Snake Eyes Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Snake Eyes script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Brian De Palma and Nic Cage movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Snake Eyes. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Snake Eyes Script




[ Thunderclap ]



[ Woman ]
Good evening, everyone, and welcome to a Powell Pay-Per-View
television event ! It's hard to believe,
but tonight's heavyweight fight... is the swan song for the grand
old Atlantic City Arena, the final event to be held
in this storied hall... before it is gutted
and completely renovated... as part of Gilbert Powell's
Millennium Hotel and Casino. I'm eager to go ringside
along with fight fans... who have braved
Hurricane Jezebel to-- [ Man ]
Cut ! Cut ! Anthea, they want you to call it
a tropical storm, not a hurricane. But it is a hurricane. Yeah, well, it's also
a holiday weekend, so will you please just call it
a tropical storm, please ? I love this town.
They even spin the weather. All right, listen. We gotta go live
on this one, so don't screw it up. And, Al, I think that's Powell going
in there with Secretary Kirkland. Zoom in on them
during the intro. - Anyway, why can't
I do this from inside ? - All right, we're rolling. - Why do I have to
stand out here like a-- - Five, four, three, - a weather bimbo ?
- two, one, go ! Good evening, everyone, and welcome to a Powell Pay-Per-View
television event. Well, the lucky ones are already
inside at the fight... as the first taste
of Tropical Storm Jezebel... Iashes the boardwalk outside
the grand old Atlantic City Arena. It's hard to believe,
but tonight's heavyweight fight... is the swan song
for this storied hall. The final event to be held here
before it is gutted-- What do we got ?
Thirty, forty seconds ? Where's Janine ?
My hair looks like shit ? I'm on TV ?
I'm on TV ? Come on, for Christ's sake.
I'm on in seconds. Will ya ? - I think people would vote
for this face. Don't you ? - Yeah, blind people. That's the only way
you get anywhere these days. You gotta get your big,
fat smile all over the tube. Hi. Rick Santoro.
Hello. Richard Santoro. [ Screams ]
I'm Ricky ! - Hey, you down on the fight yet ?
- Oh, shit. I forgot. You seen Jimmy George ? - Yeah, he's down in the tunnel.
- What tunnel ? There's a million tunnels. I don't know. The tunnel of love,
over by Tyler's dressing room. - Here, lay for me.
- On who ? - On who ? On the bag of meat,
on who ! On Tyler ! - Wow ! The whole ? - Oh, up yours, Mr High Roller--
- I mean, why don't you just shoot it all ? - A hundred.
- [ Anthea, lndistinct ] ...for his work
with troubled youth, take on the challenger,
Jose Pacifico Ruiz... - in a classic
-round confrontation... - [ Man ] Rolling in five, -between a counterpuncher and a brawler.
-four, three, two, one. - [ Broadcast Continues ]
- [ Phone Ringing ] Hello ? Hey, baby.
How are you ? I was hoping it'd be you. Yeah. Happy almost birthday.
Of course I'm still coming. I'm gonna be there
when it turns midnight. Oh, yes, yes, I'm bringing
something with me. Uh, it's a surprise. Well, if I told you, then--
That's right, baby. No. No way.
I'm not gonna give you a hint. No-- Shameless. Monique, you can't say that
on a cel phone. Yummy. All right,
I will give you a hint. I know you really want one, and
it's going to keep you very, very warm. Uh, give me five secs.
I'll call you back. - Hiya.
- Jimmy George, wait up a sec. - Come on, Rick.
I got people waiting for me. - Hey, that's Tyler ! - What're you lookin' at ?
- [ Laughs ] That's Tyler ! - Where d'you think you're goin' ?
- The A.C. executioner is standing right in front of me. - Were you talkin' to him ?
- Hey, do I ask what you do at work ? No shit. The man bets on his
own fights. Now that's confidence. - Come on, what do you want, Rick ?
- What's up your ass ? - I'm havin' a bad day, okay ?
- I want five large on Tyler. - Five large ? You got it
on you ? Let me see it. - What are you, a bank now ? I gotta put up front for the privilege
of betting on a lousy fight ? Yes, you do. Take it or leave it,
because I don't need the aggravation-- Have I ever stiffed you
one time, Jimmy ? Name one time. No, no, you never stiffed me.
It's just that you take forever to pay. - All right.
- Five grand. I'll see that a year from next Christmas. The guy is ten-to-one to win,
all right ? I can't make any money if I lay less than that. I got a very--
very important birthday. I wanna buy one of those
shorty fur coats they got at the designer shops over at Caesar's. You know how overpriced
they are. Listen, I missed the part
where any of this is my problem. I made a promise, Jimmy.
I gave my word to someone. - A man's word means nothing
to you, in your profession ? Please. - Come on. Cash means something to me.
Words mean something to somebody else-- All right. Don't move.
I'll be right back. - Cyrus !
- Hey. Hey ! Hey ! [ Crowd Chanting ]
Tyler ! Tyler ! Tyler ! [ Laughing ] [ Crashing,
Cyrus Groans ] Hey, hold it, pal.
Where do you think you're goin' ? - On the job, sport.
- Oh, shit. Sorry, sir. - Uh, you need a hand ?
- On, no, no. I got it. - Shit !
- You kinda went the stupid way, didn't you, Cyrus ? Ow ! Ow ! Ow ! Ow ! Ow !
I got a cut. I need a medic. Medic. Medic.
Medic. Medic. - Well, that's a start.
- What ? Wh-Wh-What do you want ? - What do you think ?
- No ! - Yes !
- Now, come on, this is not fair. Man, come on ! - Call a cop.
- [ Grunting, Groaning ] - Hey !
- No ! Get outta here, man ! [ Grunts ] You got the wrong attitude about all
of this, Cyrus. You gotta keep positive. See, when we have these little visits,
I allow you, I permit you, - [ Groaning ]
- I give you the opportunity... to pay for all the extra
police work that you create. - [ Panting ]
- [ Groaning Continues ] Now, doesn't it feel nice
to contribute to society for a change ? Come on ! Don't do that !
Oh, come on ! You got a bad attitude,
you hear, my friend ? What makes you think
you're better than me ? Friends, Cyrus.
Everybody loves Rick Santoro. Jimmy George ! [ Crowd Chanting ]
Tyler ! Tyler ! Tyler ! Three grand on Tyler.
This one's a little sticky-- - . I don't want this one.
- Why ? - There's blood all over it.
- Well, aren't you delicate. Tyler ! Whoo ! Neptune High, right ?
Check it out, right here ! Go, Sea Devils !
You and me, Tyler ! Yeah ! Go, Tyler ! - Get lost.
- Go, Tyler ! Go, Tyler ! Go, Tyler ! Go ! Go, Tyler ! Go, Tyler !
Go, Tyler ! Whoa ! Lincoln Tyler ! Lincoln Tyler !
Lincoln ! Ow ! - My lucky number seven.
- Gee, that's a new one, mister. You are sunshine on a stormy day.
You should work in the casino. - Oh, I'm gonna. I mean, I wanna.
- Yeah ? - This is just sort of temporary.
- Let me make a few phone calls. - Would you ?
- Yeah. Do you know how to deal blackjack ? - No.
- All right. Call me. I'm Rick. - This goes straight
to my special phone line. - [ Phone Ringing ] - Bye, mister. Bye !
- Hello ? - [ Fight Bell Rings ]
- Oh, yeah. No, hi, babe. [ Clears Throat ] No, I just had something
stuck in my throat. Well, tell him to go to sleep.
I'll talk to him in the morning. - No, I can't.
- [ Crowd Shouting ] That's why. All right, tell him I
love him and I'll-- No, Angela, don't-- Hi, Mikey. I know.
No, I didn't forget. I haven't seen him yet, but as soon
as I do, I'll ask him, all right ? All right. I love you too.
No, no, don't put Mommy-- Hi. I don't know. Late.
Later than that. Later than that. Yeah, sure, if they're open.
With extra cheese ? I don't care. I don't care !
I'm not gonna eat it ! Pepperoni, sausage,
Canadian bacon-- Listen, why don't you just get
the deluxe and save time, all right ? Look, I got business.
Call me back in five. There he is ! - You got a pass, sir ?
- It's all right. He's with me. - There's the man
whose life I want ! [ Laughs ] - You're late. You know me. Always upholding justice.
When did you get in ? Last night. I flew in from Norfolk
with Powell and the secretary. - Hey, is that him ?
- Tuck in your shirt and I'll introduce you. Jesus ! I get you a front row seat,
and you show up lookin' like Don Ho. Well, pardon my savoir faire,
Admiral. Why are you so uptight ? It's fight night ! I'm runnin' security tonight.
I got a lot on my mind. Kirkland's high profile.
He's all over the news... and brings the nutcases
out of the woodwork. He's a real publicity hound.
