Shane Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Shane script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Alan Ladd movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Shane. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Shane Script




            Somebody's coming, Pa.

            Well... Let him come.

            Hope you don't mind my cutting through your place.

            - No, I guess not. - I'm heading north.

            Didn't expect to find any fences around here.

            Hello, boy.

            - You were watching me, weren't you? - Yes, I was.

            I like a man who watches things goin' around.

            It means he'll make his mark some day.

            Long time since I've seen a Jersey cow.

            You'll see a lot more. Jerseys and Holsteins...

            ...and the like.

            - Can I offer you some water? - Thanks.

            You're a little touchy.


            - You know not to point guns at people. - I wasn't pointing at anybody, Mother.

            Sure had me snortin', son.

            I just wanted you to see my rifle.

            Bet you can shoot.

            - Can't you? - Little bit.

            Looks like your friends are a little late.

            What are the Ryker boys up to this time?

            - Rykers? - That's what I said.

            I wouldn't know a Ryker from your Jersey cow.

            Don't forget to close the gate on your way out.

            Would you put down that gun? Then I'll leave.

            What's the difference? You're leaving anyway.

            I'd like it to be my idea.

            Howdy, Starrett.

            Expectin' trouble?

            I don't want no trouble, Starrett. I came to inform you.

            I got that reservation beef contract.

            - So many to tell me that? - I mean business.

            - Then, tend to your own. - That's just what I'm doin'.

            I'm gonna need all my range.

            Now you've warned me, get off my place.

            Your place?

            You'll have to get out before the snow.

            - Supposin' I don't? - You and the other squatters.

            - Homesteaders, you mean. - I could blast you outta here right now.

            Listen to me. The time for gun-blastin' a man off his place is passed.

            - They're building a penitentiary... - Joe, that's enough.

             Who are you, stranger?

              I'm a friend of Starrett's.

              Well, Starrett, you can't say I didn't warn you.

              All right, you've told me. Now get off my claim.

              Supper'll be ready in a little while, Joe. Won't be very long.

              Wait, mister, I...

              I swear, I... Wait a minute, please.

              I take that back, what I...

              Look, this... this thing ain't even loaded.

              - Not loaded? - No, Joey's too young to go loaded.

              That's his gun.

              If this don't beat all!

              My name is Starrett, Joe Starrett, and this here's Joey.

              You heard what my little woman said. Come on in, I feel like eatin'.

              - You can call me Shane. - Guess I spook kinda easy these days.

              Hello, Joe.

              My place ain't very much yet, but my wife sure can cook!

              It won't be long till supper. You can wash up right here.

              In case you wanted to know, that's Ryker's spread all over there.

              He thinks the whole world belongs to him.

              The old-timers can't see it yet,

              but runnin' cattle on an open range can't go on.

              It takes too much space for too little results.

              Those herds aren't any good, they're all horns and bone.

              Cattle that is bred for meat and fenced in and fed right, that's the thing.

              You gotta pick your spot, get your land, your own land.

              A homesteader can't run but a few beef, but he can grow grain,

              and then with his garden and hogs and milk, he'll be all right.

              We make out, don't we, Marian?

              Of course.

              It's that calf again. Joey, chase her out of there.

              Joey! Run on, son.

              Don't forget to shut that gate.


              Come on, shoo!

              I wouldn't ask you where you're bound.

              One place or another. Some place I've never been.

              - The only way I'll leave is in a pine box. - What do you mean, Pa?

              I mean they'll have to shoot me and carry me out.

              - You shouldn't talk like that. - It's the truth.

              You love this place. We've got our roots down.

              - I wish you wouldn't talk that way. - Our first real home.

              - What did you mean...? - Joey, be quiet. The men want to talk.

              There's just more work here than I can do.

              If I could hire me a man that...

              I had one once, but the Rykers roughed him up,

              so he lit out, cussin' me...

              They knocked his teeth out.

              Ready for pie?

              If nobody else is gonna eat this biscuit, I guess I'll have to.

              - We're kind of fancy, aren't we? - What is, Pa?

              Good plates, an extra fork...

              What about me, Ma?

              - What's the matter, Marian? - Nothing.

              That was an elegant dinner, Mrs Starrett.

              Excuse me.

              Where's Mr Shane going? He didn't even say goodbye.

              He's not going, Joey. He wouldn't go without taking that.

              I'm going outside with him.

              - Did you ask him to stay the night? - I'll do that right now.

              Well, I'll be doggone. Come here a minute.

              Joe, why don't you hitch up the team?

              Marian, I've been fighting this stump off and on for two years.

              Use the team now, this stump could say it beat us.

              Sometimes nothing will do but your own sweat and muscle.

              All right.

              Bang! Bang!

              I wish they'd give me some bullets for this gun.

              - Good morning, Joey. - How did you know it was me?

              Well, I figured the cow couldn't work that latch.

              - Why are you up so early? - You're to stay for breakfast.

              Oh... Well, thank you.

              - Then where will you go? - Where would you say, Joey?

              I wish you'd stay here.

              - Would you teach me to shoot? - You'd like to learn to shoot?

              Pa wishes you'd stay, too. I heard him tell Mother.

              He said he didn't want you to fight his fights for him,

              just help with the work.

              I bet you wouldn't leave just because it's dangerous.


              Joey, come here this minute.

              I hope you'll stay, Mr Shane. Coming, Mother!

