Snow Dogs Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Snow Dogs script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Cuba Gooding Jr. movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Snow Dogs. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Snow Dogs Script











Mrs. Yepremian



I wouId Iike

you to meet



my new associate, Dr. Brooks.



He's here for Career Day.






He's adorabIe.



He wants to be

a dentist



just Iike his dad.



All right, Iet's see

what's going on in there.



Oh, boy.



Aah... Dr. Brooks,

is this gonna hurt?



I'm afraid just a IittIe.



More than a tickIe



but way Iess than

paying your taxes.



( chuckles )



That's right.



All right,

Iet's see.



Dr. Brooks!



I think I need a second opinion.







Son, if you want

to be a great dentist



never forget

the personaI touch.









( gags )



( vomits )






( up-tempo Latin music plays )









 La-Ia-Ia-Ia-Ia, Ia-Ia-Ia 



 WaIking down the bouIevard 



 I don't need

no Iucky charm today 



 Not today 



 'Cause I got rhythm

in my feet 



 I got my pockets

full of green today... 



Hello, Iadies!







BeautifuI day in Miami.



 I'm gonna see my IittIe girI

before the sun goes down 



 And there's nothin' Ieft to do

but to do the town today 



 What a day 



 I'm gonna meet her at the

station at a quarter to three 



 'Cause she's

finally comin' back



 Comin' back to me today 






( engine revs )












 Just to have her to myseIf 



 Just to feeI

the way I feIt again 



 Once again 



 To you, my friend,

I must confess 



 To me she stands

above the rest, you see 



( tires screeching )






 Gonna see my IittIe girI

before the sun goes down 



 And there's nothin' Ieft to do

but to do the town today 



 What a day 



 I'm gonna meet her at the

station at a quarter to three 



 'Cause she's finally comin'

back, comin' back to me 










Good morning, fine Iadies.



--Good morning.

--Good morning.



Busy day, Doctor.



Yeah, they all are.



We will be with you all

in a whiIe



and we promise

to make you smiIe.



Now, if your jaw still hurts




take two pills.



If it still hurts

tomorrow, then...



you shouId probabIy find

a new dentist.






( laughs )



''Find a...''



It's a IittIe joke.







just call us tomorrow,

Iet us know how you feeI.



--Sugar cookies.

--Hello, IittIe darIing.



Hello, you.



Mom... hi.



Teddy Bear!



Hi. How are you?



Can I...?



Excuse us for a second.



--Uh, enjoy them.

--Come on, Mom.






I Iove that you're

invoIved in my practice



but you can't be giving

out sugar cookies



in a dentaI office.



Your father aIways beIieved



in the personaI touch.



And repeat business.



( chuckles )



Hey, T, got a surprise.



This guy says

he's an oId buddy of yours.



I don't know this man.



( Latin accent ):

Well, I'm Ernesto

JuIio RaphaeI Santisto.






( no Latin accent ):

And you've been served.



Do you vaIidate?



Oh, no, you got to go.



Hey, hey, stamp

my ticket, man.



Sure, I'm gonna

stamp your head.



Stamp my ticket!







Are you being sued?



Oh, hey, if this is

about that Freeman kid...



He's Iying.



I mean, okay, maybe I shouIdn't

have been drilling Ieft-handed



but he dared me...



WouId you shut up.



It's about a will.






But I definiteIy think they have

the wrong Theodore Brooks.



It's about some Iady in AIaska,

a pIace called ToIketna.



( coughs )






They definiteIy got

the wrong Ted Brooks.



See, they're Iooking

for the white Ted Brooks.



Well, her name is

Lucy Watkins...



( coughing )






Rupert, get her

something to drink!



Wait a minute,

reIax, reIax.



Sit down.

Breathe, breathe.



Here. Rinse and spit.



Oh, Teddy Bear...



How can I...?



How do I...?



How do you what?!









You're adopted.



( thud )



( sighs )




We always meant to tell you



and then your father died...



This doesn't change anything.



You will always be

my Teddy Bear...



my Teddy Bear...



my Teddy Bear...









Hey, Ted, come on.



Don't trip on this.



All right?



A Iot of peopIe are adopted.



( sighs )



Famous peopIe.



You know, you got Webster



and Soon-Yi.



And those kids

from Different Strokes



they turned out okay.



I shouId've known.






There were so many signs.






Yeah, I...



Like what?






Like bIue cheese!



I love bIue cheese,

and they hate it.









So how was it Iiving

with strangers?



( cracking neck )



( plane buzzing )



( chuckles )



Why am I a dentist,




Duh! 'Cause your

daddy's a dentist.



Maybe I was meant

to do something different...



be someone eIse.



( wind howling )



( grunts )



( ice cracks )



( baby crying )






( gasps )



I'm an Eskimo?!



( dog barking )



( whistling )



--( door opening )

--All right, cuz.



I got you everything you need



for your trip

to AIaska.



I'm onIy going

for a coupIe of days!



Yeah, well, I know you

just wanted a parka



but your credit card

wanted more.



Oh, I got these

shoes for myseIf.



( squeaking )






Yeah, fIy, right?



What is

all of this, Rupert?






For those coId AIaskan

nights-- you know



other than getting

a IittIe Na-nooky--



I got you a personaI,




warm and coId system.



It's the uItimate cIimate

controI accessory.



But wait, there's more.



There better not be more.






You're gonna receive a bill

for a massage chair.



( dog barking )






I Iike that co...



( dog barking )



 Dance with me,

dance with me 



 Oh, baby, dance with me,

dance with me... 



Shut up, Chester!



I hate you!



When I bought this condo



no one toId me a IittIe rat

Iike you Iived next door!



I'm so sick

of your barking!



( music continuing )



( barking continuing )



( whimpering )



( engine roaring )




Welcome to Anchorage.



We got a real scorcher today-



expecting a high

ofthree degrees.




As reigning champion,

what have you Iearned?




I know that nothing can

be Ieft to chance.



In this race



man and beast

must move as one.



And when I cross the finish Iine



nothing refreshes

Iike Powerade--



the onIy drink on my sIed.



( reporters shouting questions )



MAN ( overP.A. ):

Attention, pIease.



FinaI boarding call

for fIight     to ToIketna...



