Rumble Fish Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rumble Fish script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the S.E. Hinton movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Rumble Fish. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Rumble Fish Script




            Hey, Rusty James.

            Biff Wilcox is Looking for you.

            I'm not hiding'. - Says he's gonna kill you.

            Sayin' ain't doin'.


            Say, that's tough.

            These things happen. Maybe we should go double or nothing sometime.

            Sit down!

            You cats are constantly fightin' like typical fuckin' Yahoos.

            Watch the language.

            Hey, Benny, get me a chocolate milk.

            What's this Biff doin' about killin' me?

            You're supposed to meet him tonight behind the pet store at about   .

            Put a little hair on your chest. - He's comin' alone?

            I wouldn't count on it.

            If he's bringin' friends, then I'm bringin' friends.

            You know how that's gonna turn out. Everybody will be getting into it.

            You bring people, he brings people ...

            If you think I'm goin' by myself ... You're fuckin' crazy.

            Watch your language. Bring it down. Cool it off.

            Just butt out.

            Steve goes wherever I go. Steve, sit down.

            Sit down and be quiet.

            Been ages since we'd had trouble. - Chicken, Smoke?

            Smoke's a chicken.

            Smoke doesn't want to come.


            Smoke's a chicken!

            You don't wanna come? Fine.

            You know I'm gonna be there.

            You know what the Motorcycle Boy said. - He hasn't been around for   months.

            What if he came back ...

            What if your brother came back and found out?

            My brother ain't back! I'm sick of hearing this shit!

            I don't know when he's coming back! If you assholes want to wait around,

            fine. Fine man. - Get down!

            I'm gonna stomp that shitass tonight. And I should have a few friends ...

            We're gonna be there, man.

            But let's keep it between you two. - B.J.!

            I'm right behind you. - Get down off there!

            Sorry, man.

            I love fights! This reminds me of the old days when we had rumbles.

            Heroin ruined the gangs.

            I wouldn't know.

            Ask my brother. A gang really meant something then.

            That gang shit was out of style when you was   . - Bullshit, I was   .

            A gang really meant something then. - Like getting sent to the hospital

            No loyalty, man! - I'm goin', ain't I?

            If you think it'll be a rumble, you're crazy. You and Biff gonna go at it,

            and the rest of us is gonna watch.

            I doubt too many people will show up for that much anyway.

            Yeah, listen.

            I'II be right with you. I gotta talk to someone.


            Who are you?

            Rusty James, the man of your dreams! - You mean my nightmares?

            What're you doin'?

            Rusty James! - I'm comin' over tonight.

            I'm not allowed to have boyfriends over. - Since when?

            Since I started having boyfriends. - When was this?

            When I was  . - Get back in there, Donna!

            First time I ever heard about it. - I haven't seen you in a long time.

            I've been busy. - So I've heard.

            I'm comin' over tonight. So roil out the red carpet!

            We'll see.

            You're crazy about me, you know that?

            Am I?

            Yeah, you set up a fight, and you recruit half the neighborhood.

            Yup, take a walk.

            You know what happens to the rest of us?

            Think he's gonna believe we went there to watch? - Listen.

            Meet there at  :  .

            Airtight? Let's go, Steve.

            What's the matter with you?

            You got a cigarette?

            You know I don't have any cigarettes.

            That's right.

            I forgot.

            What's wrong?

            Nothin'. I'm just a little tired.

            Is it because the Motorcycle Boy's been gone?

            Steve, I don't want to talk about him.

            Donít start up on me, okay?

            What's with this?

            It's a habit.

            Break it.


              Hey, Donna, your sister home? - Yeah, but aren't you visiting me?

              Is your mother home? - No, my sister's home.

              Patty! Rusty James is here.

              Hi, sweetheart.

              I thought I told you I wasn't supposed to have company. - What?

              What have you been so busy with?

              What have I been so busy with? - Yes. - Nothin'. I just been ...

              hangin' around basically.

              With girls?

              Girls? You know I'd never do that.

              You're always with girls.

              Get back inside. - I want to hear your conversation.

              Wise guy.

              Traitor! - I'm not a traitor.

              How've you been?


              I get the picture.

