Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Whoopi Goldberg movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit Script





And now. Ladies and gentlemen...



the Luxurious Stars

Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas...



is proud to present

the final performance...



of an exciting engagement.

the incomparable singing sensation...



Miss Deloris Van Cartier!



Hold on, hold on



Hold on, hold on



Started my life

in a worn, torn dress



- That somebody threw out

- Somebody threw out



I knew the way it felt

to always live in doubt



To be without

the simple things



So afraid my friends

would see the guilt in me



So I got a good job

in the city



Working for the man

every night and day



But I never lost

one minute of sleepin'



Worryin'about the way

that things might have been



I was a devil with

the blue dress, blue dress



- Blue dress

- I was a devil with the blue dress on



Oh, and I was a ho

Sugar pie, honey bun



- Sugar pie, honey bun

- You know that I love you



- Love you

- I can't help myself



I love you

and nobody else



- Wait

- Oh, yeah, wait a minute, Mr Postman



- Wait

- Wait, Mr Postman



- Mr Postman, look and see

- Oh, yeah



- If there's a letter in your bag for me

- Please, please



- Mr Postman

- I've been waiting

such a long, long time



Deliver the letter

The sooner the better



She wore an itsy-bitsy




Yellow polka-dot bikini



Stop in

the name of love



But my mama told me

you better shop around



So that's what I did.

ladies and gentlemen. I shopped.



I shopped and I shopped

and I shopped.



And I found myself

something special.



I got myself

a brand-new hustle.



Do the hustle



Do the hustle

Do the hustle



- Do the hustle

- Money, money, money, money




Money, money, money, money



- I was a bad girl

- Toot-toot, beep-beep



- Talkin'about a sad girl

- Toot-toot, freak out



Mr Big Stuff



Who do you think you are

Mr Big Stuff



You're never gonna

get my love



Whoa! See how

they treat me?



He got my cousin!

He got my coat!



And when I tried to get it back.

he whipped out this great big...






Shoot him

before he runs now



Do thejerk, baby



Do thejerk now

Hey! I had...



Nowhere to run to, baby



Nowhere to hide

I had



Nowhere to run to, baby



I didn't have nowhere

to hide until






- Hallelujah

- Magic!



Hallelujah, hallelujah




All right. Y'all. You know this song.

Let's sing it. All right?



Nothing you could say could

tear me away from my God



- From my God

- Shh. She's coming.



Nothin'you could do

'cause I'm stuck like glue



- To my God

- My God, my God



- Hello!

- Hey!



These are my friends.

Ladies. Sing this for me.



- We are

- Come up and join us.



Come on. Come on.

And hurry up. Ladies!



- Come on!

- There's not a man today

who can take me away...



- Hey!

- Come down.

- I love him, I love him



- Hey!

- I love him, I love him, whoo



- Pull it up. Please. Pull it up.

- I will follow Him

- Follow Him



- Look out!

- Oh. Jeez!

- Follow Him wherever He may go



- There isn't an ocean too deep

- Too deep



- A mountain so high it can keep

- Keep



Keep me away



Away from His love



What the hell are you doing?

We are family



Go. Go. Go. Go.

go. Go. Go!



I got all my sisters

with me



We are family



Get up, everybody

and sing, swing



We are family



I got all my sisters

with me



- We are family

- Family



- Get up, everybody, get up, everybody

- Get up!



- Well, get up

- Get up, everybody, and sing



Thank you!

Thank you!



- Deloris. You were fantastic.

- Thank you. Thank you.



- Deloris. Excellent.

- Oh. My!



Nice outfit. I'm glad

I didn't wear mine.



I gotta tell you. Sisters.

that that last bit was great.



Just great. I'm a very big fan

of yours. I got your album.



- If you...

- This is my manager. This is Joey.



- What do you want?

- Now. Hold it. Are you

currently represented?



- They're nuns. Joey.

God represents them. Come on.

- Now. L...



God is good. But can He get you your own

dressing room? This l... You were great.



Oh. Thanks. I love to sing.

She taught me.



I am so glad to see you guys.

I can't believe it.



- What are you doing here?

- Well. We're... came to see you.



- Are you gonna stay a long time?

- We have to be back on the road tonight.



- Now. Listen. We don't

have any time to chat.

- Well. Maybe a little chat.



We do have to get back. Though.

We're teachers now. It's a school night.






And really it's all because of you.

I mean. You inspired us to...



to go out into the community and.

and do some good in the hood.



Oh. My.



- Wow!

- Can I get you guys

something? Sit down.



- No. Mighty   .

- No.



Can they even hear you in the back

of the room when you're teachin'?



Oh. I'm getting better at it.

Oh. We're teaching...



at St Francis Academy

in San Francisco.



I went to that school.

Oh! It was... Oh! Ooh!



They need good teachers.

trust me.



Well. We're having

a barrel of laughs.



- Although the kids sometimes

get a little unruly.

- Just a little.



Actually. They're

out of control.



It was so bad last week

Sister Mary Patrick frowned twice.



Ooh. Goodness!



- Oh. Now let's get down to business.

- Oh. Excuse me.



- Any matters of business

have to go through me. See...

- No. Excuse me. Excuse me.



- These are my friends.

I'm talking to them.

- L-l-I would like...



- I'm talking to my friends.

- Well. I just want to talk about the...



- I'm talking to my friends now.

- I am your manager.



- Forgive us. Excuse me.

- Go ahead. No.



Thank you. Now. Come on. You guys.

You come up here. You come to see me.



What's going on? Does Mother Superior

really know you're here?



She sent us on

this mi-mission to...



The Reverend Mother said we're

not to come back without you.



Well. What does

she want? What's...



Well. We're not entirely certain.

But we know that she needs you...



and she wants us to come

and bring you back.



Well. Is she okay.

I mean. Health-wise?



- Is she in danger? What?

- Oh. No. She's fine.

- No. She...



- Well. She's a little desperate.

- She's desperate?



I'll get it! I'll get it.

I'll get it. It's all right.



What. What?

What. What?



Oh. Sit. Sit. Sit.

sit. Sit. Sit.






Oh. Welcome.




It's good to see you.

Good to see you.



Oh. Sister Mary Clar...



Oh. I do apologize.




- Uh-huh.

- It's so good to see you. Too.



But I'm sorry I couldn't join

the Sisters in Las Vegas.



I've heard you are

truly a spectacle.



Well. Yeah. You know.

I work at it.



You're probably wondering why I asked

the Sisters to bring you here.



I am a little curious.

What's all the mystery?



Well. You see. Deloris...



we need your help here...



at St Francis.



We seem to have got in

slightly over our heads.



What do you want?



Help us by

becoming a teacher.



A teacher? Me?

Oh. No!



Listen. I'm not cut out

to be a teacher.



Who would I teach?

What would I teach?



Teach the children.

Teach music.



You weren't cut out to be a nun

either. But look what you

accomplished at St Katherine's.



You brought a new spirit

into the convent and into the community.



You were infectious.



You could be just

as infectious here.



You're makin' me sound

like a disease.



We are struggling here with

a community that is tired...



and worn

and despairing.



We saw this school

as some sort of renewal...



but it's. It's becoming

a hopeless situation.



We have nowhere else to turn.

We are desperate women. Deloris.



We need you.



- Oh! I don't...

- Now. Come.

Look. Think of the children.



We must invest

in their future.



It is our duty.



And who better

to help us than you?



- I'm a lounge singer.

- You are the perfect example

of how a sow's ear...



can be turned

into a silk purse.



Hmm. Well. I probably wouldn't

put it quite like that.



I mean. Iook... I mean. Really. I mean.

my career's startin' to take off.



You know. L-I kind of wanna

get into my success.



A success you might

not have had...



without the help of certain

supportive friends...



who shall remain nameless.



Oh. So you're gonna be like

that. Huh. With the guilt?



Guilt? Huh.

I would never use guilt.



I'm a nun.



All right.

I'll do it for you.



Oh. Thank you. Deloris.

I knew we could count on you.



But you're just talkin'

about like a week. Right?



I don't think we should restrict

ourselves to a time frame.



Sisters. Sisters.



Deloris has agreed

to join our teaching staff.



- So could you take her

to the changing room?

- Sure. Absolutely.






Somebody tell me why I'm

dressed like this again.



The Fathers here at St Francis

are. Uh. Very strict...



Well. I-if they were to find out

that you're neither a nun or

a teacher. Well. They might...



- What. Ask me to leave?

- In a New York minute.



- Yeah. Well. Now I'm undercover again.

- Eh. It could be fun.



Convent living's

kind of grim.



All I need's a bed

and a place to kneel.



Wait till you see what we have

in the room for you.



Oh. Come on. You didn't go out

and do something silly. Did you?



- Well. Maybe.

- What did you put in. A bidet?



- A bi-what? Wh... No.

- Never mind. Don't worry. What is it?



- A watched pot never boils. You'll wait.

- No. No. No. Don't tell her.



- Okay.

- It's a surprise.



- Ready?

- Aw. C'mon.



- One. Two. Three.

- One. Two. Three.






- Sometimes it resembles

a battleground at recess here.

- Yeah.



- For the most ca... part. The

kids are really well-behaved.

- Yeah.



- Hey. Sister Tracy.

- A new... A new nun.



Yeah. Sister Mary




- I'm. I'm terrible with names. Come in.

- Mm-hmm.



- Who was that?

- Uh. Well. The older one is our

principal. Uh. Father Maurice.



And the other one is our

school administrator. Mr Crisp.



He's only been here

just a few months.



- Looks familiar. I think

I've seen her somewhere before.

- Oh?