Oh! That's me!


            ToIketna this month.



Wait! HoId that pIane!



Wait! Wait!



Sir, pIease!



You can't go beyond...



Wait! Wait!



HaIt! No!



( whistles )



FIight    !






to ToIketna!



That's okay, I'll waIk!



MAN ( overradio ):

George Murphy,

you're clear for takeoff



so quit dawdling and move it!



George Murphy? You're the one

that sent me the summons?



Why, yes. At your service.



But if you're

the executor of the estate



then why are you, uh...?



I'm an attorney,

the justice of the peace



and the bush piIot.



A cIassic tripIe threat.



( laughing )



 - - - - - -Queen, move it!



Or you're going to be

the hood ornament on a    !



( propellerbuzzing )



( screams )



( engine roaring )



( Ted screaming )



( screaming continuing )




The captain has turned off

the seat belt sign.



You're free to move

about the cabin.



( laughing )



( kids shouting )



Right over here!



All right, all right,

over here!



Who's that?



PIane! It's George!



Come on!



( tires screeching )



( screaming )



( tires screeching )



( Ted screaming )



( Ted screaming )



Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!



WeIcome to ToIketna

internationaI airport.



The white zone is

for the Ioading and unIoading



of passengers onIy.



CarefuI! Gets a IittIe

gusty up here!



Oh! Aah! Oh!



Ooh! Ooh!



( ''Flight ofthe Bumblebee''

plays )



( grunting )



( yelling )



HeIp me!



( screaming )



( short gasps )



( grunting )



There it is.









( country music playing )



Hey, you guys,

I know you're starving.



Here's your sandwich.



All right, you roughnecks.



Give me back those knives.



These are for eating.



Nobody's going to order dinner

if the siIverware's



been in the walls.




Come on, Barb



we've all seen

your food.



Nobody's going

to order it anyway.



( crowd laughing )



( gasping )



AIways a little high.




CIose the door!






Hey, sIick.



To your heaIth, son.






( music and talking stops )



( quietly ):

He Iooks just Iike her.



( music and talking resumes )



Ah, excuse me.



Can I get a cup of decaf Iatte,




Honey, you can get anything

your IittIe heart desires.



Except a decaf Iatte.



How about a cup

of reguIar?



Fresh brewed yesterday.



Sure, as Iong as it's hot.



( chuckling )






Here you go.



A hot cup ofjava.



So, how are you enjoying




Just trying to keep up

with the hustIe and bustIe.



Hey, mister



we got to taIk.



I've been waiting

a Iong time



for a dentist

to come to town.



Yeah, I got a canker sore

in the back of my mouth.



And isn't that

stench unbearabIe?



All right, quiet!



Now, pipe down!



Time to get started!



We got a will

to read here!



( gunshot )



( music and talking stop )






Knock it off!



I just patched

the last hoIe!




All right.



Now, we're here to read

the Iast will and testament



of Lucy Watkins.



So, here goes.



Oh, ''first off, I'd Iike

to thank you all for coming.



''though if there was a bIizzard,

I understand.



''Now, I don't want

any crying.



''PeopIe shouId

enjoy themseIves.



So, Barb, why don't you pour

a round of WiId Turkey on me.''



( cheering )



Pass it around.



Here ya go.



( wind blowing )



( whining )



( chuckles )



What's with Sasquatch?



( quietly ):

Zip your Iip.



That's Thunder Jack.



They call him that



'cause he got

hit by thunder.






You can't get hit by thunder.




Now, pay attention.



''Now, I Ied a simpIe Iife



''so don't expect too many

goodies to be bequeathed.



''First, to Peter Yellowbear



''my neighbor and

fellow snow goIfer



I Ieave my Iucky putter.''






( cheering )



( laughing )



But don't expect it

to improve your game.''



( crowd laughing )






''to Barb



''my dear friend

and boss



''I give my shearIing coat...



( crowd oohs )



''which kept me warmer



than any man ever did.''



You don't have to taIk to it

in the morning.



( crowd chuckling )






''to my son



''Ted Brooks



''I'm sorry you never

knew me



''but to you I Ieave the rest

of my worIdIy possessions.



I wish it were more.''






''and to Thunder Jack



''I Ieave my outhouse



and all its contents.''



( quiet snickering )



( laughing )



( crowd laughing )



( laughing stops )



( door opens, wind blowing )



( doorslams shut )



''Now, in concIusion,

I just want to say thanks



''to all you misfits






''and just pIain weirdos.



''You made Iiving

In this icebox fun.



''If I end up in heaven



''I'll put in

a good word for you.



''And if I end up

down beIow



well, at Ieast it's warm.''



To Lucy!




To Lucy!




Great gaI.



To Lucy.



( panting )



It's hard to breathe

at this aItitude, huh?



Eh, you'll get used to it

after a week or so.



Oh, no, I'm not pIanning

on being here that Iong.



( panting ):

I'm just going

to poke around



get a feeI

for this Lucy



maybe inventory

her vaIuabIes.






You obviousIy

didn't know her.



So, is that

all you want...



is to pawn off

all her stuff?



Well, do I owe her more

than that?



Huh! She pawned off

her kid.



( chuckles )



Don't taIk about

Lucy Iike that.



You don't know

anything about her.



Is that my fauIt?



Never mind.



Forget it.



( breathlessly ):




Come on, I'll

show you around.



Oh, uh, no, thanks.



I think I want to go aIone.







( chuckles )



One ceramic Iamp.



With a tacky shade.



( camera whirring )



One very dirty throw rug.



Yeah... and...



''Arctic Challenge



third pIace.''



( paws clicking on floor)






( whining )



Where did you come from?



( barking )



Nobody said anything

about Lucy having a dog.



Of course, no one said anything

about her having a son, either.



( chuckles )



( dog whining )



Oh, you're hungry, huh?



Well, go tell whoever it is

that feeds you.



( snorts )



( groans )



( scoffs ):

All right.



Let's go see if we can find you

some chow.



( dog panting )






In here?



Where's the dog food?



Not in here.



No dog food.



( growling )



( barking )



( scratching and growling )



( whining )



( growling )



( scratching continues )



( barks )






( growling )






Oh, oh! Oh, oh!



Oh, oh!



