Santa Sangre Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Santa Sangre script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Alejandro Jodorowsky movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Santa Sangre. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Santa Sangre Script











Eat like a human being.









You can't just stay here all the time,



not seeing anyone.



Now come on, stand up.



Come on now. Your foot.



That's it.



The other one.












( Marching band)



(Man) Don't miss the Circo del Gringo,

the greatest show on earth!



The death-defying trapeze girl!



The boy magician!

Come and see them now! Come on!



See the tiger from the lndian jungle!



The elephant from darkest Africa!



The furry monkey! Roll up! Roll up!



Go and see the Circo del Gringo!



Aladin, the world's smallest

elephant trainer! Roll up! Roll up!



(Elephant trumpets)



Roll up! Roll up! Come and see...



Papa! Wake up, wake up! They're here!



Get the hell out of here!

l told you not to bother me!



(Tiger growling)






Why does he drink so much?



My mother says

he killed a woman in America.



And he can't go back?



Tough life. Come on,

let's go see the new act.



- The new act?

- Yes!



- The Tattooed Woman!

- (Chuckles)



(Woman) Now come on.



Come on! Come on!



Come on! Don't be afraid!



- Come on!

- (Sobbing)



You can't do anything!



Read my lips, you stupid deaf-mute.



Come on, don't just stand there!



(Girl whimpers)



l should have left you in the poorhouse

when your mother died. Now practice!



Or l'll beat you.



(Man) What's goin' on here?



Oh, Mr Orgo.



(Elephant trumpeting)



(Monkey screeching)



Here l am.









- The ocean!

- Oh!



- Ooh!

- lt's a peacock!



- Ooh!

- lt's the moon.



- Here's a fish!

- Cloud.



- And a crab!

- The ocean!






Nice to meet you.



(Orgo) Come with me.



- Against the board.

- Anything you say, Mr Orgo.



- (Moans)

- (Grunts)



Ohh! Ah!



( Plays Strauss: The Skater's Waltz)



(Crowd yelling angrily)



Blasphemy! ldiots!






Mother! Mother!



Blasphemy! This is our church!



All right, get them off my land right now

or l'll run 'em over!



Go ahead - but you'll have to kill us all!

Go ahead!



- Then go ahead!

- Mother!






No! Don't hurt her!



(Yelling angrily)






We are not afraid of you.



El fin del mundo se acerca ya



Toda esperanza se acabará



Ya las señales se están cumpliendo



Se están cumpliendo como escrito está



Querido amigo, Lirio te llama



No hagas duro tu corazón



Ríndete a Lirio, dale tu alma



Y tendrás parte en la resurrección



Peace! l bring peace.



- Come now.

- Father.






Please, Father, help us.

They want to destroy our temple.



l won't let them do such a thing.



Peace. Peace. Let me see your church.



This is it, Monsignor.



This is where we worship...

our beloved saint and martyr.



Here she is, Monsignor.



But...this is no saint.



Monsignor, she is a saint.



How could you?



Right here, many years ago,



Lirio, a young girl, was attacked

by the Terrano brothers.



She tried to fight them off

with all her strength



but they cut off her arms.



They raped her



and left her to die in a pool of blood.



And on this ground, miraculously

still wet with her holy blood,



we built our church.



- This is paint!

- No, it's holy blood.



- This is paint!

- lt's holy blood!



Do you hear me, crazy woman? lt's paint!



- lt's blood! lt's blood!

- Feel it! Feel it!



This is paint! lt is paint! This is paint!



- Holy blood! lt's holy blood!

- (Angry shouting)



lt's holy blood!



- lt's paint!

- Holy blood.



l order you to stop...

this foolish sacrilege...immediately.



Never! This is our saint!



The church will never

recognise...this heresy!



Don't dare! Holy blood!



¡Cantemos todos!



Holy blood. Holy blood!

Holy blood! Holy blood!



Holy blood! Holy blood! Holy blood!



Holy blood!



Holy blood! Holy blood!



Come, Kevin, l don't want this

to soil your pure soul.



- Let's go.

- Yes, go! Get out of here!



Go ahead and destroy this abomination!



- ( Singing)

- Holy blood.



Holy blood!



- Holy blood! Holy blood! Oh!

- Holy blood!



Go ahead!






Don't run away!



Mother! No!



- No, no! No, no!

- No.



Kill me! Go ahead!



Kill me! Kill me!



Kill me!



- Kill me! Go ahead!

- Mother! Mother!



Go ahead...






( Slow jazz)






- Hey!

- (Wig makes honking sound)



(Tattooed Woman sighs)






(Tattooed Woman purrs)



Mr Orgo...



(Orgo) Aah!



Orgo has a decent wife.

Stay away from him -



or l'll kill you!



(Screams) She's crazy!



Get up. Get up!



You bastard!






