Sleeping With The Enemy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sleeping With The Enemy script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Julia Roberts movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Sleeping With The Enemy. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Sleeping With The Enemy Script





Morning, Laura.



I like a man who dresses for clamming.






And on our vacation.



Do you forgive me?



How about these? Aren't they beautiful?

I thought I could steam them for starters.



I told the Blanchards

we'd do their stupid party.



All your hard work. I'll call them and cancel.






I can just dig fresh ones tomorrow.



I missed you this morning.



Look what I've done.



No problem.



I've time to change.



That's a pretty dress.



I wouldn't have thought of it.



You were thinking the red?



- The black, actually.

- Well, it's backless. It could be chilly tonight.



- Hi, Martin. Great to see you.

- Thanks.



Good to see ya.






Excuse me.



Have I been social long enough?



For the whole season.



- Are you hungry?

- Yeah.



Come with me.



Isn't it a little early for this?



Everything in here as it should be?



I don't know why I forgot.



Well, we all forget things.

That's what reminding is for.



Thank you.



What's for supper?



Lamb with rosemary and the peach chutney,



- new potatoes and baby peas.

- Sounds great.



I was gonna make that herb bread

that you like.



I can hardly wait.



- You renting from the Driscolls?

- Hi.






John Fleishman.

I guess we must be neighbors.



Martin Burney. We live up there.



So that must be your wife that I keep

seeing staring down from the window.



- Laura.

- You're a lucky man.



I've been admiring your house.

It's one of the best on Cape Cod.



Thanks. You're from Boston?



Yeah, I've escaped from Mass General.

I'm a neurologist there.



We live there too.

I'm an investment counselor.



This is a terrific boat. Boats are a passion

of mine. One I don't get to indulge very often.



That's too bad. I would never

let anything keep me off the water.



My wife doesn't like sailing. She can't swim.

Nearly drowned when she was a child.



I usually try to get her on a boat

once a season. It's difficult, but I try.



Well, listen, I'm gonna be takin'

a run up the coast this evening.



It's full moon,

weather's supposed to be great.



- Maybe this'd be a good time.

- Maybe.



Let me talk to her. I'll raise it gently.



- OK.

- Thanks.



Nice-looking man, the doctor.



- Doctor?

- He says I have a beautiful house.



Best on the beach.



When was he in here?



Yesterday while I was in town?



- Martin, I don't know the doctor.

- Sure you do.



Young, good-looking.

Outfitting his sailboat down there.



He says you've been staring at him

from the window all day.



Does it give you that much pleasure

to humiliate me?



Stop it!



- Now you'll sulk, won't you?

- No.



- Yes, you will.

- I won't.



You'll pout and spoil our supper.



Our beautiful supper.



Just smell the bread.



I'm so sorry. Will you smile?



Your doctor friend,

he asked us to go sailing tonight.



Just a run along the coast.

Less than an hour each way.



I'll be right there, princess.

Right by your side.



I know how you feel, but we can't

conquer our fears by running away.



Do it? For me?



I think I'll run into town. Anything you need?



I'll be back.



Bonjour, madame.



You all alone in here?



They're beautiful.



I'm sorry we quarreled.



- If you don't like it I can...

- No, I do. I do.



Is it too early in the day for this?



You want something. I know my princess.



I'm waiting.



Mrs Clark called from the library.



- She said they could use me full time now.

- You already work three mornings a week,



and I support that

because I know your love of books.



What about our home?

Don't you love our home as much?



Has your dinner

been late to the table even once?



Oh, I can remember

not so far back it was late.



By two days.



That was six months ago.



My mother was all I had. I'll never forgive

myself for not bringing her to live with us.



You shouldn't beat yourself.



You always treated her with love.



She died, Martin.

How could I not go to her funeral?



If you had told me, I would have taken you,

given me a chance to pay my last respects.



But you sneaked off inexplicably.



