Rocky Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rocky script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sylvester Stallone movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rocky. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rocky Script



Come on! Hit 'im! Hit 'im!



You're waltzin'.

Give the sucker some action.



You're fightin' like a bum.

Want some advice?






Should I bet the fight

don't go three rounds?



- You feel strong?

- Absolutely.



You want some good advice?

Keep moving.



Give him one!



All right, all right!



Next a six-rounder

between local lightweights



Kid Brooks and Sugar Johnson!



- Hey.

- Hey, what?



- You got a smoke?

- Yeah, you can have this one.



You're a bum!



You're a bum!

You know that? You're a bum!






You really got lucky tonight.



Spider, you get loser's share:

$   less $   locker and cornerman,



$  shower and towel,

 % tax. Comes to   .  .



You fought a good fight, Spider.



Balboa, you get winner's share:

$   less $   locker and cornerman,



$  shower and towel and  % tax.



Comes to   .  .



- When do I fight again?

- Maybe two weeks. Gimme a call.



The doctor should be in

in about    minutes.



Here, boy. Here, boy.



# Take you back



# Doo doo do-doo, take you back



- # Doo doo do-doo

- # I said I've been told by



# Doo doo do-doo

Some people and they all



# Said take you back



# Doo doo do-doo

Take you back like before



# But I don't call it a reason



# I just call it believin' in myself



# Doo doo do-doo, do-do-doo



# Doo doo do-doo, push me back



You guys are gettin' better

every year, you know that?






# What I saw before



# I squeezed you then I held you



# But I could not tell you I loved you



# Doo doo do-doo, take you back



- # Doo doo do-doo

- # Well, you put me down



# Doo doo do-doo

You put me down real nice



# This love affair



# Doo doo do-doo

Is takin' the largest slice



# From my life, as I sing...



Hey! Your old man

did pretty good tonight.



Why weren't you there, huh? You shoulda

seen me. You guys hungry? No?



Here you go.



Here you go.



You wanna see

your friend Moby Dick, huh?



How you doin', Moby Dick?

You miss me today or what, huh?






Here you go. Say hi. If you could sing or

dance, I wouldn't be doin' this, you know?



And this turtle food I got here, it's...



This turtle food, gotta add more flies in.

There are more moths in it.



More flies... More moths...

Who the hell cares?



How you feelin' this mornin'? Full of life?



- Fine.

- Hey, how you doin', killer?



- How's the turtle food this week?

- Fine.



- Me, I'm kinda aggravated, you know?

- Oh, I'm sorry.



- Ain't your fault. Wanna hear about it?

- I'll tell you somebody who don't.



How you doin', Gloria?



The last turtle food I got here

had more moths in it than flies.



The moths get caught

in the turtles' throats.



They cough and I smack 'em on the back

of the shell. What do you think they get?



And they get what, huh?



Come on... Shell-shocked.

They get shell-shocked.



- Startin' with the bad jokes early, huh?

- Inventin' jokes ain't so easy sometimes.



That wasn't a joke.



How's my buddy doin' today? Yo, Butkus!



- I ain't had time to check 'im.

- Yo, Butkus!



Adrian, I want you to go downstairs and

clean all the cat cages. They're a mess.



You gotta pay for that

turtle food, Rock-head.



Hey, crime don't pay.

You know that, Gloria. You know that.



- Yo, Rock, how's your boss?

- Real good.



- You fightin' again?

- Yeah, here and there.



- We'll make some money real soon, huh?

- Yeah, a million dollars.



Hey, you! Where you goin'?



Where you goin'? Huh?

Where you runnin'?



Hey! Hey!



- Don't hit the face!

- Shut up! Mr Gazzo wants the     now.



I'm broke!



Mr Gazzo says I should get the    

or break your thumb.



- Please! Please! Don't break my...

- What's your name again?



- Bob!

- Listen, Bob...



You wanna dance,

you gotta pay the band.



You wanna borrow,

you gotta pay the man.



Hey, I ain't emotionally involved, Bob,

you understand? Gimme some money.



Gimme some money. Come on.



- There's     here.

- That's it. I'm broke.



Hey, Bob. Hey, hey.



You're still $   light.



You don't have to break nothin'. Here,

take my coat. It's worth       dollars.



Here, take the coat. Take the coat!



- Be smart.

- You shoulda planned ahead, you know?



- You shoulda planned ahead.

- I'll tape up the hand!



- You shoulda planned ahead.

- Gazzo won't have to know!



He won't be wise to nothin'.

Gazzo won't be wise to nothin'!



He won't...



He only had     but I think he's

good for the rest next week, Mr Gazzo.



Sure, Rocky. Bob's good for it.



That's it for today.

Tomorrow collect from Del Rio.



- He's late three weeks and I don't like it.

- Tomorrow, three weeks, Del Rio.



I got it. How do you spell Del Rio?



- How'd you do last night?

- Real good.



- Hey, did you get the licence number?

- Of what?



- The truck that run over your face.

- Relax, buddy. Pull it over here.



I wanna let Rocky out,

then I'm gonna talk to him.



How come you didn't break his thumb?



- How do you know I didn't?

- I hear things.



- Did I give you a job this mornin'?

- Yeah.



So why didn't you break his thumb?



When you don't do what I tell you to do,

you make me look bad, Rock.



I figured... Look, if I break the guy's

thumb, he gets laid off, right? He can't...



Well, let me do the figurin', OK, Rock?

From here on, just let me do the figurin'.



These guys think we're runnin'

a charity and they're gonna get off light.



From here on in, do what I tell you to do,



because it's bad for my reputation,

you understand? You got it, Rock?



I got it.



Hey, how do you spell Del Rio?



- Look in a dictionary, Rock!

- Come on!



Hey, I won't let that happen

no more-about the thumb.



You know?



So long, meatbag.



I shoulda broke your thumbs!



- I heard you did real good last night.

- Absolutely. You shoulda seen me.



- You oughta take a rest.

- No, my back is hurtin'.



- Your back?

- My back is hurtin'. You deaf?



No, I'm short.



Hey, yo, Mike. Where's my lock?

Whose stuff is this in my locker?



It's Dipper's stuff.

It ain't your locker no more.



What you talkin' about? It's been my

locker for six years. Where's my gear?



Mickey told me to bag it and hang it.



You put my stuff on skid row?



I been in that locker for six years

and you put my stuff on skid row?



Mickey tells me what to do, I gotta do it.



- Where is he?

- He's outside, working with Dipper.



- He's in a bad mood.

- So am I.



Put your hands up there. That's right.

Keep your hands up. That's right.



- Hey, Mick.

- Shut up!






Time! Time!



- What the hell...? What do you want?

- How you feelin' today?



- What are you, a doctor or somethin'?

- You got problems today?



- Never mind my problem. What's yours?

- I've been talkin' to Michael.



- How come I been put outta my locker?

- Because Dipper needed it.



Dipper's a contender, a climber.

Know what you are?



- What?

- A tomato.



Yeah, let's face it. I run a business here,

not a goddamn soup kitchen.



- Did you fight last night?

- Yeah.



- Did you win?

- Yeah, I won KO in the second.



- Yeah? Who'd you fight?

- Spider Rico.



He's a bum!



- You think everybody I fight is a bum.

- Well, ain't they?



You got heart, but you fight like a

goddamn ape. Nothin' special about you.



You never got your nose busted. Leave it

that way, and what's left of your mind.



Mick, I think I'll go take a steam.

You know why?



I did real good last night.

You shoulda seen me.



- Big deal.

- You shoulda seen me too.



Hey, kid, you ever think about retiring?



- No.