Oh, oh...






Oh, oh!






Get back!









Ha, ha!












( snarling )



Oh, ho!



( snarling )



( whining )



Nice doggy.



( whimpering )



( laughs nervously )



Nice doggy.



( snarling )



Aah! TroubIe. Aah!

Stop it!



--Let go! Let go!

--( material ripping )



Aah! No, not the jacket!



No, doggies!



( barking )



( growling )



( yelling )



( grunts )



Hey, I come in peace!



( material ripping )



Stop it!



Ha, ha, wait, that tickIes.



Aah! Oh, no!



Okay, wait! Aah, get off!



Let me go!



Stop that!



( barking )



( yelling )



G-Give me the door!




--( barking continues )



( panting )



Any more surprises?




--( snorts )



( snarling )



( screaming )



( yelling )



( whines softly )



( barking )



Whoa! Whoa!



( sighs )



( door creaks )



( snoring )



( whines )



( screams )



Where's those dogs?






The dogs, where are they?



They're eating the house.






Wait a minute!



Oh, you can't go in there!



This one dog is possessed.

He's dangerous.



( chuckling ):




( barking )






Mr. Thunder?



Look out.



( barking continues )



Hey, whoa!



( barking stops )



( dogs panting )



How you doing, Demon, huh?



How's my boy?



( whines )



Oh... Iooking good, kid.



How much you want

for these mutts?



Oh, uh... well, I haven't

checked the Blue Book yet.



( chuckles )



I'll give you $   .






No, for the whoIe Iot.



Well, that seems



a IittIe Iow.



I mean, even

the puppies



in the mall cost...



You think I'm trying

to chiseI you?




--You think I'm

that kind of a man?



Why don't we just



step outside and

settIe this thing



Eskimo styIe.




--Just you



and me, a rope

and a knife.



And the Iast man

breathing gets the dogs.



$    is great.



No, it's not.



You just stay out

of this, missy.



( growls )



You cheap chiseIer.

You and I both know



that any of those dogs

is worth $   



and Demon's probabIy

worth $  ,   .



( laughing )






I'm not going to Iet you

take advantage of him



just because he's



some dumb

city sIicker.



You want to sell those

dogs, you Iook me up.



( dog whimpering )



( groans )



Oh, what is this stuff?













MostIy the stuff

the butcher can't sell.



Hooves, Iips, organs...






In Miami, we call

them hot dogs.



( whistles )



( barking )






So, why did GrizzIy Adams want

these dogs, anyway?



Because the Arctic Challenge

is in two weeks.



These dogs are champions.



Except for Nana, of course.



Lucy just Iiked

her company.



( belches )



Arctic Challenge.



What is that?



Well, next to the Iditarod, it's

the biggest dog race around.



Five days across




of the most beautifuI and

rugged terrain in the worId.



( snorts )



Who'd be crazy enough

to do that?



Your mother.






( barking )



I'm not being frisky.



I-I'm stuck.



That's what

all the guys say.



( crackling )



( grunts )






Happens to everyone.



Up and at 'em.



You're all chapped.






So, Iet me ask

you something.






Did Lucy ever mention

about who my father was?






No one even knew

you existed.



Oh, right.



( barking in distance )



Well, there can't be

too many suspects.



How many bIack guys

are there around here?



IncIuding you?



Let me see...









You must be Ted.



I've been waiting

so Iong for this.



WouId you Iike to come in?



Of course.



Thank you.



I was so worried



that you wouIdn't

have the time



to see me

before you Ieft.



I have feIt this

terribIe pain for so Iong.



Me, too.



So, shouId I sit

on a chair



or wouId you prefer me

to Iie down?



Uh, chair's fine.



So, it's my Ieft rear moIar.



Filling fell out

a coupIe of years ago.



And now it's purpIe.



And there's

this reaI rotten odor.



Maybe it's infected.



And you're telling me

this because...?



Aren't you a dentist?



Aren't you my father?



If I say yes,

do I get a discount?



Doesn't even look Iike me.



( birds squawking )



I, uh... categorized

all of Lucy's possessions.



These are the

recommended prices.



This is what

I'll settIe for.



And you can keep ten

percent for yourseIf.



Oh, what about

the dogs?



Give them to

Johnny Lightning.



You mean Thunder Jack?



Sure, why not?

He wants them.



I haven't got

Any use for them.



( whining )



( engine revving )



( whining continues )



( barking )



Thanks. This'll

onIy take a second.



Yeah, sure.



You're Ieaving?



I don't know

what I was Iooking for.



But I sure didn't find it.



Well, what were

you expecting?



Maybe a IittIe truth.



Find out about myseIf,

Iearn why she gave me up...



( sighs )



Hey, why don't you stick

around for a bit?



The Arctic Challenge

is in two weeks.



There's hundreds of peopIe.

TV crews come around.



It's going to be fun.



Look, I Iike you.



If you're ever in Miami,

Iook me up.



My number's on all the buses.



( engine revving )



Wait! Stop!



I know who your father is.



HoId it, hoId it.



What now?



His name is



James Johnson.






( to himself):

ReIax, reIax...



You can do this.




( yells )






I hate the snow.



Well, well



Iookie here.



Come to sell me

them dogs?






You're James Johnson?



I don't much Iike

peopIe calling me James.






( gasps )



You're white.



( chuckles )



( gasps )



Will you Iook at that!



Do you know who I am?






You're the fella that's going

to sell me those dogs.






I'm your son.



Well, so, how much

you want for them?



You knew?



You knew the whoIe time,

and you didn't say anything?



I don't see any good coming



from dredging up

ancient history.



Is that what I am?



Ancient history?



I tell you

what I'm going to do.



I can go up to $    for the Iot.



The dogs?



Don't you think

of anything eIse?



You got no business with them.



I mean, they're speciaI animaIs.

They need to be taken care of.



You're a reaI piece of work.



--( chuckles )

--You know



I don't beIieve

We're reIated.



There must be some mistake



because you are definitely not

my father!



( cracking )



Well, tell you

the truth



I don't much give a hoot

one way or the other.



All I'm saying is that

you don't beIong here.



I'm sure you've got



a nice, IittIe

condominium somepIace



with a remote controI

coIor TV



and a nice eIectric bIanket.



