Simple Men Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Simple Men script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Hal Hartley movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Simple Men. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Simple Men Script





- Don't move.

- Okay.



- Did you just move?

- My foot's asleep.



I said don't move.



- Alright, good looking, get in the truck.

- But bill...



come on, i'm right behind you.



Come on frank,

what are you waiting for?



- What's wrong?

- Do you love me?



- Yes.

- Am i beautiful?



Yes, you're beautiful.



- Don't move.

- Okay.



- You want a drink?

- No, thanks.



- You sure?

- I'm not allowed to drink on the job.



- Hey, that's nice.

- It's the virgin mary.



- She's good looking, huh?

- She brings me good luck.



Can i have it?



- But she keeps me out of danger.

- You're not in danger.



- That true?

- Sure, it's true. My gun doesn't even work.



- Thanks.

- Be good to her,



and she'll be good to you.



Sorry, bill. It's all over.



- What is this?

- Vera's with me.



I got ideas of my own

how to run things.






I gotta do what i feel.

I gotta be happy.



- Since when are you unhappy?

- You deserve better than me, bill.



- What's this.

- It's three grand.



Three grand?



I put this whole thing together.



I stand to make ten times this

much once we deliver this stuff.



Be good to her,

and she'll be good to you.



What can i do for you, young man?



I believe my father's

being held here.



Who's your father?



- William mccabe.

- No shit?



Yes, sir.



Listen, kid.



I saw your father play with

the dodgers back in '  .



No matter what else people say

about him good or bad,



your old man was the greatest

short stop that ever lived.



- Can i see him?

- No.



Why not?



He had a stroke in his holding cell.

They took him to the hospital.






- What's wrong with you?

- Leave me alone.



Oh, they caught your father,

finally after    years.






Look it's in all the papers.



- Big deal.

- It is a big deal.



Says right here he's responsible

for that bombing.



- Bombing? What bombing?

- His dad,    years ago



he lobbed a bomb in the front

door of the pentagon.



- That hasn't been proven yet.

- He got away with it.



That's your dad, william mccabe,

the radical shortstop?



- What about my coffee?

- The man is a hero.



My father's a crazy old man.



Says here   people were killed

and he's responsible.



S'pose you believe everything

you read, right?



Drop dead.



Here. This ought to hold you

for a good long while.



- I got married.

- Oh, yeah? To who?






- How's the kid?

- Okay.



That money's for him.



Don't take your bad

conscience on me, bill.



- Hey. What are you doing in town?

- Working.



- You hear about dad?

- Yeah.



He's in the hospital.



Can i help you?



Yeah, we're here to see

about a patient, william mccabe.



- Are you his family?

- I guess so.



- He's our father.

- Is he okay?



I think your father's

a wonderful man.



I don't care what the newspapers

say about him.



Go back to your station, louise.



He wouldn't have blown up that building

if he knew those people were in there.



- He's a great man, falsely accused!

- Louise!



- Look lady, can we see him or what?

- No, you can't.



- Why not?

- Because he's gone.



Gone where?



He's escaped.



Mom, what's going on?



I'm leaving, dennis.

I'm going to florida.



I'm afraid your father might show up

and i just don't want to ever see him again.



- What are you doing in town, bill?

- Got anything to eat?



Have you seen mary?



I'm taking this bottle of scotch.



She lets that child run wild

in the streets you know.



Mom, do you know

where he might go?



- Who?

- Dad.



Keep an eye on dennis.

Don't let him do anything stupid.



Look, take this.



Where'd you get that?



Never mind where i got it.

Will you just take it? You'll need it.



Is this dirty money?



All money is dirty money, mom.



Will you shut up and take it

before i don't want to give it to you anymore.



When i saw him last, he made

me memorize this telephone number.



He said in case of an emergency

i should ask for tara.



- You don't want to call?

- It's over with us, dennis.



It has been for years.

You should be back in school.



I still have time.



- Did you get the scholarship money?

- Yeah.






Keep an eye on bill.

Keep him out of trouble.






The number you have dialed

has been disconnected.



- What area code is this?

- Long island i think.



- What's it mean?

- I don't know. It might be where dad is.



- Did you try calling it?

- It's disconnected.



You ought to just walk away

from this thing, dennis.



Dad's in deep shit.

You ought to just go back to school.



- I'm not going back to school.

- Don't be stupid.



- I'm not going back.

- What are you going to do then?



- I'm going to find dad.

- Dennis, don't do that.



I'm not asking you to come.



Well, good, because i'm not.

I'm just telling you it's a stupid thing to do.



Look, lend me

a hundred bucks, will you?

I gotta get outta town.



I don't have any money.



- Well, go to a cash machine.

- I don't have any money in the bank.



- What about your scholarship money?

- I gave it to mom.



- You gave it to mom?!

- Yeah, i was going to ask you for money.



I don't have any money.



I've got    dollars,

if you want that.



   dollars? What am i going

to do with    dollars?



Are you in trouble?



- I don't know.

- What happened?



I robbed some computers.



- You didn't get caught right?

- I got double-crossed.



So what's that mean?



