Smillas Sense Of Snow Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Smillas Sense Of Snow script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Julia Ormond movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Smillas Sense Of Snow. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Smillas Sense Of Snow Script





Hey ya! Hey ya!



Why, Smilla?



My baby.






He was playing on the roof.

He fell.



All right, nothing to see now.

Come on.



I just need a few

from this angle.






I f-f-found him.



What made him run?



Who are you?



I'm the lady who lived

upstairs from him.



He's the gentlemen

from the ground floor.



Well, you're not

allowed up here.



I'll need the footprints

of the deceased.



I don't know why the hell

he was playing up here,



running around wild

without supervision.



A strange way to play,

don't you think?



Take these people




The tracks go in a straight

line towards the edge.



No child in the world

would play like that.



Can you just

go down now, please?



Why so many accidents,




First my husband,

and now my baby.



Why, Smilla?



I don't know.



How am I going to go

to the morgue tomorrow?



If they think

it's an accident,



why are they doing

an autopsy?



They told me

to show up and...



sign papers,



and get his things.



I'll go, Juliane.



Let me go.



I had hoped he would

live a long life.



Yes. All parents hope that

for their children.



I have children

of my own.



I know how

you must feel.



My deepest




I'm not his mother.



We were friends.



Beat it,

you little shit.



Wanna read me a story?



No, I won't

read you a story.



Persistent little bastard,

aren't you?



I can't be your

little friend. O.K.?



I have nothing

to offer you.



Just go away.




Look, there's absolutely

no future in this.



"A point is that which

cannot be divided.



A line is a length

without breadth. "



This can't possibly

interest you.






"A semicircle

is a figure



contained within

a diameter



and the circumference




by the diameter. "



You smell bad.



I don't mean to say this

to hurt your feelings,



but you really




What interests you?



Do you know anything

about Greenland?






You should

know something



about where you're from.






Because it tells you

who you are.



It's important

to know who we are.



Do you know

who you are?






Did your mom

read you stories?



She told me stories.



About what?



About Greenland.



When she used to hunt,

stories like that.



Miss Smilla,

can we go home?



Why, are you tired?



No, home to Greenland.



What do you want me to do,

lie to you?



Tell you we'll go to Greenland

and then not go?



Get your hopes up?



If Inuits

who are feuding



wish to reconcile,



they touch each

other's breasts,



and say ilaga.









It means friend.






When a child

dies like that,



it's a tragedy.

Terrible accident.



It wasn't an accident.



I see.



Who did the autopsy?



It was routine.



That's not

what I asked you.



Doctor Loyen.



Johannes Loyen?



Isn't he the head of

the Institute of Arctic Medicine?






Why would such

a famous man



do an autopsy

on a  -year-old?



It was routine.



So you've said.



I'm so sorry

for your loss.



Do you think

his feet were cold?



He always wore

those sneakers.



When I saw him

lying there in the snow,



his soles were

so run-down.



His feet

must have been cold.



Would you like

something to drink?



I may be from Greenland,

but I don't drink.



Are you...



Are you hungry?



Look, I don't want to share

anything with you. O.K.?






Perhaps you can sleep.



Go-G-Good night.



Do you always stutter?






I make you nervous then?



Don't you think I see

the way you look at me?



What did you think,

we'd get drunk



and fuck all night,

fueled by our mutual grief?



Is that what you thought?



It's O.K., Smilla.



I loved him, too.






Of course you did.



Dr. Loyen.



You're of Greenlandic descent.



My mother was Greenlandic.



You were the one

who examined Isaiah?






What I would

like to know is



what did he die of?



He fell from

a height of   stories.



The organism as a whole

simply collapses.



Was there any trace

of violence?



None at all.

What makes you think that?



Is it possible

to see the report?



You wouldn't

understand it.



Look, both we

and the police



are interested in



the most thorough

investigation possible.



In a case like this,



if there's even

the slightest doubt,



we look for everything

and we find everything.



A child defends itself,



gets skin cells

under its nails.



There was nothing like that,

nothing at all.



We looked at

the police report.



The footprints

show quite clearly



that the boy was

alone on the roof



before he fell.



There was nothing

to indicate



that this was anything

but an accident.



It's tragic, of course,



but the case is closed.



Now, please drop by again,

my dear lady,



if there's anything else

that troubles you.



I'm filing a complaint

with the district attorney.



What makes this your business?



A  -year-old boy was murdered.



I'm making it my business.



I've told you there's

no forensic evidence



to indicate foul play,

none whatsoever.



I don't really care about

your forensic evidence.



I knew him,



and that's my evidence.



We all have our phobias.



Do you know what

Isaiah's was?



It was heights.




he was up there.



Yes, he was.



And what puzzles me...



what keeps me

awake at night



is wondering what made him

go up there at all.



May I please spend the night?









We're going

to miss the film.



