Serendipity Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Serendipity script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Serendipity. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Serendipity Script





[Bells Jingling]



 From Coney Island

to the Sunset Strip 



 Somebody's gonna make

a happy trip tonight 



 While the moon is bright 



 He's gonna have

a bag of crazy toys 



 To give to

the girls and boys 



 So dig 



 Santa comes on big 



 He'll come a-callin'

when it snows the most 



 When all you cats

are sleepin' warm as toast 



 And you gonna flip

when old Saint Nick 



 Lays a lick

on the peppermint stick 



 He come a-flyin'

from a higher place 



 And fill the stocking

by the fireplace 



 So you'll 



 Have a yule that's cool 



- [ Baby Crying ]

- Merry Christmas.



 Yeah, from Coney Island

to the Sunset Strip 



 Somebody's gonna make

a happy trip tonight 



 While the moon is bright 



 He's gonna have

a bag of crazy toys 



 To give to

the girls and boys 



 So dig 



 Santa comes on big 



Excuse me.



 Come a-callin'

when it snows the most 



 Cats are sleepin'

warm as toast 



 And you gonna flip

when old Saint Nick 



 Lays a lick

on the peppermint stick 



- Wooh! Sorry.

- I'm sorry.



- [ Chuckles ]

- Do you want these?



- No. Please.

- You go ahead. It's the last one.



Uh, miss, do you have another pair

of these black cashmere gloves?



- Whatever's out is what we have.

- You don't have a stockroom?



- No. No. We don't have

an attic either.

- Or a basement?



Um, listen, you take 'em.

I don't need 'em.



- No, no, no.

You saw them first. I--

- Please. I insist.



- Take them. Wait a minute.

- Oh! Oh!



- Excuse me, sir. These are ours.

- Yeah?



Oh. Your gloves? How come?

They're just sort of hanging there,



sleeping with their

little price tag on.



- We were just discussing

them, all right?

- Well, I have news for you.



You can go on discussing them

long after I've paid for them.



- Calm down, all right?

- Calm down? It's five days

before Christmas.



I'm in the middle

of a New York department store.

He's asking me to calm down.



Well, these were meant to be

a very special gift for someone.



- Yeah, we put quite a lot

of thought into those.

- Isn't that right?



- Well, who were they for?

- My boyfriend.

- My girlfriend.



- Her boyfriend.

- His girlfriend.



One pair of gloves

for two people?



- This is hard to explain.

- Try.



All right.

Go ahead.



Oh. Uh, well, he is

at the present time my boyfriend.



But in    months--



After the operation--



- He will be--

- She will be--



My girlfriend.

Do you understand?



That didn't

really work out.



- No, but Merry Christmas anyway.

- Thank you very much.



Well, you earned these.

That was quick on your feet.



- Thanks. It was a team effort.

- Yeah, it was. It was.



- I don't know how to thank you.

- Well--



Ah, well.



 Have a yule that's cool 



They're ready for you guys.



Thank you.



I don't know what you said

to that guy makes any sense.



- But I think we scared

the be jesus out of him.

- You were pretty fierce.



This will work, though.

This is quite a coffee.



But I'm serious about the check.

It's the least I can do.



Well, thank you, but, see,



now I have to go find

something else for my girlfriend.



- Oh, they were for your girlfriend.

- Yes, they were.



- Oh, I can't accept them then.

- Well, you have to.



Otherwise you

won't treat. Really.



Let me tell you something.

This is the ultimate blend to drink.



- Where did you find this place?

- I first came in

because of the name.



- Hmm.

- Serendipity. It's one

of my favorite words.



- It is? Why?

- Uh-huh.



'Cause it's such a nice sound for

what it means: a fortunate accident.



- Mm.

- Except I don't really

believe in accidents.



- I think fate's behind everything.

- Oh, you do?



- Yeah.

- Fate's behind everything?



- I think so.

- Everything's predestined?



- We don't have any choice at all?

- I thinkwe make our own decisions.



I just think that fate

sends us little signs,



and it's how we read the signs

that determines whether

we're happy or not.



- Little signals. Yeah.

- Yeah.



Fortunate accidents.

Lucky discoveries.

Columbus in America.



- Yeah, or Fleming

discovering penicillin.

- Penicillin.



- Fleming is his name?

- Yes.



Or "Jonathan

and the Gloves."



- I don't know that one.

- You don't know that story?



It's an old

folk tale classic.



Our hero, Jonathan, goes out

in search of black gloves.



And in a perfect act

of "serendipiocity"

or "serendipaciousness,"



he runs into a beautiful, attractive

English girl with a boyfriend.



You have a boyfriend, right?



- Yeah, I do.

- That's what I thought.



- And you have the glove lady.

- Yes, I do.



- Mm-hmm.

- It was a very nice time.



- Well, I hope you enjoy the

gloves you bought yourself.

- Oh, I'm sure I will.



I usually appreciate

my own thoughtfulness.

What do you want for Christmas?



- Golfclubs.

- Oh.



So you're gonna meet

your boyfriend now or what?



No, I think he's probably

out doing what you're doing.



Getting a crush on

someone else's girlfriend?



No, I'm sorry. I just meant to say

I had a really great time.



You know, maybe you should

give me your phone number,

you know, just in case.



- In case of what?

- You know, in case of life.



I just had a great time, and I'd

never be able to find you again.



Well, if we're meant to meet again,

then we'll meet again.



It's just not

the right time now.



Maybe we were supposed

to meet on British time

and we're five hours too early.



Come on.

I don't even know your name.

My name is Jonathan.



- Does that make you

wanna tell me something?

- Yeah, it does.



Merry Christmas, Jonathan.

And thanks.



That's it?



 I can feel my heart 



- Oh, Jesus, I'm sorry about that.

-  And it's about to burst 



 I try to clean it up 



 But I just get worse 



 Wish I could fall 



 On a night like this 



-  Into your loving arms 

- I think I left a scarf.



No. Nothing down here.

Why don't you go upstairs?



- Maybe it's still there.

- Thank you.



 I thought I saw your face 



 In the evening sky 



 On a lonesome cloud 



 That was drifting by 



 I wish I could fall 



 On a night like this 



 Into your loving arms 









Let's go do something.



All right.

What you wanna do?



I don't care.



All right. Come on.



Now, promise me you're not

just visiting here for a week...



or marrying somebody

to get a green card or on parole.



None of the above. You?



No, no, no. Proud U.S. citizen.

No criminal record.



So you won't tell me

your name.



Well, tell me, uh, what do you

miss most about Mother England?



I miss my mom terribly.



If I were her,

I'd miss you too.



Okay. Favorite movie.



- The correct answer

is Cool Hand Luke.

- I've never seen it.



Oh, come on. You've never seen

Cool Hand Luke?



Paul Newman?

Oh, my God. Come on!



"Failure to communicate."

Sadistic cop in sunglasses

with no name.



Reminds me of you

in that way.



