Saw 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Saw 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Donnie Wahlberg sequel to Saw (Saw 2).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Saw 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Saw 2 Script





Help! Anybody here??






- Hello, Michael. I want to play a game.



So far, what you call this

your life,



you've been living watching other.



The society calls you a informer,

a rat, a snitch.



I call you unworthy

of the body you posses,



of the life that have been given.



Now, we will see if you are willing the

to look in world



better than that, to give up

the one thing you rely on in order



to go on living.



The device arround your neck is a

death mask.



The mask is on a spring timer.

If you do not locate the key in time,



the mask will close. Think

at this like a carnivorous plant.



What are you looking right now is

your own body



no more than two hours ago.



Don't worry. You were put to sleep

and can't feel a thing.



Taking to account that you are a 

great disadvantage here, I am going 

to give a hint from where hidden



the key. So listen carefully.

The hint is this:



it's right behind your eye!



How much blood you would share to stay

alive, Michael. Live or die.



- It's your choice.

- Who the fuck are you?!?



Somebody help me!!



Help me!!



somebody... please...



No, no, no...



- Scuze me.

- Can I help you?



I came to look for Daniel Mathews.



Sign this.






Let's go, Daniel.



-Take you long enough.

- I'm sorry, I didn't have a pencil note into my schedule.



- They will press charges, you know?

- Yes, they are assholes.



Of course they are, you stole from them.



That's why is so great for me. Your 

mother get to keep custody and

I gets to get you in custody.



What is it with you?



- It's a tough guy, can you stay on them?

- ...



Why you are such cop the whole time?



- Ei, that call beeing a father.

- Trust me, you are better as cop.



I think I should go back to

mom earlier.



- What did you said?

- What, can not hear me?



No, I can not hear you. Say again!



- I think I should go back to mom's...

- Well, then go!!






- Ei, is Daniel, leave a message.

- Is dad.



Sorry about yesterday. I haven't heard

from you. Give me a call, please.






Sorry sergeant. I thought was my son.



Yeah, I'll be right there.



- What do you got?

- County's best officials are 

working on a deadline.



A woman found a body and called us in.



She said that this place is

abandoned for about two years,



in spite of the people that live down here.



- Who?

- Homeless supposely.



A group of boys behind drugs.

It is a good place to prick.



- An estimate time of death?

- The forensic just got here.



But one of the officers said

that was your buddy.



He was not my buddy,

it was an informer.



The officer id him just

looking at him?



No, he was not possitive, for that

wanted you here.



Well, I will look at his face and I'll 

tell you in two seconds if is him or not.



Very nice, bravo!



Yeah, is Mike.



- Will you tell me about that?

- I thought you want to see it for yourself.



Ok, now I saw it.



I know that it is still early, but

up to now is Jigsaw pattern.



I've seen that. What he want with me?



Well, let's just pretend that is somebody new.



Can you think at anyone who will

do that to your guy?



He was an informer, Kerry. If you want

a list of possible suspects...



grab a phone book.



Crackheads do not have engineering 

degree. I see that the cause of the death



it is apparent. ..  And you?



Sure, will get an expert.



Look closer, Detective Matthews.



- For what?

- Ask who wrote it.






Hello Michael, I want to play a game.



So far, what could call this your

life, you've been living watching other.



You and that have

a lot in common, Karen.



- Yeah?

- Yeah, he like to play games with people.



Scuze me?



Who sell shit like that

again on me in the crime scene?



- I'm not the one telling you he is.

- Doesn't mean I have to take the bait.



- This sound like a full case, allways it is.

- This desk is full of shit.



Well, counting that beyond of that work

and my son's criminal life,



and my f**king divorce,

let's say that am full of things to do.



Well, I'm sorry. I waited that,

maybe, you could bring that on.



- We are partners no more, Kerry.

- If you don't care about our 

partners, how about



the fact that your name is on

the wall? He ask for you.



Is not the first time when some

psychopat call me out.



What about the fact that I'm asking?



I cannot help you.

I am a Jigsaw expert.



When will you stop

beeing a cop?



Look closer, Detective Mathews.



The guy wrote your f**king name on the wall.



Llook closer, Detective Mathews.



- He ask for you.

- Allright, listen up.



