Shaft Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Shaft script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Shaft. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Shaft Script

            Hey, what's up?

            Looks like the kid got clocked with that.

            He gonna make it?

            Got his head stove in pretty good.

            - Witnesses? - Nope.

            - He come from in there? - He's dressed like it.

            You let anybody leave?

            - I know the job. - Hey, I'm just doing mine.

            Excuse me.

            Excuse me.

            Was there anything peculiar? Any commotions?

            You just call her and say what I told you to say.

            Hang up the phone.

            You don't worry about my father. You worry about me.

            I'm not gonna argue--

            - What? - How did you get that blood?

            Blood. What blood?

            I'm gonna ask you again.

            You give me attitude, I'm gonna drag you out of here by your hair.

            How did you get that blood on yourself?

            It was like--

            He started it...

            and I finished it.

            Look, I was razzin' the guy. He couldn't take a joke.

            So you cracked his head open. I can dig it.

            He left all pissed off. I followed him out to apologize.

            Next thing I know, he's coming at me with a silver bat.

            I was defending myself.

            Anybody see you?

            No, officer. It was just me and him out there.

            - Do you know who my father is? - No. Do you?

            - Take him out. - Let'sgo.

            What's your name?

            - Diane Palmieri. - What'd you see, Diane?

            - Nothing. - Why you point that guy out to me?

            I didn't.

            What's that?


            What did you see, Diane?

            Nothing, I swear. I--

            It's a zoo in here, and if I'm working, how can I see anything?

            Detective. We have a potential witness you should see.

            I'll be back in a minute. Keep her company, okay?

            He did it. That racist bastard.

            - That's the one that did it. - How do you know? Did you see it?

            No. He was sitting over there...

            and he was hassling Trey from the minute we walked in the door.

             Right this way. This table over here.

              Excuse me, sir. Yo!

              - What's up, man? - They don't serve no malt liquor.

              No malt liquor, allright?

              No-- "Aiight"?

              - What the hell's your problem? - Let's go. I wanna go.

              No. We're fine. We're fine, okay?

              Don't even worry about it.

              All right. Have a seat over here.

              - What did your friend Trey do? - Nothing.

              He tried to ignore the guy, but the bastard just wouldn 't let up.

              No   's, no Chronic...

              and no-- no lndo, "aiight"?

              Hey. Hey, dawg, is you deaf?

              - Holler back! - What? What an asshole.

              You got that, Tupac?

              - And then what happened? - Trey turned the tables on the guy.

              - What are you doing? - He took napkins and a knife...

              and he poked holes in it.

              - Then he walked over to the guy. - I think you dropped this.

              And he dropped it on his head. Bull's-eye.

              - Dis! -And everybody laughed.

              Take that, chump!

              l guess that little prick was pissed.

              He was embarrassed that all his friends laughed at him.

              Thank you. You can check on your friend now.

              - Getting a low pulse. - We gotta move.

              We're losing him. Let'sget rollin '.

              Tell me he is not the primary on this.

              - It's his catch, Lou.

              Walter Wade,Jr. You big Walter Wade's son?

              - Yes, I am. Correct. - The real estate developer?

              - Daddy's a big man, huh? - Big man.

              Big man.

              The waitress. She saw it, huh?

              So what you do, motherfucker, threaten her?

              Oh, uh, she had to go to the john.


              - Where'd she go? - She left.


              When we get him on board, I'm gonna intubate.

              Let's get that defib ready, guys.

              He's starting to seize.

              - He's having a seizure.

              - Homeboy's got rhythm, huh? - What?

              Damn it.

              Was it something I said?

              lthink my nose is broke.

              I'll clear his airway.

              - He broke my nose. - He's going fast.

              There's no air exchange.

              Let's get this thing open. I can't even get a pulse right now.

              Damn, we're losing him!

              - Son ofa bitch! - Trey!

              I've been waiting for this all year.

              You are gone from this precinct.

              Gone? For what?

              For that?

              His roots in the community couldn 't go deeper. He has no record.

              Your Honor, the charge is homicide.

              Not having done it before is not an excuse.

              Bail is set at $       .

              That don't mean shit!

              You're a killer, man!

              Fuck you!

              Can I get a statement from you?

              - Shaft. - It's Walter Wade.

              Thanks for breaking my nose that night.

              My lawyer says that's why I got bail...

              and that's precisely why I'm skiing in Switzerland right now.

              See you when I see you, slick.

              Aw, come on, man. You suck.

              -John Shaft. - Carmen Vasquez.

              Welcome to Narcotics.

              -Jimmy Groves. -Jack Roselli.

              You transfer in from the  - ?

              Yeah. You John Shaft, huh?

              - Heard you quit. - Not yet.

              Luger, hurry the fuck up, man.

              Come on, you bitch bastard.

              Come on, you Billy Bob motherfucker. Open thegoddamn door.

              Let'sgo. Open the door.

              That's three Happy Meals or four?

              - That's four. And hurry up. - All right.

              Freeze, motherfuckers! Don't move!

              Move your fucking ass out ofthe way!

              Freeze, goddamn it!

              Police! Everybody on the fucking ground!

              Everybody freeze! Grab that motherfucker! On the foor! Now!

              Somebody turn that fucking music off!

              - Put your hands behind your back.

              Oh, no habla Ingles. Now you can't speak no fucking English.

              I bet you can say "kilo," can't you?

