The Rundown Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally,  The Rundown script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sean William Scott, The Rock, Rosario Dawson, and Christopher Walken.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Rundown. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Rundown Script



I seen the bright lights

of Memphis



And the Commodore Hotel



And underneath the streetlamp



I met a Southern belle



Oh, she took me to the river



[Radio Stations Changing]




I just love mushrooms.

One of my favorites,



or as I call it

"the king of mushrooms,"

is the porcini.



Now stop right there.

Don't be alarmed.



There's a lot of confusion

in this country...



between porcini,

the Italian name,



and cèpes,

which is the French name.



They're fat and they're earthy.



Now, the porcini is most often

seen dried here in this country.



And they would always

be labeled "dried porcinis,"



not "dried cèpes."





Okay? They are very,

very, very flavorful.

Come on.



It's about time.

Hour and a half I've been waiting.



Man, you're lucky to be getting in.

It's an extremely private party tonight.



Let's go.




What's he drinking?

Jägermeister and Cristal.










No, but we do have

a slight problem.



Have fun.



What's the problem?



That's your problem.

Okay, the guy on the left

is Jaleel Johnson.



I think he's like

the left tackle or something.




Defensive end.

He's the best defensive lineman...



Notre Dame's produced

in the last    years, maybe ever.



The guy on his left

is KambuiJackson.



Ran for      yards last year,

all-pro five years in a row.



The guy in the headband,

that's Fernando Lewis,

middle linebacker.



- Plays a lot like Ray Lewis.

- [Glass Breaks]



- Hejust hits harder.

- Whatever, Beck.

I'm not into football.



The other two guys

areJimmy Coggeshell

and David Mulaire.



- Whoo!

- One's from USC,

the other one's from Ohio State.



- [Bone Cracks]

- [Man] Stay down, bitch.!



Well, anyway, the guy you're

looking for is right there.

That's Brian Knappmiller.



Throws like Brett Favre,



bets like Pete Rose.



So, I'm telling this cat, I'm like,

"Yo, I know it's you thatjumped.



I know it's you.

I saw you jump.

Don't tell me it's not you."



- He's like, "I don't know."

I'm like, "Dog."

- Excuse me.



- It's you. I know.

- [Clears Throat]

Excuse me.



- I'm sorry to bother you guys.

I apologize.

- Hold up, my man.



I ain't got no hookups

to tryout camps. You gotta

show up like everybody else.



You're a big boy though.

I think you'll be all right.



So I'm tellin' the cat

I don't wanna have to sit through...



Excuse me, Brian, I'm sorry.

I'm not here to talk to you

about tryouts



If I could have one minute

of your time.

I got it. Pass me that.



Who do I make this out to, man?



Who do I make it out to?

Yeah, what's your name?



- Beck. B-E-C-K.

- Beck?



- What's up, man?

- What's happening?



- Here you go, man?

Knock yourself out. All right?

- Thank you.



You got it.

Now, what you gonna do?



You gonna come back,

or what?



[Hip-hop Continues]

Excuse me.



I'm really sorry.

Yo, man,

what are you doing, man?



Couple of months ago,

you made some wagers

with an associate of mine.



- Two, three months ago?

- What's up, Knappy?



- Nothing. It's good.

Enjoy your drink.

- What's up, Jimmy?



Bets? You come embarrass me

in front of my friends

about some bets?



Don't mean to embarrass you.

This is embarrassing to me.

I'm a big fan.



But $     

you might have remembered.

I know what it is, man.



Listen. There's a "G"

to get me started.



Now you do me a favor.

You tell your man I'm gonna

see him on Monday with the rest.



And not to send anybody else

to see me. All right?







I'm gonna need

some collateral from you.






I'm gonna need the ring.






I'm sorry.

Are you... Yo!



Slip it to me under the table,

on the low-low.



I'll make sure you get it back.

On the low-low.



You want the ring? I'll give it.

You want a drink too?



- Thank you.

- Take the ring, buddy.



That's what I think about that.

Get the hell on, man.



Go, man, go.! Go.!

Hey, do something with this.



You heard the man.

Let's go, man. Get up.






That's right, playboy, walk.

Go on, man.



Get your ass outta here.



Go, go, go, go, go, go, go



- You all right?

- This shit burns.



[Line Ringing]





Hey, it's me.



Oh, yeah, he's here.

We got a problem though.



He's got the entire offensive line.

The entire offensive line is here.



Let me do it another night.

How about that?



They've got a legitimate shot

at repeating this year.

I do not want to hurt them.



I don't wanna go out...

[Man On Phone, Indistinct]



Okay, Billy.



[Phone Snaps Shut]






Is that your chik

People you know



Me and Timbaland been hot

since    years ago



What da dilly yo

Now what da dilly yo

If you wanna battle me



Knappmiller, you got two choices.

Option "A": You give me the ring.




Option "B":

I make you give me the ring.



I'll take "B."



- Ooh!

- Wrong choice.



Getcho freak on

Getcho freak on

Getcho freak on



Getcho freak on

Getcho freak on



Getcho freak on

Missy be puttin'it down



I'm the hottest round

I told your mutha



Y'all can stop me now

Listen to me now



I'm lastin'   rounds

And if you want me, people



Then come and get me now

Is you with me now



The biggie biggie bounce

I know you dig the way

I sw... sw... switched my style




People sing around

People gather round



- Okay.

- Peoplejump around




Shh, hush yo mouth



Silence when I spit it out



- [Bone Breaks]

- In your face



Open yo mouth

Give you a taste




Ain't no stoppin'me




so don't copy me



Getcho freak on

Getcho freak on



[Continues, Indistinct]



Put him down, man!



[Record Scratches]



Oh! Ohh!




