Saving Face Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Saving Face script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michelle Krusiec and Joan Chen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Saving Face. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Saving Face Script





You were right, Winston.

Kid's got the touch.



Reminds me a little of you.



Think she'll be chief of surgery

when she's 55?



When she's 40.



Suture, please.



She got a sweetheart yet?



No time to date.

The hospital keeps her too busy.



She was always first in her class.

Not like my lazy Raymond.



He never opens a book,

only his wallet.



At    he's already VP of his company.

What are you complaining about?



Yeah, money seems to cling to him,

but what's the use?



He's only  ' ".



Let me tell you...



...every Friday, Wilhelmina

comes home for the dance.



Good. See you there tonight.



Be discrete. Nothing kills romance

faster than a mother's approval.



Have faith, I know what to do.



And make sure his hands are clean.

It's flu season.



I'll wash them myself if I have to.



Okay, bye-bye.



You're late again.



- All the crab is gone.

- This party's a bust. Let's go to KFC.



Cheeky girl.



So thin. You'll catch your death.



I see men's clothes

are still in style.



Let me button that for you.

People are going to think....









- Give me that!

- Mother.



Wil, I love your outfit!



Don't you think it's too boyish?






I had a pair just like those

during the Revolution.



Sturdy and practical.

Just the thing for war.



Your high heels on the other hand....



Those things will kill you.



It'll be a miracle

if you don't trip and die.



I'm going to get some squid.



Hey, Grandma.



How about it, Wil?

Do me the honor?



Good to see you, Old Yu.



How much did your mom bribe you

to come over here?



So who's the unlucky fellow

this week?



I'm not sure, but I think it's shorty,

next to the punch bowl.






- How can you tell?

- Call it a hunch.



- I think he's some sort of stock whiz.

- Does he have stock in Rogaine?



I'm glad you weren't this snarky

before our setup.






Okay, out with it.



My mother gave me    bucks

to dance with you.



Yeah, well, you dance like a girl.



Let me say a few words.



As the lazy toads

of summer give way...


            the crackling

of autumn leaves...


           's mind naturally turns toward

the demise of our children's education.



I give thanks to the woman

who has suffered alongside me.



- I toast you.

- Okay, no more suffering. Let's eat.



Here we go. Signal if you need me.



- Raymond.

- Wil.



Shall we?



So, what do you do, Raymond?



Well, I do some short selling

on Wall Street. It's a pretty sweet job.



Look at those two.



Don't their faces

reflect good marriage chi?



Depends on whose marriage.



Hey, Albert!

Don't eat too much of that cabbage.



It gives you gas!



So I said, "Listen, fuck-wad,

you early terminate this."



Then I slammed down the phone.



Now I'm on Verizon's national

single-rate plan.



Your Raymond is such a gentleman.



Anyone looks good on his arm.



With free mobile-to-mobile

and unlimited nights and weekends.



- I'm sorry.

- Hey there. May we cut?



- Yes.

- Yes.



Six minutes.

I believe that's a new record.



That's my cousin, Vivian.

Big deal ballerina with City Ballet.



Are you into dancers?



Me? No.



Another great party.



My husband and I fought

all the way over here.



But I'm having a great time.

Is there more wine?



You are so into her.



I am not into her.



- That was convincing.

- Shut up.



Poor Jenny.



They say her ex-husband has a

new wife    years younger than her.



Serves her right.

He made good money.



What's to be unhappy about?



Marry a rooster, follow the rooster.

Marry a dog, follow the dog.



Why be like those Americans,

divorcing all the time?



She'll never marry again.

Women never do.



She's certainly not meeting

anyone here.






...must be lonely at these parties

without a man.



What do you think those morons

talk about anyway?



The usual ball scratching.



They say he's got a new wife

on the Upper East Side.



I heard she's    years younger.



My back hurts just thinking about it.



I plan to be married soon myself.



Anyone in mind?



Good luck. You'll have to get

past her father first.



- May I cut?

- Sure, Mr. Cho. Nice suit.



Thank you. Hi. Is he your boyfriend?



Just plain friends.