Um, favorite

New York moment.



This one's

climbing the charts.



I'm flattered.



Is there anything else

you need to know about me?






Favorite sexual position?






Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Yeah, yeah. That's my favorite too.



- You all right?

- Yeah.



- Did you hurt yourself?

- No. Yes.



- You did?

Let's take a look at that.

- Ouch.



- Oh, Jesus.

That's a deep, deep gash.

- Gaping.



What? We'll

fix that right up.



There you go.



What? Oh, you're

looking at my freckles.



It's the curse

of the English, I'm afraid.

Fair skin and bad teeth.



No, you have great teeth.



Those aren't just freckles.



If you look closely,

you can see Cassiopeia.



- What?

- Right there.



Hold on a minute.



Okay. All right,

here's the story.



A long time ago in Ethiopia,



there was this queen

named Cassiopeia...



who thought she was the most

beautiful woman in the entire world,



and there wasn't anybody in

the kingdom who wasn't offended...



by this woman's

relentless vanity.



And then one day, she really

screwed up and offended the gods.



I don't remember what she did and

I don't remember who she offended.



But it was bad.

She crossed the line.



But anyway, Poseidon, the sea god,

punished Cassiopeia...



by placing her in the heavens

upside down on her throne,



stuck for eternity with her skirt

around her shoulders...



and all the blood

rushing to her head.



And now she's just

a constellation in the sky,



a bunch of English freckles

in the shape of a throne.



So she made

one tragic mistake.



And paid for eternity.






- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Legible, legible.



- I can't believe I'm doing this.

- Now, please, please.



Let fate take

its proper course.






- That was an accident.

Write down that again, please.

- I can't.



That was a sign.



Fate's telling us

to back off.



If fate didn't want

us to be together, then why

did we meet tonight, huh?



- Gotcha.

- Well, I don't know.



- But it's not an exact science.

It's a feeling.

- Well, what if you're wrong?



Huh? What if it's all

in our hands and we just walk away?



No names, no phone numbers, nothing.

What do you think's gonna happen?



Do you think good old fate is

just gonna deliver my information...



- right to your doorstep?

- Do you know that's the best

idea you're had all night?



- What's the best--

- Here you go. Write

your name and number down.



- On a $ .   bill?

- Mm. Just do it.



You are a strange

and interesting woman.



Now what?



Wait there.






What the hell was that?



When that $ .   bill

makes it back into my hands,

I'll be able to call you.



And when you hear

my voice on the other end,



then you'll believe

in fate, won't you?





- Hey, what about me?

- What do you mean?



Well, we have to send

something out in the universe

with your name on it, don't we?



- Come on. Isn't that

the only fair thing?

- That is the only fair thing.



What have I got, even?

Ooh. No. I have a really good idea.



- What?

- Okay.



- That's a lot of tuba.

- Okay, see this book?






Okay, so when

I get home tonight,



I'm gonna write my name

and number inside this book.



And then first thing

tomorrow morning, I'll sell it

to a used book store.



Which one?



You're not gonna tell me.

You're not gonna tell me. Why not?



Well, now, every time

you go past an old book store,



you're gonna have to go inside

to see if it's there.



This is just wrong.

You don't just have the most

incredible night of your life...



with a perfect stranger and then

leave it all to chance, do ya?



- Do ya?

- Come with me a second.



What, we're gonna get a room?



I'm kidding.

But I wanna know you more.



- Come on. Where are we going?

- Okay.



- Now, you stay here.

- Okay.



- No, stay here. Stay there.

Don't make me come over there.

- Okay.



All right, if we both

randomly pick the same floor,

we're meant to be together now.



You're insane.



Come on.

Okay, get in.



Take a breath, and then

when the door closes, hit a button.



- I don't understand this.

- You don't have to understand.

You just have to have faith.



Faith in what?









It's Sara.

My name's Sara.



[ Elevator Dings ]



And here it is.

See? You were right.



- Uh--

- Let's go, buddy.



- We're going up here.

- Oh, that's okay.

Josh likes to ride either way.



- Don't you, Josh?

- [ Growling ]



Don't do that!

Don't touch those!



Hey, calm down.

He's just a kid.



[ Hisses ]



- Looks like we've stopped.

- [ Hisses ]



[ Snarling ]



[Yelling, Indistinct]



- We're going again.

- Thank you.




Where is she? Is she here?

- No, no. I don't think so.



Come on, Josh.

Let's go, buddy.




Okay, stay alert.



- [Josh Crying ]

- Is she here?



- No, not here.

Back in the elevator.

- She's not here?



- Come on! Come on!

Move it! Come on, boy!

- [ Dog Barks ]



Hey, Sara. I'm sorry.



- Hey. I'm sorry.

- What?



I'm sorry.



[Man] I usually have to

beg to be a part of weddings.



And if I do get into the wedding,

of course they postponed it,



and it's overseas somewhere,

and they've canceled my passport,



and I can't be a part of it,

and it's ridiculous

and awkward and horrible.



So thank you.

I take this very seriously.



It's a gift

to be the best man.



They say that once in your lifetime,

someone comes along...



whom you're absolutely

meant to be with.



Everything feels great,

stars are aligned,



body and spirit

are in balance.



Formy friend

Jonathan Trager,



that person was me.



But as you know,

Jonny and I were simpatico.



We were brothers

from another mother.



We were friends

since freshman year.



I watched him go out

with woman after woman,

and he'd always come crawling--



he would come crawling

back to me.



- It was embarrassing.

- You loved it.



But then one night he came home

and things were different.



His adole scent dream of becoming

a documentary filmmaker

was a thing of the past.



- Thank God.

- He hardly even responded...



to my playful yet tormented

flicks of my finger...



against the soft part of his skull

as he studied for finals.



And that is because

he had found her.



The woman he was meant to be with.

And if anyone is qualified...



to know when he met his soul mate,

it would be me, his first wife.



She's smart, she's funny,

she's beautiful.



In short, she's the kind of woman

that any man would dream about.



And I think we all have.

So it is with sadness...



and fond, fond memories...



that I raise my glass...



to the new

Mrs. Jonathan Trager.



I'll tell you what.



I'll tell you something. My friends,

if I had to lose Jonny to anyone,



I can't imagine

a more perfect woman than Halley.



Cheers to both of you.



- How drunk is he

on a scale of one to ten?

- Twelve.



You think we'll ever out-romance

Dean and Courtney?



- I don't know. I don't think

I've ever seen them fight.

- Me neither.



Must be a bitch

on their sex life.



We have a pomegranate souffle

which is amazing, which is

different than the sorbet.



Listen, we'd love

to join you guys,



but Courtney has to wake up,

so I got to be good.



Halley, listen to me.

It's not too late to back out.



- Good night, Dean.

- And I'm at    th and--



Good night, Courtney.



Mama, you don't want to see this.

I need-- I need to snuggle.



- I'm gonna go sleep it off.

