Runaway Train Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Runaway Train script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jon Voight and Eric Roberts movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Runaway Train. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Runaway Train Script

We've got men arranged in ages from 14 to 19. 

Unfortunately, all were killed in the subsequent crash of the plane... 

and their names are being withheld until notification of next of kin. 

We switch now to our live action reporter at the federal courthouse... 

with the latest on the Manheim-Stonehaven prison case. 

We've just gotten word that the federal judge... 

has issued his opinion. 

We don't have all the details... 

but apparently Oscar Manheim, the notorious life-term prisoner... 

who has been welded in his cell for three years... 

has won his civil rights suit... 

against officials at Stonehaven. 

Stay with us for details. 

In a few minutes we'll be back with comment... 

from Associate Warden Ranken. 

Yeah! I say yeah! 

Hey, Rogers. 

Rogers, lookee here, man. 

- What's up? - Manny's won his case. 

The courts ordered to let him out of the hole. 

- Great. That's great. - Yeah. Uh, Warden Ranken... 

is gonna be on the tube soon. 

Let the dudes in the cell blocks hear him talk that shit he talks. 

Put channel nine into the speakers, man. 

Hey, you got shit in your veins or what, man? 

I was holding my mud around here... 

when you were peeing in your diapers. 

- All right. They'll all hear it. - Fucking A, man! 

I say, Rogers-- Thanks, man. Yeah! 

Nobody wants prison to be a playground. We all want criminals punished... 

but don't you think you shocked the public conscience... 

by keeping a man welded in a cell for three years? 

Well, a man, yes, but Manheim is an animal. 

He broke out of here twice, he's robbed banks... 

he-- he's a killer. 

He doesn't care about your life, my life... 

or even his own life. 

Fuck your mother! 

Hear that trash, Ranken! 

Fat-faced faggot! 

Somebody shoot that pansy vegetable! 

Manny for president! 

He believes in nothing. He's capable of anything. 

I've worked in prisons for 26 years. 

Cons with strings of murders are all afraid of Manheim. 

Jesus Henry Christ! Yeah! 

Burn it! 

Hey, Jonah! 

- Man, he did it, man. - Yeah. 

He really fucking did it! 

Yeah. That's good, man. I'll see you in the yard. 

Well, if, as you say, he is an animal... 

then why do all the other prisoners love him so much? 

Well, um... 

because they're mostly animals just like he is. 

They wanna do whatever they want, no holds barred. 

- Rogers, crack that door! - Fuck you... 

and the horse you rode in on! 

Open this goddamn door! 

This is no country club, you know what I mean? 

Stonehaven's average sentence is 22 years. 

Turn that fucker off! 

Hey, Manny! We got visitors! 

On your feet, convict. 

On your feet. 

I've got a federal court order to let you out of the hole. 

I could ask for a stay during the appeal. 

I can last nine more months. 

I could stand on my head nine months. 

- How about I kick your brains in? - Fuck you. Do it alone. 

I don't dirty my hands on scum like you. 

I'm gonna let you out in the yard. 

And I hope you make a move so I can stop your clock. That's a promise. 

Yeah, a promise. You promised to keep me in this hole the rest of my life. 

Kept you in here for three years. That's long enough for me, kid. 

Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger. 

We'll see. 

Please, try again... 

and I'll send you out of here in plastic. 

You do what you have to do, and I will too. 

Whatever happens happens. 

Call the machine shop. Bring him to the yard! 

That's your mama's fart hole. 

The bitch is loud. 

You're all punks hiding there, yelling in the dark. 

Let me tell you where you assholes stand. 

First, there's God... 

then the warden... 

then my guards... 

then the dogs out there in the kennel... 

and finally you: 

pieces of human waste-- 

no good to yourselves or anybody else. 

Yeah. Here he is, man. 

The big man. 

Hey, Manny. Homeboy. 

- It's me, home. - I'm blind, man. I can't see. 

Here you go, man. 

Let's go. Should be time for lockup. 

Hey, let me get that for you. 

What's been happening these past three years? 

Just what you know, brother. I went out and got a fresh new 30 year sentence. 

- Couldn't make it without me. - Couldn't make it without the money. 

Never did know how to rob a bank. 

Don't worry about it. I'll get you out. 

Not in this winter, you won't. 

- I won't? - Kiss my white ass! 

Hey, what's the-- 

He's a pretty good youngster. Besides, he pushes the laundry cart. 

Welcome home, brother. 

Welcome home, man. 

One, two-- 


The kid can fight. 

That's worth about two dead flies. 

Yeah, but you shouldn't judge people hard, man. 

I'm gonna take a piss. 