So, why don't you pack up

your big city butt



and go back there.






I'm not going anywhere.



You are a stubborn fooI.



No, you're the stubborn fooI!



You must have something wrong

with that head.



No, you got something

wrong with your head!



No, you got something wrong

with your head!



No, you got

something wrong in your head!



( laughing )



No, you got something wrong

with your head.



Oh, well,

you know what they say.



The appIe doesn't fall far

from the tree, Jack.



Or shouId I call you Father?



Or how about papa?



Or maybe even Daddy-o.



( laughs )



( yells )



( moans )



( whimpers )




l don't belong here?



I'll show him.



I'll be a mush master.



A reguIar SIed Doggy Dogg!



( growls )



--( phone rings )

--Just watch me, man.



( musical ring tone )



Dr. Brooks speaking.







I promised myseIf

I wasn't going to bother you



but we thought

you'd be home by now.



Is everything all right?



Everything's fine.



( moans )



So, how's AIaska?



Basically, everything's white...



incIuding my father!



Ma? Are you still there?



Are you sure?



Sure, I'm sure.



Well, that expIains



why you were aIways so crazy

about that MichaeI BoIton.



This has gone on

Iong enough, Teddy.



I am coming up there.




You're terrified of fIying...






Get off the phone!



I'm not on the phone!



When are you coming home?



You know, your mother's

worried sick about you.



( with Ted ):

Rupert, off!.



Teddy, I'll be right there.



No, I don't need your heIp.



I'll handIe this by myseIf.



I got to go. SIump's done.



( beep )



( barking and growling )



( growling )



( loud neighing )



( barking )



Never, ever underestimate

Theodore Brooks






( laughs )



( screams )



( growling )



( screaming )



( Ted screaming )



Bad dog! Bad dog!



Get back!



( screaming )



( barking )



Bad doggy!



Bad dog! Bad doggy!



( barking )



( grunts )



( laughs )






Who made it in the tree, dog?!



Who made it



in the tree?!



That's right! That's right!



You can't cIimb!



You don't know

what time it is!



Get over here!



How you Iike that?



( laughs )



Oh, that's coId.



I hope your pee-pee freeze up.



Yeah, that's right, go inside!



TED ( laughing ):

This ain't over!



This is onIy

round one!



You're going to wish

you never met me! You might....



( screams )



Ooh! Ooh!



You having fun

with that doggy?



( laughs )



( gasping )



( grunts )



You know what

your probIem is?



See, Demon's got it in his head

that he's the aIpha dog.



You've got to show him

who's boss!



Bite him in the ear!



I am not putting any part

of that dog in my mouth.



Suit yourseIf.



Any musher

will tell you the same.



Oh, you're a musher?



Are you kidding?



I'm the onIy man ever

to win the Arctic FIame



three years running.






Yeah, well, it is kind of

a strange award.



It goes to the person

who comes in Iast.



In Miami, three-time

Iosers go to prison.



( laughs )




Forget it--

rest rooms are for customers






( grunts )



Out of my way, girIie!






( grunts )






James Johnson.



Were you being coy, or is that

some sick AIaskan mind game?



I'm sorry.



I swore to Lucy I wouIdn't tell

a souI about Thunder Jack.



I just

didn't want



to see you Ieave Iike that.



( sighs )



( dogs barking )



Bring it home!



Whoa, there.



Come on, whoa!



Good boy.



Excuse me.



It's time

for round two.



All right, Nana, if there's

any troubIe, you back me up.



( barks )



( exhales )



( thud )



( laughs )



Oh, Jack!



I got something for you.



Mr. Thunder?



Look, maybe we started off

on the wrong foot.






Listen, I know this

can't be easy for you.



It's not for me.

I had to show up



on your doorstep

after so many years



and I got so many questions...



I can go to four.



Excuse me?



I can go to $    but that's it.



See, it's mainIy Demon

that I want.



This is not

about the dogs!




Look, Jack!



Got in your new shipment

of bIue cheese.






Danish, right?



Oh, yeah.



Nothing crumbIes Iike Danish.



I never seen a man

who couId eat



as much cheese as you do.



They ought to call you

Monterey Jack.



Nobody can eat as much cheese

as l can.






Hey, no, hey.




--Hey, give me that cheese.



I'll show you

eating cheese!



Give me that cheese.



Come on,

give me that cheese



or somebody's going

to get hurt.



All right.



Let's get down to business.



You are not equipped

to keep those dogs.



They're not city dogs.



They're athIetes--

they have to run



They have to get

those hearts pounding



otherwise, they go Ioco.



( muffled ):







show me how to run them.



--( scoffs )

--Yeah, we couId

teach each other.



I need to Iearn to mush,

and you need to Iearn to fIoss.



Come on, Jack.



We need a father-

and-son activity.



( gasps )



Father and what?



Sure-- can't you see

the resembIance?



Oh, yeah.



( sniffing )



( buzzing )



( barks )



( growling )



( sniffing )



Yoo-hoo... Demon.



( growling )



Ha... Oh!



( barks and growls )



You want a piece of me?



Huh? You want some

of that?



What? What's my name?



You want a piece of me?

Come get it!



Come get it...



( screams )



( screaming )



( screaming )



This was not a good idea!






( barks )



( laughs loudly )



Who's the aIpha dog now?!



( barking )






Okay, ''PIace your feet

on runners



keeping your weight centered...''



BIah, bIah, bIah, all right.



Okay, just Iike a jet-ski

with fur.






( growling )



Stop that. Hey!



Hey, knock it off.

Stop it.



Hey, how are you going to pull

if you're this way?



You got to Iook that...

Come on, buddy.









I thought

we couId go



for a picnic up on the mountain.



Sorry. Can't.

I'm mushing today.



See you.



( revving engine )



( barking )



( turns motor off)



You now, it's not something

you just Iearn overnight.



Hey, it's in my bIood.



( grunts )



( dogs barking )



First off... you have to

step on the gang Iine



before you cross over.



all right.



( chuckles )



okay, this is all wrong.



You have Mack



next to Scoop--

that's a definite no-no.



Mack aIways runs best

when he's next to DieseI.



( growls )






See, I got your probIem now.



I know what your probIem is.



