Siege At Ruby Ridge Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Siege At Ruby Ridge script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Randy Quaid, Laura Dern, and Kirsten Dunst.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Siege At Ruby Ridge. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Siege At Ruby Ridge Script



Yahweh, our Father, I thank you for

the blessing you have bestowed upon us...



and ask you for your guidance

and deliverance in our hour of need.



Good morning, Mrs. Weaver.



We had pancakes for breakfast.

What did you have this morning?



Why not send the children out

for some pancakes, Mrs. Weaver?



Our Father, I ask that you not let

the evil demons...



destroy my family one by one.



I ask that you bring

a firebomb down upon us, Lord...



and let us be sent to you as one.



Pull back and get them the hell out of here.






- We just want to end this thing, Vicki.

- Go away! Leave us alone!



Vicki, why don't you let us

give you some things for the baby?



Go away, bastards!



We would like to know if

you're taking care of yourself.



Why don't they get it over with?






Over the next few days...



I hope to demonstrate to you, Mrs. Weaver...



and to Kevin, despite all that's happened...



everything is being done...



to insure that this situation ends

without further violence.



And now, Randy and Vicki...



marriage is perhaps the

most important part of the commitment...



that the church can offer to you.



As did your parents, Ralph and Irma,

before you...



it now falls

on the family that you form today...



to build a new Jerusalem.



Not in historic Palestine,

but here in our new world.



As the gospel teaches...



each of us should be dedicated

to building a kingdom of God here.



If you do this work,

then you are the true child...



of the true Israel.



One, two, three!



Good job.



- Better watch out. You're next!

- I'm all for marrying Gwen, man.



The only thing I have to watch out for

is having you for a brother-in-law.



Yeah? You could do a lot worse.



Get some of that mop cut off your head,

I'll make a soldier out of you.



Man, if I wanted to be a soldier,

I'd have joined the Army.



How do you know

we would have taken you?



There was a war on.

They were taking anyone.



Not in the Green Berets, we weren't.



Sister, how about a dance?



- Sister-in-law, in that case.

- Yeah. We're legal now.



I know I'm not family yet,

but would you please?



Why not? Then I can tell you

why it's important to seize the day.



I want to see my Gwen at her wedding.



It's a very happy day for me, sweetheart.



- Bet you thought it would never happen.

- Not at all.



But I have to admit, you never were

very excited about the courting game.



No, I wasn't.



Because I was the marrying kind.

Guess I always was.



I was just waiting around for the right man,

so I could raise my own family.



Now I just want to be at peace

with the world and with God.



May He grant you that.



- I love you.

- I love you, too, Dad.



Let me see that little one!



Hello, Sara! Will you take this, honey?



How are you?



- Sandy, wait up.

- I've been waiting.



Hello there, neighbors. Come on in.



Thank you, neighbor.



- This is from our favorite bakery.

- That's so sweet. Thank you.



- Hope y'all like it. Sure.

- Here, I'll take that.



And you guys make yourselves at home.



Sara, look what we've got, honey, from our

new neighbor, Elizabeth. What do we say?



Thank you, and God bless you.



What a girl!



Can I get you something to drink?



- Iced tea is okay?

- Sure.



Randy, why don't you lay Sara down

for her nap and I'll get everybody settled.



Yes, sir!



You in the Army, Sandy?



Yeah, I was a regular John Wayne.



Come on, Sara, let's get a little toy

for you to take to bed with you.



Let's see, "Eeny meeny miney moe,

catch a nigger by his toe. "



How about this one? Come on!



- My! What a lovely home!

- Come on. You like this one.



I'll just put her to bed. I'll be right back.



And what interesting art.



- I'm stuffed. This was delicious.

- I can't eat no more.



- That was good, honey.

- Very good.



- Tell us, Vicki, when are you due?

- Three weeks, or so the doctors say.



But it'll be in God's good time, right?



- What do you reckon? Boy or girl?

- It'll be a boy.



- You seem real sure.

- God assured me it'll be a boy.



Yeah, Vicki, she has a real sixth sense

about these things.



So, if she says it'll be a boy,

you trust her, it will be.



And his name is Samuel.



Like the prophet and the last Israelite judge

before the loss of the Ark of the Covenant.



Samuel was the one that tried to bring

the Israelites back to the true faith.



And he anointed Saul

as the first king of Israel.



- Do tell.

- I knew that.






- Do you want to hand me your plate?

- Sure.



Tell me, Elizabeth,

what church do you all attend?



Actually, we've been drifting

these last few years.



We aren't actually affiliated anywhere

at the moment.



- But we are God-fearing folk.

- That's true.



I'm sure you are.



Randy and I go over to the First Baptist

on Sundays. We'd be happy if you'd join us.



Yeah. Join us some Sunday.



- Great.

- We might just do that.



Great. So, let's have this wonderful cake

you brought us.



You have a good night now.



- So what'd you think?

- Too much religiosity, if you ask me.



It's easy enough to understand.



A young couple trying to raise a family

in tough times in a rough world.



A little faith keeps them afloat.



- I'll loosen her up, you just watch.

- Or wind up a nun yourself.



- Sandy. Come on. Get inside.

- Praise the Lord.



You're so silly. What did you say to her,

when you were having...






- What is it, honey?

- Honey, I think it's Samuel's time.



- God, help me.

- Come on.






Toys, bears.



- Mom, look!

- No!



Tissues on the left, toys on the right, Gwen.



The pacifier just below that.



- Hello, sweetie pie.

- Watch your head.



You go into a store to buy something,

and you ain't gonna need money anymore...



you're just gonna need a mark.

It's gonna be right here on your forehead.



- With     on our forehead, I mean...

- Come on!



- No way!

- Yeah.



This government is rotten, okay?



And when it collapses, this paper

money's not gonna be won'th nothing.



So you really think the end is nigh?



Yeah, we think that.



That's what people always say,

but everything seems to always work out.



- I mean, doesn't it?

- No. That depends.



My God, what about Nazi Germany?



I don't see Jimmy Can'ter as a Nazi, Sis.



I mean, do you guys think he's evil, too?



He's not doing anything

to stop the moral rot, is he?



I mean, there's sex shops everywhere

and violence.



Vicki, do you hear yourself?

I mean, this is a big country.



It takes a lot to get everybody to pull

in the same direction. I mean, it always has.



You have to understand something,

all right?



The world has gotten crazy.

Things are very different these days.



- And I think it's coming to the end time, sis.

- All right.



Then maybe they have to get worse

before they can get better.



You can say that 'cause you don't have kids.



- Because when you do you think differently.

- Yeah.



I don't know. The way Loren and I see it,

change is good.



You just roll with the punches.



You know what you should do?

You should read Hal Lindsey.



That guy, he knows what he's talking about.



Never heard of him.



- I got it in here.

- He has a book. Great book.



Dad, you would like this.

Dad would like this book.



"The Late Great Planet Earth. "



I have heard of that.



This girl in the office, she saw the movie.

She said it was really weird.



- Really weird?

- Yeah.



She doesn't know what she's talking about.



Hal Lindsey happens to be

the most important prophet of our age.



"How we may be living

in the last days of Earth. "



Good Lord, help us.



This sounds like more doom and gloom

from your Dad's church.



- Irma!

- Mr. Lindsey is a Baptist.



Okay? Mormons aren't the only ones

who can see the writing on the wall.



- That's right.

- Vicki, I...



I never heard you talk like this before.

Where are you getting all these ideas from?



I have been talking this way.

Read your Bible, Mom.



It's all in there.

Wars, earthquakes, a one-world economy.



Don't you ever think to look around

and see what's happening to your country?



Vicki, it's okay. It's just us.



- Okay, done. That's it.

- That's good.



Now I've got plenty of time to get to

the market for bible study group tonight.



Didn't I get enough?



You got plenty, but you didn't check

the cold cut labels.



- What? Pork!

- There was pork in them, Elizabeth.



- I'm so sorry.

- Now, what do we know?



Pork has Trichomonas,

you've got to keep it clean.



It's the King James version,

you know what I mean.



Rely on the word. Good!



I'm so sorry.



Just read Deuteronomy.

You've got to be diligent.



Sammy! Now, that is so nice.



- Show Elizabeth how pretty you did, honey.

- You are so clever, just like your mama.



- Now, what's that picture of?

- Jesus.



Thomas. Peter.



- Mrs. Weaver. How are you doing? Randy.

- Nice to see you, Pastor.



Wouldn't feel like Sunday if I didn't see

you and your family in the congregation.



It's impressive. Especially given

how far you've come to join us.



I hope you found the service won'thwhile,

Mrs. Weaver.



Yes. We always do. Thank you.

I do have a question, if I may, though.



By all means, Mrs. Weaver.



You know, I picked this up before services.



It seems it's an invitation to

the church Halloween party.



Isn't Halloween a relic

of heathen myth, Pastor?



Surely, it's nothing more than a harmless

diversion for our children, Mrs. Weaver.



But that's the question. Is it harmless?



You know, Weaver and I sometimes worry...



we all get a little too interested in the word

of man instead of the word of our Lord.



Isn't dressing up like devils and ghosts...



a transgression against Deuteronomy   :  ?



"Necromancy is an abomination

unto the Lord. "



Perhaps, in a narrow interpretation.



But that seems like a small accommodation

to the reality of daily life in America.



Could be. I don't know if the Lord intends

for us Americans to accommodate.



Surely, He shows us the way

and those who fail to follow His path...



are damned eternally.



You raise some interesting points,

Mrs. Weaver.



Thank you.



I'd be glad to discuss them with you

at another time. Perhaps some other time.



- Robert, Jane.

- Thank you, Pastor.



And how are you?

Mr. Beams, nice to see you.



I'll tell you, Weaver...



I don't feel comfortable in a church where

we know the Book better than the Pastor.



He just doesn't seem to get it,

does he, Mama?



No, he doesn't.



Don't let them see you.



- Samuel, Sara, you be careful.

- We're in enemy territory, now.



Look alive. Look sharp. What do you see?



- Enemy!

- Charge! Go, charge!



Why do you guys scream? Come on, kids.



Are you always filling their head

with killing and war?



- I'm just training them for the real world.

- That's not the real world.



If you teach them war,

you're gonna get war, Randy.



- What is this?

- Don't give me that.



The kids are helping your dad.

Let me fix that baby food for you.



- No, Mom, that's okay.

- You know what I want to do?



I want to buy Sara a doll to play with,

instead of a gun.



Darling, I'm gonna fix dinner,

you go inside and you rest...



and when it's ready I'm gonna call you.



No, I'm gonna help.

I'd rather do it myself. It makes me happy.



Okay, sweetheart.



You know...



sometimes it feels like

you're cutting us out of things.



Even something as simple

as making Rachel's baby food.



It's like you don't trust me,

like we're not good enough.



Mother, I never meant it to seem like that.



You know how much I love Dad and you.



I know you do.



But it's a dangerous world.



And it's my duty to make sure that my family

isn't corrupted and to see to things myself.



Corrupted? What?

Vicki, wait a minute. Come here.



Honey, listen to me.



We would never corrupt our grandchildren.



- Mama, I know that.

- We love those children.



And I love you.



But, Vicki, it feels like

you're drifting away from us.



You're becoming more and more distant.



More unyielding.



- More...