              Hey! Hey, goddamn it! Hey!

              Don't make me chase you! You're gonna piss me off!

              Stop, goddamn it! Stop!

              I told you to stop, man!


              Ayudame! Ayudame!

              Throw something else! Throw something else!

              Disperse, motherfuckers! Disperse now!

              Come on! Come on!

              Watch your backs, ladies!

              Abran la puerta! Abran la puerta!

              Abranme! Abranme!

              I'm gonna fuckyou up for making me run!

              You caught me.

              You got me, Papa.

              Peace, motherfucker.


              April fool, motherfucker.

              I told you not to make me run, didn't I?

              This shit's too tight, yo!

              Just sit and think about this ass-whupping you're gonna get.

              It's gonna be a long ride to the precinct.

              Paraphernalia. Nothing.

              - Let me call my wife. - Shut up, corn bread.

              - Let me call my girlfriend. - I said shut the fuck up.

              Easy with the braids, man. What you got against black men anyway?

              Supposed to be like a factory up there.

              They must've gotten a heads-up from someone.

              My kid's got more indictable shit under his bed.

              These scales'll get revolved before we clock out tonight.

              - Look at him. - Who's that?

              Peoples Hernandez. He's the neighborhood alligator.

              lt's all his play up here. He's got about half a dozen apartments.

              Keeps changing his shit on us like it's a shell game.

              You enjoying the show?

              Yo, let me see the ball.

              John, don't do it. Come on.

              John, come on. No!

              Good shot.

              Peoples Hernandez, come on down!


              Shaft. You pissed him off now.

              Here come the troops.

              This is Egyptian cotton, motherfuck.

              Two-twenty thread. This is like half your shitty-assed paycheck, okay?

              Step off, Peoples.

              You wouldn't know Egyptian cotton if Pharaoh himself sent it to you,

              you knock-off wearing motherfucker.

              You best sleep in that vest.

              There you go, papi. You're under arrest for assaulting an officer.

              Stay, Lucifer.

              This is the only way you can touch me.

              You're one pathetic Kentucky Fried nigga.

              I got some chicken wing foryou.

              What have we got here?

              Concealed weapon.

              - The Iceman goeth. - Goeth for a long time.

              Come on.

              Step up.

              On the hop. Let's go.

              - Peoples. Peoples. - Can I get my shoes shined?

              Yeah, you sure can.

              Home sweet home, huh?

              - Stay still, please. - Yo, Shaft.

              I'm gonna put so many lawyers on your ass...

              you're gonna think they opened a branch office up there.

              Lawyers? Lawyers are for punetas.

              - I thought you were gonna smoke me. - I smoke Camels.

              It's not my size.

              Yo, when the van comes for these assholes,

              this one gets the busted seat belt.

              What the hell's he doing here? Tell me it's something good.

              Tell me it ain't one ofyour dick-arounds.

              No. Honest to God, Lou. I was in fear for my life.

              -Yeah, yeah. I know the routine. - Shut the fuck up, corn bread.

              Yo, Luger, what's up with the corn bread?

              Your problem is what?

              Nazis with badges. That's my problem.

              Nazis? You gotta lighten up, Shaft.

              I talk like this all the time.

              I see your point.

              Maybe I should take an ethnic sensitivity workshop, huh?

              - Fuck you. - I should workshop my foot up your ass.

              - How about that? - You pick a color, black or blue?

              - Hey, fuck you, Luger. - How about I make you both, Luger?

              - Anytime, anywhere. - Nothing between us but air--

              - Anytime, anywhere, Shaft. - Come on, motherfucker. - Go, go!

              - I like the way you handled that. - Shut the fuck up!

              Yo, Shaft, you got a call. Guy says it's urgent.

              I think it's the clinic. Your test results may have come.

              Today we find out if I'm your daddy or the German shepherd.

              Ooh, pretty good.

              Well, how good is good?

              You're kidding me.

              Red, if this is another one of your--

              Solid info?

              One hundred percent solid?

              No shit.


              All right. I got it. All right. Thanks.

              I gotcha.

              - What's up? - Old business.

              - You need backup? - No, I got it.

              - Rasaan. - What?

              - I'm calling in a favor, son. - Favor, my ass, motherfucker.

              You ain't got no favors left with me, dawg.

              Them shits is through. You done ran all your shits out.

              Look, nigga, don't argue. Just do it.

              All right, dawg.

              What, Rasaan? What happened?

              I gotta do a favor real quick.

              How you doing?

              Let's get going.

              How you doing, Richie Rich?

              Remember me?

              Refresh my memory.

              Put 'em on.

              Yeah, what's the dilli? Where we offto?

              - Fifteenth precinct. - Okay, dawg.

              Hey, yo, that's my dawg Shaft back there. I mean, that's my man.

              Word up. You all right?

              Cold, chilly? You want a jacket or something?

              I bet you thought I was sneaking back in.

              Crown Heights! Bed-Stuy! Yeah! Bed-Stuy!

              I'm innocent.

              You look depressed, Shaft. You depressed?

              Back away from the car. Back away from the car.

              Fuck with the bull--

              You get the horns!

              Yeah, Shaft! Go on, baby! Yeah!

              You the man, Shaft!

              You the man! You the man, Shaft!

              You know, bro, I'll be out in an hour.

              I don't think so, running man.

              The van to central processing left about five minutes ago...

              and there won't be another one for hours and hours.

