Silverado Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Silverado script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Lawrence Kasdan movie with Kevin Costner and Danny Glover.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Silverado. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Silverado Script





Pleased to meet you.



Pleased to meet you.



Two of the horses run off, but

that pinto you're riding hung around.



You got no idea what

they were after?



Offend anybody lately?



Not for five years.



- Jefferson City?

- No. Leavenworth.



Never been in there.



They jumped you

out of the blue?



I had to get up anyway.



Me, I'm riding along

minding my own business.



Four cowboys come by, and we decide

to ride together. Friendly as can be.



I figure you should approach life like

everybody's your friend or nobody is.



Don't make much difference.



Suddenly everybody's

pointing their gun but me.



Guess they admired my horse.



Looks like that's not all

they admired.



Yep. My whole rig.



I don't care much about the rest...



but I surely will miss

that bay.



At least they didn't kill me.



That was right considerate,

I thought.



They were laughing

when they left me.



Thought it was real funny.



I walked for a little while,

but it was no use so I gave it up.



Figured it was just bad luck.



Looks like those boys

are headed south...



so they weren't the same ones

that jumped me.



Where are you going?



Where's the pinto going?



I'll get these horses tended to.



I'm good for it.



Just a minute. When I'm done

helping the lady, I'll come here...



I'll take this one.



This one is $  .



- How much to borrow it?

- The guns are for sale.



What can I get for that?



Look, Mal



This is the man, Sergeant.



He claims the animal was stolen.



How do I know

this is your horse?



Can't you see this horse loves me?



I had a gal do that to me.

It didn't make her my wife.



On the underside of that saddle

I got my name scratched.



Take a look and you'll see.



- And what would your name be?

- Paden.






Hello, Cobb.



Hello, Paden.



How're you doing?



You know this man?



I surely do.



Troopers, let's take a look

at this saddle.



All right.



Move along, folks.

Get these children out of here.



And you, get some clothes on.



I see you've been prospering

without me.



It's been a while.



Where's the dog?



Appreciate the loan.



I'm good for it.



Let's talk about that.



I'm looking for some men.



- I've given that up.

- So have I.



I've got a legitimate job now.

I could use a guy like you.



You've got a legitimate job?



Yes, sir, you wouldn't believe it.



You're right.



This is mighty sweet, Paden.



I think I finally found my place

in the world.



Well, I'm...



real happy for you, Cobb.



But I think I'll just

keep looking for mine.



He's getting out.



Come on, Paden.

This oughta interest you.



Look who's here, Tyree.



Our old ridin' buddy.



I invited Paden to join us...



but he's not having any.



Where's the dog?



You owe me $  .






Bad luck.



I see what you like.



She's mighty pretty.



And bridle-wise, too.



The only thing I lost

I really cared about...



except for maybe my hat.



It's a great one.

Black with a pretty silver band on it.



My head spent three years

training it.



Sure do miss that hat.



I got to be going.



Going to Turley, was it?



Yeah. I gotta stop off there,

meet a guy. Head out for Silverado.



What's Turley like?



It's a town.



Got a saloon?



I expect.






I expect.



Baxter! Hawley!

Where the hell you been?



You're late, and I tell you

I don't like it. It's a bad start.



I got my people down there

throwing snowballs and rearing to go!



I'm afraid it is a bad start, friend.

My name ain't Baxter. He ain't Hawley.



- You're not Baxter?

- Name's Emmett.



- You're not Baxter, either?

- No. I'm not Hawley.



Goddamn it!



They ain't Baxter and Hawleyl

Where the hell is Baxter and Hawley?



Quit yelling, you old coot.

We're right here.



Who you calling a coot?



Calm down, Mr. Hobart.

I'm Nord Baxter.



- There's my partner, Tom Hawley.

- You're late. It's a bab start.



Yes. That means we'II have to get you

to Silverado that much quicker.



All right. Let's get goin'!



You remember my letter, don't you?

Half now and half when we get there.



I remember.

Open the box.



Thank you.



