Sin City Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sin City script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Robert Rodriguez starring Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Benicio Del Toro, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Sin City. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Sin City Script

She shivers in the wind like the last leaf on a dying tree

I let her hear my footsteps

She only goes stiff for a moment

Care for a smoke?

Sure. I'll take one

Are you as bored by that crowd as I am?

I didn't come here for the party

I came here for you

I've watched you for days

You're everything a man could ever want

It's just not your face

Your... figure

Or your voice

It's your eyes

All the things I see in your eyes

What is it you see in my eyes?

I see a crazy calm

You're sick of running

You're ready to face what you have to face

But you don't want to face it alone


I don't want to face it alone

The wind rises electric

She's soft and warm and almost weightless

Her perfume is sweet promise that brings tears to my eyes

I tell her that everything will be alright

That I'll save her from whatever she's scared of and take her far far away

I tell her... I love her

The silencer makes a whisper of the gunshot

I hold her close until she's gone

I'll never know what she's running from

I'll cash her check in the morning

Just  hour to go. My last day on the job

Early retirement. Not my idea

Doctor's orders. Heart condition

"Angina", he calls it

I'm polishing my badge and getting myself used to the idea of saying "Goodbye" to it

It and the  years of protecting and serving and tears and...

blood and terror, triumph that represents

I'm thinking of Aileen's slow smile

about the thick fat steak she picked up at the butcher's today

I'm thinking about the one loose end I haven't tied up

A young girl who's out there somewhere

helpless in the hands of a drooling lunatic

Damnit, Hartigan

I won't let you do this, you're going to get yourself killed

You're going to get us both killed

I won't let you. I'm warning you

Let go of my coat, Bob

You're draggin me down with you. I'm your partner

They can kill me too. I ain't putting up with that

I'm getting on the horn and calling for backup

Sure, Bob. We'll just wait

Sit on our ass while that sick Rourk brat gets his sick thrills with victim number 

Victim number 

Nancy Callahan, age 

And she'll be raped and slashed to ribbons

and that backup that we're waiting on

will just so happen to show up just late enough

for Rourk to get back to his U.S. Senator daddy

Take a deep breath, Hartigan

Settle down and think straight

You're pushing  and you got a bum ticker

You ain't saving anyone

Got a great attitude, Bob

Real credit to the force, you are

Aileen's home waiting for you. Think about Aileen

Heck, Bob

Maybe you are right

I'm glad to hear you're finally talking sense

Hell of way to end a partnership

Hell of a way to start my retirement

Nancy Callahan, age 

For all I know, she's dead already

You've been a very good, Nancy

You've been very quiet

Don't be scared

We're going to be taking you home really soon

But first, we're going to introduce you to somebody

He's a very nice man

Half way to the warehouse where Weevil said they took her and it hits

Wicked spot of indegestion

At least that's what I pray it is

I seek only the most lighthearted and momentary degression

The briefest indulgement in automotive pleasure

...for cheap thrills. Such shortlived durability, Mr. Shlubb

You would risk engendering an ill will on the part of our employers

Burt Shlubb and Douglass Klump

 any-job-there-is thugs with dellusions of eloquance

This Jaguar you so pinheadedly covet

temporarily remanded to our customer, though it may be

remains the property of the son of Senator Rourk

Got to keep this quiet

Take them down fast

A single dent, the mearest scratch, thereupon on the before

mentioned consequences of which I so recently made mention

shall surely be afford us

Catch your breath. Give your heart time to slow down

But it won't slow down

Get over it

She needs you

We're all done here, Benny

Let's give them some time together

Give them some privacy

Be with you in a minute, Lenny

I'm just making sure they get along really well

What kind of beast couldn't get along with a precious little girl like this

You must be awfully scared now

But you got nothing to be scared of

All we're going to do is have a nice little talk

That's all. Just a nice talk, just you and me

Don't you cry now

Doctor said it'd be like this

Just take the pill he gave you

No need to play it quiet. Not anymore

Breath steady old man. Prove you're not completely useless

What the hell. Go out with a bang

He likes to hear them scream

I've seen his victims and their twisted little faces

all wide-mouthed and bug-eyed

frozen in their last horrible moment of living

No screams. Either I'm just in time or I'm way too late

It's nothing. Barely a flesh wound

On your feet, old man


Give it up

Let the girl go

You can't do a goddamn thing to me, Hartigan

You know who I am

You know who my father is

You can't touch me, you piece-of-shit cop

Look at you. You can't even lift that cannon you're carrying

Sure I can

Cover your eyes, Nancy

I don't want you watching this

I mean it baby. Cover your eyes right now

I take his weapons away

Both of them

Hell of a way to end a partnership

For God's sakes, don't make it any worse

Don't make me kill you

I'm doing fine, Bob

Never better

Ready to kick your ass

Keep it talking

By time, just a few more minutes. Just until backup gets here

Sit down and stay down

I'll kill you if I have to

Keep his mind off the girl

Skinny little Nancy

Can't kill her once the backup gets here

Run home, Nancy. Run for your life

Hey. Don't listen to him, he's a crazy man

A tough man you are, huh?

You stay right where you're at

You shoot your partner in the back

then you try to scare a little girl

Later, I'll pull my spare rod. Plug you a couple times. Show you how it's done

We could've worked something out, but you've blown that

Sit down or I'll blast you in half

You're so slow, you'll never stop me

Sit down

You'll never be able to stop me

I finally sit down, just like you told me to

The sirens are close now. She'll be safe

Things go dark. I don't mind much

Getting sleepy. It's OK

She'll be safe

An old man dies. Little girl lives

Fair trade


The night is hot as hell

It's a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town

I'm staring at a goddess

She's telling me she wants me

I'm not going to waste one more second wondering how I've gotten so lucky

I want you

She smells like angels ought to smell

The perfect woman

The goddess

I need you


She says her name is Goldie

 hours later and my head's feeling several sizes too big

and that cold thing happens to my stomach

and I realize Goldie is dead

Not a mark on her

You'd have to check her pulse to notice those perfect breasts

of hers aren't moving like they would if she was breathing

She was murdered and I was right here when it happened

Lying next to her

stone drunk, just like she was

Damnit Goldie. Who are you and who wanted you dead?

Who are you besides an angel of mercy giving a -time loser like me the night of his life

It sure wasn't my looks

So why the sleazy salloon

Why the kindest Goldie

The cops

They're telling me too much

Showing up before anybody but me and the killer could know there's been a murder

Somebody paid good money for this frame

No reason at all to play it quiet

No reason to play it any way but my way

Whoever killed you is going to pay, Goldie

Open up. Police

I'll be right out

I don't know why you died, Goldie

I don't know why and I don't know how. I never even met you before tonight

But you were a friend and more when I needed one

And when I found out who did it

it won't be quick and quiet like it was with you

It'll be loud and nasty. My kind of kill

And when his eyes go dead, the Hell I send him to will seem like Heaven after what I've done to him

I love you Goldie


Don't worry, Lucille. I was just grazed

Got any beers around this place?