I don't know what it means.

I just got to get out of town.



- Come with me.

- Where?



- To find dad.

- How?



I don't know exactly.

I guess i'll try to track down this tara.



With    dollars.



That ought to get us to long island,

don't you think?



How should i know?



I've never been to long island.



- Yes, you have.

- I have?



Yeah, you've been to queens.

Queens is long island.



Queens is part of new york city.

I don't think it's really considered long island.



It's part of new york city

but it's on long island.



- Queens is a borough.

- A borough on long island.



- A borough of new york city.

- Right.



Long island's a terminal moraine.






Terminal moraine. It's the earth

deposited by a receding glacier.



Well, shit. What are we

waiting for? Come on.



Yeah, how far out on long island

can two people go for, say,    dollars?



Not far.



Will it get us

to a     area code?






Don't do anything

suspicious alright.



- Like what?

- You know what i mean.



Where'd you come from?



New york city.



Big deal.



What the hell are you

doing to that machine?



Listen, pal, take it easy.



It's the fucking

clutch assembly.



It won't stay in gear.



It's open.






- Hey, what's your name?

- Ned.



Listen ned. How much will you

pay me to fix this motorcycle?



- It can't be fixed.

- Yes, it can.



- It will never run again.

- Yes, it will. I promise.



There's nothing like a machine

to make a man feel insignificant.



- Ned's parents used to own this cafe.

- Oh, yeah?



They're dead now.



I'm sorry to hear that.



They had a suicide pact.






It was awful.

Blood all over the place.



Do you have any idea what area

this exchange might belong to?



Eight eight four.



I don't know.



Let's call the operator.



Got a quarter?



Hello, operator.

I need to know



what region of long island

has the exchange    .



Eah, i realize

it's an uncommon request,



but my boyfriend

is bleeding to death.



Thank you.

She's looking it up.









What's going on in here?









Get back over

and get on the bus.



And who are you?



I'm a friend of ned's.



- You don't look familiar.

- I'm not from around here.



I see.



- Sagaponeck.

- Don't mention it.



- What difference does it make?

- It would mean he's innocent.



The man's a fanatic. A dangerous fanatic.

Whether he's innocent or not.



He was a radical.

That doesn't make him a fanatic.



A lot of people

were radical back then.



- Do you agree that he's a criminal?

- So are you.



- No, that's different.

- How's that different?



Look, dennis. The difference

between me and dad



is i just fucked with the law,

he fucked with the government.



- The law and government are the same thing.

- No, it isn't.



The government doesn't

have to obey the law.



Well, maybe that's not

the way things should be.



Who wants a fucking government

that's got to obey the law?



A lot of people do!



Yeah, well that's why a lot of

people aren't running this country.



You're drunk.



Listen, dennis. Let me tell you

something about the law.



The law is just a contract.



A contract between the rich

people who own everything,



and the poor people

who want to take it away.



And the contract says, if you break

the law and get away with it fine.



But if you break

the rules and get caught



you got to play by the rules

and pay the price.



It's no big moral thing.



You don't need an ideology

to knock over a liquor store.



Leave me alone.



And another thing...



if we do cauch up with the old man

i'm going to give him a piece of my mind.



Yeah, right.



What's that supposed to mean?



You wouldn't last seconds

with the old man.



- Oh, you don't think so, huh?

- He'd kick your ass.



The old man is a fool.

He was a great shortstop but he blew it.



- He was dedicated to a cause.

- He neglected his wife and children.



Well, nobody's perfect.



The old man's finished.

Out of date. He's a relic.



Just be quiet and go to sleep.



- I can't sleep.

- Why not?



I'm in pain.



- What?

- I got a broken heart, man.



- Bullshit.

- I do.



What happened?



I was set up.




Betrayed by the woman i love.



- Who, mom?

- No!



- Vera.

- Who's vera?



I don't want to talk about it.



- Suit yourself.

- You wanna see a picture of her?



- Wow, she's pretty.

- I would've done anything for her.



- Sorry.

- I just can't understand it.



- You'll get over it.

- No, dennis, i will not get over it.



- Yes, you will.

- Dennis, i love this woman.



- You've loved other women.

- Not like vera.



- Vera was special.

- Believe me, you'll get over it.



Yeah, you're right.




i'll get over it tomorrow.



- Now go to sleep.

- But i'm not gonna fall in love anymore.



- Fine.

- Women don't want you to love them.






the first good looking woman

i see...



i'm not gonna fall in love with her.

That will show her.



Yeah. The first good looking

blond woman i see...



i'm going to make her

fall in love with me.



I'll do everything right.



Be a little aloof at first.




seem sort of thoughtful, deep.



But possibly a bit dangerous, too.



Flatter her in little ways

but be modest myself.



They all fall for that shit.



Make her fall hopelessly

in love with me.



Yep. Mysterious,



thoughtful, deep, but modest.



Then i'm going to fuck her.



But i'm not going

to care about her.



To me she's going to be

another piece of ass.



Somebody else's little girl

who i'm going to treat like dirt



and make her beg for it, too.



I'm just going to use her up.

Have my way with her.



