Saw Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Saw script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by James Wan and starring Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Saw. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Saw Script



Help! Someone help me!



Is someone there?



Oh, shit. I'm probably dead.



- You're not dead.

- Who's that?



Turn on the lights!



Wish I could.



What the fuck is going on? Where am I?



I don't know yet.



What is that smell?



I don't see a thing, asshole.









No one can hear you.



- What the fuck is this?

- Calm down. Just calm down.



- Are you hurt?

- I don't know. Yeah!



What's your name?



My name is very fucking confused.

What's your name? What's going on here?



My name is Lawrence Gordon. I'm a doctor.



I just woke up here. Just like you.



- Recognize that man?

- No.



- Do you have any idea how you got here?

- No.



- What's the last thing you remember?

- Nothing.



I went to bed in my shit-hole apartment

and woke up in an actual shit-hole.



What about you?



There's not much to tell really.



I was on my way home from work

and I don't remember anything else.



First dead body I've ever seen.

Look different in real life.



They don't move.



From the looks of these chains...



someone didn't want us

to go very far either.



- Can you see any scars?

- What?



This is what they do.

They kidnap you and drug you...



and before you know it, you're in a bathtub

and your kidneys are on eBay.



- No one has taken your kidneys.

- How can you tell from way over there?



Because you'd either be in terrible agony

or you'd be dead by now.



Trust me.



- What are you, a surgeon?

- Yeah.



So, you going to tell me your name or what?






Well, Adam...



what we need to do...



is start thinking about why we are here.



Whoever brought us here

could've killed us by now.



But they didn't.



They must want something from us.



Question is what.



- That clock.

- What about it?



- It's brand-new.

- So?



So somebody obviously

wanted us to know the time.



Wait. I think I might be able

to reach the door.



What is that?



Excuse me.



- It's a tape.

- Where did you find it?



It was in my pocket.



It says "Play me."



Come on.



Throw it over here.






- Use your shirt.

- What?



Your shirt.



Come on.



It won't work.



Look around.

There must be something else you can use.



- There's nothing.

- There must be something.



Come on. You can do it.



Come on. Again.



Rise and shine, Adam.

You're probably wondering where you are.



I'll tell you where you might be.



You might be in the room that you die in.



Up until now,

you simply sat in the shadows...



watching others live out their lives.



What do voyeurs see

when they look into the mirror?



Now, I see you as a strange mix...



of someone angry and yet apathetic.



But mostly just pathetic.



So are you going to watch yourself

die today, Adam?



Or do something about it?



I don't get it.



Throw me the player.



No. You throw me your tape.



Look, we're going to have to work together

if we want to get out of here.



Now, just throw it to me.



I'm not going to risk breaking it.

You throw me your tape.



Dr. Gordon. This is your wake-up call.



Every day of your working life,

you have given people the news...



that they are going to die soon.



Now you will be the cause of death.



Your aim in this game is to kill Adam.



You have until  :   on the clock to do it.



There's a man in the room with you.



When there is that much poison

in your blood, the only thing left to do...



is shoot yourself.



There are ways to win this...



hidden all around you.



Just remember:

"X" marks the spot for the treasure.



If you do not kill Adam by  :  ...



then Alison and Diana will die, Dr. Gordon.



And I'll leave you in this room to rot.



Let the game begin.



Give me that. Now.



...then Alison and Diana will die,

Dr. Gordon.



And I will leave you in this room to rot.



Any idea who that is?



Let the game begin.



- He knows us.

- Come on.



What do you think?



Probably a joke, right?



Let the game begin.






Follow your heart.



What the hell does

"follow your heart" mean?



There, right next to you, on the toilet.



Come on.



- Anything?

- No solids.



Take off the lid.



I really wish I had checked in there first.



What is it?



Mind passing me the other one?






He doesn't want us

to cut through our chains.



He wants us to cut through our feet.



I think I may know who's done this to us.



