Scanners Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Scanners script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Cronenberg movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Scanners. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Scanners Script





Will you look at that

fellow over there?



I've never seen anything

so disgusting in all my life.



I'll tell you something.



He's staring.



I think

he's looking at us.



I think we're

being picked up.



Oh, it's too awful.



Can you believe it?



They can let creatures

like that in here.



I mean, really. It's...



Anne, what's the matter, huh?






Oh! Oh, help someone, please.



Oh! Please, help.



Damn it!



You're    years old, Mr. Vale.



Why are you such a derelict?



Such a piece of human junk?



The answer's simple.



You're a scanner,



but you don't realize it,



and that has been the source

of all your agony.



But I will show you now



that it can be

a source of great power.



Let them in.



Not much of a place, is it?



Still, didn't pay for it, so...



Hurry up.



Hurry up!



We can talk now.



I would like to scan

all of you in this room

one at a time.



I, I must remind you

that the, uh, scanning experience

is usually a painful one,



sometimes resulting in nosebleeds,



earaches, stomach cramps, nausea.



Sometimes other symptoms

of a similar nature.



There's a doctor present

Dr. Gatineau.



I know that you've all

been prepared for this,



but I thought I'd just

remind you just the same.



Uh, there is

one other thing.



No one is to leave this room

once the demonstration has begun.



At this point I'd like

to call for volunteers.



Anyone. It doesn't matter.






Just, uh...



Sit right here, please.



Now, I'd, I'd like you

to think of

something specific.



Something that will not

breach the security

of you organization.



And that you will not object

to having disclosed

to this group.



- Something, uh, personal, perhaps.

- All right.



Yes, I have something.



- Do I have to close my eyes?

- It doesn't matter.



All right.

Yes, I have something.



All right.



Move everybody out! Now!



Call consec leader!



I want you to come with me.



I didn't do anything.



I said I want you to come with me.



Come on.



Gatineau, come with us.



Down there. Quick!



Move it!



Get down!



Give him a shot of ephemeral.



Come on!






Take it easy.



All we need is to get

stopped by a cop.



Ah, it'd serve'em right.



Why the hell

did they have to send us

to the old factory?



If this guy's a scanner

they don't want him

down at central.



They're afraid of him.



He's a scanner.



Hey, where's security  ?



- He's moving up fast on the left.

- Hey, man, what's happening?



Ray, what the hell's

the matter with you?



You gotta pull back

behind them, man.



Come on!



Ray, I'm gonna kill you

if you don't do it.






Oh, my god.



Don't stop! Move it!



No, we got to get'em

out of there!



We've got to get in there.



They're charred, man!

You can see them burning.



Let go of me!



Those people are dead!



Get up.



Let's get out of here, man!

Come on!



You want to get us killed?



All right. All right. Pipe down!



Last night...



We at consec chose to reveal

to the outside world



our work with those...



Telepathic curiosities

known as scanners.



The result






And a substantial loss

in credibility

for our organization.



So, this morning

we have a new director

of internal security,



- Mr. Braedon Keller.

- Thank you. Mr. Trevellyan.






we're in the business

of international security.



We deal in weaponry

and private armories.



We do not trade

in fantasy and pipe dreams.



Let us leave the development

of dolphins and freaks

as weapons of espionage to others.



Now, with all due respect



to Dr. Paul Ruth,



I recommend that we drop

our scanner program immediately, sir.



Dr. Ruth, what's your response?



Mr. Keller, who composed

our audience last night?



We had    financial

and political V. I.P. S



from all over north america.



Were these V. I.P. S

carefully screened?



The screening process used

was very sophisticated, yes.



And yet an assassin managed

to infiltrate this group.






And killed   of our people.






How did he kill them?



We have reason to believe he...



used scanning techniques.



Then do you suggest, Mr. Keller,



that this highly-skilled assassin- very deadly



who embarrassed us all

in front of the community

we were trying to impress,



was himself a scanner?



We believe so, yes.



That, gentlemen, is my response.



The weapons capability

of these, uh, telepathic...






Is obvious.



If I may, doctor,



your program is based

on a list

of     known scanners,



- is it now?

- It is.



Of that number,



Of that number,



how many are now

working with us?



As of last night, none.



Well, then.



We don't even have

a program to drop, do we?



It shouldn't be

very painful for anyone.



Consec surveillance

has gradually lost contact

with all the names on our list,



and I submit that this...

this is not an accident.