- Religious.



I'm religious. In my own way.



Isn't there any room for understanding?



Isn't there room for human frailties

in your religion?



Mother, all I'm trying to do

is to make sure that...



my children don't get

the wrong ideas in life.



- Okay, I'll buy that.

- But people are...



Take Gwen and Loren.

I love them, you know I do.



But they do certain things

that I would not want my children to do.



You know, those are the ways

the devil gets into your life.



Honey, listen to you!



Your sister and Loren...



they're not tools of the devil!



They're human beings

trying to find a path in life. So am I.



Then everybody needs to try harder,

because we don't have that much time left.



And we all have to study the Bible,

because it can show us the right path.



If you don't let go, you're gonna find

yourself without space...



in your own life for us, your family.






that will never happen.






The Bible teaches us compassion.



And I have that for all of you.



What was that thing with your mother?

She seemed kind of upset.



Yeah, I guess she was.



I just get so frustrated when nobody gets it.



Nobody seems to get it, Weaver.



They don't see the truth.



That's the way of the world, Mama.



Yeah, not our world.

It's not gonna be our kids' world, either.



- We'll be justified.

- I tell you that.



"And prepare for thyself

and all thy company...



"and be thou a guard unto them. "



- Amen.

- Read it again.



All right. It's Ezekiel   .



- "Son of man. "

- That's Christian Americans.



- "Set thy face against Gog. "

- The grand conspiracy.



- Yeah.

- That's right.



"Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself,

thou and all thy company. "



"Thy company," obviously our family,

and this study group of believers.



- Amen.

- I'll agree to that.



"And be thou a guard unto them. "






I tell you, there's more to this idea

of a Zionist...



one-world conspiracy than I ever imagined.






We see it every day

in the accounting business.



Now, you can't move, but for what

some Jew or government agent tells you...



it's against this government's law.



Really? There aren't but     Jews

in Cedar Falls.



But you can't go by appearances, Craig.



Now, there's people

walking around this town...



people that look just like you and me.



Some people even pass themselves off

as Christians.



But you scratch the surface...



- You know what I mean? I'm telling you.

- Do tell.



Elizabeth, Satan's seed is everywhere.



- May the good Lord confound him.

- Amen.



The preacher over at Cedar Falls said...



Now, Elizabeth...



there is a reason why we don't go

to that church anymore. You know that!



Just because a preacher says something

doesn't mean it's the truth.



Yeah, that's right.



You can't trust anybody anymore.






"In the latter days...



"thou shalt come to a land

that is brought back from the sword. "



- American West. Right.

- Amen.



- Right?

- It's gotta be.



We won it back from the Indians

by the sword.



"Many people will gather

against the mountains... "



- Rockies.

- "... of Israel... "



- United States.

- "... that have always been waste. "



- Montana or...

- Idaho.



"And they shall dwell safely in all of them. "



Praise the Lord.



Let's join hands.



Heavenly Father.



"And all thy company,

thou shall gather unto you.



"And thou shall dwell safely

in the mountains. "



Idaho? Where in Idaho, son? Are you...



You don't even know where

you're gonna live.



God has showed us

what our land's gonna look like...



and we've just gotta find it

and we'll do the rest.



The rest? You guys are gonna go

and build a house?



- Yeah.

- Sure. Of course.



No disrespect to you and Randy,

sweetheart, but...



I mean, building a house from scratch,

that's a big undertaking.



You've got to think about electricity,

you've got to think about septic tanks.



And now, Randy,

you've got to have a safe water supply.



- We know.

- The children of Israel, they did it.






Everything we need to know

is right there in the Bible.



It's just gonna be great.



Vicki! Please don't do this!



If you don't care about yourselves,

then think about the children.



That's the whole point of why we're doing it.

It is because of the kids.



Gwen, I know you love me

and I really appreciate your concern...



but this is gonna be incredible.



You're gonna have to come out and see us

next summer. It is so beautiful out there.



God has given this vision to Vicki

and we're following it...



and it's what He wants us to do.



God says you go, you go.



- Be careful.

- Be careful.



See you, Randy.



- Love you.

- I love you.



- Bye.

- Take care of our girl, Randy.



I will.



- Bye-bye!

- Goodbye!



Sara! Turn that thing off!



Go on.



That thing's an electronic sewer.



What do you want to do?

Ruin your brother's mind?



Can't let them watch that stuff, Weaver.



It's my fault. How's dinner coming?



It's done. Come on, kids.



Okay. Here you go, Sammy.



Here, honey.



We could have gone

to a coffee shop or something.



We can't spend any money

on restaurant food.



We've gotta save every penny

to pay for God's land.



It's gonna take a lot more,

from the way it looks.



You sound discouraged.

Come on, we'll find it.



How? We've been on the road

for more than a week.



It's gonna take a lot more money

than we got to buy land out here.



Okay, we will find it.



Jesus said we've just got to be patient.



We're gonna find it before the Feast

of the Trumpets, just like He promised.



Come on.



Sara, come on inside, honey.



She sure is happy enough.



She's smart enough

to recognize God's country.



It looks like we've seen

every piece of property we can afford.



No, we will find our land

by the Feast of Trumpets.



The Feast of Trumpets?

Can't say I know that one.



It's Leviticus   : .



"Then thou shalt cause

the trumpet of the jubilee to sound...



"on the tenth day of the seventh month...



"and ye shall proclaim liberty

throughout all the land. "



- Trained in the Bible.

- That is great.



- How nice.

- Come here, boy.



We try to live as God shows us.



You'll find a lot of religious folks

up this way.



It looks like we came to the right place.



Now it's your job to find us some land.



We're working on it.



- My wife, she has this vision, you see.

- We don't have to share that.



I think these folks might appreciate

hearing this, Mama.



See, it's a vision of a cabin on a high ridge.



And we believe that Yahweh

is leading us to that ridge.



Yahweh is Hebrew for God.



You Hebrew?



Hell, no, we're not Hebrew.



No, we studied

the Old Testament's teachings.






What about that section above Ruby Creek?



- Ruby Creek, where is that?

- It's not far from here.



No, just a little further north.



It's right here.



We call this section Ruby Ridge.



Okay, now, wait.



- Is this where we turn?

- Yeah.



Over there's a bridge, yeah. Okay.



All right, here we go.



Here we go, Daddy.



Is this it, Mom?



No, that's Meadow Creek.

We gotta find Ruby Creek.



This can't be right. There's no more road.



- It says so on the map.

- I know. See, we're going right here.



Can I help you?



Yeah, we're looking for Ruby Ridge.



Ruby Ridge? Never heard of it.



- Never heard of it?

- You mean Ruby Creek?



The realtors, they said "Ruby Ridge. "



Yeah, they gave us a map here and it

looks like it should be right around here.



- It could be Ruby Creek, I don't know.

- It was supposed to be...



I never heard it called that before,

but I think it means...



that ridge up this logging road

off to the right there.



- Where's that logging road?

- It's through the meadow here.



I'm pretty sure that land's for sale.

Thinking of buying?



We're thinking about it.

You want some neighbors?



We got kids about the same age as yours.



- Great.

- I'm Randy, Randy Weaver.



- Roy Marks. Nice to meet you.

- This is Vicki.



This is Sammy, Sara, and that's little Rachel.



Tell you what you do.



You go through the meadow

and take the road.



You'll go up and snake around to the right

till you come to this rock slide.



Can't go any further.



You park there and there's a footpath

to the right of the rock slide.



- It'll lead you on up to the ridge.

- All right.



- Great.

- Thanks a lot.



Thanks. Bye.



This looks like a rock slide to me.



He said there was a path.



Yes, there is. I know there's gotta be.



No time for getting down. Raring to go.



Ruby Ridge!



Mama, this is perfect!



It looks perfect!



The house can go right here on timbers,

you know.



Praise the Lord.



He who led us here.



This is a natural fortification.



This has got to be the safest place

in the world.



Just us and the kids.



Bang! Boom!



We're home, Mama.



Look at that.



"And all thy company

thou shall gather to you.



"And thou shall dwell safely

in the mountains. "



Here, join hands.



Join hands, Rachel.



May the Lord bless us and keep us.



May the Lord make His face to shine

down on us and be gracious to us.



May the Lord

lift up His countenance upon us.



And give us peace.



And give us peace.



You're doing a good job, now.



Sammy's hammering the last nail

into the house.



We're gonna fire it. Ready?



One, two, three.



And you, from yesterday,

have to learn the states out loud.



Washington, California...



Oregon, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada...



Texas, Oklahoma, New York,

Idaho, Mississippi...



- My goodness! Listen to you.

- That's really good, boy. He's smart.



You're so good.



Who needs those public schools?



What are you doing, Sara?






- Look who's here.

- Kevin!



- Welcome back.

- Thank you.



How you doing, Kevin? How are you, man?



Kevin, this is Ralph, Irma, Vicki's parents.

This is Kevin Harris.



- Hello.

- Pleased to meet you.



Yeah, Kevin came to live with us

when you were about    years old?



He was just drifting and he's been

a part of the family ever since.



- What have you been doing?

- Picking apples over in Washington.



- It's been a while.

- Come on, let's put you to work.



Vicki, let the boy catch his breath first.



No way. We raised a slave driver.

I thought we came here for a vacation.



Come on. Let's get back to work

before these girls shoot us.



Come on down here.



Sammy, I may want you to help me

with that insulation.



You go and get that roll ready. You hear?



Is this the menstrual shed

she's always talking about?



Yeah. This is it.



I thought you said

this was a little guest house.



Yeah, it is. But it's gonna be used

mainly for a menstrual shed.



What do you mean, a menstrual shed?



You know, a place where women can go

when they're unclean.



- When they're having their period.

- Unclean?



I can imagine what Gwen and Loren

will say about that.



They'd probably say

we're living in the dark ages...



and Vicki'd tell them to read Deuteronomy.

You know, the usual.



Dad, what's a period?



A period is...



It's a mark that God has put on women.



Men don't have to worry about it too much.



As long as we stay away

from those moods it brings.



And I made it all by myself.

Mom didn't even help.



- That's so good.

- It's beautiful, sweetheart.



Grandpa, watch this. Striker, sit.






That's great. You think you could

get Grandma to do that?



Striker, lay down.



Don't teach Grandma to do that.



Grandma, do you really have

to go back tomorrow?



Yes, we do. But tomorrow's picture day.

We're gonna take lots of pictures.






Now you know the Bible says

that we're all made in God's image...



and in Exodus, what does it say, that

we're not to make a graven image of him.



Remember Aaron and the Golden Calf.



Yes, but if I take the pictures, then you're

not making a graven image, are you?



Maybe that's true. All right, we'll see.



Good one, Grandma.



Look at this.



There's enough for an army in here.



Isn't it? Look at that, green beans.

I got squash.



- Good heavens.

- All from my garden.



I tell you,

we could feed the whole family with this.



You, Justin, Gwen, Loren, everybody.



Hon, that's not necessary.



Your sister and brother do not believe...



that the world is going to come to an end

in three years.



Yeah, well...



There are gonna be signs.

They might change their mind.



Yeah, well...



I've got to hand it to you, Randy.



You did it.



When you left Iowa,

I never thought you'd be able to pull it off.



This is a great place to bring up those kids.



