Singles Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Singles script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Cameron Crowe movie with Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick...etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Singles. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Singles Script

I was living in this duplex.
For the first time, I was alone.

No dorm, no roommates,
my own place. I was so happy.

I had my own parking space.

Where I come from,
they don't keep them in cages.

They keep them in bins, you know,
so you can reach in and touch them.

-Need some help?

No, l...
Well, yeah, thanks.

I'm from Spain.

-Really? Which part?

I'm taking engineering at U of W.
I like Seattle.

That's what people call it here.

Finally, a local tells me
some secrets.

You don't have to stay.
This is gonna take some time.

Where else do I have to go?

In one week, I have to go back
to Spain. My visa runs out.


This is Linda Powell from
the Seattle Environmental Council.

Okay, great. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Yes, that's right,
there's another spill in Bellingham.

We gotta get somebody out there...

Ruth, how long have I been saying
there are no guys?


I met one. I met one
when I was least expecting it.

You held out on me.

He's an engineering student
from Spain.

His visa runs out in two days. He's...

He's like a comet. What do I do?

I wish you could stay.

If I overstay my visa,
I can't come back for five years.

-Were you ever gonna come back?
-Well, now I have a reason.

I want you to have this.

I wish I was better able to tell you
what I am thinking.

But this is a symbol of our future.

I want to return in two months
and see you again.

I don't really have much
to give you, but...

It's important to me.

Use this when you get back.

You'll always have a parking space.


Don't wake up. I'm getting
on the plane. I wanted to say bye.

-I'll see you soon. Goodbye, Linda.
-Goodbye, honey. I miss you already.

Did you perform any other acts
with him before he left?

It's amazing. We can't hide things
in language. We speak in basics.


If I married him, he could live here.
I'd always have someone to go out with.

You're talking
about marrying this guy?

I'm tired of all the games.

If you were married,
would we still go out dancing?

-We will always go out dancing.

We will always go out dancing!

This is the Genie. Can't go wrong
with this garage-door opener.

Here's the Liftrex and the Liftrex
Super. Might be more than you need.

And, of course,
the Linear pocket pager, beeper...

...garage-door opener combo.

Give me the best one you have.
I'll never lose it again.

I recently broke up with Jennifer,
my last girlfriend.

I did it in a crowded restaurant.

She just stared at me with that look:
"How can you pass me up?"

I told her we weren't right,
all the stuff we both knew.

I realized I was wrong, tried to get
back with her. She won't see me.

Now she's with Tony.

Tony knows my friend Bailey, who's
friends with Tony's other girl, Rita.

Rita, who I broke up with
to go out with Jennifer.

So do I tell Jennifer I know
Tony's going out with Rita...

...or do I tell Rita I know
about Tony and Jennifer?

Tony will tell Jennifer I was
dating Rita when I was with her.

How does stuff get so complicated?
I don't know.

Sometimes I wish it was as simple as
this postcard somebody sent me once.

Isn't that great?

I don't know. I think...

Cliff! I'm talking here, man.

I'm back to the beginning.

My dad left home when I was  .
He said to me:

"Have fun. Stay single."

I was  .

My mom's a teacher. She took me
to a doctor to learn about sex.

He was from Boston.

The father and the mother
have finally learned to come together.

The father inserts his penis...

You do know what the penis is,
don't you, Steve?

The father inserts the penis
into the mother's vagina.

This is called intercourse,
and what comes out is called sperm.

And then, the man keeps moving until
something squirts out of his penis.

-Yeah, what comes out?

-Oh, man!

So maybe it was never simple.
I'll tell you this...

...for the next three years,
I'm going to concentrate on work.

Work is the only thing
I have complete control over.


I gotta go.

I'm   . Remember how old   
seemed when you were little?

I thought people would be traveling
in air locks and I'd have five kids.

Here I am,   .

Things are...
They're basically the same.

I think time's running out
to do something bizarre.

Somewhere around   
bizarre becomes immature.

I get inspiration from my boyfriend.
He's a musician.

His band put out an independent album
last month. He's a good artist too.

He's like a Renaissance man.

I'm so glad he moved into my building.

Janet. What's the ordeal?

Your machine wasn't on, and I was
supposed to see you Saturday but...

So I just thought I'd come by
and say, hi.


-So how about this weekend?
-This weekend we're really busy.

-We got that show, right?
-Yeah, that show.

-We got these guys coming from L.A.

-It's gonna be rocking.
-Bye, Cliff.

-So come over after.

Look, Janet, you know
I see other people still, right?

You do know that, don't you?

You don't fool me.

Janet, I could not
be fooling you less.

Cliff, you gotta move your truck, man.

I know what you're thinking.
We connected.

