Serenity Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Serenity script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Joss Whedon movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Serenity. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Serenity Script


could no longer sustain
our numbers, we were so many.

We found a new solar system:

Dozens of planets
and hundreds of moons.

Each one terraformed,
a process taking decades...

to support human life.
To be new Earths.

The central planets
formed the Alliance.

Ruled by an interplanetary

the Alliance was
a beacon of civilization.

The savage outer planets
were not so enlightened...

and refused Alliance control.

The war was devastating.

But the Alliance's victory
over the Independents...

ensured a safer universe.

And now, everyone
can enjoy the comfort...

and enlightenment
of true civilization.

Why were the Independents
even fighting us?

Why wouldn't they look
to be more civilized?

I hear they're cannibals.
That's only Reavers.

Reavers aren't real.
Full well they are.

I heard they attack settlers
from space...

and kill them,
and wear their skins...

and rape them
for hours and hours...

[speaking Chinese]

[Birds chirping]

It's true
that there are dangers
on the outer planets.

So with so many social
and medical advancements...

we can bring
to the Independents...

why would they fight
so hard against us?

We meddle.


People don't like
to be meddled with.

We tell them what to do,
what to think.

Don't run, don't walk.

We're in their homes
and in their heads
and we haven't the right.

We're meddlesome.

River, we're not telling
people what to think...

we're just trying
to show them how.


(Dr. Mathias)
She's dreaming. Got that?
Off the charts.

Scary monsters.

Let's amp it up.
Delcium, eight drop.


See, most of our best work
is done when they're asleep.

We can monitor and direct
their subconscious...

implant suggestions.

It's a little startling
to see at first,
but results are spectacular.

Especially in this case.
River Tam is our star pupil.

I've heard that.

She'll be ideal
for defense deployment...

even with the side effects.

Tell me about them.

Well, obviously,
she's unstable.

The neural stripping
does tend to fragment...

their own reality matrix.

It manifests as borderline...
What use do we have...

for a psychic
if she's insane?

(Dr. Mathias)
She's not just a psychic.

Given the right trigger,
this girl is a living weapon.

She has her lucid periods.
We're hoping
to improve upon the...

I'm sorry, sir,
but I have to ask.

Is there a reason
for this inspection?

Am I making you nervous?

Key members of Parliament
have personally
observed this subject.

I was told that
the Alliance's support...

for the project
was unanimous.

The demonstration
of her power...
How is she physically?

Like nothing we've seen.

All our subjects
are conditioned for combat,
but River...

she's a creature
of extraordinary grace.


She always
did love to dance.

River, it's Simon.


Please, it's Simon.

It's your brother.


They know you've come.

[Machines beeping]

We can't make it
to the surface from inside.

Find out.


[Wind howling]

A subject is loose,
security breach. Shaft  .

(The Operative)

Backtrack. Stop.

Excuse me...

no one is allowed
in the records room...

without my express permission.

Forgive me, but I prefer
to see the event alone,


I need to see your clearance.
And you are right
to insist.


Parliamentary override.
Full access.


An operative of
the Parliament...

will, of course,
have full cooperation.

I'm not sure what...

I see no listing
of rank or name.
I have neither.

Like this facility,
I don't exist.

Let's talk about the Tams.

I assume you've
scanned the status logs...

River was your greatest
success. A prodigy.

A phenomenon.

Until her brother
walked in here
and took her from you.

It's not quite so simple.
I'm well aware of that.

There was no way
that I could...
No. No. Of course.

The boy spent
his entire fortune

the contacts
to infiltrate this place.

Gave up a brilliant future
in medicine as well.

It's madness.

Have you looked
at this scan carefully,

At his face?

It's love, in point of fact.

Something a good deal
more dangerous.

Why are you here?

Because the situation
is even less simple
than you think.

Do you know what your sin is,

I wonder if...
It's pride.

Key members of Parliament
have personally
observed this subject.

I was told that
the Alliance's support...

"Key members of Parliament."


The minds behind
every military...

and covert operation...

in the galaxy,
and you put them...

in a room with a psychic.

If there was some
classified information
that she...

She never spoke of it.
I don't know what it is.

Nor do I.

And judging by
her deteriorating
mental state...

I'd say we're both
better off.

Secrets are not my concern.

Keeping them is.

Whatever secrets
she might have
accidentally gleaned...

it's probable
she doesn't even
know she knows them.

That they're buried
beneath layers of psychosis.

You know, in certain
older civilized cultures...

when men failed as entirely...

as you have,
they would throw themselves...

on their swords.

Well, unfortunately,
I forgot to bring a sword.

I would put that down
right now, if I were you.

Would you be killed
in your sleep
like an ailing pet?




(The Operative)
Young miss...

Young miss, I'll need
all the logs on behavioral
modification triggers.

We'll have to reach out
to River Tam...

and help her
to come back to us.

No matter how
far out Simon has...


This is a good death.


There's no shame in this...

in a man's death.
A man who has done fine works.

We're making a better world.

All of them...

better worlds.

Young miss,
I need you to go to work now.

I think I may have
a long way to travel.

Where are you hiding,
little girl?


[Alarm buzzing]

What was that?
Did you see that?

Was that the primary
buffer panel?

It did seem to resemble...
Did the primary
buffer panel...

just fall off my gorramn ship
for no apparent reason?

Looks like.

I thought Kaylee checked
the entry couplings.

I've a clear memory of it.
If she doesn't get us...

extra flow
from the engine room
to offset the burn-through...

this landing is gonna
get pretty interesting.

Define "interesting."
"Oh, God,
we're all gonna die?"

This is the captain.
We have a little problem...

with our entry sequence,
so we may experience some...

slight turbulence
and then explode.

Can you shave the vector?
I'm doing it!

It's not enough.
Just get us on the ground!

That part will happen
pretty definitely.

We're gonna explode?
I don't wanna explode.

Jayne, how many weapons
you plan on taking?

You only got two arms.
I just get excitable...

as to choice.
Like to have my options open.

