Seventh Sign Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Seventh Sign script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Demi Moore movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Seventh Sign. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Seventh Sign Script



            The fish are dead!

            The truck. Please, Mr. Huberty. Quickly, come on.

            What do you know about Baal-Dahar?


            l was in Jerusalem for a symposium. Why am l here?

            Baal-Dahar`s an Arab village. lt`s rumoured to be a terrorist base.

            l should say "was." This morning we found it destroyed.

            What does that have to do with me?

            lt`s how it was destroyed. That`s where we need your help.

            My help? l know nothing about terrorists. l think you`ve made a terrible mistake.

            Please, come with me.

            You don`t understand. l`m the wrong man. l can`t help you. l`m a meteorologist!

            We know. That`s why we brought you here.

            You see that...

            ...was Baal-Dahar.

            Yesterday, a kibbutz nearby was attacked.

            They threw a petrol bomb into the school. Thirty-four children burned to death.

            We tracked the terrorists back to here and found this.

            lt`s incredible.

            -Can you explain it? -lt cannot be explained.

            -l have clearance. -You damn well better.

              The Vatican.

              l`m sorry...

              ...Father Lucci.

              Can you explain it?

              With the proper equipment, l think--

              l don`t think so.

              They`ll never explain it.

              lt`ll melt in a day or a week and they`ll forget it.

              They`ll call it a freak, an aberration.

              You don`t think it is.

              l would, Colonel, except this kind of thing happened here once before.

              Baal-Dahar has been here for      years.

              But you see, Baal-Dahar was built on the ruins of an older place.

              A much older place.

              And it too was destroyed. But you wouldn`t want that to explain this.

              Why is that?

              Because that place that was destroyed was called Sodom.

              Destroyed by the wrath of God.

              How`s he doing?

              l have to tell you, he`s still a boy.

              -ls he kicking a lot? -He`s very active. Moves all over the place.

              That`s great. We`re getting some good soccer in our last trimester.

              l can`t wait. Two months to go.

              l want to see you next week.

              l`m not completely happy with his growth.

              And your amniotic fluid is a little less than normal.

              But you said he`s doing fine.

              He is. There`s nothing to be alarmed about.

              But l can`t say definitely that we won`t run into the same problem again.

              l know this time it`ll be okay. l`ve been eating really well and resting.

              That`s good. So l`ll see you both next week.

              "...have seen the glory Of the coming of the Lord

              "He has trampled out the vintage Where the grapes of wrath are stored

              "He has loosed his fateful lightning Of his terrible swift sword

              "His truth is marching on"

              They`re so adorable.

              Would you like to see the computer room now?

              At the Oaks we start them early.

              So your husband is a lawyer...

              ...and you restore fine arts for the Hirshenson Collection.

              -And the baby`s due...? -February   th.

              -lt`s leap year. -Of course.

              l notice you didn`t write anything under "Religious Denomination."

              Do you mind if l ask why?

              Because l don`t have any. ls that a problem?

              No, no. l just don`t like blanks.

              Hi, baby dog.

              Ace, be careful. Good boy.


              Well, let`s see.

              lt`s $    utilities included.

              lt`s a garage apartment.

              No, no problems with the fumes. We park our car outside.

              lt`s partially furnished. There`s a bed and a table right now, but that`s about it.

              l see. Well, okay. Sorry.

              Hi, sweetness.

              Tragedy continues to strike around the globe...

     the changing weather patterns continue.

              -Hi, honey. -Hi.

              -That`s nice. -Thanks.

              How did it go today?

              The State Supreme Court denied my appeal.

              -Are you kidding? -l couldn`t believe it.

              -l thought you had such a strong appeal. -So did l.

              So did l.

              The whole petition was based on the fact that Jimmy`s trial lawyer was incompetent.

              l`ve told you that. l thought l proved it.

              Shit. What are you going to do?

              Appeal again. Fight it.

              Anyway, how`s our bouncing baby boy?

              Good. We had a good day.


              l know we talked about it and decided not to...

              ...but l went to the Oaks today and put down a deposit.

              lt only puts us on the waiting list for four years.

              Why are you doing this?

              l just want to be prepared.

              l want you to be realistic.

              -l am realistic. -We don`t know for sure if the baby--

              l saw Dr. lnness today. She said l`m doing perfect. No problems.


