Shallow Grave Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Shallow Grave script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Danny Boyle movie with Ewan McGregor.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Shallow Grave. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Shallow Grave Script



           I'm not ashamed. I've known love.

           I've known rejection.

           I'm not afraid to declare my feelings.

           Take trust, for instance, or friendship.  These are the important things in life.

            These are the things that matter,  that help you on your way.

             If you can't trust your friends,  well what then? What then?

             This could have been any city.

             They're all the same.

            Hello. I've come about the room.

            - So what's his name? - I don't know. Campbell or something.

            - Cameron. - Cameron? Really?

            That's right.


            - Are you comfortable? - Yes, thanks.

            - Have you seen the flat? - Yes.

            - And you like it? - Yes, it's great.

            We all like it. The room's nice, too, don't you think?

            Spacious, bright, all that sort of stuff, all that sort of crap.

            Well, yes.

            So tell me, cos I'd like to know, what on earth could make you think...

            ..we'd want to share this flat with someone like you?

            My first impression is that you have none of the qualities we seek from a flatmate.

            I'm talking about things like presence, charisma, style and charm.

            I don't think we're asking too much, or being unreasonable.

            Take David here. An accountant he may be, but at least he tries hard.

            Trouble is, I just don't think you're trying.

            Hey, Cameron, I mean this. Good luck.

            - Just a few questions. - What about your hobbies?

            - Why do you want a room here? - Do you smoke?

            When you sacrifice a goat and rip its heart out, do you summon hellfire?

            It's a straightforward question. Either you're divorced or you're not.

            - Or do you just send out for a pizza? - Do a little freebase, maybe?

            How do you decide which shade of black to wear?

            OK, I'm going to play you just a few seconds of this tape.

            Name the song, the lead singer,...

            ..and three hit singles subsequently recorded by him with another band.

            Let me get this straight. This affair that you're "not" having,...

   it not with a man or not with a woman?

            Turning very briefly to corporate financing...

            No, this is important. Leveraged buyouts: a good or a bad thing?

            When did anyone last say to you these exact words:

            "You are the sunshine of my life"?

            And how would you react, then, if I told you I was the Antichrist?

            Do you like my picture?

            Defeat. Defeat. Defeat.

            Sporting, personal, financial, professional, sexual and everything.


            - Did you know that...? - Alex. Just serve.

            Anyway, I wasn't tryin' to win. I don't want to devalue your victory, Juliet.

            - I wasn't tryin' to win. - Victory's the same as defeat.

            It's giving in to destructive urges.

            Did you learn that in your psychotherapy group?

            - Discussion group. - I thought you'd stopped going.

            He had too many of those urges. You of all people should know about that.

            God, you two are sensitive.

            All I'm doing is implying some kind of ugly, sordid, sexual liaison.

            - I'd be proud of that. - Maybe you should go.

            - You'll meet someone wonderful. - For my life?

            - A discussion group? I think not. - For the flat.

            No, it'd be someone like him, and one's enough, thank you very much.

            What about that girl? That friend of yours, the one that came round. I liked her.

            We had something. She could have moved in. We had chemistry.

            - She hated you... - She had problems.

            ..more than anyone she had ever met in her entire life.

            Like they say, you know, she's got to want to change, hasn't she?

            - You must be Hugo. - And you must be Juliet.

            - Would you like to come in? - I'd be delighted.

              - What do you do?  - I've been away for a while.

               Travelling. And now I'm writing a novel.


               - What's it about?  - It's actually about a priest who dies.

               I see.

              Maybe you're right. Maybe I ought to change it. You're right.

              I mean, who wants to read another story about a dead priest?

              In fact, it's about another guy, he's not a priest, and he lives.

              He doesn't die. See? It's better already.

              - Writing seems easy. - It's a breeze. No problem.

              Do you think you could answer that?

              - What, the telephone? - But... if it's for me, I'm not here.

              Right. You're not here.



              Yes, it is, yes. Who's calling, please?

              Well, I'm sorry, but she's not... she's not in right now.

              No, I've got absolutely no idea.

              Would you like to leave a message?

              OK. Goodbye.

              That was, um... a guy called Brian.

              - Did he sound upset? - A little bit, yeah.

