Secuestro Express Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Secuestro Express script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mía Maestro and Rubén Blades movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Secuestro Express. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Secuestro Express Script





An incalculable number of kidnappings

happen daily in Latin America,



This is the story of just one of them,



Let's play Venezuelan roulette,



I spin the chamber

but you're the only player,



If we don't have a winner,

we play again,



And so it goes until there's a winner,



Which is you,



Murderers! Murderers!



Five a.m. in Caracas.



- Let's go,

- Yeah,






You drive,






This ain't Evita,

Dream on, motherfucker,



You're killing me,

Are we on or what?



Are we on?

There's a party at the country club,



Be clear, man,

Where and when?



Dolor and Niga are on the way,



Cool, See you there,






My neighborhood sleeps



Later we're gonna buy

all the medicine your sister needs,



It's all gonna be good,



- And me?

- For you, a car and a motorcycle



so you can pimp

all the little bitches in the 'hood,



Hey, man! What the fuck?



- Do you feel nauseous?

- A little,






That shitty gin,



I'm out, I gotta call that faggot Marcelo,



Honey,,, Wait a second

while I get some more,



Stop, stop,



Five a, m, and he's eating a hotdog

without the fucking dog!



- Disgusting, man,,,

- Ready to roll?



- Roll my ass, man,

- You still dreaming?



- Fuck off,

- Have some breakfast blow,



- You really are disgusting,

- What's up, Dolor, Niga?



- Give me a hit,

- Nice car, Where's my little baby?



Hold her, she's crying,



What's so funny?



You are,



- That funny?

- Nope,



What have you decided

about that sick kid?



Is she going to stay with you?



Here we go,






You shouldn't let losers

into your home,



I let you in every day,



Be serious,

Why look for trouble?



It's not like she's family,

I don't know why you're bothered,



You're so heartless, Martin,



It's not heartless, it's realistic,



When she sees the way you live,

she’ll fuck you over from her sick bed,



Why do you think so little of people?



Look alive,

Check it out, here we go,



- Steady, let's see,

- This one's easy, man,



Chill out, T, Let's see,



Benz and all,




What you getting out of him? His bills?



Another peasant,






It's dangerous here,



Carla, I feel like shit,

Stop being paranoid and chill out,






- Let's hit a drugstore,

- It's late, Martin,



Come on, it's not the ghetto,



 :   a.m. in Caracas.



- Good evening,

- What's wrong with the kid?



The "kid" has lymphoma,



Isn't she better off in the hospital?



They need the bed,



There's a shortage of medicine,

a doctors' strike, I've told you,



Don't you realize what kind of people

will show up at your house?



- I’ll tell her she can't have visitors,

- See, that's heartless,



Martin, not all poor people

are criminals,



No shit, but you never know which ones

are, And then you're fucked, literally,



- Not all criminals are rapists,

- I forgot, hoodlums are "in",



They're just the same as you,

doing what they have to,



- Not the same as me, Similar,

- You're just lucky to be born with money,



Bad luck is every loser's excuse,






- Thank you!

- For what?



- Say thank you!

- Well, if that loser looks at me like that,,,



- You're so obnoxious,

- Hey, give it a rest, will you?



Don't move, bitch!

Don't look at my face!



Get out, Get out!



Get out! Leave that shit,



- Don't look at my face!

- Don't look at my face,



Open that door,

and shut your fucking eyes,



Open that shit! Open that shit!



- Turn around and I’ll kill you,

- OK, OK,,,



- Now get in,

- Put your hands on the wheel,



We’ll meet up later!



Get down!






- Take the car and leave us!

- Shut the fuck up!



Relax, Take it easy, sweetie, just drive,

Cooperate with me,



I'm your friend for the night,



Lady and gents, we are on,

Give me your cell phone,



- The cell phone!

- In my purse,



- Where? Speak up!

- Near the pedals,



- Nice!

- Don't touch me!



I’ll touch you all right,



- Leave the girl alone!

- You shut up!



I’ll fuck your bitch in front of you,



I don't wanna hear you again, OK?



I don't wanna hear either of you,



- What's your father do?

- He's a doctor,



The truth,



- Tell the truth!

- He works at the Hospital of Caracas,



- His name?

- Sergio,



Sergio what? And yours?



- Gutièrrez, Carla Gutièrrez,

- It's true, it's true, OK, OK,



- Where do you live?

- La Castellana,



- Tell the truth!

- In La Castellana, near the Country Club,



- And you, fag?

