Roll Bounce Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Roll Bounce script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the disco roller skating movie with Bow Wow, Nick Cannon, and Meagan Good..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Roll Bounce. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Roll Bounce Script








**[Woman Singing]






* Under the sun, under the sun *



* Under the sun, under the sun *



- * Under the sun, under the sun *

- X! Yo, X!






Hey, man, stop playin' around



For real, man

You skatin' or what?



- Yeah, let's go.

- Yeah



Yeah, yeah, yeah

Come on




South Side!



Attention, all you wallflowers...



and all you seat warmers



This is DJ Smooth Dee talking



telling you, get on the floor



and skate till

you can't skate anymore



'Cause after today, the Garden

will be closing its doors indefinitely



And if you don't know

what "indefinitely" means



you shouldn't be

in here skating anyway.



You should have your ass

in summer school. [Laughs]



I say it with love, people.

I say it with love.



So get up out your seat



We'll turn this mother-sucker out



All-skate, people

This is an all-skate



** [Disco]



* Rock, skate *



*Roll, bounce *



*Rock, skate *



*Roll, bounce *



*Rock, skate *



*Roller skaters celebrate

the disco wave *



* Give your feet the freedom

Let's bounce today *



*Roller skaters, one in front

and one behind *



*Bounce left, bounce right

It's disco time *



*Ain't no stoppin'

Keep on rockin'*



* This funky kind of music seems

to take you by the hands *



*Bounce left, go on and *



*Bounce *



- *Rock, skate *

- Watch out, girl!



*Roll, bounce *



*Rock, skate *



*Roll, bounce *



*Rock, skate *



- **[Continues]

- Come on, Junior



- Here we go Here we go

- *Rock, skate *



All right, fellas Let's form

this train, y'all Come on Come on



[All] Whooooo!



Whoo! Whoo!



The boys is doin' it!




Them little boys is bad!






- Ooh!

- [Laughing]



Boy, hit my butt again

and see what happens!



Ooh! Ooh!



- *Rock, skate *

- Ooh! Y'all make me sick



- Whoo!

- *Roll, bounce **




There goes our summer.



For real I mean, y'all,

this is jacked up






Damn, Naps

I know you ain't cryin'



No My eyes just water

like this sometimes



- I have a condition

- You ain't got no condition



Only condition you need to have

is some for that hair



[All Laughing]



Man, we can't keep nothin'

open in the hood



How much of them dumb mothers

gonna go broke all of a sudden?



Shoot, Negro, you'll go broke too

if you had    kids



- Sixteen

- Fifteen,       whatever



That Negro got a whole football

and a basketball team



Blue   !



- Yeah, but I wonder

what they're gonna build there.

- Come on now, X.



You know what they're

gonna build there



Same thing they always build

Either a gun shop-



- Barbecue shack

- Chicken spot



- Liquor store

- [Together] Or all four in one



I hope they build that chicken spot.

Ooh, that'd be nice.



I guess we gotta go over

to Sweetwater to skate now



Mike, you're stupid



Look, I'm not goin' all the way

over to no North Side to go skate



Why not, X? You're afraid you can't

compete with those North Side boys, huh?



- Mm-hmm

- Who said I was afraid?



Look, bottom line is

I don't wanna go over there



X just doesn't wanna run into that ug mug

he took to the movies last time



- Yep Mm-hmm

- Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Naomi? Naomi the duck



- Chick's so ugly, every time

you see her, you gotta duck

- Duck!



- Watch out Quack

- [Laughing]



Hey, I heard Sweetwater has

some nice-looking girls though



- For white girls

- So? My mom's white, Junior



It's cool She got a black woman's body,

so it don't count



She good.

She cool. Mm-hmm.



No! Didn't I tell you to keep my mom's

name out your mouth? Huh?



Man, get back on your bike, man!



She's got a apple shape

I look sometimes



- Hey, I say we go up there

- Listen, Boo, all right?



- I'm not- Hey!

- [Boys Laughing]



Look at his wheel!



Man, I told you to stop rollin' around

on those Buster Brown Goodwill skates



- Didn't I say that?

- Uh-huh Sure, you're right



For real, X, man It's time

to chuck them bad boys



Hey, my mom bought me

these skates, okay?



Your mom bought 'em for you, and we

can't even talk about your old-ass skates



Man, Harriet Tubman wore them skates

She skated her way to freedom



* I's be skatin' my way to freedom *



- * For freedom, freedom, freedom **

- Look, man, these are not old



They're classics



Yeah, you know,

like your mama's hairdo



- Whoa!

- He got you!



She still singin'

with the Supremes, right?



- * Bald and beautiful *

- Bald and beautiful



*Bald and beautiful

Bald and beautiful **



Oh, snap! Later



Oh, shootJunior, sorry







I made it I made it



Daddy! X is late again!



Girl, shh! Oh, girl, you better

not let me catch you Come here!



- [Dog Barking]

- [Man] Xavier!



- Huh?

- Boy, get your butt out here!



Man, I hate her









You're pushin' it, son



Really pushin' it



What, Dad?

I beat the light



Did I say anything

about a streetlight, Xavier?



I asked you to be home early so we can get

these gutters cleaned out, didn't I?



- Oh, yeah

- "Oh, yeah."



Boy, this ain't

a Kool-Aid commercial



Dad, the Gardens

closed down today for good



- I had to be there

- No, son.



You had to be here

Okay? Here



Now, look,

I know it's summertime.



You wanna be runnin' the streets

with the Mod Squad



but I'm gonna need

your help around here



It's just us now, son



I'm gonna need you to step up.

You understand what I'm sayin'to you, son?



Yes, sir






- [Father] Xavier!

- [Loud Knocking]






Xavier! Come on, now. Let's go.

Trash day. What? Did you forget?




Oh, shoot! The trash!



- Ahh

- Uh-huh Uh-huh Don't try to move 'em now



You know we don't like backtracking



Yeah, we're highly

opposed to backtracking



My fault Look, I'll just bring 'em out

at night next time



Bring 'em out at night? No, you ain't gonna

just bring 'em out at night next time



What, so the German shepherd

and the pit bull puppies could

snatch the bag outta there



and have empty diapers

and cigarette wrappers



and Snickers wrappers and Stayfree boxes

laid all out in the middle of the street?



Yeah Then the neighbors call in

down to the plant complainin'



- Right.

- Talkin' about how we

didn't do our job correctly



And then we get complaints

and warnings from our boss



- Then after the warning comes a demerit.

- Right



And when you get to three demerits,

you know what happens then?



- A nigger lose his job!

- Oh, God, man



- His house! His family!

- Yeah.



Get kicked out of church 'cause you no

longer got money for the collection plate.



- They want you out

- Right



- All because you bringin'out the garbage late.

- That's right.



And I'm tellin'you straight up,

man, if I lose myjob, man...



you're gonna put on a little Evel Knievel suit

and sell some dimes and nicks on a Big Wheel



You're gonna get my money

some kinda way!



Yeah. Then, 'cause of our rock-hard bodies

we developed from liftin'trash- 






- We end up in the alley as prostitutes

- Right.






