Rocky IV Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rocky IV script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sylvester Stallone movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rocky IV. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rocky IV Script



            Come on, champ.  You ain't so bad.


            Five. Six.

            Seven. Eight.

            Nine. Ten.

            You're out!

            - We made a deal.  - I know, but this is extremely crazy.

            Yeah, it's mentally irregular.

            But it makes sense.

            You owe me a favor.

            I know, but when did you think of this?

            About three years ago.

            This is very crazy, Apollo.

            Stallion, you won that last fight  by one second.

            You beat me by one second.

            That's very hard for a man  of my intelligence to handle.

            Is it? Didn't you say afterwards  you learned how to live with it?

            - I lied.  - You lied.

            So now you have to prove it to yourself?

            Just for myself. No TV or newspapers,  just you and me.

            Nothing. Just you and me.

            - Age before beauty.  - Anything you say.

            I do all the work.

            You better go slow. You ain't  as young as springtime no more.

            I'm still young enough  to whip your butt.

            Yeah? How will you do that?  You taught me everything you know.

            Almost everything.

            Remember, you fight great...

            but I'm a great fighter.

            - You ready?  - Absolutely.

            All right.

            It's too bad we have to get old.

            Just keep punching.

            Want to ring the bell?

            All right.

            Come on, Stallion.

            You really move good  for an older guy.

            Look at him fly.

            No, you don't want any of this.

            Maybe I'm in here with the wrong guy.

            Dad, you're late.

            Mom's going to yell at you.

            - How you doing?  - Fine.

            Don't you think  that's a little bright?

            - A little bit?  - Where'd you get that hat?

            A friend gave it to me.  Like it?

            - Who punched you in the eye?  - Same friend.

            That's weird.  Better hurry, Dad.

            You know, you're developing  a very loud personality.

            Don't go too fast  or you'll get out of focus.


            - It's about time.  - I'm sorry I'm late.

            Why don't you get ready to eat?

            You're here.  Now stop calling him names.

            You been calling me names?

            We wait any longer,  it will be my next birthday.

            - Where have you been?  - Out getting punched.

            Bring the cake in here, and let's  get the celebration underway.

            I'm hungry.

            Babe, get the cake.  He'll love it.

            We have a great surprise for you.  You'll love this cake.

            -You'll love your present, Uncle Paulie.  -Where is it?

            Let me set the mood here.  I have to turn the lights down.

            - Watch this.  - It's parked in the driveway?

            Just be patient.

            I'm so excited, I'm sweating.

            I feel like I'm going  into a big fight.

            Happy birthday, Paulie.

            - What the hell is this?  - Your present.

            I wanted a sports car  for my birthday...

            not a walking trash can.

            - He looks great here.  - This is extremely psycho.

            Since you don't have any friends,  we thought you'd like it.

            Pretend you're happy. It'll keep you  company when you're all alone.

            That's a great-looking guy.

            - Please make a wish.  - It's creepy! That thing talks!

            These things are great!  I wish I had one when I was growing up.

            - Make a wish, like he said.  - I wish I wasn't in this nightmare.

            A very classy wish.  What do you think?

            Very good.

            Want to help me  put out this forest fire?

            - Sure.  - On the count of three.

            One, two, three.

            They're out.

            You drowned me!

            Don't worry.

            I'll clean it up for you, Paulie.

            - Rocky.  - Yeah, you noticed.

            What are you doing with that cake?

            The party ain't over yet.

            Still got to celebrate.  It's a special night.

            Yeah, it's Wednesday.

            It's definitely Wednesday,  but in case you forgot...

            it's almost been nine years  since you married me...

            so here's your prize.

             But our anniversary's a week away.

              That's true.  But why wait?

              Has it been that rough?

              It's been excellent.

              Open your prize. Go on.

              Do you like it?

              - It's beautiful.  - All right.

              I was so nervous.  I didn't know.

              I hope you like it.

              The guy I bought it from says...

              even if it looks like a snake,  don't worry.

              It won't bite you.

              It's beautiful.

              You know what's amazing?

              After all these years...

              everything still seems kind of new.

              You remember a long time ago  I told you that...

              you ain't never getting rid of me?

              You're not.

              You're never getting rid of me.

              Happy almost anniversary.

              Can you answer a few questions?

              - How long you here for?  - We talk later, please.

              When are you fighting, Drago?

