Shopgirl Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Shopgirl script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Steve Martin and Claire Danes movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Shopgirl. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Shopgirl Script





Mirabelle Buttersfield moved from Vermount, hoping

to begin her life



And now she is stranded in the vast openness of L.A.



She keeps working to make connections..



But the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her



What Mirabelle needs is an ominationed voice to illuminate

and spotlight her.



And to inform everyone..



..that this one has value.



This one, standing behind the counter in the glove department.



And to find her counterpart..



..and bring him to her.



Come on.



Come on out.



You want something ? You wanna eat?



There's some food out here.



Here it is.. It's in the kitchen !



Good night, Sylvia.






You have a student loan of $     ..



..and you're currently paying off at the rate of..



..   dollars a month.






Do you think you could increase that amount to--



Just a sec..



$    a month ?



Well. I..



I would love to, but..



That's just not gonna happen.



- Really?

- Yeah.






Hey !



I mean: hello.






Do you need change ?



No, I'm fine.






Where do you work ?






Oh. Saks.






Sex ..



Sex with Avenue ?



Where do you work ?



In my studio. I'm an artist.



- Oh yeah?

- Yeah.



- Me too.

- Oh really ? What kind?



I draw. What do you do?



I'm involved in stencilling.



You know Holy Dog Amplifiers?



I do the logo.



Yeah, I'll show you.



This is, like, some thumbs I did.



It's all, you know. Like, soon they'll all find them obviously and..



This is my favourite one.



I've called this Font Los Angeles because..



This is Los Angeles. This is my favourite one.



I'm an okay guy, by the way.



You didn't have to tell me that.



I didn't have to come.



I could tell.



Well, how could you tell?



'Cause I'm a really poor judge of character.



I am a poor judge of character as well.



The worst.



Excuse me, young lady.



Two things.



One: I was wondering if I could have a change from you..



..because my stuff's still damp.



And two:



I was wondering if I could, please..



..have your phone number, so that I could..



..give you a call.



I'm Jeremy.



I will call you.



[If you do want me..]



[..give me little sugar]



[If you don't want me..]



[..don't lead me on, girl]



[But if you need me..]



[ me that you love me]



[And when I'm feeling blue]



[And I want you]



[There's just one thing that you should do.]



[Just give me some kind of sign, oh baby..]



[To show me that you're mine, girl.]



[Oh, yeah!]



[To show me you're mine..]






I'll get it.. I'll get it next time, okay?






- Hi.

- Hi.



You look nice.



Yeah ?

Yeah. . thanks.



Are you ready..


            have the time of your life?






I'm ready.



All right, young lady.



It's fantastic, isn't it ?






Are we going in ?



Go in?



Oh no.



I stop and look at it.



So.. we would just sit here, then ?






Or walk around.



This place is called 'seawalk'.



You got to eat and attend to my date book.



It's not called city-going-to-see-a-movie.



Ticket's like    bucks.



I like it here.






I come here to think about thumbs.



I've actually been working on a thumb for you.



It's my most favourite.



The Ls go like that.



- We could split it.

- Okay, let's split it.



- Okay.

- Okay, could you, can I borrow a few bucks ?



Congratulations, you've officially gone on a date with Jeremy.



Don't forget to hold the handle when you lock the door.






- Well, thanks for driving me.

- Can I see your place?



I think I should go to bed.



I'm tired.









- Good night.

- Oh, okay, okay, okay.



Well, let me give you my number.



Have you got a pen ?









I do.



You got a paper ?






How high is that ? You ever jumped off that ?



I would jump it.



Mirabelle ?






Can I kiss you or what ?



The point being ?



Thank you.



Oh, hey, you.. you look good too.



Hey, Jeremy!



Yeah ?



Are you the kind of person that takes time to..


            get to know and then once you get to know them..



..they're fabulous ?






- Yes, absolutely.

- Fuck.



What ?






- Okay.

- Okay.



No.. Okay.



I love you. Okay, Good night!



Good night.



[Good night!]



[Good night..!]



You see, Susan.



Your husband doesn't understand that it's..



- ..afterglow that's important to a woman.

- Uh huh.



- Much more important than the sex act itself.

- Cool.



A woman needs to be held..



..even if, and science has shown this, it's by someone she

doesn't care about.



Protective hormones are released and the amount of hormones..



..released depends on the degree to which she is held.



The first in best is the complete surround.



He wraps you in those arms, whispers how beautiful you are ..