I think we've lost them

to a program



far in advance of ours.






I can't believe it.



I think you might

elaborate, Dr. Ruth.



In my study of the situation

I've come to the conclusion



That there is

a scanner underground



Developed in north america.



It has an organization

that's well-motivated,



and it has a leader.



Now, that's ridiculous, doctor.



You can't get   of them

to sit in the same room together

without going berserk.



You're making a very

provocative allegation, Dr. Ruth.



Who controls this group?



If you study the descriptions

in this report,



You will find that you

probably met him last night.



His name is Darryl Revok,



and he was on our list.



This is total fiction.

Mr. Trevellyan, I...



A moment, Mr. Keller.



What do you suggest, doctor?



Eliminate the competition.






Contact a scanner who is as yet

unknown to the underground,



convert him to out cause

and then send him out



to infiltrate the underground.



Convert him, doctor? How?



They're all pathetic social misfits.

Unstable. Unreliable.



That is because their unique gifts

are not understood, Mr. Keller.



There is one point

about which there

is no doubt at all,



and that is that consec was attacked.



For our own peace of mind,



we have to retaliate in some way,



and I think

Dr. Ruth's suggestion



is a very interesting one.



Except that...



We don't have ant scanners left

to send into the field.



As a matter of fact,



I do have one,



still unaffiliated.



Very special one.



I don't suppose you speak much.






It's not surprising.



With all those other

voices in your head

how can your hear

your own voice?



How can you develop

a self personality?



How do you feel?



I feel...



crystal clear.



How do you like...






I'm not sure.



- I think I'm a bit afraid.

- Why?



I feel so exposed.



I can hear myself.



You hear your own voice?



- Yes.

- Good.



You called me a scanner.



What is that?



Freak of nature...



Born with a certain form of E.S.P.,



a derangement of the synapses



which we call telepathy.



Could be a disease, possibly,



or a result of radiation.



We don't really know why.



Who are you?



My name is Dr. Paul Ruth.



I'm a psychopharmacist by trade,



specializing in the phenomenon



of scanners.



The woman in the shopping mall.

What were you doing to her?



I wasn't doing anything to her.



It was her.



She was...



forcing me...



To what?



To think about her.



The    people that were in this room

they appeared to disturb you.



Why was that?



They talked too loud.



They talked, and they talked.



Really? I didn't see

their lips move, did you?



No, it was the other voices.



The ones without lips.



They were drowning me.



I couldn't stop them.



The injection I gave you, the needle.



What happened to the voices?



They stopped.



The drug is called ephemeral.



It's a scan suppressant.



It does nothing

when it's given

to ordinary human being.



When given to a scanner,



it prevents the flow of telepathy.



It stops the voices.



It can help you.



How do you know these things?



It's my profession.



This is Mr. Keller.



Will my car be ready this evening?



Tell us what you did, please, Darryl.



I drilled a hole in my head.



- Where?

- Kind of obvious, isn't it?



Right here.



Why did you do it, Darryl?

Why did you drill the hole?



Too much pressure.



Had to release some pressure.



You wanted to let the pressure out?



You wanted to let

something out of your head?



Maybe I'm so smart

I can't contain

the thoughts in my head.



You wanted to let something

out of your head?









There are people in my head.



Not enough room for Darryl.



You mean voices?



No. Whole people.



Arms, legs, hands.



What's that you've put

over the hole?



It's a door.



Put an eye on the door

so they won't know it's a door

and they can't get

back in



'cause this is the eye

you know?



Do you think

that will fool them?



Sure. Sure it will.



- I mean...

- I mean, sure it will, you know?



I mean, is that

the only way to...






What do you know?



You don't know nothing

do you?



What's it like in there

eh, lady?



You want to see

how to get in?






Come with me, Darryl.



Get your hands off me.



Get your hands...



Get your hands off me!



Get your hands off me!



That's me, isn't it?



As you were...



Without ephemeral

without guidance.



Is he still like that?






How could he be?



At the age of   

he was extremely self-destructive.



Now, at the age of   



he is simply destructive.



In many ways, Cameron,



he is your enemy.



And mine.



But I don't even know him.






knows you.



Somehow he was able

to gather a master list



of all the scanners

who were ever born.



He has sought them out

one by one,



asked them to join him

in an insane crusade



to destroy the society

that created him.



And me?



He was looking for you

but I found you first.



That's why

you can help me.



I don't understand.



All the scanners



who didn't agree to

join him were murdered.