              Get outta here!


              You guys aren't supposed to do that.

              Go up to your room now! - Bedtime.

              I should do my   -page report on you, including illustrations!

              You're gonna get it. - Have fun!

              I really missed you.

              Rusty James, wake up! - What the fuck? What time is it?

              Is it morning or night? - Night. You're great company.

              A quarter to   .

              Shit, I gotta fight Biff Wilcox at   .

              Thanks. Now Mom will think I drank it.

              Finish it.

              What's the matter?

              Come on, cheer up.

              You told me you wouldnít be fighting ail the time.

              This is just this once. - You always say that.

              You try to be like your brother.

              My brother's the coolest.

              You're better than cool. You're warm.

              Yeah, but ...

              He's smart.

              You're smart.

              Just not word smart.


              I love you. But I gotta run, okay?

              Alright. See you later.

              Be careful!

              I love you.

              We just about gave up on you!

              Watch out. I'II take you on for warm-up.

              Let's go.

              Who's here, man?

              I gotta have as many guys as Biff.

              I thought we were supposed to watch.

              What's up, fellas?

              Rusty James, where you been?

              Where were you?

              I was at Patty's. What's it to you, huh?


              Are you expectin' to find Steve here? - Why do you put up with that wimp?

              I've known him since kindergarten. - You get too attached to people.

              Yep. Let's go

              Where's Steve?

              Maybe he's late.

              It looks like we're gonna have to fight ourselves, huh?

              Fuckin' Steve, man.

              We want Rusty James!

              I'm here!

              Not for long, punk.

              Careful, he's been popping pills. - I hate fighting hopped-up people.


              Looking' for me?

              Come on.

              Come on, take a swing at me ...

              A swing at you?

              Come on! Take a swing at me!

              Gonna fuckin' cut you to pieces!

              Come on.


              What is this? Another glorious battle for the kingdom?

              I thought you were gone for good.

              We had a treaty. - Look out, Rusty James!

              You're one dead cat, Rusty James!

              You gotta keep still. - You're gonna be okay. Donít move.

              You pissed off at me, man? - Donít talk. I'II take care of you.

              It's a little bit late for you, isn't it, Steve?

              Better get it on home, boy. - Yes, sir.

              I'd watch the company I kept if I were you.

              I thought he'd left town for good.

              Maybe he missed you too much and came back just to see you.

              We'd all be better off if you'd stayed gone.

              I got him!

              I got him! - Lay him right down.

              Easy, easy. - Put him down easy.

              My God, he's bleeding!

              Keep him still

              Just hold him.

              What're you gonna do?

              Do something!

              Where's the old man? - He ain't home.

              Help him!

              I'm just gonna take a look.

              Here, take a swig of this.

              A lot of blood.

              Oh fuck!

              What're you doin'? That must hurt!

              He oughta go to a doctor!

              He's been hurt worse than this. - That could get infected!


              They'd have to cut my side off.

              Where'd you go? - I went to California.

              Stay down, alright? - Fuck. Californiaís nice?

              What do you think Californiaís like?

              Like ail that shit in the movies.

              Blondes walkin' around. The Beach Boys.

              Palm trees,

              the ocean. How was the ocean?

              I didn't get to the ocean. - No?

              California got in the way.

              California got in the way? Thought California was on the coast.

              Donít talk so much.

              Come on, Steve!

              It's not bleeding as bad.

              He looks different.

              I think it's the tan.

              Yeah, I guess you get a tan in California, huh?

              What's wrong with him?

              He goes deaf sometimes. He's color blind, too.

              A lot of people are color blind. It's no big deal.

              He looks so old. I forget he's   . - Yeah, that's pretty old.

              No, he looks really old.

              Like ...

              ...    or something.

              Steve, I've been thinkin'.

              When I get older I'm gonna look a lot like him.

              No way.

              What? What's different?

              For one thing ...

              The Motorcycle Boy?

              I never know what he's thinking.

              But you ...

              I always know what you're thinking.

              I really missed you.

              I thought you were gone for good. - Not me, man. I got homesick.

              ... a million times. - What? - I was explaining to this girl ...

              What're you doin' here?

              Those are my mother's cigarettes.