- You think about it.



- All right. Time!

- Hey, hey!



- What?

- I dig your locker, man.



Cold night.



Good night to catch

pneumonia, you know?



You need some help with that cage?



There's a good game

down at the Spectrum tonight.



You wanna go to a basketball game?



Hi, Butkus. Hi, kid.



Tough day today.

They took my locker away.



I had that locker for six years,

but it don't bother me.



Lockers are bad.

People get the combination.



I must've had    bucks taken

outta there in the past six years.



It don't sound like much, but it adds up.



You know? It doesn't matter. Who cares?



Cold night... Hey, birds!

Hey, look who's here!



Look who's here. The giant worm.



Look at these birds. Don't these birds

look like candy? Like flyin' candy.



Want to fly me home?



Do you need somebody

to walk you home, you know?






It's a cold night. If I was you and

you got the money, I would take a cab.



Too many creeps

around here, you know?



Every other block there's a creep.

You can always tell a creep.



All right, listen. I'm gonna go now.

I'll see ya's later, all right?



Now you guys get up.

I know you had a hard day in the cage.



So... I wanna go home, make up a joke.

I'll tell you a new joke tomorrow, OK?



- Good night, Adrian.

- Good night, Rocky.






There you go. I got a friend for you here.



- Hello, Rock.

- How you doin'? You seen Paulie?



He's in the steam room.



- Hey, Rocky, what's with the eye?

- Been fightin'.



- Hope ya's won it, at least.

- I did real good. You shoulda seen me.



- Hey, Rock, who'd you fight?

- Spider Rico.



- Hey, is he still around?

- Yeah, he's doin' real good.



He's doin' better than you are, that's

for sure! Hey, Paulie, you lock the door?



I'd like to kill the moron

who broke the mirror.



Hey, yo, Paulie!



Every day, every night I pass by.

Your sister's givin' me the shoulder.



- Forget her. You could do better than her.

- I don't forget nothin'.



Every night, I pass by the place, I tell

a joke. Every mornin', I tell a joke. Nothin'.



She just looks at me, you know?



- Looks, huh?

- Yeah, like I'm a plate of leftovers.



I need a Cadillac to connect with your

sister? Somethin' wrong with my face?



She's a freakin' loser.

Sometimes she gets me so crazy,



- I could split her head with a razor.

- Don't get mental, man.



- You caught me in a bad mood.

- You always are.



- Adrian ain't sharp. Adrian is a loser.

- Hey!



She's pushin'    years old and if she

don't watch out she'll end up dyin' alone.



- I'm    myself.

- And you'll end up dyin' alone.



- I don't see no crowd around you.

- I'll kill the moron who broke the mirror.



Come on, let's get outta this stink,

would ya? Come on.



- I wanna talk to you, anyway.

- About what?



- Do you still work for Gazzo?

- Yeah, sure.



Why don't you talk to him about me?



Well, I just don't think

Gazzo's hirin' right now, you know?



Come on.



- The girl's dryin' up.

- Who?



My sister. If she don't start livin',

her body's gonna dry up.



You know, tomorrow's Thanksgiving.

Come over and talk to her.



- Sure. Beer!

- Tomorrow you come for some bird.



Absolutely. You got it.



I gotta go. If I'm late,

she calls the hospital.



- Paulie!

- I got it.



...with Mac Lee Green here in

Philadelphia at the fabulous Spectrum.



You're speakin' of your Bicentennial fight.



The greatest sportin' event in the

country's history. A gala occurrence.



- I'll beat him like he committed a crime.

- Would you take a look at that guy?



Where are the real fighters

gonna come from, the pros?



All we got today are jig clowns.



- Clown?

- That's right, clown.



In keeping with great events

in our history,



I will duplicate the cracking of the

Liberty Bell by cracking Mac Lee Green.



- You callin' Apollo Creed a clown?

- Well, what else? Look at him.



Stay in school and use your brain.



Be a doctor, be a lawyer,

carry a leather briefcase.



Forget sports as a profession.

Sports make you grunt and smell.



B Be a thinker, not a stinker.

B OK, thanks a lot, champ.



Are you crazy?

He's champion of the world.



He took his best shot at becoming

champ. What shot did you ever take?



Hey, Rocky, if you're not

happy with your life, that's nice.



But I got a business goin'.

I don't have to take no shots.


            one having gone more than   

rounds with him, and that was Jake...



- Stick that up your business.

- What are you so insulted about?



You want me to take a shot?

All right, I'll take a shot!



- Hey, Rocky, how about a bottom?

- No wine, man.



Come on! Just a little.

You're makin' a lot of money.



Marie, does your brother

know you're out?



- Screw you, yo-yo!

- These guys teach you to talk like that?



- Stuff it, man!

- Don't you say that to me. Come here!



Stick up on it!



Swivel on it, ya bum!



Hey, you know, when I was your age



there was one girl in the neighbourhood

who talked like that, you know? Just one.



What you doin'?

That'll make your teeth yellow.



- I like yellow teeth.

- And your breath like garbage.



- Maybe I like garbage.

- C'mon, nobody likes garbage.



Anyway, this girl wasn't bad-looking,

but guys never took her serious, you see?



- They never took her out for a date.

- Why?



Guys laugh when you talk dirty.

They think you're cute.



If you get a reputation,

you get no respect, you understand?



You get no respect.

I gotta use a bad word.



Whore. You understand? Whore.



You see, if you use dirty words,

you maybe end up becomin' a whore.



- Come on, Rocky. I'm   .

- Hey, that don't matter you're   .



You don't really have to be one.

You just act like one, and that's it-boom!



You get a bad rep, you understand?



   years from now, people are

gonna say "Do you remember Marie?"



"No, who was she?" "The whore that

hung down at the Atomic Hoagie Shop."



"Oh, yeah. Now I remember her."



You see, they don't remember you.

They remember the rep, you understand?



Hey, you got a boyfriend?



No, you ain't got a boyfriend.

You know why?



Why don't you? Because you hang out

with them coconuts on the corner.



You hang around with coconuts,

you get nowhere. They're lemons!



Hang out with nice people,

you get nice friends.



Hang out with smart people,

you get smart friends.



Hang out with yo-yo people,

you get yo-yo friends.



It's simple mathematics.

I hope you ain't gonna...



- I won't.

- What was I gonna say?



You hope I stop actin'

like a whore or I'll turn into one.



- Somethin' like that.

- Night, Rocky.



- Night, Marie. Take care.

- Hey, Rocky.



- Yo?

- Screw you, creepo!



Yeah, who are you to give advice,

creepo? Who are you?



- Are the doctor's reports confirmed?

- Definitely.



It says that Green has suffered a severely

cracked third metacarpal in his left hand.



We can cancel the fight indefinitely

if you're set on fighting Green.



Hey, it ain't just Green! What about

all the time Apollo has invested?



- I believe we can find a solution.

- Solution nothin'.



Find me another contender

in a flash, Jergens.



Don't play games with my client. He's

done a million dollars' worth of publicity



and has made contractual obligations.



- He's not going to be embarrassed!

- I contacted Ernie Roman's manager.



- Ernie is fighting in France that week.

- Buddy Shaw. He's ranked fifth.



Went to California and gained    pounds.

I got hold of every worthwhile contender



and they all say five weeks

isn't enough time to get into shape.



Shape nothin', man! They afraid! They

know everybody's gonna see the fight.



None of 'em can whip me.

They're makin' excuses



so they don't get whipped

in front of the whole world.



All I can say is I'm a good promoter.



I've promoted fights in every

goddamn country in the world



and I've broken my ass over this,

but I don't know what the hell else to do.