No way I'm giving you any alcohol

Besides, it's not what you came here for anyway, is it


Go ahead. It work's without them

Thanks. You're the best

Lucille's my parole officer. She's a dyke, but God knows why

With that body of her's, she could have any man she wants

The pills come from a girlfriend who's a shrink

She tried to analyze me once, but she got too scared

Haven't seen you like this in awhile

Had a fight with some cops

Didn't happen to kill any of them, did you?

Not that I know of

But they know they've been in a fight, that's for damn sure

How the hell do you suppose I'm going to square this with the board

There ain't no squaring it, not this time

This isn't some bar room brawl

or some creep with a gas can trying to torch someone

Hey hey, this is big

Settle down, Marv. Take another pill

Hey, there isn't no settling down

This is blood for blood and by the gallons

This is the old day, and the bad days, the all or nothing days. They're back

There's no choices left

And I'm ready for war

Prison was hell for you Marv. It's going to be life this time

How's waking up every goddamn day and not even knowing why you're here

But I'm out now

It took somebody who was kind to me. Getting killed to do it

But I'm out

I know exactly what I got to do

So you were scared, weren't you Goldie

Somebody wanted you dead and you knew it

So you hit the salloons, the bad places

Looking for the biggest meanest lug around, and finding me

Well I'm going to find that son of a bitch that killed you

and I'm going to give him the hard good-bye

Walk down the right back alley in sin city

and you can find anything

That coat looks like ???

serves your face

Take off

He's new here, Marv. He didn't know

Katie's my kind of joint

Nancy's just getting started with her gig, but already the crowd's breathing hard

Plenty of nights I've drooled over Nancy

shoulder to shoulder with all the other losers like me

But that's not what I'm looking for tonight

What'll it be, Marv?

A shot and a brew, Shellie, and keep it coming

Sure, honey. You take it slow now

Most people think Marv is crazy

He just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century

He'd be right at home on some ancient battlefield, swinging an axe into somebody's face

Or in a Roman arena taking a sword to other Gladiators like him

They'd have tossed him girls like Nancy back then

Show's over, dickwad

Drink up

Now that's one fine-looking coat you're wearing there

You're killing days are over, you over-the-hill do-gooder son of a bitch

I love hitmen. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad

Take it off


Fine coat like that, and you're bleeding all over it

Alright, it's all yours

Who was it you loosers who killed Goldie?

The guy who did that ... he knew what he was doing

So tell me, man, who sent you?

I don't hear you giving me any names

So I guess when I shot you in the belly, I aimed a little too high

You keep holding out on me like this, and I'm going to have to get really nasty

It's Telly. Telly Stern... passed me the order

He runs the tables over at the Triple Ace Club

Thanks again

Now the damnedest thing happens

For a second I smell the angel's smell that belonged to my Goldie

Just need my medicing is all


You're going to pay for what you did to me

You like talking, Louie? How many got paid off for the frame, Louie?

How many for the kill?

It was Connely. He set me up

He'll never talk

I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball

Connely talks. They all talk

And what have been your sins, my son?

Well, Padre. I don't want to keep you up all night, so I'll just fill you in on the latest batch

These here hands of mine, they got blood all over them

You're speaking... figuratively

I need to find something out, I just go out and

look for somebody that knows more than me and I go and I ask them

Sometimes, I ask pretty hard

That way, for instance, in fact, I killed  men tonight

totured them first

you might say I've been working my way up the food chain

First  are minnows, small time messengers

But it was Connely. They money man who fingered you, Padre

Dear Lord, Marv. This is a House of God

Just give me a damn name


You really are pushing your luck, Padre, feeding me garbage like that

It can't be that big

There's a farm out North Cross and Lennox

It's all there

Find out for yourself. While you're at it, ask yourself...

If that corpse of a slut is worth dying for

Worth dying for. Worth killing for. Worth going to hell for


These keys say the Padre drove a Mercedes

Or at least that's what they're passing off as a Mercedes these days

Modern cars. They all look like electric shavers



That couldn't be Goldie

It's my own fault, and nobody elses, that I got confused

I've been having so much fun I forgot to take my medicine

That wasn't Goldie back there. Goldie's dead

And that's the whole reason I've been doing what I've been doing

When you got a condition, it's bad to forget your medicine

The cold thing, it creeps into my gut and tells me one more time it won't let go

This is a bad place, this farm. People have died here

The wrong way

I don't want to fight, pooch

I got no gripe with you

Easy boy

No way I was going to use my gun on you, buddy

It's whoever owns you, I'm curious about

Because there's blood on your breath, and I think I know what kind

So I sniff around to see what's burried

Here we go

Impossible. Nobody can sneak up on me

I go blind. Not a sound. Nobody's that quiet

Nobody except the one who snuck in that hotel room  nights ago

It was you, you bastard. You killed her. You killed Goldie. It was...

I blew it, Goldie. I found your killer, but he was better than me

Too quiet. Too quick. A killer born

Why didn't he finish the job?

He keeps the heads

He eats the rest


It's not just that wolf of his

The wolfs just get scraps

Bones. It's him

He eats... people

He cooks them like they were steaks

Let's get you warm

Just like they were steaks

Now he's got both of us

It's alright. Take a nice slow breath

Just look at the heads on the wall

Heads on the wall. The heads on the...

Son of a bitch. He kept smiling that damn smile

made me watch him... suck the meat off my fingers

He made me watch. He made me watch!

Christ, I could use a cigarette

Dames. Sometimes all they got to do is let it out

and a few buckets later, there's no way you'd know

You brought us some big trouble this time, Marv

Whoever's behind this little thing, has his connections right in the department

Any leads?

Whoever it is, he knew I was checking out that hooker almost before I did

What hooker?

The one you've been obsessing over. The dead one. Goldie

I didn't know she was a hooker

It doesn't make any difference about anything

But I didn't know that

She was high class stuff

She must've shown you quite a time

Wait. There's a car coming


All I've got is a face... and a name

I'll see you later, Kevin

Let's go

They've done checking the house. They're coming this way

Bastards, I'll show them

You're not going to get any of us killed, Marv

No, don't shoot. Please, listen to me. I'm his parole officer

He's unconscious and unarmed. So there's no need to kill him

Captain. The target. There's no sign of him

Here's a sign

That there is one damn fine coat you're wearing

I keep coming back to that cop I just killed and what he told me

I was pretty steamed about what he'd done to Lucille

So I took my time with that son of a bitch

It wasn't until I showed him all those pieces of himself that he said... just a name

Patrick Henry Roark. Man of the cloth

He could've become President, but he chose to serve God

And along the way, he just happen to become the most powerful man of the State

He's brought down mayors and governors like they were nothing

He even made his rotten brother a U.S. Senator without breaking a sweat

And here he's going to get killed in the name of a dead hooker

I'm getting used to the idea. More and more, I'm liking the sound of it

Then it hits me like a kick in the nuts

What if I'm wrong?