              Close the gate, Joey.

              What are you doing in your nightshirt? Come in and put your clothes on.

              Would you like to hitch up the team and haul that wire from Grafton's?

              - Anything you say. - Get off the bed. Go on!

              He's holding it for me at the store.

              While you're there, you might as well get yourself some work clothes.

              - What can I bring Joey? - Soda-pop!

              You don't need anything, Joey.

              Be careful. I don't want my troubles to be none of yours.

              Aren't you wearing your six-shooter?

              I didn't know there was any wild game in town, Joey.

              Come on, son.

              Joey, come back here!



              - Who are you shootin' at? - Rykers. Bang!

              - Did you get many? - Missed one.

              Well, can't stand for that.

              Pa, do you guess Shane will teach me to shoot?

              I'll teach you myself once I get the time, Joey.

              - Can you shoot as good as Shane? - I've never seen him shoot.

              But I doubt it.

              He didn't wear his gun today. Why's that, Pa?

              Well, he's tradin' at the store, not holdin' it up.

              But why, Pa? Honest, why didn't he?

              - I don't wear one myself. - It goes with him, though.

              - Somebody's coming, Joe. - I know. It's Ernie Wright.

              Could you whip him, Pa? Could you whip Shane?

              - Can't you ask nothing but questions? - But could you?

              Oh, maybe.

              No call for that though, Joey. Shane's on our side.

              Howdy, Joe.

              How are you, Ernie?

              - No good. - What's the matter?

              I'm pulling stakes. No use of your talking.

              - Now what's the matter? - My wheat. Them Rykers raided it.

              Fence cut, steers drove in. It's just stubs now.

              - When? - Last night.

              I'm leaving, and don't try to talk me out of it.

              - You can't... - Just don't try, that's all.

              - I listened to you too much already. - Go ahead, nobody's holding you.

              You wouldn't leave your home and land, and...

              Oh, Ernie, you...

              I'm wore down and out. Tired of being insulted by them fellas.

              Called a pig-farmer. Who knows what comes next?

              Well, don't throw your tail up.

              Tell you what, we'll all get together here tonight and figure out something.

              I don't know about me.

              I'll get the word around. You tell Shipstead and Torrey.

              All right, but if we're having a meeting,

              it'd better be more than pokin' holes in the air with your finger.

              - Anything I can do you for? - I came to get wire for Joe Starrett.

              I've been holding wire for Starrett for quite a spell.

              - Are you new? - Yes, I'm working for Starrett.

              - Got ready-made pants to fit me? - Farm rig?

              I outfit all these farmers.

              - Step right in back and try 'em on. - Thanks.


              Hey, Will.

              You're thirsty, ain't you, Chris?

              - Will! Who's tendin' bar round here? - Comin' right in.

              - How is it? - Good enough.

              - How much do I owe you? - Now, let's see...

              Pants, a dollar. Two shirts,    cents.


              Young man, you owe me two dollars and two bits.

              What's the matter, son? You look kinda pale.

              Been a long time since I got store-bought clothes.

              Money don't go very far these days.

              A new sodbuster?

              Thought I smelled pigs.

              - Anything else? - Got any soda-pop?

              I sure do. I wish more men around here would drink it.

              - In my bar, in there. - Thanks.

              Will! Let's keep the smell of pigs out from where we're drinking.

              - Bartender. - What can I do for you?

              Do you have any soda-pop?

              Are you gonna get him out or do I have to?

              Let me take him, Chris.

              What'll it be?

              Lemon, strawberry or lilac, sodbuster?

              You speaking to me?

              I don't see nobody else standing there.

              Here, have some of this.

              Smell like a man.

              Don't it smell better in here, Grafton? Chris just fumigated a sodbuster.

              Just take it easy.

              I was just asking about sody-pop,

              pigs and taters and one thing and another.

              Which one of them tater-pickers are you working for?

              Or are you just squatting on the range?

              Joe Starrett, if it's any of your business.

              Supposing I make it my business?

              Here's your soda-pop, mister.

              Now you and your soda-pop get outta here and stay outta here.

              And don't come back!

              Did you see that, Rufe? Chris just put the run on a sodbuster.

              That's it. Keep 'em on the move.

              Warm it up for you?

              It's getting so I don't like to ride at night.

              Let's hope the meeting starts...

              - Is Shane going to be at the meeting? - Mr Shane. Yes, I suppose so.

              We all know why we're here.

              Ryker's war-party's been around to see all of us.

              I'm here to tell you, I ain't leavin' now or any other time.

              Start with you, Axel. What do you say?

              Well, Joe, you see...

              I know what I want to say. Start with me.

              Ernie, we're gonna hear everybody in turn. Go ahead.

              Most of you don't know Shane.

              - Shane, this is Yank Potts. - Howdy.

              - Fred Lewis here. - I seen you in town.

              Ernie Wright here, and Ed Howells.

              - And Johnson. - Howdy, Shane.

              - See anybody else coming? - No.

              - We're waiting for Torrey. - How far is Ryker gonna push us?

              Let's not talk scared, that's what Ryker wants.

              He thinks he can shoo us off like a flock of chickens.

              Here's Torrey.

              - Hello, Reb. - Hello, Yank.

              About time you showed up.

              That's enough out of you, Yank.

              - And you, too. - All right. Cool off, Stonewall.