[Record Scratches]



[Knappmiller Groans]



- [Bones Crack]

- [Yells]



Yo, man, what's with

all this hostility, man?



You should have taken

option "A."






Are you all right, mate?



Are you okay?




Thanks, mate.



- [Tires Skid]

- [Buzzes]



There he is.

Why'd you send him, Billy?




Oh, he was just backup.



After I got your call,

I wasn't so sure

you could deliver, you know.



- What happened anyway?

- He stole it from me.



He got you

with those beanbags? No.



That is gonna be   

off your vig anyway.



Billy, you know I've got plans.

You are gonna stop

nickel and diming me.



It's a tough business, you know,

the restaurant business.



I hear that   % of them fail

the first year, and you know why?



Under capitalization.

That's why.



I just don't think...

Billy, I want out.

I want a new life.



I want my money

and I want it now.



Now. Now.






[Paper Rustling]



One job.



One job,

I wipe your slate clean.



And you have your restaurant.



Go on.

Open it up.



Come on.



It's a photo

of Travis Alfred Walker.



Stanford dropout,

treasure hunter.



Only, to date, the only thing

he's found is trouble.



Did you say, "Walker"?

My son.



He's from my third marriage.

Lasted about three minutes.



That picture was taken

about two months ago.



Some gold mining town called El Dorado,

down in the middle of the Amazon.



How much?




- With that kind of money,

invite him back yourself.

- The boy doesn't trust me.



- Kidnapping's gonna help.

- Is that sarcasm?



You wanna be sarcastic,

you do it to your monkey friends.



You do not do it to me!



Do you understand?



I'm sorry, Billy.



You're goddamn right

you are.



- What'd he do?

- Pissed off the wrong people.



I don't have to

remind you what happens

when you do that, do I?



So I bought him

some forgiveness.



But if I don't bring him

back here to face the music,



you know damn well

that I can't carry a tune.



So, you deliver

my boy back here.



You bring him

right through that door,



you walk out of this house

a free man...



with a restaurant.



His final words



Don't take your guns to town, son



Leave your guns at home, Bill



Don't take your guns to town



Is that duct tape?

Oh, aye. Aye, aye.



Don't worry there, little fella.

Walk by faith, not by sight. Hmm?



Will you look at that?

We can't land now.



- Why? Why can't we land?

- They got the "booze on the grind."



"Booze on the grind"?

Aye, the bulls on the ground.

The cattle down there.




Yeah. I'll give them

a wee fright there.



Ah, get moving! Ah, come on then!

Outta me way!



Outta me way, you.!



Move it.!

Move it now.! Shoo.!



Outta my way.!



Outta me way.




[Cattle Mooing]



[Pilot Laughing]



All right there, get off the...

Okay, gotcha.



Hey, Sugie, what'd I tell you

about not let... My needle

was totally nackered.



R.P.M. s all over the shaft.



- Is this the only road in and out?

- If you wanna stay alive.



- Why's that?

- That there, that's the jungle, little fella.



You got anacondas in there.

Poison arrow frogs, black flies,

bullet ants.



If they don't get you,

the rebels will.



- What?

- Aye, rebels.

That's what I'm telling you.



To them, Cornelius Hatcher's

built a Babylon in paradise.



- Built a what?

- A Babylon.



Yeah, that mine...



is as close as a man can come

to the gates ofhell,



while his heart's still beating.



The Sunday school picnic

is over, I'll tell you that.



Stay out of the jungle,

little fella, okay?



[Horn Honking]



I, uh... I found these flowers

growing in the deepest parts

of the jungle.



As far as I can tell,

no one's ever identified them,



which means that I'm responsible

for naming them.



I can only think of one word...



that fits something

so beautiful.






How much do you want?



- What?

- How much?



I need your uncle's boat.

A day or two, max.

Mariana, listen.



You borrow my car,

you bring it back with no windshield.

You borrow my brother's scooter...



The scooter was mechanical.

It wasn't my fault.



Now you want to

borrow my uncle's boat?

And, "I found it. I found it."



You will never find

this "Garbo" of yours.



Shh, it's gato.

I told you.



- Gato.

- It's out there, Mariana.



I know exactly where it is.

But I need that boat.



How much?

I told you...



No, how much

is your gato worth?



- This is a very significant

academic find, Mariana.

- How much?



- It's not about money.

- You lie like a little girl.



I'm not lying.



If I get the boat for you,

you have to take me with you.



That's ridiculous.

We're talking about

a lousy boat here.



And we split the take

  -  .

I've been doing all the work, okay?



I found it. No way.

Fifty-fifty, Travis.







- Sixty-forty.

- Fifty-fifty, and I get off

of work at  :  .



Then we can go

and get your gato.



You're evil.



Thank you.




For the flowers.



Harvey, someone here

to see your brother.



- Where's he from?

- He's an American.



- You got a gun?

- No, I don't like guns.



Check him.



[Speaking Portuguese]



- What's the current payout?

- Give me a payout for quadrant three.



[Speaking Portuguese]



[Frog Trilling]






Two-four, two-five.

Down    percent.






You checked him?

All right. Let's go.



Come on.



Come on.



Never met an American

who didn't like guns.



Tell 'em to dig harder.



If only it were that simple,

eh, Mr. Beck?



- How do you know my name?

- When a man of your dimensions...



travels all this way

to visit a place like this,



it arouses the curiosity.



What can I do for you?

Do you know this man?



Ah, Travis Walker.



I let him do some excavating

around the mine,



allow him to rent a room

in my town,



all for a fair   %

of anything he might unearth.



Can you tell me

where to find him?

Yeah, just follow the bullshit.



The guy's got a mouth

should be in the circus.



Brother, please.

Do you have business with him?