I'm gonna build us a real house up here,

Ralph. You'll see.



- Rachel, come here.

- Vicki, what's the problem?



We've been having trouble with neighbors.

Get on the porch!






It's okay, Ma, it's only Tony.



It's only Tony.






- Tony.

- Hey, what's up?



Nothing special.



I was going down to Hayden Lake

next week, you know, for the Congress.



I was wondering if maybe

you guys wanted to come along.



A little vacation.



- Yeah, Mom, please?

- That sounds good.



I want you to meet my parents, Tony.

Ralph and Irma.



- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.



- Can I see you a second, sweetheart?

- Yeah.



Sweetheart, what in the world

was all that about?



All what, Dad?



The guns. The running. The drill.



Dad, we've got to protect ourselves

around here.



Against what, baby?



Against who?






Come on.



- Tony, you want something to eat?

- Yeah, always.



- Let's get those boys some food.

- Okay.



Is this thing working? Hello? Yeah, okay.



I'd like to welcome you all to

the '   Aryan Nations World Congress...



here in northern Idaho.



Got a big crowd here,

got some groups from all over.



Okay, so they killed a Jew.



A radio talk show host spreading

garbage over God's clean airwaves.



He deserved it.



What we need is Bruder Schweigen

to rise again, the Silent Order.



Yeah. To the Bruder Schweigen

and the Order.



Dad, what's Bruder Schweigen?



A group of men

who tried to overthrow ZOG, son.



Until ZOG killed the leader, Bob Matthews.

Burned him to death.



- What's ZOG, Dad?

- The Zionist Occupied Government.



How are you doing?



- The Jews run this government.

- Yeah, and the media and everything else.



Back in New Jersey, we got niggers

that had killed three, four, five people...



who the hell knows?



They walk after a couple of months.



Our guys get put away for life.

Now, you're telling me that's fair?



Hell, no. Mud people.



They're trying to intermix

and taint white purity.



Yeah, the devil's work, you mean.



Mama, this is Gus Magisono,

he's in from New Jersey.



Hi, would you like to join us

for some food, Gus?



That's real kind, Mrs. Weaver.

I'd appreciate that.



- Great.

- Can I help at all?



You can help Sara and me carry the water.



You know what? I think that's

a real good idea. Come on.



- Tony, you want to eat something?

- Yeah. I always want to eat.



He seems like a nice enough fellow.



Of course, you don't know

who's a government infiltrator...



- and who isn't, do you?

- Sure, you do.



They're the ones

that always want you to break the law.



- Stop it!

- I like it!



White power!



Randy, I'll tell you, this is God's country.



Yeah, it's peaceful up here.



Yeah, and if you ask me,

time's running out for people like us.



That's the damn truth.



Me and my family, though, we're gonna

be safe when the last days come.



I guarantee you that.



All set up, are you? Food, water, ordnance?



That's right.



- Into guns?

- A man has to be nowadays.



Tell me about it. That's my trade.



What, guns?






The final hour has almost come...



when the anger of the white races

will rise up against the monkey people...



and the spawn of Satan

who call themselves Jews.



We stand ready for that battle...



we who are the true chosen of God...



the true Israelites.



In that time,

may we be the scourge of his wrath.



In that time, our brothers held in ZOG jails...



will walk again as free men...



and wreak revenge on their tormentors.






God be with us.



- Did you enjoy yourself?

- Yeah.



But we're not Nazis, Weaver.






No, I just enjoy talking to people.



How come you volunteered

to train skineads at our place?



That's just survival stuff.



I mean, it's just guns and stuff like that.



I can let it go, if you want, Mama.



I'd rather you did.



Who was that biker you were talking to?






We may do some business together.



What kind of business?



You know...



sawed-off shotguns.



He sells them to people back east

who are afraid of the niggers.



Weaver, be careful, honey.



I gotta do something, you know.

We're broke.



I gotta put some food

on the table somehow.



I know, but Yahweh will provide.



What's Yahweh gonna do, you know?

Send a deer up to the front door?



- Weaver!

- Mama, come on!



Now, we can't just spend whole 'nother

winter on nothing but canned vegetables.



I've got nothing left to sell.

This truck, it barely runs.



Just have a little faith.



Well, I do, you know?

We made a commitment to God...



when we moved up on this mountain

to wait for the end.



Okay, but I'm the one that's gotta provide

while we wait.



He's gonna show us the way.






Have a little faith.



Damn! That stuff makes my skin break out.



Every time I use it, I get a rash.



Do you think these wahoos

are won'th all this?



Vickers is making a lot of noise.



- Who's the second guy?

- Weaver?



He mostly just tags along.

He's a religious nut.



Living up in the mountains,

waiting for Armageddon.



Vickers is the dangerous one.

He wants to form a new gang like the Order.



Let's test this thing, huh?



One, two, three.



- Yeah.

- Good.



Let's go.



It's right there in Deuteronomy, Gus.

All you gotta do is read your Bible.



I was raised Catholic,

but I don't go no more.



It has nothing to do with going to church.

Those preachers are a bunch of liars.



The preachers are liars,

the teachers are liars.



- You send your kids to public school?

- You bet.



See, right there, you're giving away

your responsibility right there.



You send them to public schools,

those teachers will fill their heads...



Randy, that's all good but, you know,

we gotta get busy...



and form a group.



You know, like Matthews.

We gotta do something now.



This really isn't a good place to talk.



- Why don't we go take a ride?

- All right.



- You leave a tip?

- Sure.



Gus, you celebrating

Martin Luther Coon Day?



Yeah, I took a big piss for him.



Ain't it something? A national holiday

for a Commie pervert nigger?



Randy, why don't you drive?



I'll sit in the back.



Let's go on out by the lake.



Great hunting dog, great coon dog.

I was really anxious to go hunting.



Let the damn thing out,

ran straight to the city.



Right into the ghetto.



He's a good coon dog,

he'll find them anywhere.



You know, you can't eat those damn things.



You can skin them,

but the meat tastes really too rich.



- You don't want to eat that.

- No way.



Do you want to take a walk?



It's nice and warm in here, Gus.



Besides, Tony and I, we don't have

all that blubber on us like you do.



We're gonna scan you, Gus.



What the hell is that thing?



In case you're wired.



Wired? Why would I be wired?



If you're a Fed.



You think I'm a Fed?



We didn't say that, Gus. Just checking.






Here I was thinking you were laying

that religious stuff on kind of thick.



I thought maybe you were a Fed, covering.



Those are my beliefs, Gus.



My beliefs are that you guys

got a lot of nerve to wanna to scan me.



Look, you just can't be too careful.



I mean, there are Feds everywhere

since they killed Matthews.



Let me see that thing.



Hell, it's nothing but a studfinder.



You can find a hell of a lot more

than just studs with one of those things.






Let's see how it works.



It's the dog tags.



- Damn, this thing works.

- Yeah, so does this.



Where are you from back east, Gus?



New Jersey.



- Whereabouts?

- About    miles out of Philadelphia.



What town?



If I told you, you wouldn't know

the difference, would you?



You've never been anywhere

near New Jersey, have you?



Got you there, Tony.



All right.



Randy, you should let him answer.



You know, he might have lied.



- How would you know?

- Well, I wouldn't.



You dumb son of a bitch.



"I wouldn't, I wouldn't know. "



He wouldn't know anything.



That's what went wrong with the Order.



Those guys didn't check out anybody,

and that's how the Feds got in.



Maybe if they had

a few of these studfinders...



they'd be ruling the world by now, huh?



Because the barrel is shorter...



when you fire,

these pellets, they spread out real wide.



Why is that illegal?



Because ZOG government

doesn't want its citizens...



to have a weapon this powerful, that's why.



'Cause when they make war on us,

they don't want us to fight back.



- White power!

- White power!



That's right.



You give ZOG government a chance,

and every weapon will be illegal.



- Except for the ones their agents carry.

- I know it.



- Well, you didn't say it. I did.

- I knew it.



- Well, you didn't say it.

- Don't hit me.



Hey, kids! Stop fighting, now.



Save your fighting

for the Jews and niggers. Right?



- White power!

- White power!



Enemy in range! Three point drop.



That's it. Now you got it.



Dear Elizabeth.



The whole world lies in wickedness...



and we fight spiritual battles,

even though sometimes it hurts.






- Seven plus three?

-   .



We're all gold...



that has to be tried and refined through fire.



The Lord is really perfecting,

or trying to perfect...



patience in Randy and me right now...



because we're both really anxious

to get busy and can't really yet.



Remember, you are fighting

the whole world.



I just hope they go to some street gang.



What do they want?



I don't know. He's upset? What?






You stole my pipe and tank.



Stole? What're you talking about?



You know exactly what I'm talking about.



I have half a mile of poly pipe going down

to the creek and a    -gallon tank.



And this morning, lo and behold,

they're gone.



That's got nothing to do with me, Roy.

I don't know what you're talking about.



Now get out of the way.



You are the only one who could've stole it.

Who else would even...



- Stole it?

- Yes, stole it.



You calling me a thief?



I'm calling you a thief

and I'm calling you a liar.



You're calling me a thief and a liar?



Who else would know it was back there?



Who else would be able

to come down that road...



How dare you say that?



I don't know nothing about your pipe

or whatever the hell you're talking about...



There is only one person

who could get to it, Randy. You.



Eve, you don't know what the hell

you're talking about.



- Yeah? Tell that to Darren Woodward.

- Darren Woodward! That story's a lie!



I've known Darren Woodward for years

and he don't lie.



If he says you stole money from him,

then you stole it!



We didn't steal nothing.

Now, you get out of the way!



Where did you get the money

to buy this spiffy new truck?



It's none of your business

where I got the money!



Maybe it's none of my business,

but that pipe and tank are!



Get out of the way!



You get your bitch wife out of the way

right now or I'm gonna run her over.



- Get out of the way!

- Yeah, get out of the way! Move!



- Get out of the way!

- Move!



It's not right, Randy!

You can't go stealing from people!



Don't send your kids down here anymore!

They're not welcome!



What was that?



- Roy, what's happening?

- I don't know!



Get the kids and stay down.



Son, you get back to your room. Stay down!



- Dad.

- Angel.



- Don't go out there!

- I'm scared.



- What is it?

- I don't know.



Kids, you go on back to your rooms.

It's all right.



Take them downstairs.



Sounded like Weaver to me.



I think this is his way of getting at us

for what we said to him today.



Come on. Let's get back to bed.

He ain't gonna ruin my night.



Honey, come on.



- What do we need?

- White power!



- When do we need it?

- Right now!



- What did we ever do to you?

- You wouldn't let your kids play with mine.



Heil Hitler!



So the doctor says, "The only way to get

that poison out is just suck it out. "



That nigger runs back, figures,

"What do he say?"



The secretary says,

"He says you gonna die. "



Weaver, could I talk to you in private?






Look, Randy...



I don't like your racist talk,

but it's a free country.



You can believe all that crap if you want.



I don't care if you believe it or not.

It's in the scriptures.



Yeah, sure.



I want you to stop shooting all them rifles

up on the ridge.



It's dangerous for my family.



- We don't shoot them at your house.

- The hell you don't.



I'm telling you to stop right now.



Yeah? What're you gonna do if I don't?



I'll kick your ass.



I've heard all that "end of the world" junk

you're always spouting.