I've got a condition

I get confused sometimes

And with Lucille dead, I can't get my medicine

What if I've imagined all of this

What if finally turn into what they've always said I was going to turn into

A maniac

A psychokiller

Can't kill a man without knowing for sure you ought to

I've got to know for sure

The merchandise is on display, by the time I make my way to Old Town

For an hour or so, I ask around about Goldie

I don't get any answers, but I know I'm bound to

Lucille said Goldie was a hooker

And if she was, she has roots here. Friends, maybe even family

You can't be Goldie. Goldie's dead

Goldie. Yeah, sure, right.

I haven't eaten anything or taken my medicine for days now

No wonder I'm seeing things


He's crazy

Hit him again, Wendy... harder

Wait a minute. Why did she call you Wendie?

Because that's my name, you ape

Goldie was my sister

My twin sister

I guess she was the nice one

Goldie and the other . Where are they? What did you do to them?

You crazy goddamn broad. Just take a look at this mug.

Would any of you dames let me get close enough to you to kill you?

None of you would. But Goldie...

And only she did because she thought I could protect her

And I'll bet those cops didn't do a damn thing about those other girls tonight

But as soon as they hit me for a fall guy, they showed up, guns blazing

But they didn't get me

And I've been killing my way to the truth ever since

So go ahead doll... shoot me now. Or get the hell out my way


OK, I better be getting all that sorted out

What the hell?

I tied those knots. That's my specialty

You sat there and took it, when you could've taken my gun away from me anytime you wanted to

Well, sure. I thought I might be able to talk some sense into you

And I probably would've had to paste you one

And I don't hurt girls

We need a pair of handcuffs

What style you want? I got a collection

Just give him the ones you got with you, Gail

It was a farmboy named Kevin who killed Goldie

But it was Cardinal Roark who was behind him and I don't know why

I know that sounds crazy

No it doesn't

Goldie worked the Clergy

Just like that, a whopper of a puzzle piece falls smack in my lap

I'm too dumb to put the whole picture together yet, but...

she fires up  cigarettes and hands me one and i taste her lipstick on it

and suddenly my heart's pounding so loud I can't hear anything else

I wanna reach over and touch her and taste Goldie's sweat  more time

but she isn't Goldie

Yeah, yeah, this'll do

I'm also going to be needing a dozen -foot lengths of

This rubber tubing

And a spool of razor wire

A pair of those special gloves that'll... let me handle the wire

Beefing up the old home security, huh?

You bet your ass

She was my sister

So I'm in this one to the end

But why are you willing to go up against Roark for someone you barely know

She was nice to me. Gave me something I didn't even know existed

I wasn't never even able to... buy a woman. Yeah, the way I look

I take my mind off her and I crawl back inside myself

It's almost killing time, and I better get sharp

I check the list

Rubber tubing





Razor wire



And my mits

We're close enough. Pull over

Yes, Marv

Keep the engine running

If I'm not back in  minutes, you get the hell out of here. Don't look back

Kill him for me, Marv

Kill him good

I won't let you down

Heading downstairs to the kitchen. Getting himself a midnight snack

And I can guess what kind

Come on, you son of a bitch

Damn, he's slick

Is that the best you can do, creep?

That's right. Get personal, get close. I can take it

I got you, you little bastard. Let's see you hop around now

I try to slow my heart down and breath the fire out of my lungs

My muscles make me a  promises of pain to come

Let me do it, Marv

She was my sister, let me finish him

You wasn't supposed to come down here, Wendy

Oh, but I wanted to ki...

I'm sorry kid, but I haven't even started with this creep

and I don't want you watching the rest

it'll give you nightmares

God, I got to tell you, I'm good and bushed

It's not that fight of our that did me in either

It's all that sawing and tying

It's not as easy as it looks

It could've been a real mess around here if I didn't have that tubing for... turniquettes

I got to admit... there was a spurt or 

You get the scent in the air. To get that friend of yours to come running

Well, what do you know. Look who's here

Here he comes

That's a good dog

He doesn't scream. Not even when the mutt's had its fill

and Kevin's guts are lying all over the place

but somehow the bastard is still alive, still staring at me

Not even when I grab the saw and finish the job

He never screams

I put in a call to Katie's and ask Nancy to get her clothes on and meet me at her place

She say's "Yes" like always

Hey, Nancy. You got any beers?

Sure, Marv. Who's the babe?

There isn't much of anything Nancy wouldn't do for me

not since a year back when her frat boy roughed her up and I straightened him out but good

it really gets my goat when guys rough up dames

So what do you want me to do with her?

Well, your best bet is... drive her all the way up to Sacred Oaks

What about you? Are you leaving town?

Hell no. I like it here

I hotwire a parked cab and stay under the speed limit so as not to get any attention

My head starts to clear, and things start to make sense

I owe you, Goldie. I owe you  and I'm going to pay up

So going after Roark means dying, win, or lose?

Hell, I'll die laughing if I know I've done this one thing right

Quiet as a grave out here. No sign of target

Alright, keep a lookout


What's left of him, anyways

The dog ate the rest

Oh, my God

You monster

You... demon

Don't scream of I'll plug you

He had the voice... of an angel

Yet he spoke only to me

And he's dead now because of  stupid whore

It's not a real good idea for you to talk about Goldie that way... while I'm around

When he came to me

He was a tormented boy

Tormented by guilt

I tried to council him

But the eating. It filled him with white light

tearful, he swore to me that he felt the touch of God almighty

What the hell do you know?

I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people

He didn't just eat their bodies. He ate their souls

And I joined in

They were all whores

Nobody cared for them

Nobody'd miss them

And then your... Goldie almost ruined everything

She stayed in public places. And then with you...

You were so convenient. You'd broken man's jaw that very night

Who would believe a thug like you?

Kevin killed her

I ordered the police in for you. But you wouldn't be caught

You wouldn't stop. And now he's dead and you're here too

Eliminate me

Will that give you satisfaction, my son?

Killing a helpless, old fart

The killing, no. No satisfaction

Everything up until the killing... will be a gas

Kevin. We're going home

You could scream now if you want to

It's beautiful, Goldie. It's just like I promised, only better

And when his eyes go dead, the Hell I send him to must seem like Heaven after what I've done to him

Freeze! Oh my God

Jerks. They should've shot me in the head, and enough times to make sure

It's so stupid. Everybody knows what's coming

but they go through the motions anyway, what a waste of time

Month's fall off the calandar while I breath and eat through tubes

Night after night I wait for someone to come and finish me off

After awhile I realize it's not going to be so easy as that

I'm on my feet for about  minutes before the cops kick them out from under me

They don't ask me any questions

They just keep knocking the crap out of me and waving a confession in my face

and I keep spitting blood all over it and laughing at how many fresh copies they come up with

then along comes this worm assitant district attorney who turns the recorder off and says

if I don't sign their confession, they'll kill my mom

I break his arm in  places and I sign it

From then on, it's the circus everybody wants it to be

They nail me for the works. Not just the people I did kill

but even Lucille and the girls that Roark and Kevin ate

and even Goldie

the judge is all fire and brimstone when she hands down the sentence

midnight and my death are only a few hours away, when I get my first surprise in  months

My only visitor

I'm ready for anything but that scent

I got him for you good, didn't I, Goldie

I'm sorry, Wendy. I got confused again

seeing you like this

You can call me Goldie

She smells like angels ought to smell

The perfect woman. The goddess

Goldie. She says her name is Goldie

They fix fix me a pretty decent steak for my last meal

They even throw in a brew. It's the first I've had since back at Nancy's

Then they shave my head and fix me with a rubber diaper. And get to it

And it's about damn time, if you ask me

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

Would you get a move on, I haven't got all night

You heard the man. Hit it

That the best you can do, you pansies?