              This baby is going to be fine.

              lt has to be.

              lt has to be? What if it isn`t? Then what?

              l just don`t want to lose you, that`s all.



              Will you die for Him?

              Will you die for Him?

              What is it?

              What`s the matter?

              l was in these rooms.

              Oh, God, l could feel it coming.


              lt was just a dream, Abby. lt was just a dream.

              lt`s all right.

              lt was just a dream.

              Russell Quinn?

              Penny Washburn. Sorry l`m late.

              l understand you`re quite an expert on death sentence appeals.

              So they say.

              What do you know about this case?

              So far, not much. The kid murdered his parents?

              He poured gasoline on them and set them on fire while they were sleeping.

              l take it this is not someone with a lot of remorse.

              His parents were brother and sister.

              "Executed for the word of God" is what he said in his signed confession.


              -How`s it going? -Hello, Russell.

              This is Penny Washburn. She`s going to help us with your case.

              -Hello, Penny. -Hello.

              -Can we talk a minute? -Yes.

              Penny`s going to help me prepare a new appeal...

              ...but we`ll need your help.

              l told you, l do not go to hospital.

              l can`t help you unless you let me.

              Just talk to her, tell her what happened, that`s all.

              No hospital.

              Jimmy, this is important.

              lf you go to the hospital, the doctors may find you incompetent.

              Then the court will reconsider your case. Otherwise, we don`t have anything.

              l know what is right and l know what is wrong.

              l did nothing wrong.

              You admitted killing your parents.

              lt was not wrong. lt was the law of God.


              lsn`t murder a crime too, in the eyes of God?

              lt is not murder to punish the guilty.

              lncest may be against the law of God...

              ...but it`s the law of California that we`re dealing with.

              They`ve sentenced you to the gas chamber! Do you want to die?


              Then go to the hospital and let the doctors see if you knew what you were doing.

              That says l did a crime! That it was wrong!

              lf it`ll save your life, say you`re wrong! What is it going to matter?

              lt matters to God!

              No hospital.

              Goodbye, Penny.

              Jimmy, think about it. Please.

              -Hello. -Hi.

              My name is David.

              David Bannen.

              l`m here about the apartment.

              Please, come in.

              Ace, get down! He usually doesn`t do this. Go on, get down.

              lt`s okay. Hi, Ace.

              Get down!

              l`m surprised. He never does this. l`ll go get the keys.

              Would you like a towel? You`re soaked.

              lt`s terrible out there, isn`t it?

              Yes, it is.

              lf l can just find these keys.

              Where are you from?

              All over. l`ve moved around a lot.

              -Because of work? -Yes.

              What do you do?

              l`m a teacher. Ancient languages.

              Over at the university?

              l`ve been travelling for some time.

              l`ve really just come back to town.

              May l have some water?

              Sure. Let me get you a glass.

              -Use the bottled water, it`s better. -Thanks.

              Your baby is due in February.

              The   th.

              How did you know?

              l saw your calendar.

              lt`s kind of nice. There isn`t a   th except leap year.

              Makes it special somehow.

              lt is a special day.

              l am getting so absent-minded.

              l hope you`re not expecting something fancy.

              This is it.

              lt`s a bit small.

              l don`t need much room.

              l`d like it.

              -lf that`s all right. -That`s great!

              l`ll discuss it with my husband, but l`m sure it won`t be a problem.

              Call me tomorrow and l`ll let you know.

              -Fine. -We`ll talk then.

              l do hope this will work out.

              l hope so, too.

              l`m back.

              That didn`t take very long.

              He didn`t need much help. About all he had was a suitcase.

              But he did have first and last month`s rent in cash.

              Did you ask him to dinner?

              l did. He said, "No, thanks." Of course, he didn`t use so many words.

              The guy is out there. He`s a little bit different.

              l don`t know, l think he`s just quiet.

              He`s quiet all right. He doesn`t have a stereo or a television.

              He doesn`t even want a telephone.

              Really? That`s weird.

              What`s weird is that he has a short-wave radio.

              You think he`s a spy?

              The spearhead of an invasion force that will take over and bore us to death!

              You`re such a nut. Toss that up.

              -Where are you going? -l`m sure you did a great job inviting him.

              Looks tossed to me.

              -Jesus, you scared me to death. -You snuck up on me!

              l was trying not to scare you. What are you doing?