There's gonna be a big war between blacks

and the Hells Angels or some such crap.



And it's all gonna end up

at your front door, right?






You're gonna have to take

your groceries by violence...



and shoot your neighbors, isn't that right?



- Something like that.

- Yeah.



You come down that mountain,

you turn left at my driveway.



Don't turn right.



If I catch you anywhere near my house...



I'll hang you up by your big toes

and cut off your fingers, you got that?



Don't screw with my family.



You don't scare me.



I'm glad I had this hat on.



I think that Indian wanted to scalp me

right here in this barber's chair.



You sure got him riled up.



He's just an Indian. What do you expect?



What can we do for you?



Quiet, Striker!






Actually, we're looking

for your mom and dad.



You won't find them here.



They're in town

visiting some friends. Goodbye.



Yeah. Goodbye.



That girl's hardly in her teens.



- These people scare the hell out of me.

- They intend to.



That's his truck back in that driveway.



- What do you think?

- No harm in asking.



Howdy. Maybe you can help us.

We're looking for Randy Weaver.



Hey, Randy!



There's a couple of County Mounties

out here asking for you.



Mr. Weaver.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.



Okay, here's the deal.



We have you on selling sawed-off shotguns

to a fellow...



Oh, right, man! Oh, right!



Don't try anything rash. Hear me out.



We have wiretaps of the sale.

We've got Polaroids.



The US Attorney has the file.



He's certain the Grand Jury's

gonna hand up an indictment...



which means, at the very least,

you're going to have to undergo arrest...



you're gonna have to get bonded,

you have to make appearances.



A big hassle. Very expensive.



So we wanna give you a chance

to help yourself.



We'd like you to work with us...



on some of the problems

we're trying to deal with up here.



Aryan Nations worry us, Randy.



They've already spawned

at least two groups.



Killed a dozen people.



Used explosives against civilian targets.



Taken more than $  million

in armed robberies.



I ain't Aryan Nations.



I guess you just couldn't find any other way

to hold your pants up, is that it?



We're not asking you to actually

get someone arrested for us.



Just, you know,

keep us aware of what's doing.



These people are dangerous, Weaver.



We're afraid of what they might do.

You ought to be, too.



Do this for your country, son.



You save all the hassle

and all the money on court.



All you have to do

is come to my office in Spokane, alone.



Tomorrow,   :  .



So we can talk.



- No way.

- Oh, yes.



- That's the way we do things, Weaver.

- I ain't no snitch. Go to hell.



Vicki! Come on out here!



ZOG wants to sign me up.



What's happening?



What do you think?



We played it right.



It's a reasonable offer.

He knows he committed a crime.



They always come around in the end.



Yahweh, our creator.



We ask that you show us what to do

in the face of such oppression and deceit.



Please show us the way, Our Father.



- Amen.

- Amen.



I'm gonna turn myself in.



You're what?



Weaver, you will not be a snitch for ZOG.



Not to be a snitch.

To answer that gun charge.



I don't want nothing to happen to the kids.



Do you know what they're gonna do to you?

They will arrest you, Randy!



And then you know

what they're gonna do to the kids?



They'll confiscate our land

and they'll put them in some...



AIDS-infested mental hospital.



Or foster home.



That's what they'll do.



That's what they'll do to me,

they'll probably shoot me.



That's right. That's what they'll do...



and they'll get some government-paid

informant who'll take the stand...



- and say whatever they want him to say.

- Gus, the snitch!



They'll railroad you through.

That's what they'll do.



They'll come up here, they'll kick us off

the land. They'll rip this whole place apart.



We're broke. We're flat broke.



We got no money to pay the property tax.



They're just gonna come

and get me anyway.



- Then let them come.

- Let them come!



That's right.



- Let's take a vote.

- Okay. Family vote.



All those in favor of Daddy turning himself

in to the Jew government, say aye.



That's right.



This is a good group.



Angel, get me a pen and paper.



To Aryan Nations and all our brethren

of the Anglo-Saxon race.



Today, two US Treasury agents...



followed Randy and Vicki Weaver

to the home of friends.



They threatened Randy

with a federal firearms charge...



prison time

and the confiscation of our truck.



They said they want him to join their team...



and that he must go alone

to the Spokane courthouse.



Randy said, "No way. "



They said, "Oh, yes,

that's the way we do things. "



Randy and I and the children...



are ready to stand for truth and our freedom.



We cannot make deals with the enemy.



This is a war

against the white sons of Isaac.



Yahweh, our Yeshua, is our savior and king.



The decree has gone out

to destroy Israel, our people.



If we are not free to obey the laws

of Yahweh, we may as well be dead.



- I don't think you should go down, Daddy.

- Don't worry.



If they wanted to get me,

they could've done it months ago.



They're not gonna mess with God's people.



We'll be fine. We'll be back soon.



Then we won't have

to go down the hill for a while.



- Be careful on the roads.

- Yeah, we'll be fine.



- There's no snow in the valley.

- Watch the dog's tail.



Keep a sweater on her, okay?



Hello? Yeah, this is Eve Marks.

The Weavers are coming down.



- Trouble?

- The engine died.



My boyfriend can't figure it out

and we're freezing.



I think it might be the fuel pump,

but I don't really know enough about it.



- Okay. What do you think?

- Yeah, let's go.



I got a blanket here for her.



- You can fix that engine up, honey.

- We'll see what we can do.






It's a little wet.



Hopefully, it'll help

until they get all fixed up.



- God bless you.

- God bless you.



Fuel pump.



- Federal agent, you're under arrest!

- Get down on the ground!



- Son of a bitch!

- No!



Grab his feet. Quick.






Yahweh, our God and our creator protect us.



Look what I found!



Let her go! She didn't do nothing!



Just stay calm, we'll let you go.



- All right, let's go.

- That was good.



But you'll never fool me again.



Let's go.






- US Attorney's Office.

- It's Bert Yeager, BATF, Spokane.



Yeah, Duncan here. What's up, Bert?



I was hoping your secretary would say you

were on a flight up here to Coeur d'Alene.



We have Weaver's arraignment this morning.



My hands are full, Bert.

Just let the law do its job.



Well, I would.



But we're dealing

with a part-time magistrate here.



If the government doesn't appear,

this guy is likely to just let him walk.



- I'll come up for the trial.

- Lf there is one.



If Weaver's bound over,

I'm betting he won't appear.



The guy lives on a mountaintop.

The whole family.



Armed to the teeth.

These are separatists, Matthew.



If we don't hold onto him now,

who knows where it will end?



- Has he got a lawyer?

- Not that I know of.



The chances are you don't have

the grounds to keep him in jail anyway.



I'd trust your magistrate on this.

Yeah, even if he is a part-timer. Bye.



Let the record show

that no attorneys appeared for either side.



Mr. Weaver, do you wish to enter a plea?



Well, I know I'm not guilty...



but I'd like to talk it over with a lawyer.



- And you don't have one?

- No, sir.



Do you know of one

that you would have any confidence in?



There's a man that we know of...



Name of Milton Norquist.



I'll do the best I can

to see if I can appoint him.



In the meantime,

I have to set a tentative trial date.



February    looks free.



That would give both sides

a chance to prepare.



You mean, I have to stay in jail till then?



- I'm prepared to release you on bond.

- I don't understand what that is.



It's a promise to appear

on the date that I've given you...



and backed up by some money

that you'd forfeit if you failed to show.



Oh, gosh.



The only thing I have of any value

is my property.



- But it can't be won'th more than $     .

- That would be sufficient.



And if you appear on the date set,

and abide by the rules of your probation...



then your land should be safe.



- What rules are those, sir?

- I expect you to find a job.



You'll have to restrict your travel

to northern Idaho...



and you'll have to give up all weapons,

firearms and explosives.



How far does that go?



Does that include my kids' weapons,

my wife's?



You'll have to discuss that

with your attorney.



But my advice is that you're better off

without any of that stuff in your house.



What happens if we have to

defend ourselves?



Mr. Weaver, even if you fear for your life...



you cannot possess a firearm.



So, if I do as you say and show up,

then my property will be safe?



Yes, although I believe

that if you contest the case and lose...



you'll be required to pay back

the government for your legal costs.



- I'll do as you order, Your Honor.

- Fine.



Look, I have to get more on this.



- Yes?

- Line two. It's Bert Yeager, sir.



Yeah, Bert. What is it now?



The magistrate released him on bond...



but he totally screwed up the explanation

of what Weaver was up against.



You know what? It is so plain.



They want to take our land

and they want to make us homeless.



- Yeah, well, screw them.

- That's right.



He made it sound like Randy would

lose his land if he was convicted...



and he could even lose his land

if he wasn't convicted.



He gave him no reason to cooperate.



Bert, try to understand.

We're swamped in this office.



We can't monitor every case

in the Northwest.



I know, but the way this went down,

he'll never show.



I show up for that trial,

you know what's gonna happen?



I'm gonna be out on the street.

That's what's gonna happen.



You're not gonna be out on the street.

You're gonna be with us, your family...



and we're gonna stay

on that mountain...



and we're not coming down for nothing.

That's what's gonna happen.



Whatever happened,

the law has to run its course now.



If he shows,

my office will be there to prosecute him...



if he doesn't,

then we issue a fugitive warrant.



That's the way it works.



- Are you Tony Vickers?

- Yeah.



I'm Brian Jackson, Deputy US Marshal.



I understand you're a friend

of Randy Weaver's.



Used to be.



He doesn't have many friends

left in this town.



- Why is that?

- Some people think he's a thief.



- What did he steal?

- Depends on who you talk to.



Some water pipes, some money.

Depends on who you talk to.



- I'm talking to you.

- No, you ain't.



I got a fugitive warrant issued on him.



See any reason why I shouldn't just

walk up that mountain and arrest him?



Whole family's armed

and praying for Armageddon.



You'd be the answer to their prayers.



Can you help me

figure out a way to do this...



without anyone getting hurt?



Be won'th $     if you brought him in.



I don't want your damn blood money,

Marshal. I don't turn nobody in.



- Take it easy.

- Tell you what I might do.



I might just kill him myself

and tell you where the body is.



How'd that be?



- He'll come down soon enough.

- Wouldn't bet on that one.



Patience, my friend. All it takes is patience.



And your grandmother pulled you out

from under that bed...



kicking and screaming and she said:



"Young lady, don't you ever say that again. "



And she shoved that bar of soap

right down your throat, and you said:



"Grandmother, you're not supposed

to really do that!"



Mom, I think I need to go inside for a bit.



Honey, why don't you go upstairs

and take a nap? Okay?



- Yeah.

- All right, good.



- You all right, honey?

- Yeah.



- Get some rest.

- Okay.



I don't know what in the hell you were

thinking about, getting her pregnant.



For goodness' sakes, Randy,

you're a fugitive from the law.



It wasn't planned.



It doesn't seem that much you do

is planned very well.



I mean, the arrest by the ZOG

wasn't planned.



The ZOG.



Will you open your eyes, son?

This pregnancy is making her very weak.



I know.



I'm asking you.



I'm asking you straight out,

what's to be done about it?



I sent a letter down with a friend.



And if the government wants to drop

all the charges...



and give me a letter of apology,

I'll forget the whole thing.



Will you talk sense, boy?

You know that's not about to happen!