- What did you say?

- It's not someone I know personally.



It's just someone I know of.



Jesus Christ! Tell me. Who is it?



The last I heard...



the police still hadn't caught him.



And the only reason I know that

is because I was a suspect.



I'll start from the beginning.



This one's not fresh anymore.

At least three weeks out.



Victim's a   -year-old male.



Died of massive blood loss.

Mostly through the femoral artery.



He started at the back of the cage...



and tunneled his way

through that razor wire so fast...



it's amazing he got as far as he did.



Cut himself so deep, we found

traces of stomach acid on the floor.



We also found this.



Hello, Paul.



You're a perfectly healthy, sane,

middle-class male.



Yet, last month, you ran a straight razor

across your wrists.



Did you hurt yourself

because you truly wanted to die...



or did you just want some attention?



Tonight, you'll show me.



The irony is that if you want to die

you just have to stay where you are.



But if you want to live,

you'll have to cut yourself again.



One path through the razor wire to the door.



But hurry. At  :   that door will lock...



and then this room becomes your tomb.



How much blood will you shed

to stay alive, Paul?



The door was on a timer.

It was unlocked until  :  .



Then it snapped shut.

He was given two hours.



Jigsaw piece.



I think I'm gonna be here for a while.



The newspapers started calling him

the "Jigsaw killer."



Actually, technically speaking, he is...



not really a murderer.



He never killed anyone.



He finds ways for his victims

to kill themselves.



Hello, Mark, if you're so sick...



then why do I have

so many photos of you up and about?



Let's put your so-called illness to the test.



Right now,

there is a slow-acting poison in your veins.



The antidote is inside the safe.



The combination to the safe...



is written on the wall.



Hurry up and program it in.

But watch your step.



By the way, that's flammable substance

smeared on your body.



So I would be careful with that candle,

if I were you...






...or all the people

you've burned with your act...



just might have their revenge.



I found something else.

Well, two things actually.



There was someone standing outside here

watching through this peephole.



Looks like our friend Jigsaw likes to book

himself front row seats to his sick games.



He was there at the last one as well.



Only this time, he left us his penlight.



- Get a rush on the prints.

- Copy that.



Okay. This patient has an inoperable

frontal lobe tumor...



extending across the midline.

Started as a colon cancer.



The patient has come in

for a standard checkup...



by which we are able to monitor the rate

at which his condition is declining.



- The patient had...

- His name is John, Dr. Gordon.



He's a very interesting person.



Thank you for that information, Zep.



As you can see, our orderlies

form very special bonds with the patients.



- Continuing on, the patient...

- Dr. Gordon, please page the operator.



Obviously, someone doesn't want me

to tell you what the patient has. Excuse me.



Dr. Gordon, I'm Det. Tapp...



this is Det. Sing. City Homicide.



Very impressive.



Thank you. I do my best.



- Sorry to interrupt you while you're working.

- That's fine.



How can I help you, gentlemen?



Tell us where you were...



between the hours of   :   p.m.

and  :   a.m. last night, Doctor.



Why is it that you're interested?



We'd like to ask you

a few questions about it.



For your sake, I think it's best

if we do it down at the station.



Would you like to follow us there?



No. I'm afraid

that's quite out of the question.



I can't just leave, I have work to do.

Plus, my wife has the car today.



That's okay. You can ride with us, Doc.



I'm sorry, you'll have to tell me again.

What is this all about?



Is this yours, Doctor?



So you have no idea how your penlight

showed up at the murder scene?



Of course not.



I'll have to ask.

What were you doing last night?



I was seeing someone.






- Look, if you can't be honest with me...

- I was visiting someone. It wasn't a patient.



What am I gonna do?



Well, as your lawyer and your friend,

my advice to you is to bite the bullet...



and give them your alibi now.



Because no one is going to

believe you later.



That was five months ago.



He tried to set me up for murder.



Okay. We checked your alibi. It holds up.