              By the time you get down town, we're talking overnight in the tombs,

              and they definitely won't arraign your ass before morning.

              It's a shame we didn't get here a little sooner.

              You look depressed, Walter. You depressed?

              Yo, Peeps, you still here?

              The seat belt on the van was busted.

              - Aw, damn. - lt's called habeas corpus--

              That mean "due process," for the illiterate.

              It's called, "you wanted to play games with me," Peoples.

              I know a shitload of games.

              You boys play nice.

              Teflon Don, nigga! Teflon!


              Hey, blanqui, what he get you for?

              Income tax evasion?

              - Fuck you.


              - What's happening, player? - What's up, big boy?

              Same old same old. Congratulations, man. You was on TV.

              - Let me get your autograph.

              You a star.

              Mr. P., how you be?

              Ah, fine, fine.

              - Who's winning? - Who do you think?

              - Hey. - Congratulations, baby.

              Lucky man.

              Alice, Alice, ease up on my nephew.

              Or that boy's gonna poke a hole in something.


              Mr. big-time private eye. Hey, I earned my pay today.

              Well, you did bring him in. There's no denying that.

              But what?

              But what? Come on, come on. Spit it out.

              Nothing, nothing. So when you gonna come on board with me, my man?

              - Soon. - Soon?

              You're always saying that.

              - We shouldn 't fuckin 'be here, man! - We got busted, man!

              - The same bust! - You makin 'too much money!

              Give me your shoes.

              They wouldn't fit you.

              I only ask once.

              You want my shoes?

              For two years now, I've been meaning to ask you.

              When you dress like this, where exactly do you strap your piece?

              You mean you forgot already?

              Well, you know it was way back in the day.

              Maybe you should ask Lamont.

              Why I gotta ask Lamont? I'm standing right here.

              Damn, nigga! Why you always up on my woman?

              This is the type of shit that get a motherfucker killed.

              I was asking a legitimate-ass question.

              Why is it every time you see me talking to her, you roll up on me?

              - You feeling insecure? - Lamont, he's just kidding.

              I ain't studying this bullshit. We can settle this shit right now!

              - Back off the motherfuckin' Armani. - Fuck you and your Armani!


              We got you, baby. We got you. Surprise, baby.

              Do you want a smoke?

              Don't smoke. Thanks.

              My name is Peoples.

              You know why they call me that?

              'Cause "ch-you" always takes care of "ch-your" peoples?

              Yeah, actually, more or less.

              You play golf?

              - Not for a while. - Golf is phat.

              Tiger Wood. Tiger Wood.

              I like him.

              - You got a boat? - I had one.

              What kind of boat you had?

              A Boston Whaler.

              Boston Whaler.

              You been around the world, right?

              - Yeah. - You know something?

              I got money longer than train smoke.

              I never been on an airplane in my whole goddamn life.

              Let me ask you something.

              The, uh--

              Cinco familia.

              Five family, five borough,

              one love.


              You an interesting motherfuck.

              You got like a... business card or something?

              - Congratulations. - Thank you.

              Don't kiss me, motherfucker.

              - Good night. - Later, dawg.

              ...backin custody tonight after a two-year flight from justice.

              Wade, seen here after his arraignment in     

              was rearrested by Detective John Shaft...

              as he few into Westchester County Airport tonight.

              I don't get it. Why the fuck did he come back?

              If it was me, I'd never come back.

              Yeah, see, if there ever was a "but what?" that'd be it.

              Comes to justice, that kid's old man's got enough juice...

              to slip his thumb on the scale and nobody'll say nothing.

              Ain't no fucking way he walks from this.

              - No way. - Really?

              Let's roll.

              - Goodnight. - Night, all.

              Such a cynical motherfucker.

              You wanna come home with me tonight?

              - It's been a while. - So what is it this time?

              You just wanna be held, or you want the L.D.?

              What you think it is? l want the L.D., baby.

              And then I wanna be held.

              - That's all right with you? - You know me.

              It's my duty to please that booty.

              Finish up. Let's go.

              Kearney, how's retirement?

              - Catfish are jumpin'. - Heard you bought a big house.

              -Four-bedroom Colonial on the water. -Let me ask you something.

              How does a pencil-pushing, apple-stealing, dickhead like you...

              afford a four-bedroom Colonial in Nassau motherfucking County?

              How much did they pay you, Kearney?

              After working a job uptown for    years,

              you know what I like best about where I live?

              How do I say this?

              It's a restricted community.

              Your Honor, my client did not fly home      miles to jump bail.

              You mean jump bail again.

              No doubt.

              He was in the wind for two years, Judge.

              If he decides to take off again, the mood of the people in this city--

              Talk about the people! We can't risk the possibility...

              of waiting another two years, two months, two days, two hours.

              The District Attorney's office is ardently opposed to bail.

              - How about no bail? - Remove that man.

              - Get him out ofhere. - Hey, back up, son! Back up, son!

              Hey, son. Hey, yo, you gonna get your ass twisted.

              You better get off me!

              Your point is well taken, Mr. Torres.

              Defendant is ordered to surrender his passport to this court.

              However, I believe that young Mr. Wade...

              is sincere in his desire to deal with whatever form of judgment...

              this room deems necessary to deliver.

              -Bail is set at one million dollars. -What?

              -My client is prepared to post bail.

              What the fuck is wrong with you?

              - I'm out. I'm done. - What are you, nuts?

