Skeleton Key Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Skeleton Key script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kate Hudson hoodoo movie. And no, I didn't spell voodoo wrong. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Skeleton Key. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Skeleton Key Script



I didn't waste time in saying

everything that knew to my mother.



But that always in the clue

in a difficult position.



Something has to be done




... then we were together

to ask help to him.



It is then soon soon afterwards...



stubborn as we were...



we moved forward immediately

for the fog congelante.



Our objective was not

the more than     yards ahead,



but it was out of vision

on the other side of the forest.



And it was in the opposite direction from where

the blind man had appeared.



And I will never forget

the how happy I was



of seeing the doors and windows

yellow shining.



But that is a privilege...



because the best still

he/she was for coming.



Who would imagine that the man

would he/she be embarrassed of himself?



Nobody would consent

in we reach an agreement.



Audrey? I feel a lot...



Mr. Talcott left.



Everything well.



His/her things.

Nobody appeared to diffuse.



You are waiting for a mouthful,




Did nobody call?

They said that he had family.




but they don't want to know of him.



You can play that

everything had been there behind.



Stéphanie Higgins

Personal objects



Nurse is sought

Parish of Terrebonne



Full time. With home

A thousand dollars a week.



He/she is well. Take a look.



I have an interview tomorrow.



- And his/her job?

- I don't want more to be there.



Why THE ONE what was there?



- Thank you.

- No there is of something.



I lost a patient today...

Mr. Talcott.



- I feel a lot.

- You should have seen...



as soon as he died...



they badly could wait

to remove him/it of there.



- He/she doesn't pass of a business.

- But it is a business.



- But at least he had you.

- I am speaking in mattering...



... and they didn't give

the low for him.



Wait, that place is terrible,

it is there in the swamps!



I will have the time that I need

to begin the nursing...



and I will be pays,

and I will help somebody.



- To my way.

- That work is in the swamps...



he/she doesn't have nor how to arrive there.



We are here for

to dance or the something?



Carrie, hear...



his/her work...



he/she is sure that not

is he/she changing you?



I am    years old already,

I already changed what had to change.



Private property

Forbidden the entrance



Oh, my God.









That there is exactly

what means the love.



Haircut to the old fashion.



- You should be Caroline.

- Excuse, the door was open,



- ... then, me simply... I entered.

- That that, that is a big house.



How does it go?



I forgot that it was





I am Luke Marshall...



the real estate agent, us

we talked each other on the phone.



The doctor gave   month of life to him,




- He is far away from here...

- I understand.



It is being very difficult for

his/her wife to accept that.



It is like this with most

of the people.



Violet... you have a company.



Let to come him/her

the Miss Caroline Ellis.



She works at the hospital. Caroline,

that is Violet Devereaux.



You have an adorable house.



Excuse, but for her it idealizes her of

a stranger living here...



- I understand, even.

- She is well the old fashion...



she still thinks the good ones

women have to be of here.



Well, cannot he speak then?




the hemorrhage practically paralyzed him/it.



- Which side was it affected?

- Both sides.



He/she went there is a month ago,

up there in the attic...



it was where she found him/it.






you have company.



That is Caroline Ellis.



Hello, Ben.



I am Caroline.



She is not of here.



She won't understand the

my house.



She is from New Orleans.



She was not created in

New Orleans.



Did you listen to her to speak?



- Who does know he/she where she came from?

- Hoboken, New Jersey.



What do you want?

Southern accent?



The last that we had left,




Everything well...



but she won't understand

the house.



- Then I did lose the trip, hein?

- Wait, let to speak to me with her.



I will arrange the things.



I cannot help who

he/she doesn't want to be helped.



She wants help,

but it is afraid only.



Fear of something?

Of being educated?



He is the love of his/her life,

and he/she is dying...



they always lived together,

she is losing the kindred spirit.



I don't know about you,

but it is as bad as polishes in the behind.



Ours, you are romantic.




the last girl gave up...



you are the fifth interviewee

and she always makes that.



It is not personal...



but, if you are here,

and he is really dying...




he will die with me here or not.



The one that she wanted to say

on the house?



The something?



She said that me not

he/she would understand the house,



why her that said?



Everything that I know is

that she pays well.



Hear, forget...



If that makes her if it feels better,



I also seek for the job

of my dreams.



Well, if you speak with her,

what will say he/she?