I do.

Good. What kind of business?

I love business.



It's personal.



So, why come to me?



When I'm a guest

in another man's house,




I don't reach into his refrigerator

without asking permission.




I wanna show you something,

Mr. Beck.



Does that look like

a refrigerator to you?



Looks more like hell.



Well, you see hell.

I see a spellbinding

sense of purpose.



I see the value

of keeping your eye on the ball.



When a bride

slips the ring on her finger,



when a businessman

lays his hands on a Rolex,



when a rapper

gets a shiny new tooth,



this is that cost, Mr. Beck.



My horror for their beauty.

My hell for their little slice of heaven.



Somebody's gotta

keep his eye on the ball.



That somebody is me, Mr. Beck.



I am down here every day...



keeping my eye on the ball.



That's just a simple fact oflife.



And if you're bold enough

to face that cold, hard fact,



you can make a lot of money.



- What do you want with the kid?

- I've come to take him home.



That'll cost you $     .



I need to borrow theJeep.

Uh, wait a minute, friend.



I'll give you $    .




I'll give you $    .



I need you to take my bag

back to the plane.



Keep the engine running.

Can you do that?



For $    ?

That's right.



I'll find a way.



Declan, I'm gonna

be coming fast.




- [Glasses Clinking]

- [Pool Balls Clacking]









Where from?


that's got bartenders.



What can I get you?



I'll take a beer.



- Nice flowers.

- O tolo sorrindo.



The smiling fool.



You know, back in the States,

Brazil nuts like these

go for $   a pound.



Well, those fell

off the tree out back.



And around here

we don't call them Brazil nuts.



What do you call 'em?

Well, we're in Brazil,



so we just call them nuts.



Fair enough.

So what brings you to the Amazon?

Other than the food and drink, of course.



I'm looking for a man.



- What's your type?

- His name's Travis Walker.



Brown hair, he's in his   s.

Wears a blue shirt, jeans.



Right now, he's got a real

bewildered look on his face.



- Do I know you?

- The name's Beck.



What can I do for you,

Mr. Beck?



I need you to make

a choice for me.

A choice.



Option "A" or option "B"?

What's option "A"?



Well, option 'A"is you and I

walk outta here nice and easy,



get in myJeep

and we drive back

to the airstrip.



And then we begin

our long journey

back to Los Angeles.



Be no blood,

no broken bones.



And no problems.


What's in Los Angeles?



Your father.



What's option "B"?

Pretty much

the opposite of"A."



But I wouldn't recommend

that one.



I'll take option "C."



Travis, there is no option "C."







Are you sure?

I mean, big boy,



there's always an option "C."



[Groans, Whimpers]



- Ow, ow.! So angry.!

- Shut up.



Shut up!

Ow! Ow! Ow!



Like I said,

there is no option "C."



Let me introduce you

to option "C."




Mr. Beck.



There's been a slight change

in the narrative.



An unexpected twist

you might say.



Can I have a beer, please?



Mr. Hatcher, I was just gonna

come find you when this...



- The kid stays.

- I paid you.



Well, fortunately,

I had my fingers crossed

the whole time.



Apparently, young Mr. Walker

may have stumbled

onto a trinket of some value,



and as he's located it

in myjungle,



yup, I'm gonna need him

to lead me to it.



Okay, so let's go, dickhead.



- Don't call me a dickhead, you dickhead.

- Did you find it or not, asshole?



- What's that, asshole?

- Harvey.

- Did you find it or not, asshole?



- What's that, asshole?

- Did you find it or not, asshole?



- Don't!

- Hey, don't rock the boat.







I don't want any trouble.

Then leave now

and don't come back.



And the      ?

Consider it tax deductible.



A contribution

to your personal health fund.



With all due respect,

Mr. Hatcher,



I'm feeling pretty healthy.



- Oh, yeah?

- Walk.



Don't make waves.



Look out for the chair!



- Wow.

- [Harvey Whimpering]



You're gonna kill us all,

Mr. Beck?









I tried to be reasonable.



It's not the way to do business.



You should have kept the gun.



You're dead already.

You just don't know it yet.



This is option "B"?

Are you kidding me?




You're dead.

You're so dead.



We're not gonna

be able to get outta here.

All this land, Hatcher owns it.



- The road that you're on, the air that

you're breathing, Hatcher owns it all.

- Shut up.



Whatever my father's paying you,

I will double it.




I'll quadruple it.

I'll double it and quadruple it.

No. No.



You're being unreasonable.



I'm gonna give you

one more chance to reconsider.



- I'll give you one chance

to shut your mouth.

- Is that your final answer?



For what it's worth,

I hope you enjoy the fall.



- Yeah, what fall?

- This fall.



- [Horn Honks]

- [Engine Revs]



[Both Yell]



[Travis Yelling]



- Oh!

- Whoo-hoo.!










Come on.

Where are the frickin' keys?



That's it. Come on. Oh!

[Handcuffs Unlock]









Good God.






I'm not going back.

Oh, you're going back.



No way.

Right now.



Who the hell

do you think you are, huh?



You come into my town,

mess up my bar.



- And you eyeball my woman.

- Eyeball your woman?



No, it's on.



What's this, huh?

Who is this?



Is he your friend?

Do you know him?



Do you? Say hello.



Say hello. Say hello.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!






Are you finished?

Let's go.



Big boy,

you like thunderstorms, huh?



Bet you do, right?




Little thunder.

Little lightning.

Stop it.



Stop it!

Thunder, lightning.

Thunder, lightning.



Here's... Oh!




You done beating me up?

Let's go.



Yeah, you win.

I'm tired of this.




Come on!



Go to sleep!

Night-night! Night-night!



Go to sleep!

Come on!