Good. Can I go home now?



We have one of the victims

who managed to escape.



Want to know if you wouldn't mind sticking

around and listening to her testimony?



- Maybe it'll trigger something.

- I'd like to help really but...



We'd really appreciate it.



- She's the only one who made it.

- Okay.






in your own time...



tell me the first thing you remember.



I woke up. All I could taste was blood...



and metal.



Hello, Amanda.



You don't know me, but I know you.



I want to play a game.

Here's what happens if you lose.



The device you're wearing

is hooked into your upper and lower jaws.



When the timer at the back goes off...



your mouth will be

permanently ripped open.



Think of it like a reverse bear trap.



Here, I'll show you.



There is only one key to open the device.



It's in the stomach of your dead cellmate.



Look around, Amanda.

Know that I'm not lying.



You better hurry up.



Live or die. Make your choice.



And then I saw the body.



There was a knife.



He'd been injected with an opiate overdose.



He couldn't move or feel much of anything.



- You mean he was alive?

- Was.



What happened after you took it off?



Congratulations. You are still alive.



Most people are so ungrateful to be alive.



But not you. Not anymore.



You are, in fact, a drug addict.

Isn't that right, Mandy?



Do you think that is why he picked you?



Are you grateful, Mandy?



He helped me.



- Are you sure it's him?

- Yeah, I'm sure.



How do I know you're telling the truth?

You can be the one that put me in this room.



- I'm in exactly the same situation you are in.

- Wrong.



You've got one thing I don't: information.

You know who did this.



Now you either tell me

what is really going on...



or I'll cut you with this. You hear me?

I'll cut...



- What?

- It's a two-way mirror.



I can see you.



So that's what this is. Reality TV.



Don't look at me. I can't help you.



Can you hear me in there?

I'm having a blast.



This is the most fun I've had

without lubricant.



Make sure you're getting everything.



That's not going to do anything.



- You just want to leave it running on us?

- He won't stop it.



That's why we can't cut

through these chains.



It's why you won't break that glass.



Every possible angle

has been pre-thought out by him.



You sound like you admire this prick.



To overcome something, you have

to understand what a perfect engine it is.



That's how you fight disease.



Now the tape told us to find an "X."



That "X" has to be somewhere in this room.

Help me find it.



How can you be the calm doctor-guy

when your wife and kid are out there?



He's got them, too. He could be doing

anything to them right now.



- Are you thinking about that?

- I am thinking about that.



I've been thinking

about the last thing I said to my daughter.



Diana. Honey, are you okay?



- Can you hear me?

- Mommy.



- What is it, sweetpea?

- There's a man in my room.



Honey, are you sure

he's not just hiding in your imagination?



He talked to me.



- Okay, I'll come and check your room.

- I want Daddy.



He'll get the scary man.



All right, if you want. Come on.



Larry, sorry to bother you,

but your daughter had a bad dream again.



Just a minute.



She wants you to check her room.



Just got to finish this paragraph.



Come on, sweetie, I'll go check with you.



Yep. I'm done.



See, there's no one in your room.



There's no such thing as the bad man.

Now can you go to sleep?



- I'm still scared.

- You are?



Give me your tootsy.



What a big tootsy.



Remember this one?



"This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed home



"This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none



"This little piggy went 'Whee'

all the way home"



I hate that thing.



I have to go to work, sweetheart.

You know what Daddy's job is like.



Now, come on.



Let's see.

Try and get some sleep now, okay?



You're not going to leave us,

are you, Daddy?






What are you talking about?

You mean, leave you and Mommy?



No, sweetheart. I would never do that.



- Who gave you that idea?

- No one.



It's not true. Okay?



How much do I love you?



- Love you very much.

- Very much. That's right.



- Good night, sweetie.

- Good night, Daddy.



- Tomorrow, I'll read your favorite story.

- Okay.



I don't know how much longer I can do this.



