ..Clubber Lang.

              I'm the best! I'm the best!

              You and Clubber exchanged words. Any comment?

              No comment.

              His opponent in the opposite corner, really needing no introduction,

              he weighs in at a trim     lb.

              The pride of Philadelphia, the ltalian Stallion,

              and the reigning heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky Balboa.

              Listen to this crowd.

              Now to give instructions in the middle of the ring, your referee, Marty Denkin.

              Clubber, Rocky. I want a good, clean fight.

              When I tell you to break, step back and break.

              Now go back to the corner and come out fighting at the bell.

              Dead meat.

              This is not gonna be a fight of finesse.

              These are two guys that really throw punches.

              - The chump is scared. - Yeah. Tear him up, champ.

              He's scared. See the look in his eyes?

              I'm no trainer. Just go out and kill the guy. Kill him, Rock.

              He's scared.

              I'm the new champion! I'm the new champ as of tonight.

              ..ltalian Stallion, a rugged champion, in the final fight of his colourful career.

              Here we go. Oh boy, the champion came out swinging.

              Balboa's off to an incredible start, determined to destroy the challenger.

              Move him back! Move him back!


              They're goin' at each other.

              You got him.

              Double up! Double up!

              Come on! Come on now, boy! Come on.

              The challenger is hitting him with everything he's got.

              Come on, Balboa. Make me weak!

              Come on, Balboa. Come on, weakling.

              Clubber away. Trying to get him to his corner.

              Grab him, Paulie.

              - Where's Mick? Where's Mick? - He's OK.

              I need him.

              He ain't nothin'! I told you he ain't nothin'.

              - He's too strong. - Don't talk like that, Rock.

              I'm gonna smoke him. I'm gonna smoke him.

              I can't keep him off.

              He's mine! I'm gonna get him!

              I'm losin' it, Paulie.

              - What have you got? -     over   .

              All right, let's start CPR.

              - Rock, you can do it. - I'll try.

              Round two. Rocky appears to be staggering.

              - Yeah, I'll get him. - Out of the corner, here comes Clubber!

              Come on, Balboa, come on. Give it to me.

              Move on the inside.

              The champion is nearly helpless. Gosh, what a beating he's taking.

              Don't stand toe to toe with him.

              - Man, get up. - Get up! Get up!

              I told you I'm gonna get you. Come on, get up!

              Seven, eight, nine,

              ten. You're out.

              The champion is finished in the second round!

              It's unbelievable. Incredible upset.

              Balboa, in the corner, is out on his feet, out of the fight.

              We have the time.

              The winner by knockout, the new heavyweight champion of the world,

              Clubber Lang!

              I told you! I told you I'd do it!

              I'm the new champion of the world!

              Come on, get outta here!

              - What happened? - I'm all right. How's Mick?

              He wouldn't go to the hospital.

              Mr Balboa, we must get him to hospital immediately.


              - Mick? - What?

              - Mick? - Wh... what? Wh-wh-what?

              - Is it over? - Yeah. Yeah, it's all over.

              Hey, listen. What happened?

              It was a knockout.

              - What round? What round? - Second round.

              Yeah, I knew it. That's good.

              - We did it, huh? - We did it. We did it.

              You don't have to worry about nothin' no more. Everything's gonna be OK, Mick.

              - Yeah. Rocky, we did it. - You gotta get to hospital.

              You ain't as young as you used to be, OK?

              You know what?

              We did everything right. I did everything right?

              Listen, you done everything right.

              Listen, we got more to do. Mick, whatever you wanna do, we'll do it, OK?

              I love ya, kid. I love ya.


              It hurts me.




              Mick... Christ.

              Don't go away. Please don't.

              We got more to do... We got more to do. We got...

              Oh, God. Oh, Jesus.

              This concludes our service.

              That's not the way to do it.

              Who's that?

              Why don't you hit it straight? Step into it.

              - Apollo? - Right.

              I waited at your house for an hour. Your wife said you might be here.

              - What are you doin' here? - Business.