Look at this. And now, the distinguished
secretary of defence... of the United States of America,
Mr Charles Kirkland. [ Crowd Cheering ] And seated next to him is a man
that needs no introduction. [ Continues, lndistinct ] Great idea. Put a flashing light
on your head while you're at it. Your host for the evening,
Mr Gilbert Powell ! [ Crowd Cheering ] - Maintain focus
on the principal, mister. - Sorry, Commander. - Got your locator on ?
- Yes, sir. - Go cover the west exit.
- Yes, sir. Oh, and throw in a couple martinis
while you're at it. - It's fight night.
- Look. See that blip ? That's him. Look at you, .
Man, I'm so impressed. I wanna get your
autograph or somethin'. I can picture us like yesterday,
workin' summers on the beach, carrying the oars back
across the hot sand. No, me I can picture
carrying the oars. You were usually under the boardwalk
with a cute piece of jailbait. - It's me, your lucky number !
- Listen, I gotta hit you up for something. Mikey's crazy about
submarines right now. I mean, everything's submarines with him, and he wanted me to ask you
if you'd get him a ride on one. Well, sure, Rick. We'll dock the Polaris
right out at the steel pier. Come on. This is the kind
of thing godfathers do. Come with us. I promise I won't
embarrass the brass. I haven't been on the water
since the Renville, but I'll pull some strings for Michael. - How's Angela ?
- Fat, fantastic. I love her. What about the other one ?
What's her name ? Candy ? Monique. Skinny, mean, expensive.
I love her. [ Man Shouts ] - Ow, yeah ! Ow ! Yeah !
- Come on. [ Applause, Cheering ] Yeah ! Look at--
Yeah, baby ! Go, baby ! Yeah ! You got a wife, a kid,
a house in Margate, a girlfriend
and an apartment. Bein' a cop
pays six figures now ? I save coupons.
Are you my conscience ? You could use one.
Does Angela know about Monique ? See, now there's a good idea. What are
you gonna do, turn me in again ? That was just to teach you a lesson.
You never shoplifted again, did you ? - No, I never got caught again.
Angela's happy, trust me. - Angela's not happy. She's just uninformed. Maybe if she knew
the rules, she could play the game too. Listen, if Angela knew the rules,
there would be no game. Rule number one:
Angela can't know all the rules. Look, I'm not like you,
Kevin. I can't have sex with the same woman for years. - It's not natural.
- Terry likes to talk to me during sex. -Last night, she called me from a hotel.
-[ Laughing ] Go, Lincoln ! [ Cheering, Shouting ] Does that
seem right to you ? Kevin, that is right
in so many ways. No, I mean, who's she with ?
Not the guy next to her. Beautiful woman
alone at a fight. Sexy lady.
What's the problem ? You've gotta get outta this town.
You know that, don't you ? Would you stop going
all Jiminy Cricket on me. You can't help yourself, can you ? No, really. I mean,
get your butt down to D.C. I call a few guys I know from Annapolis,
arrange some interviews, get you a G.S. rating,
you're in our programme. Bureau of Diplomatic Security
pays double what your salary is here, and the money's clean. All right, all right. You gotta fix
my life later. I got money on this. I wanna stay in a good mood.
You know, keep positive. Because this is fight night ! Don't make Michael
grow up here. This isn't a beach town
any more. It's a sewer. But it's my sewer, Jiminy,
and I love it. I kick around about six square blocks.
Everybody knows me. I got the whole town wired. Someday if I
manage to get my face on TV a few times, maybe I'll run for mayor or something,
but that's as far as I want to go. Because I was made for this sewer,
baby, and I am the king ! [ Fight Bell Dings ] [ Announcers, lndistinct ] He's taunting the champ
mercilessly. I haven't seen
this kind of disrespect... shown to a heavyweight
champion in the ring since-- Would you stop playing
and fight ! - Buster Douglas.
- Buster Douglas, exactly. The condition he's in,
sooner or later-- - Look at Ruiz dance around !
The crowd is loving it ! - She's not watching the fight. - Or hating it.
- Or hating it. Exactly. What they came to see
tonight was a professional heavyweight championship fight, and that is not
what they're getting, and you better believe they are letting
these fighters know it. You know,
I seriously wonder just how seriously the champ is taking this fight. - [ Shouting Cheering ]
- [ Announcer Continues ] The champ has shown up here tonight
in the worst condition of his career. Yeah, I've got
to agree with you. - There was a lot of speculation
about the condition he was in. - [ Phone Ringing ] Hello ? Hey, baby,
kind of a bad time right now. What ? All right.
Guess quick, okay ? All right. The hint was, you really
want it and it'll keep you warm. No, Monique, it's not that.
I mean, I had that. It goes where I go. You know what l-- Hang on. Wha-- Oh, Jesus, Angela !
The fight's starting. What ? The deluxe
has meatballs, baby ! All right, I gotta go.
The fight's starting. Listen, I gotta go.
The fight's starting. Hey, I dig affection, baby,
but not while I'm driving. - Oh, I'm sorry.
- That seat's taken. Oh, but you can sit here. - Well, I'll just need one minute.
- Me too. - [ Laughs ]
- [ Announcers Continue, lndistinct ] - It's in the pocket.
- Have you been writing to me ? - [ Fighters Punching ]
- [ Shouting ] Yeah, go Sea Devils ! [ Announcer ] Holy cow !
The challenger is down ! Ruiz is down ! What a punch
by Lincoln Tyler ! - Ruiz was pushing it ! He was--
- [ Loud Thud ] -He head-butted !
-Oh, he head-butted ! It's a head-butt ! - Here comes the pain, baby !
- Oh, he must not-- Didn't he see that ? - Here comes the pain !
- This is a potentially devastating blow to the champ. I can't see if it's opened up
a cut over his eye or not. We saw it in the Holyfield-Tyson match,
and we see it here. - You're a bum, Lincoln Tyler !
How can you-- - He's down ! Listen to me, Mr Secretary.
I am telling you, you are the one that's gonna be sorry. - [ Phone Ringing ]
- [ Referee ] Get back ! Neutral corner. Hello. What ?
Who are you ? Where ? - My lucky number ?
- [ Gunshot ] - What ?
- [ Woman Screaming ] [ Crashing ] [ Silenced Gunshot ] [ Gasping ] [ Screaming, Shouting ] Principal is down. Hey ! - [ Gunshot ]
- [ Woman Screams ] [ Gunshot ] [ Gunshot ] [ Gunshots Continue ] [ Screaming Continues ] Kevin ! Kevin, he's down !
The man is down ! Get outta here ! Oh, yeah ?
Screw you, man ! Tommy, get this scum
out of here ! - Oh, Jesus.
- There were two hits. The girl next to me, she threatened him, took something,
got shot and ran away. [ Screaming Continues ] - Oh, my God !
- Shut down the arena. - Shit. Is he dead ?
- Get on your goddam radio and shut down the arena ! - Hey, be careful !
- Let go of me ! - What happened to you ?
- Would you please ju-- - What's going on ? Come back here !
- Let go of me ! Let's get this gurney up !
Let's go ! Come on, make a hole through there !
Get that crowd outta the way ! Come on ! Tell him to bring
that ambulance through the main entrance into the arena tunnel ! You're gonna be all right.
You are gonna be all right, Charles. You're going to the hospital
right now. You're gonna be okay. You have my word on that. Come on, come on ! Get those people
outta the tunnel ! Move it, there ! He's gonna die, Rick.
This is my fault. I should never have left my seat.
I opened up a sight line. I was off the deck. What the hell
was I doing ? This is my fault ! What the hell is the matter
with you ? Don't talk shit like that where people can hear. You don't understand.
I pulled rank on regular detail and took command of security. I told them the secretary
would be better protected with me running the operation, because I know the area, the layout of
the arena and the local law enforcement. I get assigned, I step
out of position, the secretary takes a bullet in the throat. - Why were you out of position ?
- I should never have left him. I could be court-martialled ! That is not gonna happen !
We're not gonna let that happen. Do you understand ? You are not going to prison,
so you just forget about that ! All right, back up.
Why were you out of position ? The girl-- the redhead--
I went over to check her out. She ran, and
I followed her up here. Don't say "redhead" and don't say
"girl." Say "suspicious character." You followed a suspicious character,
and when you got up here, you saw an assassin fire,
so you took him out, end of story. Rick, leaving my post is dereliction
of duty. It's gross negligence. You killed the assassin !
You saved the day ! You're a hero, Kevin. That's what
happened, and that's how we'll spin it. - It wasn't procedure.
- Screw procedure ! Look, who do you think
you're talking to ? I'm not some beat cop that needs
you to plant a piece for him. Kevin, if there's one thing I know,
it's how to cover my ass. I see this shit happen
every day. What you say and do right this minute
is gonna change the rest of your life. Go to confession later,
but don't bury yourself now ! [ Man ]
Clear it out ! Comin' through. [ Thunder Rumbling ] [ Rick ] Those are state cops.