Officer, this guy! He's grabbing my ass! 

You kept him in the hole too long! 

Take that punk out! Take him out! 

I got him. 

Jab! Punch! 

What are you doing? 

Come on, young man. Young man, back off! 

And still the welterweight champion... 

Buck Logan. 

I'm sorry, Manny! Ranken made me do it! 

- Come on, punk. - You're wrong! 

Show me something. 

- Come on, Manny. - Come here. 

- Think I'm that stupid? - No! 

- Come on. I got something for you. - I'm sorry, Manny. 

- Stay back! - You wanted me? 

You want my blood? Here. 

There. There's my blood. 

Come on, scum. 

You wanna shoot me? Shoot me! 

Shoot the kid, sucker. Here I am! 

Come on! 

Shoot the kid! Don't send no punk to do your business for you! 

I'm right here. Come on. Shoot me! 

I'm going nowhere. Come on! 

Come on. 

Make your move! 

Hey, sucker. You show me shit! 

No, no! He's mine! 

Get off! Hey, get off! Let me go! 

I'll kill you! 

I'll tear your fucking head off! 

Oh, my God! Can't someone do something about-- 

Mandatory lockup! All prisoners in their cell. 

All prisoners in their cell. 

Mandatory lockup. 

You look terrible. 

I ain't dead. 

They released me to the yard. 

He wants to kill you for sure. 

He's pushing me. 

He wants me to jump the wall. He's pushing me. 

It's 30 below out there. 

I'm going. You coming? 

Are you coming? I'll wait for you. 

No, brother. 

This is home. 

I run things around here. 

I can't take these ass-kickings like I used to. 

I can make it. 

Then get on, brother, and do it. 

I will. 

Whatever happens, don't let 'em bring you back here. 


I'll find something. 

Nice joint in the sun. 

The bull's on the stairs. 

Let's split! 

- Have fun. - You too. 

There's gonna be convicts watching you, brother. 

Don't let 'em ice you. It'll break a lot of soul. 

You know, you got a following. And I love you. 

Coming through! 

Hit the basket, man. 

Coming through. 

Hey, you guys. Hit the basket, okay? Goddamn! 

Coming through. 

Get in here and check my laundry. 

You're late, man. 

I'm sorry, man. They were late with the showers. Here. 

Coming through, boss. 


- How are you doing, Jackson? - What's up. 

What's up? Little bit of laundry, huh? 


have I got a surprise for you, man. 

- What is it? - You know, you told me your son... 

is going to the golden gloves this year. 



Jackson, check 'em out, man. 

- Thanks, Buck. - You betcha. 

And I'll tell you what. 

Since you have always been so goddamn good to me... 

you get these suckers for $80. 

They go for 200, but you got 'em for $80, boss. 

- I don't have $80, Buck. - No problem. I tell you what we'll do. 

We'll put you on layaway plan. That is, you get me when you get me. 

- All right, my man. - No problem. This could work out. 

- This is all right. - Yeah. 

- Yeah. Nice, huh? - This is all right. 

Ooh, mama! 

January, 1985! 

This bitch is a creme de la creme of white pussy. 

- Ain't she, Jackson? - All right. 

Yeah, man. Hugh Hefner sure knows what the fuck he's doing, don't he? 

- Yeah. - You got that right. 

- What? - She might be white, but she's right. 

Right on, Buck. Hey, let me give you a hand. 

Uh, all right. 

- You tell your boy I said good luck. - Thanks. 

- Thanks for everything, man. - You betcha. 

Just walking with the laundry, boss. 

Say, man. White pussy gets that son of a bitch every goddamn time. 

Shut up. 

All right, man. Come on. 

Go for it. 

- Thanks, youngster. I owe you one. - Hey, Manny. Take me with you. 

Shit, man. I'm going. 

I'm going, man. I'm fucking going. 

Yeah. Darn. I'm going. 

I'm getting out of here. 

Shut up, fool. What are you doing here? 

- Hey, you need me, man. - What good are you? 

Hey, shit, I got two hands to your one, I can more than carry my own weight... 

and, look-- I got us sweat clothes. 

Son of a bitch. Okay, fool. 

Get your clothes off and grease down. 

All right. 

Ooh, mama. 

This shit is nasty. 


Okay, Manny. What do we do now? 

Keep your mouth shut. You talk too much. 

- Coming down. - We got to go in there? 

I am. 

Duffle bag. 

Pull the cover over. 

Oh, man. I don't like this shit. 

Let's go. Come on! 

I'm coming, man. 

Keep up. 

- It stinks in here, man. Goddamn! - You've never been in a sewer before? 

Manny, wait up a minute. Wait up. 