You're late.



I've called the agency twice.



It's not the baby-sitter, dear.



Come in.



We get      cases a year.



I can't be expected

to remember every single one.



Unburden yourself, Lagermann.



You'll feel better.



We were very busy

the night he was brought in:



drunk drivers,

Christmas parties.



You're not squeamish,

are you?






I have a little trick,



the kind of thing

you invent in any profession.



I hold a light bulb

inside his trousers.



In one leg,

there is a perforation.



I examine the boy again.

All of this is routine.



I find a hole in his thigh.



There's no bleeding,



and the tissue hasn't contracted.



You know what that means?






It means that

whatever happened at that spot



occurred after his heart

had stopped beating.



I take a closer look

at his trousers.



There's a little indentation

around the hole.



This rings a bell.



So I get out

a biopsy needle,



a kind of syringe, quite big,

attached to a handle.



You plunge it into the tissue

to get a sample.



The hole in his trousers



was where someone in a hurry



shoved it in

with a good whack.



Someone had taken

a muscle biopsy from him



after he died.



The ambulance men?



I talked to the driver

and the medics



and the orderlies

who received the body.



They all swore

on a stack of Bibles



that they didn't do it.



Why didn't Loyen

tell me this?



I was just beginning the autopsy

when Loyen arrived.



He was surprised

I'd started on the boy.



He pulled me off it

and took over.



What do you think

was after him on the roof?



I don't know.



But I won't be much

in the Christmas spirit



until I find out.



Please don't come here again.



One more thing.



The night he died



wasn't the first time

I'd seen him.



He came in once a month.



Loyen examined him...






I don't suppose

there are any records.



I've already looked.







Blessed be the God and Father



of our Lord Jesus Christ



who had blessed us with

all spiritual blessings,



and heavenly places

of the Christ...



...the foundation

of the world...



that we should be holy

and without blame before Him.



And love, having predestinated us...


            Jesus Christ

who Himself...


            praise of

the glory of His grace,



wherein He hath

made us accepted...



in whom we have redemption

through His blood,



the forgiveness of sins,



according to

the riches of His grace...



Who was that man

at the funeral?



What was he trying

to give you?



I don't want

his money no more.



Dirty money.



What money?



Why does he

give you money?



They always try

to buy me out.



First my husband,

now my kid.



Who's they?



"We wish to inform you



that the directors

of Greenland Mining



have decided to grant you

a widow's pension



following the death

of your husband...



Norsaq Christiansen. "



It's signed Elsa Lubing.

Who's she?



Who's Elsa Lubing?



Can I take this?



Oh, yes.



I filmed this

as you came back



from the hunting trip

with your mother.



You'd had bad weather

with a lot of fog.



You were lost.

Everyone had given up hope.



Your mother said



you suddenly pointed

with complete conviction.



You knew the way home.



No one could explain it.



From that day on,



they always strapped you

to the front of the sledge



whenever they went

on a hunting trip.



You knew exactly

how to get home.



Yeah, Father.



How the hell

do you explain that?



I don't know.



I just knew.



You were a regular

little Eagle Scout.



A real little

Nanook of the North.



Cut it out, Benja.



You should try Brentan.






Brentan. For fungus

between the toes.



It's not fungus.



People don't get that

till they reach your age.



Yeah, adolescents do, too.



Especially if

you work out a lot.



And it spreads quite easily

to the crotch.



What do you know

about Johannes Loyen?



He's a...



very talented man.



He created the Institute

for Arctic Medicine.



What's his interest

in forensic medicine?



He started out

as a pathologist.



He did an autopsy

on a  -year-old boy.






Must have been

a good career move.



Since our school days,



Loyen has always wanted

to be recognized



as the best in the world,



not just in Denmark,

but in the universe.



It wasn't a flame

like in the rest of us.



It was a conflagration.



He wrote this as his thesis



for his professorial degree.



" Mesozoan Parasites. "

What are they?



Prehistoric worms.



Write me a prescription, Father.



Are you sick, Smilla?



With this piece of paper,



you can save my life



and keep your

hippocratic oath.



It has to be




I let someone down.



A child.



It'll take money

to do something about it.



I'm afraid that check

won't be nearly enough.



He only gives you money



because you make him

feel so guilty.



He told me that.



And he only gives you money, Benja,



because you're such

an amusing little fuck.



But one day,

like all of us,



you'll wake up



and your perfect tits

will be starting to sag,



and your perfect

little piquant ass



will be starting to go.

Then what, Benja?



By then, Smilla,



you'll be dead,

and I won't care.



Come for Christmas dinner?



I don't celebrate Christmas.



It doesn't mean

anything to me.



They hunted seals

by their igloos.



They stalked them

with screens on the ice.



"They waited for them

on a floe edge,



and they harpooned them

from kayaks. "



They hunted them



in the bluish darkness

of the winter night.