Like a little toy,

a little plaything.



And when i'm done...



i'm just going to throw her away.



Are you through?



I haven't even begun yet.



Go to sleep.



I can't sleep.

I'm in pain.



- What's up?

- Look.



You know, i've never

held a gun before.



Yeah, well, don't hold it too long.



Listen, you take that to a gun shop



and don't take anything less

than a hundred bucks for it.



- Okay?

- I'm going to take these tools.



What is that thing?



That's the blessed virgin, ned.



She's pretty, huh?



Not only is she pretty

but she's got a nice personality.



And she's the mother of god.



Can i keep it?



Be good to her,

and she'll be good to you.



- Thanks, bill.

- Don't mention it.



I wish i could be more like you.



- You don't wanna be like me.

- I mean you just get up and go.



You take charge of things.

You're your own man.



Ned, i don't even know

where i'm going.



But that's what life's about.



- The adventure, the not knowing.

- No, it isn't.



I want adventure.

I want romance.



Ned, there's no such thing

as adventure.



There's no such thing as romance.



- There's only trouble and desire.

- Trouble and desire?



That's right,

and the funny thing is



when you desire something

you immediately get in trouble,



and when you're in trouble

you don't desire anything at all.



- I see.

- It's impossible.



- It's ironic.

- It's a fucking tragedy, is what it is, ned.



- Listen, i got to go.

- So soon?



- Yeah.

- Will you be coming back?



That's hard to say.



Let me come with you!



- Come on, dennis. Hurry up.

- There's a story about a robbery.



I'll never forget you guys.



Kim, look out!



It's not loaded. Look.



Where did you get that weapon?



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



- What's this?

- It's the holy blessed virgin, you idiot.



- Bill gave it to me.

- Give it back.



- I can't. It's evidence.

- Evidence of what?



I don't know.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



There's nothing

but trouble and desire.



He wanted me to lie for him,

but i don't lie for anyone.



We were standing over there

by that fence.



I followed him out here

because he was so drunk.



I was afraid he might hurt himself.



It was so dark.



He started shooting

into the air, shouting.



He said he was going to kill me.



Somebody must have

heard the shots.



The police came racing

down the road here.



I remember

when he heard the sirens.



He threw the gun out this way.



But it might have been

the other field.



I can't remember.



       dollars worth

of computer equipment?



Hand me that wrench, will you?



That's a lot of money.



- It was a beautiful crime.

- How did you do it?



I sent vera up here to get

a job at that corporation.



This is like...

three months ago.



Back in maryland i even sent her

to computer training school.



And frank...

you don't know frank...



frank came up and started driving

for this particular trucking outfit.



I set myself up

as an independent contractor



selling computer software designs.



Sounds like a rough way

to make a living, bill.






I mean, who are

these people, frank, vera?



How can you be

in love with a woman



and not know she's the type of person

that will turn on you like that?



- She was beautiful.

- She was that beautiful?




Here, hold this.



- I was in love, i guess.

- You weren't in love.



You were thinking

with your prick.



What's the difference?



Seems okay.

Just unconscious.



Do you live around here?



Up the road a little.



- That girl epileptic?

- Excuse me?



Seems like epilepsy to me.



Oh, yeah. I think so, too.



I had a cousin like that.



Be fine for months

and then bang.



Not a lot you can do

about it, is there?



What do you do

with those fish guts?






She wants to plant trees.



Everything okay?






So you run this place

yourself, huh?






How about a beer?






- Where you guys from?

- Why?



I'm expecting someone and i don't know

if they're coming alone or not.



- We're from new york.

- On vacation?



We're looking for a place

called sagaponeck.



- What's in sagaponeck?

- A house my father once lived in.



If you guys need a place to stay,

there's that bungalow out there.



I wouldn't want to be

in the way or anything.



You wouldn't be.

I'd like you to stay.



- She's pretty, huh?

- You going to fuck her?



- Maybe.

- I think we should push on.



- Now?

- Yeah.



I'm tired.



I think i'm going

to rest for a while.



- Is this thing broken?

- Yeah, it's shot.



There's a gas station

up the road a few miles,



maybe we can get

some money for it.



Good idea.



- What are you doing?

- Looking for an address.



You know they organized that

book in alphabetical order.



Oh, i know. All i have is the number,

i don't know who i'm looking for.



You going to go through

the whole goddamn book?



There aren't many numbers in it.



Let me help you.



You work here?



No, i got a charter boat

down at the pier.



- You known kate long?

- I've known her for a while.



Her ex-husband jack,

he used to own this place,



but then he got in trouble

with the law.



When she divorced him

the judge gave the place to her.



Where's this guy now?



- Jack?

- Yeah.



In jail.



Came back a couple of years ago

threatening to kill or something.



- Really?

- Jack's nasty.



I mean he's my best friend

and all but shit, enough's enough.



What happened?



Somebody called the cops and they

came and dragged him out of here.



Then they found out he was wanted

for something in pennsylvania.






That's your brother out there?



- Yeah.

- Your older brother?



- Yeah.

- You do whatever he says.



- No, not always.

- He looks bossy.



