Rooster Cogburn Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rooster Cogburn script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Wayne movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rooster Cogburn. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rooster Cogburn Script





It's the law, Pecos.



We want you for train robbery

and murder of the engineer.



Get your hands on top of your heads.



You bastards.



You bastards.



Rooster J. Cogburn, step forward.



Are you Rooster J. Cogburn,

Deputy Marshal for Western Arkansas?



You know I am.



A deputy who shoots

and kills    suspects in   years,



is breaking the law,

not upholding it.



Let's get this straight, Judge.

Only    of them died.



All were shot in the line of duty or

in self defense or attempting to flee.



You have served

this court for almost two lustrums.



You're a strong man

and a brave man, Rooster.



And you have, at times,

executed your duties faithfully.



But all too often you have

acted with excessive zeal and...



What's a lustrum, Judge?

-   years. Don't interrupt me.



Pay attention to me.

This is not just a formal reprimand.



Investors go where the law protects

them, not shoots them.



Is that the kind of law

my deputy got yesterday?



I was proud to tell his wife

I shot his killers.



It seems you can't serve

this court without breaking heads



and spraying bullets. The West

has changed but you haven't.



I want your badge. - They don't know

these new-fangled laws out there.



They're still shooting

in the same direction, at me.



Your badge, Cogburn.



You let yourself go. Look at your

belly! You can't even close your coat.



You drink too much.

- I ain't had a drink since breakfast.



And I only wear this coat

in your court.



It was good enough when you needed me.



You've gone to seed, Rooster.

Next case.



Lieutenant, road's out ahead.

Rock slide.



Can we get around it?

- No, sir.



But there's a shallow down river

to take the wagon across.



Column right, ho.



Breed, we can't move nitro

over those logs.



It's just dead wood, sir.

It's easy to move.



Chipley, Grimm, dismount.

Start moving those logs.



Rawlins! Bryant!

Get the ropes. Help him.



The war is over.

The US Cavalry lost again.



Just like I told you.



Give me my money.



Don't you trust me? - Pay up, Hawk,

or try takin' the gold without me.



Don't tempt me.

Any fool can blow nitro.



The last fool who thought that

blowed himself up.



Alright, move. Fast.



We got four days' hard ridin'

and that gold shipment won't wait.



Gone to seed, have I?



Gone to seed!

A man does his job,



defends The Code,

and what does he get?



Disgrace and abuse.

- Judge say, you abuse justice.



I abuse justice? There ain't no

justice in the West no more.



Men with sand in their craw,

pushed aside



by duded-up Yankee lawyers

who won spellin' bees back home.



That ain't St. Louis beer.

- Kansas City.



Well, I don't like it.



Neither does Sterling.

Too sweet, ain't it, General?



Well, give me my jug.

- Judge Parker say lock it up.



Who's payin' the rent here,

him or me?



You can't lock up a man's whiskey.

I'll give you one minute to get my...



Don't shoot.

I'll get it for you.



Don't shoot.

Until you've heard what I say.



You have said enough, Judge.

None of it to my credit nor liking.



May I take a drink

with you and General Sterling?



If you don't mind such seedy company.






you were my best Marshal.

You could be again.



That account is long overdrawn,




Old friend,

let's let bygones be bygones.



I have an important assignment

for you. - You seem to forget, Judge.



You hung up my guns, remember?



I am retired, relieved, and rejoicing.

"l painted her, I painted her..."



Chen Lee, turn off the light.



No doubt you've heard

of Hawk's latest outrage.



The Army believe he took the nitro

for another robbery. Time's short.



You know the territory

and the scout that set up the ambush.




He run with Hawk now?



He's the best scout I ever had.

Good friend, too.



He never done a wrong thing

till he killed that Wells Fargo agent



and run away with the payroll.



We need a man with grit, Cogburn.

The government'll be mighty grateful.



How grateful?



For the return of the dynamite,

    dollars. For Hawk,     .



Now, that is information

more to my liking. - I thought so.



I want him alive.

I want him to answer to me, not you.



Then we'll see about your badge.

- I'll charge my retirement rate:



double salary, double expenses.

Can you afford me?



Rates noted and accepted.



A group of my deputies will act as

your posse. But it'll take a while.



Take a while? It'll take a miracle.

Them lily-livered lawbrokers



won't risk their necks, or you

wouldn't be here. - You'll need this.



Do the job,

and it's yours again, permanent.



Well, it goes against my grain.

I'll ride at first light.



Drunken cat.



That's right. In spite of the fact

that you locked up our whiskey.



Tell them deputies

to meet me at Bagby's.



If you can find any.



See who they have to come to

when they got a real job to do?



The old rat killer.

Probably got another lustrum in me.



What is lustrum?



  years, you Chinaman.



You people come here and we help you.

You won't even learn our language.



Maybe you're right.



Here you are, sweet lady.

How're you doing little darling?



Go ahead. Hurry. As fast as you can.



Wolf. Watch. Go.



They're settlers passin' through.

- I know.



Come, child.



Welcome to Fort Ruby.

I am Reverend George Goodnight



and this is my daughter, Eula.



We offer you

the hospitality of our settlement.



We are God's servants here.



And we must ask you



not to sell ardent spirits or guns

to the Indians.



Civil law and God's law forbid it.



This is the law we go by, Sister.



So don't waste your preachin'

tryin' to convert us.



Please do not strip these people

of their dignity with liquor



and your worldly ways.

We beg you.



This is for your collecting plate.



Now, will you leave us be?

We're gonna camp here,



rest our horses

and take our pleasures,



with no more preachin'

from God's servants.