- Just long enough to hate us.

- Yeah. Well. Some of the kids

call him the devil incarnate.



I just think he's got

a bad case of the grumps.



I don't care who he is.

I just wanna put the top up on my car.



If there's a car left.



What does she mean by that?

Is that a joke? Hey!



I'd like you all to join me

in welcoming the new addition...



to the teaching staff here

at St Francis. Sister Mary...



- Clarence.

- Clarence.



- Who will be teaching our. Uh...

- Music.



- Music. Is there still a music class?

- In a manner of speaking.



Why is he asking.

"Is there a music class?"



- How come he doesn't know

there's a music class?

- Shh. Don't.



Sister Mary Clarence will be

teaching our music class. Yeah.



Now. I. Uh. Think each of you should.

uh. Introduce yourselves.



Uh. I'll start.



I'm Father Ignatius.

I teach math.



I'm Thomas.

Ave, magistra nova.



- Latin teacher.

- Oh. Good.



- Excuse me.

- Ah. And. Uh. This is Mr Crisp.



Uh. This is. Uh.

Sister Mary Clarence.



Oh. Yes. The new nun.



Sister Mary Clemens.



- Clarence.

- Clarence. I'm sorry.



- Like in Thomas. You know.

- Oh.



- Yeah. I'm the music teacher.

- The music teacher?



- Yeah.

- I see. Oh.



- You're grippin' me here. Just... Yeah.

- Oh. Yes. I'm sorry.



Thank you. Thank you.



Yes. I. I just

stopped by to. Uh...



uh. Remind you of our

meeting this afternoon.



Yes. Yes. Oh. Yeah.



Well. Pardon the intrusion.

And bon appétit.



- Gruss Gott.

- Ah. And this is Father Wolfgang...



who. Uh. Cooks so.

uh. Uh. Diligently...



to administer to

our dietary needs.



For luncheon.

bratwurst a la Provence.



He only knows how to cook

one thing: German sausage.



Day after day. Liverwurst.

bratwurst. Bierwurst.



It's the worst.



Oh. No. No. Jenny Craig.

I just couldn't. Thank you so much.



This. Uh. Needs a prayer.



Oh. Sister!

Oh. Sister Clarence...



I wonder if I could have

a word with you in private.



- Oh. No. I. I need to...

- No. Please.






Thank you.



Oh. Uh. Won't you.

uh. Won't you sit down?



Yes. The Sisters tell me

that. Uh. Your last posting...



was at a women's prison facility

in the Louisiana bayou.



- What?

- It wasn't?



No. No. It was. It was.

It was. It was... Yes. Of course.



I mean. S... Yeah. No.

the prison was really rough on me...



and so. I. I b... . I b... . I b...

I been trying to. To...



wipe this experience from my mind

because it was so traumatic for me.



- Really?

- Yes!



They'd led me to believe

that you enjoyed it.



Well. In a m... Yes. I did!

It was... It was...



a traumatic enjoyment of an experience

that I should not have had...



and appreciated the way

that I did because I'm a nun.



And nuns are not meant to have

enjoyable experiences...



because they lead to

all kinds of situations...



which is where I found myself.

which is why I'm here now...



and I know that

you understand that.



Oh. Well. Yes. Indeed.

I do see what you mean.



- I knew. I knew you would.

- Well. Well. Now. As I do with

uh. All my new teachers...



I'd. Uh. Like to share with you

my theories about education...



gleaned from my years

of experience here...



as the principal

of St Francis.



I am an open book.









Anything else to go with that?

That's it? Discipline?



Unfortunately. I think that's

pretty much all we can expect here.



Do you have any questions?



No. I. I feel as though I have

absorbed all I can from you.



Well. Then.

I wish you good day...



- And good luck.

- Thank you. Your Eminenceship.



Thank you so much.



Okay. Your Royal Pappyness.



- Piece of work. Isn't he?

- A prison? Oh. You lied to me.

and you're gonna go to hell.



You call. Vocant, they call.

are calling. Do call.



Voco, I call.

am calling. Do call.



Vocas, you call.

are calling. Do call.



Voco, I call.

am calling. Do call.



Class. Eyes up.

pencils down. Mouths closed.



Today. We're going to learn

a valuable lesson and maybe

have a little fun doing it.



- Yeah. Right.

- The topic for today: promiscuity.



Promiscuity. Who can

tell me what that means?



- Sandra.

- Sandra.



In your dreams.



Sandra. I know you have

a question burning inside there.



You can't answer

any questions about sex.



Oh. Don't be so sure. You don't have

to bite the donut to know it's sweet.



Come on. Plus. We have

the Bible right here.



- Sister Mary Clarence?

- Ah.



- Oh. You look a little lost.

- Yes.



- Who isn't? What. Can't

find the music room?

- No.



Oh. It's downstairs. You take a left.

a right. A right. Another left.



All right. I'm sorry.

It's tricky.



I'll help you find it. Just follow me.

and I'll show you exactly where it is.



Come down here. I know exactly what

you mean. When I first got here...



one hall looks like another hall. One

stairwell looks like another stairwell.



Sometimes I'll find myself just stopping

dead in my tracks and going...



"Oh. Lord. Come to my rescue.

come to my aid."



- Watch your step.

- Yeah.



Well. Here we are.

It's the. Um...



music class.



Well. Thank you.



Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Oh. Remember. Nothing ever

is bad as it seems at first.



Fight the good fight.



- Okay.

- Cercum corda.



Oh. Wait a minute.

What? What was that?



It's Latin. It means.

"Lift up your heart."



I thought you said.

"Insert some quarters." I'm sor...



- I don't know if I'm cut out for this.

- You're jokin' me.



- The children are waiting.

- Thanks. Yeah. Ain't they?



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens



Hey, cold beans...



Oh. No. See. That's why your mama

deejays for the ice-cream truck.



- Oh. It's you!

- And collard greens, hey



- Cold beans, hey

- Thank heaven you're here.



- And collard greens, hey

- Class. This is your new teacher...



- Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey

- Sister Mary Clarence. Class!



Your mama is so fat. She sat

on a rainbow and Skittles popped out.



- Class!

- Cold beans, hey



Well. Congratulations. You're the new

mayor of Sodom and Gomorrah.



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



- Cold beans

- That's why your mother's so fat.



She's on both sides

of the rainbow.



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



Keep the faith. Sister.

Just keep the faith.



Remember. Our Lord said.

"O be ye strong of will."



And ye better be

tough as nails too.






Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



Good morning.

I'd like to introduce myself.



Would you all put your seats

back in order. Please?



Watch my shoes.

Watch my new shoes!



I have this funny problem with my ears.

I don't like a lot of noise.



So maybe you could do it quietly?

Thank you so much.



I'd like to introduce myself. My name

is Sister Mary Clarence. And I am...



- Yo mama?

- No. Sir. Let's talk about your mama...



who's so dumb she got hit

by a parked car.



Thank you.

Let's try attendance.



I'd like to introduce myself.

I'm Tyler Chase...



and on behalf of the whole

music class as we are...



Tyler. Tyler. You got

a little something on your nose.



Yeah. Tyler. A big. Big

brown thing right around here.

"Hello. I'm Tyler Chase."



Thank you. Mr Chase.



Richard Pincham.



Wake up. Fool!



Paper or plastic?



I beg your pardon.

Are you Richard?






- Did you do these?

- Yeah. S-S-Sorry. Sorry.



- Let me see.

- That's why they call me Sketch.



- I do sketches. Sorry.

- These are real good.



- Thanks.

- Try to stay awake in my class. Though.



- All right.

- All right.



Wesley James.

Wesley Glen James.



Respectfully. My sister...



James is the slave name

forced upon my ancestors.



While Wesley. That's some name

my assimilationist parents came up with.



But today. In honour of all my brothers

and sisters who died in the struggle...



I wish to be called

by my true name:



Ahmal M'jomo Jamaael...



which means.

"He who is spirited."



- And long-winded.

- Yeah. A simple "present"

would've done it. Bro.



- And who are you?

- Fran-kay.



- Hey, ho, hey, ho

- Check it out. Check it out.



Hello there, miss,

and let me kick an introduction



- Flute, violin, bass guitar

and then percussion

- Man. That's white. Man.



- It seems you are a sister...

- Man. Just stop. Can't you

come up with your own thing?



Or must you continually come behind

my people and steal our expressions?



First jazz. Then rock and roll. Now rap.

What you gonna try to take next. Man?



I'm gonna take your girl

if you ain't careful.



- Keep talkin' there. Boy.

- Excuse me.



Let's leave this display of manhood

outside. Shall we? Thank you so much.



Yo. Could we hurry this up.

Some of us got things to do.



- Word up.

- You know what I'm sayin'?




- Are you Rita Watson?

- Yeah. That's me.



And I'm sorry I don't have any

cute stories or antidotes to tell you.



- Anecdote.

- Ahmal. Shut up. Mind your business.



Well. How 'bout we just call

you Rita Diva-with-a-'tude?



Hey. Sister. Maybe I can help you out?

Are we all here?



- Yeah!

- We're here.



Thank you. All right.

what have you been doin'?



- Is she jokin'?

- Chillin'.



All right. Let me give

you an easier question.



Where are the music books?



- Up there.

- Oh.



Maybe I should explain something

to you. Sister. See. Um. This is

what we call a bird course.



Now. The reason we call it

a bird course is because we. Uh...



fly right through it.



See. All you gotta do to pass

in this class is show up.



Hmm. So you come to class...



you do nothing

and you pass?



Oh. No. We don't

exactly do nothing.



We have a good time. Too.

Yo. Frankie.