And when you make the connection,
chemistry takes care of itself.

So sit back and enjoy it because
you know when it's real. This is real.

We just don't even have to discuss it.

Janet, you're spazzing off on me.

Hey, Cliff, while we're young.

So I'll see you Saturday, and then
I'll help you with your speakers.

What can I say, man?
She's crazy about me.

Check it out, my new Gortec watch.

I can store    numbers.
Tonight, I'll fill it.

All or nothing.
Tonight, I'll be the super me.

What if the super you meets the super
her, and the super her rejects you?

-Then it's no problem.

Because it was never you.
It was just an act.

-I live my life like a French movie.

Webster and   th, it should be here.

Let's ask this clown
where the club is.

Hey, man...

...where's De Soto?

I get it, you're a mime.
Mime the address.

Well, give me a ride,
and I'll show you.

Where's De Soto? Our car broke down.

I'll tell you about love.
Love disappears, baby.

When I've been broke,
babe has been off like a prom dress.

Maybe it's the girls you choose.

Maybe I've been hurt,
or I've been dogged!

-Know where this place is?
-Do I look like a Thomas Guide?

-You really shouldn't speak.

-Where do you work?
-I'm a maître d' .

-Department of Transportation.
-Solving the gridlock.

I build airplanes.


My friend and I have this argument,
and here it is.

He says when you're
at a place like this...

           can't just be yourself,
you need an act.

So anyway, I saw you standing there...

           I thought,
A: I could just leave you alone.

B: I could come up with an act,
or C: I could just be myself.

I chose C.

What do you think?

I think that
A: You have an act...

...and that
B: Not having an act is your act.

Thank you.

Cliff, any comments on the Seattle
sound and Citizen Dick's place in it?

I don't like to reduce us just
to being part of Seattle.

I think of us expanding more.

We're huge in Europe right now.

We've got records...
A big record just broke in Belgium.

A song like "Touch Me, I'm Dick"
is about what?

I think "Touch Me, I'm Dick, "
in essence, speaks for itself.

I think, you know, that's basically
what the song is about.

It's about, you know...

A lot of people might think
it's actually about...

           name is Dick,
and you can touch me...

...but I think, you know,
it can be seen either way.

-Hey, excuse me! Hello.

-Want to meet up later?
-Where you going?

-Anywhere you're going.
-Anywhere you're going.

-We're going home.
-Going home.

-Do you have a...?
-See you.

"Anywhere you're going."

Always get their numbers.
I got    numbers.

Twenty numbers.

Bailey, you got    numbers
of    girls that you will never call...

...never go out with,
never see in the daylight.

Twenty numbers that exist only to make
you feel like you can get    numbers.

-Watch the volume.
-Sorry. Tinnitus.

-Club disease.
-You kids are all going to be deaf.


This is my night.


Linda, don't look over.

Cliff, I need another double latte,
no cream, skim milk, decaf.

I'm going to use that video date
you got me last Christmas.

-It was a joke.
-I know. I know.

You think it's something desperate
people do. You are wrong!

Expect the Best is the best
video-dating in the country. Hi!

Debbie Hunt.
Call me before I go to Cabo.

-Your medication, Miss Hunt.
-Thank you.

You make the greatest coffee.
Doesn't he make...? You...

My roommate has no domestic...
Guys just don't know...

-Did you get the tunnel stuff?
-I'll call you back.

The l-   construction is behind.
No green time from the exits.

The Times asked why
there's gridlock on the l- .

It's God's way of saying,
"Listen to the radio."

Did you read my proposal?
What'd you think?

I liked it.
You have to move it past Stu.

-After lunch.

After lunch, okay. After lunch, Stu.

-Ted, what's up?
-Making music with my fingers.

And what a beautiful sound it is.

Linda Powell, Steve Dunne. Hey.

Yeah, I met you    hours ago.
Yeah, that was me.

Listen, you want to get
some dinner or...?

Busy. How about some lunch?
Have a lunch.


Water? How about some water?

I'll meet you where you're having
lunch, and we'll have some water.

I think that this whole decade
will be about cleaning up.

Our project spent last year studying
the Alaskan Exxon spill.

And now... And now
with all the Exxon kickbacks, it's...

-God, yes. The worst.

I'm trying to put together a group
to go study the whole coast.

I'm having a little trouble
trying to get a boat.

I think it will work out.

-There's just no privacy anymore.

I thought he was literally
gonna swallow her.

-Me too.
-My God.

Do you know what time it is?

-Yeah,  :  .
-Oh, I'm so late.

-I'm glad your lunch date didn't show.
-Me too.

-Did you really have a lunch date?

-I'm getting over somebody.

-Nothing big.
-I think it's a bad time to get...