These murders represent

a loss to mankind



of the most spectacular human beings



that ever walked

the face of this planet.



Now, you, Cameron,



and your brothers and sisters,



can bring a, a glory

and a brilliance



to our society that has

never been seen before.



We must stop Revok now.



Consec are not ready

to give up their program.



Paul Ruth came up

with a secret weapon.






Someone you've been

looking for, I think.



A scanner.



Calls himself Cameron Vale.



I've seen him.



And Ruth knew exactly

where to find him.



He's in indoctrination right now.



Can he do anything?

What kind of shape is he in?



He seems to function...



But he's nothing to worry about.



He's weak.



Very weak.



Welcome to our

little psychic gymnasium.



Cameron Vale...



You'll please meet...



Yoga master Dieter Tautz.



Mr. Tautz has kindly consented



to be your psychic

sparring partner.



He has publicly demonstrated

on many occasions



that by the power of his will.



He can control his heart rate,



his alpha-wave rhythm,



and many other supposedly

uncontrollable functions

of the human body.



Are we ready?



Just about.






If you would be

kind enough to sit

facing this gentleman here.



I want you...



I want you to...



slowly release your scan.



Slowly, with focus.



I want it to touch his heart

but not his brain.



You understand?



Telepathy is not mind reading.



It is the direct linking



of   nervous systems



separated by space.



I want you to make a link...



from your brain...



to his heart.



I want your brain



to make his heart...



beat fast.



Now, if his heart

beats too quickly...



then he will take over

control of his heart...



and slow it down.



Don't worry about it.



All you have to do...



is make his heart...


















Fast. Faster.















End your scan.



End it!






Stop him!



End it!



End it!



You were right, Dr. Ruth.



It was easy.



This man's name is...



Benjamin Pierce.



And these photographs

were taken in a prison



for the criminally insane.



Here's another one.



This is a plaster cast of him



at present on display

at the crostic art galley.



He's our only lead,



a known scanner



who may or may not be part

of Revok's underground.



Why was he in prison?



He tried to kill his entire family.



His father, sister, mother...



At the age of   .



It was in     .



A few years later, he was released.



What do they say here?



'Rehabilitation through art.'



The man has incredible power,



doesn't he?






Yes, he does.



I am Arno Crostic.



I'm pleased you came

to my gallery.



Are you an aficionado

of Benjamin Pierce?



I'm interested in buying this

piece for my apartment in paris.






But I don't think

it'll work out unless

I can get to meet the artist first.



I'm afraid no.



I hope it won't prejudice you

against acquiring this piece,



but I would lose

Benjamin Pierce for good



if I even approached him

with the idea.



You see, it's pair

of our agreement.



He will not meet

his public.



Maybe you could just

tell me where he lives.



Then I could approach him myself,



and you wouldn't be involved.



I'm afraid I can't.



Then maybe you could just...



think about...



where he lives.



Excuse me.



I'm suddenly...



feeling ill.



Arno, what's the matter?



- Are you all right?

- I will be all right.



Come on, Arno.

Let me take you back

to your office.



You've got to lie down.

That's it. Take me arm.



Benjamin Pierce?



Why don't you leave me alone?



I need some help.



You're the only one

that can give it to me.



Is that right?









Then I think you're

in big trouble, chum.



I've heard you know a man

named Darry Revok.



Who are you?



I was told you were coming

to pay me a visit, Mr. Vale.



How did you know that?






I have friends.



I don't want them...



but I have them.



Scanner friends?



What do you mean by that?



I am one of you.



- You're one of me.

- Yes.



You know what I think?



I think you better tell me

what you really want.



It's the voices in my head.



They're driving me crazy.



How do you stop them?



Your voices.



My art.



My art keeps me sane.



My art.






I don't have anything like this.



That's why I have

to find Darryl Revok.






my friend...



are a liar.



Get out.



Look, I'm not leaving here



until you tell me

where I can find Darryl Revok.






All right.



Well, then I'll get out.






Find Revok.



Find Revok.



These are his robots...






He'll turn you

into a zombie,



a robot,



a killer.



No, don't you let him.



There are others.



Other scanners.



Kim Obrist.



Kim Obrist.



Kim Obrist.



Good evening, sir.

Can I help you?



Are there any messages for me?



Your name, sir?



Cameron Vale.



Your room number?






Yes, this package is for you, sir.



My name is Cameron Vale.



I've got to talk to Kim Obrist.



