Small Change Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Small Change script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the François Truffaut movie (L'Argent de poche).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Small Change. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Small Change Script





''Here, the center of France''



My dear Raoul,

I am traveling with my father...



and we have stopped

at Bruyere-Allichamps...



in the center of France.



I'll go in a youth camp.

And you?



I hope it will be

a mixed camp.



With kisses from your cousin,







The soil is granitic

and impermeable.



Streams, rivers and lakes...



irrigate the whole area.



Raoul Briquet, you are not

writing anything down.



Bring me that card. Quick.



I know. It's Allichamps!



It's a small town,

or rather a village...



located at the exact center

of France.



This is the monument,

on the postcard.



Can you see over there?



It's funny. May I?

I want them all to see it.



This is the way

the card is addressed:



It says: Raoul Briquet...



HLM Beranger...






Puy-de-Dome, France...









Anyone here know Allichamps?



Laurent, come and explain.

Raoul, you can sit.



All right, tell us what you know

about Allichamps.



My father is a hairdresser.



They held a meeting there.



- A convention!

- They ate a lot. I was bored...



so I took a walk

in the park.



- Who else? Mathieu? Tell us.

- Never been there.



You raised your hand.



You wrote Thiers, Puy-de-Dome...



instead of using the zip code:

Thiers,      .



You know your zip codes.



Remain seated.



- What's the matter?

- You forgot to leave the keys.



The movers are waiting.

They can't get in.



- Here.

- Thanks.



See you tonight.



Put me back in jail

Make me sit up on a nail



Eat your hat

Spill my guts out on a cat



Kill my belly button

Kiss my ass



''The Miser'' by Moliere.



Late again, Fougerie?



Harpagon's scene...



Act IV, Scene  

up to line    .



- Desmouceaux, recite it.

- I didn't study it.



What do you mean?

Come here.



I didn't learn it.



- I assigned it, didn't I?

- Yes, Miss.



- You all studied it?

- Yes, Miss.



- Well?

- I don't even have the text.



You've got five minutes to study.

I'll be back to you.



Privadier, tell us the text.



''Thieves! Robbers!







I'm done for! I'm killed!

They've taken my money!''



Enough. Froment, now try.



I don't know.



- How far did you get?

- I don't know.



I studied up to

''Where is he now?''



That's all? I told you

to go up to the    th line.



I am really angry.

Fayet, you try it.



''Thieves! Robbers!




I'm done for! I'm murdered!

They've taken my money!



- Who can it be?''

- You can sit. It's quite the same.



Try to give it more feeling,

and don't speak so fast.



Hurbagnac, your turn.



''Thieves! Assassins!

Murderer! Justice!



I'm done for! I'm murdered!

They've taken my money.''



Not bad,

but try with more nerve.



Because Harpagon

is really out of his mind.



''Thieves! Robbers!

Murderers! Justice!''



- ''I'm done for!''

- ''I'm done for! I'm murdered!''



What do you want, boy?



You're not one of ours.



How did you get here?

By car?



Did you fall

out of a helicopter?



Can't you hear or talk?



From Welfare.

They send new kids in mid-June?



Let's see the principal.



He's not in. Did the Municipality

give you any other papers?



We'll ask Richet.



''Whoever can it be?

Where's he gone to?



- Where is he hiding?''

- Do you know it now?



''Thieves! Robbers!

Murderers! Justice!



I'm done for. I'm murdered.

They've taken my money.''



Not bad for five minutes' work.



If you had studied,

you'd know all of it!



Brouillard, your turn.



''Thieves! Robbers!

Murderers! Justice!



- I'm done for! I'm murdered!''

- Stop.



You don't seem to understand

what you're saying.



It's all the same tone of voice.

Listen to me.



''Thieves! Assassins!




Justice! I'm done for.



They've taken my money!''



Do you understand?

Try again.



''Thieves! Robbers!

Murderers! Justice--''



I'm as stubborn as you are!

I don't care how long it takes.



We'll stay here

'til you make sense.



''Thieves! Assassins!




Justice! I am--''



Sit down.

Excuse me, Miss Petit.



This is Julien Leclou.

He belongs to your age group.



There's a place.

Go and sit over there.



It must be a mistake.



The porter sent him to me

with a note from City Hall.



- What do we do?

- Go ask the principal.



- You live here?

- The Mureaux.



- That's not a housing area.

- Is that so? Well, I live there.



