The Siege Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Siege script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, and Bruce Willis terrorism movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Siege. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Siege Script





Male reporter: The U.S.

military presence abroad



was rocked today

when a bomb exploded--



Female reporter:

In the army barracks



in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.



Second male reporter:

A multinational force--



Third male reporter:

Ripped the front



offthe  -story

military dorm,



exposingjust how vulnerable

U.S. troops are here.



And marines on duty seem,

for the most part,



numbed by the horror

ofthe morning bombing.



Female reporter:

Early indications suggest this



to be the work

ofSheikAhmed Bin Talal,



a radical fundamentalist cleric

known to have issued--



The explosion appears

to be the work ofterrorists.



And ifthat is the case,



like all Americans,

I am outraged by it.



[Woman Singing In Arabic]



The cowards who committed

this murderous act



must not go unpunished.



Eagle Eye: Sand Leader,

this is Eagle Eye.



We have a fix on the package.



It is in a Mercedes sedan

traveling south--



Woman on radio:

Com-sat   ,



your coordinates

are as follows.



  - - - - .



Package is approaching

target area.



Estimated time ofcontact

is approximately   -  seconds.



[Speaking Arabic]






Yallah! Yallah!



[Speaking Arabic]



[Machine Gun Fire]



President Clinton:

Let me say again.



America takes care

ofour own.



Those who did it

must not go unpunished.



Sand Leader: Eagle Eye,

this is Sand Leader.



The sheik is in our custody.



Sand Leader:

He is alive and well,



and will be delivered intact

by      tomorrow.



[Chanting In Arabic]



[Chanting In Arabic]



[Telephones Ringing]



[Telephones Ringing]




FBI. Good morning.



Man: FBI. Yes.

Good morning, sir.



Woman: FBI.

Counter-terrorism task force.



That was NYPD.



Brooklyn South

issued a code blue



less than   minutes ago,



and they think

hostages are involved.



Business or residence?



A bus.



Wejust got word



there's some kind

ofbomb on the bus.



Haveyou set up

a perimeter?



Working on it.



Okay. What about negotiators?

We got our people on the way?



Got it.



And what about

the bomb squad?



They're going in now.



[Police Radios Crackling]






How soon

can we get there?



This time ofday?

Maybe tomorrow.












[High-pitched Beep]



[People Screaming]




Oh, fuck.



Man: Open the door!






And nobody's hurt?



Electronically altered voice:

This is our first



and last warning.



We expect our demands to be met.



There will be no negotiation.



No more communication

ofany kind.



That is all.



Demand forwhat?



You hear any demand?



Maybe it's a prank.



Some sense ofhumor.



Here's what I know.



B.P., as in blue paint.



Voice-altering technology.

What doyou think?



Available from the

SharperImage catalog.



Last I looked, they didn't have

an exploding paint bomb.



Still, the rhetoric

sounds political.



You think it's militia?



- No, not their style.

- Frank?



IslamicJihad aren't known

for their sense ofhumor,



and Hamas is raising

so much money here.



Why queer their deal?



Isn't green the color

ofIslam, not blue?



Another good point. Tina,

rub these good points together.



Come up with a composite

ofthe suspects



by the end ofbusiness

today. Anita!



Anita: Yeah?



Run that against the mainframe

for me, okay?



Mike, lab analysis

on the paint.



Report's not in yet,

but we're checking



to see ifany blue paint

was sold in quantity.



Good. Danny, how are

the interviews going



with the victims?



Not great.



Check the bus stops.



Maybe somebody

saw him get on.



Hub, I thinkwe're all eager

to give up ourweekends on this.



Itjust occurs to me--



Has anyone

committed a crime here?



I mean assault

with a deadly color?



Here's what I don't like.



They know explosives.

That's not such a big deal.



Everybody on the internet

knows explosives,



but they know

our response time.



They put in a call,

and then theywalk.



I don't like that.



Excuse me, sir.

I thinkyou should see this.



Itjust came in

on the fax.



'' Release him.''



Release who?

Who do we got?



Bill Clinton?



He didn't do it.



Charlie Manson?



Danny: Hamas guy

was let go in April.



Frank: Under protest.



Yeah, but why be

so coy about it?



You think

it's a phony?



Tina: It's Floyd Rose.



Somebody's flashing

a government badge



at the warehouse where

they're working on the bus.



Our tech guys want to know

ifwe're cooperating



with any other agencies.



She's looking for the wiring

signatures for the device



and asking for copies

ofany fingerprints



we've managed to lift.



She CIA?



Smells like it.



Turns out she's also

been talking



to some

ofthe passengers.



Which one is she?



That's her over there

by the table.



Howyou doing?



Hi, there.



I'm Anthony Hubbard.



I'm the assistant

special agent in charge.



Oh, shit.



I've been trying to

liaise with you all day.



I'm Elise Kraft,




Security Council.



Pleasure. You've been trying

to liaise with me all day?



Haveyou checked

the phone book?



We got     lines, not including

the unlisted ones.



Hi. I'm Elise Kraft.




Security Council.



Howyou doing?

I'm Colin Powell.



What doyou people want

with my bus?



Hey. We're on the same team

here, Agent Hubbard.



Who, exactly, is ''we''

on this particular team?



It's never the question

that's indiscreet.



It's only the answer.



Tell you what, Elise.



You send me an official

interagency request



for cooperation, then

I'll giveyou copies



ofeverything we come

up with. How's that?



Other than that,

I gotta askyou to leave



beforeyou contaminate

my crime scene



any more

than you already have.



CIA has no charter

to operate domestically,



which puts you in violation

offederal law.



Hey, there's no reason

to be nasty.



You think

I'm being nasty?



Ifyou got something you

want to share with me,



being that we're




Well, unfortunately, notyet,

but as soon as I do--



You'll let me know?



I'll tell you

what I'm gonna do.



I'm gonna ask

some ofmy teammates



to escortyou

out ofhere.



Is that all right

with you?















Is that Elise

with an ''A'' or an '' E''?



Nice meeting you, too,



Assistant Special Agent

in Charge Hubbard.






Pin a tail on her.



I'm on it.



You sleep here?



Immigration called.



Underneath the false bottom,

we found this.



All in small bills,

so we figured smurf, right?



And considering yesterday's

terrorist alert,



and where he's been recently,

we'd better call Frank.



Who's trying to score points

with his boss big-time.



Has he broken

any laws?



No, sir. He is $   under

the $       limit.



Not anymore.



So, Khalil,



you're saying this

is an inheritance?



Somebody died, and you're

bringing them the money.



No, no. Doory.



He means dowry.



Check out his neck.



       for a wedding?



Frank: The tobacc--












Put him in play.



Hub: He's heading north

onto Bell Parkway.



Back home

the security services



would be up this guy's ass

with a poker.



What do we do?

We let him go.



Stay back

a little bit, Frank.



It's not

my first date, Hub.



He's taking the BQE.



Looks like it's Brooklyn.



Probably Brooklyn.



He's all yours, Ray.



Ray, go a little softer

on him, okay?



Pass him offto Patsy.



Patsy, watch out

for reflections.



Hub: Okay, you got him.



Ah, here.

Got thejudge.




How areyou?



Yeah. How are things

down at Second Circuit?



Yeah, right.

I know whatyou mean.




we got a situation here.



Who's he talking to?

Hold on one second,Judge.



Who is he talking to?



We getting film on this?

Who's he talking to?



Don't know him.



Ifwe were allowed

to get sound



on them, we'd know.



Hub: Yeah, yeah,Judge.



No, sir.



No, sir, notyet.



No, notyet, sir, but--



We got reason to--



Damn it, Mike.

Mike, back off.



Frank: Oh, shit.

He's making him.



Shit! Fuck!



Hub: All units go!



Look, I got to get

back toyou,Judge.






[Horn Honks]



Hub: Go around.

Go around, Frank.



I got him, I got him.



Frank: There he is.



We got him.

Stiverson and Throop.



Cut him off!.



There he is.



Hey, come back, Khalil!






All units, we got a red van



going east on Stiverson

offofVernon. Red van.



Did you get plates

on that, Frank?