Obviously we got off

on the wrong foot here,



so I'm gonna

be completely candid with you.




Have you ever heard of

the Gato do Diabo?



- The devil's cat.

- You're gonna stop speaking

right now.



All right. Oh!



It's a priceless object, man.



Forged out of pure gold.



- It's worth millions.

- Thought you said it was priceless.



You do not want to argue semantics

with a Ph.D. candidate.



- Ph.D.?

- Yeah. Oh!



I am really very close

to being Dr. Travis Walker.



Dropped out of Stanford

after two semesters, Einstein.



So, I'm fairly close.

Closer than you.



You're close to getting

your ass kicked again.

We got a plane to catch.



Wait. Wait. Wait.

The gato is real, all right?



I know where to find it.

I'll split it with you,   -  .







You're a very unpleasant

individual, you know that?



[Man Yells In Portuguese]



You think they're dead?

What am I, psychic?



I'm gonna cut

that kid's nose off.



No, Harvey,

you wanna get the gato,



'cause if the bad guys get it,

they won't need us anymore.



There'll be no one

to work the mine.

You wanna work the mine?



There are two men in that jungle

who are trying to steal from me.



I feel like a little boy

who's lost his first tooth.



Put it under his pillow,

waiting for the tooth fairy to come.



Only, two evil burglars

have crept in my window...



and snatched it

before she could get here.



- [Portuguese]

- Wait a second.



Do you understand

the concept of the tooth fairy?



Explain it to them.




You find a tooth.

You put it under your pillow.



[Harvey Continues in Portuguese]



Wait. She takes the goddamn thing,

gives you a quarter.



They got my tooth.

I want it back.



I have to ask you,

back at the bar, man.

That was crazy.



No guns.

Strip, toss. Toss, strip.



Didn't I tell you to be quiet?

I know. I know.



But what is that?

Some kind of nouveau

Samurai code or something?



You got a problem with guns?

Let's just say they take me

to a place I don't wanna go.



Where do they take you?



To a place you don't wanna

see me go. Walk.



How often

do you work out?



Let me get this straight.

You never use guns?








If your best friend

was gonna die?

You wouldn't pick up a gun?



No guns.

Santa Claus would pick up

a gun to save his best friend.



Do I look like Santa Claus?

Do I look like Santa Claus to you?



Guns make you

un poco loco?

Bang-bang crazy?



I pick up guns,

bad things happen to people.

I don't like that.



What kind of things?

Very bad things, Travis.




What about knives?






My father doesn't share

the same distaste

for guns you do.



He's your father.

He's not gonna kill you.



The only thing Billy Walker

cares about is what's

good for business.



Now, the question is,

Mr. Beck, what's good

for your business?



Huh? You don't like money?



I don't make deals

with people like you.




You don't even know me.



You're just like

every other jackass

I've taken down.



First they try to run,

then they try to fight,

then they try to negotiate.



When that doesn't work, they do

exactly what you're about to do

when you realize it's over.



Oh, yeah?

What's that?



You're gonna get down

on your hands and knees

and you're gonna beg me for a break.



Well, guess what.

I don't give breaks. No breaks.




You don't understand

the situation.



You borrowed money

from the wrong guy.

You shot the wrong guy.



You slept with

the wrong guy's wife.

I don't care.



Your mistake.



What about you, Mr. Beck?



Haven't you ever

made a mistake?



I know, move.



No breaks.

That's lame.




No breaks.

I don't give breaks.



Santa Claus

doesn't give any breaks.




Should have been

at the airstrip by now.



Like I'm really gonna

help you out with this.

I didn't ask for your help.



What are you doing?

I have to pee.



Pee in your pants. Move.




I've let you push me around

this jungle for like five hours.

You've been very aggressive.



And I'm not taking another step

until you let me pee.



If you wanna keep going,

you're gonna have to carry me.



And I guarantee,

I'm gonna pee on your head.



You threatening me?

You threatening me with pee?



Well, yeah, if you don't

let me pee here.



Fine. You win. Pee.



Will you unzip me?



No, I'm not gonna unzip you.

You wanna pee?

You have    seconds.



How am I supposed to pee with

my hands cuffed behind my back?

Find a way. Pee.



Come on.

Don't make it weird.






Don't breathe.

Don't say a word.



Don't even look at me.

Look over there.



[Unzips Zipper]



Thanks, man.



Oh, shit.



I can't get it out.



Could you just...

No. Hell no.



God! Son of a...




Come on! Come on!



Come on!

Oh, hey, hey, I got it.




You got    seconds.

Hurry up.



Don't listen to Tiny Tim, okay?



You're the real big boy.

Everybody knows it.




One, two, three. Go.



One, two, three.

Go, go, go, go!




Oh. Oh, yeah.




I'm going.






Oh, boy.







What is this?

What is...



Travis, hey.




Welcome to the jungle, tough guy.



Looks like big boy

got himself pig-snared.

Get me down.



Hey, I've got the keys

to your cuffs.



- Oh! Oh, shit.

- I'll tell you what you've got, pal.



You've got problems.

Travis. Don't do it, Travis.



- Hey, hey, get me down. Travis.

- Whoo!



Oh, what's this?

Is this your diary?



- Your little journal? Huh?

- Gimme that. Don't touch that.



Do you want this?

Get it! Get it!

Give that back.



Come on, get it.

Come on! Yeah, yeah!



- Oh, yeah, come on.

Get it, get it, get it!

- Give it to me!



Caw-caw. You're like

a little birdie up there.

Caw-caw. Caw-caw.



Caw-caw. Caw-caw.

Caw-caw. Caw-caw.



I will kill you.

You better give me that book.



"Shrimp and pea risotto

with basil and mint."



- What are you, a chef?