Listen, you're wonderful.

- Good night.



- You know what? You need me.

- Take care. Come on, hon.



You guys, listen, I hate to

tell you, but I gotta go home too.



I have to. I gotta get up

at  :   in the morning.

My day is crazy tomorrow.



- Come in for one drink.

- He doesn't want to come.

He doesn't have to come.



- I'll see you in about    hours.

- Bye-bye, dear.



- I love you, son.

- Night-night.



- George.

- Take care.



You okay?



- You better be up later.

- Yeah, why?



- Because I'm gonna come home

and get undressed...

- Uh-huh?



- and climb into bed,

- Uh-huh?



act like we just got

over a terrible fight.



See you later now.



Reading is good for you.







- Hold on, hold on. Listen, listen.

- I read it a long time ago.



- I'll throw in the screenplay to

The Bridges of Madison County.

- I saw the movie. It was great.



Okay, and--



And nothing. I mean--

I mean, I did nothing.



I-- I just let her

walk out of the party

and I didn't say anything to her.



And now she's gone forever.



I mean,

she was my soul mate.



Kenny, I honestly

think it's dangerous

to use the term "soul mate."



It implies there's

some magical element

that we have no control over,



like fate or destiny.



I think holding on to beliefs like

that stops us doing the real work.



And the fact is,

if your therapy stays on track,



I think you'll find there

are many, many people out there

you could easily be happy with.



You truly believe

all that, Sara?



Yeah. I really do.



- There you go.

- Thanks.



 From the very first time

I rest my eyes on you, boy 



 My heart said

follow through 



 But I know now that

I'm way down on your line 



 But the waiting

feeling's fine 



 You see 



 I don't wanna wait

in vain for your love 



 I don't wanna wait

in vain for your love 



 I don't wanna wait

in vain for your love 



 'Cause summer is here 



-  And I'm still waiting there 

-  Summer is here 



-  Winter is here 

-  Winter is here 



 I'm still waiting there 



 Like I said 



 It's been three years since

I'm knocking on your door 



 And I still can knock

some more 



 Ooh, boy Ooh, boy 



 Is it crazy

Look, I wanna know now 



 For I to knock

some more, you see 



 In life I know 




You got to say yes, first.






- Wait a second.

- Ow!



- Let me-- Ow! Ow! Ow!

- I got it. I got it.



- Ow, ow. Ow!

- I got it.



Okay, you're not gonna

read into this, right, Sara?



- I mean, it's just

an accident, nothing more.

- No.



God. We'll

get it refitted.



It's beautiful.

I love it.



You-You get changed.

I'm gonna call Ryan,

tell him you said yes.



- Why? Was he worried?

- Not about you. About the tour.



He's hoping to fit the honeymoon

into the schedule.



How does Bora Bora sound?



Very... sexy-sexy?



 I don't wanna wait

in vain for your love 



 I don't wanna wait

in vain for your love 



[Man] Now, if you're a golfer

on a one-hour lunch break,



you'd use that time up

just getting to the nearest

course out of Manhattan.



All this was

a long overdue solution.



Formerly a dilapidated pier

and converted just five years ago,



the range offers the inhabitants

of this concrete jungle...



the chance to keep

their drives straight,

their short games accurate...



and most of all, brings the joys

and frustrations of golf...



back to city folk.



This is Nick Roberts,

ESPN News, New York City.



Superb, Nick.

We got it. Thank you.



- Artie, I gotta run, okay?

- What about the B-roll shot?



Paging Sara Lawson.

Paging Sara Lawson.



- Please come to the frontdesk.

- Could you come back and get

the B-roll on Friday?



- Yeah. Whatever you say, boss.

- Thank you, sir.



- I'm Sara Lawson. Hi.

Sorry I'm late.

- How are you?



You're down

at position number two.



[Sara] Oh, right. Bad golfers

all the way down there, right?



Dude, take off.

We got it.



Well, hello,

Mr. Marrying Man.



- Hi. Uh, where's Lauren?

- Oh, Lauren took the day off.



My name is Sara

and I'm gonna cut your hair today.



You know what?



I'm not thrilled with having

that "just cut hair" look

for my own wedding, so--



- I'll just take a little bit off.

- I gotta live with these pictures

the rest of my life.



- Just a little bit.

- Please, you know, uh--



 It's you 



 And me forever 



 Sara, smile 




 Won't you smile

a while for me 



Forget Charles Street.

Take me to the New York Times

building on   nd, please.



- Mm-hmm.

-  Sara 



- [ Horns Honking ]

- Whoo!



[Jonathan] I'm telling you,

I keep running into her.



I keep finding it.

It keeps happening.

She was at the golfrange.



She's a big girl now with big hips.

All right?



Then I gotta leave

'cause Sara's gonna cut my hair,



And the guy in the taxi,

he's serenading me, "Sara."



I'm telling you, the universe

keeps revealing her to me,



- screwing with my head.

- You're getting married

in three days.



- That's my point.

- It's entirely duplicitous.



Think about it. Why would you risk

your relationship with Halley...



- just to search

for some pipe dream?

- Just hear me out, man.



I'm sure that

I love Halley, all right?



And maybe every time

you fall in love with somebody,



it's a completely

different experience.



So it's a mistake to compare them.

I get it, but--



All right.



It's like Halley is

The Godfather, Partll.



She's what?



Godfather, Partll.

That was an incredible movie.



Might be better than the original.

All right?



But no matter how much you love

The Godfather, Partll,



you still have

to see the original...



to understand and appreciate

the sequel, don'tya?



Come on. Is it too much to ask from

my oldest friend to help me out?



- You've already got

the fairy-tale marriage.

- I'm the best man.



You work in the biggest

newspaper in the world.

Help me find her.



Let me tell you something.

Contrary to popular New York myth,



the Times

is not omniscient.



I need a last name.

I need a social security number.



- If we find the book--

- It-It-It's a dead end.

You know that.



- Unless we search every

book store in New York.

- You did that.



- Years ago. Do you remember?

- Maybe I missed a store.



- Maybe somebody bought it

and sold it back.

- You know what?



I don't want any part of this.

All right?




Maybe I am just getting cold feet.



I'm telling you right now,

British women do not age well.



You know, I mean, years ago,

yes, she was a luscious treat.



You know, she probably looked like,

you know, Baby Spice.



But now

she could look like--



Old Spice.



- It's a great haircut.

- Oh. Thanks.



- Tell me you love me.

- I love you.



- Tell me something romantic.

- Like what?



I don't know. Like...



how I'm the only girl in the

entire universe meant for you.






Oh, my God, the dinner!



By the way, I emptied your closet.

We gotta pack for the honeymoon.



-[Beeping Continues]

- God, I hate this building.



Shut up!



Don't hit it with the thing.



- [Beeping Continues]

- Jon!

- What?



I'm gonna go yell

at the super.



[Halley] I don't understand

why this is going off.