- Yeah.

- Cold beans, hey



And collard greens



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens



Cold beans, hey

and collard greens, hey



Money? You're asking for money?



Yes! You know. It's that.

that little green stuff...



that has pictures

of dead presidents on it...



and you use it to buy things

like instruments or songbooks.



Sister Mary Clemens.



Mr Crisp. My name

is Mary Clarence.



Clarence. I think you're

confusing St Francis...



with Loyola Marymount

or the University of Notre Dame.



- There is no money here.

- Yet they manage to pay you. Crispy.



Mr Crisp is right. Frankly. We're lucky

to be open for business at all.



Well. Then I wish one of

you would tell me wha...



what it is I'm supposed

to do with these children.



Teach them to play soccer.



We don't have the balls for that.



Than JackieJackson

talkin'to Oprah Winfrey



When I kick these rhymes up

in a bundle, you turn purple



You're pulling your pants up like Urkel,

Yeah, so jump if you're with me



Yeah, so jump

if you're with me



- Yeah, who gots the flo'

Who gots the flo'

- I got the flo'! I got the flo'!



Grab the microphone and

let your funky lyrics go, yo



Here I go on the microphone

About to wreck it



You thought a female M.C.

couldn't do it but now check it



If the blues is what you choose

I'll kick it Count Basie style



But if bebop is what you rock

I'll kick the Monk or some Miles



Won't grab no phillies

My style is willing if you let me



Or if I choose to 'cause women's lib

said I don't have to



So think again before you test a sister

'Cause with my girls behind me



- We got lots of power, mister

- Hey, hey



Who gots the flo'grab the microphone

and let your funky lyrics go



I got the flo'

You all gotta go



So go get your bags

so we can go, ho-ho



Aaah, aah, oh, oh, now



Thank you! Thank you!



- She's back.

- She's back



The question at hand is.

how do we get this nun...



to extricate herself from us

quickly and expeditiously?



In other words.

let's get this nun to run.



Yeah. But I'm not sure

I'm down for this. Man.



- That's like messin' with higher power.

- Yeah. Word up.



Plus. This Sister is like

a sister Sister. Know what I'm sayin'?



- She ain't no sister of yours.

- Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey!

Chill. Okay?



- I heard that.

- Listen. You all. We all

gotta agree on this.



- Are we in or are we out?

- Young man! Picasso!



Keep this job. Get your

butt back in here. Boy.



I guess you know

what that means.



l-I'll stick with the majority

on this one. But I gotta go.

so I'll check y'all later.



- All right. Home.

- All right.

- Peace.



- Adieu.

- Peace.

- See you. Man.



- There's no dialogue. Man.

Come on. What's wrong?

- Rita Louise Watson!



You better get your behind in

this house now. You got homework to do!



Ma! Ma. We're just chillin'!



Rita. Don't make me come

down there after you.



- Listen. Y'all call me tonight

so we can figure out a plan.

- All right.



- Rita!

- See ya.



On second thought. Call me

in the mornin'. Peace. Y'all.



- All right.

- We'll. See ya later. Rita.



Hey. Here she comes.



Well. You look

like my class.



Is. Uh. Something goin' on?



No. Sister Mary Clarence.



I saw a scene like this

once in a horror movie.



They subdued an entire

community by putting some kind

of weird drug in the water.



Is that what's

going on here?



All right. Uh. Today...



I'd like to talk about music.

'cause that's what I am.



I am the music teacher.

and it's what I love.



Now. When you think about

various people and what they like...



you think. Well. This one likes this.

this one likes that.



Me. I'm what you

call eclectic.



- Eclectic?

- What's that?



You plug your box into the wall

and it gives you power. Stupid.



Not electric.

Eclectic. Stupid.



Let me simplify it for you.

When I say eclectic...



what I mean is. I like lots

of different types of music.



Opera. Rock and roll. Rap.

I like it all.



But my favourite.

my absolute all-time favourite...



are the girl groups

from the '  s and '  s.



- Like who?

- Tyler! Shut up. Man!



- What an idiot. Man.

- Ladies and gentleman...

- Tyler. Shut up!



- Let us not badger this man

who wants this information.

- Hi. Are we dumb?



I like Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells.

and I like the Supremes.



- Who are the Supremes?

- Oh. Tyler. Shut up!



You don't need to get

physical with him.



- Oh. You're gonna get

jumped after school. Tyler.

- Yes. It is a shocking question:



"Who are the Supremes?"



- You never heard of Diana Ross?

- Oh. Diana Ross.



- Well. Let me tell you.

They were the premier group.

- Yes!



- Yes!

- As you hear.

your comrades-in-arms say. "Yes!"



Because they

were incredible.



- And what I love

when I think about music...

- About time.



is how you can take

this type of music...



and that type of music

and fuse it together.



- Mmm!

- Fusion.



Yeah. Fusion. I'm really

glad you're into this.



The best example

I can give you. Now...



You got busted!



Fusion! Fusion! Fusion!

Fusion! Fusion! Fusion!



Fusion! Fusion! Fusion!



Goddam it.






Oh. Man!






Now. We want you to know

that we understand...



and that you're quite free

to leave whenever you please.



I'm sure you'll be much

better off in show business.



Goodness knows.

the money is better.



I'm sure bright lights and

sequins are far prettier to look

at than anything we have here.



Do you know what I hate

most about this place?



There's nothing to

pick up and throw.



- We understand.

- Yeah.



- Bye-bye.

- Would you like a cup of tea?



Oh. This mustn't happen.

It can't happen.



It would be criminal.

absolutely criminal. If this happened.



St Francis' school and church

have been a beacon of hope...



to the people of this community

for many. Many years.



lf. If they close down

the school. I bet... l...



It would be an absolute

and total disaster.



You're absolutely sure that

there's nothing can be done?



- I'm afraid not. Father.

- I was hoping that maybe...



we could keep it open until

the end of the school year.



- We know it's unfortunate.

- We don't like it either.



The Archdiocese has decided

that St Francis should close...



at the end

of the current semester.



- Why does it have to happen so quickly?

- You're totally in the red...



with very little hope

of recovery.



You must realize.

Father Maurice...



the community contributions

have been nil.



The school has no outstanding

academic or achievement records.



I've been exploring the possibility

of other uses for the property.



- What?

- Yes. And the bottom line

is it's more valuable...



as a parking lot than it is

as a school. I'm sorry.



The recommendation

is to close.



Well. I suppose there's

nothing more to be said.



Well. Thank you.



Mr Crisp. You should be

commended for your work...



and your excellent analysis

of the situation.



Oh. Well. Thank you very much.



But I do wish you'd consider

my application for early retirement.



After all. I have been working

for the Archdiocese doing this work...



for almost    years now.

and I would just like my due.



- Why. Absolutely.

- Thank you. Thank you.



- Now let's go out and have

some lunch now. Shall we?

- Excellent idea.



- What?

- What?

- When?



- The end of the semester.

- Where did you hear that?



I happened to be eavesdropping

in s... Father Maurice's office.

and I heard him talking...



- To a bunch of people.

- Oh. We were afraid this might happen.



I've been expecting it

for some time.



- Well. What do we do now?

- Well. We'll probably be reassigned...



and the children will be bused

to a public school in another district.



What a stupid thing to do! This is

the only school left in this community.



Well. We've gotta do

something. Otherwise we're

gonna lose our students...



and we're not gonna

get them back.



Well. Then I guess we are

going to do something.



- Now. You do mean "we." don't you? We!

- Yes. Yes. We!



You mean. You're not leaving?



Listen. I said I was gonna

come and help. Here I am.



- Thank you. Deloris.

- Oh. Just call me M-Mary Clarence.



- Oh. Reverend Mother.

- Oh. Father Maurice.



I'd like to speak to you for

a moment. My mind is consumed

with trying to deal with...



- Oh. Sister Mary Clarence.

- Well. Yes. As a matter of fact.



Mmm. I am familiar

with the dilemma.



I'm told that she presided

at the ecclesiastical equivalent...



of a pep rally

last night.



- Mm. Yes. I am aware of this.

- You are? Well. How did you know?



Oh. You'll find that when one

deals with Sister Mary Clarence...



one is smothered with more information

than one wishes to possess.



Uh. I'm afraid she's

becoming quite disruptive.



Well. Disruption is the way

Mary Clarence communicates.



I worry about raising

false hopes among the children.



Advise me. Reverend Mother.

Eh. Tell me about your experiences

with Mary Clarence.



No. I wouldn't want

to frighten you.



Well. In my experience.

I found it easier...



and ultimately

quite effective...



to give Mary Clarence

a free hand.



Aren't her ideas

extremely radical?



If I remember correctly...



the term "radical"

was applied to us in our day.



Or have you forgotten the trouble

we caused Bishop O'Malley?



Oh. Yes. Bishop O'Malley.



Give Mary Clarence a chance.



If the school is on

the road to closure...



at least she'll make it

an interesting ride.



Good morning. Ladies and gentlemen.

Please take your seats.



Do it quickly and quietly.

Welcome to the first day

of your new scholastic lives.



This is no longer a bird course.



The bird has flown.

If you want to pass this course...



you gonna have to earn it.

'cause I have no problems...



not one. Failing

each and every one of you.



- Yo. I never thought

this was no bird course.

- I'm glad for you.



Very. Very glad.

'cause this is a new day.



- Things are going to be

a little different around here.

- Oh. Yeah?



- Uh-huh.

- Like how?



Like when I talk.

Fran-kay. You don't.



Is this somethin' you wanna share

with the rest of the class?



- No. I'm just kickin' it with my girl.