A brand from the burning.

- What's that you say?



Our work, sir,

is to pluck brands from the burning.



If you don't want to be plucked,

then at least show us courtesy.



I do believe you're better

at cluckin' than at pluckin'.



You're an unpleasant sort of fellow.



I'm the boldest sinner on the

Arkansas River. People remember me.



Only evil can come of your presence.

Temptation is the Devil's spawn.



You callin' the Devil, Mister?

- You do the Devil's work.



I'd shoot a man of the cloth

or a lady. So don't provoke me.



I'm not afraid. I wear God's armor.

I do not fear what man can do to me.



I do not fear a skunk.

I simply do not care for his odor.



I'm warnin' you.



You have ridden the Hoot-Owl Trail

and tasted the fruits of evil.



But justice will

catch up with you to demand payment.



The Lord is my Shepherd,

I shall not want.



He maketh me

to lie down in green pastures.



He leadeth me beside still waters.

He restoreth my soul.



He leadeth me in the paths

of righteousness in His name.



Yea, though I walk through

the valley of death, I fear no evil,



for Thou art with me.



I've had enough Sunday school.

Out of my sight, both of you.



Thy rod and thy staff,

they comfort me.



Thou preparest a table before me

in the presence of mine enemies.



My cup runneth over.



Surely goodness and mercy

shall follow me in all my days.



And I will dwell in the house...



She put the fear of God

into you, Hawk?



Rooster, welcome.

- Bagby. - Good to have you back.



Huntin' trip?

- You might say. Big game.



The Hawk. You seen him?

- He went through here yesterday.



With a wagonload of heavy cargo.

Had nine men with him.



Which way'd they go?

- Fort Ruby way.



The Winding Stair Mountains.

Took the trail out of Webber's Falls.



Fort Ruby? Last time

I heard of that it was just a memory.



There's still a settlement.

Mostly Indians.



Run by a Yankee preacher

and his daughter.



Judge Parker's promised me a posse.

When it gets here, if it gets here,



send it on after me.

I ain't waitin'.



Why don't you have

some of Winona's catfish stew?



I'd love to,

Winona, but the trail's hot.



If I had my druthers, I'd pull a cork

and jaw with you. So long.



See you later.



Give him a drink. He's thirsty.

- There's gonna be trouble.



He's thirsty. You want it, do you?

I want him to drink every drop.



Come on, make him drink it.



No, father.



Jerry, hitch up the wagon.



Out. Out into the fields.



Jerry, get it hitched.



Quick, now. Let's go.



To the fields. Quickly.



And lie down.

Hide. Lie down.



You are all nothing but beasts.




- Let go of my horses.



I warned you.



Move that wagon out.



For Thine is the kingdom



and the power

and the glory forever. Amen.



Our fathers lie together, Wolf.



Two decent men trying to help

and understand each other.



And whosoever shall lose

his life for my sake shall find it.



Goodbye, dear friend.



Goodbye, Father.



Miss Eula.



Go ahead, shoot.

We're not armed.



Seems there's been

enough shootin' here, Ma'am.



I'm of a different brand

than them that did it.



Rooster J. Cogburn, US Marshal.



You're too late, lawman.



Too late to stop 'em. But not

to hang 'em. What happened?



Last night a company of gunmen

ravaged the settlement,



killed my father and many Indians.

- I'm sorry.



Wolf's family was killed.



They will pay for it, son.

I promise you that.



For those that take the sword

must perish with the sword.



Matthew.   :  .



Oh. Yes, Ma'am.



I figure the leader is a lean,

blue-eyed villain.



He looked like that.

- That was Hawk, alright.



I'm trackin' him for the government

in Washington City.



He stole some guns and nitro

from 'em. Plans to rob a bank.



And will you stop him?

- That's my intent.



My orders are to arrest him,

take him back to Fort Smith for trial.



That's one hanging I will attend.

But there are nine of them.



Well, Ma'am,

I got my Navy Colt,



a Winchester

and a packet full of cartridges.



And a prayer on your lips, I hope.

You will have need of it.



And the government

promised me a posse,



which I figure will be

long on promise and short on posse.



Go with God, Marshal.

- God, you and the boy, Ma'am.



I'm taking you to Bagby's

trading post. You'll be safe there.



Gather your belongings.

- We're not going anywhere.



I must stay

and continue my father's work.



I will be both preacher and teacher.



I admire your sand, Sister,



but you should know

this is no place for a woman alone.



I will look after myself,

and I have done so all my life.



I won't allow it.

- You have no say in the matter, sir.



I have a lot to say. As Marshal,

I am responsible the citizens' safety.



You will pack

and come quietly, or I'll arrest you



and take you anyway.



To whom do you think

you are talking, Marshal?



You is "to whom" I'm talking.



You are bigger than I am,

but physically, that is all.



In this situation, that is enough.

- You mean you will use brute force?



That is exactly what I mean.



Oh, yes. I will go.

But not because of your threats.



Saddle our horses, Wolf. We'll look

for grangers to help us rebuild.



You have a lot of brass, Marshal.



You will have need

of it before we're through.



She sings a loud tune.



To make sure

the Good Lord hears me.



Yeah. Go saddle the horses, son.



They there?

- Yeah.



You pushed your luck too far.

Now we got Injuns after us, too.



We gotta risk it. We're going through.

- Hold it.



When I signal, follow.



When I throw the stuff,

move fast.



Alright, Hawk.



Bring it on down.



I'd say I earned my money today.



You did

what I paid you for, that's all.




- Yeah, it's me...



and what's left of Fort Ruby.