- Yeah, that's right! You too!

- I don't know about all that



Yeah, it could happen. You end up

in the alley with the shirt off, sweaty.



- Sellin:

- Right.



Not for money! Just for a bite

off the man's hamburger



The point is we tryin'to make: Don't mess

with the Department of Sanitation...



or you will come up dirty!



**[Man Singing]






Hey! Hey, hey



Good God!

Mmm, mmm, mmm



[Garbage Man] Duncan Hines!



Mmm! Look at her.

Skin just glitterin:




Oh, yeah



Whoo! Boy!




Lord have mercy!



Is that a Lustrasilk?

Look at how her hair blows.



Look at her!

Look at the walk!



Chocolate city

Chocolate city



That must be jelly, 'cause

jam don't shake like that



Yeah, I'm outta here

See ya later, little man



Hey, lookit here

Why don't you check your package



- You got a little fruit hangin' out of the loom

- Huh?



- Oh, man

- Daddy, can we please go to McDonald's?



No, honey It's too early now

I gotta go to work Come-



- Where are your clothes?

- Um, Dad-



Never mind I'm takin' your sister to Pam's

house to play, and then I gotta go to work



Dad, shouldn't you comb her hair first?



- I did comb it

- [Exhales]



[Clears Throat]

Looks good



In the car, honey.



Anyway, I'm outta here

Don't burn down my house



And put some clothes on, boy This ain't

Africa What's the matter with you?



Hey, Curt! What's up, baby?

Mr Astronomical Man!



Hey, Byron, Victor



Boy, you know I wanna be

just like you when I grow up



Wear the jeans with the whole sweater

tucked down in the pants



Oh, boy



No, man, all jokes aside, man, how the

airplane engineering business treatin' you?



Never better, brother

Never better



"Never better, brother

Never better"



Cool it, man

Curtis Uncle Tom, man



Damn! So what you think about me,

man, if you think he's Uncle Tom?



He ain't down with the struggle

like you and me



- That dude voted for Nixon

- You're right about that.



Can I take a message?



Sure You can try back in about an hour

All right Thank you



Yes Good morning Hi



Good morning I'm Curtis Smith I'm here

to apply for the engineering position



I'm sorry, but that position

has already been filled Sorry



- [Phone Rings]

- Good morning. McGill and White.

How may I help you?



**[Man Singing]



- What the-

- **[Continues]



Hey! How you doin'? All right









- [Chattering]

- Hey, man!



Hey, how you doin',

MrJohnson? All right



What the- Boy, what you doin'?






All right, here he comes

Arm yourselves



[Boys Chattering]



[Boys Yelling]






- [Yelling Continues]

- Hey! Hey, come on, man! Stop it!



Stop playin'!






[Yelling, Shouting]



Get him!




Little punks!






- Oh, sh-

- [Horn Honks]



[Grunts, Sighs]




[Newscaster On Headphones]

It's    degrees on the South Side



- [Continues, Indistinct]

- Hey, Mr Walker



- Hi

- Hi



- Whoa!

- Oh!



- Oh, shoot!

- Oh, man



- Are you okay?

- Yeah Yeah



- All right I just wanted to-

- Yeah, I'm cool



- I wanted to make sure

- Just breaking in some skates



Tori My mom and I

just moved in over there



Oh, okay I'm X



Oh, okay I think I seen your mom

take out the trash last week



Mm, black woman, skintight jeans,

wearin' a top with no bra on?



- Uh, look, I don't-

- Yeah, that was her




She know she be workin' it



So, man, I see you skatin'

Um, you a skater?



Yeah, l- My daddy sent these for me



He lives in Atlanta

with his new wife- a white woman



But I ain't mad Shoot, she's rich




What about you?



Do you have any brothers or sisters?



Well, yeah, I have a little sister

She's five goin' on   



- [Laughs]

- And then there's my dad



Well, no comment



What about the people here?



- What about 'em?

- You know. They all nice like you?



Yeah, of course

I mean, this is a nice city



- They're all nice like me

- Oh, really?



Yeah. Better yet,

I'm gonna prove it to you.



- Hey, guys, this is Tori

- Hi







Dang, girl! Did a whole silverware drawer

explode in your mouth?



[All Laughing]



I'm just sayin', Amtrak called They said

they need some of their tracks back



- [All Laughing]

- Lay me some tracks Come on



Look, don't trip on him, all right?

He's always like this



Oh, don't worry I'm not



I know punk rides

on the short yellow bus



- Ooh!

- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa!



Heavy metal? I know

you don't wanna start



- Yeah, you don't wanna start

- Because I ain't the one



- He ain't the one

- See, look at you



Your mouth look like a daggone

tin foil factory! That's what it look like



- [All Laughing]

- Well, at least I'm gettin' my teeth corrected



- Look at yours.

- What?



You need to stop chewin'

on them yellow crayons



and start scrubbin'with

some Colgate, yuck mouth!



- [All Laughing]

- She called you yuck mouth!



- [Indistinct Protesting]

- What?



See, that ain't fair

You can't say "yuck mouth"



Because I'm allergic

to toothpaste anyway



And I was eatin' Cheetos



Look, look, forget you

All right? I got you



I got somethin' for you

Why you laugh at that, man?



- 'Cause it's funny, yuck mouth

- Yo, X.



We're goin' over to Sweetwater to check it out

and maybe even get a glimpse at Sweetness



- What's a Sweetness?

- Only the baddest mo-fo

to ever slap on a pair of skates



- Mm-hmm

- Yeah, best on the North Side



- I mean, not over here

- Man, whatever



He wins the skate-off

every year Dude is good



Hey, I heard he had his own

theme music, like on Baretta



- He ain't got no theme music

- And I heard that one time



some fool challenged Sweetness

in the middle of the rink to a skate-off



He made homeboy look so bad

that he went number two on himself



- Stop jivin', man You're lyin'

- Man, I swear



Number two in white jeans

He boo-booed on himself



- Nasty

- So, X, man, you comin'or what?



Guys, how come we just can't skate

over here like we been doin'?



X, stop bein' a little punk, man



Look, we'll have you home

before the streetlight come on, all right?



- Yeah

- Look, my boy's comin'



Cool I'm comin' too



Oh, he-he-hell, no



Junior, man, come on!



- Can you even skate?

- Yeah



Yeah? Just don't fall on your face

It's already hurt enough



- Boy, don't touch my face

- [Laughing]



Hey, y'all, be quiet Shh

A moment of silence for her face, please



All right Amen

Hallelujah Let's go



- [Boys Taunting]

- That's messed up, yuck mouth.



Let's do this



- Oh, I'm telling you!

- Hey, man, we're gonna have

a good time at Sweetwater



I promise, man Look at this

My goodness! Whoo!



**[Woman Singing]



- **[Continues]

- Hey, see that right there? They got video games






Can I get your name?

Excuse me! Your number?



Dang, this place is live

I could live up in here



- Me too

- For real



I didn't expect all of this



What was that?



- I don't know

- Was that a girl or a guy?



- Why you do that?