              Is it definite  the Soviet Union...

              will enter professional boxing?

              Please, no more talk now.  We will talk at press conference.

              Do you know where it will be held?

              Today may have proved to be a landmark  in sports history.

              After unraveling years  of red tape...

              Russia will now throw its hat  into the ring.

              The prize ring, that is.

              The introductions were made  by his wife Ludmilla Vobet Drago.

              She was the double gold medalist  in swimming.

              Today the Soviet Union has  officially entered professional boxing.

              My husband and great undefeated  heavyweight world amateur champion...

              Captain Ivan Drago...

              has come with his trainers  to America...

              to compete as an international  sportsman and ambassador of goodwill.

              Has Drago ever boxed  against a real professional?

              From having been trained in Russia  by great boxing coach, Manuel Vega...

              and now by Sergei Rimsky...

              we hope he's qualified to do so.

              I know he is, but I don't want  to sound too confident.

              lf possible, we would like  to have an exhibition bout...

              with your famous champion,  Rocky Balboa.

              What makes you think he can  fight someone as seasoned as Balboa?

              No one can match his strength,  his endurance or his aggressiveness.

              You sound like he's indestructible.

              Yes, he is.

              Can this mammoth Russian, already  nicknamed the Siberian Express...

              wreak havoc among the professional  heavyweight ranks?

              Whoever he fights first,  it'll be one hot ticket.

              We'll be right back with a check  on today's pro football scoreboard.

              Dad, when can I learn to fight?

              I can't hear you. What?

              I want to learn to fight.

              Could you turn your robot down?

              I fight,  so you don't have to fight.

              I want you  to use your head for something...

              instead of a punching bag  like I do.

              Your head doesn't look  like a punching bag.

              That's nice.  Thanks a lot.

              It looks like a catcher's mitt.

              A wise guy.

              Mr. Balboa,  Mr. Creed's on the phone.

              Yeah?  I'll be right there.

              You can get it right here.

              - I hope it's not another rematch.  - Don't worry about it.

              Hello? Yeah, Apollo--  Turn that down.

              How you doing? Yeah?

              You're coming out?  That's great.

              What am I doing?  I'm just getting dizzy.

              My husband and I thank you for coming  to our training quarters today.

              As you can see,  it is highly advanced...

              and we wish to show  the American press a small portion...

              of the advances  our country's made...

              in the technology  of human performance.

              Coach Rimsky, what does all this do  to enhance performance?

              If I may answer.

              It makes a man a better man...

              a great athlete a super athlete...

              by harnessing all his strength.

              Though most of the world  is ignorant in body chemistry...

              we wish to educate your country.

              There have been rumors of doping...

              and distribution of anabolic steroids  in the Soviet Union.

              Has Drago partaken  in any such experiments?

              Ivan in naturally trained.

              Then how do you explain  his freakish strength?

              Like your Popeye,  he ate his spinach every day.

              Shall we have a demonstration?

              - Please do.  - Thank you.

              A normal heavyweight...

              averages     pounds of pressure  per square inch.

              Drago averages      pounds.

              So the result is quite obvious.

              What results are those?

              Whatever he hits, he destroys.

              He's big and he's strong,  but he's clumsy.

              - I know I can beat him.  - Why do you want to fight again?

              It's something I believe in.

              - You can do your homework.  - Okay. Later, Dad.

              Later, Uncle Paulie, Apollo.

              - Later, big man.  - See you later, kiddo.

              Don't you think people are expecting  to see Rocky whack this bum out first?

              Yeah, and he will  when it's for real.

              This is just an exhibition bout.  It's kid stuff.

              What's the purpose?  What's worth getting hurt for?

              - What the hell is that?  - That's my girl.

              - Thanks, honey.  - You're welcome.

              - Nice song.  - It's my favorite.

              You're the greatest.  See you, sport.

              - See you.  - Who taught it to talk like that?

              She loves me.

              Like I was saying...

              I don't want this chump  to come here with all that hype...

              trying to make us look bad.

              They try every other way.

              With Rock's help,  we can get great media coverage.

              - We can make them look bad.  - I think it's wrong.

              It's never been more right.

              You're a great fighter,  but you've been retired for five years.

              Don't you think it's time  to think about something else?

              How much can you take?

              Either of you.

              I'll get the coffee.

              I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--  I just care about you both.