Take care of 'em, Bagby.



You know Miss Goodnight?



Are you alright, Miss Goodnight?

- I'm fine, thank you. Hello, Winona.



Them deputies show up yet?

- Not a sign of 'em.



I'll bet my drunken cat they

ain't comin'. I ain't waitin' for 'em.



Bagby, that is a strong-minded woman.



Be careful, or she'll end up owning

your store and you workin' for her.



Keep the faith, Ma'am.

See you at the hangin'.



Wolf, come with me.



Protect yourself.



Wolf, on my horse.



Bye-bye. Thank you.



Mr. Bagby, I'm purchasing this

Winchester, the scabbard and shells.



Thank you for your hospitality.



But, Miss Goodnight...

- Goodbye, sir. God bless you.



Marshal Cogburn.



Alright, what is it?



We're riding with you.

- You're riding nowhere with me.



We won't slow you down, sir.

- Right, 'cause you ain't comin'.



We'll have to ride hard

to overtake them. - We ain't goin'.



I ride hard and alone.

I eat light and sleep on the ground.



Understood. We should reach

Cheyenne Springs by sundown.



Breed. Hurry up.



Hawk don't trust a hired gun

at his back. - Just at his side.



Not there, neither. Breed's

not on our side. Breed's a whore.



Hawk paid for his services. He'd sell

us to the law if they paid better.



Let's get movin'.

We're fightin' time.



Marshal Cogburn,

just wait a minute, please.



I feel that you are angry with me.



You are an almighty trial.

This is man's work, and dangerous.



For whatsoever a man soweth,

that shall he also reap.



I will make sure of what

my father's murderers reap.



You will make sure of nothing, sister.

I will.



You do your crocheting or fingernail

fixin', but stay out of my way.



Just a minute, I'm not through.



It came to me at Bagby's

that I must help pursue these men.



I cannot shirk it. You're

a peace officer. I'm sure that



you understand duty.



I dreamed that life was beauty.

I woke and found that life was duty.



I don't suppose you know

the poems of Ella Sturgis Hooper?



No, ma'am, and I ain't interested

in hearing 'em. Forget your duty.



Your own General Lee

found it the most beautiful word.



What do you know about Lee?



That he was a good Christian

and was whipped by Yankees.



If they ever give 'em the vote,

God help us.






Keep her over here. Slow.



Speed it up.



We're sure takin'

a chance with this nitro.



With broke backs.

I'd rather go down shootin'.



The nitro. Support that nitro.

- Get it under there.



Leroy, get back here.



Get to prying here. We'll hold it.



Get under it. Easy, easy.



Wheel just popped. Put it back on.

We'll be out of here in    minutes.



The axle's broke, Hawk.

- Then fix it. Don't waste time.



The axle's broke, Hawk.

It'll take till morning to fix it.



Nothin' is keeping that gold from me.



Nothin', you hear? Nothin'!



I'll ride with Breed to Goldstrike,

he'll size up the bank, I'll plan.



If this nitro ain't in town by Friday,

the game's over. - Hawk,



I'm gonna ride along with you.

Gotta get to a Doc, before it's quits.



Ride along, but don't hold me back.

I ain't got time for no cripple.



We won't let you down, boss.

- Don't. I ain't a good loser.



Wolf, I got a hunch



we're just a little way from trouble.



Get up there

and take a care look-see around.



I'll try and keep

her ladyship occupied. - Yes, sir.



Marshal Cogburn,



we are here together and it is

our obligation to be on good terms.



If we avoid remarks on the Civil War,

there'll be no open hostility.



Sister, why don't you step down.

We'll give the horses' backs a rest.



Get a little stretch.



Why are you called Rooster?

I never heard a man called that.



I guess in the old days,

I was cocky,



kind of a struttin' bird.

- And have not changed much, as I see.



My tail feathers

may droop a bit, and my wattles show,



but I can still out-crow anything

in the barnyard. - No doubt.



But can you outdo them?



If I couldn't, I wouldn't have

much to crow about, would l?



It all depends on the barnyard.



Is Rooster your Christian name?



I was baptized Reuben.

But I ask you not to repeat that.



Why not? It's a name to be proud of.

Reuben led a great tribe in Israel.



Well, it hit rock bottom with me.



I'm bound to ask you this. Is your

name in the Lamb's Book of Life?



Sister, are you licensed to preach?



What church do you belong to?

They let women preach in it?



I'm not an exhorter, Mr. Cogburn.



Service to others is my witness.

I'm a teacher,



and a journeyman nurse.

Ayah, I can pull teeth.



I'm sorry that you don't like me.



I just don't like the way you talk.



How should I talk?

Talking of such things is my business.



It isn't that, it's the way you talk.

"Ayah, ayah." What is that business?



Oh, it's my Yankee speech

that you find offensive? - I do.



I must try to remedy that.



Paul tells us

that we must be all things to all men.



I'll have to learn

some vulgar southern expressions.



I'll learn to be lazy and slovenly.



I'll tell you something else

that Paul said:



"Let your women be silent in church."



How do you know that passage?



Judge Parker is partial to it.

You're not the only one with a Bible.



He's got a big one.

Make two or three of yours.



It's not the size that's important,

but your knowledge of its contents.



"Repent ye therefore

and be converted."



You have somethin' to say

from that book for every occasion.



Ayah. It was my primer. In Boston

children learn to read from it.



I figured you for a Yankee,

but you look more like a prairie bird.



Boney and tough.



As the only girl

in a family of boys,



I grew up more strong and independent

than a woman should be.



Amen, Sister. Amen.



Marshal, you're praying.