              If the papers knew we were talkin' like this, they'd think we was crazy. Why you?

              Cos I'm the best and you need somebody to teach you different.

              - Why? - You can't pull it off without me.

              You still didn't give me the answer. What's the real reason?

              Listen. It's quiet, isn't it?

              When you retire, it's too quiet.

              We too young to retire, anyway.

              Besides, I could promote this thing into the biggest gate ever. Bigger than ours.

              Heaven knows, I don't mind being involved with large numbers, right?

              I don't need this no more. I... I don't want this no more.

              Look, man. When you beat me,

              I hurt all over. I didn't wanna know from nobody, not even my kids.

              Every fighter knows that hurt.

              We get sick inside trying to live with it, so don't back off now.

              Make it right for yourself or you'll be sorry you didn't.

              We held the greatest title in the whole world, babe.

              You lost that fight for all the wrong reasons. You lost your edge.

              All right. I know your manager dying had you all messed up inside.

              But the truth is you didn't look hungry.

              Now when we fought,

              you had that eye of the tiger, man, the edge.

              Now you gotta get it back, and the way to do it is to go back to the beginning.

              Maybe we could win it back together.

              Eye of the tiger, man.

              Why'd you have to come here?

              I have the plan. Get back, man.

              You got me curious.

              You got me curious, Rock.

              Clubber, do you accept the challenge for a rematch with Balboa?

              I reject the challenge because Balboa is no challenge.

              But I'd be happy to beat up on him some more. I always said he was nothin'.

              I can't wait to see this bum fall.

              What do you think ofhim being trained byApollo Creed?

              Apollo who? That old fool Apollo Creed?

              - Shucks. One has-been... - Just keep talkin', pal.

              Been runnin' offat the mouth. When I see him, I'm gonna close it.

              - When will the match take place? - The sooner, the better.

              I'm the champion of the world. I can't be beat and I won't be beat.

              This time I'll train harder. There won't be no quick knockdowns.

              I'm gonna torture him. I'm gonna crucify him - real bad.

              Hard words from a hard man.

              The odds against Balboa making a comeback at    are very long indeed.

              Can he do it? Most experts doubt it.

              Balboa was a fine champion, but his time has passed. I wish him luck.

              - Don't listen to it, Rocky. - No, do listen to it, Rock.

              When this is over, a lot of folks are gonna owe you an engraved apology.

              - And you're gonna owe me a big favour. - What favour?

              When it's over. Hm?

              Rocko, come on! We're gonna be late at the airport. Let's go!

              - Think we forgot anything? - I think we have it all.

              - Maybe another sweater. - No. California's not that cold, is it?

              OK, listen. I want you to be a good boy, OK?

              - Don't give anybody a hard time. - OK.

              Gimme a kiss.

              - We'll call when we land. - Yeah, we'll call.

               I been told by

               Some people, and they all

               Say to take you back

               Take you back like before

               I don't call that a reason

               ljust call it believin' in myself

               Believin' in myself

              - What the hell are we doin' in LA? - This is where I started.

              - So? - So this is where he's startin'.

              This place is disgusting. Let's stay at your place.

              You're missin' the point. Let's check in and get over to the gym.

              Rock, we don't need this. It's below your standards.

              We gotta give it a try, Paulie. Come on, Adrian.

               I don't call that a reason

              I don't even have a gun.

               ljust call it believin' in myself

               Believin' in myself...

              Fun is fun. I like those kind of things, but this, I don't like.

              Look at this place. Rats even have more pride than to be caught dead here.

              I mean, look at the dump. I just don't like it.

              - Think of Adrian's health. - I'm fine, Paulie.

              Check this out.

              Yeah. Yeah...

              - This is where I started. - That's your problem.

              Rocko, let's leave before they leave us for dead.

              Yeah. You see that look in their eyes, Rock?

              When we fought, I trained hard but I didn't have that look.

              You had it and you won.

              Gotta get that look back, Rock.

              Eye of the tiger, man. Eye of the tiger. Come on.

              Come on, let's go.