- He's okay.

- He likes kate.



- You think so?

- Most men like kate.



- Do you?

- Yes, i do.



You ought to see her

in a bathing suit.



But she won't have

nothing to do with me.



She seems kind ofjumpy.



Jumpy women are great.



Yeah, well, i wouldn't

know about that.



No, i guess you wouldn't.



There you go.



See you later.



They don't move

by themselves, you know.



There's geometry involved.



Listen, i've been thinking...

you're right.



Maybe we should ditch

the bike somewhere.



Kate says we can stay on here

a couple extra days.



T. Mulligan.

Where did you find this?



The telephone book.



Maybe we can get her

to take us out there.



- Who?

- Kate.






- what?

- Nothing.



Look, you stay here.

I'll try to find it myself.



Don't be an idiot.

Could be miles away.



You don't know where you're going.

Six ball, corner pocket.



That is a stupid shot.



It's easy to make,

but it won't leave me anywhere.



Look, bill, you can have sex with every

woman between here and new york.



But it's not going to make

you feel any better about vera.



How do you know?



We're supposed to be

trying finding the old man.



And you're running aroung

trying to get laid.



We're supposed to be what?



No, you're the one trying to find

the old man. I couldn't give a shit.



Then why the hell

have you come all this way?



- Because you asked me to.

- Because you had nowhere else to go.



Look, i'm out here because mom

told me to keep an eye on you.



- Bullshit.

- It's true.



Look, i'm moving on.



Give me that address.



Look, go take care of

that motorcycle, will you?



Fuck you. I want to play pool.



You don't play pool,

you shoot pool.



- What's dennis study in school?

- Philosophy.



What do they grow

out here anywhy?



- Those are potatoes.

- Really?



Used to be all potato and

duck farms out this way years ago.



Used to be famous for that.



- For ducks?

- Yeah, ducks.



Ducks are funny animals.



I think the hockey team

is called the ducks.



- They have a hockey team?

- Yeah, i think so, the long island ducks.



I don't know, maybe it's soccer.

I'm from pittsburgh myself.



- Long island's a terminal moraine.

- It's a what?



It's the dirty dumped

by a glacier when it melts.



- Bon jour.

- What?



That's french.



- Out of gas?

- No, it's busted.



Qu'est ce que qui ne veut pas?



- You mean what's wrong with it?

- Vous parle le francais?



Un peu.



- Excuse me?

- Just a little.



Far out, man.



Far as i can tell,

the clutch is simply shot.



You'd have to leave it

a couple days.



I was thinking you might

want to buy it... cheap for parts.



- We'd have to talk to the boss about that.

- Is he here now?



Naw, he's getting divorced.

He'll be back later.



Can i leave it here

and come back when he returns?






I hate fire.



Don't worry about this.



When i look at something like this,

i can't help but wonder



if there were people sleeping

when it happended.



No, i'm sure no one was hurt.



- Really? How do you know?

- This was a professional job.



What do you mean?



It looks to me

like an insurance scam.



- Really? You think so?

- Yeah.



You can tell by the type of damage

what sort of fire it was.



This was an easy,

nobody-gets-hurt, professional insurance.



You seem to know a lot

about all this.



- I used to do it for a living.

- You were in the insurance business?



Well, yeah, sort of.



- Hi.

- Hello.



You want a cigarette?



Where is everyone?



Bill, left with kate.

They'll be back soon.



- Bill who?

- My brother.



- And who are you?

- I'm dennis.



My name is elina.



- How are you feeling?

- I'm feeling fine.



- We met up the road. You had a...

- yeah.



- I carried you back here.

- Thank you.



- It's okay.

- It's epilepsy.



I thought so.



Come inside.



I think you should know

about my husband.



- Husband?

- Ex-husband.



He was released from prison

a few days ago.



Prison, huh?



I just thought

i should say something.



I mean, to be perfectly honest,



i'm a little nervous about being alone

at the place right now.



That's why i invited you to stay.



Does he live around here?



No, he called yesterday

from someplace in pennsylvania.



What do i need to know?



Just that i appreciate your company.



And you and him, you don't

get along real well, huh?



No, we don't.



What's he like?



He's psychotic.



- Do you live here?

- No.



- Just visiting?

- Not really.



I see.



What about you?



- What about me?

- What are you doing here?



- I'm just passing through.

- That's pretty vague.



- What kind of an accent is that?

- Why?



- No reason.

- Rumanian.



Get down! Get down.



What the hell's

going on around here?



Go away from here!



You're going to ruin everything!



Why have you come?



- So tell me about yourself.

- Oh, there's nothing to tell.



That sounds mysterious.



I don't mean to sound that way.



You seem like a man

with a lot of experience.



- Do i?

- Yes.






Somehow very thoughtful.




- Do you have a cigarete?

- I don't smoke.



I'm not deep.



It's not that i'm

so very thoughtful either.



It's just, you know...

i'm tired.



You're being modest.



I think we should be heading back.



- Are you through here?

- Yeah, i'm all finished.



I want to dig up this tree.



- Why?

- I want to transplant it.



Are the broads interesting?