Here's my car.
Let me give you a ride back to work.

Okay. Thanks.


I really like your take
on the supertrain.

It's ambitious.
If it were up to me...

She opened my car-door button.
Unmistakable sign.

I like this girl.

Gotta handle this one really well.

The thing I like about you the best
is that you listen to me.

-You're a realist-slash-dreamer.

I get so pissed off
when I think about it.

That some jerk could trash the Mona
Lisa or an ocean or someone's life.

So who are your neighbors?

That's Bailey, right there.
He's a maître d' .

He keeps us all on free meals.

And on the corner there,
that's Debbie Hunt.

She actually consumes men
instead of food.

And that is Cliff.
He delivers flowers, has four jobs...

           in the coffee shop
around the corner.

Upstairs is Janet Livermore.

She works there too. She's
saving for architecture school.

Cliff and Janet.

That's it.

You sound like me talking
about my family.

Wanna go upstairs
while your stuff is still drying?

That's a good picture of you.

Let me ask you a question.
You think about traffic?

Because I do, constantly. Traffic
is caused by the single car driver.

       single people
get in their cars every morning.

They drive and wonder why
there's gridlock.

This is what I've been working on.
If you had a supertrain...

           give people a reason to get out
of their cars. Coffee, great music...

...they will park and ride.
I know they will.

But I still love my car, though.

Well... Oh.

The Sonics.
They've got a good team this year.

Good thing they traded
Xavier McDaniel.

-Is he a boxer or a basketball player?
-You dare to rip the X-Man.

"Kiss at the Hotel de Ville."
You have this too. I have this.

And albums.
Oh, I miss albums.

-I was a deejay in college.

That's why I still have records.

So any boyfriends?

You don't want to know.
I've had bad luck.

But there was this one guy, Rich.
All my girlfriends loved him.

That stuff I told you
about the money I inherited?

I made that up. Plus, I got
back together with Lynn last night.

So you probably want to go ahead
and freak out.

Oh, man. That was
like a professional hit.

I didn't wanna get close
to anybody for a long time.

And then l...

-I'm talking too much.
-No, go ahead.

Well, I thought for sure I would
meet someone in college.

A perfect combination of Mel Gibson
and Holden Caulfield...

...and the sexual revolution
would just sweep us both away.

I was a semester too late.


Condoms. They're free.

You know, it's okay
to loathe these people.


There is so much life in you.

And so much emotional larceny
in these others.

-I'm Andy.
-I'm Linda.

Emotional larceny?

We talked about how passion didn't
matter as much as comfort, stability.

-That's bullshit.
-No kidding.

-It's cool.

We lived together for two years.
We're still friends, but...

I did the same thing.

One day, one of you goes
for groceries and never comes back.

Everyone I know wants
everything to be easy.

-Why did I have to meet you in a club?
-I don't know.

Oh, I love this song.

My clothes.

This is you?

This gas-guzzling monster?
The environmentalist?

-I inherited it.
-Not sure how I feel about that.

So let's maybe do something
this weekend or...

-Okay. I'll call you.
-Okay. Don't forget.

I won't.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Listen, next time, why don't you...

...park underground?

I should go.

Grab whatever you can.
Keep whatever you want.

It's all yours free,
only at Shop for Less.

I was just nowhere near
your neighborhood.

Burglar, burglar, burglar,
burglar, burglar.


It's Andy. Just calling
to make sure you're okay.

I was thinking about the conversation.

Trust him, although
he's putting on moves.

Passive-aggressively speaking.
I'm a guy.

I don't like that I know them,
but I know.

I think that you can trust him,
but you certainly want to...

If he doesn't treat you right,
I'll kick his ass.

Starring Fred MacMurray.

Can you wait?
Just a little longer. Okay?

-Whenever, whenever.
-You're amazing.

I feel like I'm being pulled
inside you.

We're being too loud.

What are you thinking
right now?

I play good, hard-nosed basketball.

Things happen in the game.
Nothing you can do.

I don't go and say,
"I'm gonna beat this guy up."

-Anything else, X?
-Yes. Steve, don't come yet.

God, I'm in love with my neighbor.
Why don't you call me, Cliff?

What can I eat? I'm tired
of starving myself for this guy.

Salad. I'll have a salad.

If I call him, that's being desperate.

He's late or he forgot. I refuse to
call him to remind him he forgot.

If he shows up, I'll listen.
No way do I call him.

Of course, men do like to be called.

I'll call him in    minutes. That will
be one hour, and that is very late.

He is offiicially very late.

If I make this basket,
that's fate telling me to call him.

Two out of three.

Wait. Did no basket mean call him
or don't call him?

Busy. That's a sign.
That's fate saying don't call.