Garderet, take over

'til I come back.



Now I'll show you

the real Harpagon.



''Thieves! Robbers!

Murderers! Justice!



I'm done for.

They've taken my money.



Whoever can it be?

Where's he gone to?



How can I find him?

Run? Not run?



Give me my money.



Ah, it's me.

My mind is confused.



I ignore where I am, who I am,

what I am doing.



Oh, my dear, darling money,

my beloved gold...



I've lost my support,

my consolation, my joy.''



That's a great performance!

Do you teach them drama?



I've got good students.



It's about Julien Leclou.



Put him in Miss Petit's class.



What if he's not

on the same level?



I don't know his level.



He was referred by Welfare

as a special case.



- Hello, Pop.

- Hello, Patrick.



- I'll put the shopping away.

- You forgot the list.



I remembered everything.



One pound of sugar,

one bottle of oil.



Bread, apples.



- Open the window, please.

- Sure, Pop.



I read so much

that my eyes hurt.



- What's your name?

- Frank.



- What about you?

- Sylvie.



Richard, can you

take Gregory home for me?



I've still got a few errands to do.



Bye-bye, Gregory.



Be a good boy. Bye!



Bye, baby.



Look. Somebody's moving in.



It's Mr. Richet.



Good morning, Richard.

What are you doing here?



- We live on the same floor.

- So we're neighbors.



- Lydie.

- I must know your mother.



Your brother?



No. I must take him

to the  th floor.



- You come to see the fat?

- I'll show you the layout.



You'll understand.

This is the kitchen.



I forgot my books.



- Your bike broken?

- No, the chain slipped.



- Have you got TV?

- Of course.



- What was on last night?

- An American serial: ''Columbo.''



What happened?



They were out to sabotage

a racing car...



so one guy

sawed the steering wheel...



and the car exploded.



- Was it Columbo?

- No, the gangster did it.



- And did Columbo get him?

- Sure. He always does!



You owe me some dough.



- How much?

- Two francs.



- I'll think about it.

- Cool it.



Two lousy francs!



- Well, I'd like to have them.

- Sure. Me too.



- It's my pocket money.

- For what?



Candy and the swimming pool.



He says Sylvie

was born in a garbage can.



You come from a garbage can?



I'm from Toulon.



- A Toulon garbage can!

- Was it a plastic can?



- I get five francs a week.

- For what?



- I buy books.

- And you?



I get nothing.



- Do you spend it all?

- I don't get anything.



- Can I go in?

- No, go away.



Let me go to see your classroom.



- Go home.

- You don't want me to visit?



- No, go away.

- At least say good-bye.



Do I get a kiss?




Be a good boy.

See you tonight.



How are you, Patrick?



The driver used explosive gas.



Columbo guessed

when he found the empty can.



No. Columbo was tipped off.



- He got an anonymous phone call.

- No, you are way off.



Columbo caught the mechanic

cutting the brake line.



It's really beautiful.



What a dish.

I never saw that.



- What are you doing?

- It's my father's.



Keep it home.

Here it is forbidden.



All right.



What's wrong?

Go and play!



Today we review

the key dates of our history.



- Falipou.     ?

- The St. Bartholomew Massacre.



-     ?

- Death of Henry IV.



-     ?

- Alsace becomes part of France.



Good. Keragel,     ?



The Edict of Nantes

is revoked.



-     ?

- We lose India and Canada.



Good. Leclou.






Sorry to wake you up.



You're haggard. I'm sure you

don't even know what that means.



It means looking gaunt...

like you look right now.



All right. Someone else.



You, Jeallas.     ?



Discovery of America.






- The victory of Marignan.

- Right, but no whispering.



Desmouceaux.     ?



Did you hear me?



Desmouceaux? Please, stand up.



It happens here.

Look at me.



Do you understand?

Look at me.



Are you deaf or something?

Did you hear my question?



- What's up?

- I'm studying.



Nobody's home.

I forgot my keys.



Help me.






''The metallurgical industry

is a key factor...



in our economy, involving

one million workers.



- Its--''

- ''Its role...''



''Its role--''

It's all crap. Forget it.



-Julien! For God's sake!

- Hide. Don't move.



Get in here,

you little bastard!



We'll take the elevator.



It's broken again.



We'll walk up to the top.



Come on, sweetie.



Hold the bread.



Let's climb upstairs.



It's hard.

Hold the bread.



Help me. It's heavy.



I'll take the bread.