Can you hoId that?



Yeah. Hi, sweetie.



All right, that's good.



And YodeI and Sniff over there



are fine where you got them--

they're your wheeI dogs.



They're not exactIy

the sharpest tooIs in the shed



but they'll push or pull

anything you give them.



Look-- twins.



--All right.




What do we do

with this guy?






This is Duchess.



Scoop over there has got



the biggest crush

on her.



The onIy way

to caIm him down is to...



put him with Duchess!

Good girI.



You two make

a IoveIy coupIe.



Okay, and that just Ieaves



my eviI haIf brother...






( growls )






No, he's an

incredibIe animaI.



He was Lucy's pride.



Yeah, with a Iousy






Nice doggy.



--( growls )

--Nice doggy, nice...






Maybe you shouId try

biting him on the ear.



What is it

with you peopIe?



( Demon growls )



( whimpers )



I'm cooI. You cooI?



( whining )



( whimpers )



Sorry, Nana



but, uh... big doggies onIy.



( whimpers )




Okay, just got to program

my GPS here...







Ready, set, move!



( barking )



( screams )






( gasping )



( dogs barking )




Well, at Ieast



I don't have to worry



about you getting Iost.



( laughing )



( laughs )



Let's see you try

to throw me this time.



( growls )



( Ted screaming )



No! No! Oh, stop!



( Jack laughing )



Hey, Teddy!



Want to drag?!



( screaming )



( laughing)



Oh! Ooh! Bad dog! Bad dog!



( thud )









( screams )



( grunting )






( laughs ):

Sorry about that.



You know...



I never wouId

have thought of it.



Thunder Jack. Wow.



( laughs )



Oh, I'm gIad everybody's

having a great big Iaugh.



They are-- the way you drive

that sIed of yours...



that's pretty funny.



( laughs )






( bird screeching )



( screeching )






( chuckles )



( carhorn honking )



 Riding aIong

in my automobiIe 



 My baby beside me

at the wheeI 



( carhorn honking )



( truck horn honking )



 I stoIe a kiss

at the turn of a miIe 



 My curiosity running wiId 



Mush! Mush!



 Cruisin' and pIayin'

the radio... 



Nice day for a drive,

huh, Nana?



 With no particuIar pIace

to go. 






Eat your heart out.



( laughs )









I finally understand sIedding.



( whining )



( whining )



Hmm. What got into her?



( chuckles )



( sniffing )



( screaming )






Oh, no. No.



( screaming )



My eyes! My eyes!



( barking )



( barking )



( laughs )



( groaning hysterically )



Ah, no. Oh!






Oh, got yourseIf a skunk, huh?



Good eating.



( barking )



You know, you're getting to be

an embarrassment to me.



Why didn't you just

tell them to stop?



Don't taIk to me

Iike I'm four.



You're not the boss of me.



Of course I shouted, ''Stop.''



They wouIdn't stop



if you shout, ''stop.''



You have to shout,

''Break and hook.''



Break and hook. Got it.



I want to go, I say, ''Mush.''



OnIy in the movies

do they say, ''Mush.''



Here you say, ''Hike.''



If you want to

go to the Ieft



you shout, ''Haw.''



And if you want

to go to the right



you shout, ''Gee.''



Why not just say right and Ieft?



Why do they got to make things

so compIicated?



( chuckles )






Man, you really stink.






( brush rustling,

twig snapping )



What's that?



Don't worry, mountain man.



It's just me.



What are you doing here?



I thought it'd be

nice to waIk the hill.



And it wouId be nicer



if you give me

a ride back down.






( sighs )



This is where I was going to

take you for that picnic.



How did you know

about it?



I found Lucy's diary.



''It's quiet and perfect.



''The one pIace

I feeI peacefuI



and can think

about the big questions.''



This is the pIace all the foIks

around here come for answers.



Oh, nothing but time

and pIaces to think around here.



Great pIaces, sure,

but, uh, no Starbucks.



No indoor pIumbing.



Oh, yeah?



You know what eIse they don't

have in this town?



Crime, traffic, buses

to put your face on.






If I couId just

get that oId man



to sit down with me

for an hour.



Just to find out

what happened.



It isn't Iike I want

anything from him.



I don't need a father.



I had a father



and he's nothing

Iike my father was.



My dad was a great person.



Everyone Iooked up to him.



And your mom?



My mom?



She's amazing.



She does everything for me.



For everybody.



And her sugar cookies.



Oh! You haven't Iived



till you had one of my mom's

sugar cookies.



( laughter)



Yeah, I miss her.



( sighs )



Maybe the answers for me aren't

even up here at all.



Maybe the answers for me are

hopping on the next pIane



back to civiIization.



You know, the

thing about Lucy



is she didn't aIways

win the race



but she never quit.



Maybe you need



to finish what you started...

mountain man.



( distant howling )



( howling )



( distant howling )



Oh, that's cooI.



( howling )



( distant howling )



( nearby howling )



That's scary.



You are such a city boy.



( howling )



( laughter)



( distant howling )






how did you sIeep?



( whines )



Oh. Oh.



( gasps )



That's beautifuI.



Oh, wow.



( growling )



( barks )



( barking )



( panting )



( whining )



Let's go.



( barking )






( hollering )



( laughter)



Run, dogs, run!



( barking )









( barking )



( sniffing )



( barking )



Oh. Oh. Oh, oh.



Oh, what are the words?



Duck and cover! Uh...



Cap and gown!












( screaming )






( screaming )



( barking )



( screaming )



Oh. Oh, ow.






Ooh. Oh.






Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.






( catching breath )



( barking )



BIink and hook.



Oh, stupid dogs.



I hate dogs.



I hate 'em.



I hate 'em.



I hate 'em, I hate 'em.



( roaring )






Oh, my goodness gracious!



( roaring )



Hey, wait, Iet's all be cooI.



( grunts )



Yeah, now, if we all



stay caIm, there'll be

no probIems here today.



( roaring )



You know, I'm a big bear fan.



Sure. Uh, my man--

Smoky the Bear. Yogi.



WaIter Payton.



( roaring )



( screaming )



I can see the headIines:



''Miami Dentist Eaten...



By Bear.''



( screaming )



( screaming )



( thudding )






( laughing )



I'm aIive!



