Salome Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Salome script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the Oscar Wilde play.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Salome. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Salome Script





How beautiful Princess Salome

is tonight



How strange the moon looks



She looks like a woman

rising from a tomb



She looks very strange



Like a little princess

who has little white doves for feet



You would fancy she was dancing



She is like a lifeless woman

gliding along slowly



What an uproar!



Who are they howling

like wild animals?



The Jews



They never change



Always arguing about their religion



It's ridiculous

to get worked up about such things



How beautiful Princess Salome

is tonight



You're always looking at her.

You look at her too much



It's dangerous to look at people

in such a way



Something terrible may happen



She is very beautiful tonight



The Tetrarch looks very sombre



Yes, he looks very sombre



- Who is he looking at?

- I don't know



How pale the Princess is



I have never seen her

look so pale



She is like

the shadow of a white rose...



...reflected in a silver mirror



You must not look at her.

You look at her too much



Something terrible may happen



After me shall come another...



...who is stronger than I



I am not worthy to undo

the laces of his shoes



When he comes,

the desolate places shall rejoice



When he comes...



...the eyes of the blind

shall see the day



When he comes,

the ears of the deaf shall be opened



Make him be quiet!



He is a holy man



He's always saying ridiculous things



He is very gentle



Every day when I bring him food,

he thanks me



Who is he?



- A prophet

- What is his name?



- Jokanaan

- Where does he come from?



From the desert. Many young

people used to follow him



What does he talk about?



It's impossible to understand

what he says



May I see him?



No, the Tetrarch has forbidden it



The Princess is getting up

from the table



She seems very upset



She's coming this way



- Don't look at her!

- Yes, she's coming towards us



She's like a lost dove



I can't bear to stay there

any longer



Why does the Tetrarch

keep looking at me like that...



...with his mole's eyes

under those shaking eyelids?



It's strange for my mother's husband

to look at me like that



How sweet the air is out here



I can breathe freely



In there are the Jews

from Jerusalem...



...tearing themselves to pieces

over their foolish rituals



Crafty, quiet Egyptians...



...and brutal hulking Romans

with their uncouth language



How I loathe the Romans



Something terrible will happen.

Why do you look at her like that?



How good it is to see the moon



She is like a silver flower...



...cold and chaste



There is a virginal beauty about her



The Lord has come



The Son of Man has come



Who was that who just spoke?



The prophet, Princess



Ah, the prophet of whom

the Tetrarch is so frightened



We know nothing about that, Princess



It was the prophet Jokanaan

who called out



Shall I order your litter?

The garden is beautiful at night



He says terrible things

about my mother



Doesn't he?



We never understand

what he says, Princess



Yes, he says terrible things

about her



Princess, Herod would like you

to return to the feast



I don't want to go back in



Is this prophet an old man?



Princess, it would be better

to go inside



Let me lead the way



Is this prophet an old man?



No, Princess, he is quite young



Do not rejoice, land of Palestine...



...because the rod of him

who beat you is broken



For a basilisk shall come

from the seed of the snake



lts offspring

shall devour the birds



What a strange voice!

I would like to speak to him



Princess, Herod doesn't want

anyone to speak to him



He has forbidden

even the High Priest to speak to him



I wish to speak to him now



It's not possible, Princess



I want to speak to him



- Have this prophet brought out!

- We're not allowed to, Princess



How dark it is down there



It must be terrible to live

in so black a pit



It's just like a tomb



Didn't you hear what I said?

Bring the prophet out!



- I want to see him

- We can't do what you want



What will happen now?

Something terrible, I'm sure



You will do this for me, Narraboth



I've always been kind to you



You will do this for me



I just want to see

this strange prophet



People have talked about him so much



I think Herod is afraid of him



He has forbidden the cover

of the cistern to be lifted



You will do this for me, Narraboth



Tomorrow, when I pass the gateway

where the idol-makers stand...



...I shall drop

a little flower for you



A little green flower



Princess, I cannot



You will do this for me, Narraboth



You know that you will do this

for me



And tomorrow morning, when

I glance at you through my veil...



...I might even give you a smile



Look at me, Narraboth!



You know only too well

that you will do as I ask



You know it well



I know that you will do it



Let the prophet out.

Princess Salome wishes to see him



Where is he

whose cup of sins overflows?



Where is he who,

wearing a silver robe...



...will one day die

before all people?



Let him come forward

so that he may hear the voice...



...of him who cried aloud in the

desert and the houses of kings



- Who is he talking about?