- Don't you even want to count it?

- Not at all, friend.



We trust you.



Let's get this wagon train

to Silverado.



You bet!



What do you want?



I haven't had a whiskey

or slept in a bed in ten days.



Give me a bottle.



Hey, what are you doing, buck?



Having a drink.



No, you're not.

Get outta here.



I haven't had a whiskey

or slept in a bed in ten days.



You ain't gettin' it here.



I'm real sorry to hear that.



- Doesn't look quite fair.

- Which way do you mean?



What's all this then?



This nigger's breaking up my place,

Sheriff Langston.



I don't like that word much,




We don't serve them here

and you know it.



I asked him to leave

and he went crazy on us!



- Now he owes me money for this damage.

- Is that a fact?



Afraid not, Sheriff.

These other fellas started the ruckus.



Are these your friends?



I wanted a drink and a bed.



- Guess I came to the wrong place.

- Came to the wrong town.



I don't tolerate this. It's hard

on the peace and the furniture.



Knowing a bit about Carter, I'll let

you go without paying for the damage.



But go you will,

and I mean now.



Is there a place in town

that takes my kind?



You misunderstand.

I want you out of town.



In fact, I want you all the way

out of my jurisdiction.



That ain't right.



I decide what's right

in this jurisdiction. Now move.



Who's gonna pay for this, Sheriff?



Don't press your luck, Carter.



Now, let's talk about you chaps.



- We'd rather stay.

- We'll see about that.



I'm Sheriff John Langston.



As you may have guessed,

I am not from these parts.



You're kidding?



But the good citizens of Turley

have taken me in their embrace...



and for one simple reason:

I maintain the peace.



So, when strangers come to town,

I always ask them their business.



Have you come for the hanging?



I'm just meeting a guy here

and moving on.



So far I haven't been able

to find him.



In my town, if you're looking

for someone, you ask me.



All right. He's a young fella,

full of juice, about my size...



wears a fancy two-gun rig.



I know where that gentleman is.



I want everyone to behave himself.






Howdy, Jake.



I'm glad to see you!



Keep back.



- Thank you.

- What's going on here?



You got mel

This is a crazy town.



I think we ought to just

get out of here.



All I did was kiss a girl.



- That's why they got you in jail?

- Yeah, I kissed a girl.



This guy dibn't like it...



so we had some words

so I decided to get outta there.



So I did!

I got out of there.



You know me.

I don't want no trouble.



So I walked out into the street.



- He tries to shoot me in the back.

- You had to kill him?



No, I winged him

and he dropped his gun.



You're in here for winging a guy?



No, not exactly, because then

his friend opened up on me.



- What friend's that?

- The one with the shotgun.



The dead one.



Jake. Jake!



I'm gonna ask you once.

Was it self-defense?



Honest to God,

he would've killed me.



The jury saw it differently.



- He's the guy you're gonna hang?

- Tomorrow morning at   :  .



I was afraid of that.



Emmett, can't you help me?



You know the law, Jake.

You know what they did to me.



Blind Pete always said you'd hang.



I guess tomorrow at dawn,

he'll be proved right.



  :   a.m.



Right. I always thought

they dib it at dawn.



So long, kid.

I'm sorry.



I hate to see any man swing.

It's bad luck.



Bad luck for me.

I gotta bust him outta there.



You'll have to deal me out

on that.



I've had some experience

with that sort of thing.



- I don't want any more.

- I understand.



- It's not going to be easy.

- It never is.



But he's my brother.



We're going to California together...



but first we're stopping off in

Silverado, see our sister, say good-bye.



I can't show up there

with a story like this.



I guess this is where

we part ways.



- Sorry.

- No hard feelings.



Come on, I'll buy you a drink.



You ain't got any money.



You buy me a drink.



You know, a good, smelly saloon...



is my favorite place in the world.



You're wearing my hat.



What else you got that's mine?



Mister, I don't know

what you're talking about.



I hope your fingers aren't tickling

my ivory-handled colt.