To the Inuits,

the seal was life.



Isaiah, what did I just say?






Tell me what I just said.



Tell me.



What did I just say?



My God.






Juliane, Isaiah's gone deaf.



He's gone deaf



from having   ear infections



from you not taking care of him!



Doctors say he was O.K.



What doctors?



Who told you he's O.K.?



He's not O.K.



There's nothing

to worry about.






I'm not mad at you.






Stop it.

I'm not mad at you.



Ilaga, ilaga.



Yes, you're my friend.



Ilaga, Isaiah.






don't be frightened.



I'm from the district

attorney's office.



Do you always

make house calls?



Let's just say it's

the nature of this case...



and because of your

thought-provoking letter.



I spoke to Professor Loyen.



He told me that

you came in to see him.



There were tracks

in the snow.



I read the report

and looked at the pictures.



You have to have special

lenses and lights



or it doesn't show up.



What doesn't show up?



They were acceleration tracks.



When you take off

from the snow or ice,



a pronation occurs

in the ankle joint



like when you walk

barefoot in the sand.



If the movement

is too fast,



not firm enough,



they'll be

a little slip backwards.



As with any child

who is playing...



If you're used to

playing in the snow,



you don't leave

that kind of track



because the movement

is not efficient.



He grew up in Greenland.

He was used to snow.



You don't believe me?



I didn't say that.



The truth is

I've felt uncomfortable



about this case

from the beginning.



And when you wrote

your letter,



that confirmed it for me.



There was so little

to go on.



What do you

want me to do?



Find out

what was after him.



I'll do my best.



You have my word.



Thank you.



I don't know

your name.






I'll be in touch

with you.



Thank you, Mr. Raven.



Thank you for

believing me.






My name is

Smilla Jaspersen.



I have some questions

about Greenland Mining.



I'm sorry,

I can't help you.



I don't work there




Who is it?



Delivery for Elsa Lubing,

from the florist.



She isn't home.



Could you buzz me in,




We have strict




not to open the door

for nonresidents.



They're orchids,

Mrs. Schou,



straight off the plane

from Portugal,



and they'll die

if I leave them out here.



I can see you!



You won't get away

with anything.



I remember this letter

quite well.



She said

she had flowers.



It's all right,

Mrs. Schou.



At this time of day,

I'm normally in prayer.



Norsaq Christiansen's death

was a tragic accident,



especially for the boy.



A child needs

both parents...



one of the reasons

why marriage is sacred.



Mr. Lubing would be

pleased to hear that.



There's no Mr. Lubing.



I am the bride of Jesus.



The boy is dead.



  days ago,

he fell off a roof.



I met him once.



When I saw him

I knew why it was written:



" Unless we become

as little children,



we cannot enter paradise. "



I hope his mother

finds her way to Jesus.



Only if one can find Him

at the bottom of a bottle.



Oh, He is everywhere,



even there.



Someone chased the boy

off the roof.



He was murdered.



The devil assumes

many forms.



It's one of those forms

that I'm looking for.



Do you know

a Professor Loyen?






Was he on the payroll

of Greenland Mining?



I don't remember.



You said that

you met Isaiah.






Greenland Mining

began to hire Inuits



for the geological expeditions,



and it was on

one of those expeditions



in the summer of     



on the Gela Alta glacier...



that the father died.



When we awarded

the pension,



the son and his mother

came to my office.



How did

the father die?



An explosion.



You are interested

in the past, Ms. Jaspersen.



I'm interested in why



the chief accountant

of Greenland Mining



has such

a guilty conscience



that she's writing

notes in the margins



of pension awards.



May I see the report



of that expedition?



They're in the safe

in the archive department.



There's nothing to see.



Thou shalt not lie,

Ms. Lubing.



I think you should go now.



Why do you think



someone was chasing

the little boy?



There was snow on the roof

that he fell from.



I saw his footprints.



The way you have

a sense of God,



I have a sense

of snow.



Ms. Jaspersen?






Would you come back up

for a moment?



Just now when you left,



I opened... it at

the Book of Revelations.



"And the fifth angel sounded,



and I saw a star

fall from Heaven



onto the earth,



and to him

was given the key



of the bottomless pit. "



The key to hell.



Miss Jaspersen,

how far will you go?



Try me.



There are   archive sections



in the basement

of our building



on Strand Boulevard.



That's where the expedition

reports are kept.



Naturally, I cannot mention



that there's

a passkey system



nor that the abloy key

on the wall behind you



is for the main entrance

to the building.



Ms. Lubing: Someone has

to guard the gates of hell.



Good doggie.






Why were you

following me?



I've been thinking

about what you said...



about the footprints.



If you're right,



you're in danger.



You can, um...






Isaiah and I were friends,

you know.



He used to make me laugh.



