Sister Act Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sister Act script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Whoopi Goldberg movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Sister Act. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Sister Act Script





Who can name all the apostles?



Yes. Deloris.



John. Paul. George...



and Ringo.



Deloris Wilson.



you are the most unruly.

disobedient girl in this school.



Now. I want you to march

right up to that blackboard...



and write the names of all

the apostles alphabetically.



This is enough.

You are hopeless.



And I wash my hands of you.



Mark my words. Deloris.



If you continue

on this disruptive track.



it will lead

straight to the devil.



Have you any idea

what girls like you become?



Whenever I'm with him



Something inside



- Inside

- Starts to burning



And I'm filled with desire



Would it be the devil in me



Or is this the way

love's supposed to be



- It's like a heat wave

- Heat wave



- Burning in my heart

- Heat wave



- I can't keep from crying

- Heat wave



- It's tearing me apart

- Heat wave



- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

- Yeah



- I said, oh, yeah

- Heat wave



Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah



- I said, Oh, yeah

- Ain't nothing but love, girl



Don't pass up this chance



Here's a chance

for a true romance



Heat wave



Nothing you can say

can tear me away



From my guy



My guy



Nothing you can do

'cause I'm stuck like glue



- To my guy

- My guy

- My guy



I'm sticking to my guy

like a stamp to a letter



Like two birds of a feather

we stick together



I'm telling you

from the start



I can't be torn apart

from my guy






No muscle-bound man



Could take my hand

from my guy



My guy



No handsome face

could ever take the place



- Of my guy

- My guy

- My guy



He may not be

a movie star



But when it comes

to being happy, we are



There's not a man today



Who could take me away

from my guy



- What'd you say

- There's not a man today



Who could take me away

from my guy



- Tell me more

- There's not a man today



Who could take me away from



All right. Wrap this up. Okay?

Wrap it up.



I will follow him



Follow him

wherever he may go



There isn't

an ocean too deep



A mountain too high

it can keep



- Keep me away

- You better, you better



- I will follow him

- Follow him



Ever since he touched

my hands I knew



That near him

I always must be



And nothing

can keep me away



He is my destiny



I love him, I love him

I love him



- And where he goes I'll

- Follow

- I'll

- Follow



- He'll always be my

- True love

- My

- True love



- From now until for

- Ever

- For

- Ever



- Whoo!

- Whoo!






- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

- Yeah



- I'm a whole

- Heat wave



- Yeah, yeah

- Keep burning

- Yeah, yeah

- Keep burning



- I'm a whole, yeah

- Ain't nothing but love, girl



Don't pass up this chance



A diamond bracelet

and a pair of pants



- Heat wave

- Good night. Ladies and gentlemen.



- Heat wave

- You don't give a shit.



- Heat wave

- Let's get the hell out of here.



Heat wave



So l... I guess eating is

out of the question. Huh?



Eat? Your next show

is in    minutes.



You still haven't told me

what she said.



- What who said?

- "What who said?"



The one with the moustache.

The one you're married to.



You are so damn hot.



And you are so full of it.

You didn't tell her. Did you?



I knew it. I knew you

weren't gonna tell her.



I knew it.



I want us

to be together. Babe.






I want us to be

an honest. Decent couple.



I do.



I went to confession today.



You went to confession?



Like confession confession?



You know where you kneel in the box. You

tell the priest your deepest secrets?



Well. I did that today

for us. Babe.



I told Father Antonelli

I was in love...



and that it was

a special love.



A love for all the ages

and that I want to be with her.



And what did he say?



He said that if I got divorced

I'd burn in hell for all eternity.



- Hand me my loafers. Doll.

- You...



No. L... You-You can get

your own damn shoes.



So what does this...

What does this mean?



- Is this no? Does this mean no?

- No. No.



- What does it mean?

- Not no. Just not now.



Just get out. Okay?

Just go.



You want me

to go against a priest?



Get excommunicated?






I'll eat the thing you made.



- Is that was this is all about?

- No. That's not what it's about.



It's about you leaving.

Good night.



Good night!



I'll call.



You're quitting just because

he won't leave his wife?



No. Not just because

he won't leave his wife.



I'm quitting for a lot of reasons.

It's something I have to do.



- What's gonna happen to the act?

- What do you mean. "What's

gonna happen to the act"?



You're gonna get somebody else.

It's not a big loss.



Well. You put everything together.

You pick all the music.



You tell us where to stand

and everything.



Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I'm a real genius.



I'm a real genius.

That's why we're packin' 'em in.



And don't you pack any more

of my make-up in that bag.



Don't think I don't know

what you're doing.



- What do you want. Huh?

- And don't you ever knock?



Hey. Girl. You ain't got nothing

that I haven't seen before. All right.



Yeah. Well. Stop tryin'

to memorize it.



- Hey. Michelle.

- Oh. Please.



Hey. Uh. Deloris. Here.

This is from Vince.



- Here.

- I hope it's his dead body.



- With love.

- Oh. Really?



- Yeah.

- Then why didn't he

bring it down to me himself?



Oh. He wanted to. But he's

got a big meetin' upstairs.



- Hey. Tina.

- Hi.



Could you say good night

to these clowns. Please?



I'm getting a headache. I don't

want them in here. Get out.



- Let's go.

- All right. I'm goin'.



Just take it easy.



Well. At least you got somethin'

out of all of this.



- Come on. Deloris. Open this up.

- Yes.



Why should I open this? I don't

give a damn what's in that box.



- I don't care.

- Oh. See what the man brought you.

- I want to see it.



- Why?

- Come on.

- Why?



- Well. I want to see.

- Fine. Okay.



Let's look and see

what it is then.



- Oh. Iook at this.

- Oh.

- Look at this.

- Check it out.



- It's mink.

- Yes!



- It's purple mink. Deloris.

- Oh.



Oh. That's beautiful!




- Oh.

- Feel.



Well. Obviously. Mr LaRocca

feels he can win me back...



by sending me this

absolutely fabulous coat.



- Mm-hmm.

- Whoo!



- Put it on. Put it on.

- It's beautiful.



Well. See. Some girls would fall

for that. But not me.



I think I'm gonna make him

wait a little while...



before I just

let him know that l...






Connie LaRocca.



It's his wife's coat.



The man gave me

his wife's coat.



- Oh. I don't believe this.

- Put it back on.



It's yours now.

You deserve it.



No. I don't deserve it.

I haven't earned it.



You don't earn other people's

wife's fur coats.






I think it's time to just go upstairs

and give it back to him.



get the hell out

of this dump.



How long you been

with me. Ernie?



- Um. Three years. Mr LaRocca.

- Really?



Two as a croupier. One

as your personal limo driver.



Ernie. You know what's

important to me. What counts?



Loyalty. My man.



Loyalty is what

counts to me.



Well. I've been very loyal.

Mr LaRocca.



Gee. Ernie.

that's not what I hear.



I hear you went down to the

police station last night...



and talked with

Lieutenant Souther.



I hear you were there

for over three hours.



l-l-l-I went.



I went. But I didn't

tell them anything.



Again. Not what I heard.



Goodbye. Vince.



I'm leaving

and don't try to stop me.



I'm going to L.A.

where it's nice and warm.



People don't need fur coats from

their boyfriend's wife's closet.



Goodbye. Vince. I'm going to Miami.

where the sun shines.



I know they're trying

to get something on me. Ernie.



but so far they've come up

with bubkas.



They called Willy and Joey in there.

but they were out in    minutes.



What were you doing there

for three hours. Ernie?



I know you don't think I have

any talent. Vince. But I do.



And I'm gonna leave you.

and I'm going to Chicago.



Tell me what you told Souther.



I won't be able to sleep

tonight if I don't know.



I've always wanted

to go to New York.



I know if I went to New York.

I could get some things

together. Vince. I could.



I could... I could.



I could.



That's all I told him.

I swear it.



