Sniper Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sniper script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Tom Berenger movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Sniper. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Sniper Script



Range me.


Three to five on the legs.


They're coming.


Scan him. Find Cabrera.


At the jeep. Designer sunglasses.


You sure that's him?


l'm reading his rank and name tag.


He's moving.


Six-five-zero. Range me.


Range correct:  - - .


When he clears the civilians,
he's mine. - Anything?
- No, nothing. Two more hours. Damn ! l hate the down time. Well, you have a leave coming up,
don't you? Yeah. That can't be our extraction! Oh, those dipshits!
l told them no daylight! Should l pop smoke? Let's get out of here before those dicks
page us over the P.A. system! Come on ! Get back! You're crazy!
He's gone down! Wait! Why didn't you let the door gunner
sweep it out first? My spotter's dead because you assholes
got here early! l asked for a night extraction ! l ought to leave you out there,
you son of a bitch! We'll be needing both of those, gunny. He only needs one. Colonel Weymuth, this is Richard Miller. - He'll be our man in Panama.
- How do you do? - Heard a lot about you.
- Come on. Sit down. lntelligence indicates that there's
a major coup planned... for election day in Panama. Colombian drug lord Raoul Ochoa
is bankrolling it. His plan is to put in
rebel General Miguel Alvarez in power. We have less than one week
to prevent that. With his man Alvarez running
the country... Ochoa could very easily gain access
to the Panama Canal. We have only one shot at Alvarez... and it is absolutely critical
that we eliminate the general... prior to next week's election. Now, this operation
won't bear congressional scrutiny. lt must be completely covert. You won't be getting a medal for this. But there will be other
tangible benefits. First one's Alvarez. Most recent photo
was taken ten days ago. The ponytail's Ochoa. Ochoa's never seen outside of Colombia. That's Alvarez's hacienda.
That's where you'll find him. That's your shooter. That's Master Gunnery Sargent
Thomas Beckett. He's the Marine Corps' top man. He's logged more time in the jungle
than any other sniper. On this particular mission,
your function is to be his spotter. Mr. Miller, should anything happen
to Beckett... your duty would be to eliminate Alvarez. - Personally.
- Don't worry about having to shoot him. Beckett is the best,
and l'm sure it wouldn't come to that. l may not have any kills... but I have had men in my sights. Good. We're giving you rank on this one:
GS- . The mission is under your command.
lt's your responsibility. Good luck. Consider it done. Gentlemen. One last thing. This assignment is critical. lf at any point Beckett becomes
a liability... or he endangers this mission's
covert status... you're gonna have to take him out. The embassy's pleased. They'll mark Cabrera confirmed kill,
classified, on your service jacket. We're very sorry about your spotfer. lf was a rebel sniper that gof Papich.
He's sfill ouf there. Washington is really excited
about these upcoming elections. Oh? Why is that, sir? Our policy is to see this country
have a freely-elected government. That could happen in a couple of months. You know it'll be the usual damn thing. People will be too scared to vote. Well, whatever you and l
may think, Tom... Washington feels that this is the right
time to go after the rebel leadership. You're sending it my way, sir? Yes, l am. We're getting a little long in the tooth
for this kind of thing, Tom. But l figured that this would make
a great capper for a fine career. The National Security Council is sending
a guy along to help-- a shooter. - He's coming with full plans.
- A civilian? Just hold on.
Take a look. The army shooting team
plucked this guy right out of ROTC. He took a silver in the ' Olympics. After his discharge the N.S.C. assigned
him to a Washington D.C. SWAT team. lt's all in there.
Take a look. Has he ever been in a jungle? Does he speak any Spanish? This is not a matter of choice.
Just trust me. Anybody the N.S.C. sends down here
is gonna be fully qualified. Hey, yo! What do you got in there anyway? A bassoon. With the Marine Corps band, right? Exactly. New Psy-ops strategy. We're gonna
charm the rebels, like snakes. Whip a charm on this! Shit, Ripoly! Whip a charm! Hey, take a swig. lt'll burn through that frost you got. Give me your battle dressing! Jesus Christ! We got wounded! Jesus Christ! Baker, stand by! We're hit! Where is he? Anyone got a visual? There he is! Get him! - He's on your side! Get him!
- You're gonna get us all killed! For Christ's sake! Take it down ! - He's shooting at us!
- Use your fucking weapons! What the-- We're gonna die!
Oh, God! We're gonna die! Kill him! Get us out of here!
Come on ! Shoot him! Hit him! Come on ! Go! Come on ! Jesus Christ! You got him
with a sniper rifle! Yeah. - How about a game?
- l got a game. - Can l get a beer?
- Coming up. So you're going down south
towards the border. l'm not at liberty