Plates? No.



Butyou got to love

that move.



No plates.



Theyjust found the van.



Doesn't look like

they'll find any prints.



Hub: Vehicle I.D.?



Reported stolen

plates are bogus, too.



What about hair, fiber?



Already on its way

to the lab.



Hub, we're checking

this guy out



in the red book

right now.



Goodjob, Mike.



It's Floyd Rose.



Go, Floyd.



Floyd: You're not

gonna believe this.



Guess who

just showed up.



How's she living, Floyd?



She's got   in a Plymouth,

at least   inside,



and see that guy

walking his dog?



He did his business

about an hour ago,



and they're still walking.



I had a dog

like that once.



It's not his dog, wet wick.

They're spies.



The dog works

for the CIA?



Hub over radio:

All units report.



This is unit one.



We're good to go.



Man on radio:

Unit   we're ready.



All right, let's roll.



Federal agents!

Against the fence!



[Dog Barking]

Man: FBI!



Putyour hands

behind your head.



Hi, guys.

I expectyou know the drill.



Man: Hold it right there.









I never touched him.






Well, we're gonna

have to take him



into custody anyway.

Mike, Frank.



What areyou gonna charge

him with,jaywalking?



I don't suppose I could have a

little chat with him here first?



I don't think so, Elise.

Not in this lifetime.



You know, Hub--

May I call you Hub?



Yes, you may.



Ifyou guys hadn't blown

the surveillance,



we'd have been able

to follow the money.



What doyou say, Khalil?



You would have led us right

toyour friends, wouldn'tyou?



What friends?



Take him out.



What friends, Elise?



What haveyou got

for me, huh?



Come on. Share something

with me, Elise.



Enlighten me.



You can tell me now,

oryou can tell me downtown.



You know, one phone call,

and he's mine.



You know the number.



I have about, uh--



You have the right

to remain silent.



You have the right

to an attorney.



That's whatyou also have.



Oh, come on.



Hey, doyou have

any idea




starting here?



What kind ofshit storm

this could turn into?




obstruction ofjustice,






Get her out ofhere.



I love whatyou've done

with the place.



Frank: So, Elise,



you okay back there?



you don't get carsick

or anything?



those handcuffs

too tight?



Shuf Mountains, Right?



Shiite or Sunni?




You're really good.



She's really good.



So what's going on

here, Elise?



Paint bomb,

was that a warning?



American University

of Beirut.



I was there

from '   to '  .



No shit.



Yeah. My father taught

economics. Henry Kraft.



Is there a terrorist cell

operating in the city



that we're unaware of?



It's such a tragedy.



Growing up there

was like paradise.



Like an exotic Paris.



Right, Frank?



Yeah, it's real exotic



on Rikers Island, too.



You know what they do

to women in there?



Mmm, yum.






[Telephone Rings]



[Telephone Rings]



Frank here.



[Telephone Rings]






  men, definitely armed,



and this time

they're still on the bus.



So no communication

ofany kind?



No, no, it's weird.



They'rejust in there.



Just in there. Okay.



See ifyou can get the frequency

ofthe bus driver's radio.



We'll try and get him

on the phone.









Get a couple

ofdat phones, okay?



Make sure they're

secure portables.




The negotiator's on his way.



A couple oftechies,

too, Frank.



We want sound.






There's children

on that bus.



We counted about  .



That gives us something

to workwith, then, doesn't it?



Elise: What's happening

out there?



Take her outside

the perimeter, will you?



They've taken another bus,

haven't they?



Hey, talk to me.



You want to talk now.



You want me to beyour

friend now. Is that it?



Listen. These guys

are the real deal.



Are they?

How doyou know?



Is there a terrorist cell

operating in Brooklyn?






The blue bus,

was that a warning?



Yes, and I'm afraid

they're gonna blow this one.



How doyou know they're

gonna blow the bus



ifthey haven't

blown it already?



- I don't know.

- You don't know.



They haven't asked

for anything, have they?



Frank: The driver's name

is Larry Kaiser.



He says they've got





to their chests,



they've got

automatic weapons,



and he thinks they're

speaking Arabic.



Where the hell

is the negotiator?



The tunnels

got   -minute delays.



They're working

on both bridges.



Okay, did he say anything else

about the device?



Did he describe it an anyway?



Did he talk about cords

or buttons or anything?



No. He didn't say.






Oh, God.



They're not here

to negotiate.






Theywere waiting

for the cameras.



Theywant everybody




You've got

the shooters in place?



Yeah. So?



Use them.



Kill them now.



Look, it's lose-lose

anywayyou play it.



You want to lose

little or lose big?



I got the marksmen

on the com.



They're waiting

for a clean shot.



Let me have the phone.



Hello, Larry.



This is Agent Hubbard,




I'm gonna be negotiating

ourway out ofthis.



Hub: Yes, we got somebody

here who can translate,



butyou gotta remain calm.



All right.

Put them on the phone.



Hello, sir.



My name is Anthony.



I wantyou to know right from

the start I'm not the boss.



[Speaking Arabic]



I don't have the authority

to negotiate any deals



or to respond to any demands.



[Speaking Arabic]



You need anything in there?

Any medical supplies?



Anybody need any help?



[Speaking Arabic]



I don't even know

ifthey understand.



Look, I knowyou may not

want to talk to me,



but areyou willing

to listen to me?



[Speaking Arabic]



Whatever grievances you have,

whatever quarrels,



surely it doesn't involve

these children.



[Speaking Arabic]



I'm asking you, please,



would you please

let the children go?



[Frank Speaking Arabic]






[Speaking Arabic]






Thankyou very much.



I appreciateyour gesture.



The best way

to get whatyou want



in this situation is to show

yourselfto be reasonable,



which you have done.



I appreciate that.

I really do.



This way, kids.

Come on.



Keep going.



Now we got some more

to talk about.



As you can see,

I'm unarmed.



I have no weapons.



And what I propose...



is thatyou let

these people go...



and I'll take their place.



This wayyou don't have to worry

about pizza deliveries



or people running back

and forth to the bathroom



or anything like that.



[Speaking Arabic]



And I guaranteeyou

that the police department,



FBI, everybody,



they'll disappear.



You look out

yourwindow now,



you'll see the helicopters

are already moving out.



I'm gonna takeyour silence



to mean thatyou're

considering my offer.



I'll tell you what.



Why don'tyoujust let

the elderly people go?



[Speaking Arabic]



You know these old people.



They've been standing

up there for a long time.



Why notjust let them go?



[Speaking Arabic]



Thankyou very much.

Now wejust--









Female reporter:

The worst terrorist bombing



in the United States

in the past   years



took place on this site

earlier today.



Male reporter: Beirut came

to Brooklyn today



when the worst terrorist

bombing in the United States



since Oklahoma City



took the lives

ofmore than    people--



Second female reporter:

Authorities are withholding



the names ofthose

who died--



Second male reporter:

No group has yet stepped forward



to take responsibility

for the blast.



Authorities are refusing

to comment



other than to say

that the investigation



is alreadywell underway.



All right,

everybody take a seat.



ASAICs, supervisors.



Just got offthe phone

with leaders



ofthe Arab community.



We have their complete

support and cooperation.



they love this country

as much as we do.



Theywant these criminals

brought tojustice



as badly as we do.



Having said that,

let me say this.



I want to rumble

every trap, hole, market,



community center,

every student organization



that has ever said a bad word

about this country,



I want to know about 'em.



I wantyou to turn the heat up



under every one

ofyour resources. Every one.



Every snitch,

twist him inside out.



Every source,

turn him upside down.



See what falls

out ofhis pocket.



Shake the trees,

throw some money at 'em.



Whatever it takes.



I want results.



Call your families,

find a sleeping bag,



Because nobody

is going home



until we find a strand

to pull on.



I don't want to see




You better be running!




- Now, mike.

- Yeah.



Haveyou got

positive I.D.?



We don't have a positive I.D.

on anybody.



All right.



Oklahoma City.



The first    hours



are the only    hours.



Do whatyou do best.




Tell me about the money.



[Speaking Arabic]



He says he loves America.