He not enough good for you anyway.



I heard that.



You don't want to wait too long.



Forget meat on the grill,

and it will dry out.



- Right. So my ma says.

- Does she?



She's quite a woman.



Ever since your father passed away,

she's been so delicate.



These   -odd years

you've been all she has.






Yeah. She's delicate.



Good to see you.



I'm not feeling so well.

Take me home.



It's those heels, I tell you!



Thanks, Little Yu.



Home to see your grandparents?



The weekly pilgrimage

to Flushing...



- swim in the Chinese gene pool.

- Good girl.



How come you never have to go?



I have station duty Friday nights.






From my father.



He still telling fortunes?



As long as there are anxious wives

and mothers, he'll be in business.



What's this?



Your mother asked him

to give you some herbs...


            improve your fortitude

for marriage.



You've got to be kidding.



It's all natural, no side effects.



- There's my train.

- Hey!



Give it a try. Those herbs

are good for your heart anyway.



Go talk to him,

see if we can get the court.



I ain't gonna talk to him.

You go talk to him.



Why don't he go play some

Chinese checkers or something? Shit.



Professor, your chi is so potent...


           've managed to hold

the court once again.



No fortunes to tell this morning,

Old Yu?



Most people don't want to hear

the truth until after lunch.



Fate is for the lazy.



Too true, too true.



But I won't lie,

my only morning customer...



...was your only daughter.






What does she have to worry about?



She lives safely at home with us.



Her daughter's a doctor.



- What more could she want?

- lndeed.



But her health may be a bit bumpy

this year.



Ridiculous. She's only   .



Could be menopause.









Only Americans freak out

about menopause.



The whole relationship is adolescent.

He tells me on the phone...



- ...that he wants to break up.

- Again?



And that's not the worst of it.

I was assisting Morgan then...


            it was over the speakerphone

for all the team to hear.



You know what the sickest thing was?

All I could think of...



...was having the bed to myself,

catching up on sleep.



Game of survival, sleep trumps sex.



You know who I saw

yesterday at the Fulton clinic?



Your mom.



- My mom?

- I waved but she didn't see me.



You sure it was her?

You met her once.



Oh, she's pretty memorable.



No. She never leaves Flushing.



No change?






...are you sick?






I'm here visiting my father.



I'm sorry.



- ls he sick?

- You could say that.



He's-- He's sort of dead

to the world.



- Here.

- No.



- No, I'm-- I'm--

- Really. Really. Take it.



Is that what you're gonna eat?






You really should eat better.



How about this one?



It's packed with peanuts.



And a lot of other

satisfying carcinogens.



Sometimes your body

knows what you really want.



See you around.






Thank God you're here!

I've been waiting for hours.



What are you doing here?



This is a crummy neighborhood.



Take this.



Oh, my God! Are you sick?



Do I look sick to you?



Pick up that bag.



Did Wai Po's heart give out?



Don't be ridiculous.

She'll outlive us all.



Are you crying?



Do I look like I'm crying?



I can't tell.

You're wearing those sunglasses.



Ma, what are you doing here?



You're just going to let me

freeze to death here?









Tell me what happened.






All right. I'm calling Grandma.



Is that how you speak to your ma

who worked nights so you could eat?



Who stayed in labor

without painkillers...


            you wouldn't turn dim-witted

like your cousin Jimmy?



Had I known

you would grow so ungrateful...



...I would have held you in.



Has she eaten?



What is she doing here?



She'll need better nutrition now.



She's not that old.



One night without Chinese food

isn't gonna kill her.



Wait, I can't hear. Ma.



Can you pipe down?



It's good for her to stay with you.

You're a doctor.



You can help her...



...maybe get free drugs

from the hospital.



Can you please...?



- Okay.

- You'll pick up her things tomorrow.



- I'll bring her back tomorrow.

- I'll prepare herbs from Old Yu.



They'll help her with the baby.






- Pregnant!

- At her age!



- It's a scandal!

- A disgrace!



- It's better than the soaps!

- More drama!



- More intrigue!

- More eel!



Don't eat so much eel!