I didn't sneak off.



- Need I remind you how I worried?

- No.



You reminded me enough

the night I came back.



- You aren't suggesting I enjoyed that?

- Oh, God, no.



That would make you a monster.



If I didn't know you better,

I'd think you were provoking a quarrel



so you'd be unable to sail tonight.



Now, this is a useful discussion,

but one best postponed until after our sail.



Don't you think?






Thinking of our honeymoon?



The night I gave you that?

The night I taught you to dance?



Those were the happiest days

of my whole life.



We will always be together.



Nothing can keep us apart.



It's time to go.



I wish that moon would come back.



We're OK.



Ah, shit. Well, so much for weather reports.



You said the weather would be fine.



Yeah. I don't know where this is comin' from.



We're gonna turn back.

Prepare to come about.



Relax, princess. Nothing to worry about.



There's that first buoy.

We're almost home now.



Tighten the jib! Crank it in!



Martin, go try and bring down the jib!



Hang on!



Hold on! Hold on!



I've got it!



Keep pulling! Keep pulling!



I've got it.



Stay low, Martin.



- Grab it!

- Get the rope! Get the rope!



Got it!



Here! Gimme your hand! Gimme your hand!



There! Hold on. I got you.



I got you.



- Laura!

- Oh, God!



- Oh, my God!

- Laura!



She can't swim!



Be careful!



- Laura! Laura!

- Laura?



- Laura! Laura!

- Careful, Martin!



























We've gotta have another boat,

and a helicopter.



- Get back on the radio, please!

- Object sighted on the port bow!



- There's something out there! See it?

- There's something out there!



- Let's go!

- Can you see what it is?






We shall all come together once more

in God's gracious love and warm embrace,



for it is promised that whoever liveth

and believeth in me shall never die.















That was the night that I died,

and someone else was saved.



Someone who was afraid of water,

but learned to swim.



Come on, Laura!



Someone who knew there would be

one moment when he wouldn't be watching.



Someone who knew that the darkness

from the broken lights would show the way.



Good mornin'.



Don't you like green?



I don't have a red one left.



Come on. I got plenty.



You visitin' out here?



My mom's by herself in a nursing home.



She's blind

and can't move her left side very well.



She had a stroke.



I'm sorry to hear that.



You live back East?



I was visiting an old friend.



She needed me.



Sick, was she?

Course, it's none of my business.



She left her husband.



He was a horrible man. He used to beat her.



- No!

- It started right after their honeymoon.



At first he was charming, tender.

But it all changed.



He said if she left him he would punish her,

and he meant it.



His punishments were terrible.



He would never let her go.

Said he could find her anywhere.



Couldn't she call the police?



Well, she did.

She called them, and a lawyer too.



They said she could make a citizen's arrest,

get a restraining order. It was pathetic.



Well, how did she leave?



She risked everything.






Started a new life.



Brave girl.



She thinks she's a coward.



A coward?



Not a girl like that.



How long did you stay with him?



Too long.



Three years, seven months,



six days.



Thank you for the apple.



Hi. I'm Iris Nepper.

So glad you could come today.



The house has some great possibilities.

I think you'd like it.



- How much is it again?

-    .



Plus first and last month's deposit,

Miss Walters.









- I'm gonna take it.

- Good.



" When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way



" From your first cigarette

to your last dyin' day



" When you're a Jet, you're a thing...



" The Jets are in gear,

our cylinders are clickin'



" A lousy chicken



" Here come the Jets, yeah!

And we're gonna be, yeah!



" When you're a Jet, you stay a Jet!






Harvest time?



You know,

people get arrested for stealing in this town.



They were on the ground.

They're all damaged and bruised.






OK, well, not that one.



They all look pretty good to me.



This is unlawful trespass, you know.



It's just a few apples to bake a pie.



A pie.



Well, why didn't you say so?



Maybe we can make a deal. I love pie.



I don't make deals.