He onlywanted to get away

from the security services.



Sure, sure. Tell me

about the money.



[Speaking Arabic]



He'sjust sorry.



He didn't know he was

doing anything bad.



Tell me about the money!



[Speaking Arabic]



His cousin

introduced him to a man



who promised him $   

for his dowry



ifhe took the suitcase

to an address in Brooklyn.



He's a mule.



[Door Opens

And Closes]



I want to run down

every rental agreement



from every landlord

in Brooklyn.



Hotels, motels, flophouses.



It's cash.



They're the only ones

in America using cash.



We got a positive I.D.

on   ofthe victims so far.



I need a  -man team.



I have put a lot

ofmoney in thisjoker.



It's about time

he started earning it.



I don't care about

any convention.



I want to see all

security cam videos



from every nearbyATM,

convenience store, bank...



What's the time difference

between here and Amman?



Uh,   hours.



This is a plasmagram

ofthe symtex used in bus   .



As you can see,

the signature's identical



to that used

in the army barracks.



Frank: What kind ofidents

do we have so far?



We're still checking all

the latents on the computer.



Man: I'm looking

for real-time video.



I need faces,

not voices.







we're talking

a $  million reward.



Yeah, I want a list

ofthe next     targets.




Checkwith Interpol.



Any foreign matter?



We got some shrapnel.



We got to run it

through the lab,



see ifit matches

the metal on the bus.



Does the lab stay open



till we find out what

we're dealing with orwhat?



   hours. You busy?



What a fuckin' mess.



Excuse me, sir.



Got a hit.

I found him.



This is the list

ofthe probables.



And that's the hit.



Ali Waziri.



Ladies and gentlemen...



[Clears Throat]



meet the late, uh,

Ali Waziri,



one ofthe bombers

ofbus   .



We were able to trace

this sucker



to a, uh...

group in Ramallah.



That's West Bank,

not west side,



for all you peoplejust

joining us from Nebraska.






We pulled his landing card

and his I-  



so now we know he came in

  days ago out of Frankfurt.



What we need now is to fill in

the time between his arrival



and the time

ofthe incident.



We need

all known associations,



and most ofall,

we need an address.



Here's the kicker, guys--



Ali Waziri was on

the terrorist watch list.



How'd he

get into the country?



Here it is.



Student visa.J-one.



Now, where's

the original?



Probably in his passport.




the passport?



It's in a million pieces.



Where's the copy?



Point ofissuance.



Could be American consulate

in Tel Aviv, Amman, Cairo...



every legal attache

that we have



in every consulate



in every city that Frank

just mentioned,



get them on the phone.

I want the visa. Yes?



Sir, they need you

in the lab.



I want the visa,




It's cotton.



Pure unadulterated

egyptian cotton.



Soyou're saying

they're Egyptian.



No. What i'm saying is

this isjust--



What they use

in funerals.



Guywas wearing

a shroud.



The real deal?



That's right.



I'm gonna go have

a little chat



with our new friend.



I thought one phone call

and you were out ofhere.



Yeah, well,

I didn't make the call.



Why not?



Areyou all right?



Yeah. Yeah.



Yeah. A little tinnitus

in the ear.



I need to know

what I don't know.



Yeah, life's too short.



Areyou hungry?



Are we ordering in?



The funeral shroud

is the final step



in the ritual of




First, a fast, then--



the washing ofthe body,

then the shroud, right.



I saw it

on    Minutes.



Tell me something

I don't know.



In March,



we identified the man

we believed responsible



for bombing

the army barracks lastyear.



In August, he went to Lebanon

where he was extracted.




Extracted bywhom?



I see.



His name's

SheikAhmed Bin Talal.



He's Iraqi.



He's something

ofa religious leader.



With something of

a devoted following?






Okay, I can understand.



Whywe wouldn't want

to advertise the fact



that, uh, our government's

in the kidnapping business,



but why not let us know?



Well, he's still

being debriefed.



They don't want to go public

with the charges.



What about

his followers?



Well, clearly

they're committed.






In this game,

the most committed wins.



Hub. Excuse me.



Hub. Excuse me.



We made the guy

in the picture.



Frank: My people.



The last of

the unambivalent smokers.



His name is

Samir Nazhde.



He teaches Arab Studies

at Brooklyn College.



He's the one who sponsored

Ali Waziri's student visa.



And dig this--



His brother blew up

a movie theater in Tel Aviv.



You might consider

leaving him alone.



Whywould we

consider that?



Well, you can play him

like a cop



and haul him in now

and getyour arrest,



oryou can tag him,



let him lead you

to the really big fish.



[Speaking Arabic]



You're fishing, and he's

getting visas for bombers.



You ever heard of




Mm-hmm. And he's on

the first plane to Tunis.







Hub, now's the time.



Take him down.









FBI. Freeze!



Hey, hey, hey! Ow!






Samir Nazdhe,

my name is Frank Haddad.



I'm a federal agent.



We have reason to believe

thatyou're an accessory



in the bombing ofbus   .



Areyou crazy?



You were an associate

ofAli Waziri.



Sir, I know nobody

ofthat name.



You sponsored

his student visa.



I sign these applications

as a matter ofcourse.



Hundred ofthem.

You know how it is.




to come to America--



You spent   years in Israeli

jails during the Intifada.



Well, yeah, I did,



but the only ones who didn't

were women, likeyou.






[Both Speaking Arabic]






I'm sorry.



Family matter.



You're going downtown,

my friend.



You cannot harm me.

I know my rights.



Defrauding the I.N.S.

is a federal offense.



Reservation for one,




We need a search warrant

on Samir.






Frank, let me talk

toyou for a second.



You ever hit

a prisoner again,



I'm gonna have

your badge.



Someday I'll tell you

what his people



did to myvillage in '  .



All right, all right.

Your preaching's required.



Just don't do it again.

All right?



Now act like I'm capable

ofsaying something funny.



Some people are watching.



Hey, Danny,

find me ajudge



who'll play ball

with me this time



and set up a polygraph

for Samir.



You know, I still

don't understand



whywe're tipping

our hand with him.



What's there

to tip?




what's there to tip?



Protecting your asset,

aren'tyou? Aren'tyou?



He's your asset,

he's yourjoe,



he's working foryou,

you're his case officer, right?



Uh, sometimes, in addition

to being a nationality,



being a Palestinian

is a profession,



a very lucrative one.



Meaning he's yourjoe,




Mine, yours,



the Israelis,

the Saudis.



One time or another,




in the Middle East



is sleeping

with everybody else.



Soyou're saying

you sleep around.



Only professionally.



So we share.



- No.

- No?



Call I.N.S.,

check Samir's status,



start deportation




I can't letyou do that.



Oh, you can't

let me do that.



What precisely

is your involvement



with these people, Elise?



Samir has been

a very important project



ofmine for some time.



I'm the only one

he'll deal with.



He's verywell-connected

and extremely high-strung.



Call I.N.S., Frank.



How easy is it

to get inside, Frank?



How good areyour sources

in the community?



How many people

you got in Hamas? Huh?



No surveillance. I've

seen your deft touch.



Daily reports,

we tap his phone.



I see the transcripts.



No problem.



- And I run him.

- We share him.



No. He can't know

we're talking.



I won't tell him.



- And no poly?

- Never.






All right,

let him fly, Frank,



but I want to see

some food on my plate,



you understand me?



Any more surprises

for me, Elise?



Not tonight.



I'm gonna get some sleep.



You let him hit me!



How can you

let them hit me?



Well, next time,

don't be such a smart-ass.



Hey, don't tell me

what I have to do.



Do we really have to have

this conversation again?



Do we?



[Speaking Arabic]



I need you to help me.



I need you

to be strong,



likeyou've always

been strong,



for both ofus.



Samir, look at me.



Look at me.



[Telephone Rings]















Yeah, Frank?



You know, some peoplejust

cannot live in the camps.



For my brother,

it was already like dying.



The only thing

he lives for is movies.



And then some sheik came

and tell him that...



to die forAllah

is beautiful.



And ifhe does this thing,



our parents

will be taken care of,



and he will live on

in paradise with    virgins.