Second best is the arm around.



He's next to you but with one arm around you.



Third is he's just next to you on his elbow.



But he rests his hand on your stomach and looks at you.



Fourth is you snuggling up to him with your head on his chest.



Well, he looks away into space.



But when the first best happens you feel completely wonderfully..


            a woman.






Jeremy ?






Jeremy ?



Jeremy !!






Jeremy !!



- Hello ?

- Hello ?



- Hey.



Is this.. Is this Jeremy ?






Do you know who this is.






It's Mirabelle.



Did you just dial me ?






Did you know that..






- What?

- Uhh..



- That you what ?

- That, uhh..



- Oh..

- What ?






Oh God!



Okay, well.






I was wondering if you wanted me to come over.






Yeah ?






I'm just..hanging out, really.



- All right.

- Yeah.



- Okay, I'm gonna come over.

- Okay.



Uh, like, when ?



Well, um ..



Um. I'm in the middle of a lot of things right now..





Maybe like ten minutes ?



Hi !






I brought fries.



I can tell.



How could you tell ?



I can see through the bag.



Oh yeah.



You're really good.



- Come on in.

- Yeah? Great!



Oh great!



Uh! Sorry ! Sorry!



It's okay.



Okay, hey, is that the bedroom ?



What ?



- Yeah.

- Yeah ?



Have you got a condom ?



Oh, I've got one. I've got.



Oh shit.



What ?



It's a mint!



What ?



I.. I grabbed the wrong package.



It's a mint, it's not a condom.



Do you have one ?









Do you have a, baggy?



What ?



If you had, like, a jiffy baggy..



..well, I could , I could, like, use it, you know.



Oh God.



You will have to go and get one.



Okay. Cool.



Where do you keep them ?



What ?



The jiffy baggies ? Where do you keep them ?



No, a condom.



Kinda breaks the romantic mood.



Do you wanna just talk ?






Say, 'scuse me, bro.



That was quick.






Where'd you get it ?



Well, I was..



..out there, and bumped on the neighbour Kenny.



I just asked him if had any, uhh..



- Oh God!

- And it was like.. that.



Do you still want to do it ?



Do you want a massage?



- Ow!

- What! What happened?






- Someone's hitting my balls.

- Someone ?



Bad Sylvia !



I'm sorry. Ow, are you okay ?



Yeah, it's like someone's throwing marshmallows at me.






Are you okay that--?






Does this happen often ?



Yeah, every night.



Maybe we should just go home.






No, stay.



Amplifiers are so underappreciated.



What ?



They could be so cool, okay? But nobody cares about design,

you know.



It pisses me off.



Mac designs a cool computer, everybody goes out

and they buy it!



And.. a band! A rock n' roll band..



..lives or dies.



Bother amplifiers.. and they're sold..





Hell, it's that ridiculous, come on!



The amp should have a stick!



I mean: yeah.



I mean: amp should still be like cool things!



You know, like cars.



Like swords!



Not like appliances.



And that is why..that is why my boss, my business is going under.



Because..he, he, he's used his all his merch.



That's merchandise.



Maybe you should do something about it?



Huh ?



He's never coming to my party again.



- Never.

- Pather's so .. fat.



- Uh, at worst.

- That was like he was going to lose his grip.



You want something ?



- Seeing anything you want?

- No, thank you.



But I saw some people who were dressed good.



- Excuse me ?

- Oh..yes, I'm sorry ?



Is he famous ?



I'm not sure.. Extraterrestrials?



- Haven't seen that.

- Neither have I.



How'd you know who he was then ?






Would you like to see something ?






Those, uh..



..gray ones and those black ones.






How does it work? Is it one size fits all or..?



They come in different sizes, but mostly they'll fit anybody.



Unless.. you know.









I don't know. What do you think ?



Well, it depends on the dress.



What color is the dress ?



Um ..



I'll just ..



I'll just take the gray ones.






Safe ?



Why, do you think the black ?



I like the black.



Okay. I'll take the black.






$   .



I'll just put it in there.



Thank you.



Thank you.



Okay.. Chet!



What ?






You know what I've been thinking ?



I have no idea.



Well, how could you.



I'm doing the thinking, always.. Listen!



Chet. Who hangs out with rock musicians on the road ?



- Who ?

- Other rock musicians.



And ?



If you had someone on the road..



..with the band, you know, one of the bands that uses our stuff..