They're gaming enforcement. They're gonna try and muscle us,
but we're not gonna let that happen. If we're first contact when the feds get
here, everybody writes from our report, and your story holds up
because we say so. [ Sighs ] We just gotta keep
all the media outta here till then. How long will it take
the feds to get here ? [ Man ] No comment.
This is an active investigation. F.B.I.'s gotta come from Trenton,
so that's an hour, maybe an hour and a half
with the storm. So we just gotta fight these
guys for an hour and a half, and you're in the clear, okay ? - I can't lie, Rick.
- It isn't lying ! You just tell 'em what you did right,
and you leave out the rest ! [ Man ] Shouldn't even be here.
This is a crime scene. Or you can throw away
your whole career. Gordon Pritzker,
Division of Gaming Enforcement. What the hell is going on here ? with
an officer-involved shooting. Secretary Kirkland
was shot in the neck. Paramedics just wheeled him out,
and that's the perpetrator. Security detail leader
took him out during the shooting. That's right.
Commander Kevin Dunne. I'm with D.O.D. - Who are you ?
- Atlantic City, Major Crimes. - I'll take it now.
- No, bullshit you will. This isn't my blood, all right ?
It's the secretary's. I was sitting right in front of him. I'm a homicide detective
and a material witness. This is mine about six different ways ! A.C. cops got no
business in the casino. This is strictly D.G.E.
and state police. We're not on the casino floor,
Gordo ! And this arena ain't the Millennium yet ! It's Atlantic City, New Jersey,
and that belongs to me ! I'm acting case agent until relieved
by appropriate federal authority ! Now, you want to help,
you go tell your men to get all the media outta here right now ! Unless you want the : news
to give the secretary's wife and kids... a close-up look
at his internal organs. Phil, Jim, make this whole
arena a crime scene. Shut it down. Nobody goes in or out till
the main investigating party gets here. You're the one who told them
to seal the doors ? You can't hold people
in these goddam exit tunnels ! Yes, we did,
and yes, we can. Those are
eyewitnesses ! - Excuse me--
- We can just take as long as it takes... to get addresses
and phone numbers... and take pictures,
now that I think about it. [ Thunder Rumbling ] Let's get the hell
outta here. [ Laughs ]
You're home free, baby. All right.
The woman who ran away-- You said, she, uh--
she took something. What was it ? - It was in a manila
envelope about this big. - What did she look like ? Caucasian, late 's,
dressed in white, blood everywhere. She had a blonde wig,
dark hair underneath. All right. You stay here with
every uniform you can get. I'll run a top-to-bottom and find her.
You guys, come with me. [ Man ] Excuse me. Excuse me.
Commander Dunne, sir ? Could you give us the identity
of the assassin, please ? - Sir, how does it feel to be a hero ?
- Hey, you, get outta here. We told you never to talk to the people
here. No press in the arena. I said no press inside the arena, Lou.
Not in the arena ! Hey, I could see why you want
these other assholes outta here, but I didn't think
you were talking about me too ! - You know what kind
of break this is for me ? - You can't show this. Look at the mess on the floor.
The guy's got a family. Have a heart, for Christ's sakes. All right. I won't shoot
the spaghetti, then. Come on. Whenever
they make statements, they always have one pool reporter
asking all the questions. That's the way they do it.
Come on. Let me be the guy. - Have you got the playback
for the pay-per-view up there ? - Yeah, right up here. Look, you don't know what
this would mean to me, Rick. You think I want to do
this, this pay-per-view shit for the rest of my life ? Do you know how Rather
got his break ? - The goddam Kennedy assassination !
- Ah, you make me sick, Lou. Hey, if you're gonna be on TV,
who better asking you the questions... than your old pal Lou, huh ? Plus, I can have two grand cash
in an hour and a half. You are a disgusting
human being. Hey, five grand in an hour. - Congratulations, Lou. You're the guy !
- Yes ! Hook up out in the hallway. I don't
want to see one TV camera inside. - Right.
- This whole arena's a crime scene. Hey, Rick, I gotta tell you, I will
always be there for you, my friend. Oh, yeah. See if you can find me
another shirt if I'm going on TV. I don't wanna
look like this. - Gotta be, you know,
classy like you, Lou. - Yeah. And, uh-- Yeah.
Here's your hundred back. All bets are off. [ Chattering, Shouting ] Secretary of defence
gets his head blown off, and you want to look
at the knockout punch. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up. Stop. How many cameras
do you have on it ? - I got four.
- All right. Let me see 'em all. [ Tape Rolling ] I'll be damned. Air ball. What kind
of a Sea Devil is that ? - [ Police Announcement, lndistinct ]
- [ Sobbing ] Oh, God. What did you
get yourself into ? Look here. Mr Tyler, he ain't
in the mood to talk to nobody. You see where your hand is ?
That's a felony. [ Thunder Rumbling ] [ Door Closes ] [ Roars ] Give me a "C" !
Give me an "H" ! Give me an "A-M-P" !
What's that spell ? Everybody ! Champ. Lincoln, how ya doin' ?
Good to see you again, eh. - What, am I supposed to know you ?
- Rick Santoro. Neptune High.
Fellow Sea Devil. Class of ' . - I don't remember you.
- Come on. You must have seen me play. My hair was long then,
but whose wasn't, right ? - Mr Santoro.
- Detective. Detective Santoro. Now, I know it might be
a bad time, but could I get you to sign
an autograph for my son ? He thinks you're the greatest,
just the greatest. "To Mikey." I bet if you saw my graduation picture,
the face would ring a bell. Look, I don't
know you, okay ? Lincoln, you hurt my feelings,
and after I dropped ten grand on you. You know what ? I think it
would show more respect... if you address my client
as Mr Tyler. I'll call him Mr "T" ! The night
he beat Rocky Balboa, if he wants. He's a bad pony.
I don't have to tell you, right ? Yeah. Yeah, I saw Jimmy George.
You know, the bookie. He was coming out of here
before the fight. How much did you lose ?
Or did you win ? Know what I mean ? - Wasn't his night--
- I'll say. Hey, look. The guy was a great fighter.
He fought very furiously. You know, you've never been
knocked out your whole career. I mean, ever ! Since your first
Golden Gloves in what, ' ? I'd know.
I've seen all your fights. What with us both being
from the same school and both being Sea Devils and all. The man head-butted me, and
I don't remember anything after that. Excuse me, Lincoln. Would you drink
a glass of water or something ? You're lying so much, your mouth
dried up, and you're making that funny-- that smacking sound. Let me remind you
who you're talking to, hot shot. Lincoln Tyler
is a significant public figure. He's a goddam pillar
of this community. Let's keep that in mind,
or this little interview that we're having here is over. - Look, the guy-- the secretary--
he's dead, isn't he ? - Lincoln, Lincoln. - If you have a question,
let me ask it for you. - Look, Mickey ! I just want to know
if the guy is dead. Is he dead ? Um, the smart money
ain't on him. That's it. That is it.
[ Laughs ] Do you know who you reminded me
of out there ? Sonny Liston ! Remember in ' they said,
"Hey, Sonny, don't take any chances. "Ali almost killed you
the first time. Take the payday.
First punch, you go down." Flop. Splat.
That's you ! - That's you !
- Detective, either arrest him or leave. What would I arrest him for ?
What would I arrest you for ? - Getting up too quick ?
- What ? What ? Come on.
I saw you, and you saw me. Don't pretend like you don't
know who I am, girlie man. You wanted it
to look like a knockout, but when you heard the gunshots,
your eyes were open in half a second. Totally understandable reaction,
but it ruined the performance, don't you think ? What the hell do you want ?
The man knocked me out ! I looked at the fight tape,
Lincoln ! Yeah ! It was a phantom punch !
A little bad Hollywood acting, but the athletic commission
might find it interesting. And a second after you go down,
an assassin fires. Well, that's some coincidence !
I guess they don't call you the "Executioner" for nothing ! And you sign my kid's
autograph ! All right, that's it.
Everybody get out. - Listen to me. This guy's a snake.
- Mickey ! What don't you understand about this ?
Get the hell outta here ! Go on, get out ! [ Thunder Rumbling ] [ Sighs ]
His name ? Michael Santoro. [ Man On Loudspeaker ]
This is a crime scene. In order to exit the arena,
we must see an authentic picture l.D. If you cannot produce one,
you must step to the left... where the officer
will take your photograph... and record your name
and address. I'll say this one more time.
No one, with no exceptions, will be allowed to exit the arena
until your identity has been recorded. Everyone's cooperation
will be greatly appreciated. [ Grunts ] Watch your step. [ Man ] Hey, hey, hey ! I said
no press in the arena, goddam it ! [ Men Shouting ] Move to the right.
