Run Lola Run Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Run Lola Run script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of Lola rennt by Tom Tykwer starring Franka Potente.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Run Lola Run. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Run Lola Run Script



"We shall not cease from exploration...



and the end of all our exploring

will be to arrive where we started...



and know the place for the first time."

- T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"



"After the game is before the game."

- S. Herberger






probably fhe mosf mysterious species

on our planet.



A mystery of unanswered questions.



Who are we?

Where do we come from?



Where are we going?

How do we know what we fhink we know?



Why do we believe anyfhing at all?



Countless questions

in search of an answer...



an answer thaf will give rise

to a new quesfion...



and the next answer will give rise

to the next question and so on.



But, in fhe end,

isn't it always fhe same quesfion?



And always the same answer?



The ball is round. The game lasts

   minutes. That's a fact.



Everything else is pure theory.



Here we go!



Written and directed by Tom Tykwer



- Manni?

- Lola.



What's up? Where are you?



Where were you, damn it?



- I got there too late.

- But why today? You're always on time!



My moped got ripped off.

It doesn't matter.



Yes, it matters!



What's wrong?



It wasn't my fault, Manni.

I went fo get some cigarettes.



I can'f believe how fasf

that guy was.



There was nothing I could do.

He was gone before I got outside.



I even took a taxi.



That dumbass drove east.

They got a Grunewald St. There too.



When I noficed, it was too late.



It just didn't occur to me. I was

so screwed up because of our moped.



- Doesn't matfer.

- And when I got there, you were gone.



It doesn't matter now anyway.

I'm done for.



- But why?

- Help me, Lola!



I don't know what to do.



You weren't there,

and I messed it up.



I blew it. I'm such a jerk!



Jusf calm down.

Now what happened?



Jusf tell me what happened, okay?



Lola, he's gonna kill me.

I'm gonna die.



Stop it! You're scaring me.

What's up?



- Did you get caught?

- No, but that would've been something.



Everyfhing went really great. We drove

the cars there, and those guys came.



They paid, and fhaf was it.

Easy as pie.



I got waved across fhe border,

and then fhey dropped me off out fhere.



Then I went fo see thaf cyclops,

and he was finished in no fime.



And everything was on time,

except for you.



You weren'f there.



- Then what?

- Nothing. Not even a phone booth.



I couldn't even call a faxi,

so I walked to the subway station.



On the train, fhere was this bum...



who somehow fell down,

and suddenly fhese inspecfors showed up.



And I got out like always...

an old reflex.



- The bag!

- The bag.



The bag!



I'm such a fucking amateur!

A dumbass!



This could only happen to me! If you'd

picked me up, it wouldn't have happened.



I was so out of if.

You're always on time otherwise!



- Didn't you call the nexf stafion?

- Sure.



Buf if was too late.

The fucking bag was already gone.



And I know who has it. That bum!

That plastic bag freak!



He's on a plane to Florida

or Hawaii...



or Canada or Hong Kong

or Bermuda or whatever.



- What about Ronnie?

- He'll kill me.



- You gotta tell him.

- Forget it!



- Why?

- He won't believe a single word.



I kept a carton of cigarettes once.

He noticed righf away.



He doesn't believe anybody.



The jobs with those mercs

was a kind of test...



fo see if he could trusf me.



How much was there,

in the bag?



-       .

- What?



-       . A test.

- Oh, shit!



See! I knew you wouldn't come up

wifh any idea.



I always said someday

you wouldn't know what to do.



Not when you die, sooner!



You said, "Love can do everything."



- So find        marks in    minutes.

-    minutes?



At   :   by the water tower

around the corner, Ronnie said.



- In    minutes.

- Run away, Manni!



- No.

- Why not?



- Nobody escapes Ronnie.

- I'll go with you.



When Ronnie gets here in    minutes,

I'll be a goner.



Stop it, Manni!



What for? You can't get me

    grand either!



He'll rub me out, and all thaf's

left of me will be        ashes...



floating down the Spree to the North Sea

and no more Manni!



- You can't do a thing!

- Shut up!






Wait for me. I'll help you.

Stay put. I'll be there in    minutes.