- No one can tell, Princess



Where is she...



...who gave in to lust...



...when she stood before

painted images of men...



...and who sent ambassadors

into the land of Chaldea?



- He is talking about my mother

- No, Princess



Yes, he is talking about my mother



Where is she who gave herself

to the leaders of Assyria?



Where is she who gave herself

to the young men of Egypt?



With their fine linens

and precious jewels...



...their golden shields

and bodies like giants



Let her get up from her bed

of depravity and incest...


            hear the words of him

who prepares the way of the Lord...



...and repent of her sins



And even if she never repents,

let her come...



...for the scourge of the Lord

is in his hand



He is terrifying



He is truly terrifying



Princess, I beg you not to stay here



His eyes are the most terrible thing

about him



They are like pitch-dark caves

where dragons live



They are like black lakes

troubled by fantastic moonlight



Do you think he will speak again?



Princess, I beg you not to stay here



How gaunt he is



He is like an ivory statue



I'm sure he is as chaste as the moon



His flesh must be as cool as ivory



I must look closer at him



No, Princess



I must look closer at him



Who is this woman looking at me?



I will not have her look at me



Why does she look at me with golden

eyes under those gilded eyelids?



I do not know who she is



I do not wish to know who she is



Ask her to go



I do not wish to speak to her



I am Salome, daughter of Herodias,

Princess of Judaea



Stand back, daughter of Babylon



Do not come near

the Lord's chosen one



Your mother has filled the earth

with the wine...



...of her iniquities, and God

has heard the cry of her sins



Speak again, Jokanaan!

Your voice is music to my ears



Speak again, Jokanaan,

and tell me what I must do



Daughter of Sodom,

do not come near me



Cover your face with a veil

and scatter ashes over your head



Go out into the desert...



...and look for the Son of Man



Who is he,

the Son of Man?



Is he as beautiful as you, Jokanaan?



Get away from me!



I can hear the beating of the

angel of death's wings



Princess, I beg you to go inside



I am in love

with your body, Jokanaan



Your body is as white as the lilies

of a field never mown



Your body is as white as the snow

on the mountains of Judaea



The roses in the garden

of the Queen of Arabia...



...are not as white as your body



Nor the feet of the dawn

when they touch the leaves



Nor the moon

when she lies on the sea



There is nothing in the world

as white as your body



Let me touch your body



Back, daughter of Babylon!

Evil came into the world by woman



Do not speak to me.

I will not listen to you



I listen only to the voice

of the Lord God



Your body is hideous,

like the body of a leper



It is like a plastered wall

where snakes have crawled...



...and scorpions

have made their nest



It is like a whitened sepulchre

full of loathsome things



It is horrible,

your body is horrible



It is your hair that I love,




Your hair is like bunches of grapes



Like bunches of black grapes

that hang from the vines in Edom



Your hair is like

the great cedars of Lebanon...



...which give shade to lions

and robbers



The long black nights,

when the moon hides her face...



...and the stars are afraid,

are not as black as your hair



The forest's silence, nothing in the

world is as black as your hair



Let me touch your hair



Back, daughter of Sodom



Do not touch me



Do not profane the temple

of the Lord God



Your hair is horrible.

It is thick with dirt and dust



It is like a crown of thorns

on your forehead



It is like a knot of black snakes

writhing round your neck



I do not like your hair



It is your mouth that I desire,




Your mouth is like a band of scarlet

on a tower of ivory



It is like a pomegranate

cut with a silver knife



The pomegranate-flowers

in the gardens of Tyre...



...that are redder than roses

are not so red



The red trumpet-blasts which herald

the approach of kings...



...and scare the enemy...



...are not as red as your mouth



Your mouth is redder than the feet

of those who tread the wine



It is redder than the feet of the

doves that live in the temples



It is like a coral-branch

in the twilight of the sea



It is like the vermilion

kings take from the mines of Moab



There is nothing in the world

as red as your mouth



Let me kiss your mouth



Never, daughter of Babylon,

daughter of Sodom






I will kiss your mouth, Jokanaan



Princess, you who are like a garden

of myrrh, dove of all doves...


            not look at this man.

Do not speak such words to him



I cannot bear them



I will kiss your mouth, Jokanaan



Let me kiss your mouth



Aren't you afraid,

daughter of Herodias?



Daughter of adultery,

there is only one who can save you



Go and find Him



He is in a boat

on the Sea of Galilee



He is talking with His disciples



Kneel down on the sea-shore

and call Him



Call Him by name



When He comes to you...