Yes, the broads are interesting.



Do i pay you sit around

talking french all day?



Is it a black chair?



- Move over.

- How did it go?



I'm a free man,

but i'm broke.



What the hell are you

learning french for anyway?



- It's a beautiful language.

- Yeah, well, so's navajo.



I got a date with the french

checkout girl at the deli.



- She ain't french.

- Sure she is.



- She is not. She's italian.

- No way.



She is.






What's that motorcycle

doing out there?



Some guy brought it in here earlier.

Wants to sell it to us.



- Does it run?

- Needs a new clutch assembly.



- Who was this guy anyway?

- I never seen him before.



- He have the registration for it?

- I didn't ask.



He didn't leave a phone

number or anything?



No, monsieur.



You idiot.

That motorcycle could be stolen.



- I don't think this guy was a thief.

- Why not?



- He didn't look like a thief.

- What was he like?



- He spoke french.

- Call in the license plate number.



And make sure it hasn't

been reported stolen.



- Oui, monsieur.

- And stop that.






- Can i do anything?

- No.



You know a lot about trees, huh?



No more than anybody else,

i suppose.



It's really just a hobby.



You know, i was reading

something, somewhere...



something about how...

something about, you know, how...



trees are important.



Yeah, i guess they are.



- They help the atmosphere.

- They help replenish the ozone layer.



That's it. The ozone layer.



Can you spread that burlap

out of the ground a little, please?



I guess it's not good to cut

down too many trees, huh?



No, i guess not.



I'm no scientist or anything.



Itjust relaxes me

to work with them.



That's what i need... a hobby.



Keeps me busy,

and i like that.



I didn't do one thing to make

you think you could do that!



Are you coming or what?



Merci, madame.



Yeah, that's it.

That's the motorcycle we're looking for.



See? What'd i tell you?



When the guy comes back here,

try to detain him.



- Detain him?

- Yeah.



- How?

- I don't know.



- Offer him a cup of coffee or something.

- And then what?



And then, you know... call me.



I'll come and arrest him, i guess.



In the meantime, this french sociopath

stabs me and mike to death.



- Fuck that, man.

- Oh, you want my job?



No, we don't want yourjob.

We just want a little protection.



- Protection?

- Yeah.



Protection? Certainly.



Assurance, security.






yeah, that too, i guess.



You want confidence.



A pledge... safety.



Guarantee... promises...

expectation... consideration...



sincerity... selflessness...




attraction... gentleness...




and understanding without words.



Dependence without resentment.



Affection... to belong...



possession... loss.



Hey, sheriff, is everything

okay at home?



Why do women exist?



- Well?

- Give me the cigarettes.



There's nothing there.



What do you mean?



Anything that was there burnt

to the ground recently.



There's noting left

but a pile of ashes.



You know what's going on

around here, don't you?



- I guess.

- We're being set up.



- What?

- These two...



kate and the other one...

they're lesbian lovers.



Yeah, that's it. Don't you see it?

I can't believe i didn't see it sooner.



And her husband, who's a psychopath,

is on his back here right now.



And he's probably plenty pissed off.



And i don't blame him.



That's why they want us

hanging around here...



you know, to give the impression

that there's nothing unnatural going on.



- Well, say something.

- What do you want me to say?



- Tell me i'm right.

- I don't know if you're right.



- Would you like to eat with us?

- Yeah, thank you.



- Can we give you a hand with anything?

- No, thank you.



I don't know if she prefers women or not,

but elina's definitely involved.



- Who's elina?

- The girl... the other one.



What the hell kind

of name is elina?



- Rumanian.

- Rumania?



- Weird, huh?

- Why is it weird?



- Have you ever met a rumanian?

- No.



- I think she's involved.

- With what?



With dad.



Dennis, pull yourself together.



- She slapped me.

- Who slapped you?



- Elina.

- Elina slapped you?



- Yeah.

- What'd you do to her?



- I didn't do anything to her.

- You didn't try and kiss her?



No, why would i do that?



I don't know.

She's kind of cute.



Look, that's not the point.

She slapped me because she knows who we are



and she's afraid we're going

to lead the cops to dad.



- She told you this?

- No, but it seems pretty clear to me.



Just because a girl slaps you

for making a pass at her



doesn't mean she's a member

of some terrorist organization.



I didn't make a pass at her.



Dennis, the only clue you have

to dad is a burnt-down house.



Give it up. He's gone. Either that or he

went up in smoke with the house.



There's more.

Somebody drove up in a car



and they were looking

around the place.



- Was it the police?

- Couldn't see who it was.



- Did they see you?

- No. We were hiding.



- You and elina were hiding?

- Yeah.



- What the hell was she hiding for?

- That's what i'm trying to tell you.



Elina was hiding for some reason,



and i think it's because she's

involved with dad somehow.



If it was the cops, they're

probably looking for me, not dad.



I didn't think of that.



Come on, let's go eat.



Not much business here, is there?



It's the end of the seson.



I see.



- This is good food.

- Will you shut up and eat?



Elina, you can sleep on the couch

upstairs if you want.