Come on in.



Oh, God.



They killed Ben Pierce.






Come on upstairs.



Just wait here a sec.



Kim, Revoc got to Ben Pierce.

He's dead.



This guy's name

is Cameron Vale.



I scanned him.

He's for real.



He was there when it happened.



Sit down.



I know you.



You were at the gallery.



You were looking for Pierce.



I need help.



Scan together.



Scan together

and our minds will begin

to flow into each other



until they become one.



One nervous system.



One soul.



One experience.









And frightening.



So frightening to lose yourself.



So frightening

to lose yourself.



To lose your will

to the group will.



To lose yourself

to the group self.


            the group self.






The power.



The power we can generate



we wheb focus our scans

together is fantastic.













No! Aroud the side!







Get in!



Let's go! Come on!









Kim, come on. Kim!



Now, I know...



What if feesl like

to die.



Everywhere you go,

somebody dies.



Who are you?

Who sent you?



- I'm a scanner.

- Who sent you?



I was found by consec.






They wanted me

to find Revok.



I think they want

to kill him,



but they never

told me about you.












Oh, no.



Come on.

We got to get out of here.



Come on.



What happened?



Excuse me.



Excuse me.



Sir, outside, please.



There's nothing here

to see.



Go back to the street.



Back out. Back out.



Oh, it's on fire!



Let's get out of here.



Let's get out of here,

like, right now.



We'll be all right

here for a while.



It doesn't matter.



It's finished.



And nothing

can stop Revok now.



We were the dream.



And he's the nightmare.



There's still us.



I can help you.



We can destroy Revok together.






You're barely human.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry,

but you don't understand.



You don't know Revok.



You don't know

how evil he is,



how powerful he is.

You don't know anything.



What are you doing?



He must have something

that will lead us to Revok.



Us? No, not me.



There it is.



That's it.



That's it.



Dr. Ruth,

telephone call, sir.



Take it right here.






It's Cameron Vale.



I missed you.



I made a breakthrough

to Revok.



I want to come in.



I want to bring you an

informant from Revok's group.



That's excellent.



I'll arrange for you

to be brought in.



Can you call me back

in about    minutes?



Ok. Good-bye,

Dr. Ruth.



All set?






We may have developed

a serious problem.



Vale's coming in.



He says he has an imformant

from your crew.



Now, is that possible?



No, he's lying.



Then why

is he coming in?



Maybe he's homesick.



Look, Vale must know something

or his informant does.



It could be

about me and you.



Then you'd better be the one

to interrogate the informant.



And Ruth will talk to Vale.



I won't be able to prevent that.



If Ruth finds out anything,



anything at all...



Kill him.






- I thought you didn't want...

- Kill him.






Contact central,

this is contact two-niner.



Contact two-niner,



this is contact central. Security is in place



and you are clear to land.



Repeat, affirmative to land.



I'm afraid I'm going

to have to give you both

and injection of ephemerol.



Well, Braedon, no apologies,



no vote of confidence,



and my man brought back the goods.



Why don't we save the party



util we run around

with the president, doctor.



It won't take long.



I have a way

with these creatures.



I know that.



So does Trevellyan.



That's why he's asked me

to take the informant.



You can do

what you like with Vale.



Well, that won't work.



Police state tactics

simply won't work. Sir.






Why don't you send a letter

to the board about that, doctor?



I'm sure they'd love

to hear from you.



Come in.









It's good to have you

back home.



Where's the girl?

She should be here.



She's in another room

being interrogated.



Thought it would be you.



So did I.



That's why I made sure

that the needles I gave

you both were harmlesss.



Don't worry.



She'll be able to protect

herself if there's any problem.



Why did you do that?



Gesture of trust to you friend.



I have my own methods.



I have nothing to hide.



Nothing at all to hide.



Not even the right program?



The what?



Do you know of a drug laboratory

called biocarbon amalgamate?



Yes, of course.

I founded it in     .






Right, I sold it to consec.

That's why I'm here.



Let's say

that we have a, uh...



genial working relationship.



Do you know

what that lab does?



It's been so long

since I've been in touch with them.



As far as I know,




They make some sort

of chemical weaponry

among other things.



It manufactures ephemerol



for Darryl Rovok.



It may even be run

by Darryl Revok.



That's impossible.



No, I was there.



I took the place of

one of Revok's men.



I saw Revok

in the control room.



The production of ephemrol

is computerized.