...and He comes to all

who call Him...



...bow down before Him...



...and ask for forgiveness

for your sins



Let me kiss your mouth, Jokanaan



Curses on you,

daughter of an incestuous mother



Let me kiss your mouth, Jokanaan



I do not want to look at you,

Salome, you are cursed



You are cursed



Where is Salome?

Where is the Princess?



Why didn't she return to the banquet

as I ordered her?



There she is



You must not look at her.

You are always looking at her



The moon looks strange tonight



She is like a mad woman...



...looking everywhere for lovers



She reels through the clouds...


            a drunken woman



No, the moon is like the moon,

that's all. Let's go in



I will stay here!

Manassah, lay carpets over there



Light torches. I will drink

more wine with my guests



I've slipped



I've slipped in some blood.

That's a bad omen



Why is there blood here?



And what is this body doing here?



Who is it? I will not look at it



- It's our captain, sir

- I didn't order him to be slain



He killed himself, sir



That's odd



This young Syrian was very handsome



I remember I saw him

look longingly at Salome



Take him away



It's cold here



There is a wind getting up



- Isn't there a wind?

- No, there's no wind



I'm telling you there is



And I can hear something like

the beating of huge wings



- Can't you hear it?

- I hear nothing



I can't hear it now,

but I did hear something



It was the wind blowing,

but it has stopped now



Listen! Can't you hear it?



It's just like beating wings



- You're ill. Let's go inside!

- I'm not ill



It's your daughter...



...who is sick



I've never seen her looking so pale



- I've told you not to look at her!

- Give me some wine!



Salome, come and drink

some of this exquisite wine with me!



Caesar himself sent it to me



Dip your little red lips into it,

so that I may drain the cup



I am not thirsty, Tetrarch



Do you hear how she answers me,

this daughter of yours?



She is right



- Why are you always gazing at her?

- Bring me ripe fruits



Salome, come and eat fruit with me



I love to see the mark of your

teeth in a fruit



Just take a little bite...



...and I will eat what's left



I am not hungry, Tetrarch



Do you see how you have brought up

this daughter of yours?



My daughter and I are of royal blood



Your father was a camel-driver

and a thief and robber



Salome, come and sit next to me.

I will give you your mother's throne



I am not tired, Tetrarch



- You see what she thinks of you?

- Bring me...



What do I want?



I've forgotten



I remember now



See, the time has come



The day I spoke of is at hand



- Shut him up! He always insults me

- He has said nothing against you



Besides, he is a very great prophet



I don't believe in prophets,

but I know you're afraid of him



- I am afraid of no man

- I tell you, you are afraid of him



Then give him to the Jews.

They've wanted him for six months



It really would be better

to hand him over to us



I won't hand him over.

He is a holy man



He is a man who has seen God



That cannot be



No man since the prophet Elijah

has seen God



He was the last man to see God



In these times God hides Himself



That is why great evils have come

upon the land



No one really knows if the prophet

Elijah saw God



Perhaps it was only God's shadow

that he saw



God is never hidden



He shows Himself at all times

and in everything



He is in evil as well as in good



Don't say that!

It's dangerous dogma from Alexandria



And the Greeks are Gentiles



No one can tell how God works.

His ways are very mysterious



We must submit to Him,

for God is very strong



That's true.

God is awe-inspiring



But this man has never seen God



No man has seen God

since the prophet Elijah



Make them be quiet!



I've heard it said that Jokanaan

himself is the prophet Elijah



That cannot be. Elijah lived

over three hundred years ago



I'm sure he is the prophet Elijah



No, he cannot be



Make them be quiet!



So the day is come...



...the day of the Lord



And I can hear on the mountains

the feet of Him...



...who will be

the Saviour of the world



What does that mean?



"Saviour of the world"



The Messiah has come



He has not come



He has come

and works miracles everywhere



He changed water into wine

at a wedding in Galilee



He healed two lepers at Capernaum



Simply by touching them



He healed blind people and was seen

on a mountain talking with angels



I don't believe in miracles.

I've seen too many



He raised the daughter of Jairus

from the dead



He raises the dead?



Yes, sir



I forbid Him to do that



It would be dreadful

if the dead came to life again



Where is this man now?



He is everywhere, my Lord,

but it is hard to find Him



- He must be found

- They say He is in Samaria



He left Samaria a few days ago.

I think He is now near Jerusalem



I forbid Him to wake the dead



The harlot!