- You said last week

it would be fine.

- Hey, Jon.



This place looks like

a disaster area.



- Thanks, Gerald.

- Gerald, it's in here.



I gotta get going.




Come on! I wanna see!

I wanna see!



I thought you wanted

a round-cut diamond.



- Why? When did I say that?

- I'm not exactly sure.



- But when we were younger, I think.

- Oh, God.



When I was younger, I was gonna

marry Boris Becker, wasn't I?



- Hey, guys. What did you think?

- Hey!



Well, I mean, was that last song

really inspired by my sister?



Every artist

needs his muse.



- Who wants to hear the good news?

- Hey, I pay you for the good news.



No. You pay me

to keep away the bad news.



- Bring it on.

- Lars' dates in Stockholm

sold out in eight hours.






That means we're gonna

have to add some more shows.

So we'll bump Paris--



Sorry. I don't wanna

spoil anyone's party,



but Lars and I have

already set the dates

for our honeymoon and our wedding,



and I've told my patients

when I'm going.



Well, baby, your patients can do

without you for a couple weeks.



He's right, Sara.

I mean, a couple of extra weeks

in Europe aren't gonna kill you.



Caroline's just pushing you

to stay longer...



'cause she wants us

to house-sit for you guys.



Yeah, thank you.

I was going to ask her

when she was drunk.



- Actually, that's a great idea.

- Yeah?

- Yes!



Come on, Kip.

Let's get out of here

before Sara changes Lars' mind.



- I said something wrong?

- No, it's--



I've just got

a very detailed schedule...



and my patients

are important too.



- I don't like changing

the dates at the last minute.

- Excuse me. I'm sorry.



But I really need you to approve

these T-shirt designs forAustralia.



- Oh, no problem.

- You don't mind, do you?



- Can we do this later?

- Yeah.



She don't mind.



That's chamomile

for you ladies.



- Nice and hot. Very good.

- Thanks.



Sara, it was a movie poster.

It's no big deal.



It's peculiar though, right?

Don't you think?



Look, I thought you were through

with all this New Age bullshit...



like horoscopes and feng shui

and all the crap.



Eve, for someone

who owns a New Age store,

you are alarmingly earthbound.



Oh, yeah? And for

a shrink-in-training,

you are a little bit crazy.



- I'll tell you that much.

-[Woman] Excuse me.



- Do you carry the Casanova candle?

- As a matter of fact, we do.



Check on the shelf across

from the Caligula incense.



And they're on sale,

so today's your lucky day.



Great. You see,

that is what happens...



when people get hooked

on the New Age life.



They end up sitting at home

burning candles for Mr. Right...



when Mr. Good Enough For Right Now

is waiting at the corner bar.



- [ Giggling ]

- Hi. Oh, yeah.

She's a pain in the ass.



- And I gotta find her.

- I've been here three years,

so this is--



Yeah, I understand.

But your computer system

has been here for a long time.



- I think-- I think you're

just wasting my time, sir.

- No, no.



- Here's the thing.

- There's nothing I can do.



- It's very crucial.

- You cannot be over here.

You cannot come over...



- to this side of the counter.

- All right.



- Please don't cross this line.

Thank you.

- All I really need...



is if you can enter this

account number in the computer...



- and just tell me her name.

- Oh, I see.



When you put it

that way, no.



- Would    bucks help?

- It might if I was

a health inspector.



- Listen, this is really important.

- Oh, boy, did it again.



Crossed the line. You have to remain

on the other side of the register.



I don't wanna say it again.

Remain on that side. Thank you.



Let's bottom-line this, huh?

What's it gonna take?

I have to have the name.



Well, I was a little short

on myweekly sales draw.



- Were you?

- I'm just mentioning.



Okay. Um, I'm going

to, uh-- [ Muttering ]



- Uh-uh.

- Look where my feet are.






- Lovely choice, sir.

- Thank you.



Account number

was       --



I thought you said you were gonna

help with my weekly draw.



The tie's worth $  .

We're still     short.



- $   ? That's extortion.

-    .



That's good

salesmanship, sir.



What do I need?



Ring it up.



- Well, we have a purple tie.

What would go with a purple tie?

- Mm-hmm.



I look like a magician.



All right,

you horrible little man.



I bought the entire spring line.

Okay, you happy?



- Now, look her up.

- I already did.



It was a dead account.

There's no information

in our computers.



- You give me that?

- Hey, chase me.



- Chase you? What? Are you insane?

- Don't cross the line!



- You crossed the line!

- Stop saying that

or I will cut you!



Now, you better find a way

to help me right now!



- I can suggest another option.

- Suggest it fast.



When our customers

apply for a credit card,



the hard copies go to our

storage facility in Queens.



All you need is the account number,

which you already have,



and you can find

her application.



However, you need

an employee to get you in.



You need an employee...



to get you in.












A natural.



- Yeah?

- Yeah. Really natural.



- No, no, no. Cut, cut, cut.

- What's the problem?



The problem is you can't fend

off an army of blood thirsty

Vikings with a shehnai.



- It's illogical.

- No, see-- No, no.



You're lulling them

into submission with the music.



That's the whole point

of the song, really.

"Mystic Surrender."



You don't think he looks

like he hates the music?



No. Hey.



Hey, baby.



- Now, this guy, he's-he's like

Alec Guinness. So good.

- Yeah.



Star Wars.




All right, right here,

what are they doing?

What's their attitude?



- Whatare they thinking?

Whoare thesepeople?

- They're in awe and speechless.



And they're just grateful.

Underfed. Underpaid.



Why don't they ask me to stay

in the village and have a feast?



Yeah. Sara, hey.



- Can we talk for a sec?

- Sure.



Okay, yeah, I'm going

to split, guys.



Lars, I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna talk to the director...



and I'm gonna have him

tweak that whole section.



- It'll be fine. It'll be fine.

- Tell him about the feast.



- What's going on?

- I lost my keys yesterday.



- Oh, that's a drag.

- And I've just

found them in the freezer.



I don't get it.

Is that a joke?



No, Lars,

it's not a joke.



I feel like

I'm losing my mind.



It's the wedding plans

and the tour and my patients.



It's just a bit

too much to deal with.



Okay, Sara, look. We're leaving

for Toronto in the morning,



- so don't fall apart on me now.

- I know, I know, I know.



And that's why I think

I need a little break.



What do you mean,

a little break?



No, not that kind

of little break.



I just mean a weekend away

to recharge my batteries

and clear my head.



Hey, this has nothing

to do with the other night.



I just need this.

I need it for me.



But I won't go

unless you say it's okay.



- It's okay.

- Thank you.



Okay. Where are you going?

Where are you going?



Oh, I don't know.

New York, maybe.



- Happy birthday.

- Oh, my God.



Are you serious?

Get out of town.



Yeah, that's the idea.



- Thanks. Talk to you soon.

- Okay.



This is unbelievable.



Sara, really, this is

way too generous of you.