Forget it. I am not desperate. I have
many people to spend time with.

-Quit getting involved with neighbors.
-That broke us up?

-We're better as friends.

The thing about Cliff is,
he has all this fierce integrity.

-I know.
-Except when it comes to women.

He likes these club-type women...

...these huge, hourglass,
Amazon women.

It's great you're together,
but you've got to protect yourself.

So I'm not an Amazon woman?

You're from the high plains, Janet.

I'm so glad I live here.

-Are my breasts too small for you?


Because, I mean, I look around,
and all I see are these...

...posters and billboards
and magazines and TV shows...

...all with these women
with huge breasts.

I guess I just...
I guess I just wanted to ask.

Is that what men really want?
Is that what you want?

You know?

Don't lie because when you do, your
eye twitches, and I know it anyway.

Okay, ask me.

Are my breasts too small for you?


Have you had implants before?

What do you think?


Yes. Well, you take a couple of days
and make up your mind.

We skew the size specifically
to what you want...

           graph. Right.

Well, what's painful?

It can be mildly painful, and certainly
safety is on everybody's mind...

...mine in particular.

Right. Okay, you take a couple
of days and think about it.

All right. Bye-bye.


Heard you on the phone. I'm in.
I don't need a couple of days.

How about that?

Maybe for your frame,
something a little less hourglass.

If you're going to have the operation,
you know, have the operation.

-Whoa. Do you jog?
-A little.

See, maybe, here.

-Split the difference?
-Split the difference.

Hi, it's me.
I'm tired of doing the right thing.

I'm tired of waiting for you
to call me.

I'm on the bed right now, wearing
something really outrageous.

I've got no underwear on.

I need to be touched.
I'm burning for you, Cliff.

I think you've got the wrong number,
lady, but I'll be right over.

-This guy plays no games.
-That's great.


-I've got to play this one perfectly.
-Go with it.

-What do your instincts say?
-Not to listen to you guys.

-There you go.
-Don't tug at her bra strap.

She wants mystery, drama, excitement.
I know women.

I don't want drama or excitement.
I just want to trust him.

-Should I trust him?

-Not all guys are like Luiz.
-You're right.

You're right. Steve is different.

Just follow your instincts.
Don't treat this like casual sex.

Casual sex doesn't even exist anymore.
It's lethal. It's over.

What are you thinking?

If I had a conversation with God,
I would ask him to create this girl.

My chest hurts.

-You didn't, like, leave a note?
-No, I left my blue T-shirt.

-There are no mistakes.

What is that? What's that mean?
Give me the phone.

I'm going to call my
new semigirlfriend.

You're gonna scare her off.

She's beautiful.
Anyone would call her.

-Distinguish yourself by not calling.

-P.S., that's how you get her.
-No, Bailey, you don't understand.

Am I the only one that remembers
your last three girlfriends?

You're right.

I gotta let this one breathe.

Yes. You're concerned about dioxins.
Let me give you Greenpeace's number.

-So how'd it go?
-I got the boat.

-The trip to Alaska's set.
-Oh, great, Linda.

-That is great.

-Oh, Steve on two.
-Four days he waits to call me.

So, what do I tell him?

-Tell him I went out for groceries.

She went out for groceries.


He's coming right over.

-What do you mean, nothing?
-Nothing is wrong.

Really. Thanks.

-We connected.
-This is a small office.

-Is this because I didn't call?
-Did you call?

I don't know why you're
being like this. I like you.

I'll call you, or you call me.

-I'm sorry if I blew it by not calling.
-You don't owe me anything.

-Is this about your ex who calls?
-Andy doesn't.

-Ponytail, right?

-Mr. Sensitive Ponytail Man.
-He is not Mr. Sensitive Ponytail Man.

-You're scared of getting close to me.
-You don't know me.

-I think I do.
-No, you don't.

Look, let's not play games.

Games? If I was playing games,
I would have waited a week to call.

-What I mean is...
-I've gotta work, Steve.

-Linda? I left my blue T-shirt at...
-Bye, Steve.

Why? Why do you talk such a good game?

You talk about things that matter,
that get me excited, that get me hot.

But it's like you're lobotomized.
Why can't I just protect myself?

Why can't I just be a buddy?

Glad I caught this one in time.
I can't leave myself open.

It's better to be the dumper.

Mom... Mom! Yeah.

Listen, Mom, if he invited you
to Hawaii, yes, he wants something.

And who cares?
Dad's been gone for two years.

Listen. Listen, Mom!

I'm having a bad sugar crash.
Do you think you could hold it down?

Wait, Mom. Rinse your dishes before
you put them in the dishwasher.

I rinsed them, Debbie.