You forgot these.



It's a shame to let 'em rot on the ground.

They're really great for baking.



Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare ya.



I'm sorry. Come on in.






So, hi, my name's Ben... Woodward.



That was me the other day.



On the lawn.



I know.



You caught me by surprise up there.



So I gathered.



I didn't realize anybody had moved in.



If I'd known, I would've rehearsed a little.



You were pretty good.



Oh, yeah? You liked it?



It brought back a memory. My mom took me

to that show when I was a little girl.



I love that show.



I directed it last semester.

I teach drama at the college here.



So tell me somethin', huh?



What's your name? Where are you from?



- Lotta questions.

- It's only two.



I don't mean to seem rude, but it's late for me.

Maybe we could do this some other time.



I'm sorry,

but... I'm not free till tomorrow night.



I'm makin' pot roast for dinner.

It'd be great with apple pie.



I'm sure it would.



Look, don't say anything.

I'll set two places, eight o'clock.



If you don't show,



I'll be eatin' pot roast for a week.



It's no big deal, right?






- Good night.

- Good night.



Mr Burney? You have a call.



- I told you to hold my calls.

- I know. But she says she knew your wife.



Put her through.



- Hello?

- Hello, Mr Burney.



My name is Vanessa Shelley.



- Yes?

- I hope I'm not disturbing you.



I just heard about Laura, and I wanted

to call and tell you how much we'll miss her.



Thank you.



- How did you know her?

- From the YWCA.



No, you must be speaking of someone else.

My wife never went to the YWCA.



No. No, we took swimming there

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at  am.



Look, there's obviously some mistake.



My wife drowned. She couldn't swim.



Well, at first she couldn't.

But she became a good swimmer.



- I'm sure you have the wrong woman.

- This is odd.



Mr Burney,

your wife studied gymnastics, didn't she?



- No, my wife never studied gymnastics.

- That's strange.



She told us that's how

she got all those terrible bruises.



Mr Burney, I don't understand it.

I'm sorry if I've bothered you.



This is just so confu...









Fire department.



I hope you like your roast well done.



Come on in.



- Is that apple?

- What else?



Can I get you something?

Eye drops? Gas mask?



- No, thanks.

- How about some more music?



- I liked what you had on.

- No, I mean classical. For during dinner.



Sure, I like classical. Anything but Berlioz.






Yeah. His Symphonie Fantastique

gives me the chills.



Oh, really? Thanks for the tip.



So I understand you're lookin' for a job.



- Where'd you hear that?

- Well...



Small towns are funny places.



Everybody knows everybody.



And I know a lot of people over at the college.



I could drop in a good word for you

if you like.



Why would you do that?



God! Such paranoia.



Where are you from? New York?



Listen, it's no problem.

With a few letters of recommendation...



I don't have letters of recommendation.






Come on! You got a driver's license, right?




I really don't wanna talk about this, OK?



- Gotcha.

- I'm not asking for anything, Ben.



Neither am I.



Jesus! That's a real...



You OK?



Yeah, I'm gonna be.



Listen. There's only one more thing

I'm gonna ask, only one thing I wanna know.



Do you have a name?



Sara Waters.



Well... That's a start.



She spoke so highly of you,

the quality of care.



Laura's mother was so happy here.



Well, it's always nice to hear that.

We enjoyed having her with us.



Laura's passing was so sudden, so shocking.



I tried to talk to as many of her family

and friends as I could find.



Then I thought maybe there were people

close to her that I never knew.



Perhaps they visited her mother here.



You might remember or have records.




I'm afraid we don't keep records on visitors.



- And you flew here, just...?

- Well, no.



I thought Laura might want

to be laid to rest here



in whatever place her mother was buried.



So her mother's passed on as well?



Six months ago her mother died here,

in your care.



Six months ago your wife removed

her mother from this institution.



She was handicapped, as you know,

but otherwise in reasonably good health.