That's the first step

on the road to salvation.



This ain't no

church social nor revival meeting.



So don't try to convert me, Sister,

or I'll end up with a empty sack.



Marshal Cogburn,

a wagon and riders.



Ayah, that's the wagon.



I recognize that wagon.



Just the way I figured.



You pay heed to every word I say,

until this thing is over.



Naturally, Marshal.



Let's go.



Wolf, you to take the horses



and hide them.

Signal from up there when they come.



When I yell "posse" shoot in the air,

make a lot of noise.



Don't shoot at them,

you might hit the nitro.



You got that straight?

Let me show you, there.



You pull that back,

point it up in the air, squeeze it.



Do you understand?

- Yes, I think I understand.



Get up behind

that broken log. - Right.



Don't forget, that thing's loaded.

- No, no, I'll remember.






they're comin'.



What's going on? Get these logs

out of the road. - I wouldn't do that.



Rooster J. Cogburn, US Marshal.

My posse has got you surrounded.



Keep your hand away from the rifles.



Anybody can say he's a Marshal.

Where's all your men?



You know who I am,

you riff-raff, and what I'll do.



I'm arrestin' you all and takin' you

and the wagon to Fort Smith.



Clamp your hands on your heads

and get off the horses.



He ain't got nobody with him.

He's bluffin' - Hope so.



You're all talk.



We ain't afraid of you.



Next one goes into that nitro.



OK, dismount, boys.



That's more like it.



Damn your murderin' hides.

Meet your maker.






He's got a posse.

- Let's get out of here.



You alright, Sister?



Wolf, give me a hand with the logs.

- Yes, sir.



Marshal, thank God you're safe.



Wolf, that was a great shot.

- But I didn't shoot.



You shot him across that nitro?

You could have killed us all.



If I hadn't shot him,

you'd be dead instead of him.



Were you trying to talk him to death?



If that worked,

you wouldn't need that rifle.



I'll to say a few words over the dead.

Good or bad, they're God's own.



They look like they're past carin',

but go ahead.



Lord have mercy on us for what we did.



"l am the resurrection

and the life," sayeth the Lord.



"He that believeth in me,

though dead, yet shall he live.



And whosoever liveth and believeth

in me shall never die.



The Lord gave and He taketh away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.



We brought nothing

into this world



and it is certain

that we can take nothing out.



Unto Almighty God

I commend these souls."



Hurry it up, Sister,

or we'll be joinin' them.



"For thine is the Kingdom,

the power and glory forever. Amen.



Earth to earth,

ashes to ashes and dust to dust."



Dust to dust. Get on the wagon.



My father's murderer

was not among them.



There's a Federal bank at Goldstrike.

Hawk's there settin' up the stealin'.



I'm gonna bait me a rat-trap.

And this is the cheese.



Be careful

you do not end up as the cheese.



Sister, your confidence in me

is inspiring.



I' gonna take this wagon

to Sulfur Bottom and wait for them.



Spring my trap on my own ground.

That's not what's worryin' me.



You gotta help me protect her, son.

- Yes, we'll protect her. - Good boy.



How'd a blue-blooded lady like you

ever learn to shoot like that?



My first beau taught me

how to shoot and equitation.




- Ayah. You know. Horseback riding.



I've been doin' that for    lustrums.









Ayah. I see.

To continue,



my first beau was

a dashing young man. A bit simple.



I think my manner scared him off.

He taught me to shoot well,



don't you agree?

- Fair.



How old are you?



Shall we say,

it has already struck midnight.



How much do you weigh?

- My word!



I don't mind scrawny women.

My first wife was nothing but bones.



I didn't know you were married.

- Yeah, she left me.



Rather like Jack Spratt and wife,

only in reverse.



The Spratts had

a very good arrangement, I must say.



Do you get paid for every conversion?

- No, it doesn't work like that.



No fees?

- No fees.



And you haven't got your own money?

- Very little. - I thought that.



Are you scouting for a rich widow?



I guess you can't cook either.

'Course, that's just a guess.



It appears I don't measure up.

That's a mercy.



You got more backbone

than femaleness, that's a fact.



Yeah, Marshal,

I would say that is a fact.



Out here in the territories,



we prize a dead shot

more than a lady's charms.



Then I've come to the right place.



So, men out West don't mind if

a woman out-shoots, out-smarts them?



If they're quiet about it.



We value a spirited woman

almost as much as a spirited horse.



Almost as much, eh?



Yes, Ma'am. Almost as much.



Not quite. But almost.







I don't think I can make it.



Leave him. We ain't got time for

diggin'. Let the buzzards have him.



Marshal Cogburn, I'm curious.

What is it that you're doing?



I'm busy tryin' to follow

Uncle Sam's regulations.



That gentleman'll have his fee sheets

just and correct, or he won't pay.



You're recording expenditures?



Somethin' like that. Without a deputy

to help, it's the Devil's own work.



Without any schoolin', you're up

against it in this country, Sister.



Perhaps I can help you.

- Well, I'd be obliged.



Now, these forms are ruled

with places for entries.



But your handwriting wanders

into places it should not go.



I'll rub out your chicken tracks

and work them over.



What's this entry? "Important words

with blue,   dollars."



That's the soldier boy

that tipped me on Hawk and his gang.



And he charged his government

for the information?



Not exactly. I can't remember

the details of every transaction.



"Travel rations for Miss Goodnight

and Indian boy, Wolf,   dollars."



But we brought our own food.



They don't know that.

- They may be smarter than you think.



From now on, you must

have approximate dates...



Alcohol on an empty stomach

kills more men than outlaws' bullets.