I mean...



[Chuckles, Sniffles]






And my brother,



he need to believe it

very much.



So he straps     sticks

ofdynamite to his chest.



And he went to the movie.



And then I become a V.I.P.



It's very confusing.



So who areyou

afraid ofbetraying?



We know these people.

They bomb, they maim.



They represent the Palestine

you want to build?



They're using you.



You are using me, too.



Everybody uses

the Palestinians.



Hey. You make reports

about our little talks?



And what about fucking me?



I had to get special

permission for that.



Beats the shit

out ofcable.



He asked to wait inside.



Good morning.

Bill Devereaux.



I know whoyou are.

I was with the   nd--




Yeah, I know.



I was in the     rd

at the time.



God, duty,

honor, country--



- Remember?

- Mm-hmm.



Where on Capitol Hill

orWall Street or Hollywood



haveyou heard anyone utter

one ofthose phrases



in the last     years?



What brings you

to New York, General?



The president's concerned.



He's worried that--

Haveyou met the president?



Uh, no, I haven't.



I read the newspapers,




I know he's concerned

about terrorism.



Well, with all due

affection for the man,



the president

doesn't know fuck-all



about the Mideast

or terrorism



that I don't write

on his cue cards.



He is an expert

in covering his own ass,



ifyou catch my meaning.



Yes, I do.



So I guess you didn't

come up here



just for a cup

ofcoffee, huh?



With all due respect,



I thinkwe're on

the right track.



That's exactly

what I told the president.



The army's not some big

green police machine.



Stickwith the men

on the ground



is what I advised

the president.



Well, I appreciate

your support.



As long as you're sureyou're

not chasing your tail here.



So what can you

tell me



about the Sheik

Ahmed Bin Talal?



Just that he's old news.



But we received




from the bombers

to release him.



We can't release him.



I know our stated policy

is to never negotiate--



We can't release him

because we don't have him.



We never did.



Our latest intel

says that he's dead.



The agency

doesn't think so.



The CIA didn't know

the Berlin Wall was coming down



until bricks started

hitting them in the head.



Who's your source?



Elise Kraft.



A woman will never

understand the Middle East.



Just between you and me,



Elise Kraft wouldn't know

a sheik from a prophylactic



by the same name.



Well, I, uh, appreciate

the heads up.



Hub, we followed up

that tip on--



Why, Elise,

what a nice surprise.



How areyou?



Hello, General.



How nice

to seeyou again.




don't let me interrupt.



Uh, sorry. The tip on

the landlord--it looks solid.



Sounds like I should

get out ofyourway



and letyou

get back to work.



Agent Hubbard. Pleasure.



Ifyou need anything,

you know where we are.






Making new friends?



Not   judges from now,

not   hours from now,



not   minutes from now.



These guys are gonna

split any second.



Frank's working on




You don't understand.

These guys are pros.



From the age of    



they've been dodging

people likeyou,



people better than you.



Yeah, well,

even people likeyou.



Hub, this isn't about

your sparkling record, okay?



Okay. It's

against the law, Elise.



Yeah,just because

you went to night school



or filled out the back

ofa matchbook,



whateveryou did

to get a law degree,



doesn't makeyou

SirThomas More.



Andjust because

you checked my files...



You're gonna lose them!



doesn't makeyou

an expert on me.



You think

I want to lose them?



You think I'm in

the losing people business, huh?



IfI don't

take them down properly,



they hit the streets

in   hours.



I don't care ifI find symtex,

plutonium, dynamite,




charcoal briquettes--



without the right warrant,

theywalk, you understand?



They've also

got a warrant, okay?



A warrant from God.

They're ready to die.



Your quaint laws,



they don't mean shit

to these people.



Last I checked,

you're an American citizen.



You know,

I sawyour file, too.



And I'm sorry

that the Cold War is over



and all you little masters-

of-the-universe CIA types



got no work over in

Afghanistan or Russia



or Iran orwhatever

the hell it is,



but this ain't

the Middle East.



Oh, really?



We're in.



[Men Speaking Arabic

Over Headphones]



Frank: It's the same guys

as the bus. I know it.



What are they saying?



They're discussing

how difficult it is



to find a decent

cup ofcoffee over here.



I make out   voices.

What haveyou got?



It seems like  .



Ifwe had microwave,

we'd know for sure.



The CIA's got microwave.



How come we don't

have microwave?



There are   ofthem.



All day long,

theywatch TV.



And eat pizza.



Nothing but pizza.

Pizza, pizza, pizza.









You want change




No. Put it on floor.



Haven'tyou heard? Crime

is down  % in this city.



[Speaking Arabic]






Hooray for pizza!



[Conversing In Arabic]



FBI! Hands in the air!

Putyour gun down!



FBI! Freeze!









-   up!

-   up!



We're clear!

We're clear!



Hubbard: Everybody okay?



We're good.



Good, good.

You all right?






How we doing

over here? Fred?



He's terminal.






He's dead.












Take a look.



It's all here,

every component.



Det cords, symtex.



Just like the bus.



We got 'em.



Female reporter:   men

were reported killed today



after a shootout

with the FBI



in a quiet neighborhood

in Brooklyn.



Male reporter: Already there are

unconfirmed reports ofa link



between the victims, who are

reported to be Arab-speaking,



and the bombers ofbus   .



FBI spokesman,

Anthony Hubbard.



Uh, we are presently

following up on as many leads,



and, uh, we're confident

that we're on the right track.



I thinkwe're all happy

that these criminals



are offthe streets,



and we can all get on

with our lives.









[Chanting In Arabic]



I think the FBI

deserves special recognition



for the speed



with which they handled

this current crisis.



I'd especially like

to single out



Special Agent Tony Hubbard



and the men and women

ofthe NYPD, FBI...



Here we are.



Drink up, everyone.



My first boyfriend

was Palestinian.



You know, my father

used to say



they seduceyou

with their suffering.



Haveyou ever

been over there?



Haveyou seen the camps?



No. No, never been.



Oh, there's these incredibly

warm, hospitable people,



living in

this horrible place.



Butyetyou work

against them.



Only the crazy.



I tend to be suspicious

ofall true believers,



present company




Areyou saying

I'm a fanatic?



Why areyou a fed?



You read my file.

You tell me.



Okay. All right,

I'll tell you.



Catholic school...



St. Raymond's

in the Bronx.



President ofthis,

captain ofthat,



hard work,

make a difference,



fair play,



change the system

from within.









What aboutyou?

What doyou believe?



Like what?



Like right and wrong.



It's easy

to tell the difference



between right and wrong.



Is it?



yes. what's hard is

choosing the wrong



that's more right.



I just...









No, I just want

to make things



a little better, okay?



Ignore me.

I'm shitfaced.



Elise. Elise.



- Frank.

- Ahh.






Tell us all about

being a spook.



Come on.

It's the Bay of Pigs.



You're there on the beach

with all the Girl Scouts.



I love the wayyou guys



predicted the fall of

the Soviet Union. Genius.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, right.



AndJ. Edgar Hoover

wore a dress, right?



Mmm. I love Lebanese men.



Come on, let's dance.



Come on, Hub.

Dance with me.






It's yourwife.






[Slow Song Playing]









This feels

like high school.






Except my prom date

didn't wear a gun.



So what's the latest

on Samir?



I want a list ofevery

visa he sponsored.



I'm not sure

he'll do it.






You know, I once knew

this undercover guy



who cared so much

for his source...



He's a source,




You ever consider

the fact



that he might be in bed

with the other side?



Samir in bed with them?



That would be too much

to wish for.



You're so confident.



Only in bed.



[Glass Shattering]






[Horns Honking]







It's a Broadway theater.



It went offjust as people were

getting up for intermission.



There are bodies everywhere.



[Horns Honking]






Sir, help 'em!

They're trapped inside!



Male reporter: No group

has taken responsibility



for the bombing yet

so far as we know.



Female reporter: Scores of

the wealthiest and brightest



of New York society

were killed last night



when a bomb ripped

through a crowded theater.



The list ofvictims

is a veritable who's who



ofthe city's

cultural leaders.