- Up that way,



- You live with your old man, your mom?

- Father,



- Brothers?

- Two,



- Older?

- One older, one younger,



- What does the older do?

- He's got a textile shop,



- Money!

- But cheap textiles,,,



- Where does he live?

- Caurimare,



- What's the number?

- Whose?



Your father's, idiot! Don't look at me!



The number or I’ll blow your tits off,



- The number, damn it!

- Let her drive!



Fuck! Enough!



- I’ll kill her!

- No, no, no!



The number!

-     ,,



Let her drive!









-            !

- Shut up, you!



- Don't start crying,,,

- You're making her nervous!



Don't cry!

Don't cry, damn it!



- What do you say?

- I say    grand,



- No, fuck   !    at least,

-   ! No more talk!



- Hello?

- What's up, Gutiérrez?



Surprise, Poppa!



Go to hell,



- Hello?

- Guess what we got.



Your bitch of a daughter.

Carla, she's called, right?



- For God's sake...

- Let's be clear. We want    grand.



You've got two hours. I want it all in cash.



- Who is this?

- No cops, no fucking plastic.



Got it? I'll be calling.



I've got an itchy trigger finger.



- And I'm looking to scratch.

- Hang up, man!



Hey, boss,



- There's the car,

- You still owe me two,



You know how it is,

I’ll have another tonight,



You better,



- How are ya, Dolor?

- Hey,



Still driving that piece of shit?



I don't drive stolen cars,



- I have to,

- Exactly,



- What? Why you laughing?

- Not me, This guy is laughing,



- Him, him,

- You laughing at me?



Are you crazy?

Why would I laugh?



- Crazy? Crazy?

- I didn't laugh,



- What?

- Calm down, man, It's OK,



- He wasn't laughing,

- You shut up! Keep driving! Stupid,



What's wrong with white boy?



Think you can call me crazy?



- You're not crazy,

- You laughing at me?



Drive faster, sweetie,



- I think you're laughing,

- I'm not,



Don't contradict me!

Don't contradict me!



I think I like this boy,



- I'm digging the chick,

- Hey, what the hell?



- Have some respect,

- Keep driving, bitch!



- Leave the prom queen alone,

- Hand over the watch, the wallet, all of it,



Forget the Superman act,

No DiCaprio hero shit here,



- Down,

- You guys married or what?



- Getting married,

- Who's answering?



- Getting married,

- You're not getting married or you are?



- We're getting married,

- Kiss that bitch,



- Don't touch me!

- Look straight ahead, I won't tell you again,



- Hey, buddy,

- Don't buddy me, you fag! Shut up,



- Listen,

- Listen my ass, fool,



Please, listen,



Underneath this seat, there's a loaded gun,



- What?

- I wasn't going for it,



- Wait! Wait!

- Leave him alone!



Beat him down!



- Keep your hands on the wheel,

- Just kill him!



Check the  mm,



Hey, hey, hey!



Cops! Cops! Fuck!



Stay cool and drive, baby,

We don't want them to stop the car, do we?



I'm cool, I'm on your side,



- I’ll kill you,

- Careful with the gun,






- They're gone,

- Don't push me,



They're gone,



The cops, the cops, the cops, the cops!



- I don't believe anyone,

- There's nobody there,



- They're gone,

- Devil, devil, devil!



Very good, little girl,



You're the devil, faggot,



- You OK, Martin?

- Yes, honey, Don't worry,



Mom, I'm working!

What the fuck do you want?



Did you get my blow?



- Hello?

- Méndez Itriago?



- Speaking,

- Got your son. Don't like him much.



   grand I might give him back.



Say something.



- Hello, Dad. I'm here.

- I'll call you in an hour with details.



- Don't let Pedro drink my Nestea,

- He's not drinking anything,



- What? I can hear it from here, Mom!

- He's not drinking,,,



- Hello?

- Where are you?



Shit, sweetie, what's up?



What are you doing awake right now?



I had a bad dream,



Aw, look, sweetie, I'm working now,



Just roll over and go back to sleep,



- You are always working,

- Come on, don't get like that,,,



Don't like you, Give me Niga,



- He's working too,

- Put him on!



- Sure, Mom, I’ll get it,

- Well, you take care, OK?



No worries,



- Hello,

- Blessings, Uncle Niga,



Bless you,

What happened?




I woke up, and Budû was nasty to me,



Don't worry, sweetie, Budú's a worm.

Don't take any notice.