It gives you gas.



Who's the father?



Who is the father?



- Father.

- Don't call me Father!



You are the biggest disgrace,

the ultimate shame.



What kind of example are you

for your daughter?



- You're not pregnant too are you?

- Me? No. No.



No daughter has shamed her parents

more than you.



What have we done

to deserve this?



Do you have any idea

who the father is?



Can't bring it up.



She just cries and goes on

about how ungrateful I am.



How did you find out she was...?



The receptionist

at the Manhattan clinic...


            married to one

of Grandpa's former students.



One billion Chinese people,

two degrees of separation.



He's going to banish her

from Flushing. Where will she go?



He can't do this to her.

She belongs here.



Who is the father?



You won't tell us? Fine.



Take all the ones

with your mother in them.



She is no longer

a part of this family.



Father. Don't be like this.



When I think of all we've sacrificed

in the old country...


            give you kids a better life

in the new one.



Had I known, I would have left you

behind in the mainland.



Father, please don't feel shamed.



How can I not feel shame?



My own rotten flesh has gotten

pregnant without a husband.



You don't think people

will laugh at me?



The professor speaks big words...



...but can't control his own daughter?



Old man, this situation won't improve

with yelling.



She wasn't even going to tell us.



She can throw her own reputation

away, but it still comes back to me.



Still crying?



Get out of this house.



Don't come back until you have

a husband to match the child.



How long?



Who knows?



Till my grandfather takes her back in,

I guess.



- When's that gonna happen?

- When she gets married...



...or proves immaculate conception.



Inspiring prospects.



Look how cheerful this red is.

We'll put some up here...



...there and there!



That black is just depressing.



You have no oyster sauce.



I don't use oyster sauce.



Since when do you drink beer?



Can we just...?



Who's the...? The....



How long do you plan on--?



You shouldn't keep this stuff

unless you plan to use it.



Do you plan to keep the...?



What kind of vegetable is this?



I see you just let my face masks

waste away.



- What's this?

- Herbs from Old Yu.



Every week, he has his son

Little Yu give them to me...


            improve my marriage chi

or something.



I don't know why he bothers.



Don't be rude,

just hiding them here.



I want to have a look.



Why can't she get

her own apartment?



Are you insane? Do you know

what kind of karmic hell...



...I'd pay as a Chinese daughter

who didn't take in her own mom?



No, the woman

could never live alone.



"Pull this knob"?



Wow, I only ever see you smile

like that during surgery.



- Please don't hold the door....

- Two?



The big one is for your mother.

Morning sickness.






You're home.



Turn up the TV.



It's just getting to the good part.



She's dumping him.



What is that smell?



Smells great, right? Stinky tofu.



We'll never get the stench

out of here.



Is that what's for dinner?



No, that's just a special treat.



We have chicken, sweet pea stalks,

and fish with bean sauce.



Great. Jay loves fish.



Is he coming?



Ma, you can't give him a paper plate.



Safer this way.

Throw it out afterwards.



It's rude.



I'll give him two.



His shoes! His shoes!



Hi, Mrs. Pang.



You remember my neighbor, Jay.



His shoes!



You don't have to talk so loud.

And leave your shoes by the door.



So I get a call from....



Your neighbor is loud and dark

and eats too much soy sauce.



Americans like soy sauce.



I'm going to start eating less

soy sauce...


            it won't stain the baby too dark.



Ma, that's ridiculous.



You eat less too,

so you don't grow spots.






Too late for him anyway.



Let's keep her.



- So good.

- Thank you.



Thank you for coming.

So, what did you guys think?



You were wonderful. So, so fantastic.



- Bye.

- I'll see you.



- Bye.

- You did a great job.



Where to now, doctor?



- My dad used to come here.

- Mine too.



This one he'd wear.



What does he do?



Judge me, fail me.



I can't tell you how pissed

he was when I wasn't promoted...


            principal this season.



And now he's just praying I'll get

that gig with the Paris Opera Ballet.



Paris? Wow. Sounds impressive.



Gives him something to hope for.



He must be proud of this new show.