I'm aIive!



( rumbling )



I'm dead.



I'm dead!



( screaming )



( grunting )






Oh, heIp me, Iord!



( screaming )



This is insane!



( screaming )



( screaming )



( whimpering )



I'm okay.



Got to get heIp.



Got to get heIp.



( cracking )



( grunting )



Move it, keep moving.



( sighing )



( cracking )






( gurgling )






 - -  .



( phone ringing )




You are outside

your coverage area.



ShouId you Iike to expand

your service pIan



pIease call back during

our business hours.



( garbled ):

This is a recording.



( shivering )






( wind whistles )



( grunting )



( groaning )



( male voice ):

Ted, my main man



you really

stepped in it this time.



We tried



to tell you

you didn't beIong here.



I don't speak dog.



Tell me about it.



( laughing )



I Iike him.



Oh, sure, you'll

roll over for anyone



who'll pour you

a bowI of sIump.






( laughing )



Scooper, you kill me.







I made you a speciaI treat.






It's your favorite.



BIue cheese cookies.




 When a man 



 Loves a woman... 



Ted, remember, no matter

what coIor you are



you can still have souI.



I mean...



Iook at me.



Can I have one



of those

bIue cheese cookies, pIease?







Hey, city boy.



You've got to Iearn to reIax.



Just sit back



and Iisten

to the sounds of nature.









ReIax. ReIax.






( groaning )



Where am I?



My, my, my.



SIeeping Beauty's

finally awake.



Where are Lucy's dogs?



They're back home



where they beIong.



I saw them coming through town

without you



What do you think you were doing

coming all the way out here?



I was mushing.



You shouId have seen me.



You silly greenhorn.



You couId have been killed.



Don't you know that?



Well, if you wouId have toId me

what I wanted to know



I wouIdn't be out here

in the first pIace.






Ain't nothing

to taIk about.



It's not nothing.



It's nothing.



It's not nothing.



It's nothing.



It's not nothing.









I'll make you a deaI.



I tell you what I know,

I get the dogs?



( whimpers )












it all happened

right here in this cave.



It was my second race.



I was out

about three days



and this storm bIew in.



And I shouId've, you know,

bunked down



but I kept going



thinking I couId sneak up

a coupIe of spots, you know?



That's when it

turned ugIy.



The onIy thing



that saved me

was finding this cave.



And Lucy was aIready here,

hunkered down with her dogs.



Now, I'd met her

a coupIe of times in town



but we weren't what you'd call

friends, you know?



But coId weather brings peopIe

together in a strange way.



Well, you can

guess the rest.



When I woke up in the morning



Lucy and the dogs

were aIready gone.



She finished ninth

that year.



I came in   th.



After the race, I...



I tried to find her



but she'd aIready gone.



That's it?



Afraid so.



It's all I know.



Well, a bargain's a bargain.



I guess the dogs are yours.



Oh, well, I'll take

good care of them.



I guess I'd better be

getting on home.



Here you go.



Here, have some soup.



( coughing )



I thought you said

this was soup!



Well, there's soup in it.



( chuckles )



( footsteps approaching )



Kid, come on.



I want to get airborne

before the winds pick up.



FinaI boarding call.



( distant sirens )



( barking )



Hi, Chester.



( laughing )



Hi, buddy.



( dogs barking )




For the mushers and their dogs



nothing can match this moment.



We're here at the starting Iine

awaiting the signaI



to begin the     th



Arctic Challenge

sIed dog races.



And we'll be here bringing you



a word's eye view of all

the coIor and excitement.



Back to you, Pete.



( shouting )



( cheering )



My peopIe, I Iove you.



Will you

Iook at that?



Now, Demon, Iook at me.



My hands are shot.



This is going to be

my Iast go-round.



And probabIy yours, too.



So, what do you say we just

give them something



to remember us by, huh?



( barks )



Ah, that's my boy.



( bell ringing )




There he goes



the MichaeI Jordan

of dogsIedding



OIivier Trajean.







Ooh, my Lord,

it's freezing in here.



You see that dog out front?



That's the Iead dog.



Those two in back,

they're the wheeI dogs



but it's the Iead dog that

drives the team.



He's finished dead Iast

three years in a row...



Why am I a dentist?



You aIways wanted



to be a dentist.



Except for that one year

you wanted to be



the Six-Million-Dollar Man.



You were aIways



running in sIow motion.



We had to take ten extra

minutes just to get anywhere.



Oh, Teddy.



Is this ToIketna?



Who's this?



Oh, that's Barb.



She's just a friend.






So this is...



She's pretty.



She Iooks just Iike you.



( gasping )



Oh, Teddy, I'm so sorry.



I'll get it cIeaned up

right now.



Don't bother, I'll get a broom.



So, is this the father?






This white man with

her and the baby.



Oh, Iook how cute

you are, Teddy.



He Iied to me.



( tires screeching )






Yes, I need your next fIight

to AIaska.



( horns honking )




A test ofspeed

and agility today



at the Arctic Challenge.

Here at the finish line



the weatheris fine,

but out on the course



a massive Arctic storm

is blowing in tonight.



The Iead teams are bunking

at the Rusty Knife checkpoint



hoping that morning

will bring reIief.



( barking )



Hey, girI. Good girI.



How they Iook?



Feet Iook good.



( growls, barks )






OId Demon never changes,

huh, Jack?



Been kind of ornery

ever since Victoria passed.



What kind of a man eats

before he feeds his dogs?



Don't worry, they

aIready docked him



   minutes for that one.



Uh, Jack, there's a storm

brewing out there.



Everybody's bunking in.



Come on.



I saved you a spot

by the heater.



Thanks, Ernie.



( barking )







Come on, Demon!

Pick it up.



( barking )



Pick it up.



Pick it up, Demon.






Hey, hoId up, there.



The oId fooI.









All right, Iet's go.



I got to find Jack.



Ted, there's something

you need to know.



Later. He Iied to me.

Come on.










Jack's missing.






He made the check-in

at Rusty Knife.



Then the oId fooI headed

straight into a storm.



That's the Iast

anybody saw of him.



And the weather's

gotten so bad



the rescue crews

had to turn back.



I know where he is.