Clear the way. [ Siren Wails ] [ Chattering Continues ] [ Indistinct Shouting ] That punk fights like a bitch. He got no snap in his punches. He swings
with his arm, no shoulder muscles. You threw the fight. If I say yes, can we
cut some kind of deal ? You don't need a deal.
I'm not gonna say anything to anybody. You pay me back
the ten grand I lost, plus $ for shaming the ring,
and I forgive you. - [ Glasses Clink ]
- What'd you do it for ? You can't need the money.
You gotta be worth millions. - They didn't tell me
they were gonna kill somebody. - Who ? Who didn't tell you ? Look, man. See,
you just don't understand. I just gave away the one thing
I know that makes me me. [ Sighs ] The heavyweight championship. Now that I don't
even have that, I don't even know
who I am any more. - What did they have on you ?
- [ Indistinct Shouting ] - Get 'em outta here, Cyrus.
- Oh, yo ! Pay-per-view, huh ? Oh, man, great shot, buddy. Yeah,
great shot. Great shot. Terrific. Come on,
take a hike, okay ? - This is so good.
- There's cameras everywhere, for Christ's sake. What about if the guy from
the commission comes in here, he wants to check your gloves. What are you gonna do, retire
and live on your savings, huh ? What savings ? You gotta have this
freak show here tonight of all nights. - Mickey, Mickey, Mickey.
Come here, Mickey ! - Forget about it, Cyrus. - Come on !
- I did not go to law school for this. - Mickey, I can't--
- What ? Keep your shirt on, Cyrus. Come on, Mickey.
I'm trying to do this here. - Four, right ?
- No, no, no, no. - Four, Mickey !
- I said three. The deal was three. - Four !
- Hey, Mick. - What do you want ?
- Just a second. Give me . - I got a quick question.
- Take a hike. - Come on, man !
- I'm gonna get you later. Get outta here. I'm gettin' a lot of bets-- very large
bets against Lincoln, that is. I'm just wondering
what the fuck is going on. - Would you please lower your voice ?
- Okay, look, I'm sorry. It's just everybody knows
Lincoln likes the action, right ? I mean, what I'm saying is
Lincoln likes to gamble, right ? It's not exactly a secret. Never on boxing. I've been through
all this shit with the commission. - I do not have to explain it to you.
- I know about the commission. - Never on boxing.
- You're right. Yeah, that's right, okay ? He's in pretty heavy at some
of the casinos, isn't he ? And some people are saying that
maybe he's looking to clean up the books a little. Maybe Lincoln's decided
tonight's not his night. You actually come to tell him there's
a lot of action against him ? - Then you have the nerve
to accuse him of what ? - You know what I'm saying. I've never been this
offended in my life. I want you to tell Lincoln what you
just said to me. Come on. Hey, Lincoln ? Jimmy's got something really
interesting to tell you. Listen to this. - Go on, tell him.
- Forget it. Forget everything I said. - Come on. Listen.
- Knock him dead, champ. Jimmy George,
wait up a second. - Hey, come on, Rick.
I got people waiting for me. - Hey. Hey. Hey ! - That's Tyler !
- Hey, what are you looking at ? Go buy a ticket. You are never
gonna get away with this. - Get out of my face, Mickey.
- Look at me ! - No. No, no, no, no, no !
- Look at yourself ! Bleed, Mickey ! Bleed !
You taught me that. [ Grunting ]
Remember ? No, no. No way, man.
You got yourself into this. You get caught,
you lose my phone number. I told you,
you can't live like you do. You make yourself vulnerable.
Everybody wants a piece of you. - Well, look at this, man.
They got all of you now. - [ Grunts ] That's beautiful. That is--
That's terrif-- That's great. - That's great. Jesus Christ !
- Mickey ? - Yeah ? Cyrus, here.
- Come on, Mickey. I got bills to pay. - Take that and get lost.
- Best of the best, right, Mr Tyler ? - Come on, get outta here. Move along.
- Tyler ! Tyler ! Tyler ! Tyler !
[ Grunting ] Tyler ! Ty-- -Words mean something to somebody else--
-All right, don't move. - I'll be right back. Cyrus ! Cyrus !
- Yo, yo. - Cyrus !
- Yo ! How much were you
into the casinos for ? Enough. The people that set this up
said if I dropped this one, they'd square
everything I owed. Plus, if I lose to an underdog,
it would set me up for a rematch, and the rematch
is where the real money is. They didn't say what round
they wanted it in. They were gonna let me know during the
fight. There was a guy in the front row. They told me what he was gonna say, and
he was gonna be the signal to go down. I ain't never
gonna forget those words: "Here comes the pain." It was all I could do to keep from
taking him out. Just one punch. Shove that radio right through
the side of his head. - Radio ?
- Yeah. He had one of those things
in his ear. Anyway, the fight started. Come on, man.
Come on, old man. Let's see
what you got, old man. - I couldn't get that sack of shit
to take a decent swing at me. - Is that all you got ? He wouldn't stop talking, like he
was gonna bullshit me to death. Gotta do better than that.
Come on, baby ! Ohhh ! Come on, now !
You're too slow, old man. Come on ! What you gonna do to me, huh ?
[ Grunting ] [ Laughs ]
That's what I'm talking about. Whoo-hoo-hoo !
Yeah ! Come on, baby ! Come on !
Come on ! Let's see what you got ! Let me see what you got, old man.
Come on, bring it to me. Come on ! Come on !
Yeah ! - [ Grunting ]
- [ Laughing ] Yeah, I'm right here.
I'm right here. What are you trying to do
with that stuff you got ? Come on. You're too slow ! I was just trying
to shut him up. I barely even tapped him, and I almost won the fight. [ Rick ln Audience ]
Go, Sea Devils ! [ Referee ]
One, two... three, four... five... six... seven... eight-- [ Sighs ] - Are you okay ?
- Yeah. Yeah. Get it on ! [ Grunting ] You punch like a bitch !
This is a fight ! Get-- [ Crowd Booing ] And he did head-butt me.
I wasn't lying about that. Everything went wrong. It was like
he was trying to screw up the deal. - I'll stop the fight.
- No ! - Right after that, I got the signal.
- Are you all right ? - Are you sure ?
- It was quicker than I thought. - Maybe they were getting nervous.
- Let's get it on. Here comes the pain, baby !
Here comes the pain ! - Here comes the pain !
- I showed you what it's about ! I wasn't supposed to go down right away.
They were very clear about that. I had to take a punch, fall
back into the corner, let him charge in and knock me out... because they wanted everybody
up on their feet, distracted, giving him a clear shot
right through the count. But that punkass son of a bitch
didn't sweep through the punch, and I was so far into the act
in my own head, you know, by the time I realized he didn't
connect, I was already in the corner. - [ Grunting ]
- You're a bum, Tyler ! How could you do this to me ?
He's a bum ! Get back !
Neutral corners. Get back ! Stay there ! One... two... three... four-- [ Gunshots, Screaming ] But nobody
was supposed to die. - She never said anything about that.
- She ? She ? - [ Thunder Rumbling ]
- You hear that storm out there ? - I wish it would blow
this whole town away. - No, no, no. Who's she ? She's the one who came to me
in the first place, told me I was supposed to go down. - I never met anybody else but her.
- Did you get a name ? Yeah, name, address, serial
number, by colour picture. You wanna look at that too ? Do you remember anything
unusual about her ? - Her hair, maybe.
- What about it ? It was bright red,
like it was on fire. A Palestinian who's lived in the
United States for the last six years. He's believed to be linked
to a series of threatening letters... written to various defence secretaries
expressing outrage... over the sale of missile systems
and other weaponry to lsrael. A handwritten note
was found on Rabat's body. Would you hold that
up too, please ? Apparently he intended it
to be found after the shooting. Uh, Commander, what's
in the note, sir ? I can't disclose that until
it's been studied by investigators. Commander, could you give us the
condition of the secretary, please ? He was taken
to Atlantic City Medical Center, but, uh, I have no other
information at this time. That's all I can say until the F.B.I.
joins the investigation. Thank you, Commander.
That was Commander Kevin Dunne. [ Continues, lndistinct ] - Did you find her ?
- No. She might have gone into the casino. There's a dozen service doors from here
to there. We couldn't watch all of them. - Well, double the men you
have at the casino exits. - I gotta talk to you. - What is it ?
- Let's go somewhere private. Just because a guy has something plugged
into his ear doesn't mean-- I asked.
Tyler says it was a radio. Okay, we'll check it out.
But a compulsive gambler who admits he took a dive... might not turn out
to be the best witness in the world. It's not just him.