Come on.



Let's go.



I'll race you.



I'm gonna catch you.



Don't go inside.



This is not our house.

Come back here.



Come here.



Excuse me.

The door was open.



I know him.

We met yesterday.



My husband says

he's very bright.



- Sit down for a while.

- Why not?



- I'm thirsty. What about a drink?

- If you don't mind.



- Would you like some wine?

- Yes.



It's a lot of work.



My husband helps after school.



After three months,

he pulled the classic exit.



He stepped out for some matches...



and I never saw him again.



But I've got my Gregory.



Confidentially, two weeks ago...



I spotted an ad

in the personal column:



''Bachelor seeking companionship.

Loves kids!''



- Have you met?

- No, I wrote to him.



He answered.

We've got a date on Sunday.



We'll both be carrying

the same newspaper.



- To the stranger!

- That's right.



Gregory, what are you up to?



Come here.



Give mummy the bread.



Thank you, sweetie.



I lost my wallet.



- Did you see my wallet?

- No.



Are you sure

you haven't seen it?



Did you hide it?

Did you lose it?



Be a good boy.



Did you notice a wallet?



Have you lost it?

What a shame.



Kitty, Kitty, come here.



Come, Kitty.



Little Kitty gone.



Come on, Kitty.






- I can't find my wallet.

- Did you leave it here?



No. I must have left it

in the grocery.



Gregory, what did you do?



Gregory went boom!



She fainted.



Wake up, madam.



Why didn't anyone

try to stop him?



How could they? They stood there,

staring up by the window...



but they were helpless.



The incredible thing happened

when he landed.



We all rushed over

expecting the worst.



He picked himself up

and started to laugh.



You know what he said?

''Gregory went boom!''



- Fantastic!

- Incredible!



It's terrifying to think of the way

kids are in constant danger.



That's not exactly true.



I mean, whereas an adult would

have been laid out for good...



kids are as solid as rock.



They stumble through life,

but they're not hurt.



They're much tougher

than we are.



Children are bored

on Sundays



On Sundays

children are bored



in their Sunday clothes



On Sundays

children are bored



Let them sleep.

It's still early.



Let's make breakfast.



Milk, tea.



- Where's the chocolate?

- There. Turn on the TV.



...that we build

a fraternal world...



in the name of the Lord.



Either for a ride

or a toast



They aren't the best cooks



They won't meet success

Boys and girls



Are much sadder

than their mom believes






- It's good.

- Take a slice of bread.



The knife.



- Is it good?

- Excellent!



Good morning, Sylvie.

Did you sleep well?



Yes, Pop.



You're a real expert.



- Do they know you?

- I know them.



This is Plic

and that's Ploc.



- So that's Ploc.

- No, it's Plic.



- Then this one's Ploc.

- No, that one! This is Plic.



- This is Plic.

- No, Ploc.



You told me Plic.

And that's Ploc.



They swam around.



I give up.

Why not label them?



Get dressed. We're going

to eat in a restaurant.



In a restaurant?

That's neat.



What are you doing?



I'm washing a neighbor's car.

I do it every Sunday.



It's real weird!



He collects old cars.

He's got six or seven.



- What does he pay?

- Three francs.



I wouldn't mind

shining up his other cars.



Parents are bored

on Sundays



On Sundays

parents are bored



Hello, Richard.

How are you, Mr. Golfier?



- How's it going?

- Good. Picking a winner?



Not me.

No more money for the state.



You're right.

Are you coming?



With their paper collar,

their lorgnette...



And their white beards



On Sundays

parents are bored



- Hello. How are you?

- Fine. And you?



- We are collecting funds.

- All right.



- It's for cancer.

- Cancer? Here you go.



Thank you.

How much?



I don't know.

It's a small coin.



- So you lost your father.

- I was     when he died.




I live with my mother.



Could you visit us next Sunday?



- You must enjoy your work.

- I love my job!



We're collecting funds

to fight cancer.



Can I come on a weekday?

I must work on Sundays.



It's for cancer.



No. Once is enough!



I'm gonna clean you up.

You're dirty.



- Look.

- What about the yellow dress?



Well, this one fits you.



- What's that?

- My bag.



This filthy, awful thing?



It's my only bag.

I carry everything in it.



- What will you do with it?

- Bring it to the restaurant.



Bring this thing

to the restaurant?



People will lose their appetite!

You can't do that!



- I want to take it.