Let's go, let's go!



Look at that! Look at that!



Check out those guys!



Don't worry,



Run, Mr, Venezuela!



- What was that noise?

- Nothing, nothing, it's cool,



Now get some sleep, it's late,



OK? God bless,



It's six a, m

in the Bolivarian Republic of Marijuana,



Let's listen to some music

while we call one of our herbal therapists,



OK, stop right here and get in the back,



- What's your PIN number?




Hey, if it's wrong, you're dead,



What happened in     ?



My mother died,



- Hey, faggot, give me the money!

- What?



- The money and the card,

- Man,,,



- The money and the card!

- I'm being kidnapped, man!



Kidnapped by who?

The three wise men, motherfucker?



I’ll rip your head off!



- Back off! He's taken!

- He's mine!



He's taken, he's ours,



- Let him go!

- Who you kidding?



- Drop that shit, you're not gonna use it,

- What the fuck?



- Get the fuck outta here, pussy!

- We're the same,,,



- Get outta here, motherfucker,

- Take it easy,,,



- What happened?

- What was that, man?



What's going on?



- What happened?

- Let's go! Let's go!



Move, you piece of shit!



Talk to me, Niga,

What happened, fool? Talk to me,



- What was all that about, fool?

- Let's see, let's see,,,



- He's covered in blood and shit!

- Shut up!



Hey! You got a problem, bitch?



- We gotta cover him up,

- Leave him alone!



Fucker appeared out of nowhere,

Had to cool him off,



He's not well,



- Call Marcelo, We're loaded,

- Right,



What's up? We've got $    



- Get off him!

- Right, in a minute, in a minute,



See you soon, It's ready,



That's it, baby, Nice and easy,



Thought you were dead,



Drive faster, man,



I just left that guy there,



Let's blindfold the nosy bitch,



Got company, Private Ryan, take a hike,



- Enter,

- It's locked, bitch!



I thought you were thieves. Open it!



Where's my camera?



- The man,

- Hey!



The great Marcelo, Long time no see!



How are you?

Long live Colombia!



You're looking good,



Very elegant,



So happy to see you,

How are you?



- Good, bro,

- It's been a while,



Heard you married a woman,



Forget it!



- Wow! Haven't seen you for a long time,

- How are you?



- Nice hair,

- I do what I can with what I have!



I hear you guys

have been working like crazy,






And where did these two come from?



- These two? Let me introduce you,

- Please do,



We picked these two up in the street,

They're a couple of beggar kids,



Aw, always the humanitarian,



Looks like you won the lottery,

'cause they look,,,



Seriously, you've done well this time,



- What happened to him?

- Tripped,



- He tripped?

- Yeah,



Looks like some trip,



You know what, bro? Clean yourself up,



- Let's get to business,

- Yes, business, Want a drink?



- No, we're fine,

- Right, well,,,



- Check him out,

- Whoa, man!



- Aw, come on,,,

- Shh!



Climbing the ranks,



- What can I get you?

- Simple,



Tell me,



We want one kilo,

Pure white, the best, baby,



Ah, OK,

Don't worry, I've got just what you want,



- Man, we're pretty tired,,,

- Wait,,, Wait one second, be right back,



Right, Don't get lost now,



Hey, look,,, that's what you want, eh?



It's for that guy,



Come on, baby,



- Let's go for a walk,

- Keep an eye on him,



- Where are we?

- At the mall, sweetie,



- Sing, I'm bored,

- I'm gonna buy you a plastic purse,,,



- I said sing, I'm bored!

- I can't, I can't sing, I can't sing,



Take a look, The Marcelo,



This one is    for       for   

You even have liquid,



The Ugly Teddy Bear,



- The ugly teddy bear

- The ugly teddy bear



- Likes to be fucked

- Likes to be fucked



The ugly teddy bear,




This ships to Jerusalem today,

Wanna try it?



You've got better stuff,



Don't you want to try it?

This is great, One of the best,



We don't buy liquid,

It's shitty "Combate",



- Shitty, awful flake,,,

- This one, Let's try this one,



It's good,



- Come here, taste-tester,

- I'm coming,



Move it,



- Keep singing,

- The ugly teddy bear



This is from,,,

Look, the bitch is watching,



You remember Jaramillo,



Clara's husband?



- Keep singing,

- The ugly teddy bear



I had to suck his dick,



That's very nice, real nice, All right!