to discuss my mission. How do you feel
about hanging on a charm bracelet? Come again? You better take a good look
at Master Beckett's dog tag collection. Got any money? Yeah. l'll play for money. l said l already got a game. l'm talking about holding on
to your cash... while you're out in the jungle. Better do it. Those rebels can fund a whole offensive
on what they take off you. l'm ready for a game now. He doesn't have time for a game. GS- Miller? A lot of attitude around here. Welcome to ""Marine World.''
Those people thought you were a sniper. lt's an outcast profession. They always go out in platoon strength. We go out in pairs, sometimes alone. Their idea of combat
is tearing up the countryside... with heavy artillery
and millions of rounds. We'll wait days for one shot, one kill. Well, l guess it's a different
version of war. There's a lot of them
and just a few of us. What's that? Sometimes these shells
get nicks and burs on them. This little son of a bitch
will take your head of at yards. Have you had a chance to look over
our operations plan? Yeah, l have,
but l wanna study it a little more. All right. Forget the specifics.
How about an overview? We'll get to that later. l have a few things l have to do. See you at -- . Having had. Having had what? Breakfast. This is Corporal Papich's gillie suit. ls that our ride? No. That's our ride. l thought this was a deep jungle
insertion. Don't we do that by chopper? Yeah, that's the usual S.O.P. But those asshole rotor heads
at battalion-- they fucked with me
one time too many. We're gonna have to walk it in. My fiancee. You married? What's that? Got it out of the catalogue
when l was with D.C. SWAT. We called it ""Gucciflage'' - You gonna wear that?
- Yeah. Let me see it. - Nice shot!
- No room for Peter Pan on this hunt. You wear Corporal Papich's tree togs
that l gave you. What the hell are those for? Respect. Still think a chopper insertion would
have made a hell of a lot more sense. By the way, that was a hell of a shot
you made from a chopper. That's the sort of thing
myths are made of. Yeah, it was pretty unreal. Yeah. Roll down your sleeves, Miller.
We're going in the bush. What? What-- l miss a spot? Come on. On your feet. l had a lot of SWAT training,
all right? Urban anti-terrorist tactics.
l've never actually done a creep. The army ever put you in the jungle? If you call deepest, darkest
North Carolina a jungle, yeah. You wanna survive this, right? You want an answer to that? Then if you do as l tell you,
to the letter-- - l think you got a chance.
- Whoa! Hold on! You may have more experience than l do,
but with all due respect, gunny... this mission is N.S.C. Meaning l still have rank,
whether you see it or not. Sorry, but l don't have to take orders
from you. Fair enough. You want to take point? You're doing fine. l got it. - You sure?
- Yeah. Go ahead. Oh, fuck! Goddamn it! - You all right, son?
- Yeah. - Son of a bitch!
- Hey! Relax. You did okay. Thanks. You mean, there's a wrong way
to fall down a fucking mountain? Your weapon, Miller!
lt's your life! You knew that, and you saved it. You're learning, son. Our drop point from the railway
was east. - Now, we're heading west here.
- l know that. That's not the plan. - The plan was no good.
- Now, what? We're changing directions. Okay. l was given
very specific orders... by the staff at the N.S.C. First it indicated a chopper insertion,
which we won't get into. But then we were supposed to head east,
you know? Due east? You think Washington knows
the best way to get through this jungle? You think they know which streams are
flooded, which trails are booby-trapped? What l know about this place, son... is because l'm here. Changing directions. Good. North. Holy shit. What the hell is that? ""Hotel Europa.'' What kind of wacko builds a hotel
in the jungle? Sure is a hell of a lucky break for us. l got ammo and he's laughing? Ease up, young agent. They've been with us
since we left the train. lf you drop the hammer on him, we'll be
dead before we can take ten steps. He wants my eyes? He means ante ojos. Your shooting glasses. Give them to him. - Why?
- Because he likes them. Fuck him! Fuck me. This area's swarming with rebel patrols.
These lndians can help us avoid them. Give him the glasses. May you go blind. Following these lndians
is fucking crazy. - Their agenda works with ours.
- What agenda? Do you see Cacique's hand--
the way it's cut up? The animal who did that
is el Cirujano. The Surgeon. He's headed this way,
and we're gonna take him out. ln return, they'll lead us
passed the rebel patrols. We'll cut off hours on our time
to Sangre. Our mission isn't about assassinating
people for lndians! El Cirujano's listed
as a target of opportunity. That means, we see him,
we take him out. Listed where?
lt's not in my orders, man. El Cirujano's gonna be at this
river up ahead, and Miller-- You're the designated hitter on this.
So batter up. Hold on a second now!
l'm not buying into this. And l don't buy that you shot a man
from a moving helicopter. It's got nothing to do with anything! You're gonna look Cirujano in the eyes