- There's got to be another way.

- None as far as I can tell.



Oh, hell, Ralph.



Nobody's gonna come up here on this ridge.

We're safe up here.



Hell, they're not even trying.



I'm gonna get a beer.



- Did you get this thing working?

- Yeah, it's working.



You wanna barbecue something?



- Have you seen this, Brian?

- Yeah, I've seen it.



Just in case it didn't register,

let me read you a couple of lines.



Like the headline:



"Federal marshals have fugitive

'under our nose. '



"Federal agents are contemplating their

next move in the case of Randy Weaver...



"a fugitive wanted on weapons charges...



"who's been hiding out on a remote

mountaintop for more than a year. "



Just what are we waiting for, Brian?



When are we gonna make that next move

we're contemplating? Never?



I haven't been waiting, Dean, you know that.



I've talked with everyone,

I've offered payments.



I've sent word to him,    times.



All his friends say, if I go on up there,

somebody's gonna get hurt. He's a nut!



Hell, Weaver's in a jail of his own making

up there right now.



And if he ever comes down,

the neighbors are set to call. Pick him up.



Look, Brian, that's just not good enough.



We're looking like idiots

because of this jerk and his kid.



If we go charging in there,

we could get those kids hurt.



I want a reconnaissance team up there.

Special Operations Group, the best we have.



I want a plan to bring this guy down

and get him to trial.



- Could be dangerous.

- I know that!



I want no contact with Weaver

or any of his kids...



until the surveillance is completed

and the plan has been approved.



And Brian...



I'm not interested in seeing this guy

on    Minutes, okay?



Mr. Weaver! I work for Geraldo Rivera...



the Now It Can Be Told show.



And he'd like to have you

on his television show.



Geraldo Rivera's television show.



You and your whole family. On television!



You can tell your story,

right in front of your cabin.



Tell Geraldo to get out of here!



- You filthy Jew, Geraldo! Go home, you Jew!

- Leave us alone!



- Go to hell!

- In his chopper!



- We don't want you here!

- You filthy Jew!



- Geraldo, you filthy Jew!

- Get outta here!



- Get off our property!

- Get outta here! We don't want to be on TV!



- We don't want you here! This is my land!

- You filthy Jew!



- Get out of here.

- Your story can be told!



The three of you

get as close to the cabin as you can.



I'll take John and Paul, set up an

observation post on the ridge above.



Let's move out.



Okay, Jackson, three of us

are in position down below.



Can you see anything from up on the ridge?



No one in sight. Still asleep, most likely.



I'm gonna see

what the dogs will respond to.



- Nothing.

- Okay.



Let's spread out and see what we can see.



It's   :  .



There's nothing happening here.

Let's move out.



Roger that. We'll cover your exit.



Buddy, come on.



I have activity. Boy, man...



- girl, girl and Daddy.

- Armed?



All armed.



Okay, let's go.



- Hey, Ma, I think he's got a deer.

- That'll be the day, Weaver.



All right, you and Kevin, you go that way.



And I'll take the logging road and see

if we can't trap something. Come on.



They're responding.



Dog leads. Get the hell out of there.



Come on.



Dog's coming. Pull back.



I think the dog's onto us.



All right, we gotta take out the dog.

He's leading everybody to us.



This is bull.

I'm not gonna get shot in the back.



Okay, come on.



Keep going! I'll take out the dog

if he keeps coming.



Get out of there. Get out.



Randy, freeze!



Screw you!



Sammy, Kevin, get home! It's an ambush!



Damn. Move out.



Sammy, get home!



I'm coming, Dad! Come home, Kevin!






- Sara!

- They will still wait.



- My God, what happened?

- They got Barnett. He's dead.



Let's pull back.



Randy! What happened?



- Ambush.

- What?



- We ran into an ambush.

- What do you mean, an ambush?



What happened?



Don't shoot, it's me!



Where's Sammy?



Did you see Sammy?

Kevin, where's Sammy?



- Sammy's dead!

- No!



Kevin, what do you mean, he's dead?

Tell me what happened.



I checked him over real close.

They killed him.






Oh, my God!



Kevin, please, tell me what happened.



Me and Sammy was following Striker...



and he was just walking along.



Then we come out at the Y.



And there was this man in the road,

and Striker runs up to him...



starts nipping at his fingers,

like he does when he's playing.



I holler out, "Don't worry, he's just playing!"



Then he shot him.



And Sammy raises up his gun, he says:



"You shot my dog, you son of a bitch!"



Suddenly the whole woods

was full of puffs of smoke.



Then I heard this person

moaning in the woods.



- I'm hit!

- I know.



And I heard Randy yelling,

"Come home. "



I'm coming, Dad! Come home, Kevin!



And then I heard Sammy running

and he made a sound like...



US Marshals!



And that was the first time

they said who they was.



And this other fellow,

then he jumps on the road...



and I fired up into the bush.



Just to keep him away from me.



And then I moved back into the woods...



then I waited.



And there was silence, nothing.



So I decided to run home.



That's when I saw Sammy.



So I jumped up on the road and I told them:



"I just want to check on Sam!"



Oh, my God!



He was dead!



No pulse, nothing.



I left him lying there, I'm sorry.

I left him lying there.



Oh, my baby! Oh, God!



Oh, my baby!



What happened?



We were leapfrogging down the hill

in the woods...



but the dog was catching up with us.



We crossed the road.



I saw Weaver coming down the fork

to the right, Harris to the left.



It must've been an ambush.



The dog was coming at me.



So I yelled, "Weaver. "



Back off, US Marshals!



Weaver kind of ran back up the road.

I moved into the woods.



So did Barnett.



The kid and Harris kept coming.

So Barnett got up and yelled:



"Stop, US Marshals!"



Harris turned and shot right at him.



I fired at Harris.



Thought I'd gotten him.



I took out the dog

so it wouldn't lead Harris to us...



and I moved back into the woods.



I heard Adams call me.



Kid yelled something, fired at us.



I heard Barnett calling for help.



I'm hit!



There was a second blast.



I saw the kid run back up the fork

where Weaver went.



I moved to Barnett, I felt his pulse...



and it stopped.



We gotta get him out of here.






Come on, let's move.



We can't leave him here,

we're still under fire.



- Somebody has to go out for backup.

- Who's sticking with Danny?



- I'm not going anywhere.

- I'm not leaving you guys either.



You have to. Take John.



No, John needs to stay here,

he's our only medic.



Paul, you come with me.



Oh, my God, my baby!



Come on, Mama.



They're still down there!



Yeah, we're going to get Sammy.



They're still down there!



Call    !



Call    !



- Get the Sheriff!

- What happened?



Just call    .



Go watch the road,

in case they get by the boys.



Oh, Lord!



This is Marshal Brian Jackson.



I'm up at the Marks' house

on County Highway   .



I've got one officer dead,

got more pinned down.



I need help, quick.



I want the state police, all the help I can get.



We gotta get back in there

for the trapped officers, now.



Okay, I'll be here.



Get your kids out of here.

Get them down the mountain.



I'm calling Washington for backup.

It's gonna get hairy.



Go back inside, put your shoes on.






we offer you our only son.



Please grant him perfect peace...



under the shelter of thy wing.



My angel.



Goodnight, my angel.



We gotta at least try to get him out of here.



Weather's coming in on us.

Come on, let's go.



- Richard Atwood, FBI Criminal Division.

- Hi, Richard.



This is Earl Martins,

who commands our hostage rescue team.



Earl, this is Ross Jones

of the Marshal Service.



- Good to see you again.

- Yeah.



Look, based on the data that's coming in...



this is the most dangerous group we've

faced since the Whidbey Island shootout.



They didn't think twice

about firing on my men.



And now that a marshal's down,

it's definitely an FBI matter.



- Your men are still pinned down?

- That's right.



How on earth did this happen?



According to the threat assessment,

the family were armed to the teeth.



We thought that a small, tough group

would be the way to go.



- What went wrong?

- Well, we might have underestimated them.



We made the same miscalculations

in the past with the Aryans...



and it always ends up with an officer down.



I'm not making that same mistake again.



Respond with massive force.

Use both hostage rescue teams.



Throw everything

we've got against them immediately.



The longer we wait, the greater the chances

of my losing another man.



How long will it take?



Jones and I can be on the private plane

almost immediately.



I'll have the HRT up there

early in the morning.



And let's hope the guys on the hill

can hold out.



Janice, come here. Take a look at this.



What do you reckon that's all about?



I don't know.



Come on, let's jump into the car

and find out.



I killed a man.



Even though he shot Sammy.



I feel so...






I'm so sorry.



What were you supposed to do, Kevin?



Waited until those ZOG bastards

finished off their ambush by killing us all?



We gotta find out what's going on.



Rachel, turn on that radio.

Let's hear that  :   news.



Good afternoon.

Here is the Northern Idaho news.



Today has seen violent death

in the mountains near Naples, Idaho.



US Marshals claim a white separatist

named Randall Weaver...



and his friend, Kevin Harris,

attacked them from a pickup truck.



Weaver opened fire

from his pickup, unprovoked.



One marshal was hit and is presumed dead.



This is unconfirmed because

the federal officers are still pinned down...



under heavy fire on the Weaver land.



Pinned down?



Pickup truck?

What the hell are they talking about?



ZOG liars.



I only shot twice.



What the hell is going on here?



They're trying to cover up

'cause they murdered a   -year-old boy.






They're coming after us.



We're not running away!



This is our home!



This is where we stay!



- Are they down yet?

- No.



They're still up there?

What, are they pinned down?



There's been no gunfire, so I doubt it.



They won't leave Barnett's body

and it's too hard to move in the rain.



- Can you get me to them?

- Paul will take you up.



I'll get word to CC that we're going up for it.



Let's go.






Heavy trucks.



I can't see anything.



They're down there.



- What the hell are they bringing in?

- Bet they're setting up at the Marks' place.



Those traitors.



- Identify yourselves or I'll shoot.

- It's me. Paul.



Come on.






They cut Barnett down.



They what? In cold blood?



Well, I'd taken the dog out. I had to.

But Barnett never got a shot off.



Come one. Let's get the hell out of here.

Bring everything.



Let's get him covered up.



Keep that light going. Don't leave it behind.

Come on, let's go.



Got it.



- Put it out.

- All three of these.



Take it easy.



God almighty! It's a fortress

on top of a mountain.



That's only half of it. These are zealots that

know how to use these natural defenses.



My undercover men tell me

that Weaver's an ex-Green Beret.



According to some,

wanted for bank robbery over in Montana.



Oh, great. We've got a Rambo on our hands.



The wife's even more of a fanatic than he is.



She's written these crazy letters

to every government agency...



that she can think of.



We did a formal threat assessment.



- How detailed?

- Very detailed.



My man on the ground, Brian Jackson,

spent the last    months...



trying to get them to come down.



He did everything that he could

to negotiate our way out of this.



But just when he felt that Randy

was willing to bend a little bit on this...



the wife comes in to stiffen his spine.



I don't know what the situation

on the ground is.



I'm still waiting for word

that my team got out.



What about Weaver's military background?

His training. Is he dangerous?



I told you he was a Green Beret.

They're explosive specialists, aren't they?



So if he's had any access to any of

the sophisticated defense ordnance...



The place is probably booby-trapped.