Thanks. Ernie.

Now I can sleep.



- Say good night. Ernie.

- No. No. No. That's all...



Babe. Deloris.




Is there a problem?



- With the coat?

- With the coat? No.



No. Not with the coat.

The coat's fine. L...



It's... It's fine.



It's... It's fine.

Thank-Thank you.



Is that why you came here

tonight? To thank me?



Yeah. Thank you.



And to say you're sorry. About

tonight and the things you said?







You understand me?



- Forgotten.

- Of-Of course.



It's... Of course.

It's forgotten.



That's my girl.

My girl in mink.



- Will you be home?

- Yeah.

- Soon?

- Yeah.



- Go ahead.

- Okay.



Hey. Vince. Is she okay?



I don't know. Vince.

She seemed kind of upset.



- She did?

- Yeah.



Bring her back. Now.

for a talk.



And if she runs.

then what?



Take care of it.




Come on back!




he just wants to talk!



- Which way?

- That way.



Hey! Hey! Taxi! Hey!



Hey! Hey! Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go! Go! Go! Go!



And then Vince looks at Ernie

and says. "Say good night."



And then Vince looks at Joey

and Joey shot him.



I mean. He just shot him

in the chair.



Just boom.

He blew this guy away!



Sorry I'm late.

I'm Lieutenant Souther.



- Eddie Souther.

- How do you do?

I'm Deloris Van Cartier.



Listen. This guy was

a simple limo driver. Right?



He was a limo driver. So maybe he made

a couple wrong turns in his life.



That's no reason to kill him.

I've never seen anybody killed before.



Except. You know. Sometimes

you pass on the freeway.

you see a couple of people dead.



- But it's not the same thing...

- Miss Van Cartier?

- What?



You're Vince LaRocca's

girlfriend. Right?



Well. You could.

sort of. Maybe...



It depends on how you look at it.

I mean. The guy just tried to kill me.



so I don't think that

cements our relationship.



Well. You realize he's a major

underworld figure. Don't you?



He's into drug dealing.

money laundering.



We've been investigating Mr LaRocca

for the last    months.



We've got videotapes.

We've got surveillance photos.



Am l... Am I in any of the...

On the videotapes?



- No. No. No. Criminal activity.

- Oh.



The tapes aren't enough

to convict him.



Apparently. There's a lot

you don't know about Vince.



I mean. The last two people that saw

him in action kind of disappeared.



What do you mean. They kind of

disappeared? What does that...

What do you mean?



Well. We found a piece here

and a piece there.



But don't you worry.

Here. Have a cup of coffee.



You're safe now. And we're gonna

see that you stay that way.



- That's our job.

- If you help us. We can help you.



If you testify against Vince

about what you saw.



we can put him away

for the rest of his life.



Are you crazy? You're telling me

this guy is a mad criminal.

and you want me to testify?



Do you know what's gonna happen?

He's gonna track me down.



- Deloris.

- He's gonna kill me.

- Can I call you Deloris?



You can call me anything you want.

as long as you keep me alive!



- We wouldn't put you at risk

if we couldn't protect you.

- Right.



It'll only take a couple

of months to get a court date.



Just a couple of months?

Only a couple? Why not a year?



- How about a couple of decades?

- Two months we hide you out.

then you testify.



No! No. No.



It's just for a little while.

then you can come back.



Really? What are you gonna do?

You gonna stick me in a bag and bury me?



Forget it!



If you testify.



I'm gonna put you

in the last place on Earth...



that Vince would ever

look for you.



- Nice church. Huh?

- Yeah. It's very nice.



Look. What am I gonna be.

Quasimodo in the bat belfry?



- What is this?

- I want you to stay here for a while.






In the convent.

It's the safest place in the world.



- You think Vince is gonna

look for you in a convent?

- No. No. What? What?



- In the what?

- The convent.

- You must be out of your...



You know what? I'm gonna go back

and work this out with Vince.

You're a lunatic.



I'm not gonna be in no damn

convent with these people.



These people

don't even have sex!



Deloris. Vince has a contract

out on you for a hundred grand.



- Now you've seen what he can do.

- Look...



One bullet.

that's all it's gonna take.



No. No. Iook. Let me

explain something to you.



Vince knows people all over

the place. You realize that.



He knows people all over the

place. That means he's gonna

be looking for me everywhere.



- Everywhere but this convent.

- Oh. Come on!



Nobody knows you're here

but me.



We're trying to get you a quick court

date. One month. Two months tops.



I promise I'm gonna spring you

as fast as I can.



What... What am I gonna do here?

I'm gonna go crazy here.



There is nothing but a lot

of white women dressed as nuns.



I'm... What am I gonna do here?



- Pray.

- Pray?



Yes. But. Monsignor.

we are a small convent.



Surely. There are

more appropriate places.



We can save this young woman's life and

imprison a parasite all in one gesture.



My heart goes out to her.

of course.



My concern would be she might

subject the convent to danger.



The Reno Police Department assures me

you'll be protected from any harm.



They've promised to make

a generous financial donation.



And. As you know. Your small

convent is in danger of closing.



Well. If they can afford

to be so generous.



so can we.



Excuse me.



Absolutely not.

I couldn't possibly.



Well. Think of it this way.

Reverend Mother. She's an ideal

prospect for rehabilitation.



That is not a person

you can hide.



That is a conspicuous person.

designed to stick out.



You have taken a vow

of hospitality to all in need.



I lied.



Lieutenant Souther.

everything is in order.



No. No. No. No.

everything is not in order.



- This woman does not like me.

- Deloris. These are holy people.



- They like everybody.

- I don't give a shit what you say!



- This woman does not like me.

- One month. Two months tops.



No. I'm not staying here.

Forget it. Forget it. Forget it.



I'm not staying here!

I'm telling you. I'm not...



- Behave yourself.

- Gonna stay here!



What is your name?



Deloris Van Cartier.



Is that your real name?




I happen to be a singer.



- Oh-oh. Do sit down.

- Thank you.



Look. Before we get started.

l-I just want to say...



that I really appreciate

what you're doing for me.



I know it must be a huge

inconvenience for you.



Yeah. So l-I just. You know.

wanted to say thank you up front.



I also. Uh. Have always...



and I've said this to people...

I've always admired you people.



Nuns. I mean.

You know. You're so...



Catholic. You know.



I mean. Iook. You're

married to the big J.C.



I mean. You're His

old lady. You know.



It's. Uh... It's an

amazing thing to me.



I mean. Of course. You must be saying.

"Well. It's much better...



than being hooked up

with some kind of two-timing..."



Please. Do not smoke

in here.



Oh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. L...

You know. I get so nervous.



I get worked up. I just... I just

had... I don't know. I'm sorry.



Look. Miss Van Cartier. We have agreed

to conceal and protect you.



which we will do

to the best of our ability.



However. It is essential

that you understand...



that you are not

in a sorority or a speakeasy.



This is a convent.

a religious order.



and there are certain rules

you must obey.



St Katherine's is a place

to commune and to pray.



and I will not tolerate any disruption

whatsoever with that communion.



Do you understand?



- Yes.

- Good.



But do you understand

I'm the victim here?



Do you understand

I'm the good guy?



I mean. They just kind of

threw me in here with you nuns.



I mean. Do you get that?

I'm the good guy.



I mean. I saw a guy

get his face blown off.



So why don't you just

give me the key to my room?



I'll lay low. You stay out of my face.

I'll stay out of your face.



And I will commune my little

black ass in that room.



Can you handle that?



- I think it's a very good idea.

- Thank you.



Well. It's almost lunchtime.



Perhaps you'd like

to freshen up.



And you'll certainly

want to change.



I just hope you don't think I'm gonna

wear what I wore in Catholic school.



No. Siree. No ugly

green jumpers for me.



And those stupid

clunky shoes.



Oh. With this gold thing... Could

you have it dry-cleaned for me?