I don't plan on any shooting
taking place during this job.

What you plan
and what takes place ain't
ever exactly been similar.

No grenades.

We crashing again?
Talk to your husband.

Mule prepped?
Good to go, sir.

Just loading her up.

Those grenades?

Yeah, Captain
doesn't want them.

Jayne, we're robbing
the place. We're not
occupying it.



Kaylee, what in the sphincter
of hell are you playing at?

We got the primary
buffer panel coming right...

Everything's shiny, Captain.
Not to fret.

You told me
those entry couplings
would hold for another week!

That was six months ago,
My ship don't crash.

If she crashes,
you crashed her.


Guess who needs
to get innocked
before we hit planet-side.

Bit of a rockety ride.

Nothing to be worried about.
I'm not worried.

Fear is nothing to
be ashamed of, Doctor.

This isn't fear.
This is anger.

Well, kind of hard to tell
one from the other,
face like yours.

Well, I imagine
if it were fear,
my eyes would be wider.

I'll keep a lookout
for that next time.

You're not taking her.

No, no, this is not
a thing I'm interested
in talking over with...

She's not going with you,
and that's final.

I hear the words
"that's final" come
out your mouth ever again...

they truly will be.

This boat is my home.
You all are guests on it.


Now, I earned my passage,
And it's time...

your little sister learned
from your example.

I have earned my passage...

treating bullet holes,
knife wounds, laser burns.

Some jobs are more
interesting than others.

And you want to put my sister
in the middle of that.

Didn't say "want."
Said "will."

It's one job, Doc.
She'll be fine.

She's a   -year-old girl.

A mentally
traumatized   ...
She's a reader.

Sees into the truth
of things.

Might see trouble
before it's coming.
Which is of use to me.

And that's your guiding star,
isn't it? What's of use.

Honestly, Doctor,
I think we may really
crash this time anyway.

Do you understand
what I have gone through...

to keep River away
from the Alliance?

I do, and it's a fact
we here have been courteous...

enough to keep
to our own selves.

Are you threatening to...
I look out for me and mine.

That don't include you
less I conjure it does.

You stuck a thorn
in the Alliance's paw.
That tickles me a bit.

But it also means
I got to step
twice as fast to avoid them...

and that means
turning down plenty of jobs.

Even honest ones.

Put this crew together with
the promise of work...

[metal clanking]
Which the Alliance makes
harder every year.

Come a day there
won't be room
for naughty men like us...

to slip about at all.

This job goes south,
there well may not be another.

So here is us,
on the raggedy edge.

Don't push me,
and I won't push you.

[Speaking Chinese]

Zoe, Wash gonna straighten
this boat out before
we get flattened?

Like a downy feather, sir.
No one flies like my mister.

[Engine grinding]

[Mal and Zoe chattering]


I know.
We're going for a ride.

[Engine revving]

[People chattering]

Hey, little one.

Understand your part
in all this?

Do you?

This is what I do, darling.

This is what I do.

Let's move, people.

Quit fiddling.
Want the boat running
smooth when we get back.

Have faith, Captain.
Not today.

Pair of clips
in the rear hatch.

We should hit town
right during Sunday worship.

Won't be any crowds.

If Fanty and Mingo
are right about the payroll...

this could look to be
a sunny day for us.

River, stay behind the others.

If there's fighting,
drop to the floor or run away.

It's okay
to leave them to die.

Doctor, I'm taking your sister
under my protection here.

If anything happens to her,
anything at all...

I swear to you
I will get very choked up.

There could be tears.

Don't mind
the Captain none, Simon.
I know he'll look out for her.

They'll be back
before you can spit.

Well, not that you spit.

What are we hoping
to find here...

that equals
the worth of a turd?

Security payroll. Alliance
don't have the manpower...

to "enforce the peace"
on every outer-rim planet.

They hire
out to the private firms,
who will not work for credit.

They get paid in cashy money,
which once a month rests here.

Don't that lead back to
the Alliance, anyhow?

No private firm
would ever report the theft
of their own payroll.

They'd appear weak,
might lose their contract.

Yeah, we're as ghosts in this.
Won't but rattle the floor.

Shiny. Let's be bad guys.

Hands and knees and heads
bowed down! Everybody, down!

[Woman screaming]


Looks like this is the place.

You all wanna
be looking very intently
at your own belly buttons.

I see a head start to rise,
violence is going to ensue.

Probably guessed we mean
to be thieving here...

but what we're after
is not yours.

So let's have
no undue fussing.

She's locked up.

[People murmuring]

Do you know what
the definition of a hero is?

Someone who gets
other people killed.

You can look it up later.

Big happy family.


At last.
We can retire and give up
this life of crime.

[Metal rattling]


You all are Browncoats, eh?
Fought for independence?

Petty thieving
ain't exactly soldiers' work.

War's long done.
We're all just folk now.
Listen up!

We are coming down
to empty that vault!

You have to give me
your authorization password!


I'm telling you I heard it.

Did sound somewhat
like gun blast. Maybe
you ought run tell Lawman.


What the hell is up?
You all right?

What's going on?


The leg is good. It'll bleed
plenty and we avoid
any necessary organs.

I was thinking
more of a graze.

No, you don't want it
to look like you gave up.

No, I get that.


Every heist, he's got
to start yelling my name.

Mal! Reavers!

The girl's pitching a fit.
They're here
or they're coming soon.

Get on the Mule.

Does that lock
from the inside?

Get everyone upstairs.
You get them down here
and you seal it.

As long as you got air
you don't open up,
you understand?

Get them inside the vault!

You see them?
Zoe, take the wheel!

Anybody see them?

Take me with you!

Get back in the vault with
the others.

I can't stay here! Please!
It's too many. Move ahead.



[Engine revving]

Faster! Faster!
Faster would be better!

How come
they ain't blowing us
out the air?

They wanna run us down.
The up-close kill.

They want us alive
when they eat us.

Boy, sure would be nice
if we had some grenades,
don't you think?