If you stand up slow and let me see,

you might live through this night.






You're making a big mistake.



That's what I told 'em.



You mean you ain't coming

with Emmett and me?



I can't say I'm convinced

you're going anywhere.



We sure are!

We're leaving at dawn.



I have no reason to run.



It was a fair fight

and there were plenty of witnesses.



Yeah, that's what happened

with me, too.



The other guy drew first.






Sheriff, open up!



Sheriff Langston, come quickl



Lock the door.

Don't let anybody in.



Blind Pete used to do this

all by...






All right, where is he?



- He left.

- Like hell!



This is the only way out.



I woke up and he was gone.



All right, kid, come on out.

I know you're under there.



You, get over here.



Yeah, you, get over here.



Gimme your hands.



Did you get him?



Thanks for giving me a hand.



What now?



We wait.



Let's go.



Come on, Jake, let's go!



Get 'em at the river.



Here's a trick for you, kid.



- That them shooting?

- No, it's coming from those rocks.



- Let's go. He ain't hitting nothing.

- He's hit everything he's aimed at.



They won't be out of our jurisdiction

until they pass Flat Top.



Today my jurisdiction

ends here.



Pick up my hat.



Hey, Langston!



  :  !



This a friend of yours?



He is now.



Who is he?



- A guy who got run out of town.

- Just like us.



Hobart, what are you people

doing here?






Baxter and Hawley killed poor Eb

and stole the money box.



They went north.

We're going after 'em.



Forget the money.

You gotta get these people outta here.



This is bad country.



No place to be setting

with women and kids.



- The next water ain't for three days.

- We got no life without that money.



Everybody put in.

That's our whole stakel



- How long they been gone?

- About an hour.



I'll go with you, Mal.



Deal me in.



Jake, you know the way outta here.



Get this train moving to Silverado fast.

I'll go with these guys.



You men, stay with your wagons

and your families.



- Get rolling, keep your eyes peeled.

- Wait a minute.



Even if you do get the money,

how do we know you'II come back?



If we don't,

you can keep my brother.



I'm trusting you, mister.



You trusted Baxter.



I don't plan on letting these men

out of my sight.



If I brought a pretty lady like that

into a place like this, I'd stay close.



That's none of your business.



Let's get going.



You got a point.

Maybe I better stay here with her.



Let's get turned around

and get these wagons rollingl



Everybody rides! Everybody rides!



Hanging around with you is no picnic.



Anybody got any ideas?



You really did it this time, Nord.



Thank you, boss.

Tom did his part, too.



Comin' in!



- Should I kill him, Mr. Dawson?

- In a minute.



I wouldn't do that. You're gonna need

every gun when that posse gets here.



Posse? What the hell

are you talking about?



Me and my partner robbed a bank. We

headed out with a posse on our tails.



My partner caught one. He kicked off

while I was looking for this canyon.



You're Dawson, ain't you? Tex LaRue.

I rode with Ry Morris. You know him.



Simms told me there's a hideout here

so I headed for it. Hope you don't mind.






You brought a posse to my best hideout

and you ask me if I mind?



Mister, I don't know

any of those names.



You're about to die.



Hold on! You don't believe me,

ask them two there.



They saw me and my pal in Turley

before we did the job.



I seen him there all right.

Don't know nothing about any bank job.



If you took the bank in Turley,

where's the money?



I'd get down if I were you.

They might be up there right now.



- No money, huh?

- It's in my saddlebags.



I ain't getting out in the open

to get it.



Stop your firin'...



until you see something.



If we charge them, they won't stand

a chance. We gotta get to the horses!



- Horses? What're you talking about?

- Cover mel



Brave man.



I think there's only a couple of guys

up there and this asshole's one of 'em.



Get that guy!

Keep him from getting the horses!



That was some idea of yours.

Next time you go in.



I knew itl

Put that box on my horse.



Mister, you got a lot to learn

about people.



They got a place south of Silverado.

Guess they've done okay.



Good enough, anyway,

so when my mama wrote me last time...



she said they needed my help

to work the place.