You can be sure that all of

our considerable resources



are being brought to bear

on the situation.



Male reporter: New York City

has been brought to its knees



by the events

ofthe past week.



Retail sales are down   %.



Hate crimes

have skyrocketed.



And the FBI seems,

at least for the moment,



incapable ofstopping

the terror.



Once busy streets

are eerily silent



as many have fled.



Man: Ira, why do they let

those people in the country?



They know

who those people are.



Woman: Ifyou think i'm

gonna let my kids out there



with all this stuffgoing on,

you have got to be crazy.



Female reporter: The Senate

Intelligence Committee



today authorized

a special panel



to investigate the current

situation in New York City.



Announcer: Tonight at    :  --

terrorism in the United States.




The worst kind ofreaction



is a reaction

that's based on fear.




He says ifyou're



on the State Department

terrorist watch list,



you cannot get

into the country.



So I sayAli Waziri

was on the watch list,



and he got in.



What did

the State Department say?



They told me

to call I.N.S.



What did I.N.S. say?



They told me

to call State.



[Loud Bang]



Oh, God!



The purpose ofthis meeting--



is to keep

our city safe,



and your department's




My department what,




is to keep us safe.









Look, I'm very sorry, but we're

gonna have to raise our hands



before we ask a question, okay?

Yes, sir?



Howard Kaplan, I.N.S.



Howyou doing,




Good, thanks.



So, we pulled every

ethnic visa in the city



and traced them

to the source.






Bring 'em in,

and we talk to 'em.



What about translators?



Woman: How many people

we talking about here?



  ,    maybe more.



-   ,   ?

- That's right.



Where are we gonna

put   ,    people?



Danny, slow down, okay?

Yes, sir?



What about

a military presence



atJ FK and La Guardia?



I don't thinkwe're thereyet,



and I don't think it's gonna

stop these criminals. Sir?



What about protecting

the Arab population?



There's a lot

ofanger out there.



I represent the Arab

Antidefamation League.



Whatever injustices

my people may be suffering



at this very difficult

moment, we will continue



to show our commitment

to this country.



I appreciate that.

thankyou, sir.



And I want to thank everybody

for their patience today.



This has been

an extremely difficult--












London, Paris,



Athens, Rome,



Belfast, Beirut--



We're not the first city

to have to deal with terrorism.



In Tel Aviv--






In Tel Aviv, the day after they

bombed the market in Tel Aviv,



the market was open,

and it was full.






This is New York City...









We can take it.



[Pagers Beeping,

Cell Phones Ringing]



Oh, my God.

It's the Buckley School.



Not kids.



One ofthe moms

was carrying a gun,



wounds the guy as he's

planting the device.



He kills her, then he

locks them all on the roof.



Any kids get hurt?



I don't know.



It's over there

on the table.



I don't know ifit's

a radio or a timer orwhat.



Whoa, hold right there.



See ifyou can move in

a little closer on the device.



Right there. Focus that.



Radio device.

He's got a radio control.



Frank: What the fuck's

the news media doing here?



They must have been

monitoring our frequency.



Danny, your boys were

supposed to call the F.A.A.



to clear the airspace!



I'm on it, I'm on it.



Do it now.



This is NYPD...



Get those fuckin' birds

out ofhere!



[Girl Crying]









Everybody out.

Takeyour time.




Need some help here.



All right, come on.



Eitherwe answer this threat

quickly and convincingly,



or next week, there

will be a hundred more



all over the world.



Sounds great, General.



Why can't we find out

who's behind it?



It seems to me,




that conventional

law enforcement



just isn't

up to the task.



How about who's behind

who's behind this?



Either Libya, Iran, Iraq,

possibly Syria.



Ask a question,

get an atlas.



All I know is

that we must respond.



That's an excellent

idea, Senator.



How do we do that?



Find out who they are

and bomb the shit out ofthem.



And ifwe

can't find out?



I hate to be the voice ofdoom,

but it keeps escalating.



First a bus, then a theater.

What's next?



How about sending in

the National Guard?



The National Guard is

for riot control, Senator,



not for counterterrorism.



The army then. I've read

the contingency plans.



It's established

legal doctrine--



posse comitatus.



the army can't be turned

against our own people.



Even ifthat's what are own

people are asking for,   to   ?



Ifthe president's willing

to declare a state of--



President Lincoln declared

martial law in      .



he suspended habeas corpus.




the Supreme Court



later found




Ex parte millegan.



And I've got an election

in November--



Ex-United States




Let's save the quips for

the Sunday morning talk shows.



The president's plane

lands in   hours,



and we owe it to him

to have a consensus.



You don't fight ajunkyard dog

with A.S.P.C.A. rules.



Whatyou do is

you take the leash



offyour own

bigger, meaner dog.






The army's a broadsword,

not a scalpel.



Trust me, Senator,



you do not want the army

in an American city.



But hypothetically,



how long would it

takeyou to deploy?



You know we can't go in



until the president invokes

the War Powers Act.



I understand that,




Let's assume

for a moment



that the order

has been given.



    hours after the president

gives the order,



we can be on the ground.



One light infantry division

of        men.



Elements ofthe rapid

deployment force,



special forces, delta,



A.P.C.S, helicopters,




and, ofcourse, the ubiquitous

M-    A-  assault rifle.



A humble enough weapon until

you see it in the hands ofa man



outsideyour local

bowling alley or  -    .



It will be noisy,

it will be scary,



and it will not be mistaken

for a VFW parade.



I remind you,

General Devereaux



does not speak for

official army policy.



A police function

has become accepted



as our role in Haiti

and Somalia.



Make no mistake.



We will hunt down

the enemy,



we will find the enemy,



and we will

kill the enemy.



And no card-carrying member

ofthe ACLU



is more dead set against it

than I am,



which is why I urgeyou...



I imploreyou...



do not consider this

as an option.



I knowjust what

the president's going to say.



That's exactlywhyyou're

the only man for thejob.



I'd like to introduce

Anthony Hubbard.



He's myASAIC on the ground

up in Brooklyn.



His team was able to take out

the first cell within    hours



ofthe attack on the    bus.



He's also the man

who took out the terrorist



in that schoolhouse.






Thejob ofthe FBI is to...



to respond.



Thejob ofthe army--

to defend.



With the presence

ofthe army,



our ability to investigate

will be seriously inhibited.



It will push these criminals

further underground.



Most importantly,

you can't fight a war



against an enemy

you can't see.



I think ifwe exercise

patience, restraint,



allow our men and women

up in New York



to do theirjob...



I thinkwe'll be effective.




Agent Hubbard.



I, too, think that we should

proceed with caution.



Some ofyou may not know

Sharon Bridger.



Sharon was posted

in Iraq



as part of

our covert operations



during the GulfWar.






Sir, ifI may.






I'm sure everyone here



knows the traditional model

ofthe terrorist network.



One cell controls

all others.



Cut offthe head,

the bodywill wither.



Unfortunately, the old wisdom

no longer applies.



The new paradigm

is each cell



operates independent

ofthe other.



Cut offone head,

another rises up in its place.



Bus    was the work

ofthe first cell



whose remaining elements,

we believe,



the FBI took down.



This then activated

the work ofcell  .



The theater gala.



At the most,

we believe, there are  



possibly   cells.



Well, then how much longer



before we can take out

the last cell?



We don't know.



Male reporter: This is a tragedy

ofstaggering proportion.



One Federal Plaza

was the headquarters



ofthe FBI counterterrorism

task force,



as well as many other

federal agents...



Female reporter:

Authorities are withholding



the names ofthose who died.



Male reporter: The worst

in New York City's history.



The most devastating...



Second newsman:

Letters ofcondolence



have been received from

leaders around the world.



Boris Yeltsin forwarded

a message...



Body count's

a little over     so far.



What about our people?



Mike, Tina.



Theywere all

in there working.









This is Colonel Hardwick,

army intelligence.






I'm here as an advisor only.



I intend to keep

a low profile.



Appreciateyour concern.



I don't mean

to be insensitive,



but, uh,just what exactly are

your capabilities at this point?



Your infrastructure?