These are the best entry points.



They are the only ones with direct 

street in front of each and good cover.



Now remember, we will make this in 

day light. I don't want to scare civilians.



I've been there, I know the location.




I want teams of  .

Let's do this.



Just like in good all days, ha?



What a case big enough how it is.



Like a walk in the lab.



Go, go, go ...



Team   in Broadbaker.

Dark side. We are going in.



Go, go, go ...






Ben, not!



Officer down, officer down.



- The damned armed a trap.

- Officer down, officer down.



- I want the team in here now.

- Go, go!






Talk to me, guys.



Freeze, don't move.



I want to see your hands.

I won't ask again.



Put your hands where can I see them.



Down on your kneels.



- Down on your kneels.

- I'm affraid I cann't do that.



Search him now!



You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to one attorney.



If you can afford, one

will be appointed to you.



He is clean!






Is that close enough?



Take his ass out from here.



Actually, I will need to remain here



while you deal with your

problem, Detective Matthews.



- What problem?

- The problem in that room.



Keep him secure.









- What?

- I don't know.



Shit, I think that's my son.



He got my son.



What the f**k is that?



- Hey, what the fuck is that?

- It's your son Daniel, you 

remember him, don't you?



I know that you piece of shit, but what's

he doing on that fucking monitor?



I have not been looking at the monitors for

some time, so will be a little hard to say.



But I will imagine that he is coward

 in a corner with a look on his face...



- Eric, wait!

- You mother fucker, where is he?



Where is he? That is a problem that 

you have to solve before it is too late.



Daniel has two hours, before the

gas creap into his nervous system,



begings to breaks down his body tisue



and he begin to bleed from

any orifices he has.



Ah, yes! There will be blood.



- Tells me where he is.



He is at a safe place.



- Erik?

- I need a phone.



- Erik, listen to me.

- Just give me a phone.



- Looks, everything about this is profile.

- I need to be sure.



  You reach Daniel's phone.

He is not here right now.



- I'm sorry

- Yes, I'm countdown over here.



Give me bomb squad, now.






Hey, wake up.



Can you hear me?



She is still breathing.



What is this? House arrest?

Are we in jail?



- No, this ain't jail.

- Yeah, you did a lot of time?



- Yeah, too much.

- Somebody open the fucking door.



I think nobody's listening.

Hey, what the fuck is this?



Somebody is listening.



No, that type of

cameras don't have sound.






Think that you can wake up in a room

without having idea of where you are?



- I guess you never been drunk before.

- I've been drunk... three years ago in college.



... that is not drunk.

That is kidnapping.



I watched that movie in TV last week.

This guy was a reporter



It was in that war zone, right?

- He will sleep at his hotel room



and when he wakes up, he is in a 

cell, without windows and no light.



And he spend   years in that room.



-   years? That's nothing. Get over it.

- What do you mean get over it?



I mean stop bitching about it

and let's do something.



- I think we should calm down.

- Shut up. I heard something.



What is it?



It's ticking. I hear a ticking.



Hey, calm down. What's your name?



- Amanda. Where am I?

- I don't know.



Nobody knows. We

just woke up here, like you.



No!!!!!! No!



- It's ok!

- No!!!!



- F**k!

- What?



What are you looking for?



What is this?



Everything what we need to know is on this.



Greetings. And welcome.

I trust that you all are wondering



where you are. I can assure you that your

location it is not important, what this walls



offer for you is important.

Salvation. If you earn it,



three hours from now the door to

this house will open. But unfortunatelly



you have two hours to live. Right now,

you are breathing a deadly nerve agent.



you've been breathing since you

arrived here. As you are familiar



with Tokio subway attacks will know it's

devastating effects on the the human body.



The only way to overcome it and walk

out that door, it is to find the antidote.



somewhere hide arround this house. One

of them is inside that safe in front of you.



You all possess the combination

of the safe. Think hard.



The numbers are in the back of your

mind. The clues of the order



can be found over the rainbow. Once you 

will realize what you have in common



you will be in better understanding

why you are here.



X mark the spot of the clue.

So, look carefully.



Let the game begin.



- Who is this?

- What did you mean?



- How did you know where to find this?

- That is bullshit.



Do not attempt to use this key

on the door to this room.