Good job, Take a hit,



Great stuff, Great,



You know what? I'm in a good mood today,

Let's do some business,



This is a little extra,

And this is to sweeten your face up a bit,



Express kidnap, papa,

Kidnapping pays,



    for the briefcase,,,



and half an hour with the boy,



No way, Marcelo,



Sorry, but no way,

We're all friends here, but,,,



Friends, nothing!

This is business!



- This is our business!

-     for the case and time with the boy!



- Don't worry, your victim will be fine,

- Victims misbehave, buddy,



Oh, don't worry, man,

I'll ride that bronco,



- Just a little half hour,

- It's a lot of blow,



- What do you say?

- What do you say, Niga?



I'm saying nothing, Let's go,



- You stay here, my friend,

- You're crazy! Forget it!



- Fuck, man, it seems a bit,,,

- You're staying!



- Just like that?

- What's your problem, bitch? Huh?



- I'll rip your head off, you monkey!

- What did you call me?






All right, all right, Stop!



That's enough, Calm down,

Behave yourself, you fucker,



Please, listen, I know these guys,

and they're getting overexcited,



- Please, we gotta leave, now,

- I'm not leaving,



- I won't leave him,

- We gotta, before someone gets killed,



- Let's go,

- She's coming,



She'd better!



- Let's go,,,

- Are you deaf? I'm not going,



Stand up and fucking walk!



Easy there!



You will walk, bitch,

You're gonna get up, slowly, and walk,



I'm not playing games,



I'm a lot more loaded than you are,

Stand up!



Walk, you bitch, walk!



Easy, Budû, easy,



Leave her, Leave her, man,






Listen, I want you to walk out of here

like's nothing's wrong,



- As if nothing's happened, OK?

- She's cool, Budû,



Don't make a scene, You hear me?



- OK,

- Let's go,



- Let's go,

- Sorry about the scene, Marcelo,



Don't fall in love,

You got half an hour, all right?



Don't worry, I know life is short,



How did you end up in this, Martin?



I'm sorry,

but I couldn't stand to see you like that,



Thanks, friend,






Those guys’ll rape her,



They would with or without you,



Shit, Marcelo, I've got to do something,

Help me, Call the cops,



No way,

My contacts don't do street crime,



Where the fuck is it?



Was it here? For sure?



- Of course, man,

- Un-fucking-believable,



They stole the fucking car!



Fuck, they're onto us,

Somebody screwed us,



Motherfucking son of bitch!



- Keep it down,

- Fuck!






- The neighbors, man!

- I’ll fuck her up,



- They stole our car!

- Lose the gun, Cut the shit,



- I’ll steal this one,

- No more crime, Are you nuts?



- My fucking jacket!

- Lose the gun, man,



- I’ll steal this one,

- No, no, forget it,



- Come here, man,

- Come here, Get over here,



- Come here, Hey, listen, Listen!

- We're fucked!



Shut up and listen,



Marcelo's the man, He's a good guy,



We'll go back,

He'll lend us his car,



He owes us more than one,

Come on, man,



- I'm telling you, man,

- They screwed us,



Let's go, then, let's go,



Eyes on the roofs,



Relax, you have half an hour,



How relaxed do you want me to be?

Shit, they want to kill me,



They won't kill you,



Just do what they say,



Life's weird, man,



This shit happens,

it opens your eyes,



It's too soon,

Marcelo might freak,



Niga, man, don't worry,



In and out,

We’ll just be a minute,



We grab the key and we're out,



We’ll give him another half hour

if he wants,



I need to live my life

the way I want,



You've always lived

in a dark closet,



What fucking closet, Marcelo?



What closet are you talking about?



Don't misunderstand,



You're the only faggot here,



- Let's have some fun,

- Let's play a joke on him,



- Not right now, man, he might get mad,

- Aw, don't worry about that fag,



You think you're so tough with your guns,

Sadistic freaks,



Nice dress in a starving city,



So you know, I volunteer

at the Children's Clinic,



You like that, eh?






- How's it feel?

- Give it to me,,,



Don't worry, honey,

it's not what it seems,



You love that, eh?



Put some butter on that!



Hey, what's all this?

Did you think that was pussy?



Carla, honey, it's not what you think,



I told you, baby, I told you,



Look, Carla, listen to me,



Carla, listen,

It's not what it looks like,



I told you!



- Can we leave?

- Sure, baby,



 :   a.m. in Caracas.



I've always said, baby, Always,



Girls who go with pretty boys

get exposed to that shit,



Simple as that, honey,

Give me that fag Marcelo any day,



- Now, he's a serious fag,

- Very serious!