You don't say.



My stomach ain't empty.

It's full of corndodgers.



Balls of hot water cornbread,

made by Chen Lee, my friend.



Must be near    in there.

- Why are they called corndodgers?



Dodgin' corn whiskey

in my innards, I guess.



You'd be better off dodging it too.

A drinking man is half a man.



You cannot give weight

to the words of a drunkard.



Don't tell me you stand in judgment

of a man who pulls the cork sometimes?



I do. It's a weakness

that indicates a lack of character.



You know more about the Lord

and His Good Book than about men.



My good fortune. I know enough

about men to steer clear of them.



I had no hankerin' to have



one of my own.

And no desire to produce more.






Yes, sir?

- She's frightening.




I got me a    pepperbox here.



This thing shoots   times,

sometimes all at once.



It is called a Lady's Companion.

That's what it'll be when I'm gone.



In Fort Smith, there is

a sportin' lady named Big Faye.



She was shot twice with this thing,



but she dressed out at    



so none of the bullets

found their way to the vitals.



But against ordinary people it gives

good service. Protect Sister with it.



Thank you, sir.

I shall guard Miss Eula with my life.



It'll likely be the other way around.



But you take good care of her.

She is somethin'.



You wait here for Dakota.

- I could use a drink myself.



I only drink with friends.



Good shot.

You're hitting more than missing.



Them I Ain't hittin',

I ain't aimin' at.



If you're not careful, Hawk's men

will hear and be looking for you.



If they ain't careful,

they'll find me.



Hey, Wolf,



chuck up two of them things.



Your equitation teacher do that?



Marshal Cogburn, we're ready to go.



Shooting cornbread

in a meadow is not taking us anywhere.



And my father's murderers ride free.



Well, Sister,

I was just celebratin' a little.



Celebrating what?



Bein' alive, Sister.



You're shooting your own food.



Whiskey is making you silly.

Why do people wish to be silly?



Why do people wish to be sober?



Life ain't a easy game. Won't hurt

to make a fool of yourself sometimes.



Yes, sometimes.

But not more often than not.



Marshal Cogburn,

you're in a sorry state.



You're unsteady, untidy,

rank with the sweat and spirits.



Did you forget cleanliness

and abstinence are next to Godliness?



No, I ain't forgotten

a woman's naggin' and schemin'.



You figure you can take

my bottle and give me soap.



Give me a Bible for my gun.

Well, it ain't gonna work.



I am what I am. That's what I am.






I'm fine.



I'll tell him.



You made good time. Where's the wagon?



That's why we came so soon.

We lost the wagon.



A posse of Marshals ambushed us.

They got Nose and Emmett.






You'd run from a jackrabbit.



Rooster Cogburn ain't no jackrabbit.




Cogburn aced ya?






Let's go.



You'll never take him, Hawk.

- Yeah?



Yeah. I rode scout for him   years.

And I know.



You take my money,

and you wear my brand.



Got it?



Get your butts in the saddle.

We're ridin'.



We'll make camp early.

This is a likely spot.



Is it safe to stop overnight, sir?



We got to rest the horses.

Unhitch 'em.



Anyway, I ain't worried

about them roadrunners.



They'll be in Goldstrike

lickin' their wounds,



consortin' with lewd women.

They'll start after us tomorrow.



Boy, am I thirsty.



I'm gonna fetch some water.



Drinkin' water.



Washing water I'm a stranger to,

and will leave you two to draw.



Marshal Cogburn, I'm sorry

if I offended you with my remarks



regarding your personal habits.



I didn't realize

you were such a sensitive nature.



My hide is tougher than boot leather.



But no man likes to be called

high-smellin' and low-down.



Ayah, true. But unpleasant things

are best said right out.



A sharp knife

cuts quickest and hurts least.



And aught to be left in the scabbard.



You're a flash of lightning, Marshal.

- No. I just follow the thunder.



Well, I'll follow my own advice



and retire to the stream

to perform my ablution.






Her what?






Hey, Sister.



Be careful movin' out there.



Everything that grows



in this country'll either

bite, stab or stick you.



Will she be alright?



Any varmint that crosses

her path has met it's match.



You, too, Marshal?



She'll never get the best of me.

You can bet on that,



Do Indian women

want to change a man too?



Yes. Miss Goodnight would be

regarded as highly as a brave warrior.



No man wants to put his boots

under a warrior's bed.



I heard some

flappin' noise back in them trees.



Soon as we get camp set up,



let's go huntin'. Get us a turkey.

Surprise Miss Eula with a good meal.



I would like that very much, sir.

- Good.



Here's where they waylaid us, Hawk.



There was Marshals all around.



They can't be far.

That wagon's too heavy to move fast.



And too risky to move by night.



Breed. How many?



Tracks are hard to read.

Sure as Hell ain't no posse.



What? Hear that, you stupid bastards?

He tricked you.



You listen to me, all of you.



I ain't goin' away without the nitro.

I'll kill Rooster for it,



and I'll kill each one of you,

you show yellow again.



Here, drink yourself some guts.



Hello. The camp.



We must've hiked    miles tryin'

to get a shot at a turk... turkey.



Bagbsy's gun

pulls to the left as it fires,



and the site is off a little.

But it's a beauty.



Son, we been outclassed.

- We got a mixed bag, owl and 'possum.



Put them in the pot.

We'll have wilderness stew.



You shot 'em, skin 'em.



Did you ever come up against

Jesse James or Billy the Kid?



Naw, I never ran into them fellows.



Did I ever tell how Lucky Ned Pepper

and his gang chased me?