- Hey, man, this place has everything



- Yeah

- Yeah, everything



but some real music



Okay, I mean,

the Gardens used to bump



- Yeah, that's true

- What? Boy, this is a jam.



* In the words of a broken heart *



* It's just emotion

that's taken me over *



- She's crazy

- * Tied up in sorrow *



"Emotion" by the Bee Gees!




The Bee whats?



Come on! Y'all never

heard of the Bee Gees?



No But it sound like somethin'

my cousin caught from his girlfriend



I heard it make your balls fall off



- Fo- For real?

- Yeah, so watch out



- Yo! Check this out!

- What?



Whoo! Ha! Now this

is what I'm talkin' about



"Come compete

in this year's skate-off



"Show your talents in group

roller dancing competition.



Grand prize $   !"



- [Whistles]

- You know what I could buy with $   ?



- Hopefully a comb, Naps

- [Laughing]



Well, guys, I'm good

I've seen enough



- What?

- X, we just got here, man

What are you talkin' about?



For real, man.

Why are you actin'all funky?



- Man, I'm not actin' all funky

- You are too.



Plus there's way too much new booty

for us to be jaw-jacking with you



- For real I'm rentin' skates

- I'm with you, Naps



- Come on Come on

- [Announcer] Let's pick up the pace...



and groove to the sound

of the real thing.



"Can You Feel the Force."



- Excuse me?

- [Bell Dings]



Excuse me?



- Excuse me!

- [Bell Dings]



- [Mumbling]

- Excuse me



- Excuse me

- [Bell Dings]



- **[Man Singing]

- Y'all need somethin'?



- Nine

- Right, nine Right






No, man These are   's

I asked for nines



Oh, my fault, little man



Well? Could you go get 'em?



Hey, man, I can't be wearin'

these big old boats



- You know-

- Check this out, young blood



You're gonna wear whatever

skates Bernard gives you



Dig that?



Don't start nothin'

Won't be nothin'



We cool? Be cool




Oh, baby, you're so smart.



- [Bernard] Don't forget fine.

- That dude was crazy!




Look likeJimi Hendrix.



- Oh, damn!

- What? What?



Diablo mama!



- Damn!

- [Announcer] Ooh!



"Love to Love You."I do.



**[Woman Singing]






Be cool She comin' Don't look



Hey, baby



- Hi, Xavier

- What?



- Naomi?

- Yes



How are you?



Oh, l-I'm fine



- So when did you start comin'here?

- Is that the duck?



- Oh, well, this is the first time down here.

- Damn!



See, the Gardens

got closed down, so-



They closed the Gardens?

I didn't know that



- [Mike Clears Throat]

- Hmm



- Like it

- [Clears Throat]



Um, are these your friends?



Yeah Uh, this is Mike,

Boo, Junior, Naps



and, uh, that's Tori



- Hi

- Can't call it Can't call it



- Hi How's it-

- Shh



- What?

- You're messin' it up!



- Those lips hit my neck

- [Indistinct Chattering]



You look great



Yeah, so do you



He ain't lyin'

He ain't lyin'



So I'll have to tell my mom

that I ran into you



Oh, okay



Come here



Um, I never had a chance to tell you



but I'm really sorry about your mom



Oh, it's fine Really



- What she say?

- Shh, shh



She said somethin'

about a ham sandwich



No, I know, but I just wanted you

to know that I am sorry.



- Naomi, really, it-

- [Boys Muttering]



Would you look at that?

Five hundred!



- I'm fine

- All right



[Crowd Squealing, Cheering]



Comin' through! Comin' through!

Move! Move! Get out of the way!



Y'all know what's going on.

Make room for Mr. Fantastic.



The pretty boy

He's super bad!



- He's super bad

- Super fly.



- He's fly

- Baddest mo-fo on eight wheels



Make some noise for-






[All Cheering]






[Cheering Continues]






**[Man Singing]






- Sweetness, you're so fine!

- Yes, you are!



- Junior!

- I was talkin' to Tootsie!



- Hold yourself together, Tori

- Cape



- Lint

- Lint




Be careful, honey!



- [Girl Squeals]

- Towel




Look at that chest, baby!






[Girls Screaming]



- No!

- [Screaming Continues]







I'll skate now







Sweetness! Aha! He's too cool!



Boogie on down.



See? See? I told you Sweetness

had his own theme music.



Damn the music

Sweetness got the honeys



I think Tootsie is scoping me

Here, Tootsie, Tootsie, Tootsie!



Man, I hope she don't

got the Bee Gees



I guess everybody loves

Sweetness around here, huh?



Not everybody









- What, Troy?

- Come on, now.



You don't have to get

all attitude on me



I thought we were cool Hey, what's up

with that fake number you gave me?



Yeah, what's up with the fake digits?



It wasn't fake

They just weren't mine



- [Laughs, Gasps]

- Okay Okay



I see how it is Okay, so you won't give

me- me- your number?



Instead you give it to a raggedy dude

with a crooked-ass 'fro










- I'll see you later, X

- All right



Excuse me



Hey, Roy Roy, check 'em out

Check 'em out



I'm checking I'm checking



Wearin'them hand-me-down skates.

I mean, come on.



Who y'all supposed to be,

the food stamp crew?



- No, no, man These are the welfare rollers

- [All Laughing]



Man, I know you ain't talkin' with them

American Bandstand glittery pants on



What? What? You crazy?

These are the threads of champions



Sweetwater Rollers,

group skate champions



Five years runnin', baby

Dig it



[Together] "Sweetwater Rollers

Five years runnin', baby"



- Until now

- [Together] Dig that!



- John Travolta!

- Is this a challenge, Mr Mouth?



Whatever you want it to be, Kung Fu!



[Karate Yells]

You just say when



Right now, Cosby kids

Come on



Why don't you bring your old Salvation Army

rent-a-skate crew out here right now, punks!



Man, you ain't said nothin' but a word



You'll see, Jackson Five



What the hell was that?



I don't know, man Hey, look, let's

show these dudes how we do it on the-




South Side!



- Can I come too? 'Cause l-

- [Together] No!




Hell, no!



[Scoffs] I didn't want to skate

with them anyway Aah!









**[Woman Singing]



Oh, shoot! Come on, Junior

Come on, Boo



[Grunting] Dang, y'all!



I said size nine! Size nine!



- Dang, they're too far ahead

- All right, X man Cut through the middle



- Come on Come on, y'all

- Hell, yeah



Come on, y'all

We gotta catch up



- Man, that Chinese boy's fast.

- Let's get the train together



[All Yelling]






Watch out!



Y'all go on!

You're all weak anyways!



- Uh-huh

- A bunch of suckers



- Yo, they was doin' moves

I never even seen before

- Whatever




Yeah, they were pretty good.



- Whatever, man. It's home court

advantage. Don't even count.

- [Boo] Whatever, Junior.



- I'm about to go to the snack bar

and get an Icee or somethin'

- I'm with you, man



- Boo, you okay?

- Man, my eye's actin' up



Man, I'm rentin' new skates



- I'm- I'm gonna go sit down

- Y'all go on



I'm about to get me some ofTootsie



Here, Tootsie, Tootsie, Tootsie!



