Show Me Love (Fucking Amal) Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Show Me Love (Fucking Amal) script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Lukas Moodysson movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Show Me Love (Fucking Amal). I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Show Me Love (Fucking Amal) Script





My secret wish list:

 . that I won't have to have a party



 . that elin will look at me



 . that elin will fall in love with me

I LOVE ELIN!!!!!!!!!!



What the hell are you doing?!



- I hate you!

- Calm down.



- You're a jerk.

- You bloody idiot!



What the hell are you doing? I hate you!



- Stop it. What are you doing?

- You can ask Elin!



I don't underst...

I'm so tired of this!



- I've been working all night.

- Sorry. We didn't mean to wake you.



- What am I going to wear now?!

- What was it this time?



- She took the last of the chocolate milk.

- She took the last of the chocolate milk?



We wish that she'll live

to be a hundred years old



Yes, she will live long

Yes, she will live long



Yes, she will live to be

a hundred years old



Cheers for Agnes

on her sixteenth birthday...



- I'll just roll up the blind.

- Blow out your candles, dear.



- Good!

- Birthday hug.



Happy birthday.

Imagine, you're sixteen now.



- Hi.

- Hi. Do you live here?



No. I just had to do something here.



- Want a ride? You can take the helmet.

- No, I'll walk.



- Are you going to Christian's tonight?

- Maybe.



Maybe I'll see you there. Okay... 'bye.



- Was it the right CD?

- Yes, thanks.



I listened to it when I was in the shop.



I thought it was...

It's actually quite good.



- Have you given out invites?

- No, but I will.



You don't have to. I did them in case...



- You did them 'cause Mum told you to.

- Yes, I did. But it's your party.



- It's Mum's party.

- No, it's your birthday.



It's your party and if you...



If you don't feel like inviting anyone,




But I will.



It's not odd

when you're new somewhere



- that it's difficult

finding friends in the beginning.



In the beginning?

Dad, we've been here for two years.



No. We moved here in June,

that's one and a half.



- I will give them out!

- But you don't have to. Agnes.



- Here.

- Thanks.



- I'm apparently having a party.

- You?



- No.

- Let's see.



- Stop it.

- Oh, I must go...



- Give me my invite!

- Please, can't I come too?



- Stop it!

- Please...



Jessica. I'm sorry...



I'll never pour chocolate milk

on you again.



- Sorry. I'm so stupid.

- Yes, you are.


            page   .

Then we'll have a test -



- and we'll read from chapter six

to the end of chapter eight.



Elin, are you asleep?



I can just tell you that...



Escape, disappearance.



- Fuge

- No, fugue.



- Bus.

- Puss?



Oh... bus...



- I just don't want to.

- You got your period?



- You're so bloody irritable.

- Not at all!



I just don't want to go

to Christian's party.



It's mild weather.



- I want to go to a rave.

- To a rave?!



- Or we could mug a pensioner.

- You're a twisted sicko!



- You're so boring!

- We could go to Agnes' party.



- Which Agnes?

- Agnes, aren't you having a party?



- Ignore it.

- I hate her.



- Everything's so boring.

- Just ignore it.



I hate my life!






I'm going to stop breathing.



Hey, Agnes, we'll come to the party!



What're you doing in my room?



- Checking for my ice skates.

- Why'd they be here?



Jessica? Fetch my skirt,

I can't wear these



Oh, God. I don't know how to have it.



- I'm so beautiful!

- My stomach...



- I'm going to be Miss Sweden.

- You're too small.



Why? How old do you have to be?



- You're too small, you're too short.

- I'll do it anyway.



- Shit. Where's my skirt?

- What skirt?



My skirt, didn't you bring my skirt?



Elin, are you completely... Are you

thinking of going out like that?



No, I was just going to use

the mirror and...



Good God...



- That's the way it is.

- We can't go out 'cause I wasn't wearing any pants?



You're still too immature to understand

you can't go around like that?



- Imagine if it'd been someone else?

- Yes, imagine.



I'd be embarrassed myself.

Get a mirror so we don't go out there.



We had a lovely mirror,

but someone broke it.