              When I was a girl, my boyfriend took me places.

              Mother! - Hurry up!

              I'II take you somewhere.

              Donít worry. It never mattered. - We'll go to that concert tonight.

              Then maybe afterwards ...

              Maybe afterwards we'll go somewhere private.

              You can't afford the tickets. - I'II get some money.

              Just get dolled up and don't worry about that.

              I'II come by and pick you up around   or  .


              Get in the house!

              See you tonight.

              Hi. - Move it!

              Fuckin' move it ...


              What is this?

              He just gets back, you're already hangin' around with him. Why?

              Why do you dislike me so much?

              I've always tried to be your friend.

              I just don't like substitute teachers livin' in my building.

              What is this?

              Just 'cause you read the same books as him? It doesn't mean shit!

              You don't know him.

              You know nothing!

              I know.

              You're just another one of his chicks.

              He don't like you any more than the rest of 'em.

              He doesn't like me now.


              What's the matter?

              You shootin' up?

              Fuckin' heroin!

              Me and him, we never did dope.

              It ruined the gangs. It ruined everything.

              If I ever caught my girlfriend doin' that shit, I'd break her fuckin' arm!

              Only her arm?

              I wish he would show me that much mercy.

              I'm not hooked, though.

              I thought it might help me a little bit.

              I thought he was gone for good.

              I was wrong.

              But I was right. - No, you were wrong.

              You're fuckin' wrong! He's back!

              Poor kid!

              Looks like you're messed up ail the time now.

              I'm okay.

              Let's go get a bite to eat. - Hey. what?

              Hey! - What? - I'm ail right.


              About what? - Why?


              Why? Donít tell me ''fuck''.

              Let's get something to eat. - Talk to me. Why?

              Why? - Why what?

              Why are you fucked up ail the time?

              I don't know.

              I don't know.

              Hey, sweetie.

              Both of you are home?

              Dad, you got any money I can borrow? - Haven't seen you for a while.

              I was home last night.

              I didn't notice.

              I need some money.

              Are you ill?

              I got cut in a knife fight.

              Yeah, really.


              Strange lives you two lead.

              Yeah, right.

              At least I ain't a lawyer on welfare.



              Lawyer on welfare.

              How was your trip?

              I was in California.

              How was California?

              It was one laugh. - California? - Even better than here.

              Oh boy, I don't know. - Oh really?

              No, Dad. I was there. You wanna compare notes?

              That's it! That's it!

              Cut the shit, will you?

              Cut it out! That's it!

              No more!

              You're exactly like your mother.

              Russell James,

              be more careful!

              That chick, Cassandra, said she wasn't hooked.

              Oh yeah? - Yeah.

              Well, I believe her.

              You do? - Sure.

              You know what happened to people who didn't believe Cassandra?

              The Greeks got 'em. Know what I mean?

              What? - The Greeks got 'em.

              What the fuck did the Greeks have to do with anything?

              Think I care what the Greeks ... I don't care.

              I don't give a shit.

              What? - Will you do me a favor? - What? - Come over here.

              A little more respect. - Fuck you.

              I'm only kiddin'. I'm glad you're back.

              Time is a funny thing.

              Time is a very peculiar item.

              When you're young, you're a kid, you got time.

              Throw away a couple of years, a couple of years ...

              It doesn't matter.

              You know?

              The older you get you say, ''Jesus, how much I got?''

                 summers left, think about it.

              Smokey, man. You sure come up with some good ideas.

              That is what I'm here for.

              Ooh, let's get fucked up!

              Hey, hung over again?

              No, I'm sick. Really. Feel.

              Wanna write me out a late pass? - Mr. Harrigan wants to see you.

              Oh yeah? - What does he want?

              He'll tell you.

              Rusty, you've come to see me before.

              Is this your daughter, Mr. Harrigan?

              She's kinda cute. - You start at Cleveland next Monday.

              You're suspended till then.

              Suspend the hell outta me! You think I care.

              I'm goin' to this fuckin' school 'cause my friends are here.

              You think I give a shit? I don't give a shit!

              You suspend me? I fuckin' quit!

              Bye! Call me! See you tomorrow!

              Boy, is she mad at you!