              Shake hands with Shane, there. Shane's working for me.

              Shane. Oh, yeah...

              I heard about you, at Grafton's.

              Go on, Joe.

              Well, Stonewall, it's like this... Leaving Ernie out, maybe,

              we've all agreed we're gonna stick.

              Now you're whistling. Ain't nobody pushing me off my claim.

              - I think you all know that I'm staying. - I, too, will stay.

              I'll string along, leastways till the shooting starts.

              There ain't but seven of us, if it comes to a fight.

              - Him. - That's eight.

              - Can't count on him. - He's proved that much.

              Watch what you're saying.

              Shane can tell you what happened with Ryker's man, Chris.

              They're talking about Shane!

              What is this, Shane?

              Let him say.

              - Lewis seen and heard it. - He let Chris buffalo him at Grafton's.

              Fred, I told Shane to stay away from trouble.

              - Let's finish the story. - He didn't. Shane didn't let him do that!

              This Chris went around bragging he put the run on a sodbuster.

              Shane, you don't have to leave.

              I figured you could talk freer if I weren't around.

              It's too late to finish this now.

              - He didn't, did he? - Joey, I want you to go to sleep.

              - It's all right, everything's all right. - Shane isn't going away?

              No, he isn't. Now, get back into bed.

              Stay there.

              - Shane. - Shane!

              - I know you ain't afraid. - It's a long story, Joey.

              I think we know...


              Don't stand in the rain. You'll catch your death of cold!

              So, on Saturday, we'll get together and go into town for our supplies.

              That's a good idea. There's some strength in a whole bunch.

              I don't need no bodyguard. I'll put on my.   and go when I please.

              - Joey. - Yes?

              Don't get to liking Shane too much.

              Why not?

              I don't want you to.

              - Is there anything wrong with him? - No.

              - Then what, Mother? - He'll be moving on one day, Joey.

              You'll be upset, if you get to liking him too much.

              - Marian, you're pretty enough, come on! - I'm coming!

              I wish she'd hurry so we could get going. I don't like this business.

              Get in the wagon, son.

              One thing a married man has to get used to is waiting for women.

              - Hurry up, Ma! - Here she comes.

              - Good afternoon. - Hello.

              Sometimes the waiting is worth it.

              Take care and get a woman worth waiting for.

              Water's good.

              Think I can get ready as quickly as you?

              Hold your horses, we wanted to see how pretty you were.

              Come on here.

              All set?

              Come on, girls!

              - Hello! - Morning.

              - Are you all set? - Reckon we are.

              - Hello, Marian! - Where's Stonewall?

              He got thirsty and went on in. Said he had business that couldn't wait.

              I got to stay and mind the girls.

              - Bye! - Bye!

              - Come on, Red. - Bye, Marian!

              Stonewall, what are you doing? We agreed to come together.

              I had a little business to attend to. We can't buy a drink.

              Get down off that horse. You're acting like a darn fool.

              A whole bunch came in. They brought their women to protect them.

              - My jars come yet? - Howdy, Starrett. What can I do you for?

              My, my, my...!

              What will they think of next?


              - Did you bring your mother's list? - Yes, Pa.

              Get the coal oil can from the wagon.

              My woman want we get together on the Fourth of July.

              We make big celebration, don't we, Marian?

              Fine, that's just what we need.

              It's Joe Starrett's anniversary, the Fourth of July.

              - We'll have a big party. - Mr Grafton...

              Have you got gunpowder for the fireworks?

              - How about some of those jellies...? - We'll talk about that later.

              - What do I get for the empty? - The usual.

              - Thank you. - Give the bottle to Will.

              I need some white flour, Mr Grafton, and four pounds of coffee.


              - Let me take it in. - You come, too, Shane.

              Thank you.

              Well, now lookż here what we got.

              That's one of the new ones. They call him Sody-Pop.

              - Deal me out. - What's the matter, Pete?

              Just say I'm superstitious, that's all.

              I guess you don't hear very well, sodbuster.

              I told you, if you want to keep healthy, stay out of here. Now, get going.

              Look, pig-farmer. Get back with the women and kids, where it's safe.

              Don't push it, Calloway.

              Did you hear me? I said get going.

              Did you think you were gonna come and drink with the men?

              Set 'em up, bartender. Two whiskies.

              You bought me a drink last time I was in here.

              Now I want to buy you one.

              You ain't gonna drink that in here.

              You guessed it.

              Let me have him.

              - Let him go. - Let me have him.

              Go get him, Chris.

              Tear him apart!

              Get that sodbuster.

              - Hang one on him, Chris. - Bust him.

              Break his back.

              This is bad, this is bad.

              - I'm going in there. - No, Stonewall, stay right here.

              If we join in, we'll get run out.

              - Go on! - Go get him, Chris.

              There ain't a marshal within a hundred-mile ride.

              Get after him, Chris.

              Plough him under, Chris.

              Beat his brains out!

              Get him!

              - Land that right, Chris. - Knock him into that pigpen, Chris!

              Dirty pig-farmer!

              - Stop this! - Go on, get at it.

              Here, men, stop this!

              Settle it outside.

              - Looks like it's all over. - We should get out of here.

              - Maybe you'd like to draw straws. - Hold on, young fella.

              You may have a friend you don't know you've got.

              - I could use a man like you. - I'm working for Starrett.