and put a bullet through his heart... because until l see you kill a man
you're a liability to this mission! That's not my purpose here! Maybe, but when we get to Alvarez's
hacienda there's gonna be two targets! - Now, what?
- That's right. lntelligence changes all the time. Alvarez is setting up a meeting
with a man called Raoul Ochoa. He's a Colombian drug lord
that's financing the rebels. - We got a chance to get them both.
- Where does this information come from? Any new intelligence
has to come through me! A local contact-- Father Ruiz. He's a priest in the village of Sangre. They'll give us specifics on the meeting
when we get there. Wind coming off the water at : . One click right. Make that two clicks. Which one is he?
l can't tell who he is. He's the baseball fan. He's a fucking American ! He's a fucking spook.
Ex-ClA. l met him once up in El Salvador. Now he's an enforcer
for the cocaine monkeys. l'll take out the lieutenant. You concentrate on him. Now put a fucking bullet
through his heart! Do it! Feel the rush ! Breathe. Nail that motherfucker now! What the hell did you just do, sniper? l just wanted to show you
that l owned that situation. Bullshit! You fired a spoiler. You saw him go down.
He's dead! l didn't see shit!
l didn't see him hit! For Christ sake! You gave him
a warning shot! l hit him! l had him in my sights,
no doubt about it. You'd better be right. From now on... one shot, one kill. No exceptions. Do you understand? What? Now they blame us for this? But they sure as hell
ain't gonna help us. Patrols. You really get off on this shit,
don't you? lt's just a job.
l don't think about it much. So that's the secret:
not thinking. What are you doing here? This assignment was supposed to be
a piece of cake. You're in, you're out. You go back home.
You reap the rewards. Washington brass loves this shit. They never said anything about
a goddamn jungle creep, that's for sure. Yeah, well. Those guys wouldn't. lt seems so far away. - What?
- My life. l read your dossier before l came.
You had confirmed kills. lt's not about numbers. The only one that really mattered
was the first one. That was the toughest one
for you, right? First one? Yeah. Seventy-four, that's... a lot of faces to carry around. Yeah, well. You put them in the back of your mind... and you just keep on going. Until they decide
not to stay in the back of your mind. You may find this hard to believe... but l'd take a nice office
on the Hill over this shit any day. Sitting in an office,
giving other men orders to kill... ain't no different than putting
a bullet in a man's heart. Let me tell you something. lt's the same goddamn thing. - You hear that?
- An AK. - l know that hammer recoil.
- Yeah. And l think l know
who that single shot is. He's behind us. Who is this guy? l think he's the guy
that killed Papich. lt ain't the first time
he's been on my trail. He's a Panamanian l trained. His name's DeSilva. Now he's a fucking mercenary. This is ridiculous. l can't sleep here. lt's a good spot. Stagnant. Liver flukes,
leaches, malaria. He'd never think anybody'd be
stupid enough to hide here. Except us. Just take your horse pill. And don't take a piss. Bugs will swarm
right up through your dick. Good night. Tough, huh? He's there, and he's out of range,
damn it! l'm looking right at the ridge
that we came over. l don't see a damn thing. That's because he's smarter than you.
Come over here. Glance down to the bottom of the finger. Sweep up to your left
at : . - Halfway.
- Got him. Heading west. Lost us. Wrong. He's just doing
what he was trained to do. He's circling our flank,
coming around us. Gaining some ground. He'll be waiting for us somewhere. He'll know exactly where we are. We have to take him out. Taking a break? Makes it sensitive. Marries my finger to the trigger-break. What are you gonna do, a pedicure next? l guess some men are born to this work
and others aren't. lt may be your career choice
but it ain't mine. This career chooses the man.
Ain't the other way around. Well, like l said-- - l have other plans.
- Yeah? I had plans. Still do. - What is it?
- l'm working on something back home. Where are you from? Montana. Boseman. No shit? l went to university there. Miller, don't jerk me off.
l'm not in the mood. l'm not. Freshman and sophomore year. l would have stayed longer
but skiing killed my grades. l'll be damned. You wouldn't happen to know
a little town called Livingston? Sure. Well... there's a stream nearby,
up in the hills. lt's, l don't know. What-- three clicks
east of the interstate. lf you follow that,
you come to this rock basin. Like a quarry pit, but not as deep. l found that when l was a kid. Anyway, it's fed by
a tributary of the Madison. And it's the best damned
steelhead fishing in the world. l plan to go back there and-- l don't know.
Start a little fishing camp. Guide operation. Whatever. When's the last time you were there? Couple years ago. Damn it-- ""couple years ago.'' That whole area was leveled
seven years ago! They got a high school there now!