              What's up, Patty?

              What's the matter, babe?

              What's the matter!

              Please, don't touch me.

              What's the matter? What're you so upset about?


              I heard all about your little party.

              What? - Up at the lake. - So what?

              Marsha Kirk was there. She told me all about it.

              What's a little party have to do with you and me? - Oh yes! Please!

              What's the matter? - How's your girlfriend doing?

              What are you talking about? - The black-haired tramp!

              What's she have to do with anything?

              Come on, babe.

              You treat me like shit!

              You fuck other girls and shit on me!

              Your little sister's here! I don't fuck other girls.

              You're the girl I love. - Donít!

              Come on, babe.


              Just go fuck yourself. You are an asshole!

              Alright, fuck you too!

              What the fuck did I do? Nothin' !


              I don't ever wanna see your face again.

              You don't have to, you little bitch!

              Fuck you!

              Hey, bro.

              What's goin' on?

              Got a cigarette? - Here.

              Let's do something tonight. Let's get the fuck outta here.

              Go across the bridge over to the strip.

              Wanna do that? What're you reading?

              There's a picture of me in this magazine.

              Oh, nice.

              Is there an article in here about you?

              No. Some photographer took my picture when I was in California.

              That's a good picture, man.

              Wait until those guys hear about this shit.

              No, don't. I'd rather you didn't tell anyone.

              It's gonna get around soon enough.


              I'm tired of this ''Robin Hood'' and ''Pied Piper'' bullshit.

              I'd just as soon stay a neighborhood novelty, if it's all the same to you.

              You know?

              I know what you mean when you say the ''Pied Piper''.

              Those fuckin' guys wouldíve followed you anywhere.

              They probably still would.

              Think about it. - ''Pied Piper''.

              What do you mean, the ''Pied Piper''?

              Well, you said it, but ...

              I get what you mean.

              Like the guy with the flute. They wouldíve followed you anywhere.

              I have a flute.

              Like in the movie. - Yeah.

              They'd all follow me to the river, huh?  and jump in.

              I don't know.

              Yeah, they probably would.

              You know, if you're gonna lead people, you have to have somewhere to go.

              What're you gonna do? Work me over with your night stick?

              Why'd he come back? - He lives here. You live somewhere.

              He knew better than to come back.

              This is his home.

              Motorcycle Boy.

              THE Motorcycle Boy.

              You think you know about him, huh?


              I don't understand why you hate him so much.

              I hate him so much, because you kids think he's something he's not.

              He's no hero.

              Like you are!

              You're a hero, right?

              Come on, let's go.

              Let's go, man.

              You really like this river, huh?

              It's a cool river. - It goes all the way to the ocean.

              Here. - I don't want any.

              Steve, take a drink.

              This stuff tastes awful. - It'll get you where you want to go.

              Remind me to chew gum before I go home, okay?

              Why do you drink so much? You can't stand your father drinking.

              I don't drink so much! You're full of it!

              If my father finds out I'm gonna get killed.

              Lookin' good. Lookin' good.

              Kid, gimme that ball.

              I don't suppose I could come with you?

              No, not this time.

              He doesn't like her.

              We had some nice trips though.

              Yeah, we had some nice trips.

              She's a junkie. I don't know what he sees in her.

              She's beautiful. - She's a lost cause.

              Let's go, huh?

              She is a knockout.

              Come on, let's get outta here.

              Let's blow!

              Come on.

              It's so cool over here.

              I hate our neighborhood. There's no color.

              You don't see colors, do you? - You're deaf too, Rusty James said.

              What does it all look like to you?

              Black and white TV with the sound turned low.

              I thought color-blind people couldnít see red, green or brown.

              It seems to me, I can remember seeing colors.

              It was a long time ago.


              I stopped being a kid when I was  .

              I wonder when I'm gonna stop being a little kid.

              Not ever.

              I saw Mother when I was in California.

              She's alive?

              In California, huh?

              I saw her on television.

              I was sitting in a comfortable bar, minding my own business.

              One of those award shows was on TV. And I saw her in the audience.

              Yeah? - I knew I'd find her.

              I thought she was dead.