- None of your business.

Gimme the book back!



Well, it looks like

your Wolfgang's stuck

right here, huh?



Travis! Travis!

Hey, I let you pee.



Oh, yeah, you did.

You did. Thank you so much.



Do you have to pee, huh?

Well, you got    seconds.

Go ahead and pee.



[Branch Cracks]



Oh, shit. Oh!



Hey, I was totally kidding

about what I said.



Gimme the book.

Turn around.

I don't want it. Oh!



What do you always

gotta hit me?

Now listen to me.



We gotta get to this tree.

Now let's go back to back.



All right. Okay.



Kick your legs.

I'm trying!

I'm kicking my legs!



Where are you?

Grab my back, not my ass.



You got it?

Got it. Got it.



Oh, great, you did it.



Now what? Why?

Pull your arm over me

into the tree.




Put your arm over me.

You're likeJoe Pig-snare?



Put your arm over me.



Just stop moving.

Grab the vine.

You gotta grab the...



[Creature Roars]

What was that?



Oh, shit.

What was that?






[Growls, Trills]



Steady. Steady.










- Steady!

- [Roars]



- G-G-G-G-G-G-G...

- [Hisses]




Do not fight them.!




Oh, my God!




What's he doing?

What is he doing?



He's humping you.

He's humping you.

What is he doing?



Establish dominance!

Establish dominance!



- [Beck] Get him off me.!

- [Monkey Grunting]



He's humping me!


Make him stop!






Who's that?

It's the rebels. Don't worry.

They're my friends.





God bless you. Say hi.






These are your friends, huh?

Are you kidding me?



I'm starting to long

for a monkey with a hard-on.




Whatever happens,

just keep looking into his eyes.



Won't that offend him?




Whatever you do,

do no blink.



They're like grizzlies.

Just shut up and let me

take care of this.






He thinks we work for Hatcher.

Tell him the truth.

[Mouthing Words]



Fierce gaze. Fierce gaze. Fierce gaze.






What's he saying?

Shut up.

Just hold his gaze. Hold his gaze.



[Guns Cocking]



Why do I get the feeling

you really suck at Portuguese?



- Oh! Oh!

- [Portuguese]



Fierce gaze!



- What's going on?

- I think he wants to fight you.



No, we're not fighting.

Tell him I don't want to fight.



[Travis In Portuguese]



I do not want to fight you.

We are not fighting.



I do not want to fight.

We are not fighting.

Don't worry. They're little people.




You can take them.

They're little.



You can win.



Why do you wanna fight?




I just wanna get back

to the airport.




I just have to get home.



Okay, hip-hop.



You don't wanna do this.

Please. Please.



Travis, tell them one more time,

I do not wanna fight.



l-I'd love to help you out, buddy,



but I don't think they're really

listening to me anymore.



Heads up.



That's okay!

That is okay.



Hey, Kansas City.






- Don't do it.

- [Portuguese]



What is that?

That's like spinning Tarzan jujitsu.



Speedy little bastards,

aren't they?



It's gotta stay up.



- Oh! Ow!

- [Yells]



- [Panting]

- [Drums Stop]



- [Groans]

- [Mouthing Words]



I am not your enemy.






- [Portuguese]

- Mariana.



What are you doing here?



Barmaid by day,

rebel leader by night.



You are good.



The whole time

I was working you,

you were working me.



I was hoping you might find

El Gato do Diabo.




It couldn't have all been work.

Could it?



Man, that was some good work.



What do you think, Travis?



I knew.

You know that, right?

I totally knew.



[Mariana In Portuguese]






The herbs will keep it

from getting infected.



- Why do you do this?

- Pardon me?



- Why do you fight?

- Because of    cents an hour,

Mr. Beck.



That's what Hatcher

pays the workers.



But in order to mine,

you need tools.



You need food, clothing,

a place to sleep.



You have no money,

so what do you do?



You borrow from Hatcher.



Pick and shovel,

a dollar a day.



Sack to hold the dirt,

another dollar.



Mr. Beck knows a lot

about that, don't you?



He knows what it's like

to dig a hole so deep

you can never climb out.



Call it what you want.

Escravidão. Slavery.



And we intend to stop it.






Manito wants to know

who you think would win a fight...



between Mike Tyson

and Muhammad Ali.



Ali. Hands down.






He says

what about Tyson's power?




Tell him Ali would have done to Tyson

what he did to Foreman in Africa.



Ah, Rumble...

Rumble in theJungle.



- Tell him Ali was too smart.

- [Portuguese]



Too smart, too fast.

He would have used his jabs.

Bam.! Bam.!



- [Mariana Translates]

- Would have danced.



Would have played with his mind.

Before you know it,

bam, left to the body.



- Bam, right to the head.

- [Portuguese]



Down goes Tyson.



Float like butterfly.



Sting like bee.



Float like butterfly,

sting like bee.




Float like butterfly,

sting like a bee.



Float like butterfly,

sting like a bee. Aah!






He says he thinks

you are a great fighter.



And he wants you to have it.

It's for luck.



- Tell him I'm sorry. I can't.

- You'll offend him if you refuse.



I'm honored. Thank you.




You'll need all the luck

you can get.



It's a long walk

back to the airfield.



Especially by yourself.






You don't understand.



I'm not going back

without him.



- Here we go again.

- Fifty rifles say you are.



And we're rebels, not thieves.







[Yelling In Portuguese]



- Travis!

- [Gunshots]






Let's clean it up.









Not so fast, jungle boy.



[Motorcycle Approaches]



Move. Move!




Come on.




Get back, Manito. Vamos.



Go! Go! Go!




Let's go!



I want hunting parties.

Small ones.



Find them.



Find them!




All right, this is the way

it's going to be.