It's being manufactured



and sent out in huge tankers.



Ephemerol has been sent out?



Sent out where?



The answer is in

you own computer.



The program that controls

everything is called ripe,



and it's a consec program.



That means that someone

here at consec



is a trator



and that someone

is working with Revok.



I want you to access

the ripe program.



I do not have

consec computer clearance.



Neither do I.



But you do have

a nervous system...



and so does a computer.



And you can scan the computer



as you would

anothere human being.












What a pleasant surprise.



You're very attractive.



Ok, let's do it the formal way.



- Your name?

- Kim Obrist.



Your name?



Not relevant.



Now, tell me

everything you know



about Darryl Revok's organization.



Before I tell you anything,



I want to know how

you're going to protect me.



When Revok finds out

that I've come here...



He's going to try and kill me.



Miss Obrist,

you best protection...



is to tell us everything

we need to know.



As soon as you do,



Revok will cease to be

a threat to anyone.



Not good enough.



Revok's people are everywhere.



And that scares me.



To be honest with you, Kim...



The only one you should

be afraid of is me.



Why should I be

afraid of you?



I came here

of my own free will.






I know you're not

what you say you are.



I want to see someone else.



Listen to me!

Listen to me!



Now, I have acquaintances

in Revok's group. They tell me...



They tell me that you have

never been one of them.



Why are you here?






Good-bye, Kim.



It must be Kim.



Where is she?



Where is she?



This is more important.






No, this is more important.



The computer is more important.



Access the ripe program.



More important.



But the ripe program

is the past.



Therefore, to access the ripe program

is to access the past, no?



Access the past.



Access the past.






The scanners,

find them and kill them.



Put it on the air!



Find them and kill them.



Mustn't happen again.



It's always been there

inside me...



Lurking away.



Sucking out my joy and

rotting my successes.



Cameron, oh, Cameron.



I have a way with you,




Mustn't happen again.



Ripe... ripe, indeed.



The ripe program

must be stopped!



This isn't the same

thing, you understand?



Not the same thing at all.



It's different.



First time was an accident.



Fortunate for some...



unfortunate for others.



The ripe program

is cold and cruel.



Very... very cold.



Very cruel.



What happened?



Keller tried to kill me.




Then he's the one.



Oh, my god.




what are you doing here?



I'm sorry, mom.



Mom, I didn't...

l... I didn't mean it.



I didn't mean it, mom.




There was blood

on my hand.



Secure the computer room!



Blood on my hand.



What's going on?



What the hell

is going on?



It's the scanners, sir.

They're out.



Is this the only way

we can do it?



If we don't plug

into the computer now,



they're going

to reprogram it.



What does that mean?



It means that someone

has reprogrammed

the computer in such a way



that the ripe program

is locked away inside.



Somebody not only

threw away the key.

He plugged the keyhole.



Try it again.



Try it again.



That's as deep into it

as we're going to get.



Hey, Lee, punch up

your internal monitor.



- Access is I M    .

- Why? What is it?



Someone's inside

this thing right now.

Getting the ripe program.



How can this happen?



This room is max security.



We're plugged

into the telephone system.



Anybody who has the proper

series of access codes

could get in here long distance.



You mean, someone's

getting that right now?









It's him.



It's Vale. He's inside.



- Is that possible?

- It's got to be.



It's got to be.

I want to hurt him.



How can we hurt him

before he gets out?



Hurt him?

I don't understand.



Vale's nervous system

and the computer's nervous system

are joined together.



He's scanning it.



I want to cripple them both.



Or maybe kill

them both. How?



I don't know

if it's what you want,



but I could override

the max security self-destruct.



It's designed to blow

all the circuits



in case of anticipated

possession of data



by unauthorized

and unfriendly forces.



Do it now.



But, sir

that would entail

a total loss of all data,



all programs within

the consec system.



I couldn't do that without

the written authorization

of consec leader.



Mister, this is

your authorization.



Sit down!



Do it now

or I'll kill you.



Yes, sir

I'm doing it now.



Sir, I have to finish it

over there.



Sir, this is the last step.



- Are you sure?

- Do it!



There's no need for that.



It's all very quiet.



It's just internal switching.



Really? No one's ever switched

off a scanner before.



Whoa, shit!



See, I told you.



No fireworks!



Hey, I'll go find

the doctor.



All right. I'll keep

an eye on the door.



Excuse me. Do you know

if the receptionist is

coming back soon?



Yeah, I guess so.