- Fuck his rulles.

- Yeah, fuck this. That's a good idea.



- No, no, this is not a good idea.

- So what will gonna do?



- Will sit here?

- The note said not to use the key.



Who does give a shit about the note?

This all is a fucking big bad joke.



And I'm about to end it.



Better start to talk right now.

What is this?



- It's a game.

- Ain't no fucking game.



- His face was just blown out.

- He is testing us.



- Who is testing us?

- Jigsaw.



- Who the hell is Jigsaw?

- Do you read the fucking news?



- No, who is he?

- He is a serial killer.



No, is not. He is testing us.

He wants us to survive this



but we have to play by the fucking rules.



I will ask again,

how does that know all this?



Because I've played before.



The tactics team is coming now

to discover where the video come.



What do you want from me?



- A little of your time, detective.

- I don't have time.



You asked me when I want and I 

told you. Believe me when I tell you, 

your son is in a lot of troule.



If I'll give a litlle of my time,

what then?



I just want to talk to you. Everyone

else must leave. Those are my conditions.



No, it's a crime scene.

Nobody leaves.



They don't have to leave the building,

they just have to live this area



long enough for me to talk with you.



If agree to with that, then you

will see your son again.



If I don't see more my son again, I 

swear to God, I'll rip your fucking head off.



I don't intend to mock you, officer,

but I'm cancer patient.



Have could you possibly put me in

anymore pain than I'm already in?



Just get them here now.



Tag team is on the way. They will

discover from where the video comes



In one hour, maybe two.

- Consider that he wants to 

talk with him alone.



- Then maybe should talk with him.

- Well fuck that. Five minutes, 

old school method.



- He's not gona respond to force,

you know that.

- Don't underestimate my methods.



I have been working in that

in case since the first day.



I have spending all the ways

to get the pieces together.



Maybe that's why you don't

have a family for yourself



and you don't understand this

man what's going through.



- Look...

- No, no, don't talk with me.



Listen, you already lost your son

sometime before because of me.



This won't happen again.



That is bullshit.

What we're gonna do?



Just deal with him.

Buy us more time.



You can win this Erik.

You can beat him.



 ... to find the antidote. There are several

dispersed in the house.



  One of them is inside of the safe in

front to you. All you have the



  combination for the safe. Think hard.

The numbers are behind your mind.



  they Think enough. The numbers

they are behind their minds.



  The clues for the order can be...






Hey, wait for a little.

Where you going?



I'm gona find an antidote and

I'll get out rom here.



Antidote? Face, you were already in the

joint. You talk with owner of the chamber



you know that is no

antidote for that shit.



Look at this. The doors

are locked.



Did you hear that? It is wood. Plaster.

It is not a fortress. It is a fucking house.



I am only saying let's just take our

time and come with a game plan.



Well, you'll came up with a game plan?

All right? Now I'm going out of here.






- You ok?

- Yes, I'm fine.



I won't do that if I're you!



You don't know what

behind that fucking door.



Fuck. Shit.



They leave the room.






- Let's talk.

- Sit down Eric.



I want to play a game.



The rules are simple. What you

have to do is sit here and



to talk with me. Listen to me.

Because for the enough time



you will find your son

in a safe and secure state.



We didn't go properly

introduced. My name is John.



- How you like to be called Jigsaw.

- No...



They were the police and the press

that created that name Jigsaw.



I never ecuraged to claim that. The

jigsaw piece that I cut for my subjects



was more to be a symbol that at 

that subject was missing something, 

a vital piece of the



human puzzle: the

survival instinct.



This is all really, really interesting,

John. Right now I really want 

you to talk with me...



I am talking to you.

You are not listening.



- Don't forget the rules.

- I am listening to you.



and all of this is the same sick

fucking bullshit that come from

 you every two seconds



in each interrogation that I ever

did to all fucking people.



It is an interesting approach

to placeMarkus.



You didn't suppose to convinceing me that



I'm your friend?



To lead me in a false sense of

security to confide me in you?



It is difficult to follow the manual when

you have my son, John.



The manual? What I'm doing to 

you right now? What would have 

made five years ago?



Would you have followed the manual?

Would you broken my jaw 

with a flashlight?



You seem to know a lot about me.