No. I'd like to hear about it.

- Ayah. Tell us.



That was somethin'.

They chased me till I got tired of it,



then I just whirled my horse, Bo,

around, took the reins in my teeth



and rid right at them villains.



I was shootin' my pistol with one hand

and my Winchester with the other.



Never took aim.

Just snap-shot and got 'em all.



Marshal, are you sure you're not

stretching the blanket a bit?



I was thinkin' you'd figure that way.

So I told it gospel.



Proof is, I'm here, their dead.



One sad thing that day.



Lost old Bo.



Marshal, would you like more to eat?



Naw, I don't think so.

I'm full, but one thing I could stand:



I'd pay   dollars

for a pickled buffalo tongue.



I'd have thought you'd had

enough pickled tongue for one day.



No. But I've had enough tongue

that's barbed and indigestible.



I know. It often is.



Well, Sister, how do you stand

on the sin of tobacco?



Well, I know of no passage

to prove it,



but I'm certain

that the Good Lord smokes fine cigars.






Marshal, is your eye bothering you?

I could sooth it with a poultice.



No, thanks, Ma'am. It's past help.

- Was it a hunting accident, Marshal?



You might say that. Huntin' Yankees.



I lost it in the war, riding with

Bill Anderson and Captain Quantrill.



Times have sure changed.

Now I'm workin' for a damned Yankee.



But you're still hunting, sir.



I guess I like Marshalin' better'n

anything I've done since the war.



I like buffalo huntin',

but them big shaggies is almost gone.



Damn shame.



I was skinnin' buffalo

at Yellow Horse Creek, Texas.



Pay was great, but I couldn't

stand that open country.



I'll bet there weren't

  trees between there and Canada.



I love the freedom of the open

prairies. You love your freedom too.



Yeah, yeah. I went off it once.



But my wife and l

are travelin' different roads now.



She didn't like my friends,

she didn't like me when I was myself.



My drinkin' picked up,

she got a bellyful of it and left.



Now I'm livin' happily

with my cat, General Sterling Price,



and my friend Chen Lee,

the Chinaman. They let a man be.



Be what, Marshal?



Be his self. He don't have to change.



But change is progress. You're not

too old to change. Life is a school.



Well, teacher, don't start

pressin' your dress for my graduation.



'Cause I intend to stay

in my own low class, indefinitely.



May I have more 'possum stew?

- Opossum. An American marsupial.



Wolf, give me

some of that owl meat.



It might make me smart.



A wise old owl sat on an oak,

the more he heard, the less he spoke.



The less he spoke, the more he heard.

Now, wasn't that a wise old bird.



I guess there's

a lesson in that for me. For us both.



How many miles did we

ride today? - About   .



It feels like more than that.

- Wait a minute. Maybe I can help.



That feels good.



I'll bet your backside

hurts worse than anything.



Ayah, well,

we can't do anything about that.



Well, I reckon not.






The layin' on of the hands.



How do you happen to know that?



What I know

might surprise you, Sister.



Nothing about you would surprise me.



Just a minute, Sister,



I'll put my lariat around your bed,



then the night crawlers

and snakes will respect it.



Is it true,

that they won't crawl over a rope?



I ain't gonna say it's true

or it ain't true. But it's comfortin'.



Thank you, Reuben.



The Good Book says, "Let not the sun

go down on thy wrath."



I'm glad it didn't.



Goodnight, Sister.



Goodnight, Reuben.

- Wolf, give me a hand.



Goodnight, Ma'am.

- Goodnight, Wolf.



This Gatling gun is a little heavy.



Set this up for your protection,

in case them cut-throats do come.



We'll still have an advantage.



A little chilly. I guess

we'd better stand guard tonight



over there across the creek.



You take the first watch,

and I'll spell you around midnight.



You got the pepperbox?

- Right here.



Don't use it unless you have to.

Any trouble, give that coyote howl



and high-tail it back here to camp.



That big flat rock on the side

is a good place for a look-out.




- Yeah?



Has there ever been an Indian Marshal?



Not that I heard tell of.

- That's what I'd like to be.



A man like you.



You're not aimin'

your sites very high, son.



But if you'd like to follow in

my tracks, I'd be proud to help you.



Thank you, sir.



Goodnight, son.

- Goodnight, sir.






Have you seen an enlarged picture

of a drunkard's liver?






Even in their sleep?



Goodnight, Miss Goodnight.



Goodnight, Reuben.



Bring him.



Spread out.






Stay down.

Where are ya, Wolf?



I got him, Rooster.



That you, Hawk?

- You know it is.



You're interested in the wagon?

- You let that boy go.



Stay down.



I will let him go,

when you give me back that wagon.



Breed, you there?

- I'm here, Rooster.



You alright? - I'm alright.

You're the one with a little trouble.



I want that wagon.

You ain't goin' nowhere with it.



Give it to me, or the Indian boy dies.



Then I'll blow up this wagon.



And hunt down every one of you

and cut you throat to throat.



Alright, I'll trade

that damn wagon for the boy,



if he ain't harmed.






show 'em the bait.



When they lower their guns,

rush 'em. Shoot to kill.



Alright, bring him across.

We'll stand aside.



Marshal, it's a trick.

They're gonna kill you.



Hold your fire.



Nice work, boy.

Here, Sister, give Wolf the rifle.



You may have the boy now, but

nobody moves till we get what's ours.



I got a pretty good position here,

and some mean deputies.



You're a liar, Rooster.

You ain't got no posse.



Well, I got a Gatling gun.

And I got it set up.



You've got   minutes to run, or I'll

fill you full of holes like a sieve.