Please, I'll be with you

in a few moments.



I have to talk to you

right now, doctor.



Will you please

get out of here?



It's about this drug,

Dr. Frane.



I understand you've

been prescribing it

to some patients.



Excuse me.



I'll be back

in just a moment.



Just relax.

Read a magazine.



Where did you

get this?



What do you want

with me?



Who are you?



What happened?



I was scanned.



The woman in the...

in the waiting room.



She scanned you?



No, not her...



Her child.



Her unborn child

scanned me.



That's what

the ripe program is.



The doctors

on the computer list



are giving ephemerol

to there pregnant patients.



- I don't understand.

- Ephemerol!



Ephemerol is creating

new scanners.



- Hold still.

- Oh, god!



- Hold still.

- Oh, my god.



Ok, ok, come on.



Let's got out of here.



Come on, you can make it.

Come on!



- Kim! Kim!

- Vale.






Sleeping beauty awakes.



Where's kim?



The next room.



She'll be awake

in a few hours.



We don't want anyone

in here with us.



This is just between you and me.



Where's your partner Keller?

He should be here.



Keller? Seems he died

when you blew up his computer.



By the way, that was very impressive.



Keller murdered Dr. Ruth.

He deserved to die.



Shouldn't mourn

the good doctor's death.



You should celebrate it with me.



Dr. Ruth was a great man.



He tried to help us.

He helped me.



'Great man.'



There's only one person on earth

who ever tried to help you

and that's me.






You sent your soldiers

out to kill me.



Never. Never you.



I've spent years

looking for you.



And then when Keller told me

that Ruth had dressed you up



and sent you out as some

ridiculous amateur spy,



I tried to take care of you

look after you, guide you to me.



Now why would you try to do that?



Who's your mother?



I don't know.



Who's your father?



I don't know.



What was your first

childhood memory?



I don't have any.



No, you don't.

It's no accident that you don't.



You were kept on ice.



It wasn't until consec

had trouble putting me away

that they thawed you out.



You've been monitored

every day of your life

allowed to live like garbage, scum.



He knew where you were

but it wasn't until he needed you



that he reached down

and hauled you up

out of the slime.






Your father...



Dr. Paul Ruth.



Our father.






You're my brother, Cameron...



my kid brother.






Sit down. I want to

show you something.



This was a test campaign

used in     

to market a new product.



The product was a drug

a tranquilizer called ephemerol.



It was aimed at

pregnant women.



If it had worked

it would have been marketed

all over north america.



But the campaign failed

and the drug failed.



Because it had a side effect

on the unborn children

an invisible side effect.



It created scanners.



Yes, the man who invented

phemerol was very excited

by this weird mutation it caused.



So was consec.



They offered to finance

his experiments...



so he sold them

his company and himself.



And that man was Dr. Ruth?



That was daddy.



Now I said that the side

effects of ephemerol



were invisible

but that's not completely true.



Daddy could see them.

He could see them in us.



He had given the

prototype of ephemerol to his

pregnant wife, our mother



  years before it hit the market

and then again a year later.



These children turned

out to be difficult



till he realized

that the only thing that

would calm them down



was his drug, ephemerol.



That's why we're older

than all the others.



Not only older

more powerful.



The rest of them

they're nothing compared to us.



Then what did you

need Keller for?



Consec had hardware.

It had contacts.



- Keller could see the future.

- The future?



You murdered the future.



That's nagative, Cam.

Defeatist. Disappoints me

to hear you talk that way.



You're starting to sound like them.



There's a whole generation

of scanner soldiers just a

few months away from being born.



We'll find them

train them to be like us,



Not like an old person

or a band of cripples.



Bring the world of normals

to their knees.



Rule an empire

so brilliant, so glorious



we'll be the envy

of the whole planet.



You sound just like him

like Ruth.



No, not like him.



- Like Revok, Darryl Revok!

- No, like him.



It's as though he's been

reincarnated in you.



You're not listening to me.



You're not cooperating, Cam.



You're not cooperating

with me at all.



I've been counting on you

for years, Cam.



Tell me you're not

going to betray me like all the rest.



Tell me you're not.






All right, we're going

to do it the scanner way.

I'm going to suck your brain dry.



Everything you are

is going to become me.



You're going to be with me

Cameron, no matter what.



After all, brothers

should be close.

Don't you think?









It's me, Kim, Cameron.

I'm here.



We've won.



We've won.


Special help by SergeiK