Yeah, that's right.

That's what I'm afraid we're going into.



And that's not the worst part.



Vicki Weaver,

according to this assessment...



is determined to keep this family

isolated on that hill.



And there's a fear...



that she might kill her own children.



If that's what she thinks it'll take.



- You guys hurt?

- No, we're all right.



Get him in the ambulance.



Easy now, come on.



- Let's get our stuff in the van.

- Right.



Who are all these civilians?



We're evacuating all the neighbors.



Nine families.



A loss, man. A real loss.



- Best man I ever knew.

- Just not right, is it?



I mean, what the hell have these people

got against us?



It's their government, isn't it?



That's the problem nowadays.



Everybody's got the wrong ideas

about what the government ought to be.



All we can do is get on with the job.



Which makes us luckier than Danny.



Finish the weapons check, Paul.



Maybe I'll call Danny's wife.



I thought you said Danny

never got any shots off.



He didn't.



Then how come there's seven rounds

missing from his weapon?



What's going on?

Where are they taking you?



- A message for you, sir.

- Thank you.



They've finally got your men off the hill

and the locals have been evacuated.



- Any more casualties?

- Not according to this.



So the family's still intact.



The family's still intact?



This isn't Leave It To Beaver,

Ross, they killed a marshal.



He has two kids.



I'm sure the Aryans would love America

to think we're after this pleasant little family.



But as far as I'm concerned,

they're dangerous as hell.



We are sending our men

into a fortified Aryan stronghold...



where the defenders shoot first.



Intelligence says

that every member of their family...



is carrying a gun

when they leave the cabin...



  % of the time.



We have to think about changing the rules.

Leveling the playing field a bit.



The trick will be to get in and out

as fast as possible.



Take them down hard and fast.



Hard and fast.



What time is it?



It's just before sunup.



Did you sleep?



I was dreaming.



A lot of dreams.



What's happening?



I don't know.



Sounds like they're building an army

down there at the Marks'.



Why didn't somebody come up

and talk to us?



Been asking myself that same question

all night.



Ma, you know...



I just can't help thinking that if I'd just

gone to court that day, maybe, you know...






come here, please.






please don't blame yourself.



They acted against us.



But the truth is we fed into God's plan.



We have to believe that.






- Yeah, we know, he was here last night.

- Weaver's on a tear, huh?



One of the Feds said Weaver

dropped a marshal. Killed him.



So he's finally got his Armageddon?



They got marshals, they got state police.

They even got National Guard up there.



These guys'll have Randy and Vicki signed,

sealed, and delivered in body bags...



before anyone even hears about it.



Come on now, Tony. He's your friend.

Now, we've got to do something.



Was. He told me to get off his property

and never come back.



That don't matter! We can't let this happen!



Come on, now, he's still our neighbor.



All right.



Hey, you think you got enough guys

to take one man off the mountain?



Hold on just a minute.



All right. In the command center there.



I want the area by the woods

on the east secured.



- All right, what's your problem?

- Same as yours, Doug.



Good to see you. I'm glad to have you here.



This is Ross Jones,

our liaison with the Marshal Service.



Doug Wilks, FBI Special Agent in Charge.



Gentlemen, have a seat.



Okay, so far so good.



We've got the deputy marshals down...



and before long,

I'll have the perimeter secured.



Good. Though I don't think the Weavers

are likely to make a run for it.



It's not keeping them in that worries me.



It's the supporters trying

to infiltrate their way to the cabin...



to add to their firepower.



- Better close the road.

- Got it in hand.



My biggest problem right now...



is that I don't have any eyes

on the top of that knoll...



nor for that matter, any eyes in the cabin

or the compound proper.



The hostage rescue teams are on their way.



They'll give you all the eyes

you want up there.



Good. Meantime, I've asked

the Idaho National Guard for support.



They've even got some armored

personnel carriers...



and I think just the sight of those

ought to calm things down.



I don't want this thing dragging on.



Well, that's up to Weaver and Harris, isn't it?



I mean, if they keep firing on us

we'll have to hunker down, won't we?



Not necessarily. Earl.



We've been working on some

revised rules of engagement.



Level the playing field a little.



Dear God, what the hell is going on here?



Get out of here!



You're not welcome here.



A standoff between right-wing extremists

and federal officers...



continues to grow more volatile...



as both sides dig their heels deep into

a remote mountaintop in Northern Idaho.



A US marshal is dead

and the FBI has the fugitive surrounded.



The Weavers, backed up by a friend,

Kevin Harris...



have entrenched themselves

in a mountaintop fortress...



waiting for the government they despise

to make the first move.



The standoff, set in the middle of

a possibly booby-trapped compound...



It's a home site.



...pits highly trained federal marksmen...



against Weaver and his three

gun-toting children and wife.



"Gun-toting children,"

what are they talking about?



They're kids, they're our grandkids.

They're not going to hurt anybody.



They called it a fortress. A fortress!



I've built better barns

than that plywood mess.



Yes, I'm still here.



No, ma'am.

I tried to explain to the other lady.



I'm not with the press.

I'm Vicki Weaver's father.



And I'm just trying to find out...



No, I don't want your prepared statement.



Please listen to me.

I want to speak to a US marshal.



His name is Brian Jackson. Yes, ma'am.



He's the only one... Oh, come on.



They put me on hold.






- you put some things together for the car.

- Yes.



- We're going to go to Idaho.

- Yes.



Dad, wait a minute.






I just don't think I'm gonna see her again.



You will, Gwen. They'll have the whole thing

under control within hours. You'll see.



Don, it looks like Vietnam.



Good. More the better.



Wish Danny Barnett had this kind of backup.



FBI hostage rescue team.



They travel first cabin all the way.



All right, come on, guys.

They'll want to debrief us.



Okay, how's this?



"If any adult is seen with a weapon in the

vicinity of where this firefight took place...



"then this individual

could be the subject of deadly force. "



- "Could" or "can"?

- What's the difference?



Can is more specific, more definite.



Good, greater latitude

for my hostage rescue team.



But it still implies

that they have to make a decision.



And by the time they decide

whether someone with a weapon...



can be neutralized or not,

it could be too late.



- What about the children?

- Children?



These children are armed and as dangerous

as any of the adults.



Shouldn't we fire on anyone who's armed?



I don't want my men

compromised by a child.



Then, do we include the children

in these revised rules?



I don't want to endanger children, either,

but I've got my men to worry about.



And a rifle bullet kills

no matter how young the shooter is.



There's truth in that

but we still have to make a distinction.



The children should only be subject

to our standard rules of engagement.



Not to any of these new changes.



Deadly force can only be used

against the children...



if they threaten bodily harm.



All right.



Do we all agree that the new

rules of engagement will read:



Any agent can and should use deadly force

against any armed adult?



You all right with this?



We've gotta get a clearance

through Washington.



I'll write out the exact wording

and you call it in.



- Who should I ask for?

- Get as high up the food chain as possible.



If anyone's got a problem with this

get them back to us as soon as possible.



The sniper observers

will secure the perimeter.



You've already been told

what positions to go in.



You will secure the whole area.

Over on this end...



once the blue team is in place,

we'll have the gold team...



backing up the blue team position.

Is that clear?



Finally, we've revised

the rules of engagement.



I want you to listen carefully,

we're gonna operate under this set of rules.



"If any adult in the compound...



"is observed with weapons,

after the demand for surrender is made...



"deadly force can and should be used

to neutralize this individual.



"If any adult male

is observed with a weapon...



"prior to the announcement...



"deadly force can and should be employed...



"if a shot can be taken

without endangering the children.



"If compromised by the dog,

the dog can be taken out.



"If any subjects other than Randy, Vicki...



"or Kevin Harris, present a threat of death...



"or grievous bodily harm...



"normal FBI rules of deadly force apply. "



- Any questions?

- Yes, sir.



By "any other subjects,"

does that mean the children?



"Any other subjects,"

that's the wording approved by Washington.



All right, we move out in    minutes.



Let's go.



- Davis, what did you just hear?

- Shoot on sight.



The Weaver cabin here...



the blue team here, the gold team here,

not working.



What we need to do is...



You'd think we could help them.

Hell, we've been up there.



They don't want to hear it. Come on.



Let's get out of here.



Hey, guys.



This is Agent Stanfield,

he's the hostage team negotiator.



Before the incoming hit

did you try and talk to him?



Didn't get a chance. As soon as I ID'd

myself as a marshal, they started firing.



Just like that. No way the fallen officer

fired first, was there?



I didn't think Barnett had fired, but there

were rounds missing from his weapon.



Really? But does the brass know that?



Doesn't seem anybody cares much

what we have to say.



At least not right now.






Front and center!



Thanks guys.

I'll need all the information I can get.



We got a response from Washington

to our operational plan.



They noticed

that there's no provision for negotiation.



Yeah, so did I.



I'd have thought you'd be happy

not to get thrown in up there.



Well, it's my job, sir...



and they deserve a chance

to be talked down.



We'd like you to work out

a provision for negotiation.



I'll get right on it.



What if they offer us a deal?



What kind of deal?



One where they haul you in front

of some ZOG court...



and frame you

for that dead son-of-a-bitch marshal?



What if, say, just one of them

gets in our sights?



- He's armed?

- Yeah.



I say we wait. What we need to do...



is isolate Weaver and Harris

at the same time.



If we get one of them, that still leaves them

with enough firepower to kill our guys.



They want to get us outside, alone.



Try to kill us off one at a time

so they can bury the evidence.



They're gonna try to isolate us

from each other.



Mom's right.



They'll try to isolate us

and pick us off one at a time.



We've got to keep at least in pairs.



That's right, girl.



Okay, so that's the deal then.



You see one of them, hold your fire.



Don't make a move

until another one joins them...



otherwise we'll never get the others

out of the house.



We'll wait till we see them together, then.



Blue leader in place.



I'd have thought

they'd have made their move by now.



It's got to be about  :  .



Maybe they're waiting for tomorrow.



- Are you scared?

- No.



Maybe a little.



But as long as you're here...



I'm gonna check on the dog,

I think someone's out there.



- I'm going with you.

- Me, too.



Come on, then.



If they're out there,

I guess they don't want to talk.



I'm gonna see Sammy again.



I've got to stay with Daddy.






What happened?



What happened?



I've been shot, Ma.



You bastards!



You sons of bitches! You bastards!



Get in the house.



I'm hurt.












Take the baby, Rachel.



She seems all right.

She's okay. Wash her up.






Let's get some water.






Randy, I'm hurt so bad.



Shoot me, please.






You got one good arm.

You're gonna have to do it.






Help me with these curtains. Come on.



Mr. Weaver.



This is Dwight Stanfield of the FBI.



You should understand...



that we have warrants

for the arrest of yourself and Mr. Harris.



I would like you to lift up the telephone...



so that we can talk and work out

how you will come out of the house...



without further violence.



I would like for you...



or one of your children

to come out of the house...



take the telephone and return to the house.



Randall, we need to communicate

so we can end this thing peacefully.



Randall, why not let one of the children

come out and take the telephone?



Try the wife. Threat assessment is that

she's the real head of the gang, anyway.



Vicki, is this how you want to resolve this?



Please take the telephone.



All right, let's go.



"And the kings of the earth,

and the great men...