- Don't be stubborn.



- I'm taking my bag anyway.

- You're a pretty girl.



- You should leave it here!

- I'm bringing it.



-Jean-Marie, come for a second.

- What is it?



Do you know the latest

on your daughter?



She decided to take this old bag

to the restaurant.



- Tell her it's impossible.

- It really looks awful!



It's disgusting.

Leave it here.



Mama is going to get you

a real ladies' bag.



Go and get it for her.



That's no toy.

I need it for my work.



- Will this do?

- She'll love it.



It's one of mine.

You want it?



Take this one.

It's nicer than yours.



A real ladies' bag. With this,

you'll look like my wife.



Now listen.

If you don't take this bag...



we'll go to the restaurant

and leave you all alone.



- I'm staying here.

- Stubborn. Very well.



You can still change your mind.



Have it your way.



I'm hungry! I'm hungry!



I'm hungry! I'm hungry!



- What are you doing here?

- I'm hungry.



- Where are your parents?

- They're eating out.



- Without you?

- They left me home. I'm hungry.



- I know her.

- She lives on the third floor.



- Do you want something?

- I'm hungry!



- Come eat with us.

- I can't. I'm locked in!



What can we do?



- Do you want something?

- We'll send you some food!



- Thank you.

- Imagine, locking the kid in.



- Terrible! Leaving a kid alone.

- It's criminal.



- If something happened to her?

- Incredible.



- Yes.

- Her father's the Chief of Police.



You're kidding.



Where are you going?

Let's see.



It's a little girl.



Well done, kids.






Let it down.



- Have a nice dinner.

- Thank you very much.






Everybody looked at me!



- Three orchestras, please.

- One balcony.



- Can you get me in?

- I have enough for one ticket.



I know a way.

Come on.



Two orchestras, please.



- Wait here. I won't be long.

- And you?



I'll buy a ticket.

Gimme the money.



Now your jacket.

Trust me.



I'll be back soon.



One seat.



In the center aisle.

Your jacket's on the seat.



- Don't forget the ticket.

- What about you?



I'll be right with you...

after the news.



- Where were you?

- Men's room.



- Do you have a ticket?

- Here. My jacket's on my seat.



- All right.

- Thanks.



Sit here, just in case.



How was your date?



Nice... but a bore.



When I laughed, he was scared

people would notice us.



I'll look in the paper again.



- What did she say?

- Never mind.



- I'm curious. Tell me.

- Nothing doing.



You see there?

Look at Miss Petit!



- Where?

- Back there.



She's with a guy!



- Hello, Mr. Richet.

- Hello.



Where are our parents?






This seat's taken.



Thirteen years ago in the spring.:

a time of pain and disarray.



The arms of war were still

over the land of Algeria.



This new spring

of work and serenity...



proves that the virtue of time

and the wisdom of men...



can get together

to draw from the past...



the oath of a future

freed from rancor and resentment.



When memory gives

imagination insight...



the thought

exorcizes the shadows...



and the encounter might become

a meeting with history.



l am certain

that in the world we live in...



facing our problems...



and knowing each other

as we do...



French and Algerians...



have things to talk about...



and things to do together.



Giscard! Boumedienne!



The fun gets underway

on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday



When to everyone's delight



The streets

are lively and bright



They look like

they're at a board meeting.



Just like big people.



He looks like a clown.



Look at that little boy crying.



Adults always think

they're joyful.



- He's got a girlfriend.

- She's a neighbor.



They know each other well.



Good morning, Mayor.



Cute kid!

I bet you just love kids.



I hate the little monsters!



Most people adore children.

They just annoy me.



They always do what they shouldn't.



But I have a sense of duty.



Well, very good.



- Wide open?

- Yes, thank you, Patrick.



I'll be late.



Just bring me the coffee

and I'll manage.



Thank you. Hurry up.



- Did you take your sandwich?

- Yes, I did.



- Sure?

- Yes, sure.



Goodbye, Patrick.



- Hello, Monsieur Riffe.

- Hello, Patrick.



- Hello, Madame Riffe.

- Hello, Patrick.



Are you here to get Laurent?






Your friend is here.

You'll be late!






- My hot chocolate is too hot!

- Let it cool it in the saucer.



What's so funny?



Monsieur Seguin's after-shave lotion.



I might buy it for Father's Day.



- How is your father?

-Just fine.



He can read all day,

because he bought a machine...



that turns the pages automatically.