Manny, I put my hands in a pile of shit. 

Don't worry. It'll rinse off. 

Here. Give me that. 

If you're gonna get sick, this is the place to do it. 

Oh, man. This is nasty! 


Wait! Man! 

Oh, man. This is so gross! 

- Okay. What do we do now? - Here. Hold it. 

Hold it ! Like a baby, hold it! 

It stinks in here, man. 

You don't like that smell? That's the smell of freedom, brother. 

- I'm going. - Wait. Okay, wait. 

- Here, man. - Give me the light. 

- Yeah, the light. - Duffle bag. 

Okay. Wait, man. 

You know, Ranken's gonna fucking shit his pants, man! 

Ranken's gonna fucking die. 

- Where's the light? - Fell. 

- Where did it fall? - About 300 feet in the American River. 

Man, nobody told me about 300 feet. I'm scared of heights. 

Nobody told you because nobody invited you. 

- You wanna go back, go ahead. - No, man. 

- Me, I'm going. - No, man. 

I'm dying! 

Manny, I can't breathe! 

Manny! Manny! 

They came this way, all right. 

- No doubt about it. - He did it. 

Son of a bitch, he did it. 


Stop searching the prison. 

Notify the police and get their pictures out. You know what to do. 

God, don't kill them. 

Let me do it. 

Manny, hold up a goddamn minute! 

Get your tail out from between your legs. 

Manny, I don't wanna die! 

- I'm hurting too. - At least you got shoes! 

How much farther we got to go, man? 

Half a mile. Who knows? 

Maybe I can make a half a mile. 

Oh, man. 

Shoes! I need shoes! 

Oh, man. 

Put that bench next to the door there. 

I need some fucking shoes. You know... 

it's unbelievable, man. 

Only two other guys even got out once... 

and you beat that sucker three times. 


Manny. Hey, don't you know... 

Ranken is pissed off, man. 


And the dudes, man. Oh, Manny. The dudes. 

They love it. 

- Freeze, sucker! - Hey, man. Nobody's gonna hear us. 

Just don't do it. 

You don't treat me like a punk, okay? 

- Well, you don't like it? - No. 

Well, you're a prizefighter. 

Kick my ass. 

Make your move. 

I'm not gonna give you no reason to kill me. 

- Please don't. - Okay. 

I need some shoes, Manny. 

What we got? 

Shoes. Let there be shoes, man. 

I want that, Manny. 


I need some shoes, man. 

Check it out, man. 

Take one for your stomach. Give it here. 

Ooh, mama! 

That shit is fine! 

Okay, come on. 

- Let's go. - Wait, man. 

I need shoes. 

I got shoes. 

I need socks. I got fucking socks. 

Give me a minute, man. 

Just a minute. 

- Let's get this sucker. - You know where it's going? 

- Anywhere's fine by me. - Not all of them are going anywhere. 

I don't wanna go to a parking lot. 

Hey, look. Look here. 


There's my limousine to Broadway right there. 


Why that one? 

Because I want it. 

We're moving, man. 

Thank you, Jesus. Shit. 

Shit, we make a hell of a team, don't we, man? 

Don't we? 

Hey, that looks like Al's train! 

What in hell is he doing out there? 

He looks sick! Damn! 

Damn! AI! 

Better call the paramedics. 

Something's wrong. 

Take it easy, Manny. 

They know what they're doing. 

Pulasky! Hello, Pulasky! 

- Pulasky. - This is Cassidy. 

Al fell off the engine. He's dead. 

You've got a runaway coming your way on track two! 

- What did you say? - Four units. 

Stop them, for God's sakes! 

Switch it to track 11. 

I can't! It's too late! 

Central. Damn you, Central! 


Pick up the goddamn phone! 

Ooh, boy, would I like to have some of this here for dessert! 

To go. Hey, Ruby. Why don't you answer the phone? 

Hey, come on, Ruby! You pretty enough. 

Oh, shit. Your ass is so lazy, I don't know why the fuck you got a job here. 

Uh, yeah. Central, Dave Prince speaking. 

- This is Pulasky. Give me Barstow. - Yeah. Hold it, Pulasky. 

Hold it, my ass! Where the hell is Barstow? 

We got an emergency! A big emergency! 

- We got four unmanned units! - What? 

I said we got runaway units! Four of them! They're headed this way! 

Ruby, go get Frank now. Run! Come on! Goddamn it, get moving now! 

We got an emergency here! 

Hold it, Pulasky, okay? He's coming. 

It's the phone, Franky. 

Frank, get your ass out here, man. We've got a runaway on 11! 

Central, where are you? Goddamn it! 

I'm here, Pulasky. What seems to be the trouble? 