[Gun firing]

Wash, baby, can you hear me?
We're moments from air.

You got somebody
behind you?


Heat her up. We got Reavers.

We're not gonna
get to you in time.
Keep moving, honey.

We're coming to you.

Where's my clips?
Rear hatch.



[Jayne yelling]

I won't get ate!

You shoot me if they take me!
Well, don't shoot me first!


Get some distance on them.

You come to the flats,
I want you to swing round.

We're gonna try
a Barn Swallow.

Simon! Open her up!

They're closing on us!

Those rocks,
give them a taste.

Okay, baby,
we talked this through.

Talking ain't doing.

[Speaking Chinese]




I swallowed a bug.

Are you okay?
Is he okay?


We all here? What's going on?


No casualties.

Anybody following?
Nice flying, baby.

That's a negative.
Clean getaway.

Set course for Beaumonde.
First thing,
I want this body...


[Speaking Chinese]

You son of a whore.
I'm a hair's breadth...

from riddling
you with holes, Doctor.

One simple job!
She'll be fine!
She is fine!

Except for being still crazy,
she's a picture of health!

Wasn't for River,
we'd probably be left there.
She felt them coming.

Never again.
You understand me?

Seems I remember a talk about
you giving orders on my boat.

Well, we're off your boat.

Just as soon as River
gets her share of the bounty.

Let's not do anything hasty...
No, shiny!

We'll be on Beaumonde
in    hours' time...

you can pick up your earnings
and be on your merry.

Meantime, you do your job.

Patch up my crew.

He didn't lie down.

They never lie down.

No, I think things will glide
a deal smoother for us...

without River
and Simon on board...

but how long
do you think they'll last?

Doc made his call.


They's as babes in a basket
when we took them in.

We sheltered them plenty.

Man has to cut loose,
learn to stand on his own.

Like that man back in town?

I had to shoot him.

What Reavers would've done
before they killed him...

I know.
That was a piece of mercy.

But before that,
him begging us
to bring him along.

We couldn't take the weight.
Would've slowed us down.

You know that for certain?
Mule won't run with five.

I should've dumped the girl?
Or you? Or Jayne?

Oh, Jayne...

You could've
tossed the payload.
Tossed the...

Zoe, I got bits falling
off my ship, I got
a crew ain't been paid...

and, oh, yeah, a powerful need
to eat sometime this month.

We tell Fanty and Mingo
we skunked the job...

what do think
they'll do to us?

We're close to gone out here.

We get a job,
we got to make good.

Sir, I don't disagree
on any particular point.

It's just...

in the time of war,
we would've never
left a man stranded.

Maybe that's why we lost.

That was close.

I do not get it.

How's a guy get so wrong?

Cutting on his own face,
raping and murdering.

I'll kill a man
in a fair fight...

or if I think
he's gonna
start a fair fight...

or if he bothers me,
or if there's a woman...

or if I'm getting paid.
Mostly only when
I'm getting paid.

These Reavers,
the last    years...

they show up like
the boogeyman from stories.

Eating people alive?
Where does that get fun?

Shepherd Book said
they was men who just...

reached the edge of space,
saw a vasty nothingness...

and went
bibbledy over it.

Oh, hell.

I've been to the edge.

Just looked like more space.

I don't know.

It can get awful lonely
in the black.

Like to get addlepated
ourselves, we stay
on this boat much longer.

Captain will drive
us all off, one by one.

Just like Simon and River.

Just like Inara.

Kaylee, are you ever going
to put that capture down?

We got to have records
of everything, Inara.

A bona fide companion
entertained clients
on this very ship.

In this very bed.
Well, I can't do my work here.

And I don't think
the Captain approves.

The Captain
wants you to stay...

That man doesn't
know what he wants.
I don't have time to...

**[music playing]

[People chattering]

Don't talk to the barkers,
talk to the captains.

You look the captain
in the eye.
Know who you're dealing with.

I wish there was...

You shouldn't
ought to be so clean.

It's a dead giveaway
you don't belong,
you always got to be tidy.

Don't pay anybody in advance.

And don't ride in anything
with a Capissen    engine...

they fall right
out of the sky.


River, do you want
to stay with them?

It isn't safe.


I fear it isn't safe anymore.

For them.

[People clamoring]

(Man on TV)
... only survivors
of the massacre apparently...

Iocked themselves in
the train station vault.

this is a place of business.
We can talk about Simon when...

When he's
four worlds away?

Or the Alliance gets a hold
of him and River?

That ain't my worry.

I got to finish this job
and get us another one.

Can't do that
carrying those two.

How can you be so cold?

Captain didn't
make them fugitives.

But he could
have made them family.

Instead of keeping Simon
from seeing I was there.

When I carried such a torch,
when we could've...

We're going on a year now,
I ain't had nothing
twixt my nethers...

weren't run on batteries.

Oh, God! I can't know that!

I could stand
to hear a little more.

If you had a care
for anybody's heart...

You knew
he was gonna leave.

We never been
but a way station
to those two.

And how do you know
what he feels?

He's got River to worry on
but he still could've
shown you...

If I truly wanted
someone bad enough...

wouldn't be a thing
in the 'verse could stop
me from going to her.

Tell that to Inara.

Domestic troubles?

Domestic troubles?

'Cause we don't
wanna interrupt.

A man should keep
his house in order.

Fanty. Mingo.

He's Mingo.
He's Fanty.
You're Mingo.

How is it you always know?
Fanty's prettier.

Feel to do some business?


Quite a crew you've got.

Yeah, they're
a fine bunch of reubens.

How you keep them
on that crap boat,
is the subject...

of much musing
between me and Fanty.

We go on and on.
So I'm noticing.

Is there a problem
we don't know of?

You got a sweet take
kissing your foot.

How's about you take your   %%,
we can talk about
the next job?

Well, our end is   

My muscular buttocks it's   .
It is...

as of now.

Find anyone around
going cheaper...

Find anyone
around going near...

a sorry lot like you
in the first instance.