He had this little game



where he used to put his head

in his hands like this,



and when he'd come up,

he would be...



a monkey or a rabbit



or Frankenstein or whatever.



I used to see him, um...



come home sometimes

in a cab.



I... He always seemed so...



so afraid.



They examined him every month

at the hospital.



I think that's

what scared him.



Why? What do you think

they were looking for?



I don't know.



Someone shoved

a biopsy needle into him



after he died,



and a very important doctor...



I do... appreciate it when someone



makes me something good.



Thank you.



Don't go.



Isaiah's father

was on an expedition



for Greenland Mining

when he died.



That prick Loyen

was the medical consultant.



I saw his name in here.



Try to read it.



It'll be good for

your dyslexia.






Why does such a nice person

have such a rough mouth?



I'm sorry if I've

given you the impression



it's my mouth

that's rough.



I try to be

rough all over.



Miss Jaspersen,



I'd like to talk to you, please.






Would you mind coming

to the station with us?



I would mind.



I'm sorry, you must.



Keep your hands off me.



I'll come with you,



just take your hands off.



Get your hands off me!



You don't have to go

if you don't...



f- f-feel like it.



Will I be driven home?



To your door.



Can't resist a man with manners.



See you later.



"Smilla Jaspersen,



born the   th of June,     



in Quanaaq, Greenland.






Ann Qaavigaaq Jaspersen,

a local hunter,



and Moritz Jaspersen,

American physician.



In      employed by

the Geodetic Institute.



From   -  



scientific participant

in expeditions



to the ice cap,

the Arctic Ocean,



and arctic North America. "



Various references

are attached...



all of which

state unanimously



that if you want to know

anything about ice,



you would benefit by

consulting Smilla Jaspersen.



Captain Telling here,




has gathered

some information



of a different character.



Moved to Denmark in     



after the death

of your mother.



Expelled from   boarding schools.



Admitted to Copenhagen University,



asked to leave a year later. "



Then there are these

other references,



all of which state

that you have created trouble



wherever you've been.



Arrested twice.



Once in Canada.



I was tagging polar bears.



Bears don't read maps,

so they don't respect



national boundaries.



This paints a picture

of a woman



who has never completed

a course of study,



who has been unemployed

for years, who has no family,



who's created conflict

wherever she's been:



someone who has never

been able to fit in.



Anyone with any sense



would keep a very low profile

in your position.



Is it my clothes

you don't like?



What we don't like



are your fruitless

and damaging attempts



to meddle in the investigation

of this case



which I have already promised you

I would look into.



I remember

what you promised me.



Screw you, Raven.



These belong to

Greenland Mining.



We found them

in your flat.



Imprisonment in

a little soundproof room



with no windows is,

I've been told,



particularly difficult



if you've been brought up

in Greenland.



This would cause you

extreme distress.



It's true,

is it not?



They say

it's something about



those vast spaces,



the horizon.



That what it is?



All that space.






Then we mustn't

let that happen.



We've reached

an agreement, then.



Will you say that

louder, please,



so I can hear you?






We've reached

an agreement.



You may go home now.



Smilla, this is

your father.



Could you come for lunch

tomorrow at the club?



Call me...



Anything is better

than suicide?



How can you have

  spelling mistakes in   words?



I'm not suicidal.

Suicide is for cowards.



Sometimes one just wants

to be left alone, that's all.



There was an earlier

expedition in '  .



There was an accident

that time, too.



  of the   men died.



Loyen was on both expeditions.



I can't be

part of this.



I came to

tell you that.



I'm out of it.

Good luck.









What did they d...



do to you?



They threatened

to lock me up.



And I can't be locked up.



I'm quite ashamed.

Really, I am.



I just can't be locked up.




It's O.K.



Do you think I need you

to understand me?



God. Sorry.



What is it about you



that always makes me

want to insult you?



When my father

first brought me here



from Greenland,



I refused to sleep indoors.



I couldn't stand it:

the heat.



I was used to the snow,

the air.



I made a tent

out on the lawn.



Poor Moritz.



He was so embarrassed.



Even now my idea of hell

is to be locked up.






Where was your mother?



She went out one day

to hunt.



They found her kayak

a few days later.



The side had been

staved in.



No one who falls

into the water in Greenland



ever comes up again.



The sea is less than

   degrees Fahrenheit,



and at that temperature,



all the processes of

decomposition stop.



- How old were you?

-  .



That's when

you came here?



That's when my father

brought me here.



But you were never

happy here?



The only thing

that makes me truly happy



is mathematics,

snow, ice,






To me, the number system

is like human life.



First you have

the natural numbers,



the ones that are whole

and positive,



like the numbers

of a small child.



But human consciousness expands,



and the child

discovers longing.



Do you know the mathematical

expression for longing?



Negative numbers.