Open the cabinet to your left.

You will find suitable attire.



Oh. Cool.



Oh. No. No. No. No.

I can't do this. I'm sorry.



This is fine for covering a little

bulge. But now I've got holster hips.



People wish to kill you.



Anyone who's met you.

I imagine.



A disguise is necessary

to protect us all.



Now. While you are here.

you will conduct yourself as a nun.



Only I will know who

and what you truly are.



You will draw no attention

to yourself whatsoever.



But look at me! I'm a nun.

I'm a... I'm a penguin!



As from now and until you leave.

you are Sister Mary Clarence.



Mary Clarence? Like-Like Clarence

Williams III from The Mod Squad?



Mary is in deference

to our Holy Mother.



The Clarence is in honour

of St Clarence of Concordia.



There are three vows

every nun must accept.



- The vow of poverty.

- Mmm.



- The vow of obedience.

- Mm-hmm.



- And the vow of chastity.

- I am out of here with that.



Oh. Oh. Man.



It is necessary to eat...



- Good afternoon. Sisters.

- Good afternoon.



I apologize

for my tardiness.



I would like you to welcome

a new member to our house.



Sister Mary Clarence.



Mary Clarence comes to us from

a somewhat progressive convent.



However. She's eager to embrace

a more disciplined life.



and I am sure will make every

effort to conform to our ways.



I'll do my best.



- Would you like to be seated?

- Thank you.



- Yes. Mary Patrick?

- Reverend Mother.



on behalf of all the Sisters

here at St Katherine's.



I'd like to offer a great big hi there

and hello to Sister Mary Clarence. Hi.



And as part of the welcome.

I thought that maybe...



our new sister could offer

today's blessing.



That is very thoughtful of you.

Mary Patrick. But I really...



Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I can...

I can do that. Uh. Sure.



Oh. Fudge.

Uh. Bless us. O Lord.



for these Thy gifts which

we're about to receive.



And. Yea. Though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of no food.



I will fear no hunger.



We want You to give us

this day our daily bread...



and to the republic

for which it stands.



and by the power

invested in me.



I pronounce us

ready to eat.



- Amen.

- Amen.

- Amen.



Be seated.



Thank you.



Gee. What are you people.

a Pritikin order?



This stuff is terrible.

It tastes like shi...



Sisters. We shall spend

the rest of the day in silence.



- Well. Why?

- Only when our lips are silent.



may our prayers

truly be answered.



Then you don't have

to eat this food.



Silence begins now...



and ends at sundown.



How can you eat this stuff?

It's terrible.



Mary Clarence.



I think you might enjoy

a ritual fast.



A ritual f... No. No. No.

I don't think I would.



I'll just put a little salt

in it. It will be fine.



Look. I'm gonna have... Someone

pass me the salt over there.



A fast. To remind you of those

who must endure without food.



l... No. I don't want you

to take...



I don't want you

to take my plate.



And silence.



How can you let them grill me

in there for six hours?



I can't control how long

they're gonna question you.



- Did you go to law school. Larry?

- Yes. I went to law school. Vince.



- Did you graduate?

- Hey. I'm a lawyer.



- Of course I graduated.

- Hey. Vince.



Nice talking to you.

See you in court.



You got nothing

on me. Souther.



And if you don't stop

harassing me. I'm gonna...



What? You're gonna what?



Nothing. Nothing. Lieutenant.



What my client is trying

to say is that...



Is that he's scared.



And you know what?

He should be.



Real scared.



See you around. Boys.



Something's going on.



He's so damn cocky.



Ah. He's bluffin'. Vince.

Don't worry about it.



- You find Deloris?

- She's gone.



We don't know where she is. And she

hasn't been back to her place all day.



He's got Deloris.



We gotta get her back.



Fax her eight-by-ten

to every contact we got.



- I can't hear this.

- Deloris Van Cartier.



A quarter of a mil.

dead or alive.



This is your cell.

Mary Clarence.



- My what?

- Your cell.



Your room.



Oh. Man.



No wonder you waited till now

to spring this on me.



It's like a nightmare.



Where's the rest

of the furniture?



Our lives are simple.



We have little need

for material possessions.



This is out

of the Stone Age.



- Where's the phone?

- Who would you call?



I don't know. Satan?



Your cell is

more than adequate.



Fine. What do we do now?

Pray? What?



It's  :  .

Pleasant dreams.



W-W-Wait. Are you telling me

we go to bed by  :  ?



If I were you. I would use this time to

think about my life and its direction.



Or lack thereof.



There's nothing wrong with my life.

You know. Before I came here.



I had a career. I had friends.

I had clothing that fit.



Before I came here.

I was okay.



Oh. Really?



From what I've heard.



your singing career

was almost nonexistent...



and your married lover

wants you dead.



If you're fooling anyone.

it is only yourself.



God has brought you here.



Take the hint.



Mary Clarence.






Up and at 'em.

We don't want to be late.



- What time is it?

- Well. It's almost  :  .

Sister Sleepyhead.



 :   a.m.?

Get out of here.



I just went to bed

   minutes ago.



- Get outta here. Scram.

- Come on. The sun is shining.

It's a beautiful day.



We are a small congregation

this morning.



Too many mornings.



Something has gone

terribly wrong.



Where is faith?

Where is celebration?



Where is everyone?



Still. Rather than regret

the absence of our neighbours.



let us rejoice in the fellowship

of those present.



Our choir mistress.

Sister Mary Lazarus.



has informed me

that our choir.



while always superior.



has been toiling especially hard

on this week's selection.






Hail, Holy Queen



Enthroned above



Oh, Maria



- Hail

- Hail, mother of mercy



And of love



Oh, Maria



Triumph all ye






Sing with us



Ye seraphim



- Heaven on Earth

- Heaven and Earth



Resound the hymn



There was a raid on a pawnshop

in L.A. this morning.



The place was fencing

stolen property.



- They found this.

- Database hoods.



What a wonderful world. Huh?



"Beloved daughter missing.

Reward of $   .   .



Please find

our daughter. Angel.



We miss her so.

Dead or alive."



Vince is getting desperate.



So where did you

stash her. Eddie?



Where did I stash who?



Wha... You're not even

gonna tell us?



I wouldn't even

tell the Pope.



I'm not gonna get this. This is

a little too complicated for me.



Don't you worry. You'll get

the hang of it. I'll help you.



Thank you.



- Are you always this cheerful?

- Am I?



- Mm-hmm.

- All right. I am. I know it.



I can't help it. I've always

been upbeat. Optimistic. Perky.



Even as a child.

my mother used to say.



"That girl is pure sunshine.



She'll either grow up to be

a nun or a stewardess."






Enough about me.

What about you?



Yes. What convent

did you come from?



I came from the convent...



of the Sisters

of the Moonlight...



in Reno.



Oh. I love Reno.



- You do?

- Yes.



Well. You-you

would have loved us.



We were... We were

a pioneering kind of order.



You know. We'd. Uh. Never wear any

kind of habit this tight. Though.



This is really tight.



Oh. I must say. Our habits do

cut you at the neck just a bit.



- Yeah.

- Hear. Hear. Hear. Hear.



That's enough jabber. Vanity.



A progressive convent?

Sounds awful.



I liked my convent in Vancouver.



Out in the woods.



It wasn't all modern like some

of these newfangled convents.



We didn't have electricity.



Cold water. Bare feet.

Those were nuns.



Sounds wonderful.



It was hell on Earth.

I loved it.



This place is a Hilton.



Sister Mary Clarence.

when did you get your call?



What call?



Oh. The call! The call!



l-I didn't know

which call you meant.



I was working... I was working

in Reno. And I got the call.



And you don't know how hard

it is to get a call until

you've worked in Reno. You know.



We were just... We-We ministered to

a lot of different kind of people:



newly-weds. Hookers. Gamblers.



What a joy. How fulfilling to be able to

get right in there with your hands...



and work with the people.