              - Come on, John. This is whack. - Fuck the job!

              - I'll get him my own goddamn way. - Ah! Insane!

              - Hey, hey! - All right, I'm cool.

              I quit.

              I remember when I took that job thinking I could fight from inside,

              and you telling me about all the problems.

              That color thing-- Too black for the uniform, too blue for the brothers.

              About how justice gets tangled up in red tape or bought off by the green.

              You were right. Fuck that job. Fuck the badge.

              I'll get that silver-spoon motherfucker my own way.

              - No lawyers, politics, no rules. - No pension.

              - What? - You're too hot, step offa bit.

              - Let me put my people on him. - No. Hell no.

              - His ass is mine. - Hey, what's the difference?

              Got is got.

              His ass... is mine.

              - We're in pretty good shape. - What about the waitress?

              Paul, talk to him. Thankyou.

              The truth is, Walter, we can't fi nd her.

              This guy is great.

              Do you know why we can't find her?

              'Cause she doesn't want to be found.

              Do you want to go back to Switzerland while we track her down?

              It could take a year, two, ten, maybe never.

              Meanwhile, everything andeveryone else is in place.

              I don't believe this.

              Even ifshe does surface, she is seriously damaged goods.

              It'sjust a roll ofthe dice, kid.

              I'll roll my own damn dice.

              Now, Walter-- Walter--

              - Oh, hello. How are you? - Hello, my darling.

              - How was your day? - ls that my mother's choker?

              - Oh, well, uh-- - You gave her my mother'sjewelry?

              Well, let me-- Walter. Walter.


              - Walter!

              Hi, Miss Palmieri. Remember me?

              Look, lreally need to talk to Diane.

              She don't live here. She lives in the Bronx.

              Yeah, I checked the last address I had.

              Well, right now she's in Europe.

              - Europe? Where in Europe? - Spain.

              - I love Spain. - Maybe Italy.

              I never know till I get the postcard. What can I tell you?

              Hey, okay. Thanks.

              I'll probably get fi red for this, but I thought you might need help.

              Terry. From Metronome, right?

              - Remember me? - Yeah.

              How did you fi nd me?

              I'm free on Monday nights, Tuesday nights and every other Wednesday.

              Read my mind. Why am I here?

              - You're looking for Diane? - Got it.

              - What's in it for me? - What you need?

              - Fuck that bitch! - Look down the corner.

              See that little nigga, the one with the redhat?

              That's Malik, okay?

              Now, my son Tony, he's a real good boy.

              A good student.

              But he's     and I caught him twice last week running errands for Malik.

              I need for that to stop. Can you handle that?

              Everybody on fucking drugs! Nothin' but money!

              That's Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.

              - Right? - You got it, baby.


              Fucking haves and the should not haves, motherfucker.

              Who is the fuck is to say lshouldn 't have shit?

              Anybody looking to maintain their employment with the N.Y.P.D.,

              it might be in their best interest to leave now.


              Down! Down! Down! Down!

              Man, leave him alone.

              - What's my name? - What?

              - What's my name? - I don't know.

              -John Shaft! - What?

              -John Shaft! Say it! -John Shaft.

              There's a kid lives up the block about     named Tony. Know him?

              - Yeah. - Wrong answer!

              There's a kidlives down the block about    named Tony. Knowhim?

              - Nah, I don't know that kid. - Stay!

              - Quit pointing the gun! - This kid you don't know.

              You see him coming, you run foryour motherfuckin' life.

              - Do you ever wanna see me again? -No.

              - Do you ever wanna see me again? - No!

              - What's my name? - I forgot.

              - What's my name? -John Shaft. John Shaft.

              John Shaft, yo.

              You ever wanna see me-- Oh, you answered that, huh?

              My bad.

              What? What?

              Fuck all that!. Fuck all ofyou!

              - Give that back to me, man. - It worked out great.

              Yeah. Okay.

              Hey, hey, hey, guys. Break it up.

              - You're fi ghting over rubber? - He started it.

              No, you always start it.

              Here. Jump for it, okay? And behave.

              Get out ofthe way. Get out ofthe way.

              Get the fuck out ofthe road!

              What areyou fucking doing, you crackhead?

              Leon, the minute she shows up, you call me, right?

              Yeah. All right.

              How you gonna get me into the police academy with you chuckin' your job?

              - Who lost your rap sheet for you? - You.

              - Who got you that Jets tryout? - You.

              - Who got you that gig at the club? - You.

              - Who delivers ten times out often? - All right, dawg. You.

              So shut the fuck up and call me when she shows.

              Why the hell you wanna be a cop any--

              Forget I asked. Got milk?

              I got some milk. You want some milk? I got a whole bunch of milk.

              Mira, I am telling you,

              Jeter hit one home run,

              two doubles and he walk once.

              He walk once.

              Y- Y- You dressing down to blendin or something?

              You look like a fucking duck hunter.

              I need someone located.

              Located? What you mean, found?

              Located and then what?

              That's gonna cost you.

              -What am I, a pawnbroker? -I had it all appraised.

              It'll cash out to about      .

              - Stole? - Inherited.


              Forty thousand?

              Yo, Peoples, it's him.

              That's you!

              Cono, man. He's fucking famous.

              Hundreds of people were outside the court house...

              protesting the judge's decision to grant bail.

              The case continues to arouse fierce passions in this city.