He thinks modern dance

was created by...



...a bunch of wild-haired

hippie dropouts.



Yeah, there were some

freaky moments.



But on the whole it was....



I'm sure if he just saw the show.



Maybe you could tell him.



He's your boss.



Relax. He's too consumed

by his own life...


            pay any attention to mine...


            long as he can trot out

his daughter, the prima ballerina.



The modern gig is just for fun

while I'm on sabbatical.



I kind of love it, but....

Yeah, whatever.



Maybe he's right. Most girls

would kill for my spot at City...



...and here I am

trying to express myself.



I should chuck the distractions...



...focus on being a bunhead.



That would really suck.





            come we never met

before now?



We did meet. Nineteen years ago.



I was   you were  .



Outside the temple.



I don't remember.



The Wong boys were taunting me

about my parents' divorce.



You beat the crap out of them.



You were wearing

a Kristy McNichol T-shirt...



...tan cords and a pageboy.



You spilled your mom's groceries.

We scooped them into a bag.



That's right, and then....



And then I kissed you on the nose.



And you ran.



Excuse me.

Do you have Chinese movies?






My view.



It's nice.



I teach down at Arts Alliance.



- You like kids?

- No. City Ballet outreach.



I'm teaching them how to fall

without hurting themselves.



I'll show you. Here.



Try it.



- No, no, no, really.

- Relax.



Okay, when I say "fall,"

you totally let go.












Okay, fall!



Sorry. I can't do this.



That's it. You got it.



- You okay?

- That was good.



That was....



That was...





Oh, my God.



Yeah, don't stop.



Who's your Asian daddy?



I like the sound of the ball

going into the hole.



Hi, folks, I'm Fuzzy Zoeller

for the Putting Peg and Pod.



You know, in this great big game

of golf today...



...everybody's looking

for more yardage...



...and the best-kept secret is making

those three- and four-footers.



Have you eaten?



How long have you been pregnant?



A couple of months.









Children are a blessing

just the same.



Number   .



- We need to see the patient alone.

- I'll be right here.



- lsn't it dangerous?

- Not necessarily.



We would monitor her more closely.



I didn't think it was possible.

I read those TIME magazine articles.



I can literally feel my eggs atrophy.



It's easier to conceive later

if you've had a child before.



She must have all sorts

of weird cravings.



She's at home

clawing the cupboards.



So she's having the kid?



Don't know.



Who's the father?



She won't say.



These are good for someone

who's cooped up and depressed.



I had to shop for my mom

after the divorce.



She wouldn't leave the house, totally

ostracized by those Chinese biddies.



I vowed to get out of Flushing

as soon as I could.



Why didn't your mom get out?



Where would she go?






Don't forget. I invited

the mahjong ladies over tonight.



I haven't forgotten.



So don't bring

any of your friends over.



I won't even be home till late.

It's a co-worker's birthday.



You should get home in time

to say hello to them.



You haven't seen them in so long.



Throw it here.



Hey, birthday girl.



Do I get a birthday kiss?



Saved by the fence.



Where were you last night?



Mom was waiting for me again.



I'll definitely be there tonight.



"Definitely" definitely,

or "definitely" maybe?



You know, my friends

are starting to think you don't exist.



Trust me.

I'll definitely, definitely be there.



- Six surgeries?

- Goddamn sick people.



It's just that I promised Vivian

I'd meet her friends tonight.



You're meeting the friends?

Prepare to be grilled.



Vivian, we had some emergencies.

I can't get out of here until  .



Make that  .



Have the most expensive

birthday floral arrangement...



...delivered to this address.



Ten. Ten.



Wil, last minute preop.

I have to run. Can you take it?



Everyone's gone home.



Can I come in?



I'm not sure.






That's it?



You didn't want me to stay.



I didn't say you should leave.



Never mind.



That one's from you.

That one's from my dad.



I'm an idiot.



What if I stay the night?



The whole night?



The whole night.



Happy birthday.



Hello, Vivian?



This is your mother.



Just calling to say hi.



Hope your birthday good.



Did Wil show up?



Thought you may wanna talk

after she leaves.