And Reno... It's probably

bursting with sin.



It was. That's...

That's why I had to leave.



I mean. We had a hooker

living next door...



called Buckwheat Bertha

who would...



Sister Mary Clarence.

could I have a word with you?



- Who? Me?

- Yes. You.



Yeah. Excuse me.



Get on with your work.



- Quickly. Please.

- I was just talking to 'em.



Precisely. Enough chatter. Chores.



Rescue me

Take me in your arms



Rescue me

I want your tender charm



'Cause I'm lonely

and I'm blue



I need you and your love too

Come on and rescue me



Come on, baby

and rescue me



Come on, baby

and rescue me



'Cause I need you

by my side



Can't you see that I love you

Rescue me



Come on and take my heart

Take your love



And comfort every part

'Cause I'm lonely



And I'm blue



I need you

and your love too



Come on and rescue me

Come on, baby



And rescue me



Come on, baby

and rescue me



'Cause I need you by my side



Can't you see that I'm lonely



Yeah. I need to talk

to Eddie Souther.



Yeah. It's an emergency.



- Souther.

- Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!



- You gotta get me outta here.

- Deloris. You can't call me here.



Somebody's gonna catch on

to where you are.



But I'm going insane here.

All these people do is work

and pray. Work and pray.



- That's all they do.

- Calm down!



Look. I didn't want to tell you this.

but we got some problems here.



Well. What kind of problems?

What do you mean. Problems?



Keeping our witnesses alive.



I mean. We hide them.

but there's a leak in the department.



and some of them

end up dead.



- What?

- Just sit tight.



You don't seem to understand

what I'm saying.



I am in a nightmare.

This is my nightmare.



It's a nightmare. Man.

Get me outta here.



I mean it. Don't call me.

It's not safe.



I'll be in touch.



Hello? Hello?






l-l-I brought you something.



My brother gave it to me

when I was a little girl.



I could never seem

to get up on time.



So I. Um. Set it for  :  .



Out of bed,

you daisy head.



Out of bed,

you daisy head.



- It always made me laugh.

- Out of bed, you daisy head.



I thought. Being away

from your convent.



that even someone like you

could get lonely.



Have a seat.



- So which one are you?

- Mary Robert.



You have a little trouble

getting up at  :   too. Mary Robert?



Oh. Not now.



I get up a half an hour early

just to make sure.



It's-It's not just

the mornings.



It's that all my life...



everybody seems to be doing

or catching on to things...



a second faster

or better than me.



Yeah. Well. Everybody's

playing catch-up nowadays.



So. Mary Robert.



did you always want

to be a nun?



Mmm. I always knew that

that was my calling:



to lead a life of service.



But. You see.



I've always felt that there's

something inside me...



that l-I want to give.



Something that's only me

and nobody else.



Does that sound

like a terrible thing?



Like pride?



No. It doesn't sound like

a terrible thing at all.



I'm so happy that you've come

to join us. Mary Clarence.



Do you know how sometimes it's

as if you have to be yourself

or you'll just burst?



Yep. I do.



Good night.



Good night. Mary Robert.



Out of bed,

you daisy head.



Out of bed,

you daisy head.



- Hang on.

- Hey. Hey. Wait up.



- Hey.

- Making me run all this way...



Ooh. Nice tattoo.



Hey. Sister.



Hey. This jukebox got anything

on it from Sound of Music?



Hey, baby

What do I have to do



- Want to dance. Sister?

- Why? You don't have any rhythm.



To make you love me too



- You got to roll with me, Henry

- All right



Young man. Take your foot

down off that stool.



Now. Have a seat.

Have a seat.



- Baby

- Roll with me, Henry

- Henry, hold on



- Sit down and shut up.

- Can I have a Coke. Please?



- Coming up.

- Thank you so much.



Roll with me, Henry



Whoa. Boy!



What are you doin' in here?



- L...

- What are you doing?

- I thought you...



What are you guys doing?



Look. You have to go.

You have to go.



- We...

- Oh. Never mind. Go. Go.



Just go that way.

Just go that way.



Sister. Expecting any more

of your friends?



Now. You guys want to tell me

what you're doing here?



Well. L-I thought that you might

be ministering to the winos.



the way that you did

in your convent in Reno.



and I thought I could help.



And I saw her leave. And it was

very late. And so I followed...



What are you doing here?



- I'm here to see a man

about a car. For the convent.

- Really?



- Yes.

- Did you get it?

- No. I didn't.



- I'm gonna get you outta here.

- We could really use it.



- What colour?

- Come on. Come on.



Oh. A jukebox.

Oh. One song. One song.



- No. No. No. No. No. No.

- Do you have a quarter?

Oh. One song. Please.



Come on. He does. All right. It'll

come back to you tenfold. Thanks.



Hurry up. Hurry up.



Oh. I love this song.



Give me, give me, give me

Give me gravy tonight



What's the matter with you?



One dance. I'll be

right back. Please.



But that don't show me

that you're really mine



Once they're dancing

when they're romancing



So put me something

extra on the line



- Gravy

- On my mashed potatoes



- Give me

- Gravy



Come on and treat me right



- Gravy

- You're the greatest



So give me, give me, give me

Give me gravy tonight



All right.



But I want some more



There's something missing

and we're on the floor



Come on, baby

I want some gravy



A little kiss

is what I'm waiting for



- Gravy

- On my mashed potatoes



Come on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Come on. Come on. Come on.



- Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

- Good night.

- Come on!



- Go. Go!

- I love this song.



We had a lovely time.

We'll be back.



- Yes. We will. Good night.

- Bless you.



You leaving?



This turns into a nuns' bar.

I'm outta here.






- Oh. Good grief.

- Just come on. Come on.



Stop giggling. Let's go.



Quiet. Shh.



The sisters have made it clear

to me that they followed you

of their own volition.



But they would never have

ventured out at all at night...



had it not been

for your example.



But. Listen. They just don't want to be

stuck behind these walls all the time.



These walls are the only

protection they have.



The streets are no longer safe for them.

and they are certainly not safe for you.



These robes no longer protect

our sisters. The walls do.



I'm sorry.



You really do care

about them. Don't you?



Yes. I do.



And I care about you

and your life.



I shall ask Monsignor O'Hara

and Lieutenant Souther...



to find a safer and more

suitable situation for you.



Oh. No. Come on.

Don't send me away. Really.



I mean. I'm just starting

to get the hang of this.



I mean. Iook. I'm not gonna endanger

anyone or anything else.



I swear. What about forgiveness?

Isn't that what you preach?



There's got to be something

around here that I can do...



that's not gonna chip my nails

or annoy anybody.



You're right. Mary Clarence.



To err is human.

to forgive divine.



You may stay.



But I shall restrict your

activities to a single task.



What's that?




You will join the choir.



Choir? No.



You will sleep

and you will sing.



That will be your task

until you leave.



No. Uh. The choir?



I mean. H-h-have you

heard them?



The choir. Mary Clarence.



Is this the choir rehearsal?



It sure is.

Come on in. Sing a spell.



- Soprano or alto?

- Whatever.






- Hi. Sister.

- Hello. Sister.



- Hello. Sister.

-     .



Crown Him with many crowns



The Lamb upon His throne



- All kingdoms

- All kingdoms of the...



Mary Clarence.

are you with us?



I don't know this one.

l... I better...



I better sit this one out.

Excuse me.



Reverend Mother says Mary Clarence

has a background in music.



Really. Mary Clarence?

Were you a choir mistress?



- Sort of freelance.

- Freelance? Really?



Oh. You don't think I see?



You think

I took vows yesterday?



I know what you're up to.



You and Reverend Mother.



Uh. What?



You're a ringer.



She brought you here

to replace me.



Out with the old.



Oh. Could you help us.

Mary Clarence?



Mary Lazarus.

you're terrific.



but we could

really use some help.