              You don't belong on the end of a shovel. Anything to stop you drawin' your time?

              I like working for Starrett.

              - Whatever he's paying, I'll double. - It's no use.

              - What are you looking for? - Nothing.

              - Pretty wife, Starrett's got. - You dirty old man!

              - People don't talk to me that way. - I'm talking that way.

              You had a chance. Nobody messes up my boys and gets away with it.

              We'll ride you out of this valley.

              Gonna rough you up and ride you out and you're gonna stay out.

              - Shane, come on! - Joey, get out of here.

              But, Shane, there's too many.

              You wouldn't want me to run away, would you?

              But there's too many, Shane.

              Go on, son, please.

              - Stop! - I'll pay the damages.

              - No more fighting. - Keep outta this.

              - This man's unarmed. - It ain't a shooting.

              Quit butting in.

              I'll take him.

              Stop it, men! Stop fighting!

              Stop it, men.

              Stop this!

              Break his neck!

              - Where's Joey? - Pa, they're going to kill Shane!

              - They're trying to kill him! - Stay with your mother.

              - Don't go in. - Shane's in there.

              What Ryker's got coming ain't fit for a woman to see.

              Don't go in there, Joe...

              Beat his brains in!

              Stop it!

              Stop it!

              Stop it! You fools have had enough of it. You'll all get killed.

              Starrett, you and Shane back on out of here.

              That's making some sense, Starrett. You've won.

              - Get out of here. - Ryker ain't paying for this damage.

              I'm paying for what's broke.

              No, by Godfrey, we're paying for what's broke, me and Shane!

              Morgan, put one of the boys on a good horse.

              He's got a long trip, all the way to Cheyenne.

              I'm through fooling, Grafton.

              From now on, when we fight with them, the air's gonna be full of gunsmoke.

              - I saw it all, Mother, every bit. - It's no place for you, Joey.

              No place for you either, Marian.

              I was scared. Then Pa picked up that man and slung him on the floor.

              I didn't do much. It was all Shane.

              - How are you feeling? - Better.

              You did, Joe. It was ugly and you were both wonderful.

              When that chair came down on you, Shane, I thought you were a goner.

              It was an easy chair, Joey.

              I bet you two could lick anyone.

              Well, one thing's for sure, Ryker's gonna think twice.

              - Don't talk about Ryker any more now. - I wish we could forget him.

              - This turpentine'll hurt. - He wouldn't say nothing.

              No matter how much it hurt. Would you, Shane?

              I'm afraid I would, Joey, if it hurt bad enough.

              - It stings like anything. - Joey, go on to bed.

              It does smart, I know.

              - Ouch! - Gosh!

              - Joey, for the last time, go to bed. - Yeah, me, too.

              Come on, son.

              - Will you kiss me goodnight, Mother? - All right.

              Your head... Your head needs a bandage.

              It's good enough, Marian, it's fine. Thanks very much.

              - You wanna know something, Mother? - What is it?

              - What is it, Joey? - Mother...

              - I just love Shane. - Do you?

              I love him almost as much as I love Pa.

              That's all right, isn't it?

              - He's a fine man. - He's so good.

              Don't you like him, Mother?

              Yes, I like him, too, Joey.

              Goodnight, Joey.

              What's the matter, honey?


              Hold me.

              Don't say anything. Just hold me tight.

              - 'Night, Ma! - Goodnight, Joey.

              - 'Night, Pa! - 'Night, son.

              'Night, Shane!

              Where's Ryker?

              He's getting a little sleep.

              - He sent for me. - Sit down for a minute.

              We're having a celebration today.

              - Where's the coffee? - I'll put it right on.

              - What's going on here? - Plenty.

              - Going somewhere? - Looks that way, don't it?

              Don't let 'em bluff you, Ernie.

              Bluff, huh?

              See that? They killed my sow last night.

              Kept shooting and yelling what they'd do next.

              Woke up the kids and scared the missus half to death.

              - We're gonna put a stop to that. - I said I'd stay for one more hand.

              Well, this is it. I had enough of Ryker.

              Here they come again!

              Right through my ploughed ground.

              What do you think of that, Stonewall Torrey?

              Starrett and the rest of us are gonna take the juice out of 'em,

              one of these days.

              Anyhow, I'm going to Grafton's to get a bottle.

              - Show 'em it's Independence Day. - Ma, you getting ready?

              - Good luck. - Good luck for you, too, Stonewall.

              Can't see a pig in sight!

              I don't see none, but I sure can smell 'em.


          They cut Mr Wright's fence and Mr Shipstead's, too.

          They did?

          Shane, what would you do if you caught them cutting our fence?

          I'd ask them to please go around by the gate.

          Oh, Shane!

          - Come on, I'll race you to the barn. - It's a go!

            Why don't you ever wear your six-shooter, Shane?

            I guess I don't see as many bad men as you do.


            - You want me to tell you something? - If you want to.

            I saw your gun in there, one day.

            - I took a look at it. - Oh?

            - Are you mad? - No, I guess not.

            But if I were you, I'd leave a thing like this alone.

            - I wrapped it up in the blanket again. - That's a good boy.

            Could I see it again?

            You promised you'd show me how to shoot.


            All right, Joey. Come on.

            Get 'em up!

            We've got some learning to do! Come on.

            You stand right here.

            All right, put your arms down to your side.

            Your holster's too low. Never have your holster at arm's length.