You're unpredictable, Mal.

You run
when you ought to fight.

Fight when you ought to deal.

Makes a businessperson
a little twitchy.

[People chattering]

**[music playing]

* Fruity bars,
make a man of a mouse *

* Fruity oaty bars, pow! *

* Make you bust
out of your blouse *

* Eat them now, bang! **

[voices chattering]



[People screaming]

Hey! A tussle!


[Alarm beeping]


Do you know that girl?

I really don't.

Gorrammit, girl, it's me!



[Speaking Chinese]



May I see her?

I believe you've got
some storytelling to do.

What in the hell happened
back there?

Start with the part
where Jayne gets knocked
out by a   -pound girl.

'Cause I don't think
that's ever getting old.

Do we know
if anyone was killed?
It's likely.

I know she meant to kill me
before the Doc put her out.

Which, how exactly
does that work anyhow?

It's a safe word.

The people who helped me
break River out...

had intel that River
and the other subjects
were being...

embedded with
behavioral conditioning.

They taught me a safe word...

in case something happened.
Not sure I get it.

It's a phrase
that makes her fall asleep.

If I speak the words...
Don't say it!

It only works on her, Jayne.

Well, now I know that.

"In case something happened."

You feel to elaborate on
what that something might be?

They never said what...
And you never did ask.

Get your hands off...

Eight months. Eight months,
you had her on my boat...

knowing full well
she could go monkeyshit...

at the wrong word.
You never said a thing.

I brought her out here
so they couldn't get to her.

I don't even know what they...
My ship!

My crew!

You had a gorramn
time bomb living with us!

Who we gonna find in there
when she wakes up?

The girl?

Or the weapon?

I thought
she was getting better.

And I thought
they was getting off!

Didn't we have an intricate
plan how they was gonna
be not here anymore?

We couldn't leave them now.
No, now that...

she's a killer woman
we ought be bringing
her tea and dumplings.

In earnest, Mal,
why'd you bring her back on?

May I see her?

She goes woolly again,
we're gonna have
to put a bullet to her.

It's crossed my mind.

Can I make a suggestion
that doesn't involve

or is this the wrong crowd?

We're flying a lot blinder
than usual here.

We need to get our bearings.

I think we need to talk
to Mr. Universe.

[Voices chattering]

[Static crackling]

Oh, this is good.

You guys always bring me
the very best violence.

You think
you're in a hot place?

That's what we're looking
to learn. Is there
any follow up, a newswave?

There is no news.
There's the truth
of the signal.

What I see. And, there's
the puppet theater...

the Parliament jesters foist
on the somnambulant public.

Well, what about this?
Did this make
the puppet theater?

No, sir.
And no lawforce flags, either.

I had to go into
the security feed direct.

You can do that?
Can't stop the signal, Mal.

Everything goes somewhere,
and I go everywhere.

Security feeds
are a traipse to access...

and I wasn't the first one in.

This has prints on it.
So somebody else
has been fed this.

Zoe, you sultry minx,
stop falling in love with me.

You're just gonna
embarrass yourself.

I have a commitment
to my Lovebot.

It was a very beautiful
ceremony. Lenore wrote
her own vows...

I cried like a baby,
a hungry, angry baby.

And she falls asleep.
Which, she would be sleepy.

Can you go back?

See if anybody spoke with her
before she acted up.

Made any kind
of contact with her.

**[music playing]


Go back further.



Mal, you're very smart.

Someone is talking to her.
The oaty bar?


It's a subliminal message,
broadwaved to trigger her.

I've been seeing this code
pop up all over,
the last few weeks.

It's Alliance
and it's high military.

They have gone
to enormous trouble
to find your little friend.

And found her, they have.

Do you all know
what it is you're carrying?

They're afraid of me.

I'm sorry.
They should be.

But I'll show them. Oh, God.

It's okay. Hey, it's okay.

Show me off like a dog.

Old men covered in blood.

It never touched them,
but they're drowning in it.

I don't know what I'm saying.
I never know what I'm saying.

In the Maidenhead,
you said something.

When you were triggered,
do you remember?

The Captain saw you
say something on the feed.



Ask her.

Who is Miranda?

Am I talking to Miranda now?


Not right.

But I think
when they triggered you...

it somehow brought this up.

This memory.
It isn't mine.

The memory, it isn't mine.

And I shouldn't have
to carry it. It isn't mine.

Don't make me sleep again.
I won't.

I won't.

Put a bullet to me.

Bullet in the brainpan,

Don't say that. Not ever.

We'll get through this.

Things are going to get
much, much worse.

[Birds chirping]

[Water running]

Thanks for taking us in again,

You got a plan?

Hiding ain't a plan?

It'll do you for a spell.

And the folks
here'll be glad
of the extra coin.

But the Alliance
will be coming.

They're after this girl
with a powerful will.

I look to hear the tromp
of their boots any moment.

[Bird hooting]

You won't.

This isn't
a palms-up military run, Mal.

No reports broadwaved...

no warrants.

Much as they want her,
they want her hid.

That means closed file.

Means an operative.

Which is trouble
you've not known.

I could have left her there.

I had an out.

Hell, I had every reason
in the 'verse...

to leave her lay
and haul anchor.

It's not your way, Mal.

I have a way?

That better than a plan?

Only one thing is gonna
walk you through this, Mal.


You know I always look
to you for counsel...

but sermons make me
sleepy, Shepherd.

I ain't looking for help
from on high.

That's a long wait
for a train don't come.

When I talk about belief,
why do you always assume
I'm talking about God?

They'll come at you sideways.

It's how they think.
It's how they move.

Sidle up and smile.
Hit you where you're weak.

Sort of man
they're like to send
believes hard.

Kills and never asks why.

It's of interest to me
how much you seem
to know about that world.

I wasn't born
a Shepherd, Mal.

Have to tell me
about that sometime.


No, I don't.


[Birds chirping]

River, you look tired.

I think everybody's
a little tired by now.
Why don't we all lie down.