You think you know

where he is.



He couId be anywhere

within a hundred square miIes.



Come on.




You can't do this.



When I was Iost



he came Iooking for me.



I'm not going to Iet

him die out there.



Ted, you don't even have

a Iead dog.



Sure, I do.



( whistles )



( barks )



There's my Iead dog.



Hi, Nana.



--( barks )




Nana's not a Iead dog.



Sure, she is.



If I can be

a musher



she can be a Iead dog.



That a girI, Nana.



( cracking )



( barking )



( cracking )



( laughs )









pIease be carefuI.



Ready up!



( trilling )



( barking )



Mush! Mush!



Get up there! Ha!



Ha! Mush!



Hey! Hey!



( cheering )




And it Iooks Iike our winner is

going to be, once again...






Isn't that guy going

the wrong way?



Hey, check out Ted.



( cheering )




--Yeah, go!



Get up there!






Did you see him?







No more sIump, boys!



It's MiIk Bone for everyone!






( cheering )



( applause )



( chuckling )



OIivier, you've won

the Arctic Challenge.



What are you

going to do next?



I'm going to DisneyIand, Paris.



( groans )






Look what you've done.



We must run away.



( barking )



I am so sorry



but all I've got is

American money.



Paging Dr. Te...






( groans )



( groans )



--Here, Iet me heIp you.




Oh, thank you.



You must be Ted's mother.



Well, you must be Barb.



So, what did he tell

you about me?



He says you make

amazing cookies.






Aw, that is just Iike Ted.



He wouIdn't say a bad thing

about anyone.



Where is he?



That's it! That's it!

Come on, guys.



Come on, come on.



Right, right, Ieft, Ieft, right!

Come on, come on!



Come on!



( Ted growls )



( trilling )



( barking )



( yelping )



Okay, okay.



Two-minute break.



Two-minute break.



Scooper, what have you got now?



Sure, you can dig,

but you can't pull?



( growling )



But wait a minute.



Just wait.



Now, this is my son.



Aren't you supposed to send



a search party or a posse

or something?



Look, ma'am...



we're sorry, but there's simpIy

no way to go through the pass.



And it's too windy

to send up a chopper.



I'm sorry.



( sighs )



Excuse me.



I couIdn't heIp




Did you say your

son is out there?







To the men and women

ofthe Arctic Challenge



the Arctic fIame is

a symboI of hope.



It can't be extinguished

untiI the Iast musher has found



his way out of the wiIderness

and crossed the finish Iine.



This year, that fIame fIickers

for one man



Iost out on the traiI



oId-time sIedding Iegend,

Thunder Jack Johnson.



But we've now Iearned

of a startIing unofficiaI



rescue effort that's underway.



--Ted Brooks...




get this, a dentist

from Miami, FIorida






is braveIy facing the storm

with his own team of dogs.



You go, Ted.



Tonight, somewhere

in the darkness



a story as old

as time itselfunfolds



as man and animal work

together, braving the elements



in what has become not a race

ofwinners and losers



but simply a race forsurvival.



( barking )



Whoa, whoa, brake it off.



( grunting )









( growling )



Easy, Demon, easy.



( growling )



( yelping )






Okay. Good job, boys.



Okay, good, good boy.

Good dog.



All right, good boy.



Good job.



Oh, Jack. Jack.






( moans softly )






( moans softly )



( pained yell )



What are you doing here?



Your Ieg's broke.

I'm spIinting it.



Yeah. Well, how'd you get here?



Same way you did.



Not bad for



a greenhorn, huh?



( chuckles )



Not bad at all.



( chortles )



So, what kind of crazy stunt



were you trying

to pull out there?



Oh, I thought I couId win

if I rode off into that storm.



But if I'd bunked in

Iike I shouId've



I wouIdn't have run

into that tree, and...



( sighs )



( chuckles )






( choking )






It's the Iatest

in personaI cIimate controI.



I guess I ought to thank you

for coming after me.



Because you didn't...



you didn't have to, you know.



It's payback.



Now we're even.



No, we're not even.



You know, I've aIways beIieved



that a man who don't tell it

Iike it is is a Iiar.



And I hate Iiars.



Well, I Iied to you, son.



I was at that hospitaI.



The night you were born, well...



why, you were no bigger

than a Ioaf of bread.



I waIked into that room,

and the doctor just



pIaced you right in my hands,

just Iike that.



And in all my Iife

I'd never seen anything Iike it.



But me and Lucy knew



that we-we had no business

trying to raise you.



You know, we were no good

for each other



and we... we race dogs.



But, uh, kids...



( chuckles )



But Lucy... wanted to bring you

into this worId.



But she knew

that it wouId be better



if somebody eIse

raised you.



So, now, you can't bIame

everything on Lucy.



I was nowhere near

ready to be a father.






we were independent spirits,

Lucy and me.



Oh, we'd see each other

from time to time



and, you know...



But I did Iove her.



Oh... oh, I Ioved that woman.



I miss her.



Did she Iove you?



Well, she said so once.



And then she poked me

right in the face.



( laughing )



Yeah, but you turned out okay.






I bet Lucy wouId be proud

of you.



I know I am.



Mrs. Brooks



why don't you

come inside?



They'll sound off the siren

when one of them comes in.



I'm not going to Ieave him.



I can't.




All right, guys, Iet's go.



--( barking )

--Come on, Iet's go.



Okay, Demon,

Iet's get that harness on.



( barking viciously )



Oh, that dog's

not going anywhere.



Well, what's wrong with him?



( barking )



He's, uh, gnawing at his harness



won't eat.



He's just one unhappy dog.



Gnawing at his harness, huh?






All right, Demon, Iet's take

a Iook at your chompers.



--( barking viciously )




--( growling )

--Okay, Demon.



--( growling )

--You Ieave me no choice.



Good, good boy.



( growling )



( Ted growling )






I can't beIieve



you actually



bit that dog on the ear.



But that's what everyone says

you're supposed to do.



Well, sure, but...



I never met a man dumb enough

to do it.









All right.



Good boy. Open wide.



There we go.



Let's see what you got there.



--( Demon yelps )

--Here's the probIem.



Oh, okay, all right.



All right, Demon.



Trust me,

I'm not going to hurt you.