              You ever try these comics?

              Keeps your fertility.

              This was a great fight.

              Great? I'm getting punchy  just watching.

              What you using for a chin there,  Stallion?

              - I should have slipped that one.  - Yeah, definitely.

              It's crazy how people care about you  when you're in that ring bleeding...

              but once you step out of that ring,  you're ancient history.

              - You ain't ancient history.  - Nobody's asking for autographs.

              Can I ask you something?


              This fight you're having  against the Russian--

              Do you think maybe  it ain't against him?

              If it's not him,  then who is it against?

              Do you think maybe  it's you against you?

              I think you really are  getting brain damaged.

              - That's what I think, Stallion.  - Yeah, maybe, but...

              I'm speaking the truth, Apollo.

              - Are you?  - Yeah.

              I don't think I want to hear this.

              Apollo, you're a great fighter.  No doubt about that.

              But we have to face the facts too.

              You don't want to believe it,  but maybe the show is over.

              That's easy for you to say.  You're still on top.

              What happens when you're not on top?  Then what?

              Where do we go?

              We sure can't be born again.

              I know we can't be born again,  but we have to change sometime.

              I don't want to change!  I like who I am!

              I like who you are too,  but look at that.

              You don't want to believe this,  but that ain't us no more.

              We can't do that  the way we did before.

              We're changing.  We're turning into regular people.

              Maybe you think  you're changing...

              but you can't change  what you really are.

              Forget all this money and stuff  around you. It don't change a thing.

              You and me don't even have a choice.

              We're born with a killer instinct  you can't turn off and on like a radio.

              We have to be in the middle  of the action because we're warriors.

              Without some challenge,  without some war to fight...

              then the warrior  may as well be dead.

              So I'm asking you...

              as a friend...

              stand by my side  this one last time.

              You're a great talker, Apollo.

              All right,  but when this is over--

              You know me, Stallion.

              I always think of something else.

              That's what I'm afraid of.  All right, you have a deal.

              I feel sorry for that guy.

              Apollo, what made you decide  to put on an exhibition with Drago?

              Call it a sense of responsibility.

              Responsibility, how?

              I have to teach this young fellow  how to box American style.

              Isn't Drago a little inexperienced  to be in the same ring?

              Some folks have to learn  the hard way.

              - No knockout prediction?  - I'm not angry with him.

              I just want to show the world Russia  doesn't have all the best athletes.

              How do you think Apollo  should fight Drago?

              Personally, the first thing  you need is a ladder.

              How does it feel to spar  with the great former champion?

              The man's tongue  didn't come through customs.

              My husband is very happy  to have this opportunity.

              - It's his dream.  - What do you mean?

              In our country, Apollo Creed  is well-known and very respected.

              - It could be a good victory.  - Whoa.

              Wait a minute. Win?

              You don't really think  you're going to whip me, do you?

              He didn't come here to lose.

              You hold on, little lady.

              Lose and lose royally  he will do.

              - How can you be so sure?  - I've beaten the best.

              I've retired more men  than Social Security.

              Excuse, please.  You are not very realistic.

              Where did you come from?  What are you talking about?

              You can box, but you are far too old  to think you can win over Drago.

              - Is that a fact?  - Yes, and it could be a painful one.

              You put that heavy bag without balls  in the ring with me...

              and you'll see the meaning of pain!

              - Why do you insult us?  -Just hold on.

              Don't make me out as the bad guy.

              I came to talk about a friendly  exhibition bout till you started up.

              You are the aggressor! This is obvious!  I wish to say to the press...

              in all fairness,  Drago should not even fight this man.

              He is a has-been.

              You get that big chump  in the ring right now!

              Bring it on. I don't want to hear her.  Just let that chump go.

              All right, I said what I feel.  We'll finish this in the ring.

              - You understand?  - What ever you like.

              You and all your puppets just shut up!  You are history, chump.

              - How did I do?  - A little loud for my taste.

              - But good?  - Yeah, very good.

              Welcome one and all  to the city of lights, Las Vegas...

              and one of the most unusual events  in years: East meets West.

              Age versus youth  in a goodwill exhibition match...

              as the former champion,  Apollo Creed...

              takes on a mountain of muscle  from the Soviet Union, Ivan Drago.

              - Come on.  - Patience is a virtue.

              I'm ready to rock and roll.