I'm betting the redhead is the person who told Tyler to throw the fight. She's one, shooter's two, Tyler's three,
the drunk who shouted the signal's four, and whoever was on the other end
of that radio is five. Five people
make a conspiracy, right ? Yeah, yeah. Look, anything's possible,
but I gotta tell you... we got a file an inch thick
on this guy Rabat. He's a well-known nutcase. It was clear
he was ready to die for his cause. That's a suicide note. You know, "l fly into the arms
of Allah," shit like that. He was all worked up
about our missile sales to lsrael, and it's conceivable that he found out
about the Norfolk test. Norfolk test ?
What's that ? Kevin, I know it's classified,
but I am the investigating officer in a murder now. All right. But what are you
chasing this for ? You don't get out of bed unless
there's an angle in it for you. Guys get elected president
just for being in the right place at the right time. I only want to be mayor. Look, part of what
I'm going to tell you, it could bury me. I hope you can keep this
between us. Kevin, you're talking
to your best friend. And loyalty's my only vice.
So what's the problem ? The problem is that
I was in too good a mood. That trip to Norfolk
was for a weapons test... for the AirGuard, Powell's
new antimissile defence system. It's light years ahead of the
Sea Sparrows our ships have now. If we had this in the Gulf
when the Renville-- After the Renville incident the old man
picked me to sell it to congress. Everybody at D.O.D. wanted it to work,
and it did. The test went beautifully. By the time we got to the fight
tonight, we were all high as kites. I let the excitement get to me.
I lost my edge. - [ Dunne ]
Can I see your ticket, please ? - My what ? Your ticket, ma'am.
I need to see your ticket for this seat. Oh, my ticket. Um, yeah, sure.
I think I have it here. [ Fighters Punching ] [ Crowd Cheering ] [ Dunne ]
Hey ! [ Dunne ] Hold on a minute.
I was talking to you back there. Where do you think
you're going ? I'm going to the ladies' room.
Is that okay with you ? In the middle of the first round ?
You're not much of a fight fan, I guess. Look, uh, Sarge,
I don't know who you are, but you have no right
to hassle me like this. I get paid
to hassle people. Show me your ticket, or I'll have you escorted out. Okay, okay. I don't have a ticket.
I mean, I have a ticket, but it's way up there
in the nosebleed seats... and l-l couldn't
see a thing, so-- Listen, I do this all the time.
They always let me get away with it. - Come on. It's no big deal.
- It is tonight. - What's so special about tonight ?
- Very important man in the crowd. Oh. And you're, uh,
what, his bodyguard ? That must be
a very exciting job. - Yeah, it's got its moments.
- [ Silenced Gunshots ] I was three feet away
from a known terrorist, and I had my eyes buried
in some broad's tits. Well, Kevin, this might not make you
feel better, but don't you see ? That's what she was there for.
That was the plan. To give you a boner.
And you got one. - Congratulations. You're human.
- Come on, Rick. Look on the bright side. I like you
better. Golden boy screwed up. Wait a minute. We need to be very,
very careful with this. We go out there and yell conspiracy,
it's like waving a lunatic flag. We gotta get our hands on the redhead
or the guy that shouted the signal. If they're still
in the building. And the woman who was
talking to the secretary. I'll stay after her,
and you find the other two. No, no. This is wrong.
We're never gonna find anything just walking around the arena. What if they've gone into the casino ?
I'm going up to surveillance. They've got cameras all over the place.
Just bitchin' technology. All right,
you do that while I check with security, see if they found anything. [ Lock Beeping ] [ Thunder Rumbling ] Well, I finally understand
why you didn't want me to worry about your shooter. One less terrorist
in the world. At least he did something
productive on his way out. Did he know he was
on a suicide mission ? He does now. With all due respect, sir, we should
have been out of here minutes ago. [ Sighs ]
Things have changed. We need to make
an adjustment. A local cop
made both of you. - What ?
- Made us ? How ? It's not important. He's searching
the building for you right now. So what do we do ?
Take him out ? - That's not an option.
- It's the only option. Negative.
Not with this guy. - Let's move out.
- Yes, sir. You do have a contingency plan,
don't you, sir ? - Yes, but I don't like it.
- Why not ? Because a soldier
deserves better. - [ Grunts ]
- Jesus Christ ! [ Grunts, Groans ] Wait. I've been shot.
Oh, I've been shot. - I'm shot.
- I'm sorry. [ Silenced Gunshot ] [ Thunder Rumbling ] [ Man ] We got cameras--
on the casino side, on the hotel side, quadruple
redundancy on the gaming floor. -If they're down there, we'll find them.
-I appreciate it, Walt. No problem. You think one of these
people's your shooter ? - We already got the shooter.
- Then, what are you looking for ? - Where do we start ?
- You tell me. - Lobby.
- . - Can you go to the right ?
- . Keep moving.
Let's go by section. [ Rick ]
Keep going. No. Hey, C.J., punch up
the guy in the checkered shirt. - What about him ?
- Coin cup grabber. Look. Watch the money. - You know him ?
- Nah, you just get to read body language. There he goes.
There he goes. See, somebody
wants to play the slots, they're staring at the machines trying
to guess which one's lucky. Grabber could care less.
He checks out the people. He's like a pickpocket,
only crude, you know ? No skills. - Keep going ?
- Keep going. [ Dunne On TV ] The identity
of the assassin is Tarik ben Rabat. Thirty-seven years old.
A Palestinian... - who's lived in the United States
for the last six years. - Oh, my God. - He's believed to be linked
to a series of threatening-- - Excuse me. Excuse me. You down on the race ? - [ Dunne Continues, lndistinct ]
- Oh. Yeah. Me too. - Yeah.
- [ Man ] We got two men covering every casino exit door. Nobody's seen her yet. Keep 'em there. We'll search
the floor section by section. You are hot.
[ Laughs ] So, you wanna come back to my room
and have a little fun together ? [ Man ]
Best idea-- Um, who's, uh--
who's winning ? Looks like the number four
horse, Daddy's Hobby. Yeah ? [ Sighs ]
Ooh, God, I'm hot. - Do you have air conditioning ?
- Huh ? - In your room, air conditioning.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. - Yeah ?
- I keep it turned down real low. What you want ? I need a word
with Mr Tyler. I want to apologize, sir,
for not securing the infra-reds. The shooter missed the girl.
There was nothing you could do. Walter, I think we got another hooker
in the Princess Lounge. - Punch up .
- Excuse me a second. She hasn't been there five minutes,
she can't take her hands off him. - Oh, my God, that's her !
- You said she had red hair. - No, somebody else. Where's that bar ?
- I don't think-- -Walt, they're leaving.
-Don't worry, Ricky. I'll stay with 'em. Come on, grab a radio,
stay on channel three. - Here we go. Place your bets.
- Now. You can't win
if you don't play. [ Continues, lndistinct ] [ Chattering, Laughing ] - That's her.
- We've located the girl. - Okay.
- Come on. - Where is she ?
- Over there, by the elevators. - I got it from here. Thanks.
- Done, sir. I don't see her, Walt.
Walt, where is she ? Walt ! You're on the opposite
side of the floor. They're playing the "Magnificent Seven"
near the lobby elevators. Got 'em. Just playing
the spare change. Yeah. Um, l--
I wanna go upstairs. - Oh, yeah, yeah. Me too. Me too.
- Yeah. Um, I wanna go-- - [ Bell Ringing ]
- Yes ! [ Machine Dispensing Coins ] - Hey !
- I wanna go upstairs now ! - Hey.
- And if you don't come with me, I'm sure somebody else will. Change of plans.
They're at the elevators. Hang a right. Wait a minute. Shit ! - I missed her. Got her on the box ?
- Yeah, Ricky, I got 'em. I'm taking this elevator.
Tell me what floor they're on. So, what kind of music
do you like ? - Ow ! What ?
- I'm sorry. I just wanted a hug. - What floor ?
- Thirty-five. What ? - What ?
- Nothing. I just want
to get upstairs. Walt, I gotta know
what floor. I can't make out the buttons.
It's a high one. Can you pick 'em up
when they get off ? I'd have to check
floor by floor. I'd lose 'em. Hang on.
I got an idea. [ Murmuring ] Come on, Walt. [ Walt ]
Yeah, this is McGahn in Security. Do we have a Ned Campbell
staying at the hotel ? [ Woman ]
No, wait. It's going up. Walt ! - [ Elevator Bell Dings ]
- What room ? - .
- You're a genius. [ Chattering, Laughing ] Come on. Come on. [ Chattering Continues ]
Ooh, yeah ! [ Woman Laughing ]
Oh, my God ! [ Chattering, Laughter ] [ Woman ]
Please ! Come on ! - [ Radio Weather Broadcast ]
- Oh, the weather is more important than me, baby ? Look at me.
Look at me ! Yeah ! - Honey, there's a hurricane on.
- So what ? I'm hot. - Come on !