The formalization

of the feeling



that you're missing




Then the child discovers

the in-between spaces



between stones,

between people,



between numbers,

and that produces fractions.



But it's like

a kind of madness,



because it doesn't

even stop there.



It never stops.

There are numbers



that we can't even

begin to comprehend.



Mathematics is a vast,

open landscape.



You head towards the horizon

that is always receding...



like Greenland.



And that's... that's what

I can't live without.






That's why I can't be locked up.



Can I kiss you?






It's Christmas Eve.



Toast with me.



To what?



To Isaiah.



Don't you understand?



My heart is broken.



Then to

a merry Christmas.



And a happy New Year.






Merry Christmas,





you look wonderful.



  days, Smilla.

No drink.



Merry Christmas,




He hid this box good.



You should keep it now.



Open it.



His Walkman.



You gave it to him

last Christmas. Remember?



It was his best present.



They let Isaiah

go with them



on the expedition?



The Greenland Mining people



were looking for men

in Greenland.



My husband signed on.



They told us that

Isaiah could go with him,



so how dangerous

could it be?



They were digging

inside a glacier.




must have happened.



Isaiah was outside.



They took his dad

in a helicopter



to the hospital,

and there his dad died.



He never saw him again.



What really happened,




Be careful, Smilla.



It was not an accident.



There was something

in the melt water.



Isaiah told me so.



In the melt water?



How would Isaiah know?



His daddy told him.



But he couldn't

have done.



You just said they flew

your husband away...



Smilla, please.


            a helicopter.



Smilla, please.

No more questions.



Who brought Isaiah home?



This doctor. Loyen.



Was Isaiah sick,




Is that why Loyen

examined him every month?



Smilla, please.



No more questions.



I'm scared.



But I'll do it anyway.



I knew you would.



The Inuit believe

that if you kill something,



you offend its soul.



I need his soul

to be at peace.



Did you ever hear

the phrase,



"She was so drunk



that she didn't know

what she was doing"?



That's why I'm doing this



before I drink anything.



Go back inside.









Don't answer the phone

from now on.






What a surprise.

We weren't expecting you.



I thought you didn't

celebrate Christmas.



I don't.



So what do you

celebrate, Smilla?



Oh, I celebrate

the loners,



the outcasts,



the shy girl

with pimples,



the fattest boy

in class,




the stutterers,



the premature




You're such a freak.



Some men died

on an expedition



to the west coast

of Greenland.



I need to know why.



Will you look

at them for me?



I thought you wanted

to have lunch with us.



Do this for me, Moritz.



I'm happy today for

the first time in ages.



The man with

the white hair.



Do you know him?



Dr. Andreas Tork.






Leading specialist



in arctic mineralogy.



Powerful man.



Very ambitious.

Head of Greenland Mining.



Why? You want to meet him?



Why would someone

examine a child



every month

at a hospital?



If he'd been exposed

to a virus, to, uh...



Why would someone

shove a biopsy needle



into a dead  -year-old?



Oh, gross. I'm not eating now.

Forget it.



Answer me.



I'm not eating

a bloody thing, Moritz.



I don't know, Smilla.



To measure the progress

of something... you know.



Thank you.



Call me when you've

looked at that.



I was following you.



He recognized me

from the funeral.



He stopped me

and asked me



how Juliane was doing.



You were with him.



I was not with him!

We started to talk.



I thought I could

learn more about



Greenland Mining.



I was following you there.









Don't you trust me?







I told you, we have nothing!






You fucking bastard!






Leave us alone!






What happened?



It's O.K.



It's me, Smilla.









How did you find me?



It wasn't hard.



You're considered

the best ear in Copenhagen.



You called about a tape.



It was left next to

an electrical box.



Maybe that's what affected

the sound on it.



I can't make it out.



Sounds like some kind

of an announcement.



I can't hear anything.



That's because

you haven't



trained your ear.



Hear it now?



It's not live.



It's coming

from a loudspeaker.



An intercom.



Maybe in a hospital




Can you hear

the doctor's beeper?






And there's someone

whispering, too.



What's he saying?



He's in a lot of pain.



There's an EEG

in there as well,



monitoring his heart.



What's he saying?



It's difficult to say.



It's an East Greenlandic dialect.






He's talking to his son...




He's trying to tell



what happened

in an ice cave.



Did you hear that?



That's a Sikorsky R  




Late '   early '  .



This must be the hospital



in the American air base

in Thule.



I'm amazed you can

conclude so much



from so little.



Blindness sharpens

the sense of hearing.



Is there any way



you can clean up

the tape?



Come back in an hour.



Woman: Are you

finished with that?



Man: Yeah,

that's all right.






Were you really

just following me?






I want to kiss you again.



Would you like that?






Smilla, where are you?






Mr. Licht?



Open the door!



Open it!



Open it!



Talk to me.



You have to

talk now, Smilla.