A little peace and quiet
will make everything better.

River. Do as you're told.

It's going to be fine.
Lie down.

Cut them down.

Mal! You up?

I got a wave. I'm gonna
bounce it down to you.


I... Is this a bad time?

No, this...

good as any.

How's your world?
Cold. It's autumn here.

Still at the Training House?

[Clearing throat]

So, what occasions the wave?
Not that to see you ain't...

Well, you look very fine.
Oh. Thank you.

So, what was the...

I guess we're having
something of a problem
here with the locals.

And, I thought maybe...
You could use a gun hand?

I'm hoping not.
But if you happen
to be close at all, you...

The crew could take
your ease here for a while.
And there'd be payment.

Well, it would be...
I mean, I'd like to.

Kaylee's been missing you
something fierce.

Oh, man.
I miss her, too.

I even miss
my shuttle, occasionally.

Yeah, you left, um...

Got some of your
stuff in a trunk.

I never did get a chance
to drop it off.

I didn't mean to leave stuff.
I didn't look
through the stuff.

I just...
Just sundries I expect.

So I'll send you a wave,
soon as I can.

Thank you.

Inara, nice to see
her again.

So, trap?

We going in?
Only but a few hours out.

Yeah, but, remember the part
where it's a trap?

If that's the case,
then Inara's already
caught in it.

She wouldn't
set us up willing.

Might be we got a shot
at seeing who's
turning these wheels.

We go in.

But how can you be sure
Inara don't just
wanna see you?

Sometimes people
have feelings.

I'm referring here to people.

You all were watching,
I take it.

Did you see us fight?


We're about    miles
from the Training House,
and nobody on radar.

If the Alliance is about,
they're laying low.

They're about.

Find us a home.
I'll take the shuttle
a little closer.

Zoe, ship is yours.

Remember. If anything
happens to me...

or if you don't hear from me
within the hour...

you take this ship
and you come
and you rescue me.


Risk my ship?
I mean it.

It's cold out there.
And I don't wanna get left.

Dear Buddha,
please bring me a pony,
and a plastic rocket, and...

Mal! What are you
doing here?

Well, you invited me.

I never thought for a second
you'd be stupid enough
to come.

Well, that makes you
kind of a tease, doesn't it?

You knew my invitation
wasn't on the level.

Which led me to conclude
that you must be
in some trouble.

I'm fine. I'm giddy.

For a woman schooled
in telling a man
what he wants to hear...

you ain't much of a liar.
Mal, you cannot
handle this man.

I have to say, Captain...

I'm impressed that you
would come for her yourself.

And that you would make it
this far, in that outfit.

I can be very graceful
when I need to.

I've no doubt.

What are you doing?
I'm praying for you, Mal.

She's very thoughtful.

But I mean it when I say
I've no intent to harm you.

Speak your piece.

I think you're
beginning to understand...

how dangerous River Tam is.

She is a mite unpredictable.

Mood swings, of a sort.

It's worse than you know.
It usually is.

That girl will
rain destruction down
on you and your ship.

She is an albatross, Captain.

Way I remember it...

albatross was
a ship's good luck,
till some idiot killed it.

Yes, I've read a poem.
Try not to faint.

I've seen your war record.

I know how you must feel about
the Alliance.

You really don't.
Fair to say.

But I have to hope
you understand,
you can't beat us.

I got no need to beat you.

I just want to go my way.
And you can do that...

once you let me take
River Tam back home.

No, no. You're working
this deal all crabbed.

You got to open with payment.
That is a trap.

I offer money,
you'll play the man of honor
and take umbrage.

I ask you to do what is right,
you'll play the brigand.

I have no stomach for games.

I already know
you will not see reason.

The Alliance wanted to
show me a reason...

they shouldn't have sent
an assassin.

I have a warship
in deep orbit, Captain.

We locked on
to Serenity's pulse beacon
the moment you hit atmo.

I can speak a word
and send a missile...

to that exact location
inside of three minutes.

You do that...

you'd best make peace
with your dear
and fluffy lord.

Pulse beacon.

Advice from an old tracker.
You want to find someone,
use your eyes.

How long do you think
you can really run from us?

I never credited
the Alliance with
an overabundance of brains.

And if you're
the best they got...
Captain Reynolds...

I should tell you,
so that you don't
waste your time...

you can't make me angry.
Please, spend
an hour with him.

I want to resolve this
like civilized men.

I'm not threatening you.

I'm unarmed.

[Gun firing]

I am, of course,
wearing full body armor.

I am not a moron.
Wait, just let...

[all grunting]


[Glass shattering]




What, no backup?

Making an awful ruckus.
They'll come
when they're needed.

I'd start whistling.

Captain, what do you think
is going to happen here?

[Both grunting]

[Lnara groans]


[Glass shatters]


Nothing here is what it seems.
He isn't the plucky hero.

The Alliance isn't
some evil empire.
This is not the grand arena.

And that's not incense.


Sir, can you hear me?

Just a flash bomb. Go. Go!

[Lnara and Mal grunting]

What have you done
to my shuttle?
It's not your shuttle.

Head east. Keep her low.

[Engine revving]

Okay, forget
the pulse beacon.

There must be another way
to track the ship.

Get a read
on the nav. Sat.

It's a registered transport,
you must be able to locate.


Yes, have you found
a nav. Sat. Trajectory?

Sir, we found seven.

We've every reason
to be afraid.

Why, 'cause this guy
beat up Mal?
That ain't so hard.

He didn't beat me up.
Nobody said that.

Because he's a believer.

He's intelligent, methodical,
and devout in his belief...

that killing River
is the right thing to do.

So no hope
of a reward, huh?

Did he say anything
about a Miranda?

What is that?

Don't know who or what,
but it's on River's mind.

Conjure it might be the reason
they're after her.

You think maybe it poses
some kind of threat
to the Alliance?

Do we care?

Are we caring about that?

You dumb-ass hogs,
the only people
she's a threat to is...

us on this boat.