Oh, come on.

Can't a girl do something nice

for her friend on her birthday?



There's no ulterior motives?



Well, yeah.



I'm getting married in a week

and I'd just like to have

one last fling...



with my best friend

before I walk down the aisle.



- It's so sweet. But, you know,

you're really not my type.

- Oh, thanks.



- We're going to New York?

- Yeah. Yea!



 I want you

to get together 



 I want you

to get together 



I want you

to get together



 Put your hands together

one time 



 I want you

to get together 



 I want you

to get together 



Hey! Excuse me.



- Why so tense?

- Because you're

freaking me out, all right?



- Is there another space

you can be in?

- Oh. Excusez-moi.



- Uh-huh.

- And what is it you do?



Why, my sales clerk friend,

I happen to write for

a little publication.



Maybe you've heard of it.

It's called the New York Times.



- Oh.

- Yeah.

-[Phone Ringing]






Hello. Who?



Dean? And who may

I say is calling?



Huh? Hang on.

Your editor.



Hi. No.



Didn't get a chance

to write that one. Uh--



Didn't write

that one either.



Uh, with all due respect, sir,

they'll all still be dead tomorrow.



Okay. Thank you.




- You write for the obituaries.

- Absolutely. Yeah.



- You must be very proud.

- Uh-huh. I'm the one

with the last word.



- Not tonight. I don't think so.

- Yes, I am. Absolutely.



- Fat chance. Last line.

- Still talking. Yeah, right here.






I don't know. I don't know.

My eyes are killing me.



- Tell me these numbers match.

- I'll tell you.



- Let me see.

- Don't do that.



- Ah-ah!

- Is it     ?







- You got it?

- I think you found her.



Too bad the last name's

completely smudged out, though.



Well, it's his fault.

It was his thumb.



When he grabbed it, his thumb

went right across the name.



Completely. I'm kidding.

It was smudged in my hand.



- Would you stop it?

- It's just a little joke.

That's carbon paper for you.



I guess that's why

America rejected it.



- What's that address?

Is that her address?

- That's seven years ago, man.



So go to the building

leasing office...



and you'll find out

who lived there seven years ago.



It ain't rocket science.



Thank you.



- Hi.

- Hey.



- Where to?

- Yeah, where are we going?



- Uh, okay, take us...

anywhere in New York.

- Excuse me?



Anywhere. Wherever

you feel like going.



- That's not a destination, lady.

- Wait. You didn't make reservations?



- Um, okay, Eve, please

don't get mad at me.

- What?



Oh, no.

I cannot believe this.



I need

a borough here, ladies.



I was gonna tell you

when we got on the plane.



You know what?

That's really sneaky of you, Sara.



- I'm not a bloody psychic.

- Eve, wait!






- Eve. Eve!

- You tricked me.



I knew you wouldn't come

if I told you the truth.

I needed my best friend with me.



What are you doing, Sara?



Honestly, Sara, I don't

understand you anymore, okay?



Please, tell me something.



Tell me anything that makes

just a little bit of sense.



I've just spent

the entire flight...



staring into the sky,




Not about my fiance,

but about this mystery guy...



I met a million

and a half hours ago.



A guy I don't even remember,

except for this...



vague picture I have

inside my head.



It was just a few seconds.

A fragment, really.



And it was like...



in that moment,



the whole universe existed

just to bring us together.



That's why I'm here.



That's why I'm gonna let fate

take me wherever it wants to go.



Because when all this is over,

at least I'm never gonna have

to think of him ever again.



Let's just pray

he's a bald fascist...



who picks his nose

and wipes it under the car seat.



- Hi.

- Hi.



Could you hold on?



Where are you going?



You better be buying me one

frigging big birthday cake,

that's all I gotta say.



Could I get your

destination, please?



- The Waldorf, I guess.

- Finally she gets it.



Okay, we are going...

that way.



And I'm gonna follow.



You can do it yourself. Just open up

the computer and look into it.



- I'm not even sure that I can

give you this information.

- If you can't, why can't you?



Because I'm just a temp, okay?

I don't know the rules.



Couple of months out of college,

you're acting like you're

part of the establishment.



No, no, no, no, no--

What about privacy law, huh?



Forget about privacy laws.

You know what privacy laws do?



- No.

- They protect millionaires.

Do you know who those are?



- Who?

- Tell him who they are.



- Tell him.

- Kids your age.



Pimple-faced college dropouts who

have made unhealthy sums of money...



forming Internet companies

that create no concrete products,



provide no viable services and still

manage to generate profits...



for all of its lazy, day-trading,

son-of-a-bitch shareholders.



Meanwhile, as a tortured member

of the disenfranchised proletariat,



you find some altruistic need

to protect these digital

plantation owners?



Wow. Come on.



Come on.



- You guys want the tenant

on record in     ?

- December, to be exact.



- There's your tenant.

- Sebastian Mig-non?



No. Mignon.

It's French.



No, we're looking

for someone named Sara.

You got the right one?



- Maybe he was her boyfriend.

- Thanks.



- You did the right thing.

Really, you did.

- Goodwork, pal.



You got it.




You got it?

There you go.



- Thank you so much, Sally.

You gotta love her.

- Where is he?



- Brooklyn.

- Okay, let's, uh--

let's grab a subway.



Wait a minute. Wait. Aren't you

forgetting about something?



- What?

- Wedding rehearsal.

Bachelor party.



- Plenty of time.

Plenty of time. Come on.

- You sure?



- Yes. Gotta go to Brooklyn.

Come on.

- [ Barks ]



[ Gasps ]




Oh, my God!



Ooh! Prada!



Ooh, I love this stuff.



- That's $  .

- Twenty bucks?



Eve, that's

a horrific knockoff.



At least my fake says "Prada."

Yours says "Prado."



Yeah? Well,

I say for a dollar,



I can buy a little

Magic Marker and fix that.



I'll take it.

Twenty bucks?



Right back here.

Here you go.



Two buckets of balls for the price

of one at the Chelsea Piers today.



- So where are we going to now?

- I don't know.



- Lady, lady, you're a golfer?

- I feel like I feel something.



- Two for the price of one.

- Right where I'm standing.

Hey! Who are you?



Can you believe that?

Two bucket of-- Whoa!



- Will you help me up, ma'am?

Yeah, yeah, help me up.

- Oh, my God.



- Are you okay?

- Is the ball okay?



- Yeah, the back of the head.

Is that all right?

- Oh, my. Goodness gracious.



- I'm all right.

Can you get the flyers?

- Here you go.



- Taxi!

- Sara!



They should

make pills for this.



He's gotta be here.



He's got to be here.

I can feel it.



- Excuse me. Miss?

- Yeah?



- You're blocking my shot.

- Oh.



Oh. Sorry.



This is Nick Roberts,

ESPN News, New York City.



- Oh!

-[Eve] Do you know

who plays golf?.



Guys who are too fat

to play tennis.