That thing that you're doin'-

kind of like a twist, like you're jumpin'



- and then kind of like-

- Tori, Tori, please, okay?



- I'm telling you-

- Please!









- [Gasps]

- **[Continues]






Oh, damnJunior!



[Shouting, Laughing]



- He's got a woody!

- Shut up! Shut up!




My baby's big!



- [Indistinct Shouting]

- Damn






- [Screaming]

- [Laughing]



Shut up! Shut up! First of all, they're

support briefs, and all the athletes wear 'em



Wilt Chamberlain,

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, OJ Simpson



They said they make you run faster



All the ones that wear bras!



- [Laughing]

- Shut up!



- I'll show you somethin' big!

- Hey, man, this ain't funny!



This is not no joke These dudes

don't even respect us



They just chalk us up to be some poor

ghetto boys from the South Side



that don't even have a pot to piss in.



And that's not even us



We're them boys used to go down

to the Gardens to skate our asses off



Now, I know I was the one

against goin' over there



but now, fellas, we gotta go there



Get back on top, no matter what



We need to kick ass

at this skate-off come August



- I see somebody got their balls off layaway

- Yeah, whatever.



You just stop wearin' purple panties



and start puttin' lotion

on your ashy butt



Hey, where we from, y'all?




South Side!



- Hey, there's a homey right there!

- [All Shouting]









Bad dream?




All right Come on






- Xavier?

- Go to sleep



What was Mom like?






Tell me what she was like again









she was a lot like you



She was- She was always fantasizing

like she was somebody else




Diana Ross, Tina Turner



But she couldn't sing though



- No?

- No, not a lick



See, me and Dad didn't have

the heart to tell her



so we would just

sit back on the couch



and she'd just let it rip



Yeah, Mom was so pretty



Dad would always tell me



"Son, God must really like us"



Back then you couldn't

keep Dad from smiling



But when he looks at you



he gets that same grin on his face



just like when he used to look at Mom



Mom was like an angel



A black angel?



Yeah, I guess so



[Takes Deep Breath]



Have a good time, son. Make sure

you hold your sister's hand.



- And spend all his money, honey

- Nice meeting you, Mr Smith



- [Children Shouting]

- Uh-huh



- **[Disco]

- [Bell Dings]




Oh, baby, I love you.



- [Man] Yes, you do.

- I love you.



- [Laughs]

- And I love you back.



I gotcha



Size   !



- **[Man Singing]

- What it is



- So?

- **[Continues]



You know, the ladies,

they can't get enough of Bernard.



I think it's the lips You know,

not too pouty, not too brave



You know, firm and tender like sirloin



I used to do lip exercises on my pillow.



And a-one and two-



Can I get a size nine, please!



Now Today Ahora.



All right, 'fro magnum



Dude, calm down



Tryin' to bond with a brother, man

That's all



You ain't tryin' to bond with me



You done gave me my skates a long

time ago, I wouldn't have to be waitin'



Dude, these are size   's!



Man, why you keep doin' me like this?



Check this out

The ladies around here



like a brother with a big skate






[Chattering, Giggling]






You got a size   

back there, Bernard?



[Clears Throat]

Size    back there, Bernard?



Talkin' my talk now

Let me get you the-



[Silly Laughing]






Bye, X



I told you I didn't want to bring her



Oh, she don't wanna be with you

She's goin' over there



Look who it is.




'Sup, X? And how'd you get in, Jaws?



I see the metal detector

must be broken



- [Imitating Beeping]

- I don't know



Ask your big-boned mama

She the one workin' the door



- [All Laughing]

- She got you again, Junior



- You two need to quit, okay?

- Oh, don't talk to me



Talk to him






**[Classical Continues]



[Junior] Oh, no, man. There go them dude

in them tights again. He look fruity.



- What is wrong with him?

- Whatever Hey, yo, X, lace up



I was watching Kung Fu Theater.

I know this move we could use



- All right

- All right Yo Hey



Man, your friends are so stupid



Hey, you're just now figurin' that out?




I know Right




Session two is now beginning.



This next skate

will be for couples only.



This is a couples'skate.



- Oh, look, look, look.

- What? What?



There goes your other friend






- Hi

- Hey



- Hey, X

- Hi



- Hi

- [Laughing] How are you doin'?



- **[Continues]

- [Clears Throat]



So, how's everything going?




Everything's cool Cool



And real cool










- So?

- [Laughs]



Isn't this couples' skate?

You two should go skate



I don't mind



Thank you I mean-



Hey, I remember those

You've had those for a long time



Your mom gave 'em to you

on your   th birthday, right?









So, you wanna go

get out there together?



Uh, I can't



I ate somethin' today



and my stomach is actin' up,

and I don't think-



It's okay It's okay

Maybe another time



Yeah Yeah Yeah



What a doof!



- What's happenin'?

- [Laughing]



[Engine Cranking]






Come on Come on Come on



- [Engine Cranking]

- [Pounding]









I'm Vivian Vivian Turner,

your new neighbor



Oh Hi I'm Curtis



Uh, yeah I just got home from work,

and I got this note from my daughter



saying she went skating with an- an X?



Yes Um, X is my son, Xavier



I dropped 'em off

a little while ago at the rink



Okay Well, is this

a once-in-a-while thing



or do you make a practice of dropping off

people's kids that you don't even know?



- Hey, what-

- 'Cause if it is...



then maybe the authorities

should be notified about your activities



- Look, Mrs Turner-

- Miss Turner



Oh, it's miss Okay, Miss Lady

With A Bad Attitude, whatever-



Calm down, okay? The kids

were gonna ride the bus to the rink



But, you know, bein'

the neglectful parent that I am



I decided to give 'em a ride anyway



Now, since you're so concerned

about your daughter's welfare



I suggest you take a ride up to the rink



It's about    minutes up Imperial

They close at midnight



However, my son will be here at  :  



So you can either wait-

but, you know, in your garage-



or you can go down there and be known

as the party-crashin' mama on the block



and give your daughter a serious complex

for the rest of her natural-born life



- Your choice

- [Car Door Slams]



- Your carburetor's flooded

- So is yours



Big old Fat Albert look-alike.



Must be crazy talkin'to me like- 

[Continues, Indistinct]



How do you know

the carburetor's flooded?



You need to put

some lotion on them feet



**[Man Singing]



- [Karate Yells]

- Man, this is Bruce Lee's Fists of Fury.



Ain't nobody doin' this in the competition



I wonder why, Junior




Ah, now what?



[Announcer] And here he is,

center floor, Sweetwater's finest.



Give it up for Sweetness.






[Crowd Cheering]



**[Man Singing]






Go Sweetness! Go Sweetness!

Go Sweetness! Go Sweetness!



Go Sweetness! Go Sweetness!

Go Sweetness!



Go Sweetness! Go Sweetness!






- **[Continues]

- L-I don't know, y'all I mean, he's good



- Told you

- He's okay



But I've seen X do all those moves






Oh, oh, oh, hell, no!



- Ohhh

- Except that one



Now, that was good

I'll give that a   



- Hey, Poindexter, get off me

- [Speaking Spanish]



Get off of me, man!