"and the chief captains,

and the mighty men...



"hid themselves in the dens

and the rocks of the mountains.



"And said to the mountains and the rocks...



"'Fall on us, and hide us from the face of

him that sitteth on the throne.



"'For the great day of his wrath is come.



"'And who shall be able... "'



Quick, into the basement. Hide!



Careful, it's probably booby-trapped.



Oh, my God!



They've started killing their own.






What's going on up there?



I have a short statement to make.



It appears that Samuel Weaver

was killed during...



the initial exchange of gunfire.



He's still a boy!



Baby killers!



Federal hit men!



Samuel's death is a tragedy...



as is the death of Deputy Barnett.



He wasn't    years old.



There are precautions that we are taking...



and we'll continue to pursue

every precaution that we can...



to avoid further injury and loss of life.



Will Sammy's killer get a medal?



What bullet killed Samuel Weaver

is still under investigation.



Samuel Weaver's body has been taken...



for an autopsy.



A government autopsy.



You killed him!



The results will be made public.

That is all, thank you.



Burn in hell!



I don't get it.



The marshal said Barnett got hit

and dropped immediately.



But he had the M-   and his can'tridges

are spread out over    feet.



That doesn't make sense.



Hey, stop your car!



Come on, man, get out and join us.



Where're you from?



Come on and join us.



- Hey, pull over!

- Come on and join the white power!



Who are all these people?



Friends of Randy's.



Wow! Who has friends like these?



Hey, get off!



Kill babies? What does that mean?



Hey, use your car as a roadblock.



Mom, it's nothing.

They're just anti-government crazies.



The killing of babies won't stop!



Pull over!



- Dad, what're you doing?

- I don't want any part of this.



Help us out! Don't leave!



We've got to get to a motel and call

Brian Jackson, he'll tell us what to do.



We'll get to the bottom of this.



We would like you to make an audio tape

asking them to come down...



and we'll play it over our speaker system.



I don't know why she'd listen to us now.



I mean, everything she's afraid of

has been happening.



I don't know how this could happen.



That's my daughter up there, she's no killer.



I need to hear this from Brian Jackson.



I've talked to him before on the telephone

and I trust him. There's no offense.



None taken. I'm just an FBI agent

who's been sent in on this Mr. Coulter.



I don't expect you to trust me.

But we need you.



I don't think we have any objection

to making a tape.



I'm glad to hear that, sir.



And we would like something else, too.



We need a layout

of the furniture inside the cabin.



I understand you know it.



- What?

- A layout? What for?



What're you gonna do?

Go up there and rush them?



I mean, why? Why do you need a layout?



Once they're out of there,

we're worried about booby traps.



And a sense of what's where might help us

figure out where the danger areas are.



Booby traps?



Have you people lost your minds?

They're a family.



Do you understand? They are a family...



with a little baby crawling around.



Do you think that they're gonna booby-trap

their own home...



with a baby in it?



I understand and I apologize.



I'll talk to you folks later. Thank you.



Damn them! Damn them to hell!






That's right, Irma, damn them to hell.



This is Dan Johnstone reporting

from Ruby Creek, Idaho.



In an announcement an hour ago,

the death of   -year-old Sammy Weaver...



leaves a great many questions unanswered.



Was he killed

during the exchange of gunfire?



Oh, my God! Oh, God, no!



The man was standing right here...



he was standing right here in front of us

and didn't tell us!



He knew and he didn't tell us!



My God, what kind of people are these?



Oh, God, Irma.



They've killed our little boy.



God have mercy.



Vicki was right.



These are the photos

of Barnett's spent rounds at the Y?



Yes, sir.



- You're sure they're Barnett's?

- There's no other explanation.



Okay, thank you.



Keep us posted.



Damn it!



If Barnett was moving when he was firing...



that means he was shooting

before he was hit.






- That's not what the marshals told us.

- No.



But whatever the case, there's been

no fire from the cabin, not a single shot.



Then our revised rules of engagement

are no longer justified.



Revert to normal rules, now.



Now we'll see some action.



- Who is it?

- The Green Beret.



Reinforcements. Bo Gritz is here!



The next president of the United states!



- I served with you in Vietnam.

- Welcome home, brother.



Do you have anything to say about this?



Name's Gritz.



G- R-I-T-Z, Gritz.



Rhymes with whites.



I want to speak to the top man.



It's hot in here.



Kevin, are you all right? Are you okay?



- I think I'm a little hungry.

- I'll get you something to eat.



What day is it?






Wednesday, and they

haven't finished us off yet.



All in their own good time.



What's that awful smell?



You get used to it.



Here, drink this.



You know, I've been thinking...



we better write down

what happened at the Y.



You know, you were with Sammy.

We should put that down.



Behind every strong man is a good woman.



Please, Mrs. Weaver,

support your husband by coming out.



Are the children all right?

Can we get some milk for Elizabeth?



It's Elisheba, you son of a bitch.

You bastard.



Randall, I understand your concern

about the telephone.



And I can also understand why you might

not want to step out on the front porch.



We don't answer these bastards. Never.



Screw them.



You okay, Weaver?



Yeah, I'm all right. I'm just tired.



I haven't slept in days.



You have nothing to worry about.



Get the hell out of here!



He said something.



Randy, say again, I can't hear you.



Screw you, you murdering kike bastards!



You killed my wife!



- I can't understand him, can you?

- No.



Randy, say again.



We gotta write the truth down.



Ma, would have seen to that.






Sara, you gotta write it down, honey.



You gotta write it down. Here.



You gotta write it down

and you gotta find a place to hide it...



'cause they're gonna come in here,

and they'll destroy the evidence.



I've been thinking about it,

I know just the place.



I'll hide it inside a sanitary napkin.



Those big bad killers,

they won't think to look there, will they?



Don't make me laugh.



Okay. All right, here it is.



To all our white brethren...



Mr. Coulter?



- No interviews, please.

- I know that's your position...



but surely you'd like to get a message

to your daughter and son-in-law.



- We can help you do that.

- Just leave us alone.



I don't see how.



They're not exactly a family that sits around

watching Home Shopping Network.



You can't be completely isolated,

no one is anymore.



You don't understand,

they're not like you or even me.



The only contact they've got with the world

is a battery-operated radio...



and the only broadcast they even

listen to is Paul Harvey.



If you give me a statement,

I'll get it to Paul Harvey.



Person to person...



Randy Weaver...



in your mountaintop cabin on Ruby Ridge

in Northern Idaho's panandle...



just down the mountain, on all sides,

you're surrounded, you know...



by more than     marshals and FBI agents

and state police...



local Sheriff's deputies.



They've been there for seven days,

trying to wait you out or starve you out.



When they tried to force their way

into your cabin a week ago...



there was a shootout, a deputy marshal

was killed and your own son was killed.



Randy, that is enough killing.



You and your family have to be wondering...



how you, wanting only to be left alone...



have come to be held captive

by more than     armed lawmen.



Well, I wonder, too.



Randy, I want to offer you a proposition.



I will arrange for an attorney in Spokane...



to represent you with a plea of self-defense.



Paul Harvey, good day.



They didn't even mention Vicki.



Nobody knows the truth, but us.



But to keep that secret,

the ZOG will have to kill us, too.



Randall, this is Bo Gritz.



Stay down, Sara, stay down.






Is that really you?






Is everyone okay in there?






Follow up on that.



Well, then, what's the damage?



Kevin's been shot!



I've been shot!



They shot Vicki through the head!



- What did he say?

- I'm not sure.



I think he said Vicki's dead.



We've been calling out to her

for seven days.



I'm getting out. I've got to get closer.



We don't have a contingency.

Bo, we haven't talked about this.



It's the family. Let them through.



Won't you come in, folks?



Thanks for coming.

I'm Special Agent Wilks, FBI.



- Would you like to sit down?

- No, we're fine.



I've got some good news

and I've got some bad news.



We've played your tapes

and they've helped out a great deal.



We're now talking to Randy

and we think the standoff...



is going to be over real soon.



He's agreed to let Bo Gritz into the cabin...



to bring some food

and to help organize things.



The girls are all okay.



And although Randy and Kevin

have been injured...



they're going to make it through just fine.



I'm afraid that...



Bad news.



The bad news is

that Vicki is no longer with us.









It's okay, it's okay, baby.



No, it's not okay.



Bo Gritz is arriving at the roadblock.



He may need backup.



That's our man.



What's going on?



- I want you'll to join hands.

- Why?



- It's an order.

- What's going on, Bo?



- Join hands.

- Get a grip on yourselves.



What did you find out, Bo?



Vicki's been killed.






Come on, Bo!



A great woman, a pioneer woman...



- has had her life taken.

- Taken?



But she is in God's hands even as we speak.



How many more are gonna die?



- There's a bureaucrat up there who's guilty.

- Yeah!



Somebody will be brought

to the bar of justice.



For now, but for now...



- I want you to stay calm.

- How can we stay calm?



I want you to pray and think of Vicki.



Our father who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name...



thy kingdom come...



Let's kill them all!



Listen, brother, that's not the way to go.



No, I need your help here.



...and forgive us our trespasses...



as we forgive those

who trespass against us.



Don't you see, Randy?



Kevin's gonna die

if you don't get him out of here.



And Vicki...



This isn't right, Randy, you know it isn't.



We prayed to Yahweh all night.



The girls don't want him to go.



Damn it, Randy,

you're the head of this family.



You are the man.

Make those decisions for yourself.



Kevin's in pain.



If he's got to die, is this how it's to be?

Unconscious and in pain?



I ask you, Randy,

Green Beret to Green Beret...



is that the way for a warrior to die?



Randy, if Kevin dies, there'll be no witness

to Sammy's death except on their side.



Sammy will never get justice.



I'm just so tired, Bo.



I know, you need some sleep.



We can fight this battle, Randy.



- We can, Sara, I know we can.

- No.



They're just gonna kill us.

Mama always said they would.



But should she be here like this?



Look, at least let me get her out of here.



See to it that she gets

a decent Christian burial.



And for the love of the good Lord...



let Kevin get some medical attention.






- They coming out?

- Just Kevin and Vicki's body.



Sara wants to stay and die in there.



What about the rest of them?



Tomorrow is another day.



Take it easy.



- Who is it?

- It's me, Randy. Bo.






Me and the girls, we talked it over...



and we decided we're gonna stay.



To be true to what Vicki would have wanted.



Surely what Vicki would have wanted...



was for the truth to come out,

the whole truth.



Randy, if you let them kill you...



it will all be for nothing, don't you see that?



Look, Randy, I'll make a deal with you.



I'll handcuff myself to you.



Then if they shoot you,

they'll have to take me out, too.



Look, Randy,

I've spoken with Gerry Spence.



He's the best damn lawyer in the country.



Maybe we should wait

until the Feast of Trumpets.



That was always special to Mama.



Won't play, honey.



Feds are spending

over $  million a day on this thing.



It's the biggest story in the country.



Frankly, I think they'd just as soon

shoot you, as have you come to trial.



Because they know if that happens...



if the world finds out

how your mama and Sammy died...



now they know there aren't slings

big enough to hold their sorry asses.



Can you give us few minutes

to straighten up the cabin?



Mama wouldn't want anybody

to see it this messy.



Sure, honey.



Bo, I want you to...



I want you to take this.