I do.



Without a ranked contender, what

this fight is gonna need is a novelty.



This is the land of opportunity, right?



So Apollo Creed on January   gives

a local underdog fighter an opportunity.



A snow-white underdog. And I'm gonna

put his face on this poster with me.



And I'll tell you why.



Because I'm sentimental, like

a lot of other people in this country.



There's nothing they'd like better than

to see Apollo Creed give a local boy



a shot at the world title

on this country's biggest birthday.



Now that's the way I see it.



And that's the way it's gonna be.



Apollo, I like it!



It's very American.



No, Jergens. It's very smart.



- What is it?

- I just wanna check this out.



I pick up two yards from Snyder

and a grand from Cappoli?



No, no. Two yards from Cappoli

and a grand from Snyder.



- Two yards. Yeah, I got it.

- OK, write it down, OK?



Who's this girl you're

goin' out with tomorrow night?



- How d'you know?

- Don't you think I hear things?



- A lot of canaries flyin' around the docks.

- I'm goin' out with Paulie's sister.



- I hear she's retarded.

- She ain't retarded. She's shy, you know?



I'll tell you what to do. Take her

to the zoo. I hear retards like the zoo.



- This bum gotta say that?

- You callin' me a bum?



- I'm callin' you a bum!

- OK, relax. Buddy's in a bad mood.



- It's his prostate.

- He's always in a bad mood.



Count your blessings, Buddy.

You're still healthy.



- I don't like your face.

- I don't like yours!



- Kiss my ass!

- Move!



Relax! Relax! Relax! My ears! What,

are you drivin' me crazy? Both of ya's.



Buddy doesn't like ya. Some guys,

they just hate for no reason, you got me?



- Yeah.

- Come here.



There's    bucks.

You and Adrian, you have a nice time.






- Hey, how'd you know her name?

- You don't think I hear things?



- Remember what I told you.

- What'd you tell me?



Take her to the zoo!



- Some more coffee, Mr Creed?

- No thanks, Shirley.



- What do you think about Billy Snow?

- Fouls.



- How about Big Chuck Smith?

- Yeah.



No, he's too old and dull.

Hey, that Bobby Judge, he's a good boy.



- No, I don't feel the heat from that name.

- Joe Zack's a good prospect.



Exactly what are you lookin' for, Apollo?



This is what I'm lookin' for.

The Italian Stallion.



Rocky Balboa? Never heard of him.



Look, it's the name, man.



The Italian Stallion.



The media'll eat it up. Now who

discovered America? An Italian, right?



What would be better than

to get it on with a descendant?



He's a southpaw.

I don't want you messin' with them.



- They do everything backwards.

- Southpaw nothin'! I'll drop him in three.



"Apollo Creed meets the Italian Stallion."



Sounds like a damn monster movie!



What are you doin' with that bat?

I used to be deadly at stickball.



- You sure your sister knows I'm comin'?

- Very excited. Look at my swollen hands.



The joints, from carrying meat

in and out of freezers.



- Plays hell on the joints.

- Maybe you oughta see a doctor.



I don't need a doctor.

I need a different job.



- What kind of turkey? Big or small?

- Talk to Gazzo about me.



Tell him I'm a good man

and nothin' bothers me.



I'd make a great collector.

Bustin' bones don't bother me.



A big turkey, right? Hey, forget Gazzo.

That's a bad job, you know what I mean?



- You got a match?

- Go to him for me, as a favour.



Yeah, yeah. Last time I had a turkey,



it was when they had a $  special

at Horn & Hardart's about three years ago.



- Your sister knows I'm comin', for sure?

- Yeah, she's gonna be excited.



Hey, will you forget about Gazzo, huh?



- I don't ask nobody twice.

- You don't ask nobody twice.



# Stay away, baby



- You sure your sister knows I'm comin'?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's very excited.



Paulie! You're late.



You called the hospital? She calls

the hospital if I'm ten minutes late.



Yo, how you doin'?



I told you she's very excited.



Why didn't you say

you were bringin' him?



- Look at me. I'm not ready.

- Would it make a difference if you were?



- He's a friend and he's takin' you out.

- No, I can't.



I want you outta the kitchen

and I want you out right now.



I won't.



Hey! Hey!



Hey, I want you outta here instamatically!



I'm sick of seein' you hangin' around

like a spider! Go out and live! Enjoy life!



- Paulie, I can't go!

- Don't get wise with me now.



- I'm tired of you bein' a loser.

- Don't call me that, Paulie!



Apollo Creed is shopping

for another "victim"



to fill Green's vacancy for the

Bicentennial championship fight...



You didn't tell me

you were bringin' him home!



I'm not gonna go, Paulie!

I can't go! I won't go!






Paulie, it's Thanksgiving.

I got a turkey in the oven.



Oh. A turkey in the oven?



You want the bird?



Go in the alley and eat the bird!



Oh, Paulie!



I want you outta here!

Get outta the house!



Go out and enjoy your freakin' life!



You hungry, Rock?



Hey, yo, Paulie. Maybe we'd just

better forget all this, you know?



- Just forget it.

- Forget nothin'. Say somethin' funny.



Ain't nothin' to say.

She's in a bad mood, I'm in a bad mood...



You know how to do funny.

Wanna go out with her?



- Yeah.

- Well...



- I don't know what to say.

- Funny.



Yo, Adrian. It's me, Rocky.



Rocky, you know?






I dunno what to say, cos I ain't never

talked to no door before, you know?



- I mean, what do I say to a door? Listen...

- Come on, you're doin' fine.



I ain't doin' fine. I look like an idiot.



Keep doin' what you're doin'.

Funny. I know all about these things.



I feel like a jerk.



Yo, Adrian. It's Rocky again, you know?






I know you ain't too happy

at this moment.



Well, could you do me a favour? I ain't

got nobody to spend Thanksgiving with.



So how about maybe you and I could

go out together and get somethin' to eat?



I don't know, maybe laugh

a little bit. Who knows?



Would you like to...



I don't know. Would you like to maybe,

you know, you and me go out together?



We're gonna have a good time.



We'll have a real good time, you know?



Thanks for the bird.



I'm gonna turn the TV off.

I got a headache.



- What's your sister like to do?

- Ice-skate.



Adrian, come on, you're lettin' the heat

out. Who pays the bills around here?



Listen, I don't want

no turkey anyway, you know?



- But it was Thanksgiving.

- It was what?



- It was Thanksgiving.

- Yeah, to you, but to me it's Thursday.



- Yo, looks kinda quiet.

- I think it's closed.



No, I think we're just early

or somethin' like that.



- Yo!

- Yo!



- We're closed!

- What?



- I said we're closed!

- Yeah. Hey, listen,



I'm gonna smooth this guy out.

Wait here for a few minutes.



- We could go someplace else.

- No, it's OK.



Are you closed to the general public

or closed to everybody?



It's after six o'clock. It's Thanksgiving.

That's why there's nobody here.



Besides, you ain't supposed to be in here,

so do me a favour and leave, huh?



- Could you do me a favour?

- Hey, come on, we're not operatin'.



Look, this girl here ain't feelin' well.



The doctor says she should exercise

and ice-skating's the best thing.



- Yeah? So what do you want from me?

- Do me a favour. She ain't feelin' good.



So if you could let her on the ice,

I'd appreciate it.



- Ten minutes, ten bucks.

- Ten bucks? How about eight bucks?



Come on! It's Thanksgiving.



- All right. Nine bucks, you got a deal.

- You have the ice to yourself. Ten bucks.



Gimme the blades.



- Aren't you skating?