I will say that she can

to seek him/it all wants...



but I doubt that she will find

somebody better than you.




she will treat her like you wants.




those are my regulations...



without encounters,

without departures to night clubs...



and without playing bingo.



Certain, good,

those are the rules.






- ... it is a waste to go for there.

- It is close, I will always be here.



He/she is well...

it is better same...



whenever he/she needs to talk with

somebody that was not in the  nd war.



Which is his/her problem

with senior people?



Come here.



If you have to go, go.






I need to pay for the gasoline!



Does he/she have anybody there behind?







I only need to pay for the gasoline...



We will return inside.






Do you know how to speak French?



Seventeen dollars for the gasoline.



Everything well...

be with the change.



Mrs. Devereaux?



I am back.



Hello, Ben.



Does he/she remember me?

I am Caroline.



I am here to take care of

you for a time.



He/she doesn't have an illumination

of truth here there are years...



Well, then you are fan of Blues,




Ben, come unfastened.




you are hurting myself.



There it is you.



He/she is in the hour of the

medicines of him.



Arrive for there, child.



Nine of the morning and

at seven in the night...



he takes the tablets




I will show him/her as.



Be certified that him

everything took.



- What is he taking?

- Sedatives...



sometimes he has those trembling,

don't leave that to scare him/her.



And a kiss t_ get better

the taste of the medicine.



You are more magrela

of the one that I thought...



girl is not?



Apposed that is all marked,

be not?



Done mark?






I know that you youths adore

if it marks with paint and needles.



You are all writing,

be not?



- No that I know.

- Well...



he needs to be taken a bath daily,

and then change, and...



don't worry with

the housework,



I am the only that

he/she knows as doing him/it.



Then, there is how long

you two live here?



Well, we will see...



we came from Savanna

in     ...



we bought that house

of two siblings.



They had inherited the house there is

his/her parents' a lot of time...



... and they lived here

from children.



There they are them...

Martin and Grace.



Charming people.




they had difficult times...



- and they had to sell the house.

- And did you keep the picture?



Yes. I like to respect

the memories of this house.



Papa Justify and

Mamma Cecile.



Here it is the dining room...



but we only used

half of the rooms,



the others are for the businesses

of antiques of Ben.



The things that him not

he/she got to sell are here.



Except, for the attic.



There he/she has crystals and

Chinese porcelain...



and I take care

very well of that.



Only for you to know.



They are more than    rooms to the whole.



Formerly they made a key

separate for each room.



And for the owner...



they made one




She opens any door.



That here is yours...



I have mine.



And the bathrooms are soon here.



We will sometimes need

that it goes to the city to us.



Did he/she already have a mirror here?



I also noticed that us

bathrooms there are no mirrors.



My child...

when you are wrinkled like us...



you don't need anything

to remind her/it of that.



But if you want one

tiny for you, everything well.



- What did you make with them?

- I kept them.



The boy told me

that he/she doesn't smoke...



but I smoke, a lot,

and taste a lot of that...



- I believe that it won't be a problem.

- No, it won't be.






Then, it is that, only have in mind

that here is not his/her house.



After all, nor we a_e arrived.



Are their parents still alive?



My mother left me

when I was small...



my father created me, and...



he died last year.



Oh, God...

did you take care then also of him?



I would be careful.



I only thought

he/she would have more time.



You think a lot about the time

that it still remains us...



but it wastes him/it

not living.



Be good for my husband,

to his/her house...



medicines and baths.



You don't see gardens like this

there in New Jersey...




there it is known as the state of the gardens.



And I doubt a lot of that.



No there is more glorious

of the one that a garden.



He/she sleeps in the winter and

he/she wakes up in the spring.



Did you get to notice?



I try to maintain

the open mind.



Good, that is very good.



Where is the

my cigarettes?



Ah, that thing...



It will be that he/she does me a favor,




It will be that can give one

ascent in the attic for me?



He/she has a box there that I need,

close to the stairways.



Why did delay so much he/she?






I thought the key

he/she opened any thing.



- The key? Which key?

- The one that you gave me, to the house.



He/she has a door in the attic

that he/she doesn't open with her.



In the attic...

she never opened there same...



- Well, I got my cigarettes.

- Why not?



- What is there there?

- I don't have idea.



He/she is like this since

we moved for here.



I have to plant that here,

he/she has rain arriving.



Mrs. Devereaux...