              Look at this. lsn`t this wild?

              Yeah, it is strange.

              David`s in the house. He changed his mind about dinner.

              Maybe he`d change it again if he saw you snooping.

              l`m not snooping.

              l`m looking.

              So after all that, the senator wouldn`t even see me.

              This poor kid will die in the gas chamber and l get this aide who tells me...

              ...he doesn`t think their involvement is appropriate.


              Because he`s a politician.

              He won`t get involved in anything that could come back and bite his fat ass.

              -lt`s typical. -lt`s typical bullshit.

              What would you do?

              Me? What do you mean?

              Would you stop it?

              Of course l would, but l have no control. l can`t do anything.

              Maybe you can.

              She can`t do anything, David.

              That`s what l`m saying, nobody listens anymore. l`m the kid`s attorney...

              ...and they won`t listen to me. So they won`t listen to Abby.

              Maybe you are right.

              lt`s not up to us.

              -How about dessert? -Please.

              Jesus Christ! Look at this!

              Get a broom.

              Please don`t!

              l wasn`t going to hurt it.

              l`m sorry.

              That was weird.

              Do you know...

              ...there`s a story about a new-born child and the sparrow`s song.

              lt`s ancient.


              They believed that in Heaven...

              ...God`s mansion has many halls.

              And that one of these halls is the Hall of Souls.

              lt`s called The Guf.

              "The Guf"?

              They say whenever a baby is born...

              ...this is where its soul comes from.

              As the soul descends from heaven...

              ...only the sparrows can see it.

              So they sing.

              So whenever you hear a sparrow sing, you know a baby`s about to be born?

              The Guf. l like it.

              l`ll get the dessert.

              -Would you like some coffee? -Yes, please.

              Wasn`t that the sweetest story?

              lt sounded like a bunch of guff to me.

              "The second angel poured his bowl into the sea.

              "And it became as the blood of a dead man...

              "...and every living thing...

              "...died that was in the sea."

              The prophecies...

              ...they have begun.

              The Guf.

              Do you like that?

              l do. lt reminds me of a story l heard.

              lt`s ltalian. Really good quality.

              l don`t know. l`ve spent so much money already.

              But it`s so cute. Yeah, why not?

              You only live once, right? Will this be on your card?

              Mrs. Quinn, are you okay?

              Yeah, l`m fine.


              Excuse me, lady. What are you doing here?

              l`m looking for someone.

              There`s no one here but the minyan.

              l followed him in, he`s wearing a grey coat.

              No one came in.

              But l followed him in.

              l`ve been here ten minutes. No one has come in.

              You okay?

              Are you okay, lady?

              Yes, l`m fine.

              You better leave now. We don`t want to disturb kaddish.

              Kaddish. The prayer for the dead.

              You`re going to be fine.

              This won`t hurt. You`ll just feel some pressure.

              Don`t hurt my baby.

              -Keep breathing. -Take a deep breath.

              Just take a deep breath. There you go. We`re almost through.

              You`re doing just fine.

              Just hold still. Breathe. Take a deep breath.

              Breathe. Nice and easy. Nice and easy.

              You`re doing a good job.

              lt`s going to come out now.

              Good job, good job.

              Why does this keep happening to her?

              lt`s too early for Caesarean.

              Right. The baby`s lungs aren`t fully matured yet.

              But the immediate threat is over.

              Right now we have to keep her from going into labour for at least two weeks.

              l`ve started her on ritodrine again.

              Can she go home?

              No. l want to keep her here for    hours. She needs to rest as much as possible...

              ...both mentally and physically.

              -Can l see her? -Sure.

              There she is.

              How are you feeling?

              lt`s not like the last time.

              Don`t even think about that.

              Just rest.

              l know that feeling. lt`s different this time.

              Something else is causing it. The pain isn`t even the same.

              lt`s not coming from the inside.

              Margaret said you can come home in a couple of days.

              Then a couple days in bed, you`ll be as good as new.

              Why won`t she believe me? Can`t she find out what`s really going on?

              She`s trying, Abby.

              l know something`s happening.

              lt`s different this time.

              l know it is.

              "The third angel poured his bowl into the rivers, and they became...


              Reports of more fighting near the Nicaraguan border today.

              ln the fiercest confrontation of the year, casualties are mounting on both sides.

