Single White Female Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Single White Female script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Single White Female. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Single White Female Script

            - So how many kids do we want? - What's the statistical norm?

            You and your statistics.

            1.2.|- Okay, then I want 2.2.

            - And I want them to look like you. - Poor kids.

            If I can get you off the computer tomorrow, I'll buy you that ring.

            - Is this gonna be a real wedding? - As opposed to a fake one?

            Sam, you've already been through the big ceremony.

            That was the fake one. This is the real one.

            You can have any kind of wedding you want. Underwater. In a sauna.


            Naked skydiving?

            I've not been in New York long enough to know many people.

            - Except me. - Well, you're invited.

            And my friend Graham upstairs.

            It won't be long before you know half the people in New York.

            People like you ... but I found you first.

            You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

            Hold on a second.

            - Sam, it's your ex-wife. - What?

            It's Lisa.

            Because ... I'm hanging up now.

            I'm sorry. She shouldn't call here.

            It's where you live. She's entitled.

            Don't answer it.

            - Why does she do this? - Talk to her. You're already up.

            I'll get that.

            Would youpick up the phone, please? Don't do this to me.

            - Afteryou left this afternoon ... - Can we talk about this tomorrow?

            - You come andsleep with me ... - Allie, shut that thing off.

            Yousaid you were going to call. Yousaid you'd call.

            Okay ... goodbye.

            I take it back. She's not entitled.

            I didn't go over there intending to sleep with her, Allie.

            She's depressed. She heard we were getting married. She was drunk.

            - I don't want to hearthis! - She makes me feel guilty.

            - It won'thappen again. - Am lsupposed to trustyou now?.

            - It's   a.m.! - It's me, Graham.

            - Allie? - I'm sorry ...

            Sam left. I told him to.

            I can't be alone tonight ... so I came up here.

            Allie, I let you sleep. It's about   .

             I've got an important meeting.

              - I'm sorry, I'm a little late. - No, it's worth the wait.

              You can redefine your product on-screen with my software.

              This is a marketing tool that no one else has.

              - Who do I get to run it? - Training is included in the quote.

              The quote ... That's the one thing I haven't seen.

              Best for last.

              You'll find that's reasonable ... as a ballpark.

              Here's where I was thinking of playing.

              It makes sense.

              I made a phone call to your former partner.

              It was not a friendly split. I did all the work.

              She took all the credit and she didn't like me telling her so.

              In the settlement you got all the hardware and a rent-controlled flat.

              That means your overhead is minimal, as is your client list.

              I could improve that if you're as good as you say you are.

              But that is the only way to prove it.

              - I could go for something ... - No, don't embarrass yourself.

              That's my final offer. Of course, if you'd like to think about it ...

              I'll get this.

              - It'll be on my expense report. - I look forward to it.

              No messages.

              What is this? "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."

              It's just living alone and cooking for one. It's just too depressing.

              There are worse things than being on your own.

              - I should go home. - You came here for a reason.

              You think I'd let some guy interfere with my acting career?

              If I had a career ... or a guy to interfere with it.

              - You'll find someone again. - Maybe.

              The point is, if I don't ... I don't.

              - I know. I can do it on my own. - Absolutely.

              I'll just get a room-mate.

              You could always call him.

              Not if I have a room-mate.



              The managers couldn't know you lived there.

              It's rent-stabilized, so you couldn't come on the lease.

              Nice ... you could really open 'em up.


              I'm an incest survivor, you know. I don't remember, -

              - but I know that I survived something. My therapists think so.

              I hate kitchens, cooking, cleaning, anything feminine.

              I think this could work. If you feel the same, give me a call.

              Hello, Sam Rawson. Hello?

              The front door was open. Are you Allison Jones?

              Yes ... Allie.

              I'm Hedra Carlson. We spoke on the phone this morning.

              Are you sure you're okay?

              You know what? I'm not. Would you come back tomorrow?

              - Sit down. I'll make some tea. - I don't think I had lunch.

              It's only this one. The one in the bathroom works.