You're going to take me

to El Gato do Diabo.



And you're going to take me now.



- Calm down.

- Don't!



You saw what they do.

Don't ever tell me to calm down.



- Travis, don't play with me.

- Or what?



Or I'm going to shoot you.



Well, if you shoot me,

you're never gonna find the gato.



So, we're gonna make

a little deal.



Deal? You see,

El Gato is just an object to you.



It's a life on the Riviera

and a private yacht.



- Lady, you don't know

the first thing about me.

- For us, it's hope.



Oh, you're breakin'my heart.

It's like a telethon.



- You selfish...

- [Rifle Blast]



Sit down. Sit down!



Holy shit.

You tried to shoot me!



You saw it.



- Crazy...

- Shut up.



You shut up.



The deal is this.

He'll take you to the gato.



You just show me

how I get out of this jungle

so I can take him home. Deal?



Do we... have a deal?






Let me get this straight.



She gets what she needs,

you get what you need

and I get the shaft.



- I could always give her back the gun.

- I really don't like you.



- Well, I get that a lot.

- Seriously.




I was just wondering

how it is you came to do,



you know,

whatever it is you do.



- It's a long story.

- It's a long walk.



I grew up

in a very rough place.



One thing led to another,

that's all. Just like you.



Like me?

Yeah. You get pushed,

you push back.



But with me, I pushed so hard

that word got around.



Before I knew it, I was standing

in a room full of the wrong people

with the wrong money.



So you think I'm standing in a room

full of the wrong people?




- Something like that.

- I like you, Mr. Beck.






But you and I are nothing alike.



Travis, let's keep moving.



Let's go.



[Water Rushing]



What are you doing?



Let's take us a little swim,




We're not swimming.

We're moving.



- Let's go.

- Come on, big boy.

You could use a bath.



Travis, we have to keep moving.

It'll be dark soon.



Why? We're already here.



Don't pee in the water.




A candiru, a vicious parasite will

swim up the urine into your pau.




Come on, big boy.

Feels good!



Swim up my what?



Your pinto.

It'll swim up your ding-dong.



And once it gets in,

you can't get it out.




Come on!




Well, then what?



They have to amputate.



Not this boy's pinto.

Uh-uh, not today.



The hieroglyphic code said

the great chief of the Marajo people...



put the gato to sleep

behind the walls of a moving curtain.



A waterfall.






Must be some kind

of methane buildup.



It's cool. Let's go.




[All Gasping]



Yeah, real genius.

You have no clue what you're doing.



Aw, shut up.

You obviously don't know the first thing

about methane deposits.



Oh, and you do?

Shut up.



What'd you just say?



[Walls Creaking]



What is it?



Why do I get the feeling

we are not supposed to be here?



Because we're not.



Whoa! Jesus!



There it is.!

I told you it was real.!



Travis, you're never gonna get back there.

It's too dangerous.



- [Gasps]

- [Beck] The roof is coming down.



Wait a second.






I know what this is.





I can't hold this, Travis.



- I know what this is.

- What is it?



It's an    -year-old safe.

This is how they kept

their treasures protected.



There's a combination.



Jaguar. Cat.



Gato. Cat.

It's gotta be thejaguar.



If we hold the sticks closest

to the jaguar, we'll be okay.



In about    seconds,

then the whole roof's coming down.



You're not gonna touch anything.

Let's go.



Follow thejag.

Follow thejaguar.






Easy. Easy.



- [Gasps]

- It's comin' down, Travis.




What are you doing?

Let's go.




Pass it to me.



- Is that a jaguar?

- I think it's an eagle.



Travis, hurry!



Oh, look at that.



Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.



I did it.



I found you.



Not some Oxford archaeologist

or some stiff-assed Harvard professor.



- I did! I found you!

- Who gives a shit?



How do you like me now,

huh, Beck?



Go.! Go.! Move.!



Now.! Run.!



Let's go!





These are konlobos.



They're very rare.

You're lucky.



And I wouldn't flirt

with El Gato do Diabo's eyes

if I were you.



- They say it's quite dangerous.

- What else do they say?



That once restored to its rightful owners,

the rivers will run deep, laden with fish.



And the trees will grow tall

bringing shade for thousands




so its people may rest

their weary backs.



You think bringing this gato

to your people will do all that?



No, Mr. Beck, but I expect

the money selling it brings

will do just that.



We can buy seed, irrigate,

farm our own lands,

free ourselves from Hatcher's mine.



Lutadores da liberdade.



When that statue hits the black market,

it's gonna vanish forever.



It's a little late for morals,

don't you think?



Especially after you were going

to do the same thing yourself.



And   % of that black market

is going to pay for your freedom,



so I'd be a little more grateful

if I were you.



What if I told you I was gonna

give it to a museum so that

the whole world could appreciate it?



You can tell me anything

you want, Travis.



But I know you.






So, what are you gonna do

after you bring him home, Mr. Beck?



- I'm gonna open a restaurant.

- Yeah. He's a killer in the kitchen too.



Ten,    tables. Nothing fancy.






Southern Italian.



How do you, uh...



How do you, uh...



How do you spell, uh...










with a "K."



Don't worry. After four or five hours,

you'll be as good as new.



The fire will keep the animals

away until sunup.



I'm sorry,



but money has a way

of changing people.



You did find it, Travis,



just like you said.



No one can take that away from you.



[Kisses Cheek]



And I will send you the money

to buy your freedom. I meant that.



You kept your word,

and I admire that.



So I'll keep mine.



Go north until you reach

the Quantana Road. Take it south

all the way to the airfield.



Good luck to you, Mr. Beck.



[Kisses Cheek]



[Footsteps Departing]



[Footsteps Approaching]



[Slurred Speech]

Oh, shit.