..with someone, who looks real sharp, you know..



..someone who is musicians-related..



..then you could sell a lot of stuff that way.



And do you have someone in mind ?









Think about it.



Okay. Smell.







- Arigato!

- Arigato.



- Arigato!

- Arigato.



- Arigato.

- Arigato.



- Arigato..

- Arigato.



- Arigato.

- Arigato.



- Did you get my package?

- Oh!



I always seem to be sneaking up on you but I'm not.



Right, I was.. distracted by.. global commerce.






Did you get my package?



Uhh, yes. Thank you.



And ?



Who are you ?



Good point.



I'm Ray Porter, hi.



- How are you?

- Hi.



Look, I know you can't be seen chatting up customers, so..



..why don't you just meet me on Friday, for dinner..


              o' clock ?



While Ray Porter explains his presumption and getting her address..



..and sending her the gloves..



..Mirabelle sighes him up and no alarm bell sounds.



She asks him several questions and gets a particular kind of checklist..



..for a man over   .



Divorced, two houses, one in L.A. and one in computer-oriented Seattle..



..which is source of his wealth.



What time?






But the one question she does not ask him..



..which is foremost in her mind is..



.."why me?".









Mind if I join you?



We see each other but we don't know each other.



- I'm Lisa.

- Mirabelle.



You ever have men ask you out of the store ?






And do you ever go out with them ?






Somebody asked you out?



You want some advice?



You never call him.



But if he calls you you talk to him..



..then act like you have another call.



Keep him on for a long time.



Like the longer than you think it is possible.



And break dates.



Always break dates.



Right there on the holidays, and then he is just stuck.



And fellatio.



The sooner the better.



And a lot.



Act like you love it.



After he's addicted cut him off.



That's when you got him.



Yeah, I couldn't do all that.



How come ?



I'm from Vermount.



Oouch.. Fudge!



- Hi.

- Hey.



- Can I come in?

- Yeah, please.



- You know, I, I think I can see your apartment from my house.

- Really?



Yes, because I live near the observatory and I can see

the observatory from your steps.



- Well, do you want to go or stay or..

- Um, well..



- Do you want to sit down?

- Yes. Great, thanks.






Do you want something to drink ?



Pardon me ?



Drink ?

- Uh, yeah. What do you have?



White wine ?



That's great.



It's nice.. nice, uhh, neighbourhood.



Yeah, I really like it.



Thank you.



Should we go?






Yeah. Let's go.






You know.



- That's, uhh. foot-ton, right?

- Yeah.



You'll like the Cha-cha-cha, it's fun.






You know what you're gonna have?



Yeah, I always get the jag chicken.



Is that an order or a command ?



Okay, so we need some, uhh.. date questions.



So let's see.



Where does your family live ?






Good relationship with your father ? I hope ?






My dad doesn't speak very much.



After Vietnam.






Be honest. Maybe. If this were a TV dating show..



..would I be kicked off already and you'd be on to the next guy?



You'd still be on the show.






I like your watch.



Thank you.



It's a pretty Timex.



Yeah, but I'm out of date questions and..



..I'm on to date comments.



Now I'm your watch.



Very nice.



- Was I boring ?

- No. Was I?



A little bit.



Well, okay.



I don't think you should come in.



I'm not asking to.



- Meaning..?




I'll see you again ?









I'll be out of town about a week.



But would you like to have dinner on Friday?



We could eat at my place.






[Here she comes, breaking through my window..]



[ the early morning hours.]



[For the moment..]



[..I'm disrupted.]



[But in time she'll make me smile.]



[All the wondrous anim--]



[--bring us songs of calm.]



[They do no wrong.]



[They do no wrong.]



[You don't know just how much I miss you.]



[Yeah, my stomach aches in your absence.]



[I don't know what I'd do without you.]



- Hey, man, you saved our ass tonight.

- Oh, no sweat.



- What was that in?

- This is Holy Dog, it's the amp comp.



You know, it's one of those tiny bands.



I'm going to see you on the bus, man.



You want some dawg ?



Oh, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to just say no.



Good answer.



I'm into athletics.



Whatever. You wanna route us? Ride with us.






We've got an extra bunk. Come on.



- Ride with you?

- Come on. We're leaving tomorrow morning.



Yeah? Great. All right.



- Come on.

- Let me get my gear and I've got to deal with some things but..



- Come on!

- All right.






[Hey, it's Jeremy.]



[Jeremy. What are you doing?]