You ain't got

the know-how to use that gun.



Deputy, show 'em.



Ain't that the way it works, Hawk?



Now, high-tail it before I forget

my promise to bring you in alive.



That was good, Rooster.

But the odds will change at sun-up.



Spread out. When he moves it

in the morning, we'll make our play.



Wolf, did you see their horses?

- Yes, sir, up there.



Can you get back up there

and spook 'em? - I can, sir. - Good.



You're risking the boy's life.



I'm countin' on your relationship

with the Lord. Can you hitch a team?



Yes, I can.



I'll get there attention over there.

Hitch the team and saddle the horses.






Hawk, you there?

- Ready to deal, Rooster?



I'll give you a last chance

to give yourself up.



Wait till daylight.

We'll see who's ready to give up.



I'll get you a fair trial

and a fine hanging.



Might even get you

life at the Federal House in Detroit.



They'll teach you to read and write.

'Course the rest ain't so good.



Get the horses.



Good work, Wolf.

You bought us some time.



Wolf, gimme a hand.



You folks runnin' from somethin'

or to somethin'? - Both.



Are you goin' across?

- We aim to use your raft.



   cents for a horse and rider, wagon

  dollar,    cents for extra weight.



Show of money before passage.



I'm Rooster J. Cogburn,

Federal Marshal.



The men I'm stalking are hot

on my tail and I'm gonna need help.



Give this woman and boy sanctuary.



If I wanted women and children

I'd have my own.



They ain't nothin' but trouble.

Don't saddle me with your discards.



You ain't very hospitable.



I ain't got an ounce of goodwill.

I hate everybody.



I'm a cantankerous old man

and I know it.



I like myself better'n anyone else.

That's why I took this job.



Watch that nitro.

- What?



Tell me if you want to cross.

I can't stay out in this heat.



The sun is fryin' my brains.



I can only get this stuff

down to Sulfur Bottom by river.



What do I do with you two?

Too risky to leave you here.



Maybe I can land you

someplace before the shootin' starts.



Old man?

- Are you goin' across?






We're goin' down river.

We're loanin' the raft.



That ain't loanin', that's stealin'.



Am I gonna have trouble? - Not a bit,

as long as you got that.



I'm securin' this for the law.



I ain't got much use for the law.

It ain't got use for me, neither.



Is there a law says you can't help us?

- Anything to get you out of here.



There you are.



Do you know anything about rafts?

There's rough water down river.



I can ride. Can't be much different.



You ain't no sailor. I can see that.

Water is like a woman:



sly and fickle.

You gotta watch it every minute.



You a sailor? - I was once.

Shanghai McCoy's my name.



Been around the Horn,

sailed the   seas,



seen everything, done everything,



that's how I know people are rotten.

I've seen 'em all.



You're wrong, old man.



We're made in God's image,

and goodness is in us. Even in you.




I never took you for a Bible-thumper.



Hold it. She is what she is

'cause she wants to be.



That's the way you take her. Like me.



You're wastin' your time preachin'.

You too, Sister.



I'm a ship that can't be salvaged.

- "With God, all things are possible."



You're shippin' out

a strange crew, captain.



I'll match their mettle against most.

- I'm glad it's your ship, not mine.



Women can no more keep their mouths

shut than a yellow-tailed catfish.



Got to agree with you there.



We'll ride ahead

and take 'em at the narrows. Breed.



You and Luke river-trail 'em.



Join us at the narrows,

just ahead of 'em.



Hold your course.



Keep the rudder amidships

when you hit that white water.



Nobody ever

shot them rapids on a raft before.



You just take care of my horses,

Commodore. I'll be back for 'em.



Don't crack up my vessel

on them rocks, you hear me?



It's so lovely here.



I wish we could

sail right on down to the sea.



Right now, Webber Falls

would be more to my liking.



We'll get there tomorrow.

With the Good Lord's help.



Would you really have killed

those men with the Gatling gun?



They believed I would. In a pinch

a convincin' lie's as good as a posse.



Tell me more about the outlaws

and how you bested them.



If you gentlemen will excuse me,



I'll go have a little sleep.



I've had enough of your

daring-do for one day.



You ever heard of Abilene Town?

- No.



I was there lookin' for

a bunco-steerer named   -Jewel Slim.



That Abilene is the worst place

I have ever saw.



It is a sink of crime.



I was standin' on Horse Thief Corner



when Prairie Rose came down the street

with nothin' on but her six-guns.



She was stark naked

and painted... - Wolf!



Stop poling and get some rest.



You've got to spell Marshal Cogburn

tonight. - Yes, Ma'am.



What color was she painted, Reuben?



Breed, ain't no love lost

between you and Hawk, or him and me.



If you was willing

to quit him now and join up with me.



I think we could take the raft

and be rich men instead of dead ones.



You game?




What's your plan?



Come on, I'll show you.



We lay the rope under the water,

so they don't see it.



When they get up to it,

it'll stretch tight and stop 'em.



Old Rooster,

he'll want to cut the rope,



or stretch it up

and float the raft underneath.



That's when I get a good shot at him,

without a chance of blowing the nitro.



You kill the other two.

We'll land the cargo later.



What makes you think this will work?

- It'll work, partner.



Now what?

Take this tiller, Wolf.



What's holdin' us up?



Rooster, cut it loose.




- Yeah. Saved my life once.



Now we're even.

- Grateful to you.



Hawk's waitin' for you down river.

Can't help you there.



Well, we'll be ready for him.



Someone's comin'.



It's me, Hawk.



What the Hell you doin' here?

Where's Luke?