[Slurred Speech]







Monkey. Monkey.



Monkey, where?

Just get him away from me.



- Get out of here, monkey.

- Get out ofhere, monkey.



[Animal Roaring]



- Oh, no.

- I hate this place.



- Get out of here, monkey!

- I hate penis-eating minnows...



and I hate freaky fruit!



- [Grunting]

- Get him away from me.



I wanna go home.

I want concrete.



- Get out of here, monkey!

- I want homemade tortellini.



- [Hissing]

- I want my Los Angeles Lakers!



- [Travis] No.!

- I wanna go home. I wanna go home.



- Get out of here, monkey!

- I wanna go home.!



- [Screeching]

- Get out of here, monkey!

Get out of here, monkey!






[Boy Shouting In Portuguese]



Oh, what about that?



Been for a stroll, have ya, boys?



Where's my bag?

Where's myJeep?



Give me my bag.



You have any water?



Sit down. How soon

before we can take off?



There's the slight matter of a Jeep

you left at the bottom of a mountainside.



- I'll take care of it.

- In a right bloody large puddle,

am I wrong?



I said I'll take care of it.

ThatJeep is dead, my friend.



Look, you'll get your money.

Just start the plane.



What's your big hurry?

I'm just trying

to get out of here...



before I run into Hatcher

or any more problems.

Don't go worrying about Hatcher.



That monstrosity won't give

a flying fornication

for the pair of youse no more.



- He got what he was after.

- What do you mean

he's got what he was after?



He caught up with

poor Mariana in the jungle

and relieved her of her artifact.



- What'd you say?

- I said he relieved her of her artifact.



It's a word in the English language,




Artifact, look it up.

Son of a bitch.

He's got my gato.!



Your what?

The gato.



Don't you speak English?




Where is she?

Hatcher's got her in town.



He's torturing her for information.



He's doing what?

Lutadores da liberdade.



Freedom fighters?

Freedom fighters, my ass.



Lutadores da loco,

you ask me.



They're all gonna die.



Come on. All aboard.




Come on.



What are you doing?



We made a deal.

A deal?



What the hell does that mean?



I'm here at the airstrip,

she doesn't have the gato.



You're gonna go in there

by yourself?



No way. No way.



Hey, Hatcher's got a small army

back there.



You don't even know your way

around the town. Oh, wait.

I got an idea.



How about you saddle up

to one of those bulls over there,



you ride into town like

a conquistador and challenge

all them to a duel.



Oh, yeah. I forgot.

You don't use guns.



What's your point?



You're gonna die, Beck.



- The boy's right, Mr. Beck.

Do ya mind if we settle the bill now?

- You need help.



Are you gonna help me, Travis?

All you care about is the money.



No, Beck, you're wrong.

I'd rather die than let

that son of a bitch get my gato.



You need all the help you can get.



Hell, you can even use him,

for Christ sake.



Don't bring me into it.

I got a dodgy knee here.



You can't do this on your own.



Okay, Travis.



I know you're gonna run on me.

It might not be tonight,

it might not be tomorrow,



but I will find you

and I will take you back.



Are we clear?




We'll both probably be dead

in about an hour.



So let's cancel Christmas.






Bellissima. Brava.



Your plan of attack was a bit naive.



Man, if I was only

   minutes younger, huh?



I suppose now we have a conversation

where you enlighten me.



Mr. Hatcher?

How many more of you are out there?



Enlighten me.

Where are the rest of your compadres?

Enlighten me!



- Mr. Hatcher?

- What I don't get is

why you people are so hostile?



I've been good to you.

I built you a town. Why are we fighting?



Mr. Hatcher.




We've lost contact with Outpost  .



There's nobody answering.



Mr. Hatcher, are you out there?



What can I do for you, Mr. Beck?



I have no desire to fight

with you or your men.



For that reason,

you have two options.



Option 'A' You leave the gato

and the girl and you walk

out of town, no questions asked.



And what's option "B"?



Option "B": I make you.



Wrong choice.



Lock down the town.



[People Shouting]



[Man, Indistinct

Over Walkie-Talkie]



[Bell Tolling]



[Blows Note]



[Single Note]




Still no visual contact. Team  

is checking the perimeter right now.









He... that heard the sound...



of thy holy trumpet

and took not warnin'.



He hath clearly wandered too far...



from the word of God.



And Cornelius Bernard Hatcher,



your hour has come.!



Let's get it on, big boy!



It's time to get back on the path.






[Distant Rumbling]



[Men Shout]






That's a lot of cows.






[Shouts In Portuguese]






What nerve.



Ah, 'bout bloody time, huh?



Somebody, just shoot him.







Oh, yeah?



Oh, you want one?




Oh, okay.



A little thunder.

You like thunderstorms, big boy?



How 'bout some lightning?











Your... Your ears!







Take the gato and the girl

and get to the airfield.



If you run into trouble,

use her as a hostage.



And, Harvey,

when you're safely out of town,



put her out of my misery.







Boom, boom.



I need help!



Do not go gentle into that

good night, my lovely.



Beck! Help, Beck!



Rage, rage...



against the dyin'of the light.



For there shall be no mercy...



for any force that stands...



blocking this path ofhis righteousness.!




Beck, help!












Boom-shaka-laka, ta-da!






No way.



Give me back my gato,

you little bald freak.!



[Whips Snapping]



Oh, great.












See ya.



You got the moves.

I'll give you that.



You reached...



into the wrong refrigerator,

Mr. Beck.







Hold your horses!

What have I done?



Are we not men?








Option "A" is still on the table.

You can walk away right now.






Option "A" doesn't work for me.



Before I came here,



what... what did you people have?



Face it.! Be fair.