- You're nagging...

- Mum, it was just the lift.



- She wasn't going to go out.

- Let this be a lesson.



It doesn't hurt being at home.

I don't like you going out to raves...



Mum, it isn't a rave,

it's just a normal party.



- It's Elin who goes on about raves.

- It's decided.



But, we've never even been to a rave.



You know that raves are out? I read it in

a magazine. They were in an "out" list.



Where does it say they're out?



Here, somewhere.



Why must we live

in fucking shit and piss Åmål?!



When something's in

it takes so long to get here



it's out already

because we're so fucking behind!



We can't stay here, we have to move!

- I'm working tonight.



You can stay here together and have

fun. I bought crips and soft drinks.



- Well done, Elin. Great to be home.

- Goodbye.



We'll leave later, she can't check.



- How many did you invite?

- A few.



But I'm not sure they'll...

- I'll put everything out.



Then they can sit where they like.

- What's that smell?



- It's roast beef in the oven.

- Great! How appropriate!



I thought...



Your daughter's vegetarian

and you're serving meat. Fantastic!



But, sweetheart...



I thought we could take

a few of these. Look.



Can't we take some of these?




Novalukol Novum.



- You can't swallow them.

- "   lozenges for cases of heartburn".



- But if you take a lot...?

- No, it won't work.



There's nothing to drink.

What about this?



"Longovital. Herb

and vitamin tablets". Drop it, Elin...



- What about Alvidon?

- Come on! Nothing'll happen.



Yes... But I want to take some drugs!



- But nothing'll happen.

- Yes it will.



- No, no it won't.

- Yeah.



- I'll do something else. Fall in love.

- I thought you were.



- With who? The Italian?

- He wasn't Italian.



- He said he was.

I always wanted an Italian.



- Where'd he come from? Bosnia?

- Something like that.



- He wasn't Italian, anyway.

Aren't you in love with him anymore?



- No, that was yesterday.

- You should think of your reputation.



Stop complaining. You're just the same.



You've had as many as me.

- No I haven't.



- Have.

- Haven't.



- No? But you sleep with them. I don't.

- Only one.



No one's putting anything in me.



Fingers maybe...

- And that's Markus.



- Ah, Markus...

- I only sleep with one...



- I haven't slept with anyone, anyway.

- No, but you've necked about      .



- So what?

- You know people are talking?



Really? You know what zero times

zero is? That's how much I care.



They won't do it

when I'm a film star.



They'll just proudly say

they knew me



- went to the same school.

"There's their house" and stuff...



Johan, you owe me     crowns.

Where's your wallet?



You'll get it.



- Give it here.

- I see...



- Must have been my brother.

- Sure. Johan...






- I just think she's nice.

- 'Course she's nice, but...



Know how many she's been with?

- No.



Everyone's been with her.



- Not me.

- She's not worth having.



- I think she's worth having.

- Jesus, you're    and she's   .



That's three years. Jessica is   .



There's one year between us.

Three between you.



- Makes no odds if you like each other.

- Shall I talk to her?



I can call and fix it.

See if she's going to the party.



Listen, Johan wants to know

something about Elin.



Is Elin going to the party?



Johan Hult?



He wants to know if you're going

to Christian's. He's in love with you.



- What she say?

- That Elin's coming.



- Anything else?

- Like... like she was interested.



She thinks you're good looking.

- Jessica said that?



That Elin thinks so? You sure?

- Yeah.



Did Jessica say

that Elin thinks I'm good looking?



- What'd you say?

- I said you thought nothing of him.



Not as far as I know, anyway.

- God this sucks!



"Want a ride?" He'll be after me

all night. I'm not going.



- You wanted to fall in love.

- Not Johan Hult!



- I think Johan is sweet.

- He's at high school and has a moped!



- Yes, but maybe he'd be good for you.

- Hardly.



Can't we go somewhere else?

- Where?



I don't know.

I'd even rather go to Agnes.



- Agnes?!

- Yeah, from  A. She's having a party.



Are you braindead, or what?



- What if a great guy is there?

- At Agnes'?