- Well. I'll tell you what.



You gonna kick it with me. Or I'm gonna

kick you out. What you think of that?



- Goddam.

- Cold.

- Put 'em away.



And you. This is not

Elizabeth Arden. Miss Thing.



You want to beat that mug

of yours. You do it at home

before you come to my class.



You understand me?

Put it away.



And you. Sketch. I like you

a lot. But I don't want you...



- Catchin' Z's in my class no more.

- I be tired. I got a job l...



Baby. Save it for Oprah.



This is a brand-new day.

ladies and gentlemen. A brand-new day.



We're gonna start with respect.

You're gonna respect me.

and I'm gonna respect you.



And the first thing you're gonna do.

gentlemen. Is take off those hats.



This is a brand-new day.



I guess that means you're

gonna be combin' your hair

before you come to my class.



And I know you laughin'

over there. So you think

this is very funny. Miss Thing?



There is no sun in this room.

You will not get a tan.

Take off those sunglasses.



That goes for you too. If they're

not prescription. I don't wanna see 'em.



I want to see you.

I want to look into your eyes.



I want you to be able

to look into mine.



Yes. Miss Watson?



We don't want no new way.

The old way was fine for us. Right?



- Right.

- That's right.



Okay. So if you're gonna fail us.

then you might as well go ahead...



'cause. Um.

I ain't doin' nothin'.



Fine. That's how you feel.

there's the door.



Don't let it hit you

in the butts on your way out.



Yo. Yo. Sis. I can't

afford to fail this class.



Hey. You better tell your friends

you can't afford to fail this class.



My parents

wouldn't be pleased.



Come on. Y'all. We. We ain't gotta

take this from her. Come on.



Shi... Sketch.

come on, man.



- Fran-kay?

- Yo. Rita. You know I'm usually

down for stuff like this...



but. Yo. I'm gonna take care

of business this time.



A little lonely out on that limb

by yourself. Miss Watson?



So much for friendship.



If you wanna be somebody



If you wanna

go somewhere



You better wake up

and pay attention



All right. Let's get down to business.

ladies and gentlemen.



You wanna go somewhere

and you wanna be somebody...



you better wake up

and pay attention. Honey.

'cause the real world is out there.



And they don't care

how hip you think you are...



or who you kick it with.

It don't matter.



If you don't have an education.

you don't have anything.

And that's the truth. Honey.



If you wanna be somebody



If you wanna

go somewhere



You better wake up

and pay attention



- Pay attention, wake up, baby

- You gotta wake up,



But we cannot do it by ourselves.

We need the help.



I mean. We're here for the children.

right? If not for them. For who?



Look. Let's start

with the curriculum. Okay?



Let's talk about boring.



I can barely stay awake

to teach it.



I have some good ideas

for goosing up sex ed.



And what are we gonna do

about the graffiti? It's awful.



I mean. Not that a bucket

of paint couldn't fix it.



- I'd love to see us teach new math.

- Yes!



No. No. You've got to face facts.

We're closing down.



Yes. We may be closing.

but we're not closed yet.



So why don't we go out

with a little class?



Come on. People.

let's hear it again.



If you wanna be somebody.

if you wanna go somewhere...



you better wake up

and pay attention.



- Come on. Make me believe

what you're sayin'.

- Can we waken this up a little?



- Well. Yeah. If you think you can.

- Okay. Dionna.



If you wanna be somebody



If you wanna

go somewhere



You better wake up

and pay attention



If you wanna be somebody



If you wanna

go somewhere



You better wake up

and pay attention



Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute!



Talk about a wake-up call.

Where did this come from?



Well. This is

a music class. Isn't it?



Yes. This is a music class.

Are you tellin' me you guys can sing?



No. Really. That was great! My...



I just figured out how I'm gonna get you

through this music class.



Oh. No. Really?



Yes. Yes. I'm gonna

turn you guys into a choir.






Come on. I mean. Most choirs

are just a bunch of people...



singing wack songs

that nobody care about.



Maybe not.

Maybe not.



Quickly. Sit down.

Let's go. Let's go.



Quit chewin' that gum.

You look like Mr Ed. Sit down.



Where'd these kids come from?



Ladies. Come right in. Come right in.

Watch your footing.



You know what to do.

Good to see you.



- You know all about these people.

- Oh. Yes.



You know where to go.



You ready. Alma? Hello!



You ready. Alma?



Alma! Turn the pack on.



- You ready?

- Yes.



- Ready. Ladies?

- Yes!



Five. Six...

Five. Six. Seven. Eight!



- People movin'out

People movin'in

- Why



Because of the colour

of the skin



Run, run, run

But you sure can't hide



An eye for an eye

A tooth for a tooth



Vote for me

and I'll set you free



- Rap on, Sisters

- Rap on



- Well, the only person talkin'

'bout love thy brother

- Is a preacher



- And it seems nobody's

interested in learnin'

- But the teacher



- Segregation

- Determination

- Demonstration



- Integration

- Aggravation

- Humiliation



- Obligation to our nation

- Ball of confusion



Oh, yeah, yeah



That's what the world

is today, ooh, hey, hey



Let me hear it

Let me hear it

Let me hear ya say it



- The sale of pills are

at an all-time high

- Say it



Young folks walkin'around

with their heads in the sky



- Oh, say it

- Cities aflame in the summertime



- And, oh

- The beat goes on



- Evolution

- Revolution

- Gun control



- The sound of soul

- Shootin'rockets to the moon



- Kids growin'up too soon

- Gloria



Around and around

and around we go






Where the world's headed

nobody knows






Play it. Alma!

Go ahead. Girl!



Great googa mooga

Can't ya hear me talkin'to ya



- Just a ball of confusion

- Oh, yeah



- That's what the world is today

- Oy, vey



- Ooh.

- That was boo!



- So. What did you guys think?

- Well. It was okay.



What do you mean. "it was okay"?

What about you?



- It was cool for what it was.

but it wasn't all that.

- I mean. Iook who was singin'.



Yo. Word up. And to who. Man? A bunch

of nuns singin' to old biddies. Yo.



There was two guys in the fourth row

that didn't even applaud. G.



- Hey. Save that seat for me

back there. Okay?

- They was dead. Stupid.



Look. Sis. I think we should

just    this choir thing.



I mean. Some of us actually

got reps to think about.



Hey. Yo. Word up. If we start wearin'

robes and singin' hymns and all that...



- My homeboys are gonna think

we're a bunch of punks. Right?

- Slim. That's not true. Man.



- And I ain't with that.

- That's not really true.



'Cause in Nigeria. Singin' and wearin'

ceremonial robes is a mark of honour.



- Oh. Man!

- In fact. It was...

- Spare us Roots, man!



All I'm sayin' is. Can't we sing

somethin' that ain't gonna get

the crap kicked out of us. Yo?



Now. I understand you gotta

think about your image...



'cause image is very important

to everybody.



Because. Of course. Your friends

are gonna dictate your actions...



through your life. So. Hey.

I wouldn't want you to step away

from them and be an individual.



That would almost

be too much.



But I will say this to you.

When these ladies get on the bus...



do not disrespect them.

do not embarrass me.



'Cause it ain't easy to get up and sing

in front of people like yourselves.



- Hey.

- Nice job. Ladies!

- Good job.



Very good.

He's funny. Uh-oh!



- I smell trouble.

- Think so?



Check it out.



- Hey. Father Thomas. What's happenin'?

- Well. What's happening is...



I've been sent to give you a message

like I'm working for Western Union...



instead of the

Roman Catholic Church.



Well. Don't tell me

you have to sing it.



Oh. That's very funny. I'm sure

you still won't be as humorous...



after you talk to Father Maurice

who wants to see you right now!



Sister. During school hours.

we are responsible for the children.



They can't go on a field trip

without parental consent.



Okay. I'll buy that.



I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

It will never happen again.



Indeed. It won't.

because from right now...



authorized or unauthorized

field trips are cancelled.



Bu... But why?



Sister. In a very. Very short time.

St Francis will close for good.



I'd like that time to be safe

and pleasant for everyone concerned.



Do I make myself clear?



- Yes. Abundantly.

- Thank you.



- You heard him say that?

- Just now?



- Yo. Just a second ago. You know.

- St Francis can't be closin'.



My family dropped out of high

school like suckers. Man. And

I refuse to go out like that.



You know what. We could

take 'em higher with the choir.

so to speak. It could be dope.



We. We need to exhibit

some pride in ourselves...



- Like Paul Lawrence Dunbar wrote. Right?

- Oh. Yeah.



- Yeah. It ain't all that.

- Oh. Oh. Okay.



Okay. Okay. See? See. That's

what I'm talkin' about.



That's what's wrong

with y'all young kids today.



Y'all don't wanna listen.

Okay. Okay. See?



See? Y'all go ahead and walk

away. Y'all supposed to be

my brothers and sisters. Man.



Don't y'all realize how much

they took from us?



Yo. Sketch. You know what

I'm talkin' about. Right. Man?



Come on. Man. They stole our land. Man.

and our name and our mother. Man.



- Yo. Mr Johnson. You know

what I'm sayin'. Right?

- Get your butt a job. Boy.



I don't believe this. Man.

Brother try to wear the clothes...



- Try to walk the walk...

- Get your little butt outta here.



and can't even understand

the talk. Man. I know y'all

understand me. Man. Come on.



This used to be

the old music room.



The acoustics in this room

are incredible.



You can't buy them.



- Oh. Iook.

- It's like a monster's crypt.



Oh. God. This is gross.



Oh. No. This is wack.

This is wack.



Come on. You guys.