That was almost nine months ago

she wrote.



Letter took a while to find me, but

when it did it was just the right time.



Where were you?



Chicago. Working

in the slaughterhouses.




You've been to Chicago?



Was it wonderful?



Hey, Paden...



where you been?



I was just...



checking the...



You know, looking in.



Geez, Paden, her old man

ain't even cold yet.



Looks pretty shallow here.

We could just go off.



Pull 'em up. Yeah.



That's all right

Let 'em go.



The bank is soft on the other side.



Let's go.



Well, this is it, gents.



My mama told me

to head through that notch.



Good luck, Mal.



Maybe we'll see you around sometime.



Yeah, maybe.



So long.



- So long, Mal!

- Bye.



- Hope to see you again, ma'am.

- I'll ride along with the lady.



Take a look at this farmland

before I come into Silverado.



See what makes a trip this hard

worth taking.



I'll see you around.



I'll be around.

Jake, let's gol



See you in Silverado, Paden!



I'll be there.



Mr. And Mrs. Parker have agreed

to join their parcel to mine.



We'll work them together.



Mine starts right over there.



It's all I've ever wanted.



Pretty land, isn't it?



And a pretty lady.



A lot of men have told me that.



Maybe it's true.



I guess some women are slow

to believe it.



Believe it.



They're drawn to me by that,

but it never lasts.






Because they don't like

what I want.



What's that?



I want to build something.



Make things grow.



That takes hard work.

A lifetime of it.



That's not why a man comes

to a pretty woman.



After a while,

I won't be so pretty...



but this land will be.



Come here.



- Hi, J.T.

- Jake, how are you?



Come on, son.



You remember us?






Hi, Augie.



It's good to be home, Kate.






I saw the light.



I thought maybe Rae

had come back to see me.



I never thought it'd be my boy.

I never thought that!






She was sick a long time.



She was sick when she wrote you.



But she didn't say it.



I never thought you'd come back,

but she did.



- Where's Rae?

- She's gone. Gone to town.



She hated working the farm...



just like you.



What happened?



They run me off.



They burned me out!



Made it so I couldn't do...



just like Georgia!



You own this land.



I paid the government for it.

That don't mean much out here.



Malachi, I'm living like a wildcat

in a cave in them hills.



Hidin' out.



- Afraid to walk my own land.

- What about the law?



Whose law? The law here runs a man down

just like these cattle.



That ain't right.



I had enough of what ain't right.



What we got here is a bad situation.



Those homesteaders you brought in

are gonna make it worse.



When they come to stake their claims,

it's gonna be the start of big trouble.



Gonna cut McKendrick off

in the north.



A man could die of thirst before anybody

offered him a drink around here.



Maybe you oughta come to California

with Jake and me.



Augie's gonna grow up here.



There's nothing wrong with the land.

It's just some of the people.



The problem is, Emmett,

you killed the wrong McKendrick.



Watch what you're saying around Augie.

Emmett didn't kill anybody.



Well, it was self-defense

sure enough.



But I do think you'd have to say

I killed old Murdo.



I think that's definitely the word.



The son is worse than the old man. He's

smoother so you don't hear him coming.



He'll do anything

to keep his range free.



I'm worried what he's gonna do

when he finds out you boys are back.



I think Jake here

can take care of himself.



I just did five years

I didn't owe.



McKendrick oughta be satisfied with that

and let it lie.



What brings you out of your hole,




Who's that with you, Ezra?



This is my son.

He's come home.



Ain't that sweet, Red?



- You're trespassing on McKendrick land.

- You got it all wrong, mister.



- This is our place.

- What?



Mr. McKendrick bought this place

from your father.



That's a liel



Tomorrow we're going to town and

straighten that out once and for all.



The next day we'll be back here




And them cattle better be gone.



If I find any cattle

on our land after tomorrow...



I'm gonna start carving 'em

into steaks.



And believe me,

that's one thing I know about.



Killing cattle is a hanging offense

in these parts.