              The trial is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

              We are, of course, following this case very closely...

              to bring you the latest developments.

              Flaco, Flaco, Flaco, we got Hollywood right here in the house.

              I gotta tell you something.

              In this neighborhood, I am the motherfucking king snake.

              I do like this... on      , three people die on Riverside.

              But the thing of it is, you know,

              I go down town to take a girl out, show her the sights.

              I walk into a restaurant, my stomach's in a knot,

              my teeth is clenched, my hands is in fists.

              I don't fit in down there. People look at me, size me up.

              So ten minutes into it, lcan't wait to come backhome.

              - I'm like a prisoner, you know? - Okay.

              But you--

              See, I would kill to be you.

              Go where you go.

              Do what you do.

              So this is what I propose.

              Okay, thejewelry and shit-- go hock the fash, bring me the cash.

              I'm not gonna not take it.

              But what I really want--

              I want you to start taking me down town with you.

              I want you to start taking me wherever you go.

              You mean like  hang out together?

              "Hang out." That's good.

              Take you to Lutece, the Harvard Club? What are you talking about?

              No, no, no, no, no.

              When I say "me,"

              "me" is this.

              I want you to front for me, be my face.

              Get me some upscale customers.

              I would like that very much.

              You get me into your world, I do that bitch for you.

              Word is bond.

              Man, you're doing a little bit too much of your own product.

              - What? - Look, it's       .

              l thought it was gonna be more, but that's what it is.

              If it's really important to you,

              you can tell everybody you got a rich white boy on a rope.

              I really don't care.

              But entre nous?

              No fuckin' way.

              Oye. What's up, Peoples? Let me keep this.

              You know,

              you took a big risk...

              coming here all by yourself.

              Did I?

              - Yo, Peoples, can I keep this? - No.

              - Forty thousand? - That's what I said.

              But this other thing, you can't do for me?

              Not on your life.

              Not on my life?

              -Let me live. Let me keep that ice. -No.

              The man gonna need it to raise some money.

              You drive a hard bargain, blanquito.

              Where the fuck did he go?


              What is wrong with you, sneakin' around behind me? You wanna die?

              - Hey. Come on. Con calma, cono. - Get in the car.

              He hadthis, uh, chabo-- money belt...

              stuffed with rocks.

              Peoples tell him to cash it in and, vaya que bien, done deal.

              You talkin' about Walter Wade, the white boy, right?

              Si, si, anglo blanquito from the television.

              They're gonna kill that whitegirl.

              Cono, man.

              - What's up? - Gettin' to know the lay ofthe land. How you doin'?

              Yeah, I'm havin' a conversation here.

              - The courthouse was rough shit. - Right, right.

              - You sure you're all right? - Yeah, I'm cool.

              ? Cono, man! Me voy, huh?

              Hey, Shaft, l heard you quit la policia.

              So I don't think it's right I gotta do this shit anymore.

              Okay, okay. Okay, Shaft, okay.


              Thisguy comes in here,

              he's got his drawers stuffed with jewelry and he asks me,

              "Can you locate somebody?"

              And I say yeah, because he's kinda like a celebrity, you know.

              You don't want to say no. His coming to me, it's all fattering and shit.

              The truth of it is, finding people, that's not really my forte.

              So this is what I propose.

              You detectives and shit, right?

              You detect.

              So why don't I subcontract to you?

              The guy says the shit'll cash out to    G's. He's gonna bring it tonight.

              With you l split it down the middle--   -  .

              Easiest money you'll ever make.

              You take half, l take half.

              Ten large?

              Ten thousand.

              All you gotta do is tell me where she's at.

              Then what happens?

              Easiest money you'll ever make.

              You wanna tell him about Tattoo?

              Can I talk to you for a moment?


              - Wonder what the market did today. - How the fuck should I know?

              - All the white boys. - Get the fuck outta here!

              Solo lo blanquito.

              Sabes, sonso, como es--


              l heard you need a job.

              But this?

              You know when guys like you go down for good?

              When they get aspirations.

              When they try and rise above their station.

              Now, this contract killin' thing you got with WalterJr.--

              Do yourself a favor.

              You're a two-bit, three-block dope dealer. Stick to what you know.

              Calmate. Stick to what l know?

              Fuck you, motherfucker. I'm a star.

              Yo soy elmeyeme.

              You ain't shit. You ain't even a fuckin' pig no more.

              Do you think that makes me less dangerous or more dangerous?

              Now, l see you somewhere l think you don't belong,

              I will kill you.

              Calmate. Calmate.

              Mira, mira, mira, mira. Look.

              I respect you.

              l like you.

              That why you always wanna fuck me?

              Tenga un buen dia.

              Puta, why you finch?

              Ms. Palmieri.

              Wait here.


              She didn't see nothin', and she ain't gonna testify.

              - Stay the fuckaway from mysister! - Noguns! Take it easy!

              Well, if your sister didn't see anything, why's she runnin' so hard?

              -Just leave her be. - Wade threaten her again?

              - Don't move. - This is fuckin' bullshit!

              - Look, l can take care of that. - Leave her be.



              Ma, go back in the house.

              Wejust wanna talk to her.

              Yeah, sure, with those guns. Get lost.

              What do you think?

              - They shot a blank. - Nothin', right?


              Come on, Shaft. Lead us to that waitress.

              lthink we're being tailed.

              Roselli and Groves.

              They're following us?