Ben was in the attic,

when did he/she have the hemorrhage?



What was he making there?



You will have to ask to him,




be gentile and go

to sit down with him.



Is he/she well?



Who knows him not

he/she wants a cold tea.



Those rooms are closed.









Stop well there where it is!



Don't move!









Mrs. Devereaux!



- Ben, what is doing, stop!

- No!



- What did you make?

- He fell of the window...



I thought he/she had said that

he had cerebral death!



He is having spasms.

Did he come here alone?



- Yes!

- Is he/she sure that he drank everything?




- I thought he/she had drunk.

- Look what did with him.



Will catch his/her wheel chair,

we have to remove him/it of the rain!



And the doctor?



In the morning! Now catch the

wheel chair of him!



Help me






- Why did delay so much he/she?

- I came the fastest that I was able to!



I think he broke

the ribs!



I only get to think in that!

Caroline, help me.



Help me to lift him/it.



Where do you think that it goes?



You are here   days ago

and he already tried to be killed.



You should have a shady side,




One of my several attributes.



The one what was then exactly there?



I came as soon as knew...



she is in the doctor,

and he/she said that him... did he/she fall?



He really fell.



I eat like this,

does he/she want to say of his/her wheel chair?



You are not speaking serious,

did he fall of there?



How, if him nor can he/she walk?



Please don't tell me

that it is giving up.



I will have to do everything again.



Close the door

I want to show him/her something.



He/she knows him/it that my mother




If a lady invites him/her

for his/her room,



it is because she is not a lady.



The southern tradition continues

intact for here, it is not?



Look at that,

I found at Ben's room...



last night.



Did he/she find him/it what?

Their dirty clothes?



No, he/she had...



- ... he/she had...

- Did he/she have him/it what?



He/she had a...






Me... I thought...

I don't know what I found.



I admire her... you know,

the one that you do.



I was not capable to take care

of my own parents.



You would be sorry...



I left the university to help

some friends' band...



and it was the whole day

in the highway.



My father thought I was

wasting my life.



Then, we began to have some

problems and I left house.



You want to say...






he left...



forever and me nor he/she knew

that he was sick.



I think he wanted me

to save of all this.



And was that so wrong?



Nobody should die alone.



Then tell me that

he/she would tell me.



On Ben.



You felt already as...



if he was

asking for h_lp?



- Asking for me?

- With a glance, or...



... a touch.



Mr. Marshall?



You saw the Mr. Sea...






I see that the children

they are if knowing.



No, Violet...



you know that it is the

only woman in my life.



I don't know anything about that,

and it can go stopping with that.



The doctor left,



I am ready for

to discuss on the house...



that if you already ended of

to discuss '' other '' businesses.



Call when he/she has time.



Book of incomes of Papa Justify

and sacred teachings.



Chalk, sulfur, blood and hair



Sorcery of the

supreme protection






I am making a hot tea...



... do you want?






Sorcery of the sacrifice

of Papa Justify



Santo Cristo.



Are you home?



His/her forgotten child.



It is only a disk.



Why no me

purchase a drink?



Be there what goes,

it is not a common attic...



he/she seems more with a museum.



You got a room

hudu for you.



A the something?






Do you know him/it what hudu is?



Is it that nor vudu, right?



Wrong... Hudu is a religion...



he/she comes from Africa.

Adoration of God, sky and hell...



- And which is the difference of the vudu?

- It is magic...



magic the one which God

he/she doesn't have to do anything.



- Magic?

- It is,



he/she leaves African, it leaves European,

he/she leaves native of America.



My aunt is part

of that religion...



and she is here,

and he/she makes purchases close to his/her house.



Do hear, is that everything history, right?



- Hudu is inoffensive.

- Inoffensive as?



It is more psychological,

as all of the religions.



He/she doesn't affect him/her if

you don't believe.



Well, that place that yours

does aunt make purchases, is you/he/she for here?



Well, it is in this street...

or in the close...



or... in the close.






There? That is a laundry.



Hear, it is there that she always goes.



Will we enter or not?



- Me not.

- I thought it didn't believe in that.



And I don't believe.



I don't only want to be

for close to that, then...



if he/she wants to enter,

I am happy for you.



You are afraid.



- You are afraid.

- He/she will iron.



- Hear, we came here, and...

- I am not afraid...



Good night, Caroline.



Good night.



I spoke to him/her on

the mirrors.



- I don't understand...