I know you once considered

a fearless policeman.



Do you fell a lot much safer now,

that you only seat behind the desk?



- I am feeling a lot of things right now.

- But you feel alive, that's what you fell.



And that's what you want.



Kindly... get me a glass of water?



I would very much appreciate this.






Well we estabiles that the macho

bullshit ain't gona open the door,



.. any more suggestions?

- Look who is talking.



The only door you know

to open is between your legs.



- Shut the hell up, all right?

- You shut the hell up!



- Imbecile ...

- The hell is ...



Ok, nobody take shit from

nobody. We estabilish that.



- Did you find anything?

- No, nothing.



- That tattoo, is Joliete. Right?

- Yeah, so?



- I did get restrain in there myself.

- Are you proud?



And you, what is your

corectional facility of your choice?



What is your point?



My point is, you were not like

that durring the highschool, right?



That make   of us that done time.

I think we should concentrate

 more on that tape



cause that tape said, we have

more in common that we know.



- I said, the three of us ......

- Hey!



I found a door over here.



I need a flashlight.



Over there.






Oh, shit!!



- Ei! Damm, kid.

- Sorry.



What the fuck is OBI?



Obi, is my name.



Hello Obi, I want to play a game.



Per years you have burnt those 

arround you enough lies and deceipts.



Now you have a chance to redeem

your soul for the games what 

you played for the other.



For playing one of mine.



Inside of the equipment there are

two antidotes for the poison



that runs in your veins. One is

a present of

mine for helping me to kidnap



the other ones. The second is yours

to donate. However, one of 

them will have a price.



Remembers that: once you are in hell,

only the devil can help you.



Wait a minute, what's that mean?

To kidnap the others.



- It was him that put us here.



the car... it was...



I knew that I knew him. You 

were the last person that I 

saw before I wake up here.



You did this.



Are you sure is him?

It better be sure.



I am sure.



You've done the same.

I did what I had to be done.



I will give you a choice.



- You have   seconds to get us out of here.

- I don't know the way out.



Bullshit. You put us in here,

you get us out from here.



- No, I can't.

- Then you are dead.



- Sorry.

- No, wait. Listen to me.



We got two antidotes in that

oven. We are wasting time here.



Wasting time? Are you kiddin' me?



- He kidnapp me in the middle of the night.

- We know even know 

what is in those syringes.



- Do you want to stick yourself to find out?

- Yeah.



Anyway, who will get them?






Right now, you go in there



or I kill where you stay.



If you will threat me with a knife,

at least to cut me a little.



I guss I'll go in there to get those needles.

If I'll get one.



- One for me.

- Hurry up.



Come on, man! Guys can pray

for this one.



Thank you, hommie.

Here we go.



- What the fuck is happening?

- Open the door.



- Open the door.



- It is locked.

- Open the door.



Open the fucking door.



- Come on, get him out of there.

- The door!



I will try.

I don't get to open.



Come out of there.



Use your coat.

Use your fucking coat.



- Come on. Open the door.

- Stop that.



Come on!



- Stop it!



- It's a window here.

- He has the antidote.



- Stop that.

- Remove him then.



Stop that!!



Hang on man, will

get you out.



Stop it, stop it...



Stop that...



Yo, fuck away. Move, move!!






The needles. He lost the needles.

I want the fucking needles!!



- Calm down.

- Fuck!.



The needles are fucking hot.



He had a choice.



Another one down, Kerry. How

much time will time lose with that bastard?



We are not wasting time,

we are doing what should do.



Didn't look like this to me!



You see, detective, the Darwin theory of 

the evolution, the survival of the more fort,



based on his little trip to Galapagos

is no longer applied on this planet.



We have human race to test

the edge or will to survive.



What the fuck do you want?



I'm trying to remain calm, isn't it?

And your son is walking 

arround on those monitors.



I cannot give what you want

if I don't know what the fuck it is.



You know what it is.

Just remember the rules.



No, you said you want to talk.

Then you said that you 

want to play a game.



You are talking, but

it means nothing.



- What is the cure for the cancer, Erik?

- What?



- The cure for the cancer. What is it?

- I don't know what is.



but I know is not to kill and to torture

people for your sick fucking pleasure.