              Now I know why the old man always said,

              ''You look exactly like your mother.''


              I must look like her, too, huh?

              She's living with a fuckin' movie producer!

              She was then ... I don't know.

              Was she ...

              Was she glad to see you?

              She was. She said it was the funniest thing she ever heard of.

              She wanted me to move in with her.

              California is a ... It's very funny.

              It's even better than here.

              Californiaís nice, huh?

              Nice place?

              Californiaís like a ...

              Californiaís like a beautiful, wild girl on heroin ...

              Who's high as a kite, thinkin' she's on top of the world,

              not knowing she's dying even if you show her the marks.

              Hey, man. It's so cool over here. I really dig it.

              The lights! AII these people! I love crowds.

              I don't know why. Maybe it's because ...

              I can't stand being left alone. I really can't.

              I feel like I'm getting choked.

              I feel like I'm being choked. I can't deal with it.

              When you were   and I was   Mother decided to leave.

              She took me with her. When the old man found out, he went on a  -day drunk.

              He told me it was the first time ...

              He told me it was the first time he ever got drunk.

              Come on, get off me.

              Go ahead. What were you saying?

              Hey, sweetie. Like a date?

              What were you saying? - It was the first time he ever got drunk.

              Anyway, he left you alone in the house for those   days.

              We didn't live where we do now. It was a very large house.

              And ...

              Eventually she dumped me.

              They took me back to the old man.

              He sobered up enough to go home.

              That's how you developed your fear of being alone.

              You never told me that before.

              Hold it right there!


              I didn't think it'd do you any good.

              Look it!

              Get outta my way!

              Hey ugly, get the fuck outta my way. - What're you doin'? Donít do that.

              Steve, don't bug me! - Just don't go pounding on people!

              I'm not in the mood for ... - Why are you pounding on people?

              You think it wouldíve crossed his mind to tell me

              he saw our mother when he went to California? - Who?

              I wouldíve told him.

              I'm his brother. I've a right to know. - What're you talking about?

              How you doin', my man?

              I'm sick and tired of ... Help!

              He's a deep motherfucker.

              I'm gonna be just like him, too. I'm gonna look like him.

              You ain't gonna never be like that.

              How do you know?

              What the fuck do you know? I might look like him.

              You ain't gonna be like that, man. He's a prince.

              That's right. Give it time, buddy boy. Give it time.

              Know what he's like? Royalty in exile. You know what I mean?

              Isn't there anything he can't do?

              Officer, I salute you!

              I'm fucked up.

              Steve, let's get outta here. - Come on, let's go.

              Wake up!

              Wake up!

              Donít go to sleep.

              Where'd he go?

              Come on! - Where'd he go?

              Where's the living legend?

              He probably swiped a cycle and took off.

              I thought we were sticking to the middle of the streets.

              I'm in a hurry!

              If you're scared I'd be terrified ... - I ain't scared, man!

              This place just gives me the creeps.

              I just don't like dark, empty alleys.

              It's the same thing.

              Why are you whispering? - I'm not whispering. Would you ...

              Oh God, we're dead.

              You got any bread?

              What? He's not gonna bash us

              even if we've got bread! - Sure, that's it.

              Progressive country, integrated mugging.

              I ain't got no fucking money!

              We don't want any trouble.

              Really, man.

              We really don't want any trouble. Fuck off, man!

              Rusty James!

              Rusty James!

                dollars. - What's he got?

              A few cigarettes.

              That's all he's got.

              Patty ...

              You were the only one. I swear.

              To Rusty James, a very cool dude.

              To Rusty James!



              Come on, motherfucker!

              You still alive?

              My stomach!

              What happened to those guys that creamed us?

              He bashed em. He nailed one of 'em really good.

              The other took off.

              Way to go, man.

              Way to go.

              You're going to the hospital this time. I mean it.

              When the rumbles were goin' on ... - Would you shut up!

              Somebody was always gettin' mangled. - I said shut up!

              You and your gangs!

              It was bullshit!

              It wasn't anything you think it was!

              A bunch of punks killing each other! - You don't know nothin'.

              Donít tell me I don't know. - You don't know. - You, tell him!

              You, tell him!

              It wasn't anything.