              - Is that good or bad? - It's an improvement.

              - Shall I get the phone?

              Just leave it. He knows I'm probably at home. I'm working nights this week.

              - You're working nights? - I'm a doctor.


              - And he's a patient? - No, but he needs treatment.

              - For what? - A certain weakness.

              - The human condition. - Oh. You know about it.

              - Well, I write about it. - And that's not the same thing?

              No. I'm like all novelists - on a search of the self.

               Has he tried  down the back of the fridge?

              He seemed like a nice guy, Alex.

              I'm not saying he didn't seem like a nice guy.

              I just said it's a bit strange, this search of the self or whatever.

              He didn't seem strange, Alex.

              He seemed... you know,...

              - ..interesting. - Interesting?

              - Interesting.

              Hello? No, she's not in.

              I don't know. I've no idea.

              - Who was it? - I don't know. He sounded Swedish.

              - Do you know any Swedish men? - No.

              Maybe it was just the emotion.

              - What do you think? - About what?

              - About this Hugo person. - I don't have the time.

              - I'm just asking what you think. - I don't care, so long as he's not a freak.

              David. It's your mother's handwriting. I didn't open it.

              I don't like reading about your father's constipation.

              - So we'll meet him, then? - What?

              Yeah, yeah, whatever. I tell you, every letter this guy writes you is the same.

              They all begin like true love and descend into open pornography.

              "I dream of your thighs, the touch of your white skin leading me in desire,...

              ..while I, aroused and inflamed..." Aroused and inflamed?

              He even signs them in his own name.

              I'd sign someone else's. I'd sign his name. If I wrote them, that is, which I don't.

              Interesting. That's what she said.

              Interesting. You see, that's why you're here.

              I don't usually meet people, unless I already know them.

              - I see. - People can be so cruel.

              So, um...

              ..well, we think it's fine.

              Ah. So, I can have the room?

              - Yes, you can have the room. - I'm not usually drunk.

              - Not usually this drunk. - Only on expenses.

              He's going to tell you he could have been someone.

              Instead of what he is, which is the man we know and love.

              ..tired out, empty shell of a... Know and love?

              - I think you're lying. - You're right.

              - You see? They don't really know me. - No, Alex. We don't really love you.

              Can you afford this place?

              Oh, yeah.

              - Can I ask you a question? - Certainly.

              Have you ever killed a man?


              That's fair enough, then.

              Well, it certainly smells like the real thing.

               Rangers have made a few  dramatic comebacks this season.

               But they'll really have to  draw on all of their resources.

              - Have you seen Hugo? - No.

              Any idea which channel he's on?

               ..the High Court in Edinburgh.

              Oh, for fuck's sake.

              No, she's not in.

              - Have you seen him? - I don't have the time.

              - Yes or no? David, yes or...? - No!

              - David hasn't seen him either. - So I gathered.

              - Maybe he didn't like us. - David?

              - No, Hugo. - His car's still there.

              - He's got a car? - Yeah. What's wrong with that?

              - What sort of car? - I don't know, Alex. I'm just a girl.

              I'll ask you once more. What sort of car?

              A blue one, OK? And it's still there.

              Hugo, I'm sorry about this, but can you open your door?

              It's us, your flatmates and companions, your new-found friends.

              - He's not there. I can't see him at all. - Maybe he's in the wardrobe.

              Of course he's not in the bloody wardrobe.

              - It's a joke, Alex. - I think he probably left.

              - We'll probably never see him again. - Alex, the key is on the other side.

              - So? - Open it.

              You want me to kick this in? Now?

              - Yeah. - OK, no problem.

              Do you want a go?

              OK, you size that up.

              - Is this what they always look like? - Yes.

              - Wonder how he did it. - Did what?

              Killed himself. I presume that's what's happened.

              What do you think?

              - Alex! - What? What's wrong?

              - What are you doing? - Looking.

              - Don't. - Don't look?

              - No. - Why not?

              What's wrong? Don't you wonder what he died from?

              No. The guy's dead. What more do you need?

              It's not every day I find a story in my own flat.

              It's not a story, Alex, it's a corpse.

              I've never seen a dead body before.

              I saw my grandmother, of course, but I don't suppose that counts.

              She was alive at the time.