Like that guy.



[Man  ]

Well, this is a special occasion.



After all, how many times in your

life is your son gonna get married?



[Man  ]

Well said.



- You wanna know

why I love this game?

- No. Why?



I'll tell ya.



You can take years off from playing

and still come back strong.



Well, me, I haven't played

in over five years.



You're kidding.



- Ow!

- Ooh!



- Are you all right?

- I'm okay.

- Sorry up there.



- Eve, look out!

- Go.



- Oh!

- Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

I'm, so sorr-- Are you okay?



[ Sara ] Please say something.

Say something.



[ Eve ]

I think I swallowed a filling.



Thank you for letting us in.

Now, Mr. Mignon,



we have an odd and some what

personal question to ask you.






Mr. Mignon.



Mignon. Like the meat.



Mr. Mignon, a few years ago,

did you live with a girl,

first name Sara?



Attractive, dark hair,

kind of, like, mysterious,

you know, really amazing...



- girl.

- Oui.



- Do you know where we can

locate this individual?

- No, I do not.



- Do you remember her last name?

- No.



Oh, come on. You don't

even remember the last name

of your ex-girlfriend?



- I find that hard to believe.

- You don't understand anything.



She was not my girlfriend.

She was just, uh, a roommate.



She stayed with me

for a very short period of time.



- She was placed with me by--

- A roommate finder's service?



Oui. She stayed with me with

her boyfriend for a few months--



- I don't care about him.

- And then he moved out

very quickly.



And at the end of the year,

she moved out too.



Yeah, but did she

leave anything behind,



maybe with her last name on it,

like a receipt, a bill?



- Like a piece of luggage?

- No. No, no.



Anything would help,

really. Anything.



I remember she sat on me.



She-- She sat on you?



Yes. She sat on me

for a while.



I found her...






I guess that is why I started

painting her in the first place.



Oh. She sat for you.

I'm sorry.



That is what I said.



- That's what he said.

- That's what I said.






Do you happen

to have the painting?



Hey, now you're gonna see

what it's all about.

You know, you see her face.



Okay. Yeah.



This is her, yes?



Yeah, sure.

Around the eyes a little.



I mean, I'm definitely getting

the British thing, you know,

with the crown and the scepter.



- Do you have a name for

the roommate finder's service?

- They would have the information.



No, I do not.



But if it helps, I do remember

where the service was located.



- Absolutely!

- Yes! Where? Where?



- Manhattan.

- Where in Manhattan, Mr. Mignon?



On   thStreet.



- East side or west side?

- It was just next to that--



on the left of that

splendid little patisserie,









Get-- Get ready.



Happy birthday.

It's on the house.



Thank you.






Oh, I'm a god-awful friend.



- No, you will be if you sing.

- [ Laughs ]



Eve, thanks so much

for coming with me.



You're welcome.



Sara, you know,

it's a wonderful thought.



The idea that all of life,

that every single event

is part of some master plan...



designed to lead us

to our universal soul mate.



But if that's really true,

then what's the point of living?



Or making decisions?

Hell, why should we even

get out of bed in the morning?



For the cake?



No. Not for cake.



So that you make mistakes.



Mistakes like this trip.



And if you're smart enough,

you learn from your mistakes.



You figure it out.

You-You think.



You realize that life

isn't some elaborate stage play

with directions for the actors.



Life's a mess, Sara.




chaos personified.



I have to give it

all up now, don't I?



Sara, you have a fiance who,



despite his weird

Eastern music,



which we hope is

just a phase, let's hope,



loves you

very, very, very much.



It's not giving up.

It's growing up.



[ Sighs ]



Let's get out of here.






- Here's one.

- Ooh, catch it.



- It's a bridal shop.

- Oh, my God. The irony.



- Wait right here.

I'll be right back. Stay here.

- Why?



- Time, please?

- Uh, about  :  .



Right. Right.



They moved downtown. If we get lucky

with traffic, we can still hit it.



- What time is rehearsal?

- Can't do it.



- Taxi!

- It's over, man.






- What are you talking about?

- How can I ignore that?

"Bless the goddamn bride"?



- What?

- It can't get

any more clearer than this.



I'm not supposed to be doing this.

It's not in the cards.



Hey, it's another

one of your clues, man.

Let's talk about it in the cab...



- on the way over.

- It's not a clue. It's a sign.



- What's the difference?

- A clue is what a detective

uses to find a suspect.



The receipt, the warehouse,

that French guy-- those

are clues. This is a sign.



Me never finding the book,

that's a sign.



Sara never finding the $ .   bill,

that's a sign.



How could something

not happening be a sign?



Maybe the absence

of signs is a sign.



Isn't it?



That's lucid.



Look, I don't know, man.

Maybe there is no fate.



And if there is,

it's not working for me.



You know, it's not actually supposed

to end this way, by the way.



We're supposed to pull the curtain

and see the wizard, all right?



- Get to the end of the river.

- This is the end of the river.

My wedding rehearsal...



starts in less

than an hour.



- My bride is waiting for me.

- Let me ask you something here.



If Sara were here right now,

poof, came down, what would

she tell you to do?



She would tell me to run,

not walk to the Waldorf...



because all the signs

point to me getting married.



Look. Wedding dress.

Lots of white.



- I hate to state the obvious--

- State it.



If you don't do this,

you may never find out who Sara is.



Maybe I was never

supposed to.



Maybe all this

is just a maze...



designed to lead me directly

back to where I started.



Which is getting married.



They should make pills

for this.



- Halley?

- Oh, my God. Eve!



What a crazy coincidence!

How are you?



- Good.

- Oh, my God.

Sara, can you believe...



that I was Halley's R.A.

in college?



Isn't that funny?

Oh, I'm sorry. This is Sara.



- Hi. Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.



Oh, my gosh. What's it been,

like eight or nine years?



Eve was, uh--

I went to B.U. with Eve.



- Well, isn't that wonderful?

- Yeah. How about that?



So what are you doing here?



- I'm getting married tomorrow.

- You are? Congratulations.



- Congratulations.

- Wow!



- Thanks.

- In this hotel?



Yeah, at noon.

We're going to rehearsal.

Why don't you come watch?



- Why don't you go?

- Okay, sure. I would love

to come and watch.



And you can bring your...

partner if you want.



- Oh!

- Oh! No, no.



I have to go upstairs

and call my fiance-- who's a man.



Oh! You must be

very proud.



- Okay, so have a good one.

I'll see you later.

- Okay, good.




my sweet lesbian lady lover.



I'm just kidding.

It's just a joke between us.






What are you doing?



- How did you know where I was?

- Intuition.






No. I went through

the New York Hotel Guide.



Alphabetically, in reverse.

I started with "Z."



Sara, I missed you so much.



I'm sorry. I don't blame you

for running away.



I was so... focused

on the album, the video.



l, Jonathan, take you, Halley,

to be my wife,



and I promise to love

and sustain you...



in the bond of marriage

from this day forward.