Meaning, now ?



[Yeah. Come over, I'm waiting for you to come over.]



It's too late.



[It's not too late.]



It is for me, I have to get up.



Come over.



I can't.



Come on.






Oh, come on, I'm leaving town for a couple of months.



I can't.



Why not ?



Because I'm seeing someone.



You have a nice house.



Do you think it's too done ?



- No. It's nice.

- I didn't do it, it was like this when I bought it.



Do you want to sit down ?



Or do you want to go outside?






Do you want some wine ?






Okay, yeah.



Okay, there's the termite sign.



And then, there's the mall. Yes!



I can see your building but not your apartment.



Take a look.



See the blue sign ?






And right below that Silverlake boulevard.



- And just go over.

- Oh yeah!



See ?



- You all right?

- Yes.



Aperture ?



There's a dealer who takes my drawings..



..and he sells them occasionally.



How often do you do it ?



About every six months.



Why so few?



I don't know. Really.



You sure you don't want some wine ?



I'm sure.



Thank you.



You wanna see the rest of the house ?



Let's go.



Let's see.You've got all three types of recycle bins.



And the whole, uhh..



battery, all the closets.



This, just.. You see, you just put things over.



A garage.






Nice view.



Let me turn off the phones.



[Hi, it's Ray Porter, leave a message after the beep.]



All right, okay.



- All right, here's where you sleep.

- Okay, cool.



All right.



Here's your headphones. Go to sleep with the music.



Come on, we're gonna make mohitos.



What's mohito ?



Fancy drink.



All right.



I wanna fly !



Yeah !



Yeah !






[Relax your toes and breathe.]



[Relax your ankles and breathe.]



[Feel your hands, flex them.]



[Fix your eyes on an object in front of you.]



[Quiet your mind. Feel the sensation of being alive.]






Is it okay that I make a speech ?






I wasn't really looking for anything permanent right now.



Though I really liked seeing you.



I'm just travelling so much right now.



But I thought maybe we should just..



..keep our options open.



Do you understand ?



I do.



Yes, Mirabelle, the fourth floor. How do things go with the glove man ?



Oh yeah! Tell us all about it!



Spill it ! You like him ? Does he like you ?



What.. He said he was surprised he was interested in me.



I told her there was no possibility that this was a long-term




She's.. you know, she's really too young for me.



But you wanted to sleep with her.



Oh yeah.



He said he wants to give it a try.



And I said that even if I know that this is not long-term

I still want to see her.



And she understood ?



Oh yeah.



He said he wants to cut down on his travelling..



..I recently said that I like to sleep with her when I'm in town.



Is it he know, stop travelling-- completely..



..and then we'd decide what to do it at that point.



Even though it's a sexual relationship..



..we still should be able to meet other people.



So he was really taking with you?



Yeah, it seemed like it.



So you were really clear with her that this

relationship has no future ?






Well. You know how to find out if he really loves you ?



How ?



You call him sweetheart and watch what he does.



[I don't know what it is that makes me love you so..]



[I only know I never wanna let you go..]



['Cause you started something..]



[Oh, can't you see..]



[..that ever since we met you've had a hole on me.]



[It happens to be true.]



[I only wanna be with you.]



[It doesn't matter where you go and what you do.]



[I wanna spend each moment of the day with you.]



[Oh, look what has happened with just one kiss.]



[I never knew that I could be in love like this.]



[It's crazy but it's true.]



[I only wanna be with you.]



[You stopped and smiled at me.]



[Asked if I'd care to dance.]



[I fell into your open arms..]



[..and I didn't stand a chance.]



[Now listen, honey, I just wanna be beside you everywhere.]



[As long as we're together, honey, I don't care.]



['Cause you started something..]



[..oh, can't you see?]



[That ever since we met you've had a hole on me.]



[No matter what you do..]



[..I only wanna be with you!]



Hey, Luther, we've been listening to the same tapes for weeks.



What do you say we get some new stuff ?



And what do they got ?



Mostly yoga, piattis, Chreotechnics.



And look at these.



- Hell of a woman.

- Yeah.



- You need that woman.

- What ?



There's more relationships stuff.






We're getting it ?



Let's just get them all. We're on the road till February.



- Okay.

- All right ?



I guess we'll love women now.



Happy birthday.



- Thank you, mister!

- Anything you don't like it, you know, you can take back.



You know I never return anything you give me.