You have to rinse off
the food or it gets all over.

I found this big, little chunky thing
on my glass. No biggie.

So. Yeah, wish me luck on my video
for Expect the Best.


-This is for Expect the Best, right?
-I brought clippings.

Possible looks for my video.

Here we have
the Edie Sedgwick. You know?

Pseudo-Brigitte Bardot.

Or we jet on over to Spain
for the depressed millionairess.

And I love these earrings
that nobody loves but me.



I will create your new look.
I will have men dying at your feet.

Ten bucks extra,
and Brian will shoot your video.


He doesn't even know me.


...he is only like the next
Martin Scor-ceese.

Okay. Okay, I'm in your hands.

I am Debbie Hunt.

If you want to see how I look,
rewind and freeze-frame.

But I am not about looks.


I crave responsibility,
respectability and love.

My goals are serenity and knowledge
and men who can understand me.

Oh, no druggies, please.

I'm fairly intense, and
I'm an advertising exec...

           KRWE-TV. That's me.

Come to where the flavor is.
Come to Debbie country.


"Debbie country." It's funny.

-"Doghouse" as an encore?
-Six songs.

-They want me.
-They are just our friends.

-"Doghouse" as an encore.
-You can't start out with that.

Why make them clap
so we come out again?

-You don't get it.
-I agree with Cliff.

-Hey, a review of our record.
-Whoa, read it out loud.

"When the shirtless Cliff
starts to sing..."

Wait a minute, man. I don't
want to hear anything negative.

Go on.

Other than that, "He was ably backed
by Stone and Jeff...

...and drummer Eddie Vedder."
That's good. That's a good review.

-A compliment for us is one for you.
-No, man.

This negative energy
just makes me stronger.

We will not retreat.
This band is unstoppable.

This weekend, we rock Portland.


Okay, are you sure
you want to do this?

Yep. My mind is made up.

Want to read a magazine?

Thanks for doing this with me, Steve.

I didn't want you to go alone.

Tell me, from a girl's point of view,
what do you want from a guy?

Well, when I first moved
out here from Tucson...

...I wanted a guy with...

...Iooks, security, caring.

Someone with their own place.

Someone who said "bless you"
or "gesundheit" when I sneezed.

Someone who liked the same
things as me, but not exactly.

And someone who loves me.

-Tall order.
-Yeah, I scaled it down a little.

What is it now?

Someone who says "gesundheit, "
although I prefer "bless you."

It's nicer.

-Janet, sorry you had to wait.
-Dr. Jamison.

This is my friend, Steve.

-Hi, Steve. Come on in.

Hey, last chance.

Here we go.

I'm going to say something
that I haven't said...

           three years of being an HMO.

I will perform the operation,
but I don't think you need it.

I think you're perfect.

If your boyfriend doesn't appreciate
you the way you are, then ask:

"Are you his Miss Right,
or are you his Miss Maybe?"


What's that mean, "wow"?

-Did my check bounce?


...I really have
a feeling about you.

Thanks, but I love my boyfriend.


-I still feel good about what I said.
-Oh, no, you should. It's good.

-Can I say something to you?

Your face wants
a different part, your hair.

-My hair?

Yeah, there you go.

Now you look vaguely rocking.

You are a happening guy, you know?

You're Dr. Jamison.

You've got nice eyes, and you've got
those great trustworthy eyebrows...

...and you're a surgeon, man.
Many, many babes are into that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, really. Listen, I have friends
who would love you.

See, I don't know how to have fun.

I'm    years old, and I don't
know how to have fun.

There. Now was that fun or what?

Yeah, that was fun.

-Yeah, I know, the operation.

I want Cliff to like me the way I am.


A few days later, she leaves the hive.
Now she's ready to mate.

High in the sky, the only
male bees, the drones...

So Portland, maybe it wasn't our city.

Man, where are the anthems
of our youth?

What happened to music
that meant something?

The Who at the Kingdome
or Kiss at the Coliseum.

Where is the "Misty Mountain Hop"?
Where is the "Iron Man" of today?

-We're not going out tonight, are we?
-Look at this.

These bands are bottles of bleach.
It's beer and lifestyle music.

It's like the next world war's
gonna be sponsored by...

...I don't know, I mean, what?

We could just take a bath.

Just remember one thing,
we are loved in Belgium and in Italy.

The yellow jacket wasp
has come looking for food.

The alarm is sounded.

Hey, babe, don't get me sick.
I'm playing this weekend...

Wait a minute. What am I doing?

I don't have to be here.
I could just break up with him.

I've always been able to do this.
Break up and never look back.

Being alone,
there's a certain dignity to it.


Hi, did I overreact?

Do you know who this is?

We spent a couple
of great weeks together.