- Please. You've heard us.

- We're terrible.



Please. Do something for us.



- Please.

- Well. There's a word for this.






So. Mary Clarence.

you think you can do better?



I believe

I'd like to see that.



Go ahead. Sister.

Make 'em sing.









Where are the basses?



Oh. You should

be over here.



Uh. And the altos?



Where are you?



Sister. Why don't you join them?



And sopranos. Where are you?



Oh. You've got

to come down this way.



All right. Uh...



Basses. L-I want you

to give me a D.



Altos. I want you to do

a third above that.



Give me an F sharp.



And sopranos.

uh. Give me an A.



Let me have Sister Alma

play it one time...



so we all know

what we're gonna do.



and. And we'll go

from there.



Sister. Will you give me

those. Uh. Notes. Please?



Okay? On three.



One. Two. Three.



Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.



Very-Very nice.



Sister. What... Would you. Would

you come over here. Please?



Just slide right in here for me.

please. Right. Right here.



- Um. That's a powerful

instrument you have there.

- Thank you.



But I think it's probably

a good idea...



if we bring you down

out of the rafters.



I mean. Everybody wants

to be close to God.



I'm just not sure

you can do it vocally.



Okay. So I need you

to sing...



an octave below

where you've been singing.






And. Sister Mary Robert.



could you. Could you come

stand over here. Please?



Yeah. Come on over.

I noticed that. Uh.



you're moving your mouth.

but nothing's coming out.



So I'd like to just hear you

by yourself. If you don't mind.



Sister Alma. Could you

give me an A. Please?






Check your battery.



Give me an A. Please.



Okay. Wait a... Okay.



- Um. Try this.

- Mm-hmm.



Close your eyes.



Visualize yourself

in a room full of people.



Lots of silverware. People

dropping stuff. Talking loud.



drunks. Women with.

with trays going.



"What are you gonna have?"



Your voice has to carry

over the din.



You have to get up over

all of that...



to be heard in the back

of the room. Where I'm sitting.



listening. Straining

to hear you.



- Okay?

- Okay.



Keep that in your mind

when we do this.






- Sister. That's amazing.

- We call that an A with an attitude.



That's what you need. You have to

put attitude in what you sing.



You have to think about what you're

singing. It's not just quacking.



This is...

This is rejoicing.



You are singing

to the Lord.



Let's review

those notes again...



and see if we can

put it together.






Basses. Altos. Sopranos.



On three.

One. Two. Three.



Oh. We did it.

We actually sang a chord.



That was exciting.

That was exciting.



Yeah. You sang a chord

for two seconds.



The next thing you have to learn how

to do is listen to each other.



That's a big key.

Big key.



You must listen to each other

if you're going to be a group.



- I knew that.

- Mary Lazarus. L...



As soon as I walked in the door.

I knew that you knew this.



Now. You're somebody who's into

hard work and discipline. Aren't you?



Of course. I'm a nun.



Four Popes now.



Four? Wow.



How often do they rehearse?



Twice a week.

a couple hours.



Not enough.

I mean. Listen to them.



They really need

a lot of work.



They gotta rehearse

every day.



She's good.



Well. Do you think they

really could get better?



I don't know.

They're pretty raw.



Wet behind the ears.



Oh. Please. Let us try.



- Please.

- Please.



This is gonna be hell.



Tell me about it.



La, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la



La, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la



La, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la



La, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la



La, la



Welcome this Sunday morning.

oh. Ye few. But faithful.



The choir. I'm told.

has elected a new director.



Sister Mary Clarence.



who will lead them

in "Hail. Holy Queen."



Hail, Holy Queen



Enthroned above



Oh, Maria



Hail, mother of mercy



And of love



Oh, Maria



Triumph all ye cherubim



Sing with us ye seraphim



Heaven and Earth



Resound the hymn



Hail, Holy Queen

enthroned above



Oh, Maria



Hail, mother of mercy

and of love



Oh, Maria



Triumph all ye cherubim



Sing with us ye seraphim



Heaven and Earth

resound the hymn



Hey. What do you think's

going on over there?



I don't know. Man.

but it sounds good.



- Yeah.

- Let's go.



Our life

Our sweetness here below



- Oh, Maria

- Oh, Maria



Our hope in sorrow

and in woe



- Whoa, Maria

- Oh, Maria



Triumph all ye cherubim



- Cherubim

- Sing with us ye seraphim



- Seraphim

- Heaven and Earth resound the hymn






- Hallelujah

- Hallelujah



Our life

Our sweetness here below



Oh, Maria



Our hope in sorrow

and in woe



- Whoa, Maria

- Oh, Maria



Triumph all ye cherubim



- Cherubim

- Sing with us ye seraphim



- Sweet seraphim

- Heaven and Earth resound the hymn



Girl groups!

Boogie-woogie on the piano!



What were you thinking?



I was thinking

more like Vegas.



You know. Get some butts

in the seats.



And what next?

Popcorn? Curtain calls?



- This is not a theatre or a casino!

- Yeah. But that's the problem.



See. People like going to theatres.

and they like going to casinos.



But they don't like

coming to church. Why?



Because it's a drag.

But we could change all that.



See. We could. We could

pack this joint.



Through blasphemy?



You have corrupted

the entire choir!



- Excuse me. Excuse me.

- Oh.

- Excuse me.



How can you say that? L...



- I've worked my butt off

with these women.

- Oh.



They've given up their free time

to do this. And they're good!



I mean. Sister. We could.

we could rock this place.



Out of the question! As of

tomorrow. Mary Lazarus resumes

her leadership of the choir.



Come in!



Reverend Mother. I just

wanted to congratulate you.



I haven't enjoyed mass

this much in years.



What a marvellous programme.



Innovative. Inspiring.

You're to be commended.



I can't wait till next Sunday

when the choir performs again.



Did you see the people

walk right in from the street?



That music.

That heavenly music.



Reverend Mother.

it called to them.



It... It did?



I must tell the Archbishop.



I'll send him a personal letter

describing your efforts.



your bold. New fight to keep

your little convent alive.



And you must also

include this.



This is something she would

never tell you herself...



because this is the kind

of woman she is.



Sisters. She wants us to go out into

the neighbourhood and meet the people.



- Oh. This woman.

- Oh. Bless her.



Oh. There are so many problems out there

that we could maybe help with.



I mean. That's why

many of us became nuns.



Oh. It's really marvellous.

Reverend Mother.



- There's a lot we could do

for them besides pray. Sister.

- That's right.



You're a pioneer.



Monsignor. Surely you realize

how dangerous this neighbourhood is.



And you will face

that danger head-on.



- As if I could stop you.

- You couldn't.



You have my complete support

in this matter.



Anything you can do to revitalize

this neighbourhood would be a blessing.



Don't you just love her?



Praise you. Reverend Mother.



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Love has been on my mind

for some time now



But you've been

the missing link



With all that's been happening

All this has made me think



That love is not for keeps



- All I want is your love

- All I need is promises



Once is never enough



- Open up your heart and let me in

- Look no further



Love has got me crying



- Understanding my love

- Just a touch



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



- Just a touch of love, yeah

- Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Music will light

the fires of romance



That could be forever



You better bat down a lover

Someone to discover



That just a touch of love

is all I need



- All I want is your love

- Come a little closer



- Once is never enough

- Open up your heart and let me in



- Love is burning us up

- Love has got me crying



- Understanding my love

- Just a touch



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



- Just a touch of love

- Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



- Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love

- Yeah



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



- Give me your love, yeah

- Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love



- Just a touch of love

Just a touch of love

- Feels so right



Yes. The failing convent at

St Katherine's has truly come alive...



thanks to the efforts

of its popular choir.



What an amazing

turnaround story.



This convent was once alienated

from its surrounding neighbours.



- Now, as you can see, its doors

are open in an effort...

- Vinny. Get over here.