              Refugee camps have sprung up in areas considered safe...

              ...but even these have received sniper fire.

              l love the news.

              -How are you feeling? -Good.

              -Want some dinner? -Want me to cook?

              l`ll take care of it. How about some pasta primavera?

              -Do you know how long that`ll take? -Twenty minutes. l`ll go pick it up.

              ...rescuers can only watch the great beings gasp for breath...

              ...away from what had always been, for them and us...

              ...the protective sea.

              Locally, a different kind of tragedy today.

              A drive-by shooting between rival gangs claimed the lives...

              ...of a woman and her  -year-old child. Caught in the crossfire--

              The death toll in this latest terrorist bombing is expected to climb--

              Bloodshed in the war between lraq and lran--

              ...raped repeatedly, her body was dumped--

              ...was apparently set by representatives of a radical--

              ln international news...

              ...French officials announced they have two suspects...

     the bombing of the Champs Elysees restaurant....


              l`m sorry.

              lt`s okay. l thought you were away.

              l just came back.

              No, please.

              l just wanted to....

              How do you feel?

              l`m all right.

              l thought l saw you the other day, in the rain.

              l wasn`t sure if it was you, but l thought you might need a ride.

              You are very kind.

              That`s rare.

              Were you there?

              So much misery.

              Man against man.

              They kill each other. They have no faith.

              l used to think the world would change...

              ...but it hasn`t.

              No, l guess it hasn`t.

              lt`s sad.

              The course is chosen...

              ...and it can`t be turned.

              What do you mean, "course"?

              Toward death.

              l really don`t think we`ll blow ourselves up.

              l didn`t mean that.

              l better go upstairs now.

              Excuse me.

              l`m sorry about the baby.

              After all your travels, Father Lucci...

    `ve reached these conclusions? -l have, Your Eminence.

              You have no doubt, no doubt whatsoever, regarding the signs?

              No doubt at all. They were not signs.

              Not to try your patience, Father, but once again:

              The snow in the Negev.

              Didn`t the lsraeli Army report that?

              l was there.

              l saw a freak, an aberration of convective showers.

              Frigid air from the Balkans was swept into a cut off low.

              lt created a storm of such intensity, it sucked the freezing rain from the sky.

              lt turned everything in its path to ice. A rare occurrence.

              lt happens once in     years. But a sign from God?

              Everything you saw...

              ...was either scientifically explainable or a hoax?

              Yes, Your Eminence.

              My brothers, all these things l saw were of the natural world.

              There have been no miracles.

              These were not signs of the Apocalypse.

              l will tell His Holiness.

              He will be quite relieved.

              He has tickets next week to Faust.

              " -  ." That`s the baby`s birthdate.

              l can`t understand any of this.

              What about the baby`s birthdate on it?

              We don`t have a corner on February   th. You don`t know that`s what that means.

              Have you ever seen strange writing like this?

              And what about those horrible clippings? Russell, he`s here because of the baby!

              You think David is responsible for what`s wrong with the baby?

              What`s wrong with the baby is called placental insufficiency!

              You`re wrong! l told you, it`s different!

              lt isn`t! Nobody is trying to hurt the baby. lt`s just like last time.

              Abby, what do you want me to do? Kick him out?

              Would that make you feel better?

              All right. He`s gone. l`ll tell him as soon as l see him.

              l`m looking for Dr. Ornstein.

              Rabbi Ornstein.

              You stay.

              Are you Dr. Ornstein, the linguist?

              Among other things. May l help you?

              l hope so. l`m Abby Quinn.

              Nice move, lady.

              -What`d l do? -You touched him.

              You don`t touch a Hasidic rabbi unless you`re his wife.

              -Are you serious? -No. l`m making it up.

              lt`s halakah. lt`s the law.

              -l should apologise. -l wouldn`t do that.

              Just leave. He won`t see you again.

              l have to see him. l need to know what language this is.

              That`s Melachim.

              lt`s Melachim. lt`s a secret form of Hebrew, like a code.

              ln the Middle Ages, scholars used it to protect their writings.

              You know it?

              l hope so. l learned it from him when l was nine.

              Then you can translate it?

              l guess so. lt`s just a simple replacement alphabet.

              Come on. There`s a book l`ll need.

              Here it is.

              So, what is this? How does this date translate?

              That`s not a date.