He only plays fastballs on his field,

And he always goes in the back door,



No, that's the truth,



How long you two been together?



Five years,



Five years, Poor girl,



- Poor girl!

- No idea he was playing both sides?



- He was forced, I don't understand it,

- Right, forced,



Show some respect,



I get why you kidnapped me

but why leave me with the fag?



Explain yourself, Martin,



Fuck off, Carla, I told you,



He was pointing a gun at me!



You were into it,

Think I'm stupid?



Stupid no, just dumb, He forced me!

You don't understand how it was,



Hey, don't call her dumb,

Show some respect!



Why don't we stop off at a motel

and get comfy?



Chill out,

I've had enough for one day,



- Fire it up,

- Let me get my Zippo,



That's it,



Listen, pretty baby,



I want you to listen to me,



Yeah? You listening?



I want a little something,



I want you to moan,

like we're making love,



- What?

- Aw, come on, man,,,



Come on, what? Shut up!

You have no morals,



Leave him alone!

You primitive animal,



Don't tempt me,

The flesh is weak,



I cooperate and I get nothing,

Nothing, nothing, nothing!



Leave the girl alone, man,



- Moan,

- Moan? Under these conditions?



As if you was making love,



- Moan, or a bullet might escape,

- Enough, She's nervous,



Supergay became Superman,



You should be with the transvestites,



So shut the fuck up,









How about that?



- I hit it good,

- Now you moan,



- It gets better,

- You have to do it now,



Of course,

You like that? Listening, big guy?



Leonardo DiCaprio,



Shut up!



- Look alive, Cops round the block!

- We're fucked,



Be cool, don't do anything stupid,



Quiet, there's blow,



No clowning or you die,

Everybody stay cool, OK?



- Turn it off,

- Sure,



License and registration,



- Been smoking?

- No, no,



No one smokes here, no way,



- What's going on?

- All's cool, just driving,



Your registration,



- He's getting it, pal,

- I'm not your pal, boy, Show some respect,



Sorry, Officer,



Got a group of young males here,



I trust your aim,



Insurance and medical card,



I don't have the medical card,

but I'm healthy,






- Carlita, got the insurance?

- Shh! Shut up, it's Marcelo's car,



- It's just that it's Marcelo's car,

- What's that to me? Who's Marcelo?



- Get out of the car!

- But,,,



If you don't have the registration

I'm afraid the car stays here, Now out,




Get out, man! Get out!



- Get out, go on,

- Get out of the car,



Something wrong?



I'm nervous, I’ll shoot him,



Hands on your head,



Find the paper,



Speak and she dies,



- You're coked up,

- But, Officer,,,



- Open the trunk,

- Here's the papers, here,









You with them?



He's my dad's driver's son,



- Everything all right?

- All's great, Officer,



Lower the windows!



- Officer,,,

- Shut up!



Lower all the windows, Move it!



- This window!

- You die, filthy bitch,



Tell me straight,

What's in the briefcase?



All right, let's talk, man,

Let's make it work,



- Speak!

- Well, tell me what you need,



- What you got?

- Got a bit of everything illegal,,,



- You wanted it straight,

- Lower your voice,



Got white, weed, straws,

got liquid, A weight,



Let's make it simple,

One kilo, pure blow,



- Deal,

- And we're even,



A half, Quick,



Hurry up!



No problems upfront, right?






Yeah, move it,






Everything OK? No problem?



OK, get in, Get in, man,



I was hunting you,

Shame, we could have had fun,



All good?



- No problems, right?

- I got it covered,



Sign me up next time,



Open up, these kids are all right,



Check him out,



- Now, that was crazy,

- Insane,



Who was that guy?



- I was shitting myself,

- I'm still shitting,



I saw myself in jail, man,

I was that close,,,



- Yeah, man,

- That was heavy shit,



A bit more of that

and I blow my head off,



It's not over for you,



- Look what we were carrying, man,

- Marcelo's gun,



You cooperated just fine,

You're getting good at this,



- A joint to celebrate,

- Here,



Keep it low,



- Give me a light,

- Look alive, we're in the red zone,



Hey, well done,



- Can I smoke?

- You want to?



If you’ll share,



The chick smokes, man!



She's cool, Budû, I told you,

Don't be so rough with her,



How can you say that?

We're friends,



- I made her moan,

- Give me some,



It's all good,



What's the story, you need money?

To make ends meet?