- Okay?

- Gonna pawn all your jewelry?



Where are you?



In a phone booth, downtown,

in front of the Spirale Bar.



Okay, stay where you are.

I promise I'll come up with something.



In    minutes, okay?



What the hell. I'll go over to the Bolle

and get that     grand.



Cut it out!



Ronnie said they make     grand a day,

so they must have     grand by noon.



You're nuts! Don't do a thing! Jusf

sfay in the damned boofh! I'm coming.



- That's it. I'll rob the store.

- Are you cracked?



- Don't do a thing! Stay put! I'm coming.

- Then what?



I'll think of something!



In    minutes I'll be dead

unless I steal the money!



- No, wait!

- What for?



I'll get the money somehow.



I'm going in there at   :  

if you aren't here.



Okay! Who? Who?






Lola, are you going shopping?

I need shampoo.



Of course, I knew that Sagittarius

was your ascendant.



Sure, the more I think about it,

I don't know.



Yeah, but you're married too.



Hey! Get your eyes open!



You bitch.



"And Then"



It's worst at night.



I wake up

and can't fall asleep again.



And then I'm afraid.



Me! Afraid of the dark.



I've never been afraid of the dark.

I've never been afraid before.



But I think about us...



and I just think

it'll keep going on like this.



And you wouldn't dare...



And then I ask myself

what I'm doing here.



How long will this go on?

The secrecy, all this damned lying?



Should I grow old, waiting for a man

who won't stand by me?



Hey! You need a bike?



   marks, as good as new.






"And Then"



Hey, man, I know that!



It's not my fault

it's so much money!



   ? What am I supposed to do

with     marks?






Your phone card!



I have to go.

Meyer will be here in a minute.



Can we meet later on?



- Do you love me?

- What?



Do you love me?



Why are you asking now?



Do you love me?



Yes, I do, damn it!



Then decide.



But not now!



You have to decide sometime.



But why now, here, at once?



Because I'm pregnant.



Hey, look at that? Our little princess,

Lola! What a rare pleasure.



- Why the rush?

- Please, let me in.



Little Miss wants to see Big Daddy?

Sure thing.






"And Then"



Tell me, do you want

to have a baby with me?












Your daughter?



I'm Jutta Hansen

from the board of directors.



Sorry to interrupt.

It's urgent.



It's okay.

I was just about to...



- What are you doing here?

- What are you doing here?






Listen, if I tell you

I need your help...



more than ever in my whole life, and

you're the only one who can help me...



would you help me?



- You look terrible.

- Would you help me?



- What happened?

- I can't explain now. Would you help me?



With what, damn it?



- I need        marks immediately.

- What?



I need it within the next five minutes,

or else...



- Or else what?

- Something terrible will happen!



I don't understand.

What's going on here today?



Please, Dad!

You gotta help me! Please!



- I don't have        marks.

- What about my life insurance?



What about it?

It isn't worth       .



Please, Dad. I'm serious.

This isn't a joke.



- Yes, it is, Lola! You can't be serious!

- Lf you don't help me, he'll die!



- Who'll die?

- Manni.



Who's Manni?



My boyfriend, for over a year!



- I don't even know him. Why will he die?

- It doesn't matter!



Okay, come with me.



- Are you going to help me?

- Of course.



Go home and go to bed.



And tell your mother I won't be home

today or tomorrow or ever again.



I'm leaving you guys

and marrying another woman.



We're going to have kids, and I'll try

to be happy because she wants me.



I'm so sick of hearing, "All you do

is work. You always play the boss."



Maybe so, but so what!

You guys have no idea!



I'm so tired of being the fool,

the one to blame!



But Daddy's dough is good enough, huh?

Well, not anymore!



Anyway, I'd never have fathered

a weirdo like you.



- But you did, you jerk!

- No, I didn't!



All I'm saying is

you're a cuckoo's egg.



Now you know.



They guy who fathered you

didn't live to see your birth.



Throw her out, please.



Come on!

Get her out of here!



Well, we all have our bad days.



See you around.



My dear...



what's wrong?



Do you have the time?



This afternoon?