[Dialogue Fades Out]



And obviously, Jonathan,

you'll be looking at Halley.



- [Laughter]

- And that's when the actual

ceremony will conclude.



- Excuse me. I need

some help over here.

- What?



And then--

then you're married.



Hal, who's that girl

over there?



- Oh, that's my old friend Eve.

- Oh.




Okay, everyone, that's a wrap.



And now make sure to

be here tomorrow morning

at  :   sharp for pictures.



I hate to break up a good thing,

but we have some strippers

waiting for us. We're late.



- You mean "exotic dancers."

- No, no. I mean "strippers."



- The women who take off everything.

- I'll see you men at  :  .



But remember, I promised Judy

I'd be home by   :  .



Fantastic. It gives you

an hour to get crazy.



Let's get into it.



Before you take Jon and Dad off

to your male-bonding ritual,

I need to talk to him.



Okay. Beautiful bride.

I'll be in the cab.



- Hi.

- I want you to meet Jon.



- Hi. It's so nice to meet you.

- I would love

for you to come tomorrow.



- We'd feel terrible if you didn't.

- Really?



- Yeah.

- That's so sweet.

It's tomorrow at noon?



Yeah, and you can bring

your friend if you want.



- Okay. I'll be there.

- Be there.



Thank you.

That's so nice.



- See you tomorrow.

- Nice to meet you. Bye. See you.



- Halley, what is it?

What's wrong?

- It's you.



- What do you mean, it's me?

What did I do?

- Nothing, exactly.



It's just this feeling

I have, like--



like you've been somewhere else

for the past few days.



- That's not true.

- Don't lie to me, Jonathan.



I've dreamed about this

my entire life, and-and...



I've imagined the dress

and the flowers...



and even the music

the band was gonna play.



And everything is exactly the way

I want it, except for my fiance,



who's just decided to float off

to Never-Never Land.



Look, maybe I've been a little bit

out of it the past week,



but it's just normal,

you know, guy stuff.



- It's a little cold feet.

Doesn't mean I don't love you.

- Well, call me crazy,



but I'd like

my fiance's feet to be warm,



especially when we're hours

from going down the aisle.



I'm sorry, Hal.

Really, I am.



Whatever it is that

you're holding on to,



please just let it go.






I think it already

let go of me, okay?






- What's this?

- What do you think?



It's the traditional

groom's gift.



- I got yours,

and I forgot to bring it.

- I know. It's okay.



Open it.



It's a first edition.



It's just that every time

we go into a bookstore,

you're always flipping through it.



And I checked this week.

You don't even have a copy.



What's wrong?

Don't you like it?



It's perfect.



It's an excellent choice.



 When you know 



 That you know 



 Who you love 



 You can't deny it 



What's going on?

Are you all right?



Her name's Sara Thomas.






How did--



Halley gave it to me

as a wedding gift.



 Never let him go 



 'Cause you know 



 And you know

that you know 






It's Dean from obits.




I need an address for a Sara Thomas.

S-A-R-A T-H-O-M-A-S.



Uh, I got

an old phone number.



Yeah, we'll hold.



[Lars] Hang on.

Sir, can you pull this thing over?



I can't hear a thing.



Honey, just one second.

Okay, go. What?






We have to cancel

Dusseldorf. Why?



We have to cancel Stockholm?



 You can feel

love's around you 



 Like the sky

round the moon 



 This is how

love has found you 



 Now you know

what to do 



 When you know 



Oh. Look at those stars.



They all have names,

you know.



I don't know

what that is.



It's Cassiopeia.



The... stars in the sky.



It's Cassiopeia.



You realize with the time delay,

if our return flight takes off

more than ten minutes late,



I miss my own wedding, okay?



- Does that bother you

in the slightest?

- You are a jackass.



- Well, thank you.

- You are. You--



Y-Y-You're my hero,

you know?



You're like my oracle

and shit, you know?



You're out there, man,

and you're making it happen.



Courtney moved out.



- What?

- Yeah. It's-- Look, man.



We'd been fighting

for a really long time.



Why didn't you tell me?



We didn't want to ruin

your wedding, man.



- Didn't want to rain

on your parade, man.

- What the hell happened?



We just--



We let it slip away,

you know?



That's the point. It--

You know, it died.



- We died.

- What was the cause of death?



Not enough of all of this,

of this, of this.



And not enough,

you know? Do you--



Do you remember

the philosopher Epictetus?

You remember what he said?



He said, "If you want to

improve, be content to be

thought foolish and stupid."



That's what you've done.



- I work hard at it.

- Now I want to be a jackass.



You know?

You're the shit!



That would be me, the shit.




Yeah. He's the shit. Okay.



 [Soft Rock]



You know what, old buddy?

On second thought,

maybe you should call first.



- What are you talking about?

- Give her a ring.

It's more polite that way.



Calling her gives her

a chance to clean up.



I don't care how clean

her house is!



- She might.

- What are you talking about?



- You told me to go!

You said I was your hero!

- I forbid you to look.



- You can't look!

- Why are you hanging on?



- I don't want you to get hurt.

Don't get hurt!

- You're hurting me!



I think that went very well.



Didn't-- Didn't she say that

everything happens for a reason?



- Yeah, she did.

- Well, maybe we're

laying here because--



Because why?



Because you don't want to

be standing somewhere else.



I see. Yeah.

We're crawling. We're crawling.



Ladies and gentlemen,

this is the captain speaking.



I'm sorry to report that we're gonna

be on the ground a little longer...



due to some bad weather

heading this way.



The air traffic controller

has put us on hold,



so in the mean time,

I've asked the cabin attendants

to start the movie.



- Hey, you getting ready?

- Yeah.



You know me.

I love a good wedding.



- So have you talked to Lars?

- Yeah.



We spoke this morning

before he left.



I think he's gonna be okay.

At least I hope so.



Of course he's gonna be okay,

and you're gonna be okay too.






Oh, you know what?

There's a lady glaring at me.



I don't think I'm supposed

to be on the phone.

Can I call you when I get home?



Have a safe flight, okay?



- Lots of love. Bye.

- Headsets?



- Yes, I will.

- $ .   please.



What the hell is this?



Something the matter?



Yes. I think I've mixed up

my wallet with my friend's.



Yes, I have.

See? Prado.



Oh. Well, is there

any money in it?



I'll have a look.



Yes, there is.

Thank you.



Two ones... and a five.



- Thank you very much, sir.

- Thank you.



- Uh, sorry. Excuse me.

- That's this gentleman's change.



- Jonathan. Jonathan.

- Excuse me. I just--



Sorry. You know what?

I'm going to--



Thank you. Excuse me.

Sorry. Whoo! I'm sorry!



Hi. Yeah.

It's in New York City.



I need the address

of a Jonathan Trager.



Yeah. T-R-A-G-E-R.



   Charles Street?

Thank you.