I never murdered nobody in my

life. The decision are up to them.



Well, to put a gun to someone head

and force him to pull the gun



it is still murder.



Since when the use

of force solve a problem of your?



Why you're so desperate

to get your son back?



'Cause he is my son.



When was the last time when

you said to him that you love him?



  Well, then go!



Seems to me that closing son's death

is causing you to act.



When is your willing

to do that when a life is at stake?



I always loved my son,

that's never changed.



Mmm, it's changed now.



The knowledge of the death

changes everything. If I will tell you 

the exact date and time of your



own death, it will shut your world completely.



I know.



Can you imagine what is fell like to

have someone sit you down...



- John Cramer?

.. and tell you that you are dying?



The gravity of that?



That the clock is ticking for you.



In one second, the world

is crack open.



You look at things differently,

you smell things differently.



You savor everything, either a glass of

water or a walk in the park.



The clock is ticking, John.



Most people have the luxury

not knowing when that clock will go off.



And the irony of that is that keeps

for really living their lives.



It keep them drinking that glass

of water but not really tasting it.



You can still fix that, John.



Yeah, but you can fix you?



I'm not fixable.

I have cancer.



You think that the cancer is

an excuse for what you done?






The cancer is all what

started me and my work.



It was the moment I decided

to end my life,



and start a new with my work.



That brought meaning to it.



I literally, driving myself

to suicide. I failed.



My body is not strong enough

to fight cancerous cells.



Than I have lived for a plundge of ...



And for my amazement,

I was alive.



And I was determined to spend

the rest of my days



testing the fabric of

human nature.



Do you understand, Erik?



You have the chance to do

something right now, John.



Just tell where my son is.

I will help you.



I don't need your help, and I can

tell you that you stil don't understand.



Those who don't appreciate life,

do not deserve life.



- My son appreciate his life.

- But do you appreciate yours?



- Do appreciate your son's?

- Bullshit!



Don't forget the rules.



Will help to find your son.



Where are you?



No, we don't have    minutes. We need

that location to the video feed.



Hey, we should stop, ok?






It is the second time when

I wake up in this shithole.



- Can you stand up?

- Yeah.



but only if I want to. It's still

so much things to do.



So many people have to talk to me.



This can be it.



It's not.



Amanda, you said that

you survive this, right?



Do what?



This guy. Whatever is he doing ...



you said that you played

before. You survived.



- Yeah.

- So, we can survive.






Amanda, why you defend him?



Because I was a fucking junkie.



But the funny is,

I pass the little test.



If you passed the test,

why you are back here?



I was mean with myself.



- How long has been ...

- I started in jail.



- What were arrested for?

- Possesion.



But, if I said that...



Maybe you should talk with the

cop who arrested me.



- I guess you were never been

arrested before. - No.



I've been in trouble few times,

you know, and some other stuff.



My father is the ...



He is a real hard ass.



He probably is right now looking for me,

just to kick my ass for dissapereance.



- Yeah, probably.



We found a door. Come on.



Come on. We have to go.



It the only one without a lock,

but we can't get it open.



- How's going?

- It's stuck in some thing.



- Here, let me try it. Come on!

- Take it easy.



Back up, allright?



If is stuck,

it's a trap.



- Man, the whole house is a trap.

- Somebody doesn't want us in that room.



- Now what?

- I will make it back, ok?



- What else will do?

- We got   minutes to get it done.



Hello Xavier, I want to play a game.



The game I want to play is very similar

with what you give that 

played as a drug dealer.



The game of offering 

hope to the desperate

for a price. I think we can agree



that your situation is desperate.

So I offer you hope.



The price you to pay is that you must

crawl in the same pit



you force yours customers into.

By entering this room,



a timer has been started



When the time expired, the door

in front of you will be locked forever.




- You must have find the key before



that the time runs out. Can you unlocked,

with the dreams that are locked inside?



I will give you just one hint

that's where the key is.



It will be as finding a

needle in the heist.



Let the game begin.



Somebody is going there.



Nobody is fucking going in there...



- No, no...

- You are sick..



- What are you doing?!



- Stop, nooo !!

- Put her down!



Help me!!






- Oh my God.

- Come on.



- We don't have time.

- O, shit.