Dead. We shot it out with Rooster.

Luke lost.



I said track him, not take him.



What happened? - Tried to stop

the raft with a rope across the river.



Rooster cut it and got away.



We gun-fought him, but...



Hell, Hawk,

he's just too good for us.



Let me see your gun.



You don't want my gun.



Oh, yes I do.



You know,



Breed here, he gun-fought

old Rooster with just one bullet.



You're a liar, Breed.



I owed him one.



I wish this thing had

a little more giddy-up to it.



I picked blackberries, Reuben.

Would you like some?



No, not for me. I have to be careful.

I can't just eat anything. Get colic.



'Course, my mouth is slickerin'

for one thing:



Chen Lee's corn bread, fried

in a big ladle of coon meat grease.



Yes. Well, when we get to Fort Smith,

I'd like to get Mr. Lee's recipe.



Will we get back, Reuben?



The odds are the same.

They ain't in our favor.



When you drop us off

at Webber's Falls, and go after them,



you will be careful, won't you?



Wolf and I care about you, very much.



Well, Ma'am...



I don't know much about thoroughbreds,

horses or women.



Them that I did know,

I never liked.



They're too nervous and spooky.

They scare me.



But you're

one high-bred filly that don't.



I don't know what you're talkin' about

half the time, but that don't matter.



Bein' around you pleases me.



Those are the nicest words

ever said to me. Thank you, Reuben.






I'll spell ya.



We got you now, Rooster.



Throw your guns in the water,

pull ashore, keep your hands high.



And don't try nothin', or you're dead.



That's a rattlesnake's warnin', Hawk.

You squat-assassin.



Your schemin' ain't gonna help now.



Don't you rely on it,

Hawk. Don't rely on it.



That'll keep their heads down.



There's one.



Don't hit the nitro.

Shoot wide. Force 'em into the bank.



Them rapids'll get him now.



No. I will.



The Lord is with us.



So's that current.



If He owes you any favors,

now's the time to collect.



Get out of the way, Wolf.



Alright, brace yourself.



God help us. - If He does,

I'll give up drinkin'.



The gun.



It went over, we've lost the gun.

- What the Hell can I do about it?



Watch it there, Sister.



Hold tight.



Oh, no!



You alright, Sister?

- I don't know.



Am I alright?

How did we do it?



Your friend must've been on the job.



I guess he must've.



My God!



Marshal, look!



It's a showdown.

- We did the best we could.



Sister, I've finished every fight

standin' up.



We'll finish this one, maybe not

standing up, but we'll finish it.



Wolf, get those lines loose.



Have a care with that nitro.

Easy does it.



Ease them boxes into the water.

Remember, it's nitroglycerin.






we'll see.



They never made it, Hawk.



Yeah, but the nitro did.






Hold your fire



Marshal Cogburn is injured

and dying.



Take your dynamite,

but give us safe passage.



Sure, lady, we'll do that.



We'll just take our load,

then we'll send you and your hero on.



Straight to Hell. Come on.



Now, Reuben.



Payday. Come and get it, boys.






Well, we won the battle,

but I lost my job.



Maybe not.



You see, Judge, the Lord

could have struck down the Midianites



and Amalekites easily.

But He didn't do that.



He raised up Gideon to smite them.

An ordinary man like the Marshal.



It's in the Book of Judges, Judge.

- I know where it is, Madam.



Very ingenious defense.

It takes one's breath away.



But I do not believe the Lord has

raised up Gideon at Fort Smith. No.



If he's raised up anything,

I fear it's Rooster.



A willful, strutting old bird,

who paid no attention to the US law.



But he did. I killed that

criminal trash. Not Marshal Cogburn.



He wanted him hung, according to law,

but I couldn't do that. - Silence.



My father's honor was at stake.



Will you take Reuben's word, or mine?






Well, in view of my past experience,

with Reuben, I'll take yours.



Get back on the rails.



This man may pull a cork now and then,

but he's as straight as a string.



He's the best Marshal you have,

worth more than you pay. - Reuben.



You are reinstated, and this court

is recessed and dismissed.






Congratulations, Marshal.



Damn Chinaman.



One thing I'd like to get straight.



We both know

the Lord brands lyin' a sin.



Do you think He'll smile on you

after them whoppers you told?



"And if thy words stray from truth

for the good of God's own,



if thy intent be pure,

thou shalt not be judged sinful."



Beautiful quotation.

What book? What chapter?



I confess, Reuben, it is my invention.

I just made it up.



Hallelujah and jubilee!

That is one quotation I'll remember.



And will you remember us, too?



Longer than that quotation, Miss Eula.



We found   families



who will homestead at Fort Ruby

and help us re-settle it.



Will you see us off at Texas Road?

We join the wagon train there.



I will consider it a privilege, Ma'am.



Well, Ma'am,

this is where our trails part.



Maybe they'll cross again.



That's something I'd like to drink to.



After that vow you took on the river?

- "When a soul needs reviving,



thou shalt reach for help."



Book and chapter?

- Rooster Cogburn,     .



Will you join me, Ma'am?



Maybe I will try just a little sip.



To someday.






Goodbye, Marshal.



Goodbye, son.



Goodbye, Reuben.



Watch your drinkin', Ma'am.



If you ever need

of a one-eyed peace officer.



Reuben, I have to say it:



living with you has been an adventure

any woman would relish for all time.



I look at you, with your

burnt-out face, your big belly,



your bear-like paws

and shining eyes.



You're a credit to the male sex

and I'm proud you're my friend.



Damned if she didn't get

the last word in again. Well...




Special help by SergeiK