- That is not his/her house.



I found them,



and he/she needed a mirror

to my bathroom...



I spoke to him/her, and you listened :

''Without mirrors ''!



Without mirrors!



I saw the room.



Which room?



The room that you

he/she spoke that he/she never saw.



- It is unlocked.

- No, child, you don't know what saw.



Then you will tell me now...



... or I will leave.



You are not of the south...



you would not understand.



That room up there?



You cannot enter and to remove the

things of a room as that.



You have to leave the things

exactly where he/she found them.



The house is so much ours

as of him.



Of who is the house?



And of who are the

things that are there?



He/she is well...



there are many years ago...



there was a banker here,

and his/her name was Thorpe.



He made fortune

deceiving the poor...



and mistreating them also...

he was a cruel man.



They were him,

his/her family and some servants.



Calls, he/she Sucks Cecile,

and Papa Justify.



He/she sits down.



Now... for the the one that I heard...



cruel Thorpe,

he/she didn't know...



that Papa Justify was one




... he was a conjurer.



And Cecile also.



- They believed in...

- Vudu.






... and that era his/her room.



They were famous for

the whole parish.



They cured the patients and

they listened the persons in need.



That everything only with teas and herbs,

they said...



but old Thorpe...

he/she showed the hell to them.



He made to work them




He abused them.



Until that one night,

he/she says like this the history...



... there was a party.



It was the bankers' birthday,

all of the important persons were here.



Political, bankers,

famous bands...



he/she had a lot of drunk and dance.



And some betrayals...

with certainty.



_hen, when it arrived

the hour of leaving.



Some guests arose

to give good-bye to the children.



But nobody found them.



They were not seen there are hours.



Then, due to spree

they did a game of that.



''We will find the children.

We will find the children.''



Room after room.



When finally,

somebody heard a music...



and voices... and screams.



There in the attic.



The servants were

with the children...



they were teaching them

how to plot the hudu.



Thorpe was furious together

with the other guests.



I want to say, there is how long

what that already vineyard happening?



The children said that

it was fault of them, and more nobody.



But they were furious!



His/her power... wealth...




The party had ended...



It was terrible.






They dispersed the rumors,




... nobody went to judgement.



The money has power.



With the family what was there?



The bank went bankrupt...



and Thorpe murdered

the wife with a weapon...



and then he/she committed suicide.



The people of here said that

it was the revenge of Justify and Cecile.



The children were here...

up to     .



But them never...



... they never told us because

that room was locked...



or the because of there not being

mirrors in the whole house.



Now we know.



Do we know him/it what?



You see them... in the mirrors.



- Who?

- The servants.



I already read all of the types of book hudu,

and they say...



- what doesn't hurt us, us...

- Mrs. Devereaux...



- Then I made that circle...

- Mrs. Devereaux...



- in turn of the whole house.

- He/she doesn't hope I believe



that he/she sees ghosts

in their mirrors.



The ghosts are

here now...



but it is there it that

they did to him...



I won't leave that you/they do with me.



Now you can go...



because I will arrest

the devil.



You have a wife

very superstitious, Ben.



She thinks he/she has ghosts

in the attic.



Is a fright, né?




I already return.



She says that he/she sees them in the mirrors.



Ghosts in the mirrors.



He/she calms, Ben.



Ben, stop!



I feel a lot.



I do feel.



You also see them.



I will make purchases in the city.



Will he/she buy the one what, Caroline?



Caroline, will he/she buy the one what?



I will see.



He/she won't beat you more.



The mother said that him

I will beat myself.



When it uses the potion

that will do for you...



that won't happen more.



- I am afraid.

- Be not afraid.



- Is he/she sure that will work?

- I am sure, he/she will give right.



It is only to do what am ordering,

be not afraid, he/she will give right.



He/she can be sure,

he/she will give right.



It is enough to use that potion that I did,



he/she has many mixed things

here. Do as I ordered you.



Ok, I trust you.



That brick dust

in the door, as it works?



You scratch out in the ground...



and any one that wants do you

the badly cannot cross her.



It is like this that you distinguish

the friends' enemies.



Is it as hypnotism, right?




And when that works is why

does the person believe that you/he/she works?



When a person believes

that the magic got sick him,



he/she should also believe

what will she cure him, right?



Although all this

only exist in the head.



Somebody had been training

with you.



Let us say that I know somebody that

it believes that it was... I know the name there.