Ahh. Ahh.






My little child.






(Laughs unpleasantly)



Don't. Don't. Don't laugh!






Don't do that!



Ahh. Ah!



Ah! (Chuckles)









Stop! Nobody goes any further.

Leave them alone.



Get out of here. Vamoose. Vamoose.



Vamoose. Vamoose.



- (Man laughs)

- (Elephant growls)



(Gasping and groaning)



(Tiger roars)



- (Screams)

- (Elephant trumpets)



- What's happened?

- The elephant is dying.



Please, don't die.






( Flute plays mournful tune)






( Band starts to play)



(Boy) Don't die.



( Mournful tune continues)



(Bell tolls)



( Chopin: Funeral March)



( Fanfare)






Stop a little girl.



l'll give you a charm.



That'll make you a man.



( Latin music)















There, now you're a man.



Just like me.









( Clown music)






(Drum sound effects)



(Ringmaster) Ladies and gentlemen,

Fenix, the boy magician!



( Sombre music)






Concha, queen of the flying trapeze!



Hanging by her own hair!






(Screams) Put me down! Put me down!



Quick, quick! Down! Down!



Quick. Quick.



Go away!



(Ringmaster) Music! Music!

(Fenix) Concha!



- (Whistle blows)

- (Clown cackles)



( Brass band)



Mummy! Mum!



Shh! Get in the trailer.



Keep quiet. Go! Go...



( Accordion plays)









Come on, come on, come on.



(Laughs) Oh!





















(Concha laughing hysterically)















Yo ya me voy



Al puerto donde se haya...






La barca de oro...






Que debe conducirme



Yo ya me voy



Sólo vengo a despedirme



Adiós mujer



Adiós para siempre, adiós...



Come on.



No volverán



Tus ojos a mirarme



Ni tus oídos



Escucharán mi canto



Voy a aumentar...






Los mares con mi llanto...






Adiós mujer



Adiós para siempre, adiós



( Barrel organ plays)



Come here, come on, come on. Come on.



This is Fenix.






Give me your hand.



Thanks, Fenix.



(Doctor) Come along now.



Come on, Fenix.

They're around here somewhere.



Now, Fenix. Thank you.



Form a circle!



Good boy, Fenix.



Everybody wave. Hands up like this!



(Doctor) Go on!



- Music.

- (Music stops)



And now...we will have some fruit!



- (Nurse) Come on, let's have some fruit.

- We'll have some fruit!



- (Cheering)

- One for you...



( Barrel organ plays)



New friends, Fenix.















and Darío.



They are going to the movies tonight.



- Yes?

- Yes.



And you are going with them.



- Yes.

- Yes.



Come on, my dear.



Here we are, out you get.



Come on, Daniel. Come on, you two.



- Come on, stay together.

- (Doctor) Come along.



Now we will see a great film

about Robinson Crusoe.



ls everybody here? Come on, Fenix.



Ah, yes. Robinson Crusoe,

one of life's castaways.



(Chuckles) Yes. Good boy, Darío.



Goodbye. Goodbye!



l have to go with my grandmother.



Goodbye! We're going to the synagogue.



Hello, little boy. Nice little boy.



Good morning.

l am Robinson Crusoe. (Laughing)



(Doctor) Bye! Enjoy the movie!



And don't worry, we will wait for you.



Come along.



Vengan, vengan.

Come, l have a present for you.



Listen, this kind of stuff

will make you sick.



lf you promise not to tell,

l'll take you somewhere else...



that's much more fun than the movies.



A little sniff of this... (Chuckles)

And we'll see.






Ándele para adentro.






¡De la buena!



Yes, yes.






¡Vamos amigos!



( Mambo)






¿Qué le pasa a Lupita?

No sé



¿Qué le pasa a esa niña?

No sé



¿Qué es lo que quiere?




¿Por qué ella no baila?...






Que dice su mama

Que sí



Que baile Lupita

Sí sí



Mambo, mambo, mambo, mambo...




¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡Sí!




(Music stops)



( Violin plays mournful tune)






There you go, Lores.



How much for the five pendejitos?



For all of them, $  .



(Man) Five for you,    for me.



(Shrieks of laughter)






Vengan, vengan chaparritos

al hotel. (Laughs)



Mm. Me los voy a comer.



Mira, mira lo que me encontré.



- Like me? (Laughing)

- ¡Mírame!



Mírame, dame un trocito.



Uno, dos, tres, cuatro



Cinco, seis, siete, ocho










(Laughs) Ahh...









- (Birds singing)

- Fenix?






- Have fun last night?

- Mm-hm.



How do you feel?



Good! Very good.



Now eat, hm?



l'll be back later, all right?



All right, out we go. Out we go. Today

we have home-made chicken soup.



(Concha) Fenix!