You're standing on

our infrastructure.



Excuse me.



Hey, Hub,



they managed to get

a partial VI N number



offthe van.



DMV says it was reported

stolen the day before...



in Brooklyn?



You got it.



Hub, the final body count

just came in.






[Doorbell Buzzes]



[Doorbell Buzzes]



I'm very sorry

aboutyour friends.



Frank, it's, uh...






I didn't catch

your last name, Sharon.






Howyou doing, Frank?



Been better.









the agency came up with

another list ofprobables.



I thinkwe should

circulate them.






this stuffmight be good.



Whywas there

no warning from Samir?



Because he didn't

know anything.



Says Samir.



Says me.



Maybe I'll ask him.



Yeah, over my dead body.



Over     dead bodies.



Look, he's one

ofthe good guys, okay?



How can you be so sure?



Because he was part

ofthe operation



to destabilize

Saddam Hussein with me, okay?



Samir is a go-between.



He risked his life

for us over there.



Go-between who, Sharon?



Look, come on,

I need names, okay?



I need--I need photographs

or something, okay?



I don't need

a history lesson.



I can't giveyou pictures



because I don't know

what they look like.



We did everything

at arm's length.



Soyou got nothing?



I've got Samir.



Well, does Samir have

any contact with them?






So how does he do it?



He can't.

They initiate.



And otherwise?



He's waiting.



He's--He's waiting?



What the hell

is he waiting for?



More bodies?

More buildings?



We got a lot ofbuildings

out there.



Maybe he's waiting to blow up

a few more ofthem.



Hey, look, I know

howyou must feel.



Hey, look, you don't

know how I feel.



I lost friends

ofmine tonight.



You don't know how I feel!



They'll make

contact soon.



When? That's what I want

to know--when?



Why soon?

Why not now?



What is the trade craft?

What are the visuals?



What are

the iron sights?



You know, all that

CIA spy shit.



All right, I'll tell you

what I'm going to do.



I'm going to take

your boy Samir downtown,



I'm going to strap his ass

to a polygraph machine,



and I'm going to ask him

questions aboutyou.



Then I'm going to take

those transcripts--



I'm going to take them

to a friend ofmine



at the New York Times



whojust loves

to write stories



about the link between the CIA

and political horror shows.



Ifyou burn him, you'll lose

any chanceyou've got.



So what?



It's lose-lose,

isn't that whatyou said?



I'm not fucking with you.



How could you possibly

rememberwhoyou're fucking?



-    hours.

- Forwhat?




forwhat, Sharon?






Have anything for me?




Nothing new.



Man: Now, we've got

  bombings in New York City.



We've got     people dead.



The NYPD, the FBI,

they don't seem up to it.



Do we need to bring the army

into this, Arianna?



Absolutely. How many

people have to die



before we do

bring the army...



U.S. government troops

are not trained



to police

their own population.



That's why

we have an FBI.



That's whywe have

a police force.



No. You see--



We don't want

an occupying army



in Brooklyn.



I would imagine

you would have to speak



to the army

to verify those rumors.



Arianna: And here

we have the FBI



having failed

to do theirjob,



having failed...




This is an attack.



This is a time ofwar.



The fact that

it's inside our borders



only means that

it's a new kind ofwar.



Man: This is

the kind ofshit



these towel heads

do in their own country,



and now they're

bringing it here.



Man: People must understand

that the word ''Arab''



is not synonymous with

the word ''terrorist.''




is a religion ofpeace.



These people defile the Holy

Koran when they use...



Man: You know there's a lot

ofpent-up frustration...



Reporter: A merchant,

Abdul Hassam,



was beaten today and

his store vandalized.



Reporter: The president

released a statement today--



''One of

our greatest freedoms



is the freedom from fear,''



and he pledged to protect

that freedom



with all the resources...



The FBI has

received another fax.



Ahmed Bin Talal.



Apparently, they're still

under the impression



that we have him.



Do we...



have him?



Let me giveyou

a little advice, Steve.



Do not come between me

and the president.



I am speaking

for the president.



As far as the president

is concerned,



no, we do not have him.



General, did you know that

afteryesterday's attack



halfthe parents

in this country



kept their kids

out ofschool?



They're attacking

ourway oflife.



It ends now.



Areyou saying

the president is prepared



to take the necessary steps?



I am saying



the president



is prepared to be






[Telephone Rings]















Sharon: It's me.

Turn on the TV.



Hang on.



Female reporter: The senate

remained in emergency session



late into the night



debating the president's

call for martial law.



We have,

in this country,



a tradition ofinvoking

martial law...



Yeah, I got it.



onlywhen the most dire




require it,



but at what cost?



All eyes now turn

to New York City



to see ifmartial law will

bring the terror to an end.



Man: Move it!



[Whistle Blows]



Good morning.



Today, with the invocation

ofthe War Powers Act



by the president,



I am declaring

a state ofmartial law



in this city.



To the best

ofour knowledge,



we are opposed by no more

than    ofthe enemy.



He is hiding

among a population



ofroughly   million.



Intelligence tells us



that he is most likely




between the age

of     and   --



narrowing the target

to        suspects.



We can further

reduce that number



down to those that have

been in this country



less than   months.



Nowyou have   

hiding among     .



Ifyou are one ofthese

   young men,



you can hide

among a population




ethnic background.



Unfortunately foryou,

you can only hide there,



and that population,



in the classic

immigration pattern,



is concentrated



right here in brooklyn.



We intend to seal off

this borough,



then we intend

to squeeze it.



This is the land

ofopportunity, gentlemen--



the opportunity

to turn yourselves in.



After sundown tonight,



anyyoung man fitting

the profile I described



who is not cooperating



will be arrested

and detained.



There is historically

nothing more corrosive



to the morale

ofa population



than policing

its own citizens,



but the enemywould be

sadly mistaken



iftheywere to doubt

our resolve.



They are now




with the most fearsome

military machine



in the history ofman,



and I intend to use it



and be back on base

in time for the playoffs.



Thankyou foryour time.



[Man Shouting]



Good to seeyou

again, Hub.



Can't say the same thing

aboutyou, General--



not like this,

not in that uniform.



I thought

you were against this.



I am against this.

This was not my call.




following orders, huh?



The president madeyou put

tanks on the Brooklyn Bridge?



Areyou questioning

my patriotism?



I'm questioning




Man on radio:

Negative, command.



I'm here serving

my president



and quite possibly

not in the best interest



ofour nation.



My profession

does not allow me



to make that kind




I won't question

your patriotism,



but don'tyou ever again

question my command.



Doyou understand me?



I'm not underyour command.



You really

believe that, hub?



Take a look around

and tell me that's true.






Arrogant prick.



You ever met anybody

so in love



with the sound

ofhis own voice?



We're putting Samir

into play.



Now? With all this

going on? He'll freak.



Yeah, He'll freak.

I'm already freaked.



The whole damn city's




Oh, fuck it--One more lamb

to the slaughter.



Hey, hey, hey, hey.



It's fine.

He's cool.



What's he fucking

doing here?



Hey, doyou know what's

happened outside?



They're killing Arabs

out there.



You can put

a stop to it, Samir.



What areyou talking

about? The army's here.



They're setting up

interrogation centers



right now.



They're torturing people

in cellars.



Calm down, all right?



I got to get

out ofhere,



and you have

to help me.



We'll helpyou.



I--I just need

more money.






You got a student visa

forAli Wasir.



I told you. I know

nobody ofthat name.









Tell him what he wants

to know! He knows!



She's fucking crazy!



You don't know

who they really are!



Shut up!

Stop simpering.



Look, I've got a picture

ofthe two ofus, Samir.



You remember

that picture?



Well, I'm going

to post it



in every shop

in Brooklyn,



and then I'm going

to send copies



to some friends ofmine

in the West Bank.



Your mother's

still there, isn't she?



All right, all right!



Fucking let go ofme!



All right,

get out ofhere.



Get out!



I'm sorry.



Hey, nobody's going

to burn you, okay, Samir?



nobody's going

to call anybody.



- Who asked you to get the visa?

- Oh, come on.