We got a runaway on track 11. Goddamn engineer fell off the train! 

- You sure nobody else is on board? - How the hell do I know? 

It's already gone about nine miles, and it's increasing speed! 

- Nine miles already! - That's right! 

- What the hell are we gonna do? - Hey, look! Be quiet! 

- Will you calm down? - Okay. 

Look, I want you to line her on the main line on track one. 

- Okay. - You got it? 

- Right. - I'll take things over from there. 

Right, Frank. 


This sucker is flying, Manny. 

We should have hooked into those freight cars by now. 

Smile, man. We're free. Yeah! 

You think so, huh? 


Hey, Manny. I want you to know I'm proud to be hooked up with you, partner. 

Look, kid. 

I appreciate what you done, but you ain't no kind of partner to me. 

Don't be clowning yourself. I don't like it. 

Look at them tattoos. They'll look really nice... 

in a swimming pool in Acapulco. 

What did I do to deserve all this shit you're slinging at me, man? 

You don't know nothing from nothing. Being around me is really stupid. 

I'm at war with the world and everybody in it. 

And you're gonna get hurt. 

- I don't get you, man. - Well, rapos usually are pretty dumb. 

Rapo! I ain't no goddamn rapo, man! 

Where'd you get that from? 

It's on your rap sheet. Busted for rape two years ago. 

Shit, man! 

That was a statutory rape. 

She was 15 and I was older than her. 

That's good. 

What's wrong with you? You dying for company? 

What? You expect somebody to be watching or something? 

I expect nothing. 

She's gaining speed real fast. She'll hit your territory in no time. 

- The brakes are burning up. - Are you nuts? 

- The brakes on the runaway burnt off. - How in the fuck did that happen? 

Didn't they check it? 

The throttle must be jammed wide open in run eight. 

Oh, damn! 

- There she goes. - Oh, God, man. What are we gonna do? 

I got a wife and two kids, man. I ain't got no money like Michael Jackson. 

- Calm down. The system is foolproof. - I need money. Shit! 

Why? Because you designed it? 

That I did, my boy. And I know how to use it. 

Now let me show you. 

We'd better fly over the highway. 

Are you serious? 

Jesus, those scum could never make it this far out. 

We're up here freezing our asses off for nothing. 

Hey, shut your mouth and keep your eyes on the glacier. 

This guy-- I'm telling you. 

He'd do the same thing I would do. 

Hey, I just thought about that bank that you ripped off in Reno. 

I was in reform school. Man, that was so fucking great. 

Two million simoleons. Man, that was hot. 

Two million is a slight exaggeration. 

The insurance company-- standard procedure. 

Yeah, but it was still fucking great, man. Tell you what-- 

I know this jug outside Frisco-- 

good for half a million. 

They had a payroll for S&H Sugar, and S&H Sugar is a big outfit, man. 

Yeah, that's what I've been dreaming about. 

A really good score, you know what I mean? 

And I'm gonna party. 

Yeah. Shit, I'm gonna go to Mardi Gras. 

I'm gonna go to Vegas, and I'm gonna go with enough money in my hip pocket... 

to catch 'em fine bitches, you know what I mean? 

You know, I've spent almost every night of my life... 

dreaming about this kind of shit. 

- Dreaming? - Yeah. 


That's bullshit. 

You're not gonna do nothing like that. 

I'll tell you what you're gonna do! 

You're gonna get a job. That's what you're gonna do. 

You're gonna get a little job-- some job a convict can get... 

Iike scraping off trays at a cafeteria or cleaning out toilets. 

And you're gonna hold on to that job like gold... 

because it is gold! 

Let me tell you, Jack. That is gold. 

You listening to me? 

And when that man walks in at the end of the day... 

and he comes to see how you done... 

you ain't gonna look in his eyes. 

You're gonna look at the floor... 

because you don't wanna see that fear in his eyes... 

when you jump up and grab his face and slam him to the floor... 

and make him scream and cry for his life. 

So you look right at the floor, Jack. Pay attention to this, motherfucker. 

And then he's gonna look around the room-- see how you done. 

And he's gonna say, "Oh, you missed a little spot over there. 

Jeez, you didn't get this one here. What about this little bitty spot?" 

And you're gonna suck all that pain inside you... 

and you're gonna clean that spot. 

And you're gonna clean that spot... 

until you get that shining clean. 

And on Friday, you'll pick up your paycheck. 

And if you could do that... 

you could be president of Chase Manhattan-- corporations. 

If you could do that. 

Not me, man. 

I wouldn't do that kind of shit. I'd rather be in jail. 

More's the pity, youngster. More the pity. 

Could you do that kind of shit? 