              They saw me with Tattoo last night.

              Now Peoples is probably payin' 'em to fi nd Diane.

              So, yeah, they're following us.

              First Walter, Peoples.

              Now these two.

              They like to fuck with people, huh?

              I'm gonna have to show 'em what fuckin' with people's all about.

                th and Fifth.

              - What you starin' at, bitch? - Punk-ass!

              Hey, you better keep steppin', motherfucker.

              Fuckin ' white boy.

              Freeze, mofo, 'fore I bust a cap in your dome!


              - How'd I sound? - How'd you sound?

              "Freeze, mofo, 'fore I bust a cap in your dome."

              Oh, pure, notorious P.I.G.

              Thank you, man. That means a lot coming from you.

              - How much we get? - Hang on. You are so controlling.

                   -- that's a lot of count for a simple murder.

              I know cats that'd take out a whole zip code for that kind of cheese.

              Anyways, it's a one time favor, okay?

              I owe you one.

              You still a motherfuckin' cracker. You know that, right?

              Fuck you too, corn bread.

              I'm out.

              Well, l gotta tell you--

              Flaco, busca elmaterial para el.

              The wheels already is in motion.

              You know what I'm saying? Can't just turn off the dogs of war.

              Look, I got fuckin' mugged.

              I have no money.

              I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.

              Calma. Calma.

              Well, I guess you just got to earn it back.

              Ounces are a thousand.

              Eight-ball's    . A gram's   . lt's allprebagged.

              And I tell you like I tell all my boys--

              If you cut it any more, you can say good-bye to repeat customers.

              You gotta be shittin' me.

              You keep coming back, re-up with me nine orten times,

              we should be even-steven in about...

              - six, eight months.

              Is this a fuckin' joke?

              To keep in touch.

              - Hello?

              - Mom, you called me? - Those detectives came around.

              - I'm not testifying! - I know. I know.

              I'm not a bad person. I'm not.

              I know you're not.

              l won't testify!

              - Baby-- - Mom, just keep 'em away from me.

              - Diane?

                 -   -    .

              I need a number check.

                 -   -    .

              Comes up Tony DeCarlo,

                   CromwellStreet, Marine Park.

              Andhey, tellShaft get that bastard.

              He's probably gettin' one ofthose Simonizejobs.

              Let's play games.

              - How you doin, partner? - You ready, Leon?

              Let's roll.

              Come on, Shaft. Lead us to the prize, baby.

              Bro, I gotta pee.

              He's sittin 'right overthere. He'llleadyou right to thegirl.

              - You got our money?

              That boy, the celebrity, he got mugged.

              - He what? - He showed up all, "No tengo dinero, boss."

              Do I look like a fuckin' fool to you?

              - I don't know. - Yo, where's ourmoney?

              l just told you he got mugged.

              That's like-- that's like an act of God. You know, obra de Dios.

              - Where is our fuckin' money? - He got mugged. Ask him.

              Dangerous times are here now. You got to watch your back too.

              - You watch yours too. - New World Order got to be careful.

              Yo, yo, give me Peoples, man.


              Who the fuckis this? Hello?

              Say exactly what I told you, word for word.

              - I'll blow his brains out. - Take it easy. Just be ready.

              - What? - Hey, them two you fuckin' with?

              They robbed the white boy. They got the money under the seat.

              They playin' you, dude.

              Step out of the car, please.

              Excuse me?

              Yo, yo, yo, what's up?

              What's this about, huh? What?

              What? What?


              !La puneta! !Mira, mira, mira!

              - Let's roll, soul.

              Oh, shit.

              lknow what this isgonna soundlike, but we hadno idea.

              - You know what that's gonna sound like? - Come on, easy, easy.

              Ifwe thought of it, which we didn't, we would've taken him out ourselves.

              We're none of us nice people here.

              But that being said, we delivered. You got your dough.

              - Now give us our cut. - Your cut?

              - I'll give you your cut! - Give us our fuckin' money!

              - We'll kill you, motherfucker! - Someone's gotta go! Let's all die!

              Hold it! Yo, Peoples!

              - I saw Shaft. He drove off. - What?

              - I saw Shaft. He drove off. - Shaft?

              Then who the fuck is that?

              Ha ha! What?

              He's playin' us. Shaft is playin' us.

              - You got it, right? - lgot it, baby.

              Hello, can I speak to Diane "Palm-eye-ri," please?

              No, Rasaan. Palmieri.

              Palmieri! I said I got it, dude.

              What the fuckyou lookin' at me like that for, anyway?

              Hi. Good morning. I'm from Publisher's Clearinghouse.

              Is Diane "Palm-eye-ri" home at the moment?

              - l don't know who you're talking about. - Wait a second.

              Wait! You got some dough comin '!

              Go. Go, go, go.

              l ain 't bullshittin '!

              Wish this fool'd hurry up so we could get outta here.

              - It's okay. It's okay!

              - Leave me alone! - Listen to me!

              Mikey, get your brother and get over here now.

              Yo, Shaft! Yo!

              Va yan por adelante yporatras.

              Shit. Motherfucker bring me out here for this bullshit.

              !Matalos, cono! I should be in there, man.

              - Let me go. - I said stay!

              Atrasde la casa. ?Ahora!

              - Yo, Shaft! - Start the fuckin' car!

              - Come on!


              - Get the broad in the car! - Open the door!

              No! You killed my little brother!