              Can I show you something?

               Emergency. Which service?

               Emergency. Which... ?

              - No. - Just think about it.

              - No. - Come on, David.

              - No. - Juliet?

              - No, Alex. It's... - It's what?

              - Unfeasible. - Is that all?

              - You mean immoral. - I know what I mean.

              - I'm only asking you to think about it. - It's a sick idea, Alex. It's sick.

              But don't tell me you're not tempted. Don't tell me you're not interested.

              - I know you well enough. - You think so?

              Go ahead, then. Telephone.

              Telephone the police.

              Go ahead. No one's gonna stand in your way.

              Telephone them. Tell them.

              Tell them there's a suitcase full of money, and you don't want it.

               # My baby don't care for shows

               # My baby don't care for clothes

               # My baby just cares for me

               # My baby don't care for

               # Cars and races

               # My baby don't care for

               # High-tone places

               # Liz Taylor is not his style

               Was there a pet  in the house? Yeah, a pet.

              You know, like a dog or a budgie or a gerbil or something?

              What I need here is "PC Plod saves Harry the Hamster from house of horror".

              All right. Well, that's a pity. You see, no pets - no human angle.

               # My baby just cares for me

               - Hi, there. What happened to that guy?  - What guy?

              That guy. The one that died.

              - Died? - That one last week.

              - Here? - Yes, here. Where else?

              Oh, him. Well, he died.

              That's what I thought.

              Hello? Have you got room for an overnighter?

               # My baby don't care

               # For cars and races

               # Baby don't care for

               # He don't care for high-tone places

               # And Liz Taylor is not his style

              - He's still here? - Yeah, he couldn't get his car started.

              When are you gonna let the police know?

              You phone them if you want, David.

              - What about you? - I'm getting used to having him around.

               # With baby

               # My baby just cares for

               # My baby just cares for

               # My baby just cares for me #

              What is it we do here, David?

              - Sorry? - Here.

              - Right here? - In this firm.

              - Well, it's a wide range of... - Accounting, David.

              Chartered accounting is of ten sneered at. Were you aware of that?

              - Not any real sneering as such, no. - There's a whole wide world out there,...

              ..and it all needs to be accounted for, does it not?

              - Well, I... - They sneer, do they not?

              - I'm not sure. - It's unfashionable.

              But yes, we're methodical, yes, we're diligent, yes, we're serious.

              And where's the crime in that? Why not shout it from the rooftops?

              Maybe sometimes we're a wee bit boring, but, by God, we get the job done.

              - Yes, sir. - That's why I think you fit in here.

              - I'm boring? - You get the job done.

              - I see. I thought you meant... - Which is why I trust you with this client.

              Good morning. Can I help you?

              Yeah, I'll just check that for you.

              Let's do it.

               Let's talk about disposal.  We have to make that body unidentifiable.

               Burning, dumping at sea  and burial are all flawed,...

               ..either by fingerprints or more commonly  by dental records, I have learnt.

               What I suggest is that  we bury him out in the forest.

               First we remove his hands  and his feet, which we incinerate.

               And his teeth, which we just  remove. It's as simple as that.


              I've always wondered what these were for. Now...


              This is what we need.

              And, um...


              - What else? - I don't know.

              A spade. We need a spade.

              I wish you'd concentrate. We need a spade to dig a pit.

              - Who's gonna do it? - Dig the pit?

              - Not that. - Who's gonna do what?

              - You know what I'm talking about. - Do I? What are you talking about?

              - You know what. Who's gonna do it? - We all are, David.

              We're all gonna do it. You, me and Juliet will do his or her bit. Fair enough?

              - I can't do it. - I don't hear this.

              - I won't be able to do it. - You want out already?

              You don't want the money? Hugo is going off! He smells!

              - The flat smells! We can't wait! - I won't be able to cut him up.

              - Who's going to do it? - I thought we all were.

              - I don't think I can. - But, Juliet, you're a doctor.

              - You kill people every day. - That's different. I still don't want to.

              Now you tell me.

              There's something I want to ask.

              I don't know! I swear to God, I don't know!

              Family? Friends?

              Drugged-up, wandering, suicidal fuck-ups don't have families.

              - I just thought we should discuss it. - Take his legs.