Yeah but there are a lot of women, just waiting

for me so it's okay.



You're sweet.



By the way, you know, my birthday is tomorrow.



It is really ?



Okay, you know, I'll take it as a computer error.



I'm going to fix that and next year..



..everything will be good.



Next year?



Next year ?!



Next year you'll be dead.



Well, do you want to open 'em tomorrow or you don't want to wait?



No, I love gifts.



Oh my God!



It's beautiful !



- You like it?

- I love it!



Thank you so much.



Should I try it on ?






Hey, I've got to go to New York in about six weeks for e-Vent weekend.



You wanna go? You think you could get off ?



Oh my God, yes!



You're gonna need a dress.



What kind of dress?



Well, it's a tuxedo thing so whatever that is.



I could take you to Armani next week.



You look beautiful.



Excuse me.






What ?



I've never had a dress fitted on me before.



[Feel the sensation of being alive.]



[Feel what it means to be alive.]



[Only from this place, of pure existence can you begin to change..]



[ turn yourself into a being, capable of loving another person.]



Hey, you're gonna be late.



You're all right ?






I feel good too.



I think I like the look of the brown ones.



Would you like--



Are you all right ?



Yes. Fine, thank you.



I'll be back in five minutes.



Hey, it's Ray.



You haven't returned my call. Are you all right ?



I'm fine.



You don't sound fine.



I'm okay.



Hey, guess what. I'm not hanging up until you tell me what's wrong.



Have you ever taken anti-depressants ?






I do.



But I stopped.



And ?



And, uhh..



The doctor says that.. maybe I shouldn't have.



All right. I'm gonna come over there and get you

and we're gonna go to the doctor.



You call him and let him know we're coming.



Here, I've got something for you.



What's this?



I know it's not on the way but it's your ticket to New York city.









Hello ?



You there ?






Hey, umm.



- Do you have plans for tonight ?

- Someone.



Could you cancel 'em ?



I could be there in three hours.



I could cancel 'em.






Have you eaten yet ?



No.. I wanted to wait.



Well, I'll bring some food from the plane.



- Plane food?

- Private plane food.



Hi, it's Mirabelle. Leave your name and number

and I'll call you back.



Oh, hey, Mirabelle in machine, it's Jeremy.



I'm calling you from..



..the road.



And I was calling to wish you a happy thanksgiving..



..and all that.



And ..



I think I might have directivied you instead of

treating you like the unique being of nature.



And even better I get to use the-roady-cellphone for free. No charge.



So, uhh.. I'm calling for free!



- Why are you leaving for work at  :  ?

- I've gotta go home to change.



Oh.. That could take an hour.



I know.



Do you want to stay at my place sometime ?



You know, I live    minutes from Saks, next time you come over..



..just leave some clothes here and you'll go to work from here.






You know, I won't be able to see you till after thanksgiving.



Don't stuff yourself with all that turkey.



See you, sleepyhead.



I'm glad you called. You saved me from a dinner at Old Cakes N' Peanut Butter.



Hey, who always used to take me out of nice restaurants ?



Why don't you take yourself ?



Not in my club.



I ought to have brought food.



It's a little tricky.



Eat some.






- It's fish.

- It's eggs.



     little eggs.






Are you seeing somebody ?









Is it serious ?



It's hard to say.



I've been really clear with her.



Are you in love with her ?



Question of the night.



How would you like to just lie there?



What do you mean ?





            would you..



..Ray Porter..


            to just lie there ?



And pretend like you're in Thailand.



And when it's all over I'll just slip away into the night.



Remember ?



Hi! What you're doing, Mister?



Just calling to say hello.



When you're coming down?



I mean, uhh.. we could have one of our nights.



Okay. Well, have a good night.






Dear Mirabelle.



I suppose the only way to say this..


            to say that.



I slept with someone.



It was not romantic or intimate.



And if I had it to do it all over again..



..I wouldn't.



I am not telling you this because I want our relationship

to change.



I am telling you this only because..


            deserve to know.



I am sorry.






I put it in a letter because I didn't want to change my mind..


            the middle of telling you.



I can't go to New York with you now.



Oh, sweet ..



I can't go.



How can I go ?!






You want to hear the stupidest thing of all?



I somehow thought it would be all right.



[Ray, it's counsellor--]



[Hey, Ray--]



[This is a call for Mr. Ray Porter--]



Hi, dad.



- Hi, mom.

- Hello, honey.



Dinner's ready!