- Marked.

- Marked.



He/she would believe that him

can it be canceled?



Which is the nature

of his/her condition?



He/she doesn't get to speak, badly if

he/she moves, he had a hemorrhage, but...



he seems to think

somebody made that with him.



And you want to know him/it

what did with he happen?






You entered there. He/she entered

even. Are you crazy?



Left that! I never heard to speak

of psychosomatic treatment?



Yes. But that is not

psychosomatic treatment.



As of the recovery

of a patient...



it depends on his/her faith

that can make that?



What recovery? You only have

that to relieve the death of that type.



- He believes in that.

- Is it then? What him yours is?



- Forget!

- You forget! He is not his/her father!



Nor him, nor the previous and nor the one of

before, because it is so involved?



I feel a lot, Caroline.



For his/her information, I am not so

involved because I am abandoning him.



- Involved is better.

- Do I know, do Carrie, feel a lot, ok?



_e looked in the mirror.



You want to be a nurse and

he/she has just left a witch.



But that is not for me.



Hi, Ben.



I will show him/her something.



It will be our secret.

Only mine and yours.



Violet says that you not

he/she had a hemorrhage in the attic,



that actually some ghosts

they left him/it like this with a sorcery.



Is it that what you believe?



I also know a sorcery,




one that will leave him/it better.



You only need to believe.



Of behind for front.



Clean that man,



that room, that house.



Their words got lost and

they are wandering for his/her mind.



That the water is slippery and

carry his/her condition.



His/her language was tied...



and coiled in his/her throat.



That the water is slippery...



and light his/her affliction.



Free his/her voice,



that the water is slippery and light...









It is alone in his/her head!



- Help...

- Ben, Speak to me!



- Don't stop speaking.

- Help me!



You help him/it. How, Ben?



Remove me of here.






Remove me of here!






- Caroline!

- One second!



Open the door!

What is making he/she?




Do you remove him/it of here why?



- Caroline!

- One second!



- Caroline, open that door!

- I promise that I help you, speak to me.



What did with you happen in the attic?

Is it afraid of who? Tell me!



What did you make?



What is that?



- He was struggling in the sleep.

- Stand back of him!



- He was struggling.

- Are you well?



- He/she brought water.

- Were you speaking to him?



I was only counting one

history for him to calm down.



- What history type?

- Any history.



It was not of ghost.



He/she arrives for today,

Caroline, thank you.



- I will go back to check him/it.

- It won't be necessary.



For today it is enough.



Good night.






Mrs. Devereaux?



He/she arrives of that shit

of ghost.



That attic is full

he/she gave thing type.



Incomes, sorceries,

books and registrations of...



I understand his/her concern.




my family is also

superstitious. We are Baptists.



- That is different.

- It is a charm. It is the touch of the area.



You said that

he/she was concerned with him.



Well, now I am concerned

with you.



You are a nurse

or detective?



When did he/she meet Devereaux?



A little bit before

he to have the hemorrhage.



They were seeking a lawyer

to update their wills.



He/she already stopped to think that maybe her

did he/she know that something will happen with him?



How? Tarot letters in the attic

or a spiritualistic session in the sleep?



I want to know why the last

nurse asked for the bill.



He/she has a personal one wanting to see you.



- You are superstitious, Caroline.

- In a certain way not.



My mother said where

he/she was working...



and she said that that house

it is pure blood and tears.



The last owners were

a couple of rich siblings.



Supposedly crazy.



He died from a hemorrhage

and soon later sold the place.



Maybe they found something

that you/they didn't owe.



He/she is maybe Ben also.



And who knows that disorder,

in that room...



have not been any ghost

that it threw a sorcery in the old...



... and yes her.



- Do you believe in that?

- You not?



But I heard to say that if you not

to believe, that cannot get hurt.



I suggest that he/she leaves that

it marries before it believes.



For God's sake, that is




the man had a hemorrhage.



It is not that that he thinks.



And you will remove him/it of the

own wife?! Do you believe?



I don't believe, the

important it is that him yes.



- Stop the car!

- The something?



Stop the car, we go!

I was here before.



I show you.

They are not the only ones.



He/she is seeing that line

in the entrance of the door?



It is brick dust.




She impedes that the enemies enter.

Is he/she seeing the hung bones?



That thing type

it dominates the people for here.



- It is true, but it is not real.