- Yes, maybe she knows someone really nice.

- Sure.



- People from somewhere else.

- From where?



Don't be so negative!

Säffle, Bengtsfors, Mellerud...






- Okay, okay...

- Thanks!



- I'm hungry.

- We'll wait a little while.



- I've waited. When are they coming?

- Have a little patience.



Mum, no one's coming.



Here they are.



- Hi. Welcome.

- Thanks.



I'll fetch Olof to help you up.



- Can we have food now?

- Just wait a while.



Perhaps Robyn's silly,

but I think it smells really good.



Let me see. Wow...



She has her own perfume.

Have you seen it, Oskar?



- Can we have food now?

- Maybe that's a good idea.



- What do you say, dear?

- I can't accept this.



Sorry, but I can't accept this.

- What can't you accept?



If this is the best you can do,

don't bother.



- Agnes.

- Go home and take your perfume.



We're just pretend friends because

there's no one else to be with.



Not so? You know

the most boring thing I've done?



Going to wheelchair basketball in Karlstad with you.



I don't want to be friends

with a palsied cripple



who listens to BackStreet Boys, Arvingarna,

or whatever shit you listen to.



Blame yourself!

I didn't want a party, it was your idea.



Cut it out.

I don't want to hear one more word.



You can stay here and enjoy

the wonderful roast beef!



Have fun!



I'd like to go home.



No one will ever like me!



Why should I live?

I don't want to live, I want to die!



No, I want to die!



I'm sorry... This whole party business...



What were you thinking?

That all my friends would come?



I have no friends,

haven't you understood, not one!



Mum hasn't understood anything,




Hey, there there...



'Cause she can't understand

these things...



She's always been so perfect,

always had everything...



- Sweetheart.

- I know exactly how she was.



She was...

she was like one of those...



Now she thinks it's awful

her daughter's become so strange



and ugly, a failure, repulsive!



But darling. You're not a failure,

repulsive or strange at all...



You're wonderful.

- No, I'm not.



- Agnes, you're a wonderful person.

- No, I'm not.



Yes, you're wonderful...



Wonderful, Agnes. Do you hear me?



- I can't see why I agreed.

- Don't be so negative. It might be fun.



- Sure. Watch out!

- What are you doing?



- A-drain.

- Shit!



Thanks. Let's have some fun.



- Don't you like it?

- Yes, it's good, I'm just not hungry.



But you like it?



Shall we rent a video?

Or is it too late?



It seems totally dead.

Shall we just forget it?



- I don't want to.

- You can't just sit here.



They can go. The party's cancelled.



- Wait...

- Go and tidy up and I'll tell them...


            come in and wait here.



- What's all this?

- Here, have some.



What party is this?

Are we the only ones?



Why complain?

We got wine and everything.



Yes, but like...

Okay, we'll drink the wine and go.



- Okay. Cheers.

- Cheers.



- Wasn't anyone there?

- Yes, but they weren't hungry.



So they went up to your room.

- My room?



I gave them a little wine.



- Who was it?

- Jessica and Elin.



No one I know.

- Jessica and Elin?



- Did you lock it?

- Hello!



I'm just...



- Why'd you lock it?

- I'm avoiding her. We'll just drink up and leave.



I'm just... I'm just changing pants.



- You've got a skirt on!

- I just want to get drunk!



- They're changing.

- You can go to the lounge.



We're coming soon.



- Have you heard she's a lesbian?

- What! Really?



- Agnes? Is it true that you're...



Aren't you ready?



- I think it's cool.

- Cool?



- I'm also going to be one.

- Come on!



- I'm going to.

- Open up now!



- Open it. She's nice.

- If she's so nice, go out and neck her.



- Okay. What do i get if I do?

- If you do what?



- If I neck her?

- You'll get AIDS, probably.



- If I kiss her, will you give me    ?

- You wouldn't.



-    .

- But I haven't got    .



I'll give you   .



- Okay.

- But you won't dare.



You'll have to leave.






- You...

- Yes.



- Can't you sit over here.

- Why, what for?



There's something I want to tell you.



- Can't you just say it?