- To reach out into the community,

- What?



establishing facilities

like a day care centre...



and a food kitchen

for the homeless.



- As a matter of fact, the enthusiasm...

- Vin. You've gotta see...



- These cute nuns.

- Generated at St Katherine's

has resulted...



- I'm shootin' pool.

- In a new sense of civic pride.



- Babe. We should send them money.

- Why all the changes?



- Well, the nuns I talked to...

- They're do-gooders.



attribute this reach-out

philosophy to...



a new addition to the convent,

Sister Mary Clarence,



who, unfortunately,

is a little camera shy.



I'm gonna kill her.

I'm gonna kill her myself.



In related news,

the Pope visits the U.S.



And we'll have more on that

in just a moment.



- Good... Good morning.

- Good morning.



- Thank you so much.

- Good morning. Monsignor.

- Good morning.



- Good... Good to see you.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.



Hey. Hey. What...



Are you looking for me?

What are you doing here?



- How come I saw you on TV?

- That was not my fault.



These people just showed up. But it's

been really good for the convent.



You're supposed to be

hiding out. Remember?



Bullets flying

through the air at you.



- Ring a bell?

- Yes.



But I can't talk about it now because

I have a show in five minutes.



Listen to yourself. This is

not a career opportunity.



You don't have to tell me that.

This would not be the place

to begin a career.



Hey. Just promise me I won't see

you on the Letterman show. Okay?






Hey. I'm worried about you.



I don't want to see

anything happen to you.



Okay. You gonna

come to the show?



Yeah. I'd love to.



This Sunday's hymn is inspired

by the lesson of Mary Magdalene.



Now. Mary Magdalene was

a young lady with a past.



Oh. Yes.



And she was

no stranger to sin.



She was no stranger

to practically anybody.



Many condemned her.



The whole neighbourhood. In fact.



But one man

refused to do so.



One man said. "Hey. Now.

hold on. Wait a minute."



Listen to the girl's story.



- Hail. Girls.

- Hail. Mary. What's up?



Well. Jerusalem's become

a real drag. Everybody hates me.



Uh-uh. Not that guy over there.



Who? Him? They all

say he's different.



They say he's really weird.



We don't care what people say.

To us. He's always there.






Nothing you could say

could tear me away from my God



My God



Nothing you could do

'cause I'm stuck like glue



- To my God

- My God

- My God



I'm sticking to my God

like a stamp to a letter



Like birds of a feather

we stick together



I'm telling you

from the start



I can't be torn apart

from my God



Nothing you could do

could make me untrue



- To my God

- My God



Nothing you could buy

could make me tell a lie



- To my God

- My God

- My God



I gave my God

my word of honour



- To be faithful

- And I'm gonna



- You best be believing

- I won't be deceiving my God



As a matter of opinion

I think He's tops



- My opinion is

He's the cream of the crop

- Cream of the crop



- As a matter of taste

- To be exact



- He's my ideal

- As a matter of fact



No muscle-bound man

could take my hand



From my God



My God



No handsome face

could ever take the place



- Of my God

- My God

- My God



He may not be

a movie star



- But when it comes to being happy

- We are



There's not a man today



Who could take me away

from my God



Let's take it home. Ladies.



There's not a man today



Who could take me away

from my God



Give them some of that

deep-shoulder action.



There's not a man today



Who could take me away

from my God



I think Sister Mary Patrick

was the best.



- You were wonderful.

- I wasn't very good.



- You were fabulous.

- You were very good too.

- Ladies.



- I think...

- Ladies. You were fantastic.



- Sisters. You did good.

- Fantastic.

- Oh. I'm so excited.



I can't wait till Sunday

when we sing.



- I'd rather sing than do anything.

- It's better than ice cream.



- It's better than springtime.

- It's better than sex.



- Oh?

- No. No. L-I've heard. You know.



Sisters. You're truly

an inspiration.



And I've asked you here because

I bear remarkable news.



Now try to remain calm.



What I'm about to say is

nothing short of a miracle.



Well. I didn't believe it

myself at first.



Monsignor. For goodness sake.

what is it?



Oh. I'm sorry. Sister. It's just

that it's so momentous. I'm

still adjusting to the shock.



The Pope...

the Pope himself...



has heard of our choir

here at St Katherine's.



And when he visits

San Francisco next weekend.



despite his inordinately

busy schedule.



he's requested a special concert

here on Sunday night.



No. No.



Oh. I'm dying. I'm dying.



Oh. Sisters. Oh. Sisters.

this is indeed glorious news.



Oh. Monsignor. We're-we're

both humbled and honoured.



And on such a supremely

solemn occasion.



I do feel a traditional

programme would be best.



You mean "traditional"

like the old way?



We're speaking of His Holiness.

Mary Clarence.



not a neighbourhood block party.



The pontiff commands

the utmost respect and humility.



Your more secular entertainments

would be totally out of place.



But-But. Reverend Mother.

everyone loves our new style.



It's brought people

back to the church.



And that's why he's coming.

I mean. Because we're doing

something new and different.



Well. I feel this can be

settled by a simple vote.



- A vote?

- Of course. Mary Clarence.



A convent

is not a police state.



I'm... I'm sure the sisters

are more than capable...



of reaching a mature

and dignified consensus.



Right. Now. All those in favour

of performing a programme...



of time-honoured sacred music.



a truly spiritual repertoire.



raise your hands.



All those in favour

of allowing Mary Clarence...



to select a more worldly programme.

however inappropriate.



raise your hands.



The majority has spoken.



Reverend Mother. As always.

you're a true leader...



gracious and understanding.



Oh. It's gonna be wonderful.

Reverend Mother. You'll see.



I'm sure the presentation

will be a great success.




Mary Clarence.



And congratulations

to you all.



His Holiness. Now.

we've got to get busy.



Come in.



- You sent for me?

- You have a phone call.



From who?



Lieutenant Souther.









Hey. Deloris. Great news.



I pulled some strings. The judge

agreed to move up their trial.



We'll be in court

in a couple days.



Really? That soon?



Forty-eight hours.

you're a free woman.



Oh. Gee. It's great.



Yeah. Well. That's...

That's great.



Hey. Well. Don't thank me

or anything.



No. Rea... No. L...

It is. No. Thank you.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's... Thank you.






All right. Bye.



Well. Seems like your prayers

have been answered.



Uh. I'm gonna be outta here

in a week. I'm leaving.



- You're leaving?

- Yeah.



- That makes two of us.

- What do you mean?



I have submitted my resignation

to Monsignor O'Hara. Privately.



I've asked to be relocated

as soon as possible.



But why?



I must go where

I can be of use.



But there's...



There's still so much

to be done here.



Look. If it's about me.

l-l-I'm gonna be gone.






And after how long.

a few weeks?



I have been here for years.

Well. Too long. I suppose.



I've become somewhat obsolete.



But you don't have

to continue being obsolete.



Look. Everything that's happening here

is-is-is a good thing.



Sister. You can still be

part of it.



A part of what?



You know. Mary Clarence. It is

one thing to rabble rouse.



to sweep into town

and declare a holiday.



You've raised

the sisters' expectations.



You've... You've excited

and confused them.



They imagine this neighbourhood

to be some sort of delightful

ongoing bake sale.



Now. You and I know

things are not so simple.



There'll be disappointments

and rude shocks.



And you will have vanished.



How fortunate.



Look. I just got things going.



You are a formidable woman.

You could keep this going.



Could I?



Even if I wanted to. No.



I fear I am a relic.



And I have misplaced

my tambourine.



- Good day. Mary Clarence.

- But. Sister. L...



Good day.



Good day.



- Don't peek.

- How can I peek?

- You can look to the right.



- That's right. Don't peek.

- Where can I look?



- You ready?

- You've got my eyes...

- Ta-da!



Crazy women.

What have you done?



- What is this?

- It's ice cream.



- I know that. But...