              You best kill me!

              You best killme, motherfucker!

               You best kill me, motherfucker! You best kill me!

                - Get in the car. - You best kill me, motherfucker!

                You best killme!

                - Let my sister go! - Diane! Diane!

                - Get out of here, Rasaan! - Let her go!

                - Diane! - Fuckyou, motherfucker.

                - Calm down! - I'll choke that motherfucker! Didn't see nothin'!

                -What the fuck are you doing to her? -Go, goddamn it!

                - You got me out here with no--

                - Mikey!

                - You fucked him!


                - Damn it! - You motherfucker, I'll--

                Mikey! Mikey!

                This is fucked.

                Oy, mi-- Hermanito.

                Hermanito. Oy, mi Dios.

                Oy, mi Dios.

                You follow them.

                - Peoples, at this point-- - Look at my little brother!

                You follow them, you fi nd out where they go,

                and you call me.

                I'll take it from there. Don't worry about it, you puerco sucio.

                Motherfucker, you owe me now,

                Mr. Big-time Shaft.

                I tell you, before we get up in here I'm gon' warn y'all.

                I gave the cleaning lady a few years off.

                You know, let her get her shit together.

                Once l pick some of this shit up, light some candles and incense,

                everything'll be just cool.

                Goddamn, Rasaan, this is like a biohazard in here.

                You're welcome. Why don't you sit down, relax.

                You first. That's nasty.

                What? Sit down.

                Go ahead. Sit down.

                Man, this is some repugnant shit.


                - Fuck!

                Wait! What the fuck is g-- Whoa!

                You come, next thing I know Shaft put my brother in a box.

                - What? - Snatched that bitch and put my brother in a box.

                - He what? - You got something in your ear?

                I come back later, put this in your ass.

                You fuckin'--

                Hey, Carmen, lgotJohn Shaft on the line.

                Yeah, Peoples.

                     Norstrom Avenue, between Prospect Place and Park Place.

                We'll sit tight in case he makes a move.

                Let's go! Let's go!

                What about the blow?

                Yo, Ras.

                Hey, yo, big man. What are you doin' over there?

                Come on. Let's get going over there.

                Yeah, real funny.

                - l wanna check on my brother. -Allright, paisan.

                Go check on your fratello.

                Look, it'sjust the two of us here.

                You saw it, didn't you?

                And it's like a big, fat stone layin' on your chest.

                You gotta let go of it, Diane.

                Trust me on this.

                Just let it go.

                I was on my break.

                l went out front to have a cigarette.

                l was out there about ten minutes.

                l see the black kid, Trey, comin 'out, and he was pissed.

                Talkin 'to himself, like, pacin 'and cursin '.

                He didn 't see me.

                Then, like...

                a minute later the Wade guy comes out.

                He doesn 't even break stride.

                He snatches up this silver, l don't know, pole.

                And the Trey kid turns to him, and he saw him.

                He saw it comin '.

                Just bashes him.

                The spray, you know.


                Then he sees me.


                l wanted to run. My legs wouldn 't move.

                And he comes over and pushes me.

                - Give me your wallet.

                l didn 't understand.

                Diane Palmieri.

                You see that? Huh?

                You want a taste of that? You want a taste?

                You're gonna go back inside,

                you're gonna finish your shift.

                Then you're gonna go home.

                Somebody will call you later tonight.

                Do you understand me?

                l don't even remember going back inside.

                I remember talkin' to you,

                l remember duckin 'out the back and goin 'home,

                and I got a call like he said I would.

                Some guy.

                Very smooth, very--

                And the next day I just started runnin'.

                I been kinda runnin' ever since.


                Now here's the good news.

                You are about to stop running.

                - This trial is gonna-- - You don't get it, do you?

                I took money.

                The man who called me offered me $        to get lost--

                half right then, and half after the disposition of the case.

                And I said yes.

                l took $      and l disappeared.

                See, I told myself, I pointed him out to you.

                I fingered that son of a bitch, and I got him arrested.

                And l told myself that was enough.

                But obviously it wasn 't.

                I mean, obviously.

                I'm so sorry.

                These last two years,

                they must've been hell on you.


                I could be home trading stocks on the Internet.

                - I could be watching the Knicks. - Yeah.

                Oh, shit!

                - Could she know about us? - How the fuck do I know?

                - Jesus Christ. - She's coming this way.

                Play it easy. Stay with me.


                - How you doin'? - Hey. Hey.

                - What are you guys doin' here? - Watching your back.

                I just got here. My back?

                Your back, Shaft's back. You know.

                Well, he never said where he was gonna be.

                The drums. You hear things.


                He picked a pretty tough neighborhood to lay lowin.

                - You wearin' your vest? - Nah.

                Jesus Christ!


                - Shit. - Police business.

                - Police business. - What the fuck you shootin' at now?

                Shootin' at your ass if you don't get out of my face!

                - Hey, fuck you! - Step off. Get a life, girls.

                - Hey, get these nuts, cops! - Go piss in the bed, boy.

                - What? - Yeah, keep walkin '. Keep walkin '.

                - Yeah. - Bitch-ass cops.

                Oh, shit.


                What next, maestro?

                We finish what we started.

                -What the fuck I do with these keys? -Rasaan!

                - Hurry up. Come on. - Be right there. Don't rush me.

                - You ready? Come on, Diane. - Yeah, let'sgo.

                Let's go see the D.A.