              Where's Hugo?

              - Pick him up. - Shh.

              - Pick him up. - Shh.

              I swear to God, I don't know! I don't know!

              Stupid fuckin' bastard.

              Why don't we draw lots for it?

              Whoever draws the short straw does it all. That way you either do it or you don't.

              - OK. I can go with that. - David?

              - I don't know. - If I draw the short straw, I'll do it.

              But I'm not gonna do it just because you won't.

              All right, then. Here we are and this is it.

              Do you wanna play or not?

              I can't do it.

              - Finished. - All right, but not quite.

              - Is that going to be deep enough? - Don't worry.

              - Is this necessary? - Yes. Now come on. All or nothin'.

              - Are you all right? - Oh, yes. I'm fine, thanks. Just fine.

              - Would you like to talk about it? - No.

               These three people  get their chance to...

               ..lose a million.

               Yes, all right. Hello there and welcome  aboard our millionaire's yacht.

               It's just like the "Marie Celeste"  but without the party atmosphere.

               As you know, the object is not  to win the game, but to...


               Not to give right answers, but...

              - Wrong ones.  - Not to do well, but to do really...


               And above all to try  and make a total... hotchpotch.

              Be careful.


              I don't know why we couldn't stuff it under the floorboards.

              - Stop nagging, Alex. - We could have hid it in the fridge.

              Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please?

              I'd like to thank you all for coming tonight,...

     help us raise funds for the sick children's unit.

              You never told me this was for children. I hate children.

              I'd raise money to have the little fuckers put down. I want my money back!

              But before the dancing starts...

              - Excuse me! - ..I would like to give a vote of thanks...

     the few people who have worked so hard to make this occasion happen.

              - Do you know these people? - They're my friends.

              Oh, so if they want to speak to you, we tell them that you're not here?

              But ladies and gentlemen and those of you who are neither or both...

              - Where did they dig him up? - Form sets for "Strip the Willow".

              - Are we going to dance? - Well, it's physical contact, isn't it?


              Talk to me.

              Talk to me.

              - OK. - No! Don't! Please don't!

              No! No!


              - Can we talk about something? - Not now. I have an idea.

              - It's important. We need to decide... - Will you just stop worrying?

              To love and to happiness for ever.

              For ever and ever.

              - What's wrong? - I want to talk now.

              When you've drunk to love and happiness.

              - Now. - After.

              David, I promise we will. Just keep him happy.

              It's not for me. It's for love and happiness for ever.

              Look over there. It's Cameron.

              - Who? - You remember Cameron.

              - No. - What's he doing here?

              - That's not him. - It is. Cameron!

              Cameron, come on over here. Come on.


              Nothing. We thought you were someone else.

              Good luck!

              - Why does he have to follow us around? - What I was wanting to say was this.


              - The divine Juliet. Long time no see. - Brian.

              - Would you care to dance? - Hold on. Who do you think you are?

              - What? - Who do you think you are?

              - You interrupted us. - I'm Brian McKinley. And who are you?

              Well, Brian McKinley, if you wanna talk to my girlfriend, you talk to me first.

              If you wanna dance, you apply three weeks in advance,...

              ..or you're gonna end up inside a fucking bin bag!

              You didn't apply, so you don't dance.

              Do you think you could be a little more forceful next time?

              - I'm sorry. - No, no. I think he got the message.

              That was quite stressful.

              Yeah, but you were good. He was really good. Fuckin' bin bag, I like that.

              You really explored your maleness to the full there.

              - You think so? - You certainly had a good look around.

              You were magnificent.


              Fuckin' bin bag.

              Fuckin' bin bag.

              Cameron! What a surprise!



              - Who was it? - I don't know.

              - No one said anything. - Or rendered speechless with desire.

              I recall that feeling from the days when I had such a thing.

              - Are you all right? - No.

              Then let's spend some money.

               Hello. It's been a struggle,  but now our days of worry are over.

               The light at the end of the tunnel  has expanded into a golden sunrise.

               And now at last, at long last,  nothing will ever be the same again.

               This is Alex Law reporting on  the video diary of his own life.

               Let me tell you, I'm so happy I could die.

              I think we ought to stop this, don't you?