I wish I could. 

I wish I could. 

Central, Central. Eastbound 12... 

eastbound 12. 

Barstow here. 

- Why did you stop us? - There's a runaway coming at you. 

Hear me? Number 12, answer me! 

I don't see any runaway. 

If you were close enough to see her, you'd be dead. Get it? 

She's about four miles away. 

Now I want you to pull onto track two at once. 

- Repeat, at once. - Oh, my God! 

- No. Are you serious? - Hey, Ruby. What's going on? 

- Hey, you can't go in there right now. - Come on, Ruby. 

That eastbound 12 is crawling. 

Who's the incompetent bastard on her? He better get in the clear fast! 

Oh, man. 

Oh, Manny. 

- Oh, man. - I told you. Didn't I tell you? 

I told you something was fucked up. 

- Maybe we're on some express run. - Wake up, wacko! 

We just blew the caboose to hell without even slowing down! 

Something screwy is going on here. Look! 

Look! All the handrails are gone! Maybe the engineer has croaked. 

Hey, man. Engineers do not just croak! 

Why don't the whistle ever blow, huh? 

What are you, out of your mind? 

I just wanted to see if it worked. You said the engineer was croaked. 

Let go. 

You think this is some cops and robbers game. 

Hey, man. You picked the train! 

- You're right. - Yeah. 

State police calling Chopper One. 

Come in, please. 

We have information regarding escaped prisoners. 

Ranken, that's your radio. 

Railroad security called. They found some prison clothes in a switch yard. 

Looks like prisoner Logan's. 

- How'd they get so far? - What did I tell you? 

Tell 'em I'll be there in ten minutes. 

Have some officers ready. 

Roger, state police. We're on our way. 

Let's have some fun. 

Maybe we just ought to clear out of here. 

I mean, maybe we ought to just jump for it. What do you say? 

We can break our necks any time we want. 

Yeah, that makes sense. 

- Let's find out what's happening. - How are we gonna do that? 

- Go up front and find out. - Yeah. 

Find out what's happening. 

Go up front and find out what the hell is going on. 

I want that, man. 

For what? 

Tuck that in on you someplace. 

All right. 

And wait till I give you the signal before you attack. 


Hello, Mr. MacDonald. 

Don't tell anyone about the runaway. 

We don't want to panic the passengers. 

Besides, we've got the company's reputation to uphold. 

What's the latest on that train? 

It went straight through the caboose at Granville 12. 

Well, anyone hurt? 

Nobody. What's the story on the engineer? 

He had a heart attack. Old fart. 

He made everyone bananas trying to keep that engine from going to scrap. 

Get that. What's the speed? 

About 70. 

Hey, Barstow. Why don't you stop her? 

You put the system in. 

- Cost the company 4.5 million. - Listen, Eddie... 

it's designed for the efficient dispatching of trains when manned... 

not to stop them when they're unmanned. 

The brake shoes have burned off. The overspeed control... 

must have gotten screwed up from the collision! 

But don't worry, Eddy. 

We'll do all we can to avoid any more casualties. 

You haven't forgotten about the Seneca Bridge. 

Dave, could you get us some coffee. Come on! 

- What about the bridge? - I'm taking care of it. 

- What about the bridge? - I'd like to remind you. 

- Seneca is an old bridge. - So what? Are you gonna get the coffee? 

Mr. MacDonald, by the time that runaway reaches this bridge, it'll be doing 90. 

The restriction for that bridge is 50. 

Get that runaway on the spur in Jordan and derail her. 

- Best idea, sir. - I don't need you to tell me I'm right! 

Derail that son of a bitch! I don't care about engines! 

- I don't want to lose the bridge! - Hey, this system is designed... 

so that I can get everyone out of our way and onto the siding. 

Meanwhile, we'll think of something else. 

Right now it's just four engines, no people aboard... 

and if I let you jerk off with your system... 

this wild animal's gonna kill somebody! 

You know what that'll cost the company? 

Derail her. That's my order. 

You say derail, then we derail. 

But these people are witnesses. It's your decision, Eddy. 


Yeah, it's my decision. 

Central calling Jordan. 

Signal maintainer 40. This is an emergency. 

Signal maintainer 40, acknowledge. This is an emergency! 

Central calling Jordan. 

Signal maintainer 40, come in. Where the hell are you? 

- Central calling Jordan. - Jordan. 

- Signal maintainer 40 here. - Central here. 

There's an unmanned runaway heading west on track one. 

You're gonna have to line her into the siding... 

use the manual switch, then get out of the way. 

Superintendent MacDonald wants to derail her. 

- Yeah. - You got that name? Mr. Eddy MacDonald. 