            Let's fix this.

            You always have it here, with the grip between the elbow and the wrist.

            So when your hand comes up,

            the gun clears the holster without coming up too high, see?

            Now you try it, real fast and straight. That's it.

            - Gosh! Is that what real gunfighters do? - No, Joey.

            Most of them have tricks of their own.

            One, for instance, likes a shoulder holster.

            Another one puts it in the belt of his pants.

            And some like two guns. But one's all you need if you can use it...

            ...after    paces. No good for putting a bullet where you want it.

            Which is the best way?

            What I'm telling you is as good as any, better than most.

            - Let me see you shoot. - What do you want me to shoot at?

            The little white rock over there, see?

            Gosh, almighty, that is good!

            You see, Joey? Now look. Remember.

            When your hand comes up, you still clear your holster.

            - Shane. - Hello, Mrs Starrett.

            - I was teaching Joey a little shooting. - I don't want...

            You ought to see Shane shoot. He's teaching me.

            - Yes, I know. Get ready for the party. - Oh, Ma!

            Guns aren't going to be my boy's life.

            Why do you always have to spoil everything?

            A gun is a tool, no better or worse than any other tool,

            an axe, a shovel, or anything.

            A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.

            We'd all be better off if there wasn't a single gun in this valley,

            including yours.

            What's all the shooting about?

            You're starting the celebrating a little early, aren't you?

            Well, look at that woman, in her wedding dress!

            Shane, you better hitch up that team,

            'cause today we're really gonna celebrate the Fourth of July!

            I'm supposed to say to the squatters, "I'm busted but you're welcome."

            - It ain't that bad. - That's easy for you to say.

            I've been your friend a long time, I'm reasonable.

            - But something's got to give. - Out here a man can go just so far.

            I've gone along with the new law. I've stayed away from gunfighting.

            Sure, I've tried to buffalo the sodbusters.

            You got to admit, my men have kept their six-guns cased.

            And now?

            - I can guess what's on your mind. - Keep your guesses to yourself.

            - I like Joe Starrett. - Fool oughta listen to reason.

            - Your reason? - What's the matter with you?

            No offence, Rufe.

            It's your own conscience eating on you.


            Hello, Torrey. Something I can do you for?

             - A jug. It's the Fourth. - Come in, come in.

              Jug. And a whiskey.

              Here's to you, Ryker, for running Ernie Wright off his claim.


              - Is that one of them? - Yeah.

              It's a downright dirty shame. It's all he had and he worked hard for it.

              I want to tell you something, Ryker. He's running because he's a coward.

              And here's to me, 'cause I ain't a coward and you ain't getting my claim.

              They're hot-headed.

              You'd get him to draw without any trouble.

              It'd be easy.

              You can't scare me any more than you can Joe Starrett.

              No. It's Starrett we want.

              - Three cheers for Wyoming! - The rest of you care to join me?

              Drink a toast to the greatest state in the Union?

              I'm from Wyoming.

              Here's to the independence of the sovereign state of Alabama.

              There you are.

              I'm through with all you Yanks. Listen, you Yankees...!

              Hello, Axel.

              You're late, Reb, we took Richmond two hours ago!

              - Everybody, come here... - Marian!

              You come too, I have something important to tell you.

              - Axel... - Ja, Mama. Now...

              You all know what today is. It's Independence Day.

              Except for one man here. Yes, sir.

              This was the day Joe Starrett got himself hooked, by golly!

              Well, no...

              - What I'd like to say is... - Well, say it, Joe!

              - I'd like to say that Axel's right. - What did he say, Joe?

              I gave up my independence    years ago today.

              But no man ever gave it up as easy as I did.

              And what's more, I wouldn't trade places with any man in this world.

              - Good speech! - Go on, Joe, give her a kiss.

              Come here!


              Pass the word to the boys, I got some cheer for us.

              Many more, Joe!

              We were ready to give you up, you and Ernie.

              Ernie's getting out today. Packed up kit and caboodle.

              - Been expecting that. - Ryker's boys bluffed him out.

              - Maybe he had sense. - What were you doing in town?

              - Joe, I want to dance. - Marian, they've fenced me out here.

              - Joe don't want you in town by yourself. - It's just Ryker and Grafton gabbing.

              Grafton's OK.

              Another man was there, likely hired by Ryker.

              - Who was that? - Stranger, decked out like a gunfighter.

              - Did you say "guns"? - Yeah, two guns.

              - What did he look like? - Packs two guns, kinda lean...

              He wears a black hat.

              - Is he a friend of yours? - No.

              A man named Wilson looks like that, a gunfighter.

              - Jack Wilson? - Gunfighter outta Cheyenne.

              - Can't be him, can it? - I didn't ask him his name.

              - What about him? - What's a gunman doing around here?

              - Pow-wow with Ryker? - Don't start. We don't know it's Wilson.

              This Wilson, would you know him, Shane? If you saw him?

              Maybe. If it is Wilson, he's fast on the draw, so be careful.

              You seem to know a lot about this kind of business, Shane.

              That is enough. Come and eat before things get cold.

              I don't want no part of gunslinging. Murder's a better name.

              We eat now, everyone. You fellas get the shoe game!

              Torrey, I want to go to the blacksmith's,

              but Joe says we shouldn't go alone.

              Any time you wanna go to town, I'll ride along with you.