              Of course it is.  -  . February   th.

              -Have you ever read the Bible? -Well, yeah.

              Well,  :   it`s a Bible heading. Chapter and verse.

              Chapter   verse   .

              Are you sure?

              The whole page is a quote from the Bible. Book of Joel  :  .

              Can you read it for me?

              "Even upon the menservants and maidservants in those days...

              "...l will pour out my spirit.

              "And l will give portents in the heavens and on the earth...

              "...blood and fire and columns of smoke.

              "The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood...

              "...before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes."

              What is "the great and terrible day"?

              When God passes judgement on mankind for its sins.

              lt`s about the Apocalypse.

              Come on! The end of the world?

              That`s what the portents are. The sun going dark, the moon turning red.

              They foretell the end of the world.

              There`s a whole chain of signs, like a countdown.

              Earthquakes, plagues, water turning to blood.

              All kinds of weird natural disasters.

              They`re to warn us that God`s wrath is about to destroy the world.

              That`s what this paper`s about?

              Yeah, the signs of the end.

              Didn`t you go to Sunday school?

              A long time ago. But they taught us that God was a God of love.

              Are you okay?

              But what do Biblical prophecies have to do with the baby?

              Avi, would you translate it anyway, just to be sure?

              Here`s my number.

              -l guess l could have it for you tomorrow. -That would be great.

              -Bye. -Okay, Mrs. Quinn.

              The Guf,    .

              "ln Judeo-Christian mythology, The Guf is the Hall of Souls.

              "Every time an infant is born, this is where its soul comes from.

              "Folklore says sparrows can see the soul`s descent and this explains their song.

              "But a day will come when the sparrow sings no more...

              "...because there are only a finite number of souls in The Guf.

              "lt`s when the last soul is used, and The Guf is empty, that the world will end.

              "The first infant born without a soul...

              "...born dead as a soulless child must be, heralds...

              "...the death of the world, and so is called...

              "...The Final Sign."

              l`m trying to reach the governor. lt`s urgent.

              l told you it has to do with Jimmy Zaragoza`s execution.

              Russell, it`s Abby.

              l`ve already spoken to his aide. l need to speak to him directly.

              Yes, l`ll hold. Tell her l`ll call her back.

              l tried, but she`s not at home. She says she must speak to you right now.

              Cover for me. Abby, are you all--

              lt`s not the baby`s birth date, it`s from the Bible.

              He`s here because of the baby.

              Slow down.

              He thinks it`s a Bible sign!

              He told us about it, but not the whole story. Listen:

              "The first infant born without a soul, born dead as a soulless child must be--"

              No, it`s not! He`s a religious fanatic!

              He thinks if he can kill the baby, he`ll end the world.

              -Listen to me. -l`ve got the governor.

              Ask him to hold. l want you to go home.

              All right? l promise.

              Sorry, he wouldn`t wait.

              Oh, Christ!

              Keep working on this and l`ll try him from home.

              Russell, are you here?

              -You won`t kill my baby. -Your baby`s dying because it has no soul.

              -Don`t say that. -The Guf is empty!

              l won`t let you kill my baby.

              Don`t you think l cry for man?

              l`ve tried to intercede, but God has judged!

              -Man`s sins are-- -Stay away!

              l can`t die again, Abby. l wish l could.

              -l`m His messenger. -You`re crazy.

              -l was here before. -Stay away.

              lt`s time for you to know, Abby.

              l came as the Lamb...

              ...and l return as the Lion.

              Now l am His wrath.

              Strap her down!

              lt`s happening! Why won`t you believe me?

              You have to believe me.


              Will you die for Him?

              l don`t know what you could have done. This can happen.

              l know the delusions seem extreme, but she`s under enormous stress.

              There`s incredible guilt involved when....

              Well, you certainly know the history.

              What do we do now?

              This sounds pathetic, but the best we can do is wait and see. Watch her.

              The baby`s fine. He`s hanging in there.

              lf this is just an episode, she can go home in a couple of days.

              Will you be able to stay with her?

              -Not all the time. -Then we should get you a nurse to help.

              And l think you should go home now and get some serious rest.

              Of course, God will judge the world.

              -Could it be happening now? -lt could happen any time.

              Jesus said the end would come like a thief in the night.

              That belief is fundamental to every religion.