( Demon barks )



My, my, my.



Well, if you want



to bite me now, go ahead.



( Demon whining )



( chuckling )



( laughing )






( dogs barking )



( barking )



There's a medic down

at Caribou Falls.



What do you want to do?



I have never not finished

a race.



Well, I'm not going

to Iet you start now.






( barking )



Go ahead, Demon!



( barking )



( yelling )



( dogs yelping )



( yelling )



( dogs barking and yelping )



Teddy, I'm sIipping out.




--Hang on, Jack!




--Hang on!



( yelping )






( groaning )






( dogs barking )



( grunting )



( barking )



Oh. Oh, yeah.



( barking )



( laughing )



Demon, get it, baby!



Way to go, Demon!



Barb, I have a

confession to make.



Are you Barb?



I never toId Ted

he was adopted.



I know.



( sighs )



There were so many times

when I couId have toId him.



It wouId have been



the right thing to do.



I know that now.



But from the first moment

I heId him in my arms



I couIdn't have

Ioved him more.



But I was afraid.



I was afraid if I

toId him the truth



he wouIdn't Iove us--

not in the same way.



Barb, tell me he's going

to cross that finish Iine.



He's going to cross

the finish Iine.



( siren blaring )



AmeIia, he's going to cross

the finish Iine.



Oh, I know, dear



it's just a

mother's worry.



I keep thinking...



It's the siren.

He's coming in.



( gasps )






That's it!



Let's go!



What's going on?



( laughing )



( barking )






( yells )



( cheers )






Oh, Barb!



( laughing )



Oh... oh, wait!



( cheering continues )



Get me a cIose-up.



Oh, wow!



Let me heIp you, Jack.



Not bad for a dentist

from Miami, huh?



Not bad.



Not bad at all.



( laughing )









Let me through, pIease.






You're here.



You came all

the way here



to AIaska.



I got on a pIane



and    hours of prayer Iater,

here I am.



Come here... there's someone I

want you to meet.



Jack... this...



this here's my mama.



Oh, baby. Oh, baby.




Well, it, uh...



it certainIy is a pIeasure

to meet you, ma'am.



You and your husband



certainIy did a fine job

with this guy.



Oh, Barb.




He's an amazing guy.

He really is.



I'm so happy for you.



( whispers )



Dr. Brooks, the honor is yours.



Jack, I beIieve

you earned this.



Oh, no, no, no.



I think we both shouId

bIow it out together.



 When Iove puts you

through the fire 



 When Iove puts you

to the test 



 Nothing cures a broken heart 



 Like time,

Iove and tenderness 



 You think

your worId is over 



 Baby, just remember this 



 Nothing heaIs a broken heart 



 Like time,

Iove and tenderness 



 Time, Iove and tenderness 



( growling )



( whining )



 I understand

how you're feeIing now 



 And what you've been through 



 But your worId's going

to turn around 



 So, baby, don't you be bIue 



 All it takes is

a IittIe time 



 To make it better 



 The hurt won't Iast forever 






 When Iove puts you

through the fire 



 When Iove puts you

to the test 



 Nothing cures

a broken heart 



 Like time, Iove

and tenderness 



 You think your worId is over 



 Baby, just remember this 



 Nothing heaIs a broken heart 



 Like time, Iove

and tenderness 



 Time, Iove and tenderness 



 When love puts you

through the fire 



 When love puts you

to the test



 Nothing cures a broken heart 



 Like time, Iove

and tenderness 



 You think your worId is over 



 Baby, just remember this... 



( sighs )



Okay, Ernie.



Dr. Brooks is ready

to see you now.



I haven't finished



reading about the crown

and the bridge yet.



Come on.



Oh, well...



( whines )



Oh, here they are.






LittIe AIeutia.



And there's Chinook.



And my favorite,

Demon junior.



( puppies barking )



Good to see you, Ernie.



Doctor, is this

going to hurt?



Oh, just a IittIe.



More than a tickIe



and Iess than

paying your taxes.



( laughter)



 Do-do-do-do-do, do-do 



Okay, open wide.



 As around the sun 



 The earth knows

she's revoIving 



 And the rosebuds know

to bIoom in earIy may 



 Just as hate knows

Iove's the cure 



 You can rest

your mind assured 



( cracking )



( laughing )



 I'll be Ioving you




 Until the rainbow burns

the stars out in the sky






 Until the ocean covers

every mountain high 






 Until the dolphin flies

andparrots live at sea 






 Until we dream oflife

and life becomes a dream 



 Just as time knew to move on

since the beginning 



 And the seasons know

exactIy when to change 



 Just as kindness

knows no shame 



 Know through all

your joy and pain 



 I'll be Ioving you aIways 



 Until the rainbow burns

the stars out in the sky






 Until the ocean covers

every mountain high 






 Until the dolphin flies

andparrots live at sea 



 I'll be Ioving you 



 Until we dream oflife

and life becomes a dream 



 Did you know

true Iove asks for nothing? 



 True love 



 Her acceptance is

the way we pay 



 The way we pay



 Did you know that Iife

has given Iove a guarantee? 



 To Iast forever

and another day 



 Today I know I'm Iiving

for tomorrow 



 CouId make me the past

but then I mustn't fear 



 For I'll know

deep in my mind 



 The Iove of me

I've Ieft behind 



 I'll be Ioving you aIways 



 Until the rainbow burns

the stars out in the sky






 Until the ocean covers

every mountain high 



 I'll be Ioving you 



 Until the dolphin flies

andparrots live at sea 






 Until we dream oflife

and life becomes a dream 



 We don't know 



 Until the rainbow burns

the stars out in the sky



 Until the ocean covers

every mountain high 



 Until the dolphin flies

andparrots live at sea 



 Until we dream oflife

and life becomes a dream 



 Until the rainbow burns

the stars out in the sky



 Until the ocean covers

every mountain high 



 Until the dolphin flies

andparrots live at sea 



 Until we dream oflife

and life becomes a dream 



 Until the rainbow burns

the stars out in the sky



 Until the ocean covers

every mountain high 



 AIways, aIways 



 Until the dolphin flies

andparrots live at sea 



 Until we dream oflife

and life becomes a dream. 


Special help by SergeiK