Bill and dennis are going

to spend the night in the bungalow.



Thank you.

That will be fine.



What do you say?

You want to go?



- No.

- I think we should split right away.



I want to find out

what elina knows.



I'm afraid of what went

down back there with ned.



Then it's better that

you stay here, isn't it?



- This isn't a good place for me to stay.

- Why not?



Cause if i don't leave right now,

i might not leave.



I though you said

she was a lesbian.



I was pissed off.

I lost my head.



I think she likes you.



- You do?

- Definitely.



Look, i'm sorry.



I didn't slap you

because you kissed me.



I slapped you because

you thought i couldn't refuse.



I kissed you because

i couldn't help myself.



If you kiss me now,

i promise i won't hit you.



Leave me alone.



Look, i don't mean any harm.

I just want to talk.



Go talk to someone else.



Do you know who i am?



Come on. Do you know

who me and my brother are?






Do you know my father?






Do you know where he is?



- No.

- Why are you afraid of me?



I'm not afraid of you.



You know what i mean.



I'm afraid you'll ruin everything.



Ruin what, his escape?



You can't stay in there forever.



Go away.



I think something

must have happened.



You mean, you think

something went wrong?



I don't know.

I'm only supposed to wait here.



For him?



Either for him or someone else

who will take me to him.



But he should have

been here by now.



He's done it again.

He's left me behind.



Excuse me for asking,



but are you and my father,

you know, close?






- How close?

- Vey close.



You mean, you're his girlfriend?



Have you got something

to say about that?



Just the man's

nearly    years old.



You and your brother both put together

will never be the man

your father is.



Maybe not.



- Listen, you got to help me see him.

- Please don't ask me to do that.



I won't ruin anything.

I just want to talk to him.



It's too late for that.



And besides, he's probaly gone.



- What was supposed to happen?

- When?



- When he got here.

- We were going to leave the country.



- How?

- I don't know.



At first i thought you must

be the person who'd take me to bill.



- You call my father bill?

- What am i supposed to call him?



Even my mother calls him wiliam.



Listen, i didn't mean anything by that.

I'm sorry, really.



He's not coming. I know it.



He's left me behind.

I know he has.



Oh, hey, come on. He wouldn't do that.

He'll be here. He will.



How do you know?

You don't even know the man.



I know he's a man of his word,

and i know he believes in things.



He's a womanizer.



Yeah, well...



he wouldn't leave a woman

as attractive as yourself behind.



You're a womanizer, too, then.



I'm just trying

to make you feel good.



Thank you.



I can't stand the quiet!



Madonna exploit her

sexuality on her own terms.



What does it mean to exploit

your sexuality on your own terms?



It means you name the price.



Madonna is a successful

business person.



I like old-fashioned,

straight-ahead rock'n'roll.



She sings okay.



The representation of

female sexuality



that she offers is of strength

and self-determination.



I don't listen to much

new popular music myself.



Love songs are usually

about weakness.



You can learn a lot about love

from popular music.



Is there a difference between exploiting

your own body for profit



and having someone else

exploit for you?



Everyone is involved with exploitation...

the person whose body it is,



the salesperson, and the audience

that's entertained.



The significant distinction

is who earns more money,



the exploited body

or the salesperson?



- And what about the audience?

- What about them.



The nature of exploitation

never improves. It only changes.



Where did you read that?



Is is a feminist achievement

for a woman to maintain



such control over her own career?



I thought we were

talking about music.



Exploitation of sexuality

has achieved a new... respectability



because some of those women

whose bodies are being exploited



have gained control

over that exploitation.



- They earn more money.

- They call the shots.



- They're not thought of as victims.

- Lf they earn most of the money, no.



They probably don't think of

themselves as victims, either.



- What about the audience?

- What about them?



Hendrix, clapton,

allman brothers, zeppelin, tull,



bto, stones,

grand funk railroad,



james gang, t. Rex, mc  skynyrd,



lesley west, blackmore,

the who... the old who...



ten years after, santana, thin lizzy,



aerosmith, hot 'fucking' tuna.



After a while, i'm going to plant

all different kinds of trees...



eucalyptus... olive trees...



japanese maples... mimosa.



All different kinds of trees.



You shouldn't drink so much.



- I guess not.

- Here. Drink this.



- What is it?

- Water.



- You shouldn't do that.

- Why not?



Because i'm your father's girlfriend.



My father's a womanizer.

He's a married man, and he stood you up.



You have no respect for your father.



I don't know him.



Bud i respect his taste in women.



So then go make love

to your mother.



- Pretty woman.

- She's got principles.



Principled pretty woman.



Kate ain't told a lie

in her whole life.



- Have you known her long?

- For a while.



Used to work with her ex-husband.



You mean the angry, dangerous,

psychotic ex-husband?



Now just hold on.

Jack may be dangerous,



he may even be psychotic,

but i don't think he's angry.



- How long have they been divorced?

- Why, you're looking for a wife?



I was just wondering.



  and  /  years maybe.



- She been alone all that time?

- I proposed to her.






As soon as i knew jack was safely

behind bars, yeah, i jumped at it.



You snake.