- But... I don't want Jessica to hear.



But... why?



Please? I really don't want her to hear.



It's just that...



You're so pretty.



Jesus, Elin, you're insane!

That's disgusting!



Here's   .



Have they left? Have they already left?



No, but we were going to a party

and I didn't want to go.



I don't want to, I'm tired.

I don't feel like it.



Fucking hell! Why'd I do that?



- It was just a joke.

- No, I'm going back. I must say sorry.



Fuck that!

We're going to have fun, I'm drunk.



- Then they kissed each other.

- No! Is it true?



- You kissed her for    crowns?

- Was it worth it?



- Hi babe. How are you?

- Good.



- How was it?

- Wicked!



- You kidding! Was it nice?

- It was horrible, what do you think?



Everyone knows

you're not like that, anyway.



What if her dad answers

and comes to the school?



- He could...

- Or her mother.



- Ahlberg.

- Hi, is that Agnes?



I want you to know

you make me so hot.



Can't I come round

so we can lick each other or something?



- She's checking you out.

- No.



Are you an arsehole, or what?



- Are you in love with her?

- No! Or, yeah...



- Are you braindead?

- You're in love with her.



Come on!



I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.



- Don't you feel well?

- Leave!



Wait, I'll give you something to drink.









Jesus, you're beautiful.



- You're the most beautiful of all.

- You're drunk.



- It's true.

- You're drunk.



- It's true. I like you.

- Get... out the way! Out the way!



- Take it easy!

- Out the way!



Hey, I didn't mean to.

Hey... please. Don't go.



- Look, mine's much smaller.

- Markus...



- Smaller maybe, but mine's thinner.

- It's smaller and thinner.



Markus, can't we go?






Come in.






I've made some tea.



- How are you?

- I'm reading.



- You're not upset?

- No.



What are you reading?



Ah, Edith Södergran...



"The day sighs into the night"



How does it go?

"Take my hand"



"Take my arm

Take my th..."  "Thin shoulder's longing"  - Dad...















I didn't mean to do that.



It was really silly.



Had you gone to bed?



Could I use your toilet?

I'm gonna pee myself.









No, don't turn it off.

It was really nice.



- I'm so tired of it.

- Can't you put on something else?



Wow, this is really good.



- Can I use some?

- Sure.



What do you want to hear?

I don't know...



Is it true you're a lesbian? If you are,



I understand, 'cause guys are gross.



I'm also going to be one, I think.






Maybe I should go home.



Shit, let's go to the party. I have to

anyway 'cause my jacket's there.



- We'll go and hit someone.

- No, I'm not invited.




We'll burn the house down.



Come on. Please...



- You want to?

- Yeah.



- What you gonna be when you grow up?

- I don't know.



I'm going to be a model.

Or I'm gonna be a psychologist.



- I've also thought of that.

- Really? You're also gonna be that?



Dunno, it seems exciting digging in

peoples minds and...



But really, you'll probably find it

silly, I'd most like to be a writer.



You can be that too.

You could write books about those...



...those, like, all that psychic stuff

and mass murderers.



But I'd rather be a model.

You think i can be?



Yes. But I think it's more fun

being a psychologist.



- Am I pretty enough?

- Yes, you are.



I don't think I want

to go to that party.



Why are you so weird?

I don't mean anything but...



You are weird.

- You're also weird.



- Am I?

- Yes.



I want to be weird.

Well, not weird but...



I don't want to be like everyone else.

Though, sometimes I'm just the same,



- But you're not.

- You know what my nightmare is?



That I'll stay in Åmål.

That I'll never move from here.



I'll get kids, a car, a house...

All of that.



Then my husband

leaves with someone younger



and I'm stuck with kids

that just scream and nag.



It's so fucking meaningless.



Where're you from?

I mean, where'd you live before here?






- Was it fun there?

- Okay...



- More fun than Åmål, anyway?

- Maybe.



- Can I ask you something?

- What?



- Have you been with lots of girls?

- Why're you asking that?



I was just wondering.



No, I haven't been with lots of girls

if you must know.



When you kissed me...