I'll be there in a second!



You getting along okay ?



Out there ?






Saks is fine and..



I sell a drawing sometimes.



--a new formula is much denser, much quicker to respond..



..and taking way more information--






Mirabelle, it's for you.












I'm sorry.



Why don't you come to New York ?






[Eight weeks on tonight still]



[But all the other winters I spent]



[She lived in a house..]



[..where mission street bends.]



- Hey.

- Hey.



What's that ?



It's a homeling suit.



Homeling suit, what for ?



It's for the New York city.



A white suit for we're hitting New York city.






You look like an angel.



I'm not ready to make love.



That's right.



I'm just glad you're here.



So, thank you for coming in..



We do need you to sign a few things.



Okay. What are they ?



Just some papers finishing off your loan.






What do you mean: finishing off my loan ?



What do you mean ? Your loans were paid off.



Just need you to sign here..



..and here.



And congratulations. That must be quite a relief.



You are the sweetest man!



That's something I am able to do for you.



You do a lot for me.



I don't give you very much..



Financial things - yes.



But.. that's easy for me.



I know it's hard for you to be close.






--there's one other.. this one.



It's made of saman, raw.



It's fabulous.



Caroline, it's Lisa.



Did you sell one of those flower-print dresses this week ?



Besides two.



Uh, yeah. Some guy came in, bought one for his girlfriend.



What is the name on the credit card?



Okay, hang on for a second.



Ray Porter ?



- Hello ?

- Hi, it's Ray, I'm just about to land.



I'll be about half an hour late, can I meet you at the gallery?






Excuse me, young lady!






It's me.



Jeremy ?



- Nice to see you again.

- Hi!



I.. You look so different.



Yeah, I know.



Uhh, changes!



Do you realise that I've been on the road for a very long time now--



I guess you have, yeah.



Yeah, and .. I've been trying to break into the moment.



That's been my work.



I don't get paid for it but it's my unwork.






I feel unprepared to see you.



But it's so nice to see you again.



Are you going to the road to gallery ?



Yeah. Are you?



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm..



..leaving town tomorrow and I wasn't sure if I get the chance

to see the show before it closes...



..and I'm a huge fan of the..artist. Had a big influence

on my stencil.






- Two things.

- Yes.






You look great.



And second.



Would you walk in there with me ?



- Sure.

- Yeah.



- Okay.

- Well, let's go.



You look amazing!



Well, you look amazing!



Are you taller?



- I'm on great heels.

- Really?






He's younger than I thought.



Are you going there alone ?



- I'm meeting a friend.

- Oh, she's ..






He's ..



You want something at the bar ?



- Not yet.

- I'm gonna get something so..



..see you in a minute ?



- Okay. I'll just be walking around.

- Okay.



Bye, Mirabelle.






Can I have the mohito ?






For you.



Oh, my God.



I have never seen anyone else wore.. one of those.



Yeah, I just.. I just love the color.



Good.. I mean ..



- Yeah.

- Wait.



You have to take a first sip with your eyes closed.



Like this.



Go ahead.



See ?



Nothing to distract you from the very first taste.



How was it ?






I have a secret.



Go ahead.



I know who you are.



How do you know who I am ?



I hear about people who are working in the art.



I'm Lisa. Ray.



Hi Lisa Ray.



Sense of humour.



It's good, it's good.



You, uhm..



Do you ..



What is it ?



- I can't, I can't--

- What ?



- I can't--

- Just tell me.



I'm shy..



Stop.. Look, I'm shy.



Do you want a drink later ?









When do you wanna leave ?






You know what else I like ?



I think I like Ray Porter.



Oh, I can't wait to meet him.



Okay, bye!






Sorry I'm late, you want to take a walk ?






I don't have a car, could you give me a ride ?



Yeah, mine's in a lot.



- Hey, do you want to go to the IV? It's still early and everything.

- Sure.



Why don't we just go home ?






Those handcuffs..?



We're gonna find out.



Mmm, Ray ..



Oh, Ray ..



Oh, Ray !



- Oh, Ray!

- Oh, Ray!



- Oh, Ray!

- Oh, Ray!



- Oh, Ray!

- Oh, Ray!



Well, we missed the Lakers.



Do you care ?



I wish I did - I'd be such a guy.



I'm gonna get some water.



- Oh, let me get you something!

- No, I'll get it. You want some ?









What ?






Do you want a toast or toaster waffle ?