If we shot you down right now,

we'd be within our rights.



You ever seen what a Henry rifle can do

in the hands of an expert?



Who would that be? You?



This ain't the end of it.



What can I do you for, stranger?



- You work here?

- I run the place.



- What can I get you?

- Bourbon.









The world is what you make of it.

If it doesn't fit, you make alterations.



I'll drink to that.

Will you join me, Miss...












Are you the Midnight Star herself?



I am. I'm always there,

but I only shine at night.



Compliments to you, Miss Stella.



This is what I call a saloon.



Thanks. That's what I call it, too.



- And I know what I'm talking about.

- You like a good saloon?



It's the only place I'm happy.



Me, too!

What's wrong with us?



You wouldn't be needing any help

around here, say, with the gambling?



See that fellow playing with his hair?

That's Kelly, my so-called partner.



- He runs that side.

- So-called?



Yeah. Apart from being

a loudmouthed, lying cheat...



he's just the man

I would've picked.



- Why'd you go into business with him?

- I don't own this place.



The man who does,

stuck me with Kelly.



- Who's the owner?

- Here he comes right now.



Well, look at this.



Two of my favorite people

in the world talking to each other.



Stella, this is one of my oldest

surviving friends.



- Treat him right.

- That was my plan.



You two are gonna get along just fine.

You got a lot in common. Kellyl



Get over here.



You didn't come all this way just

to pay me back that money, did you?



- Kelly, meet my friend Paden.

- Howdy.



Give the man a line of credit.

He already owes the house    bucks.



- You got a place to stay?

- I just got into town.



- We still got that extra room out back?

- It's not in use at the moment.



What brings you to my saloon?



Luck, I guess.



Good olb Paden.



I was hoping maybe you'd changed

your mind about the job.



You didn't tell me

you owned a saloon.



That ain't the half of it, friend.



Welcome to heaven.



Where's the other one, Johnson?



Our orders are to run you two

out of here.



You couldn't leave well enough alone,

could you, old man?



You tell us where your son is.

There don't have to be any shooting.



You're lying, Hoyt,

like always!



Not this time.

I got my orders.



My son's on the way to town.



That's too bad.



You're just gonna have to go

by yourself.






Hannah's a smart, pretty woman.



- But she's got a hard idea for living.

- Yeah?



All I'm saying is you won't trip over me

if you look her up.



I'm going to California

with my brother.



Cobb, I want you to meet Emmett.

He's a friend of mine.



- This is Sheriff Cobb.

- Pleased to meet you, Sheriff.



The pleasure's mine. Always happy

to meet a friend of Paden's.



Stella, bring Kelly out here,

will you?



Aren't you Kate Hollis' brother?



That's right.



You're the one who killed

old Murdo McKendrick.



I didn't have much choice. He was about

to shoot my brother in the back.



Can't be having that now, can we?



Wanna see me?



Kelly, we're gonna make

an adjustment.



I wanted you to be here

when I offered Paden your job.



I think he could do it

without getting greedy.



Stella and I are tired of you

skimming our profits.



- What are you talking about?

- I'm done talking. Get out.



- You can't do this.

- Really?



Want the job?



I see you're an understanding boss.



Nothing like that

would ever happen between us.



Maybe we oughta ask Stella?



You'd be welcome.



No, Kelly, he'll kill you!



Thanks for warning me.



Didn't have much choice.



All right, stand back.



I never enjoy killing a man.



Excuse me. Sheriff, I'm a gambler

who'd like to run an honest game here.



To whom do I speak about that?

I hope it's not this gentleman.



That's him.



I better find somebody

to clean up this mess.



You used to ride with that guy?



What are you doing?



I told you to practice on a horse

that's not moving, huh?



Where are you going?



I got things to do, kid.

I'm a busy man.



I'll go with you.



A grown man can't have a little boy

with him everywhere he goes.



Who's a grown man?



Hello, Rae.



What are you doing here?

I thought you were done with our family.



Daddy's dead.



He was murdered.



Who did it?