You okay?



- Somebody fan her for me

- **[Ends]






[Coughing, Hacking]



Hey, I didn't know you were here



Didn't see the Mustang out front



Oh, um, yeah



It's been, uh, giving me a little trouble,

so I put it in the shop






Hey, Dad, where you goin'?



Oh, just over to Miss Jenkins's house



She havin' a little get-together



She kinda cornered me

in the frozen food section today



so, you know,

I have to show my face



Are there gonna be women there?



It's just that I've never seen you

get all dressed up like this before.



Wearing cologne




[Clears Throat]

Son, it's just a party



Oh, no, no, no

It's cool It's cool



- Oh, it's cool?

- It's cool



- Take your time Your time

- Thank you so much



- So, how was Sweetwater?

- Oh, it was good



See, Dad, we're goin' against this guy named

Sweetness and his crew at the skate-off



- Think you'll make it?

- I don't know, son



I may have to work






You know, to be honest, son...



you could be doin' something more constructive

than wasting time at that skatin' rink



Mom didn't think it was a waste of time






- Daddy!

- Hey, pretty girl Come on Come on



Oh, boy, you're gettin'

so big, baby Oh, man



- You smell good, Daddy

- Oh, thank you, baby



Can you read me a story?



Mmm, yeah, I can read you a story.



Man, you've got to be crazy.



You ain't got to be from Ohio

to be one in Ohio, player



This Tino glamour, baby



- Hey, Rhonda, what's goin' on?

- Hi, Tino



- Nothin' much

- How you doin'?



- Good

- How'd you get these napkins

to match that outfit, mama?



- You know, you do your thing right here

- I gotta do my thing



- Get off my phone

- All right, my heart. Hold on.



It ain't long distance.

You know what I'm sayin:



I thought I'd bring you a drink.



Oh, um, thanks, Rhonda,

but I don't drink



You don't drink? What,

you a Jehovah Witness or somethin'?



- No, I'm just not a drinker That's all

- Mm



- But, hey, I do like all this,

uh, cheetah thing you got goin'

- Cheetah?



It's leopard

Cheetah's too gaudy






Well, I'll get you a Pepsi



- Okay

- You keep that wall up for me






Ooh, Curtis, my man!

Curtis, my man!



Big Curtis! I didn't know

you was on Rhonda



What? No, man. I'm just- 

I ain't on nothin'but this wall.



- Okay? Just the wall

- Man, if I wasn't miserably married, man



I'd be tryin' to tame

that big wild kingdom



Whole lot of rumblin' engine



And she make a damn good rib



I'll handle that cat




Beat that cat down



Let me get a piece of that rib



Hey, man, don't touch my rib



Rhonda, you ain't slick

We saw you over there working Curtis



What? Okay Girl, please I wasn't doin'

nothin' but gettin' that man a Pepsi



- That's all

- Mm-hmm



- But he is fine

- Girl, yes, he is!



[Laughs] Oh, I just feel so sorry

about what happened to Kathy



- Yeah, I know

- Oh, yeah



- That was a beautiful woman

- Yes, she was



- [Rhonda] She was.

- Now, who's Kathy?



- Oh, that's right. You don't know, do you?

- Mm-mm



- Kathy was his wife

- Oh



She died last year- What was that- 

two weeks or so before Christmas?



- Oh

- Turns out she had

some sort of a heart condition.



- It was sad I feel bad for those kids

- Mm, baby Really sad



- Oh.

- Yeah, it is.



[Rhonda] In the meantime,

I'm gonna get him that Pepsi.



- Girl

- [Laughs]



That's a cute outfit, girl



You need to work on your aim



- Ah, they'll find it

- Ohhh!



Maybe they'll start

payin' me on time



Hey, what's up with you

and that Naomi girl?



You guys used to date?



- No, we were just friends

- [Man Shouts, Indistinct]



- You should like her

- Huh?



You heard me

She's a cute girl



What's not to like?

I see you checking her out



Drooling, mouth all open

But you ain't gotta be ashamed



You know, I was gonna

tell you, though



when you're with a girl,

you gotta be cool, okay?



You can't be no nerd letting her see you dribble,

because that you should be ashamed of



- Your daddy should've told you this, but anyway-

- Tori



Throw a paper






All right, we got a live one

Are we ready?



We're ready






[Dog Barking]






Hey, X! Hey!



[Boys Laughing, Yelling]



[Tori Screaming]



Ah! Ah, ah! Oh!


















Man, no! Get outta here,

you little punks!



Tori, you all right?



- Shut upJust shut up

- [Laughing]



- [Boy] Got you!

- [Laughing]



We got three weeks till the skate-off



We need to step it up



Last week at Sweetwater-

I ain't gonna name no names, Naps-



- What?

- But last week at Sweetwater



some of us looked like crap






I'm gonna be ready

I'm clutch



No, what you need to do

is clutch some skating skills, clown



Yeah, stop rentin' skates Why don't you

just wear the ones that you have on?



Dude, what do I look like

rolling in my sister's skates?



No different.

You still look goofy.



- Forget you, Mike, albino punk.

- Whatever, Ricky Ricardo



Hurry up! What's Happening

comes on at  :  



Mind your business, chain saw lips!



Naps, take the box

Get in formation



** [Disco]



**[Man Singing]






One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight



Come on, Boo

Good job, man



Here we go, fellas

Come on, fellas Yeah



[All Chattering]



Looks like an airplane



- Like this?

- Like an airplane



- ** [Continues]

- [Chattering Continues]



[All Laughing]




South Side!



**[Continues, Fades]



- [Phones Ringing]

- **[Ends]






Hi Um, I'm here to inquire about

the quality control engineering position



Oh, yeah, it's open



So, do you have any experience, uh-



Curtis I'm sorry Curtis Smith



Any experience, Curtis?



Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do I, uh-



I got my degree in mechanical engineering

from Arizona State University



I've been at Chicago Air

designing airplanes for    years...



until they folded, so, uh-



- [Laughing]

- So I guess, yeah, I have a little bit.



What's so funny?



My man, I don't think

this is the job for you



Why? Now, I know

I can handle thejob.



- Now, just-You haven't even seen-

- Curtis. Curtis.



Quality control engineer

is just a fancy way of saying janitor



I'm looking for a janitor



and the last I checked,

you don't need a degree to mop



Sorry, brother






Excuse me.

How much does it pay?



- Oh, Naps, like this

- Hey, yo, pass the chips



- X, can I play?

- No Go play with your Barbies or something



- I'm telling Dad you won't let me play with you

- So?



- [Boo] "I'm telling Daddy you

won't let me play with you. "

- Bye.



That's why I can't be no older brother,

manJust too much stress



That's why I'm happy my mama

got her tubes tied, you know?



- [Naps] So are we.

- [All Taunting]



Yeah, I like that one

I like that one



- 'Cause he's funny-looking

- Ain't that a blip, Boo?



No, no Better yet,

ain't that some lips, Boo?



Because I know your charcoal butt

ain't tryin'to bag on somebody.