              - Oh, will you relax? - You're making us all nervous.

              - How much did you pay for this? - I don't know.

              - I can't remember. - Tell me how much you paid.

              - I can't remember. - How much did you pay for this?

              - No idea. I don't know. - How much did you pay for this?!

              - £   . - £   ?

              You paid £    for this?

              - That's what it cost. - No. That's what you paid for it.

              £    is what you paid for it. We don't know how much it cost us yet.

              For you two to have a good time. We don't know the cost of that yet.

              Excuse me. Did they take anything?

              Is that enough for you?


              - What? - Is that enough for you?

              - Yes, that's fine. - There's plenty more.

              That's fine.

              - What's wrong? - Nothing.

              - You're not eating. - Eating what?

              - You're not eating like you used to. - If you give me the plate, I'll eat.

              Now swallow.

              You should spend some money instead of worrying about it.

              - You'd feel much better. - Once it's spent, you don't have to worry.

              - It'll be a weight off your shoulders. - You know we're right.

              - I wanna secure it. - Secure it? You wanna put it in a bank?

              You don't wanna put it in a bank, do you? Do you want to bury it?

              - I don't see the point. It's stupid. - Course it's stupid. We took the money.

              It was a material calculation.

              What's the point if it's underground in some funny bank in some funny place?

              If you can't have it - spend it - then what use is it? None.

              It's all for nothing. I didn't get into this for nothing, so that I could have nothing.

              Yeah, and you didn't saw his feet off.

              Tastes different.

              David, what are you doin' up there?

              Will you come down now? It's not safe up there.

              Are you listening to me?

              Security and insanity are not the same thing.


               I don't care. A grown man shouldn't  be living in a loft. He isn't safe up there.

              If you cared about him at all, you'd use your influence to get him down.

              - And the money? - We could put it somewhere.

              Where he can't get it?

              Well, you thought of that, not me.

              Forget it. He'll come down.

              Oh, Juliet, look.

              Hello, Mr Lumsden. It's David Stevens here.

              I'm sorry, sir. I won't be able to make it to the office today.

              It's my mother, sir. She's very ill and I think I need to be with her just now.

              I don't know. The doctors aren't sure. It could go either way.

              Yes, sir. I'll certainly stay in touch.

              - Good day? - What?

              - Good day? - What are you talking about?

              - I'm just asking if you had a good day. - Why?

              Well, I thought I'd make conversation.

              - Please, I'd rather you didn't.

              - Are you expecting anyone? - No.

              - Aren't you going to answer it? - Well, I'm not expecting anyone either.

              It's in the loft! In the loft!

              September    London Heathrow to Rio de Janeiro.

              It's British Airways. You're looking at £   . That's  - - .

              - That sounds fine. - Air Portugal, on the other hand,...

    's via Lisbon, the same day. It's £   .  - - . Is catering important?

              - What? - Air France, Glasgow direct.

              But then you're looking at the wrong end of £   . That's  - - .

              - The first one was fine. Heathrow direct. - It's up to you.

              Air Patagonia, that's a new outfit. Via... via lots of different places, really.

              It's no catering. That's £   .  - - . It's good value, but refuelling at BogotŠ...

              The first one was fine.

              It's up to you.  - - . How will you be paying?

               Oh, God! Oh, Jesus Christ!

               Oh, my God!


               No, no. Dear God. No! Christ!

              No, and that's it. I refuse to discuss it any further.

              - It's the only way. - I refuse.

              - You're frightened. - I'm not frightened. I'm a little terrified.

              Did you see what happened to the last two people?

              They went up alive and they came back down dead.

              Did you notice that? The difference, I mean. Alive, dead - dead, alive.

              It wasn't difficult to spot.

              He killed them both.

              - He cut them up. - Yeah, but you'll be all right.

              - And how's that? - Because you're smarter than he is.

              Yeah, well, that's what I've always thought.

              Good evening. I'm Detective Inspector McCall. This is DC Mitchell.

              I wonder if we could ask some questions.

              - What about? - It's about the burglary.

              - Burglary? - Downstairs.

              - Of course. - Can we come in?

              So I just heard her cries for help and all that.

              When I went downstairs, there were other people there.

              So I just stood around, you know, waiting, the way people do.