              I understand, but you need  your equipment. There you go.

              - Now you look like a mummy.  - I feel like a mummy.

              - Does it feel okay?  - It feels great. I could eat nails.

              I never tried them things.

              - What?  - I never had snails.

              I seen them in the garden,  but I never wanted to eat them.

              I didn't say anything about snails.

              - I said, "nails," Stallion.  - Yeah.

              You look pretty good, but do me  a favor when you go up there.

              Try not to wear yourself out.

              Yeah, wear myself out.

              It's just that you haven't been  in the ring for five years.

              - I just want you to maintain a bit.  - You sound like I'm an old man.

              I'm in the best shape of my life.  I'm stronger. I'm quicker.

              I'm not saying  you're not ready...

              but, personally,  if it were me...

              I wouldn't mind postponing it  a couple weeks.

              - Postpone?  - Yeah.

              Come on, we don't really know anything  about this guy you're fighting.

              - Let's say I postpone.  - Yeah.

              I pull out, somebody else steps in  and whips this chump.

              - Where does that leave me?  - What do you mean?

              It's just some exhibition fight.  This don't mean nothing.

              No, that's where you're wrong.

              This is not just an exhibition  that doesn't mean anything.

              This is us against them.  Come on.

              Stallion,  maybe you don't know...

              what I'm talking about now...

              but you will when it's over.

              Believe me.

              Good luck.  I hope after we can be friends.

              - I hope so.  - Of course.

              They're sportsmen,  not soldiers.

              Enjoy the fight.

              Knock me out  Hit it


              Coast to coast

              Easy to get anywhere



              Just hide behind the wheel

              How does it feel

              When there's no destination

              That's too far

              And somewhere on the way  you might find out who you are

              Living in America

              Eye to eye  Station to station

              Hand in hand

              Across the nation

              Got to have a celebration

              You may not be looking  for the promised land

              But you might find it anyway

              All along the route  Old familiar names

              Like New Orleans

              Detroit City


              Pittsburgh, PA

              New York City

              Kansas City

              Atlanta, yeah

              Chicago and LA

              I live in America

              Head to head  Toe to toe

              Say it loud  It will make you proud

              I know what it means

              Eye to eye  Tooth to tooth

              This is the undisputed truth

              All the way

              With your badself

              I feel good

              Good evening, everyone.  Along with Warner Wolf, I'm Stu Nahan.

              We welcome you  to a most unusual event.

              For the first time, West against East  in professional sports.

              Thanks for getting me here.

              - I owe you one.  - No, we're even.

              God, I feel born again.

              Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

              I would like to announce the presence  of a true fighting champion...

              that defines the word courage.

              The Italian Stallion,  Rocky Balboa.

              - Excuse me.  - Certainly.

              Tonight's special event  features two great athletes.

              In the blue corner...

              weighing     pounds...

              the former heavyweight champion  of the world...

              the Dancing Destroyer...

              the King of Sting...

              the Count of Monte Fisto--

              - You think you have enough names?  - Be patient. We're almost done.

              The Master of Disaster,  the one and only, Apollo Creed!

              The crowd anticipating a great fight.  Apollo is playing to the crowd.

              In the red corner...

              weighing an even     pounds...

              gold medalist and undefeated  world amateur champion...

              from the Soviet Union...

              the Siberian Bull...

              Ivan Drago!

              I want you!

              The two fighters come  to the center of the ring...

              for the instructions  from referee Lou Filippo.

              You boys know the rules.

              Watch your low blows,  kidney punches, rabbit punches.

              In case of a knockdown,  you go to the corner I tell you...

              and you stay there  until I tell you to come out.

              Shake hands  and let's have a good fight.

              It's time to go to school, son.

              Get your hands up.  Do you need an interpreter?

              You will lose.

              All right.

              The bad blood between these two  can be felt all over this arena.

              I can't get over the size  of this Russian.

              It's show time!

              Excuse me.  Didn't you forget something?

              Come on.

              Apollo seems to be  in great spirits tonight.

              He's really putting on a show  for this capacity crowd.

              Be back in a minute.

              Round one.

              Creed dancing around.

              Creed backpedaling now.  He's been away five years.

              Come on.

              Neither fighter ready to throw a punch.  A left jab there.

              A left jab once again by Creed.

              - A slip by Creed.  - This is bizarre.