- No, I ain't skated since I was   .



That's when I started fightin'.



- Skating's bad for the ankles, you know?

- Yeah.



You're a pretty good skater, ain't ya?



Like I was sayin' on the way over, fightin'

used to be tops with me, but no more.



All I wanted to do was

prove I was no bum,



that I had the stuff to make a good pro.



- You never got the chance?

- I ain't cryin', cos I still fight.



I kinda do it like a hobby.

The trouble is, I'm a southpaw.



- What's a southpaw?

- It means you're left-handed.



A southpaw throws your timin' off, see?



Other guys, it makes 'em look awkward.

Nobody wants to look awkward.



- You know where southpaw came from?

- Nine minutes!



A long time ago, a couple of hundred

years ago, this guy was fightin'.



I think it was around Philadelphia.

He was left-handed.



His arm was facin' towards New Jersey.



And that's south,

so they called him Southpaw.



You see? Southpaw, South Jersey,



South Camden, Southpaw...

You know what I mean?



Things worked out for the best.



You never got a chance,

being left-handed?



Well, that's absolutely true,

you know? Watch out, watch out.



I just dislocated my finger.

Agh! Look at that.



No, hey, wait! It ain't your fault. Look.



See? Look.

It's an old wound. You see that?



Look. See? Nothin'.

It bends like that. I originally done it...



Push the button... Bong! It works.



- It ain't your fault. I'll show you...

- Seven minutes!



I originally done it...

I keep pictures of all my fights.



I done it in the Baby Crenshaw fight. See?



He's the size of an airplane.

I broke both my hands.



I lost that fight, but that's a nice picture,

don't you think? See how it works there?



Come on. Are you havin' a good time?



I'll tell ya, you can see I ain't

too graceful. I don't move well.



But I can really swat, you know?

I can really hit hard.



But I'm a southpaw and nobody wants to

fight a southpaw, you know what I mean?



Whooo! You know how

I got started in fightin'?



- Huh?

- No.



Am I talkin' too loud?



- No.

- Three minutes!



My father, he's...

My old man, he was never too smart.



He says to me "You weren't born

much of a brain, so start usin' your body."



So I've become a fighter.



You know what I mean?

Why are you laughin'?



My mother, she said the opposite thing.



What did she say?

What did she say, the opposite?



"You weren't born much of a body,

so you'd better develop your brain."



- Did she say that?

- Yo! Time!



- Can I ask you a question?

- Absolutely.



- Why do you wanna fight?

- Cos I can't sing or dance.



Hey, yo!



Don't fall! Don't fall!



Hey, that was terrific. I'm good at this.

You like the way I skate?



The last fight I had was

with a guy named Spider Rico.



He bust my head up.

Do you see that scar?



I'll tell ya, things get

pretty rough in the ring.



You know, some people are

very shy by nature, you know?



I suppose.



I say you're very shy

by nature, you know?



Yeah... I suppose.



Hey! Hey!



The bum from the dock.

Get a job, ya bum!



You know, some people think bein' shy

is a disease, but it don't bother me none.



It don't bother me, either.



Why did I bother bringin' it up?

Cos I'm dumb, that's why.



I think we make a real sharp couple

of coconuts. I'm dumb, you're shy.



I don't understand why anybody

would wanna be a fighter.



Hey, you gotta be a moron.



You gotta be a moron to wanna be

a fighter, you know what I mean?



It's a racket where you're almost

guaranteed to end up a bum.



- I don't think you're a bum.

- I'm at least half a bum, you know?



I'll tell ya somethin'.



The worst thing about fightin'

is the mornin' after, you know?



I'll tell ya. The mornin' after a fight, you're

nothin' but a large wound, you know?



Sometimes I got pains all over me.



I wanna call a taxi to take me

from the bed into the bathroom.



Your hair hurts, your eyes hurt, your face

is all busted up, your hands is swollen.



Look at this face.    fights.

Look at that nose. See that nose?



That nose ain't been broken in    fights.



I've had guys bustin' on it,

chewin' on it, twistin' it, punchin' it.



I mean, whack, boom. These guys

are hittin' my nose all the time.



Never broke. I'm proud of that.

Ain't that rare? That's rare.



- Why do you do it if it hurts?

- Why you think?



- Cos you can't sing or dance?

- Yeah, somethin' like that.



Hey, you wanna come inside?



- No, I gotta go.

- Hey, come on. I got some animals.



I got these very rare animals inside.

Come on. Come on in.



- No, no. I gotta go.

- I gotta go too. I gotta go to the bathroom.



- Go on.

- No, I gotta go.



Hey, look at this face.

Is that a face you could trust?



Huh? Is it? They oughta stick this face

on a stamp. What do you think?



Huh? Come on. Come on in.









- Yo, Adrian, you hungry?

- No.



I got some things in there. I got soda,

some doughnuts or somethin'.



A couple of cupcakes, huh?



No? I think I got some chocolate in there.






Hot in here, you know?



I could go for some music.



Yo, Adrian.



These are the exotic animals

I told you about.



- These are my friends Cuff and Link.

- I sold 'em to ya.



Sure, I know you sold 'em to me.

You were workin' at that pet shop.



First day you was there,

I bought both these animals.



Sure, I remember that. I bought this bowl

and I bought the animals themselves,



the food, the marbles

that go on the bottom there.



Remember that mountain? I had to get rid

of it, cos they kept fallin' over and flippin'.



Yo, why don't you come on

over here and sit down?



It's a nice couch. I don't know...



There's big bugs in there, you know?

It's safer over here.



You wanna sit down?



Are these your parents?



Yeah, that's both of 'em there.



- Is this you?

- Yeah, that's me when I was eight.



That's the Italian Stallion

when he was a baby.



Why don't you come on over and

make yourself comfortable? Relax.



- Do you have a phone?

- No, I ain't got no phone.



I had it pulled,

cos of people callin' all the time.



Who needs the aggravation, right?

The interruptions.



- Who do you wanna call?

- I wanna let my brother know where I am.






- I think he might be worried.

- Well, I'll call him, if that's the problem.



Yo, Paulie! Your sister's with me!

I'll call ya's back later! See ya!



You don't like the room, do ya?



- It's fine.

- Well, it's only temporary, you know?



It's not that.



What's the problem? You don't like me?

Or the turtles? What's the problem?



- I don't think I belong here.

- It's OK.



I don't belong here.



Well, you know, it's OK,

cos you're my guest, you know?



I don't know you well enough.



I've never been in

a man's apartment alone.



Well, I have.

They're all the same, you know?



I'm not sure I know you well enough.



I don't feel comfortable.



Yo, Adrian, you know,

I ain't so comfortable either.



- I should go.

- Don't go, please. Don't go.



Don't go. Don't go.



Don't go.



- Do me a favour?

- What?



Take off these glasses.



You have nice eyes, you know?



Do me another favour?



Would you take off that hat?



I always knew you was pretty.



- Don't tease me.

- I'm not teasin' ya.



I ain't teasin' ya.



I just... I wanna kiss ya.



You don't have to kiss me back

if you don't want,



but I wanna kiss you.



I heard you had a fight comin' up.



Yeah, I'm gonna fight

next month, January   th.



That's good, man. You come on down

the gym. We'll see that you get in shape.



Hey, Rock, how you doin'?



- Mick was lookin' for you up there, man.

- For me? You sure?



Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was lookin' for you.

Get on up there and see him.



- You got somethin' for me?

- A guy from Miles Jergens was here.



- They need sparrin' partners for Creed.

- When was he here?



- About an hour ago.

- Probably lookin' for sparrin' partners.