Siento en el alma



Unas ganas inmensas



De llorar



Tu me haces falta



Y juré no decírtelo jamás



Yo quiero hacerte



Con mis lágrimas un collar de perlas



Déjame llorar



Porque hoy ya te perdí



Queriéndote olvidar



Me acuerdo más



De ti



( Several songs playing at once)



(Man whistles)






lnside. (Laughs drunkenly)



Come on.



- (Mumbling drunkenly)

- Sit over there!



Ah! (Laughs)



lf l can get a proper drink...



Oh! Hup!



- Come here, now.

- Give me that, brother.



Hey, come over, baby. Come on.






- Ahh!

- l'll give you another tattoo, baby!






Where is his girl?



- Where's his money?

- First he's gotta see what he's payin' for.






She's a deaf-mute



so you can do whatever you want

with her and no one will hear her.









( Humming quietly)






Aah! (Moaning)



( Mariachi music)



(Horns honk)



Amiga, ¿adónde vas?



(Men cheer and whistle)






( Latin music)



Now, when she comes back, l'm gonna

take care of you! You little bitch!






Oh, no!









(Screaming weakly)



Aquel amor



Que marchitó mi vida



Aquel amor



Que fue mi perdición



Dónde andará



La prenda más querida



Dónde andará



Aquel, aquel amor



Aquel amor



Que marchitó mi vida



Aquel amor...






Que fue mi perdición...






Dónde andará



La prenda más querida



Dónde andará



Aquel, aquel amor



( Barrel organ plays)






Mr Fenix.



Let's go.



( Mexican band)



ln the beginning



God created the heavens



And the earth









And plants



And trees



Yielding fruit



And birds



Flying above the earth



And God created...









(Whispers) And woman.









Then the serpent



Came with temptation...









And with all sorts of fruit



(Whispers) Now, eat it.



And then



They knew sin



Universal... universal sin!



( Mambo)






- You were fantastic.

- That's enough.



l'm so tired.



l want to get out of here.



(Woman) Fenix.



With your hands...



and my body...



we'll have an act that will be...




- (Applause from stage)

- Come on.



(Audience whistling and cheering)



Ladies and gentlemen, Rubi the Virgin!






( Sleazy synthesizer music)






Bésame mucho



Como si fuera esta noche



La última vez






Bésame mucho



Que tengo miedo a perderte...



(Man) Ay-yi-yi!



(Audience whistle and cheer)



- l've been thinking about your idea.

- You have?



- Can we see each other later?

- Sure.



- Here?

- Mm.



l love your nose.






Oh, you scared me.



l was thinking...



how we could join...



your art...



and mine.



A man like you always finds a way.



l will do anything you want.



- (Sighs)

- First...



l will tie you to a wheel...



and l will throw knives at you.



One here.



One here.



And one here, next to your mouth



so you can kiss it with your lips.



And then...



- the last

- (Moaning)






l will be afraid.



Don't worry, you'll love it...



because l will hypnotise you.



(Moans lasciviously)






(Concha) Fenix!



You know what you have to do.



No, l don't want to!



This girl has defiled you with her lust.



No, Mum, it's not true! lt is only a game!



No! l can't!



Don't ask me to!



l'm not asking you, l'm ordering...



my hands...and my arms...



to kill her.



- Kill her!

- Aah!






Wake her up.



- (Clicks fingers)

- (Gasps)






Put her in the car.



And get a suitcase ready.



We are going home.












(Elephant grumbles)






don't die.



Don't die, please...



- Don't die...

- Wake up!



You can't atone for your sins

with nightmares.






Bring me my robe.






l want my breakfast.



l couldn't stand

those awful hotels any more.



l'm too tired to be travelling

around and around.



And you!



You are too weak to resist temptation.






Without me you are nothing.



No one sees you

and no one notices you.



Just like your stupid hero.



Watch it! You're getting me dirty.



(Sighs) Now we are going

to practice my concerto.



(Pigeons cooing)



- ( Bangs keys)

- No grace, no style!



You've got to move

my fingers more elegantly.






All right.






- Start again.

- But l can't do it. l don't remember.



l know that! At least you remember

the song of our patron saint.



(Fly buzzing)



Come on then, l want to play it.



(Knuckles crack)



( Upbeat tune)



El fin del mundo se acerca ya



Toda esperanza se acabará



Ya las señales se están cumpliendo



Se están cumpliendo como escrito está



Querido amigo, Lirio te llama...






Y tendrás parte en la resurrección



Stop it!



- (Panting)

- lt's always roosters or swans!



You never see anything else

in your ridiculous hallucinations.






lt's over, Mummy.



My angel.



- Now let's sing.

- Aladin.



Siento en el alma



Unas ganas inmensas



De llorar



Tú me haces falta



Y juré no decírtelo






Yo quiero hacerte



Con mis lágrimas un



Collar de perlas



Déjame llorar



Porque hoy que te perdí



Queriéndote olvidar



Me acuerdo más



De ti



( Eerie music on TV)















So you failed again?