              I'm a soldier who's done fighting in real battles.

              I can shoot just as straight...


              - Yes, Joey? - Think that was him?

              - Who? - That man Torrey seen in town.

              Do you think that was Wilson?

              - Don't worry about things like that. - Rest, Joey. It's past your bedtime.

              Yes, Mother.

              - No, Joey. I'll open it. - All right.

              All right. I'll open the gate for you.

              Who goes there?

              Brother Rufe's come to pay you a little visit.

              Howdy, Starrett.

              Evening, ma'am.

              I had somethin' I wanted to talk over with you.

              Whatever business we got, we can talk over right here.

              I'll just lay it on the barrelhead, then. How'd you like to work for me?

              I work for myself. Done enough working for others.

              Wait till I tell you.

              I'll pay you top wages. More than you make on this patch of ground.

              No, I'm not interested.

              I haven't said it all. You can run your cattle with mine.

              What's more, I'll buy your homestead.

              Set a price you think is reasonable, you'll find me reasonable.

              Is that fair?

              You've made things hard for us, and we're in the right.

              Right? You in the right?

              When I came to this country, you weren't much older than your boy.

              We had rough times. Me and other men that are mostly dead now.

              I got a bad shoulder yet from a Cheyenne arrowhead.

              We made this country, we found it and we made it,

              with blood and empty bellies.

              Cattle we brought in were hazed off by Indians and rustlers.

              They don't bother you much any more because we handled 'em.

              We made a safe range out of this.

              Some of us died doing it, but we made it.

              Then people move in who never had to raw-hide it through the old days.

              They fence off my range and fence me off from water.

              Some of them plough ditches, take out irrigation water.

              So the creek runs dry sometimes and I gotta move my stock because of it.

              And you say we have no right to the range.

              The men that did the work and ran the risks have no rights?

              I take you for a fair man, Starrett.

              I'm not belittling what you did, but you didn't find this country.

              There were trappers here and Indian traders before you.

              - They tamed this country. - They weren't ranchers.

              Rights! You think you've the right to say nobody else has got any.

              That ain't the way the Government looks at it.

              I didn't come to argue. I made you a fair proposition.

              What about the others?

              - Shane knows he can work for me. - The other homesteaders?

              Look, be reasonable!

              After all, there's just so many hands in a deck of cards.

              - Then, I've got to say no. - You don't give a man much choice.

              How do you feel about it, son? Would you like to go partners with me?

              I don't want trouble with your father. We don't want anyone to get hurt.

              - Joey ain't quite of age, Ryker. - How about it, son?

              Come here, Joey.

              I don't want you to be sorry, Starrett.

              I'll see you.

              What do you make of him?

              He's no cow-puncher.

              No. He doesn't look the part.

              I like Starrett, too, but I'll kill him if I have to.

              - I'll kill him if I have to. - You mean I'll kill him if you have to.

              I can't have any run-in with the law. You heard Grafton.

              Just get Starrett in here. It wouldn't take much to bait him.

              Well, lookż here.

              Lookż here.

              Why don't we just gun him and get on with it?

              One's run already. It won't take much to stampede the rest.

              Remember, Wilson, you got to make this look right to Grafton.

              Hey, come here!

              Torrey... I wouldn't go over there, Torrey.

              Nobody's gonna buffalo me.

              - What can I do for you? - Where do you think you're going?

              - To get a whiskey. - Torrey.



              They tell me they call you "Stonewall".

              - Anything wrong with that? - It's just funny.

              I guess they named a lot of that...

              ...Southern trash after old Stonewall.

              Who'd they name you after? Or would you know?

              I'm saying that "Stonewall" Jackson was trash himself.

              Him and Lee, and all the rest of them Rebs.

              You, too.

              - You're a low-down, lying Yankee. - Prove it.

              No, Torrey!

              One less sodbuster.

              - What? - He tried to pull on Wilson.

              - Ain't that right, Swede? - He tried to reach for a...

              All right. Get him outta here.

              Tell your friends we'll be waiting for any more

              that come in looking for trouble.

              You understand that, Swede?

              Now get him outta here.

              - What happened? - The sodbuster tried to kill Wilson.

              - What's the shooting? - Sodbuster tried to pull on Wilson.


              - Lewis! - Pa! What's happened?

              - Lewis! - Fred!


              Torrey, he is dead!

              Ryker did it!

              I'll go get Starrett.

              Shane, we sure enough earned our keep today.

              If they just leave us alone, we'll make a farm out of this yet.

              Somebody's coming, Pa.

              - Looks like Shipstead. - It's Mr Shipstead.


              Torrey, he is dead!


              Torrey, he is dead!

              The new man shot him, the new man that works for Ryker did it.

              I was across the street, I heard anger in the voices.

              The two of them reach for pistols,

              but the new man is quick, terribly quick.

              One shot, Torrey dead.

              - One shot. - What happened?

              We go to town together. He say it be safe.

              It was all quiet. We separate.

              Then the anger in the voices, I hear. Only the anger, not the words.

              Ryker's men were all around.

              What started it?

              I passed Lewis, his missus and Johnson. They're scared.

              - Who saw it? - Just the Ryker men and me.

              Morgan say they wait for any more who come looking for trouble.

              Marian, you get ready. Mrs Torrey will need you.

              Shane, hitch up the team.

              What are you going to do, Joe?