Mrs Burney simply showed up,

paid the bill, and collected her mother.



Did she say where she was taking her?



Why, home, of course. To live with you.



- Hi.

- Hi.



- What are you doin' here?

- Waitin' for ya.



How's it goin'? What have they got you doin'?



Stacking. Filing. Overdue books.



- Are you enjoying it?

- I like it.



Thanks for helping me work this out.



I saw you in town yesterday.

You were going into Walgreens.



- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.



I called out your name. You didn't even blink.



- Maybe I didn't hear you.

- Your name isn't Sara Waters, is it?



- Maybe I didn't hear you.

- No, you heard me.



Look, I know this is crazy.



I hardly know you really, but...



I like you.



I do. I just...



I don't know how to feel what I'm feeling



when I don't even know your name.



People never really know each other, Ben.



It doesn't have to be that way.

Give it a chance.



- I can't. I'm sorry.

- What are you afraid of?



- What is it with men?

- Don't do that.



Look, I gotta know.



We're either honest with each other or it

doesn't happen. It just stops right here.



It never started.






Hillgrove Nursing Home.



- May I speak to Chloe Williams, please?

- Who's calling, please?



- A friend of the family.

- Just a minute. I'll put you through.






Speak up, please. I can't hear you.



- Hello?

- I miss you, Mom.






I can't hear. Is anyone there?



- I love you. And I'm OK.

- Hello?



Oh, Jane, there's nobody on the line.



- Oh, I have so much to tell you.

- Did they say who was calling?



See you soon.



- And where was she last seen?

- In a nursing home here in Minneapolis.



- So you tried there?

- Six months ago she was removed.



Taken elsewhere.



But in her condition, not very far.

I'd suggest two days' drive at most.



I can put three men on it. But it'll cost.






I want this taken very seriously.



And if she's found, a $      bonus

to the man who does, in cash.



And another ten to you.






- Hi!

- Hi.






This little girl

went nuts with the cotton candy.



- Yeah, I saw her. She was beautiful.

- And knows it, too.



It's good to see you.



- Yeah, you too.

- I feel kinda funny about the other day.



- Let's just forget about it, OK?

- OK.



- Heartland, huh?

- Have you always lived here?



No, I lived in New York for a coupla years.

Tried to be an actor.



Closest I ever got to Broadway

was tendin' bar at Sardi's.



Sometimes I feel like a failure

for comin' back here,



but other times I think

it's the smartest move I ever made.



Know why I came here?



To be near my mom.



She had a partial stroke three years ago.

I couldn't care for her.



- How is she now?

- I don't know. I haven't seen her.



I haven't gone there yet.



- Why not?

- I'm not sure it's safe.



" Hush, little baby, don't say a word



" Momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird



- Sara?

- Ben?



Yeah, it's me.



- I'm sorry. Did I scare ya?

- I'm just a little on edge.



- Look, I want you to come with me.

- Come with you where?



Ben, where are you?



Go ahead. Jump on.



" Hey, where did we go



" Days when the rains came?



" Down in the hollow



" Playin'a new game



" Laughin'and a-runnin', hey, hey



" Skippin'and a-jumpin'



" In the misty mornin'fog



" With our, our hearts a-thumpin'



" And you



" My brown eyed girl



" You, my brown eyed girl



" Now whatever happened



" To Tuesday and so slow?