Snow. Talk to me

about snow.



So many.

There's too many kinds.



Say them!






What's that? Hmm?






It's falling snow.



What other kinds?






It's wet, wet snow.



It's not firm enough



to build a snow house with.



You must never

use it for that.



I won't.



Promise me?



I promise.



More. Come on, more.



Did you hear the tape?



They killed Isaiah for it.



Did you get it?






He could have made it.



Not like Smilla,

the fake.



The fake Greenlander



with her fine clothes

and manners.



I let him die.



No, you didn't.



The tablets will

start to work



in a few minutes.



Then it won't

hurt so much.



You must sleep now.



When I was little,



I knew where

I was going.






I'm very lost now.



Stay with me.



I'm right here.



Lie down with me.






What does it mean?



Say it.



I can't say it.



To practice rolling over

in a kayak.






Pff. Jesus.



Someone who has never

mastered the art



of rolling over

in a kayak.






A shipwrecked person.



You're not shipwrecked.






It's to be deeply happy.



I'm sorry,

I have to go.






You cannot stay

in your apartment.



They've already tried

to kill you once,



and if they know

you're alive,



they won't make the

same mistake again.



Now go to your

father's house.



You'll be safer

with him.



I've seen

that car before.



Don't turn around.



They found something

in     .



Something went wrong,



and they waited




before they sent

another expedition.



But then something else

went wrong.



There was an accident.



  men died.



One of them was

Isaiah's father.



So before Isaiah's

father dies,



he sends his son a tape



telling him what

really happened.



Tork comes looking

for the tape,



they kill Isaiah to get it.



And then they killed

the man on the boat.



There's got to be

something else



on that tape.



Like what they

really found



up there in Greenland.



They're planning

to go up again.



They've had to wait

until now



for the pack ice to melt

in the Davis Strait.



I know a man...



who knows about boats.



Norsaq Christiansen, dead,



on the Gela Alta glacier,

July     .






It says in the report



that he died

in an explosion,



but I don't think that's

what killed these men.



These are enlargements

I made from the negatives.



You can see what remains

of the liver,



the esophagus, stomach.



This is the heart...



what's left of it.






Do you notice anything

unusual here?



Something's got

into the heart.



But what is it?



This... This is so gross.



What's it got

to do with us?



Get her out of here.



Darling, why don't you

wait for me outside?



I'll join you later.



But it's disgusting.



What's it got

to do with us?



I'll be with you soon.



Please. Please.






This is the arctic worm.



Drancunculus Borealis.






No one has seen pictures

of them before.



Loyen must have

photographed them.



You see, the female worm



entered these men's

vital organs.



The uterus burst.



There were    million

larvae released.



The men go into toxic shock.



They die on the spot.

But it's very strange.



Parasites don't usually

kill their hosts.



It's very bad manners.



But I thought the worm

was extinct.



I thought so too, Smilla.



But the question is,



what brought them

back to life?



Why are you getting

involved in this?



I told you before...

a child died.



It's my New Year's resolution



to make someone pay.



This friend of yours

who dropped you off.



Is he also involved?



I don't know.



I don't know him

very well.



He has a repair shop



which he never goes to.



His hands

are much too clean.



He lies to me.



I don't know what he does.



Are you in love with him?



I've been trying

to avoid it



all my life,



so now that

it's here,



I just want

to renounce it.



I'm sorry to hear that.



I'm tired of

wondering why it is



that every day

I'm on this earth



I'm in exile.



I'm sorry you're so angry.



I'm sorry

I made you do things.



Is it time for

confession, Moritz?



What things did you

make me do?



I made you leave

your country.



What were you

supposed to do,



leave me there?



I punished you because

your mother was dead.



I'd look at you,

and I'd see her face.



I never loved anyone



the way I loved

your mother.



Benja will be sorry

to hear that.



It's late, Smilla.

I'm going to bed.



All day today I thought

about your hands on me.



Your mouth on my mouth.



This friend of yours, Lander.



What does he do?



He owns the place.



Now, what can I do for you?



I need to know where

the boat is going...



why it's going,

and who's behind it.



The ship you saw, the Kronos,



it's classified ice class.



They spent an incredible

amount of money



getting her ready.



Whatever they're after

has to be very lucrative



for them to recoup

the investment they've made.



But you don't know...



Normally a ship is

chartered with a crew.



But in this situation,



you would prefer

a bare-boat charter...



a ship and nothing else.



Then you find a captain.



He has to be a special

kind of person,



the kind you can take aside,

and over a full glass



tell him that his wages



will be a little

out of the ordinary.



On the other hand,



you need all his tact

and sensitivity.



Where would someone

find such a person?



Right here.



That gentleman over there.



Captain Sigmund Lukas.



A very, very skilled

German seaman.



Knows the North Atlantic

like no one else.



Doesn't drink,

but he gambles.