He's done


Forget it, man. You can bang on that door all night if you want to. There is no way in Hell I'm letting you in

I can't believe you're doing this to me, Shellie

Everything we've shared. It has to mean something to you

It meant plenty. Plenty of lost pay on account on how nobody wants to

flirt with a waitress whose face is all purple and swollen up with bruises

I know you're angry, baby. And I forgive you for that without you even asking me to

There's a difference between getting honked off at a guy who's generally not so bad

and... finding out that you've been sweet talked by a total jerk loser

who skips out on a wife he doesn't even tell you about every time

he gets drunk, which is way too often

especially... the kind of total jerk loser who has to beat up on a girl to make himself feel like a man

That hurts, Shellie. It's one thing for you to play hard to get

but don't go trying to cut my nuts off

I... am impossible to get. Do yourself a favor, Jackie Boy, and get help

like... a shrink. Get help and... get lost

Just open the door

Go ahead and open the door, Shellie. I'll take care of this

Just open the door. You'll see how wrong you've been about me

Oblige him, Shellie. I'm ready for him

No. If he knew that you were here with me, you don't know how bad this can get

This clown's got a big mean drunk on

And he's got  friends out there in the hall, breathing had and just as drunk as he is

I could swear I heard somebody in there with you just now

Somebody?! Jackie Boy, it's a regular African lovefest in here

- Let me know who races (???)
- I mean, I got me, I got me all  starters...

and half the bench of the Basin City Blues keeping me company

You feel like taking them on?

You are teasing me, baby. Some of my best friends...

but you are really pushing my buttons

and the whole time you've been doing me like this

I've been too polite to point out that at any time I want to

I could kick this damn door to splinters

OK, baby. You know what I can do. You know what I can do

- Alright, Jack
- ...

- Alright
- ...

Alright, alright

Troops, make yourself at home

You brought your whole pack with you?

None of these bozos got lives, they got to hang out with you

You're going to love this baby. You're going to call up some of your friends

who work in the salloon. With you and the bunch of us, we're going to

hit every joint in town. It's just going to be great

I ain't calling up nobody

That's a man's shirt, and I sure as Hell it ain't one of mine

You got somebody's slow stink all over you

You've been with another man. You've been with him tonight

He's Superman. He flew out the window just as soon as he heard you were coming

because you scared him so bad

You think I have no feelings at all

If you're going to slug me, just go ahead and get it over with, you sick bastard

There you go, lying about me again, right in front of my friends

I have never hit a woman in my life

You goddamn bastard. You goddamn coward

Baby, we're all here to have a good time

Got to take a leak

Wish you dropped by earlier, Jackie Boy. Then you could've met my boyfriend. Could've seen what a real man looks like

There you go. After my nuts again

But I forgive you. I'm a generous guy

He is generous. With temper of his, you never should've picked on him like you did

You don't have to. You don't have to worry about it

Shut up and keep your hands to yourself or I'll cut your little pecker off

I've been told

Hey, baby. I don't hear you making those calls

Answer me

Oh, I don't need this grief

Hi, I'm Shellie's new boyfriend and I'm out of my mind

You ever so much as talk to Shellie again, you even think her name, and I'll cut you in ways that'll make you useless to a woman

You're making a big mistake, man. A big mistake

Yeah? You already made a big mistake, yourself

You didn't flush

Troops. Get out of here. No questions, damnit, no questions. Now!

Dwight, what in the Devil did you do to him?

I just gave him a taste of his own medicine

I don't think he'll be bothering you again. How's your jaw?

I've been slapped around worse

Dwight? He was from awhile back

before you showed up again with that new face of yours

and... it was only because I felt sorry for him. It was only once

I've done some dumb things

Seeing as how I'm one of those dumb things, I can't give you too hard a time about that, Shellie

But this guy. He's a menace. He might kill somebody if I don't stop him

I'll call you later

No, don't go!

Shellie shouts something I can't quite make out over the racket of a passing police copter

It sounds like "Stop". But I can't be sure

It's a chance I shouldn't be taking. But I can't just go home and forget about it and let Jackie Boy and his pals have their fun

They're a pack of predators, and they're out for blood tonight

A woman's blood

Damnit, Dwight, damnit. You fool. You damn fool

I cut Caddy across the car to pick up Jackie Boy heading like a bat out of hell up the hill

I'm speeding

That's a good way to get yourself noticed

and if you're a murderer with a new face whose  fingerprint check away to the fast track to the gas chamber, like I am...

the last thing you want is to get noticed

I don't have nearly enough cash on me to bribe this cop

and even if I did, there's always the outside chance he's  of the honest ones

Do I try to talk my way out of this?

Or do I take this cop down and risk it all?

Then Jackie Boy saves me a great big streaming pile of trouble

Watch it Jack!

Cops. They're right on our ass

Not for long

Not where we're headed

My gut tightens up

Jackie Boy's leading us straight to Old Town

The cop shuts off his siren

He knows he's not the law. Not in Old Town

The ladies are the law here

Beautiful and merciless

If you got the cash and play by the rules, they'll make all your dreams come true

But if you cross them, you're a corpse

Hop in, sugar. We'll get you there

Aww, sweetheart. I work the dayshift, and it's been a long day. Besides, I don't do group jobs

Get in the car, baby. We'll just talk. It'll be nice

I don't do talk jobs, either

Baby doll, I've had me  hell of a bad day

I've been beat up every time I turn around

But then day when I get turned down by a hooker

When I got good hard earned cash to pay with

Well? There's only so much a man can take

Go try the Alamo over on Dillan Street. That's the Alamo, not the Amigo

The Amigo's a fag joint

Are you having a good time? Humiliating me like this for no damn reason at all?

That's far enough, Dwight

We've been on top of these peckerwoods since they first showed up with that cop behind them

Everything's under control. Enjoy the show

There's no use arguing with her

The ladies are their own enforcers

So how's the barmaid? You know, the one that never shuts up

Not right now, Gail

Oooh, wound up a little tight, aren't we?

That's your whole problem, Dwight

You worry too much

That and your lousy taste in women

These days, anyway

Damnit, Gail. Not right now

Those clowns, down the way. They some of the barmaids' boyfriends?

 of them thinks he is. He's out of control

I followed them here to make sure he didn't hurt any of the girls

Us helpless, little girls

All kinds of death is about to hit less than  yards ahead of us

And still it's hard to take my eyes off her

Us girls are as safe as can be, Lancelot

Those boys in that Chrystler are  mistake away

from seeing what Miho can do

And she's been aching for some practice

She guards my glance upward to the pixie perched on the roofs edge

Deadly Little Miho

You're running out of valley, cowboy

Turn around. Safe yourself and your buddies a ton of grief

You're a sassy little thing

You ain't hardly in any kind of position to be making threats

The trap is set. Locked and ready to spring

So what? They're scum. They deserve what's coming

So why this rotten feeling in my gut that something is awfully wrong?