The daughter of Babylon!



Thus speaks the Lord



Tell him to be quiet!



A multitude will rise against her

and stone her to death



This is outrageous!



Their captains will pierce her

with their swords...



...and crush her

beneath their shields



So it is that I will wipe out

all wickedness from the earth...



...and that all women shall learn

not to imitate her abominations



Do you hear what he says against me?

You let him slander your wife?



He didn't speak your name



On that day the sun shall become

as black as sackcloth



And the moon

shall become like blood



And the stars shall fall to earth

like ripe figs



And the kings of the earth

shall be afraid



This prophet talks like a drunk man



I can't stand the sound of his voice



I hate his voice.

Make him be quiet



Dance for me, Salome



I will not have her dance



I have no desire to dance, Tetrarch



Salome, daughter of Herodias,

dance for me



- I will not dance, Tetrarch

- You see how she obeys you



Salome, dance for me, I beg you.

I am sad tonight, so dance for me



If you dance for me,

you may ask of me whatever you want



I will give it to you



Will you really give me

whatever I ask?



Do not dance, my daughter



Everything you ask for



Even half my kingdom



- You swear it, Tetrarch?

- I swear it, Salome



- What will you swear by, Tetrarch?

- By my life, my crown, my gods



Salome, Salome, dance for me



- You have sworn an oath, Tetrarch

- I have sworn an oath



My daughter, do not dance



Even half my kingdom



You will make a lovely queen



It's cold here.

There's an icy wind



Why can I hear

the beating of wings in the air?



It's as though a huge black bird

were hovering over the terrace



Why can't I see this bird?



The beating wings are terrible.

There's a cutting wind



But no, it's not cold, it's hot



Pour water over my hands,

give me snow to eat, loosen my cloak



Quick, loosen my cloak



No, leave them.

It's my crown that hurts



I can breathe now



I'm happy now



Will you dance for me?



I will dance for you, Tetrarch



Who is this who comes from Bozra?



I will not have my daughter dance

while he keeps crying out



I will not have her dance...



...while you look at her like that



Don't get up, my wife, my queen.

It will do you no good



I won't go inside

until she has danced



Dance, Salome!



Don't dance, my daughter



I am ready, Tetrarch






You see that she has danced for me,

your daughter



Come here, Salome,

so that I can reward you!



I will pay you royally



I'll give you whatever you want



Tell me what you want



I want someone to bring me...



...on a silver charger...



On a silver charger!



Isn't she charming?



What is it that you want

on a silver charger?



O sweet, fair Salome,

who is more beautiful...



...than all the daughters of Judaea



What do you want...



...on a silver charger?



Whatever it is, you shall have it



My treasures belong to you



What do you want, Salome?



The head of Jokanaan



That's well said, my daughter



Don't listen to your mother.

She's always given you bad advice



Don't listen to her



I don't listen to her



It's for my own pleasure

that I ask for Jokanaan's head...



...on a silver charger



Don't forget, Herod,

that you have sworn an oath



I know very well

that I have sworn an oath



I have sworn by my gods



But I beg you, Salome...


            ask me for something else



Ask me for half my kingdom



I will give it to you



But don't ask of me

what you have just asked



I ask of you the head of Jokanaan



No, I won't give it to you



You swore an oath, Herod



Yes, you swore an oath.

Everybody heard you



Be quiet. I'm not talking to you



My daughter has done well

to ask for the head of Jokanaan



He has said monstrous things

about me



One can see

that she loves her mother well



Don't give in, my daughter



He has sworn an oath



Silence! I'm not talking to you



Salome, be reasonable



I have always loved you



Perhaps I have loved you too much



So please do not ask this of me



The head of a man

cut from his body...


            not a pretty sight



I have an emerald,

the finest in the world



You would like that, wouldn't you?



Ask me for it

and I will give it to you



I demand the head of Jokanaan



You're not listening.

Let me speak, Salome



The head of Jokanaan



You're saying that to annoy me...



...because I've been looking at you



Bring me wine! I'm thirsty



Salome, let's be friends



Come on...



What was I about to say?



I remember



Salome, you know

my beautiful white peacocks...



...which walk in the garden

among the myrtles?



I will give them all to you



No king in the world

has peacocks like mine



I have only a hundred of them,

but I will give them all to you



Give me the head of Jokanaan



- Well said, my daughter

- Silence, wife



You and your peacocks are ridiculous



I am tired of listening to you.

Be quiet!