He walkin' around here

lookin' like a skid mark



I don't look like

no skid mark, Junior



I know- I know you're

not laughing, half-breed



Yeah, that's right.

'Cause you all mixed up.



He don't know if he want

a sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie



- [All Laughing]

- Barry White or the Bee Gees



Look at you, lookin' like

a white boy with sprinkles



- [Taunting]

- Get off me, man



Get off me, man! Naps,

aren't you Puerto Rican, huh?



- Aren't you supposed to have good hair?

- Mm-hmm.



[Speaking Spanish]

What is this, man?



You're a disgrace to your race

His hair's so nappy



when he comb, it sounds

like he's biting an apple



- [Making Tearing Sound]

- [Laughing Continues]



Oh, your daddy mad Your daddy

don't claim you, do he?



Little baby crying, and,

"Poquito, Jesucristo."



Ah, my hand's stuck

Somebody help me



Mine too Hold up!






- I do have good hair

- [All Laughing]



[Distant Chattering]



[Raucous Laughter]




Hey, Curtis. What's happening?







I'll get-



[All Talking At Once, Indistinct]



- I got   

- [Door Slams]



H-H-How you doin', Mr Curtis?



Whose is this?



- Is this yours?

- Huh?



Boy, don't try to act like you

didn't hear me with them big ears



You probably heard the sun

come up this mornin'



Take this and roll your

big-eared butt home with it



You know, you got-

Mr Smith, you got a little leaf, but-



How many times do I have to tell you kids

not to leave nothin' on my porch?



- Almost broke my neck out there!

- [Snickering]



What you laughin' at, boy? Diana Ross called

Tell your mama to give her wigs back



I'm sorry, sir. It's just sometimes

I laugh when I get nervous.



I got a laughing condition

Doctor said it's serious







I'm gonna count to five-

matter of fact, I'm gonna count to four-



and if by the time I get to four,

you standing in my house-



- [Boys Screeching]

- [Naps] Oh, shit Mixed Mike

What about Mixed Mike?



- [Junior] Save yourself!

- What you waitin' on? Christmas?



- Get outta here

- Oh, um-



And if I ain't got some Yoo-hoo left,

you gonna see a snake playin' the bongos



- before you go to that skatin' rink again

- [Door Slams]



And who left the white boy?



Mervyn like kissin'that floor, huh?



Yeah He try that trick    times a day

and don't never hit it



- Tough little cat though

- Yeah I mean, you ask me



I just think he should just go on ahead

and just try somethin' else



I mean, all this fallin' and stuff?

It's just not cool



Hey, if you don't fall, how you gonna

know what gettin' up is like, right?






One, two!






One, two!









[Engine Cranking]



- Hey

- [Cranking Continues]



- Hello?

- Daddy!



- [Sputtering]

- Thank you



If you're lookin' for your daughter,

I haven't seen her



Actually, I'm not here for that

I'm here for a do-over for when

I blew up at you a while back



I was out of line, and I apologize



[Metal Clanking]



Whoo Slippery



Um, anyway,

I have a peace offering



Strawberry shortcake for me

and a chocolate eclair for you



- [Sighs]

- What do you say?



So next summer,

when I visit my daddy in Atlanta



ooh, boy, he's taking me everywhere:



Sightseeing in New York

and then to Orlando to visit NASA



Yeah And then he's taking me

to the Bahamas to lay on the beach



and soak up the sun



Make sure you soak up some beauty tips

while you're down there, chomper



- Shut up!

- I'm just sayin' you could hurt

somebody with those things



- Hey, isn't that your pop's car?

- That car do look familiar



This can't be your daddy's car,

man, for real How much is this?



- What? Yeah?

- Excuse me.



- When did you get this car?

- Couple weeks ago



She's a honey, ain't she?



X, this is definitely your pop's car



- Mr Smith is your father?

- Yeah



Oh, what a nice guy Hey, you tell

your old man if he's still interested



in a job in sales, I might have something

for him by the end of the month



- Yeah, but my dad already has a job

- Ah Well, good for him



You know, men like your father,

they never stay out of work for long.



They always land on their feet

Excuse me, kids I smell money




That dude's crazy. "I smell money."



- [All Laughing]

- That guy looked likeJimmy Carter



Let's go



**[Man Singing]



I'll be right back Xavier



- Hey

- Hey



Um, I was thinking that

we should hang out sometime



We should go to the movies

or something again



Naomi, look I just gotta go, okay?



- [Grunts]

- [Gasps] Oh, my gosh X, are you okay?



- Look, just leave me alone, okay?

- **[Ends]



And it should be a crime for you

to comb this girl's hair



Honey, don't I do a good job

on your hair?



- [Laughs] See? That's the truth

- Ooh, that's cold



- I thought you was my friend

- She's still your friend



See how you do your daddy?

There he is. Hey, son.



- [Vivian] Hey, Xavier.

- Hey



- What's the matter with you?

- I don't wanna talk about it



[Mopey Voice] "I don't wanna talk about it"

Being a teenager sure must be hard work



- Tell me about it.

- Kids



I think you're the last person

that should be talking about work



I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that

You wanna repeat it?



Yeah I said that you shouldn't

be talkin' about workin'



seein' that you haven't

had a job in months



By the way, I found out

about the car too.



Hot buy



[Clears Throat]



Okay Um, Xavier, go on in the house

I can explain this to you



- Explain what? What kind of liar you are?

- [Vivian] Let's go.



Fakin' us out every morning like you're

goin' to work, when really you weren't?



- You're just a fake

- Son, listen to me



You think you know, okay?

But you don't know, all right?



- You don't know anything

- I know Mom wouldn't have lied;

I know that much



You know, you're right You're

absolutely right You got me, son



Your mother wouldn't have lied to you,

okay? But I'm not your mother, okay?



You want me to tell the truth? Here's

the truth Hear it, understand it, son



Your mother, my wife?

She's gone



Gone, son

She's never gonna come back



- And the sooner you let her go

and understand that-

- Let her go?



You want me to let my mother go?

Why would I do that?



You haven't, have you?

Yeah You moved around some furniture



and threw up some wallpaper,

but you still haven't let her go



- That's why her piece-of-shit car

is still out in the garage

- Hey Hey!



- Watch your mouth!

- Old piece of junk! I hate that car!



You hang out with that car more

than you hang out with your own son



And then you think by puttin' in a new

engine, you can bring back the dead?



All right That's it

Shut your mouth



get your skates, go in the house

and go to your room



Maybe if you banged on the hood

hard enough, maybe she'll come back



- Xavier

- Hmm? Is that what you really want?



You want her to come back

to take care of us so you don't have to?



I'm gonna ask you one more time



- Go in the house, son

- No



I wanna see

if she'll come back, Dad






Boy, don't you walk away from me

when I'm talk-Xavier!



Don't you walk away from me

when I'm talkin' to you!









- Put it down

- No! You want Mom back, right?



Well, let's see

if she'll come back then!



- Put it down!

- Is that what you want?

Mom's not comin' back, Dad!



- She's not comin' back!

- Xavier!



- Do you see her? She's dead, okay?

- I'm talkin' to you, boy!