Oh, maybe she's still there?



Okay. Bye.



Oh, my God.



You talked to your mother about us?



Yeah. So?



"So"? Does she know we have sex?



No, Wil.

She thinks we conjugate Latin verbs.






Did you tell her about this?



You missed the mahjong party.



Ma, don't start with me today.



You wanna bust on someone,

find yourself a husband to bust on.



So marry her off. There's gotta be

someone you can fix her up with.



I'll put the word out.

We'll come up with someone.



Oh, hey, my landlord's a Chinese guy.



- No wife?

- I don't think so.



- He's not very chatty, but he's rich.

- Might as well put him on the list.



What about Mr. Park

over at Smiler's Deli?



- Park is Korean. Ma's strictly Chinese.

- Your mom called.



- Oh, God.

- Hey, there's a Mr. Fu.



He's finishing a checkup

with Morgan.



Let me see his stats.



Fifty-three, unmarried.



Thyroid levels aren't where I'd like

to see them, but overall pretty healthy.



Okay. Be discrete

but ask him if he's free Friday.



Book him, Danno.



I'm not going on a date.



Let your hair down.



Too puffy, better up.

But I'm not going.



Is that what you're gonna wear?



What's wrong with it?



Maybe you should

wear something brighter.



How about this one?



Chinese people cannot wear yellow.



On sale.



How about this one? It's sexy.



No one wants to see a   -year-old

Chinese woman look sexy.



Ma, you're only   .



Connie Chung's sexy,

and she must be nearly   .



Her show was cancelled.



- ls it a white guy?

- No.



An ugly old white guy.



No. He's Chinese.



He's nice, very healthy.



Pretty healthy.



I'm not going.



Okay. Okay. Wear that.



I'm really not going.



It'll be fun.



Then you go.



All right, forget it.



Forget it. It's already    till  .



I don't have enough time.



Tell him I'm sick.



Lost my voice.



What am I going

to talk about anyway?



Forty-eight and going on a date.






It's okay.



We have enough time.



Look. This dress isn't bad.



We'll just take your hair down.






What are you looking at?





           're beautiful.



Do I tell him about the baby?



Save it for the second date.



So, Mr. Fu,

what is your line of work?



I'm in import-export.



- Good business?

- Not bad, not bad.



Made enough last month

to go on a singles cruise to Fiji.



Not that I went.



- You're an only daughter?

- Yes.



I always wish I had kids.



No kids? Do you want any?



No, it's not necessary.

I'm too old now.



Besides, I'm fixed down there.



Hello, my name is Fu Cheng Wen.



Gao Hwei Lan.



Can we go now?



- What time are you getting back?

- Before midnight.



You're a doctor?



I've got a wart on my left calf.

It's driving me nuts.



Can you tell me if it's cancer?



Fung Ling restaurant.



My last wife made me take lessons.



The whole year, she would scream:



"Alan! More hip action!"



Shake your ass more!



Now when we see each other...



...we don't speak. We just dance.



It's better than marriage.



Fung Ling restaurant.



Huge she-crab. So much egg.



I think I'm too old to have a child.



What makes you say that?



If these are my dating options...



...I am definitely too old.



Ma, I gotta get up early tomorrow.



There's not much left on this tape.



Why are you in street clothes?



So I don't have to change

in the morning.



I can't believe you came

from my womb.



Is that the good guy?



No. He's marrying her for money.



Is that the good guy?






That's his brother.



Then who's that guy?



He's the most evil of them all.



He wants to ruin her family

to avenge a grudge.



Who's the loser

they're beating up?



That's the good guy.



I have found her a husband.



She will marry Cho. To the right.



I don't think Ma likes him.



What's not to like? Back left.



He's kind of intense.



Who cares?



He's a good man

who will take care of your mother...



...and give both her

and that child a decent name.



Where can you find

a man like that?



You will help her see this.



I don't think she sees anything

she doesn't want to.



She shouldn't be alone.



Don't listen to him.



Another misunderstanding.

Now they'll never get together.



He shouldn't have slept

with another woman.