              Look at this place. No class in here.

              - Is he always so cheerful? - I don't sweat you.

              - Hey, Paulie. Don't get mentally irregular. - It's a free country.

              - Just don't get irregular. - I don't need no philosophy lesson.

              - It takes six years to get to know him. - I ain't got six years.

              Come on, Paulie, just relax. Come on.

              We're on business.

              - Hey! Hey, champ! - Hey, Duke, my man!

              - Hey, everything's set up. - Good. I know you know this man.

              Yeah. It's gonna be good workin' with you and not against you.

              - How you feel? - Pretty good, thanks.

              We've been livin' modern. Now we're gonna train old.

              I'm goin' over here to talk to the guys.

              Hey! The champ is home.

              - We gotta leave. I got a reputation. - What do you mean, reputation?

              - You heard. I don't like these people. - You don't like 'em?

              Well, maybe they don't like you either, Paulie.

              What'd I do to them?

              And they call me punchy.

              - Stallion. Come over and meet the fellas. - I'll be right back.

              How you doin', guys?

              That's it, that's it. Come on, on the toes. On the toes!

              On the toes. On the toes. On the toes.

              Come on, Rock.

              - He ain't too graceful. - That's why we're here, Paulie.

              Waste of time. He's got heavy feet.

              Get on the balls of your feet. Come on, relax, Rock.

              - Come on, get those feet outta concrete. - It'll take time but it'll come.

              He can't train to the jungle junk music.

              Come on, relax, Rock. On the balls of your feet. Find the rhythm.

              We'll start a new dance called the crawl.

              You can't train him like a coloured fighter. He ain't got no rhythm.

              Come on.

              - How stupid do I look! - You look great.

              Everything we do works out the jab. Good.

              - Can he swim? - With a name like Rock?

              No time to waste. Let's go! Another lap. Move it.

              - Another lap. - He ain't no tuna. We belong in the gym.

              He's usin' muscles he never knew he had.

              Come on, Rock. Stretch now. Move it, Rock. Move it.

              Nobody can change that much. He's a bruiser. He ain't no boxer.

              You keep tellin' him that and he'll be nothin'.

              Another lap. Come on now! Move it. Move it!

              Come on. Move it, Rock. Come on! Let's go. Let's go.

              That's it, stretch it out.

              That's it. You gotta pull. Hard, now. Hard.

              Shut up, ya Sterno bums! I'll squash ya.

              There's decent people tryin' to sleep!

              Shut up, you honky scum bastard mother!

              Who needs this sick place? I don't.

              No class.

              Damn, that Clubber's strong.

                  rounds is a long time.

              We gotta put him away early.

              I figure with the pace we gotta set, Rock can last maybe seven or eight rounds.

              Then we'll be out of steam, man.

              We got to put him away early.

              At least the water's hot.

              Well, we never really had a honeymoon.

              It's not so bad.

              You've been in worse places.

              Rocky's in trouble in round two.

              He takes a right. He's been cut! Rocky's been cut!

              Come on, Rock. Come on, now.

              Let's go. You gotta get tougher.

              Think smooth. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

              On your toes, Rock. On your toes. On your toes!

              Push yourself, Rock! Concentrate.

              Let's move it, Rock. Move it now. Come on!

              Have fun with it.

              That's it. Easy, easy, easy.

              Don't push it. Let it come.

              It'll come. It just takes time, baby.

              Move your head, move your head. Up and down.

              Come on, come on.

              In and out. Inside. Inside. Inside, baby.

              - Side to side. Move your head. - Watch him. He's got two hands, right?

              Damn, man! What the hell are you doin'? This guy will knock you on your ass!

              Come on, Rock, it's not a game.

              You wanna live in a hospital for five weeks this time?

              - You thought I was tough. He'll kill ya! - All right.

              Come on. Get your head on your shoulders, man. Think about the fight.

              Clubber Lang's in here. He's tryin' to hurt you, Rock.

              Here it comes. Jab! He's jabbin'.