All right. No, forget it.



It's okay. Yeah.






Don'f do if!



Manni, please!



Waif for me!



I'll be right fhere.






Manni, please, wait!






Lie down on the floor!



On the floor!



Hands behind your head

and keep quiet!



Hands behind your head

and keep quiet.



Open the cash registers!

Open all the cash registers!



Open them and lie down!

I'll shoot anybody who bugs me!



I'll shoot anybody who bugs me!






- Lola, where were you?

- I couldn't get here faster.



- Will you help me?

- Can't we just get out of here?



Not anymore.

You see the shit I'm in.



Why didn't you wait for me?



I did. You got here too late.



So, are you with me?



Put your hands up! Fast!



Come on!



Drop your gun! Hurry up!



Don't move.



The safety catch is on.



- How does it work?

- The little lever on the side.



Girl, listen...



Don't move.



Come here.



Cover me. I'll grab the cash.



Hurry, before the cops come.



Don't move!






Do you love me?



Sure, I do.



How can you be so sure?



I don't know. I just am.



I could be some other girl.



Why not?



Because you're the best.



- The best what?

- The best girl.



Of all the girls in the world?






How do you know?



I just do.



You think so.



Okay, I think so.



- You see?

- What?



You aren't sure.



Are you nuts or what?



What if you never met me?



What do you mean?



You'd be telling the same thing

to someone else.



Okay, if you don't want to hear it.



I don't want to hear anything.

I want to know how you feel.



Okay, my feelings say...



that you're the best.



Who is "your feelings" anyway?



It's me.



My heart.



Your heart says,

"Hi, Manni. She's the one."



- Exactly.

- And you say...



"Thanks for the information.

See you around."






And you do whatever

your heart says?



Well, it really doesn't

"say" anything.



I don't know.



It just feels.



So what does it feel now?



That someone's asking

rather stupid questions.



Man, you aren't taking me seriously.



Lola, what's wrong?



You want to leave me?



I don't know.



I think I have to make

a decision.



But I don't want to.

I don't want to leave.






Lola, are you going shopping?

I need shampoo.



Of course, I knew that Sagittarius

was your ascendant.



Sure, the more I think about it,

I don't know.



Yeah, but you're married too.



Watch out, you stupid cow!



Fucking bitch!



- Hey! You need a bike?

- No.



-    marks, as good as new.

- But it's stolen!



   ? What am I supposed

to do with     marks?



Tell me, do you want

to have a baby with me?






Even if it isn't from you?



Hey, look at that.

Our little princess.



I'm in a hurry, please!



Let me in.



Courtesy and composure

are the queen's jewels.



- Let me in, please.

- A little anger is good for the heart...



the circulation, the skin.



I don't care whether it was an accident

or not! Great start for a new love!



If you hadn't neglected me,

it wouldn't have happened.



I have a family!



I can't leave a sick wife and

three kids just to please Her Highness.



Your wife is drunk

from morning to night!



So what?

What do you know?



Don't you see

you're bothering us?






Hi, Dad.



Why didn't you knock?



What's going on?



- What do you want?

- Is she your daughter?



Shut the door.



What do you want?



- I need your help.

- You see that I'm busy.



- There's no other way.

- Damn it!



Why are you disturbing me

right now?



I have a problem,

you understand?



- Who's that slut?

- That's none of your business!



Lola, leave.



Go home. Leave me alone.



I can't!



Why not?



I need money.



- Then get a job.

- I will, but I need the money now!



Okay, just so you get out of here.

How much?



No, no. I need lots more.



- What do you mean, "lots more?"

- A whole lot more!



Aren't you ashamed barging in like this?

Can't you see we're busy?



I don't give a shit, you stupid cow!

I have other problems.



Don't you dare...






Hey! What's up? What's up?



It just isn't your day today.

Doesn't matter.



You can't have everything.



Come with me.



Have you gone crazy?



- Think you can do anything you like?

- Shut up! You go first.



Girl, listen. You don't know

how to use that thing.



Let me make a suggestion.



Get away.



- Listen, dear, we can talk it over...

- Fuck off!



- Shit!

- The combination.