I'd hate to see those spiders...



get into those weaves I know

some of you are wearing. I can tell.



Let's go.

Go. Go. Go.



C'mere. C'mere. Bugs.



Now. Does anybody

play an instrument?



I can play piano.



- C'mere.

- Yeah. Right.



- He can play that?

- Oh. He can. Wait.



l-It. It. It still has

some sound in it.



Gimme an "A" on this.

see if it works.



See? Very nice.

Very nice.



Okay. Let's see.




"Mary Had a Little Lamb."



- Go ahead. Sing it.

- Yo. I don't sing. I rap.



Yeah. That's right.

I rap. Too.



But you wouldn't know anything

about that. Now would you?



Oh. Well. Excuse me.

Fran-kay. Hey-ho.



I happen to be a big fan

of Run D.N.A.



Run D.M. C... my sister.

Run D.M.C.



He got it. It was a joke.

Will you lighten up? Look.



I like Big Daddy Kane. Okay?



Will you just rap

for me. Please?



Oh. You wanna hear

"Mary Had a Little Lamb." right?



- Yeah.

- Check it.



- Mary had a little lamb.

- Feet was white as snow.



- Her. Her. Her fleece. Yo.

- Oh. Okay.



- Okay. Mary had a little lamb.

- Her fleece was white as snow.



- And yo. And everywhere that Mary went.

- The lamb was sure to go.



- Boo. Yeah! Boo. Yeah.

- Boo. Yeah!



Not bad.



So. We'll go on.

Ahmal. Sing for me.



- Come on. Ahmal.

- Come on. Ahmal.



Mary had a little lamb







A little tentative. But hey.

we can work on that. That was very nice.



Well. You know. Shaka Zula said

word sounds have power.



Yeah. Well Chaka Khan said.

"It's my thing." So what?



Tanya. Let's hear it.

"Mary had a little lamb."



Mary had a little lamb



That was beautiful!

Go ahead. Girl.



You just saved that lamb's life.

No lamb chops tonight. Huh?



Very nice.



What do you say we try it.

just for fun. As a group?



Huh? You up for that?



On three...

Give me an "A."



He's so multitalented.

isn't he?



- That was very nice

the way you did that.

- Well. Thank you.



Yes. All right. On three.

One. Two. Three.



Mary had a little lamb



Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay!



Maybe I went a little

too fast for you.



Okay? We'll. We'll go back

and take it nice and slow.



Uh. Maria. Let me hear

"Mary Had a Little Lamb."



Come on. Maria.



- What's the matter?

- C'mon. Maria. What's up?



- Come on. Maria.

- She's shy. She's just shy.






l-I don't know

"Mary Had a Little Lamb."



- Oh.

- Oh. No!



Hey. Hey. Hey.

hey. Hey. Hey.



- Hey. Excuse me!

- It's not funny.



- It is not Maria's fault...

- No?



if she does not know

that Mary had a lamb.



It is not.

and I say this to you...



it is not Maria's fault...



because maybe. Maybe where

Maria came from. Mary had a dog.



- Yes!

- Or a little kitty cat.



Or a little baldheaded brother

named Bart.



It is not her fault

that she doesn't know it...



and we're not gonna hold that

against her. Are we?



- Nah!

- No. We are not.



You sing whatever it is

that is in you to sing.



- Right.

- All right.



Thank you. Okay.




- The love boat

- Ah. Don't sing that.



Soon will be making another run

All aboard!



Okay. Okay. Stop.

"The Love Boat."



All right. All right.

That's nice. That's...



Mary Lazarus.

this is your soul mate.



Do you know the theme song

from Gilligan's Island, too?



- I do.

- It's one of my favourites.



Listen. You guys.



This is not about whether

you can sing or not.



We know you can sing.

We've heard you do it.



This is about singing together

as a group.



Hit it!



All right.

On three.



One. Two...



When Jesus is



My portion



A constant friend



Is He



His eye



Is on the sparrow



I mess up on that part

every time!



The sparrow



What's the matter. Rita?



That was beautiful.



Don't even try. Girl.

'cause you can blow. Too.



Yeah. But you got that type of voice.

you could really make it.




This is for church.



What's wrong with you. Girl?



I don't know. I just been

thinkin' about things.



My mother thinks singin'

is a dead end. No security.



And that's cool. Rita.

But what do you think?



I don't know.



Look. Let's do the song

I was doin'...



but this time

let's do it together.



I can't sing with you. Girl.



C'mon. I know

you're with it.



You take the top.

and I'll take the bottom.



- Just try it.

- All right.



I sing



- Because I'm happy

- Because I'm happy



And I sing



- Because I'm free

- Because



His eye



Is on the sparrow



Please don't stop.



I'll see you later. Rita.






You have a beautiful voice.



So what?






So why aren't you

in the choir?



l-I know you want to be.



Yeah. Well. There are a lot of

things I wanna do. But I ain't

gonna get to do 'em. So...



Yeah. I know.

I. I used to feel that way. Too.



You know. You should talk

to Sister Mary Clarence.



She helped me so much.

Um. Rita?



You're just barely   .



Now. How do you know what you're

going to get to do and not do?



Have you walked around

this neighbourhood lately?



I'm not exactly livin'

in the land of opportunity.



I might want to sing.

but it ain't gonna happen.



So. What's the point?



Welcome to the real world. Sister.









Rita? Rita. You...



What's the matter?



This chick's got

a lot of attitude.



No. No. No. I think

it's deeper than that.



Si... Delor...

Uh. Sister Mary Clarence...



I think that

she needs help.



Well. Why you lookin' at me?



Well. Okay. I thought that

maybe you could help her.



You know. Kind of the way

you helped me?



No. No. No. No.

You were different.



Look. She really.

really wants to sing.



She any good?



Oh. Yes.



Yeah. I think so.



God bless you.

Sister Mary Clarence.



All right. All right.

Chapel time.



- God bless you.

- Now. Get in there.



Ah. Rita!



- Hey!

- What?



Listen. You have just a little bit

more attitude than I like...



but I've decided I'm gonna dog you

no matter what. Okay?



- I'm listenin' to you. Go ahead.

- Okay.



I know you want to sing.



See. I love to sing.

Nothing makes me happier.



I either wanted to be a singer

or the head of the Ice Capades.



Hey. Do you know who

the Ice Capades are?



Don't roll your eyes.

They were very cool.



I went to my mother.

who gave me this book...



called Letters To A Young Poet.

Rainer Maria Rilke.



He's a fabulous writer. A fellow

used to write to him and say:



"I want to be a writer.

Please read my stuff."



And Rilke says

to this guy:



"Don't ask me

about being a writer.



lf. When you wake up in the morning.

you can think of nothing but writing...



then you're a writer."



I'm gonna say

the same thing to you.



If you wake up in the mornin'

and you can't think of anything

but singin' first...



then you're supposed to be

a singer. Girl.



What's the point of your story. Sister?

l... What's the point?



Read the book.



And don't roll your eyes about the

Ice Capades. It was a very good living.



I just want

to point that out.



That's good.



Let's try some energy. Hey!



And as a group.



From the diaphragm.



Welcome back. Hey!



Let's do Fran-kay. Hey!



Hey! Ho! Hey!



See. Go right down the scale.




- La

- Ouch.



Yes. Go on. Go on.



Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go.



- Okay. You got it?

- This is so corny.



What were you doin'

spinnin' this around?



Now. Listen. You're always

talkin' about Shaka Zulu.



Do you think Shaka Zulu

could repel a bunch of troops...



with a little teeny-tiny voice

like you're usin'?



Here. Gimme

"Oh. Happy Day" in "C."



You listen to what

I'm gonna do. Okay?



This is you.



Oh, happy day



That ain't gonna scare nobody.




Oh, happy day



That's what I want

you to do. Okay?



Take it up

a half a step for me.



All right. Repel me.



Oh, happy day



That ain't gonna scare nobody!



Oh, happy day



See. Now you've got it.



Okay. You guys. Relax.



Okay? Take a deep breath.



Be fine!

Don't worry.



You ready?



Oh, happy day



Oh, happy day



- Oh, happy day

- C'mere.



- C'mere and stand over here.

- Oh, happy day



- When Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- When Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- Washed my sins away

- Y'all gonna have to do

better than this.



- Oh, happy day

- Oh, happy day



- Oh, happy day

- All right. You guys.

Take your cue from me.






- Sing.

- Oh, happy day.



Oh, happy day



- Oh, happy day

- Oh, happy day



- When Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- When Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- When my Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



He washed my sins away



- Let's party.

- He taught me how



Oh, he taught me how



- To wash

- To wash, to wash



- Fight and pray

- To fight and pray



Fight and pray



- And he taught me how to live rejoicing

- And live



- Rejoicing

- Yes, He did, oh yeah



- Every

- Every



- Every day

- Every day



- Oh, yeah

- Every day



Oh, oh, happy day



Oh, happy day



- Oh, happy day, yeah

- Oh, happy day



- When Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- When my Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- When Jesus washed

- When Jesus washed



- My sins away

- Oh, happy day



Come on, I'm talkin'

'bout happy days



- Oh, happy day

- Oh, yeah



- Sing it, sing it, sing it, yeah, yeah

- Oh, happy day



- I'm talkin' 'bout

- Oh, oh, happy day



Take your bow.



Go on.

Take a bow.



All right!



Ladies and gentlemen...



I believe we are now a choir.



Ashes to ashes

and dust to dust.



Show me the man

that a woman can trust.



So. Where does it say.

"On the eighth day he dusted"?



- Look at all these trophies.

- Yeah.



"All State Music Competition.      ."



-     .

- Wow!