They haven't killed anybody I don't know about

They got pretty bad at Shellie's place

but they didn't kill anybody

And they won't

Why this rotten feeling?

Something Shellie said

I can't place it

OK, OK, OK, I sounded off a little more than I should've

I'm a little edge

Over the edge

It's not a woman you need, it's a good night sleep

You couldn't handle a woman in the state you're in

She saying you don't got what it takes, Jack

You want to see it?

You want to see what I got? Huh?

I've seen all shapes, all sizes

Have you seen this one?

Get in the car

Oh, sugar. You just gone and done the dumbest thing in your whole life

Oh, God, no

This is crazy

I don't know where... for no reason at all

Go ahead... go ahead

He's got the drop on her

He's got squat

He's dead, he's just too dumb to know it

I got you... right where I want you

This is a carreer ending wound for...

There's going to be hell to pay

Watch your step, Jackie Boy


This isn't funny

Don't anyone laugh. I got friends you can't imagine

Everyone in here is going to (???)

Hang it up, she's just playing with you

You're only making it worse

You shut the hell up

Don't pull the trigger, she blocked the barrell. It'll backfire

I told you to shut up

Can't see

I can't see

I can't hear anything

For God sake, Miho, finish him


Make it quick, will you

She doesn't quite chop his head off

She makes a Pez Dispenser out of him

Then it's straight to business

stretching the corpses on the alley floor and checking their pockets

digging up cash when they find it

I'm fishing around in Jackie Boy's pants. His wallet is packed

Master Card, Discover, Platinum American Express

And nearly  bucks worth of s that I'm not too proud to stuff into my own pockets

Then I find an atom bomb

Jackie Boy. You son of a bitch

There was a helicopter that kicked up such a racket I couldn't quite make out what she said

I thought Shellie said "Stop"

She said "Cop"

Detective Lieutenant Jack Rafferty

"Iron Jack", the papers call him

A goddamn hero cop

It's hell for years, the shaky truce

The cops get a slice of the profits and free entertainment when they throw a party

The girls get to administer their own brand of justice

They get to defend their own turf

If a cop blunders into the neighborhood and he's not shopping for what the girls are selling

They send him packing

But they send him back alive

That's the rules

That's the truce

The cops stay out

That keeps the girls free to keep the pimps and the mob out

Old Town will be left wide open

It'll be war

The streets will run red with blood

women's blood

The cops

The mob. Things are going to go back to the way they used to be

The hell they will

We got guns

We'll fight the cops and the and mob and anybody else who tries to move in on us

We'll go to war

Don't be stupid, Gail. You wouldn't stand a chance

Get me a car

Make sure it's a hard top with a decent engine

I'll hide the bodies

Did you forget that cop car that trailed them here?

The cops know Rafferty came here

They'll check the river, they'll check the sewer

They'll find him and come gunning for us

I'll hall the bodies to the pits. The cops won't check the pits. Get that gun out of my face or I'll smack you

Who do you think you are, giving orders?

-You got what you wanted out of us
-Shut up, Gail

You got what you wanted out of me

And you were gone, off playing with that barmaid. Gone until you brought this unholy mess on us

Miho moves to my back

 word from Gail and she'll cut me in half

They'll be watching the roads

They'll catch you

It'll be the bad old days, all over again

The pimps, the beatings, the drugs, the raps

They won't be watching the roads, not yet, they won't. Get me a damn hard top

If I don't make it, you can have your war

Get that gun out of my face, now


I forgot how quick you are

My warrior woman

She almost yanks my head clean off

Shoving my mouth into hers, it hurts

An explosion that blasts away the dull gray years between the now and that  firey night when she was mine

A hard top, with a decent engine, and make sure it's got a big trunk

I'll always love you, baby


And never

Where'd you find that heap?

Just look at that trunk

-We'll never fit them all in

Unless there's something else you want me to do, do you think maybe I could go home?

All this blood and stuff's got me feeling like maybe I got to hurl

Sure, Becky, go home. But don't you talk to anybody

Not even your mom

They'll never fit in that trunk

Not like this, they won't


Dry your hair as soon as you get home

You'll catch cold if you don't


Hey, Becky. Gail said no calls

I just want to hear my mom's voice. I won't tell her nothing

Please, don't say nothing to Gail

Hey, mama?

Dizzy dames

What were they thinking sticking me up with a bucket of bolts like this?

We were barely able to get the trunk to stay closed as it was, we packed it so tight

There wasn't anything we could do but pile Jackie Boy in right next to me

Now where anybody who cares to look will see him

Go ahead. Take  of his cigarettes

It'll help

It's got you smoking there, bud

You shut the hell up, Jackie Boy

You're dead

I'm just imagining this, so shut the hell up

That tells you something about your state of mind, don't it

It's got you hearing things. It's got your nerves shot

It's got you smoking

You know it's true... Nobody ever really quits

A smoker's a smoker when the chips are down

-And your chips are down... much
-I'm fine, you shut the hell up

Will you look at that

Those hookers let you down

What are you going to do when you run out of gas? Call Triple A?

You sucker for the babes

You ain't even going to make it to the pits

You shut the hell up. I'll make it

Not unless you keep your eyes on the road, sugar pie

Watch it!

Ah, this is great. Just like being in a body movie

Shut up!

Oh, you're screwed

It's over. You're flushed

This time I can't bring myself to tell him to shut up

Sure he's an asshole. Sure he's dead

Sure that I'm just imagining that he's talking

None of that stops the bastard from being absolutely right

I don't have a chance in hell of outrunning this cop

Not in this heap

Pull over!

The only question left is whether I'm going to kill him or not

Tough call

For all I know, he's an honest cop, regular guy

working stiff with a mortgage, a wife, and a pile of kids

My hand moves on its own, sliding  of my guns to my lap and thumbing back the hammer

I don't know what to do

You better stop. You're making him mad

Whatever you say

You're friend here. Party a little too hard tonight?

I'm the designated driver

Well, you're driving with a busted tail light

I'll let you off with a warning

What next?

The tank goes dry a quarter mile from the pits

I shove the T-Bird the rest of the way

A few minutes more work and it'll all be over

Jackie Boy will go into the damn tar pits

I'll catch a train out of Sacred Oaks

Go home and call it a...

No more questions, Dallas. Do what I say. Clear the streets

We're on lockdown. We're not selling any tail in Old Town

Not tonight

Don't struggle. You'll only hurt yourself

Your cause is lost

We know everything

Soon the corpse of Detective Rafferty will be in our possession

And the truce between your prostitutes and the police will be shattered

There'll be arrests. There'll be deaths

My employer will sieze what remains of this neighborhood

You will all be slaves. Nothing can stop this

But it is within your power to save many lives

by facilitating the process of transition

by negotiating the terms of the surrender

of Old Town

Son of a bitch. I knew you...