- That doesn't matter. For them it is.



Which is the problem?



- I know that music.

- Is he/she sure that a good idea is?






I am a gentleman.



Hi, with license, lady.



- We heard music. A disk. It will be that...

- He/she doesn't have disk playing here!



A disk of a called man




Like you he/she knows that

name? Who sent you?



Who more it is here?



- Does he/she have more anybody here?

- Just me, lady.



Stop, don't play in anything!



He/she knows a disk call

the sacrifice conjurer?



Why I have him/it

if you know.



Do you have him/it?

Why didn't say soon he/she?



You know him/it!



The largest of the conspiracies!



They say that Justify discovered her...



but it was died before

of learning to use her.



Him and his/her poor marries.



He was never found.



- What does she make?

- It impedes you of dying.



Not forever,

but for some time.






It is necessary to sacrifice somebody

removing the years that it remains him/her.



Walk soon, him

he/she is alone with her!



Caroline, wait! Shit!



- Now you left me afraid.

- If I get to prove...



that she is in order to hurt him/it,



- Do you support me?

- To hurt him/it, does he/she want to say to kill him/it?



- Do you support me, né?

- Pay attention to what is saying.



- He/she leaves for there, good-bye!

- What will make he/she, to kidnap him?



You know that he/she has

something wrong among them!



Let to do me some

connections, to see him/it that arrangement.



An order of removal,

protection custody,



he/she won't get one

search warrant before tomorrow.



I have this night.



He only has me, Luke.



Do prove, ok?



Mrs. Devereaux, returned.




The Mrs. Devereaux diffused!



He/she was well here!



Mrs. Devereaux, was able to

to come here for one second?



He/she was already worrying,

you were so much time out.



Yes, it is raining to be worth.



The forecast is of rain

the whole night.



If it continues like this the swamp

he/she will arise and oh it will be fire.



Did he/she want to see me?



Yes, he/she wanted that of that one

glance in that leak here.



He/she has for the whole house,

it is alone rain water.



Yes, but if he/she looks closely.



Among, I show better.






In the reality,

I am making dinner.



I cannot leave there.



- He/she will only take one second.

- I can perfectly see of here.



- Does he/she want to cover with that?

- He/she is well.



He/she wants to enter here

for one second?



For me to show

what am seeing?



You are very funny, Caroline.



I will make a tea for us.



Oh, and Caroline...



... after giving the medicines

for Mr. Devereaux...



... he/she could have dinner with

an old lady?




We should have made that days ago.



I made something very pleasant.



We are leaving this night.









How is the gambo?



Didn't I still begin? Want

sugar for the tea? I put.



- I think I don't want sugar this night.

- I thought it liked.



You always take

tea with sugar.



You think I am senile,

it is not?



Ghosts in the attic.



- Sorceries in my husband.

- I don't only understand.



Why the ghosts

did they bewitch him/it, but not to me?



I was also in the attic.



Maybe because not

have faith in them.



Maybe all the houses

have spirits...



but they are only seen

for who believes.



I am not a lot of hungry.



Don't move.



I will look for candles. Coma

his/her gambo! That thing!






I returned fast. Ready.



- Did he/she go to the storm or the ghosts?

- Well,



He/she can speak what wants of the spirits,



but he/she always wanted to know if there is

something that you/they can become trained.



How a sorcery?



I respect his/her husband a lot.



He is struggling against it is there

what goes that he/she thinks that happened.



- What did with he, Violet happen?

- You nor he/she played in his/her gambo.



- What did make with him?

- I especially did for you...



- and you nor he/she played.

- What did you make?



He is my husband and I are yours

it marries and I do what wants with him.



Him no this holds at this house!



What is happening he/she?

You have...



He is not safe in that house

with you!



That house is mine!



- I will take him/it, Violet!

- No!



Wait. Again not.



His/her vagabundinha!



He is mine!

I will maintain him/it in the house!



I will maintain him/it in the house!

He is mine!






I found!



That cow!



It arrived a hour of leaving.



We go, Ben. I go

you remove him/it of here. He/she sits tight!






He/she cannot leave the house!



He/she sits tight!



Let us go!












We go, Ben!



We have to arrive there, Ben!



I will look for help.



I won't leave him/it! Ok?






You think can remove him/it

of that house?



Does it think it is stronger than I?



You nor he/she makes idea of

as I am strong, Caroline!