- Oh, you wanna play rough, huh ? - [ Laughing ]
- I'll give you a little hurricane. [ Laughing Continues ]
Ooh, I love it ! [ TV Newscaster ]
Secretary of Defence Charles Kirkland... is in critical condition at the
Atlantic City Medical Center... after being struck
by an assassin's bullet... while attending a boxing match
at the Atlantic City Arena. We've been getting live updates
from the only reporter allowed inside the arena, a Lou Logan of
Powell Pay-Per-View Television-- - **** [ Hard Rock ]
- [ Shouting, Laughing ] Could you hold it down in there ?
People are trying to sleep ! [ Newscaster Continues ]
We've also learned that Rabat left a suicide note... which was found on his body
by police in the moments after the shooting took place. **** [ Disco ] [ Sighs ] Ohh. **** [ Disco Continues ] Hi. I hope you don't mind.
I borrowed your shirt. Oh, not at all. I happen to think women
look very sexy in men's shirts. - Oh ? [ Laughs ]
- [ Chuckles ] - Okay.
- Um, can you-- Just hold on
one minute, okay ? Oh, okay. Oh, please ! Excuse me ! You're the one
who was practically giving me the knob job down in the bar. I'm sorry. I need a place where
I can just wait, and then I'll go. A place where you can just wait and go.
Well, what do you think this is, [ Shouts ]
a bus stop ? What, are you on drugs ? I should've
figured this out. You look like hell. Did you come up here to rob me ?
ls that what you were thinking ? - Look, I'm in trouble.
Somebody shot at me, okay ? - Now I've heard everything. Go. Do you know what's going on tonight ?
Have you heard ? Listen, I am a very happily married man,
and I don't need your kind of trouble. - So let's go.
- Just a half an hour. - No, wait, please ! [ Screams ]
- Get out ! - It's all right.
- Who are you ? - Take a walk.
- What the hell's going on here ? I said take a walk ! It's my room, damn it ! Hi. Remember me ?
I'm Detective Santoro. - I shoved you out of the way
of that bullet. - Yeah. Can you please help me ?
I need to get out of this building. The first thing we're gonna do is
get you outta this room. - So you can calm down.
We're gonna have a little talk, okay ? - Yeah. This hotel sucks ! - What's the problem ?
- Some guy just busted into my room. - What guy ? Where ?
- Come on. I'll show ya. There I am, minding my own business,
writing a letter to my lovely wife, and some guy
just busts in. She must've gone with him.
Hey, is that a silencer ? What did he look like ? - Where are we going ?
What's the matter with you ? - H-He's following me. You're with me now.
You're safe. I'm a cop. I'm gonna protect you
and serve you. We got a very cosy little
step here, so why don't we just sit down and calm down. - Take a deep breath. How's your arm ?
- Oh, it's fine, thanks. - You're not gonna die on me ?
- No. - We can talk for a minute ?
- Yeah. Okay. - Uh, no, thank you.
- [ Thunder Rumbling ] Um, why'd you run
away from me ? You know what ? I don't know.
I don't know what I'm doing. All right. I'm not interested
in what you don't know. What I'm interested in
is what you do know. Please. Okay. Um-- I, uh, I work
at Powell Aircraft. I put together the ballistics reports
we issue after weapons tests. - You're talking about missiles ?
- Right. Now, the newest missile, the AirGuard,
I've been tracking its results... for the past couple of months,
and they are perfect. These tests are never perfect,
so I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know
who I could trust. I sent an anonymous E-mail
to Secretary Kirkland... telling him that I suspected
that these results were doctored. He actually wrote me back,
and he told me to get him proof. Yesterday, I got it, and I told him that
I wanted to give it to him in person. He told me to bring it
to the fight tonight. [ Woman ] Secretary Kirkland,
welcome to Atlantic City. Are you here on official business ? Not for a couple of hours.
I'm just another fight fan. [ Julia ]
I couldn't get near him when they first came in. Powell was all over him. The South Jersey worker
we are interested in tonight... is the Atlantic City
Executioner. [ Julia ] So I decided
to wait until the fight started. And I had no idea
where they were sitting, so I went up top to get a better view. [ Cheering, Shouting ] [ Rick ] All right.
Hold it, hold it. Stop right there. This is Dunne
you're talking about. -Naval uniform ? Commander Kevin Dunne ?
-Right. - Talking with Rabat
before he shoots Kirkland ? - Yeah. - I recognized him,
and I'd just seen him come in. - No, then you saw wrong. It wasn't Dunne.
He could not be a part of it. Will you just listen
to the rest ? - Oh, I'm sorry.
- [ Man ] That seat's taken. Oh, but you
can sit here. - Well, I'll just need one minute.
- Me too. [ Laughs ]
It's in the pocket. - Excuse me. Did you say something ?
- It's in the pocket. - Possible make.
- Pocket ? - So you've been writing to me.
- Just look in the envelope, Mr Secretary. - What is it ?
- It's the satellite infra-reds from yesterday's tests. - They gave me those.
They showed convergent impact. - They gave you doctored copies. - These are the originals from
the proving ground computers. - Make is good. Stand by. - Please, just look for yourself.
- [ Paper Rustling ] - Okay.
- [ Dunne ] She has the infra-reds. I need you to look at the heat flashes
here at the moment of impact. - If the AirGuard had made full
intercept like it's supposed to, - Start the count. - Copy.
- there would be one dot, but there's two every time. The target blows up, but the AirGuard
never gets within ten metres of it. - Then why would the target blow up ?
- Bring on the pain, baby ! Because they rigged it, Mr Secretary.
They put on a fireworks display for you. The AirGuard doesn't work, and the
company knows the system doesn't work, but they're pushing it
through anyway. I know what they're thinking--
we get it approved now, say we're sorry and fix it later. But I am telling you,
you're the one that's gonna be sorry. - Jesus Christ !
Bert Powell's out of his mind. - [ Cel Phone Ringing ] If you deploy that weapons system
and a war breaks out-- - All right. I get the picture.
- Hello ? Who ? Don't make plans for
the next six months, young lady. You're going to be sending
some people to jail. [ Grunts ] - [ Gunshot ]
- [ Julia Gasps ] [ Chokes ] [ People Screaming ] That's not what happened.
That's not what happened. I'm sorry. I wish I didn't know
any of this either. Who the hell do you
think you are, lady ? Sticking your nose in where it doesn't
belong. You're a number cruncher. Just crunch
the goddam numbers ! Uh, I was doing my job. I mean, we were creating
a defence system that was supposed to save people's lives. They're building the factory
in a disadvantaged part of the state. - This was a good thing to do.
- "This was a good thing to do." Jesus, somebody hands you a line,
you just swallow it whole, don't you ? Just a little
Goody Two-shoes. Yeah, I believed in what we
were doing, and they corrupted it. So somebody had to speak up.
I mean, it's important. Does it feel important now ? Did it
feel important when the bullet hit ? I had no choice. I can't live with the blood
of innocent soldiers on me, okay ? - Whose side are you on ?
- My side. That E-mail. You let 'em know
you were coming. - They just sat back and waited
for you to show your face. - No, I was careful. I waited till Powell left.
I didn't sit down till it was clear. No, you sat down exactly
when they wanted you to. They opened the door,
and you walked on through right on cue. They didn't miss him with
that second shot. They missed you. I thought I'd get fired,
not... killed. [ Sniffles ]
What do we do now ? Well, are you a cop
or aren't you ? I can't get past the men at the doors
by myself, but with you I'd be fine. You get me outside, you don't have to
think about me again. - I can take care of myself.
- You've done a hell of a job so far. Look, I'm sorry if l-- - Who gives a shit if you're sorry ?
- What are you mad at me for ? Because I didn't have
to know ! You decided to have
this problem, not me ! My world would've gone on turning
just fine, but now either way I look, I have to do something
I don't want to do. Do you understand what I'm saying ?
I do not want to do this ! [ Whispers ]
Do what ? [ Loud Thunderclap ] [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ]
How old are you ? I'm . Do you have a,
a family around here ? My mother in New York. Do you have a husband ? - No.
- Boyfriend ? Why are you asking me
all this ? Kevin. Kevin Dunne. You're positive he's the one you saw
with Rabat before the shots were fired ? - Let me tell you a little
something about Kevin Dunne. - You know him. - He is one of the most honourable
dudes on the planet ! - You know him. You know him. Yeah, I know him. And you could
be wrong. Yeah, you could. There were people
rushing in front of you, and you were nervous,
and you were scared. - You could be wrong.
Isn't it possible ? - Yes. Yes. - Isn't it so ?
- Yeah, now that I think about it, I think I could be wrong. Um, you remember
I told you that my glasses, they had fallen off,
and I couldn't quite focus. - I don't think it was him.
- Shit. Your glasses didn't fall off till after the gunshots-- Nah, shit ! What happened
with the girl ? A cop shoved her out of the way,
and he's got her now somewhere. The cop ?