What are you talking about?



How can you walk through life

pretending you're happy?



- I am happy.

- That is complete bullshit.



I'd rather you break down

and tell me that you hated me.



At least there'd be some passion in it.



Would you like to see her?



- She's beautiful.

- Thank you.



- You gonna have any more kids?

- We've talked about it, but...



with our schedules, it's difficult enough

to concentrate on one.



So where is the lucky wife?



There's another picture

behind the one you're looking at.



It's my favorite one

because we're all in it together.



Someone, usually me,

has to hold the camera...



which means I'm always missing

from the photos.



- It's not here.

- What?



This photo you're talking about is not here.



- Really? Are you sure?

- Yeah.



He must have taken it.



How can you walk through life

pretending you're happy?



- I am happy.

- That is complete bullshit.



I'd rather you break down

and tell me that you hated me.



At least there'd be some passion in it.



We can talk about this later, okay?



Just leave.



Good night, little girl.












Don't do that! Leave her!



You little man...



I see you.



Does Dr. Gordon know

you're at home with his wife?



I know you know something.



What are you doing there?



Waiting for the doctor?

I'm waiting for the doctor, too.



I know that she'll let you go.



So you have no idea how your penlight

showed up at the murder scene?



We checked your alibi. It holds up.



Isn't that right?



I know that she'll let you go.



Here we are.



That was quite an amazing story

that poor woman told.



I'm sorry I can't be of more help

to your investigation.



You know, we arrested a dentist last week...



who liked to play with kids a bit too much.



He lived two blocks from here.



The sewer lines

run under this neighborhood, too, Doctor.



Hello, Amanda.



You don't know me, but I know you.



I want to play a game.

Here's what happens if you lose.



There's a timer

at the back of the device you're wearing.



When the timer goes off...



your mouth will be

permanently ripped open.



I'll catch you guys down there.



Think of it like a reverse bear trap.



I'll show you.



We're gonna go down to The Grill,

go get a beer. You wanna come?



- I don't think so. Thanks, anyway.

- You know I always ask.



There's only one key...



I'll leave you to have fun here then.



It's in the stomach of your dead cellmate.



I don't mean for this to be disrespectful.



Maybe you should find yourself a girlfriend.



It's in the stomach of your dead cellmate.



Look around.



Look around, Amanda.

Know that I'm not lying.



You better hurry up.



Wait! Sing.



- Get back here.

- What?



Remember    th Street?



K K.



That gang's territory

was only about four blocks.



Listen to this.



We gotta check the records...



from all fire emergencies

that occurred there in the last two weeks.



Go. Right now.



On the night of Tuesday, the   th...



we got a fire alarm going off

in the rear wing of     Stygian Street.



It's an old listing.

Used to be a mannequin factory.



Think we have enough for a warrant now?



Who said anything about a warrant?



- Right now?

- Why not?



At least we'll have the cover of darkness.



Yeah, well, so will anybody else.



I got you.



What the hell is this?






- Sing.

- What?



- Let's see what's he's gonna do.

- Why? We got him.



We don't know what he looks like.

Lets see what he's gonna do.



No fucking way.



Fuck that. I'm gonna take him.



What the fuck? Shit!



Awake already, Jeff?



I need more powerful tranquilizers

next time. Don't cry.



I've given your life a purpose.



You're a test subject

for something greater than yourself.



- Freeze! Police.

- Hold it right there! Don't move!



Put your fucking hands in the air!



Now you'll make a choice.



In    seconds,

the life of this man will be ended.



- Shut up and get down here.

- Turn it off.



Sing, stop that thing.

I'm taking this bastard down.






- How do you turn it off?

- Tell him how to stop it!



- One key will unlock it.

- Where is it?



- It's in the box.

- Box?



- Which key?

- Tell him which key it is.



- Time is running out.

- Get down here right now, asshole!



What's more important to you, Officer...



arresting me,

or the life of another human being?