I said that before, you dumb dago!



I've been comin' here for six years

and you always stick it to me. How come?



- You don't wanna know!

- Yeah, I wanna know how come!



- You wanna know?

- I wanna know!



OK, I'm gonna tell ya! Cos you had

the talent to become a good fighter!



And instead of that,

you became a leg-breaker



to some cheap, second-rate loan shark!



- It's a livin'.

- It's a waste of life!



Yes? May I help you?



Oh! You must be Mr Rocky Balboa.



Mr Jergens is expecting you.

Just a moment.



Mr Rocky Balboa to see you, sir.






- Please go in, Mr Balboa.

- Can I have that?



- Oh, certainly.

- Thanks.



Mr Balboa.



How are you? George Jergens.

Take a chair, please.






- Mr Balboa...

- You can call me Rocky.



Rocky. Tell me, Rocky. You got any

representation? You have a manager?



Uh, no, just me.



Rocky, I've got a proposition

I'd like to make to you.



- About sparrin'?

- I beg your pardon?



I know you're lookin' for sparrin' partners

and I wanna say I'm very available.



- I'm sure you are.

- Absolutely. It would be an honour.



And you know what?

I wouldn't take no cheap shots.



- I'd really be a good sparrin' partner.

- You don't understand me, Rocky.



My proposition's this. Would you be

interested in fighting Apollo Creed



for the world heavyweight championship?



- No.

- Listen, Rocky,



Apollo's seen you fight.



He likes you. He wants to fight you.



Well, it's just that, you see,

I fight in clubs, you know?



I'm really a ham and egger. This guy is

the best. It wouldn't be such a good fight.



But thank you very much,

you know? I appreciate it.



Rocky, do you believe that America

is the land of opportunity?






Apollo Creed does.



And he's gonna prove it to the world

by giving an unknown a shot at the title.



And that unknown is you.



He picked you, Rocky.



Rocky, it's the chance of a lifetime.



You can't pass it by.



What do ya say?



All right. That's enough pictures.

We wanna ask Apollo a few questions.



How do you like

the city of brotherly love?



Well, just bein' in Philadelphia

makes me feel patriotic.



Beautiful people in a beautiful city

wishin' me the best.



I love my Philadelphia brothers.

I'm proud to be an American.



Apollo, why did you agree to fight a man

who has virtually no chance of winning?



Look, if history proves one thing...



American history proves that

everybody's got a chance to win.



Didn't you guys ever hear of

Valley Forge or Bunker Hill?



It is a coincidence that

you're fighting a white man



on the most celebrated day

in US history?



I don't know. Is it a coincidence that he's

fightin' a black man on the same day?



Right on! Tell the truth, brother!



How do you feel about your challenger?



How do I feel about him?

Come here, Rock.



B My main man. Rocky, ain't you Italian?

B Yeah, I'm Italian.



B Well now, what does that mean?

B If he can't fight, I bet he can cook!



- Do me a favour. His lungs, punch out.

- Paulie!



Rocky, how do you

expect to fight Apollo Creed?



Well, jeez, Creed's the best.

I guess I'll have to do the best I can.



Tell me, Rocky. Just between us,



where did you get

the name "ltalian Stallion"?



Oh, I invented that about eight years ago

when I was eatin' dinner.



Rocky, now your payday will be $      .

Any comment?



B You got no comment, Rocky, right?

B No.



No comment, right.



Wait a minute. I just wanna

say hi to my girlfriend, OK?



Yo, Adrian! It's me, Rocky.

Look at this. Can you believe all this?



Rocky, you didn't...!



B Thank you, Rocky.

B Quit pushin', man!



Thank you, Rocky.



Don't it matter he's makin' you out a fool?

I'd break his lips.



- He's takin' cheap shots.

- It don't bother me none.



Yo, Rock. I guess you'd be lookin'

for people to help you out.



- Help what?

- You know...



- Keep you livin' a clean life.

- I do OK, you know?



You need someone to help with

the exercise, stand by with a towel,



run errands.



Who cared about me yesterday? Nobody.

I think I'm gonna train myself, you know?



Without such good people around to help,

you don't have such a good chance.



Einstein flunked outta school. Twice.



- That so?

- Yeah.



Beethoven was deaf, Helen Keller was

blind. I think Rocky's got a good chance.



- Want me to get you a beer, Paulie?

- You lookin' to do a good deed?



Keep outta my freakin' life!



- What did I do?

- Nothin'.



- Did I say something?

- You didn't say nothin'.



That's right, you didn't say nothin'!

Nothin' at all!



I gotta go.



Where's the freakin' pretzels?



Goddamn the pretzels!

Hey, we don't have any beer!



I thought you were supposed

to pick up some beer!



How'd you like hearin'

your name on TV tonight?



I was shocked. Why'd you do that?



- Come on, you're puttin' me on, right?

- Absolutely.



- What time should I expect you?

- Oh, about seven.









You know I said that stuff on TV

didn't bother me none?






It did.



Listen, the reason I've

brought you here is because...



Have you got money

for trainin' expenses?



- I got a few dollars, you know?

- Well, here. Put this in your glove.



- What's this?

-     bucks. Don't worry about it.



You ain't never had any luck, but this time

Lady Luck may be in your corner.



- What do ya think?

- Maybe. Maybe...



- Hey, thanks for the money, Tony.

- It's OK. Don't worry about it. See ya.



- Wait a minute.

- What?



- You're in trainin'. Huh? Come on.

- Hey.



- Yo, Tony?

- What?



You gonna show up at the fight?



- Ringside.

- Hey, hey!



I'll see ya.






Hello, kid. I seen your light.

Can I come in?



- Yeah, sure.

- Yeah. Good!



Hey, this is a nice place here.



Anyway, what I come to tell you is that...



...that what happened to you is freak luck.



- Yeah, freak luck.

- Ain't it true? Look at the other guys.



They're good fighters.

They're colourful, they got good records.



They fight their guts out for peanuts.



But you... you got a shot at the title.



- Freak luck is a strange thing.

- Yeah, sure it is. Can I sit down?



Yeah, sure.



- What the hell are those?

- Oh, they're domestic turtles.



The one on top is Cuff and

the other is Link. The rest are marbles.



Yeah? They make good soup, do they?



Anyway, look, I'm here to warn ya



that you gotta be very careful

about this shot that you got at the title.



Because, I don't know, like the Bible says,

you ain't gonna get a second chance.



- Yeah, all right.

- You thought of that, huh?



Well, what you need is a manager.



A manager. Listen to me.



I know, because I've been

in this racket for    years.



-    years, huh?

-    years. God, I've seen it all.



All of it. You know what I done?



- What?

- I have done it all.



You shoulda seen me when

I knocked Giny Russel outta the ring.



Outta the goddamn ring, I tell ya.

September        .



And it was the same night that

Firpo knocks Dempsey outta the ring.



- The same night. Who gets the publicity?

- Dempsey.



- That's right, but why?

- Cos he was champ.



No! Because he had a manager.



I had nothin', man.



I wanna show you somethin'.

Look at my face for a minute. Look.



I got    stitches over this left eye.

I got    stitches over this eye.



You know what?

I had my nose busted    times.



The last time was with

that fight with Sailor Mike.



I got the clippin' here. A good fight.



Read that.



Well, it doesn't matter.



Anyway, he put this vegetation on my ear.



Ah, Rocky Marciano!



You know, you kinda remind me

of the Rock, do you know that?



- You really think so?

- That's right. You move like him.



And you got heart, like he did.



Yeah, I got heart,

but I ain't got no locker, do l, Mick?



Anyway, you know,

when I begun in this business, kid...