Look, we get back
to Haven...

in a few
hours' time.
Oh, yeah.

Hiding under
the Shepherd's skirts...

that's a manful scheme.

You wanna run this ship?

Well, you can't.

Do a damn sight
better job than you.

Getting us lashed over
a couple of strays.

No offense, Doc.
I think it's
noble as a grape...

the way you look to River.

But she ain't my sister
and she ain't your crew.

Oh, and neither is she
exactly helpless.

So, where's it writ
that we got to lay down
our lives for her?

Which is what you've
steered us toward.

I didn't start this.

No, that's right.

Alliance starts the war,
and then you volunteer.

Battle of Serenity, Mal.

Besides Zoe here, how many...
Hey, I'm talking at you.

How many men in your platoon
came out of there alive?

You wanna leave this room.

Damn right, I do.

This isn't
the war, Mal.

You telling me that
'cause you think I don't know?

You came to the Training House
looking for a fight.

I came looking for you.

I just want to know
who I'm dealing with.

I've seen too many versions
of you to be sure.

I start fighting a war,
I guarantee
you'll see something new.

We'll get off.

River and I will
get off at Haven.

We'll find some...
Nobody's saying that.

Nobody besides Jayne
is saying that.


I got no answers
for you, Inara.
I got no rudder.

Wind blows northerly,
I go north.
That's who I am.

Now, maybe that ain't
a man to lead,
but they have to follow.

So you wanna tear me down...

do it inside your own mind.
I'm not trying
to tear you down.

But you fog things up.

You always have.

You spin me about.

I wish like hell
you was elsewhere.

I was.


[Flies buzzing]


[Speaking Chinese]


No trouble,
little crazy person.

We're going
for a nice shuttle ride.

[Gun fires]

[Doorknob rattling]

She's out. Jayne's down.

The other way.
Find her and do not engage.


It's gonna be okay...


She's sealed off the bridge.
I do not like her there.

Check the shuttle.
She could have snuck in.


[Computer beeps]

The government's man,
he says you're a danger to us.

Not worth helping.

Is he right?

Are you anything but a weapon?

I've staked my crew's life on
the theory you're a person...

actual and whole,
and if I'm wrong,
you'd best shoot me now.


Or we could talk more.


How can it be there's
a whole planet
called Miranda...

and none of us knowed that?

Because there isn't one.
It's a blackrock.

Terraforming didn't hold,
or some such.
Few settlers died.

Was it right before the war?

I had to show them.
I didn't know if you were
going to make me sleep.

You could have asked.
Wait a tick, yeah.

Some years back,
there was call for workers
to settle on Miranda.

Daddy talked about it.
Nothing about it...

on the Cortex.
History, Astronomy,
it's not in there.

Half of writing history
is hiding the truth.

There's something
on that rock the Alliance
doesn't want known.

That's right at the edge
of the Burnham Quadrant,

Furthest planet out?
It's not that far from here.

Whoa. No. No. Honey...
That's a bad notion.

           show them the bad.
I got it, baby.

This is us, at Haven,
and here's Miranda.

All along here,
that empty space in between,
that's Reaver territory.

They just float out there,
sending out raiding parties.

Nobody ventures there.
Not even the Alliance.

You go through that,
you're signing up
to be a banquet.

I'm on board with our standard
run-and-hide scenario.

And we are just about...


Doesn't look like Reavers.



Shepherd Book?

[Cocking gun]

[Man coughing]

Get the Doc.



Don't move.
Won't go far.

Shouldn't have been you.

Alliance should've hit us.
Should've hit me.

That crossed my mind.

I shot him down.
Yeah. I see.

I killed the ship
that killed us.

Not very Christian of me.

You did what's right.

Coming from you,
that means almost nothing.

I'm long gone.
No, Doc will bring
you around.

I look to be bored
by many more sermons
before you slip.

Just don't move.

Can't order me
around, boy.

I'm not one
of your crew.

Yes, you are.

Come on.


I don't care
what you believe.
Just believe it.

Whatever you...

How come
they ain't waiting?

They knowed we was coming,
how come they only sent one?

They didn't know
we were coming here.

Get on the Cortex.

Wave, Li Shen,
the Sanchez brothers...

anyone who has ever
sheltered us after a heist.
Tell them to get out.

Get out now.

I'm sorry.

If your quarry goes to ground,
leave no ground to go to.

You should have
taken my offer.

Or did you think none of this
was your fault?

I don't murder children.

I do.

If I have to.

Do you even know
why they sent you?

It's not my place to ask.

I believe in something
greater than myself.

A better world.

A world without sin.

So me and mine
gotta lay down and die...

so you can live
in your better world?

I'm not going to live there.

There's no place
for me there...

any more than
there is for you. Malcolm...

I'm a monster.

What I do is evil.

I have no illusions about it,
but it must be done.

Keep talking.

You're not getting
a location trace
off this wave.

And every minute
you keep River Tam from me,
more people will die.

You think I care?
Of course you care.

You're not a Reaver, Mal.

You're a human man
and you will never
understand how...

Get these bodies together.

We got time
for grave digging?

Zoe, you and Simon
rope them together.

Five or six.
I want them laid out
on the nose of our ship.

Are you insane?

I won't desecrate
these bodies.

I don't understand.
What do you mean,
the bodies...

I want you to muck up
the reactor core.

Just enough to leave a trail
and make it read like...

we're flying
without containment,
not enough to fry us.

These people
are our friends.

you got a day's work to do
and two hours to do it.

Jayne, you and Wash
hoist up the cannon mount.
Goes right on top.

Piece or two
of the other ship,
stick it on.

Any place you can tear hull
without inner breach,
do that, too.

We're gonna need paint.
We're gonna need red paint.


do you really mean
to turn our home
into an abomination...

so that we can make
a suicidal attempt...

at passing through
Reaver space?

I mean to live.

[Man coughing]
I mean for us to live.

The Alliance won't have that,
so we go where
they don't follow.