Your pond is buried. lt's a tennis court! We're not talking about the same place. You know we are,
whether you admit it or not. Killing's all you got, isn't it? What is it? Something's wrong here. God. What kind of-- Who would do something like that? l'd say the man you had
dead in your sights did this. You don't know it was el Cirujano. ProbabIy Alvarez's men. They probably
found out what the priest was doing. He must have told them everything.
They're going to be waiting for us. Maybe. But if he told them everything,
why didn't they hit us here? The hacienda's only three clicks away. We should make our shots easy at dawn. What? This mission is over. Our contact is dead! All we do now
is get the hell out of here! l've never turned back on a mission
in my life, and l ain't gonna start now. Such gung-ho bullshit! Without the
specifics, it's a suicide mission ! They all are! l wouldn't be out here
unless l was ready to die! We've got our location.
We've got our targets. - And we got a time frame!
- You're out of your fucking mind! l'm not going! l've had enough of your mewling!
Shut your fucking mouth ! - l'm not going with you !
- The hell your aren't! You have no choice! -lt'll never work.
-We're going where they won't expect us. Jar head. Fucking flag-top lifer. We camp here. We'll make our final approach
to the hacienda at dawn. Wait a minute, okay? Now, at the village you said we were
three clicks away from the hacienda. That is three clicks.
We've been walking for miles. We don't walk in straight lines. Get some sleep.
l'll take the first watch. Move out at . You sleep here. Son of a bitch! You used me as bait? You were never really in any danger. We're about yards out. This is our rendezvous point. lf l don't show, you cross country
to the nearest river... follow it downstream to the coast. Whatever. Hacienda, : . The most logical position would be... to take our shots from that tree line
over there. But they're going to be expecting that. So somehow, we gotta get in the clear
to make our shots. When Ochoa arrives... l figure we got ten seconds
after they greet... and then we drop them. Then we gotta fire
our shots simultaneously... or they're gonna vector in
on our positions. Here's Ochoa. He's yours. There's a clear shot from that
metal utility shed. You got coverage. That's your position. l'll be on the other side
of the village. We'll both be... thousand yards out. You listening, Miller? Get below. There better not be any doubt
about your shot this time. One shot. One kill. This ain't a fucking game out here! - You blow it, and l'll tear--
- You'll what? You'll kill me?
Come on. Say it, Beckett. You just get it right. Son of a bitch! You lying bastard! Fucking truck's blocking my shot. What are you doing? Where is he? Oh, shit, Miller! You're out in the open ! Fuck. Shit! Miller, someone's seen you. What are you doing? Alvarez. Ochoa. Ten... nine... eight, seven-- Lady, move! One. One, Beckett! One! Oh, shit. - Did you get Ochoa?
- Yes, l got Ochoa. What happened to you?
What were you doing in that barn? lt doesn't matter. We gotta try and get
back and try and hit Alvarez after dark. What, another shot? Are you crazy?
l got my kill. l'm out of this mission ! - There's still two targets left--
- You're the one who fucked up. You son of a bitch.
He had the drop on you. He had you in his crosshairs,
and l took him out. Fuck you ! I'm not ending up
on your fucking key chain, Beckett. Give it up, Miller! You're losing it!
Pull it together. Beautiful. Miller, it's over. l'm out of bullets.
Do it. So come on and shoot me already. You feel the rush? l felt it. l felt it when l had you
in my crosshairs. After you pull the trigger... when the rush is over... it hurts, doesn't it? The hurt you're feeling now
ain't the worst pain. The worst thing... is not feeling the hurt anymore. You'll get past this. You'll get by. Hey... you can still go home. Get out of here.
l'll cover you. Son, l'm getting you out of here.
Now go. l'lI be right behind you.
Move it! Tell me who you are. Lee Harvey Oswald. We've been looking for you. You've hurt our cause. Fuck you and fuck your cause. Well, all things come to he who waits.
Right, Beckett? Long time no see. See if there's any others. Beckett and l are gonna have a long
talk. We'll hear about everything. Everyone back to the hacienda. Feel the trigger, sniper. It'll be the last time. Where'd you leave your partner? Now, you targeted Ochoa,
a Colombian civilian. ls the U.S. military now moving
against the Colombian cartel? Thomas Beckett,
master gunnery sergeant... United States Marine Corps. l like your dedication, Beckett. lt's a challenge. Wake up!
Don't die on me yet, Beckett. l'm just starting to have fun. Wait. Wait? Please.
One shot, two kills. One shot... two kills. A man... in the organization-- - What?
- A man-- What? Move. We gotta go one click.
Can you make it? - Yeah.
- All right. Let's go. One minute to rendezvous.
They better be there. Take her down. Beckett, go. - Give me that rifle, l'll cover you.
- Go on! That's an order. Let's go ! There's always Montana.
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