" Goin' down to the old mine

with a transistor radio



" Standin'in the sunlight laughin'



" Hidin'behind a rainbow's wall



" Slippin'and a-slidin'



" All along the waterfall



" With you



" My brown eyed girl



" You, my brown eyed girl



" Do you remember when



" We used to sing

sha la la la la la la la la la-la te-da



" Just like that,

sha la la la la la la la la la-la te-da



" La te-da



" Here's my story, it's sad but true



" It's about a girl that I once knew



" She took my love, then ran around



" With every single guy in town



" I should have known it from the very start



" This girl would leave me with a broken heart



" Listen, people, what I'm tellin'you



" Keep away from Runaround Sue, yeah



" I miss her lips and the smile on her face



" The touch of her hand

and this girl's warm embrace



" So if you don't want to cry like I do



" Keep away from Runaround Sue



" She likes to travel around, yeah



" She'll love ya, then she'll put you down



" Now, people, let me put you wise



" Sue goes out with other guys



" Here's the moral and the story

from the guy who knows



" lfell in love and my love still grows



" Ask any fool that she ever knew



" They'll say

"Keep away from Runaround Sue"






Ben, stop.



Ben, no. Stop, please.

I can't. I can't. It's not right.



Stop! Stop it! Stop it!



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.






God, what did he do to you?



Please go. Please.



Sara, please.



Please. Oh God, Ben, please.

I'm sorry, but you have to go.



What you said is right.



I had a husband.



And he hurt me.



- I guess I'm just really afraid.

- Of what?



Of never getting my life back together.



It just feels like that.



Someday you might surprise yourself.



I'm glad you're here.



Me too.



- Hold still.

- I am holding still.



- Your mouth. Keep it shut.

- Well, it's tickling me.



- OK. Hold that front there.

- Here?






Oh, Ben, that looks great.



- Even your mother won't recognize you.

- My mother will recognize me.



Can I help you, sir?



- Yeah, I'm looking for the rest room, ma'am.

- It's right around the corner there.



Jane? Is that you, Jane?



" Hush, little baby, don't say a word



" Momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird



Laura, you're here!



Hi, Mom. Hi.



You look wonderful.






It's a disguise.



- Are you all right?

- I left him, Mom.



It just became so terrible.



But I'm all right now,

and we're gonna be fine.



You look so beautiful.



- It's a wig.

- Is he looking for you?



I don't think so.



- But I'm not sure.

- God! What did he do?



It doesn't matter now.



You'll be OK alone?



Yeah, I'm OK.



I got a job.



Makin' my own money, and I have a friend.



A man.



He's nice, Mom.



He teaches drama

at the college in Cedar Falls.



It's been hard for you.



Honey, you're gonna be fine.



Inside, you always were.



There's nothing Martin or any man

can do or say to take that away.



You have yourself.



Thanks, Mom.



Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me.



I can try.



My younger sister

used to work for the lady in room   .



She's returning to this area

and I know she'll want to visit Mrs Williams.



And you'd like to leave a message for her?



Well, the thing is,



my sister married someone the family

didn't approve of really and we grew apart.



I was wrong to let that happen.



If she knows I'm here,

she won't see me or take my calls.



I wanna surprise her.



What I need is someone

just to let me know she's here.



Someone I can trust to keep a secret.



Here's my name and motel number.



It would sure mean a lot to me.



I'd be glad to help.









Jane... Jane?



- Mom, who were you talking to?

- Nobody, I guess.



Here's your medicine. Hold out your hand.



Excuse me, sir? Won't be a minute.



I gotta go. OK.

Yeah. I'll call you later. Bye-bye.



You asked about Chloe Williams' visitors.



Well, for six months not one,

then suddenly today...



- A young woman.

- Uh-uh. A young man, a little mustache.



Only just walked out that door.



- Did you see her?

- God, it was perfect!



Oh, she looks so beautiful.

Nobody suspected a thing. I felt so safe.



You are safe. You are.



Will you let me help you with your supper?

It does look delicious.



- Who are you?

- My name is Darryl Walker, ma'am.



I'm a police officer.



Am I under arrest?



No, no. I just have some questions.



Shall we start with some steak?



You had a visitor yesterday.



Yes, my nephew. He's from Wisconsin.



Good girl. Laura should be proud of you.






We have to get word to her, ma'am.

The Boston police have called us.



They say her husband is in this area.

We think he wants to harm her.