But whenever things are at their best,
I start waiting for them to fall apart.

I can't fiigure out if I do it to myself
or if life does it for me.

-I'm a bit late this month, that's all.
-Well, how...? How late?


-Steve Dunne.

Doug Hughley. Mr. Deegan's class.

-What is up? How you doing, man?
-Okay, man.

You know how much homework
I missed because of you?

I loved your radio show.
That was the best. Thanks, man.

We're throwing down tonight
on Aloha Street. It's gonna be insane.

-Would you do some wheels of steel?
-Oh, no.

-Are you sure?

You're the only man I know who can mix
Elvis Costello and Public Enemy.

You're the best, man!
You are the king.

You gotta be there, man.
You must be there!

Of course, you may be busy.

Ten minutes and we pour
X into B. If it's blue...

-Then we have a big talk.

-I have some time right now.
-Then let's talk right now.

-My body knows it's going to be blue.
-It's not gonna be blue.

-It won't be blue.
-You're right.

I'm probably sterile.
It runs in my family.

-Do you know where my other shoes are?
-No, maybe they're by the door.

-That would be wild.

Having a kid.

-lf you were pregnant.
-lf I were pregnant, but I'm not.

And I would not expect you
to deal with it anyway.

Well, I'd be with you.
We'd deal with it.

To friendship.

-That's bluish, right?
-It's fairly blue.

-Put it against something blue.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Well, wait. Let's try and put it
against something white.

-What are you gonna do today?
-Meet the deputy mayor.

-Sets up the thing with the real mayor.
-I have stuff to do. Do, or call you...




...if we get the single car driver on
the supertrain, we can change the city.

It's all in the proposal.

Well, flirts with brilliance.
Wish it were up to me.

Let me get you    minutes
with the mayor.

Thank you.

Basically, that's kind of what
we're all about, give or take a little.

I'd kind of like to leave it up to you.
Figure out what you'd like to do.

I think that will be great. Yeah.
You've explained it really well.

All right, these
are the men who want me.

But I'm more than just a good body.
Feelings, man.

I have a lot of tender feelings
waiting for the right woman.

It's hard to get it across
when you look like this.

My name is Spiro. I'm an artist.
My painting is displayed behind me.

I'm a very meticulous person
in appearance and also very precise.

If two people really
believe in each other...

           can go around the world
and through their souls.

But love is very delicate.

In fact, if you're both not very
nurturing, that love can:

I'm looking for a woman
who is unpredictable.

Someone who is complex.
Someone who is willing to experiment.

I like the way the world
looks from a bicycle.

I'm looking for someone who feels
the same way I do about a bicycle.

Am I too intense?
I can be intensely laid-back too.

I am very, very, very lonely.

-Definitely the bicycle guy.

The bicycle guy.

He's like your soul mate.

Guy with the bicycle.

Nice outfit.

-Is he late?

-Yeah, but I expect the best.

Why did you pick this Sea Merchant?
The First Avenue one is happening.

-There's another Sea Merchant?
-Yeah, the new one.

Oh, no.

-On your right!
-On your right!

-On your right!
-On your right!

Was there a Jamie
looking for a Debbie Hunt?

Yes, and he left you a message:

"I got your address from Expect
the Best. I'll be at your house."

He was hot.

Desperation, it's the world's
worst cologne.

-Lot of salt.
-You are good at that.

-This is the key to popcorn.
-Is it?

-Swirl with the bowl.
-Good, put the bowl down.

-Let's make some more.
-You want more?

Are you okay? I'm sorry.

-More popcorn.
-Stop, stop, stop.

-What, what, what?
-Stop, stop, stop.

-Want more?
-How does this work?

-Do you want butter?
-Do I want butter?



-Wow, you represent well in real life.
-Thanks a lot. So do you.

Thank you.

When I missed you,
I just buzzed down.

Look who I ran into,
Pammy from U-Dub.

-Pamela. I'm Pamela.
-Oh, you're Pamela.

Pam-ela, did you see that package
out on the porch for you?

-No, Jamie and l, we're making popcorn.
-Yeah, popcorn with Kermit.

I would love to show you
this package on the porch.

-Just for a second.
-Okay. All right.

-See you.


-We always said, separate lives, Pam.
-It's no biggie, all right?

-It's a major biggie!
-Look, I knew him first.

I guess that gives you the right
to bone him in my kitchen.

If I wanted that guy,
I wouldn't need a video date.

You'd wait for me to meet him
and then make popcorn!

-I make popcorn with whomever I want.
-You've done it with half the city!

At least I don't have to chase
the popcorn.

I don't think we should
take this vacation together.

Remember how you told me to
tell you when you're being plastic?

This is so unfair.