You are only turning the

more difficult things for you!



Where is it?!



He/she doesn't have excuse, Caroline!



Is he/she understanding?



He/she will never escape!









Stop oh even!



Thank you.






Jesus Cristo!



She tried to kill me.



She had a weapon.



She knows that I know.

Ben is embarrassing.



He is still at the house!

We are going with me. I left him/it there.



- We will return there, look at that.

- Of way none.



I left him/it there!



You didn't leave anybody.

Slowly. Tell me that happened.



Did she try to kill her?






Mrs. Devereaux, the one that owes...



Did I have announces of Caroline?

Why her...



What is happening he/she?



Ok. What did this night happen?



One moment?



We needed to record that.



Did he/she hurt how?



He/she wants to say...



...of turn



Right:  For beginners.

Basic of Wills and Fund.



Foundations of the Rights on Goods.



Good night, child.



A man and so much.



Where he/she wants him to look,



it is an all new world.



It is same to be born or to die.

He/she would not know.



Be quiet.

we go relaxes.



- We are home!

- He disappeared.



She hid him/it somewhere!



Where is he, Caroline?



You are not

sacrificing him and yes me!



- Where is he, Caroline?

- Why are you helping her?!



- Is everything ready?

- No!



I cannot begin anything

even to know where he is.



But I kill you, if he escapes.






you will tell me exactly

where is my husband,



there is nothing that nobody can do

for you, then nor it advances to try.



Where is he?



Where is he, Caroline?!


  :_ :                

In the hut of tools.



Don't scratch her/it more that is already.



She is becoming trained.



You help her/it killing me

and she teaches you as...



- You are until the neck.

- He/she arrives, Caroline.



- He/she wants to shoot in me, shoot!

- Stop oh same, Caroline!



My father's picture,



I want him to be with me,




Jesus! He/she is good! Yours is wanted

picture, I catch that dirt!



Violet, she is fleeing!






Here! She is here!



She is here, help me!



She is here, come!



She went by the door!



Violet, don't get to arise

the stairway!



Does he/she want to use my tricks with me?









I am Caroline Ellis.



I am in the Estrada Bayou,     



Order polices her and an ambulance.



Come soon. We are arrested

here. Please, come soon.



- Jill.

- Carry?



- I am embarrassed.

- Caroline!



Everything is real!



- Where are you?

- In the house of Devereaux.



- Carol!

- What is real, we go!









You cannot escape, Caroline!



Oh, my God!






Oh, God!



Chalk, sulfur, blood, hair!






Child, I have faith that

he/she broke my legs!



I cannot play myself.



It cannot arrive close to me.



That is his/her protection sorcery!



Is it even?



And who gave you that sorcery?



That circulates is for

to impede you of leaving then.



Be far away from me! Me

I kill you! Be far!



We were waiting, Caroline.



Waiting until you to believe.



It only works if you believe.



Me no...



I think it believes yes.



I don't believe!



Me no...



I don't believe!



I don't believe!



I don't believe!






I don't believe!



I don't believe!



I don't believe!



Thank you, child.



Are you well?



Now I am Justify.



It was more difficult than

the lawyer, was not?



He/she is _ore and more difficult.

They don't have faith more as before.



We have that you leave them very agitated.



I said that this time

he/she wanted a black.



You know that the black no

he/she wanted to be.



Who asks cannot demand.



I think it was very well in you.



Better than Violet

or even Grace.



We get used to. Always.



The people don't understand

anything of sacrifice.




it is one more change type.



- No!

- We go there, Caroline.



I thought it was just a fall,




now she doesn't get

to move or even speaking.



- As a hemorrhage type.

- Carrie?



Well, it can be.



- You tied me.

- I tied you.



Asking for help.

Don't remind?



Carry is out of itself in the moment.



I am Luke Marshal, the

lawyer of Devereaux.



Hi, Jill Dupet, she lives with me.



Oh, Jill, I tied you, that

thing, I don't know what gave in me.



Everything well. I understand.



They need of many cares now.



They cannot be here.



- Everything is my fault.

- No, Carrie, is not, it is not really.



Somebody should go with them

until the hospital,



maybe... Jill, you if

would he/she matter? I find you there.



Clear. What to need.



Did she mean so much for them?



Only the fact of being here.



She was not here a long time,

but... they really loved her.



Why does that say?



In the will.

They left the house for her.


Special help by SergeiK