God's balls,
there ain't no way
we're going out there.

Mal, think about
what you're asking.

...those Reavers'll
eat us alive...

This is how it is.

Anybody doesn't wanna
fly with me anymore...

this is your port of harbor.

There's a lot
of fine ways to die.

I ain't waiting
for the Alliance
to choose mine.

[Gun firing]

I mean to confound
these bungers.

Take my shot
at getting to Miranda.

Maybe find something I can use
to get clear of this.

So I hear a word
out of any of you
that ain't helping me out...

or taking your leave,
I will shoot you down.

Get to work.


Just tell me
when we're close.

[People screaming]


Define "disappeared."

Every reading
I'm getting says normal.

Oceans, land masses.
No tectonic instability
or radiation.

Yeah, but no power,
Nothing at all?



It might be a beacon,
but it's awful weak.

Find it.

Gravity's Earthnorm.

O  levels check,

If anything's wrong
the scanner's
not reading it.

Well, something sure
the hell ain't right.

This ain't
no little settlement.

We flew over
at least a dozen
cities just as big.

Why didn't we ever
hear about this?


Beacon's up ahead.


No entry wounds,


Got another one.

They's just sitting here.

They didn't crash.

[Male announcer chattering]

Kaylee. Don't...


How come these ones
are preserved?

Place must've gone hermetic
when the power blew.

Sealed them.
What are they doing?

What's everybody doing?

There's no unusual

Nobody's doubled over
or showing signs of pain.

There's gasses
that kill painless, right?

They didn't fall.
None of them.

They just lay down.

[River muttering in Chinese]

Make them stop.
They're everywhere.

Every city, every...

Every house, every room,
they're all inside me.

I can hear them all,
and they're saying nothing!

Get up.

Please get up.

[Speaking Chinese]

Please, God,
make me a stone.

She is starting
to damage my calm.

She's right!

Everybody's dead.

This whole world is dead
for no reason!

Let's get to the beacon.

This is the source?

This ship's banged up
all to hell.

These are just a few of
the few images we've recorded.

And you can see...

it isn't what we thought.

There's been no war here...

and no terraforming event.
The environment is stable.

It's the Pax.

The G-   Paxilon Hydroclorate
that we added
to the air processors.

It was supposed to calm
the population,
weed out aggression.

Well, it works.

The people here
stopped fighting.

And then they stopped
everything else.

They stopped going to work...

they stopped breeding,
talking, eating.

There's    million people
here, and they all just
let themselves die.



I have to be quick.

About a tenth
of a percent of...

the population had
the opposite reaction
to the Pax.

Their aggressor response
increased beyond madness.

They have become...


Well, they've killed
most of us.

And not just killed...

they've done things.

Reavers. They made them.

I won't live to report this,
but people have to know.

We meant it for the best...

to make people safer.

[Reavers growling]


[Woman screaming]

[Reaver growling]

Turn it off.



I'm all right.

I'm all right.

This report is maybe
   years old.

Parliament buried it,
and it stayed buried
till River dug it up.

This is what
they feared she knew.

And they were
right to fear...

because there's a whole
universe of folk
who are gonna know it, too.

They're gonna see it.

Somebody has to speak
for these people.

You all got on this boat
for different reasons...

but you all come
to the same place.

So now I'm asking more of you
than I have before.

Maybe all.

Sure as I know anything
I know this,
they will try again.

Maybe on another world,
maybe on this very ground
swept clean.

A year from now,   
they'll swing back
to the belief...

that they can make people...


And I do not hold to that.

So no more running.

I aim to misbehave.

Shepherd Book
used to tell me:

"If you can't do
something smart...

"do something right."

Do we have a plan?
Mr. Universe.

We haven't the equipment
to broadwave this code...

but he can put it
on every screen for    worlds.

He's pretty damn close, too.

We still got the Reavers...

and probably the Alliance,
between us and him.

That's two armies against
our one bitty cannon.

It's a fair bet
the Alliance knows
about Mr. Universe.

They're gonna
see this coming.


They're not gonna
see this coming.

[Engine revving]

No problem. Bring it on.
Bring it on. Bring it on.

From here to the eyes
and ears of the 'verse.
That's my motto...

or it might be,
if I start having a motto.

We won't be long.

You're going to get caught
in the ion cloud.

It'll play merry hob
with your radar...

but pretty lights
and a few miles after
you'll be right in my orbit.

You'll let us know
if anyone else comes at you?

You'll be the first.


Toss me my    coin,
but I got a newswave for you...


Call in every ship
in the quadrant.
We'll meet them in the air.

Destroy it all.

Wash, we almost through?


Go! Move!

I'm reading activity
in the cloud.
Lock and fire on my command.

You should have
let me see her, Captain.

We should have done this
as men. Not with fire.


[Electronic beeping]

Vessel in range.
Lock on.

Bastard's not even
changing course.


Target the Reavers.
Target the Reavers!

Target everyone!
Somebody fire!

I am a leaf on the wind.
Watch how I soar.

Chicken's come home
to roost.

The hell?
It's okay.

I am a leaf on the wind!
What does that mean?

We're almost through.

No! No! No!
Yes! Yes!


We're not alone.


Everybody, strap yourselves
into something!

Got it.

Kaylee, come on.

We're fried.
I got no control.
Where's the backup?

Where's the backup?

Check! Check!

[Engine whining]

[Jayne screaming]


Get up!

Stop it!

Backup reads at   %% .
Can you get us down?

I'm going to have
to glide her in.
Will that work?



I am a leaf on the wind.

Watch how...


Wash, baby. Baby, no.
Baby, come on.
You gotta go. Come on.

We gotta move. Baby, please.
We gotta move, baby, come on.


Move out! Now!

Go. Go.

Head inside!

Jayne, rearguard.

Zoe, what've we got?

this is a good hold point.

We all stay together.

They have to come
through here.

They'll bottleneck,
we can thin them out.

We get pushed back,
there's the blast doors.

I can rig them
so they won't reopen
once they close.