              I use a wrench.

              I'm so sorry.

              If you need a reference, you can call them at Rizzoli.

              Hedra ... that's unusual.

              I got terrible nicknames growing up, which I'm not telling you.

              Not Hedy? Like Hedy Lamarr? That's exotic.

              I wasn't exotic in grade school ... as opposed to now, right?

              They're dry.

              - Here. - Thanks.

              You can toss that. He's the reason I'm looking for a new room-mate.

              Will you guys patch things up? I wouldn't want to move in -

              - and then have things change. It would just be awkward.

              Nothing will change, except for now my faucets will work.

              - When can you move in? - No, really?

              - Congratulations. - Thank you.

              I've got one friend. Graham. He lives upstairs ... but he's gay.

              It's not a real friendly building, but there's no problem with privacy.

              You just close your door ... no problem.

              I'll leave you alone ... whatever's good for you.

              Look, this could be good.

              Laundry room.

              It's a little creepy at night.

              It's okay in the day, but lock yourself in.

              - This one? - No, that's the mail key.

              This is creepy.

              It's not bad, it's just kind of old.

              Sometimes this gets stuck and you have to use this screwdriver.

              Excuse me.

              - Which floor? -    .


              - Okay. - Look what I found.

              I'm not sure. Hold on, I'll check.

              Allie, it's Sam.

              Where do you guys learn to dress? I mean, it's just so New York.

              I think you look very comfortable.

              Yeah, I never know what looks good.

              I think that looks nice, but with this it would look great.

              - What do you think? - They go great with that dress.

              You take them. I'll borrow them when I want to.

              God! I didn't know you were home.

              I was ...

              You haven't even been here two weeks and I'm already in your room.

              I was just about to go through your drawers.

              That smells nice on you.

              - I always wanted to try that. - Sure, anything you want.

              - Share and share alike. - I don't really know about that.

              I'm an only child. Do you come from a big family?

              There's just me.

              I was supposed to be a twin, but she was stillborn.

              - That's so sad. - A part of me was always missing.

              Allie! God!

              It's beautiful. Thank you. What do I owe you?

              Nothing. It's just a little housewarming.

              No ...

              They look beautiful on you. It's a housewarming.

              Thanks, they're great.

              No, Sam.

              No, it's not a good time.

              I'm not ready to see you. You're prolonging something that's over.

              There's nothing to talk about. There's somebody here right now.

              Why don't we order some Chinese?

              Hi, this is Allison Jones. Please leave a message.

              Allie, are you there? Pick up.

              This is torture forme. I knowyou need me as much as I need you.

              I love you. I'll do anything foryou,just call me.


              What a good clean boy.

              Are you going to cheer her up?

              Do you think she'll let you stay?

              YELLOW LAB PUPPY   WEEKS OLD, $   .  

              No messages.

              I know I shouldn't have, but they were giving him away ...

              - They said I could bring him back. - I hope they meant it.

              His name's Buddy.

              I had a dog named Buddy when I was little.

              Tomorrow, okay. I promise.

              You're working so hard.

              - Myerson better refer some clients. - He wll, you're the best.

              Hedy, thanks. I never would've got it done without you.

              I love helping.

              Come here. Family portrait.


              I lived a few weeks while you loved me.

              Goodbye, David.

              - Ready to kill her yet? - Who, Hedy?

              - Ready to kill her yet? - Who, Hedy?

              No, it's fun having a girlfriend again.

              Good. You were starting to look like a Kennedy wife.

              You were great, Graham. I just had to spend some time with her.

              She needed a lot of help moving in. Plus, I've been working like crazy.

              I've been meaning to come down. I want to ask you something.

              Will you cat sit again? I have to go to my cousin's wedding.

              - Sure, I'll watch Carmen. - I've made you a set.

              Ignore the litter box, I do. I think I saw your room-mate.

              I thought it was you. Your backpack. This jacket.

              But it was someone else. Very nervous.

              That's Hedy. I freaked her out about people knowing she lives here.