- I could die, sorry!



- It was the first time.

- Was it?



- First and last time.

- But that's completely wrong!



It's just 'cause you live

in fucking Åmål.



It's so unfair. If you lived

in Stockholm, for example, then...



Then you'd have loads of girls.

- You think so?






- Where're you going?

- Come.



We're going to Stockholm.



- You're not sane!

- 'Course I am, 'course I'm sane.



- Okay, but you're on the wrong side.

- What?



- Stockholm's that way.

- I see...



- Come on!

- Are you serious?



We say    cars from now.

If any stop, we're going to Stockholm.



Otherwise, forget it.

- Five.



-   .

- Five.



Okay, five. If any of them stop,

it's like God's telling us.






Watch out!



When I get a car,

I'll always stop for hitchhikers.






- We'll do it. Let's do it!

- Should we?



Come on!



Hi. We're going to Stockholm.

We live there.



We've been visiting our aunt

and got money for the train



and bought records with the money

and can't get home.



- You can come with me to Karlstad.

- Thanks very much!






It does this sometimes. I'll just...



What the hell are we doing?

We're fucking crazy!



- I know.

- But we're so fucking cool.



What on earth are you up to?



Is this "Candid Camera"?



Out of the car!



It's freezing. I should go home.



Mum's coming home soon and...



But I can call you tomorrow.



Do you want to?



- You sure?

- Yeah...



- Oops, I thought it was Mum.

- What're you doing?



Have to eat the crips

or she'll know we've been out.



- Can't we not have eaten them?

- That would seem odd, she'll wonder.






- Where've you been?

- Nowhere special.



- Some guy?

- No... yeah.



- Who?

- No one.



- Tell me!

- Stop it.



But, tell me!



- Leonardo DiCaprio is skinny.

- No...



He's got arms like this!



What about your mascara?



What do you mean "maskara"?

It's how I do my make-up.



Stop being nasty. God, you're silly!












What were you dreaming about?



- A nightmare.

- Didn't exactly sound like a nightmare.



Did I say anything?



Did I say anything?



Nah. You said...



You were moaning and going on.

Didn't sound like a nightmare.



But it was.

Someone was going to kill me.



- Didn't sound like that.

- But they were.



I was dreaming, wasn't I?

So I should know.



I know you're not a victim of palsy.

I don't know why I said that.



And that perfume

actually smells really good.



- And the wheelchair match.

- Basketball.



- Isn't the most boring I've done.

- Why'd you say it then?



- I don't know.

- You don't know?



You know what? It doesn't make

any difference anymore.



'Cause I've never liked you.

And I never will, either.



It'll be so nice to be rid of you.



I won't need to worry you'll paw

someone and be nauseating.



The whole school will found out

what you are. And hey...



Good luck with Elin.






- Am I disturbing you?

- No.



- Were you calling him?

- Who?



- Him from yesterday you won't say.

- No.



There was no one at home.



Come out for a smoke.






- Tell me.

- I can't, it's impossible.



But, do I know him?



- If I told you you'd be totally...

- Are you going to meet again?



No. I said I'd call, but I won't.



Of course you will.

You're in love. I can see it.



I'm not at all!



Why can't you just tell me who it is?



You don't understand. You'd hate me,

you'd never speak to me again.



You fucking cunt!



- What the hell are you doing!

- I knew you were after Markus!



- It's not him!

- Who is it, then?!



- No one!

- Tell me! Tell me!



- Tell me who it is!

- Take it easy!



Take it easy.



It's Johan.



- Johan Hult?

- Yes.



- Are you in love with Johan Hult?

- Hysterical!



- You said he was...

- Can't you change your mind?



Sorry... I really thought it was Markus!



Go to hell! Be a fucking cunt yourself!






We'll have number one up here.

Here we go!






Mum... I'm a lesbian.



- What?

- Homosexual.



I'm just kidding.



We have      crowns on the line.

Look at the first page.



- Aren't you going out?

- No.



Are you fighting again?



- Why do you always fight?

- 'Cause we don't like each other.



'Cause we're different. She's the biggest

drip and I'm the coolest in the world.