Look, I wanna make a suggestion.

Don't drink that piss before a fight.



It's no good for ya.

You don't mind my sayin'...?



Anyway, when I started this racket,

pugs like us, we was treated like dogs.



For $   you gotta tear somebody's throat

out. But I never had no management.



One time, this son of a bitch

that I fought, he put a nail right there.



- In his thumb?

- Yeah, in the glove.



And he punched

so many holes in my face,



I had this spit shootin' outta

my cheeks. Can you imagine that?



When I tell you what I looked like

when I was in my prime...



I want ya to look at somethin'.

Will ya look at that?



That's the way I looked

before these guys got at me.



That's nice. You don't take

care of the picture, though.



Well, I never had no management.

That was the trouble.



Now I got all this knowledge.

I got it up here and I wanna give it to you.



I wanna take care of you. I wanna make

sure all this shit that happened to me



doesn't happen to you.

You know what I mean?



- The fight's set.

- Listen to me. I wanna be your manager.



- You follow that, do you?

- The fight's set. I don't need no manager.



But you can't buy what I'm gonna give ya.

I've got pain and I've got experience.



I got pain and I got experience too.



- Now listen, kid...

- Hey, yo. Hey, Mick.



I needed your help about ten years ago.

You never helped me none.



- You didn't care.

- Well, if you wanted help...



I say, if you wanted help,

why didn't you just ask me, kid?



Look, I asked,

but you never heard nothin'!



Well, I...






I'm    years old.






Ah, shit.



Took you long enough to get here.



Ten years to come to my house. What's

the matter? You don't like my house?



My house stink?



That's right. It stinks!



I didn't ask no favours from you!



Don't throw it around!



Talkin' about your prime.

What about my prime, Mick?



At least you had a prime!



I ain't had no prime! I ain't had nothin'!

Legs are goin', everything's goin'!



Guy offers me a fight. Big deal! Wanna

fight the fight? Yeah, I'll fight the big fight.



I'm gonna go and fight that big fight.

I'm gonna get that!



I'm gonna get that!



And you wanna be ringside

and see it? Do ya?



You wanna help me out? Huh? Do you

wanna see me get my face kicked in?



Legs ain't workin', nothing's workin'!

They go "Go on, fight the champ!"



Yeah, I'll fight him.



Get my face kicked in.



You come around here! You wanna move

in with me? Come on in! It's a nice house!



Real nice! Come on in and move! It stinks!



This whole place stinks!



You wanna help me out?

Well, help me out!



Come on! Help me out! I'm standin' here!



It's    degrees. We'll check that forecast

in a minute. I feel very weird.



Very... Well, the thing is

I got vinyl seats in my car.



When I hit the seats this morning,

I just went "Whoo!"



I figured if I'm up, everybody

in the Delaware Valley should be up.



Do you agree? At three minutes

past four, what else are you gonna do?



B Hello?

B Mrs Kramer!



This is Don Cabot, WYBG Philadelphia.



B How are you this morning?

B Huh? What?



I think you have a lot of nerve callin' me

at this hour in the morning! Goodbye!






# Philadelphia



Ha! We got Mrs Kramer up

and it's a good morning.



Boy, I need somethin' to struggle with.

   B it's cold out there.



We've been getting away with murder

for weeks. Our high today could be   .



Tonight we're back down in the    range,

colder in the suburbs.



And tomorrow, with a little bit of luck,

we may hit    somewhere.



But it's awfully chilly. Make sure you

have it bundled up before you bring it out.



Come on. It stinks... Hey, come on!

It stinks in here, you know?



Yeah, I know.



Hey, do you kill all these things?



No, across the street.



This place looks like

an animal morgue, you know?



- It's a little cold in here, ain't it?

- Yeah.



Who killed all these things?



- What, are you crazy?

- Pay Gazzo or you end up on a hook.



Hey, Gazzo's a good man. You know that.



Hey, don't get excited. I know that. That's

why I want you to talk to him about me.



I can get me out of this stinkin' freezer.



Why don't you do yourself a favour?

Keep this job, because you eat better.



Moo... Does it ever snow in here?



You and my sister.

How are you gettin' along together?



How you think?



I'm not sure, Rock. What's the story?



- About what?

- What's the story? What's happening?



- You really like her?

- Sure I like her.



I don't see it. What's the attraction?



I don't know. It fills gaps, I guess.



- What's "gaps"?

- I don't know. She's got gaps, I got gaps.



Together we fill gaps. I don't know...



You ballin' her?






Hey, you don't talk dirty about your sister.



You screwin' my sister?



You see? That's why I can't

connect you with Gazzo, Paulie.



Because you got a big mouth,

you know? You just talk too much.



- It's gettin' cold in here. I'm goin' home.

- Cold in here?! It is cold in here!



It stinks in here! And you stink!



You're breakin' the ribs.



If you do that to Apollo Creed,

they'll put us in jail for murder.



I'll see you tomorrow mornin', OK?



- I turned the heat up.

- Thanks.



You know, your brother's a good man,

but he's awful pushy, you know?



- You want me to rub you down?

- No, I'm just sore, OK? I'll just sit here.



- You sure?

- Yeah, I'm sure.



Hey, come on. No foolin' around, all right?



I'm tired.



Hey, Adrian, I'm serious now.



There's no foolin' around durin' trainin'.

I wanna stay strong.



- You're not kiddin'.

- No, I ain't kiddin'.



- You sure?

- Yeah, I'm sure.



Why don't you just make the meat, OK?



OK, I'll make the meat.






- It's OK.

- I'm sorry.






Hey, c'mon.






Underneath. Underneath.



Underneath! Underneath! Come on!



Rock, hold it, hold it.

Hold it, Rock, will ya?



You're drivin' me crazy,

you're so sloppy. You're off balance.



Let's try this. Take this string. Tie it

to both ankles. Leave two feet of slack.



- I ain't never had good footwork.

- Never mind. You're off balance.



Marciano... He had the same problem

and this string cured it.



The idea is that if you can move

and hit without breakin' the string,



you got balance. You become

a dangerous person. You follow?



- You're lookin' good, Rock.

- Thanks.



That's it. Underneath!



Hey, Rock, how about an autograph?



Get outta here! Don't you ever interrupt

me while I'm conductin' business.



Move your little chicken asses out.



Listen, kid. You...

You lay off that pet-shop dame.



Women weaken legs.



- Yeah, but I really like this girl...

- Then let her train ya!



- OK, no more foolin' around.

- OK, now hit it.



Women weaken legs, huh?



- Yo, Rock!

- Yo, Rocky!






- Yo!

- Yo, you look great.



- Really?

- Oh, yeah. Terrific.



I mean, you're gonna be a heartbreaker.



You'll walk down the street,

breakin' hearts. Very sharp.



- I got another surprise for you.

- What?



Hey, Butkus! Hey, Butkus,

gimme a kiss! Come here!



To keep you company when you run.



Come and meet the family.

The owner never come back?



- He's yours if you want him.

- Boy, do I want him!



- What's he eat, this dog?

- He eats little turtles.



Yo, Butkus!



What's that, Butkus, huh?

Whose truck is this? C'mon.



One call from me, you're a celebrity.



- You need exposure.

- Don't breathe on me, Paulie.



That's the big time...

I know about these things.



- What do these guys want from me, huh?

- To watch you train.



Hey, what is the matter with you?

This is private.



- I'm doin' you a favour.

- No, you're embarrassin' me



in front of everybody,

in front of your sister.



You see this cigar? Stick it in your ear.

Don't do these things to me.



You shoulda called me up or somethin'.