              I would've had you down to meet her ... but she's shy.

              - Friday? - I'll make dinner when I get back.

              I thought you'd be at work. Don't tell me we have the same belt.

              - Yeah ... I have to talk to you. - Look, cookies for dogs.

              - I had to get them. - Can I just talk to you ...

              I tried to let you know.

              - What are you doing here? Hedy! - It's not her fault.

              I kind of forced my way in here. I had to see you.

              I've got to get out of here now. Unless you need me ...

              Why can't you just leave me alone?

              You've got to talk to me. You can't pretend I don't exist.

              It's easier that way. Easier on me!

              People screw up. What I did was wrong, I admit it.

              But you cut me off. You didn't take my calls or answer my letter.

              You lied to me! lf she hadn't called, would I have found out?

              If you want to be nice, just stay away.

              I was hoping we could put this thing back together.

              Well, I guess we can't.

              I didn't get any letter.

              I wasn't trying to punish you by not answering it.

              - I sent it with the keys. - I didn't get those, either.

              - What did it say? - Forget the letter.

              I love you. I can't exist without you.

              I have no excuse for what I did. Give me a second chance.

              You really hurt me, Sam.

              - Where's the biography section? - At the front, against the wall.

              Hi, this is Allison Jones. Please leave a message.

              Hi, Allie, it's me. I'm just calling to see if you're okay.

              Call me at work. My number's on the fridge.

              - Next month should be enough time. - I'm sure she'll understand.

              I mustbe in love with you. Has ithityou that way?

              It's not for you!

              - Will itgo on foralways? - Does anything go on foralways?

              One likes to thinksome things do.

              Where the hell have you been?

              God, what are you doing in my room?

              I've been waiting to hear from you. I've been worried sick.

              Buddy was crying. I came in to comfort him.

              - Sorry, I just didn't think. - There's such a thing as a phone.

              - This is New York. Things happen. - I'm sorry. It was thoughtless.

              You're making me feel like I'm    years old.

              - Are you okay? - Yeah, just ... forget it.

              - I guess you've patched things up. - I made him suffer.

              Is that an engagement ring?

              - It's a beautiful ring. - Thanks.

              I'm sure you'll be very happy ... and I'll be alone.

              You'll find someone, Hedy. I mean, if I can ...

              Why don't you look in the mirror?


              You're in a different league. I know that.

              You have this great personality. You've got this great style.

              You're running your own business.

              You're always going to find someone.

              You'd have to be stupid to think that you wouldn't.

              I guess you and Sam want to be together.

              So I have to move out, right?

              Sam's keeping his place for a while. I know you spent a lot on furniture.

              Yeah, your timing is really great!

              - You promised this wouldn't happen. - Nothing's happened, come on.

              I'll talk to Sam.

              Maybe we'll move if we find some place like this.

              We'll figure something out. Okay?

              - They're nervous. - Salesmen have to be sold.

              - They're nervous. - Salesmen have to be sold.

              Let's set up a demo. Something different, maybe at night.

              - Open bar, open minds. "F ". - I'll set it up.

              I'll call you tonight after I check on some things.

              "     Knox". What's Knox?

              Graham Knox. That was just for last night.

              - I admit, I'm very impressed. - Well, start spreading the word.

              I can see I'm not going to be able to afford you any more.

              Great. Press "enter". That's it.

              Are you thirsty?

              I'll be right back.

              You'd know more about that than me.

              Allie, do you want a sip?

              I guess I'll turn in. Goodnight, Allie. Goodnight, Sam.

              - They're ready. - Just a minute.

              - They'll get cold. - All right.

              No, Rawson is a Norse name.

              It's a thoroughly uninteresting conversation.

              Are we going?

              - Scrambled or fried? - This is fine.

              Sweetheart, this isn't all that urgent.

              This apartment thing can wait till I get back.

              Why don't we get away together? A drive?

              Buddy, come here.

              - Three's a crowd. - It's all right, Hedy, he's fine.

              - Poor guy's all confused. - We'll take a day off ...