- You sure we have the same dad?

- Of course you have!



Let's not talk about him.



- Haven't you got a lottery ticket?

- What? No...



Why are we watching it then?

I thought we'd win a car.



- Why are we looking at it?

- Well, it's...



Lot's of reasons. The music and...

other things too.



It's fun to watch when someone wins.

See how much they win.



Totally meaningless...



- Hello.

- Hi.



What are you doing?

Can't you come here?



- I don't know.

- Sorry I said what I did.



Sorry I called you that and stuff.



I didn't mean to.

I really thought it was Markus.



- Can't you come here?

- I don't know.



Please... Yeah...



Johan's here. Please...



- Okay, I'll come.

- Good. See you later.



- Shall I talk to Johan?

- No!



Don't be shy now.



- Yeah, I pump iron every day.

- How much?






Can I talk to you?



Elin's sitting over there...

I think she wants to talk to you.



- With me?

- Yes. Just stroll over and talk to her.



- Should I talk to her?

- Yes, talk to her.



- Hi.

- Hi.



Jessica said you wanted to talk to me.



Have you got anything to drink?



- Yes.

- Have you?






Markus... no...

Markus, control yourself...



Markus, we were just talking.

- Oh, yeah?



Stop it... Markus...



- Elin.

- It's Agnes...



- Hi.

- Hi.



- Hi.

- Hello.



Sweetheart, how are you?



Has something in particular happened?



Shall we talk about it?



I recognize so much of myself in you.

When I was at your age...



...I had no friends,

no girls were interested in me.



But then... then all of that changes.



And it becomes

the other way around.



Like when I was at

the    year class reunion last spring.



I noticed that it was me...

Well, things had gone quite well for me.



I'd done quite well.

But that guy Bengt



who was the king of the class then,

he'd became nothing.



And those girls who were regarded

as the prettiest in the class...



...they weren't noteworthy

at all anymore.



You should be glad

you're not someone who has it easy



who has no problems, because

those people are often uninteresting.



But dad you're talking,

like, in    years.



Sorry, but I'd rather be happy now

than in    years.



Sure, you're right. Perhaps it's not

much of a comfort at the moment.



But, anyway...

- 'Cause in    years...



That's, like,    years...

it doesn't exist.



- Are you two in the same programme?

- I'm in Electrics and he's in Vehicles.



- Did you have to do that?

- He was groping you.



- He was doing nothing like that.

- He wasn't doing that?



- What programme are you going to do?

- I haven't decided.



- What's Jessica going to do?

- Child and Leisure.



She's also applied for Hairdressing,

but I don't think she'll get in.



- Don't be where I am then!

- Can't you see it's embarrassing?



- You're a mental case.

- Thanks, maybe I am.



I'm with you.

You become what you're with.



I'm going to be a psychologist...

I think so, anyway.



- Psychologist?

- But which programme do I follow?



- Are you going to be a psychologist?

- Yes.



- You never said so.

- I don't have to tell you everything.



- Why do you want to be that?

- Because I want to.



Not a chance.

You know what grades you need?



What the hell do you know?

Are you a psychologist?



I just know. Isn't it so, Johan?



Yeah... I don't know.

It's probably like that.



- You probably need good grades.

- You don't have a chance.



No? I'll be a mechanic instead,

you need really good grades for that!



Something that would suit you.

You need a double A+.



- You're a pain.

- What you mean, "pain"?



Hi. Is it free here?



- What did she want?

- I don't know.



What did she want?



- You were going to call. You forget?

- What're you talking about?



- Why'd she hit...?

- What the hell you doing?Are you mad?



Fucking dyke!



- Agnes slapped Elin.

- Why?



- She's in love with you.

- What?! How'd you...?



She has been for a long time.

She's written about you. It's true!



Monday: Why am I so stupid?

Why do I love Elin?



I love her and I hate her [at the same time].

I love her so my heart nearly breaks.



But no one's ever hurt me like her.



Did it hurt?



Yeah, a little.



- But it was nice too.

- Was it?



Yeah, it was really nice.



I'm so damn happy.