              Creed is over the hill,  and the Russian hasn't fought anybody.

              Keep moving! Stick him!

              Drago moving in again.

              A left hand by Creed and another.  Drago moves away.

              Get your hands up!

              Another left hand by Creed!

              Drago waiting,  cocking that right hand.

              Get out of there!

              And a left hand!  He's taking some punishment now!

              - Drago moves him against the ropes!  - Tie him up now!

              Now the Russian throws Creed  across the ring!

              - Move!  - It is Drago with the upper hand!

              Drago with a left  to the midsection!

              - Get out of that corner!  - Another right and another right!

              Creed is against the ropes!

              They step in and stop it!

              What are you guys doing?  This is supposed to be an exhibition!

              A tremendous end to the first round  by the Russian.

              And a very bloody Apollo Creed.

              The Soviet's strength is incredible!

              Champ, I have to stop you.

              This fight's finished.  I have to call it.

              Champ, you can't do  no more out there.

              - I'm here to fight.  - He's killing you. I have to stop it.

              I'm here to fight.  Promise me you won't stop this fight.

              That was a pulverizing round  for the ex-champion.

              Ivan Drago is definitely for real.

              Don't stop this fight no matter what.

              Creed comes out for round two,  dancing around.

              The legs appear to be  still a little rubbery.

              Get your hands up.

              Now it is the Russian  just standing there.

              The Russian trying  to intimidate Creed.

              The Russian throws a right hand  and staggers Creed!

              Another right to the jaw!  A left to the head!

              Creed is being pounded  without mercy!

              Stop the fight!

              The referee tries to step in,  and he's thrown across the ring!

              Throw the towel!

              I have never seen Apollo  take so much punishment!

              Throw the damn towel!

              - My God!  - Creed is down!

              Apollo could be badly hurt.

              - Get these guys out of here!  - The winner: Ivan Drago.

              Let me through!

              I cannot be defeated.

              - Is he okay?  - Somebody get a doctor!

              - There is no movement by Creed.  - Get that light off him!

              I defeat all men.

              - Is he dead?  - Get out of here!

              It's absolute pandemonium!

              - Stand back.  - Let him breathe! You can do it.

              Soon I defeat real champion.

              - Where's the stretcher?  - Send for a doctor!

              Let him breathe!

              What started out as a joke  has turned out to be a disaster.

              Creed appears to be  in very serious condition.

              Is the man alive?

              You can make it.

              If he dies, he dies.

              There's a lot I could say  about this man.

              I don't know if it matters now.

              I guess what matters  is what he stood for...

              what he lived for  and what he died for.

              You always did everything...

              the way you wanted it.

              I didn't understand that, but...

              now I understand.

              I'll never forget you, Apollo.

              You're the best.

              - Rocky, is the decision final?  - Yes.

              - Are you the first to give up his crown?  - I don't know.

              - Doesn't the title mean anything to you?  - Not until this is over.

              Coach Rimsky, considering  Rocky's known punching power...

              do you still think  this will be an easy fight?

              - Yes, of course.  - It's a matter of size and evolution.

              Isn't it, gentlemen?

              Drago is the most perfectly  trained athlete ever.

              This other man has not the size  or the endurance...

              or the genetics to win.

              It's physically impossible  for this little man to win.

              Drago is a look at the future.

              There's been no mention yet, but how  much are you making for this fight?

              No money.  It's not about money.

              Has the fight date been set yet?

              - December   .  - Why Christmas?

              - That's what I was told.  - Where?

              - It's in Russia.  - Are you nuts?

              - What's going on?  - Why did you agree to this?

              We fight in Soviet Union  or we fight nowhere.

              Why don't you ask Drago's wife  why she is afraid?

              - Tell them, please.  - I'm afraid for my husband's life.

              We have threats  of violence everywhere.

              We are not in politics.

              All I want is for my husband  to be safe, to be treated fairly.

              You call him a killer. He's  a professional fighter, not a killer.

              You have this belief  that you are better than us.

              You have this belief that this country  is so very good and we are so very bad.

              You have this belief that you are  so fair and we are so cruel.

              It's all lies  and false propaganda...

              to support this antagonistic  and violent government!


              We don't keep our people  behind a wall with machine guns.

              - Who are you?  - Who am I?

              I'm the unsilent majority,  big mouth!

              Good! Yes, insult us!