              No, I'm fine.

              I just didn't get a very good sleep. Nightmares.

              You've got a good day for it if it doesn't get too hot.

              - You don't need to do that. - I don't mind.

              It's clean when you can't tell I'm here.

              If the eggs were okay, maybe you'd trust me with dinner.

              - Do you know when you'll be back? - We'll be out celebrating tonight.

              Really? That's great. Good luck.


              Buddy, come here.

              Come here, sweetie.

              I know.

              Buddy, come!


              This is half the size for twice the price.

              - It's easier this way. - It's a long way from The Victoria.

              - Do you think we can smoke her out? - I couldn't, I'm her only friend.

              God, what happened?


              - He's dead. Buddy's dead! - What?

              You left the window open. How could you do that?

              I thought we could leave it open. You fixed it.

              - I thought I did. - It's me.

              I interrupted you when I called you in for breakfast.

              - Thanks, that pill helped. - Are you still leaving tomorrow?

              Well, she wants me to.

              If I'd just let you finish your work this morning ...

              If she blames anybody, she blames me.

              Hi, Mitch.


              No, I'm just running a little late. I didn't forget.

              Just hold them till five, okay?

              You were terrific ... but you know that, don't you?

              And I thought all the guys would resist you.

              - As if anyone ever could. - No, I've got to go.

              Hold it. Not so fast.

              Now everybody under me knows more than I do. I hate that.

              Find some time for me next week. It's just a little late tonight.

              Please, just a taste. Something simple.

              Right now.

              Something simple.

              This is just the Mickey-Mouse stuff, but it does come in handy.

              Enter the vendor's name.


              - A-l-l-i-s-o-n. - Very good.

              "Contract price", "Payment to date", "Balance outstanding".

              - We should've paid you last Friday. - Barbara will handle it.

              Not till I give her the word.

              - I hope you're satisfied with me. - So far.

              But this is it. There ain't much more.

              A little fine tuning, that's it.

              I would like to meet your colleagues.

              I was thinking of keeping you to myself.

              - What are you doing? - You're just so tight.

              Mitch, please, don't. That's enough.

              Look ... I've been a good boy, haven't l?

              And you've been a good girl. We have nothing to prove any more.

              This is your last chance to play before you're an old married lady.

              Let me turn around, okay?

              That's better.

              Just a second.

              Fucking bitch!

              Take this.

              I can't believe I didn't see it coming.

              - It's just so humiliating. - The problem is you're too nice.

              Men are pigs. I don't care how nice they seem.

              You always fall for that.

              But what I did ...

              It was like something inside taking over. It was scary.

              No, don't turn this around. You're the victim. He should pay for this.

              He'll pay. I set up my programmes. He'll have to eventually.

              It's not about getting paid, it's about getting even.

              You don't understand. It's the contacts more than the money.

              I took the job for the word of mouth and now that's gone.

              - He's put me back to square one. - Only if you let him.

              - What can I do? - Allie ...

              Of course, Sam's away. I didn't want to say anything ...

              How he could go the day after Buddy died.

              Especially when it was his fault.

              - May I speak with your husband? - Who are you calling?

              I know it's late. Tell him it's Allison Jones, he'll take the call.

              Listen, you pathetic shit. Do you want to hold on to your business?

              No, you listen to me , asshole!

              If you trash me around town, you're fucked and your family is, too!

              It won't just be you.

              Let me tell you, he is pissing in his p.j.'s right now.

              Gee, Hedy, I hope you never get mad at me.

              - Hedy, we really have to talk. - I have a surprise for you.

              I'm not up for this today.

              It'll be fun. It'll make you feel better, I promise.

              And I'm paying.

              It'll be fine, come on.

              You've got to be kidding.

              - You should've asked first. - I wanted it to be a surprise.

              This feels so good on my neck.

              I didn't think you'd mind.

              I'm going to take a shower.

              Ellen Besch.

              AUTOMATED MAIL PO BOX       NEW YORK



              I LOVE YOU, ALLIE SAM

              Do you want me to fix you something before I go?