She won't have nothing

to do with me, though.



No, huh?



Sometimes i think she just don't like men.



Bullshit. She likes me.



- Oh, yeah, i bet all the girls like you.

- What's that supposed to mean?



- I got to go.

- No.



- I get too emotional

when i drink.

- Have another beer.



I've got to get up early.



- No, you don't. Sit down.

- I get too emotional when i drink.



- Will you have another beer?

- I've got to go!



- Why?

- I got to get up early in the morning.



- You're drunk.

- And emotional!



- You got to go.

- Why?



- You got to get up early in the morning.

- Yeah, you're right.



- Here. Have another drink.

- No. I got to get up early, too.



No, you don't. Sit down.

Have a drink.



Go on, get out of here.



What time is it?



It's almost morning.



I'm glad you stayed.



Is it true you never told a lie?



No. I've told plenty of lies.






Because i thought they would

make things easier.



- And they didn't?

- No. They just made things worse.



You should probably go back up

to the house and get some sleep.



I want to sleep alone tonight.



- Okay.

- I don't want to lead you on.



You're not.



How long will you stay?



I'm going to spend

the rest of my life here.



- Really?

- With you.



- You seem pretty confident about that.

- I am.



- I hardly know you.

- Oh, you'll get to know me in time.



I'm going to dig up that field

and plant every tree you can name.



I'll work all day,

bartend at night.



You're notjust trying

to impress me, are you?



I know what i want

when i see it.



Do you always

get what you want?



- Usually.

- Really? Everything?



Well, not always.



Life gets easier when you realize

you can't have everything.



- You can't?

- No.



What can you have?



I think you can have

what you want or what you need,



but you can't have both... usually.



- Unless you're very lucky.

- Or very smart.



I guess i'm not

very lucky or smart.



Everything's different now.



Other men have loved me, you know.



I figured as much.



- And i've loved them, too.

- It's only natural.



And all of those men

have gone out of my life.



- What do you think that is?

- Because they weren't me.



And who are you?



I'm the man who's

going to make you happy.



That's very romantic.



Be good to her,

and she'll be good to you.



Are you sure you're not

just trying to seduce me?



It's you who have seduced me.



We'll see.



- You okay?

- Yeah.



- Where's elina?

- She went to bed.



- She tell you anything?

- Plenty.



- Yeah, like what?

- She's dad's girlfriend.



- Bullshit.

- It's true.



She loves him even though

he stood her up and left her behind.



- Was he supposed to meet her?

- Yeah.



- Here?

- Yeah.



That bastard.



- What was that?

- What?






Listen, dennis...



i'm going to stay here with kate.



- You mean for good?

- Yeah.



What will you do?



I'll run this tree farm

over here she wants to start.



- A nursery?

- Yeah, a nursery.



- I'd be good at that.

- You'd give up crime?



Crime isn't a way of life for me.



It's a knowledge.



It's an intelligence about things

that i've been able to capitalize on.



But, yeah, i'll give it up.



- It's just the breeze.

- I thought i heard footsteps.



It's nothing, i guess.



Give me that.






- What is that?

- Fertilizer.



- What happened?

- We thought we heard something.



Yeah. Me, too.



It's him.

I know it's him.



Don't panic. Me and dennis

will stay up until daylight.



- Where's elina?

- She's asleep on the couch.



No, she's not.



- It's him.

- It's who?



- It's jack.

- No, it's dad.



- Whose dad?

- Our dad.



- What?

- Kate, what does tara mean?



- Tara?

- T-a-r-a.



That's the name of martin's boat.



Dennis, just let him go.



No way, not after

i've gotten this close.



He must've know you're here

and didn't want to see you.



This isn't about what he wants,

it's about what i want.



- Who do you think you are?

- I'm your son.



- How old are you, dennis?




keep your hands off my woman, you got that?



- Okay.

- Okay, we're even. Want some coffee?









- What?

- He's here.



- Who is?

- Jack.



I just came back

to get my leatherjacket.



I'm cold.



We do not know when

the revolution will triumph.



We do not know when

the revolution will triumph.



But we know that

the revolution is with us.



But we know that

the revolution is with us.



And there is no doubt that

if the revolution is crushed...



and there is no doubt that

if the revolution is crushed...



it will be crushed because on this occasion,

we have been defeated.



It will be crushed because on

this occasion, we have been defeated.



And never because we have

found it useful to compromise.



And never because we have

found it useful to compromise.



Listen, dad...



i was wonder...

could we talk?



Sit still, dennis.



- "We will have on events..."

- we will have on events...



- "the kind of influence..."

- the kind of influence...



which will reflect

our numerical strength...



which will reflect

our numerical strength...



- "our energy..."

- our energy...



- "our intelligence..."

- our intelligence...



- "and our intransigence."

- And our intransigence.



- "Even if we are defeated..."

- even if we are defeated...



- we will have perfumed

a worthy task...

- we will have perfumed

a worthy task...



- "for human progress is measured..."

- for human progress is measured...



by the persistence

and regeneration...



by the persistence

and regeneration...



- "of selflessness..."

- of selflessness...