I put a roof over your head,

a little coin in your pockets.



You barefoot Indians

didn't have pockets...



before Hatcher came along.



I gave you life!

I'm the heart in the darkness. Face it.



You can't run this thing without me.



I am pumping the blood

of the modern world...



into your backward veins,

you stinkin',






Oompa Loompa...






Okay. That's it. I'm done.



Mr. Beck.



I'll take option "A."



Clear, please.






Oh, shit.



You make a hell of an entrance,

Mr. Beck.






I'd offer you a beer,

but I think you blew up my bar.



Yeah, I think you're right.



Thank you.



We had a deal.

Yes, we did.



And I'm afraid I didn't

deliver on that deal.



How is that?



The gato.

I promised you the gato.



Yes, well, I promised you Travis.



You all talking

about this Travis?



And this gato?



- I'm impressed.

- Yeah, well, make sure

they spell my name right.



I told you it wasn't

about the money.



Well, big boy,

I guess it's your move.



I'm impressed myself, Travis.



[Shaking Hands]



Declan, start the plane.



"Declan, start the plane"?

What does that mean,

"Declan start the plane"?



I'm taking you home, Travis.

Oh, I figured that.



No breaks. Good luck.



You too.

I will send you your cut.







Not a penny less than   .  million.

Move, Travis.



You really ought to stay away from guns.

You ought to get yourself

a psychiatrist, seriously.



[All Cheering]







Well, look at him.



Look at you with your beard.

You're like a real man.

But you're so thin.



Running is good exercise.


It's good exercise.



- That's funny. Did you hear him?

Running for your life?

- Yeah.




I love it, I really do.!



You know, there is not enough aspirin

in the world for a headache like you.



Well, there probably is,

but I understand what you mean.



Well, that's good, 'cause

that means you'll understand...



why you're gonna take that little

trip back to Chicago, huh?



Actually, I don't completely

understand that one.



Ah, still the smart-ass.



I'm not that smart, Dad.

I didn't know she was married.

Well, she was...



very married.



And you, what took you so long?



Your kid was

a tough rundown, Billy.

[Chuckles] Him?




Yeah, yeah.



But I did walk him right through

that door, right, just like we agreed?



You did.

We good?



We're good.




You got your restaurant, kid.



Now get out of here.



Billy, before I leave,

when I was down in Brazil,

they showed me this ritual...



that they practice when they have

these big celebrations.



And what they do

is they eat this fruit...



and it's called konlobos,

with a "K."



So, I figured before I leave,

we can celebrate one last time.



Guys, try some of this.

We'll get it over with. lfhe says

it's good, it's gotta be good.



He's the best chef I know.


Billy, here. You try the first piece.



It's not bad.



Big seeds, though.

I don't like seeds.



Hey, what are you...






[Moaning Continues]



I walked him right through

that door, Billy.









you got a funny-lookin' face.



Hey, Dad. Whoo!



I love you, you know that?

Because you showed me something

back there. You did.



I thought you had character,

but I wasn't sure.



You got it, man! You really got it!

Get in the truck.



You pretty much violated

every agricultural law back there.

That's the least of our problems.



I know. You should go back in there

and finish him off.



You wanna go back in there?

Go ahead. Knock yourself out.

I'll wait for you right here.



I'm not going back in there.




So, shut up, get in the truck

before I change my mind.



Don't push me.




Don't push me.



I appreciate everything

you did back there.



But if you wanna get technical about it,

all you really did is even up the score

since I saved your life first.



Get in the truck.

You don't have to thank me.



But this pushing shit ain't

happening no more. You read me?






- Okay. I'm gonna bust you up.

- Go for it.







Hey, remember your friend...

Mr. Thunder?



How 'bout his buddy...

Mr. Lightning?



Ooh, I know you know him.



You know him real well,

don't ya?






I'm just playing, man.

I'll be in the truck.



I'm gonna kill you.







What you running from

Who you running to



Ready to kick some ass

Bring a gun or two



Get your whole town

It's gonna be the showdown



And we gonna make the streets smoky

like it was Motown



Come on, come on, come on



I got the temptation

Feeling the sensation



We got our motor running

and I ain't even got my gun



Don't take the third 'cause

I'm prepared to get thejob done



Even if the Mob come

running up in Mach  



I don't hold no beef with you

'cause I'm a peaceful dude



Don't make me rearrange your face

like a Rubik's Cube



Don't make me run up in your face

like I was ready to do



Don't bring your ladies into town

Ain't no place safe for you



Run, run, run, run, run, run

Don't slow me down now



Run, run, run, run, run, run

This is the rundown



Run, run, run, run, run, run

Don't slow me down now



Run, run, run, run, run, run

This is the rundown



All right, all right, all right



On your marks, set, ready, go

Hands up, here we go



Some people love me

but a lot of niggers hate me more



[Continues Indistinct]



Now some days

I don't know who to trust



If you were betting men

the good guys usually us



I mean me

I ain't trying to be mean, T.



I'd rather chill, meditate

and sip this green tea



I'm hard as a rock

but I don't need a lot of space



You making a scene

Come on, this is not the place



Don't try to escape, run

or skip town, dude



You making it harder

for everyone around you

I pound you



Run, run, run, run, run, run

Don't slow me down now



Run, run, run, run, run, run

This is the rundown



Run, run, run, run, run, run

Don't slow me down now



Run, run, run, run, run, run

This is the rundown



Don't slow me down now



This is the rundown



Don't slow me down now



This is the rundown



Run, run, run, run, run, run

Don't slow me down now



Run, run, run, run, run, run

This is the rundown



Run, run, run, run, run, run

This is the rundown



Go, go, go, go, go, go



Go, go, go, go, go, go

Special help by SergeiK