I'll be goddamned. 

Son of a bitch! 

Hey, hear that? 

Come on, Manny! 

See? I told you, Manny! 

I knew we had an engineer on this sucker! 

- All right, kid. - I said blow, baby, blow! 

Boy, this is gonna be something. 

Signal maintainer 40 here. Eh, Jordan. 

- Central. - Listen, did I hear you right... 

that that runaway is supposed to be unmanned? 

- Yeah, that's right. - Well, let me tell you something. 

I think you're wrong. 

The whistle. The goddamn whistle's blowing! 

Derailing is out! Run, old man. Line her through! 

Somebody's blowing the goddamn whistle on that train... 

and you would have killed them just like that! 

My God! 

Okay, next hurdle. 

Come on, big train. I'll slap your big fat diesel ass. 

Come on! 

Do you like anchovies? 

I don't remember having any. 

If you had them, you'd remember. 

I tell you what. 

- Get over here. - What? 

- I don't think he saw us. - Okay. What do we do now? 

Let him come. 

When he gets two-thirds through that door, we'll nail him. 

We ain't gonna kill him, are we? 

Unless we have to. 

We'll find out what's going on. 

That makes sense. 

Oh, man. 

He's in trouble out there. Let's go help him. 

Ah, man. 

What are you doing here? 

I work on this train. What are you doing here? 

I'll tell you what we're doing here. 

We're on our way to Las Vegas to see our close friend Wayne Newton. 

Why? Are you collecting tickets... 


Hey, sweetheart... 

how would you like a really good fuck, huh? 

Just try it! 

Freeze on that bullshit. 

What happened to you? 

I was tired. I was taking a nap. 

I shouldn't have done it, but I did it. So what? 

My head got hit when we slammed into that caboose. 

I don't know what happened, but there's no engineer on this train. 

There's nobody on this train but us! 

She's lying. We heard the whistle. 

- I blew the whistle! - You're trying to get us busted. 

Listen! This runaway's gonna run into something very fast. 

I climbed back here, the last engine, where it's safer. Get it? 

I don't believe her bullshit. 

You don't believe me? 

Just look out the window. See how fast we're going? 

This train is out of control. We can get killed! 

Then we better do something about it! 

What about the hostler helper? A woman. 

Goddamn it! Does she know anything about running a locomotive? 


The only person on the whole train is a woman. 

How lucky can I get? 

-Now what? -It's chief of security from Stonehaven. 

- His name Ranken. He wants to see you. - I don't have time for him! 

- He says it's important. - Know anything about the runaway? 

- I don't think so. - Tell him we'll see him later. 

- How far to the bridge? - Twenty-five minutes. 


- Seneca Station. - Go ahead. 

This is MacDonald at Central Control. There's a runaway coming your way. 

- It's going over 80. - That's too fast for the bridge. 

I know it's too fast. Have your emergency crew together. 

- Christ, can't you stop it? - We're going to stop it. 

Have them there just in case. 


It won't do a thing. 

- I tried it from the second engine. - Why not? 

I'm no expert. All I know is when engines are hooked together... 

everything operates from the lead engine. 

Stop the lead engine, they all stop. 

I don't believe this shit! 

We get out of a maximum-security prison and wind up on an unmanned train... 

with this bitch and bad news. 

- You guys bust out of Stonehaven? - Yeah, so what? 

- Man! Why'd you tell her that? - You told her, clown. 

What difference does it make? She going to drop a dime on us? 

I guess you guys picked the wrong train. 

How come you didn't go up to the lead engine? 

You can't cross from the second to the first engine. 

It's a streamliner. It doesn't have a walkway. 

I tried a door in front, but it must have jammed during the collision. 

Oh, man. 

- What do we do now? - Think they know about us? 

They do now, after we hit that caboose. 

If they woke up, there'll be all kinds of pigs... 

all over this thing whenever and wherever it stops. 

- Ranken's all over this territory. - Maybe he'll find us. 

I ain't giving up. No matter who has to die. 

- I ain't giving them that pleasure. - I don't want to die. 

I ain't getting caught alive. 

And you neither. 

I don't know. 

I don't know nothing right now. I can't even think straight. 

Just do what I tell you and don't crap on yourself. 

I let you tag along to be a regular, not a piece of shit. 

What you're doing ain't nothing. 

We don't stand a chance if we jump out there. 

I can't jump here. This is suicide. 

You'll break every bone in your body and then what? 

- They've been broke before. - I'm with you. 

I'm with you till the wheels come off. 

You can't go. 

- You can't leave me alone here. - I don't care who jumps with me. 

I know how to stop the train! 

Why didn't you tell us that to start with, goddamn it? 