              No, thanks. I'm going up to visit Graham.

              - I love myself like this. - Have fun.

              I love myself like this.


              Don't lose her. She has something of mine.

              - Do you want to play? - No, thanks.

              - Come on, Jim. - Allie, regular or diet?

              - Diet. - Something's different.

              Jim, you look like my sister's boyfriend.

              - Jesus, Allie, what is it? - You've got to help me, Graham.


              I'm home.


              It's like looking atmyself.

              Andshe lies. I found a shoebox in herroom.

              Nothingshe told me is true. She said hertwin died atbirth.

              It was in an accident when she was nine.

              And she stole a letter that Sam wrote me.

              - I have to do something. - Get rid of her.

              Call the police ifyou have to. You've got to getherout

              You're right. I'll tell her tonight.

              I can't just throw her out on the street.

              - She needs help. - Do it tonight.

              I feel responsible for her. I'm the only one she has.

              Either she's gone by Saturday, or I go to the police, okay?

              - That was very impressive. - I can be butch when I have to.

              I've got a friend who's a shrink. Maybe he can help her.

              - When I talk to her, she may leave. - Do you want to sleep here tonight?

              Don't tempt me. I just needed to talk it out. Thanks.

              - She's not going to chase me out. - When's Sam coming back?

              - Tomorrow. - That's good.

              This is a little embarrassing, but now we're letting our hair down ...

              Those old air vents between our apartments carry sound.

              It's a weird acoustic thing.

              What do you hear?

              Oh, no!

              - I'm sorry. - I should've mentioned it sooner.

              You're sure you want to go down there?

              Yeah, she's my problem. I'll handle it.

              Thank you for the tea. I'll see you tomorrow.


              This is serious. I know you can't diagnose over the phone.

              I don't know what hypervigilant is. I've never met the woman.

              She could be infantile or paranoid, whatever.

              I'll go down and call from there. She can tell you better than I can.

              Thanks. So you might hear from us.

              Love to Jack. And you're not charging me for this.

              Carmen ...

              - Allie! - Goodnight.


              I'm sorry ...

              Wait, take it easy. We just want to get you some help.

              Please ... I didn't do anything wrong.

              - Take it easy. - I didn't do anything.

              Mr. Besch, you don't know me, my name is Allison Jones.

              I think my room-mate Hedra is your daughter. Ellen.

              I'm not sure, really.

              She's been under a lot of stress lately ...

              I'd rather not get into this on an answering machine.

              Could you please give one of us a call? You must have the number.

              It's    -   -    .

              Don't say I called.




              - Are you all right?. - I can't hear you.

              I was starting to worry. You've been in here so long.

              Do you want some camomile tea?

              Yeah ... that'd be great.

              I'm not feeling really well.

              Mine always comes when I'm wearing something nice.

              Are you crampy? Sometimes tea helps.

              Something warm. We could talk.

              About what?

              About Sam and I wanting this place for ourselves.

              You need a long engagement to make sure you can trust him.

              Frankly. that's my business. I'm sorry, but it is.

              It's me, isn't it?

              I'll change, Allie. I can change.

              No, that's not it at all. You've been a good room-mate.

              This is the man I'm going to marry. I want us to live together.

              He will cheat on you again, that's a promise.

              And when he does, don't come running to me.

              I've had it with you. You're so fucking weak!

              I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


              - Is it Sam? - Ellen, is thatyou?

              Talk to me oryourmother. We miss you. Come home.

              Don't call here again.

              We'llstop sending the cheques . No doctors this time,just come.

              Obscene phone call. New York!

              - Find someone else, jerk! - I'm expecting a call from Sam.

              Just for a while. Sam will call back if it's busy.

              I'm sorry, Allie. It's no big deal. I'll find some other place.

              - I don't want you making a mistake. - I understand.

              - We'll still be friends. - Sure.

              - Allie? - No, it's Hedy.

              - Where are you? - I just got in. Is she asleep?