              Moslem, Christian, Jew, Hindu.

              There are differences amongst them as to how it will actually happen...

              ...but we all believe in a Messiah who delivers God`s wrath...

              ...upon the world.

              Then it could be happening. The moon has turned to blood.

              l told you about the paper and the fish.

              Yes. ln Revelation, it is written that the sea will die.

              -Then you do see it? -With perfect clarity.

              l see a young man with a very large imagination.

              What you`re forgetting is that the prophetic signs are signs.

              They`re symbols. They`re not meant to be taken literally.

              They`re poetry written to describe the concept of greater divine judgement...

              ...not to be checked off like a laundry list.

              So the moon and the fish?

              Coincidence. You`re forgetting the most important aspect of eschatology.

              That when the end comes, with it comes eternal life...

              ...for those of us who are saved.

              Well, who`ll be saved, Reverend?

              The Jew doesn`t think it will be the Moslem.

              The Moslem doesn`t think it will be the Christian.

              The Christian doesn`t think it will be the Buddhist.

              What if nobody is saved? What if we`re all wrong?

              My God. What if it`s just the Hare Krishnas?

              -You`re too young to worry so much. -That`s what my rabbi said.

              Believe me, Avi, someday you`ll make quite a philosopher.

              lf there is a someday.

              Hello, Mr. Quinn. She`s fine.

              Could you give me that number again?

              When? Well, l have to leave. No, it`s impossible--

              No, she`s upstairs resting.

              l`ll tell her.

              l want my baby.

              We still house noviciates here, of course. But we do get quite a few guests, also.

              Mostly people passing through on their way to new parishes.

              -ls that what you`re doing, Father Lucci? -Yes, it is.

              -Then you won`t be staying very long? -Father Morrell?

              May l help you?

              No, Father, this is Father Lucci.

              l`m sorry. l thought that....

              But the resemblance is...


              l don`t believe we`ve met.

              No, it couldn`t be. That was long ago.

              Very long ago.

              lf you`ll excuse me.

              But the resemblance...

    `s remarkable!


              Good night, Father.


              Why is this happening?

              God`s grace is empty.

              There`s nothing l can do.

              The signs have begun. As each passes, the end grows closer.

              Then why are you here?

              l`m its deliverer. l`m its witness.

              What if a sign didn`t happen?

              What if a sign could be stopped before my baby comes? What would happen?

              Please, tell me.

              Then the chain would be broken.

              But it would take something you don`t have.


              How can someone who cared so little for life...

              ...give life to the world?

              l do care.

              l`m going to try.

              l`m going to try.

              Any chance at all, sir?

              What can you do now that the federal appeal has been denied?

              With less than    hours to go, can you do anything to stop the execution?

                "The windows of heaven," Mrs. Quinn...

                "...the windows of heaven are open and the earth is rent asunder.

                "lt falls...

                "...and will not rise again!"

                Please, Mrs. Quinn, it doesn`t have to be.

                How do you know my name?

                l followed the signs. They led me to you.

                Who are you?

                A priest who`s come to help you and your baby. We don`t have much time.


                l know what you`re going through. l know what`s going to happen.

                Hey, Mrs. Quinn!

                l must know everything he`s told you if l`m to help.

                He said if l can stop a sign, the chain will be broken.

                He said that?

                Yes, and God would grant the world a second chance.

                Did he tell you which sign to stop?

                No, l`m trying to figure it out.

                No, no. That`s impossible. A sign can`t be stopped.

                He wouldn`t have told me if there weren`t a way.

                That`s why l have to know the other signs. You said you knew them.

                God has no secrets. The signs are contained in the seven seals.

                The first four have already begun. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

                And their signs are almost over.

                -The fifth is the death of the last martyr. -A death could be stopped.

                But whose? Where?

                -What about the sixth? -The sun will turn to darkness...

                ...and the earth will quake and the stars shall fall from the sky.

                "And when the Lamb opened the seventh seal...

                "...there was silence in heaven."

                The silence of The Guf, empty.

                The stillbirth of the soulless child.

                You are the seventh seal.

                l`m not going to let my baby die.

                One of the signs has to be stopped.

                How? Do you know how?

                With hope.

                Can hope stop an earthquake?

                Can it stop a murder halfway around the globe?

                The fourth horseman still rides.

                The angels have unleashed the winds from the corners of the earth.