              It's more typical rude behavior  toward visiting foreigners.

              But perhaps this simple defeat  of this little so-called champion...

              will be a perfect example...

              of how pathetic and weak  your society has become!

              We go!

              Mrs. Balboa!

              - How do you feel about going to Russia?  - Is your husband going to Moscow?

              How does it feel to be part  of such a controversial decision?

              Did Creed's death  make up your husband's mind?

              I don't know what you're talking about!

              Look, I'm not going to Russia.

              I don't know what you're talking about  or what you people are doing here.


              - You all right?  - Yeah.


              Why did you do it?

              - I just have to do what I have to do.  - You don't have to do anything.

              No, Adrian, I do.

              I have to leave this place too.

              So where are you going?

              They said they would let me train  in Russia.

              I just want to go someplace where...

              I won't think of nothing except him.

              Give it some time.  Don't do this.

              A lot of people live with hurt.

              Adrian, a lot of people  don't have the choice. I do.

              And for that you're willing  to lose everything?

              This ain't everything.

              This house and the stuff we have  ain't everything.

              There's a lot more than this.

              Before, there were reasons to fight  I could understand...

              but I don't understand this.

              Even if you win, what have you won?  Apollo is still gone.

              Why can't you change your thinking?  Everybody else does!

              Because I'm a fighter.

              That's the way I'm made.

              That's what you married.

              - We can't change what we are.  - Yes, you can.

              You can't change anything.

              All we can do is just go  with what we are.

              You can't go with what you are.  Have you read the papers?

              Everybody says it's suicide!

              You've seen him.  You know how strong he is.

              You can't win!

              Adrian always tells the truth.

              Maybe I can't win.

              Maybe the only thing I can do...

              is just take everything he's got.

              But to beat me,  he'll have to kill me.

              And to kill me...

              he'll have to have the heart  to stand in front of me.

              And to do that...

              he has to be willing  to die himself.

              I don't know  if he's ready to do that.

              I don't know.

              Be careful with the plaid ones.  They belong to the boss.

              Did you packy our toothbrush?

              You know how tobacco  stains your teeth.

              lf I've told you once,  I've told you a thousand times.

              Stop busting my chops.

              I'll have her wires tied  when I get back.

              - When will you be back?  - Pretty soon.

              Are you scared?

              Yes, you are.

              A little maybe?

              Wouldn't you be?

              If a big giant man wanted  to beat me up, I'd be real scared.

              The truth is, sometimes...

              I do get a little scared.

              When I'm in that ring  really getting hit...

              and my arms hurt so much  I can't lift them.

              I'm thinking, "God, I wish this guy  would hit me on the chin...

              so I don't feel nothing anymore."

              Then there's another side that comes out  that isn't so scared.

              It's another side  that wants to take more...

              that wants to go  that one more round...

              because by going  that one more round...

              when you don't think you can--

              That's what makes  all the difference in your life.

              You know what I mean?

              Can you remember one more thing?

              Remember that Daddy thinks  you're the best boy in the world.

              And Daddy loves you,  no matter what.

              I have to go now.

              Will you take care of everything?

              Don't forget to feed your robot.

              Bye, babe.

              Good luck.


              Come on!  The meter's running!

              Two worlds collide  Rival nations

              It's a primitive clash  venting years of frustration

              Bravely we hope against all hope

              There is so much at stake

              Seems our freedom's  up against the ropes

              Does the crowd understand

              Is it East versus West  or man against man

              Can any nation standalone

              What a horrendous flight.

              This is Russia?

              Don't look so tough.

              We take you to quarters now.

              When does the sun come up?

              This is detrimental to my sinuses.

              Weather changes hour to hour.  Get used to it.

              Get in car now.  We have very long trip.

              - He sounds like Dracula's cousin.  - Come on, Paulie.

              Like you requested, yes?

              - You requested this dumb location?  - Yeah.

              Why? You planning to grow  reindeer or something?

              I just wanted  to get away from things.

              The equipment you requested  is in barn.

              - Who are they?  - "They"?

              They are assigned to you.

              Official chaperones.  Where you go, they go.

              I have a bad dream here.

              It's okay.

              This is below human standards.

              There's no antennas.  You have to complain.

              We'll crack out here.

              You have everything  I have been instructed to provide.

              We are finished, yes?

              No sparring?

              I don't think I need it anymore.