I don't want them to get it.



You can't even look at me, can you?



All this for one family.



You hurt him, I'll kill you.



Randy Weaver, my name is Gerry Spence.

I'm your lawyer.



- You?

- That's right.



I'm from Wyoming. I dress the way I want to.



Any problem with that?



- No.

- Good.



- This is my associate, Stan Kennedy.

- Hi.



This very lawyer-looking fellow here,

Arthur Thorpe.



Now I want to make

one thing clear right off, Randy...



I don't hold with any of your beliefs.

Don't hardly agree with any of them.



But this isn't going to be a trial

about your beliefs, not if I can help it.



This is about whether a citizen is protected

by the constitution of this land.



About whether he's entitled to believe

what he wants...



without worrying about

some fat bureaucrat in Washington...



stepping in and killing him for it.



We intend to make sure the jury

considers the legal charges against you...



and not your religion.



Ain't that why they came after us

in the first place?



Yes, and that's why they're wrong.



And that's why they're gonna

lose this case, you hear?



Randy, when you walk out of here

a free man, I'm gonna celebrate.



Not because I agree with you, in spite of it.



I can't go against everything I believe.



Everything I know to be true.



That'd go against Vicki's memory.



Look at me, one last time.



I don't give a damn what you believe.



Hell, I got relations that are Jews.



Randy, I got relations

that are African-Americans.



That's right, family.



So we play by my rules,

or I'll find myself another game.



If we don't put her on the stand,

you can be damn sure they won't.



That poor girl, she'll bring any jury to tears.



- Are you crazy?

- What makes you so sure?



You'll see, if you let me practice her.



Now, Sara, you understand

this is just practice...



and that I'm playing the prosecutor.



Yes, sir.



And you have to answer every question

as if you were under oath.



- Do you understand that?

- Of course, I'd never lie.



- I have to swear on the Bible.

- Good. Okay, let's give it a try.



Now, Sara, you wore a swastika

as part of your everyday existence...



- didn't you?

- Yes, sir.



You think that's a pretty neat thing to wear,

don't you?



Yes, sir.



And did you help your father

steal some water pipe...



- from a neighbor, Roy Marks?

- Yes, sir.



And did you think it was okay...



to march in front of the Marks' house

and call their kids niggers?



Yes, sir.



Well, thank you, Sara.



Frankly, I don't think

you'll be called as a witness.



Well, if that's all, gentlemen.



- Yes, ma'am.

- Thank you.



Thank you, ma'am.



So be it.






we'll win by stuffing their own case

down their throats.



It won't be the first time

the government has hung itself...



on its own bureaucratic tape.



We've just been served with this

by the US Attorney's Office.



- Thank you.

- Thank you.



They want Randy on the weapons charge

and failure to appear at trial.



They're charging both Randy and Kevin

with murder one.



- They're asking for the death penalty.

- Are they, indeed?



We're just gonna have to earn

our day's pay, aren't we?



We're not getting paid.



Suppose you were just walking through

the woods and you encountered...



someone dressed like you

how do you think you'd respond?



I'd be curious.

I might even decide to leave the area.



Even if it were your property?



And what if this person then just shot

your dog, right next to you?



Just like that.



- That's not what happened, sir.

- No?



Well, tell us this,

that's a very heavy weapon you have...



a  mm machine gun with a suppressor...



why would you need a weapon like that?



- No reason.

- Really?



You carried a heavy weapon, one that's

ineffective at long ranges, by accident?



And was it an accident

that you threw rocks at the dog?



Just to see what he'd do.



Really? Now, surely you wanted to

lure that dog up the side of the hill...



so you could take him out.



- Objection, Your Honor.

- Sustained.



Now, Sammy Weaver's...



tragic death happened

after the incident with the dog?



Yes, sir.



But the fatal shot didn't come

from your rifle, did it?



No, sir.



Wasn't till after we were fired upon...



until after Marshal Barnett was hit,

that fire was returned.



- So it was purely a defensive move?

- Yes, sir.



And Danny Barnett was hit. I went to him.



He took his last breath in my arms.



That must've been

a difficult moment for you, Mr. Adams.



One of the worst of my life.



To see your friend

cut down without warning?



Yes, sir. And to see him mortally wounded.



Yet according to your testimony...



it was after this that Sammy was shot.



Well, yes.



And you later discovered

that Danny Barnett...



had managed to fire off seven rounds.



Yes, so I was told.



So you have us believe

that Marshal Barnett...



mortally wounded, paralyzed...



fired after he had first been fired upon.



That those rounds whose...



spent shells were spread out

over several yards...



were therefore fired by a dying man

who was on the move.



And that Sammy...



a boy so young

that his voice had yet to break...



was shot in the back as a defensive move...



by a mortally wounded man...



who was able to fire while on the run?



Objection, Your Honor.

Calls for speculation by the witness.






Now, Special Agent Martins...



you modified the rules of

engagement, why was that?



Because there was an ongoing firefight...



and our threat assessment showed

that the people in that compound...



were armed   % of the time.



So these modified rules of engagement...



were not a mandate for your snipers

to shoot any armed adult.



Absolutely not.



It's simply giving my people

the tools to protect themselves.



Your witness.



Now your people, Mr. Martins...



they're trained to shoot

at other human beings, aren't they?



That's part of it.



So when they volunteer, they know

they may have to shoot a citizen?



Or a terrorist.



Just answer my questions.



Now, do these modified rules

of engagement apply to dogs?



No, of course not.



- So, dogs have more rights than people?

- Objection, Your Honor.



But you knew

that these rules of engagement...



set up a true ambush by

the federal government?



Absolutely not.

My people had to be protected.



We believed the compound

was booby-trapped.



Really? Now I see why you shot the dog.



Must've been pretty smart,

that dog and the chickens.



After all, they seem to know

where all the booby traps were...



since they'd never stepped on one.



Tell me, Mr. Martins, when you established

these rules of engagement...



did you ever consider the laws

of the State of Idaho?



No, sir, I don't operate under state law.



I operate under federal law,

which supersedes state law.



Does it indeed?



Poor Idaho.



This is the rifle you shot Mrs. Weaver with...



Mr. Weaver with,

and Mr. Harris with, isn't it?



Yes, sir.



- Did you warn them before you fired?

- No, sir, I was too far away to be heard.



- So, you just fired at them?

- I had to, sir.



I thought he was about to fire

at the advancing helicopter.



- The helicopter that was behind you?

- Yes, sir.






if you were here...



and Marks' meadow is here, the helicopter

would have to be coming toward you...



isn't that so?



- That could be. Yes, sir.

- I see, it could be.



But in any event, you saw an armed man...



one not aiming at you,

but you saw someone...



- someone you identified as Kevin Harris?

- Yes, sir.



- Do you see him in this courtroom?

- Yes, sir, I do.



- And you wanted to kill him, didn't you?

- Yes, sir.



But you got

the identities mixed up, correct?



Yes, sir.



- So, you shot Randy Weaver?

- Yes, sir.



And after you shot him, Weaver and Harris

ran for the house, correct?



Yes, sir.



- Where you knew Vicki Weaver was?

- Yes, sir.



And you'd been told that Vicki was

more zealous than her husband, correct?



Yes, sir.



So you shot at Harris and Weaver...



as they ran for cover

behind the cabin door, is that correct?



Yes, sir.



Before you shot, you knew

the cabin door was open, didn't you?



At that time, yes, sir.



Did you know it was possible

someone was behind that cabin door?



They may have been, yes, sir.



So you shot both times,

and both times you made mistakes?



- Correct?

- Yes, sir.



And you heard a woman screaming

after your last shot?



Yes, sir, I did.



And that screaming went on for    seconds?



About    seconds, yes, sir.



What happened?



What happened?



I've been shot, Ma!



You bastards!



You sons of bitches!



You bastards!



Get in the house.






You've heard several witnesses say,

out of the mouth of Mr. Weaver...



that Armageddon,

that the Great Tribulation...



was going to take place

on his own doorstep.



The armed confrontation that he was

going to have with the government...



wasn't something that was going to take

place at some different time in the future.



It's going to happen now.



He said that, because of the hatred

he had for government.



And his resolve, together

with that of his wife, to defy those laws...



and to resist with violence.



Why violence?



Because this was a man

and a woman who believed...



that they were dealing with Satan himself.



When you're dealing with Satan himself,

you pull out all the stops...



and that's why it involved armed violence

from day one.



And that's why Marshal Barnett is dead.



And that's why Samuel Weaver is dead.



And that's why Vicki Weaver is dead.



Your summation, Mr. Spence.



Your Honor.



Can I start with a proposition

that we can all agree with?



And that is...



that government agents

are bound by the law, same as we.



And government agents can't lie

and say it's right because they're officers.



And they can't persecute people,

and they can't entrap people.



They can't state the wrong law.



They can't use their huge forces and their

power, just because they're federal officers.



Now according to the government...



everybody up there

on Ruby Ridge that was injured...



was either shot intentionally

or shot by mistake.



But nobody tells us what really happened.



Nobody's investigated,

nobody seems to care.



None of them are charged with anything.



All they want you to do

is just forget about it.



Set it aside, sweep it under the carpet,

and do away with that man.



A man who lived in a little house in Idaho,

wanted to be left alone.



Wanted to raise his kids,

didn't want anybody to bother him.



I will tell you

what Randy Weaver is guilty of.



Randy, you are guilty

of being one stubborn mother.



And you're guilty of being afraid.



And aren't we all guilty of being afraid?



I'm gonna talk to you now

about punishment.



Randy Weaver would willingly go

to the penitentiary for the rest of his life...



if he could have his boy back.



If he could have Vicki back.



Hasn't this man been punished enough?



Doesn't this horror have to end sometime?



Shouldn't it end with you?



And shouldn't it end

without having to compromise?



Shouldn't you as a jury have the courage

to stand up and say:



"That's it. That's enough.



"The government has over-exercised

their power. "



And I ask you to do that, here and now.



Thank you for your time.



The verdicts came in

for the Weaver-Harris Ruby Ridge trial...



just moment ago and they are surprising.



Kevin Harris, acquitted on all charges...



even though he admitted

he shot the marshal.



And Randy Weaver,

guilty only on the failure-to-appear charge...



and the charge of the commission of a crime

while all on pre-trial release.



Now that means the jury

obviously believed that...



I think that's the foreman of the jury

coming out now.



Mr. Foreman, a marshal is dead

and no one's going to pay for that.



Isn't that a comment on the government?



Well, it may be a comment

on the government's techniques.



Without due process, without fairness,

there should never be a finding of guilt.



But don't get the idea

that this jury identified in any way...



with Mr. Weaver's beliefs. We don't.



It's like Gerry Spence said,

we had to find him innocent...



in spite of his ideas, not because of them.



Well, what about the weapons charge,

selling the sawed-off shotguns?



Well that seemed like entrapment to us.



If the federal government

really wants to put a stop...



to what's going on out there...



and there is a lot of us

who think they should...



they're gonna have to do it the right way.

Excuse me.



I've been given a tip

that Randy Weaver is being brought out...



the back door of the court house.



Let's go around back and get him.



Randy, I guess you're celebrating a victory.



- Are you happy?

- Happy?



My mother and my brother are dead.



Randy, whose fault is that?




Special help by SergeiK