Leave a message. Don't do that!



My sister really likes you.



- I'm gonna kill you one of these days!

- Come on, come on.



- Pretty...

- Baby.



Here he is, the next heavyweight

champion of the world, Rocky Balboa!



Rocky Balboa, we wanna get

a brief interview in with you.



- What about me?

- What about you?



- In charge of the meat.

- Stand behind it.



Listen, just settle down. Just relax.



What we're going to do

is ask you a few questions



about your unique training method.



Talk to the folks at home.

They wanna know how you got into this.



This isn't an everyday thing. Jimmy,

you guys ready? Rocky, turn around here.



- Just don't take no cheap shots.

- No, I won't do that. Just relax.



Today we're here with heavyweight

challenger Rocky Balboa. The reason...



Hey, freak guy's stickin' his face in.



Let's try it again, Rocky.



Today we're with heavyweight

challenger Rocky Balboa.



The reason we're in

this refrigerated box



is that Mr Balboa has

an unusual method of training.



In a moment, he's going to

demonstrate that for viewers at home.



But first, Rocky, how did you

come to train in an icebox?



Well, my friend, the guy

over there, he let me in one day.



I hit the beef and I kinda liked it.



Since I've become a challenger,

the owner don't mind neither.



Is this a common training method?

Do other fighters pound raw meat?



B No, I think I invented it.

B Would you give us a demonstration?



And be sure to fly my barber to Philly.



How much is going to

West Coast advertising?



- $      .

- Make it    .



Send the mayor's wife     roses



and make sure we get

a picture for the newspapers.



Do you want to run

   radio spots in the Midwest?



You could spend better

in Canadian publicity.



Either way, I've got friends in Toronto

who could get you good tax breaks.



George, I like your friends.



Hey, champ, you oughta come and look

at this boy you're gonna fight on TV.



- Looks like he means business.

- Yeah, I mean business too.



- Hey, Shirley, we got any more coffee?

- Certainly, Mr Creed. I'll get you some.



Diana Lewis, in the meat house,

with southpaw Rocky Balboa.



- He called the reporters?

- It threw my trainin' schedule off.



Don't be mad at him. He's tryin' to help.



Adrian, I ain't mad. It's just that when

reporters are around, I get out of joint.



They take cheap shots. Paulie knows that.



Paulie keeps askin' me

for a job all the time,



but he don't know nothin' about fightin'.



Are you gonna say anything to him?



What's to say?

I just don't know what he wants from me.



I don't want nothin' from you.



I don't want nothin' from you.



This ain't no charity case.

Get outta my house!



It's not just your house.



He's no friend no more.

Get outta my house, I just said.



- Don't talk to him like that.

- Both of ya, get outta my house!



Yo, it's cold outside, Paulie.



I don't want ya messin' her.



I don't raise ya to go with this scumball!



Yeah?! C'mon!

You wanna hit on me? C'mon!



I'll break both your arms,

so they don't work for ya!



I'm not good enough to meet with Gazzo?

That's what I think of Gazzo!



Now you're a big-shot fighter on your way

up, you don't even throw me a crumb!



When I go and get you meat every

mornin'! I even give you my sister, too!



- Only a pig would say that!

- I'm a pig?



A pig gets you the best?



I'm a loser!

I don't get married because of you!



You can't live by yourself!



I put you two together, and you...

don't you ever forget it! You owe me!



- You owe me!

- What do I owe you?



You're supposed to be good to me.



What do I owe you, Paulie?

What do I owe ya?



I treat you good. I cook for you, I clean

for you, I pick up your dirty clothes!



I take care of you, Paulie!

I don't owe you nothin'!



And you made me feel like

a loser! I'm not a loser!



- You're busted!

- What?!



You're not a virgin!

You let a man take down your pants!



She's busted!



I can't haul meat no more.



You want a roommate?






OK, now when you walk into the ring

with the No.  heavyweight of the world,



you'll be ready, won't ya? Why?



Because I've waited

for    years to make ya ready.



You'll be able to spit nails, kid.



Like the guy says, you're gonna eat

lightning and you're gonna crap thunder!



You're gonna become

a very dangerous person.



- Yo, Mickey!

- Hey! Oh, Rock.



I want ya to meet

our cut man here, Al Salvani.



- Take a look at his eye, kid.

- How you doin', Al?



- Not bad. I've seen worse.

- You ain't so bad yourself.



- Cover up. Things'll be OK.

- You cover up.



- Go and take a shower, will ya?

- OK, Mick. I'll see ya's tomorrow.



- Hey, you covered that Whitmore fight.

- That's why he won.



Listen, we got a winner here.

We got a chance.



He goes to the body

like nobody you've ever seen.



You just stand by for him.

We're gonna win.



Hey, Rocky. It's OK I talk to ya?



OK you talk to me? Sure.



I figured an angle

to make money off your name.



My name? How's that?



Advertising. I know about that stuff.



What do you know

about advertising? Huh?



Hey, you can make money off my name,

make it, OK? I'm gonna take a shower.



- Hey, wanna help me off with these?

- Sure.



# Trying hard now



# It's so hard now



# Trying hard now



You're gonna kill him!



# Feeling strong now



# Won't be long now



# Getting strong now



# Gonna fly now



# Flying high now



# Gonna fly



# Fly



# Fly



Rocky. What brings you here tonight?



Mr Jergens, the poster's wrong.



- What do you mean?

- I'm wearin' white pants with a red stripe.



It doesn't really matter, does it? I'm

sure you're gonna give us a great show.



Try to get some rest, kid. Good night.



I can't do it.






I can't beat him.









I been out there, walking around, thinkin'.



I mean, who am I kiddin'?

I ain't even in the guy's league.



What are we gonna do?



I don't know.



You worked so hard.



Yeah, it don't matter,

cos I was nobody before.



Don't say that.



Come on, Adrian. It's true. I was nobody.



But that don't matter either, you know?



Cos I was thinkin'...



It really don't matter if I lose this fight.



It really don't matter if this guy

opens my head either.



Cos all I wanna do is go the distance.



Nobody's ever gone the

distance with Creed.



And if I can go that distance



and that bell rings and I'm still standin',



I'm gonna know for

the first time in my life, see,



that I weren't just another bum

from the neighbourhood.



Time, kid. Let's go.



I'll wait for you here.



Well, how about I wait here

and you fight, you know?



You're lookin' very great today.

You know that? Mm?



I gotta go now,

but don't you leave town, huh?



Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.



Good luck.



Say, Adrian, you don't think

this robe is too baggy, you know?



- Good luck.

- Don't leave town.



I'd like you to meet the man

working the fight with me, Stu Nahan.



Thank you, Bill Baldwin. The electricity

is all over the place tonight...



What the hell is that? I trained you

to be a fighter, not a billboard.



- I'm doin' it for a friend.

- What do you get out of it?



- Paulie gets three grand, I get the robe.

- Shrewd.



On tonight's fight, their difference in style,



a recent magazine said it could be

the caveman against the cavalier.



The buzzing in the background could be

the challenger getting into the ring.



- Rocky! Look at me! Ya cost me $   .

- Oh. I gotta go. I gotta work.



- How's the robe?

- A little baggy.



A   -  underdog, a Cinderella story,



and he's captured people's

imaginations all over the world.



We love you, Rocky!



- Yo, champ!

- Hey, thanks for showin' up.



His record:    victories -

   by knockout. And he's lost    fights.



Which makes me wonder,

can he stand it?



The stamina and the skill to last

the three rounds? Las Vegas odds say no.



Rocky Balboa climbing into the ring now.