I'm not sure, but I've got an idea.

When I'm sure, they gonna pay.



That's just fine.



Where were you when Mama and Daddy

needed you? It's too late, Mal.



Now you finally show up, and all you

can think is to get yourself killed.



- You okay, Rae?

- Yeah, I'm okay.



Introduce me to your friend.



He's not my friend.

He used to be my brother.



Calvin Stanhope.

But my mother called me "Slick."



Excuse me.



- Why are you here? This ain't for you.

- That's none of your business.



Rae, all we got is each other.



I don't have any family anymore.



I'm surprised to see you

out here today.



Just come out to say good-bye.






Yeah. Jake and me will be heading out

for California soon.



You came all the way out here just

to tell me you're going to California?



All you had to do was go.

We'd never see each other again.



- That's why I'm here.

- Why?



You don't make it easy on a fella.



Maybe you thought

you'd be back this way someday.






That must've been it.



It's McKendrick's men!






All right, let's go!



Goddamn it! We won't quit!

You bastards!



Is that a fair mix?



I'm saving lives here. Straight stuff

would raise a blister on boot leather.



I meant it seemed like

a lot of whiskey.



- What's this?

- That's the good stuff.



Yeah? How good?



- Here's to the good stuff.

- May it last a long time.



You better get out here.



- Nothing happened. This is my job.

- Shut up.



I don't believe a lady has to explain

anything to a man this ugly.



What's the trouble here?



Stay out of this, Paden.



He can't do that.

Cobb's hired him.



That's Cobb's mistake.



Come out of there, Phoebe.

You've done enough.



Go home.



All I did was kiss the girl.



That's what you said in Turley.

Remember how that ended?



What's the matter? You afraid

I couldn't get those two behind me?



I don't want you gettin' anybody

in my place.






I should've killed you

a long time ago.



Why not now?



Don't do it, Tyree.



I just lost a partner. If you kill him,

I'll never get anyone to work in here.



You better start lookin'.



You really are a gambler, aren't you?



Give me some of the good stuff.



Whoa! Hold it.

Sorry about that.



- Where'd you get this horse?

- This is my uncle's horse.



- Like hell it is.

- What's the problem, Swann?




What's the problem?









I didn't know you were out.



Seem short to you?



That's all over with as far

as I'm concerned. I'm satisfied.



Sounds good.



All right, then.

Let's go.



- Don't you recognize this pinto?

- What?



- That's Lee's horse.

- Shut up, Swann.



Wait a minute.



Get down from there, Augie.



The man who lost this horse

must've been working for you.



I should've known.



You changed your brand, Ethan.



A lot of things changed

when my father died.



- He must be pretty good.

- He's good, all right.



Too good for my men.



That's why you've

gotta take care of it.



- What about his brother?

- We'II handle that.



He's careless.



Things are gettin' messy around here.



I hear Ezra Johnson got himself killed.



I heard that, too.



Did you hear his son

is still around?



Cobb, looks like you're finally

gonna earn your money.



From what I've seen,

Paden doesn't care about money.



He says he doesn't care about anything,

but he does.



There's just no tellin'

what it's gonna be.



Howdy, Mr. Slick.



Let me tell you

about your friend Paden.



Me, him, Tyree and a few others...



did a good bit of riding together

a few years back.



Business was pretty good.



We were movin' around a lot the way you

have to in that line of work.



Somewhere along the line

we picked up this dog.



One of the boys took to feedin' it,

so it followed us everywhere.



One time we were leaving

a little Missouri town...



with a bunch of locals

hot on our tail.



This dog got tangled up

with Tyree's horse.



Tyree went flyin'.



Tyree was mad, and being Tyree...



he shot the dog.



He didn't kill him, though.



Before you know it,

Paden is off his horse...



and he's holding this dog.



He got strange,

said we should go on without him.



I thought he was kidding,

but he wasn't.



Tyree was ready to plug 'em both.

All this with a posse after us.



I thought we were pals

after all the ridin' we'd done together.