- Well. It's a great big...



cuddly bear hug of a thank-you

from us to you.



- Not thank you to me. Thank you to you.

- No. You.



I mean...

When did you do this?



This is a sin.

It's a wicked indulgence.



Didn't they have

any butter pecan?



- I hope Reverend Mother

doesn't catch us.

- Yeah. Let's keep it down.



Is there any syrup?



Mary Clarence.

this morning in prayers.



I thanked God

for bringing you to us.



Since you've come.

everything has just happened.



Our choir is famous. For one.



We could cut a demo.



I could learn guitar.



Yeah. Anything is possible.

God works in mysterious ways.



- That's true.

- You know. Uh. Anything could happen.



I mean. Any one of us

could be transferred out

of here at any given time.



Are you leaving us?



No. Come on. No.



What are you talking about? No.

we're always gonna be together.



That's what Diana Ross said.



Oh. Well. Listen. That was

a trio. We're a quartet.



- Listen. You know. It's true.

- I know that.



- I believe in things like that.

- Okay...



Just missed him.

Souther just stepped out.



I need his signature

on some things.



Uh. This stuff can't be

processed without him.



Just leave it here. Henry.

Uh. I'll make sure he signs it

when he comes in.






We found her.



Beautiful work.



What's the address?



It's Church Street at   th

in San Francisco.



Thought you were gone.



Get all the way

to the car. No keys.



Tate said to leave

the money vouchers with him.



He said you'd sign them later.



St Katherine's.



- Here's our leak. Boys.

- Come on.



Plug him up!



- Get him outta here.

- Let's go. Tate.



The Pope. Tomorrow.



Oh. My gosh.

I'll be so nervous.



What if I forget the words?



You're gonna go

straight to hell.



- I'm kidding.

- Uh...

- I'm kidding. I'm sorry.



Come on. Sisters.

Rehearsal in five minutes.



- Go to rehearsal. I'll

be there in a minute.

- Come on.

- Right.



Get in.



One. Two. Three and slide.

One. Two. Three and slide.



One. Two. Three and slide.

Sister. Take over now.



One. Two. Three. Together.

One. Two. Three. Together.



One. Two. Three. Together.

Left. Right.



- Oh. Come in.

- Where's Deloris?



- Why? Is something wrong?

- They know she's here.



- Girls...

- Oh. My goodness. She's

upstairs with the choir.



- Deloris.

- Hi.



Look. Vince knows you're here.

We gotta get out now.



Oh. But I can't go. We're-We're

singing for the Pope tomorrow.



Listen. You're gonna be singing

for St Peter if you don't get

your ass outta here now.



But l... Oh...



l-l-I can't do this.

I can't leave.



It's-It's... It's like

I'm deserting them.



Hey. I think

they'll understand.



No. You don't understand.

They need me.



They need you?

A bunch of nuns?



What for? Moral guidance?



What? Make-up tips?



Let me tell you something.

We are talking about the Pope.



This means a great deal to them.

and they have worked very hard

for this. And they deserve it.



Where you going?

Where are you going?



I am going to the little

nun's room. Nosy.



There you are.

We've been looking for you.



- Shh. Shh. Shh.

- Re-Rehearsal's about to start.

- Okay. Okay. Okay. Let's go.



- Surprise.

- Guess who?



- Rehearsal's this way. Sisters.

- Hey. Deloris.



- Hi.

- Come on.

- All right. All right.



What do they want?

Who are they?



Reno scum. Come on. Man!



- Come on. Come on! Let's go!

- All right. All right!



Where are we going?



Sister here has got

a special command performance.



Yeah. Back

at the Moonlight Lounge.



Look. Why don't you just

let her go. You know?



She doesn't have

anything to do with this.



Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. So she can

run right to the cops. Huh?



Look. You just go

with the flow. Okay?



Relax. You do what

I tell you to do.



- Go!

- Oh! Oh!



- She's gettin' away.

- You don't even have

to worry about her. Okay?



- You got the one you came for.

- She's right. Let's go.



You all right?

It's okay. I'm a cop.



They've got Sister Mary

Clarence. And they've got guns.



- Where are they taking her?

- Um. They said the Moonlight Lounge.



- Come on. Get out of the street.

- Okay.



- You mean they kidnapped her?

- Yes.



Two men. And they had guns.



Why would anyone kidnap a nun?



Were they Catholics?



She isn't a nun.



She's a lounge singer. Her real

name is Deloris Van Cartier.



She witnessed a vicious crime

and has been hiding in our convent.



- She isn't a nun?

- She-She lied to us?



But she was such

a wonderful nun.



Look what she did with the choir.

She made us sing beautifully.



- That should have tipped us.

- Well. I don't care who she is.

We can't sing without her.



- She's our inspiration.

- Right.



Reverend Mother. Please. I know

that you and Mary Clarence...



didn't always agree.

but we've got to help her.



- Please.

- We've gotta save her.



- We can't leave it up to the Feds.

- No. They'll...



Calm down. Calm down.



Mary Robert. Think clearly.



Have you any idea

who these two men where?



Yes. They were from Reno. And they're

taking her to the Moonlight Lounge.



Reno? Nevada.



- Mary Emmanuel. Tell

the Monsignor the situation.

- Yes. Mother.



- The rest of you. Follow me.

- Yes. Mother.



It's  .    for the run to Reno.



That's     less

than I normally charge.



But-But we don't have $  .   .



Well. Then I can't fly you

there. I'm sorry.



Look. L-I'm sorry. L-l-I've got

things I have to check out here.



Father. Do not blame this young pilot

for abandoning us in our hour of need.



When he stands before You

on the day of judgment.



do not send him

straight to hell.



Please. Please. Do not treat him with

the same disregard that he's treated us.



Just because he can't

show charity to nuns.



try not to leave him without

rewards when he asks for them.



We know it is easier to answer

the prayers of a man...



who has answered

the prayers of others.



but if he should

come to You...



- For relief of pain or...

- Such as rheumatoid arthritis.



Ioss of hair. Neck polyps.



Don't leave him bald

and yowling in despair.



Watch over him as he refuses

to watch over us.



And if You cannot. We know that

You will have done Your level best.



- What goes around. Comes around.

- Look. Sisters. Sisters...



Hold on a second.



What did you think you were doing.

running to the cops. Deloris?



Hiding out?

Big no-no. Babe.



Bet you're sorry now.



I'm sorry

for all my sins. Vince.



and I'm sorry for yours.



I loved you. Deloris.



I gave you everything:



my affection. My time.

a big-time career.



And how do you repay me?

What's the thanks I get?



Where's the loyalty?



You shouldn't have

done that to me. Babe.



You'll be judged.

We all will.



I don't get judged.



Vince. She's been acting weird

since we picked her up.



It's like. Uh.

she's scared of nothin'.



She's scared.



Tell the boys

how scared you are.



I forgive you. Vince.



Waste her.



It's beautiful.



And what a lovely name: Reno.



And Gomorrah.



No. She was this doll. She used

to wear this basket of fruit

on her head and go...



Excuse me. Vince.



- Yeah?

- We didn't do it.



- It's done?

- Uh. Not totally.



- What's the problem?

- Well. Vince. We can't waste a nun.



What are you nuts

talking about?



It's Deloris.

in a costume.



Well. Vince. Now how do you know

she didn't join up...



and become a real nun

when she was there?



Things like this happen.



Because I know this woman.

in the biblical sense.



and she ain't no nun.



Now I don't want

to hear any more of this.



Go in there and do it.



Just don't come back

till it's over.



- Okay.

- It's done.



Okay. We go

one. Two. Three. Shoot.



Wait. We don't go

one. Two and shoot on three?



Get over there.



One. Two. Three.



- You didn't shoot.

- Neither did you.



I figured if. Uh. You did.

I wouldn't have to.



That's what I figured.



Sisters. Come on!



Deloris. We got it

all worked out.



- Hmm.