                Get out the window, now!

                Oh, shit!

                Out! Out! Go!

                You got my house fucked up!

                Go. Let's get 'em.

                - Stay behind me. Come on!

                Come on! Come on, Diane!

                Go! Go!

                - They went out the window!

                Hurry the fuck up!

                Come on.

                Oh, fuck, man!

                Go to the car! Go to the car!

                Come on, go, go! This way.


                My kids. You can't believe what private schools are charging.

                This is breakin' my heart.

                Shoot him.

                It's Guiliani time.



                !La esquina! !Al carro! !Al carro! !Vamos! !Manejen!

                Yo, Shaft, get in the car!

                l'm 'bout to leave all you motherfuckers, man!

                What the fucky'all doin'? Shut the fuck up and drive!

                - Oh, shit! Fuck! Shit! Fuckin'--

                Hold on, y'all!

                Shoot his ass!

                Oh, shit! The car!

                Watch that shit!

                You fuckin' up my car, you pussies!

                Just drive, goddamn it! Drive!

                Oh, shit!

                - Whoo! - Shoot them motherfuckers!

                - Yeah! Yeah!

                - Okay, calm down. Calm down.

                They can't fuck with us! They can't fuck with us!

                You know how I hold it behind the wheel. They can't fuck with me.

                - Hey, Shaft!

                No more Tefon don, yo.

                No more hotshit, babe.

                l'm a motherfucking deadman.

                First to admit it.

                Maybe you kill me, or the cops.

                Maybe I kill myself. What do you think?

                Look, this is between you and me.

                - Let her go. - You know, that's the funny thing.

                I'm not your enemy. I'm Peoples.

                - They your enemy. - Hey! Hey!

                I know your enemy.

                - They your enemy.

                - You're doing Wade's dirty work ? - You gon' shoot me, Shaft?

                All I got is this. Let's go, man.


                All right, l'm putting the gun down.

                Mano a mano. Come on.

                Let's go.

                Ta bueno. Ta bueno.

                Vamo a pelear.

                Take your woman!

                Ta bueno.

                I'm not your enemy.

                l'm Peoples.

                l'm Peoples.

                Come on, motherfucker. Come on.

                - You through? - Vamos, anciano.

                Vamos a pelear, ami. Yo soy Peoples.

                - It's okay.

                - The son of developer Walter Wade,

                who fled the country more than two years ago,

                has been out on bail awaiting this day...

                to try and convince a jury of his innocence.

                - Hey, shepasses through. - Come on through.

                Everybody else, back up, please.


                This morning we got a whole new lineup.

                Got a newjudge, the D.A. himself is running the prosecution,

                and we have an eyewitness.

                Today we're gonna get our money's worth.

                I know we will.

                - Shaft, can we have a word? - How you doin'?

                Mrs. Howard, do you have a comment on the new prosecutor?


                - I'm scared to death. - Hey, look, you're gonna be fine.

                If you feel yourself tightenin' up--

                -Just look for you. - I'll be there.

                - Jesus.

                -You don't even have to look at him. - Okay.

                - Hmm? - Okay. Okay.

                - Hope you die a slow death! - Back off! Back off!

                - Guilty! - Back it off! Let's go!

                No, don't!

                - Get down!

                Let her go! Let her go! Let her go! Let her go!

                Let her go! Let her go! Let her go! Let her go!

                Let her go! Let her go! Let her go! Let her go!

                You still determined to be a private eye?

                - I think you're making a mistake. - l don't.

                - Why don't you come in with us? - I like what I do.

                Yeah, right.

                -You Detective Shaft? -Used to be.

                I need to file me an assault charge against my boyfriend.

                People say l should talk to you.

                This is Detective Vasquez. She's--

                She's unavailable at the moment.

                See that guy on the phone? When he's done, he'll help you.

                - They said I should talk to you. - l don't work here anymore.

                Have a seat. When he's done, he'll help you.

                Write the asshole's name where I can find him.

                You can't do that.

                One for the road.

                Why don't you get that looked at. I'll see what I can do.

                Now what?

                I gotta pull this asshole's coat. Wanna back me up?

                Back you up?



                Good luck to you.

                You damn jerk.

                Yo, Shaft, man, we gotta talk, dawg.

                - What's the deal, son? - The deal is, my life is fucked.

                You know what I mean? I ain't got no car. I ain't got no business.

                I can't eat.

                You done came by the apartment and shot up the whole fuckin' building.

                - Landlady wants me in the street. - It ain't that bad.

                - What? - It ain't all that.

                Fuck both of y'all then. It's my motherfuckin' life.

                Rasaan, Rasaan, shut up. Here.

                What you giving me that for?

                This is for me?

                This is my shit?

                That's why I love you, baby.

                Oooh, brother, what the fuck you doin'?

                You always take care of me. l love you for that, baby.

                - Let's roll. We got work to do. - You call this work?

                Ooh, yeah, cat. Yo, Shaft, I been thinkin'.

                Ooh, yeah, cat. Yo, Shaft, I been thinkin'.

                Y'all should make me an associate in this detective game y'all got..

                l wouldn't do no hard-core detective work.

                l wanna take pictures of broads cheatin 'on their husbands.

                - l just wanna hold a camera, dawg.

                - All you'll be holdin ' is the wheel.

                Yeah, "bruddah, "yeah. We off into the sunset, "bruddah. "

Special help by SergeiK