All of a sudden he's worried

about some mutt.



We did like he asked

and we left him.



He went to jail for a dog.



You want to hear the funny part?



Paden didn't even like that damn dog.



It evened out in the end.



They locked me up.



The dog sprung me.



Where's the dog now?



He left me.



Come on, Paden.

I'll buy you a drink.



I took out $  .



This is a lot of money.



I told you this was a sweet setup.



It is that.



Maybe you could run it without Stella.



This is her life.



I'll go before she does.



Easy, boy.

It's just an idea.



Thanks but forget it.



Paden, what makes all this work...



is me doing my job.



Those fellows you come to town with

are causing some trouble.



It's gonna take

some straightening out.



I have my responsibilities.



I want you to understand

it has nothing to do with us.



What is it you want from me?






Do nothin'.



Don't get between us.



I'm a great believer in doing nothin'.



We understand each other.



Don't worry about me.



If you're taking on Emmett, the last

place I want to be is between you.



You're empty.



Ain't you dead yet?



Cobb said he'd be hard to kill.



I guess you couldn't hear us comin'.



He was practicing so hard

for a fight...



he missed the whole thing.



So long, stranger.



I don't wanna kill you

and you don't wanna be dead.



He can't be that good.



You wanna find out?



I think we should do like he says.



How you feeling?



I'd be a lot worse

if you hadn't come along.



I didn't just come along.

I was lookin' for you.



Jake said you were out there.



He told me about that business

the other day.



He said you boys took

a Henry rifle...



off one of McKendrick's men.



- I wanted to see it.

- That's it.



This was my father's.

The man who killed him took it.



I'm sorry.



I gotta get to my brother. They come

after me, they'll want him, too.



- You'll never make it.

- I've got to.



I'II go.



I'll bring Jake here.



You be careful.



You're in it now.



It's gonna get mean.



Augie, I've had enough of this.



Kiss your father

and get in bed.



Get out.

We have nothing to talk about.



- I need help.

- Why come to me?



Because you're my sister.

There's nobody else.



The men who killed Daddy are after Jake.

I've gotta talk to him.



- What's stoppin' you?

- They're watching. I can't get through.



What makes you think I could?



Why would they stop you?



'Cause I'm your sister.



He ain't in the saloon, either.



Where is that boy?



You're crazy!



- Why him?

- You need help, don't you?



Jake said he'd meet you

behind the church.



Be careful.

They're all over the place.






Good luck.



You must be Ezra Johnson's boy.



Now don't shoot the sheriff.



That's against the law.



So is killing a deputy.



We're gonna give you a fair trial...



followed by a first-class hangin'.



Or you could ride out of here

before bawn.



You just have to tell me where

I can find your friend Emmett.



Why are they doing this?



Because they enjoy it.



- What happened to Emmett?

- Cobb's men almost killed him.



That's what happened.



I got there just short of too late.









It's working out real good.



Where's Emmett now?



You're working for Cobb these days,

aren't you?



Your friends have been beating me

to find that out.



You think I'm just gonna tell you?



You waltzed in here easy.



You can go out the same way.



Me they figure to carry out.



Is he all right?



Looks bad, Rae.



He's a hard man.



He won't give them what they want.



It's gonna cost him.



Can't you stop 'em?



I don't think so.



What is it?



Oh, Kate.



Sweet Kate.






Jake's been with me all evening.

I just left him.



- Where is he now?

- Went home.



Been with you all evening?

Even after Slick came to get him?



Slick didn't come.



Stop it!



He saw us.



Bring him.






The land office is on fire!



Help J.T.



Where's Augie?

Her boy must be upstairs.



No. No.

They took him.



They took my Augie.



You go around the back of the house.



Wyoming, you go over there

and help out.



Tom, you help with the buckets, too.



Nathan, help with that wagon.



Give it up.



I hate to see this kind of thing

in my town.



Gonna have to look into this.



Maybe I will, too.



I thought we talked about that.



We didn't talk about this.



They took the little boy, Cobb.