Looks like this school's been

winning competitions for a long time.



Yeah. Do you think

they still have these contests?






What if I told you that

we have just entered you all...



in the All State

Music Competition?



- Six weeks from Saturday in Hollywood!

- Hollywood?



- What?

- Let's go!



- We be doin' some crazy stuff. Man!

- Oh. My God. That is so cool!



Well. Sister. You put this choir

together. We took our cue from you.



And we found out that in the past. This

school has won a lot of competitions.



What's the matter with you kids?

Don't you have any faith in yourselves?



- We have faith in you.

- Hollywood.

- W-W-Wait.



Are you sure we're good enough

to compete against other choirs?



I mean. Right now

I don't think so.



Y-You could be if you rehearse every day

before class and after school.



- So. How 'bout it?

- Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Sisters. Sisters!



We need to discuss this.

I mean. What's up. Y'all?



Y'all ready for

an all-state thing?



No. No!

Absolutely not!



- You guys. No. We shouldn't go.

- Oh. Yo! C'mon. Y'all.



Don't be a bunch of punks. Man.



Listen. Nobody has ever cared

what we was good at...



except for Sister Mary Clarence

and her homegirls up there.

you know what I'm sayin'?



- Oh. Fran-kay!

- Her and her sisters

were hookin' us up. Yo.



Plus. We can go to Hollywood.

You know what I'm sayin'? Hollywood!



Wait a minute!

What're we gonna wear?



- Airhead!

- Clothes. Margaret.



You guys. You guys. Come on.

You guys. We owe this to ourselves.



- I think we should do it.

- What about our boyfriends?



- Yeah. Oh. Please. Jessica.

- Well. Y'all.



there may be some all-boy choirs

at this competition.



- We're in.

- We're in.



And I say that if we win this

thing. Then the Archdiocese

is gonna be pleased as punch.



- And maybe we'll have a prayer

to keep this school open. Eh?

- Right.



So. Does this mean we're going

to the all-state competition?



- Yes!

- Yes!



Let's turn this mother out

and rock the house! Dope!



They wouldn't bring drugs

in here. Would they?



- No.

- No.



No. No.

Absolutely not!



How can you keep saying no?

Now. You've heard them.



They're good.

They are so ready for this.



Sister. Once again you've made a promise

to the students that you can't keep.



Now. I told you before. Field trips

are absolutely out of the question!



This is not a field trip. This is

something that can save the school.



- You have my answer.

- And it's the wrong one!



Sister Mary Clarence!

You're being insubordinate.



I know. And. Uh. Surely

you can understand why.



I mean. These kids

have worked so hard for this...



and they're good.

they're really good.



They could win! Y...



This school used to win that competition

every year. Every year they won.



Now. Come on. If they're gonna close

this school. Let's go out with a bang.



Yes. Let her.



Very awesome.




Very well. Then.



You seem to have

the support of everyone.



So I'll...

I'll give my permission.



You've got to raise

the money yourself.



And you've got to get

parental consent for each child.



I can do that. That is not

a problem. Thank you.



Thank you.

Thank you. My brothers.



Come on.












Joyful, joyful




J... Joy...



Fill us with

the light of day



Fill us with

the light of...



Fill us with

the light



- Rita?

- Come and join the chor...



Mighty chorus

Which the mornin'...



Father of love

is rising o'er...



- Ooh ooh ooh

- Rita?



Mama. What are you

doing home so early?



Mrs Gibbs needs me

to do her hair.



- What are you doin'?

- I was just foolin' around

with some stuff.



- Give me that. Please.

- Huh?



Give me that.



And the tape recorder. Too.



What is this?



It's just some music. Ma.



Sister Mary Clarence

wants us to learn it...



for the choir.



Now. Just when were you gonna

tell me that you're in a choir?



Rita. How many times

do we have to go through this?



Singing does not

put food on the table.



Singing does not

pay the bills.



Singing is no guarantee to a future.

even if you have got talent.



- Mama. Did you know I can sing?

- So could your daddy.



And he died

still tryin' to make it.



But what does that

have to do with me?



Mom. We're.

we're a good choir.



They want to take us to this all-state

music competition. We could win.



- We're good.

- Baby. If you want to win in life.

then keep your nose...



- In them books and out of the clouds.

- Mommy.



If you could just listen to me.

Let me explain.



Baby. I know how you feel.

Really. I do.



But there are a lot of talented people

right down there on the streets...



singin' their




- Now. Is that how you want to end up?

- No. That's not what I wa...



Good! Then you don't have time

for any choir 'cause you got to study.



Mommy. We have a chance

of winning.



The choir and

the competition are out.



- Mommy.

- If you "But. Mama" me one more time...



Now. I said the choir and

the competition is out. You understand?



Yes. Ma'am.



As far as I can tell. With

food and lodging and costumes

and transportation and gas...



- This is gonna cost us about $ .   ...

- Oh. My!



which is a lot of money. Ah.



Don't look at me.

I took a vow of poverty.



The only person I can think of

that ever made money as a nun:



Sally Field.

God love her.



$ .   ? Might as well

be a million!



I mean. It's absolutely doable.

I just think we have to get

the community involved.



It's about time this community

took care of the school.



- I mean. All the kids go here.

- Yeah. That's true.



- We could have a car wash...

- I think that's the only way.



- Or a bake sale.

- Sister Mary Clarence.



- Hey!

- Oh. Rita. I'm glad you're here.



Um. Would you take one of these

consent forms and make sure

that your mom signs it?



- If we can raise the buckaroos.

- Ha.



Look. I need to talk to you.

I have to quit the choir.



I got a lot of reasons

I can't explain. And I'm sorry;



but I gotta leave the choir.



Give us back our consent form.



- Stop that!

- Well.



Just a minute. Please.



Hi. I'm. Uh.

Sister Mary Clarence. L...



I know who you are.

What can I do for you. Sister?



Well. Uh.

Rita left the choir...



and I was kinda hopin' I could get you

to talk her into comin' back.



Oh. I don't think

I can do that.



You know something. Sister. I really

don't want to discuss this with you.



As you can see.

I've got some work to do.



And. Uh. If you'll excuse me.

good day to you.






Hey. We're here to collect

some money from you.



That means we need your help.



We're not playing.

Put that basket out there!



Get that money.

Give that money. Baby.



Give that money.

C'mon. Girls. You do what I do.



- Hey!

- Ahh!



Get up off of that thing

and dance till you feel better



Get up off of that thing

Just try to release that pressure




Get up off of that thing



- Go 'head. Girl.

- Dance till you feel better



- Hey!

- Get up off of that thing



Try to release

that pressure




around the world



Are you ready for

a brand-new beat



Sing it if you know it.



Summer's here

and the time is right



For dancin'

in the street



- Get down!

- They're dancin'in Chicago



Get up!



- And down in New Orleans

- Dancin'in the street



- Yeah!

- In New York City



Dancin'in the street



- Oh, it doesn't matter

what you wear

- Oh. Yeah!



Just a long as

you are there



So, come on

Every guy grab a girl




around the world



- They'll be dancin'

- Dancin'in the street



- They're dancin'in the street

- Dancin'in the street



This is an invitation

across the nation



A chance for folks to meet



- Get up off of that thing

- Dancin'in the street



I said get up off of that thing



All right! All right!



- Get up off of that thing

- Come on up.



- No. You're right.

- You okay?



- Okay.

- Okay.



Get up off of that thing

You're all right.



- Okay.

- Get up off of that thing



Ow! Ow! Ow!



- I said get up off of that thing

- Dancin'in the street



I'm done now. I'm goin'.

Get up off of that thing



In the street

Oh! Oh! Oh!



- Get up off of that thing

- Dancin'in the street



Ow! Ow! Ow!

Get up off of that thing



Hey! Hey! I said

just get up off of that thing



I'm goin'. Thanks.



- Get up off of that thing

- Dancin'in the street



- I said get up off of that thing

- Dancin'in the street






And the grand total is.

minus expenses...



Drumroll. Please.



$  .   .  .



Wow! That oughta get us

down there and back. Ooh!



You're... You're not

driving again. Are you?



Listen. I can drive

anything on wheels.



- You have a problem with that?

- Uh-uh.



C'mon. It's been a long day.

We all better get to bed. C'mon.



Yeah. Yeah. We got a lot

to do in a few days.



Oh. And don't forget to get

the consent forms from the kids.



Ha. All right.



- What?

- Nothing.



- No. Something.

- What?



I just... I just can't believe

you came here and did it again.



I mean. You m-m-made

all this happen.



Everything's gonna be fine now.



You think so?



I really think so.




Do you want some help?



- Please.

- All right.



Look. We have

another helper.



Oh. Go get it.

Hurry up.



I don't know about you sometimes.

You. You just scare me.






Yo. Iook who it is. Man.



- Hey. Yo. Rita!

- Yo. Rita! C'mere!



- Yo. What's up. Rita?

- Hey. What's up with her?



So. Uh. Sister Mary Clarence

said you quit the choir.



Yeah. I did. So?



So. Inquiring minds

want to know.



- Yeah.

- If I want to quit the choir.

that's my business.



Sometimes I feel that this whole

choir gig's a big joke to everybody. Yo!



I'm sure we'll have a. Uh.

plethora of other opportunities.



- Yeah. The kid's right.

- Right!



Rita. Iook.

We got a real shot.



You know. If we're ever gonna do

anything worth somethin'...



we've got to stick together.



I mean. Don't you understand?

This is all we got.



This is all right here.



You have to be down.

I want you to. Rita.



Bye. Rita!



Come along. Children.

Quickly now.



- Quickly.