That's right, See? I told you,

Pretty chicks like being kidnapped,



We don't like it, But, yes, I get it,



- That's right, baby,

- We can kidnap you again tomorrow,



No thanks,



Don't get too comfy,



Stay cool,



- You like Ecstasy?

- You got E?



- You search her?

- Let's see,



What you say, baby?



We take these and pass out, right?



- You won't lose it,

- No,



You take them,



- I can't,

- Take them,



I think I'm pregnant,



- By the homo?

- Bullshit,



- Just swallow them,

- She's gotta take 'em,



Did she?



Next stop, jewelry,



Niga will take you into the jewelry store,

You go in nice and calm,



Pay with your credit card,

Buy five watches, Rolexes,



Come back cool,

you know I don't want no trouble,



If you're not back in ten minutes,

my friend, we rape her,



And it won't be pretty,



Not a word, Got it?



I got it,



Don't touch her,



Enough drama,



- No funny business,,,

- Yo, Niga, What's up, bro?



- Get out, I'm working,

- Share the wealth, I'm starving,



- Take it and go,

- Show some love,



- Here, get lost,

-   ? How 'bout   ?



Just ten more, man,



Fuck off! Get out of the way,



Aw, Niga, after all we've been through?



Get lost, you freak, Go! Go!



You suck!



- Don't come back,

- What are you doing?



Don't stop here, Don't fuck with me,



Don't try nothing funny,

I’ll take you down, cops or no cops,



- Go or I’ll shout for the cops,

- What are you saying?



- I said I’ll call cops, man, I'm free,

- Free?



Free, huh? And your bitch?

What’ll we do to your bitch, huh?



Kill her,



- What?

- Kill her!



Why's he alone?



- What happened?

- Go,



- Where's Teddy Bear?

- Fucking go!



- Talk!

- Where's the bear, fool?



Go, man, Go!



- Talk to me,

- The guy tricked me, He played me, man,



He said to hell with his bitch and ran,



What? He said what?



- Did he talk to the cops?

- Cops, man?



There were cops everywhere,

What was I supposed to do?



Wasn't he your boyfriend?



Yes, We were going to get married,



He really said that?



No, I'm lying,



I let him go 'cause

we don't need the dough,



- So naive,

- Be cool and call Dolor,



He's in the cab around here,

Tell him to look for Teddy Bear,



You’ll always wonder,



Chill, man,

We’ll get the money from the bitch anyway,



Call the piggy bank,

Her father,



Don't give them all they ask for

because they’ll immediately want more,






It's me, Dad.



- Are you all right, Carlita?

- Tell him.



Martin escaped.

And they want me to pay for it.



All right, enough, enough!

Let me tell you how it is.



Your baby's boyfriend

thinks he's Houdini.



He ran off on us.

Didn't care about your girl.



And now I want    grand.

Like I told you.



Quick and easy.

Game's over, Daddy.






What's up, boss?

Where you headed?



Uptown, man,



- What's up? You look like shit,

- You wouldn't believe me if I told you,



Try me, It's gonna be a long trip,



Take off your boots,



Easy, princess, take it easy, OK?

You're doing great,



Stop staring,



You are not my type,



I don't like sloppy seconds,



Crazy, huh?



- What?

- Everything,



Life is strange,



Getting philosophical now?



The pills are kicking in,



Feel good?



Always does,



- Need anything?

- Water?



I’ll get some,



Don't smoke that, please,



Don't smoke that,



It's hitting hard, huh?

Come here,



Easy, take it easy,



Come here,

You're sweating,



You're a mess,






I work in a clinic for the poor every day,,,



doing what I can to help poor children,



And you treat me this way,



Shit, who told you to drive around

in a brand new car?



- Think I can guess who you are?

- Why is having money a sin?



My father's worked hard all his life,



That's not the point, I have money too,



What is it, then?



Don't look at me like that, OK?

Don't look at me like that, or I’ll lose it,



- Point is,,,

- Yeah?



When half the city is knee-deep in shit,,,



and you're rolling in an expensive car,,,



Shit, you expect them not to hate you?



Why shouldn't they hate you?



Look at your outfit, look at this,



You know how many families

that shit could feed?






One thing is that we're different,

Great, I get that,



But rubbing your money

in people's faces is another,



But everyone gets robbed here,



Not with the same hatred,



Things were fucked up before me,



It's not my fault,

What am I supposed to do?



It's never anyone's fault, is it?