I can't believe it's true.



Let's show some energy,

this isn't a fucking old people's home.



I want passes on the blade,

I want sweat...



This isn't a youth hostel

for mummy's boys. Let's get tough!



- How was it? Did it hurt?

- Not especially.



I said it did so he'd feel sorry for me.



He stoppped

just when it was getting good.



- He was at it for about five seconds.

- It's the same with Markus.



Although he's getting better now.

In the beginning it was just pffftt...



- And it was over.

- Pffftt?



- Jessica, Jessica!

- Markus!



- Are you happy?

- Sure I am.



I think he's really nice.

If I wasn't with Markus then...



- I mean...

- Oops...



I just think he's nice. He's not like

Markus who's always trying to be tough.



- Why're you together with him, then?

- I don't know. It's...



It's just like that. It's him and me.

It's just like that.



Look how cute he was as a kid.



Johan thought I'd slept

with loads of guys.



When I told him I was a virgin

he was shocked.



- Why'd he think that?

- Markus had said that.



- Markus told him?

- Yeah...



He's such a moron.

He always goes around bullshitting!



- I'll talk to him.

- Doesn't matter.



- What is it?

- Nothing.



- Are you upset?

- No.



You're so exasperating!

You change your mind the whole time!



First, you don't even like Johan.



- Then you're suddenly in love with him.

- God you go on...



No, but you're never satisfied.

You always get what you want.



Get what I want?

What the hell do you know about that!



What you reckon?

Is she pretty or what?



Alright. Not bad...



- Nice breasts.

- And her pussy?



What do you think of her pussy?



She's totally deranged.



She put her hand on my thigh

and felt me up.



- Yeah? And?

- Nice picture you put up.



- She's a bloody headcase.

- Yeah...



Mum, what does lesbian mean?



What? Why are you asking?



Kalle said that someone is one.



- Who?

- It's someone who...



Well, it means that if you are a girl...

or rather, a woman...



If you're a woman

you like other woman.



Instead of like... mum, I like dad...



But if you are a lesbian or...


           's also called homosexual, then

maybe two woman like each other.



Instead of like with mum and dad

where it's a man and a woman.



- Do you have to go to hospital?

- Hospital?



No, not at all. There's nothing wrong

at all, you're just...



You're like everyone else.



- Who is it that...?

- Kalle says...



...that his brother says that...



...Agnes is a lesbian.






That's the most ridiculous...

She's not at all.



Why'm I so stupid? Why do I love Elin?



- Is it true?

- Yes.



You've, like, read...



You've, like, you've gone into my room...



...and been at my computer...

- I'm sorry.



It's unforgiveable, I know.

I regret it deeply.



But I'd still like us

to talk about what I read.



Stop! I don't want to hear more. I don't

want to talk to you. You can leave.



- Please Agnes.

- Leave!



- Agnes...

- Out! Leave!



I didn't do it out of spite.



I did it because I was

worried about you.



Ivar   ... two nine...

We're talking horizontal lines...



Niklas   ... three five...



It's the wrong number all the time.



Oscar   ... six four...



- Fucking hell!

- Quiet.



- Can't we do something else?

- Quiet.



- You bloody idiot!

- Shit, Elin!






Gustav   ... five three...



So, you punch in the number....



- Then you send it. You press here.

- Where've you been?



"Where've you been"...

I can do what I like, or maybe I can't?



- Sure, I was just wondering.

- Markus is showing us his mobile.



Really interesting...

- Girls don't understand stuff like this.



- What don't we understand?

- Like... mobiles.



- Why don't we understand mobile phones?

- Stuff like technology...


           , cars... porno films...



Ouch. Sorry.

- You're an idiot.



What? It's not so strange. You're great

at things we don't understand.



Like what, for instance?



- Make-up.

- You think that's all we do!



- I don't know.

- What else?



- What else are we interested in?

- Stuff like looks, clothes...



Stuff like make-up and looking good.



You're such a fucking idiot!



And you? Why're you sitting without

saying anything? What do you think?



- I don't know.

- Do you think the same as him?



Or why are you sitting there quietly?