I have suffered your kind before

The dregs of Sin City. I serve a new master now

And soon, you and all your retched kind will serve him as well

Now get dressed and shed a tear for Dwight McCarthy if you must

because by now, he is surely dead

You don't know him

My man will find a way

He always finds a way

I find these Americans always whine and going on about how they got it so bad

This is a fine, grand country. Guiding light of the modern world, it is

Low taxes, land of of opportunity

Where else would  bullet boy's defortune that we're getting for this (???)

Sure beats a living hell out of blowing off airports and churches without shit to show for it


You find something, Murphy?

Look to be our poor dead cop's badge

It's all bent up

Bent and stock in it

Oh, bloody he... It's the bullet

You son of a bitch!


They weren't cops, these 

They were mercenaries

And if they were hired by who I think they were, the bad times haven't even started yet

And everything seemed to be going so well

Remember, we don't have to deliver every last inch of the man, Brian

You got a good point there, Ronnie

Hand me a knife

Should take a nap while I'm doing all this waiting

I'm at the bone, alright?

Here we go

Have you ever seen anything so pretty in your whole life?

We're a back to  of you. And if anyone happens by, use your imagination. OK?

Silence now

No air to breath

Only the horrid oily tar taste creeping up my nostrils

Let it in. Let it fill your lungs

They were counting on you, and you blew it

Skinny, stealy fingers at my wrist

Miho, you're an angel. You're a saint

You're Mother Theresa. You're Elvis

You're a god

And if you've shown up  minutes earlier, we'd still have Jackie Boy's head

Dwight, they got Gail

It's a sinch. You got yourself a spy in Old Town

A stooly who sold you out to the mob

We got to find out who it is and rescue Gail

But first we got to get our hands on Jackie Boy's head before it gets to wherever it's going and then this whole situation blows wide open

Miho. I hope to hell you left  of them alive enough to talk

I let him know I'm not fooling around

We talk

Stay smart, stay cool

It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn

Sometimes that means dying

Sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people

There they are. What do we do?

We stop them, Dallas

Jackie Boy's head so close to me, I could almost reach out and grab it right then and there

Get the head, get the head

I got it, I got it

Suck on this, you stupid slag

I can't tell if Miho is alive or dead

but I'm on my feet and every ounce of me wants to get some killing done

Want the head now, sweetheart. So come down and get it!

Brave lad

I could've put a bullet straight down your ear just now

if I haven't gotten my revolver all wet and useless

you got the drop on my, love

I'm as helpless as a baby

Better come clean with you, sweetheart

It was an old trade lie I was giving you about my revolver being wet

You see, I'm not too fond of shooting

It's my preference to blow things off

I should blast the roof off a pulp

I've seen all the parts flying off people

Little bang-bang's never going to match the size of that

And here's me with all these fine grenades, such a sweet beauty of a remote

But it's my knife I'll be doing you with

You killed my mates

Someone should've told you

Never give an Irishman a good cause for revenge

Deadly little Miho

You won't feel a thing unless she wants you to

She twists the blade

He feels it

I tell Miho what we're going to do and how we're going to do it

I grab poor Dallas's car phone and make the most important call of my life

First we got to rescue Gail

Then comes the kill

The big fat kill

You just going to stand there and watch this?

You kidding me man?

Like watching old Manute do his thing all night long, and not get tired of it. I mean, the man's an artist

Only an artist should be allowed to touch such a beautiful subject

Your skin is perfect

Your nerves... responsive


Just give them what they want, Gail


It's over, Gail. There's no fighting them

Dwight's dead. They got's what's left of that cop we killed

The mob's going to turn it over to the police chief, the cops are going to mow us down. We got to cut a deal

You little bitch. You sold us out

I didn't have no choice

They was going to hurt my mom

It selfish, you holding out like this. You're going to get a lot of girls killed for no good reason

It wasn't your mom. We could've protected her, and you know it

It was the money, you stupid little bitch

Sure there is money. Sure you could've moved my mom into Old Town and let her know that her own goddamn daughter is a whore

-Break's your heart
-Doesn't it

They offered me what you couldn't never offer me

I had to watch out for my own neck

You're neck. You're precious, scrawny, little neck

You're crazy. You could've ripped my throat out, you crazy whore

Schutz, fetch my blades

Stuka, kill this one

No, I was promised

Stupid little bitch. You deserve worse

I knew there was a reason I got out of bed this morning

Hey... hey

Nobody, I don't see nobody

Could we look at that? It's right through me. Guys, look

There's somethign wrapped around it

Some kind of note

Give it to me

The fuck we're doing?

Out back, everyone, and bring the women

You think, somebody should call me a doctor or something?

McCarthy, you fool

Hey. Guys? Ohh

Dozens of them

Armed to the teeth

I'm outnumbered, outgunned

But the alley is crooked, dark, and very narrow

They can't surround me

Sometimes you can beat the odds with a careful choice of where to fight

You can have Old Town. I don't care. Just give me the woman

Shut up

Dwight. Don't do this

Hey, wait a minute. Something's not right

Shut up. Or I'll plug you

Of course, Mr. McCarthy. A fair trade. She's all yours

Now if you'll explain why we shouldn't blow both of you to pieces

Dwight, what have you done?

Exactly what I had to... every step of the way

No, it isn't right. There wasn't no tape over his mouth. How come there's tape over his mouth

Where the fight counts for a lot

You trick, McCarthy, but it will do you no good

But there's nothing like having your friends show up with lots of guns

No, McCarthy, you shan't!

The girls all know the score

No escape

No surrender

No mercy

We got to kill every last rat bastard one of them

Every last one

Not for revenge. Not because they deserve it. not because it'll make the world a better place

We need a heap of bloody bodies so when mob boss, Wallenquist, looks over his charts of profits and losses, he'll see what it cost him to mess with the girls of Old Town

The valkyrie at my side is shouting and laughing with the pure hate for blood-thirsty joy of the slaughter

And so am I

The fire, baby. It'll burn us both

There's no place in this world for our kind of fire

My warrior woman. My valkyrie

You'll always be mine. Always. And never


Evening officer

I don't... have to introduce myself, do I?

You read the papers?

This being an election year, you've seen plenty of my picture

You know who I am and what I can do

I'm doing you, Hartigan

Cold and hard, I'm doing you

You blew my son's ear off

Blew his arm off, you even blew his nuts and his pecker off

He's in a coma right now, they say he may never come out of it

My boy. He could've been the first Rourk to become the president of the United States, but you had turned him into a brain damaged dickless freak

Pulling that trigger make you feel powerful?