-How much do you want for him?
-$   .

-That's what I paid.

-   .

   and I'll do the dishes all month.



-We need to talk.
-I think we do.

There's something I need to say.

-Let's get married...
-You want out.

Everyone's together
for the wrong reasons...

...or they bail out.
This is life telling us something.

-Oh, God.

Don't make me remember
this chilidog.

Remember it. Make that
a historic chilidog.

Take your time. Think about it.

You don't even have to use words,
just take a bite if the answer is yes.

-I want to be logical.

Say we're married, we have the kid...

...will we be anything like we are now?
It's like the great unknown.

I've got that coastal trip to Alaska,
and you've got your thing.

I want to be logical. I think
I can love you and still be logical.

What? What is that look?

Someone who really cares about you
must scare you to death.

Forget logic.

What's in your heart?

I want to do it.

-This is life telling us something.
-So that's a yes?


-You're gonna feel good about this.
-Oh, really?

Mom, I wanna get out!
Mom, can't we get out?

-Did we make the right decision?
-I don't know.

Please, Mom!



Xavier McDaniel
made the All-Star team.

-Why does he pick fights with players?

Like Charles Barkley.

-That's a Bobby Van.
-Who's Bobby Van?

He was the host of Make Me Laugh.

I never got to finish
that chilidog, you know?

That light's on yellow
way too long.

You, okay?

-You all right?
-I'm okay.

Are you all right?

Are you all right? Let's get out.

Come on, let's get out.



-Who's James?
-I don't know.


James Worthy is a star.
X is just a player.

-This a conversation you had earlier?

It's a good sign.



We had an accident, baby.
You're in the hospital.

I lost it, right? It's all over.

If we can't make it through this,
if you do not know you're not alone...

-I lost the baby.

Will you look at me?

I was flunking high school,
overweight, had a dead-end job.

I didn't feel good about myself.
My future did not look very bright...


-How are you doing today?
-I'm better. I'm better.

I think I've read every
single magazine in the world.

-Did you go to work today?
-No. It's been two weeks.

I think they're going to fire me.

-I need some time alone.


I have a new emotion
every five seconds.

I think I should take
that research trip.

I should just be out somewhere
in the middle of the ocean, alone.

I know I'm right about this.

It's just a month. It's just work.

See you in a month!

I'll miss you!

Hey, Janet. Come here.
I got a present for you.

Give me another chance.
One, two minutes. Come on.

-Hey. This'll be great.

You're gonna love me for this.

I installed your new stereo.

Oh. Great.



-I'll replace the windows.

Work. Work has never been better.

I miss her.

What are we going to say to each other
when she gets back?

-Hi. Welcome back.

-You look great.
-You too.

How are you? How was it?

-It was really good.

Yeah, really good.

-You want to go home? Out someplace?

-Let me think of the place...
-There's Costas, I guess, or whatever.

-The  - - ? We could go... Or Costas...
-Whatever. I don't really care.

Jesus. We both could sink
from all the pressure in the air.

I know.

-I really got into my job again.
-Me too. I was working my ass off.

I had the Coast Guard working for us.
It was real exciting.

That's great.

We don't have to try and be
what we were.

Thanks. I've been thinking
the same thing.



Let's be the first people in history
to say it and really mean it.

How do you always say
the perfect thing?

That obnoxious mime?
Was right. Love disappears.

-Come on, man!
-Let's go!

We got people out here!

-I gotta go piss, man! Let's go!

Linda. It's me. I had to call you.

It's about midnight. I was just
having many beers and...

...I wanted to say...

What I should have said at the dock.

I fucking chickened out. I lied when
I acted casual, like Mr. Casual...

...and I should have said it.

You belong with me!

We belong together and...

...and what really pissed me off
is that you thought...

...I proposed only because
you were pregnant.

I've got to go piss!

-I've got to go...
-Hey, this is not the bathroom!

And maybe if I'd said this at the dock,
it would make a difference because...

I think we made a big mistake because
we had good times and bad times...

...but we had times.

And I would like to start over.

I would like to be new to you.

I want to be new to you.
I want to be Mr. New...

           call me back if you want to,
but this is the last time I'll call.

And if you really needed to know how
I really feel, that's it. I love you.

And... That's something
you should know, so...

I won't bother you again,
so good night and goodbye and...

...I love you. Call me back. Goodbye.

This thing just eats tapes.

We're talking about        to
a million people by the time it's done.

Provide an environment safer and better
than their cars. Why not, Mr. Mayor?

-So it's a train.
-A supertrain.

I've been burned by this
train business before.

-You people all seem to forget.
-We can change this city.

People love their cars.

Yes. But...

-But if you give them great...

Coffee... And great music. If you...