              - Yeah, do you want me to wake her? - No, tell herto surprise me.

              - I'll tell her. - Goodnight, honey.

              Goodnight, Sam. Sleep well.

                Allie, what are you doing here?

                - Allie? - No, not Allie.

                Hey, sleepy guy.

                I knew it.

                - Knew what? - I told her.

                Guys like you don't change. You can't be faithful.

                And now she'll know.

                She'll know what?

                That you came up here and pretended to be her? What is this hair?

                You're n her clothes. You're wearing her perfume!

                You knew it was me.

                You knew and you didn't care.

                I think she should know that.

                You think she's going to thank you for that news, do you?

                - You can't understand friendship. - She can't stand you!

                - That's not true. - Bullshit!

                You're too needy. You're constantly in her face.

                She needs me. Who was there for her when her boss almost raped her?

                You were off on a business trip or screwing someone.

                - She never told me that. - That's right, she told me.

                So ... don't try and make me think that we're not close.

                We lean on each other and we protect each other.

                We're best friends.

                You're nuts, you know that? I think you're out of your skull.

                Yeah, well, sticks and stones ...

                - Don't touch me! - I'm sorry.

                I know you want to save face. I won't tell her, okay?

                Just call her and tell her you're going back to your ex-wife.

                I won't say a word.

                You won't have to say a word. I'll tell her myself.

                Fucking bitch!

                Goodnight, Miss Jones.



                I hope I didn't wake you. I got an early start.

                - You don't have to move out today. - There, I think that's it.

                I hope you don't mind me storing some stuff in the cage downstairs.

                It'll be less bother.

                Sure, that's fine. I'm really sorry it didn't work out.

                I'd better get this stuff out of here.

                We can have breakfast when you get back.

                Morning Newsbreak ...

                Police found the body this morning.

                Identification ofthe white male of around    years ofage is pending.

                A witness heard a struggle in room     around   o'clock this morning.

                - Atherton Hotel. - Sam Rawson's room, please.    .

                I'm sorry, there's been an accident. Youshouldspeak to the police.


                What are you doing?

                I just suddenly felt sick. It was the funniest thing.

                I hope I'm not pregnant.

                Let me help you. Let me get you some water.

                Drink some.

                - Are you feeling better? - Yeah, I'm going out for a while.

                - I thought you said breakfast? - Yeah, it's in the blender.

                Dressed like that?

                I'm going to see Graham. He called while you were out.

                Still, if you're not feeling well, you should wear more than that.

                Maybe you're right.

                Leave the door open so we can talk.

                You know why I think you're sick?

                You're upset about Sam.

                You know Sam's dead, don't you?

                Yeah, we don't have much time.

                You didn't do it, Hedy, did you?

                You couldn't have!


                Allie, he came in my mouth.

                Then he wanted to beat the shit out of me because I wanted to tell you.

                It was an accident.

                But he deserved it.

                Come on. The police will be here soon.

                But you shouldn't run.

                That'll only make it worse.

                You weren't yourself when you did this.

                I know. I was you.

                Who is this Hedy anyway?

                No one's seen her. She's not on the lease.

                There's not even a fingerprint. I've been cleaning like crazy.

                - They'd put you away. - Hedy, it'll never work.

                Besides ... people have seen you.

                We'll get a lawyer and a doctor and they'll explain it to the police.


                Why are you making me do this?

                We're friends, Allie. You'll be in a lot of trouble without me.

                But I'm not going to leave you.

                That wouldn't be right. I won't leave you. Let's go.



                No, up to Graham's. He's already involved.

                - Nobody's home. - Use these. Go on, hurry up.

                He must be sleeping. We were up late last night.

                - Graham? - He can't hear you.

                Wait till you see me.

                It was beautiful, but I can't go around looking like you any more.

                Okay now, Allie, don't laugh.

                How's that? Good?

                   and    are the movie channels. I've got to cash a pay cheque.

                I'll only be gone an hour. I know how you hate to be alone.