I've got to tidy up before

we open the store.



''Comfort on the rails''



Hello, young man.



- Good morning, Mme. Riffe.

- Hello, Fatima.



Forgetting something?



Bye, honey.



Now you work hard.



What a pair of eyes!



Damn! She got a great ass!



Look, a moon in broad daylight!



It's mostly during my geography class,

there are...



always two in the back playing

with themselves under the table.



It's an old school tradition.



They do it to provoke me

because I'm a woman...



- or something like that.

- Nothing to do with it.



Mine do the same,

but in my history class!






I wonder if they're not

having a contest.



They sit by two, to share books.



I've seen that quite a lot.



It's part of the process of growing up.



So I wonder if I should ignore them...



- or bring it out in the open.

- Use your own judgment.



I once had a bad problem.



One boy who was   years

older than the others...



was a bit of an exhibitionist.



I took him aside and we talked it over.



- After that he behaved.

- It's the same with girls.



In my class in Lyon we had

the same stupid problems.



Next year, when we take in girls,

we'll have other problems.



When my brother-in-law's class...



went coed, he said some kids

reverted back to childhood...



They were intimidated

by others problems...



Tolitto's mom sends him to

buy a banana and two lemons.



On the way home, there's a bridge.



He drops them in the water.

A nun comes by and says:



''What's wrong?''

I dropped my lemons and banana.



''I'll get them back.''

Then a priest comes by...



Tolitto tells him about

the two lemons and the banana.



So they both dive in, naked.

After that, the nun grabs...



the priest's dick...



and he gets a hold of the two lemons...



of the nun. So she says...



Take your seats.



Silence, everybody.



Will you please open your

grammar books to page   ?



- Where's your book?

- I don't have it.



- What have you done with it?

- I don't care.



You don't care?

Then stand in the corridor!



Are we all

on page   ?



On the old editions,

it's on page    .



Did your folks

give you hell?



Get lost.



We're selling our books.

Come on.



Good morning, sir.



That's some compass!

How much?



-     francs.

- No discount?



-     francs. No more, no less.

- You have the same, cheaper?



The same kind

is the same price!



- Ask your father for Christmas.

- It's too much.



I can't afford it.



- Hi, sweetie.

- She's hungry.



I'll wait outside, okay?



So, how can I help you?



Can I help you?



I want to sell some books.

I don't need them.



But they're this year's.

Don't you need them?



- We'll get new ones next year.

- What about your brother?



- How old are you?

- I'm ten.



- He can use them next year.

- They'll be out of date.



-Have you a note from your parents?




- Even orphans?

- From whoever's responsible.



- There is always someone.

- What will we do now?



- Good-bye, sir.

- Good-bye.



- What are you doing here?

- Waiting for you.



- Gosh!

- Do you want it?



-No. And you?

-What are you gonna do with it?



May I?



- Are you gonna sell it?

- Yes.



How about a swap?



- I want cash!

- Cash?






- Here's Golfier.

- Hi, guys.



I'll tell you something.



How about lending me    ?

Just 'til Monday.



- I can't.

- You can't or won't?



My father gave me   francs

to get a haircut.



To get a haircut

at the barber?



At the barber.



It's like throwing money

out the window!



Don't cry now.

It's too late for that.



- Golfier's having a fit!

- No allowance for a month!



Hello, Mr. Golfier.



For God's sake!



I don't know how you handle




I'll fix that barber!



- Do you want it parted?

- No. ''Divided they fall.''



Tomorrow we open

at a quarter to nine.



- We're closed, sir.

- I demand an apology!



This is a scandal!



You call this a haircut?



This is no way

to talk to people.



Now, calm down.

Be civilized.



I'm calm. What did you do

to my son?



I paid for his haircut.



-Look at him!

-I won a gold medal   years ago.



Would I butcher him

like that?



You'd better tell us

the truth.



- I cut one side, you the other.

- Papa says it's best...



when they can't tell

you've been to the barber.



- I swear, they'll never know.

- Turn around. I can't see.



- That's my side!

- Your ass!






- Make it even on both sides.

- Don't cut my ears.



Now we equalize.



- Equalize on both sides.

- All right.



Do it well.



- Lay off my side!

- It's my side!






-That's better.

-I apologize, but when I saw him--



- I understand.

- How much?



I won't accept money. I did it

for the honor of the profession.



-Good evening. Did he calm down?




He wanted to pay. I refused.