He didn't really. He was drunk.



That's a pathetic excuse.

She should go it alone without him.



She'd be lonely.



Are you lonely?



No, I have you.






It's too late for me.



- What about a father for your child?

- I raised you single-handedly.



You turned out all right.



I just think you should give

that Cho a chance.



Then you wouldn't be alone...



...and it would make

Grandpa happy.



Enough soap opera for today.



I'm going to be a terrible mother.






I don't even like babies.



Stephen's always bringing his kid

to the shop.



All that drooling. Gross.



You were different.



You sprung from the womb

already grown-up.



And I had your father

during your early years.



He was really patient.



You have me.



I can hear your stomach.



What's it say?









It's not very articulate.



Oh, but yours is?



Mine sings arias...



...spouts poetry, proofs.



My mom used to do that.



Put me right to sleep.






I bet she has some great tips

on how to deal with you.



We should....



We should get together

and compare notes.



Thank God that'll never happen.





            this all we are?



I'm just starting to feel

like we're having an illicit affair.



We never do anything.

We never see anyone.



I love holing up with you, but....






I'd like to see your place.



I have a pregnant mother at home.



I'd like to meet her.



She's not ready.



It's been weeks.

Just tell her I'm a friend...



...a nice Chinese girl.



- You're not just a nice Chinese girl.

- I'll fake it.



You don't know my mom.






Fish is good, Auntie.



What do you do?



Vivian's a dancer.



A go-go dancer?



I dance with

the New York City Ballet.



Oh, ballet.



But now I'm...



...taking a break to dance modern.






Less classical, more expressive.



She's very, very good.



Not ballet.



So is the baby good?



She works too hard.



I hardly get to see her.



Me neither.



So do you have a boyfriend?






Pretty girl like you must have

lots of boys ask you out.



Wil's black neighbor is single...



...always around.



You interested?






- You don't like black people?

- Sure, I like--



- She doesn't like black people.

- Yes, she does.



- Then why won't she date them?

- Let's just eat.






You're waiting for me now?



I just want to make sure

my baby gets home safe.



Well, what if I have other plans?



Hey, Little Yu.

Isn't my daughter beautiful?



She is indeed.



- Say thank you.

- Thank you.



Train's here.



Thank your father.

I'll be calling him tonight.



Little Yu's got a solid job

and good benefits.



I'm getting a bridal contact high.



I feel virginal, fertile.



Where are my bridesmaids?



Seriously, Wil, why don't

you just tell her?



- She knows.

- She does?



She dropped by my apartment

a couple years ago unannounced.



She caught you.



So, what'd she say?






She dropped some dumplings

on the table and left.



We haven't talked about it since.



She kept setting you up

with guys?



That's when it started.



- Great crab, isn't it?

- Smells delicious.



There's an old tradition

in Shanghai.



They pick their son-in-law based on

his skill at extracting his crab meat.



What am I saying?



You can't have crab

because of the--



Your child would be my child.



I would make sure you have anything

you want for the rest of your life.



I just want you to be happy.



There are many women

who would be happy with you.



Wouldn't you rather

have someone younger?



Younger people. Today they love you.

Tomorrow, who knows?



It's better to stick with someone

who can really understand you.






...I've liked you for over    years.



I had a lovely time.



You look lovely in this light.



- Hey, Mrs. P.

- Hi!



Pardon me. I was just leaving.



He's a lumpy-looking guy.






Are you guys gonna kiss?



No. What?



Are you going to French kiss

when you go to Paris?



Go play on the jungle gym.



I got the gig

at the Paris Opera Ballet.



Four-year contract.



That's great.



Wow, what an incredible opportunity.



I'm proud of you.



When are you leaving?



I don't know.



Deadline to accept is next week.



Well, congratulations.



Wonder how the gang is doing

over at the salon.



Then why don't you go in?



Mrs. Wong's really upset because

Raymond's dating a white girl.



And Mrs. Chen,

she's been really bitter...



...because her husband lost

a pile of money on the stock market.



Carrying one child and sending

the other out to do her dirty work.



She never could

take care of herself.