- Oh!

- Come here.



Come here!






l want to finish the stockings

for Santa Lirio.



( Hums happily)



One, two, pass.



One, two, pass. One, two, pass.



Oh, Mr Fenix, what a pleasure.



l... l have the things that you ordered.









boric trisulphate.



Oh... l'd really like to see

your experiments, Mr Fenix.



- Really?

- Yes!



Why don't you invite me some time?



We could have dinner...



How about tonight?



l'll bring some flowers.

Ten o'clock all right?



Yes, l guess so. l have to go now.

Thank you.



Ladies and gentlemen!



Coming soon at the Coliseum,

an evening of wrestling!



Featuring The Saint,

the world's strongest woman!



Good! The Saint...



Oh! Oh!



(Woman) Mr Fenix!



Mr Fenix?






Mr Fenix, what's happening to you?



Nothing. lt was just an hallucination.



(Drunkenly) Eh, bonita,

¿no tiene nada para mí? ¡Venga! ¡Eh!









¿Qué? ¿Una foto? No, no.



No... No?



Ahh... Pobrecita. Espere. Una foto.



Eh? There.









(Men yelling)



(Heavy thudding)



How great is that?

The audience will buy it.



The next trick - attack and defence.






That's it for today.

They can hit the showers.



( Singing)



(Toilet flushes)



( Singing continues)



(Clears throat)



Mm, what are you doing here?



You're very nice.



What's the matter?



Don't you like me?






l like you so much

that l would like to have you in my show.



Do you have

your own company or theatre?



A little theatre in my house.






Would you like to take me there tonight?



For a quick rehearsal?






- lf it's not asking too much.

- Hey, l like you.



You got a bottle on you, baby?



Ahh, nice.



(Clears throat)






- (Laughs)

- Shh!



(Dog barking)






Careful, Saint.



This is my theatre.



l like this strong

and beautiful body of yours...



that could fight me off.



- Oh!

- Why should l, sugar? Mm?



(Concha) Fenix? Where are you?



What's the matter with you?



Nothing. lt was only my imagination.






Ladies and... Ladies.



The show is about to begin!



Come, Lothar.






(Gong rings)



You are about to witness

the ultimate miracle,



the transformation of death into life.



( Plays melancholy tune)



l will change this mummy

into one hundred flying doves!









Watch out, Saint!



For now you have to fight me off.



What's happening to you?

Are you going crazy?



Kill her! Kill her!



Did you hear her?



She wants me to kill you with my hands.



- (Grunting)

- Kill her!






Kill her!






- Kill her!

- Please...



break my arms.



- Kill her!

- (Moans)
























Crazy fool.



Use the sword.



- Yah!

- (Screams)



( Music stops)









(Women whispering) Why did you...?






(Women whispering)



(Women sighing)



Forgive me.



Please, forgive me.






What have l done?






(Wood creaking)









l have been waiting for you...



for so long.



You've come...



to take me...away?






You will never take

my son away from me!



l order my hands to kill her!












- Yes!

- Oh...



Cut off her arms!






(Wood creaking)



Cut off her arms!



ls anybody home?



Mr Fenix? Mr Fenix!






Somebody help me!



- (Fenix) No!

- (Wailing)



Kill her!



- Oh!

- Yes! Kill her!



- Kill her!

- No!



Kill her!



Kill her! Kill her!



Kill her! Kill her!



- Kill her! Kill her!

- (Fenix groaning)



Cut off her arms!




Cut off her arms! Cut off her arms!



Cut off her arms!






Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!



Kill her!



- Cut them off!

- Aaah!



Now get out of my life!






You will never be free of me!



l'm inside of you!






(Laughter continues)



- Oh!

- (Screeches of laughter)









(Siren approaching)



Yo ya me voy...






Al puerto donde se haya



La barca de oro



Que debe conducirme



Yo ya me voy...



My mummy is dead.



Sólo vengo a despedirme



Adiós mujer



Adiós para siempre, adiós



No volverán



Tus ojos a mirarme



Ni tus oídos



Escucharán mi canto



Voy a aumentar...



No. No.



Los mares con mi llanto



Adiós mujer



Adiós para siempre, adiós



Yo quiero hacerte



Con mis lágrimas un



Collar de perlas



Déjame llorar



Porque hoy que te perdí...






Queriéndote olvidar



Me acuerdo más de ti



Hey! (Chuckles)



Ándale, ándale.



Throw her out the window.






And two!



And three! And four!






- (Clowns) A fire!

- (Laughter)






La, la, la-la-la-la!






(All) Goodbye!



Mr Fenix.









(Man on megaphone) Put your hands up!



My hands...



My hands!



My hands.





Special help by SergeiK