- What do you mean?



Do you think the same as Markus?



Of course.

I mean, we stick together, don't we?



- Don't tell him what he should think.

- What's up with you now?



- Can't you talk? What do you think?

- I don't know.



You're an idiot as well.



- Jesus, I'm sick of of you.

- What the hell have I done now?!



- Hello, it's Markus.

- Can I talk to Johan?



- It's for you.

- Hello, this is Johan.



I don't want to be with you anymore.

It's over. You can go home.



- I hate my life.

- You're such a fool.



Why'd you break up with Johan?

- I'll never be with anyone.



- He's far too good for you.

- I'm going to be celibate.



- Don't stand there. A-drain.

- Grow up.



Acne, abortion

alcoholism, anorexia...



- You still at nursery school?

- Anal sex, asthma, AIDS...



- Hello, you're standing on one too.

- This is a C-drain.



You just thinks it means cupid.

Know what it means?



- It means crap.

- Move off it.



- And condyloma and cancer.

- You irritate me.



- Must you always do the opposite?

- We'll test it. Do this.



Abortion... acne... anal sex...



No, I don't feel anything. No anal sex...



You're not normal.

You're not fucking normal!



Hi... It's Elin.



- Hi.

- I just wanted to say...



I think you're really nice and things,




It's just that I'm...

I'm in love with someone else...



Who is it?



Where're you going?



- Stop it! What are you doing!

- I must talk to you.



I must talk to you...

It's really important.



Please, please.

I'm just going to say one thing. Please!



What do you want to say?



I was the one that threw the stone.



I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break it.

I wanted...



I wanted to talk to you.

I didn't mean to...



Because you probably think...



...I think you are a bad person,

but it's not like that.



It's completely the opposite.



Actually I think

that you're... you're good.



- Are you winding me up?

- No, I'm serious.



I have...

I have been thinking and things...



...a lot... about you.



Have you?



- If you're foooling me again I'll kill you.

- I'm not.



I'm not, I'm not fooling you.



And, yes...



Is it true that you...?

Victoria said that you were...


            love with me. Because...



...if you are, then I am too.



In you, that is...



Are you?



Hurry up!



I'll just...



- It's broken.

- What?



There's something wrong

with the flushing.



- Use another.

- Are you on your period?



Is that the only joke you know?



- Use another one, I said.

- Okay, I've got it.






What're you doing?



- What?

- Elin's with a guy in the toilet.



- What the hell are you talking about?!

- But that's why, isn't it?



- Not at all!

- Come on, Jessica. Elin!



Bloody morons!

What the hell are we going to do?



Elin. Let us in so we can see who it is!



- Open up! We want to know!

- Elin, come out.



- Elin's with a guy in the toilet.

- Who is it?



No one knows. I think it's Johan.



- No, it's over.

- Over? Come on we can't wait.



- What's going on?

- It's Elin with a guy.



- Hey!

- Come on, stop it.



Maybe if we said

that we were just going to...



No, I don't know...



- Is it Tomas?

- Tomas!



Is that the best you can do?



We can't sit here all day

this is totally weird.



- What should we do?

- We walk out, of course.






- Where's Elin, I have to talk to her.

- In the toilet with a guy.



- For real?

- We thought it was you.




Johan, wait.



Johan... forget about her.



She's just a fool

and you're far too good for her.






Don't be sad, things will work out...



- Cut this out. What's going on?

- Nothing.



- Of course there is.

- Elin, come on!



Come on.



Let's go out.






Did you really mean

what you said before?









Okay. Shall I open it?



- Make a move!

- Elin, come on. Come out.



Here I am. This is my new girlfriend.



Please move.

We're gonna go fuck now.



Is it okay? It's not too strong?



I usually make it too strong.

I usually...



Jessica gets mad! I use two grams

of milk and      kg of chocolate.



And it's always nearly black

and then...



Then I usually pour in more milk,

but then the glass isn't big enough.



Then I have to pour it

into a bigger glass



or another glass

if there isn't a big one.



It makes a lot of chocolate milk.

But that doesn't matter.


Special help by SergeiK