              He's tryin' to hurt you. You gotta fight him. You gotta move.

              He's up against the ropes. He can't get out of the corner!

              He's hookin'! He's hookin'! He's hookin'!

              Damn, Rock! Come on!

              - What's the matter with you? - Tomorrow. We'll do it tomorrow.

              There is no tomorrow!

              There is no tomorrow!

              There is no tomorrow!

              There's one thing you gotta remember. We gotta get some speed.

              You gotta get some flexibility. You gotta get some quickness. Understand?

              Quickness, endurance. That's all we gotta concern ourselves with, Rock.

              Mickey never had me do this.

              Yeah. OK, here we go.


              Set... Go!

              Come on. Come on.

              Come on.

              You can't win, Rock.

              You ain't been hungry since you won that belt.

              He'll knock ya into tomorrow!

              What's the matter?

               It's over. It's all over.

                What's the matter with you?

                Can I talk to you?

                I wanna ask you something important, and I want you to tell me the truth.

                - What? - Why'd you come here?

                I just don't want it no more.

                - If it's over cos you want it to be, I'm glad. - I do.

                It's just, you've never quit anything since I've known you.

                I don't know what you want me to say. I mean, what happened?

                How did everything that was so good get so bad?

                What's so bad? Tell me. What?

                I wrecked everything by not thinking for myself.

                Why couldn't Mickey tell me where it was really at from the start?

                He didn't have to carry me and lie and make me think I was better than I was.

                - He never lied. - Those fights weren't right.

                I never fought anybody in their prime.

                There was always some angle to keep the title longer than I shoulda had it.

                Do you understand?

                You've gotta understand, he loved you! That was his job, protecting you.

                Protectin' don't help nothin'. It makes things worse.

                You wake up one day thinking you're a winner, but you're not. You're a loser.

                So we wouldn't have had the title as long. So what?

                - At least it would have been real. - It was real!

                Nothing is real if you don't believe in who you are.

                I don't believe in myself no more!

                When a fighter don't believe, he's finished. That's it.

                That's not it. Why don't you tell me the truth?

                What are you puttin' me through? You wanna know the truth?

                I don't wanna lose what I got.

                At first, I didn't care about what happened. I'd go in the ring, get bust up.

                But now there's you and the kid. I don't wanna lose what I got!

                What do we have that can't be replaced? What? A house. We got cars, money.

                We got everything but the truth. What's the truth, dammit?!

                I'm afraid! All right?

                You wanna hear me say it? You wanna break me down? I'm afraid.

                For the first time, I'm afraid.

                I'm afraid too. There's nothin' wrong with that.

                - There is. For me, there is. - Why? You're human.

                I don't know what I am. I know I'm a liar, and because of that, Mickey ain't here.

                You didn't push him into anything. He was a grown man. He did what he had to do.

                And you have no right to feel guilty. You don't!

                You were a champion. You did what you were expected to do.

                You did what everybody thought you should do.

                And you wanna tell me that those fights weren't real? I don't believe it!

                It doesn't matter what I believe. You've got to carry that fear inside you,

                afraid everybody'll take things away, that you'll be remembered as a coward,

                that you're not a man any more. Well, none of it's true.

                It doesn't matter if I tell you because you're the one that's got to settle it.

                Get rid of it! Cos when the smoke clears, and they stop chanting your name,

                it's just gonna be us.

                And you can't live like this. We can't live like this.

                Cos it's gonna bother you for the rest of your life. Look what it's doing to you now.

                Apollo thinks you can do it. So do l.

                But you gotta wanna do it for the right reasons. Not for the guilt over Mickey.

                Not for the people, not for the title, not for money, or me - but for you.

                Just you. Just you alone.

                - And if I lose? - Then you lose.

                But at least you lose with no excuses. No fear.

                And I know you could live with that.

                How'd you get so tough?

                I live with a fighter.

                I really love you.

                I love you.

                No, no, no. Rock, no. Just flick it. Just flick it.

                Faster! Faster!

                Good. Five more laps.

                Punch it!