Hey, hey, Samir,



just calm down, okay?



I'm telling you, there's

nothing to be afraid of.



I'm afraid

ofgoing to hell.



Me, too.






His name is

Tariq Husseini.



He runs an auto shop

on Commerce Street



in Redhook.



Commerce Street.






Hubbard: Ifanybody

bothers you--






you call me.



Man over P.A.: This is

foryour own security.



Do not be alarmed.



Got it.



You're good.



Yeah, you're not so bad




Hey, Floyd. Yeah. Hub.



Listen, we got to put

something together



in a hurry, all right?




Where's frank?



All right, well,

give him a      , okay?



And get a beat-up

car for him.



[Man Talking Over P.A.]



Yeah, well, beat it up

yourselfifyou have to.



    Commerce Street--

It's a garage in Redhook.



Man over P.A.:

Do not be alarmed.



[Crowd Yelling]



Sharon: Oh, shit,



they're going




You know, Tariq

will go underground.



We're going to hit him

in less than an hour.



Well, hit him hard.






Where areyou going?



I'm going to go stash Samir

someplace safe.



All right,

I make out   inside.



All right,

I make out   inside.



The   guys by

the trash barrel are ours,



and they're going to wait

until we're set.



Then they're going

to come in after us.






All right, let's roll.






Hey, guy.



Yo, I'm looking forTariq.

Anybody know Tariq?



He's supposed to be

fixing my shit here.






I got that card here




He gave me

this paper--



Tariq Hossidy or

something like that?



Yeah, yeah.

He's back there.



- Back there?

- Yeah.



All right, man.





Hey, Tariq!




Tariq Husseini?



- He's not here.

- He's not here?



[Speaking Arabic]



Can I leave

a message for him?






Tell him the FBI

is after him.



Ha! You'rejoking.



I'm notjoking.



Put the phone down.

Putyour hands up.



Freeze! Hands in the air!






Interlock them

behind your head.



[Speaking Arabic]



Yeah, right.

Same toyou, too.



Everything's going

to be all right.






Man over P.A.:

Tariq Husseini,



this is

the United States Army.



you are surrounded.



You have    seconds

to throw out anyweapons



and vacate the premises



with your hands

on top ofyour head.



I repeat--







god damn it!



God damn it.

Code red. Code red.



Pilot: Leader,

we are locked on target.



Request permission

to fire.



Yes! Now!



Man: Freeze!



- Drop it!

- Hold it.



I'm FBI.



Put the gun down,




Hubbard: All right,

all right. I'm FBI.



I'm FBI.

Just relax. I'm FBI.



Get down on your knees,

would you, man?



I'm FBI!






Ladies and gentlemen,

there'll be a--



Who was that?



Ladies and gentlemen...



there will be

a full briefing



for all journalists.



[People Yelling]






Man over P.A.:

Do not be alarmed.






Frank: Frankie!



Frankie Haddad!



Frank Haddad!



- Frank!

- Hub. Hub.



- They got frankie.

- What?



My kid's in here.

My kid's in here someplace.



He's only    .



All right, we'll get him

out. We'll find him.




we'll get him out.



Frank Haddad!



- We'll get him out.

- Out?



They came into my house!



Mywife told them

who I was!



How many times did I

put it on the line, Hub?



How many times?



   years, we're

American citizens,



    years in the bureau!



They knocked her down.



They took him

out ofmy house!



Frank Haddad!



Listen to me!

Listen to me!









It's wrong.



We'll find him.



All right?

We'll find him.



All right.



Come on.



No. No!



I'll find him.






This is where I belong.






Tell them I'm not

their sand nigger anymore.



[Mispronounces] You say

his name is Haddad?



No. His name is Haddad,

Frank Haddad.






His father's a Shiite.

We're checking him out.



His father

is a federal agent.



His father happens

to be my partner.



Don't get in my face,




I just might decide

you're an Ethiopian.



You know, you are

stupid enough



to think that

that's an insult.



Ifa mistake's

been made, we'll fix it.



What doyou mean,

ifa mistake's been made?



There's no mistake.

I'm vouching for the kid.



I want him out.



Why don'tyou getyour

priorities straight?



I said we'll

look into it.



Yeah, you'll

look into it--



just likeyou've been

looking into me, right?



Surveilling me?



You think I'm stupid?



You think I don't know

what's going on?



I'm doing

yourjob foryou,



and I damn near get my head

blown off for it.



Now I want FrankJr. out,



and I want to see

my prisonerTariq Husseini.



Let's go see

your prisoner.



[Speaking Arabic]



[Speaking Arabic]









[Speaking Arabic]






How long

haveyou been at him?



Not long enough,




How much longer,

doyou think,



before he gives up

the other cells?



He can't give up

the other cells



ifhe doesn't know

where they are.



He knows.



No, he doesn't.



You said ityourself,

Sharon, didn'tyou?



In the strategy meeting,

the briefing--



The one cell

doesn't know



where the other one is,




How long before

he breaks, Sharon?



Well, at this rate,

too long.



The theaterwas hit



  hours afterwe took

down the first cell.






what other models

do we have?



Shake him?



- What about it, Sharon?

- Won't work.



It works

for the Israelis.



Only in conjunction

with sleep deprivation.



It takes at least




We don't have    hours.



Electric shock?



The neurotransmitters

just shut down.



- Water?

- Palestinian authorities...



producing good intel

with water.




there's cutting.



[Praying In Arabic]



It's extremely messy.



[Praying In Arabic]



Areyou people insane?



What areyou

talking about?



The time has come

for one man to suffer



in order to save

hundreds oflives.



One man?



What about   huh?

What about  ?



How about

public executions, huh?



You're free to leave

wheneveryou like.



Come on, General,

you lost men, I've lost men,



butyou--you can't do this.



What ifwhat

they reallywant--



What ifthey don't even

want the sheik?



Haveyou considered that?






What if

what they reallywant



is for us to herd children

into stadiums



like we're doing?



And put soldiers

on the street



and--and have Americans

looking over their shoulders?



Bend the law,



shred the constitution

just a little bit?



Because ifwe

torture him, General...



we do that,



and everything

that we have bled



and fought and died for



is over,



and they've won.



They've alreadywon.



Escort him out.



Tariq: Aah!



He knew nothing.









[Man Singing In Arabic]



Hubbard: You got

to call offthe dogs.



Steve: We can't

call offthe army



until the threat is gone.



The army is the threat.



They're the ones

out ofcontrol.



Devereaux's killing

innocent people.



You guys took the leash




Just put it back on him.



Areyou wearing a wire?






It was devereaux



who took the sheik

in the first place.






So we do have him?



What doyou think, Hub?



Our government operates

as one coherent entity?



Everybody, you and me,



we all wanted that

sheik's head on a plate.



Devereaux didn't start

this agenda



about hunting down




He'sjust kind of

pushed it a little bit.



[Man Speaking

In Arabic Over P.A.]



Hang on a sec.



So, now what do we do?



There is this growing feeling

in certain circles



that we ought tojust

let the sheik go--



set him free.



I mean, after all,

we kidnapped him.



We kept him in isolation.



Ajudge might let him walk.



You don't let

a murderer go free--



any murderer.



Any murderer!



Sharon thinks we can

get to the last cell



ifthey believe we're going

to release the sheik.



Why should they

trust her?



I mean, why should I

trust her?



Ask her.



I ran the network

in Iraq for   years.



Samir recruited them



from among the sheik's




and I trained them

in the north.



The sheikwas going

to help us overthrow Saddam.



I mean,

he was our ally.



We were financing him.



And then...



then there was

a policy shift.



It's not like we

sold them out exactly.



Wejust stopped

helping them.



Theywere slaughtered.



So I quit the operation.



I took another assignment.



Butyou helped them




What doyou mean?



You said theywere

being slaughtered.



They needed to get out.



Theywere on the terrorist

watch list,



soyou got them visas,

you and Samir.



I promised them we would

take care ofthem.



Theywere working for us.



Doing what exactly?



I told you.



No, you didn't.



You told me

thatyou trained them--



trade craft, subversion.



That's whatyou said,

wasn't it?