              And when your colleagues arrived, I came back upstairs.

              That's about all, I think. I didn't actually see anything useful, I don't think.

              And the other three people, did they hear anything?

              There are only two other people in the flat.

              - Two? - Who said there were four?

              We understood there were four people living here. Not always, but now four.

              No, three. Who said there were four?

              How strange. And how unsatisfactory to have misleading information.

              Only three people here?

              - You're sure? - Yes, absolutely.

              Who said there were four?

              Make a note of that, Mitchell. Only three rather than four. Write it down.

              You can use numbers or words. I've no preference.

              - Which are you using? - Both, sir.


              DC Mitchell is a rising star, Mr Stevens.

              Under my tutelage, he will undoubtedly make the grade.

              - I see. - I doubt it.

              - You'll wait in the hall? - I'll wait.

              If it sounds like I'm getting killed, call the police and tell them everything.

              Except maybe that it was his idea in the first place.

              That's important. I need to die misunderstood.

              - Alex. - What?

              As smart as you are, you might need a little help.

              David, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open this lock and I'm gonna come up.

              But what's really important is that you remain calm. OK?


              It's all right. It's just a pigeon.

              Well, he isn't up here.

              Tell him to look for the money.

              Look for the money.

              Don't worry. That's exactly what I'm doin'.

              It's not up here. He has eaten it.

              Are you looking for me?

              Looking for you, yeah.

              What for? What did you want? The money? Was that it?

              We just wanted to talk to you.

              Who else have you just wanted to talk to? Maybe you thought they'd already got me.

              - Who? - Your friends.

              I don't know what you're talkin' about.

              He doesn't know, David.

              Maybe you don't.

              I'm talking about the police.

              I thought you'd gone to work.

              With a face like this?

              Alex, the editor wants to see you.

              - I'm sorry. - So you should be.

              Maybe we can still sort everything out.

              Well, we can certainly try.

              Three bodies. Decomposed. Mutilated beyond recognition.

              - I don't know anythin' about it. - Of course you don't.

              If you knew anything about it, I wouldn't have to send you to cover it.

              - Cover it? - That's right. This is your break, son.

              Cover it?



                All right. The releasable and printworthy facts of the day so far are as follows.

                Late yesterday, forestry workers came across one set of human remains...

       a grave which appeared to have been recently dug.

                Further excavation revealed another deeper grave with two sets of remains.

                 - Is this a serial killer?  - How come they haven't been identified?

                 - Any obvious motive here?  - Is it true that one has been skinned?

                Not entirely.

                All right, all right. An area of skin "has" been removed.

                 And you'd better keep this to yourselves.  There's no hands, no feet, no teeth.

                 The face is totally  unrecognisable and, yes,...

        has been removed  from one of the bodies.

                As and when the corpses are removed,...

                ..we will endeavour to ascertain the mode of death and duration of burial,...

       well as identification, which will of course be passed on to you,...

                ..after informing, where possible, the next of kin.

                - Are you OK? - Yes, of course.

                Why wouldn't I be?

                - I don't know. I just thought maybe... - We were just sorting things out.

                - You'd better read all about it. - We already know.

                It was on the television.

                Of course, but print provides a more lucid and...

                Oh, shut up, Alex.

                It wasn't deep enough. I told you it wasn't deep enough and you wouldn't listen.

                It doesn't necessarily matter.

                They don't know who they are and have nothing to connect us with them. Nothing.

                I'm glad you're so certain, Alex.

                It makes us feel a whole lot better.

                - I beg your pardon? - It makes us feel a whole lot better.

                That's what I thought he said.

                Shh. Stop.

                What are you doin' here?

                It's about me and David.

                - The perfect couple, I should say. - You mustn't take it so badly.

                Don't worry. I'd do exactly the same thing, only I don't think I'm his type.

                - Don't you ever stop? - No.

                 Take all the time you like, Doctor.

                No, I've never seen any of them.

                Look again, if you like.

                I'm sorry, I haven't seen them.

                - Do you have a good memory for faces? - The same as everyone else.

                But in your work you must meet lots of people every day. New people, new faces.


                What do you recognise most, names or faces?


                Like recognising criminals by their crimes.