                On your toes!

                 Gonna fly now

                 It's all right now

                 Flying high now...

                Jab out! Get him!

                Gotta move it faster.

                Faster! Faster! Kick it!

                Very nice!

                Move your head. Beautiful!

                That's right. Under! Under and over.

                Send him out!

                 Feeling strong now

                 Nothing wrong now

                Faster. Faster. Yeah!

                Now! Yeah!

                Hey, Rocky the fish!

                Yeah! Yeah!

                 Gonna fly now

                 Nothin' wrong now

                 Gonna fly

                 Fly, fly


                Good evening. I'm Stu Nahan, with Bill Baldwin.

                We welcome you to Madison Square Garden.

                It's the anxiously awaited rematch

                between former champion Rocky Balboa and the reigning champion Clubber Lang.

                We now switch to our remote cameras inside the dressing rooms.

                Would you comment on how you plan to fight Balboa? What's your strategy?

                Don't need any. Balboa's so predictable and stupid.

                The man comes straight ahead. He's tailor-made for me. He's gonna get hurt.

                - That's good. - Turn 'em over. Good?

                How does that look? OK?

                No, I don't hate Balboa. But I pity the fool.

                And I will destroy any man who tries to take what I got.

                Remember where you came from.

                Remember what it took to get you here.

                And remember what he did to you last time, right?

                Both are brawlers, with the edge and power going to Clubber Lang,

                so I would say the odds are very long against Balboa regaining his title.

                Now it's your turn. It's your turn, huh?

                What's your prediction for the fight?

                - Prediction? - Yes. Prediction.


                Lang likes to hurt a man to the body.

                And Balboa may never have psychologically recovered

                from that vicious knockout that Clubber laid on him.

                It's time.

                - Here. - What?

                I want you to wear these.

                Come on, Apollo. These are the colours that you wore in our first fight together.

                I... I can't wear your colours.

                Just wear 'em.

                - Yeah? - Yeah.

                Thanks, Apollo.

                Just make sure you wash 'em before you bring 'em back.

                Will do. Will do.

                - Thanks, Apollo. - Hey, and remember,

                after this you owe me a favour.

                What favour?

                I'd have to agree. Toe to toe, Lang is devastating, and he's much too strong.

                Rocky! Rocky!

                Listen. I wanna tell you that I'm proud of you.

                It takes a helluva man to change, and you did it. Prove it to 'em, right?

                - You did good, Apollo. - Thanks, Paulie.

                Let's do it, Paulie.

                Here come Rocky and Apollo, the two former champions.

                Look at the tenseness in his face, that taut body.

                - Boy, does he look serious right now. - He does.

                You know, Stu, the word is that this is Rocky's last fight - win, lose or draw.

                There he is, the ltalian Stallion, Rocky Balboa, climbing into the ring.

                Boy, he looks incredibly thin. I'd say he's gotta be about   lb lighter.

                Rocky Balboa, the iron man from Philadelphia.

                This crowd is with him tonight. Listen.

                Balboa doesn't really have any boxing skills.

                But I've never seen as much raw determination...

                Hold it, Stu.

                Here comes the champion now, Clubber Lang. Look at this crowd.

                Look at those eyes. I've never seen a guy with such sullen eyes. He is tough.

                Clubber, go back where you came from!

                He even belted a spectator. Did you see that? Look at that man.

                Boy, awesome. Man, he's tough.

                Clubber Lang, the heavyweight champion of the world!

                Hey, fool! You ready for another beatin'?

                You should've never came back!

                - Don't look at him. - Let's just be cool.

                Hey, boy.

                Hey, boy. After I crucify him, you're next.

                - Just stay outta my face, chump. - Don't turn your back on me.

                We got a brawl before the bell.

                This ring is ready to explode!

                With the fight about to officially begin...

                - I'm gonna get you! Let him go! - Come on!

                Let him go! I want him!

                - You said be cool. - That was cool.

                I'm the champ! I'll beat ya like I did last time.

                You won't have to look to find me. I'm here.

