Rosetta Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rosetta script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Émilie Dequenne movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rosetta. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rosetta Script



Come back to my office!

Come back!



- You said I was always late?

- That's not the point.



- Did you?

- I said it was because of the bus...



Never mind...



In my office!



- Why did you say she said it?

- That's not why you're fired.



I work well or not?



- So why should I go?

- Because your trial period is over.



- Why me if I work well?

- Your trial period is over.



Change and come back

to my office.



Stop it!



Get out or I call...



Calm down!



Open up, miss!



- Get out!

- You have no right!



I work well, everybody says so!



Open the door or I'll force it!



Enough now!



Let go of me!



Shut up!



Any mail?



There's a fox roaming around.

Keep your food inside.



Why are you planting these?



We're not staying here.



What's that?



It's not me.

I hate Martini.



- How did the cap get here?

- I don't know.



You stink of beer.



He brings you booze,

so he can fuck you?



It's not true!

I'm your mother, watch your mouth!



Swear it's not true!



Swear it!



That's my basin.



- Leave me alone.

- Go sober up.



Where did you get that?



- Where?

- I got it.



- From him?

- From where I got the clothes.



- Beggar!

- It's a gift!



- Turn it down!

- I take the clothes...



Clothes are different.

You mend them, I sell them.



Throw it away.



We're not beggars.



Neither this one.



- No.

- Why not?



They're summer clothes.



The dress, yes.



That's it.



That's    .



- You don't need a saleswoman?

- Not for the moment.






"Grand Canyon"

that's your address?



It's a cafe?

A roundabout?



A roundabout.



I can't write you down

as unemployed.



- I worked.

- Not long enough.



Go to counter  

you might apply for welfare.



Why not take these?



Summer dresses,

I got plenty of them.



-    .

- It's too much.



State your price.












OK for    .



A waffle and   beers.

  regular,   light.



You took over from the girl?






No problems?



I leave      in the till.



Sir! Do you need anyone

to sell waffles?






Or anything else?



Not for the time being, sorry.



What did you want to tell him?



You're looking for work?



Give me some water.



- When I had that...

- I don't care.



- Let me tell you...

- You told me already.



I'm not you.



Help me, lift it.



- It's not   yet.

- So what, you're there.



I'm here because I'm fired,

not so that you can drink.



Give it back!



Give it.



You only drink and fuck.



Let me drink just one.



Get out!



- Why do you bring her booze?

- Just a glass.



You know she's trying to stop.



- Give it back!

- Leave her!



You owe me     francs!



Go to the brothel if you wanna fuck!

My mother's not a whore!



Leave her!



Who told you I live here?



There's work.

My boss fired someone.



Now you add two litres of water.



There's a measure underneath,

take it.



Hold it this way,

and mind the pressure.



Some more.



That's it.



You pour.



No, back where you took it.



    kilos of flour,   bags.



I show you how to carry them.



Slide it on to your knee,

hold it like that.



Put it over the kneading-machine.



Open on the side

of the long string.



Turn while you pour.



Turn while you pour.



And come back.



We'll add eggs,    .



  boxes,    eggs.

You do the last   bags.



You forgot to stamp the C .



Did I?



The welfare officer said if my absence

is justified you can't fire me.



It's not.



- You know my baby's sick.

- Not    times a month!



It's stuck under the wheel.



That's it.



- Anyone here?

- Coming!



Wanna go for a drink?

I close at  .  .



See you tomorrow.






It's nice.



You bring it?



Tell him he can't cut off the water

without warning.



Get out.



My    .



The receipt.



The water first.



- You pay, I turn it on.

- I pay for the rent, not for the water.



- I don't see the difference.

- I do.



Comb your hair.



Get up.



And put your shoes on.



Where's your I.D.?

Not in your case?



I don't want to go!



Leave me alone!



Come on.



It's the only way out of it.

They'll look after you.



I don't want out of it.



Come along.



When you come back,

I'll buy you a sewing machine.



How much is a second-hand one?






Its' full of mud!



Mummy, it's full of mud!



Come in!



- How did you find me?

- I asked the boss.



You can do the cooking here.

There's water.



There's room for a convector.



- She won't charge a lot.

- How much?



Less than I pay.

Under     .



There's a shower.



A bit broken down,

I could fix it.



- Could I have the boots?

- Where?






You bake waffles?



It's just a waffle iron

I'm fixing.



- Care for a beer?

- Water.



Give me the boots.



You won this?



I was a floor gymnastics champion.



A provincial champion.






You've been doing it for a while?



- Doing what?

- Your swindle with the waffles.



Since the beginning.



When you came behind the stand,

what did you want?






Just look at you working.



Another drink?



A beer.



More French toasts?






What music do you like?



What kind?



Don't know.