Salome, think of what you're doing



Perhaps this man

has been sent by God



He is a holy man



The finger of God has touched him



Salome, you wouldn't want

something terrible to happen to me?



Listen to me



Give me the head of Jokanaan



You're not listening to me



Calm down, Salome



I am calm, as you can see,

so listen



I have jewels hidden here

that not even your mother has seen



I have a collar of pearls

set in four rows



I have topazes as yellow

as tigers' eyes



Topazes as pink

as a wood-pigeon's eyes



Topazes as green as cats' eyes



I have opals that burn

with an ice-like flame



I will give them all to you



I have chrysolites, beryls,

chrysoprases and rubies...



...sardonyx, hyacinth stones

and stones of chalcedony



I will give them all to you and more



I have a crystal which women

are not allowed to look at



I have three wonderful turquoises

in a mother-of-pearl box



Whoever wears them on his forehead

can see what is not there



These are treasures without price.

What more could you want, Salome?



I will give you everything you ask

for, except one thing



I won't give you a man's life



I will give you

the High Priest's cloak



I will give you the veil

of the sanctuary



Give me the head of Jokanaan



Let her have what she wants



She really is her mother's child



Who has taken my ring?



There was a ring on my right hand



Who has drunk my wine?



There was wine in my cup.

It was full of wine



Someone has drunk it



Something evil will surely happen



My daughter has done well



I am sure that some misfortune

will happen



There's no sound



I hear nothing



Why does he not cry out, this man?



If any man tried to kill me,

I would cry out and struggle



Strike, strike, Naaman, I tell you!



No, I hear nothing



There is a terrible silence



I heard something fall to the ground



It was the executioner's sword



This slave is afraid



He has let his sword fall



He dare not kill him



This slave is a coward.

Send down soldiers!



Come here! Weren't you

a friend of the dead man?



Well, let me tell you

that there aren't enough dead men



Go to the soldiers and ask them

to go down and bring me what I want



What the Tetrarch promised me,

the thing that is mine



Soldiers, go down into the cistern

and bring me the head of this man



Tetrarch, order your soldiers

to bring me the head of Jokanaan



You wouldn't let me kiss your mouth,




Well, I will kiss it now



I will sink my teeth into it...


            one bites a ripe fruit



Yes, I will kiss your mouth,




I said I would, didn't I?



I will kiss it now



But why don't you look at me,




Your eyes that were so terrible,

so full of rage, are shut now



Why are they closed?



Open your eyes!

Lift up your eyelids, Jokanaan



Why don't you look at me?



Are you so afraid of me, Jokanaan,

that you won't look at me?



And your tongue says nothing now,




Your tongue, which was like

a red snake spitting poison at me



That's strange, is it not?



How is it that the red viper

moves no more?



You spoke evil words against me,

Salome, daughter of Herodias



Princess of Judaea



Well, I am still alive...



...but you are dead



Your head belongs to me



I can do what I want with it



I can throw it to the dogs

and to the birds of the air



The birds of the air will devour

what the dogs leave behind



Jokanaan, you were beautiful



Your body was a column of ivory

set on silver feet



It was a garden full of doves

and silver lilies



Nothing in the world

was as white as your body



Nothing in the world

was as black as your hair



Nothing in the whole world

was as red as your mouth



Your voice was like a censer

that scattered strange perfumes



And when I looked at you

I heard strange music



Why didn't you look at me, Jokanaan?



You covered your eyes

in order to see your God



Well, you saw your God, Jokanaan



But me...


            you never saw



If you had seen me,

you would have loved me



I am thirsting for your beauty



I am hungry for your body



Neither wine nor apples

can assuage my desire



What shall I do now, Jokanaan?



Neither floods nor great waters

can quench my passion



Oh, why didn't you look at me?



If you had looked at me...


            would have loved me



I know that you would have loved me



And the mystery of love...



than the mystery of death



She's a monster, your daughter!

A monster, I tell you!



I approve of what she did.

I will stay here now



There speaks the incestuous wife



Come! I will not stay here



I'm sure something terrible

will happen



Let's hide in the palace, Herodias!

I'm afraid



Manassah, Issachar, Ozias,

put out the torches



Hide the moon! Hide the stars!



Something terrible will happen



I have kissed your mouth, Jokanaan



There was a bitter taste

on your lips



Was it the taste of blood?



No, perhaps it is the taste of love



They say that love

has a bitter taste



But what of that?



I have kissed your mouth, Jokanaan



Kill that woman!


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