Nobody's to blame,



Moonlight romance



Just me and you



- Close your eyes or I’ll do it for you

- OK, OK, leave her, Relax,



Big love here, huh?



Don't go,



The man's waiting for you outside,



Don't go,



Move it, man, he's waiting on you,



Don't care, Fuck off,



Let's give her HIV,






Not HIV, H O,






Same shit,



What's up, baby?



Everything good?



- Just thinking,

- Thinking?



What you thinking?



- About how crazy Martin is,

- What?



You mean, how gay,



Yeah, right,



The thing is,,,



pretty boys don't get,,,



that pretty girls need loving,



Don't start, please, Don't start,



- Where you going?

- No, please,,,



Please, leave me alone, Please,,,



- Have pity!

- You need pure tenderness,



Pure tenderness,



Don't you think?



Leave me alone,



So I’ll leave you alone,

and you’ll come to my house and visit,



- Yeah,

- Like that, huh?



Tell me where you live and I will,

Why not?



You know what?

I'm actually starting to like you,



- Stop!

- Ow!



Game's over,



- That boyfriend of yours drove me crazy,

- It's not my fault,,,






Well, I’ll be damned,



Victoria's Secret,



My favorite, baby,



Don't move, If you talk, I’ll hit you,



Scream, I’ll kill you, I don't care,



I don't care,

The money's already on its way, girl,



Open your mouth,



Open your mouth!



Open your mouth, Open your mouth,






Moan, bitch!



Almost there,



What's going on, Budû?

Hey, come on, man,



Sorry, bro, but that's fucked up,



- I told you, man,

- You,,,



You know what,,, Lie down! Lie down!



- You know what? I'm sick of you!

- The girl is all right,



Don't shout at me,

Let me tell you something,



You and your morals,

you think you're a superhero,



- That's bullshit,

- Don't tell me what to do!



- Easy, Gonna kill me?

- Shit,,,



Come see what Dolor brought us,



Come see,



He thinks he's a gorilla,



Come see what he's brought,

For real, Come see,



What's wrong with you?



You coming or not? What's up?



Cut that shit out, man!



Rot in hell,



- Careful!

- Don't try anything,



Stay there,



What's up?



Allow me to present the star of the show,



Tell him,



They always come back!



Look at me!



Let me use the left,



Let's play Venezuelan roulette,



I spin the chamber

but you're the only player,



If we don't have a winner

we play again,



No! No!



And so it goes until there's a winner,

Which is you,



Amazing, Teddy Bear,

how small this city is,



The city's small, but the ghetto's big, man,



- Hello?

- You alone?



- Yes,

- Sure?



- Yes,

- Were you followed?






- Anyone know you're here?

- No,



You know you're completely surrounded?



I understand,

There won't be any problems,



How's my daughter?



Your daughter's having a wild time.



Your daughter's had Ecstasy,

and she's dancing real sweet.



- How much did you bring?

- I could only get    grand, cash,



What? I already told you.



We told you if you brought less, she dies.



Don't say that,

I couldn't get any more,



Fucker only brought    man.

What do you mean,   ?



Look, friend,

I would have brought more if I could,




See the open door? That's it.



That's the one. Go in.

Hurry up! Move it!



Check his pants, man.

What's up with those pants?



Unreal, huh? I love 'em.



- See those kids?

- Yes, I do,



They're in your hands.



If you try anything funny, if you brought

cops or bodyguards or anyone strange,



the first people to die will be kids.



- You think we're assholes?

- No,



OK. You're the asshole.



I want you to say you're an asshole.

Go on, say it.



- Huh?

- I'm an asshole, yeah, I'm an asshole,



Keep walking. Keep walking, now.



Move it! Move it!



Go down the stairs.



- You packing, bitch?

- No,



OK. Go down. Keep going.




You rich are just asking to be killed.



- See the stairs with the kids?

- Yes,



All right. Go all the way down those stairs.



There are some lockers down there,

one of them's your tasty daughter's.



Oh, Carla's tasty, man.

Keep going down.



Down. When you get to the bottom,

there's a room.



There's a room with some lockers,

and the locker that says "Carla Gutiérrez",



that's where you leave the briefcase.



- Got it, old lady?

- Yes, sir,



- I did my part, Now what?

- Your part, my ass.



You still don't get it.

First, I gotta see the money.



Shit. Go on home and we'll see.



- Where will you leave her?

- None of your business. I do what I want.



You're in no position to tell me what to do.



Follow orders if you want her to live.