Get down on your knees!



- Jesus!

- Help me!



Yes, I am sick, Officer.



Tapp, it's none of the keys here!



Sick from the disease

eating away at me inside.



Sick of people

who don't appreciate their blessings.



Sick of those

who scoff at the suffering of others.



I'm sick of all.



No! Tapp. Shit.



I'll be back. Okay?



Freeze! Or I'll shoot.



Got you on your knees.



You're running.



You're running scared because we had you.



I'm going to close this case.



We've closed it. We're right, Sing.



We're going to close this thing.



"X" marks the spot.



We should search this room again.



What are you doing over there?



Excuse me.



Just because I'm stuck

in this room with you...



doesn't mean I have to report to you

every    seconds.



I really don't see the point

in us not helping one other.



What do you want me to do? I'm on a leash.



That's exactly why we need to talk.

We need to think.



I am thinking.



Then don't keep me in the dark

about what you're thinking.



- Turn off the lights.

- What?



- Turn them off, now, please!

- Why?



Just turn them off for a second.



Jesus! Behind you.



- How come we didn't see that before?

- The lights in here hadn't charged it.



It must be glow-in-the-dark paint

or something.



- Open it.

- It's locked.



The key. The one from my envelope.

Where is it?



Where the fuck... Here.



Cell phone. The most beautiful invention

on this planet.



Make that second most beautiful invention.



- Give me that.

- Are you joking?



You're gonna put something we found

in this room in your mouth?



Yes. I'm willing to risk it.

Give me that sweet cancer.



I don't care, I really don't.

Give me one of those.



The cigarettes are harmless, I promise.



Smoking is only poisonous

when it ends in bloodshed.



Think about this:

you don't need a gun to kill Adam.



May I please have a cigarette?



I'm trying the police.






This was meant to receive calls,

not make them.



Wait a minute. This has happened before.



Last night, after I finished at the hospital...



I was walking back to my car.



I thought I was alone,

but I'm sure someone else was there.



That thing. It was waiting for me.



- How did you know to turn off the lights?

- Who cares? It worked.



- Yeah, but how did you know?

- Instinct.



- Instinct?

- Yeah.



You know what? You're a terrible liar.



You say that like you know me.



What else aren't you telling me?



Let's see.



On my sixth birthday,

my best friend at that time, Scott Tibbs...



stabbed me with a rusty nail.

I didn't tell you that.



I didn't tell you my last girlfriend,

a feminist vegan punk...



broke up with me

because she thought I was too angry.



- I haven't told you that one of my toenails...

- Stop it.



- You knew to turn off these lights.

- Whatever.



I'm dealing with a juvenile.



- You wanna know?

- Yeah.



Here it is.



Oh, God!



Where did you get this?



It was in your wallet,

behind the photo of your daughter.



- Why didn't you show me this before?

- I couldn't.



I'm sorry.



What are you doing to them, you bastard?



Okay, I got to think now.



Think about this:

you don't need a gun to kill Adam.



When there is that much poison

in your blood, the only thing left to do...



is shoot yourself.



What are you doing?






What the hell are you doing?



Adam, listen to me.

I want you to play along with me on this.



You got that?



So, you still want that cigarette?



Yeah. Sure.



There, I've done it!



I've killed him with the poison,

just like you wanted!



Now where is my family? Where are they?






- I just got electrocuted.

- What?



- That was our way out.

- Did you hear what I said?



Get this thing off me. Get it off!



- Stop acting.

- You think I would make that up...



just to mess up

your stupid, fucking charade?



All right, that's it!



Damn it!



I remember everything now.



I remember how I got here.






Is someone there?



I can hear you.



What the...



What the...



Who is that? Who's in there?



Come on out! I'll kill you, you motherfucker.



- Who is this?

- Daddy?



- Diana?

- Daddy, is that you?



Yeah, baby, it's me. I'm here.