- Okay. Margaret.



- There!

- Ooh! Oh. This is a mess.



- Is that everybody now?

- We've got   .



Wait for me!

Wait for me.



Thank you. Sister.



Nice to see you.



Oh! Excuse me.

Consent form.



A must.



- Thank you.

- Now. C'mon. C'mon. C'mon.



Look what I found

in the library.



- "Deloris Van Cartier."

- Mm-hmm.



- A lounge singer?

- I knew I'd seen her somewhere before.



"Girlfriend of a vicious mobster."



Oh. Dear! A gun moll.



Sister Mary Christine...

Uh. Clift...



Uh. Sister...

Sister Mary Fake!



I'll have to call the officials

and remove St Francis

from competition at once!



Well. No. No. L-I don't think

that's such a good idea.



Well. What would you suggest?



Well. She's our responsibility.



I think we should

handle it personally.



Thomas. You don't usually drive.



Perhaps one of us who has

a driver's licence should take...






Thomas. Uh. Thomas. I know...

I know you're busy.



but see that little stick

on the left there?



- That... That's your turning signal.

- Yeah!



Perhaps... Perhaps the other drivers

wouldn't be so hostile...



if you'd consider using it.



I've had enough of this.



Where in the Sam Hill

did you people learn how to drive?



No! Turn!



- Jackass!

- Thomas! Jesus Christ!



Rita! I'm home.












"Dear Mama. I went to the

All State Music Competition.



I never meant to hurt you.

but I had to follow my heart.



Please forgive me.

I love you. Rita."



Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.



ladies and gentlemen...



to the   th Annual

All State Music Competition...



a gathering of the most talented

young musicians...



in the state of California.



Let's go. Margaret.

That is Margaret. Isn't it?



I can't tell who it is

under all that paint. Hello?



Sister. I hate this thing. I mean. It

does absolutely nothing for my figure.



- Could I wear something tighter

you know. More form-fitting?

- No. Dear. Listen to me.



You're here to impress those judges

with your beautiful voice...



not your heinie.

Come on. Let's go.



- He sent His man

- He sent His man



- Unto her day

- Unto her day



- To tell where she

- To tell where she



- Was waiting

- Was where



- And all she said

- And oh when will she be



- Oh. Rita. Iook what you did!

- Oh. Maria. I'm sorry.



I know. Put one on the other side.

Start a fashion trend.



You know. The women

of the Mangbetu tribes...



put lines on their cheeks

as signs of fertility. Maria.



- Well. On second thought. Off.

Take it off.

- Take it off now. Please.



- I got it.

- Thanks.



- Dang. Man! Dang!

- What. What. What. What. What?



Look. This thing ripped. Now what

the heck am I supposed to do now. Huh?



Listen to me.

Don't fret.



My mother used to say.

"Nothing is impossible if

you always carry with you...



a little bit of faith and

a big roll of electrical tape."



- Hello!

- Oh. Man!



Look at my hair! Yo. Frankie.

you like my hair. Man?



No. I think it looks like a bowl

of lard and you look wack.



Man. I'm just gonna wash it out.



I'm so nervous. L-I think I'm gonna

throw up. L-I don't think I can go on.



Just think of it this way:

Never mind how you feel.



Think how great you're gonna

make them feel. That audience.

when y'all sing so beautifully.



Now. Take a deep breath.

and yawn.



See how that relaxes you?

Ooh. My!



Now. From San Diego...



the Oceanview High School

Gospel Choir.






Send a revival






And let it begin in me



Lord, send a revival



Lord, send a revival



Lord, send a revival



And let it begin in me



Well, now we need a revival



To rock this world today



Satan is loose

and on the rampage



That is why we pray




- Lord, send a revival

- They're good. They're really good.



- Send it, Lord

- Lord, send a revival



- Lord, woo-oo-oo-ooh

- Lord, send a revival



And let it begin in me



If we're gonna find them.

we have to go backstage.



Yeah. But there's so many here.

How we going to find them?



Oh. Well.

that shouldn't be too hard.



We just look for the choir

that looks like it just robbed...



a convenience store.



- Great Caesar's ghost!

- Passes.



Three-time state champions.

the Chapman Choir...



from Orange County's

Grant High School.






Joyful, joyful

We adore Thee



God of glory

Lord of love



Hearts unfold

like flowers before Thee



Opening to the sun above



- Man. They're singin' our song. Man.

- They're like an army.




Drive the dark of doubt away



Giver of immortal...



- Notice.

- Is this the green room?



- I guess it is. Yeah.

- Wow!



Yoo-hoo. Hello!



- Father Thomas! It's us.

- Hi!



Oh. My goodness!

You're here!



Well. Colour me surprised!

We weren't expecting you.



The kids are gonna burst

when they find out you've come

to support them. Come on.



I'm here with the other Fathers. But we

didn't come to support the children.



Father Maurice and Mr Crisp...



are going to pull them

out of the competition.



- Well. Why?

- Why... Why would they want to do that?



Because it turns out Sister Mary

Clarence isn't a sister at all.



She's a Las Vegas showgirl.



- A showgirl! Well!

- Can you believe it?



Who'd have thunk? Ha... She has

so many nunlike qualities.



Not to mention

the whole outfit. Ha.



- Yeah!

- Yeah. She d...



Father Maurice and Mr Crisp

are looking for them right now.



Oh. My! Really.

Well. That's. Uh. That's interesting.



I think that's a very good idea.

and I think that we should

go look for her. Too.



- Good idea. I do. Too. Oh. I agree.

- You two coming? Yeah.



- Okay. Bye-bye.

- See ya.



Ever singing

march we onward



- Yo. They got it goin' on.

- And look at those robes. Man.



We gonna look like suckers. Man.



You know what? All of a sudden

I don't feel so good.



In the triumph



Song of life



Yes. Very good. Yes.



Please welcome

the Captain High School...



Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Why aren't you guys ready?



- Well. You saw that other choir.

- We can't win against them.

Mary Clarence.



Yo. He's right. If we go out there.

we'll be laughed off the stage.



And I didn't come this far

to be embarrassed.



And they sang our number.

and they sang it much better.



We're not goin' on.

We're goin' home.



So because you think

they sang it better...



y'all are ready to leave

'cause you got scared.



Oh. Yeah. No. That's your M.O.

See. That's how y'all operate.



"Ooh. Somethin' new.

Better run away."



Forget about all the people

who busted their butt...



to get you here

'cause they believed in you.



Let me remind you

of somethin'. Okay?



If you wanna go somewhere

and you wanna be somebody...



you better wake up

and pay attention.



Because if every time something scary

comes up you decide to run...



y'all are gonna be runnin'

for the rest of your lives.






You guys. She is right.



Yeah. And if we gonna do this. We gotta

be slammin'. You know what I'm saying?



In the still of the night



Shoo-wop shoo-wah

Shoo-wop shoo-wah



Shoo-wop shoo-wah



- Bum-bum-bum bum-bum-bum

- St Francis Academy? Get ready.



Ooh ooh ooh ooh



In the still of the night



Forgive me. I'm...

I'm terribly sorry.



What a sea of humanity!




Yo. Father Maurice.

We thought you wasn't coming.



What's happenin'. Man?

What's up?



- How are you?

- Well!



- How are you?

- Yes.



- Well. We glad you here.

- Thank you.



Father. We need all the help

we can get.



- We're sure to win with you here.

- Oh. Well. I'm...



I'm very glad to be here to.

uh. Support the choir and. Uh...



But I'm afraid something

has just been brought to my attention.



Something that I'm afraid... Well.

I don't know how to say this exactly.



But I just have to say that...



Well. You...

You children are amazing!



I. L... I almost

didn't recognize you.



Why... Why. There's such a glow

in all of you!



Remarkable! You...

You just all look like angels!



Wait till you hear 'em sing.



All right. You guys.

Places. Let's go.



Ah. Yeah. Good luck.

Good luck.



Father Maurice.

what are you doing?



Well I. I decided

to let them sing.



Oh. G...! Do you know

what you've done?



- Well. What'd I do?

- Well. I mean. D-didn't you tell...



the Archdiocese people when you

called them about Sister Mary Fake?



Uh. Well. I thought

I'd tell them when I saw them.



- Well. A-are they here?

- Uh. Well. L-I think they're here.



- Yes. I think they're here.

- But you haven't told them?



- Uh. Well. Uh. Not yet.

- Ah. Well. I'm going to tell them.



I'm gonna make sure they know about her.

Where the hell are they?



- Uh. Uh. Uh. Mr Crisp.

- What?



Uh. We'll help you find them.

won't we. Guys?



As a matter of fact.

just a few minutes ago I saw them.



- They were headed in that direction.

down the hallway.

- Are you sure?



- Yes. Well.

- I saw. Too.



- I saw w... him.

- Well. Let's go!



- This way! Yes!

- Down here?



- We just came from down here.

- I saw 'em right down the hall there.



- Right?

- No. No. Really. Mr Crisp. I saw them...



and they were. They were

saying something about. Uh.

the ventilation system.



Ventilation system! What have

you been drinking? Some of that

sacramental wine again. Father?



Uh. Uh. Mr Crisp.

Uh. They're right in here.



- I can hear voices.

- Oh. I'm sure you can hear voices.



- Oh. There they are! After you.

- What the hell are you talking about?



- Forgive me!

- Wait a minute! Hey!



Hurry! Get something

to hold this door with!



- Hurry. I mean.

'cause he's a big guy. C'mon.

- Hey. Let me outta here.



Not this!

This is dessert.



- We need something to bar the door with.

- Give me that thing!



- A genuine Hamus Alabamus.