I'll put it to you like this, and then
I'll thank you for your time.

My answer is...


Hi. May I help you?

Ticket to Cabo San Lucas through Los
Angeles, first class, please. And...

Could you seat me next to a single guy?

I think I'll put you in seat  C.

Thank you.

Tell me everything there is to know
about you.

I've got a special feeling about you.

Don't feel bad about her.
I'll tell you what happened.

Kid talks her ear off the whole flight.
Dad picks him up.

He's divorced. He meets Debbie.
His first words are:

Look at those fantastic earrings.

And that's all it took.
Debbie was in love.

Got back two weeks ago.

He sends her the big basket every day.
Every third one...

...she sends back, just to be
mysterious. I don't know, games.

He wants her to move to Mexico...

...and if she gets a job at the TV
station down there, she's going.

Oh, thanks.

Tomorrow, I gotta spell her name in
rose petals. Do you believe this job?

It's so easy to fall back into
old patterns.

Back with Andy. One week
and we're already like...

           of those old couples, who sit
around in Denny's and don't speak.

What am I doing?

Why did I chicken out?

Do you have the...?

No, this is good. Being with Andy
is like being alone. Together.

At least I'm not out there dating.

-Love you.
-Love you too.



Hey. I was worried about you.

I'm fine. I am great! Been working.
I read half of Exodus.

Steve, I think you're
going through a phase.

Do you realize, Janet,
that in modern society...

...there is almost no need
to leave the house?

-At all.
-Steve, you're wigging.

I'm not wigging.
What, you think I'm wigging?

This is hang time. I'm just...
I'm just regrouping.

I'm spending some time with myself,
getting stronger.

Thinking about... Regrouping.
I'm thinking about...

           I listened to my instincts, and
they were wrong. The opposite of right.

Well, I just wanted to bring you
your mail.

And maybe this isn't the right time
to share this with you, but...

...things do turn around, Steve.

I mean, I don't even think
about Cliff anymore.

I'm having the best time,
on my terms.

You know what else?
I'm going back to school.


Got all my architecture classes.
My first project is...

...redesigning the fountain so we
can sit in it.

-That's good news.
-It is.

People need people, Steve.
It's got nothing to do with sex.

Maybe    percent. Sixty percent.
Forget it.

Forget it.

Tell you what.

If I have any kind of news
of any kind...

...something good and nice that I
want to share with you or something...

I will knock four times, okay?

It's gonna be our secret code.

-Okay? What?

-How what?

How will you knock?


Like that.


Take care of yourself, Steve. Please.

In a parallel universe,
we're probably a great couple.

But in this one...



You get my message last night?
Because I called.

I know.

You know, I didn't appreciate you,
even though I thought I did.

I used to live out by the airport,
underneath the flight patterns.

It was really noisy with the planes
going by all day.

I used to have cookouts, and no one
would come because of the noise.

I got used to it.
And then, when I moved...

...I missed the noise.
I missed those planes.

-Cliff, what are you talking about?
-I don't know.

I miss you. The way
you used to look at me...

-Don't. I'm finally over you.

Yeah. I mean, you know, I still really
do like you, you know?

I think you're very...



That's me. I gotta go.
My break's over.

Janet, you rock my world.

I'm walking down the avenue

And I'm looking at the garbage cans

I'm laughing at the people I see

Something like that. I'm playing
with the lyrics. It's not set in stone.

Give me a call. I don't know
what you're doing tonight...

...but give me a call, huh?

Talk to me, talk to me.
   résumés, bring me back something.

Here we go.


I was just nowhere near
your neighborhood.

I don't need to be your girlfriend.
I just want to know you again.

What took you so long?

I was stuck in traffic.

Well, that's the way it happens.
Steve's moving out tomorrow.

They're finding a place,
and I'm happy for them.

-Coming down. Look out.
-No problem.

I may live here forever. That's fine.
Not everybody needs to be with someone.

For a lot of people,
living alone is a nasty hang.

Not for me.
My music is all the juice I'll need.

I'm a self-contained unit.
I'm a solo artist.

Well, I better get going.
I'm going out tonight.

-Hey. Going out?

-Yep. You?

That's a very nice hat, and I don't mean
that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.


-Bless you.
-Thank you.

Does everybody go through this?

No, I think, just us.

I'm going to be celibate forever.

I could spend my life with that person.

-All you see is her head, Tommy.
-I know my type.

-Met someone new today.
-She's more my type than yours.

-You always say they're your type.
-Tell me I'm not like Shelly.

-She should try living alone...
-lt took two dates...

Hi, it's me. I just thought I'd call...

-You said that I said...
-I don't play games.

I can't believe I feel this way!

Special help by SergeiK