- "and a willingness..."

- and a willingness.



To see beyond the limits

of our own time.



To see beyond the limits

of our own time.



And if today we fall

without compromising...



and if today we fall

without compromising...



we can be sure

of victory tomorrow.



We can be sure

of victory tomorrow.




did you bomb the pentagon?






You heard me. Are you responsible

for the bombing in '  ?



Why do you want to know that?



I need to know if my father's

a premeditated murderer.



- Is that why you've come looking for me?

- Yes.



Dennis, you impress me

more and more by the minute.



You haven't answered my question.



- No.

- No what?



- No, i didn't.

- No, you didn't plant the bomb?



That's right.



- You know who did?

- No.



But even if i did know,

i wouldn't have told.



So you've been in hiding

all this time for nothing.



I'm good at it.






- Good morning.

- Bonjour.



So, is your boss interested

in buying the motorcycle?



- Not really.

- How much wil he give me?



- Not much.

- How much?



-    bucks maybe.

-    bucks? That's plenty.



You'll get a lot more

somewhere else.



- Is he inside?

- Can you come back tomorrow?



- I've got to leave today.

- He's in real a bad mood.



I'll take half that much.



- Hold it right there, pal.

- What is this?



Vic, you never told me

you were packing a rod.



- What have you done to kate?

- I haven't done anything to kate.



That's her car, isn't it?



I just borrow it.



The motorcycle was given to us.



- Right. The way you borrowed that motorcycle.

- To us?



- To me.

- You said us?



- I don't have to talk to you.

- Shut up and sit down.



- Go ahead and call her.

- Call who?



Call kate.



She'll tell you

she lent me the car.



- Hey, is that jack?

- I hope not.



I think it is.



- Is that jack?

- Go outside.



- But, kate...

- go on.



- Dennis, what's going on?

- I'm not sure.



We can't let him go, kate.

The sheriff's on his way over.



- What has he done?

- He stole that motorcycle



and he was involved in some big

robbery the day before yesterday.



- It's right here in the paper.

- Get out of here.



- Is that true?

- No.



- I'm going to go get bill.

- No. Don't let bill come down here.



- Why?

- Just don't.



Listen, i'm sorry about this.



- Can i do anything?

- Yes.






Help bill, get away

to martin's boat.



I can't do that.



Please. Just do it.

Our father's there waiting for him.



- Is your father a criminal, too?

- No, he's a baseball player.



- Morning, sheriff.

- Yeah, right. Give me some coffee.



You the suspect?



- Yes.

- What's your name?






I don't know.



I don't know anybody

to blame but myself.



I mean, right from the start,

it was a painful, unsatisfying relationship.



I'm sorry.






is sad.



- Thanks for breakfast.

- It's okay.



- Take care of yourself.

- I will.



What happened?



Why are all the men

in my life criminal?



- Where's dennis? -he's been arrested.



- For what?

- For your crimes, no doubt.



Kate, i was going

to tell you everything.



- Yeah? When?

- In time.



- You lied to me.

- I never lied to you.



You should leave now.

The cops will be here soon.



I don't want to leave.



Your father's at martin's boat.

They'll take you.



- Take me where?

- I don't know.



- I got to go get dennis.

- No.



He said not to.

He wants you to go with your father.



Kate, they've got nothing on me

if you tell them



i've been here

for the past three days.



You want me to lie for you?






I won't lie for you.



- I thought you wanted me to stay.

- I do. I really do.



But i won't lie for you.



- I'm sorry.

- Don't be.



- Hello, kate.

- Hello, sheriff.



Kate, i understand

you know the young man



we're holding over at vic's garage?






How long have you known him?



Since yesterday.



We believe he's traveling

with another man.



Have you seen him with another man?



- Yes.

- When?



Early this morning.









- Can you be a little more specific?

- Yes.



Kate, this man we're dealing with

is quite possibly a dangerous criminal.



How do you know?



What do you mean how do i know?



What is it that makes

a man dangerous anyway?



Look, i'm asking

the questions here, okay?



Well, i guess i don't

have any choice, do i?



That's right, you don't.



Now, look, where exactly

did you see these two men together last?



- In the street.

- This street.






Do you know where this

other man is now?






- Where's jack?

- He left.



- Where's he go?

- Florida.



- This other man go with him?

- No.



Mind if we search the premises?



You'll have to get a warrant.



Now what?



Can i have your car keys?



Maybe they won't come back.



- They'll come back.

- Maybe they won't ask any questions.



They'll ask questions.



Kate, look, i know life is just one

endless quagmire of futility,



broken dreams, and smashed hopes.



You're not doing yourself

any good covering up for this guy.



You give your heart and soul to people,

and they just stomp it to pieces.



Love, affection, consideration,

these things are myths



invented in a torture chamber...



a torture chamber in hell.



What do we know

about another person anyway?



They have their own needs

and wants.



Their own passionate

and perverse dreams.



Falling in love is like sticking

an ice pick in your forehead,



but we keep doing it.



We hurt ourselves into the cauldron

of passion. The bottomless pit of desire.



Don't move.


Special help by SergeiK