I'm scared, Daddy.



Don't worry, honey.

Everything's going to be okay.



- Where is Mommy?

- She's here with me.



Let me talk to her, sweetie.

Okay? Put Mommy on.



The bad man from my room is here.



He has us tied up...



and he has a gun.



What man?



Please come home, Daddy.









- Larry?

- Ali?



Is Adam there?



How do you know?



Ali, what is going on?



Don't believe Adam's lies.



He knows you.

He knew all about you before today.



Hello? Ali?






God damn you!



If you so much as lay a finger on them,

I'll kill you! Do you hear me?



You son of a bitch. I'll kill you!



Are they okay?



My wife, she mentioned your name.



What did she say?



She told me...



not to believe you.



Believe me about what?



She told me you know me.



Who are you?



You know who I am.



Stop the lies. You're a liar!



I need to know the truth!



I'm a liar?



What did you do last night, Lawrence?



Work at a hospital? Saving sick children?



You told me that after you left your house

last night, you went to work at a hospital.



That's because it's the truth.



No, it's not. Your wife is right, Larry.



You don't recall getting your picture taken

in that parking lot?



I can prove that you didn't go

anywhere near a hospital last night.



It's not the first time

I've done it either, Larry.



I've been taking pictures of you

for a few days now.






Wanna know what I do? I get paid

to take pictures of rich guys like you...



who go to seedy, out-of-the-way motels

to fuck their secretaries.



Last night I went to your house.

I watched you leave.



I followed you...



all the way to that shitbag hotel.



You've had these with you the whole time?



I found them in there, with the hacksaws.



I don't know how they got there.



Yeah, right. You're so full of it!



Face it, Larry, we're both bullshitters,

but my camera isn't.



It doesn't know how to lie.

It shows you what's put right in front of it.



Just out of curiosity,

what did you do in that motel room?



You got out of there pretty fast.



Why did you deem it necessary

to page me when you knew I was at home?



I didn't know if you were gonna make it.



But I gave you a precise time

at which to page me.



You can't do that.



It's not like I know the rules

for this sort of stuff.



What's wrong, Dr. Gordon?



Look, it was wrong of me

to make you come here.



- But I thought we...

- Please.



I'm sorry.



- You tell anyone you were here?

- No.






- It's for you.

- For me?






I know what you're doing, Doctor.



- I have to go.

- What happened?



I got to go.



- Who was it?

- Who was what?



The person who paid you to follow me?

Who was it?



He calls himself Bob

and he gives me the money up front.



$    a night.



If I knew I was gonna end up here,

I would've asked for more.



Does that mean

you saw what happened to me?



What I saw was you get into your car.

That's it.



I didn't ask your name.

I didn't know who you were.



I don't know how I got here,

I don't know how you got here.



I just took the shots

and went straight home to develop.



Next thing I know, I'm chained to a pipe...



in some pre-historic bathroom...



staring at the guy

I've been taking shots of all night.



Clearly, whoever paid you to take pictures

of me is the one who put us here.



- Maybe.

- What do you mean maybe?



Of course it is. What did he look like?



- He was just a guy.

- Was he tall, skinny, obese, what?



I don't take notes about his appearance.



- You must remember something of him.

- I can't.



You don't remember a thing about the guy?



- I told you...

- For fuck's sake! I give up!



He's a tall, black guy.

He's got a scar around his neck, okay?






Det. Tapp.



The guy who paid me to take these photos

was not a cop.



No. He was discharged

from the police force.



He broke down after his partner was killed.

But that didn't stop him from harassing me.



The guy became obsessed.



He convinced himself I must have

somehow been involved with the murders...



And you helped him.



You took money from him

to invade my privacy.



- How could you do that?

- Call it my need to eat.






You know what?

You're not a victim of this game...



- you're a part of it.

- Really?



Obviously this cop thinks

you're the one behind it all.



I told you, he's not a cop.