Don't fuck me around.



How do,,, How do I know,,,

How do I know you won't hurt her?



"How do I know you won't hurt her?"

Enough with your faggy voice.



Trust, Daddy.

Trust that your daughter'll be OK.



Trust the negro, I'm not playing.






- You counted right?

- Yes, I counted it,



- Count it,

- It's too little,



Little or not, we gotta let the girl go

and get this shit over with, bro,



It's not enough,



You a fucking amateur? You gonna spend

another three days here?




You know what "Express" means?



It's not that, Listen,

With more time, he’ll get more money,



Leave it for next time, Leave it for next time,

We got one corpse already,



We don't want to fuck this up,

This is tight enough already,



The man's right,



We're not even gonna rape her?



- Look, he's in love,

- You horny? Horny dog, eh?



Is that it?

You a sadist? Had a troubled childhood?



No more bodies,

no more rape, no more bullshit,



We got the money, Done!



Stop being romantic,

One dead, why not two?



What are you on today, brother?



Look, you killed the Teddy Bear,

Fine, Great,



- No need to kill the princess,

- Set him straight,



If you're in love,

wanna get married in a church, tell me,



- Set him straight,

- Listen, buddy,



If I don't fuck her

and he doesn't kill her,,,



- ,,,you have to pay the fee,

- That's the way it is,



- Rules are rules,

- Right,



 :   a.m. in Caracas.



Relax, honey,

all dogs go to heaven,



What you doing with your share?



A motorcycle,



A registered gun,



- What's the point? No one’ll pay next time,

- I don't give a shit!



- And you?

- I'm fucking off, Out of here,



We got the money, And in the end,

there's things money can't buy,



- Going up north?

- No,



- We aren't incorporated,

- To Spain,



- We don't live off our reputations,

- What's in Spain?



Blow, at    a gram,



- A gram?

- I’ll swallow a kilo,



Go there and sell it,



That's crazy,    a gram?



And cut to shit,



Spaniards must live like shit,



Close your eyes,

You saw us enough already,



What about you, big ape?



You know, my thing is painting,



What are you going to paint, shithead?



Sit on the beach, painting the sea,



- Don't like the sound of that,

- That's art,






Art is what I do with this,



And you are my next creation,



Don't look at me, Did I say look at me?



- Leave her here?

- Further, man,



They’ll take longer to find her,



- Out, bitch,

- Hurry up,



I said get out!



Get out, damn it!



Get out, get out,



On your knees,



Move it! Move it, I said! Move,



Don't play stupid,



All right,



On your knees,

When I say move, move!



On your knees!



Let's go,



Right, Step by step,



Do it, Step by step,



Slowly, That's what I like,



Meet your city, bitch,



This is where you’ll live, In the shit,



- Share your food with the rats,

- Welcome to the country club,



- Stop right there,

- Now it's yours,



Ready, baby? You ready for it?



It's time, bitch,



Let's finish her off,



Ready, baby?



Ready to go?



- Ready, bitch?

- Now she knows what a bad time is, huh?






The money, the money!



Surprise, baby! Be glad you're alive!



Lady, you OK?



What happened?



Control, unit    



New victim in the usual place,



- She's got nothing on her, Any ID?

- They kidnapped me,,,



- Gunfire has stopped,,,

- ,,,and left me here,



Who were they?



You know them?



Don't touch me!



- We’ll give you a lift, Come on,

- I want to go home,



Come on,



Come along, ma'am, We’ll take you in,



- Don't delay, please, ma'am,

- I want to go home!



- Come on, come on,

- I want to go home,



We're gonna take you home,



- No, No!

- Calm down!



Calm down, ma'am, calm down,

We're here to help,



No, no, I want,,, I want,,,



I just want to go home,



- Do me a favor, and calm down,

- Calm down,



There's no problem, all we need you to do

is make a statement,



Easy, ma'am,



Easy, everything's OK, You just

have to make a statement, that's all,



Get in, Trust us,



Nobody's going to hurt you,



Let me out!









I'm no saint,



But with those devils,,,



,,,there's no way I'd leave you,






Go, Now, Go,



You're free,



Let's go, Romeo, you motherfucker!



Hi Dad, I'm almost at the hospital,

Don't be late,



It's her first night in the house,

I want you to meet her before bedtime,



Kisses, Ciao.



Half the world is starving,

whilst the other half is dying of obesity.



There are only two choices left: we

confront the beast, or we invite it to dinner.


Special help by SergeiK