   Charles Street.



Hi. I'm looking

for a Jonathan Trager.

Is this his building?



- You must be late.

- Late for what?



The wedding.




- He's getting married?

- Might be already.



- Wait! Hey, wait! Wait!

Excuse me!

- [ Tires Screech ]



Sorry. Can you take me

to the Waldorf-Astoria

as fast as you can go, please?



Can you see what it is?



Oh! Sorry. Sorry!



Oh. Oh, please, God, no.



- Stop!

- Stop?



Is it over?



- The wedding?

- Yeah.



Oh, yeah.

It's over, all right.



Butdon't worry.



You'll get

your present back.



- Excuse me?

- They always return thepresents.



You asked

if it was over.



The truth is,

it never even began.



- What?

- Yeah. He called the whole

thing off this morning.



He called it off?



That's terrible.



Were you a friend

of the bride?



Or the groom?



[Bell Tolling]



- What's up with this weather?

- What happened to spring?



- So, what kind of

pep talk do you want?

- What do you got?



Well, I've got the inspirational

"You can achieve anything

you dream about."



It's very popular,

but not appropriate for this.



Of course, there's the "Don't worry,

there's more fish in the sea" pap.



- No.

- Uh, we can always

fall back on the classic...



"When God shuts a door,

he opens a window."



How about telling me

I did the right thing?



I don't have to tell you.



I wrote it.



- What's this?

- It's your obituary.



- Nice.

- Turns out I had writer's block...



penning your best man speech,

and that's what ended up coming out.



Blame it on the day job.



- Twenty, right?

- Thanks.



- You going to see Courtney?

- Absolutely.



I needed this.



You know, the Greeks

didn't write obituaries.



They only asked one question

after a man died:



"Did he have passion?"



How do I look?



Like a jackass.



- Good luck, man.

- Thank you.




Jonathan Trager,



prominent televisionproducer

for ESPN,



died last night from

complications of losing

his soulmate and his fiance.



He was    years old

and soft-spoken and obsessive.



Trager never looked the part

of a hopeless romantic.



But in the final days

of his life,



he revealed

an unknown side of his psyche.



This hidden

quasi-Jungian persona...



surfaced during

the Agatha Christie-like pursuit

for his long-reputed soulmate,



a woman whom he only spent

a few precious hours with.



Sadly, the protracted search

ended late Saturday night...



in complete and utter failure.



Yet even in certain defeat,



the courageous Trager

secretly clung to the belief...



that life is not merely

a series of meaningless

accidents or coincidences.



Uh-uh. But rather

it's a tapestry of events...



that culminate in

an exquisite, sublime plan.



Asked about the loss

of his dear friend, Dean Kansky,



the Pulitzer Prize-winning

author and executive editor

of the New York Times,



described Jonathan as a changed man

in the last days of his life.



"Things were clearer for him, "

Kansky noted.



Ultimately, Jonathan concluded

that if weare to live life

in harmony with the universe,



we must all possess a powerful

faith in what the ancients

used to call "fatum,"



- what we currently

refer to as destiny.

- Destiny.



- So what are you gonna do?

- I don't know.



I guess I'm just gonna

try and find him or something.



I don't think you should do that.

I really don't.



- Well, what do you think

I should do?

- Just be here.



- I feel it.

I feel it in the air.

- Eve, what's happened to you?



You've become your own

worst nightmare right there.






And please put a jacket on.

It's freezing out here.



[Bell Tolling]



 I never felt magic

crazy as this 



 I never saw moons

knew the meaning of the sea 



 I never held emotion

in the palm of my hand 



 Or felt sweet breezes

in the top of a tree 



 But now you're here 



 Brighten my northern sky 



I'm Jon.



I'm Sara.



 I've been a long time

that I'm waiting 



 I've been a long time

that I'm blown 



 I've been a long time

that I've wandered 



 Through the people

I have known 



 Oh, if you would

and you could 



 Straighten my new mind's eye 



 Would you love me

for my money 



 Or would you love me

for my head 



- Happy anniversary.

- When did you get to be

so unabashedly romantic?



I think it's good luck we return

each year to the scene of the crime.



- Cheers.

- Cheers.



Oh, I don't think so!

No beverages on the premises!



- I'm gonna have

to ask you to leave.

- Hey, how you doing?



- Don't you remember me?

This is the girl.

- Yes, I do.



- Miss Carbon Copy? I see.

- Yes.



- This is the guy who helped me--

- If you're not gonna

purchase anything,



please make room

for paying customers.



- We do. We want some gloves.

Black cashmere gloves.

-[Bell Ringing]



Oh, I'm sorry.

That'll be the closing bell.



Perhaps tomorrow.

Store hours   :   to  :  

except Sundays and holidays...



Perhaps tomorrow.

Store hours   :   to  :  

except Sundays and holidays...



- He warms up.

- at the discretion

of the management...



or the possible exception

of visiting dignitaries.



Oh, no, no, no! Please!

On the other side of the counter.



You cannot come back here. This is

for authorized personnel only.



Please remain on

the other side of the counter.



Thank you very much.



 Yeah, from Coney Island

to the Sunset Strip 



 Somebody's gonna make

a happy trip 






 While the moon is bright 



 He's gonna have

a bag of crazy toys 



 To give to

the girls and boys 



 So dig 



 Santa comes on big 



 Come a-callin'

when it snows the most 



 Cats are sleepin'

warm as toast 



 And you're gonna flip

when old Saint Nick 



 Lays a lick

on the peppermint stick 



 He'll come a-flyin'

from a higher place 



 Fill the stockings

by the fireplace 



 So you'll 



 Have a yule that's cool 



 Have a yule that's cool 



Yeah, a cool yule!






 The sky has lost its color 



 The sun has turned to gray 



 At least that's how

it feels to me 



 Whenever you're away 



 I crawl up in a corner 



 To watch the minutes pass 



 I can't take the miles 



 I can't take the time

till I next see you smile 



 I can't take the distance 



 And I'm not ashamed 



 That with every breath

I take 



 I'm callin' your name 



 But I can't take

the distance 



 And I'm not ashamed 



 That with every breath

I take 



 I'm calling your name 



 I can't take the distance 



 As long as you're away 



 Gonna find solace 



 The distance 



 Gonna find solace 



 I can't take the distance






 This year

is gonna be incredible 



 This year

is gonna be the one 



 All the planets

are linin' up for me 



 This year

I'm gonna have fun 



 This year

I'll paint my masterpiece 



 This year

I'll be recognized 



 I can feel

I'll fallin love for real 



 This year, this year 




I'll learn to fly 




love's gonna find me 



 March, April, May 



 I'll get carried away 



 Oh, oh 



 This year

is gonna be incredible 



 This year

is gonna be the one 



 All the planets

are lining up for me 



 This year

I'm gonna have fun 



 I'm gonna have fun 



 Just watch me this year 



 This year 



 This year 


Special help by SergeiK