                - I suppose so. - I meant, that's what it's like.

                - Sorry? - You said you supposed so.

                - I wasn't offering it for debate. - He wasn't offering it for debate.

                Like recognising criminals by their crimes.

                No, I've never seen any of these men before.

                Take a look at the first two.

                No, I don't know them.

                If I told you their car was parked outside just now, would that surprise you?

                Yes, I suppose so.

                Well, is it?

                - What? - Parked there?

                No. Not any more.

                I just wondered if it would surprise you.

                - That's it. - That's all?


                - Sorry to waste your time. - Oh, not at all. Don't worry.

                - One thing. - Your watch.

                - Your watch. - Is it real?

                Oh, no. It's a fake. I got it in Thailand. The second hand doesn't sweep.

                - I see. - Right.

                Tell you what. If you do remember these guys,...

                ..maybe you could give me a phone on this number.

                Any time you like.

                I didn't tell them anything, nothing at all, absolutely nothing. They're plods.

                If they had any witnesses, any forensic evidence, they would have whipped it out.

                - They know. - They can know all they like.

                - They know. - So? They know.

                So what? There's nothing to connect us with that body stuff.

                - Except the money. - He's right, Alex. They know.

                Come on.

                 My office is closed.

                 Life, however, grinds on  towards its conclusion.

                 In the meantime, you may wish to leave a  message, but the final decision is yours.

                David? You forgot to wake me.

                - So let's go. - You and me?


                Hey! Alex! Who are you calling at this time of night?

                Come out here and talk to us.

                Well? Sex lines, is that it?

                Triple-X-rated, interactive fantasies? Old habits die hard.

                - I was phoning your mother. - You old devil.

                Well, anyway. As you can see, we're leaving.

                - So I gathered. - I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

                - Don't worry. I'll forward your mail. - No, really.

                I am sorry. Sorry to be ducking out on you. I hope you won't take it personally.

                No, no. Don't let it worry you. It's probably for the best.

                All for the best. Exactly. I wouldn't want things to end on a downer.

                - Not at all. - I mean, we've ups and downs, right.

                Good times, bad times.

                We could talk all night, but we have to go. Don't we?


                - And you need your sleep. - Yes.

                No, I can't think of anything else that matters.

                - About your mail. - Very good of you to offer, but...

                Where do you think you'll go?

                Where will we go?

                Where will we go?


                - I don't know. - Don't be so coy, dear.

                You're going to Rio.

                - What? - That's right.

                Rio de Janeiro, on your own.

                You should know. You bought the fucking ticket!

                Did you see that?

                I bet she didn't show you that before she sent you up there. What did she say?

                We'll split it together, you and me, fifty-fifty.

                But I bet you didn't say you'd split on him.

                - It wasn't like that. - Don't lie to me. Don't treat me like that.

                I bought it.


                I bought the tickets. For her and for me. It was my idea.

                Your idea. I see.

                Well, that fits.

                I mean, you and him fit together. I should have seen that a long time ago.

                - Alex, stop him! - No, let him go. Let him have it all.

                Juliet, let him go.

                I'm leaving.

                You shouldn't have hit her! Do what you like, but you shouldn't have hit her!

                You want it?

                You want it?


                You bastard!

                You did the right thing.

                But I can't take you with me.

                Be OK, Mummy.

                Oh, I'll be all right.

                Hello, Inspector.

                 # It's the sound that lovers

                 # Hear when they discover

                 # There could be no other for their love

                 # It's my happy heart you hear

                 # Singing loud and singing clear

                 # And it's all because you're near

                 # Me, my love

                 # Take my happy heart away

                 # Let me love you night and day

                 # In your arms I wanna stay

                 # Oh, my love #

                 Oh, yes. I believe in friends.

                 I believe we need them.

                 But, if one day you find that  you just can't trust them any more,...

                 ..well what then?

                 What then?

                 # Music fills my soul now

                 # I've lost all control now

                 # I'm not half, I'm whole now

                 # With your love

                 # It's my happy heart you hear

                 # Singing loud and singing clear

                 # And it's all because you're near

                 # Me, my love

                 # Take my happy heart away

                 # Let me love you night and day

                 # In your arms I wanna stay

                 # All night long #


Special help by SergeiK