If you're through,

I'll set the table.



- Why not stay for dinner?

- My father's expecting me.



- We could call him, right?

- Good idea.



Mr. Desmouceaux?

This is Mrs. Riffe.



Patrick just finished

helping Laurent.



Can he stay for dinner?



- Of course. It's very kind of you.

- Good.



Good evening.



Pass me your dish.



- Potatoes. Do you like carrots?

- Not really.



You don't?



A little bit of green.



Some gravy.



You can start, Patrick.



- Seconds?

- Sure.



Would you like some salad?



Later. I'd rather have

more noodles.



And also a piece

of camembert.



- What about fruit?

- A peach.



And maybe grapes.



Thank you very much

for your frugal meal.



- What is it?

- I was thinking about our vacation.



I'd love to go to Venice.



Hey, boy. You want to make

five francs?



Go up to the  rd floor left.



If a lady opens the door,

give her this note.



- If it's a man?

- Say it's the wrong floor.






What is it?



A man told me

to give you this message.



- A man?

- Yes.






Keep your eyes on the road.



The old ''crocodile'' gave me

a dirty look.



You should forget his car

and take care of me.



I'll take care of you

in Palma.



The way you have with this car

is touching.



I must protect

the Countess.



The film sounds good.

You should see it.



Picking up girls is easy.



- But you talk to them.

- Okay. I'll talk to them.



Too blank for small talk



Too blue to enjoy a walk



Store dummies strike



The only note of cheer



As they grin

from ear to ear



- Too bad she's by herself.

- Go on.



-I don't mind. We'll meet later.

-No. We're partners.



- What about them?

- They're three.



- So what?

- We're only two.



There's two.

Let's do it.



- Are you sure?

- Wait here.



Come on, Patrick.



I'm not sure we want

to see the film.



You promised!



Let me talk it over

with my friend.



Two balconies.



- Are you sisters?

- No. She lives next door.



- What class are you in?

- I plan to study hairstyling.






Our spotlight this week is on

the one and only Oscar.



Every night the elite jam

his dressing room...



as he whistles

while he works.



Oscar was born in     

right after the war.



In      Madeleine,

a pretty young Parisian...



like her compatriots,

paid tribute...



to the U.S. troops

who liberated France.



In this atmosphere of joy...



Oscar's mother-to-be spent

the whole night flirting with...



Peter Nicholson,

a G.l. from Kentucky.



Thousands of girls discovered

the joys of chewing gum...



with the U.S. Army.



Madeleine's flirtation

had an aftermath.



Oscar was born

  months later...



right after

his parents' wedding.



Her gown was white,

although a little tight.



They lived happily ever after,




Madeleine spoke no English...



and Peter spoke no French.



How would this non-communication

affect Oscar?



Would he speak French

or English?



Or would he opt

to baby-talk, or would...



his instincts lead him

to speak Latin or Hebrew?



Unable to speak,

he started to whistle.



Before becoming

a world-renowned virtuoso...



he made everything clear

by whistling.



He was also capable

of violence.



With a few shrill trills...



he knew how to assert

his authority.



lf not wisdom-wise,

Oscar grew in age.



On the day of her first communion,

he refused to kiss his cousin.



She was so mortified

that she entered a convent.



Today, in     

Oscar is now   ...



and his handicap

has won him fame and fortune.



His motto.: ''The whistle

is mightier than the word!''



And now we take you to

the Caribbean islands.



Under the rising sun,

a white boat...



is waiting in the port

of Curacao.



What idiots!



See how colorful the girls

at this factory are.



How happy and conscientious

they are.



They first catch the cups.



One second too late

and the operation is ruined.



But they are fortunately




Now, they carefully fill

the cups to the top...



and put them into racks.



As you see, the supervisor

checks each rack.



A man from the Metropole

they call ''Uncle' 'teases him.



But here it is like

a big family.



After a tough selection at each

step of the manufacturing...



comes the packaging.



The merchandise is then

sent by tip trucks...



to the loading dock.



''But it all ends, ''seem to

think these black kids...



waving little flags,

while appearing on the skyline...



is the governor's

long white car.



The boat lowed like one of

our Normandy cows.



Listen to her calling

the laggards.



Every boat takes away with her

a bit of her country...



and the West lndies

are no exception.



A part of France took us

to this colorful paradise.



Farewell, Caribbean island,

and good luck.



It's my wife.

She's having the baby.



I've got to call the hospital.