- 'the fuck is wrong with you?

- What are you doing?



- You are fucking mind!

- Hurry up.



Keep going. We don't have time.



Keep fucking looking.



- Come on!

- Fuck you!



Somebody help her.



'the fuck, guys?



No, no, nooooo ! ....



Come on.






- That's enough.

- That's no nealry enough.



Ahh, stop that bullsit.



Did you hear that tape?



He knows about us, our names.



There is something that

we are not seeing.






You said you

three you been there.



Make it  .



- For what?

- Does it matter?



Anybody else?



What about you? You got juvenile

written all over you.



- No, never been.

- All right.



- Let's talk this out anymore.

- No more talking.



The only thing you people haveing

in common is holding me back.



I'm out.



- Where is that damm tactical team?

- Will be here any second.



I'm not listening to this any more.

Another second is to fucking long.



I know how this guy works, ok?

He is playing a game.



That mean we have to stay

a little bit longer.



Take a look at the clock.



You need something for that box,

or his son will end up in one.



His work. He want

to get done, that's how he's doing.



He wants

to be heard, to be studied.



Right, destroy his work.



How will get your conviction

without all those evidence, Eric?



- Don't mean a shit, big deal.

- So go ahead, destroy it.



I will!



Just knows will not save your

son if you do it.



- You kill my son, I kill you.

- Oh, yeah?



We both know what

sort of person you are.



- That sort of person that gun down



an unarmed suspect. The sort 

of person who plants evidence 

in order to obtain a conviction.



That sort of person that is abandoned

by the wife and hated by his son.



Shut the fuck up!



- He said he found a trace

through satellite.



Your tag team has arrived.

Just in time.



We right now found

the source of that video.



- Somebody haven't told you, Eric.

- I tired listening to you.



Maybe I can just show it to you.

Unfortunately, it be difficult 

for me to get it



myself, so you perhaps could ask the

people who are listening to that walkie



that he can get it for me.



Brown desk. Second drawer.



You may not remember all those people.

But I am sure they remembers you.



You were the arresting officer of 

all they cases. And you were the 

one who plant all the evidence used



to obtain their convection. You 

are the one who put them 

away. Your son is playing a game



with a lot of people that don't like you

very much, detective. It will be a shame



that they discover who he was?



  You all possess the combination

for the safe. Think hard.



  The numbers are in the back of your mind.



  The clue of the order can be

found, over the rainbow.






- What are you doing?

- I haven't decide yet.



- You know, the others are scared of you.

- Good.



You and me... we keep going on

each other like back in the yard,



or we can come together and

figure out who is doing that to us.



You and others do what you want.

I already found what the fuck to do.



You remind me of me. You don't know

what kind of fuck up situation you in,



you have to find yourself a enemy.

You know want? I've got enemies.



Outside these fucking walls,

bro. And they are looking for me.



And if they will not find me, they go

after those close to me.



My family.



- You understand?

- No, I don't understand.



It's just me, and that's the way

I like it. Now, turn around.



- What?

- Turn around.



You son ...



- Oh, shit.

-No, we can't stop.



We've been here for two hour. If is

what's said true, then we got one hour



and that front door will open.

- We won't gona make it that long.



-Possible winning that's usual.

- She know what is talking about.



- Oh, yeah?

- X mark the spot.



- What?



X mark the spot is the answer.



What are you doing

with him?



- This is your father?

- Do you know him?



- Yeah. He put me away.

He set me up.



Tell me that is not your father.



I cannot trust in none of you.



You two are on your own.



Now we know what we have in common.



Please, I didn't know.



Mary Kate, Amanda... where are you?



Please, don't leave me.



We are moved.



Mary Kate, Amanda...

I found a way out.






Mary Kate...



Don't run.



Eric. Eric. No!



We tried in your way.



Give me a fucking way!






Fuck him.



I won't go now until

your son is pissing blood.



That's for their methods

that Daniel is condemned.



Help. Help me!



- Oh my God. Jonas.



Help me. Help me!






- Please...

- It's ok.



- Help me.

- Ok...









Help me!






Nobody is listening anymore, asshole.



Open your mouth.

Open your mouth!



Here we go. You will

tell me where is he now?






Say it again.



Game over.



I'll take you to the house.