- Strip.






Come on. Come on.

Take off the. Uh. Nun thing.



Yeah. Yeah.

The nun thing.



What is she doing?



Oh. My God.

She's praying.



Lord. I want you to forgive

Willy and Joey...



because they know not

what they do.



They're only doing what

Vince told them to do...



because Vince is too chicken

to do it himself.



So he's called upon these two men

to take care of his business.



So I want you

to forgive them. Lord.



Espectum. Espertum.



cacoomb. Tutu. Eplubium.



- Amen.

- Amen.

- Amen.






Hey! Get out of my way!



- Hey!

- Ow!



You all right?

You all right?



- Go-Go find Vince.

- Right.



Wait. Wait. Wait!

Oh. My goodness!



There it is!

The Moonlight Lounge! That's it!



Brace yourself. Sisters.



Just spread out

and look for Mary Clarence.



- Now. J... Try to blend in.

- Done.



- Over here.

- Come with me. Guys.



Over this way.



Hi. Excuse me.




Has anyone seen a nun?

A Carmelite nun?



- No? Sure? Okay. Thanks.

- Wait. No. No. No. No. No.



She's not really a nun.

See. She's just posing as a nun.



It came as a great

shock to us.



Excuse me. Excuse me.

I'm sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me.



- Place your bets.

- Red   .



- You're sure?

- Mm-hmm.

- How do you know?



- Red   .

- Well. Us too.

- Here.



- Works for me.

- I'm on it.

- I'm in. I'm in.

- All of it.



Red   .



I was just trying

to teach you all a lesson.



Oh! Excuse me!



Place your bets.

Place your bets.






Sister Mary Ignatius!



Follow me.



Block off the street. But don't

move in until I tell you.






Nine! Pay the field. Nine.



Pay the field.



- Add the point...

- Come on. Stay with the others.



- What are you doing here?

- Well. We're saving you. Move!



- Move!

- Mary Clarence. You're safe.

- What in the...



Come on! Move! Move!



- Break! Now! Break!

- Oh.

- Hey. Nuns.



- Joey!

- Vinny. Vinny. There's

a thousand nuns here!



- What do we do?

- You go to the left.



- You go to the right.

I'm gonna go down the middle.

- All right.



Place your bets.

Place your bets.



Five black. Five.



Hey. Babe.



Yes. Sweetheart?



No more bets. No more bets.

Fifteen black.



- Seal off the exits

and get ready to move in.

- Roger.



There's another way out.

Let's go. Come.



Excuse us.



Come on. Out.



- Move in now.

- Yes, sir.



- Hey. Uh. I can't see a thing.

- Willy. Hit the lights.












- Wh-Wh-Where is she?

- I'm right here.



I'm here.



Leave them alone. They don't

have anything to do with it.



Just... I'm here.



Calm down.



Joey. Do it.



I can't. Vince.



She's still a nun.



She's a broad.



You got it?

Just a broad.



I guarantee you

she is no broad.



She is Sister Mary Clarence

of St Katherine's Convent.



She's a model of generosity.

virtue and love.



You have my word for it.

gentlemen. She is a nun.



You hear that?



Now. Aren't you glad

we didn't shoot her?



- Don't shoot!

- Drop it.

- Okay. Okay. Okay.

- Right there! Let's go!



- The gun's down. The gun's down.

- Drop your weapon!

- All right. Drop it!

- Okay.



- Lay it down right there!

- You all right?

- Turn around.



You okay? Oh. God.



- I'm shot! Watch the arm!

- Are you okay?



- Take it easy on me.

- Come on.

- Sorry.



- Things got kind of out of hand.

- Oh. Just "kind of out of hand"?



Boy. Am I glad you're a much better

shot than you are a protector.



But thank you.



- All right. Come on.

- I was good to you!



- All right.

- We had a great thing!

You sang in the hotel!



- Come on.

- Badly!



- In there.

- How could you betray me like this?



- You are nothing!

- Get him out of here.

- Right. Lieutenant.



- I got two words for you. Vince.

- Mary Clarence.



Bless you.



- Just go.

- Come on.



- Oh! Hey!

- We got another...



I hold you responsible

for all of this.



For introducing a lounge act

into my convent.



For utterly disrupting our lives...



and exposing us all

to mortal danger.



Thank you.



No. No. Thank you.



Thank you all.



I'm really

gonna miss you guys.



We thought you were

a nun. Deloris.



- Yeah.

- Van Cartier.



Sisters. We have

a concert to do.



I thought you were leaving.



We can't both of us leave.



I will follow Him



Follow Him wherever



He may go



And near Him

I always will be



For nothing

can keep me away



He is my destiny



I will follow Him



Ever since

He touched my heart



I knew



There isn't an ocean too deep



A mountain so high

it can keep



Keep me away



Away from









I love Him, I love Him

I love Him



And where He goes I'll follow

I'll follow, I'll follow



I will follow Him



Follow Him

wherever He may go



There isn't an ocean too deep



A mountain so high

it can keep



Keep me away



- We will follow Him

- Follow Him



Follow Him wherever

He may go



- There isn't an ocean too deep

- Too deep



A mountain so high

it can keep



Keep us away



Away from His love



- Oh, oh, yeah

- I love Him



Oh, yes, I love Him



- I'll follow

- I'm gonna follow



- True love

- He'll always be my true love



- Forever

- From now until forever



- I love Him

I love Him, I love Him

- Oh, yes, I love Him



And where He goes I'll follow

I'll follow, I'll follow



- I'll follow, yeah

- He'll always be my true love

- Oh, yeah



- There isn't an ocean too deep

- An ocean



A mountain so high

it can keep



- Nothing can keep me away

- Keep us away



Away from His love



- You know, you make me wanna

- Shout



- Kick my heels up and

- Shout



- Throw my hands up and

- Shout



- Throw my head back and

- Shout

- Come on, now



Don't forget to say you will



Don't forget to say



- Say you will

- Say it right now, baby



Say you will



- Say that you love me

- Say

- Say that you need me



- Say

- Say that you want me



- Say

- You want to please me



- Come on, now

- Say

- Come on, now



- Say

- Come on, now

- Say



I still remember



When I used to be

nine years old



Hey, yeah, and I was

a fool for you



From the bottom of my soul

Yeah, yeah



And now that I found you



I will never let you go

No, no



And if you ever leave me



You know it's gonna hurt me so



- I want you to know

- I wanna know



- I said, I want you to know right now

- I wanna know



You been good to me, Sisters



Much better than

I been to myself



So good, so good

And if you ever leave me



- I want nobody else

- Nobody else



- I said, I want you to know

- I wanna know



I said, I want you

to know right now



- You know, you make me wanna

- Shout



- Kick my heels up and

- Shout



- Throw my hands up and

- Shout



- Throw my head back and

- Shout



- Come on, now

- Shout



- Come on, now

- Shout



- Come on, now

- Shout



Come on, now

Play it, Sister Alma, yeah



- A little bit softer now

- Shout



- A little bit softer now

- Shout



- Very quiet, girls

- Shout



- Little bit softer

- Shout



- A little bit louder now

- Shout



- A little bit louder now

- Shout



- Higher

- Shout



- All right now, come on, basses

- Higher



I want you to do it



Come on, now



Come on, now



Come on, girls, yes



Hey, here I come



Shout, shout, shout

You make me wanna



Shout, shout, shout

Hey, girls



- You know, you make me wanna

- Shout

- Sing it, Mary Robert



- Kick my heels up and

- Shout



- Throw my hands up and

- Shout



- Throw my head back and

- Shout



- Come on, now

- Don't forget to say you will



- Come on, come on

- Don't forget to say



- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

- Yeah



- Say you will

- Say it back now, baby



- Say you will

- Come on, come on



- Say you will

- Say that you will



Say you will



Now, wait a minute



- Who was that

- You know, you make me wanna shout


Special help by SergeiK