He no longer has

a home or a family.



And now he's for sale,



if the amount

is big enough.



If he's so broke,



whose money is he

playing with?



Uncle Lander's money, honey.



That's why he's going

to be nice to you.



This is not a game.



If you go on board

that boat,



they'll kill you.



I need to know

what happened to him.



You don't even know

where the boat is going.



Wherever the boat

is going,



I'll find out why

they killed Isaiah.



They've come for you.



Just keep walking.



Don't turn around.



Lander'll be

waiting outside.



Go to your father's house.



Wait there.

I'll meet you there.



Man: Perfect!



Miss Jaspersen?



Miss Jaspersen.






- Open this door!

- Go!



I need you to help me

get on the Kronos.



What makes you think

I can help?



Just talk to Lukas.



My life is shit.



But whatever it's worth



I owe to your boyfriend,



so the answer is no.



I'm going whether

you help me or not.



Wait, wait, wait.



You scare me, honey.

Other women,



it's all threat,

and no action.



You, I believe.



You'll go anyway



and get yourself

really fucked.



So give me a call

when you're ready.



Thank you, Lander.



O.K., thank you very much.



It's the door

straight on.






You don't belong here.



They're going

to take you away.



You can't run away

your whole life.



We'll get you

a good lawyer.



They'll find a way

to kill me,



or I'll just have

an accident.



I was resisting arrest.

I tried to escape.



And you'll spend

your wretched life



knowing you could

have saved me.



Are you going,

or should I get...



Give us a minute.



But you promised me!






She is crazy!

I can't take this anymore!



Will you be quiet?



What do you

want me to do?



Drive your car

to the back



so I can get in,



and lie down

on the floor,



and then cover me.






Where are you?



Meet me at the marina.



Thank you, Lander.

I'm coming.



Once you drive off,



I'll send them

after you.






Leave me alone.



Emergency at the hospital.



Good night.

Thanks for your help.



I wanted peace

and quiet so badly,



wanted my family

around me,



but I never

achieved that.



I don't want to let

you go, Smilla.



I'll take that.



Thank you, Lander.



Change your mind and

come back with me.



I can't do that.



Man: Ooh, sweet thing.



Men: Welcome back,

welcome back.



We've been waiting for you.

Nils Jakkelsen.



Stick with me.



I can do things

for you.



You know what I mean?



You can start

by getting my bag.



Man: That's one way to do it.



I'll take you

to the captain.



To your left, upstairs.






Straight on.



It's in there.



You can go, Jakkelsen.



You're on board



because we needed

a cabin steward.



Your duties include

light cleaning,



and you're responsible

for the ship's laundry.



You can go now.



We have representatives



from the shipping

company with us,



living on

the upper boat deck.



There's no admittance




If you disobey

this order,



I'll have you locked up.



How about a quick fuck?



Women are crazy

about me.






Smilla Qaavigaq Jaspersen.



That must be

a Greenlandic middle name.



What's on the upper deck?



Fucked if I know, man.



I've never seen security

like this before.



This whole outfit

is weird.



Even the captain says



he doesn't know

where we're headed.



And the crew.

They're a pile of shit,



and they

stick together.



They are scared,

and they won't tell me why.



And then the passengers

on the upper deck



we never get to see.



Who the fuck are they?



Then there's you, Smilla.



Why'd Lukas

let you on board?



Everyone thinks

you're a cop.



You're spying on me?



Actually, Jakkelsen,

I came for a quick fuck.



But you spoiled it

by talking.



And you're gonna

help me,



you little needle freak.



No way.



I get claustrophobic.



I'm not kidding.



You're not going.



I am.



I get claustrophobic.



Press the button

for the upper deck.



If anyone tries

to send you away,



just refuse to leave.



Give me an hour.

If I'm not back



in a hour,

wake up Lukas.



No. I can't do that, man.



Why not?



He's my father.

That's why I'm on board.



That's why I have the key.



He thinks I'm clean.



You'd do that to me, man?



You'd tell him?



In a second.



Now send me up.






What we are planning

to bring back



from our expedition

to Greenland



is a scientific




the most valuable

discovery ever made.



An energy-producing




the fragment of a planet



from the beginning

of creation,



back from the origin

of the solar system.



Not only will it multiply

our investment,



but it will give

our company



a very dominating position

in the world.



But there's a drawback.



The stone brought a lethal



prehistoric organism

back to life.



It's a kind of worm.



Some of our men

were killed by this worm



when they were diving

in the melt water



around the meteorite

on our last expedition.



The only survivor is a child,



who, unfortunately,

ran into the water



in an attempt

to reach his father,



one of the divers.



Ever since this incident,



this child has been

kept under observa...



Man:: Give me your hand here.



This worm

is always fatal,



but only when it reaches

the inner organs.