You're leaving something

out, aren'tyou, Sharon?



You taught them...



how to make bombs.



That's whyyou were




for the wiring signatures

on that blue bus.



And now they're here...



doing whatyou

taught them how to do.






You've got to let me



make this right.






Man: The president

is in close conference



with the mayor

of New York,



the governor of New York,



and the attorney general

of New York,



and I can assureyou...



Man: ...putting them

in a stadium



as we did

with theJapanese.



Man: This is the time

for all ofus to proclaim



our brotherhood

with these people.



TheJewish community

opposes the military



to take back in a peaceful

fashion our democracy



from the people...




The people of Brooklyn



will not be

held hostage!



Join community

and religious leaders



in a march to protest...



Man: Well, what ifit was

black people, huh?



What ifit was




Puerto Ricans?



Female reporter: American Arabs

are a vulnerable,



visible population,



and they have no power.



Critics say this is

a racist decision,



and the government

would not dare do this



to any other--



[Turns OffTV]



Samir's made contact,




It's the last cell.



He set up a meeting,



but we got to get the army

offour tail.



I need your help,




Frank, it's still




I don't want to see

another dead body,



and I knowyou don't.



And when this is over,

I promiseyou--



we'll getyour boy back.



[Crowd Shouting]



Woman: March on

city hall today!



No fear!



What timeyou got,




Just    :   .



How's he doing?



You shouldjust tell me

the message,



and I will pass it on.



I need to deliver it




Believe me,



they're gonna want to

hearwhat I have to say.



Woman: No fear!



Let's show them

we're not afraid!



Sure he's gonna

go through with this?



Well, ifhe doesn't,



he knows I'll give him

to Devereaux.






You know,

this is the end game,



you understand?



Ifthis goes wrong...




gonna go wrong.



We're the CIA.




always goes wrong.






Ifthings get hairy,




just remember,

the most committed wins.



Let's go.



The   ofyou really do

make a lovely couple.



Sharon, I beg you,



do not

make me do this.



Ifthey even...



Ifthey even dream

we've been followed,



theywill kill us.



South on

Cadman Plaza.




Relax, all right?



Col. Hardwick:

General Devereaux,



it appears the feds are

in motion. Doyou copy?




Just staywith Hubbard.



The man is definitely

not on our team.



Col. Hardwick: Roger that.



Airborne, he's all yours.



Helicopter pilot:

This is airborne.



We got him.



Soundgarden's ready.



Hey, wait a minute.



This is not the way

to the bathhouse.



You said to get a key

from my uncle.



Stop whining.

You'll cue the surveillance.






I have a bad feeling here.



Just relax.



Keepyour head down.






We ready?



All set.



We got to hurry, Sharon.



We can't be late.



Here we go.




All units, all units.



Subject is on foot.



Pilot: All units, he is running

to First and Pearl.



Man on P.A.: This is U.S. Army.







We're all clear.



All right, let's do it.



Why are we stopping,

Sharon? We've got to go.



Just calm down.

Everything's gonna be fine.



[Turns On TV]



Look, wejust have to

sit tight for   minutes.



Can youjust do

that much for me?



I don't believe it.

Look at this.



[People Shouting On TV]



Arab andJew,

side by side.



Black and white.




and Muslim.






It's so tragic.



What? What's tragic?



What doyou mean?

Are they gonna hit the march?



Can you imagine

a better target?



Because our government

has no right...



[Crowd Cheering]



to declare martial law.






No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



We've got to hurry,




Put this on.



Oh, shoot.



It's     :  .

We gotta get out ofhere.



They're getting

ready to move.



Units   and  

on my signal.



Units   and  

stand by.



Units   and  ...












This is an unlawful




You must disperse!



I repeat!



These soldiers carry

live ammunition!



This is

your final warning!



I repeat!



These soldiers carry

live ammunition!






[Computer beeping]






we missed them.



The bathhouse.



So what's

going on?



Why aren't they




They'll be here.



Don't worry.



[Whispering In Arabic]



What areyou doing?



What message

doyou have for them?



There's no one else coming,

is there?









what message doyou have

for me, Sharon?



You're the last cell.



There will never be

a last cell!



It'sjust the beginning.



[Crowd Chanting '' No Fear!'']




Move out ofthe way!



Move over! Move over!



How could I have

missed the play?



It's because ofthe money.



You believe money is power.



Beliefis power.



Just don't tell me

we financed your operation.






The world is a wheel,







the Koran preaches...



Do not speak to me

ofthe Koran, woman!



Firstyou left me there

in Iraq



like a piece ofshit!



And then you take

our leader, a holy man--



you put him in prison



for preaching

the word ofGod!



So nowyou have to learn

the consequences



oftrying to tell to

the world how to live.



It's over.



Your point's been made.



Why shed more blood?



[Crowd Chanting Outside]



Those poor people

out there.



They're fucking marching

foryour cause.






and they, too, will

become its martyrs.



Hubbard: Samir.



Let her go, Samir.



Move away

from the door.




He's got a bomb!



Get up. Get up!



Get up!






Samir, let her go,

and you'll live.



I said move away

from this fucking door!









Hub, I'm here.



No shots, Frank.

No shots.







want to die?






Look, I'll blow it!



Then we all die.

Nobody's leaving here.



Move away from

this fucking door!



- Shoot!

- Shut up!



- Shut up!

- Shoot!



- Shoot me!

- Shut up!






Kill him! Shoot!



I'm coming!







Radio Channel]



One ofours down.

Stomach wound.



Get here now.






Is he dead?






I'm right here.

I'm right here.






I'm right here. Shh.



I'm sorry.



It's okay.






You're okay.



I'm cold.












Shh, shh.



You're okay.






Just relax.



'' Forgive us our trespasses,



as we forgive...''



''Those who trespassed

against us.''



''And lead us...''



'' Lead us not

into temptation,



but deliver us...



from evil...''






'' For thine

is the kingdom...''



[Speaking Arabic]



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



No fear!



Agent Hubbard,



would you mind

explaining to me



whyyou detained

Colonel Hardwick



and   of

my C.I.D. staff?



The last cell

was taken down.



It was Samir.

We took him out.



How can you be sure it's

the last ofthe cells?



- Sharon.

- Sharon's been compromised.



Sharon is dead.



She gave her life.






It's all overwith,




What's all overwith?



The sheik.



Is that so?




ofinternational law.










couple ofstatutes,




Kidnapping, perjury,

Logan Act.



Conducting your own

personal foreign policy.



I know the whole story.



You don't know shit.



Poor suffering Sharon



and her poor

suffering people.



I did what

was necessary,



and I won't apologize

for it.



Go fuckyourself,




I serve my country.



Why don'tyou try

serving yours?



You have anything else,

Agent Hubbard?






One more thing.



This is a writ from

the U.S. District Court



ordering the release



ofall persons being held

in this stadium.



My authority overrules

the courts.



Your authority ends now,




William Devereaux,

you are under arrest...



for the torture and murder

ofTariq Husseini...



an American citizen.



FBI, freeze!



Freeze! Nobody move!



Hold it!



Don't move!



Don't move!

Putyour guns down!



Is this some kind




Doyou see me laughing,










Orderyour men to lower

theirweapons, Hubbard.



Can't do that, General.



Do it now.



The law states--



I am the law!



Right here, right now!

I am the law!



You have the right

to remain silent.



Order them to lower




You have the right

to a fair trial.



You have the right

not to be tortured,



not to be murdered,



rights thatyou took away

from Tariq Husseini!



You have those rights



because ofthe men

that came beforeyou



who wore that uniform.



Because of

the men and women



that are here waiting

for the order to fire.



Give them the order,




Doyou think that I would

hesitate to kill you



or every other federal agent

in this room



ifit was in the best

interests ofmy country?



No, no, no.



You wouldn't hesitate.

I know that.



But they might.



Give the order.



Make murderers

out oftheseyoung kids.



Give the order.



Give them the order,




Stand down, Sergeant.




General Devereaux,



would you care to

comment on the charges?



[Reporters Shouting Questions]






[Women Ululating]


Special help by SergeiK