- There.

- Thanks.



- What's going on?

- Lydie's in labor. Help her.



- Have you got the number?

- I'll get the phone book.



I can't believe it!

For a maternity.



I think that's the page.



I'm at the Jean Zay building.

We need an ambulance.



I'm counting on you.



They said a few minutes.

I'll call the elevator.



It's now or never.



So, what about the pictures?



I feel like talking.



Hey, guys.




Mr. Richet is a little late.



Be quiet. Don't force me

to come back again.



- I know why he's not here.

- Why?



- His wife had a baby.

- He even took pictures.



- For magazines?

- I bet they're porno.



That's disgusting.



-Just baby pictures.

- That's different.



- A boy or a girl?

- A girl!



Nonidentical twins.

You can't tell boy or girl.



- A boy!

- A girl!



Nonidentical twins.



Good morning. Sit down.



As you can see,

I'm a little late.



It's a special day:

I've got a child.



- Girl or boy?

- Boy.



- His name?

- His name is Thomas.



Like tomato.



- How's your wife?

- Well, but she's tired.



- But very happy.

- Has he got hair?



- How big is he?

-    inches long!



- Can we see him?

- When he's a little older.



He weighs   pounds

and     ounces.



I'm a very happy person today.



- So are we!

- So, no blouse!



I had no time to prepare

for class.



Let's practice storytelling

as best as you can.



Richard Golfier.

Please stand up.



Tell us what you did

on Sunday.



I got up late.

I slept a lot.



- And after?

- I slept a lot. I got up late.



Let's pick another subject.



- Motorcycles?

- Sure. Go ahead.



-Speak louder.

-There are many different types.



Suzuki, Triumph, BSA...



BMW, Kawasaki, Peugeot.



Remain seated.



I'll take care of this.



I've just been told that

the De Luca brothers...



gave out some toy guns

to certain students.



They meant well,

but those little guns...



don't really belong to them.



They bought them with money

that wasn't theirs.



So, let's have them all back!



A set of numbers.



''E'' equals zero, one, two, three,

up to eight.



Then what?



''A'' equals...



- Good morning.

- Good morning.



I want to buy some flowers.



- What kind?

- I don't know.



A present?

Then I suggest roses.



See? Each color is a symbol.



''Red rose: Flaming passion''



I'll take the red roses.



Ten more minutes,

Mrs. Golfier.



Good morning, Patrick.

Are you looking for Laurent?



No, I came to see you.



- I mean... they're for you!

- For me?



How sweet!



Please give my thanks

to your dad.



''In breast-feeding,

new mothers...



may press the infant

so tightly...



that the baby

can't breathe.



As a result, the baby

will resist the feeding...



while the mother feels

she's being rejected.



An infant will sense

his mother's anxieties.



It's a key factor.

It will affect...



his entire future behavior.



He will relate to women...



as he did to his mother.''



Like you and your mother!



- How old is he?

- Born    days ago.



- On a Sunday, remember?

- In the middle of the night.



- Sometimes he smiles.

- Yes?



Not 'til they're   months old.



- Even so, he smiled at me.

- Maybe.



- Do you leave him alone?

- No, I'm always with him.



He's got nice ears.

He's got my finger.



All babies grab

and squeeze.



- When will he grow up?

- One of these days.



Get out! I expected you

an hour ago!



I'll manage alone as usual!



What are you talking about?



It says      !

You are only    .



No,    . I changed it to      

to get half-rates.



Sorry. Try somebody else.



Leclou, what are you

doing here?



Did you sleep here?

You are one hour early.



Come in and wash up.



As we could see, comma...



the glowing embers, comma...



The doctor's here

for the annual medical checkup.



Let's go, everybody.



- That means you too!

- My folks won't let me.



Did they give you a note?



You go like everybody else.



My parents registered for

the Club Mediterranée.



I prefer Arcachon.

My cousin will be there.



Planning your vacations?

Where are you going?



To summer camp.

Boys and girls!



You've got to strip,

like us!



- What's going on?

- Leclou won't undress.



- Quiet!

- This boy won't undress!



- Bring him in.

- Hurry up.



Leclou! Potato bag!



One meter, thirty-six.



Take off your pants.



Please, close the door.



- Where's the principal?

- We'll look for him.



He's next door.



- It's very important.

- What's wrong?



- It's quite bad!

- Let's go see.



- What's going on?

- It's rather serious.



We'll have to call

the police!