You mean your cop ? Yes. But it's all good, right,
because you said he's controllable ? Absolutely. He's only chasing this down because
he thinks it's a career opportunity. Chasing it down, what ?
You said he'd sit back. This doesn't sound
like he's sitting back. It sounds like he's conducting
an active investigation, a very dangerous investigation. [ Thunderclap ] Kirkland died ten minutes ago.
Five minutes from now, I gotta be on TV. Now, what is it, yes or no ? We got
a goddam Columbo runnin' around loose ? No operation goes exactly as planned.
You don't panic. Stay calm
and tie up loose ends. What do you think I've been doing
for the last hour ? Jesus Christ !
This is not the plan I invested in ! In the plan I bought,
that prairie populist... who was criminally dismantling
the entire armed forces, goes down ! The disloyal employee,
she goes down with him. The fanatical terrorist,
he takes the rap. The AirGuard missile
contract is approved, and l, I get enough money to finish
the goddam Millennium ! It was a good plan ! No humiliation,
no scandal, no prison ! We're still contained. Once the girl is gone,
it's only me and two men I trust. Two ? I thought there were four. Do we have another
acceptable loss ? I'm not on that list,
am I ? [ Doorknob Jiggling ] [ Thunder Rumbling ] - You'll be safe in here.
- Safe ? I'm giving you
a place to hide. Look, I don't wanna hide.
I wanna get out, okay ? - I'll be back in ten minutes.
Take you out through the casino. - Where are you go-- Rick ? Rick,
the door's locked ! - [ Pounding On Door ]
- Rick ? Rick, let me out, please ! - [ Pounding Continues ]
- Rick, please, just let me out, okay ? I'll get out
on my own ! Rick ! Hey, Rick ! - Yeah.
- Here. Come on. It's the five grand
for letting me be the guy. Oh. There's
something extra here. You're all heart, Rick. [ Cop # ] I can't believe
we got called out in this rain. [ Cop # ]
Can you believe this, man ? [ Men Chattering ] Sir, this entire area is now the site
of an F.B.I. investigation. You have to leave.
Oh. Okay. [ Agent ]
Log in Santoro. He's A.C. Police. Here comes
the pain, baby ! Here comes the pain !
Here comes the pain ! [ Punches Landing ] You're a bum, Lincoln Tyler !
How could you do-- He's a bum ! - Man !
- [ Cel Phone Ringing ] - Hello. What ?
- [ Woman ] Hi, Ricky ! It's me. I'm here, sweetie. - Who are you ? Where ?
- I'm here, sweetie ! - It's me, your lucky number !
- My lucky number ? Uh-huh. I'm here.
[ Screams ] [ Screaming ] [ Thunderclap ] It's called the Zero
Gravity Flying Eye. - New camera. Got it in this morning.
- So nobody knew you had it ? [ Snickers ]
Well, I knew. It's remote control. It floated all around the arena
to get crowd reaction. Let me see its tape. - [ Crowd Cheering ]
- I need to look at this part alone. - [ Chuckles ] Come on.
- [ Tape Clicks Off ] You're the man.
[ Sighs ] [ Crowd Cheering ] Oh, man. Oh, man. They were specifically told
they couldn't have a camera up there. Don't give me that wounded look.
You haven't got the face for it. [ Powell On TV ]
I just received word... Secretary Charles Evans
Kirkland is dead. He passed away
at : p.m. At this time I'd like to extend
my deepest sympathies... to the secretary's family... [ Louder ]
and to the nation... and to the people that
he so faithfully and proudly served. [ Sighs ] And, uh... I have something else
to say. To those that would try
to bully us or to terrorize us, to divert us from the causes
of peace and justice, [ Whispers ]
Kevin. I want you to know that in spite of
what's happened here tonight, we are not deterred. Production of the AirGuard
missile system will go ahead... in accordance with
Secretary Kirkland's wishes. -[ TV Clicks Off ]
-It's called the first draft of history. It's going to hold. Why did it
have to be me ? Why'd you want me
next to you ? One, I needed a cop
to back up my alibi. Two, I knew you could be bought
if anything went wrong. No offence, pal, but I never thought
you'd get as far as you did. You're my best friend. You used me, made me a sucker, and that hurts me, because I would've done
anything for you. Then tell me
where the girl is. She didn't do nothing wrong. She was
just trying to save some guys' lives, soldiers,
like you used to be. I mean, who the hell
are you now, anyway ? Don't talk to me
about soldiers. What do you know
about being a good soldier, the guy who finds an envelope full
of cash in a squad car every Friday ? What do you think I've been doing
for the last ten years ? Strutting on the boardwalk
and picking up hookers ? When the Renville took that
lraqi missile hit below decks, do you know what happened ? A hole ripped open in the bulkhead,
and the sea flooded in. We had seconds to maintain
watertight integrity. I had to go below and give the order
to dog the hatches. That meant...
that men... that were still in
the main engine space were trapped. You ever listen
to a man drowning ? They don't die quietly. Those men deserved
a decent point defence system. The AirGuard is it. Yeah, it has glitches, but... you don't abandon the whole system
because of a few bugs. You fix it. Charles Kirkland... was a politician. A baby kisser,
not a soldier. And when the political wind
said, "Cut defence spending," he started playing political games
with real soldiers' lives. He forced Powell
into an early test. He positioned the system to fail,
because he didn't want to pay for it. So we pay. We die. [ Sighs ]
We need the AirGuard, and that girl is
in the way now, Rick. Just tell me
where she is. All right, Rick. Pick a number. How much is it gonna take
for you to look the other way like you have all your life ? Three hundred grand ?
Five hundred ? ? A million dollars. One million. A million bucks.
You hit the jackpot here. All you have to do
is cash in the ticket. Don't you think Angela would like
a few nice things for once in her life ? Don't you think
she deserves them ? [ Whispers ]
I never killed nobody. What ? I said I never
killed nobody. You won't have to.
She's my problem. You just tell me
where she is... and never hear
another word about her. One million dollars. [ Crowd Cheering ] I know that's
a whole shitload of money, but... I can't do it.
[ Panting ] Kevin, you just pulled
a gun on me. Get back. [ Pants ]
Or what ? Oh, God ! [ Sighs ] Goddam it. I'm under a lot
of pressure here, all right ? Be smart. Just take the money. Please, Rick.
You're all alone on this. What about Tyler ? Yeah. If he talked to me,
he'll talk to somebody else. [ Dunne ] Lincoln and I
have come to an understanding. You got nothin', kiddo. Snake eyes.
The house wins. - Now, where is she ?
- Fuck you. [ Yelling, Grunting ] - [ Groans ]
- Don't make it so he can't talk. Why don't you
at least try, man ? I am trying.
[ Groans ] [ Rick ] That's not a punch. Come on,
girlie man. Show me what you got. Champ.
This the champ ? Look, why don't you just shut up, man.
This'll go a lot easier. [ Grunts Loudly ] [ Groaning ] Sounds like
three broken ribs to me ! What is this,
a heroic stand ? You're the wrong guy
for it, Rick. You'll be all alone in
the spotlight, and guys like you can't stand up to that light. You'll burn up under it. The press starts looking
for dirt on you, and they will, it'll be a mud slide. - Forget about your job,
your sweet life in Margate. - [ Groans ] Start thinkin'
about jail ! Your girlfriend will be gone, too,
at the first sign of trouble, but not before she has
a little chat with Angela ! So say goodbye
to your wife too ! Twice a month with Michael
won't be so bad if you can get him to spend a night... in your shitty apartment ! You'll lose it all,
my friend ! Everything ! And your whole connected life will fall
the hell apart. Is that what you want ? All you gotta do is be consistent,
for Christ's sake. Do what you always do-- take the money !
You wanna be a hero ? You wanna do something
for your country ? Then tell me
where the girl is ! [ Spits ] [ Yells ] [ Thunder Rumbling ] If it was anybody but me,
you'd be dead. I'll be back
in half an hour. [ Thunder Continues ] - [ Grunting ]
- [ Thunderclap ] [ Grunting ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunting ] [ Thunder Continues ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Lower. Stop. Lower. Stop. Lower. Stop. [ Grunting ] [ Beeping ] [ Grunting ] - [ Loud Bang ]
- [ Groaning ] [ Panting ] [ Grunts Loudly ] [ Banging Sound ] [ Panting ] [ Gasps ] Wow. This is great stuff. You know, we could sell
this to local. Who could we get outside
for a stand-up ? [ Thunderclap ] [ Grunts ] Package is
on the boardwalk. [ Dunne ] Needs pick up
at the Millennium entrance. Let's go. [ Thunder Continues ] [ Grunts ] [ Groans, Coughs ] [ Metal Creaking ] [ Banging, Whirring Sound ] [ Thunder Continues ] [ Screams ] [ Wind Whistling,
Thunder Continues ] Goddam it ! Shit! I'd like to know what I did wrong
to get all the shit assignments ! Just roll so we can
get outta here ! In five, four, three-- [ Grunts ] - Well, it looks like
Tropical Storm Jezebel... - [ Crackling ] just may be a hurricane
after all. - [ Thunderclap ]
- [ Electricity Crackling ] [ Crackling ] [ Groaning, Grunting ] We are live
on the boardwalk. As you can see behind me,
the huge metal globe... that is the emblem of the
Powell Millennium lies shattered. Anthea, you look great, hon. Wait,
can you get any closer to the globe ? [ Slurred ]
Julia ? [ Groans ]
Julia ? - [ Wincing ]
- [ Thunder Continues ] [ Thunderclap ] This is
an extremely hazardous-- Hang on. The Police Emergency Unit
should-- I think I see their truck. - [ Rain Whooshing ]
- Julia ! [ Rick Panting ] Julia ! - Julia !