Toaster waffle.



Toaster waffle.



Hello ?



Oh, did I wake you ?



It's Jeremy.



Who ?



Sorry, speakerphone. It's Jeremy.



Oh.. Who's Jeremy ?



What do you mean: who's Jeremy ?



Have we met ?



This is Jeremy, we met last night.



Was that you, girl ?



Oh, you mean we met at the gallery ?



At the gallery, yes. We did all the--



I don't believe we did all the positions and you called me big daddy..



Oh, Ray ..



Oh, Ray !



Oh Ray.



Oh Ray, Oh Ray, Oh Ray, Oh Ray!



What ?



You don't know who this is ?






This is Ray Porter from last night.



Okay. Who is Ray Porter ?



Your waffle is ready.



- Hey, guess what.

- What ?



I'm moving into New York next week.



I've decided to look for an apartment there.



- You'll move there?

- No, it's just a place to stay when I'm there.



No more luggage, woohoo!



Like a crash-pad.



You lucky mister.



After I've looked for a three-bedroomed in case I meet someone

and have kids.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.






Why don't you love me ?



Are you just buying your time with me ?



I thought you'd understood.



So ..



I can either hurt now..



..or hurt later.



Now, I guess.







[I had stayed in there, watching you]



[hanging holds of cigarette]



[She tells me her name]



[And once again I'm with her 'cause]



[Somewhere in my heart]




[Is a love that--]

- Goodbye, Mirabelle.



And good luck.



[This card comes with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS..

..of LOVE]



Wait-- add another "LOTS" to that

I would like to have dinner with you, Jeremy (my treat)



So can I borrow only two bucks ?



I'm just kidding.






This is the only thing that really means to me in my life.






- Thank you.

- Of course.






I've been reading a lot of books on tape..



..about ..



..getting into the moment.






I think.



This is the moment. And in the moment..



..this moment.. I, I..



..I think we should kiss.



And, um.



I've stood right here before and I've been hurt!



I've been rejectifying you.



And I'm gonna ask you to kiss me again.



And .. um ..



A-- And ..



Will you just kiss me ?






So what made you do all of this ?



All of this what ?



All this ..



.. success ?



Well, you did.



- I did?

- Mhm.



How ?



Well, you said.. "just do it".



So I did it.



That's not very much.



Yeah, but..



I'll protect you.



I will !



Some nights alone he thinks of her.



And some nights alone..



..she thinks of him.



Some nights these thoughts occur at the same moment.



And Ray and Mirabelle are connected without ever knowing it.



But Mirabelle, now feeling the warmth of her first reciprocal love..



..has broken away from him.



And as Jeremy offers her more of his heart,



Mirabelle offers equal parts of herself in return.



One night, sooner than she would have liked..



..which made it irresistible..



..they make love for the second time in    months.



At this point..



..Jeremy surpasses Ray Porter as a lover of Mirabelle..



..because what he offers her..





..and true.









- The night we'll go from influe--, one of those

- Yeah.



- read of.. uhh, um..

- Yeah.



- D, D, D, D.. Do ?

- Doobie.



- Doobie?

- Doobie? I don't.. Dobiah ?



What is it called ?



I'm just gonna go talk to my friend.



I'll be back in a second.



My girlfriend did these.



- Did you get my birthday present ?

- I did!






Did you get my thank-you note ?



Oh. Yeah. Yes, yes. I'm sorry.



- Thank you.

- It's okay.



You look nice.



Thank you.



Are you happy ?



I am.



- A lower intensity is nice.

- Yeah.



Who's your girlfriend ?



Uh, she's a doctor.



Hypochondriac no more ?



Shall take you out!



Well, she's a gynaecologist.



Then you'll have a lot to discuss.



Are you happy ?






I'm.. I'm always a low edgy.






That's a good word.



I want you to have a drawing of me sleeping.



It's in the gallery.



You don't have to do that.



No, I want you to have it.



I made it while we were seeing each other.



Thank you.



And , uh..



Just so you know.



I'm sorry for the way I treated you.



I know.



I did love you.



All right.



As Ray Porter watched his Mirabelle walk away..



..he feels a loss.



How is it possible.. - he thinks.


            miss a woman whom he kept at a distance..


            that when she was gone..



..he would not miss her.



Only then did he realise how wanting part of her..



..and not all of her..



..had hurt them both..



..and how he cannot justify his actions..



..except that..





            was life.


Special help by SergeiK