              You see?

              What? - You see? Did you hear him?

              You must've thought it was something.

              You were the fuckin' president!

              It was fun at first.

              Then it got to be a big bore.

              I managed to get credit for ending the rumbles,

              simply because everyone knew that they were a big bore.

              They were gonna end anyway.

              There was too many people ... - Donít say it wasn't fun!

              It wasn't fun!

              I was speaking from personal experience.

              I mean, most of them didn't think it was fun when we had a fight.

              Most of them were scared stiff.

              Blind terror in a fight can easily pass for courage.

              There was something about it.

              You're just stupid enough to have enjoyed it! - Fuck you!

              You remember something, Steve.

              Loyalty is his only vice.

              The Motorcycle Boy!

              I wonder why somebody hasn't blown his head off.

              Even the most primitive society has an innate respect for the insane.

              I wanna go home.

              Cheer up. The gangs are gonna come back,

              and once they get the dope off the streets,

              people will persist in joining things.

              You'll see the gangs come back.

              If you live that long.

              What's the matter with you?

              I ain't never seen you sit still so long.

              How do you know when someone's crazy?

              Well, you don't always.

              Depends on how many people think they're crazy.

              It's so fucking hot in here, man.

              Here comes your old lady.

              What? - Patty. - Yeah?

              Hey, she means business. - Coke, Benny.



              You lookin' for me? - No.

              Hey, doll.

              You really look nice.

              You look really beautiful.

              How you doin'? - Fine.

              Did you know I've got a gift for you?

              For me?

              That was me on my  -year-oId birthday party.

              I was good-looking even back then.

              Thank you.

              You want something?


              Can I help you?

              Nah, I think we should step outside.

              I'm not gonna fight you.

              I just said ... Just go outside and talk.

              Look at you, man.

              Look at you.

              It wouldnít be fair.

              You're not in any condition to fight.

              I told you, I didn't say nothin' about fighting.

              Did I say I wanted to fight?

              I said, we'll go outside ...

              And talk, communicate. Get it, man?



              the other night when we were out at the lake

              and those chicks were there ...

              Did you plan for it to get back to Patty?

              Maybe she'd break up with me and you could take over?

              Look at me, goddamit!

              Did you?

              I guess I did. I kinda thought about it.

              I wouldíve never been able to think of something like that.

              I know.

              If there were still gangs, I'd be president and not you.

              You'd be my  nd lieutenant.

              You might've made it a while on the Motorcycle Boy's rep,

              but you ain't got your brother's brains.

              You gotta be smart to run things.

              It's nothing personal, but nobody would follow you into a gang fight.

              Because you get people killed.

              Nobody wants to get killed.

              I guess you're right. Nobody wants to get killed.

              You really like Patty, huh?

              You like her? - Yeah.

              Even if she wasn't your chick I'd still like her.

              It's all yours.

              Donít flatter yourself.

              Hey, boys.

              You better be careful.

              That cop, Patterson, is looking for just one excuse to get him.


              I remember he beat me up once. Got me locked up in juvenile hall.

              He's been after both of us for years.

              He's a good cop.

              The Motorcycle Boy is his bad point. - He'll never get the Motorcycle Boy.

              Never. - Envy, man.

              It gotta be envy.

              You seen him? - Yeah, over at the pet store.

              What was he doin'? - Lookin' at the fish.

              Those fucking fish!

               What is it with those fucking fish?

                What's up?

                What's the matter?

                Really. You feelin' all right?

                How come the tank is separated?

                These are rumble fish.

                They'd kill each other if they could.

                You boys gonna buy a fish?


                That's right.

                These are Siamese fighting fish.

                Watch this. If you lean a mirror

                up against the glass,

                they try to kill themselves.

                That's pretty cool. - Yeah? - Try it.

                Right there.

                In the middle.

                Over that way. See that one?

                I wonder if they'd act that way in the river.

                I should close up now, boys.

                I don't carry much cash. Really.

                We're looking.

                I really dig the colors. - The colors ...

                The colors are cool.

                Makes me sorry I can't see the colors. - I never thought you were sorry.

                What's the big interest in the pet store all of a sudden?

                They've been hanging around here.