- [ Thunderclap ] [ Gasps ]
Kevin. Tell her to unlock the door
and come out. [ Grunts ]
No. No, I won't tell her
to unlock it. Get outta the way ! [ Loud Thunderclap ] [ Anthea ] The police are here
and are waving us off the boardwalk. All right.
[ Gasping ] Okay. She's all yours. - [ Siren Wailing ]
- What the hell is that ? [ Siren Continues ] Goddam it, Rick !
I don't want to kill you ! - Okay.
- [ Grunts ] - [ Banging Continues ]
- [ Julia Grunting ] - [ Gasps ]
- [ Gunshots ] Look out ! - [ Tyres Screeching ]
- [ Gunshots Continue ] - Put the gun down !
- On the ground right now ! - Lower your gun now, sir !
- No, wait ! Wait a minute ! Wait ! - I'm with D.O.D. !
- Put it down now ! - Listen to me ! Listen !
- Put the gun down ! This-- This woman
is a suspect ! - We'll be forced to fire.
- No, she's a suspect, goddam it ! - I am Commander Kevin Dunne,
-[ Cop # ] I suggest you drop it now ! and this woman is a threat
to the security of the United States. Rick, tell 'em ! Please, for God's sake,
tell 'em what we got here ! There's no "we," Kevin ! - You got snake eyes !
- Put the gun down, sir ! - Drop the gun, sir !
- Put the gun down ! - Now put it on the ground !
- Put the gun down ! - Sir, please look at me !
You need to pay attention ! - Now ! Yes. Now, put the gun
on the floor, sir. - Put the gun down !
- Please. - We know who you are-- No !
- Don't move, sir ! Let go of the handle ! Back away from
the door slowly and turn around ! - Slowly !
- We need to take the gun away. - Hands where I can see 'em !
- Sir, please ! Please put it down, sir ! [ Shouting Continues ] - [ Gunshot ]
- [ Julia Gasping, Officer Shouts ] [ Cop # ] Get a paramedic quick !
Call for a paramedic now ! Oh, get them
outta here ! [ Male Announcer ]
Today in Brighton Park, Richard Santoro, Atlantic City's new police hero,
received a special valour award for heroism... from Mayor Frank Sanchini. The mayor extended the public's thanks
to Santoro for his lifesaving efforts... on behalf
of Julia Costello, the Powell Aircraft researcher
who exposed the deadly conspiracy... that led to the assassination
of Defence Secretary Charles Kirkland. [ Man ]
Hey, Rick ! Over here ! [ Female Reporter ] Hero cop Richard
Santoro took a well-deserved break... from police work today
with his son. Meanwhile, the AirGuard investigation
continued in Washington, and Gilbert Powell announced
more firings at Powell Aircraft... as he cleans house in the wake
of the assassination. [ Man ]
There he is. [ Male Reporter ] Richard Santoro's
moment in the public eye... produced an unexpected backlash
this week... as allegations of corruption
swirled around him. - Would you back off ?
- [ Reporters Asking Questions ] I'm Ricky, all right ?
Come on ! There have been allegations of bribery
coming out of the mayor's office. - Could you comment on those ?
- What about the cocaine-- Cocaine, my ass ! [ Reporter ] Santoro was unwilling
to comment on the reports... which have come
from numerous sources, - both in the police department
and elsewhere. - Give us a smile, Ricky ! We're waiting here outside
of the Atlanta County Superior Court... for Richard Santoro
who's just been indicted... on charges stemming
from incidents that have been-- Where you going ? Hey, hey,
hey, Rick ! Could you-- Mr Santoro ! Mr Santoro, could you comment
on this indictment, sir ? Mr Santoro ! - [ Children Chattering ]
- [ Seagulls Cawing ] [ People Chattering ] - [ Can Clatters Loudly ]
- [ Man ] Whoa ! What are you tryin' to do, kill me ? - Yeah. Nice goin', Al.
- Hey, that's what hard hats are for. A reporter told me
where to find you. [ Chuckles ]
I came twice before, but you were out. Yeah, I've had a lot
of social engagements lately. Yeah, I was surprised
you stayed in town. I thought
you'd wanna move away. - Actually, I'm gonna be
spending some time upstate. - Upstate ? Oh. [ Chuckles ] I keep dreaming
I'm back in that tunnel, underwater, only in my dream
I drowned. Wonder what they
would've said about me then. You didn't have to do
what you did, and I know what it cost you,
and if it helps I just-- Don't try to make
a hero out of me. It won't fit. If I hadn't put a face to you,
things probably would've gone a whole lot different. But they didn't. I testified this morning
at the AirGuard hearings. - Yeah ? How'd it go ?
- Very well, I think. The whole system
is being dumped. The company's being
completely restructured. There are gonna be
all sorts of indictments up and down the administration, and things
have really changed. I know you may not
wanna see it right now, but it's true. It's gonna be so different
in Atlantic City. [ Both Laugh ] You know, they say
back years ago... pirates put phoney lighthouses
right out by those big rocks, right out there. Ships would set a course
by the lights, crash on the rocks, then everybody'd go out
and rob 'em blind. Only one thing's changed
since then-- Iights are brighter. - I'm naive.
- There's worse things to be. Yeah. How old are you ? Thirty-five. - You got family around here ?
- Yeah. You got a wife ? She ran away. - Girlfriend ?
- Well, she ran away too. - Sorry.
- Well, it could've been worse. -How ?
-They could've run away with each other. [ Laughs ] Uh, yeah. So, maybe in about to months
from now I'll give you a call. Yeah, I'd like that. Hey. Oh, what the hell.
At least I got to be on TV. Come on. Let's go.
Get back to work. You guys get this done.
Come on. Everybody up. Let's go. Come on.
We ain't got much sun left. ** ln this town of pain ** ** You could be the lucky one ** ** Fate turns on a dime ** ** The only thing that will change ** ** Are the lights
that make it brighter ** ** They replace the sun ** Watch out over there now.
Watch out. Pay attention. ** Out the door you get burned ** ** And there is no way back in ** ** You got nothin'
Snake eyes ** ** The house always wins ** ** A drowning man does not die silently ** ** You can feel the final warning ** ** And the black money follows ** ** Through the veins of the shallow ** ** Change the name
to protect the guilty ** ** You'll never leave Sin City ** ** Where you are king ** ** ln this room of shame ** ** You could sink this town ** ** And breathe another day ** ** The mirror faces you ** ** You cannot look away ** ** Blood is on your hand ** ** The streets will be the same ** ** Under your feet like quicksand ** ** Touch the face ** ** Where a kiss of hope can last ** ** A drowning man
does not die silently ** ** You can feel the final warning ** ** And the black money follows ** ** Through the veins of the shallow ** ** Change the name
to protect the guilty ** ** You'll never leave Sin City ** ** Where you are king ** ** Whoa-oh ** ** Where you are king ** ** Oh, oh, oh ** ** A drowning man
does not die silently ** ** You can feel the final warning ** ** And the black money follows ** ** Through the veins of the shallow ** ** Change the name
to protect the guilty ** ** You'll never leave Sin City ** ** Just one kiss from the shadow ** ** Could be the touch of an angel ** ** Just one kiss
is all that you need ** ** You'll never leave Sin City ** ** You'll never leave Sin City ** ** You'll never leave Sin City ** - ** Where you are king **
- ** Just one kiss ** ** Oh, oh, oh ** - ** Where you are king **
- ** Just one kiss ** ** Oh, oh, oh ** - ** Where you are king **
- ** Just one kiss ** ** Oh oh-oh-oh
Oh oh-oh-oh ** - ** Where you are king **
- ** Just one kiss ** ** Oh oh-oh-oh
Oh oh-oh-oh ** ** Oh oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh ** ** Just one kiss
Oh, oh, oh, oh ** ** Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh ** ** Just one kiss ****
Special help by SergeiK