                Boxing fans around the world,

                welcome to Madison Square Garden

                and tonight's heavyweight championship of the world!

                Out of the red corner,

                the challenger, weighing     lb,

                from the fighting city of Philadelphia,

                the former heavyweight champion of the world,

                the ltalian Stallion,

                Rocky Balboa!

                I tell ya, he has so slimmed down, he looks like a middleweight.

                Out of the blue corner, weighing    lb,

                the hard-punching pedlar from Chicago,

                the reigning heavyweight champion of the world,

                Clubber Lang!

                Referee, Lou Filippo.

                OK, boys. Let's go.

                We went over the rules yesterday. I'm gonna repeat a few of 'em.

                Watch your low blows and rabbit punches.

                In case of a knockdown, go to the corner I tell you to,

                and you stay there until I tell you to come out.

                Is that understood? Any questions?

                Let's go back to your corner now. Let's go.

                - I'm gonna bust you up. - Go for it.

                Here we go. The war is on! We're just waiting for the bell.

                Take my belt off. I'll get that chump.

                Don't let this bum let you fight his fight. You're the best!


                Rhythm and power. Then jab him.

                Rocky! Rocky!

                It should be a great fight!

                Balboa goes right out of his corner and right after Clubber Lang.

                He's going right to left, into Clubber's face. What a start to the fight!

                Another jab. Another jab.

                And another! This is not the Rocky we expected!

                Looks fantastic.

                Another right. And a right. Look at that! A right and left to the head!

                Clubber Lang doesn't know what's happening. He's being stung by this style.

                Look at the shots he's taking.

                - He can't corner the fleet-footed fighter. - It's absolutely unbelievable!

                Come on, you oversized hick! Bring it to me! Hit me!

                That right hand is like a triphammer!

                - Rock, tie him up! - Bring it to me! Hit me!

                Come on, get back. Get back!

                Tough first round!

                There's Rocky with a couple of rights and lefts.

                Get off! Get off!

                This crowd is going absolutely wild.

                We got pandemonium in the ring at the end of round one.

                Lang wants more. He can't realise that the round is over!

                All right, you looked great. Just don't get crazy and we're home.

                - I'll kill you, man - The man is strong.

                I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him.

                Now he's gonna come hard, right?

                - Don't give him a chance to settle. - Counter and move. Counter and move.

                He had Lang at his mercy!

                Now it's Lang coming out for Rocky.

                Rocky has him in his corner and is still landing rights and lefts.

                A right to the head. Another.

                He's really setting him up. Five unanswered shots!

                Kill him! Kill him!

                - Get outta there! - Get back!

                All right!

                Break it up. Break it up.

                - What are you doin'? - Come on, Balboa.

                Get your hands up. Come on, Rock!

                That right hand hurt Rocky again!

                Balboa's in trouble now.

                Hold him, dammit!

                - Come on, Rocky! - This is Clubber's round.

                And Balboa is down.

                - Get up, dammit! - Come on.

                - Five! - He's in trouble.



                It's Clubber again. Lang with the left hand. Another left and a right!

                And down goes Balboa again.

                Stop the fight.

                - Six! - I got some more, so get up.

                I got a lotta moves. Come on!

                Here we go again. Clubber coming into him!

                You ain't so bad. You ain't so bad.

                You ain't so bad. You ain't nothin!

                You must be crazy. You're just a stupid fool.

                - But I ain't breathin' heavy. - He's a fool. He's stupid.

                How could he come back from that beating?

                What the hell are you doin'?

                - It's a strategy. I know what I'm doin'. - You don't know.

                - He's gotta come to you. - He's nothin'. He's mine.

                Stand toe to toe with this bum and he'll kill you. He'll beat your head off.

                He's gettin' tired.

                Don't go wasting your punches. Don't try to take him out with one punch.

                Use your head. You wear him down. He's all ours.

                I know what I'm doin'.

                Don't tell me what you think! Go out there and do it. Eye of the tiger.

                Knock his head off. He's just a man.