- Open the door!



- Hey. It's dark in here.

- In nomine Patris. Father. Forgive us.



We know exactly

what we do!



That last choir was rather good.

don't you think?



You know. What she's done with those

children is nothing short of amazing.



Well. Sister Mary Clarence

is no ordinary nun.



Oh. You don't have

to tell me that.



You're not angry with me

for misleading you?



Not at all.

As a matter of fact...



you're free to fool me

anytime you want.



And now.

ladies and gentlemen...



from San Francisco. The choir

of St Francis High School...



under the direction

of Sister Mary Clarence...



also singing

"Joyful. Joyful."



Joyful, joyful






We adore Thee



God of glory

Lord of love



Hearts unfold

like flowers



Before Thee



Your teacher says

take off your robes.



- Huh? What?

- Take off your robes.

Do it quickly. C'mon.



- What?

- I don't know.

Just take off your robes.



Put on anything you want.

If we're gonna go out there...



we're gonna go out there comfortable.

some of us.



And fear and sadness



Drive the dark of doubt






Giver of immortal






Fill us with the light



Fill us with the light



Oh, fill us



With the light



Of day



Joyful, joyful

Lord, we adore Thee



God of Glory

Lord of Love



Hearts unfold

like flowers before Thee



Hail Thee

as the sun above



Melt the clouds of sin

Sin and sadness



Drive the dark of doubt away

Drive it all away



Giver of immortal gladness



Fill us

Fill us with the light of day



- Light of day

- Check the rhyme



Hey, Chaka, joyful, joyful

Lord, we adore Thee



- And in my life I put none before Thee

- Yeah



But since I was a youngster I came

to know that You was the only way to go



So I had to grow up and

to come to an understanding



And I'm down with the King

so now I'm demanding



That you tell me

who you're down with, see



'Cause all I know is

that I'm down with G-O-D



- You down with G-O-D

- Yeah, you know me



- You down with G-O-D

- Yeah, you know me



- You down with G-O-D

- Yeah, you know me



- Who's down with G-O-D

- Everybody



Come and join the chorus

The mighty, mighty chorus



Which the morning stars began



The Father of love

is rising o'er us



By the way



What have you done

for Him lately



Ooh ooh ooh, yeah



- Oh, yes

- What have you done

for Him lately



He watches over everything



So we sing



- Joyful, joyful

Lord, we adore Thee

- Oh, joyful



- Oh, God, oh, God

- God of Glory, Lord of love



- Hearts unfold

- Like flowers before Thee



- Hail Thee

- Hail Thee as the sun above



- Oh, melt the clouds

- Melt the clouds of sin and sadness



Drive the dark

of doubt away



- Drive it all away

Giver of immortal gladness

- Oh, immortal



- Fill us

- Fill with the light of day



- Lord, fill us

- Fill us



Oh, we need ya

Yes, we do



- Fill us

- Fill us



Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, oh-oh



- Fill us

- Oh, yeah



With the light of day, Lord



- Fill us

- Hear us as we pray, Lord



- Fill us, fill us

- With the light of day, Lord



We need you, don't walk away

We need you, need you today



We need you, I'm here

Fill us, fill us

Fill us, fill us



- Eh eh eh

- Fill us



Fill us with the light of day



- Oh, yeah

- Light of day



And now the moment

we've all been waiting for.



But first. Let's give

all the contestants a nice. Big hand.



Thank you.

The third runner-up:



Pinewood High School.

San Bernardino. Quartet.



The second runner-up:

Oceanview High School...



San Diego. Gospel Choir.



First runner-up:

Grant High School...



Orange County.

Chapman Choir!



The Grand Prize winner:



St Francis High School.

San Francisco!



- Simply outstanding.

- Oh. Thank you. Thank you.



- What a performance!

My heart is still racing.

- Congratulations.



Good evening.

What a surprise to see you here.



You're aware. Of course.

that the school that has just won...



is the school

you are about to close.



You must be kidding!

With a choir like that?



We've gotta get ready

for next year's competition.



I'm so pleased

you feel that way!



- Ha!

- Oh. Mr Crisp.



- Mr Crisp. Just in time.

- You're the people I wanna see.



- You have been deceived.

- What? What's he talking about?



Yes. This Sister.

Sister Mary Clarence.



He's quite right.

You have been deceived. You see.

actually. It was Mr Crisp...



- It was Mr Crisp's idea?

- Yes. Yes. Indeed.



Yeah. I suppose he did it

to keep St Francis from closing.



- And it worked.

- St Francis isn't closing?



No. St Francis isn't closing.



We knew you wanted to be

considered for early retirement.



We didn't know you were

just being modest.



- Oh. I di...

- Oh. They can't let a prize bull

like you be put out to pasture.



No. There must be a real trouble spot

somewhere in the Archdiocese...



that could use Mr Crisp's

extraordinary talents.



That woman!

That. That woman!



Go with God. Crispy.



I don't how the heck

Sister Mary Clarence does this.



Performs night after night in Vegas.

Huh! How does she do it?



She's used to all this.

We're the nervous wrecks.



- Yeah. All these people.

- Yeah.



- Vegas?

- Vegas?



Mama. It was just

this one time.



I'm sorry. I'll never disobey you again.

This meant a lot to me.



- Please don't be mad at me.

'cause I'm sorry if y...

- Just stop!



You're incredible.



And I'm proud of you.



I'm very proud of you.



- Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of you.

- Well. Congratulations!



Sister Mary Clarence.

you've done it again.



And because of your resounding

and well-deserved success...



the Archdiocese have decided

to keep St Francis open!



You owe me.



- Oh. My gosh. I feel so happy.

I think I'm gonna cry.

- Oh. Don't say that.



I know how you feel.

I'm a sucker for happy endings myself.



Oh. You two!

Oh. What the hell!



- You ain't really a nun. Are you?

- Yeah.



'Cause you don't talk like a nun.

and you definitely don't act like one.



And rumour has it that

you're a Las Vegas showgirl?



Let me point out one thing.

my dear Ahmal.



I am not now nor have I ever been

a Las Vegas showgirl.



I am a headliner.



Now. Wait a minute!



And one. Two.

One. Two.



Now, if you need me call me

no matter where you are



No matter how far

Don't worry, baby



Just call out my name

I'll be there in a hurry



You don't have

to worry for, baby, there



- Ain't no mountain high enough

- Ain't no mountain



- Ain't no valley low enough

- Valley too low



- Ain't no river wide enough

- Yeah



To keep me from gettin'

to you, babe



Remember the day

I set you free



I told you you can

always count on me, darlin'



And from that day on

I made a vow



I'll be there when you want me

Some way, somehow



- Baby, there ain't

no mountain high enough

- No mountain high enough



- Ain't no valley low enough

- No valley low enough



- Ain't no river wide enough

- No river wide enough



To keep me from gettin'

to you, babe



- And no wind

- No wind



- And no rain

- No rain



- Or winter's cold

- Can't stop me, baby



- Oh, baby

- Oh, baby



- 'Cause you are my goal

- If you're ever in trouble

I'll be there on the double



- Just send for me, baby

- Oh, baby



Ooh ooh



My love is alive

deep down in my heart



- Although we are miles apart

- Ooo-ooo



If you ever need

a helpin'hand



- I'll be there on the double

- Just as fast as I can



- Don't you know that there

ain't no mountain high enough

- No mountain high enough



- Ain't no valley low enough

- No valley low enough



- Ain't no river wide enough

- No river wide enough



To keep me from gettin'

to you, babe



- Ain't no mountain high enough

- Oh



- Ain't no valley low enough

- Sing it again



- Ain't no river wide enough

- Whoo



- To keep me from you

- No, no



- Ain't no mountain high enough

- No way



- Ain't no valley low enough

- No, ooh



Ain't no river wide enough

to keep me from you



- Ah, ah, ah, ah

- No mountain high enough



- Ain't no river wide enough

- To keep me from you



- Ain't no mountain high enough

- Ain't no mountain



'Cause nothing can keep me

Keep me from you



- Ah, ah, ah, ah

- No mountain high enough



Nothing can keep me

Keep me from you



- Ain't no mountain high enough

- Yeah, babe



Nothing can keep me

Keep me from you



Ah, ah, ah, ah



Nothing can keep me

Keep me from you



Ain't no mountain

high enough



Nothing can keep me

Keep me from you



Ain't no mountain

high enough



People, let me tell ya



I work hard every day



I get up out of bed



I put on my clothes

'Cause I got bills to pay



Now, it ain't easy

But I don't need no help



I got a strong will

to survive



I've got a deeper love



A deeper love

A deeper love inside



And I call it

High on a deeper love



High on a deeper love



High on a deeper love

Whoa, whoa, whoa



Now I got love

in my heart



It heals me to thrill



To make it

through the day



Have love

Have respect for yourself



And that's why

I'm not lookin'for



Handouts, charity

welfare I don't need



Stealin', dealin'

Not my feelin'



Nowhere standin'

Really braggin'



Not cheatin'

'Cause I've got a deeper love



- Deeper

- A deeper love



- Deeper

- Deeper love inside



And I call it

High on a deeper love



High on a deeper love

High on a deeper love



- Whoa, whoa

- Whoa, whoa, whoa



It's the power, baby

The strength to survive



High on a deeper love

Whoa, whoa, whoa



And I will thank you

for helping me see



There's a power

that lives



Deep inside of me

Givin'me strength



- To carry on

- Giving strength to carry on



Always be strong

Whoa, whoa, whoa



High on a deeper love

High on a deeper love



High on a deeper love

Whoa, whoa, whoa


Special help by SergeiK