You're still worried about the dog,

aren't you?



You've gotta calm down. Everything

will be put straight in a few days.



Yeah. I saw how you put

Mal Johnson straight.



Never could count on you

to be reasonable.



Don't force me to make an adjustment

around here.



Cobb, you got nothing I need.



I'm not thinking

about your future, Paden.



I'm worried about Stella.



What's she got to do with this?



Not a thing.



She's just a mutual friend.



But if you wind up

on the wrong side of this...



she's gonna get hurt.



I'm trying to save you from yourself.



Don't change your luck.



- What is it that I can't figure?

- What do you mean?



Cobb's got something on you

and it must be pretty good.



What makes you say that?



If he didn't, you'd never sit still

with all this going on.



You sure?



Maybe that's the kind of friend I am.



What's he got?



Cobb says there's no tellin'

what you're gonna care about.



Is that what he said?



He figured it okay this time.



Look who's here, Johnson.

Your sweet little sister.



Maybe I better search her.

It won't be easy.



I've only got one good hand.



Garth, you in there?



To my Midnight Star.



Cobb's using me to stop you.



Good people are being hurt

because of me.



That makes me mad.



Some people think

because they're stronger or meaner...



they can push you around.



I've seen a lot of that.



But it's only true

if you let it be.



The world's what you make of it.



I like your attitude,

but it can be risky.



I'm ready for that.



What about you?



I don't want you to get hurt.



He can't hurt me

if he's dead.



Stella, come quick.



She sprung her brother all by herself

and this is what happened.



- He brought her here.

- Where'd he go?



I told him about Jake and the

little boy. He went off after Emmett.



Stop crying. Get Doc Skinner

and bring him to the shed.



Pick her up.

I've got a place to hide her.



You better get in there with her

until this thing is over.



Where's Jake?



- McKendrick's men got him.

- Is he alive?



It's worse than that.



They took him at your sister's house.



Her husband was shot. I don't know

if he's gonna make it.



- Kate?

- She was hurt.



Pretty bad.



They took the little boy with them.



Put on one of these.



This ought to do.









Get Kyle and Dusty over here.

And keep your eyes open.



We're running out of deputies.






Turn 'em aroundl






Augie, where's Jake?



He's dead.






He was trying to get away...



and he fell off his horse,

off a cliff.



Jake fell off his horse?



It's all right.



Yeah! Where's Emmett?






- Where have you been?

- Playing dead.



- Let's get out of here.

- Right.



- Jakel

- Uncle Jake!



Hi, guys.



Come on, Augie.



Come on, Augie, jump.



Come on I



He's on the roof, Paden.



It never should've got this far, Cobb.



This is as far as it's goin'.



I'll do my part...



but you better watch your ass.



These guys will shoot it off.



I'm gonna enjoy this.



It used to be a peaceful town.



What's goin' on, Sheriff?



Hide anb watch.



Everybody off the streets.

There's gonna be trouble.



- Any sign of Stella?

- Been looking.



- See if you can find Rae.

- Yeah.



You wait till we get back.

Don't come in.



See you around.



Last one to the Midnight Star buys.



You're on.



Let's get 'eml



Hey, Paden.



Good luck.



I'm going for the doctor.



You're going to be all right.



Don't be afraid, baby.



I'll stay with you

until your little friend comes back.



Come on out, boys!

Jake's in town! Let's start the ball!






I'm glad you're here. I've been watching

her, but she needs a doctor.






Looking for this?



It's all right.

I'm here now.



What a waste.



This could've been such a sweet deal

for us.






Bad luck.



Good-bye, Cobb.



Good-bye, Paden.



To California.



- Got to go.

- Right.



You take care of yourself,

you hear?



You, too.



Jake, Paden.



Come on, Molly.



Weren't you gonna come out

and say good-bye?



I already did that.



You know where I'll be.






So long, Paden.



So long, Jake.



You might make a farmer yet.



I got a job.



Let's get goin'.



Take care of your folks.



I will.



We'll be back.


Special help by SergeiK