- He's a bottom feeder. Just like you.

- What are you more pissed off about?



That I took some shots of you...



or that I took shots

while you were cheating on your wife?



- I did not cheat on her!

- Why do you care what I think anyway?



I don't give a crap if you covered yourself

in peanut butter...



and had a    hooker gang-bang.



How did I get here?



I had everything in order.



My whole life was in perfect order.



Sweetheart, are you okay?



Mommy just needs you

to be really strong right now.



I'm not going to let anybody hurt you.

You got that?



That's my good girl.



Hey, was there someone else

at your house last night...



- besides your wife and daughter?

- No.



Well, there's someone here.



I know him. Zep!



His name is Zep.



He's an orderly in my hospital.



You perverted little psychopath.



I'm gonna take great pleasure

in seeing you pay for this!



You bastard! Fuck!






We're out of time.



- It's okay.

- Mommy, help me.



Dr. Gordon's time is up.



Now I gotta do what I've gotta do, and...



I'm afraid it has to be you

that tells him he failed.



Is that you, Zep, you bastard!

I know it's you, you son of a bitch!



- Larry.

- Ali?



You failed.






Don't move! Stay on the ground.



Give me the phone.



Give it to me!



- Larry?

- Ali!



- Honey, are you all right?

- No.



No, we're not... Get down!



Larry, where are you?



I don't know.

I'm being held captive in a room somewhere.



What are you talking about?



- I'm so sorry, Ali.

- Larry, we need you here.



I'm sorry for everything. It's my fault.



Please forgive me.

I've always been happy with you.









Mommy, help me.






Oh, no.



What the fuck?



Mrs. Gordon?






I'm gonna kill your husband now,

Mrs. Gordon.






Lawrence, get up!



Lawrence, get up!



I need you.



Thank God! I thought you were dead.



- He electrocuted me.

- I told you.



The same thing happened to me, see?

I wasn't lying, see?



Fuck this shit!



I'm gonna kill you, you sick asshole.






Lawrence, calm down.



- There must be a way out of here.

- I can't be calm!



My family needs me.



No, God!



Stop it.



Lawrence, please calm down.



There's a way out of here. There's a way out.



No! Oh, my God!



What are you doing?



Lawrence, what are you doing?



What are you...



Oh, my God!



Lawrence, don't! No!



Lawrence, please! I'm begging you.



Lawrence, it's not me who did this to you.



- You have to die.

- No, I want to live.



- I'm sorry.

- I want to live.



My family...



I've done it!



Now show them to me.



Thank you very much, Officer.



- Larry?

- Did you get through to him?



There's still no answer.



It's all right. I've called the police.

Everything's okay.



You bastard! I'll fucking kill you.



You fucking bastard! I'll fucking kill you!



You're too late.



- Why?

- It's the rules.



You're going to be all right.

You're just wounded in the shoulder.



I have to go and get help.



If I don't get help...



I'm going to bleed to death.



Don't leave me. No!



Don't worry, I'll bring someone back.

I promise.






We're going to be okay?



I wouldn't lie to you.









Hello, Mr. Hindle...



or as they called you

around the hospital: Zep.



I want you to make a choice.



There's a slow-acting poison

coursing through your system...



that only I have the antidote for.



Will you murder a mother and her child

to save yourself?



Dr. Gordon's time is up.



Mrs. Gordon?



Listen carefully, if you will. There are rules.



- Why?

- It's the rules.



Key to that chain is in the bathtub.



He's a very interesting person.

His name's John.



He has an inoperable frontal lobe tumor...



Sick from the disease

eating away at me inside.



Sounds like our friend Jigsaw.



Sick of people

who don't appreciate their blessings.



Looks like our guy likes to book

himself front row seats to his sick games.



Hello, Mark.



Dr. Gordon, I want to play a game.



Most people are so ungrateful to be alive.



But not you. Not anymore.



Game over.





Special help by SergeiK