The Italian Stallion. Some meat sign

on the back of his robe there. See that?



"Shamrock Meat Company."



There's a lot of noise.

You could go deaf with that noise!



Am I seeing right back there?



Is that the world heavyweight

champion, Apollo Creed?



He's riding in a boat. Is he

supposed to be George Washington?



Obviously so.

He's got the hat on. Look at that.



Well, it's been confirmed.

The world champion Apollo Creed



is doing an imitation

of George Washington.



He's throwing money.



Remember when we talked about

George Washington throwing a dollar?



Of course, throwing a dollar

in those days went a lot farther.



The white wig came off,

the hat came off...



I want all of you!



And the crowd is loving every minute of it.

Here is the world heavyweight champion.



For you around the world,

he was dressed as George Washington.



I want all of you! Come on, Stallion!



- Uncle Sam himself...

- I want all of you!



- All of you! I want all of you!

- He looks like a big flag.



I want you! You!



- Is he talkin' to me?

- He is.



- Is he talkin' to me?

- Let him talk.



I want the Stallion! Come on!



He says "I want the Stallion!"



In foreign countries during World War I

there was a picture of Uncle Sam



with his finger pointed -



a recruiting poster for our fellows

in the army and the navy. "I want you!"



That's what he's doing a take on.



- That's it. "Creed" he's yelling.

- "Creed in three."



What do you think that outfit cost?



Ladies and gentlemen,



good evening. A very happy new year.



Welcome to Philadelphia.



Everybody who's anybody is here tonight.



Time does not permit me to introduce

the many luminaries of politics,



show business and the sporting world

who are with us tonight.



But I would like to present

one of the immortals of pugilism,



a champion in and out of the ring.



Philadelphia's own Smokin' Joe,



the beloved Mr Joe Frazier!



Hi, how are you doing?

Don't hurt him, OK?



What a credit he's been

in his career as a fighter.



He's coming over to talk with the champ.



- Hey, Joe!

- You been dumpin' me long time.



You next, Joe! You next, Joe!



They must be friends.



Joe Frazier!



Fight fans around the world, get settled

down, because it won't be long now.



And now for the main event!



On my left, the challenger.



In white trunks, weighing    lb,



Philadelphia's favourite son,



the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa!



And on my right,

wearing red, white and blue,



weighing    lb,



undefeated in    fights,



the Master of Disaster,



the undisputed

heavyweight champion of the world,



Apollo Creed!



I want you! I want you!



You, chump! I want you!



You've both fought in Philadelphia before.



You know the rules. No low blows.

Watch your heads. No buttin'.



- Shake hands now and come out fightin'.

- Put your hands up, chump. Come on!



A little body play goin' on there.

Rocky taking it carefully, though.



He's just going over and being calm,

it looks like from here.



There goes the big hat.



I've never seen a fighter

that concerned about his hair!



And there's the bell for round one.



The fighters come out into the centre

of the ring, looking at each other.



Creed the champion zipping those

left-handed jabs, right in the head.



The champ stinging

the slower challenger jabs at will.



In fact, it looks like Rocky is

blocking the blows with his face.



The champion doesn't look the best

he's ever been, but he's moving smoothly.



Well, the champion is smiling now.

He's toying with his man.



Tryin' to give the fans their money's

worth. He's makin' a show of it.



And a very badly outclassed

challenger right now.



Creed trying to make this man make...



See? Make him miss like that.



Oh, the champ is just taunting him now.



Creed dancing around.



I don't believe it! The champ is down!



Yes, he is!



Creed is down! What a surprise this is!



This is the first time the champion

has ever been knocked down.



Six! Seven! Eight!



He appears to be all right.

Glancin' around...



Come on, Rock! Go to the ribs!

Let's go to work right now, Rock!



Rocky comes back out. He's like

a bull in a china closet. He really wants it.



Apollo, left to the head.



Now the champion's comin' back.

He's comin' off the floor now.



Another left, another right.

Combinations into the face. That's Apollo!



Now the champ is taunting Rocky

to come and get some more.



Left. Another.



Another left!



And Rocky's coming back now!



Left! Right! Rocky's got him on the rope!



OK, let's break it.



There's no way they expected

this kind of hitting power.



But the ability of

the champion, Apollo, is apparent.



Apollo unloading,

Rocky really tight against the ropes.



They're leading him back over to his

corner. Rocky can hardly find his way.



- I told ya! I told ya!

- Your nose is broke.



- How does it look?

- It's an improvement.



I want you to quit chuckin' and jivin'.

Stick and move.



Go for the ribs.



- Don't let that bastard breathe.

- The guy's great.



He doesn't know it's a damn show.

He thinks it's a damn fight.



- Finish this bum and let's go home.

- Right.



Stay to the body! To his right!



Here we go. Round two.

Creed predicted he would win in three.



Creed got knocked down in the first.

He came back at the end.



Oh, he's working now.



Oh, that sharp left! Again, a hard right.



He's working Rocky into the corner again.



He's got Rocky back in the corner.



Pelting him left and right.

He's bouncing up against the ring.



Oh, Balboa's taking

a tremendous beating here.



- Battering him like a punching bag.

- What's keeping him up?



- He says he wants more!

- He wants more!



You folks in front of your television

are watching a battle, I tell you that!



Balboa trying to fight back...

Ooh, a tremendous hook!



The champion is trying

to get himself out, but he can't.



He is being barraged

with lefts and rights to his body!



Balboa is smacking the champion

right on the kisser!



The referee's stepped in.



They're ready to keep going!



Back to your corner!



Come on, Creed!



This is gonna be a tough one.



Hard left and right combination!



What is keeping him up, Bill?

I don't know!



He can't even get his gloves up

to protect himself!



Down! Down! Stay down!



Apollo dancing around

with his arms in the air!






Six! Seven!



Eight! Nine!



OK, OK. Come on!



Apollo can't believe it!



The champion got a left

to the ribs, his right ribs.



- You OK, champ?

- Yeah, I'm OK, I'm OK.



I can't see nothin'.

I gotta open my eye. Cut me, Mick.



- You don't wanna do it.

- Go on, cut me. Cut me.



- You're bleeding inside. I'm gonna stop it.

- You ain't stoppin' nothin', man.



You stop this fight, I'll kill ya.



The   th and final round.



They look like they've

been in a war, these two.



The champion really tightening!



And Apollo clearly protecting

his right side, his ribs.



Hard left and right!

Look at the blood coming out!



Oh, he's spitting out blood now.



A tremendous right hand from Rocky!



Go for it, Rock!



- Listen to this crowd!

- Left to the ribs.



Right to the chin!

He's got him up against the rope!



There ain't gonna be no rematch!



Don't want one.



Rocky, you went the distance,    rounds.



- How do you feel?

- All right. It's all right.



- Adrian! Adrian!

- What did you think in the   th round...



- Rocky! Rocky!

- Ladies and gentlemen,



- Your attention, please!

- Rocky! Rocky!



Tonight we have had

the privilege of witnessing



the greatest exhibition of guts

and stamina in the history of the ring!









Ladies and gentlemen,

we have a split decision!



- The judges voted...

- Adrian!



- Rocky!

... -   for Creed!



Your fans want a rematch.



- There ain't gonna be one!

- Why not?



- Come on! I had enough. Adrian!

- You heard him.



- Let go! That's my friend. Rocko!

- He's everybody's friend.



- You're breakin' my jacket!

- Let's go.



- Paulie!

- Adrian! Adrian!



- Rocky!

- Adrian!



- Hey, where's your hat?

- I love you!



I love you.



I love you! I love you!



I love you!




Special help by SergeiK