Power don't come from a badge, or a gun

Power comes from lying

Lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you

Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you get them by the balls

There's what, maybe  people in this hospital

I could pump you full of bullets right now and I wouldn't be arrested

Everyone would lie for me, everyone who counts

Otherwise all their own lies, everything that runs Sin City, it all comes tumbling down like a pack of cards

But I want you firm, fit, and healthy

I'm even putting up cash of my own to get you more surgery. Fix that... heart condition of yours

You're going to keep living a long time, I'm going to make sure of that

You're going to be convicted of raping that little brat

And shooting my boy

Your wife. You tell her the truth, and she's dead

You tell anybody the truth, and they're dead

They won't let testify

I told the cops that you saved my life and they just (???) like I was crazy

They talked my parents into keeping me away

They said that you done things that you didn't do

I told them that you saved me from that Rourk creep

But they won't even check me out to see if I'm still a virgin

Still a virgin, still alive

Thanks to you

They got it all backwards

Sometimes the truth doesn't matter like it ought

But you'll always remember things, right?

That's going to mean a lot to me

Stay away, Nancy

They'll kill you if you don't stay away

Don't visit me, don't write me, don't even say my name

If you won't let me visit, but I'll still write to you, Hartigan

I'll sign my letters "Cordelia"

It's a name of a really cool detective in books I read

I'll write to  you every week

For forever

Sure kid

Now run on home

It's not safe for you hear

Bye, Nancy

I love you

John Hartigan

Mr. "Law and Order"

Mr. "By-The-Book"

Mr. High and Mighty

I got to give you credit. Being such a straight arrow for so damn many years without it catching up with you

It's catching up with you now, friend of mine

It's catching up with you but good

Maybe I had a look at him. He doesn't look too good

He's hailing hard, Tammy. See?

He's a picture of hell

That Tammy there. She's fine, isn't she?

I rented her out of Old Town

I want to show you what you won't be getting of

Not in prison

You hear me, Hartigan? You stop being stupid

Start playing along with us, you just might get some of Tammy

You see that? She flinched

You make her sick

She heard about you and that little girl

This is nothing but a price I promised myself I'd pay, and I'm paying it

You don't save a little girl's life, and turn around and throw her to the dogs

Not in my book, you don't

They want a confession. They won't get i

There's a letter from Nancy when they put me in solitary

She calls herself "Cordelia"

She makes no mention of anything that would give her away

At first I figure she'll send another note or  before her young mind moves on to better things

But every thursday, another  arrives

What a sweet kid

I do my best to keep my hand from shaking when I reach for it

She's the only friend I got

The daughter I never had

My sweet Cordelia

Skinny little Nancy Callahan

 years pass

Then comes a Thursday when I bound from my cot, excited as a kid at Christmas

Only to find myself staring at the damn floor of my damn cell

Looking for a letter from Nancy that isn't there

Then another Thursday with no letter

Is she alright?

Did something happen to her?


 months now. Not a word from Nancy

Did they find her? Did they get to her?

Of course. Stupid old man

Do your math. Nancy's  years old. How long did you expect her to keep writing?

She was a saint to give it up as long as she did

She's forgotten you, old man

You're alone. You're all alone

This guy smells awful, like bad food

Like a corpse left in a garbage dumpster in the middle of summer

He stinks so bad, I want to throw up

Practically knocked my head off, the bastard

When I come to, I see it

The same kind of envelope Nancy always uses

But there's no letter inside of it

Something soft. Something that ought to be alive

A hunk of meat and bone that ought to be the index finger of the right hand of a  year old girl

How the hell did they find her?

She was so careful. She never gave away where she lives or where she works

I've got to get out. I've got to help. Nothing else matters

Not my life, and not my pride either

It's only  final surrender they want

You got me Rourk, you beat me

I say everything they want to hear, just the way they want to hear it

I tell them I'm a twisted, retched child molester

I agree to everything they want from me

I love you, Nancy

It's a lot of miles into town, Hartigan

You care for a ride?

As long as you stay in front of me

Prison's made you paranoid

Talk about water under the bridge. Christ


Yeah,  years

Well, if it's any consolation for you...

You made me hate myself

Any word from Aileen?

Yeah. She got remarried...  years ago

She had  kids

I'm sorry, John

Don't be

I'm glad

Aileen always wanted kids

She'll make a good mother

Like you said, Bob. "Water under the bridge"

Bob and I get along with our fond farewells to eachother

And I go looking for the only human being on the planet that means a damn to me


How could they have found out it was you writing all those letters to me

How did they find out who you are?

And what have they dont to you, baby?

Not a sound

No sign of life

Has Rourk gone through all this trouble to torture an old man?

Like a kid poking at fly when he's already torn its wings off?

What has he done to Nancy?

It's like all she does is read and study and write

No diary. No phone numbers or addresses written down anywhere

Closest thing to a clue is a pack of matches from a louzy salloon

It's a long shot, but maybe she's got some friends there

A dead end

Nancy wouldn't have anything to do with a pack of drunks and losers like this

But if there's anything to be found here, the faintest lead to wherever Nancy is or whoever kidnapped her or mutilated her

this is the place

Excuse me, miss. I'm wondering if you could help me

I'm looking for somebody

Well, a night like this, everybody's looking for somebody, stranger

It's not like that. Her name is Nancy

Eyes to the stage, pilgrim

She's just warming up

Skinny little Nancy Callahan

She grew up

She filled out

Nancy Callahan,  year old

And here I was expecting a skinny little bookworm

maybe a bit too shy for her own good

how little she told me about herself in all her letters

for all those years

How the hell did they find her?

Then it hits me

They were bluffing

I've led them straight to her

She hasn't spotted you yet

Turn around and walk out the door

Lead the creep outside

Get that berretta away from him somehow, and kill him

I'm just a horny ex-con watching an exotic dancer

Just a few seconds and she'll be safe

No, Nancy. Don't notice me

Don't recognize me

There's no time to explain. I've made a terrible mistake

I put you in terrible danger. We need to get out of here. Right this second

Whatever you say, Hartigan. Let me throw some clothes on

And here I'd figured you'd forget all abotu me. Me and my dumb letters

Kept me going

Kept me from killing myself

Hurry up, will you?

-Maybe I should drive
-Not a chance

Nobody but me can keep this heap running

Besides from the sounds of things, you might have to shoot somebody

I don't have a gun

Under the seat

It's loaded and it works

This'll do

Taken it to the range a couple times

Kicks like a mule

Hartigan? There's so much I've wanted to say to you. You never go far from my thoughts

I've lain awake nights, thinking of you

What are you talking about?

Keep driving, Nancy. Keep driving and keep the car on the road

She's counting on you, old man

What are you doing?

Prove you're still worth a damn

Try to keep it on the road, Nancy

He's a decent shot

But he's in too much of a hurry

Throwing away bullets like they were candy

He doesn't know how to take his time

Aim carefull and look the devil in the eye

Stop the car, Nancy. I've got to confirm the kill

-Stop the car, now!

Right. Stop the car. Confirm the kill

Sorry, I got a little rattled

It's OK. You did great. Sit tight. I'll be right back

No. Let me stay close

Nothing can happen to me when I'm with you

Please? Let me stay close?