                Be more man than him. Go get him. Eye of the tiger.

                Round three - tough round to call. This is a little slower...

                It's my round.

                I'm gonna take ya this time.

                You're mine. You're mine.

                - Come on. Come on. - I'm gonna get ya.

                Get outta there.

                Get outta there!

                - Come on. - Stick him.

                Come on!

                Again, again!

                - He's gettin' killed - No, no, no, he's not. He's gettin' mad.

                The whole world's watching. Knock me out.

                Harder! Can you hit hard? Hit me harder!

                Get outta there!



                My mother hits harder than that. Come on!

                A little harder. Hit me on the face.

                Come on, champ. You ain't so bad.

                You ain't nothin'.


                Rocky! Rocky!

                I might believe the strategy now. He's making Clubber miss!

                He drew him in. Now Rocky's throwing the punches. Look at the punches.

                He's lifting him right off the canvas with those punches!

                He's completely psyched out!

                Lang is confused by all of this!

                Come on!

                The place is going bananas!

                - Get up! - Five!



                Eight! Nine!

                Ten. You're out.

                There he is, the new heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky Balboa!

                Rocky is exhausted.

                Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by knockout...

                - Are you all right? - Never better. Never better.

                ..the heavyweight champion of the world, the ltalian Stallion,

                Rocky Balboa!

                - We made a deal. - I know, but this is extremely crazy.

                Yeah. Mentally irregular, right?

                But it makes sense. You owe me a favour.

                I know, but... When did you think of this?

                - About three years ago. - This is very crazy, Apollo.

                Stallion, when you won that last fight, you beat me by one second.

                That's hard for an intelligent man to handle.

                - Didn't you say you learnt to live with it? - I lied.

                Oh, you lied!

                - So now you gotta prove it to yourself? - No TV, no newspapers. Just you and me.

                Nothin'. Just you and me. Age before beauty.

                - Anything you say. - I'll do all the work, OK?

                You better go slow cos you ain't as young as springtime any more.

                I'm still young enough to whip your butt.

                Yeah? How you gonna do that? You taught me everything you know.

                Almost everything. You gotta remember, you fight great, but I'm a great fighter.

                - You ready? - Absolutely.

                You know, Stallion, it's too bad we gotta get old.

                Ah, just keep punchin', Apollo.

                You wanna ring the bell?

                All right.


                Come on, Stallion.

                Come on, come on.

                Boy, you really move good for an older guy.

                You're lookin' good. I taught you well.

                I think you taught me too good. Look at him fly.

                Look out now. No, no, you don't want any of this. Come on.

                - Maybe I'm in here with the wrong guy. - Watch yourself. Ready?

                 It's the eye of the tiger It's the thrill of the fight

                 Risin' up to the challenge ofour rival

                 And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

                 And he's watching us all with the eye

                 Of the tiger

                 Risin' up

                 Back on the street

                 Did my time, took my chances

                 Went the distance Now I'm back on my feet

                 Just a man, and his will to survive

                 So many times, it happens too fast

                 You change your passion for glory

                 Don't lose your grip

                 On the dreams of the past

                 You must fightjust to keep them alive

                 It's the eye of the tiger It's the thrill of the fight

                 Risin' up to the challenge ofour rival

                 And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

                 And he's watchin' us all with the eye

                 Of the tiger

                 Face to face

                 Out in the heat

                 Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry

                 They stack the odds Still we take to the street

                 For the kill with the skill to survive

                 It's the eye of the tiger

                 It's the thrill of the fight

                 Risin' up to the challenge ofour rival

                 And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

                 And he's watchin' us all with the eye

                 Of the tiger

                 Risin' up, straight to the top

                 Had the guts, got the glory

                 Went the distance Now I'm not gonna stop

                 Just a man and his will to survive

                 It's the eye of the tiger

                 It's the thrill of the fight

                 Risin' up the challenge ofour rival

                 And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night

                 And he's watchin' us all with the eye

                 Of the tiger

                 The eye of the tiger

Special help by SergeiK