                Take a look at the fish!

                You're crazy.

                You're really crazy.

                I've known about it all along.

                But they belong in the river.

                I don't think they'd fight if they had room to live.

                Someone ought to get you off the streets.

                Somebody ought to put the fish in the river.

                Why are you following me? - I'm worried, bro.

                Of what? - I'm worried about you.

                Why you been acting like this?

                You think the old man's in there?

                Hey, Dad?

                It's great to see both of you again.

                I've been meaning to ask you something.


                Is our mother crazy?

                She's okay.

                I mean ...

                What makes you ask? - Well, she just picked up and left.

                Yeah, well ...

                Once in a while, a person comes along with a different view of the world.

                It doesn't make them crazy

                I mean ...

                An acute perception doesn't make you crazy.

                Could you talk normal? - However sometimes ...

                ... it can drive you crazy.

                I wish you'd talk normal.

                You know? You know what I mean?

                No, your mother ...

                ... is not crazy.

                And nor, contrary to popular belief, is your brother.

                He's merely miscast in a play.

                He was born in the wrong era, on the wrong side of the river,

                with the ability to be able to do anything he wants

                and findin' nothin' that he wants to do.

                I mean nothing. - Okay.

                You don't understand me anymore, do you?

                That's the difference.

                You never lost your mother. I lost your mother.

                I think ...

                that ...

                ... I'm gonna be a lot like him when I get older.

                You should pray to God not.

                You poor baby.

                What? - You poor child.


                Let's do something tonight, huh?

                Get some wine, chicks, party ... You down?

                I feel like I'm wasting my life, waiting for something.

                Waiting for what?

                I wish I had a reason to leave.

                Come on. - What are you doin'? - Come on.

                What are you doin'? - Gonna go for a ride.

                Do you think I'm crazy?

                You don't wanna stop here.

                Donít worry about those fucking fish. Come on.

                The fish are all right.

                Where you goin'?

                You need money?

                I'II get you some money.

                Everybody saw you hanging around today.

                A million people must've seen you. Will you listen to me!

                The whole neighborhood!

                What are you doing?

                What are you doin', following me around like a lost puppy?

                What do you want outta me?

                You want money? I can get you some money.

                Let's just get outta here.

                I can get you some money.

                What do you want? Tell me.

                I want you to see me when you look at me.

                You and the old man think I'm dumb,

                'cause I don't know the big words.

                Always leavin' me out. Well, I ain't that dumb.

                We couldíve run this whole side of town, if you just gave me a chance.

                Come on. - No!

                If you just gave me a fuckin' chance! Look at me!

                I just want you to see me. I'm right here.

                I do see you, Rusty James.

                Let's get outta here! Me and you ... - Me and you,

                we can't. - Man, come on!

                Donít do that, man!

                You know ...

                I wish I were the big brother you always wanted.

                But I can't be what I want any more than you can.

                Listen. I'm gonna put the fish in the river.

                After I do, I want you to do something for me. - What?

                This is important, so pay attention. - Okay, I'm payin' attention.

                I want you to take the cycle and leave.

                I want you to go clear to the ocean.

                I want you to follow the river to the ocean.

                Are you comin' with me?


                Donít do that, man.



                Okay, squirt, spread 'em!

                Okay, buddy. You're goin' downtown! - Let him go!

                It's the guy's younger brother.

                I took care of the main problem.

                Rusty James!

                Get your fuckin' cameras outta here!

                What's the matter?

                Donít touch him!

                You didn't have to shoot him!

                Who's the guy? - The Motorcycle Boy. He's been shot.

                What's going on? - The kid got shot.

                If they can get the Motorcycle Boy they can get anyone.

                Treat him well. He's the Motorcycle Boy. - What happened to him?

                What happened to the kid? - It's the Motorcycle Boy.

                Was anybody else hurt? - No.

                I'm not allowed to say anything ... - But he knows him.

                I'm sorry. We need it all cleared off.

                Maybe Rusty James is hurt.

                It's really a shame.

                Where is he? - Step back. - He had a future, that boy.

                It's too bad.

                The kid was shot.

                Nobody's gonna forget that Motorcycle Boy.





Special help by SergeiK