You think you a man today?

If I have to put my hands on you



I swear to God you gonna find out

which one of us is a man today!



All right? My mom's not comin' back,

all right? My mom's gone, man



Huh? All right?



Why'd God have to take my mom, man?

God took my mom away from me






- [Crying]

- Okay Shh, shh, shh



- Listen to me

- Man, get off!



- Well, look like somebody

got up early this mornin'

- Early



That's what I'm talkin'about.

Got your green outfit...



Iookin' like little lion

off of The Wizard of Oz.



[Imitating Lion's Voice] "I'll fight you

with one hand behind my back Put 'em up



Put 'em up" Now you mad



Hey, son



- [Simulating Drumbeat]

- *Hey, that boy got stretch pants *



* That boy got stretch pants *



Oh, shit Morning



What's up, Curt?

Ain't nobody scared of you



**[Man Singing]






[No Audible Dialogue]






[Birds Chirping]



This came for you

Gotta go fold the rest of my papers



Hey, X Do me a favor

Open this for me, would you?



My wrist is kinda bothering me



I saw how your old ones were fallin'apart,

so I just, you know, got you these.



Hey, I know they'll never replace

the ones your mother got you



but, um, they're here if you need 'em



- Why'd you do this?

- I don't know.






Not gettin' 'em for you sooner



For not being much of a father

to you since your mother passed



Listen up



When your mom died



I thought I could just, you know,

handle everything on my own



you know, show you kids

how strong I was



I thought that's

what you needed, you know



I don't know I just wanted us

to act like nothing ever happened



But, um, it did happen



and it hurts



[Sighs] But, you know,

what hurt the most is



I forgot that you

and your sister were hurtin' too



You're not grown-ups;

you're just children



I know she was more

than your mother



She was your best friend



and I forgot that



And I'm really ashamed of myself



But, look, there's some things

we gotta put behind us



You know, you've been angry at me

I've been angry at you



You know And your mother

would be so disappointed



I just think she would expect

better from both of us



Whoo So, look



I hope you can forgive your old dad

for being an idiot and-



I just want you

to know, son, I see you



Xavier Curtis Smith



I see you clearer

than you'll ever know, son



- Kid, I love you so much

- Love you too, Dad



I know I know



Xavier, what are you-

what are you doing down here?



Just come outside



Look, um, are you going

to the skate-off on Saturday?



- Yeah I'll be there

- Oh, good



Uh, look, I was-

I was wonderin'-



maybe, you know,

like, afterwards



me and you could

maybe go to a movie?



- Are you serious?

- Yeah l-



Xavier, I don't think so



I mean, it's not that I don't

like you or anything It's just-



Naomi, look,

I'm sorry about before



- All right? I was trippin'

- Yeah



I just had so much on my mind,

and you just don't even know



But I'm cool now I'm cool



- You're cool now?

- Yeah Yeah



Well, you know what?

I'm not



I don't like being blown off

because you have problems



The world is full of problems

Everybody has their own problems







- Huh?

- [Woman] Come turn the channel for me.



I should- [Mumbles] go















[Girl] So you went out?



- [Girl # ] There's Naomi.

- Hey, guys!



- I mean, that's the truth.

- Yeah.



- Hey, you guys, have you seen X anywhere?

- [All] No



- [Chattering]

- Hey, look who showed up



I didn't know you fellas had

enough bus fare to make it over here



- Really?

- Yeah Did you steal a car or something?



Actually, we rode over here on your

mama's back, and, damn, she's strong



- [Simulates Horse Braying, Whip Cracking]

- Oh, whoa, whoa



- Somebody got some new skates, huh?

We'd better be scared now, fellas

- Yeah



And check out

their cute little iron-ons



Did your mommy do this for-






What is that?



Makes no sense Anyways, look

Boo, remember the cross



- [Gasps]

- Didn't I just tell you how stunning you are?



- You gonna mess up our- [Indistinct]

- X X



- What's up, man?

- There's your girl



Sweetness is all over that.



See that, X? Chicks only go for the athletes

or the pretty boys with good hair



- Not like you, Naps

- Right Right What?



- [Boy Blows Raspberry]

- [Boy # ] It's true.




Not all chicks.



- [All] Whoo

- [Grunts]



I like ugly boys Why you think

I hang around y'all?



And stop saying "chicks"

It's demeaning







Marry me?



Tori, good gosh, girl.

You look- 



Cute? Fine?

Beyond description?



- You do

- And then some



[Clears Throat]



Spit it out



I know your big ol' rock head

has something smart to say



Actually, I came up here to say

that you look really beautiful



- I mean, I've never seen you

look this way before

- Wow Wow



I mean it



- Thank you

- Psych!



- Shut up!

- [AllJoshing, Talking At Once]



- No You need to put the braces back on

- [Chattering]



Dad, what are y'all doin' here?



What do you mean, what are we doin' here?

I'm here to watch you win



And I'm also here to watch

your father fall flat on his butt




All group skaters report to center floor.



All group skaters report to center floor



- I guess that's us

- [Curtis] Hey, come here.



- Yeah?

- Go get 'em, son



- Yeah

- [Xavier] Dad.



Yeah, yeah. Enough with the family

reunion stuff. Let's roll!



- Boo, you got the music, right?

- Come on, man You know I got it



Chic's "Le Freak" These cats around here

don't know nothin' about this



- Then let's go Where we from, y'all?

- [All] South Side Let's roll



[Audience Cheering, Applauding]



Whoo, whoo! What's happening?

What's happening? What's happening?



Oh-whoa What's happening?



I wanna say hello,

all you silky smooth skaters



Hello, and welcome

to the sixth annual skate-off.



I'm DJJohnny Feelgood,

and, ladies, I do



I would like to welcome everybody

I am presiding over the festivities



I will be judging the contest,

along with my-Where's my aphrodisiac?



Where is she?

Oh, there she is



Give it up for my lady.

Come on over. Cocoa on wheels.



Oh Oh That's

what I'm talkin' about



Ain't nothin' like a little sugar

to get it started See that sugar?



[Simulates Drumroll] All right

Now, skaters, you will be competing for this



- [Audience Cheering]

- Uh-huh $    and-



and the chance

to get the braggin' rights



to call yourself the baddest skaters

that Sweetwater has to offer



All right Uh-huh But, but, but



don't get too happy, 'cause, you see, those

bragging rights are currently being held



by the Sweetwater Rollers

and their leader, my man...



my mellow, Sweetness!



- **[Funk]

- [Feelgood Laughs]



Let's hear it for the Sweetwater Rollers

and Sweetness!



Pimpin'it out on the skates.



Oh, boy

So that's Sweetness, huh?






Daddy, I love him

Hi, Sweetness!



Oh, boy



[Feelgood] Come on, ladies.

Let's hear it one more time for Sweetness!



[Audience Cheering]



Let me break this down for you

Here's how it's gonna happen



All teams will have four minutes to skate your

routines, but y'all don't wanna hear me talk.



Y'all don't wanna hear this smick-smack.

Let's get this mother-sucker started!



Let's jam!










**[Disco Continues]




Break-dance! Break-dance!