The stink. I almost gag

His blood smells even worse than he does

And it's all over the place

But the creep, himself... he's gone

We're out of time

Sirens. I used to welcome the sound

There's nothing to do now but find a place to huddle up for the night

Get Nancy to calm down and figure out what on Earth I'm going to do next

The stink. Somehow it stays with us all the way to the hotel

Nancy, I went to your apartment. Your windows thrown wide open

The rooms looks almost empty. That's why I'm sure you'd been kidnapped

My window? Robbed again? That's the rd time this year

I swore if I ever saw you again, I'd show you I grew up strong

There I was just like before, scared and helpless

-I'm such an asshole
-You should sit down. You'll feel a little bit better if you sit down

I've never been all that good with people

When it comes to reassuring a traumatized  year old...

I'm as expert as a Paulsy victim doing brain surgery with a pipe wrench

It's always been you, Hartigan

All these years

It's just nerves making you say that

I'm just exhausted. I need to sleep

-Sleep with me
-Stop it, Nancy

 years. Why do you think I kept writing you those letters

It wasn't just gratitude

I tried to fall in love with boys

I thought I did once or twice

But I was already in love... with you

That's enough. Jesus Christ. I'm old enough to be your grandfather

-You're just scared
-I'm not scared


There's wrong and there's wrong and then there's this

For God's sakes, you're just a kid

I love you

I love you, too

with all my heart

Cold shower. It helps

No, Nancy

Recognize my voice, Hartigan?

Recognize my voice, you piece of shit cop?

I look different, but I bet you can recognize my voice

Sure, I recognize your voice, Junior

Everything's going straight to hell

I've been suckered into betraying the only friend I got

And put her in the hands of a murdering rapist I thought I put down for good

Suckered by a spoiled brat, son of a senator

It's all gone to hell

Klump. It's me

I got a dead man needs to be fetched

I want you to set me up for a party

I've already got the girl, you dumb shit

It better be perfect or I'm calling my dad

My tools better be clean and sharp

Better be ready. It better be perfect

I get to do whatever I want

However I want, whenever I want it

My dad. I'd love him if I didn't hate him

He spent a fortune hiring every expert on the planet to grow back that equipment you blew off from between my legs

Just so the old fart can hold out some kind of hope of having a grandkid

Although, as you can see, there were some... side effects

I'm not complaining though. Since you've been gone, I've been having the time of my life

Now you've led me back to your darling Cordelia

We all wondered who wrote all those letters. She left not a clue

Clever girl. So pretty, so pretty

Little old for my taste, but I can forgive that just this once

Nancy, don't scream. Whatever he does to you, don't scream

She'll scream. I'm going to take all night doing dear old Nancy. And you're going to die knowing it's all your fault

They've all screamed, Hartigan

Dozens of them. Maybe a hundred

 years worth. Every one of them screamed

And if there weren't so many people hear about, I would show you how to make dear old Nancy scream

It's going to be  hell of a show

This is it. No way to fight it now

No hope left

No chance

This is it

This is the end


Give it a shot, old man. Keep your neck tight

Move. The window. Maybe there's an alarm

The window. Keep your neck tight, God dammit. Stay conscious

Stay conscious

No alarm

The glass. Cut the rope. You can do it

You can do it

It is inclement upon me to comment with mark displeasure on your rash impulsiveness

in selecting such an eye-catching and impracticle car to heist, Mr. Shlubb

Irrelevent to said mission, is the following queary which I now put forth to you

Where in this most streamlined and trunkless of transports, boner inspiring

though it may be, where in, are we to reposit our recently deceased cargo?

I can only express puzzlement that borders on alarm

Show me where Roark takes the girls, or I'll cut your damn head off

In plain english, creep

He had to (???)

Even agrarian (???)... The Farm

That's all I need to hear

Every cop on the force knows about the Roark Family's farm and to stay away from it

Shlubb and Klump were packing an arsenal

Once things get loud, I'll probably have use for the cannons

But at first, I'll have to play it quiet

Quiet and nasty

Nancy's car.  miles from the Farm

"Nobody but me can keep this heap running" she told me

Good girl

The car stalled out on that yellow bastard

you kept your mouth shut. I'll bet Junior was serious

I bet he slapped you around something fierce

But you stayed strong. You bought a few extra minutes

There's still a chance, Nancy

Don't scream

I ditch the car a mile or so from the Farm and make my way through the woods

I'm not half way there when it hits

My heart

It can't be my heart. I was cured

Bad cough

Blood in it. Doesn't matter now

I don't have to stay alive that much longer anyway

Rotten way to kill a man

But it's quiet

Hate yourself later

You're only making it worse for yourself, you stupid cow!

Don't you think I'm tired? Is that it? You think I'm getting tired?

You're the one who's going to crack. You'll crack!

You'll cry and beg

You'll scream

Oh yeah, you'll scream, you big fat ugly cow. You'll scream

You thinking the whip is the best I could do?

That was foreplay

Hartigan was right about you. You can't get it up unless I scream

You're pathetic


That's not wise at all to make fun of me like that

It brings out the worst in me

Stupid old man

In too much of a hurry

Damn. It can't be!

Charging in like Gallahad, just like I told myself I wouldn't

Stupid old man

-Attacked him good
-Don't take no chances. Perferate the fool

Good advice

Give it up, Junior

It's over. Let her go

You're dreaming Hartigan

I get to see your eyes while I fillet the woman of your dreams right in front of you

Look at you. You're about to keel over, you can't even lift that cannon

Sure I can

You gave me the scare there for a second, old man

Nancy, I'm sorry

I'm taking no chances with you

First I soften you up, and then it's showtime

Here it comes

It's going to hurt

You're right about that


I take away his weapon

Both of them

After awhile, all I'm doing is pounding wet chunks of bone into the floor boards

So I stop

So long, Junior

Been a pleasure

I didn't scream, Hartigan

Not once

I didn't scream

I know it, baby

You grew up strong

By the time I get her to the car, Nancy stops shaking

Her skin is warm again

She's herself again

Thanks for remembering my coat

And for all the little things

Like saving my life... twice

You better get rolling

You're not coming along?

No. I have friends on their way

To collect evidence. I'm going to blow this whole sick mess wide open

I'm going to clear my name. I'm going to put Senator Roark behind bars, where he belongs

Can't lose you. Not again

You'll never lose me, Nancy

Nancy Callahan. The love of my life

Shame to lie to her. I hope she forgives me for it

Get Senator Roark behind bars? Sure. And maybe after I've pulled off that miracle, I'll go and punch out God

There isn't a prosecutor in the state who'll go after Senator Roark

I killed his only son. The bloodline is cut

Roark's lost his goddamn legacy

He'll use all his power to get revenge on me

He'll go after me through Nancy

He'll find her again. There'll be no end to it

She'll never be safe. Not as long as I'm alive

There's only one way to beat him

And old man dies. A young woman lives

Fair trade

I love you, Nancy

Uh-huh... yes

Oh mom. Don't go on like that

It's not the city. I could've gotten in a car accident anywhere

Yeah, just a fracture

The doctor said, it's a clean break. Should be right as rain in no time


Turn the right corner in Sin City

and you can find... anything


Care for a smoke?

I love you too, mom


Special help by SergeiK