Shut them
and hide until I get...

We need to draw them
till it's done.

This is the place.
We'll buy you the time.

All right, let's move
those crates back there
for cover.

Make sure they ain't filled
with nothing goes boom.

Wait, Wash!
Where's Wash?

He ain't coming.

Move the gorramn crates!

[Reavers howling]

Tell me you brought them
this time.

[Reavers growling]




Are you here?
Do the job, sir.

You hold.
Hold till I get back.

Captain's right.

Can't be thinking on revenge
if we're gonna
get through this.

Do you really think
any of us are gonna
get through this?

I might.

[Static crackling]



Guy killed me, Mal.

He killed me with a sword.
How weird is that?

I got a short span here.

They destroyed my equipment...

but I have a backup unit.

Bottom of the complex,
right over the generator.

Hard to get to.
I know they missed it.

They can't stop
the signal, Mal.

They can never
stop the signal.

[Reavers growling]

The Reavers.
They are all made up of rage.

It's okay. It's okay.
I can't shut them up.

[Banging on door]

Stay low.

She picked a sweet
bung of a time
to go helpless on us.

Jayne and I take
the first wave.

Nobody shoots unless
they get past our fire.

I didn't plan
on going out like this.

I think we did right, but...

No. I never planned...

I just wanted
to keep River safe.

Spent so much time on Serenity
ignoring anything...

that I wanted for myself.

My one regret
in all of this...

is never being with you.

With me?

You mean to say, as...


I mean to say.

[Metal squeaks]

Hell with this.
I'm gonna live.

Mal. Guy killed me, Mal.

He killed me with a sword.

[Reavers growling]

"Hard to get to."

That's a fact.

Zoe, gorrammit!

[Reavers shrieking]


Zoe, get your ass
back on the line!



You shot me in the back!

I haven't made you
angry, have I?

There are a lot
of innocent people in the air
being killed right now.

You have no idea
how true that is.

I know the secret.

The truth that burned up
River Tam's brain.

Rest of the 'verse
is going to know it, too.
'Cause they need to.

Do you really believe that?
I do.

You willing to die
for that belief?

I am.


[Gun firing]

Of course,
that ain't exactly Plan A.


[Gun firing]

Spine's intact.
Just give me a bandage.



[Both grunting]


Up high, left!





Fall back! Everybody,
fall back! Fall back now!

Jayne, grenade.

Very last one.

They're gonna get in.

I can close it
from the outside.

No one's coming
back from that.

How much ammo
do we have?

Three, four max,
and my swinging cod.
That's all.

The lift isn't moving.

When they come,
try to plug
the hole with it.

I'm starting to lose
some feeling here.

Lie still. I'm going
to give you something...

My bag.

[Gun fires]

[Gun firing]

Keep pressure here.

My bag.

I need...

adrenaline and a shot of...

calaphar for Kaylee.

I can't.


River, I'm sorry.


I hate to leave.
You won't.

You take care of me, Simon.

You've always
taken care of me.

My turn.

[Operative and Mal grunting]

Do you know
what your sin is, Mal?

Hell. I'm a fan
of all seven.


But right now...

I'm going to have
to go with wrath.

We ain't got long.


You suppose he got through?

Do you think Mal
got the word out?

He got through.
I know he got through.



I'm sorry.


You should know
there's no shame in this.

You've done remarkable things.

But you're fighting a war...

you've already lost.



Well, I'm known for that.


Piece of shrapnel tore up
that nerve cluster
my first tour.

Had it moved.

Sorry about the throat.

Expect you'd want to say your
famous last words right now.

Just one trouble.

I ain't gonna kill you.


Hell, I'm gonna grant
your greatest wish.


I'm gonna show you
a world without sin.

These are just a few of
the few images we've recorded.

And you can see...

it isn't what we thought.

There's been no war here...

and no terraforming event.
The environment is stable.

It's the Pax.

The G-   Paxilon Hydroclorate
that we added
to the air processors.

It was supposed to calm
the population...


We meant it for the best...

to make people safer.

[Reavers growling]


[Woman screaming]

[Reaver growling]


It's done.



(Soldier # )
Drop your weapons!

(Soldier # )
Do it now.

Weapons down.
Let it down, now.

I want to see
your hands in the air.

Stand down.
Do it.

Targets are acquired.

Do we have a kill order?

Do we have an order?

Stand down.

Stand down. It's finished.

We're finished.

It's not over,
you know.

I can't guarantee
that they won't
come after you.

The Parliament.

Your broadwave about Miranda
has weakened their regime.

They are not gone
and they are not... forgiving.

That don't bode
especially well for you...

giving the order to let us go,
patching up our hurt.

I told them the Tams
were no longer a threat,
damage done.

They might listen...

but I think they know
I'm no longer their man.

They take you down,
I don't expect
to grieve over much.

Like to kill you myself,
I see you again.

You won't.

There is nothing left to see.

Sir, we have
a green light.

Inspection's pos
and we're clear
for up-thrust.

Think she'll hold together?

She's tore up plenty.
But she'll fly true.

Make sure
everything's secure.

Could be bumpy.
Always is.

Taking her out...

should be about a day's ride
to get you back to your girls.


Ready to get off this heap,
back to civilized life?

I, uh...

I don't know.

Good answer.

So, you gonna ride
shotgun with me,
help me fly?

That's the plan.

Think you can work out...

[engine revving]


Clearly some
aptitude for the...

It ain't all buttons
and charts, little albatross.

You know what the first rule
of flying is?

Well, I suppose you do,
since you already know
what I'm about to say.

I do.

But I like to hear you say it.


You can learn all the math
in the 'verse...

but you take a boat in
the air that you don't love...

she'll shake you off
just as sure as
the turn of the worlds.

Love keeps her in the air
when she ought to fall down...

tells you she's hurting
before she keels.

Makes her a home.

[Rain pattering]

Storm's getting worse.

We'll pass through it
soon enough.

What was that?

Special help by SergeiK