Here's the Inspector.



- Good morning.

- Inspector. Dr. Martigues.



We were doing

a routine checkup.



One of the boys

was reluctant to undress.



His body is full of bruises,

scars, burn marks.



- What does he say?

- What abused kids always say.



- ''I fell down.''

- Whose class is he in?



It's Julien Leclou.

Miss Petit's class.



Didn't you notice anything?



Don't look, Mom!



Go fuck yourselves!

Get out of here!



This is private property!



Get out!



My kid's happy.

He goes to school.



No pictures!



Can you take

my class today?



The police need

my testimony.



Go on, and don't worry.



I couldn't sleep.

I feel guilty...



because I did not




I was very hard on him.



No, Chantal.

You shouldn't feel guilty.



Don't mix up problems.



You have nothing to do

with the whole thing.



The kid made it a point

to cover up his home life.



Just go.



Some of you boys,

move over by the window.



I know we are all thinking

about Julien Leclou.



It's in the press...



and you've heard your parents

talking at home.



Before you go

on vacation...



let's talk about Julien.



I don't know much more

than you do...



but I'll tell you

how I feel.



First, Julien will be

taken care of by Welfare.



He will be placed in a family.



Wherever he goes, he'll be

better off than in his own home...



where, in his own words,

''he was beaten.''



His mother shall lose

her maternal right.



For Julien, it may be

quite a few years before...



he'll know the freedom

to come and go as he pleases.



Julien's case is so tragic

that we cannot help...



comparing our lives

with his.



My own childhood

was also quite painful.



I couldn't wait to grow up.



I felt adults had

all the rights.



They can lead their lives

the way they want.



An unhappy adult

can start again from scratch.



But an unhappy child

is helpless.



He may not know how to put

it in words, but he feels...



that he cannot

even contest...



his parents' right

to hurt him.



An unloved

and battered child feels guilty.



That's what's so tragic!



Of all mankind's




injustice to children

is the most despicable!



Life isn't always fair...



but we can fight

for justice.



It's the only way!



It's a slow process,

but we do move forward.



All people with power

like to claim...



they're impervious to threats.



But they do give in

to pressure!



A show of strength is

the only way to get results.



Adults understand that...



and they obtain what they

ask for by demonstrating.



I want to show that

when adults are determined...



they can improve their lot.



But children's rights

are totally ignored.



Political parties

are not concerned...



with kids like Julien

or you.



Do you know why?

Because children don't vote!



If kids had the right

to vote...



they'd have better schools,

sports facilities.



You'd get them because

politicians need your votes.



You could come to school

an hour later in winter...



instead of rushing out

before daylight.



I also want to say,

because of my own childhood...



I feel kids rate

a better deal.



That's why I became

a schoolteacher.



Life isn't easy.



You must steel yourselves

to face it.



I don't mean ''hard-boiled.''

I'm talking about stamina!



Some of us who've had

a difficult childhood...



are better equipped

for adult life...



than those who were

overprotected with love.



It's the law of compensation.



Life may be hard,

but it's also wonderful.



When we're confined

to sickbed...



we can't wait to get out

and enjoy life.



We sometimes forget

how much we really love it.



You're about to go

on vacation.



You will discover

new places...



and make new friends.



In September,

you'll move up a grade.



We'll enroll both boys

and girls.



Time flies. Before long,

you'll have kids of your own.



If you love them,

they'll love you.



If they don't feel

you love them...



they'll transfer their love

and tenderness to other people...



or other things.



That's life! Each of us

needs to be loved!



Well, boys, school is over.

Have a happy vacation!



  miles and a half

wears out



  miles and a half

wears out one's shoes



  miles and a half

wears out



  miles and a half

wears out one's shoes



''Dear cousin.:

It finally happened!



On the train on the way

to camp, l noticed him.



l could tell he liked me too.

His name's Patrick.



Yesterday, we watched

the bike races.



Naturally, we only had eyes

for each other.



Today, during lunch,

l had to go to the bathroom. ''



Hold my apple for me.

I've got to pee.



Let's have some fun

with Patrick!



- You calling me?

- Yes. Did you see Martine?



She went out

to kiss you.



Go! She's waiting for you.



Did Patrick find you?



He went out

to kiss you.



''Girls' Dormitory''



''Boys' Dormitory''



'And when we returned,

what a riot!''



''The town of Thiers

and its inhabitants''


Special help by SergeiK