              No sparring? No TV? Nothing?

              How the heck is he supposed  to train around here?

              No TV.  What about the Rose Bowl game?

              No room service, I bet.

              I hope they got my comics here.

              What a depressing vacation.


              Checkmate, friend.

              - Yeah?  - Champ, can I come up?


              - How you doing?  - Pretty good.

              Some kind of weather we're having.

              It's pretty rough.

              But for what you have to do  it's good.

              - Toughen you up.  - I guess so.

              You'll have to do almost everything  alone, but I'll be with you.

              Yeah, I know.

              Apollo was like my son.

              I raised him.

              When he died,  part of me died.

              But now you're the one.

              You're the one that's going  to keep his spirit alive.

              You're the one that's going  to make sure he didn't die for nothing.

              You'll have to go through hell...

              worse than any nightmare  you ever dreamed.

              But in the end...

              I know you'll be the one standing.

              I'll try.

              You know what you have to do.

              Do it.

              Thanks, Duke.

              I couldn't stay away any more.

              I missed you.

              I'm with you no matter what.

              "No matter what"?

              No pain.

              Push it up.

              Come on.

              Hello, everybody,  and Merry Christmas...

              from a very unusual place.

              We're in Moscow  in the Soviet Union.

              I'm Barry Tompkins  along with Al Bandiero.

              This promises to be the most-watched  event in boxing history.

              The iron horse from America,  Rocky Balboa--

              Since that tragedy in Las Vegas  and the death of Apollo Creed...

              Drago has been nicknamed  Death From Above.

              The General Secretary of the Soviet  and other members of the Politburo...

              have made their way to their seats  high above the ring here in Moscow.

              I know you're busy just now...

              but I want to tell you some things  I never told you.

              I know sometimes I act stupid  and say stupid things.

              But you kept me around when others  would have said, "Drop that bum."

              You give me respect.

              It's hard for me to say these things  because that ain't my way...

              but if I could just be someone else,  I'd want to be you.

              You're all heart.


              Now blast this guy's teeth out!

              I'll try.

              One of the fighters is starting  to make his way toward the ring.

              - Listen to this crowd!  - This borders on pure hatred.

              Rocky's face absolutely like stone.

              He is the picture of concentration.

              The booing crowd here  does not seem to bother him one bit.

              The champ has a look tonight  that can burn through lead.

              The booing crowd  has absolutely no effect on the man.

              His concentration seems  to be like stone.

              That's my dad.

              - We know.  - We're not nerds.

              Listen to this crowd.  It sounds insane.

              Now the entrance  of the Russian national champion...

              Ivan Drago, a man with an entire  country in his corner.

              Look at the expression  on the face of Ivan Drago.

              He seems impervious  to the madness of the crowd.

              He's like a volcano  just waiting to erupt.

              The Russian champion is amazingly cool  as he acknowledges his premier.

              I'd like to point out again,  this is a non-sanctioned fight.

              This is not for the title.

              The American boxing commission  has not sanctioned this bout.

                Ladies and gentlemen--

                It's unbelievable.  I've never seen such a hostile crowd.

                It's an unbelievable sight to see.

                They're toe-to-toe.

                The Russian towers above the American.  It's a true case of David and Goliath.

                The condition of both men  is unbelievable.

                I must break you.

                Remember what I said back there  about wanting to be you?


                Forget it.


                Take it straight to him  and be a rock for me. Understand?

                Be strong!

                All right?  Take it to him. No pain.

                Do it!

                There's the opening round bell. Balboa  comes into the center of the ring.

                The Russian way back  into Balboa's corner now.

                - Get out of there!  - Let's go!

                Balboa gets out of the corner.

                Once more, it's Drago  backing up Rocky with a jab.

                Balboa is not staying on balance  because of the Russian's long jab.

                Brace yourself!

                Hands up!

                - Charge him!  - Now!

                He can't seem to touch the Russian!

                Rocky pounding away  at the midsection of the Russian!

                - He hit him with everything he's got!  - Drago just smiled at him.

                - Keep chopping away!  - Chop him down!

                Rocky Balboa is in serious trouble!

                They might have to stop this one  before somebody gets killed.

                Break his rhythm!

                Rocky's hurt.  He woke the sleeping giant.

                Now he's paying the price.  A solid hand from Drago...

                sends Rocky Balboa   feet  across the ring!