It seems that young people

can live with it longer,



presumably because their

immune systems are stronger.



They're out

of champagne.



What did you

see up there?



Enough to nail

those bastards.



I've got her!






What else could I do?

I lit a cigar



and put it up

to the sensor.



I'm really

fucked now, man.



They know it's me.



Bunch of freaks!



What the hell

did you do



to make them want

to kill you?



They want to kill

both of us.



This is the captain.



We're approaching

the Nordic Star platform.



We'll be docked

for about half an hour.



All crew members are confined

to quarters.



No one is to leave

the ship.



I repeat - No one is

to leave the ship.



I've got

to get off now.



Don't look so panicky.



Just stay close to

Jakkelsen the Great.



Ever been to Hong Kong?



They offered me

a modeling contract once.



Let's go there.



You are expressly

refused permission



to leave the ship.



Any crew member attempting

to do so



will be arrested

and taken into custody.



Won't he worry

about you?



I'll send him

a telegram.



Let's get out of here.



How about a quick

fuck before we go?



Once the lights

go out,



give me a head start,

and then follow me.



Relax, man.



You can make it up

to me in Hong Kong.



Man: Aah!



Get up!



We're almost there.



I don't feel well.



It'll be hard to find

a modeling job.



Never look right

at the audience.



You got to look

over their heads.



Proud. Like you

don't give a shit.



Like a fucking star, man.



Like a star.



Yeah, Jakkelsen.



Like a star.



Oil rigging will commence



in    minutes.



Please be sure to secure

all your safety clothing



as recommended by

the Ansi safety standards.



Oil rigging will commence

in    minutes.



Please be sure to secure

all your safety clothing



as recommended

by the Ansi safety standards.



What are they

paying you?



Is it enough?



The g-government

never pays well enough.



Listen to me!



Listen to me!



The government knew



that there was

something big going on.



They didn't know

what it was exactly,



but they knew they

were going again.



They hired me

because I was a diver,



because I was the kind of person

that Tork needed.



I met him;

he trusted me.



He arranged for me to

move into the building



to keep an eye

on the boy.



I didn't even know

that he was sick.



You never loved him!



Of course I loved him!



I just wanted

to protect him,



and for a while,

I thought that I could.



Listen to me.






There's not a night

that goes by...



that I don't dream

that I catch him.



I catch him

in my arms...




he hits the ground.



We can start over.



Tork and Loyen

are desperate.



They're under

extreme pressure.



They'll show no mercy.



You can hide

in my cabin,



but only

for a little while.



The ship is approaching

the coast.



You've to get ashore.



Just go inland.

Wait for me.



There's a village

just inside the bay



about   miles

to the south.



You see how it's

drawing energy



from some sort of

vacuum in the center?



I knew you'd come.



For people

with resources,



the right events




They may look

like coincidences,



but they arise

out of necessity.




isn't it?



We can see

inside it.



It's not a real




Meteorites are cold.

This is warm.



Meteorites are dead.

This... is alive.



And why are you doing

all this, Tork?



Why, money.



Fame. More money.



This is the biggest

scientific discovery



of the century.



You can't remove it

and transport it



to a densely populated

part of the world.



Not until you know

exactly what it is.



You could set off

a catastrophe.



Oh, death

is always a waste,



but sometimes

it is the only way



to arouse people.



Bohr participated

in the construction



of the atom bomb



and thought it

would promote peace.



You lack

imagination, Smilla,



which is unforgivable

in a scientist.



What about the boy?



He jumped

into the damn water.



We were forced to take him

along into the cave.



His father collapsed



while he was still

near the surface.



The boy wanted to go to him.



It was Loyen's idea

to keep him under observation.



The worm was not

in his internal organs.



He never even felt it.






He killed my son.









The boy, Tork.



Tell me about

the day he died.



You were waiting

outside his school,



weren't you, Tork?



He's the only child

who walks home alone.




You follow him.



You grab him,



not by his arms,

but by his clothes



so you don't leave

any marks.



But you miscalculate.



He knows you, Tork,



Not from the hospital



where you spent hours

tormenting him,



but from the day

he saw his father die.



It's death itself

he associates with you.



You're guessing.



He gets to his building



and then there's

no escape.



He knows

what's behind him.



He knows

he's going to die.



This fear is even stronger

than his fear of heights.



Inside him an engine

is spinning



that will keep turning



until all his strength

is used up.



And you chase him

up to the roof.



Maybe for the first time

it occurs to you



not just to get the tape...



but that it's possible

to eliminate him.



And avoid him

ever telling anyone



what he saw in a cave

on a glacier somewhere



in the Davis Strait.



I didn't mean

to kill him.



I needed the tape.



He panicked,

I shouted,



he turned around,

he didn't see me.



You're lying.



He didn't turn around.



He couldn't hear a thing.



He was deaf.


Special help by SergeiK