Lola, what...



what the heck are you doing?



Open up!



Lola, there are cameras everywhere.

You'll never get out of here.



The police will be here

in a second.



You said they always come too late.



Bag it,       .



Come on, little miss.



Leave your daddy alone.



You don't want to hurt anyone,

do you?



I don't know.



- I don't have it.

- Why not?



There's only      .



I'll have to get the rest

from downstairs.



Okay, get going.

Go, go!



Hurry up, man!






In there.



Bye, Dad.



I don't believe it.



Hey, girl. Get away.



Get away from there!



Hey, girl, you want to get killed?



Attention! This is the police!



The building is surrounded...



- What a ruckus.

- Do you have the time?






Hey, get away!



Give me a lift, will you?







Wait, Manni. I'm coming.



I'm almost there.



Wait! I'm gonna make it.






What would you do if I died?



- I wouldn't let you die.

- Yeah, well...



what if I were fatally ill?



I'd find a way.



What if I were in a coma,

and the doc said, "One more day"?



I'd throw you into the ocean...

shock therapy.



What if I were dead anyway?



- What do you want to hear?

- Come on. Tell me.



I'd go to the Isle of Rugen

and cast your ashes to the wind.



And then?



I don't know.

It's a stupid question.



I know what you'd do.

You'd forget me.



- No!

- Sure you would.



What else could you do?

Sure, you'd mourn for a few weeks.



Not a bad idea.

And everybody's real compassionate...



and everything's so incredibly sad,

and everyone feels sorry for you.



You can show everyone how strong you

are. "What a great woman," they'll say.



"She really pulls herself together

instead of crying all day."



And all at once this really nice guy

with green eyes shows up.



And he's super sensitive,

listens to you all day.



And you can talk his ear off.



And you can tell him

how tough things are for you...



and that you have to look after yourself

and don't know what's gonna happen...



and blah, blah, blah.



Then you'd hop onto his lap and cross me

off your list. That's how it goes.



- Manni.

- What?



You haven't died yet.






Lola, are you going shopping?

I need shampoo.



Of course, I knew that Sagittarius

was your ascendant.



Sure, the more I think about it,

I don't know.



Yeah, but you're married too.



- Watch out!

- Sorry.



I bet you're sorry.



Fries and a sausage.



Give me another one.



I'll be damned.



Life's really crazy sometimes,

isn't it?



Come on, kid.

I'll buy you a drink.



You need a bike?



A special price,    marks.






Mr. Meyer?



Is everything okay?






Tell me, do you want

to have a baby with me?






Mr. Meyer is here.



- There's something else.

- Not now.



Mr. Meyer asked if he should park,

or if you're coming out.






That's the nicest present

you could ever give me.



Can we meet later on?



Hi there.



Hi there, Ms. Jager.



- Hi there.

- Hello.






- Nice to see you.

- Hello, Mr. Meyer.









You know what?

I just had a strange encounter.



- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah, with your daughter.



- With whom?

- Your daughter.






Shit! Shit!



You've come at last, dear.









So I decided it'd be best

for me not to have kids.



I work so much

that they'd never see me.



Watch out!



What can I do?



What can I do?



Come on.



Help me.






Just fhis once.



I'll just keep on running, okay?



I'm waiting.



I'm waiting.



I'm waiting.



I'm waiting.



You wanna get killed?



- How does this work?

- You buy chips...



- and gamble them away.

- Okay.



You can't go in there like that.



I have to.



Ninety-nine marks,   .

What kind of chips?



One for    ?



You're short.






Place your bets, please.



Your bets, please.



No more bets.



Twenty, black, even, pass.

No series.



     for black.



One hundred and    .



Three thousand, five hundred

for     marks on   .



Here you are...     .



Come with me, please.



Just one more game.



Please place your bets.



Twenty, black, even, pass.



Hurry up. I need a plastic bag.






That's mine.



I know!



I'm sorry.



And what about me?



At least give me that.



What're you doing here?



- I'll stay with him.

- What?















What happened to you?



Did you run here?



Don't worry. Everything's okay.

Come on.



What's in the bag?



Special help by SergeiK