[Cheering Continues]



[Howls] All right! That's what

I'm talkin' about right there



That's what I'm talkin' about



Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together

for Sweetness and the Sweetwater Rollers.









- **[Continues]

- [Inaudible Dialogue]



That's our song!

They're usin' our song!



- But they can't do that

- Well, they doin' it



This is jacked up

Our whole routine is to this song



Not anymore



[Girls Screaming]



[Audience Cheering, Screaming]



[Feelgood] Put your hands together

for Sweetness and the Sweetwater Rollers!



They're so good,

I don't need to see anything else



That's it I'm gonna leave I'm done

I'm gonna retire I'm gonna give it up



I'm done. Baby, stop me, baby.

Stop me, baby. Stop me.



- Marvin Gaye?

- No



- Bee Gees?

- My cousin got that record



- [All Groaning]

- What we gonna do?



- I don't know I can't be the only person-

- You the leader, man



Ooh, ooh, ooh I got it I got it

[Laughs Deviously]



- Got what, Naps?

- The perfect song to skate to



Trust me. I'm clutch.



- [Cheering Continues]

- Have fun, Garden Boys



- [Girls Snickering]

- You dig?



- Don't worry about them, Mike

- The routine we have

is not gonna match the song



- Doesn't matter.

- I don't trust Naps.

- Think positive, okay?



- We good?

- Yeah We good



All right, now, look, fellas This is not

no time for no pity party, okay?



We gotta do

what we came here to do



It's time to put up or shut up



Now, what we gonna do, hmm?



- Put up

- Put up



- Put up

- That's what I like to hear



Put my foot right up their asses!



Close enough Y'all, let's win this

for the Gardens, all right?



Now, rounding out

our group skate competition



representin' the South Side-



Please put your hands together

for the Garden Boys.



- X X!

- [Man] The dude is bad




Good luck



**[Disco Funk]



* Hey, hey, hey *






Oh, y'all clappin' now, huh?

Yeah A'ight



That's kind of nice right there



All right now




The boys from South Side!






Everybody, big round of applause

for the Garden Boys!



- [Cheering Wildly]

- [Feelgood] You'd better

clap for the Garden Boys.



Yeah All right Yeah



[Chanting, Indistinct]



[Feelgood Laughs]



Yes Now, that's what

I call a competition



Oh! All right,

young bloods All right



Let me have all of our group skaters

out here on the floor



Bring yourselves out here

Ladies and gentlemen



a big round of applause

for all these skaters.



All these skaters so beautiful,

don't you agree?



Now, folks,

me and Mrs. Feelgood...



we had a time

decidin' on the winner



because this was

the fiercest competition



that Sweetwater has ever seen



- [Laughs]

- [Audience Cheers]



So, without any further delay



the      Sweetwater Skate-off

champs are- 



Drumroll, please-

[Simulates Drumroll]






- It's a draw

- [Crowd Murmuring]



The Sweetwater Rollers

and the Garden Boys.



[Audience Cheering]






Yeah That's my boy




We did it We did it We did it



A draw? A draw?

I don't draw I win



Not today, Mr-

[Singsong] Sweetness!



How some South Side garbage

gonna tie with us? This can't happen



Look, man. You guys did good today.

Look, just chill out.



You chill out, punk You sorry sucker,

I'm the king of this here floor, you dig?



I ain't about to let some ghetto

group from the hood destroy

the house that Sweetness built



You can believe that

We need to have a skate-off



Me and you

Winner take all



Nah That's okay We just gonna

take half of our winnings



and hustle back

to the poor South Side



You keep the trophy, chump



- What? You scared?

- [Audience] Whoo.



- Whoo

- Scared that you don't belong over here?



That you are beneath us?



No See, I'm just tryin'

to help you save face



because I would hate to see you

get spanked in front of all your fans



[All Murmuring, Laughing]



Young blood, you couldn't spank me

if your hands were glued to my ass



My hands glued to your ass?



I don't know That sounds

a little sweet to me, Sweetness



- Ha!

- [All Chuckling]



- Now, let's skate

- You just bought yourself an ass whooping



- Winner take all No falls Bet?

- Bet



- [Snaps Fingers]

- Let's do this, Johnny



All right now Sounds like

we got ourselves a showdown!



- Come on, son

- We got it now We gonna win, no matter what



[Feelgood] Now, y'all know the rules.

This is last man standing.



So I'm about to get it

a little warmed up for y'all...



with a little "Fire."



- Whoo!

- **[Disco]



Do your thing! Come on!






- [Feelgood] Smooth! Smooth!

- **[Continues]



Somebody needs to arrest

that man for being so smooth!



It's on you



There you go, young blood.



[Feelgood Talking, Indistinct]









All right, little man.

All right, little man.







Sweetness is showin'why he is the man- 



a double spin down to his knees!




I can't take no more of this!

You're hot-hot!



A near miss Almost a collision

A roller skate to the head is not a good thing



Remember that. Remember that.



- Keep it goin: Keep it goin:

- [Cheering Wildly]






So you think

you're pretty good, huh?



Well, I got something for you



**[Disco Beat]







Yeah! Get it on!



Hold up You'd better get out of here



Come on, son




Oh, yeah!









[Audience Cheering Wildly]






Hey, yo Where'd

you learn those moves?



This is for you, Mom



- [Snaps Finger]

- **[Disco Beat]



Get him, X!



We got the young blood

from the Garden Boys doin'his thing!



[Audience Clapping To Beat]



[Wild Cheering]



**[Disco Continues]



Ooh! That's it



That's our man









[Cheering Wildly]



- What's he doin'?

- **[Ends]



Oh, no



[Crowd Cheering]



[No Audible Dialogue]



[Feelgood, Voice Slowed]

And the winner is... Sweetness!



[Echoing] Yeah! [Laughs]



X, man. X.



- Wake up, man

- X!



Hey, man. You better not be dead.



Hey, Boo, give him mouth-to-mouth



- Nah

- X



- X

- X



Hey, if you dead,

let me get your Atari



- Can you hear me?

- Hey, man, please don't be dead, man.




All the stuff we done went together



Man, that routine was great



* Hollywood swingin' *



But that triple lutz thing you tried-

probably shouldn't have done that






Xavier, are you okay?

Xavier, wake up Are you all right?



- What happened?

- [Chuckles]



You happened



My boy Come on

Help me get him up



- Messed up your 'fro and everything

- I'm proud of you, son



Thanks, Dad



- [Snickering]

- [Snaps Fingers]



Yeah You did it



- [Chanting] X, X, X

- Come on, man



X, X, X, X, X.



[Chanting, Cheering Continue]



Um, look, about the other day-



Hey, hey Come on

Hey Whose daughter is this?



Let 'em go Come on



Whoo-hoo Hey, Tori



- Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Turner Oops

- Tori.



Let 'em go Let 'em go

Let 'em go



Hey, man



Let's go



[Feelgood] All right, all you rollers

out there, this is an all-skate.



I repeat: This is an all-skate



- **[Disco Beat]

- [People Whooping, Chattering]



**[Woman Singing]





Special help by SergeiK