              - Go to town. I'm gonna see about this. - You can't go alone.

              - Marian, I'm going. - She's right, Joe.

              But the others are all in this, it's not just you. Wait for them.

              - Sooner or later, someone's got to go. - But not now. Don't you go alone!

              The other homesteaders, I think they run. I think they get out of here.

              Here comes Joe Starrett. Wish he'd tend to his own business.

              - What goes on? - We're going on. I've had enough.

              I sure figured you for a better man.

              You saw what's happened. Torrey's dead.

              Just gonna pile up your plunder and skip.

              Too scared to see Torrey get a decent funeral.

              I don't want him killed. We're going.

              It ain't a question of who stays or who runs.

              We gotta see Stonewall get a Christian burial,

              and his wife hear some words of comfort said over her man.

              We'll make sure it's done.

              Torrey's already dead. I don't want it to happen to my man.

              Fred, if you ain't at that funeral, I'll sure take it bad of you.

              Well... cemetery hill's on the way out, Martha...

              Shipstead, would you please lead us in the Lord's Prayer?

              Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

              Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

              Give us this day our daily bread,

              and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

              And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

              For Thine is the kingdom, and the power,

              and the glory, for ever. Amen.

              He's gonna bite you!

              Goodbye, Mrs Starrett, we're going.

              Goodbye, Joe. Goodbye, Axel. Goodbye, John.

              Sue, you put the kids in the wagon.

              Wait for me, Lewis. I'm coming with you.

              Wait a minute, let's not be in a hurry. There's one more thing.

              Torrey was a pretty brave man.

              We'd be doing wrong if we wasn't the same.

              Last time you argued that, Torrey was alive.

              - You want us to stay for more of this? - We can have a regular settlement.

              We can have a town, and churches and a school...


              You've just got to, that's all.

              He wants you to stay for something that means more than anything.

              Your families.

              Your wives and kids.

              Like you, Lewis, your girls...

              ...and Shipstead with his boys.

              They've got a right to stay here and grow up and be happy.

              It's up to you people to have nerve enough to not give it up.

              That's right. We can't give up this valley and we ain't gonna do it.

              This is farming country, a place for people to bring up their families.

              Who's Ryker to run us away from our own homes?

              He only wants to grow beef, and we want to grow families,

              to grow them good and strong, the way they were meant to be grown.

              God didn't make all this country just for one man like Ryker.

              He's got it though, and that's what counts.

              - Look, look there. - A fire!

              It's Lewis's place.

              It's our place.

              - Ryker lit it. - He had no right.

              He wouldn't have, if you hadn't left it.

              I built it with my own hands.

              - Not the girls' room. - I was getting round to it.

              If we stick together, we can put that place back up.

              - Can't we? - Right.

              We'll help you build the room, Johnson and Joe.

              - Shane'll help. - Yeah.

              We'll get the timber and put it right back up, right?

              - Yes, sir! We'll do it. - Me, too, I'll help.

              - You'll do that for us? - All that, just for us?

              Not just for you, Martha, for all of us in this valley.

              Come and help. Maybe we can save part of that.

              - That's the spirit. - Let's get to the Lewises' place.

              Come on, men!

              Boss! Looks like Lewis is going back.

              Starrett's holding 'em together.

              - He could set fire to mine. - Stay on your ground.

              He'll do us like he did Torrey.

              - There's a law against killing. - The law is three days' ride from here.

              - You know that. - What does that leave us with?

              - Give me time. - Who's gonna fight Ryker?

              - He knows he's got us on the run. - You men hang on...

              - Hang on? - I promise something's gonna be done.

              But what, Joe?

              Leave that to me. I'll have it out with Ryker.

              - You're taking on too much. - If I have to kill him.

              That's wrong. Don't even think that.

              Starrett's got to go.

              I've warned him twice, but he's pig-headed. He'll have to pay for it.

              Joe, you can't do it!

              If the Lewises have the courage to start over, I won't let them down.

              But you can't go in town to kill Ryker. He'll kill you.

              Tell him I'm a reasonable man, things have gone far enough.

              Tell him I'm beat, anything, but, by Jupiter, get him here!

              He'll come. He thinks he's a reasonable man.

              Hello, Calloway.

              - He'll kill you. - It's a chance I gotta take.

              This is a false square knot, Joey, it won't hold.

              Shane! Tell him he can't go. Tell him it won't work. Tell him!


              Wait, Joe, till things cool off. Wait that long, anyway.

              That's right, isn't it, Shane?

              I can't tell Joe what's right, Marian.

              Please wait, Joe.

              Won't you do even this for me?


              Mr Starrett!

              - Who is it? - Peace party, from Ryker.

              One of you can come across and talk.

              - Stay out of that garden. - We ain't armed.

              Brother Rufe wants to see you.

              He says to tell you he's a reasonable man.

              He's responsible for Torrey's killing.

              My brother wouldn't kill anybody. He don't wanna go to jail.

              Torrey was a hot-head, he picked on a stranger.

              Torrey didn't wanna be reasonable. You wanna be reasonable, don't you?

              I always figured on being reasonable.

              My brother's waiting. He'll see you at Grafton's.

              Who else?

              Not us. We're heading home.

              I'll see your brother.



              - Who is it? - Calloway. Chris Calloway.

              - Stay where you are. I can drill you. - Hold it, I got something to tell you.