                And the champ is down!

                Come on, get up!

                Drago continuing  to punish Rocky Balboa!

                He just will not let him out  of that corner!

                Rocky Balboa is just trying  to get through this first round.

                The Russian just threw Balboa  into his own corner like a rag doll.

                A tough first three minutes  for Rocky.

                He's not only fighting what appears  to be an invincible opponent...

                he's also fighting  a very hostile crowd.

                The Russian Premier and most  of the Politburo are looking on.

                - What's happening out there?  - He's winning.

                I see three of him out there.

                - Get the one in the middle.  - Right, hit the one in the middle.

                Take his heart.  If you hurt him, you'll take his heart.

                - No pain.  - Take his heart.

                Keep working!

                There's the bell for round two.  It's been a one-sided fight so far.

                It will take more than luck  for Rocky to survive this round.

                - Rocky's been hit with bombs.  - Slip and hook!

                Balboa trying to stay...

                in the middle of the ring  against the big Russian.

                Move the head!

                Stay with him!

                Balboa goes down again!  Bounces right back up!

                He's getting killed!

                Rocky Balboa has taken  Ivan Drago's best punches so far.

                He's cut and bleeding,  but he's on his feet and on the run.

                - He's cut!  - The Russian's cut! It's a bad cut!

                Now it's Rocky Balboa  coming after Ivan Drago!

                Incredible! Get him!

                - Balboa throwing punches--  - Yes!

                The Russian wants to go on!  He grabs Balboa by the throat!

                Balboa picks up the Russian and throws  him to the ground like a wrestler!

                It's a gutter war!  No hold sbarred in Moscow!

                Rocky maybe on the receiving end  so far, but he's here to fight.

                This is shaping up  to be a personal war.

                Right now,  it's anybody's boxing match.

                You're doing good.  I couldn't do better myself.


                - You got him hurt bad.  - Yeah?

                Now he's worried.  You cut him!

                You hurt him!

                You see?  He's not a machine! He's a man!

                You want it more than he does!

                No pain!

                Take it to him!

                Get up!

                A big right hand by Rocky Balboa!

                You're doing great.  You've come a long way.

                - Charge him!  - Now!

                Punch him!

                Come on!

                A few cheer snow for Balboa.  Suddenly Moscow is pro Rocky!

                No pain.

                Keep taking it to him.

                -Al, this place is ready to explode.  - Lethal punch after punch!

                -Amazing willpower!  - Neither man backing off.

                Rocky Balboa's determination is actually  winning over the once-hostile crowd.

                - This is incredible.  - What round is it?

                Fifteenth. One more round.

                There's no stopping us now.  This is our round.

                No stopping now!  You start, and you don't stop!

                All your strength!  All your power! All your love!

                Everything you've got!

                To win, you have to knock him out!  Punch till you can't punch no more!

                - This is your whole life here!  - Knock him out.

                Do it now!

                There's the bell.  The war is on.

                This is the last round.

                To the end.

                Which one of these fighters will be  standing at the end of this round?

                Drago snaps out a stiff jab,  and another.

                Go on.

                Rocky taking punishment,  trying to get inside!

                He's completely exhausted.

                What are you waiting for?

                Hit him!

                Come on, fight!

                Balboa is chopping the Russian down!

                Drago's hard right hand  stuns Rocky Balboa.

                Don't go down!

                Forget technique.  Forget strategy.

                This is just a street fight.

                It's a question  of who wants it most.

                - What is he doing?  - He's winning!

                To the body!

                Rocky, knock his head off!

                Finish him!

                You're gonna do it!


                Rocky Balboa  has done the impossible...

                and these people love it!

                It is absolute pandemonium!

                More than ever, Rocky has proven  himself a true champion!

                Thank you.

                I came here tonight...

                and I didn't know what to expect.

                I've seen a lot of people hating me...

                and I didn't know...

                what to feel about that, so...

                I guess I didn't  like you much either.

                During this fight...

                I seen a lot of changing:

                the way you felt about me...

                and the way I felt about you.

                In here...

                there were two guys...

                killing each other.

                But I guess that's better  than    million.

                What I'm trying to say is...

                if I can change...

                and you can change...

                everybody can change!

                I just want to say  one thing to my kid...

                who should be home sleeping.

                Merry Christmas, kid!

                I love you!


Special help by SergeiK