                When I get back, we'll do your hair, too. Be good. Bye.

                - What's the part this time? - Excuse me?

                You're an actress, right? You're never the same person twice.

                I like it. I just thought the other was more you.

                - Maybe next time I'll try blonde. - Really? I'm flattered. Thanks.

                Miss Besch? Your father's been calling here.

                He'll come to New York if you don't call him.

                Do you live here?

                No, I'm just watching the place. It's on a timer. I'm sorry.

                - I have to register a complaint. - Please, I'll turn it off.

                How could you do that?

                Everything I've done, I've done for you. Don't you understand that?

                People like you don't care.

                Just like that stupid girl in Tampa. She called my parents, too.

                Told them all my secrets.

                You want to put me away.

                I can't keep making excuses for you, Allie.

                I can't ... I can't ...




                - Please ... - No.

                Don't make me leave you, Ellen.

                It's okay.

                We've got to get out of here now.

                Jesus ... Mitch!

                - Get in here. - What?

                - What is it? - Look.

                It's erasing.

                I didn't do anything.

                On mine, too!

                "The last payment from Fontana Fashions is past due."

                "Contact Allison Jones today or your data will be irretrievably lost."

                "This payment policing programme is installed on all my software."

                Should I just plug this in the phone jack?

                - You can make reservations on this? - And you can pay by credit card.

                - L.A., right? - Yeah.

                - No answer at the first number. - What about Knox?

                Busy. Turn 'em off. Turn 'em all off!

                Things are going to be different in L.A.

                - First class? - Is it worth it?

                We can use one of Graham's cards. I saw his wallet in the living room.

                I'll go see.


                I know I saw it. Maybe it's in the kitchen.

                I'M AT     W.   TH STREET

                No! No!

                Going down.

                That's okay ...

                Excuse me, is this     ? ls Graham Knox at home?

                - No, he's on a cruise. - I'm looking for Allison Jones?

                - Who are you? - Mitchell Myerson.

                She did a job for me.

                - She's not on this floor. - I was down at her apartment.

                But I did contact her here once.

                I'm the only one here and I never met her. Excuse me.

                This is hers. You do know her.

                What the fuck is going on here?

                Be careful, she's crazy.

                Get off of her.

                You think she wants you touching her? Get off her!

                Okay, I'm getting up.

                - Where is she? - Don't worry, I took care of her.

                I don't want to try to be loved any more.

                I don't want to be scared any more.

                Or to kill any more. I don't want to kill any more.

                I don't want to be alone any more.

                I don't want to be anything any more.

                I don't need a reason to kill myself ...

                I need a reason not to ...

                ... and there isn't one.

                You want to say anything special to anyone?

                Okay, "Allison Jones", go on.

                Now they'll know it was you.

                No one will believe I wrote that. I was never that scared.

                - Well ... not like that. - Of course it's you.

                I never met anyone so scared of being alone.

                And I saved you from that, but you don't care.

                Did you know that identical twins are never really identical?

                There's always one who's prettier.

                And the one who's not does all the work.

                She used me and then she left me.

                Just like you.

                Come on ... take them.

                - Come on, it's nicer this way. - Okay.


                Please ...

                I'm not like your sister, Hedy. Not any more. I'm like you now.


                I'll kill you!

                Get off him!

                Graham, stay inside!



                Hey, here you are.

                Don't make me come get you.

                Allie, come out now.

                Come on. Come out now!

                I'm scared!

                Where are you?

                Why are you hiding from me?

                You think I can't find you? Your shirt is sticking out.

                I cried the whole week ofSam's funeral.

                Graham says that won'tbring him back.

                He says I have to startletting go. He's right.

                He says I have to startletting go. He's right.

                Hedy's parents said they'd tried to explain to her-

                - thathersister's death wasn'therfault.

                Butshe neverforgave herself forsurviving.

                So every day, I try to forgive Hedy forSam.

                Then I try to do what she couldn't... Forgive myself.

                I know what can happen to someone who doesn't.




Special help by SergeiK