You will take me right now. Right now.



I'll take you, nobody else.



Me and you.



How we get out of here?



There is a button in the wall.

Better hurry.



There is no much time left.



Get a way out, now!



Go, go, go.



Signal aquired



We got them.



This is Kerry. They are both gone.



If I don't find my son,

I swear to God...



Kerry, they're gone.



Kerry, we got a lock on the house.



- Rigg, we got it.

- What?



-     Northwide, Crescent.

-     Northwide, Crescent. Got it.



Where to now?



Straight ahead.



Come on, where are you?



It turns right in Outbreak.



Open the fucking door.

Open the door.



There is nowhere to go.

I only want the numbers behind the head.



There's no where to go,

open the door, Amanda.



I can't hold it.



Come on, let me in.



- Open the door, come on!



Left to the next street.



Last house to the left.






-What is Amanda?

- It's a door. A fucking door...



You have nowhere to go.



- Help me move this thing.



- Come on, Amanda.

- Shit, it's locked.



Let me in.

Come on, open the door.



Key, remember when we found

the tape recorder.



Where is it?

Where is it?



- Fuck.

- Jonas... Jonas have it last.



- Come on, Amanda.

- Find it. Fast.



Come on!



Open the door.

Let me in.



Eric, you got to need this key

to get inside the house.






Where are we?



Run, run!









Daniel, we got to go.



- We got to go!.

- Run!



OK, let's go... let's go.



Go, go, go!



We're in.






Secure the area.



- Kerry, we're in the house.

- Can not see you, sergeant.



I repeat, can not see you.



I repeat, I can not see you.



- Where the hell are they?

- Where is the ...



Rigg, do you copy?



  Hello Mr. Whannel, follow your heart.



  Best to check there first.

What the fuck is that?



  My name is very fucking 

confused. What's your name?

- Somebody kill ya, Mr. Lawrence.



  we should cut our currents.

What are you doing to me?






  He wants to get ...

- No, oh my God.






Oh, no. Don't leave me.






- He is gone.

- Doesn't matter.



What I want to know is on the

back of his neck. Later is yours.



You still don't know your own number.

How will gonna get it if I don't tell you?












I still can not see you, sergeant.

Rigg, do you copy?



- Left side, clear.

- Right side, clear.



All clear.



Look after you, sergeant.

I repeat, can not see you.



- It's no live.

- Kerry, we are in the wrong fucking house.



- We are wasting our fucking time.

- Get them out of there.



Let's go.












Hello Eric, you probably don't 

remember me, but you 

changed my life once.



You send me to prison.

I was guilty of a lot of things.



but not the drug charge what

you framed before.



You don't know what that

do when you are locked away.



The second time

somebody changed my life



I was guilty.

- Hello, Amanda.



... but my life was saved that day.

- Did you say that you survived 

that, right?






I found myself father. A leader.

A teacher.



You must meet death...



if you want to be reborn.



- Help me.

- What is the cure for the cancer, Eric?



Those who don't appreciate life

do not deserve life.



The cure for death itself?

The answer is immortality.






By creating a legacy, I'm living a life

who's remembers



you become immortal. Somehow,

the tables are turned.



- He ask for you.

- What do you want?



- I told you...

- He wants us to survive this.



I want to play a game.



- We have to play by the fucking the rules.

- The rules are simple.



What you have to do is

sit here and to talk to me.



If you'll do long enough, you will

found your son in a safe and secure state.



- What the fuck is this?

- Your son Daniel, do you remember him?



My father is a hard ass.



You are unworthy of the life

that have been given.



Now that your son faces death,

is cause you to forget all his sins.



Because we are only willing to do that

when his life is in danger?






- I don't listen to you.

- Don't forget the rules.



- Shut the fuck up.

- He is playing a game.



- He is not saying shit!

- That's the sort of person you are.



I won't go in hell until

that your son is pissing blood.



I'll take you to the house.



Somebody didn't told you, Eric.



It is I who will carry on

John work after he dies.






So go ahead. Destroy.



And you are my first test subject.



Now you are off away.

Helpless and alone.



- Game over.



I'll fucking kill you!!.






You fucking bitch!!!!!!



I'll fucking kill you!!


Special help by SergeiK