                Can you stop that with hope?

                Will you die for Him?

                Will you die for Him?


                You hit him in my dream.

                lt was no dream.

                You were there.

                You`re not here to help. You want the world to end.

                Yes, Mrs. Quinn. For a very long time.

                You are my deliverance.

                There`s nothing you can do. You can`t stop it.

                What kind of God are you?

                Let me in!

                You were always nosy, Harold.

                lt is you, Morrell.

                But that was    years ago.

                That was just yesterday to me.

                But you haven`t aged.

                You haven`t changed.

                ln the name of God, how?

                ln the name of God is how.

                l was cursed by Him for what l had done. l struck a man.

                But, of course, He was no man.

                He was the Son of God.

                l am Cartaphilus.

                Pilate`s gatekeeper?

                The Roman soldier who was--

                Cursed to walk the earth until the Messiah returned.

                Cursed to live and never die, until it was time for the world to die.

                And so it has been for      years.

                For me, there`s been no escape from the misery of life.

                But l always knew my sentence would not be eternal.

                And so, l win!

                An end has come! My death is at hand.

                l won`t be stopped by anyone. Not her, not you.

                l can`t allow it.

                You understand, don`t you, old friend?

                Thank you.

                Did you see him?

                l`m gonna die?

                l tried, Jimmy. l did everything l could.

                They don`t understand.

                Do you think God will forgive them?

                l don`t know.

                So we`ve got to stop this death. Whose death?

                l don`t know. lt`s somebody who`s a martyr.

                -That`s the fourth sign? -No, l think it`s the fifth.

                The last martyr, an earthquake and....

                l don`t know. l can`t think anymore. You should know this!

                That`s not my book, it`s the New Testament.

                Pull over. Pull over there!

                -What are you doing? -Getting us a Bible!

                We need a room!

                Thirty bucks.

                -Got it. Revelation  . "A Scroll--" -Read me the sixth sign.

                "When he broke the sixth seal, there was a great earthquake...

                "...and the sun became black as sackcloth and the moon became red as blood."

                An eclipse. lt`s on my calendar for tomorrow.

                Go back to the fifth sign.

                "When He opened the fifth seal, l saw the souls of those slain for the word of God.

                "They cried, `Lord, when wilt thou avenge our blood on those on the earth?`

                "They were told to rest until the number of their brethren was complete...

                "...who were to be killed as they themselves had been."

                The death of the last martyr.

                lt`s someone who dies for the word of God, before the eclipse.


                Tortured to death? Murdered?


                Attorneys were unable to get a stay of execution for Jimmy Zaragoza...

                ...the "Word of God Killer," whose parents were brother and sister.

                He murdered them, he said, "because it was God`s law. "

                This morning, Jimmy will die according to man`s law.


                Abby, where are you?

                Russell, l know how to stop it.

                An eclipse?

                Abby, l can`t stop the execution.

                You must. He is the last martyr. You can`t let them kill him.

                There`s nothing l can do. Tell me where you are.

                Abby, are you all right?

                l`ll meet you at the prison.

                No! You can`t stop--

                l`m going to leave now.

                Penny! Thank God! You`ve got to get me in! You`ve got to help me.

                Okay, breathe, breathe.


                Somebody stop him!

                l did it. lt`s over.


                Somebody help us!


                Somebody help us!

                lt`s all right, Abby.

                God, no!

                Sorry. lt`s all my fault.

                lt`s all right, Abby.

                Breathe deeply.

                Relax. Breathe.

                All right, push.

                -Breathe, Abby. -Push!

                You`re fine.

                lt`s all right. You`re doing good. Deep breaths!

                Can you do it one more time?

                One more time, Abby.

                That a girl. Come on, push!

                Hold on! The head is out!

                Come on, sweetheart, we`re almost there!

                We`ve lost the baby`s heartbeat.

                Will you die for Him?

                Will you die for Him?

                Yes, l will!

                l will die for Him.

                l will die for Him.

                He`s beautiful, Abby...

                ...just like you said he`d be.

                You can`t see him...

                ...but you know.

                You always knew.

                The Hall of Souls is full again.

                lt was you, Abby.

                Just the one person with hope enough for the whole world.

                Remember it all.

                Write it down.

                Tell it...

       people will use the chance she has given them.


Special help by SergeiK