So if she calls,

have her ring the police at Sioux City...



She won't call. Not till Sunday, she said.



That's a long time.



He's a crazy man.



I know that.



He's very dangerous.



Help us find him, Chloe, for God's sake.



- We have to warn her.

- I don't know where!



Think! Think.



Is she with someone?



A man, perhaps? Someone we could contact.



He teaches dramatics.



- Where?

- At a college in Cedar Falls.



Thank you, Chloe.



Help her.






Chloe? It's time for your medicine.



Here you go, Chloe.



Don't worry.



Where is she?

Please don't make me ask again.



- I don't... I don't know...

- My wife. She's only my wife.



- A wonderful fuck, isn't she?

- Mister, you've got the wrong guy.



That would be disappointing.

I hate to be wrong.



- Why? Why does it have to be me?

- Because you teach drama.



Oh, Jesus! God, there must be half a dozen...



- It's you.

- No! You don't understand.



I live with another man.



Ask anyone!



If you tell anyone, if you tell the police,



you and your gentleman friend...



Stay with me, Nina,

I implore you, or or let me go with you...



OK. Good, good. Come on down for a second.



One thing we can't forget is

Treplev hasn't seen Nina in two years,



so when he gets her in the room,

he wants her to stay. Know what I mean?



Nina, I cursed you. I hated you.

I tore up all your letters and photographs,



but every minute I was conscious

that my soul was bound to yours forever.



I can never stop loving you.



Ever since I lost you,

my life has been unbearable. I'm miserable.



I call to you, I kiss the ground you walked on.



Wherever I look, I see your face.



I am alone.

I've no one's affection to warm me.



I am as cold as if I were living in a dungeon,



and no matter what I write, it's dry, hard, dark.



Stay here, Nina, I implore you,



or let me go with you.



- You ever loved someone that much?

- No.



So, give me    minutes.

I just wanna freshen up.



- Can I bring anything?

- Just you. And leave your friends at home.



I won't take long.



I'm sorry. Are you OK?



Saying goodbye to old ghosts, you know.



- What are you doin' here?

- It's all set.



- Come on. Get dressed.

- OK.



I'll see you out there.



Do you wanna do somethin' tomorrow?



Yeah, sure.



I had a really good time tonight.



Me too.



- Tomorrow.

- Yeah.












Hello, princess.



It's wonderful to see ya...






That's the first touch after so long apart.



Have you been thinking of it too?



Sara? Are you there?



- No...

- I'll kill him.



- Can you hear me?

- Just a second.



- Hi.

- Hi.



It's tomorrow.   :  . I couldn't wait.



- Ben, I'm just so tired.

- Still spooked by ghosts, huh?



- They're all around me.

- How about I come in?



It's really not a good time, OK?



Later, then.



- Good night, Sara.

- Good night.



He doesn't matter.

He's nothing, Laura. Nothing.



Fuck you.



What's his name?






Martin, he...



He doesn't have anything to do with us,

does he, princess?



- Does he?

- No.



Remember our honeymoon.

The night I taught you to dance.



Of course you haven't forgotten.



You said those were

the happiest days of your whole life.



Remember this?



This is yours, Laura.



We are one. We will always be one.



Nothing can keep us apart.






I'm impressed.



Now let's end this while you're still ahead.



Come to me, Martin. Walk this way.



Always my pleasure.



- That's far enough.

- Oh, I don't think so.



Here feels right.



There's the telephone.



You could call the police.



I know your every thought, Laura.

You're wondering if they can protect you.



Who knows?



They may issue an order instructing me

to stay away from my own wife.



Nothing can keep me away.



I love you, Laura.



I can't live without you.



And I won't let you live without me.



Think carefully.



- Yes, give me the police. Hurry, please.

- This is our last chance.



- Yes, this is Sara Waters at     Tremont.

- Take that chance.



Come quickly. I've just killed an intruder.








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