Any kind.



Want to hear me playing drums?



It's stuff I play.

I record myself to improve.



You're in a band?



I'm a beginner.



I'm training on a friend's drums.



You play any instrument?



It's bad.

If you're bored, I stop.



That's the only thing

I do nearly well.



Same thing, but with the band.



Not bad, eh?



- Wanna dance?

- I can't dance.



Doesn't matter.



Come on!



Come, it's easy!



Hold my hand.



Keep your arm straight.






That's where I fuck up.



Look at my feet.

Those are the basic steps.



What's wrong?



Wait, what is it?



I forgot the boots.



You want me to take you back?



I don't want to sleep at the caravan.



Good night.



Your name is Rosetta.



My name is Rosetta.



You found a job.



I found a job.



You've got a friend.



I've got a friend.



You have a normal life.



I have a normal life.



You won't fall in the rut.



I won't fall in the rut.



Good night.



Good night.



Instead of me?



Just for a while.



Where will I go?



As soon as I can, I'll take you back.

But I have nothing right now.



Where are you going?



Why do you take my job?



Calm down!



He can go to another school.

It's my job, you have no right!



I'm the boss, calm down!



OK? Calm down!



Stand up you lump.



How can I make it clearer?



I've been here   days only,

you have no right.



I'd rather keep you

than have a useless son...



He's useless, he gets the job,

and I'm in the rut...



Give me that bag!



I'll pay your notice and...



- I don't care, I'm staying!

- It's just for a few weeks and then...



I want to stay, I want a job,

a normal life, like yours.



Enough now, give the bag!



Give me that bag!



Give it!



No, I'm sorry.



And later on?



And for a trial period?



We already have a waiting list.



If you need help, you can talk to me.



- I'm looking for work.

- We only hire long-term unemployed.



And to clean the offices?



Volunteers do that. Sorry.






Thank you.



- Here.

- Thank you.



Maybe his son will hate it.



He could take you as a saleswoman.

He's got    stands.



A waffle, please.






Here, my forty.



Forget it.



I'm going.

See you tomorrow.



- Wait!

- My bus is here.




You come to my place tonight?



You want me

to drop by the caravan?



- What you said is still on?

- What?



- You'll hire me if there's a vacancy?

- Yes, but it's green.



But will you?



I don't know,

I can't say in advance.



The entrance is on the other side.



What do you want?



If you need money,

I can lend you some.



- There's no need.

- And what about the flat?



I don't care about the flat.



What are you doing?



I thought it was the janitor.

I threw my strings.



- Your what?

- My strings, with my traps.



I've got one.



Give it to me.



Give me your hand.



I'm sinking!






I'm sinking!



Catch it!



Quick, I'm sinking!






I slipped.



Wring it more.



If you want,

you can dry at the caravan.



No, I'll go home and change.



- You didn't see me?

- I thought it was closed.



You want some coffee?






You come?



Come in.



It's warm, it will do you good.






You could bake my waffles for me.



I sell ten of those a day,

it's around       a month.



You'd have a job.



Moonlighting's not a job.



It's better than nothing.



- You're open?

- In five minutes!



I take nothing, you keep it all.



You want it or not?



No, I want a real job.



Is the boss here?



Yes, in the back, in his office.



I come to see if you have any news.



It's too early.



I said I'd write, I have your address.



I gave you my old address.



OK, give me the new one.



- Grand Canyon.

- The camping?



    Route de Marche.



Riquet, he's swindling you.






He sells waffles he makes himself.



- How?

- He's got a waffle iron at home.



- How do you know?

- I saw it.



The waffles are under the counter.



- If I come, he'll know I said it.

- He'll know anyway.



Hi, boss.



- Where are they?

- What?



Don't fuck around.

Where are they?



Your waffles, where are they?



Over there.



What's that?



Why did you do it?



Give your apron back.



Come on!

Give it back!



Pick it up.



You owe me three days.



You owe me three days!



I said pick it up!



Give me my three days!



Piss off, you shitty little thief!



Piss off!



Here, put it on.



Let me go!



Why did you do it?



Come on, hit me!



Why did you?



To have a job.



Let me through.



When you fell into the water,

I didn't want you out!



You helped me anyway!



Let me through.



Here you go.



Forty francs.

Have a nice day.



- A waffle and an ice-tea.

- Right away.






- Two waffles, please.

- Right away.



Thank you, goodbye.






Thank you.



A waffle.



A beer.



Could I have a waffle, please?



Here. Forty francs.



Thank you, goodbye.



- Two beers please.

- Right away.



- Here.

- Thank you.



Thanks, goodbye.



Help me.



Sit down.



Is the boss there?



It's Rosetta.



I won't come to work anymore.



A gas bottle.




Special help by SergeiK