We probably can't stop it 100 , but we can slow it down. 

You tell me how. 

If we can disconnect the electric cables between the engines... 

the engines will shut down one at a time. 

It's not going to be easy. 

They'll all be frozen solid and we don't have the right tools. 

It's a better chance than jumping now. 

You better know what you're talking about. 

Look, don't threaten me. What's the matter with you? 

Come on. Let's go. 

That one. 

The one next to the tow brake? 

Yeah. Here. 

Pull me up! 

- You do it. You have two hands. - Okay, hold onto me. 

Use the wrench. 

Hey, I did it! I got it! 

Get me up! 

Come here! Look at this! 

- Look at what? - The runaway. It slowed down! 

- It's at 80 and holding. - It was 92 a couple minutes ago. 

- I don't understand it. - The girl. Somehow she slowed it. 

It doesn't matter-- eight, 180-- the bridge won't take it. 

- How far to the bridge now? - Five minutes. 

- Let's go. - Right. 

We can use the fire extinguisher. 

I lost it! 

She's coming! E.T.A.'s in about three minutes! 

Get me up! 

Get her, man. Get her! 

Grab my hand. 

Look, Manny, look! 

Get me Central Control. Quick! 

- It's crazy. - What? 

There are three people on the runaway. 

Holy shit. Where they come from? 

How do I know? We just saved three lives. 

- Not for long. - Dave, give me a fucking break. 

I wish I could, but we got five minutes to get the runaway... 

off the main line, or else it's going head-on with the Northeast Express. 

No big deal. We'll just head her into the 14. 

Great idea. Why don't you just send her to Elkins? 

- So? - No, that's the chemical plant. 

- She'll never make the curve. - She'll wipe out the whole plant. 

There'll be toxic chemicals from here to Kansas. 

Better warn them. 

You know, girl, I ought to thank you. 

It's one thing to jump, wrap yourself around a tree or a pole. 

But to wind up spilt all over a ditch... 

with a broken hip, waiting for the bulls-- 

What a waste. 

Yeah, man. You ain't kidding. 

Look, we're almost there. Come on, Manny. 

- Let's rip this fucker! - Is that the door? 

- It's jammed. I couldn't open it. - Don't worry, sweetheart. 

We been breaking through doors all our lives. 

Come on, let me in there. Let me help. 

- Let me in there. - I got it! 

You can't do it with that hand of yours. 


- Take the first west at McKessburg. - Get onto the Bell Port siding. 

Get the emergency crew ready and evacuate the plant immediately. 

Get them as far away from the plant as possible. 

You got 10 minutes if you're lucky. Get off my back, woman! 

Get off my back, woman! 

Mr. Barstow, I have two very dangerous prisoners on the loose. 

I don't give a shit if your whole prison's on the loose. 

I got a killer train on my hands with three people on board... 

and I got no free tracks left to play with. 

Do me a favor and get lost or I'm going to have ass kicked out of here! 

On the double! 

You keep an eye on her. I'm going to take a leak. 

Do that. 

Hope you don't like it and want to do something about it. 

I didn't think you wanted to back up that loud conversation. 

Wipe that piss off your face... 

and I don't want to hear any more crap out of you. 

If I don't get my convicts back, the prison will be out of control. 

You know what a riot in a maximum security prison looks like? 

Your brains are too small to imagine it. 

- Now, where's the train? - Track one. 

I'm gonna kick your teeth in, you're playing with me. 

You tell me real straight, got it? 

You tell me how to find that train with a helicopter. 

I'll show you. 

I'll be goddamned if I come all this way... 

to get stopped by some goddamned door! 

- Shit! - Don't give up now. 

- We're gonna make it through this. - How? 

I don't know. 

But I know that people are clearing the tracks. 

And I know they won't abandon us. 

- How do you know that? - I just feel it in my heart. 

There are miracles. 

You're stupid. You know how stupid you sound? Miracle, my ass! 

One must count on oneself, nobody else. 

You think I'm waiting around for a miracle to happen? 

I'm going out and around. 

I'm going there. That's where I'm going! 

You can't make it. I told you... 

there's nothing to hold on to. 

There's no walkways. I told you, you can't make it ! 

I'll make it. If I have to fly the five feet like a birdie. 

I'll fly it. I'll make it. 

Manny, you can't do it. Not with that arm of yours. 

But I can do it. I can whip this fucker. 

So, give me a drink. Let me go for it. 

- All right. - Hey, sucker! 

Lighten up. 

- You are so brave. - Yeah, I know it. 


I'm going. Here I go. 

Partners? Yeah. 

Fucking A. 

You can make it! 

Fuck, you got guts, kid! 