Who could the father be?



Do you think the father...


            someone in our circle?



No way. Fred is too respectful.



Len is too scared.



Too lazy.



Too busy losing money.



Thank God.



Good to know we're safe.



Hello, Wilhelmina.

How is that mother of yours?



Didn't you see her the other day

at her mahjong party?



Oh, no. I was busy.

I wasn't able to make it.



Me too.

Everyone's so busy these days.



I heard no one went.















Do you like Cho?



He's a nice man.



But do you like him?



I just told you. I like him fine.



Do you think Ma should marry Cho?



Does she love him?



I don't think so.



Deadline for Paris is Friday.



You must be excited.



Well, it's Paris.



It's professional validation.






...I have new things here...





I-- I just....



I don't know if it'll pan out.



It's a pretty big thing to pass up.






Mr. Cho took you to the hospital?



He's a good man.



Don't worry, Professor Gao.

Your wife's okay.



Your grandmother's lungs aren't

as strong as we'd like to see them...



...but I believe

she'll pull through fine.



I'd like to keep her in here

for another few days.



Vivian, what are you doing here?



I couldn't sleep...


            I thought

I'd get some coffee with you.



My daughter.









Why don't we get breakfast.



After I finish up here, we can

talk about your training in Paris.



Wil, can I grab you for a second?



So you're the reason

she's dragging her heels on Paris.



She was  ...



...the first time I saw her dance.



She blew away all the other girls.



I haven't missed

a single performance since.



Do you love her?



If she doesn't take this job in Paris...



...she may never

realize her greatness.



I understand.



What were you all so worried about?



Haven't I been healthy all these years?



This is nothing compared to war.



Don't excite yourself.



That's right, Mrs. Gao.

Just relax.



You relax. Preferably elsewhere.

I want to speak to my granddaughter.



I'll be back later.



Me too.



Thank God they're gone.



Like I'm so bored I have to listen

to his asinine pandering!



How's your mother?



She's doing well.



You're talking to me.



She's totally depressed

and humiliated.



Don't tell her about this.



How can I not?



She has enough on her mind.



Your grandfather forbids her

to come anyway.



It'll just make her feel bad.



I'll be out soon.



Promise you won't tell her

until I'm back home.






Promise me.



You're just in time.



She's watching his plane

take off for the States.



Vivian's been leaving messages

out the ying-yang.



Hey. It's me.



I wanted to make sure you're okay.



So are you still coming around

the theater tonight?



Yeah. Just let me know.



Okay. Bye.



Hey. I'm going into rehearsal

in a few minutes...


            my cell's gonna be off

until after the show.



But am I gonna see you after work?



I'll just talk to you later.



And, folks, it will help

if you putt to a smaller object....



Your hot dog got cold

so I fed it to the birds.






We don't wanna train them

to eat flesh.



So how's your grandma?






Where have you been

the last couple days?



It's been crazy.






...there's a lot going on right now.



I'm sorry if l....



If this hurts.



At least it's not a flesh wound.






Stupid girl,

he's so obviously right for you.






We need to talk.



There's not much left on this tape.



I don't think this can wait.






I love you.



And I'm gay.



How can you say

those two things at once?



How can you tell me you love me...



...then throw that in my face?



I am not a bad mother.



My daughter is not gay.



Then maybe I shouldn't be

your daughter.



I can't believe she's gonna do it.






Who are you, a bridesmaid?



I'm not invited.



Ma's not speaking to me anyway.





           're really not gonna see

Vivian off to the airport?



- We broke up.

- So?



We broke up.






My dad said this is for the bride.






Damn it!



"Hwei Lan...


            keep refusing to see me.



By the time you read this...


            may already be Cho's bride.



You've said this is the way

fate would have it...



...but if it is your fate

to do your father's bidding...



...then it is my fate to try...



...and undo yours.



Yes, people would talk

about the age difference...."



Oh, my God.



It's Old Yu!



I may not be what you pictured

as your future.



But I know now that I am the one

destined for you.



I love you.



I know you love me.



Shouldn't this be simple?