              - What do you want? - Starrett's up against a stacked deck.

              Bang! Bang!

              Bang! Bang!

              - Why are you telling me? - I reckon something's come over me.

              - I don't figure. - I'm quitting Ryker.

              - So long. - Chris...


              Be seeing you.

              No use to argue, Marian. I'm going into this with my eyes open.


              Isn't there anything I can say to change things?

              Maybe this is a chance.

              Morgan and them boys went home...

              You don't really believe that, that's not the reason.

              It's just too much for me to give up, this place and our valley...

              - All the things that will be. - Will be!


              Bang, bang, bang!

              Joey, don't point that thing! Go play outside.

              Play outside, Joey!

              Please, dear. Go outside and play.

              It's just pride, that's all, a silly kind of a pride.

              Don't I mean anything to you, Joe? Doesn't Joey?


              Honey, it's because you mean so much to me that I've got to go.

              Could I go on living with you, and you thinking I'd showed yellow?

              And what about Joey? How would I explain that to him?

              Oh, Joe...


              I've been thinking a lot, and...

              ...I know I'm kinda slow sometimes, but I see things...

              And I know if anything happened to me that you'd be took care of.

              You'd be took care of, better than I could do it myself.

              I never thought I'd live to hear myself say that, but...

              I guess now's a pretty good time to lay things bare.

              You talk as though I'd be glad for you to go.

              Honey, you're the most honest and the finest girl that ever lived.

              I couldn't do what I gotta do if I hadn't always known I could trust you.

              Now, don't you go counting me out!

              I wouldn't have lived this long if I wasn't pretty tough.

              Pa! Shane's got his gun on. He's coming!


              - What's the idea? - Don't let him go. Don't anybody go!

              - This is my kind of game. - But it ain't yours.

              Maybe you're a match for Ryker, maybe not, but you're no match for Wilson.

              Then, I'll outlast him. But I do appreciate it, Shane.

              You're both out of your senses. This isn't worth a life.

              Are you fighting for this shack, this ground and nothing but work?

              I'm sick of it, I'm sick of trouble. Let's move, let's go on, please!

              Marian, don't say that! You love this place more than me.

              - Not any more. - Even if it's true, it changes nothing.

              There must be some way, Shane? Some way?

              - It's no use, Joe. - No use? What's stopping me?

              - I am. - Get out of my way.

              - Am I gonna have to fight you, too? - That depends on you.



              Shane! You hit him with your gun! I hate you!

              - Walk him around when he comes to. - Joey, bring water and a towel.

              Here, Marian. Hide this.

              He'll be all right.

              No one can blame him for not keeping that date.

              Shane... Wait!

              - You were through with gunfighting. - I changed my mind.

              Are you doing this just for me?

              For you, Marian...

              ...and Joe and little Joe.

              Then we'll never see you again?

              Never's a long time, Marian.

              Tell him... Tell him I was sorry.

              No need to tell him that.

              Please, Shane...



              Take care of yourself.

              Mother! Pa's coming along all right.

              Yes, Joey.

              - Why did Shane...? - Shane did what he had to do.

              - You don't hate Shane. - I know, Mother.


              I'm sorry!

              He didn't hear you.


              Shane! I'm sorry!

              I came to get your offer, Ryker.

              I'm not dealing with you. Where's Starrett?

              - You're dealing with me, Ryker. - I got no quarrel with you, Shane.

              You can walk out now and no hard feeling.

              - What's your offer, Ryker? - To you, not a thing.

              - That's too bad. - Too bad.

              You've lived too long. Your kind of days are over.

              - My days? And yours, gunfighter? - The difference is I know it.

              So we'll turn in our six-guns to the bartender,

              and we'll all start hoeing spuds, is that it?

              Not quite yet.

              We haven't heard from your friend here.

              I wouldn't push too far if I were you.

              Our fight ain't with you.

              - It ain't with me, Wilson? - No, it ain't, Shane.

              I wouldn't pull on Wilson, Shane.

              Will, you're a witness to this.

              So you're Jack Wilson.

              What's that mean to you, Shane?

              I've heard about you.

              What have you heard, Shane?

              I've heard that you're a low-down, Yankee liar.

              Prove it!

              Shane, look out!


              I knew you could, Shane. I knew it just as well as anything.

              Was that him? Was that Wilson?

              That was him. That was Wilson, all right.

              He was fast, fast on the draw.

              Joey, what are you doing here?

              - I'm sorry, Shane. - You don't have to be.

              - You'd better run back. - Can't I ride home behind you?

              I'm afraid not, Joey.

              Please! Why not?

              I gotta be going on.

              Why, Shane?

              A man has to be what he is, Joey. Can't break the mould.

              - I tried it and it didn't work for me. - We want you, Shane.

              Joey, there's no living with a killing. There's no going back from one.

              Right or wrong, it's a brand. A brand sticks.

              There's no going back.

              Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her...

              ...tell her everything's all right and there aren't any more guns in the valley.


              It's bloody! You're hurt!

              I'm all right, Joey.

              Go home to your mother and father and grow up to be strong and straight.

              And, Joey...

              Take care of them, both of them.

              Yes, Shane.

              He'd never have shot you if you'd seen him!

              Bye, little Joe.

              He'd never even have cleared the holster, would he, Shane?

              Pa's got things for you to do! And Mother wants you!

              I know she does!



              Come back!


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