You got real guts. More guts than brains. 

- What did you say? - No brains! 

- That's mean! - That's the truth. 

Come on, Buck. Let's go, sucker. 

Make it now! Jump for it! 

- He's got to come back. - Go for it! 

- I can't watch this. - Then sit down! 

Don't give up on me! 

Come on! Come on! 

Go get the-- 

Don't quit! Get out there! 

He can't do it! Don't you care about him? 

- Does his life mean anything to you? - Get out of here! 

Get back, punk! 

You want to be a tough guy? You want to be a legend? Go back! 

Let him in! 

- What are you doing, Manny? - Get the fuck up! 

Show me you ain't got shit for blood. 

Give me a break. 

Get out there! 

Don't you talk to me! 

I don't know who you are. You want to be a tough guy? 

Get the fuck out of here! 

- Stop it! - You want to kill me? 

If I'd wanted to punch your ticket, you'd be long gone. 

I'm telling you, you can do it! 

I can't do it, Manny. 

You don't know what you could do or what you can't. 

You're a coward! Why'd I break out with this chickenshit? 

Leave him alone! 

- Get the fuck up! You hear me? - Stop it! 

- Get the fuck out here! - Okay! 

No! He's using you! Don't go! 

You're gonna do what I tell you, aren't you? 

- That's right! You're gonna do it! - Do it yourself if you're so brave! 

- I would if I had two hands. - Bullshit! 

You think you can sacrifice someone else's life? 

You're an animal! 

No, worse. Human. 

Get the fuck out of here. Go! Get the hell out of here! 

I'm not letting you go! 

Don't you touch her! 

I'll kill you, Manny! 

You die, sucker! 

Don't make me kill you. 

I'll beat you to fucking death! 

Come on, try me! 

Kill him! 

I thought you was my friend. 

I thought we was partners. 

Shit. You know... 

you're worse than Ranken, when the truth comes out. 

At least he's up front with his bullshit. 

You was a hero. 

You was a hero... 

to all of us back in that shithole. 


It's your mess, Frank. You should've listened to me and derailed her. 

So what do we do? We shunt them onto the siding... 

and in 15 minutes they run out of track. 

- Elkins Station! - Elkins, go ahead. 

- Gilchrist, this is MacDonald. - Yes, MacDonald. 

- Barstow here. - Come on! 

Listen carefully and act fast. 

You have about one minute to line the runaway under the old spur... 

- the one we don't use anymore. - You got it. 

- All right, go. - Good, good! 

Good boy! We'll save the chemical plant, huh? 

We're still going to lose those three people. 

I still don't understand. 

How did this happen? Why couldn't we stop it with all this junk? 

I mean, with all this high technology? 

Some things can't be explained. 


Holy shit! 

See that Ranken? Did you see that? 

Come on, Ranken! 

You'll never take me back! 

Try it! 

You'll never get me alive! 

What's the matter? You got no fucking guts? 

Come on! 

You hear me? You'll never stop this train! 

I told you I'd break free! 

Here I am, right in your face. Come on down! 

I won! I won! 

Here I am! I'm alive, sucker! 

You hear me? 

You'll never get me! 

You'll never stop this train. Never! 

You understand? I won! 

What was that? 

What happened? 

They gave up on us. 

They switched us onto a dead-end track. 

- What does that mean? - We're going to crash. 

Hold me. 

I don't want to die alone. 

We going to be all right. We going to be fine. 

We all die alone. Come on, Ranken! 

Here I am! I'm out of my cage now! 

I'm never going back. 

You'll never stop me! Never! I'm out. You hear me? 

You can't get across, Manny. 

I'm out of my cage. You'll never stop me. 

You're gonna learn, kid. 

It's all up here. 

I'll cross the stinking thing. 

Watch me. 

Waiting for you. 

Is Jonah alive? 

That's good. He'll be glad. 

Don't do it, Manny. You'll burn for it. You know you will. 

Push the button. We're on a dead-end siding. 

We're gonna crash in five minutes. 

Then we'll have a nice five-minute ride together. 

You think you're a hero, huh? You're scum. 

We're both scum, brother. 

You're going to push that button and stop this train! 

We've only got a few minutes! 

We got all the time in the world. 

- You'll die, bastard! - You'll die with me. 

Fuck you. You're as afraid to die as anybody else. 

And I never let you free. You hear me? 

I am free, Ranken. 

You think you won! 

I know how to die too! 

Win, lose, what's the difference? 

What about that punk and the girl? 

No, it's just you and me. 

Manny! Shut it down. 

Shut it down! That's all you got to do! 

He knows what he wants to do. 

He did it.  




Special help by SergeiK