Twenty-nine years ago...


            married a man you didn't love

to be the perfect daughter...



...and now you're doing it again,

all for your father's honor.












Wait a moment!



What's going on?



I read the letter. I know.



Wil, quiet! You're causing a scene!



You know what? What letter?



Don't marry him!



Marry the one you love.



Wait a minute.



You don't love me?



Of course she loves you!



Say it! You love him!






No, she doesn't.



She loves him!



This is a mistake!

It's not me! It's not me!



- Yes, it is!

- No, it's not!






It's me.



Are you insane?



- That woman's karma kills husbands!

- Pa, I love her!



I told you to marry

the Hong Kong movie star!



At least she doesn't have kids!



- lf you want a divorce, just say so!

- You want it!



- ldiot, I love you!

- Dog fart! I love you!



I am indebted to you...



...but I don't love you.






I am so sorry.



I can't.



You have thrown away

a lifetime of my reputation!



Father, please.



Fantastic! I'll move back in with you.



We'll need a bigger bed,

so the baby can sleep with me.



Later, we'll block off the living room

for her crib and--



No, Ma. Wait.



We really should repaint.

Rose beige would be nice.



It would warm the place up nicely!






You know what I don't understand?



Why did you make us

go through this?



Why didn't you just say it was

Little Yu and be together?



He's young.






He could have anyone.



He's obviously in love with you.



Today he loves me.



Tomorrow, who knows?



I guess I needed him to declare it.

Not just to me, but to everyone.



Besides, I'd never dated before.



I may as well see what's out there.



You know...



...that Vivian...



...she seems nice.



She's leaving for Paris tonight.



You like her, don't you?



Stop the bus!



- You stay-- Get--

- Wait! Wait!






- I gotta catch my flight.

- Don't go. Wait.



That's what I do. I wait.



I hang around, waiting to catch

a precious moment with you...



...between your mom and your beeper.

I'm sick of it.



We'll have more time

after my residency.



It's not the time, Wil.

It's how you feel.



You're too scared to look

the world in the eye...



...and let it watch you fall in love.

You're off and running without a fight.



I'm not the one running off to Paris.



Don't flatter yourself.

It's for the ballet.



I thought you wanted to do modern.



What do you fucking care

what kind of dancing I do?



Punish me by leaving. Fine.



Don't punish yourself by treating

your dreams like they're for shit.



Kiss me.



Right here, in front of all these people.






Vivian, I love you.



- Working late again?

- Not tonight.



- Off to Planet China.

- Thought you didn't have to do that.



Ma insisted. I have to be

there tonight for some reason.



- She still goes to those things?

- All the ladies bug her for advice now.



You're late as usual.



Hi, Ma.



Wil, it's been so long.



Busy lately? Try some of this jerky.



Yeah, it's been a busy spring.



Well, a full belly conquers all.



It is   a.m. in Paris.

Can we please go home now?



I'm not spending my entire break

in Planet China.



You promised she wouldn't be here.



She hasn't been coming for a while.



Dance with me?






Vivian Shing.



I am asking you to dance with me.



I can't.



There's no music.



So now will you let me move in?



No way!



This is the first time

I've ever had my own place.



You're gonna cramp my style.



The world is getting too hard

to predict.



It just keeps getting worse.






Let's go.



One more bite.



Folks are leaving.



- Fuck them.

- Fuck them.



Fifteen years is too damn long to wait.

If you like her, go for it.



How's your squab?



Oh, it's good.



You finally saw Vivian's new show.

What do you think?



- I didn't get it.

- Me neither.



Well, at least she's marrying a doctor.



Stop patting that side.

The baby will turn out lopsided.



Don't be silly.



Patting isn't bad for the kid,

right, Wil?



Yeah. But disagreeing

with her mother is.



Well said!



The moment that girl is born,

I'm coming over every day.



God knows how she'll turn out

if she's brought up by you two.



Nice shirt, Vivian.



Now why can't you wear

something pleasant like that?



- Because I like to be nagged.

- I'll work on her.



So there's only one thing left.



When are you going to have a baby?


Special help by SergeiK